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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 30, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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captured in an abandoned airplane hangar in pennsylvania. his arrest and massive manhunt began seven weeks ago. one officer killed and the other wounded. investigators say frein was motivated by what you calls an intense hatred for police. >> residents in hawaii have lava moving and da property, continuing towards homes and on the main roads. guard teams are patrolling neighborhoods affected by the flow. "hannity" starts right now. tuesday night, special election coverage. me and brett baer. hope you'll be with us. and welcome to "hannity" and this is a fox news update.
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people inside guantanamo bay may be fighting with isis. jennifer has the latest details. jennifer? >> fox news has learned the u.s. intelligence and defense community expect as many as 20 to 30 former guantanamo bay detainees have joined forces with isis and other militant groups inside syria. many of the hardest core fighters have been released in recent years, cementing fears that the u.s. military is once again encountering militants taken off the battlefield and released from gitmo. >> we know that some of the detainees that have come out of guantanamo have gone back to the fight, to the battlefield. we're aware of that. >> one example in april of this year, ibrahim shakaran was known to be killed while following
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forces. the chairman of the armed services committee called for an immediate suspension of detainee releases in a letter to the defense secretary today. quote, the u.s. government must not release terrorist detainees at the same time we have committed u.s. service members to fight isil. to continue to do so just as we have had to open a new front in the war on terror is unthinkable. some of the former detainees are fighting with isis now. some are supporting the al qaeda link front. some are on the ground in syria and some are fronting operations and supporting the isis propaganda campaign. there are now 149 prisoners held at guantanamo bay. 80 are currently cleared for release. former u.s. ambassador of iraq from 2010 to 2012, james jeffrey, says he would not recommend releasing any more gitmo detainees. >> these people are idealogically and essentially committed to their evil cause, and it is very hard to sort out who is going to stay at home and who are going to return to the battlefield.
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>> u.s. defense officials estimate that of the 620 detainees released by the bush and obama administrations, 180 are suspected to have returned to the fight worldwide. that's about a 25% recidivism rate. sean? >> jennifer griffin at the pentagon. thank you, but despite that frightening statistic, in today's developing story, president obama and his cohorts have continuously supported closing the prison. watch this. >> it's not surprising to me we've got problems in gu guantanamo, which is why when i was campaigning in 2007 and 2008, and when i was elected in 2008, i said, we need to close guantanamo. i continue to believe we've got to close guantanamo. >> it's time to lift those restrictions and move forward with shutting down guantanamo. we can transfer most of the detainees safely to foreign countries, and we can bring the others to the united states where they can be tried in federal court or held under the law of war until the end of
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hostilities. >> i do know that for over a decade, indefinite detention of prisoners in guantanamo has contradicted our most basic principles of justice. it's degraded our international standing, and by itself, it has harmed our national security. >> all right, here with reaction to this and much more is fox news strategic analyst lieutenant ralph peters. colonel, we lost 4,000 americans, many thousands more injured. all of that territory they fought and died for is now in the hands of isis. how many of our brave men and women, how much american treasure was lost capturing these guys only to release them so they can go out and kill other people? what does that tell you about the administration and their commitment to this? >> well, it tells me that the administration has been more concerned about the rights of hardened terrorists than about the rights of a police officer in ferguson, missouri. sean, the administration will
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not accept the basic fact, the truth, that a dead terrorist is a corpse, but in prison, a terrorist is a cause and a released one is a threat. we're hearing today that a few dozen of them have joined isis. that's part of the story. more have rejoined the taliban and other terrorist organizations, al qaeda. and those are the ones from guantanamo. that's only part of the story. in obama's rush to lead iraq, we released thousands of prisoners, many of who are now, i'm sure, fighting in the islamic state. that's not the whole story. in his rush to leave afghanistan, we've turned countless prisoners to the afghan government which then released them. they're now fighting with the taliban. look, you can worry about the human rights of terrorists all you want, but let me tell you, somebody in this administration should actually read the geneva
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convention, should read the laws of warfare, the hague convention. the way you deal with terrorists, they're unlawful comb combatants. they could be executed on the battlefield and that's how you fix them. you don't put them in the field and pamper them, and oh, by the way, the mainstream media made such a big deal about what a horrible place guantanamo is. sean, guantanamo's standards are better for those than american citizens in american prisons. >> all right. colonel, we're five days out of a very important midterm election. i know people are rightly concerned about ebola, they're rightly concerned about the economy, they're rightly concerned about isis, but not to the extent -- to me it's one of the biggest scandals that's underreported, and that is that 4,000 americans died, thousands of others injured, many lost their limbs and that all of that territory under this president has now gone into the hands of a terrorist group that is worse than al qaeda. and now the people that we
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had -- that our brave men and women risked their lives capturing are now back on the battlefield because we released them. that tells me that we're making very stupid decisions as a country, and it's not even really an issue in the consciousness of the american voting public. why? >> well, this is a president -- as we've discussed many times, sean, he has almost a path logical inability to make decisions. but look at the times he has been able to make decisions. releasing terrorist prisoners, trading five bigwigs. it's stunning to me that the obama doctrine has been one of surrend surrender, and the commander in chief's job is to defend united states of america and its citizens. he has failed immeasurably in
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that regard, and when you hear all those sound bites from those on the left, chanting, close guantanamo, close guantanamo, close guantanamo, maybe they should take just a little time with the american people who have been threatened, who will be threatened. and the sons and daughters fight our wars and die. >> colonel, well said. important issue. it should be in the consciousness of the american voting public in five days, but thank you, sir, for being with us. as i said, we're five days away from midterm elections. and brand new numbers out today shows the signs. we need to find out if the senate needs to take out that vote on tuesday. it holds two little kids holding
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welcome back to "hannity," and we continue tonight to our countdown to the 2014 midterm elections. with just five days to go, new polls are showing more positive numbers for republicans in the
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hotly contested senate races. for example, in colorado, republican cory gardner is up 7 points over tom udall. and in arkansas, there is a 13-point lead over tom pryor. now we talk to the senator in texas. good to see you. >> tom, it's always good to see you. >> let's talk about the race, let's talk about the swing states, let's talk about the polls. i assume you travel to a lot of these states. i know you were in kansas lately. what do you see on the ground? >> i've been on the road the last six weeks all over the country. i've been in kansas, i've been in georgia, i've been in iowa, i've been in colorado. tonight i'm here in florida. i'm head to do alaska day after tomorrow. what i'm seeing on the ground is a lot of excitement, a lot of enthusiasm. i think we are on the verge of an historic election night next
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tuesday. i think republicans are going to retake the u.s. senate. i think we're going to retire harry harry reid as majority leader. at this point it all comes down to if conservatives show up and vote, and if we get our friends and family and others to show up and vote, we're going to retake the senate, and i think that's exactly what's going to happen. >> even the "new york times" today picked up on a point that i make that in every election cycle, when push comes to shove in a lot of these close races, we see the racecar being used. we've now seen it being played in georgia, and very specifically with a new sup superpack head of harry reid. they're bringing up trayvon martin, ferguson, missouri. >> unfortunately, the democratic party is so willing to engage in fear-mongering, to engage in
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hate attacks, to try to divide us on gender lines and to really replay the stoereotypes, and its wrong. just oethe other day, a democrac nominee used a mysogenist attack. he said it was a mistake, but if you watch the video, you can see this democrat running for governor laughing about it with the crowd and then embracing it, embracing -- you know, if this were a republican, if this were todd aiken, it would lead the news on every channel across the country to have a democrat use a nasty personal mysogenist insult, yet the mainstream yawns and ignores it. we need to get rid of these personal attacks, we need to focus on the substance. the reason the democrats are
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engaged in the attacks is they can't defend the substance, they can't defend the economy, they can't defend obamacare and they certainly can't offend the shambles that has left the whole world practically on fire. >> i guess if you don't have a record to run, they're not running on the economy, they're not running on obamacare, they're not running on policy and isis was running the border, so i guess this is what you're left with. there was a political article saying there was a civil war looming for the gop if, in fact, they win. in other words, they're a conservative, like myself, i'm a conservative that might want a strong, bold agenda that might be facing an established american leadership that might be too timid. you've experienced this for the time it takes. what would you expect them to do? >> i have to say, i find the
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mainstream media if republicans lose, if they don't take the senate, then they lose. if they win, they still lose. that's still the story they're trying to push. >> let me ask you this, though. mitch mcconnell said we will use the power of the purse. do you believe legally and constitutionally that you have the ability to stop executive amnesty is going to do right after the election. >> for republicans to leave. >> to step up and do something about it. we had a. i fully believe that next year, with a republican majority in the house and the senate, we will see strong, bold
10:17 pm
leadership. as you know, i laid out next week for ten priorities for people to.. we should focus on. we should focus on liberty and our constitutional rights. and we should post on securely. and one thing you can rest assured is. >>. we want to present to american people a bold agenda, an alternative path that there's a better way than the failed. isis. get more detain ser.
10:18 pm
-- how big are those issues? you've been traveling around the country and hearing support for other kabd dates. how long have you heard them? there's only two things wrapped up in those issues. one is the confidence of big effort, john saw. that is manifestly displayed. and the second thing we're seeing is the rabid partisan ship. heartbreaking trejd and to at the present stop that outbreak in africa. other nations in africa have done that.
10:19 pm
and this is not a radical dispute. both republicans and democrats across the country have called for it, and yet the obama white house treats it like everything else, as all politics all the time, and they simply have dug in and refuse to take the common sense steps that are needed to protect this country. >> all right, senator. thanks so much for being with us. appreciate it. and a quick programming night. be sure to tune in tuesday night at 6:00 p.m. for the election news. and tonight on "hannity." >> it said make sure that you are represented and that you have your voice heard, and so that's what i think that people have been doing. that's what i've been focused on. >> left wing candidate cheryl nunn tends to fight this despicable ad with a headline that says, if you want to create
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controversy erupted in the state of georgia last week when it came to light that the democratic party was releasing very disturbing campaign flyers about cheryl nunn. it used two black toddlers to invoke ferguson, missouri and it was a shameless ploy to paint nunn's public opponent as racist. yesterday the daily caller caught up with michelle nunn in macon, georgia. as it turns out, she's not even slightly disturbed by these ads. listen to what she said. >> my understanding is what it said was we need to make sure everybody gets heard. it says, make sure that you are
10:23 pm
represented and that you have your voice heard, and so that's what i think people need to do. that's what i've been focused on the entire election, is make sure you are participating. 26 years trying to gain volunteers, specific actions, i think there is nothing more important than having your vote counted. >> here to respond to those tactics is the author of "jesus on trial," david limbaugh. is that or is that not race tainting? >> i think it is. i've written books about the first african-american on the bench, and to me this whole line of race bait iing political advertising really demeans the most important movement in the country. to me it's distressing.
10:24 pm
i think back to even what happened -- remember that james byrd ad that was used against president bush, then governor bush? it's lowball follow tpolitics. you think back to the previous election. i think it's things politicians use for a cheap gain, but it doesn't help us as a country. >> it doesn't. i believe that wholeheartedly. let me show another flyer that's being used. this one is in north carolina. it said if kay hagen doesn't win, obama's impeachment begins. it has a picture of what appears to be a lynching. that's not the only incident in north carolina. is this because the democrats can't run on health care, the
10:25 pm
stimulus, or they don't even want to admit to a lot of candidates they voted with president obama, 95, 97% of the time. why are they doing this? >> they're worried about black turnout. this is a non-presidential year and they don't have obama running. his policies are egregiously popular, so they're desperate to turn out the black turnout, and we are seeing that the only thing they can do to appeal the blacks is cause them to be further alien ated. democrats have convinced them that we hate them. this is starting to loosen up. people are finally realizing, blacks are finally realizing, slowly but surely, that they're being exploited. if just the slightest change occurs in that demographic, democrats are seriously in trouble, beyond just this election.
10:26 pm
i'm glad to hear juan say what he just said. this is insulting and patronizing to blacks. we ought to treat them as human beings, not as a group. >> i can chase the democratic party doing this to a missouri age and were born harry reid's pack that he founded. the "new york times" took them on today about this, which kind of surprises me. it basically blames. >> tillis won't fight for us. instead he made it harder for people trying to vote. the stand your ground laws that caused. that's harry reid's pack.
10:27 pm
this is airing on. black listeners. that's harry reid's pack. he's a leader of the senate. what's your treekz that. . . look, i think if you look. sean, you and i will have lots of comments about the shooting of trayvon martin. there is lots of anxiety in the black community about quick to point poor black shatters. i understand that. but to play on it. outrageo
10:28 pm
outrageous. you can have arguments. but then to use it in this context, it just make it so obviously. z. the reason you usually find a paul ryan. it probably baupz. >> it may help incite some people to come out and vote. think how uninspiring the democratic ticket is. it's purely insulting and offensive and exploitive. i just wish more people would catch on to this. i saw an internet video where some black men are talking
10:29 pm
about, hey, the democrats are talking about minimum wage. what about jobs? what good does minimum wage do to us without jobs? we must talk about inferior schools. i think the republicans need to have a pro-growth message, an inspiring message that will appeal to blacks and counter some of this stuff, some of this hatred that republicans are generating toward blacks. it's a shame because it's dividing the whole country. >> here it is five days before the election. who would think david limbaugh, sean hannity and rob williams get along? >> let's not go crazy here, because i want to say that i want the republicans to invest in attracting blacks, latinos, asians, women. instead of dehumanizing humans to get the vote, go get that vote. >> i need that to get into the dnc convention, juan, but we'll save that for another day. coming up here next on
10:30 pm
"hannity." >> they don't call mass murders chicken esses. >> he goes on an epic rant after they call the prime minister of israel after a pur liquor vote. we'll in the case in with our own ed. rick scott is here to weigh in on tuesday's big electiononononn how can power consumption in china, impact wool exports from new zealand, textile production in spain, and the use of medical technology in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 70% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. head for the cemetery! and this is a fox news alert. major fallout after senior obama administration officials used some very strong and disrespectful language to describe the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. the official was quoted in the atlantic magazine on tuesday
10:36 pm
calling the prime minister a coward and a, well, chicken [ bleep ]. despite this insult about the leader of america's closest ally, the administration is doing, well, nothing about it. fox's chief white house correspondent ed henry is in the briefing room with more. ed? >> good to see you. instead of focusing on the national crisis, obama administration under fire for attacking netanyahu and attacking another here at the white house. a possible shake-up to the security team after elections as tensions between key players spilling out in the open today in a big "new york times" piece. aides here in the white house also anonymously dumping on secretary of state john kerry. white house officials joke that he is like the astronaut played by sandra bullock in the movie "gravity,"gh
10:37 pm
space, untethered from the white house. this behind-the-scenes sniping comes shortly after the attacks on benjamin netanyahu, and it's interesting because an administration that's been very aggressive about threatening to throw the "new york times" james risen in jail. trying to figure out who leaked stories to them doesn't seem concerned about who leaked this story of netanyahu. listen. >> you've gone after reporters again and again in this administration to find out who leaked information, and then when it comes to insulting the prime minister, you don't seem to care who leaked it. >> i don't think that's an accurate reflection of the administration's policy. it's certainly not an accurate reflection of the views of this party. >> eric holder acknowledged when he was asked at a forum which decision he wishes he could have
10:38 pm
over. he said that making james rosen a conspirator, a co-conspirator is in limbo. he was trying to get into a phone call about this. >> they said they were not going to spend a lot of time looking into who might have said this, which, as you pointed out, that's not their exact history on these issues. >> to be fair, obviously, in the previous cases, those have been with national security administration leaking. the administration has continued investigations that started in the bush administration. the law was quoted with this financial information being leaked. my question was not about getting to the fact that this is not classified information about benjamin netanyahu, this is information that's been leaked out that's very damaging about key information about having a top ally in the mideast at a time when the mideast is in
10:39 pm
complete tumult. >> reports are that they are very angry at briefings from the white house. did that come up today? >> it didn't, but why did the president come out there time after time and say, i'm not on the ballot but my policies are. you have to wonder why the president said that, because he said it more than once. he said it to al sharpton, he said it on the radio a few weeks back. that tells me he's not happy that these folks have been distancing themselves from the president. he's trying to point out to the country, okay, they may be running but they've supported my policies again and again. i think he's also thinking about when the dust settles after this election, tuesday night-wednesday morning, he's going to have to look out with anyone that's still standing, and these democrats supported his policy, sean.
10:40 pm
>> he's not exactly helping him in the election. i think most polls would show that. but ed henry in the -- the watchful eye of the great one, mark levin. he took. >> the anonymous source who trashed netanyahu personally, calling him a chickenesse, which is truly outrageous. they don't even call the guy who runs isis a chickeness. they dare not call putin a chickeness. the chinese who runs the economy, they don't call them chickeness. they don't call the fool who runs venezuela chickenesses. but the jew who runs new jersey state, he is a chickeness!
10:41 pm
>> kirsten, i think mark has a real good point here, and that is, they're not calling vladimir putin a chicken [ bleep ], or isis chicken bleep. it's benjamin netanyahu. do you think it's wrong to treat the closest allies this way? >> i do, and i believe they must know who said it. it must have been some senior person. i don't think they would have relied on jeff goldblum. they probably know who it is, and this is a white house that has been simple we can share information that they don't want shared so we know if. >> very well said. steve, my show is getting ruined tonight. i'm getting along with juan, i'm
10:42 pm
getting along with co h. yeah, i think kirsten is right. if you look at the lead of the jeffrey goldberg article that everyone is talking about, he said the white house is more frustrated with benjamin netanyahu than any other world leader right now. it includes vladimir putin, it includes something as difficult as karzai was. that suggests to me that this is a net. but don't buy these other factor, and i was at the border of gaza, and i met with the mayors of these border towns, and i saw where the rockets landed and i saw how big the rockets were. then you look at the numbers, 4,000 of them that were fired at them, the people of israel were
10:43 pm
shocked at the lack of support. there was a little bit of verbal support, but they feel there was a total lack of understanding what it is israel is dealing with from the administration. do you think there is a disconnect? >> well, i think there definitely has been a shift with the obama administration in terms of our relationship with israel. i think that would be hard to deny. and certainly i think a lot of people have been concerned about it. now, i have always said i think it's good for us to be an honest broker there, that we should try to put pressure on the israelis where pressure need to be put. in the beginning, i think obama was doing it. now it seems to sort of have evolved into something different. and i think this kind of interview where they clearly knew this message was going to get out and at a very high-profile way, again, with a journalist that everybody reads. this is the message that they wanted to be out about their view of israel and they have not, in any way, tried to punish the person or retract it other than some sort of passing -- the
10:44 pm
white house press secretary is sort of saying, well, this isn't our view of israel, but -- they don't seem particularly upset about it. >> all right, guys, thank you to both of you. real quick, steve. >> it wasn't just the one person who used that word. jeffrey goldberg went to a second person who not only reiterated the same message but also boasted about the fact the administration had pressured israel to keep it from bombing iran and taking out facilities. >> well said. all right, guys, thank you. appreciate it. and the best ad of the 2014 midterm elections is coming up next. you have turncoat charlie crist in florida literally taking every position on every major issue. it's probably the best ad i've ever seen. the man rushing when you told me about this "candy crush" game at first i thought "so what?", but now i can't stop playing. that's not how it works. i mean it's so simple. it's like my car insurance. i saved 15% in fifteen minutes.
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i'm just looking over the company bills.up? is that what we pay for internet?
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yup. dsl is about 90 bucks a month. that's funny, for that price with comcast business, i think you get like 50 megabits. wow that's fast. personally, i prefer a slow internet. there is something about the sweet meditative glow of a loading website. don't listen to the naysayer. switch to comcast business today and get 50 megabits per second for $89.95. comcast business. built for business. the moment in which you decide to leave the republican party was because you were going to lose to marco rubio. >> no, it was because i couldn't go against my core believes and stay with a party that was so against the african-american
10:50 pm
party. it was intolerable to me. as i told you before, my mother and father taught my three sisters and me to treat everyone well. and i saw how some were treating the african-american president, and i couldn't take it anymore. >> that was former independent, also former republican now turned co-democratic candidate for charlie crist describing his never-ending love of obama. when they head to the polls this tuesday, the president's approval rating in florida is at a dismal 40%. more than 54% disapprove of the job that he's doing. >> if you have a ballot get it out, vote it. if not go to my vote
10:51 pm go, vote. >> five days until election day. one of the funniest ads is the ad you're running against governor kchris >> i'm running as an independent, >> i'm running as a democrat. >> we need to appeal this thing i think it's been great. >> this is amazing. . >> i think it's a decision a woman should make. >> christy crist is pro-life. >> it's important to pass the stimulus package. . >> i didn't have a vote on the darn thing. >> that is nuts. >> charlie crist hasn't changed. . >> i haven't changed. >> then, he's a republican governor, a democratic governor candidate, an independent at one point. why is he showing up in the polls at this point?
10:52 pm
it's hard to figure him out. >> there is a big difference. they know what i'm going to focus on. i ran in 2010 on jobs first election i've been in. and i had a plan, we've added 651,000 jobs charlie was governor, the state lost 83 #,000 jobs they know where i stand. a 20-0 plan. number one for jobs best education system. stop charlie crist tuition inconstitutii increa increases. that is what we're doing. >> so when he is governor before you, he lost 832,000 jobs in the state since you've been governor, how many jobs have been created? >> 61,000 jobs we have 261,000 job openings and announced 5100 more yesterday. >> what is the, what is the deficit in the state of florida
10:53 pm
when you took over? >> well, here is what he did. 1.1 million families lost their homes i grew up in a poor family and lived in public housing. 44% of the homeowners were underwater he borrowed $9 billion. we've now paid off $7.5 billion and put a billion dollar surplus now, cut taxes 40 times you can get a job in our state we have a great education system. charlie cut education funding, raised tuition on university. charlie was never good for a florida family. >> so when the bottom line in this election, that is the headline? the story? he has his record, you have yours. what do you make of the polls being so tight? >> well, i think about whoever
10:54 pm
goes out and vote, goes through voting election day. we're on a path to a big win. it's for your family. i tell people, it's about your family. i grew up knowing jobs are important. my mom said rick, your chance of getting out of poverty is work your tail off. that is what we're doing here, we're the american dream in florida. what a big turn around we've had. >> thank you, governor, big race down here. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> and coming up tonight a question of the day. as we continue from florida. it's the "hannity" show, on the road. ingggggg you owned your car for four years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends. three jobs. you're like "nothing can replace brad!"
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11:00 pm
vomiting. before we go, record "hannity" the series. start your day with fox and friends first we'll see you back here tomorrow night. to be. >> fair, balanced and unafraid. see you tomorrow. this is a fox news alert. the suspect in the ambush murder of a pennsylvania state trooper has been captured. pennsylvania state police confirming eric frein is in custody. frein is accused of murdering one state trooper and wounding another during ambush outside police barracks last month. his capture brings to an end a massive seven week manhunt. and joining us with more former homicide detective ted williams. what great news this has terrified that community not to mention the fact that one trooper is dead. another was wounded. that community has been absolutely terrified. >> absolutely, greta. this is the very best news that federal and local authorities can look for, especially the manner in which


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