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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 29, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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malfunction shortly after takeoff. the rocket exploded over virginia tuesday night. la va flowing dangerously close to homes in a rural hawaii town. it is now 100 feet from a house. up to 60 buildings could be affected from the molten rock. and san francisco giants are the new world champions. it's the giants' 8th world series title and the third since 2010. the pitcher was named the series mvp. "hannity" starts right now. jf this is "the kelly file." welcome to "hannity." #a82j5ñ a fox newsht alert. we are six days away from the highly anticipated 2014 midterm party continues to gain momenta=ftr(t&háhp &hc% ¿uags$rgputñ
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mind, will the gop be able to win back the u.s. qdwsenate? back withyrvx us tonight with a billboard, bill hny+%ey >> nice to see you. i'm doing ].well. we/7s.dp@v canvassed headlines throughout the day.y+;c÷ we were with you last night, and we saw a few tweaks today. buthhz againweaks today. j we are $z)55-45,]%[;e six da away. republicans still feel good about west virginia and montana. >> and south dakota. >> why!u;8f >> because 13, latest poll. >>ñi3t" >> thank you. points. t hq!rk a lot on your mind today. real,7i together it's about 12 points outhl$zshere.ñr9♪ that's zo7d[ you already made south dakota in the republican category. &háhp &hc% so that brings us@ó >> and there was news out of iowa today as well.
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we see2os this trend, right. i mean, we've been talking about we iowa. t 9 clear politics. >> she has a 2.1 i think,y overall,i&ck my math. how'd i do? now we pop back out. now you're at 49. i know you like alaska, right? >> i didn't like the poll that came out. i didn't like the outlier, it was a polling company i'd never heard of and alaska historically is very difficult to >skbpoll.y. been. has &háhp &hc% >> i believe dan sullivan is take that. >> that closes at 1:00 in the now you're at 50-50. so i started to look at early voting this week, right? louisiana's early votingv: per ep$;dr yesterday. and what did they find? they found that there was a big turnout for republicans and democrats. they found african-american turnout was a bit s )# in theá
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parish of east( impact -- >> i had bill cassidy on my radio show today. almostñr certainlye will be decided in december. >> i agree with you,ñr early deeeber. but yowout ticking that in the red column. >> i xdam. there was one poll out today that came out that had cassidy up by seven in a head-to-head matchup. now, after november there's going to be millions and millions of dollars poured into louisiana. >> yeah. >> between that ?mzrunoff. for now i would put it there. >> out inhe colorado, as. republicans are up 80,000 right now in the number of ballots that have come back. >> what's the usual number? >> it's not that +çvhigh. i think in 10,000. >> coryt(6v3i gardnerñr --xd >> but colorado's all mail-inó1ñ now. however, &jñindependents now ar registered at a muchs7 higherñe and they too have turned out as well. so republicans generally
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speaking they feel good about colorado. >> feel good about cory gardner. >> for jfnow. so now you're at 52-48. tell you the theme we're picking on. the fox polling that came out last night. okay. this is -- look at this, sean. r ñ#gñ midterms? are 41. so that would seem to favor thed gop. >> i agree with that. >> just advance one time here. this is how close the countryqq >> evenly divided. ráh but -- >> the polls --6z >> the question is w not do you believe that the president's policies are on the ballot? if they weree2 where are you?r >> 58%okñ> i think that is a really good indicator. i guess it was last week when you were on the program you also went through all the swing states, all the important senate race states where in fact
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approval number. >> approval,]iñ disapproval. you're exact$q right aboutfá t. we're watching all this. >> one thing we forgot, i would go here. >> tom cotton? >> i would go with tom kocotto. i don't know about north carolina and$x new ) surprise me inó(l?é the last"bf days.da georgia still scares me if you'regx-c a republican.fñ scar. are very unpredictable right now. >> you're right if it's 53-47. ifg# you hold kansas, if you'r republican -- >> you have to hold kansas. got to make it up with onexdd those too if you want. so my prediction 51, 2 or 3 stands. >> still today. thank you,0 buddy. six days and7n' counting. >> we'll see you.t.ìáhp &hc% giving them he senateso, if the control of both chambers of congress, how will the administration navigate the remaining two years in the white house? joining us now is fox news chie white house correspondent our friend ed henry is with us. >> thank you. >> all of these things we keepi hearing areq-r coming after th election. we're going to get amnesty,
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we're going to get the president moving oni] otherlñx i]issues. what will we expect if it's axd republican house and senate? >> well, they continue to say there's no official planning going on for the possibility of a republican taking over the s=n t ave to say tha publicly he's still confident de9$m!ts are going to keep hold of the senate. if you look at the polls bill hammer just went through, this is not done for either side by any stretch of thek imagination. so many of these!/ senate battl are so close.p but when?oú youq talk to adviso outside the white house, on ÷ elsewhere, democrats say of course there's quiet planning going on for the possibility they have to be the bt is hopeful of when you talk to hisñi advisors in priva x and they stress if they were to losea6/m% control of the senate, there might be an opporláv%qe9 #gñ the clinton clintwnkq==-k drubing in his first midterm election, it was actually a great=$d# republicans, with they got welfare reform, all kinds of other stuff dov glass half at's the
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full though. ematter is you'v d republican leaders likeñi mitch mcconnell who have not wanted to work with the president. and you've had the presidenxr nt necessarily reach across túl with them either. so would they be f+ to come togetku$ññ as youñi mentionedñr that issue immigration and -- the president signalled those are coming after the election. if they can work with republicans, poking them in the eye on an immigration executive order or two or three is probably going to make things worse. >> but you have immigration, they've also delayed the announcement of what health care costs how they're going to go up after the election. then there was a report out today that in fact the president might be signing on to the idea of bringing ebola patients to the country. there's one report that the president's angry that some of the democrats are running away from him. is that true? >> well, they insist on the ebola issue. this was a low-level staffer circulated the memo, the policy never went anywhere and they're not going to bring ebola
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patients here. we'll see. we've seen many democrats running from the president on the trail. that's why the president hasn't beenñi involved in the senate races. he's only campaigning in gubernatorial races the next i think you're right that immigration executive orders might really poke republicans in the eye. might make -- get thisñzoff on the wrong ñitrack. but think about something else the president delayed. heñi delayed nominating a new attorney general to replace eri holder. there's all kinds of other nominations. if he's going toi& want to get those nominations through that are coming after the election, if he's dealing with a republican senate, he's going to have to meet republicans halfway on at least some of these issues. so there's going to be big fights áayuahead, but there ar opportunities the white house thinks on infrançfépu republicans. i've heard a lot about corporate tax reform for both sides. there are republicans and democrats in this town that think, look, both sides have talked about it for a long time, but you finally have a mix where both sides are invested in the process and not just democrats running -úfkeverything. but it's republicans running the
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congress, democrats running the white house that may be the final get corporate tax -- i think it might still be pie in the sky, sean. >> ed henry, thank you. joining me with his take on whether the gop will in fact pull it off on next tuesday, we welcome back former senior advisor to]ñnk president georg/ bush, karl rove. you see the latest numbers, saw my analysis. agree or disagree? >> i#+ñ agree. little color on a couple points you and bill talked about. first of all, i agree with you. arkansas, real clear politics averages five points. louisiana it's 4.5 in a head-to-head matchup between cassidy and landrieu. and i agree with you, both of those i think are likely to be republican victories albeit louisiana takes until november. excuse me. until december. you touched on colorado. and bill made the point that you have unaffiliated, you know, decline to state, voters that don't identify with either
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party. that's right. they've cast a lot of ballots. given gardner's lead udall would have to take 63b@ ofbxdt(fá t in the ballots in order to even up and erase the republican advantage. i'm beginning to feel increasingly better about the polls that ra,u tend to have a largerop percente of hispanic voters. hispanics are about 14px ÷ of t electorate, theg voters. the closer you get to 14, thex÷ you have it at 7, 8, çó9, 10, 1 maybe on the upper side, it tends to have a gardner lead. turnout is going to be down just afá littl% bit from its share of the electorate. bottom line is i agree. >> where are you with iowa? and where are you with alaska? those are two of my picks. /a early voting there is going very well. i mean, the democrats are leading, but they're leading by like 6,000 votes, and at this point four years ago they were leading by 18,000 votes in the
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early voting. and that was an electionxnthat they lost the governor's race 53-43. so i'm feeling good that the ground are doing a much better job of matching the democrats in early voting. alaska, like you, i'm familiar with one of these pollsters, not familiar with the other. but particularly the one that gave a big lead to begich just doesn't feel right. they don't suggest any big movement but it has tightened the race in the real clear politics average to 2.2. i think this is a small state, small population, big state geographically, as they like to remindq but a small state from ahóhyñ population perspective and the ground game is going to matter a lot there. one other thing is going to matter that you and bill.t talk about. sean trendy over a did good work on the standing of an incumbent and their likelihood of winning.q)f what's the fate of the
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incumbents? if they're at 46%, in the modern era 54% of the senate incumbents at that level won. if you were at 44 to 45, 30% won re-election. that's where udall and begich are today. this is where kay hagan is today. and this is where marya4]5 land is in the head-to-head =x you two states on, there's ented been a big surge in just the last week for scott brown in new hampshire. and the last two polls show that tom tillis ka hagan, it's a direct tie which i would say the tie goes to the challenger over the incumbent. and the points you just made. where are you on those race sns. >> new hampshire -- first of all, new hampshire has the smallest percentage of undecideds of any of the real clear politics averages for the ten competitive races. fooled, it's just
10:13 pm
over 4%, let's say five to be generous. ÷ñr because new my of changing their minds. i saw the polls leading up to the 2000 gop primary showed bush in good position and just a few days later lost by 19 points. they're fullyñi capable, totall engaged. there's a big+o debate tomorrow night. so far scott brown has done a magnificent job of cutting this race basically her lead in half in the month -- in the past month. >>t( polls >> in fact, yeah. new england college poll. now, north carolina is a similar situation only here the incumbent has got a very low rating, jean shaheen is at 48% in the polls. large number of&h9 in an "ç>zff-year election like this the?; undecided vote tendo break for the party out of power, in this case the republicans. again, we've had a terrific close. on the fm? of october in realñ
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clear politics tom tillis was down four points. today he's down by one in the real clear politics average. and we've seen a spat of polls recently where he's tied or ahead by one point. he's closing strong. again,ñr as this showedas -- >> all right. last question -- >> down 43% where she is one out of every nine times -- of every nine times -- >> are you'ook worried ñ kansas? are youe0&á worried at all abo georgia, which is surprisingly close in that g#urace. >> well, look,-yc swing back toxd'c purdue and ga in the public polls. he's now up in the real clear politics average again by half a point. probably tomorrow bev higher when they add the fourth poll into it. runoff because thejq libertarian involved. i will say i'm worried about i will say i'm worried about early voting. twor being cast by african-americans. democrats wanted to get to 30%. early votes wereh16ú cast by african-americans who are going to goxd largely for michelle, t
10:15 pmìáhp &hc% kansas, we've seen terrific roberts.nt by the árzxx behind, now he's less than a point behind. i think momentum is continuing to go, but he's had some zroblems. some good debate performances. i'm going to be watching that one closely. if he wins convincingly then we're going to have a great night. >> karl rove, thanks for giving us the lay of the land. appreciate it. >> thank you, sean. >> tune in tuesday night fox news channel's election coverage. the architect karl rove will be here with his analysis. coming up next on "hannity". >> pass the stand your ground law that caused the death of trayvon martin. >> less than a week to go andkç democrats have become desperateá coulter here to weigh in. more as "hannity" continues.
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blueprint for great schools. torlakson's blueprint outlines how investing in our schools will reduce class sizes, bring back music and art, and provide a well-rounded education. and torlakson's plan calls for more parental involvement. spending decisions about our education dollars should be made by parents and teachers, not by politicians. tell tom torlakson to keep fighting for a plan that invests in our public schools. welcome back to "hannity." liberalss full-out panic mode.
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in north carolina democrats are pulling out all the stops.bk now they're using despicable race-baiting tactics. 9 to t >> !gvtillis wxd) instead, he made it harder for communities to come to vote by restricting early voting and voter registration. and failed to pass efforts like stand your ground laws that caused the death of trayvon martin. >> things have gotten uglier in  davis and her supporters continue to attack republican greg abbott for having a disability. watch this. >> then we have this guy that kind of rollsl2#5÷ around thinke can get tort reform for himself but take it away from everybody else in the state of texas. )feñ here with reaction the als outspoken author, columnist, anne coulter. >> i can't believe we'repigpç fy going to have this election. seems like it's been going on forever. >> the race card, it's happening in georgia, it's happening in north carolina.
10:20 pm
>> yeah. >> happens every election year. >> yeah. >> by the democrat. i'm going to give you the history and then i want you to go off on this. >> i wrote a book on the history. >> that's true. >> when you don't vote, you let another church explode. when you don't vote, you allow v >> on june 7, 1998 in texas my father was killed, he was beaten, chained and dragged three miles to his death all because he was353u refused to support hatelp crime in -- it was like my father was al >> they are in favor offá1eñ affirmative action if you can dunk a basketball orlp sink a three-point shot. but they're not in favor of it if you merely have the potential to be a leader in your community. don't tell me we've gotp a col blind society. >> going to put y'all back in chains. 5%9an6#y
10:21 pm
the%/gs is based on the fact he's a black man. >> how would you counter !1l every year. >> well, republicans are -- some republicans are in excellent position to counter it. it's the democratic party, i have the whole history of racial demagogue lyndon johnson opposed the civil rights bill he later claimed credit for once he was president. and the democrats pretended to care aboutwof about six seconds and then suddenly civil rights became the right of a lesbian to take her date to the high school prom, the right to have an abortion and now of course the right of foreigners to move here and take black people's jobs. that's how republicans need to hit this now. we're the party that is opposed to guest worker programs taking your jobs. it is well-established thatjf
10:22 pm
immigration hurts black workers the most. >> how do you feel aboutxw> the election now? we have somez5ífz pretty close . to pick up the senate. >> i wanted to mention one other thing. i'm very happy to see wendy davis again. because as a regular viewer of msnbc, i haven't seen her for a while. it's funny how every electi//ñ liberals, the media, will choose ñ designatedlp candidate, the golden girl, it's always a girl. and instead of reporting the news, they try to make news. oh, my gosh, it was wendy davis -- oh, we heard about her endlessly. let wendy davis be the next governor of texas. she's kind of faded from the other networks, hasn't she? >> she's losing by about 16 now. >> we shouldn't waste time on her. we need to talk about, for example,q joni ;cxzernst.ñr are you goingzv tofd,ñ play th? >> this has gone viral. we'll explain in aw3 minute. >> i have a beautiful<  little and
10:23 pm
it goes with me virtually everywhere. but i do believe in the right to carry. and i believe in the right to defend myself and my family wk whether it's from governmento> should they decideq that myc rights are noq6yy3 [ apploq >> úg6eja[okay, now the crucial here is, and you+adut may have youty voeed it go back again. i%ñc media is ñs÷100% lying what you just heard joni ernst said. she said she supports having a gunso ok government rom a that wants tonp)q away my rights. the over iowa ri now to ask her, oh, would you shoot a cop? would you shoot the supreme court?tdkr(t&háhp &hc% no, she's obviously talking about the possibility of some future tyrannical government. andp
10:24 pm
your birth control and don't you think you'd havei-7ñ right -- o 2mq government i might add. but the difference between a government trying to takev my rights and$x the8i governm enormous. i'll give you an example of it. i defended chris&b,+x matthews he talked about how he thinks of the president or he said a m/cu makes love to his wife. everyone thought he said theä,ñ presidmnt but i;>ú said, no, he said añi it's like thinking of baseball. the and a makes a huge differencegc5÷ in açór conservatives even if they don't like republican candidates to vote. why? >> we arelpw3 never going to red obamacare. forget taking the senate. we have totcj take the senate. seats. i would like to get a few more. we have a tough election=ksúy - have to vote republican. we will never and oh my gosh to think that we wasted money and time onzv kansas and kentucky.
10:25 pm
and luckily liz cheney, i might add, did not run. we are not worried about wyominx tonight. rupyou just have to rack up the numbers. even for someone -- look, i 'd( speeches and so on in north carolina and tom tillis would be in a better position to attack this if he had not supported the guest worker programs. but look at north carolina even if you want to run greg brannon again, if tillis doesczf> the nurse threatened to sue after being in good health in new jersey is now in maine and defi
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welcome back to "hannity." now an american nurseñi who recentlyfá returned?; fromjf t bow la patients in west africa xd voluntary quarantine policy. kaci hickox had been forced into a mandatory quarantine in new  this morning on "today" andu h comments aret( creating quite a bit of take a look. >> you know, i don't plan on sticking to the guidelines. i remainxd appalled by these ho quarantine policies that have beenrqh÷sb forced upon me. even though i am in perfectly good health and feeling strong and have been this entire time completely symptom free. i truly believe that this policy is not scientifically nor constitutionally just. so i am not going to sit around
10:29 pm
and be bullied by politicians and forced to stay in myp÷iíáát when i am not a risk to the american public. >> now as an;"i÷ update to thise governor of maine has sent state police outside of her home right now. they seem to be willing to enforce the quarantine. here with reaction from our sister network, the fox business network, imus in the÷v1jo morni producer -- >>q sean hannity, how are you? >> how are you? he's the only guy in tvñ1 that s one name, geraldo. good8@ to see you. all right. this is interesting to melpñ fo% lotfs? ofçó rea % i feel bad 21fá days, i understd how she feels. but ifçó i have a cold and i se any of you, you're all three friends of mine, don't touchd don't come near me, i'm sick. if i have the flu, i'm going to say thén÷ same rb1áhing. if i come to work and i'm hacking and coughing, i'mb=s go to cough awe way from you. this is ebola.#gñ it haso  sense to
10:30 pm
quarantine yourself because we don't know how it's fully transmitted.g$cñ thought. >> why is 21 days a hardship foi anybody? when she has s/e firsthand in west africa thejf fatality of ty disease? here's an alternative. you're not allowed back in this country. you get a 21-daylpñ quarantine allowed back here. again, it's selfishness. it is pure selfishness. >> here's the worst part of it. we quarantined our military guys that are in there. we have two policies under obama. one for the military. they get quarantined. >> hypocritical. notice how byñi the way nbc didt spend the money to fly!["5u@/81 "today" show studios? did you check that out? the difference between her and the two contracted ebola is that this ladyñi volunteered to go over there and she came back, the thermometer showed she had a fever so the]zx did the right thing. and they found out she didn't have it, then they let her go home. so this defiant attitude between her and the doctor who came back and lied about his whereabouts
10:31 pm
they had to find his medical card and credit card giving these volunteers a bad name. >> i think that the problem here is that she was a selfless hero to go to west africa and risk everything -- >> she was selfless there. >> she really did ⌞1cñ wonderfu wonderful thing. and when she got to new jersey and she did indicate fever, the jersey authorities at the preparation. it was almost as@i"cz they said hey, gang, let's make a quarantine tent outside the yard in a clear plastic with no an. it was8g÷ç ridiculously amateu way new jersey provided for her. >> cdc on october 2nd said any hospital in america can take care of ebola. >> the hospital in newark didn't know what the hell they were doing. now the problem is she is she righteously earned in africa byq being arrogant and scaring
10:32 pm
her neighbors. >> she talked aboutçq'er constitutional rights. >> but it's about her neighbors have constitutional rights also. an actually legally quarantine or isolate you if you have an infectious disease. >> go back to the days of polio, smallpox. >> cholera. >> flu. >> even influenza, 1918. so you have the flu, thatr&#t kd 700,000 americans, worldwide millions. was it right to quarantine in thoseù9fcases? of course it was. this is a 70% death rate. it seems, you're right, i will go and help people. i think this act is selfish. >> i agree.xb>n;jt&háhp &hc% she squanders selflessness and nobility for arrogance and attitude. >> can i add, some politicians understand not president obama, understand that even irrational fears can turn intozcs somethinr
10:33 pm
very real. i'm talking about panic, that's what some of:3"x these guys are trying to man/ql@tr(t&háhp &hc% >> is the governor of maine doing the right thing by putting police out there saying you're going to bexcquarantined? >> they were elected, these v÷!z politicia politicians, to protect the american people. that's what they're elected to do and that's what they're doing. turns out if this state department thing is true that they're going to bring in a bunch of ebola patients -- >> that's not true. >> it's not true? >> it's not true. >> it was a state department memo -- >> whoa, whoa. >> a state department memo that was captured said they were >> asked on tuesday if they're beingçó forced bytúqcç conserva media toxd say there is no poli nor anyf policy pondered that would allow ñrnoncitizens of -- ebola infected fáñinoncitizens [ overlapping speakers ] >> six days out of election and they know it would be suicide. >> how -- contemplate and put it in a memo.
10:34 pm
>> united suckers of america. >> by the way, i wanted to say about up in maine, those mainers, he's protecting from all those angryxd neighbors. >> maniac at the door. we'll continue after the break. later tonight, two police officers california gunned down in the line of duty by an illegal immigrant deported not once butág> twice from this country. but because our borders are wide open, he was killed. we'll hear exclus family members of one of the slain2"& but first tonight -- >> a woman walks the streets of new york city for ten hours and was harassed more than 100 times. all caught on tape. andx#jáñ five were geraldo...... how could switchgrass in argentina, change engineering in dubai, aluminum production in south africa, and the aerospace industry in the u.s.? at t. rowe price,
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10:40 pm
york ñ wonder0mld÷ no more. take a look at t8x"]w very(7&h disturbing video. >> 1>/ehey,+awa baby. qíqv4 p >> sexy.xk:v»sf4 >>p%f(w i/koh, yeah! five thousand dollars. >> that was only a short example of what that woman9ód experienc during her ten-hour walk through the streets of new york. according to the video's creator she was harassed over a hundred times. that guy walkingo alongside her was geraldo. >> ifñr it were meñr she would stopped. >> prqe you're right.újñihm
10:41 pm
bringing tottç light -- there i seriousbf2h side to this. that guy for five minutes was creepy. >> he was menacing for xdsure. it mayl.ñ >> yeah. >> they weren't wall street executives or !g)tune 500 executives these guys. lylpsummer, i don't know about geraldo, but the scenery such in %1==-ñ little u÷bit.op know, you and youç/r)y >> are youve9# -- salivating. >> stop picking on me first of all. you're all the old school. >> like thebajp equinox, when t take their winter coats off. but jovlisten, i talk to my wif and daughters it's açó very serious problem, there's[ aspect --çó >> no it's not. >> i'm not trying -- >> it happens all the time. in the mid-morning -- >> has it happened to you,
10:42 pm
geraldo? >> i'm sure -- >> it doesn't happen to me. >> i'm sure you fine slabsnjn man meat get hit hissed at all the time. the worst part is men hiss at you and walk up behind you. >>i'ñ that's creepy. that. which i do, you can't turn around and say anythi.s4 when they do it. can you imagine the words that i've been called when youo -!ñ around -- >> holler back, isn't t"át movement? say youfá jerk. >> i say how do you think yourt mom feels?jkd when -- an get called the nastiest names the book. something is that bill maher spoke out against islam. he's under fire. i'm going to defend him. listen to this. >> most muslim people in the world do condone ]/>violence, j ób?táhey do, first of all, they
10:43 pm
it. >> vast majority of muslims? ñ there's a pugh poll said 80% saidé=bu÷ stoning was the approe punishment for adultery. over i]80% thought death was )jt the muslim religion o should be killed if they leave the)w< islamic religion is just a few bad apples? >> it's thefd only religion)& [ bleep ] kill you if you say the wrong thing, draw the wrong picture or where the-@ wrong bo. >> now speak at a=:9v californi university. i say billkkç maher -- i can't stand his opinions. he's right on radical islam. but he's good for the country- because it stops pc madnesszó+qn he's free as a leftist to say everything he says. >> i only -- my big beef is when you paint withhby÷ a broad brus it's very, very dangerous. geraldo. >> yeah, i know. but it's o÷"3g thing to do it a
10:44 pm
át or punch line. it's another thing saying all the ?wñworld's billion -- say anything we want and no consequences. stop with putting our foot on people's throats. >> the culture and academia is such that the spoiled ignorant useful idiot students actua,cñt embrace this anti-american, ze4 anti-israel terrorist sympathizing mentality.t+ññi and that's the problem here. that's the college campus. >> i got to break. >> you got to tell them what they want to+1a÷ hear. they'd book stalin if he was available.  oh issue is huge. >> good to see you. thank you. you can catch dagen and bernard on the fox business network. log onto coming up, two police officers shot and killedxd in californiay this man,÷w2 to mexico. we'll talk to his family straight ahead. [ female announcer ] we help make secure financial tomorrows a reality
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my plan! get your plan. go to and enter the on-screen code word to get started. welcome back to "hannity." tragedy struck northern california last friday when an illegal immigrant went6?:tç a shooting rampage and killed two law enforcement officers. now placer countynb sheriff's detective michaelxd davis jr. a danny oliver.
10:50 pm
z÷ has beenxdñrl$c 34-year-oldqk luis -- he was in the u.s. illegally. he had a previous record and was previously deported back to mexico not once but
10:51 pm
you know both were killed october 24th. t been down to theh7 bn how wide open it s i've been to rio grand and everywhere in between xd the t(government's refusing
10:52 pm
people of the/iew listen i don't want anyonerd we've gone through not once,ñr but now, twice. >> andxd he got back into then8 >h"d family member. yes. yes. >> what would you say to the president? looking you in the eye." sayin i'm sorry what would you say to him? vxsure. i don't know if i can be kind. fallen on deaf ears i don't think i can handle him saying he's sorry. >> i've and boats and horse back, on all terrain vehicles and there when illegal immigrants are arrested and illegal immigrant families have crossed i sat through a briefing where immigrants are coming from yemen, syria, d3bafghanistapna
10:53 pm
pakistan. and now we have isis that can cross our borders you know? you lost two family members. it's unbelievable to me we n do it.%tbdi5"tq-are youxd getti ÷82s"ucongr in the senate helpingxyçáuñ >> nothing.b. no. we've not received anything. onlyftdñ thing i can say is the public has been tremendous the public from plrticians and i have been very involved ini] politics locally.ñi we've followed you forever. and we're getting nothing from0ó politicians, we're getting 4 nowhere.$k nowhere. >> i feel like going down there ten tiubo has done nothing.ñ then,zv people like you, i mea these are the best of the best. guys put their lives on the line for us they're being ñrkilled, and the still do nothing. it makes nor i was in a wear house full of
10:54 pm
drugs.÷ that is coming across every day. we do nothing. (ire family is law enforcement. my husband and i are retired sargeants here, my folks have to go through losing a son, worrying about us, now, losing a grandson. my other nephew, michael's middle brother is a sargeant with placer county. for the first time in my life, i am afraid for my ownzv flesh a blood to be spent my career on. it's just vqáhorrible.s b to beírñ guys i'm very sorry for your loss i hope politicians watch and do something. thank you both. >> sean, thank you so much forx all you're doing. thank you for keepingzv thisq alive. our entire family isxk can't thank you enough for what gdoing. >> i wish i can do more. i wish fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know certain cartoon characters
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welcome back to "hannity" people asking me if i can have dinner with any american president, dead or alive, who would it be, and why? >> i love ronald reagan. i'd love to meet him. if i had to pick one, abraham;ó lincoln. i'd like to know him, his life, he overcame so much and then had to lead the nation through a civil war. anyway, who would you like to talk to? tell us your answer.
11:00 pm
that ispx all the time we havex left. we hope you'll set your dvr. start your day with fox and friends first. thanks for joining us we'll see you back here from >> it's official, game seven tomorrow night. >> game seven. it's just the mere mention of it if it doesn't give you goose bumps, i don't know what


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