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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 29, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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gaga and adele. if you support republicans, you probably like country. if you like bon jovi, aerosmith, jersey and a krrc/dc, you're mi of the road. >> that's what i have been saying all along. salty lang at the white house, president obama's aides and unanimously and profanely slam israel's prime minister, perhaps making a difficult situation even worse. this is special report. >> good evening, it brett baier. the nation on a terror alert and continuing to fight the importation of a deadly entire ruts, torrent the -- it involves very pointed language, directed at the country's most important
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allies, here's chief white house correspondent ed henry. >> an already icy relationship between president obama and bepg netanyahu went into a deep freeze today, as obama administration officials ripped an american ally. calling him a coward and worse. >> i think it's abusive and it's very, very counter productive. >> one mx r -- the good thing about net tanyahu is he's scare to launch wars, the bad thing about him -- that drew a spinni stinging review from netanyahu himself. >> translator: were it not to defend the state of it not to i our national and security interests, they would not be attacking me. >> susan ride claimed all is
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well. >> the relationship is not in crisis, the relationship is actually fundamentally stronger in many respects than its ever been. >> i'm not disputing the accuracy of the reporting or the reporter, i don't have any other information beyond that, the reporter jeffrey goldberg has been seen as trust worthy enough that he has -- the administration whose just department has chased down other leads by threatening to throw "new york times" reporter james risen in jail, and went through the phone records of james rosen as well as associated press reporters suddenly seems disinterested in finding out who attacked netanyahu. >> you have gone after reporters again and again in this administration. when it comes to insulting the prime minister, you don't seem to care who leaked it. >> i don't think that's an accurate reflection of the administration's policy and certainly not an accurate
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refleckation of the prime minister of israel. >> in fact attorney general eridge holder today acknowledged an overreach in the holden case, when asked how ideas formed about a decision he wishes he could do over. >> i think about the subpoena to the fox reporter, rosen, i think that i could have been a little more careful in looking at the language that was contained in the filing that we made with the court. >> as for israel, that coward remark was anonymous officials claimed netanyahu is too scared to go forward with an attack on iran. the u.s. believes it can cut a nuclear deal. net tanyahu has simple -- ed henry, live on the north lawn. russian hackers are suspected of a recent breach of white house computers. the attacks caweded temperature -- there is no sign
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classified information is compromised. some staff members were asked to change his pass words, and his internet access is denied. josh earnest described the situation as inconveniences and says that u.s. is subject to attacks or everydays on a daily basis. on tonight's tracking the election segment, down to the wire in several senate races that could decide which party controls the next two years. senior national correspondent john roberts has the latest on the fight for the seat from north carolina. he reports tonight from charlotte. >> this election is hard fought and it's only seven days away. >> after trailing democratic incumbent kay hagan for most of the race, tom tillis has suddenly caught fire. now ahead in the real clear politics average. >> what do you -- hagan had appeared on track to win a
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second term. >> speaker tillis has built a record of dividing our state. always putting the wealth y and big corporations first. >> hagan revealed she abandoned a committee hearing on isis to attend a fund-raiser. senator john mccain continued to rip her for it. >> here we are, with americans being beheaded and senator hagan doesn't even show up for the briefing. >> in an editorial endorsing hagan, the charlotte observer said it's a disappointment. still in an early voting analysis, democratic voters appear motivated. >> if you can look at the track record in terms of the early votes, democrats seem to be doing very well, even though they should be depressed numbers, nationally the
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enthusiasm is on the republican side, but here in north carolina it appears the democrats have the edge. >> reporter: one reason for that outside groups have spent huge sums demonizing tillis. harry reid even tried to link tillis to the shooting of trayvon martin. >> republicans scolded the ad as race hustling. till tillis told us it's at just noise to obscure the real issue. >> kay hagan, you've been a senator for eight years, tell us what you've accomplished. >> in a state that's as i'd logically divided as north carolina, guessing the outcome of this race is about as certain as a coin toss. brett? >> john roberts live in charlotte tonight, john, thank you, joining us now to talk more about the balance of power in the u.s. senate and what could happen in the mitt terms is
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kansas republican senate. senator, welcome. >> brett, thanks. >> pittsburgh of all, the race that you look at now, that has changed dramatically in recent weeks, as you look at the map, that you think you are poised to do better than perhaps you thought originally. >> brett, there really aren't a lot of surprises here because we started with such good candidates. and you watch these candidates ability to communicate with their voters to bring their integrity to the forefront and explain why voting for them makes good sense, not only for the voters of their state, but the citizens at home. there really isn't that state that pops out and says wow, i would have never expected this. >> did you really think that scott round would be next and neck? >> i think from the beginning scott brown is an amazing candidate with an ability to win in new hampshire. >> here's what the democratic senatorial campaign said today,
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with less than two weeks to go until the election, democrats seem to be poised to hold the majority. democrats have outperformed election forecasts and polling averages and are poised to do so once again. democrats are running stronger, smarter campaigns with better candidates that are focused not on the politics of fear, but on the issues that matter most to the middle class. your reaction to that? >> i think republican candidates are high quality as i said, and i think front and center for americans is that middle class, the desire to connect and to promote policies that will create jobs, create greater security, because it's very important for republicans to convey their belief in the value of the middle class and what we can do to accomplish something. and the democrats, while they can say all those things, the reality is that during the leadership of harry reid in the united states senate, they haven't accomplished any of those things on behalf of the middle class or any other american because the united states senate is dysfunctional. it doesn't do anything and it doesn't do anything intentionally. >> what about republicans out there who look at this election
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and frankly they're fearful, because they remember 2012, and they remember a ground game that outperformed polls as this statement says. and they think, is this going to happen again? >> i think some of those fears have been alleviated, there's a better sense, a better feel for republicans as our candidates became known. i mean look where we started, when i became the chairman of the nrsc, the thought was, you know, is susan collins going to run again in maine, are you going to find a candidate in a arkansas, how are you going to compete in north carolina? and the reality is, we have ten great candidates who are above their democrat opponents in the polls, eight of those are ahead and two are tied, so that's changed in so many ways over the course of this election, which is what campaigns are about. is candidates connecting with voters and convincing them that they are the ones that understand those voters, care about those states and share the values of those people they're
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asking to vote for. >> out in oregon you, have the real clear politics of monica wheby, she's trailing jeff merkley, and al franken, a big lead over mike mcfadden. as you look at those three, is anything possible or are you moving out of those places? >> we're not moving away from anything, we're committed to the success of our candidates, we're going to choose wisely, in all those states, the republicans candidates that you mentioned in those states, they are great candidates who have an opportunity to appeal. this election is not over, this is what the next few days are about. we're going to make certain that our efforts go to support them, but we'll make some priority decisions about where best to spend our money. >> what is happening in new mexi mexi mexico tom udall is leading the
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challenger by 7, you look at that poll and you look at the real clear politics average, and it is much brighter. is new mexico on the radar? >> you see that in new mexico, you see that in all these other states, the momentum is on our side, and what i think is happening, again, good candidates matter to voters, but there's also this recognition in two ways, that the united states senate doesn't operate the way it should, that it's dysfunct n dysfunctional. doesn't matter whether you're a republican, independent or democrat, we ought to have a senate that actually does it's work.
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>> or less, they're big into brevity on twitter. >> nothing wrong with brevity, although it's pretty -- you can raise the resources necessary to support those candidates. and the third strategy for winning is voter turnout, who's going to show up at the polls, and who are they going to vote for? >> kansas, pat roberts pulls this out, even though he's trailing now? >> momentum again on his site, significantly different from where this race was just a few weeks ago. >> we should point out we asked senat senator. the president adopts a strict quarantine policy with regard to ebola. fox 5 in san diego, with the fcc suing att for allegedly miss leading mobile customers with so called unlimited data plans, the
3:13 pm
company actually reduces connection speeds by over 90% after consumers reach a certain data limit. att says it's been completely transparent with its customers. fox 21 in colorado springs with the discovery of a man who disappeared, we told you about him during last week's football game. police say he hold them he had had his fill of football and wanted to go someplace warmer. the family says they realize there are questions but is asking for privacy. this is a live look at kauffman stadium in -- game seven of the -- hometown -- that's tonight's lives look outside the belt way from special report. ♪
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pentagon will go ahead with quarantining military personnel coming from the ebola zone. the president delivered remarks to american health workers who are combatting ebowl rah, he was introduced by dr. kent brantley who was among the first to be treated for ebola in the u.s. >> until we stop this outbreak in west africa, we may continue to see individual cases in america in the weeks and months ahead. because that's the nature of today's world. we can't hermetically seal ourselves off. >> earlier in the day, the defense secretary signed an order extending the 21-day
3:18 pm
quarantine to all u.s. service members, not just soldiers returning from the ebola hot zone in west africa. >> they are not volunteers, they very much wanted a safety valve on this. >> 42 u.s. soldiers are now under quarantine. >> meanwhile the nurse who was forcibly quarantined when she landed in america refuses to be quarantined. >> i'm not sticking to the guidelines, i remain apoll ed - forced by the millford school superintendent to remain out of school for 21 days. the girls family is suing the
3:19 pm
city and its public schools for discrimination. >> africa is a very big continent, and there's a very small area where there's been an ebola outbreak, they were nowhere near there. >> meanwhile the state department says a draft plan to bring non-u.s. citizens for treatment has been shelved. >> there's no plan to bring non-u.s. citizens to be treated for ebowl are in the united states. if casey hickcock does not abide by the court order, they will -- today the university of north carolina at chapel hill announcement that both students and fastbaculty are banned. the investigator leading the homeland security probe into the secret service prostitution scandal in columbia two years ago has resigned himself, over a link to prostitution. a senior administration official
3:20 pm
says david nyland observed entering a leaving a building in a florida prostitution indication, a woman says he paid her for sex. nyland resigned after refusing to answer questions about the allegations which he says is not true. will obama care make the difference in decide whog controls the senate, or will bit the men less than yals? and up next, two professors the from the same school fighting over one congressional seat. ♪ (man) some things are worth holding onto. they're hugging the tree. (man) that's why we got a subaru. or was it that tree? (man) introducing the all-new subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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the maryland republican party wants the state board of elections to investigate reports of voting machines turns votes
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for republican candidates for governor into his democratic rival. he has received more than 50 complaints. state officials tell us reports of glitches are investigated, but they have had difficulty replicating the problem. we will have a complete story on all of the allegations across the country later on this week. wisconsin republican governor scott walker appears to be gaining momentum in his re-election bid, a new poll by marquette university law school has walker up by 7 or democrat mary burke, they were tied two week last week. the average real clear politics has walker up two points. >> when house majority leader eric cantor lost his primary election to dave brad, a little known economics professor, one political writer called it an earthquake that no one saw
3:25 pm
coming. virginians got a closer look at brad as he faced off in his first and only debate against tram -- it was a gentle joust over immigration, obama care, and how to handle returning doctors from ebola -- >> not bring obama care to a a lot with draconian measures. >> i think we should have quarantined people coming from west africa. i liken it to a black swan event. a black swan event is a very local probability event that has catastrophic consequences which ebola is. >> it marks no net develop gain given cantor's exit. some analysts do see why gop gains next tuesday in the house as well as the senate. >> they have some chance of gaining nine seats, which would give them 243 seats, that's the
3:26 pm
most, that would be the most that they have ever won, since 1946. >> that sentiment based on the stark reality that almost all democratic candidates are being forced to distance themselves from the democrat in chief. >> president obama is not on the ballot in this district. i just want to make sure that everybody knows that? >> a gain of nine seats in the house will likely -- >> that means that you can lose 25 or so of your members and still have a majority. >> if the gop gets too cocky with less than a week before the midterms, ereck cantors offers some lessons in humility. >> doug, thank you. why young people, the so-called millennials may surprise you come election day. be sure to check out tonight's grapevine, featuring a way to
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in next week's midterms, one of president guam's go-to support groups may not be there for him or his party. why the so-called millennials
3:31 pm
may be charting a new course. >> we are still fired up, we are still ready to go. >> those were the days that the president and by extension democrats held the youth vote. but times have changed among young liberals. >> i'm definitely seeing people much more apathetic. >> now a different crowd is fired up and ready to go. >> among the most enthusiastic of all segments within this 18 to 29-year-old cohort are young people that voted for mid romney just a few years ago. >> among millennials 18 to 29 who say they will definitely be voting on tuesday, 51% want a republican-run congress. compare that to 2010, when 55% wanted a democratic congress. a stunning 16 point swing. >> it absolutely goes in the face that they're reliable democratic cohort, every single election, young people are politically up for grabs. >> digging deeper in the study,
3:32 pm
shows a president who young adults voted for 2-1, now approval numbers near all-time lows. of those mill yes or no yals already -- >> they're realizing they didn't get help and change, they got worse outcomes, nearly 16% of young americans are unemployed or given up looking for work, a third have moved back in with their parents. >> no surprise millennials report that job and economy is their main concerns. with this voting bloc now up for grabs, it brings up the larger question of which side, which candidates and which arguments will fire them up for 2016. with isis and ebola grabbing headlines, it may seem that health care has receded from the news, but became hair is on the minds of many voters.
3:33 pm
>> we're roughly about 10 million in sales and we employ about 80 people in colorado, wyoming, minnesota areas. >> co-230u67ded denver based an information technology services company. >> one of the things that we offer is a real wide health care package. we have been told one of the competitive things about joining our company. >> the sisters hope obama care will work out, but they do worry that it may change things, in ways they can't control. >> we have been managing it, but what's coming in 2015, is really the question, and even the experts that we're talking with are saying, are we in compliance? are we doing the right things to be set up and the dates kind of change and move. >> across town jaycee warden and his son run an energy consulting firm that makes them self
3:34 pm
employed which makes them on their own when it comes to health insurance. >> the personal level of rise of insurance premiums and things as a self employed individual and watching my children and it's insurance sky rocket has been pretty tough to handle. >> but they wonder if obama care is the answer. >> i'm not sure that the socialistic system that great britain and that canada and other countries has is great, i don't really think what we have is the answer either. >> regarding obama care, the voters of colorado have a choice. the candidates have a very different idea about health care. >> it's already cost 340,000 coloradoans their health care. it's increased costs dramatically, it's not the right thing for our country. >> and you would vote for it
3:35 pm
again? >> i would support the affordable care act because we had a broken system. of course there would be some reforms that hindsight is 20/20 that i would put in place. if i could tham a couple of them. we want to make sure we keep it affordable. >> the future of became care, while not talked about all the time is essentially on the ball lot, one of the decisions facing colorado's voters and voters across the country in just six days. >> stocks are down, the dow lost 31, the nasdaq fell 15. a pentagon official tells fox news there is confusion over an increase in russian military flights over the black, baltic and north seas and the atlantic ocean during the past two days. the official says the pentagon is unsure of the russian sbiint. >> the flights have been conducted in international air space. nato calls it an unusual and significant increase in russian military activity and it comes just five days after a speech by
3:36 pm
russian president vladimir putin that reuters described as including, quote, some of putin's fiercest rhetoric against the west since he first rose to power in 2000. >> ebola, isis and disparaging remarks about an allied leader. president obama is complaining when we come back.
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3:40 pm
actually fundamentally stronger in many respects than it's ever been. >> is the administration trying to figure out who made these inappropriate and counter productive comments? >> no. >> why not? >> there are anonymous sources in all of your stories every single day, if we spent all of our time focused on that effort we wouldn't be focused on diplomacy. >> so anonymous source recognizing this piece in the atlantic magazine, it says over the years kbaum administration officials have described netanyahu as myopic, pompous, these are verbatim descriptions, i keep a running list, but i have not previously heard netanyahu described as chicken blank. this received a lot of reaction today. the house speaker said this, he, president obama either condones the profanity and disrespect of
3:41 pm
his -- if he can't mister professionalism, then it's time to move on. steve hayes senior writer, and ron williams, columnist with the hill. steve, what about this jeffrey goldberg, obviously well respected by this white house, and invited to interview the president many times on mid east issues, so he has a lot of cred in this issue. >> look, i mean, everybody's paid attention to the chicken blank comment and i think for obvious reasons it's sort of sexy and it makes news. i think there are two other things in this piece that deserve more attention. the lead of jeff goldberg's piece said that the foreign leader who frustrates the white house the most is benjamin netanyahu, not kim jong-un, not the ayatollah in iran, not hamid karzai before he left office,
3:42 pm
but benjamin netanyahu, this is an extraordinary statement, to think about one of the united states' strongest traditional allies frustrates the white house most. it says much more about the white house than it does about netanyahu, the second and i think very important point in this is the comment that a second senior administration official made agreeing with the first one, the person who called netanyahu the name. and in this one, the second administration official said it's too late for netanyahu to do anything to keep the iranians from getting a nuclear weapon. two years ago this was a possibility, but ultimately he couldn't make himself -- now it's too late. so you have an administration official conceding that iran is going to get a nuke and posting that the united states kept benjamin netanyahu from doing anything about it, i think that's extraordinary and all the
3:43 pm
attention paid on the name calling misses this huge point. >> the name calling actually plays into this point because what they're saying is he's chicken because at the end of the day, he's too scared to actually launch an attack on iran, they won't actually say that, but he's too scared. keep in mind everybody was on the edge of their seats waiting for an attack by israel on iranian nuclear facilities. that's gone to the back burner now, and the backdrop of all of this of course is that the administration is pursuing talks, direct talks with iran, with the host until the end of this month, to ease sanctions for some kind of agreement on the nuclear program. >> the administration is also, one paper called it today a detante. these are things that tremendously frustrate israel right now. >> you have susan rice, national
3:44 pm
security advisor saying the relationship is not in crisis, that's not what you hear on the other side of the israelis. and it really seems odd that this is coming six days before a midterm election. i mean we cannot help in the big narrative that this white house's going for, can it? >> i don't think it helps with a big narrative, i don't think that jeffrey goldberg is somehow working for one side or the other in the election. i think it's right, in terms of the midterm politics, obviously it antagonizes potentially people who are pro israel and are specific in the jewish community, you heard statements coming from jewish leaders in this country, saying, hey, you know, we're concerned got this, and the second thing to say on that front is that when you have, this administration coming out and using this kind of barnyard epithet, especially people in the evangelical community on the republican side, who are strong lly pro israel to dislike the obama
3:45 pm
administration. i will say this about the article, early on in the article, he writes that the primary fault here is the junior partners between israel and netanyahu that they have now written off the obama administration, and they don't want to deal with him, prefer to deal with the american people. just in terms of the politics that you're talking about, anticipate that they can speak and raise public pressure to box in the administration, and especially, given the prospects that the administration would do less to protect them going forward after the election in places like the united nations, but also in terms of negotiations over settlements in east jerusalem and the west bank. >> i'm not saying jeff goldberg is trying to influence midterm elections, i'm saying that when these officials are speaksing about this relationship, in this terms, in these sentences, of course it's going to have impact on different communities. >> i think the most significant
3:46 pm
impact is likely to be among evangelicals. tom cotton gave a speech in which he addressed these comments head on and it was the loudest single applause line in his speech because people are so fired up about this, they think it's inappropriate for the administration to talk this way and they certainly don't like the way the administration has handled israel, that it treated it poorly over the course of six years. one question, if you take away the names of the respective countries, if you go back and study the rhetoric, that the administration has used with respect to israel and iran, stripe the name out and ask people who's the ally and who's the enemy? i think it would be very hard to make the distinction, i think it's clear that the united states and israel are key allies, they are bound together in the middle east. the frustration you're sensing, why isn't the administration more angry at the north koreans or the russians, et cetera.
3:47 pm
it's when you have a close friend or a husband or a lover and you just have frustrated with them that you see this kind of outcome. >> when is the last time you had anybody from the administration say anything nearly as critical of the iranian regime is what they just said about benjamin netanyahu, when was the last time you heard it? >> and you do it in a name calling kind of a -- and an anonymous name calling. >> didn't the israelis just say that they're at war with john, kerry our secretary of state? >> they didn't call him chicken so on and that level of name. but i think what you're going to see is netanyahu is an interest in going around this president and going straight to congress, and making the case there. because they don't feel like they're getting what they nee i
3:48 pm
is key in all of this. >> how millennials may surprise you during this election. ♪ music ...the getaway vehicle! for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this.
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just like kung pao fish. thank you, ping. reliably fast internet starts at $89.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. disapprove of where obama was in 2008, 2009, 2010. the message of this poll they don't like anybody associated with washington, d.c. among the most enthusiastic with all segments of 18 to 29-year-old cohort are people who voted for mitt romney a couple years ago. republicans more enthusiastic. >> it's really interesting. you always hear that young people are overwhelmingly going to vote democratic. but harvard has a new poll out. first of all, the presidential approval rating with young people. take a look at this. approval 43%. 53% disapprove. now, congressional control,
3:52 pm
what is your preservative for the outcome of the midterm elections in 2014? there you see all respond debts at 50/43. definite voters 47% democratic led congress, 51% republican-led congress. just to give you perspective this harvard university poll, if you look at the same question asked back in 2010, 55% definite voters, democratic-led congress, 43% republican led cock and republic 2010 huge gains for republicans. they picked up 63 house seats. it was a big republican year. we're back with the panel. steve? surprised by these numbers? >> a little bit. but if you go back and look particularly at the polling of millennials after the revelations from edward snowden, after the nasa controversy, you saw an immediate and precipitous drop for president obama's drop among that age. in the economist poll that was taken two months after that he dropped 14 points. i think that sort of accelerated a trend that we
3:53 pm
were already seeing with a movement away from the president. it is still striking when you look at the fact that the president is under approval in approval, disapproval the fact that these millennials say they want to vote republican. if you look at the extend to which the president won them and won them clearly in 2008, he won them by 34 points. in 2012, he won them by 23 points. this is a huge and dramatic shift. and i think it reflects the level of dissatisfaction with president obama among the populace in general but among the people who worked hardest to elect them. >> despite all a the things that we hear positively about the economy, there is still this angst, especially in young people about where that job is going to be, living in their parents' home, all kinds of things. student loans. >> yeah. i was there at the institute of politics in 2012 when they released that same survey. it was several months before the election and showed young voters more up for grabs. obama was able to grab them, the economy looked like it had some trajectory, some
3:54 pm
legs. these voters this year are responding to the same kinds of things that everybody else is responding to, that sense of disease, unease about foreign policy, about the way this country is heading, about the stuttering economy, and the fact that they are dying under the weight of student loans. i think that all has an important impact. the other interesting thing is having the same impact on women. you are seeing the gender gap close. one race in upstate new york where you have we're about to it elect the voters there are about to elect the youngest woman to congress ever. she is 0 years old and she a republican. her name is elise stephane. very interesting. >> she is leading there. >> she is leading by a lot. >> juan. >> there is still a substantial gender gap between republicans and democrats. what's striking about this is that democrats are so reliability right now, brit, on turnout models. if you look at the difference between people who are registered voters
3:55 pm
and those who are likely voters, what you see is a shift typically from democratic preference to republican preference. and that's symbolizes, i think, the energy in the republican base right now for this midterm election and the typically you get older, whiter more conservative church going people to vote rather than young people the millennials. then you come to this poll and you say get, you know what? even if the democrats are successful at pushing out a greater number of young people this may not be the same group of young people that concerned out in 2010. that's definitely a problem for democrats. because if you get young people who do show up, voting with some republican preference, well that undermines so much of your turnout and model strategy going forward to november 4th. >> good point. that's it for the panel. stay tuned for some relevant midterm analysis.
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finally tonight, red state democrats have been cautious showing any support for obama and policies heading into the mid terms. now late night tv is focusing in on that fact. >> senator back given. that's irrelevant. the president is not relevant. is he gone in two years. >> two years? he only had a four year term. two years is half hesitate term. what kind of way is that -- the rest of the super bowl isn't relevant. it's going to be gone in two quarters. >> thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" in just seconds. and we have a special report online coming up. if you have not joined us for "special report" online. there is the link there on the bottom of the screen. it's a lot of fun.
4:00 pm
a little relaxed. you can leave the computer on while you are watching greta. interact. it's a amazing thing technology. we will see you in five seconds. did president obama just flat out ignore warnings about isis? former u.s. ambassador to iraq james jeffrey says everyone warned the obama administration about isis and that they did almost nothing. just today an isis massacre of 30 iraqis in a town west of baghdad. and then here at home, new fears of lone wolf attacks here in the united states. so could all of this have been avoided if president obama had just paid more attention? ambassador jeff joins us. good evening, sir. >> thank you for having me on, greta. >> did i correctly quote you that the obama administration was warned? >> you correctly quoted me. >> and how were they warned? >> they were warned both by their experts on iraq as late or as early as november and december as last year by various intelligence reports.


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