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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  October 29, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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on the web. go to fox and we will be back on tv tomorrow and "happening now" starts right now. we have brand new white house reaction to the ebola crisis as defense chuck hagel orders a mandatory quarentine for soldiers leaving west've ri kachlt >> president obama gears up for his meeting on the outbreak this afternoon. that is "happening now". they are hilo trained and tasked with the greatest responsibility. but the secret service is now tarnished by another scandal. agents partying with prostitutes and now w a new twist. the man investigating the scandal is guilty of his own indescreation. plus, more than 200 million worth of heard ware up in flames and why an unmanned rocket exploded seconds after launch
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and crashing back to earth. >> and -- >> oh, god help me. >> the terfoying last moments of a prominent neurologist. she was poisoned by her husband. bombshell testimony that could turn the tide of this case. it is hard "happening now". first two hour cop story boosting security in federal buildings as terror concerns rise in this country. welcome to "happening now", i am jon scott. >> i am shannon bream in for jenna lee. authorities are beefing up security in government buildings in washington d.c. and across the country. >> the move comes less than a week after the deadly lone wolf attack in canada. kathryn joins us live from washington
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with more. what is going on. >> reporter: the chairman said isis leaders have sent message to do attacks at home rather than travel to syria and iraq. australian authorities arrested a dozen suspects including two individuals allegedly planning a public beheading. it is known as isil. and republican chairman who receives regular briefings. it was the beginning of the change of strategy that puts the emphasis on local attacks. >> there were 14 individuals who were committed and raised their money to go to syria and fight and further their radicalization. they got a note back. no, no. stay in australia, we want you to randomly kidnap people off of the street and behead them and
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videotape it and send it to us for further propaganda. >> reporter: three weeks after the military campaign began, the chatter from the group on social media spiked and culminating with the bulletins. and this affects 9500 federal facilities. and the statement in part. the reasons for the action are self evident and the repeated calls. and for attacks on the home land and including law enforcement and other government officials. this follows a new york city terrorist attack and the lone wolf attack in ottawa where the convert murdered a canadian soldier in the tomb of the unknowns. this coupled with the australian operatives and reaffirmed that the threat of lone actors is
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more than a hypothetical, jon. >> kathryn, thank you. new developments in the secret service protitution scandal. confirming to fox news, that the investigators who leaded the review ended up resigning after his own scandal in august. wendall? >> reporter: david nealan resigned after he was seen going in a building that the sheriff's office had under investigation as part of a prostitution investigation. nealan was the inspector general for the homeland security miami's office that led the investigation in the 2012 prostitution scandal in colombia that cost two dozen secret service agents their jobs, they hired hookers before the president got there.
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nealan's name surfaced when the republicans said the investigator. the senate investigation concluded there was not enough evidence to support the claim. and former white house counsellor said the evidence against the intern was not strong enough. but utah republican jason cha ffa tz cited nealan. >> there was a determination specific to one inspector general that it was tied to retribution for the fact they were trying to show the truth that there was a white house staff person, an aide engaged in bringing a prostitute to his room. >> nealan denied the prostitution allegation against him and he was not charged but he was reportedly identified by
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one of the prostitutes. he told sheriff deputies that he was conducting an undercover investigation in human trafficking. shannon. >> thank you. >> it is down to the wire in a high stakes battle for a senate seat in north carolina. democrat senator kay haggen and republican challenger tom tillus locked in a tie and the contest is getting ugly in that crucial swing state. john has the latest from charlotte. >> reporter: good afternoon, it is a state that is crucial for the republicans to take control of the senate. tom tillus. the virtual tie with incumbent senator kay haggen. tillus who compained with senators john mccain and weathered a broad range of
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attacks. tillus meanwhile has been hammering his opponent for following the president's agenda and this represents a clear choice. >> i want a america that is a super power. senator haggen and the liberal media outlets want a government that is large enough to give anything and powerful enough to take it away. >> haggen has been fighting a narrative that the first term in the senate was disappointment and done the minimum you would expect. and still she's kept it more competitive than in louisiana and alaska. democrats are outpacing republicans according to the analyst who analyzes the early voting trends. >> if you look at the track record in terms of the early vote, democrats are doing well
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even though they should be depressed and nationally the enthusasm is on the republican side. but here in north carolina, democrats have the edge. >> tom till us said democrats have the edge in early voting but republicans make up for it on election day. because of the entrenched political split in this north carolina it is 50- 50. this race will be decided by a coin toss probably. >> and one of the fascinating races to watch next week. >> polls show republicans ahead in key races and there is talk that the democrats could eek out a win. and shoes that the gop is still in the lead with 47 percent saying they want republicans in control. and 45 percent say they want democrats and that is up. and joining us to harb it out is
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amy stoodard. a b. these polls are so close and so many of them are within a point or two and many of them within the margin of error. how do you see it shaping up and some getting excited for the gop counting their chickens before they hatched? >> i think republicans privately worry about why they have not created a wave in polling at this point. sure, most of the races are going their way. but democrats in the states where mitt romney won by a dozen or more points over president obama in 2012, democrats held the lead longer than they thought. and they are wondering why are not the republicans putting these races away and. that is giving democrats hope on election night there is a few opportunities where maybe the grouped operation will help them get over the finishing line.
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>> charlie, what do you think? unless there is a massive surprise that can sway these races one way or another, it will be a nail biter in the states and we talked about several of them going to run offs potentially it could be t >> i think ab is right. if you look at all of the things that are in play, republicans should be sort of wiping the slate clean in places like north carolina, and in georgia, a senate race in georgia that could go either way. that is clearly a solidly republican state that the republicans should not be debating about. but the fact remains there are factors from president obama's unpopularity to continuing sort of struggling economy and to the deep, deep, deep dissatisfaction with washington right now. all of that cuts firmly against the democrats and ultimately,
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there is a chance that democrats are able to hold on to the senate, i think it is unlikely and those last- minute voters who haven't made up their mind will break hard against the democrats. >> and ab, i know people are not sproeting for something. but if they are fired up against something and it seems like that is the formula that is cooking up for the president and all the way down in the democratic party. >> looking at the polls, high interest voters are trending republicans and that narrowed. democrats know their voters are depressed and they are trying to convince them there are certain issues to save the democrats in the senate. there will be a few examples in a few states, you might be able
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to buck national trends and see democrats holding on to the senate. i think the likelihood of republicans winning the senate. you can see in north carolina where tom tillus is vulnerable and why jean sha heen is still holding on in new hampshire and georgia could be a wild card. so in the end, romney pollsters said after the 2012 election. low enthusiasm voters their votes count as much as high enthusiasm voters and democrats get their voters to the polls it usually four years for presidential cycles. >> even if the democrats get previous midterm shellaced there is a silver lining. >> it is an opportunity for
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democrats to get rid of nancy pelosi and harry reid and bring in new set of leadership. for years, i feel like reid and pelosi have done a poor service not only to voters but to the members. do people really think they are way, way out of touch. and the face of that. nancy pelosi and harry reid. thank you to you both. >> thank you, shannon. fox news is america news headquarters. bret baier and megyn kelliy will cover all of the political action and stay with fox >> the pentagon is updating protocol for the u.s. troops fighting ebola in west africa. with the white house mulling over treatment plans for nonu.s.
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citizens. plus. an unmanned rocket lifts off and headed for the international space station and explodes in a massive fire ball. the latest on the investigation of what went wrong?
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on the horn. they'll guide you through the whole process. it's simple. even she could do it. whatever, janet. for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. >> the search is on for debrie on virginia's eastern shore after a rocket bound for the international space station blew up. the unmanned rocket exploded seconds after lifting off from virginia. it belonged to a commercial space company hired by nasa to ferry supplies to the astronauts. we are watching this from south florida newsroom in miami. hey, phil. >> reporter: there were two explosion last night. the first one accidental that happen in the first stage of the rocket launch and the second
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explosion triggered to destroy the rocket entirely for public safety. hundreds of million and years of planning gone suddenly in seconds. teams are studies debris and footage. and look at a passenger plane. unbelievable. still no word on how damaged the launch plan is. for nasa it is the first failure in the commercial program that replaced the space shuttles. all previous launches flawless. the company's now grounded until it figures out just what went wrong last night. and much focus as the russian made engine used the rocket design. it used a modified version for that engine and in may one of those engines exploded in a grouped test. >> the engine was available to
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us. it was proven in testing in russia. and when you look at it, there are not many other options in terms of using power plans of this size and not in this country. >> orbittal cargo loss is a loss but not life threatening for the astronauts living above. this morning, a russian cargo ship docked and now space x as the only american commercial private space based company that takes cargo to the space station operational and its next launch is in december. thank you so much. >> we are standing by for a rocket from the cape canaveral, florida. a private company is in charge of the liftoff.
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it is carrying a new gps satellite. it is the 50th launch of atlas five. it comes less than a day after the dramatic explosion over eastern virginia. it was supposed to carry supplies to the international space station. >> bombshell testimony. there is goggle searches and our team takes on the case. (vo) watching. waiting. for that moment, where right place meets right time. and when i find it- i go for it. (announcer) at scottrade, we share your passion for trading. that's why we give you the edge, with innovative charting and trading features, plus powerful mobile apps so you're always connected, wherever you are.
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theat las five is the real work horse of the u.s. space fleet. it is carrying a gps satellite for the u.s. air force. you can see on the left there, it heads up to space and on the right, replay of the launch that went perfectly and a lot of relieved folks in cape canaveral after what happened in west virginia. it was a private rocket that blue up within seconds of lifting off. this is going a- okay and another success for the u.s. air force. >> lone wolf terror attacks here and in canada and raising questions of how effective our war on isis is. there is increased terror chatter that prompted homeland security jay johnson to boost
10:25 am
security nationwide. and former cian operative and deputy assistant to the secretary of defense. and keeps his eye on this kind of thing. i was surprised to hear the report from kathryn harris that the recent upgrade of security in federal buildings ordered by jay johnson is related to the thing in australia when they arrested all of those people who supposedly was going to behead australian citizens and send the tapes in isis. that happen weeks ago, and only now the u.s. homeland security secretary is ordering beefed up security. does that connect for you, peter? >> i think it does. but what happened in canada and new york brings it closer to home. it is information that is coming in to our intelligence agencies and the department of homeland security. yeah, the first indication may have been what happened in
10:26 am
australia. but the fact that it happen twice in canada in one week and in new york, certainly brings it home. and i think it was prudent they did this and i am surprised they waited until wednesday to do so. >> the irony, the group president obama compared to jv squad has the attention of the government. >> in my view things are not going well for the coalition in iraq and syria and if isis is not losing, they are winning. they are a social media super power and whether individuals have contact with them directly or recruited with them. cases in canada and new york point to a direction that people are influenced by them and are willing to take up violent actions against innocence to support isis' or the islamic state agenda.
10:27 am
>> whatever punishment we are dealing out to them in iraq and syria, they are absorbing that and continuing on to the fight with social media and elsewhere. >> that is a problem and not a new concept. the idea of recruiting people in place. and this goes back to osama bin laden. he talked about looking at convers and people who don't need a passport or pass through immigration after 9/11. they know we stepped up our efforts to prevent people coming in to the country and so why not recruit people already in place? we are seeing it in canada and europe as well. islamic state is embracing the idea if you are a terrorist is a good idea and they are putting it in to practice and is i expect we'll likely see more of this. >> peter brooks joining us from >> peter brooks joining us from the american hertittage..
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this is a fox news alert.
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right now in the white house. president obama meeting with health and national security teams on the ebola response. but the hearing is not open to the press. in the meantime law makers want answers after fox news obtained a memo that seemed to say the administration is considering bringing noncitizens with ebola to come to the united states to be treated with the virus. we have more from michael. >> reporter: hi, shannon. the memo was written by a member of the state department ebola coordination unit. it is the extent nonu.s. citizens will be admitted to this country for treatment of ebola disease. the department of homeland security devises a citizen for expeditious parole of ebola- infected non- citizens in to the
10:33 am
united states. asked if they were going to bring noncitizens here. it is alarming that senior obama administration officials denied the existence of any plan to transport nonu.s. citizens infected with ebola to the united states for treatment when a leaked document showed that a proposal was existing and approved by obama officials. gen sak e down played the memo. >> it was drafted but not cleared by senior leaders and never came to senior leaders for approval. and any assertion it was cleared is inaccurate. there are no plans to med- vac nonamericans with ebola to the united states. >> it was circulated to the state department and one outside
10:34 am
federal agency. >> thank you, mike. >> and the defense secretary chuck hagel signing a 21 day quarentine order for all military troops returning from the ebola zone in west africa the army imposed its new policy and this extends to all branches of the service. dozens are quarentined in italy. hagel said it is essential with u.s. boots on the ground and in west africa >> the military will have more americans in liberia than any other department. >> this is also a policy that was discussed in great detail by the communities and by the families of our military men and women. and they very much wanted a safety valve on this.
10:35 am
>> he will determine if the quarentine should continue. >> was control of capitol hill in the balance. in virginia, a seat held by eric cantor is now up for grabs. and doug, one of the biggest primary upsets in history. how is it going now? >> referring to that. one rider called it an earthquake that no one saw coming. virginia republican primary eric cantor was the first sitting house majority to lose a primary election. he lost to dave bradom from the college who faces off in the general election against jack trammel who is a professor of sociology. and in their first and only debate in the college, the two faced off on major issues
10:36 am
nonmore pressing than the ebola threat and whether to quarentine passengers from west africa. >> we should use targeted flight bands and not bring our economy to the halt. >> i differ with jack. i think we should have quarentine from the west african nation. >> republican brad is expected to carry vurj virj's 7th direct. the gop could gain as many as nine house seats on tuesday. a pick up that is not siing cant for the gop. and house peeker john boehner. >> the government shutdown and against his better judgment, approximately 40 of his members would not vote for a budget. he would not have 218 vote majority that is needed to prevail on the floor of the house. when you are up in the 240s or
10:37 am
250s, that is the sweet spot. >> a big net gop gain like that of 240 seats in the house means that boehner could lose 25 gop votes and still have a majority and advantage he did not have. >> thank you. >> two years ago today. the northeast was slammed by the largest and most devastating storm to hit the region since 1938. super storm sandy was the second costliest hurricane in history. one scientist has a way to lessen it by dropping the temperature of the ocean. douglas kepd kenned explains how to do that. >> hurricanes are frequent and more untense. and to most of us, there is not
10:38 am
a lot to be done about it. but not to everyone. they say no one can control the weather. but don't tell that to allen bloomburg. who spends his life thinking of ways to do just that. >> you not only want to control the weather but weather events. >> exactly. the weather events are so dangerous in terms of life lives at risening and billions dollars worth of property at risk. >> he is in ho boeken, new jersey. a city battered by hurricane sandy in 2012. >> for two years surrounding towns have been trying to prevent future flooding and most are wondering how to survive the next big storm, blum berg wonders how to stop it. >> it is a tubuller pump that may be the answer.
10:39 am
>> it is a prototype of what could happen in the world. pump up water to cool the water in the surface. >> it can be accomplished by deploying hundreds of thousands of tubes in a storm's path and cold water will come up. n >> it is a teary that makes sense. and said lowering ocean temperature is key in less eping a wind's wrath. >> if you can colthe ocean to the temperature of the air that it is under, then there will be very little exchange of energy. not only controlling mother nature but saving lives money. >> and if we reduce that. we'll save billions of dollars and save hundreds of lives. >> reporter: he estimates the cost of deploying the tubes is
10:40 am
a small percentage of the damage done by sandy and that's it for here. back to you. >> so how does the water get up through the tube? >> waves move it around and colder water goes up the tubes. any water that enters goes up the top. >> interesting, thank you. >> a pittsburg medical researcher accused of poisons his wife with a cyanide drink. what he did just days before she died. and jose consecco making a deadly and foolish mistake. we'll tell you what happened. 
10:41 am
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10:43 am
>>im gretchen carlsson. nurse ka ci hickok will not honor instructions to stay in home in maine.
10:44 am
but state troopers will arrest her if she walks outside. >> what if you swallow a pill and warning you of cancer or a heart attack. it is for real. we'll tell you who is developing it. and meet the guy who is responsible for every drop of this stuff. wild turkey, produced past 60 years, that is a real person on the real story. top of the hour. >> that is getting interesting. >> brand new testimony in the trial of a university professor charged with killing his own wife. dr. robert furront. gave his wife a cyannide. he placed a rush for the best and purist cyanoid. it was the first time cyannide
10:45 am
was in the lob for six years. joining us to talk about this. we have a fellow lab worker who said he placed an unusual order for cyannide. and he was acting strange. what do you think the jury will do about that? >> there is a lot of incriminating facts. he is a lab researcher and two days before his wife falls ill of cyannide. he arranges for a 24 hour delivery of cyannide and the lab has no need. the family wants an autopsy and he fights against it. the investigators found internet searches before she died looking into divorce and cyannide poisoning and after she died, he is looking or someone looking on how to erase google searches.
10:46 am
that is incriminating evidence against him. >> there is a report after he was interviewed by police, he was doing, there was a dogle search performed of how to remain traces of toxins and poison, can you plant reasonableable doubt or is it bad news for his defense. >> i think it is important to note this is not a dumb man. he is a medical researcher and highly educated and evidence that cyanide was used in his lab. it is possible that he had a reason for bringing it back in the lab maybe conducting those particular goggle searches. but what is important is for the defense team to humanize him to the jury and make it clear that he had a professional reason why he brought cyanide in the lab and it is too simple and doesn't
10:47 am
add up. if it is too good to be true, it probably is. the evidence is to simple and they have to be missing something. >> dan, in a criminal trial it is all about planting reasonable doubt. if you had one juror that had reasonable doubt, he's home free. >> right. it is it a circumstantial case. you don't have anybody seeing him giving his wife cyanide poisoning. he ordered it before. and suspicious internet searchers and strange behavior. a defendant doesn't testify. but he will have to offer some explanation or he will be convicted. >> diana, would you let him take the stand if he was your client. >> i tend to agree. i think he will have to come up with the reason he needed
10:48 am
sioppide in the lab. and another point, the his wife was not an unintelligent person and also a physician. it doesn't make sense that a drink would help her get pregnant. a few things are not adding up for me. and he would have to humanize. >> danna, that struck me unusual that with her expertise and
10:49 am
to explain the facts. >> truth can be stranger than fiction. thank you both. >> thank you. >> and retired major leaguer jose conseco after learning a hard lesson. be sure your gun is not loaded before you clean it. and plus, check out the newest course offering. wasting time on the internet. we'll tell you what the goal of this class will be.
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spending decisions about our education dollars should be made by parents and teachers, not by politicians. tell tom torlakson to keep fighting for a plan that invests in our public schools.
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baseball star jose canseco recovering after apparently shooting himself in the hand. he told police in las vegas he was trying to clean his gun when it went off and hit one of his fingers. julie bandaras is following this story. she joins us here in the studio. >> did seems so obvious to me. the first thing you would do is make sure there aren't bullets inside. >> that's what they teach you. >> rule number one. >> there's a question if he knew it was loaded or not. talk about shooting yourself in the foot, or in his case, in the hand. the former baseball player was at the las vegas home with his fiance cleaning his semiautomatic handgun when it accidentally went off and fired at his left hand blowing off his middle finger. his fiance layla knight tweeted on conseco's popular twitter
10:54 am
account, "thank you all for the kind words and prayers. jose is still in surgery and will be okay. please pray for his finger." they desperately tried to save what's left of the finger. they say he will never have full use of it again, even under the best of circumstances. she adds conseco was setting at a table in their home while cleaning the gun and didn't know it was loaded. however, the l.a. times reports she said there was still a round in the chamber in the handgun because conseco had recently visited the shooting range. in the meantime, the controversial slugger, now age 50, played for several teams, including the oakland a's, which once named him mvp. he hit more than 460 home runs in his career, although controversial because conseco, as you may remember, once admitted he said that he used steroids and that the autos of performance enhancement drugs in major league baseball was widespread. so certainly a terrible learning lesson for anyone listening to the story. if you clean a gun, i don't handle a gun, but wouldn't you think an experienced shooter coming from a shooting range would know better.
10:55 am
>> yeah. it's the first time you're supposed to do. >> it is. well, baseball fans, it has been a wild ride, but tonight we get a world champion wane or the other. the kansas city royals forcing game seven of the world series. they demolished the san francisco giants at home last night. 10-0. it's been back and forth through the series. tied last weekend at 2-2. it is now game seven of the world series. royals versus giants starting at 8:07 eastern time. tonight on big fox broadcast. >> i love a game seven. that's the way the game should always go. a slow shift in ebola policy. the pentagon will now mandate all military personnel returning from the hot zone will be placed in isolation. there's also word that the president might now support some controversial measures adopted by several states. retirement account. before he opened his first hot chocolate stand calling winter an "underserved season".
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the rescuers taking advantage of a big excavation machine inch it into the hoppy waters, but the guy is managing to climb aboard just in the nick of time. wow. >> oh. a prominent ivy league school offering a new class called wasting time on the internet. >> come on. >> university 6 pennsylvania says students will walk into class, pull out their laptops and sit there for three hours. it's the school's newest creative writing class. the goal is to remove the stigma, they say, of spending hours aimlessly clicking away on the internet. students are taking the class and will be tasked with turning wasted time into compelling works of literature. >> how ticked are you if you are a parent paying for that class? >> i -- you know, if i were one of the students, i just wouldn't show the report card to my parents. >> i mean, you could just do self-study. stay home on your couch.
11:00 am
save a lot of money. all right. you know -- >> a little crazy. that's what you get with an ivy league education. >> i'm not sure you could say it's worth every penny. thanks for joining us today. >> the real story with gretchen carlson starts now. thanks, guys. today on the real story, the pentagon firms up their ebola guidelines which are different than what the cdc recommends. hmm. the department of homeland security has a terror alert system, but after handful of attacks on american soil, they've issued no alerts. so what is it there for then? plus, the latest polls and critical races less than a week away from the midterm electrics. who seems to be pulling away now? >> all military members returning from ebola-stricken countries will be placed under a mandatory 21-day quarantine. hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. defense secretary hagel signing that order as president


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