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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  October 30, 2014 12:00am-1:01am PDT

12:00 am and answer. this should president obama apologize for staffers insulting prime minister netanyahu? yes or no? vote. good night from washington tonight on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye" a down on his luck raccoon threatening to take his own life on live tv. we'll talk to his adoring wife who claims they have a perfectly happy marriage. plus, is the president urging americans not to purchase greg gutfeld's new dvd, how to talk to unicorns ? >> don't buy it. that's a weird thing to watch. why would you do that? >> and finally, it is the benjamin button of the animal kingdom. a cheetah who ages in reverse. if you can believe it, gets cuter as he gets older. none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> that's an amazing show. now let's welcome our guests. she is sweeter than funnel
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cake at the county fair and will make you vomit more violently. i am here with joanne nosuchunsky. and taking the day off to celebrate national cat day. it is tv's andy levy. and he is the fisher that sucks at chess. reason tv and writer anthony fisher in for a tough night. and judging by the fake beard and glasses sitting next to me is the grizzly rickles of comedy, joe devito. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. >> hey, wow. that world series, guys, quite a game. i would like to congratulate the giants on winning the series. amazing. >> wow. the world series. amazing. that was an amazing game. congratulations to the kansas city royals for winning. it has been a longtime coming. almost 25 years. good job, you guys.
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excellent. and then edit out the one that was wrong, okay? she bristles at their whistles. she walked around new york city recording the cat calls she heard. there were a lot. 108 in 10 hours. that's like 75 per hour, joe. her experience was made into, what else, a psa for the anti-street harassment group, holla back. >> are you so beautiful. have a good day. >> what's up, girl? how you doing?
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>> have a nice evening? the crudeness of it all. of course women everywhere face unwanted attention. take a look. >> i believe we have another example of street harassment. >> it gets worse. one more. >> will this madness never end? even fox news' host is not immune.
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>> we will play that. joanne, i will go to you first. obviously cat calls -- the problem with this video to me is that there are gradations of disgustingness and creepiness and putting it together with people saying hi. that's not fair to all men, right? no? you walk home -- no, wait. you don't walk home. she doesn't. >> i understand what you are saying and a lot were just being polite. however, as women, we wonder if we respond with a thank you that is signaling to them, oh we want to talk. for every nice person there is someone who isn't nice. just the fact that we call it cat calling -- have you ever tried to call a cat? >> no. >> it is awful. they don't like the attention. they will bite you if you try to pet them. >> that's true. >> i would like to think i am nicer than that. >> you deserve more than cat
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calls. >> dog calls would be perfect. >> excellent. have you ever counted them? how many? >> there are so many. i can't count that high. >> all right, jo, just an observation to put you in an awkward situation. an interesting mix of gentlemen, don't you think? >> no. we'll get to that later on. >> i'm sure you have a lot of intriguing thoughts about this, my bearded friend. >> i do and i tried to share some with joanne when she weirdly -- rudely walked away. >> this is disturbing video. letsy talk about what cat calling isn't. it is not paying a compliment. you were trying to do a power move to make this person feel uncomfortable. you are not introducing yourself. let's drop that you are not being friendly. when she was walking with that guy walking next to her?
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>> the creepy guy. >> it is awful. >> that is stalking and weird and that's why all women should be armed. >> it is like cat calling is an innocent male-female interaction. it isn't. you don't introduce yourself by driving by and yelling out a car window. i don't know why any man would do this. >> i have. >> that was more waiving something. i think it comes out to one cat call every six minutes. if you are walking in new york -- i know if someone was legitimately saying have a nice day to me every six minutes i would say shut up! >> i have lived in this city off and on since 1998 and no one has ever said have a nice day. >> door men. >> the door men, that's true. >> they are on the payroll. >> if they want a christmas fee. >> no one should run a gauntlet. >> are you ashamed? >> i am not ashamed. >> do you apologize for all men? >> i don't.
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here is where i will get in trouble. if we want to address this issue, don't say, oh it is all men. it is not. i am going to get it for this, but it is primarily black and hispanics. a woman could walk through chinatown and it is never gonna happen. >> if you don't understand chinese how will you know? that's why i learned mandarin. i was tired of hearing them say those things to me. >> we call itpersonderin. if we will see this is something in a culture we will say is problematic you address what the real culture is and those are the guys saying that. >> you will hear a lot from gavin mcguinness fans. >> by the way, i have seen construction workers who are white who have -- >> anyone who wants to recreate this walk with me
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around new york city i will get out my camera. boy it is a battle of the beards. whisker 2014. all right. i don't even know what that meant. i haven't heard the question. cat calls don't work. it doesn't matter they don't work. they do it because they know there is no consequences. a man cat calls because he knows the woman will keep walking. should for once a woman go back a take a picture? that will shut him up fore >> i don't know if that would work. i have never been a cat caller. >> you look like a cat caller. that's why you grew the beard. i can't see your lips. >> i do know the type of -- they likened it to fishing. you put the line in the water thousands of times and you get one bite and it is all worth it for the rejections. debasing yourself and acting like a creep on the street.
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the biggest thing here i have been struck by by this viral sensation is that it seems -- everybody wants to like really just take this video and decide that either this woman was overreacting or was manipulated or all men really are creeps. all i can think of was the iconic photograph in american girl in italy from 1951 i have seen in the dentist office with what looks like a 20-year-old american girl sheepishly rounding a corner in florence while 10 italian guys are leering and cat calling her. this is considered a charming moment of european coul -- culture we should backpack and experience after college. >> you are generalizing with the italians. >> i love it. italians get offended after saying all minorities cat call. >> not all italians. >> it is a good point. i never heard a woman -- like
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a woman who was been married for years, ohe said nice [bleep] to me on madison avenue. i knew then. >> he said smile darling. i said you know what? you're right. i will smile for the rest of my life. let's make it happen. >> i think you, unemployed guy sitting on a can, calling me names will make me happy. >> sometimes those who say that -- there are some security guys at the construction sites i always pass who will be like have a good day and i say thank you and you get a smile. they are good at it. they don't frighten you. andy, you get cat called by actual cats. are you equally tired of the harassment by the kitten mofia? >> let's talk about the video. i am going to agree with joanne and agree with the racist jokes. >> i didn't see anything
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opinionated. >> you said somebody was being polite. none of these guys were being polite. all of these were harassment. >> do you really believe all were harassment? what happened to you? >> he became a feminist. >> i was always a feminist. >> you said the guy walking next to her was a reason they should be armed. >> i agree with you. all of this is the reason why women should be armed. if somebody says high on the street -- hi on the street you should shoot them in the face. the only proper response if somebody says smile is go [bleep] yourself. the problem with the racial thing is it is cultural. the problem with the cultural thing is they had a broad spectrum of people who did something for a variety of reasons and a lot of the white guys they said it in passing or off camera or they didn't get good shots.
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>> fancy that. >> this is actually a problem with the video. it wouldn't have been a problem with the video if in truth it was more minority. if that's the truth, you have to let the truth out. >> they are actually saying that it was pretty even across the spectrum. the video doesn't represent that. >> i don't believe that, by the way. >> i also think there is a sense that like -- that some women are not strong enough to handle all of the low. a woman should be able to turn around -- >> they shouldn't have to. >> i know they shouldn't have to, but you are in danger of saying women are too weak to deal with it. i also think that we say that this is harassment. i harass my wife. i acted this way at a bar in portugal. i said hello like three times. >> in a bar you know the woman has the upper hand. on the street that is not the
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case. >> why is that? >> in a bar we have something you want. you are trying to get. on the street -- you even said it on "the five." guys feel like they are on an even playing field. >> it is -- cat calling is like breaking wind. you do it outside, but you never do it in the elevator. you can't get away in the elevator. sometimes andy does it for fun. >> i just think it is not a legitimate human interaction and they walk past and you wait until they walk by. >> the worst thing is mewoing. meowing. it happens in manhattan and the girl walks by and they meow. >> that's why it is called cat calling. >> i have never heard that. i heard whistles. >> are you from the 50s? >> i am not kidding. i have seen it happen in hells kitchen.
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>> you have done it. >> i don't even know how to make noises. involuntarily i can, but not voluntarily. this is going in the wrong direction. what if one of these guys genuinely wants to meet you. a guy doesn't go to a bar. this is his bar. hey, i like you. >> but i don't have a car so i have to walk down the street. >> would you like a ride? >> no thanks. >> i have a lot more to say. >> because you are white it is okay to do that? >> i don't know. is that what you are saying? >> that's what you are saying. >> whatever, grizzly rickles. >> she does mind being confined. the nurse who returned from treating ebola patients won't follow guidelines to self-quarantine. she has been monitoring her condition from maine. she told "the today show" if
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they want to keep her isolated for 21 day she's will go to court, the court of law. she was quarantined upon arriving in newark and threatened to sue new jersey. chris christie is a fan of that idea. >> whatever. get in line. i will be happy to take it on. >> he is amazing. he agreed that the condition she was placed in was hour -- hour horrendous. >> there is all kinds of malarkey about this. she was inside the hospital in a climate controlled area with access to the cell phone and internet and takeout food. she was doing just fine. >> in your expert opinion. >> fox news confirmed the state department is pushing to admit -- i had to get the teleprompter bigger. i can't read. >> pushing to admit -- they are actually pushing to admit ebola patients to the u.s.
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even if they are not citizens. for more let's go to our correspondent. >> it is like me with a blow up doll. anthony, what do you make of this memo that some people say is the product of a brainstorming session? others say it is real policy. what do you make of this? the idea of sending unamericans -- nonamericans, unamericans. >> which is even worse. >> not foreigners here to be treated. >> it is tough for me to judge this policy, but i think the president wishes that this could be put back in the bottle for 10 more days or however many more days there are until the mid-term. it came from the state
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department and the spokesman is like, i don't know nothing i believe they are both right and both true. i really don't know. it very well may be possible that taking some ebola patients to the united states for treatment actually could help squash this thing, but it could be a complete public relations disaster. either way aim sure the president doesn't want to deal with this before the mid-terms. >> blame it on minorities. >> someone was in texas last week and changed planes i dallas. i thought maybe i will one of the surgical masks, but what if there is a sin gnaw bonn. >> i don't think we cab trust the medical professionals. if you can look at the case of the dr. spencer in new york, first he said he didn't go anywhere and then he went gala vaunting about town. wasn't there a build-a-bear
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workshop. i think part of the problem is we look at the experts. when the giants went to -- they went to dallas to play and they the an expert to talk about ebola. they gave a sheet from duke university to say you are more likely to die in a plane crash. they are flying to dallas. why would they use that joke? >> everyone involved in this story is unlikeable. >> it is uh mawing. >> i get her per spec stiffer. she has no symptoms. there is no reason she should be able to leave her house. on the other hand just stay in your house. >> and then christie, new jersey needs an em paw see czar -- seem paw thee czar. he was fine when he is taking on the unions. >> we can suspend for three
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weeks because we bought you takeout. >> joanne, this is a nurse who does great things and we love her for that. there is no false choice. she is a hero, but can you stay home for awhile? >> young she should, although i know why she wants to cough on christie right you no. if she was treated differently when she first arrived would we be in this situation now? it snowballed. it didn't start out like this. this is what is happening. is this aware of how they treat people she said i am getting meed uh-huh tension. -- media attention. of course i am going to sue. i am not staying in my home. the constitution says it is not right. it is turning into a whole big thing and you are not going to get a boyfriend that way. >> it is worth noting that the main governor is up for
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re-election and he is pushing the tough on ebola stance. >> we have to take a break. joe devito's beard scurried off to where it doesn't.
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was their fundraiser fund racist? a philanthropy event -- what is with me? at northwestern university has been called off after students complained about the mock jail theme. it is the subject of to fight's -- >> is this racist? >> i put this up here for no reason. the event dubbed jail and bail would keep members from a sorority and fraternity locked up. it i will cs the joke. until people donated money to bail them out. then i put it up here and look for it.
12:24 am
that's what we do and we have been doing it for a year. the proceeds for this event we will go to reading is fundamental which promotes children's literacy, but some say it was offensive to minorities noting that the most greek members are white while prisons are not, joe. bet you got a joke about that. in a letter to the school's newspaper they said quote the fact that they are play acting most of whom are poor and the fraternity withdrew saying it was a lack in judge meant. here is video from last year's jail and bail event.
12:25 am
>> it is like me getting out of michael vines. joe? >> wow. it is like you getting out of the 90s. >> that was the point. if i said wrangler it wouldn't have been as weird. >> i have a bugel boy joke coming up later. >> it will probably be racist. make me sick, joe. i forgot where i was. >> joe, what do you make of this? >> thank you. thank you for saving me, andy. >> everyone should read his letter because he has two classic examples of some people are saying this, but not me, not me. >> it is two people. it is him and his mirrored reflection. >> sorry kids who can't read anymore, no fundraising. too bad you won't read about it in the paper because you are illiterate. no more themes. the themes are not working
12:26 am
out. >> just have parties. it is the same thing. they want to put girls in jail because it is fun. is this racist or are people getting upset over everything these days or nothing? >> i would not dare judge if something is racest or not on this panel. all folk singers should be banned. college frat parties are no place for fun or fund raising. hurt feelings over a real or imagined implied racism should trump donations to a children's literacy group. >> what advice would you give to young people? sometimes it is as they are passing out? >> usually the advice is oh you hospital have done that. you shouldn't have done that. i agree. i am glad they won't get any of their money. we don't need your propaganda. i can't even jokingly defend
12:27 am
this. which i usually do. >> you do. >> there is no way to jokingly defend it. this kid is a [bleep]. it is sad that the fraternity pulled out. they shouldn't have pulled out, greg. >> i know, joanne. i feel the same way. it is humor loik that that makes me sick and is offensive so women. joanne, the money was going to a good cause and now it is not, so there. >> i am very offended by this. the thing that offends me the most is in the fact that he used the word pernicious. that's a huge slap in the face of people who can't read. he is waiving his higher education privilege. i was in a theater fraternity. i was secretary which meant i had to plan formal. i had a budget of $200 for 200
12:28 am
people and we had to make money. you know what we did? >> sold hot dogs. they are heap and easy to do and go to the frat houses after everyone has been, you know, studying. they gleet hungry. you don't need a theme or booze. there you go. i don't know if it is legal. but that's what we did. >> it is cheap and easy. that's how i lived in my college years. >> i think the kid may be terrible and massage nistic and i won't have it here you know who is really racist? the guy protesting because he assumes that only minorities commit crimes. martha stewart was right. >> theresa and joe wadicci. >> they are italian. yes, italian, your people.
12:29 am
>> italians are only white sirns sirns -- since about 1973. >> that's true. >> shout out to phil raw -- rasudo. and a big fan of jaw lotto. i am. it is an amazing thing. coming up, the creator of the board game operation actually needs an operation. the butterflies must come out of his stomach. first a word from our sponsor. >> tonight's sponsor is candy. you don't have to wait until halloween to get candy. candy is available all year-round and you don't have to beg door-to-door dressed as a stranger. thanks, candy.
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must they tar bill maher? students are protesting the tv host's upcoming commencement address because of his recent condemnation of islam. here is a look back fans of look backs. >> it is the only religion that acts like the mofia and it will kill you if you say the wrong thing and draw the wrong picture or write the wrong book. >> i asked that guy on the right to do "red eye" like 100 times. they called him a biggot and a racist and -- racist and
12:34 am
canceled his decision to speak. wrote the leader of the mob in a time where climate is a priority for all on campus, we cannot invite an individual who himself perpetuates a dangerous learning environment. the host of "the view" debated whether mahr should be allowed to speak. >> that was not the right video. those were adorable puppies playing. we couldn't get rights to the video. berkeley refused to -- i guess they got the students to rescind the invitation which is incredibly whimpy. berkeley university rejected the raw said do very much. >> the resin do location?
12:35 am
>>recindivision. that's a new order album. >> can you respond? >> yes, i can. good on berkeley. this is getting absolutely ridiculous. there is nothing he said that is racist. racist is like pointing and yelling, he's is a witch! he's a wi. -- witch. there is no factual basis for it. it seems like these students pronouncements, they have something where they turn and pick out words and throw them together. it perpetuates a dangerous learning environment. someone has an opinion you don't like. >> i can't tolerate this. i am glad the university stood up for them. if they take away the invitation it would be so cowardly. >> what do you think the speech will be like? >> if it is anything like the stand up it will be dull and predictable and not that
12:36 am
controversial. what may be controversial here bay be -- may be the idea that berkeley students may get to hear an opinion that hurts their feelings and they may have to deal with it and argue against it and prove their opinion is greater than other -- than the the other opinion and free speech does not mean you get to deprive somebody else of their speech. you don't silence them and you let them have their say and you have your say. >> berkly was the home of the free speech movement. joanne, is this going to keep going until nobody will be able to speak their mind on campus? >> no human will be safe. robots will take another job of ours. what is he going to do when he is there? i doubt he will be spiting off anything on islam.
12:37 am
he is not slaughtering an animal. why are you having fun with this? you can have earphones and put them in. i really think if these petitions and the protesting keeps going on schools should punish the kids and say no commencements. it really isn't a punishment. >> i actually saw your petition which surprised me. you feel strongly about this? >> no, but watching the left eat its own. >> watching the left get its panties in a what had is great. it made fun of religions and they thought it was fantastic. >> making fun of christians, okay. >> and the people on the left who were defending marcus, those people were not defending county rights. i love this guy who says climate is the most important
12:38 am
thing on campus. i guess i'm old-fashioned. i thought learning was. >> i thought it was a good point. >> what does it mean to have a value? that's something i thought a lot about. if you say you value something, the test is do you think it is worth while for somebody who disagrees with you? you say i value free speech and then you are a partisan hack. >> it is not a valley whatsoever, joe. as a rule i ignore all petitions. bow co -- bow co boko haram. the other woman is stoned for uh adultery. will our great nation help the father of operation. he needs to go under the tweezers. the man who invented operation 50 years ago needs the real thing, but president cay afford it. he lost out on millions after selling the rights to his game
12:39 am
for $500 in 1964. he didn't know. now it is $24,000 for oral surgery and some started a campaign funding to help. it is the same amount for each word i say on "red eye." i just made $90,000. america is great. think about how operation encouraged young people all over the world to become surgeons. shouldn't his surgeon be free? >> i i remember when i removed my own wishbone. it lead to congressional hearings. irony is often misused, but this is ironic. because of that allanis of h morisette should pay for the operation. >> we have a reasonable solution. she can afford it. should has bro step up and
12:40 am
play and they made billions off the adventure. >> it is the girl from candy land -- >> i wonder if the guy who cree it aed life is dead. >> always in trouble. >> i'm sure at the time he was glad to get the $500. that's the way it works. people take a risk on something. >> ironically -- >> i know it is a gamble and he really rolled the dice on that one. i feel sorry for everyone. >> he needs $25,000 for oral surgery? does he need a new head? >> if you go under anesthesia is so much money. >> you do that without the surgery. >> don't we all? >> that's your sunday, joanne. what is the solution here?
12:41 am
>> you never played operation, did you? >> and it caused so much anxiety. i was the child. i couldn't do it. i would want to donate to this. the story appeals to me and i have so little trust in faith and humanity i think it is not true. i think he needs to payoff a bookie and i don't want to donate. >> you are kidding. that man is a saint. i was not an operation fan. too complicated. i liked kerplunk which is like an operation. no question there. >> you do play human operation. they don't get a little shocked. >> the funny thing is if you
12:42 am
have a child that does operation . hasbro can fix it. they need to do the right things. it could have done a lot for those of us who believe in free markets. >> and the publicity is great. >> come on big board game. >> hasbro you are not house broke. help this guy for once. these are my talking points. coming up, bernie goldberg. mcdonalds gets a new slogan when we come back. not cool.
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can the big mac make a come back? amid shrinking profits mcdonalds is launching a new campaign with the slogan lovin beats hatin that spreads positivity in the face of internet hate. it won't replace the original campaign will start in january and includes a spot in the super bowl that will air in april, i believe. mcdonalds has had its worst quarterly competition. chipotle is known for its diarrhea. what do you make of the campaign? >> lovin beats hatin and all i
12:47 am
can hear is mitt romney around the african-american users saying who let the dogs out? who, who. i think that is the corporate equivalent. >> slogans, do they improve the choices ? >> it says come and scrape your car door by our drive-thru window. >> thoughts. >> i have no idea if the slogan will be successful and why somebody would eat at a fast-food restaurant because of a slogan and i am the only person in the world who liked the creepy burgers. >> that was creepy. why should we stop internet hate? it is better than physical hate? >> that's true. i bruise easily so i appreciate the hateful stuff on-line. i don't like the new marketing strategy. if they want an ad in the super bowl, it either needs to
12:48 am
be funny or just needs to be 30 seconds of french fries. it is a close up on the french fries with the salt and the steam. everyone loves them. you go in for the frys and then buy something else. >> and then somebody does a close up of cell you light. >> that's unnecessary. >> that's a myth, right? it is just fat. we are talking about focusing on internet hate. late at night, you want to go in and there are drunk people. why are you focusing on what is going on on the internet. that could be a big cities. >> the last time i thought about mcdonalds was a couple months ago when the ferguson riots were coming and they dragged a couple of journalists out from their heads from a mcdonalds. >> i think we all gre they had it coming. you said on their blog they
12:49 am
had it coming .org. >> the worst part was mcdonalds saying we are always working with our partners on great new creative. creative is not a noun. stop it! >> i think if they bring back the mcrib all of their financial problems will be over. >> i heard it is not coming back this year. >> i like the fact that they mold it so it is not coming back. >> and it does president trick me. i know they are not ribs. >> mcdonalds is a great american success story that could solve star ration. remember i was talking about a book that was supposed to air last week. don't be shocked if you see all of our guests disappear and be replaced by better looking ones.
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a single ember that escapes from a wildfire can travel more than a mile. that single ember can ignite and destroy your home or even your community you can't control where that ember will land only what happens when it does
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get fire adapted now at godfather 2 of pro gun books. hands-off my gun defeated the plot to disarm america is a terrific book. i own 47 copies. the author has been with us all night so let's ask her about this book. on the cover, dana, what are you holding? >> my ar15.
12:54 am
>> what is special about the ar15? >> it is black and it is probably shootier and i have a scope. >> that's your first ar? >> i have a lot of stuff. >> how many do you have? >> about five. >> you are not obsessed or anything. >> it is like shoes. i look at my guns the same way -- i have a lot of shoes and you need a midheel and a kitten heel. you need the still let toe. the same thing for firearms. one for every occasion. >> now that makes sense. i believe guns are the ultimate equalizer for women. how do you get them to agree? >> show them statistics. there is basic uniform crime reports from 1984 to 2013. apparently people who want to deprive us of those rights can't read and it is on-line.
12:55 am
it is at that's not reported because it is not sexy and a headline. everybody wants to look at tragedy. there are more stories of women, mother, fathers who use firearms and illegally possess and use firearms. >> you grew up in missouri and did that have anything to do with it? >> i was in the ozarks and i was in peach class. they said yens is not a word and i said yes it is. yens go up to the holler and stuff like that. sounds like a banjo. all of my family had rifles. the nearest supermarket c was an hour away. i would hold on to the legs as my father squirreled the rabbit.
12:56 am
>> the point is you couldn't rely on the police get thrg in time if you needed a gun? >> average response time for 9-1-1 was twenty minutes. you have like two deputies for a huge county. you are lucky if it is 20 minutes. if something is going to do that. you are your first responder. >> don't have much time. you had a family member assaulted. >> i did. my aunt was -- my estranged uncle attempted to kill her and she ran through the woods in the middle of the night and my grandfather protected her with the shotgun and that's how i came to learn that firearms are for more than hunting. >> your life is like aned sewed of "justified." get her book. it is called "hands-off my gun." she is great. she is on blaze. thank you, dana. and thanks to tv's andy levy
12:57 am
and joanne and the great bonnie mac far land. that does it for me. see you next time. on car insura, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>> republicans have waited eight long years to win control of the senate and they may only have to wait six more days. they show gop candidates widening the gap in several key senate battlegrounds, but it isn't entirely hopeless in states like north carolina and new hampshire. and they can even get a surprise in kansas, but i doubt it. if republicans don't w


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