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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  October 31, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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>> thanks for joining us. >> the real story with gretchen carlson starts right now. have a good halloween. good afternoon, everybody. breaking news about the nurse continuing to fight any kind of quarantine in the state of maine. we are now learning nurse casey hickox lived with somebody who had ebola when she worked in africa. will a new court order handed down force casey hickox to follow the rules. good afternoon. i'm gretchen carlson. nurse hickox thumbing her nose at authorities in maine taking a
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morning bike ride. she is trying to prove that she's not a threat to the public. officials frustrated of that stunt asked her to stay at least three feet away from everyone in the public and restrict her from going to the store or to work. now, a judge granted the order, but has since rescinded some of it because she is still asymptomatic, the judge now saying that hickox needs to undergo active monitoring for symptoms, but can travel as long as she says where she is going. the biggest activity was when she ordered a pizza. the court has happeneded down its decision in maine and then changed its mind. the governor says he believes the change was unfortunate, but will abide by the law. now the question is will other states be forced to make special concessions like they did here just because a patient demands it for their own good and not the good potentially of others. here now for some real talk, our legal panel doug burns and keith sullivan. both are criminal defense attorneys. while a lot of this breaking right now, we're also hearing that casey hickox may come to the microphones outside of her
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home. the judge originally, doug help clarify this. this is a live picture right now of the hickox home where she lives with her boyfriend there and we are awaiting comments now. no doubt about what the judge has just rescinded. >> the judge originally said that the government, the state, you know, can restrict or have her quarantined, et cetera. then probably by vir sue of looking at it a little closer reversed course. this is a tricky box because think about it real simple. it's a balancing test. you want to protect the public, but at the same time people are up in arms saying you don't want to necessarily restrain somebody who is asymptomatic, who has no symptoms, and isn't contagious. >> except we're just learning now that she actually lived with somebody in africa who actually had ebola. now, she may be out of the quarantine for having lived with that particular person but she's not out of the quarantine keith, from actually being back in the u.s. the 21 days not jet expired. >> i think what's important to understand is that the federal government states, cities towns, have an absolute right to quarantine people.
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the issue is the balancing act that doug touched on. whether or not you shud do it under these circumstances. she's only ten days back. the 21 days is incubation period. they should absolutely fight this and force it. >> here's sgshgs doug. originally when they went to get the court order they wanted three things. limit her travel. keep her out of public places. require three feet of a buffer with other people. >> wrau. >> when she went on the bike ride, which we're seeing the shots from yesterday, i mean other than her boyfriend i guess she was three feet away from people, but the new judge now or maybe it was the same one, said no can do. she can go and travel as long as she tells people where she's going. >> it's interesting because, you know, i didn't necessarily want to fwet into this, but elected public officials, let's face it they're under a lot of pressure, gretchen because god forbid, somebody dies by virtue of some decision that they made. you have more independent ability of a judge although the judge may run for election in that jurisdiction. the point is somebody has to make this decision, and it's not ease where i.
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the point is you are damned if you do and damned if you don't. it's pretty trick where i. >> yesterday i intifd the yale graduate student who had been ne in the state of connecticut. speaking of politics now, that was a democratic governor there up in a very close race. dan malloy against tom foley in the state of connecticut. he had imposed this quarantine on that yale student, and the yale student wasn't happy about it. he abided by it. listen to this. >> it's a terrible policy. one thing we know that works to prevent ebola from being transmitted is when people monitor their symptoms and then report when they do have symptoms, and they can get tested, and if they're negative, then they're let go. if they're positive, they're isolated and treated. so this is a disinnocentive for people to do the one thing that does work. you know, if you do it and then you get essentially punished by house arrest. >> all right, keith. what do you think about that? >> it's certainly not a punishment as he is alluding to. it's interesting that the yale student followed the instructions, and here we have somebody who is actually in the
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health care industry, and she's violating them left and right. only way to protect society at large is to quarantine. do it for the 21-day period. >> back to your original point that states and officials can do that and have the authority. there are other legal experts who have said that they don't. >> they need to read the u.s. constitution. it comes right in the commerce clause. public health act. it's right in there. they have the ability and the word quarantine is actually used. >> there will still be some limitations. you'll have expert medical testimony that can be challenged, obviously. it's not a black or white rule. >> they have the ability to do it. the question is whether they should do it in a particular given -- >> how broad or narrow. >> do the two of you agree on what has happened now? would you have done what the judge had done? i know you're going to say no. >> i disagree. >> i actually also disagree. >> do you? >> i do. >> because of the -- >> yeah. >> because of the public health -- >> you two aren't running for office, are you? >> no. >> i just want to be clear. >> not tomorrow. >> there are a lot of pole tigs. >> maybe next year. >> not this season. >> i do agree with keith.
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it i can see the legal arguments in both direction but my view, and i didn't say this earlier, is sometimes you have to err on the side of caution too. >> absolutely. especially with something as deadly as ebola. look people say, o' more people die from the common cold. right. but people who catch the common cold aren't guaranteed to die. if you catch ebola and you don't get the right treatment right away, you are going to die. you can't play with this. >> thanks much. doug, let me know when you are running for office. >> i will. in the meantime, the obama administration pushing for a back door nuclear deal with iran. one of the president's top advisors talking about plans to go behind the back of congress describing the deal as a top priority on par with obama care. chief white house correspondent ed henry live on the north lawn. well, newly emerged audio raises questions about the president pushing for a deal at all cost. >> it is interesting. you have a raptdly approaching deadline of november 24th for the administration to try to get a nuclear deal with iran to try to prevent them from getting nuclear weapons. you already heard critics
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suggest the president may be too lenient in those talks and allow iran off the hook in terms of sanctions. still allow them to get -- edge closer to getting nuclear weapons, and now ben rhodes, one of the president's top aides, is add manage fuel to that fire by saying to supporters in a private conference call that getting this deal is so urgent, it's on par with the president's health care law in terms of a legacy item. listen. >> bottom line is this is the best opportunity we've had to resolve the iranian issue diplomatically since president obama came to office and probably since the beginning of the iraq war. so no small opportunity. this is a big deal. this is probably the biggest thing president obama will do in his second term on foreign policy. this is health care for us. just to put it in context. >> so basically a diplomatic version of health care in the second term. that important to the president. remember, this follows the previous reports suggesting president might go around
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congress to stiffle any disent to get this deal through. the white house has consistently said that's not true, and they will consult with congress to get this done. gretchen. >> all right. this week has been dominated by national security leaks whether they were about netanyahu. of course, prime minister of israel. the comments about him being chicken blank or the story about the president's team being at odds. now we have more leaks. what the heck is going on? >> it's incredible. one, in the daily beast, suggests that suzanne rice, the president's national security advisor, is micromanaging the war against isis, the pentagon is getting frustrated with her and other aides here at the white house because it's taken them a long time to make decisions that military leaders believe need to be done very quickly to actually win that war. this follows of course, that "new york times" report yesterday suggesting that white house aides have been laughing at secretary of state john kerry suggesting that he is untethered, that he is not on the same page with them in terms of his public statements but
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look, beyond the style points there's a very interesting story in the l.a. times today about the substance of the war against isis that suggests that basically there's major hurdles being hit and that the moderate syrian rebels are not up to speed in training in order to make them the ground force in this war. read this. we're not going to be able to build that kind of credible force in enough time to make a difference, said one senior u.s. officer. we've watched the moderate opposition dwindle and dwindle and now there's very little left. admiral kirby over at the pentagon just the last few moments was pressed about that point a few moments ago. he insisted that the strategy to defeat isis is still sound. gretchen. >> ed henry, live for us at the white house. have a great weekend, sir. thank you. >> you too. well senator mary landrieu is fighting hard for re-election. well, she may be willing to do a hand stand or even a keg stand for that matter to get re-elected. we will ask karl rove what her chances are. hi karl. i'll ask if he is willing to wager a we go stand of his own
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if he is wrong. molten lauf wra slowing down what's still crawling towards a road that could cut off one ton from all supplies. now the people there are getting some help if they want to get out. a veteran and father gets in trouble for questioning why his child is learning about islam in school. the school says he threatened to cause problems but his wife says there's another side to that story. >> a lot of people do not understand where my husband is coming from and i guess that's the problem is the people do not understand what he endured when he was over in iraq. now it's quicker and easier for you to start your business, protect your family, and launch your dreams. at we put the law on your side.
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zeerchgs welcome back to the real story. national guard troops being sent in now to help as a lava flow from a volcano creeps closer to the small town. the lava has slowed down a bit.
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it's still on track to hit a main road through the middle of this town and could dramatically reshape that entire community but so far no homes have been destroyed. >> no matter what the poll numbers are saying, you've still got to turn out the vote. number cruncher nature silver pegging the gop's chance of winning the senate at 68.5%. comments like this from louisiana senator mary landrieu not helping the democratic cause. >> i'm going to be very veshgs honest with you. the south hasn't always been the friendliest place for african-americans. it's been a difficult time for the president to present himself in a very positive light as a leader. >> karl rove searched as a senior advisor and deputy xheef of staff to president george w. bush. he is also a fox news contributor. real quickly on senator landrieu's comments. obviously, playing the race card
11:15 am
here, right? >> well, look. a big mistake. she has just insulted the state of louisiana by suggesting that white voters are bigots and that black and white voters alike are mass onlyingnists. it's not exactly the best way to align yourself with your constech went in the final days of the campaign. it's a sign of how tired candidates get that she makes a mistake like this twlsh. >> i understand you have brought two of your white boards. it's a two-fer. i alluded one in the lead-in but the model seems to be all over the place with regard to republicans taking over the senate. what do you know? >> well look, all the major models and you started by quoting all the major media predicted models are moving towards a republicans and all of them believe that a republican majority is likely. huffington post 69%. "new york times", 71%. even the washington post which has been at, like 91% or 92% is
11:16 am
today and at 95%. i'm not sure if that's -- that these high numbers are right, but it does show the predicted models are all pointing towards a republican takeover of the senate. >> now, one of the big things is early voting. i want to specifically look at colorado first. republicans are ahead in early voting by 100,000 votes. 475,000 to 371,000. why? what does that say to you? >> well, that says, look, cory gardener has made it a very strong effort right from the beginning to have a strong ground game. the republican has returned 487,000 more than democrats have. think about it this way. in order to make up that deficit, senator mark udahl the democrat, would have to carry the undecided/independent voters by 67%. that personsage is going up. it was 63% two days ago.
11:17 am
it's 67% today. he is not likely to carry the independent voters by that margin. >> i want to take a look at four states where currently the gop leads outside the margin of error. it's still relatively close. arkansas, louisiana colorado, new hampshire. let's start with arkansas. >> arkansas is -- >> this race seems to be wideerning up -- pardon me? >> i just said cotton and pryor. >> right. this race seems to be widen being out representative congressman tom cotton appears to be gaining recent polls have shown him moving ahead. this race, for example, has gone in the last three weeks from 4% 4.5%, 5% to now a 7 point average in the real clear politics average of recent polls. i think this race is moving comfortably into the gop column. >> louisiana we've alluded to mary landrieu making a mistake.
11:18 am
this race will go to a dem runoff. the requirement everyone runs in one race, a primary rags. you have to give 50% of the vote in order to avoid a runoff. landrieu is the only significant democrat. there are two republicans. the thing to watch for on tuesday night is take the two republican candidates, add their vote together. if it's above 50%, she's in real trouble in the runoff. >> okay. interesting. colorado where we have card ner and udall. >> gardener today in the real clear politics averaged 3.6%. he has moved up recently. i think this race still has some potential for prizes intauz this will be the first time colorado has ever voted with everybody being able to mail in a ballot. you can still show up at the polls on election day, about the everybody received a ballot, and post people are taking advantage of sending those ballots in, and as a result we got a different kind of a turnout model that might be created here. we'll wait and see tuesday.
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very good news -- a consistent set of polls showing him ahead of senator udall. three days away karl rove, thank you for bringing not one but two white boards for the story today. see you soon. >> a father banned from his daughter's school for questioning his daughter's homework assignment on islam. we'll ask him why he has been banned and hear from the school as well. plus, happy halloween. it's going to be a cold one this year. we may even see some snow in certain areas. find out where that's going to hit. we still want to know what your favorite costumes are. tweet me@gretchen carlson and use the _#the real story. we will promise you the best ones, at the end of the show today. i'm type e. my golden years will not just be gold plated. i had 3 different 401(k)s. e*trade offers rollover options and a retirement planning calculator. now i know "when" i'm going to retire.
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it's a fresh approach on education-- superintendent of public instruction tom torlakson's blueprint for great schools. torlakson's blueprint outlines how investing in our schools will reduce class sizes, bring back music and art and provide a well-rounded education. and torlakson's plan calls for more parental involvement. spending decisions about our education dollars should be made by parents and teachers, not by politicians. tell tom torlakson to keep fighting for a plan that invests in our public schools. welcome back to the real story. a former marine getting banned if his high school's school in mare marry after a chal epging history assignment requiring students to list the benefits of islam. school officials said kevin wood met with the vice principal and threatened cause a disruption, but woods' wife denies that and says it was the school that overreacted.
11:23 am
>> they're making him sound like he is a bad person. he is no bad person. he fought for your country. i think he has awe right as a parent. we both have a right as a parent to ask for an alternative assignment to have been given. >> live by phone now, the iraq war veteran and father who was banned from this school kevin wood. good to speak with you kevin. tell me what happened when you went to meet with the vice principal? >> we dent actually met. >> if she doesn't complete it, she'll receive a zero. i told her, well, that's unacceptable i said because the first call was the original person was that they could to it that they could make concessions and get her alternative assignments.
11:24 am
the principal called me back about eight hours later and advised they couldn't do it. then so i proceeded -- >> so you -- i just want to make sure before we carry on what the assignment was. what did you oppose in the assignment about islam? >>. >> basically they were teaching religion. we're not allowed to teach religion in school anymore. i mean, everybody is up in arms about god -- can't say god this and being banned. we can't say it without offending people, but yet they can practice what they want. they can practice what they want, and i'm not trying to say that they can't, but don't force your beliefs on me just because i couldn't believe in them. >> what they say is that this is part of a middle eastern empire series of discussions where they're going to learn about islam, booedism hinduism christianity et cetera from ae historical point of view so that they are going to cover all the religions. do you agree with that? >> no, i don't, because my daughter brought home paperwork
11:25 am
yesterday, and islam portion of this class is for two weeks. she said sthe briefly touched on christianity and it was one day. it's blown out of proportion to where that one religion is taught more than the other. that's what he was getting at. then -- i'm sorry. go ahead. >> i know that was upsetting to you. was it also true that one of the questions was how did muslim conquerers treat those who conquered, and the question is with kindness, tolerance, and respect? >> yes, ma'am. that is it. then they -- >> you disagree with that? >> yes, ma'am, i do. and then they had nothing -- another thing that perterbed me is what was the definition of jihad, and their definition is peaceful struggle. when i served jihad was a holy war, and osama bin laden said he was going to bring that down on
11:26 am
us, and they're still doing it now. they're only teaching what they want to. they need to teach both sides of islam. there's -- there might be a peaceful side, but then there's a radical side, and they're not giving due process to both sides, and the kids are not understanding that. there are kids in that class that do not know what world war ii, pearl harbor, vet naum, or september 11th were. >> i hear you. i hear you. >> yet -- >> but they're learning about this. i want to give the statement from the charles county public schools. this is what they said. >> okay. >> this patient threatened to cause problems that would potentially disrupt la plata high school on monday. to ensure the safety of students and staff at the cool, the school administration placed a no trespass order. your final comment, kevin? >> that's what they said but i never said i was coming there on monday. i told them -- i can't say the word i used, but i could create a storm like they had never seen by contacting my lawyer the news, and the media. that's exactly what i said. i never once said i was coming there on monday or anything.
11:27 am
>> all right. >> when -- i'm sorry. go ahead. >> just finish your sentence. >> okay. when i had the conversation -- first conversation with the teacher, i had witnesses. i had a room full of witnesses that can verify that's what i said. they're reaching and making up as they go along. >> we're trying to tell both stories. kevin wood, the parent that's been banned from his daughter's school for challenging the assignment. thank you for your time, and thank you for your service. >> thank you ma'am. time now for my take. i don't know exactly what happened between kevin and the vice principal at his daughter's school, but i do understand his frustration with lessons being taught and feeling it was his duty to go and ask questions and try and get answers. remember the father a few months ago who didn't like a certain book being required rooigd reading for his daughter because he thought the details were too steamy and sexual for a young teen? he was thrown out of the school board meeting and handcuffed on the spot. i believe parents need to be aware of what's being taught in
11:28 am
schools and speak up when they don't agree. of course, ask questions. coming up on "the real story" nurse casey hickox speaking for the first time since a court order was handed down. a former navy seal also who took part in the mission to kill osama bin laden now under investigation by the justice department after he publishes a best-selling book about the mission. why? plus, a terminally ill woman who says she would commit suicide tomorrow november 1st, now saying she'll wait a while longer before taking her own life. sked people a simple question: in retirement, will you outlive your money? uhhh. no, that can't happen. that's the thing, you don't know how long it has to last. everyone has retirement questions. so ameriprise created the
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>> a fox news alert. a spacecraft reporting an anomaly over the mojave desert. >> it's a lot more than that. virgin galactic has reported some sort of a problem during the test flight of its space tourism rocket. this is the one that all the celebrities have signed up to ethwe'll take. we do not know yet whether anybody was on board the ship because they haven't told us but i can tell you this. two pilots fly in spaceship 2's cockpit during a test every single time. if they didn't today, that would be something very unusual. the company is now tweeting that the rocket experienced some sort
11:33 am
of anomaly, and they're not making it clear to us what has happened but now we also have separately from the associated press that california highway patrol and fire crews are now mobile icing in the mojave desert. the california highway patrol spokesman says they are responding to the report of a crash in the area. it's carried by a specially designed jet and then released before it it's ignites it for a thrill ride into space and then it returns back to earth. john over here has the details of how this thing works or apparently now worked. >> shepherd, here you have kind of a blueprint cross-section of that giant plane that carries it up into orbit. i think there's a good photo of it. >> half a football field. >> half a football field. it carries this little part of it and i think there's a better photo of it up here on the virgin site. carries this thing.
11:34 am
>> that's what was happening today when they had what they call an anomaly, and now we have word of a crash in the mojave desert. you have tweets? >> julia has tweets. i think for camera purposes, i have to be on this side. >> shep as you said earlier virgin galactic tweeted out hash thaiing -- additional info and statements forthcoming. earlier it. >> stay tuned for updates. stay tuned for updates. >> then the anomaly. they said this plane crashed but we know there's been a crash in the mojave desert. here's background on this thing. two pilots fly in spaceship two's -- those pilots are equipped with parachutes and after an anomaly at least one choot was reportedly lighted over the mojave desert. this is good news.
11:35 am
after this anomaly at least one chute was reportedly sighted over the desert and spaceport in california. that's the port from which spaceship two and white knight two carry the plane for takeoff. we think we have a crash. we think we may have had someone eject. more as question get it. >> all right. thanks very much, shep. well we're going to have another alert now because nurse casey hickox holding an imprompt your press conference. she's sensitive to the community and understands their concerns. >> i am very satisfied with the decision. you know these -- the three points that he is still recommending that i abide by are three points i believe is part of this good compromise that we can make. i have been compliant with the direct active monitoring that the cdc recommends. i will continue to be compliant, and it's just a good day. >> nurse hickox had no direct comment for governor lepage.
11:36 am
when asked approximate if she would like to go to west africa she says she would like to but has no plans to right now. >> the justice department is saying whether it leaked classified details. many seals offered their insights in the movie "zero dark thirty." that was an award-winning mvl based on the hunt for bin laden. >> the whole world is going to want in on this.
11:37 am
>> great to have you for the discussion today's. let me start with you. you are a former navy seal. is he in the right or wrong? >> well, i think he is in the wrong, and i think he should fall under the same penalties as anybody else who die vulgs classified information. there used to be a time and an age where we were all seat professionals, and that included the president of the united states. it included the vice president. everybody on down. now just like this nurse that we just saw on tv it's three words that kill all this. me, me, me. everybody wants to be heard. for him to come out the writer of this book to come out, this former seal, and say that he is doing it so he can right a wrong because other people said one thing, that to me is just an excuse to get his story out.
11:38 am
he would then avoid any criminal charges if he handed over the royalties. that appeared to not have worked, right? >> what happens in any criminal case, and this is a case that has potential criminal overtones and is certainly civil in nature at this point, is that deals are made or not made. i think what happened in this is that this navy seal not only violated his agreement with the government not to reveal these things, but then went on somewhat of a talking tour and would go to meetings and tell them to turn off his cell phones so he could talk. if he has to talk about something where people turn off their cell phones, that's a bad thing. the thing is don't antagonize the government in this because the government happens to be in the right. >> his defense is that leon panetta encouraged part of the seal to help with the m "zero dark thirty."
11:39 am
what's the difference if he tells his own story? >> well, number one, the government can give you dispensation to talk about anything they want, but more importantly, the -- well, they did it or they told me to that's a defense that i mean, may work when you are a kid and try to get yourself out of trouble, but in this you do not. you have an obligation to not die vulg classified information. there is no exception. i think to your point, i think with the civil possible civil agreement that they might go for the money rather than the criminalality, i don't see them doing that. how can they say well, we're going to forget that you vialed the law. we'll just take your money even though you did. that's not going to happen. >> what is the criminalality? >> the criminalality is that the agreement that they signed people sign their lives away when they sign the military quite frankly and completely. so in this situation he is subject to penalty. upwards of a year in jail, is what i see in terms of a misdemeanor. a civil fine as well as forfeiture of the moans that he gained as a result of doing what he shouldn't have done in the first place. >> do we have a full screen of what his attorney said? i'm asking control room. i don't know if we do or not.
11:40 am
anyway, i think that his lawyer has said that matt's view was this is our story, not their story, jonathan so he wanted to be able to say this is what really happened. >> right. he should keep his mouth shut. i mean i'm talking from another seal's percent pictured. i don't trash the seal teams. i don't trash my fellow seals. i will tell you, this guy needs to shut his mouth, and everybody else that is in the seal teams and in the military, they need to realize and even in law enforcement we're all held to a different standard. the rest of the world does not work the same way. if you come out and you think that you can subscribe to the same ways that the pole tigs play with the rules you are going -- you are wrong and you are going to get burned. >> it's our understanding that he has a brand new book come out. >> of course. >> sometime very soon. i believe nits a couple of weeks. we will stay tuned to this story. gentlemen, thank you very much. >> thank you. we are hearing as we told you just a few minutes ago virgin galactic's spaceship two going down over the mojave desert, and we'll have chief meteorologist rick live in the weather center because he knows about this area of the country.
11:41 am
what do you know about this breaking news? >> you know a couple of months i went out to the mojave desert to do a story on spaceship two and what their plan was. i'm going to back out so you can get a picture of this. spaceship two was what was initially a prototype of spaceship one, and ten years ago that was what won a grant for a spacecraft that could go back up into space and come back down and be reusable and take people up there. that's what this plan is. they built spaceship two based off of that prototype. it is a spaceship that goes up, launched to a larger thing called white knight. you can see that right there. it takes off -- the way that it is set to work is it's like a shuttle cop, a badminton birdie, and that always comes down at the exact same angle. that's what they believe allows it to have safe re-entry back into earth's orbit. that what you are looking at right there is space hip two.
11:42 am
that is what they're working on. that larger piece with the two what look like the fuselages of the plane on the outside, that's white knight. it goes up together. it drops spaceship two out and it lands basically like a glider. at this point we don't have any information other than it's an anomaly, but their initial plan, richard branson, who runs virgin galactic, has been trying to get this up there, and his plan is to be the first person on it. he has so much faith in this that he is going to be the first person into space as a citizen. it's scary for the future of private space industry. with the space shuttle going out of business now this is all going into the private companies and the private sectors. there's a lot of excitement around that. this one as the ship that should
11:43 am
be safe to go into space for people like you and me gretchen at a pretty hefty price thaiing, but that would become lower. something like this, if there is a problem, certainly a big blow to that. >> yeah. no doubts rick. of course you mentioned the froout future of private space industry. there was a lot of hopes and a lot of dreams that this was going to work. people wereotology pay millions of dollars for the opportunity, and now reports that there has been an unconfirmed crash as we're learning at new video just coming into fox, as can you see, what appears to be a wing here now of the space galactic operation. you heard earlier from shepherd smith reporting that apparently somebody saw somebody trying to eject from that device. he also record that usually there are two pilots inside of that spaceship. even when it is a test run. the reports right now are that one person had ejected from that
11:44 am
particular spacecraft. >> are you still with me? >> the mojave desert it's about 100 miles to the northeast of l.a. it's right by the edwards air force base. there's a lot of conjunction with the united states military.
11:45 am
this is certainly a big blow. >> rick, who is familiar with that area of the country. thanks so much, rick. let's go back to the breaking news with shepherd smith. >> we've been saying unconfirmed, it is in fact, confirmed. fox news has gotten word from virgin galactic. the spaceship is lost, and they do not yet know the stat where yous of the pilots. there's good news in that the space one parachute from presumably from this jet was seen or spaceship, if you will was seen floating down into the mojave desert. the helicopters and the rescue crews apparently have not yet located that one. it is normal during test flights that two pilots are on board. did they do it different today? i guess they could have. their own site says that's how
11:46 am
it works. some new tweets have come in, which i want to get from julia over here. virgin began explaining what happened pretty quickly. >> the second tweet is during the test the vehicle suffered a serious anomaly resulting in the loss of spaceship two, wk-2 landed safely. >> wk-2 is the white knight. that's what flies it up there and releases it. >> yes. the third tweet, our first concern is the status of the pilots which is unknown at this time. >> they've had a remarkable track record. you can just take a look at how
11:47 am
it looks when it drops from the belly of the white knight. this thing is about 90 feet long. about the size of i think a falcon 900 executive jet. they're every there are the pilots inside during the flight. you can see the rocket motor ignites right there, and it fires up into the atmosphere. i think it has a maximum altitude of something around 60 or 70 miles. that's much lower down than let's say the international space station which is at about 180 miles. just to give you an idea. it is the edge of suborbital space. we still don't know what went wrong. >> it's probably going to take time to find out exactly. they almost always speak to us in those terms. some sort of anomaly. as you can see where it's broken apart here normally when pieces are together after a crash, what the flight experts have told us in the past and would certainly apply here if they fall right there together normally that means it broke when it hit the grouped. what happened happened in the air, potentially at least didn't cause that. you can see some little pieces
11:48 am
around. what we've not yet seen is the pilot. these pictures coming to us from kabc television. our network news service affiliate and the nbc flagship station for the west cories wrfsh wrfsh. >> they said there was a major anomaly, and they were not saying that the plane crashed, and i think the jet crashed or rocket crashed, and i think the reason for that was they couldn't know yet. they couldn't know for sure until they got the rest of the readings in and heard from officials. as far as we know they've had no communications with any pilot. they've not said to us that two pilots were on board, but normally, as i said, there are. we'll go with that until we hear official word. we do know that spotted by
11:49 am
civilian personnel as a separate from this, civilian personnel notice a parachute coming down. we hope that means one person has survived this. learning what the anomaly was when it happened and with where and how it happened and why, all of that will be for future investigation. i'm guessing that this will have ripples on the stock market at least in their stocks on a day when the market is brand new territory. have kind of -- the way it returns to flight -- we might have a clip -- hold on -- where it kind of feathers. you can see the -- i think the tail kind of rotates a little bit to get it back to earth. it's basically a powered glider that goes into suborbital space
11:50 am
and it looks a hybrid rocket motor and they can shut it down in flight if there's something wrong. not like a solid fuel rocket motor where once it starts you can't turn it off. so it's a safer design. they have not had very many problems with it. i think they set some records with us. this is definitely a setback. >> we're seeing live pictures from the ground. you can see pieces -- what appears to be pieces and parts as kabc is zooming in on this piece of what appears to be leftovers from the rocket, and in addition, the emergency personnel are on the ground. we have not seen any signs of someone who appears to be a pilot. rick reithmuth did a story on this and had pictures that have never been seen. gretchen? >> rick, let's go to you now. what can you tell us? has to do with the tail number.
11:51 am
>> there is a number on that video that we're seeing come in there of the wreckage, of the debris, and when i did a story on spaceship 2 just a couple months ago i was able to take pictures right at spaceship 2 and i sent them to your producary second ago. it does look like that number you're seeing there on that piece of wreckage matches the number i have on the photo i took. obviously we are -- they're telling us there's an anomaly. we're seeing that certainly looks like the same number on space ship 2. >> tell us about what you were doing -- apparently the virgin galactic space ship 2 has crashed. this is the mojave desert on the west coast so just before noon time there, 3:00 p.m. on the east coast right now. tell us why you were there and what were you doing. >> doing a story on the future of space travel and how a lot of people really love the idea of space travel and how with the shutting of the space shuttle
11:52 am
industry, with nasa, how it's gone to the private industry. so i went to do a story on this, and was able to get up and close to space ship 2. they pulled it out of the hangar for me to see it to get pictures. we could not go in it. nobody is allowed in it from any private or civilian sector, only the scientists and pilots that are works on it. but was able to get within a few feet of it and take some beautiful pictures and absolutely spectacular vehicle, and now to see this very scary and sad. >> spaceship 2 has parentally gone down in a crash. >> we just got word from the california highway patrol there is one fatility and one serious injury. we presume the fatility was in the plane but we can't know that. john glenn, anymore specifics -- one dead and one very serious injury. so somewhere not where our camera is but where people have been located and one person has
11:53 am
not survived. could we assume maybe that the second one was the parachute we saw come down and maybe there was an injury there? we just don't know yet but we hope to fine out pretty soon. gretchen, back to you. >> thank you very much. of course insuring 999, --.+1 in 1999 richard branson established this and it was considered the future of the space industry based on the fact we in this country are not doing this anymore. people would pay $250,000 for a short trip into zero gravity. they accepted more than 80 million in deposits from 680 people hoping to pioneer space tourism. right now you're looking at the remnants of spaceship 2. this is going to be the beginning and the future of space tourism, at least in america, and now we are looking at the broken spaceship 2 and as shepard reported, one report of a death, one seriously injured. rick? >> the people doing the test
11:54 am
flightsen these are astronauts, people who are going up into space, testing the spacecraft. they're highly trained obviously, people who dreamed heir entire lives of being able to go up into space. a number of employees who work for virgin good -- galactic worked for nasa and found new employment in this private industry, and so exciting for them. i talked with the chief pilot, one of the persons who is doing the majority of these test flights, and he was somebody who his entire life dreamed of going into space and was absolutely thrilled to have this as an option for him. and now seeing this happen, certainly obviously that changes this. >> we're looking now at an aircraft flight at -- a tight shot there from kabc out the l.a. county, we don't know if this is a rescue plane but we know that space ship 2, space tourism rocket, has been lost. one person is dead. this is a remnant of the wing.
11:55 am
that is the same tail number that rick reithmuth had a picture of when he did a story on the future of the private space industry in april of this year richard branson, the owner of the company, said he was 90% convinced that his spaceships will fly from new mexico's space port#yy' rica this year and he will be on one of them. obviously he is not on the flight today but now one person is dead in this accident. one is seriously injured. and many questions about the future of the private space industry. rick, let's go back over to you again. are these yourm right. >> no. they're going a little bit slow. those are not them. not only did richard branson feel so comfortable he was going on the first flight but his son and daughter were planning on being on the first flight, and his mother who is in her 80s, had all intentions of going up
11:56 am
on the first flight with 3aw this as well. so not just him. he wanted to makey a statement how safe space travel could be, and so many of these people say i would never do that. that sounds so scary,e c@k and way too dangerous, and he wanted to say this is how safe it is. obviously virgin galactic, doing everything they can?#)ñ test this out and over and over again to make sure they would not be facing somethingu#c like this. there only is space ship 2. they don't have spaceship 3-4 5, 6, which was their plan, and possibly still is their plan to have+cz;s multiple spatecraft they can be taking people up on a tourism, tour, intooxú space. but the only other -- there was spaceship 1, and now spaceship 2 was the only other spacecraft they had. >> i want to break in for a minute. stand by. you're seeing a rescue chopper right now apparently on scene. apparently there has been a report of one person on a stretcher, and another within the same vicinity. so this is a rescue copter right
11:57 am
now in the vicinity of the mojave desert where saysship 2 has gone down. we showed you the remnants of what appears to be the wing with the tail number on the -- yes this illinois right -- this illinois right -- this image right here there are reportsesome somebody has been seen on a stretcher. one person has been confirmed dead. one seriously injured. when virgin spaceship 2 went down. now, rick, all they're describing is an anomaly. an anomaly of what may have happened. when you were out there and when you were getting the behind the scenes tour describe for us what it would have been like to have two pilots two astronauts, grow into this craft? >> well, they're trying to do this on a really regular basis so they are comfortable with it, and so that they feel completely confident of what the craft is. bus it goes up in white knight, this larger craft.
11:58 am
when you send a general rocket up right now, like the one that blew up just a few days ago, if it goes from zero miles per hour and has to launch directly straight up, that takes so much fuel. so the plan with this was to be able to not only have it be reusable craft and not to take a lot of fuel. so it attacked off like a regular plane attach to that other police, who it knight which is fine, and then released it, and that is what they would have been doing right now. >> thank you for that analysis. you can see on the screen that appears to be a rescue chopper that has now landed in the mojave desert. one person coming out of the chopper now, and the video is becoming a little stilted. as we pull away now we are seeing that is near the remnants of what appears to be part of spaceship 2. of course, it is confirmed it went down, confirmed that one person died. apparently in this crash, another person has been seriously injured. this in the mojave desert.
11:59 am
some sort of test run being run this morning in and out of new mexico. now, as i mentioned earlier, this was going to be the first commercial space line to send customers willing to pay a quarter million dollars for a short journey into zero gravity and a glimpse of the planet from the edge of space. the future of the private space industry spaceship 2 has now crashed. richard branson is the owner of virgin galactic since 1999. he said he was 90% sure that his would be happening in the very near future. for more continuing coverage on the crash of spaceship 2, we're now going over to shepard smith. >> breaking news and we have just gotten new information. this came in seconds ago from the "associated press" where we just got word and i quote witnesses report spaceship 2 exploded in flight after the ignition of the rocket and
12:00 pm
crashed into the desert. you heard john explaining how this separation happens. white knight 2 the big wide 170-foot wide plane-looking thing, takes spaceship 2 up to what is edge of space -- not quite but up to 50,000 feet, and then it takes off from there comes down and glides. at that point, when the rocket ignited, that is when it exploded.


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