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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  October 29, 2014 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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367 miles per hour. >> that is one fast bus. >> going to be in orlando on thursday. friday in jacksonville. bill: good morning, everybody, breaking news. we still do not know why this massive failure seanlts rocket exploding into the sky seconds after takeoff. so many people watching with their cell phones and cameras. i'm bill hemmer. a lot of evidence to look at this morning.
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martha: that rocket. it was supposed to head to the international space station. it had 5,000 pounds of supplies. but 6 seconds in this happens. any indication as to what caused this? >> reporter: not yet. we are a long ways off here. all night long investigators were analyzing the cameras. the first stage is where it happened. it shook the earth for miles. but daylight is allowing the huge team of investigators to comb wallops island, virginia
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for debris that could hold the clue. this is the first catastrophic failure of the space program that replaced the shuttle program. >> range safety initiated the flight termination system 20 seconds into flight. >> reporter: this was supposed to be the rockets fourth trip to the space station. the company is ground until it figures out what happened. 5,000 pounds of cargo worth $2 million is lost. that includes science experiments and 1,400 pounds of food. martha: i understand the space station crew watched this happen
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live from onboard the space station. >> reporter: clearly they were disappointed. but now they are back to work. this is a russian rocket that launched from kazakhstan. it's moments away from bringing food and supply and cargo to the six residents living on board. nasa says it definitely hurts but it's not life-threatening for the 6 people living up there. >> the crew has all the food, water and consumables necessary to support them well into next year. if no other vehicle showed up we could go to the march time frame. >> reporter: not life-threatening for the residents above us. this leaves spacex as the only
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can commercial space company that can take cargo up and its next launch is scheduled for december. bill: as you can imagine, a setback for this company that makes this rocket. stock prices had been soaring in anticipation of the launch. a $1.9 billion contract with nasa for supply missions to the international space station. russian engine apparently on the rocket. it's on the ocean, the eastern edge of virginia for good reason. monday night they canceled it because there was one singular sailboat in the ocean.
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martha: they are going to get their supplies anyway. it's good news if you are on the international space station. bill: we are less than a week away for the polls opening in the mid-term. fox news polling. republicans edging democrats 45-41 among those who show an extreme interest in how things turn out. byron, what does that tell you if' of anything?g? >> it tells you we are seeing this classic late in the race tightening of the week. the democrats seem to be closing the enthusiasm gap. last week republicans has a double digit lead of people extremely interested in the campaign. a lot of people haven't been
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paying attention. bill: we have conclusions from the fox polling. if voters voted today they would vote against the president's policies here on the ballot. they think if every member of congress got the boot and the economy is in bad shape but not quite as bad as 2010 which leads me to ex -- to ask you to he can plant number on your screen. >> party loyalty has a lot to do with this. the democrats' biggest challenge has been fighting the idea that the trends, the momentum are on the republican side, the republicans have a 60, 70, 75% chance of taking over the senate. the big guns are trying to get
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voters interested and trying to fight the idea that voters are going to vote against president obama. bill: who do you want to win control of congress, republicans or democrats. 47% republicans, 45% democrats. in a tight, tight election that could make a difference. >> i just looked at treat clear average of polls. there were 6 senate races in which the lead was 2.2% or less. they are very, very close. they could go either way. when you have this enthusiasm level, just a point or two, anything that can happen in the last few days can be determinative. bill: you can feel the nerves out there on both sides as we inch closer and closer to the day. joins on election night tuesday
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night. martha will have a look at the exil polls and chris wallace and karl rove and dana perino, i don't know if we can get everybody in the building. martha: there are reports of another security breach on pennsylvania avenue. russian hackers suspected of breaking into the white house computer network. wendell goler joins us now. how serious do you think this breach was? >> reporter: the white house says the hackers didn't access classified information. some of the computers were taken offline. one senior administration official said on background, quote, our actions are ongoing and some resulted in temporary
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outages and loss of connectivity for our users. our computers and systems have not been damaged. this happened two or three weeks ago. an official in the office of the president said they received alerts concerning potential cyber effects pretty much every day and they take actions to mitigate those threats pretty much every day. martha: they bleach according to the reporting this is the work of russian hackers. >> that's the suspicion. the russians were behind a 2008 military cyber attack that two months to clean up. they say there has been pap huge rise in cyber attacks this year. >> we see it flapping china,
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russian, inside the united states, organized crime units, government entities. it's a mess out there right now. >> reporter: security firms say hackers thought to be working for the russian government are targeting nate to and ukraine because of the pushback on russia for its incursion into crimea. bill: the kurds are sending in reinforcement to save the syrian town of kobani. that's a convoy of military trucks rolling past on its way to battle isis. turkey allowing the fighters to pass through their country which was not easy to get permission. why our ambassador who worked in
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iraq says the u.s. did little to stop the growth of isis. the fact that turkey finally aloud them to pass through their country is significant. martha: they have their own issues with the syrian kurds. they are more interested in ousting assad than anything else. we'll see if that makes a difference on the ground in kobani. homeland security beefing up security measures. we'll ask former new york city mayor rudy giuliani if he thinks it's enough. bill: the man tasked with investigating the secret service scandal in colombia is caught in a prostitution sting himself. martha: this nurse does not think she should have to stay in any mandatory quarantine after she came back from treating ebola patients. does she have the right to leave
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martha: late yesterday afternoon the homeland security department increased the security level. they are saying the moifs just a
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precaution after the theiror threats from isis as well as the terror attacks that killed two soldiers. rudy giuliani joins us. so you obviously were on the ground from moment one after 9/11. now we have scenes like this guy with a hatchet in the subway in new york and an increased level of protection at federal buildings in this country. do you believe a hit of some form is imminent? >> well, you know, i think we have to assume it is. i don't know that federal government has specific information. i wouldn't be privy to that. it reminds me of 1999, 2000 when i had to do that at the federal building in new york. we had to close city hall and change the entry policies. there was pretty specific
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information that led to that. so i can't tell you the specific information or this is just being done based on the fact that we don't know that much about isis which is amazing. this administration is one year behind everything. everything that they are doing they should have been doing a year ago. they are a year to two years behind isis because we pulled our troops out and we haven't been getting information from iraq. i think this security should have been supplied year or two ago. but we seem to be an extremely reactionary government. martha: i understand what you are saying. when you take a look at what the u.k. is doing and can days doing. the soldier that was killed in canada was killed by a man whose passport had been pulled.
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pulled. do we need better coordination with erratic behaver at mosques? we lost our aability to do that. >> we have. if people want to go inside st. patrick's cathedral i'm sure the cardinal isn't going to be upset about it. the reality is the attack on the world trade center in 1993 came from a mosque in new jersey. within 5 minutes of my going down to ground zero the first thing we did was cut off the bridges and tunnels so some of the some of the islamic extremists who are fomented in the mocks didn't come into new york city. that's a place we should be monitoring. we should be listening. it has been the source of any number of attacks. it doesn't mean every mosque or
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every muslim but it does mean we shouldn't be stupid. martha: you ran for president and you were mayor of new york at a crucial moment for this city. you understand better than anybody the threats faced in this country. you were president what would you do about outreach to some of these mosques, if you have to kick somebody out because you think their behavior is erratic as we have seen with the soldier in canada and tamerlan tsarnaev. >> i do understand the muslim religion, good part and bad part. i would have thought the president would have done a better job over the years of reaching out to so-called moderate muslims to get them
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activated to get them out front when things go wrong. to make it clear to the american people these are things they don't embrace instead of the constant refrain, we are being picked on. there are a couple of muslims i'm friend "who are out front about, we have to take charge of this ourselves. the president has been weak on activating that part of the plus him community. and that's an area where i think he could have a great deal of influence. bill: a mystery in the mile-high city partly solved. a missing man is home safe but still questions about why this denver broncos game vanished during a game. his family could not find him. he turned up 100 miles away. martha: a neighborhood is stunned as a woman is behead.
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and get a document shredder free. call the number on your screen or go to martha: a football fan who disappeared last week at a denver broncos game has been found. paul kitterman was found in front of a furniture store 100 miles away from where he vanished. he didn't have his cell phone. he had $50 in his pocket. he sent his friends and family into a panic. he reportedly told police he had had his fill of football and he wanted to leave. he doesn't have any issues that would explain that
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disappearance. bill: casey hickox will not comply with main's quarantine rules. the nurse is speaking out and she is still defiant. what is she saying? >> reporter: hickox says she doesn't have ebola, that she is symptom free and has been since returning last friday. she says she'll take the state to court but main says it will enforce the voluntary quarantine if necessary. because people who treated ebola patients like hickox did can develop the disease up to three weeks later. we are asking that she stay in her hope for three weeks until the point for potential
6:26 am
incubation has passed. we are willing to pursue legal authority if necessary to insure risk is minimized for mainers. the health commissioner used dr. spencer as an example. he's being treated for ebola. he came home symptom free and developed the disease about a week later. bill: all this is the honor system still. the new york doctor who had ebola may have lied about his ownself quarantine. what's the story about that, rick? >> reporter: according to the "new york post" when dr. spencer first reported being ill he told authorities had isolated himself in his apartment and didn't admit the rode the subways and dined out and went bowling.
6:27 am
authorities checked his metro card and saw he had been all over town. martha: breaking news coming up on isis and details of a mass killing. we'll have that story for you right after the break. bill: a pivotal race is coming down to the wire in carolina. the candidates are not mincing word.
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said to be tribal fighters loyal to the government and members of the security forces in that town. that's anbar province, that's sunni territory. meanwhile in syria there is breaking news on the battle for kobani. we'll bring that to you coming up shortly here. obamacare premiums skyrocketing to new highs especially for young men. preexisting condition coverage could be to colmes anda former isn't to presidenform --o president george w. bush. the "washington times" says this. average insurance premiums in the sought after 30 demographic rose most dramatically with many seeing 78.2% increase.
6:32 am
78.2% before factoring in government subsidies. women's rising 44.9%. >> obama warned us the young will have to pay for the old. this one reason the young will be paying in. i'm no spring chicken and i just got a letter from my healthcarier saying mine is going up 240 a square. a -- $240 a quarter. i asked why and they said obamacare. >> of course they did. this looks at people at the age of 23, 30 and 60. we are talking about people of one particular age, 23.
6:33 am
they were non-smokers and non-married. bill: that defies the point. their kofts went up 73%. and women 45%. >> if they cherry pick a narrow group of people in one particular age with one particular data set and you could cherry pick anything. you could say blue eyed people with knock knees who are left hand. you can cherry pick anything. most studies have shown, waterhouse coopers. price waterhouse coopers has shown the rates are going up. but they are going up much less than they were before. bill, that's not how it was sold to us. it was sold to us. >> what was sold to us was a pack of lies.
6:34 am
we are not able to pick the insurance companies we want to do business with because we are forced in our state to deal with just a few. in addition the president promised health savings, not increasedr. it's only going to increase over time. >> this is a gross misrepresentation. bill: the report says the price increase for 63-year-olds was 37.5%. for women 22.7% for men. part of the reason why comes back to the requirements under the law. you have to be covered for all kinds of stuff. if you don't have children you have to have policies for kids. if your kids are married and moved away you still have to have a policy for kids. >> this is a gross misrepresentation. it's a narrow data set of three particular ages with certain
6:35 am
data. it does not represent the fact. no one ever said healthcare is automatically going go down. the rate of increase goes down. the rate of increase has gone down according to every survey. >> reporter >> the roth promised an average savings. i'm going increased. i'm talking to people everywhere who are seeing these notices coming in that their premiums as of january 1 are going up and the reason is obamacare. bill: is that the first increase you have had? >> the second. bill: we are hearing viewers who have had had their second and third. without subsidies who else is affected. >> most people are seeing better coverage than they would have had without the affordable care act. in the red states where they didn't want to participate or
6:36 am
expand medicare or medicaid, that's where they are having the problems. there is state by state data showing they are having better result for their residents. bill: someone has to pay for it. brad, thank you. alan, thanks to you as well. brad, let us know when you get four next letter. now to martha. martha: one of the tightest senate races is going on in north carolina. senator kay hang is facing off against thom tillis and the gloves are coming off as it gets down to the wire. good morning, john. >> reporter: the closing days of this race, thom tillis is the speaker of the north carolina
6:37 am
house. the incumbent senator kay hang is fighting to hang on to her seat. she got a rather odd endorsement from the charlotte newspaper saying she has been a disappointment and done about the minimum you would expect from a u.s. senator. that was an endorsement. still until recently she was able to keep tillis on the ropes on attacks on his record as speaker. >> kay hagan has been able to take this contest and shift the narrative to voting rights and healthcare and that put thom tillis on the defensive and been able to keep this contest very competitive unlike a number of other senate contests. >> reporter: the last two weeks the tide has been turning. til his who was cam bang senators mccain and graham yesterday at one of the big nascar powerhouses here has benefited from news that hagan
6:38 am
skipped an armed services committee meeting on isis for a fundraiser. he lashed out against what he calls false attacks her campaign has leveled against him. senator hang, you have been a senator for six years, tell me what you are proud of. tell me what you have done. tell me what you fulfilled. that's what this race is about. >> reporter: this will go down as the most expensive senate race in history. $100 million spent and 100,000 ads. martha: and there are allegations of race baiting. >> reporter: the senate majority pac has been airing an ad on black radio stations trying to link thom tillis to the shooting of trayvon martin saying he supports the same kind of stand your ground law.
6:39 am
republicans denounced that ad saying they are race hustling to motivate african-american voters. when you say the gloves are off, the gloves are definitely off. bill: if you look at the research, if you are a republican you can find what you are looking for. if you are a democrat you can find what you are looking for. our former ambassador in iraq says we had the chance to stop isis and did nothing. why he says the white house would not listen to his repeated warnings. martha: customer care goats in the gutter when a ups driver goes bowling with some packages. >> there is bubble wrap in there, right.
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martha: a ups driver apparently in the having a good day because he can be seen rolling, push and kicking a box to the truck with a $1,000 pressure gauge inside. the man who sent the items said he was shocked to see that video. ups issued a statement saying they are investigating. wonder how they figured the out that package was the package he put in the mail. how about the woman sitting at the desk. there he goes. we have. >> the one coming your way. bill: we are hearing reports that isis militants captured 30 pro-government fighters in hits and executed them one by one in a firing line on a main street in that town.
6:44 am
this is the president's former envoy in iraq. he says despite repeated warnings the president did little to stop isis. >> the administration was not only warned by everybody, it announced it was going to intensify its support against isis with the iraqi armed forces and it did almost nothing. bill: colonel ralph peters. he said the warnings started easily last january and he got no response. the question is why was nothing done? >> ambassador jeffrey and other diplomats were late to the party. the president had been warned last year and before that about the rise of the is almostic state. he was warned by the intelligence community, the
6:45 am
pentagon and senators. he was warned by fox news and he did not do anything. and i think we have a real problem that goes beyond isis in this case. we have a president whatever his virtues or negatives. it's not just that he won't make hard decisions it seems he can't. it's one of the worst qualities you can have in a commander-in-chief. bill: is it because he wanted to end the war in walk and did not want to further engage? is it that simple, colonel? >> i think that's a crucial part of it. one of his centerpieces is he got us out of iraq. he ended the wars. another aspects he defeated al qaeda. and he was like someone who faced with symptoms of a horrific disease refuses to go to the doctor because they are afraid of the diagnosis. he seemed to imagine -- and i'm
6:46 am
not managing somehow he ignored this cancer and it would go away. and as we know cancer and terrorists don't go away on their own. bill: what changes or does anything change. do we hang back and allow them to kim each other? >> that would be nice, but do you want the islamic state in charge in the middle east? do you want a thriving powerful expanding caliphate? among many problems we have now, islamic states, these terrorists are playing a zero sum game. they have got morale on their side. they are smart. the execution of 30 more people on a town street. it's an effective terror weapon. they know what they are doing, they know what they want.
6:47 am
the obama administration doesn't know what it want other than they want it to go away. this president based this ferocious determined enemy is always calculates how little he can get away with. our airstrikes may sound impressive, but they won't stop and halt this. bill: we'll see if any of this strategy changes after november. the crown of kobani is where the battle is being waged. the turkish government has allowed reinforcements to travel through their country. they are peshmerga fighters. kurdish fighters who have come to save the kurds in kobani. there are also airstrikes above. do you see the potential to change the course of that battle in this town? >> yes. but you are facing a determined opponent who will fight to the last man. kobani has become symbolically
6:48 am
crucially important. those kurdish reinforcements that president erdogan has allowed to transit to kobani. they brought heavy machine guns, mar mortars and heavy equipment. what the kurds have been saying is they need weapons. the airstrikes are helping attack the rebels but they are not making a strategic difference. but president erdogan didn't want to let the kurds in. he hates the kurds more than he hates the islamic state. he's an islamist himself. he felt pressure the world community. let me give credit to the obama administration. they finally did wise up turkey is part of the problem and not part of the solution. they did pressure turkey to get the kurds into kobani.
6:49 am
bill: we talked about these isis militants, 800 of them taking the population of mosul virtually overnight. there is one other allegation that's in this report. the white house plaims congress for holding up some of these votes on the weapons that will go to the iraqis. does that carry water? >> absolutely not. talk about harry reid with holding up votes. at the end of the day for all the mistakes of one agency or another or some congressman may have made. the buck stops in the oval office. this was obama's policy or non-policy and the president's failure. every corpse created bycan be laid at least in part to the -- at the feet of this president obama who refused to act, who who fled from iraq and was more interested in his
6:50 am
personal appearance and flying his base than he is in the faith of millions. bill: apache helicopters and hellfire missiles ben rhodes describes did not get through in time. martha: jose canseco was rushed to the hospital. we'll tell you about the accident that left the formal around with one less finger. bill: lava flowing in hawaii that's leaving nothing but destruction behind. the conference call.
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bill: a gun accident puts a
6:54 am
former all-star in hospital. the begun went off and took off a finger on his left hand. he gained notoriety by naming names and admitting to taking steroids in a tell-all book. his fiancee says he should be so kay. martha: residents said they thought it was a halloween prank. and decapitated body flieght street outside an apartment building in new york. but authorities say this is for real. >> reporter: people who live in this area are jake sounds like a real live horror show. telling reporters after seeing a headless body in the street they saw a man kicking a severed head down the road. it confirms to fox it's
6:55 am
investigating the case of a missing woman in her 60s. authorities say just 25 minutes after the woman was found police got another call that a man in his 30s had been struck by a long island railroad train. police say the victims are both from farmingdale. the cases they say could be related. >> the first victim, the victim of a homicide. the second victim was stuck by a train. both of these deaths are being investigate the right now. >> reporter: a local cab driver told report,he saw a severed head on the roadway and a decapitated body fully clothed. the dispatchers told him this is
6:56 am
real. martha: an awful story. laura, thank you very much. bill: imagination reels. word that obama administration is using words like coward and worse to describe benjamin netanyahu. martha: a rocket on its way to the international space station explodes. we are now learning what happened on the launch pad. sweered lobster'sory! endless shrimp ends soon! the year's largest variety. like new spicy siriacha shrimp, or parmesan shrimp scampi. as much as you like, any way you like.
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but it won't last long, so hurry in today. and sea food differently.
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martha: we are back and we are now inside the one-week mark from the crucial midterm elections coming up. republicans are leading in iowa, north carolina and colorado. democrats may beginning to close the gap in some of these states. welcome, everybody.
7:00 am
brand-new hour starts now of "america's newsroom." martha: democrats hold 53 seats, republicans hold 45. 55-45 when you break it down. republicans have began 60 seats on tuesday to gain control. martha: but will it happen? good to have you here. enthusiasm is showing. it looks more democrats are being interested and involved and will show up to vote. >> the latest the fox news poll indicates if you spend a billion and a half dollars and you talk about every hot button wedge issue imaginable you can apparently get th democratic bae to engage to some degree for a midterm election. will it be enough and will it be enough in the key states because hyou think about it this way,
7:01 am
those three states mentioned, colorado, new hampshire, north carolina and i will, democrats have to win them all. because of the other areas we know they are likely to lose. can the national transit gauge of everything from ferguson to amnesty and everything else, cannot save them? martha: the president has been doing everything he can to save the base. bill clinton doing what he can. let's take a look at some of these numbers as we move through this. iowa, brand-new information we have this morning. this is a significant lead just outside the margin of error. >> it is consistent in iowa with her not just holding the lead but the trend is her friend.
7:02 am
she is gaining some ground as opposed to just hold in the lead the democrats will be hard-pressed to close the gap. martha: north carolina, this one is a squeaker. the newest numbers we have got. it does not include the most recent paul we just showed. tell me what the main dynamic is at this point. >> about $100 million. the public opinion strategies poll is a republican paul but from a very reputable pollster. what it tells us is this race is going to come down to turn out. early numbers north carolina show voting turnout is huge, enormous turnout in democratic and republican regions with evenly divided enthusiasm. this is going to keep us up late on tuesday, i think.
7:03 am
martha: according to this latest paul, seems to be opening up a decent lead here over the incumbent, the democrat. he really seems to have some traction in this race, chris. >> he has had consistently the lead. and the new vote by mail rotatig colorado the democrats will be try to take advantage of if they can juice turnout among the base. the problem is let no voters don't see much purpose of having a democratic senate. if they lose just one of those states, i highly doubt harry reid will keep his job. martha: as you say, it could be a long night a week from today on tuesday night.
7:04 am
bill: americans not too thrilled with washington generally speaking. most americans disapprove of the job the president is doing. only 41% approve. congress ain't doing much better. a huge majority disapprove of congress. at 80% right now near an all-time high. only 13% believe lawmakers are doing a good job. martha: a lot of people are holding their nose into the election booth. be sure to join us, we will have fantastic coverage on election night. hosting the special coverage, bill will be on the board showing the numbe numbers stock. see what people are saying as they're walking out. tuesday november 4, get your popcorn, it is going to be happen.
7:05 am
bill: breaking news now heading for the international space station exploding moments after liftoff last night. watch. >> oh, god. oh, god. >> everything was going well until there was a bright flash of light. they knew it was a bad sign. started cursing and getting excited. >> two seconds after the initial ignition we all knew something was wrong. a bit brighter than it should have been and of course the initial explosions down below the rocket, the rocket began to come down on itself. bill: we do not know why. that is the question this morning. sir, good morning to you. >> good morning, bill. bill: it was all over in 20 seconds.
7:06 am
what is your best guess, what happened? >> there was a failure of some component, and it looks like it was a component the of the combustion chamber, the engine portion of the rocket the way it seemed to flare up and initial explosion seems to look like that. it is extremely difficult to tell yet. nobody really knows what went on. investigation hopefully will turn up at happened. bill: these were russian built engines, as i understand. >> yes. they were built some time ago for use in the russian space program but for never used and were stored carefully.
7:07 am
the one thing we want to remember is because they were stored for such a long time, the engines were gone over very carefully to make sure everything was still in good working order. in fact, it was very carefully reviewed and heavily and seriously tested before the launch to make sure it would work well. the engine was carefully rated by sciences. bill: some may look to this and say it is a setback. you do not believe that, why? >> oh, no. every nation has suffered a failure at launch. this is merely a bump in the road on the way to commercial development, orbital scientists
7:08 am
will be back in the pad soon to complete the mission providing access to the international space station. bill: doctor, thank you. in eastern virginia, thank you, sir. martha: the obama administration look at plans to bring patients from other countries into america for treatment. a state department memo saying the u.s. has obligation to allow some noncitizens in the country to get help. mike emanuel is live in washington. what is there to this story at this point? >> numbe memo was written by a o marked sensitive but unclassified. show leadership asking others with certain noncitizens into the country for treatment.
7:09 am
the memo says four essential elements every medical evacuation. capacity, overflight refueling, hospital able and willing to treat the patient and fund reimbursement. $200,000 from medevac and $300,000 per treatment p ha. germany notes there will be cases where the united states will be the logical treatment destination for noncitizens. martha: so what does the administration say? >> chairman of the house judiciary committee sent a letter to homeland security asking if preparations were being made to bring non-us citizens here for treatment, and here was the response at the white house. >> that certainly hasn't happened so far. i will take a look at the letter, it sounds like you sent the letter to the state department, see if they have a response to the b at >> after
7:10 am
the briefing they told the college that "there are no plans to medevac non-americans who become ill from west africa to the united states." it was written by the ebola coordination. martha: thank you very much. bill: how does washington break the gridlock? the man who says republicans must win on tuesday of america want to see anything gets done. the search will make his case live. martha: most americans are very concerned about the country's future. wait until you see these poll numbers. is america facing a crisis of leadership? bill: and increasing threats in america. last intelligence chairman committee chairman if that will be enough. >> can't tell you if it is
7:11 am
specific information or i that s being based on the fact that we don't know that much about isis, which is amazing. this administration is one year behind everything.
7:12 am
7:13 am
7:14 am
martha: hundreds of people forced out of their homes in eastern ohio after a gas leak. it happened after the damaged a well last night causing natural and methane gas to escape into the atmosphere. >> writes now everything is
7:15 am
under control. it is managed at this point, we're just waiting for the experts to get in here to actually work on fixing the problem of the leak. martha: evacuation zone was about a mile wide and bill: magic number is six for four republicans in the senate. six days away from the midterms. put a little what if scenario in play where we stand today. mention the magic number is six. how do you get to six? west virginia looks comfortable four republicans, soda south dakota and los angeles. we saw some movement this past weekend in the state of iowa. right here republicans want to turn not from blue to red. the latest poll four points edge
7:16 am
for the democrats. we have seen a little bit of movement. all the averages together 2.1 now. republican, a doctor. he has been traveling the country. republican-led senate will be the only way to break the gridlock in washington. good day to you and thank you for coming back here. as it stands today, where do you think we are on tuesday? >> i think it is too close to tell, so many of these races, i'm optimistic. been a 17 different states and what i'm hearing all around the country is people want to get things done and the best way to do that is put the republicans in charge in the united states senate so we can bring to the floor bipartisan way in the house and get those to the
7:17 am
president's desk specifically focusing on jobs, the economy, getting america back to work. >> i will, georgia, louisiana, arkansas. bill: the reason i ask that question, you have canvassed the country, are you saying at the moment it is too close to call? >> turnout matters, i as asked people to vote. anger and anxiety across country where people believe the country is headed in the wrong direction under president obama. the stakes are just out of control whether it is isis, ebola, va hospital scandal, irs arrest, the whole list of things. the president says his policies are on the ballot and so many democrats who are running all
7:18 am
across the country vote with him 97, 98, 99% of the time so they can campaign anyway they want. they are a vote for president obama. bill: they've got the ground game, they know where to turn out the vote. do you believe that or have republicans caught that? >> i believe have caught them. we continue to work on that whether it is the door to phone calls, facebook, all across country the turnout is really intensified by the republicans. when you add to that the overall energy and intensity of the voters who are so distressed at the direction the president has taken this country over six years where he has made many promises, wonderful speeches he ran for office, six years later the american people are very disappointed in what you have gotten from barack obama.
7:19 am
bill: are you nervous you could lose on wednesday? >> we're pushing toward incumbent senators helping other senators and other challengers who are republicans who wants to come to washington to break through the gridlock, get focused on jobs, the economy and putting america back to work. bill: jobs, energy security and affordable health care. is that what will change of republicans controlled congress? >> we absolutely have great opportunities in all of those areas. with jobs, many of those are energy-related. a lot has to do with relations coming out of washington to make it more expensive to actually create jobs, get rid of the red tape. we are so blessed with energy resources in this country, we ought to be exporting liquefied natural gas. harry reid has blocked the votes
7:20 am
in the senate. it is a way to undermine vladimir putin and a way to bring foreign dollars into the country and help with the balance in trade. we need to do things on trade and with regard to health care we need to strip out the most damaging parts of the health care law hurting people in terms of their jobs and high premiums they are paying. bill: thank you for your time today. we will see what happens tuesday. thank you out of washington today. we get ready now, very interesting to win the senate or not what happens after that point. so buckle up. martha: it is going to be a bumpy night, no doubt. iraqi relationship between the united states and israel may be going from bad to worse this morning as reports get out a top white house official called prime minister and minister
7:21 am
yahoo some nasty names. bill: folks cleanly feet in hawaii. molten lava keeps creeping a little too close for comfort. >> so surreal. never in my wildest dreams growing up did i think i would be running from lava. just like with your investments. that sets you apart. it does? it does. you're type e*. and seeking another perspective is what type e*s do. oh, and your next handhold... is there. you don't have to go it alone. e*trade gives you the support and guidance to make informed decisions. are you type e*? it's more than the for lotus f1 team, the competitive edge is the cloud.
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7:24 am
bill: on hawaii's big island residents told to leave their home as a stream of molten lava flows into their homes. people are getting ready for the possibility of the worst to hit. >> we are very sad, for them too many of the people their lives are changing and adapting to it.
7:25 am
i'm sure mixed emotions will come out in the community because it is a life-changing event. bill: this movie about 10 yards per hour. cover and 30 miles in five months. martha: reports the obama administration has officials within it using some strong language about benjamin netanyahu. calling him a coward and other things. officials said this. the thing is he is a chicken blank. the good thing is he is scared to launch war, the bad thing is cannot do anything to reach accommodation with palestinians or the sunni arab states. why would quotes like that land in this magazine? former israeli ambassador to the u.n. and fox news contributor.
7:26 am
welcome, good to have you this morning. >> thank you. martha: we have a little bit of a delay. they called benjamin netanyahu, calling him cowardly. what could possibly be the motivation to use these kinds of words about the prime minister? >> first, martha, help very much this is not true. if in fact they are true and is things said, the president or his administration, i think it is shameful, abusive and very counterproductive. this is not the way to speak about their only ally, the only democracy in the middle east. especially when the middle east is so volatile. we are seeing the form policies of this administration especially the president has
7:27 am
created this situation where the allies feel they cannot rely on it and enemies feel they can get away with murder, literally. you do not use such abusive language against your only ally, the only democracy in the region, the only one with which the u.s. has a truly very special relationship. martha: let's take a look at one of their quote i want to get your reaction to. this has to do with iran trying to end the nuclear efforts they have in place. it is too late for him meaning prime minister netanyahu to do anything. two or three years for this was a possibility but he couldn't bring himself to pull the trigger. accommodation of pressure and his own unwillingness to do anything dramatic and now it is too late. i think there are many americans this country and allies who have had the same reservation about
7:28 am
president obama at one of the officials are trying to put the onus on the prime minister of israel rather than the president of the united states. >> the obama administration is about to strike a very bad and shameful deal with extreme fundamentalist rule. unfortunately the history of this administration whether it is leaving from behind and they be a, hesitancy in syria, abandoning the allies in egypt does not signal well. there may be already looking for an alibi about the bad deal they are about to strike with iraq. the only reason these stations were levied on iraq was the pressure put that benjamin that yahoo and these governments and
7:29 am
the belief if nothing is done, we will do it. i believe israel and the prime minister who is there to protect the safety and security of israelis and protect the second holocaust by the regime that denies the holocaust while preparing the next one if nobody else does anything about iran, they will still reserve the right to do something to stop the evil regime. martha: out point our viewers the front page story today. u.s. iran relations, a lot of what you are saying is echoed in this story. very good piece this morning on the front page. thank you for being with us, we will see you soon back in new york. bill: a man left for dead after being run over twice and police are looking for your help. martha: government buildings are now on high alert. the department of homeland security says it is now time to
7:30 am
beef up security. >> canada, the united states are now in discussions making certain every possible stone is turned over, every possible policy is reviewed because our obligations are to protect our citizens.
7:31 am
7:32 am
big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked.
7:33 am
made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern. martha: increasing terrorist threats against america have officials beefing up security at government buildings in washington, d.c., and other major cities as well. this move comes less than a week of a deadly lone wolf attack in canada. joining us now live in washington. are there any specific threats that have prompted this news? >> the chatter from isis on social media began to spike in late september culminating in a series of posts. this statement is most resent
7:34 am
with the increase security affecting 9500 federal facilities. the reason for this action is self-evident. the continued public calls the terrorist organizations protect the homeland and elsewhere including against law enforcement and other government officials. this intelligence assessment is at least a third and follows the attacks last week including the attack in ottawa where a convert murdered a canadian soldier at the nation's tomb of the unknown. these incidences have reaffirmed to some officials a threat from actors inspired by isis is more than just a threat. bill: good morning to you and welcome back here. what do they know that we don't know? >> this a dangerous change the
7:35 am
started several weeks ago. there were 14 individuals who raised their own money, ready to go to syria and fight further radicalization and they got something interesting. they got a note back that said what we want you to do is stay in australia, randomly kidnap people off the street, behead them, video tape it and it to us for propaganda. we saw this trend starting everywhere else. if you think about all the instances we have seen. canada, australia, united states, great britain, france, germany, spain, brussels. what you know now is there sending out the message spontaneous terrorism is the word of the day. that is what is so concerning, a rather pleasant is folks. bill: what changes with the increased security? >> it can make a difference.
7:36 am
the hardest thing is for the security guards to keep the level of interest and attention as high as you can get it. this will help that. you will see more presence in a place that can respond quicker to one of these type of events. you don't want to get overrun by several of these individuals without response time being appropriate to stop it as soon as it starts or soon after starts. that is what you are seeing. trying to meet the threat. bill: if you do not have the incidences in canada last week, with the government have made this move? >> it is hard to say. i think they should have because we have seen these trends start and isil has one of the most contested propaganda machines i have ever seen. they do it on two levels.
7:37 am
array back and english only communicating for the terror side of it, we will show you why we should stay away from us. but using it all for recruiting trying to radicalize people in their home country. they have expressed this openly, they want a high profile event in place in western countries like the united states. that is why the heightened terrorist level is up because we are seeing they are reaching these individuals in a way we haven't seen before. the efforts in syria and iraq to have that decision or disruption isn't working is a dangerous combination. bill: some very interesting points. about 10 days ago his basic point was this. the loss to not allow law enforcement to stay up with those folks who have spread the message online that you described. maybe they are on wi-fi or switch to satellite or different
7:38 am
social media websites. you cannot keep pace with them. do you agree with that? >> i do agree with them. social media propaganda campaign again is very sophisticated. this is not my cube are terrorists, you are very sophisticated propaganda recruiting social media tool they are using. number two, we can't keep up with the sheer number. great britain will go over the number for them to apply resources to people who have fought, radicalize and came back to great britain. they're just one take it away. i don't need a visa to come to the united states. break into points this is starting to stretch our resources in a way that is very concerning. the policies how these propaganda tools is not lining up with the real threat is all that has to be addressed very
7:39 am
soon we need some leadership out of this white house. the way we're going about it is not shutting off pipeline of people coming from the head of states and western countries. that is a huge problem for us. bill: thank you. martha: and intense search send away for a couple that ran over a man at a liquor store parking lot. minutes later surveillance camera shows mowing down a man in the parking lot and running over him again with their suv. apparently they were involved in some sort of altercation before the hit-and-run on august 1 but police have not been able to locate this couple. amazingly the man survived and has since returned home from the hospital. bill: voters worried about the direction of america, so whose fault is that? moments away.
7:40 am
martha: and a burglary caught on camera, a criminal who did not know he was being watched. >> the first time we watched it i were both shaking it gives me chills watching it, gives me goosebumps. ♪ ♪ (dad) there's nothing i can't reach in my subaru. (vo) introducing the all-new subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru,a subaru.
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martha: rants new fox polls showing 80% are either concerned, extreme the concerned were very concerned about the future of the country, 83%. concerned are very concerned about the future of the country. this republican on last night blames the president for that. >> the american people feel they don't have a commander-in-chief who is in charge. the philly don't have a commander-in-chief understands the very real fear. martha: former candidate for lieutenant governor in virginia,
7:44 am
both are fox news contributors. this is something i think everyone here is so much in this country. as why was so was so struck by that paul. it is 3% of people in this country who say they are extremely or very concerned about the future of our nation and even the president mentioned it in a u.n. speech he talked about the pervasive unease that exists in this country and in the world. i want to know what your responses to that. the unsettled nature in the american psyche. >> i am concerned. we are bombarded everyday with bad news about isis, ebola. the economy has not recovered the way we want it to. the president does not do the
7:45 am
best job he can of being a reassuring figure in terms of stock figure who doesn't act as a leader who throws arms around people and says it will be okay. part of that is why you are seeing what you are seeing today, people are worried. martha: i can only imagine what the script is going to be on that sentiment you just talked about, julie. it is something i think is palpable in this nation. what is a response to why this exists at this level that we are seeing? >> this is one of the rare times julie and i 100% agree. this is a president as he calls it symbolic parts of his job. they are really showing leadership and putting a vision out there. we live in a much scarier world now than when barack obama took office. you have some of his advisors
7:46 am
and chief executive stepped out. a lot of these concerns have to do with barack obama policy. martha: the president interestingly has made comments to the fact has to lead it comes to isis. he said the same thing really about ebola in terms of handling this crisis, so he appointed the ebola czar. people are searching for reassurance, this is a response white house appointment of the ebola czar, nobody has seen him do anything to calm fears. even that was mostly a public relations move. >> yeah. it wasn't a very good one. out in terms of what he has been doing, in terms of his visibility and reassuring people. i live in new york city where
7:47 am
ebola had come to new york. i'm not worried about it. other people are. reassure people that scientists have said essentially ebola is not a threat to us at this point in new york or other places it has arrived. that is not done it. he has not said look, the disease is not going to kill us all. martha: is almost a father mode in the presidency at times. it seems is somewhat lacking given what we are seeing. i have the midterms coming up. the approval rating for congress is abysmal as well. people walk into the voting booth holding their nose in many cases helping somebody takes this thing by the rains and start to turn it around. >> i think there is a g.o.p. way of it. how big is it.
7:48 am
barack obama and a lot of the democratic candidates are running away from him and cannot believe barack obama opened up his mouth and said my policies are on the ballot this time around. you find two-thirds of voters want to vote against his policies. and a bloodbath for democrats next tuesday. how big is it going to get. martha: and what do they do with it? how do they take the power to create a situation that reassures americans? i wonder if the attention turns as it inevitably does to the presidential election after that because people want somebody to fill the void they apparently think has been created by the president according to these numbers. >> good for me, bad for the american people we live in this kind of a cycle. it is not great the american
7:49 am
people. i have said this before i hope republicans gained control of the senate and will abolish the center. they should to get legislation passed. that is the fastest way to get something moving in a help republicans have complained by filibuster all these years take the initiative, polish it and get some stuff done and the president can sign or veto it. martha: thank you very much. we will see where this goes. bill: jon scott, what is coming up on "happening now"? >> another huge embarrassment for the secret service. a prostitution scandal and now the guy to investigate it has resigned. you will not believe why. in a michigan man agreed to pay 30 grand in back child support or face prison. that is not unusual but in this case he is not the child's father and dna tests prove it
7:50 am
and the state persists. also, milk does a body good but how much is too much? milk could raise the risk of fracture or even death. 10 minutes away. bill: baseball is heading to game seven after this. i mean they blew them out. kansas city tying the series three games apiece, so what is up for game seven tonight? we have a special and surprise guest. on deck for you, america. martha: stick around, big surprise coming up.
7:51 am
7:52 am
it's a fresh approach on education-- superintendent of public instruction tom torlakson's blueprint for great schools. torlakson's blueprint outlines how investing in our schools will reduce class sizes, bring back music and art, and provide a well-rounded education. and torlakson's plan calls for more parental involvement. spending decisions about our education dollars should be made by parents and teachers, not by politicians. tell tom torlakson to keep fighting for a plan that invests in our public schools.
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7:54 am
bill: we have ourselves game seven, america. rails cruising to the 10-0 win last night time the game at three games apiece. this wasn't even a game. our special guest, brian killmead. he is an author, morning show host, radio show host, he is with us now. martha: this is fun for us because every wednesday, coming up in a few minutes, the three of us talk in the radio and we have the best time,'s now we have a chance to be together on the set and it is kind of special. i'm going to talk about baseball
7:55 am
and neither one of you have experience of course, go at it. >> game seven for the first time in a long time we have game seven. san francisco no offense not the attention los angeles would have brought. it was clear early on in the second inning they were not going to get the victory and that will work in their favor. they would go on to lose 10-0. keep in mind game seven kansas city royals fans has not been won by a road team since 1979. they have america on their side. bill: what is new about the book? >> only one woman. we were not able to name her. down to seven candidates of who it could be a we put it to the
7:56 am
paperback. i was able to get it down to seven candidates, i think you will be very interested. you will be interested to see how many great women formed this country. martha: behind every great inspiring there is a woman. in the paperback brian is going to reveal the best information. bill: and you are going to hit the road with sean hannity. university of central florida. he has a station wagon he loves to take on the road. >> i will see in a few minutes. martha: we will see you there. americans rated hit the reset button on capitol hill. what a brand-new poll is suggesting about what we can expect coming up next tuesday, election night.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> we now know what the pentagon will do about returning soldiers from west africa. they are going to implement a 21-day controlled monitoring regime is what it is called. it is not called a quarantine. but a controlled way they will check in on the people to see if they have symptoms for 21-day period. bill: jennifer griffin will define that next on "happening now." see you on the radio. jon: in less than a week voters across america will have the opportunity to cast ballots. a majority of them apparently ready to wipe the slate clean in congress and start from scratch. what do you think about that? welcome to "happening now." i'm jon scott. shannon: i'm shannon bream in for jenna lee. according to the brand new fox news polls. 59% of the registered voters think it would be good for america to start fresh with all new members of congress. jon: they don't think too much of president obama either. more than half, 54%,


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