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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 31, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> i'm going to church, what about you? >> that's it, everyone, have a very, very safe halloween, special report. special report coming up right now. this is a fox news alert, i'm brett baier in washington, we are entering the final weekend of a midterm election cycle that will determine if president obama spends his last two years with powerful allies or political enemies calling the shots on capitol hill. the balance of power hangs in the balance for the u.s. senate and these last three days will be a battle to the every shrinking middle. there you see the breakdown and how it is now in the u.s. senate. as you take a look at the tight races around the country, we have new fox polls in a number of these races, we're going to go first to kansas, the incumbent bat roberts, holding
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on, trying to, and you can see until september. take a look at the real clear politics average of polls and it is exactly the same. they are fighting neck and neck in kansas, red kansas, both candidates coming out with a new ad tonight. >> kansas is at a crossroads, and so is our country, do we continue down the path of a broken two party system. or do we say enough is enough? >> we know greg orman supports barack obama's agenda, amnesty -- >> senator roberts has been trying to bring in all the republican lum niss he can, to bring out the vote and get him of the finish line. we'll see if that happens in the coming days. and now iowa, the fox news poll there, joni ernst, has obviously
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increased since september. you take a look at the average of polls, brew braley. >> first time i am a woman, second i have been to war. i don't like hearing that phrase coming from the democrats, i don't believe there is a war on women unless it's the war that's being pushed by them. >> it's not enough to be a woman. you have to be committed to expand rights and opportunities for all women. >> former secretary of state condoleezza rice endorsed joni ernst, it's all about get out the vote and that turnout. now let's turn to our third state. north carolina, where incumbent kay hagan is trying to hold on. the latest poll there has kay hagan up just one point.
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you can ski how this race has changed. it is also very tight, tom tillis, making a move here, there's a conservative group that's running an ad gattacking media. at the same time former president bill clinton is on the stump for the senator. >> did you know a major newspaper pulled and rewrote a reporter's story about the irs scandal because it exposed an obama administration falsehood? vote against the liberal democrat the elite media favors. defeat kay hagan. >> kay hagan wants to grow together and work together. her opponent doesn't want to work together. >> thom tillis making the rounds and again it will all be about turnout. tonight's tracking the elections
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segment, republicans in arkansas are trying to achieve a complete takeover of the state's top offices, the big west prize of all is of course this, the senate seat that could swing the balance of power in washington to the gop. senior national correspondent john roberts is in little rock tonight. >> it might seem like he as an air of -- >> now, it's not up to me, it's up to you. now everybody get back to work. >> congressman cotton is the man republicans hope will retire incumbent democratic senator mark pryor. prior is making a land stand, touting his support among republicans. >> he never asked me my political affiliation, he just did for me what was the right thing to do. >> pryor is also going farther than he ever has to distance
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himself from president obama who's deeply unpopular here. >> he has been a drag, i mean i'm just going to be honest about that. people here know that i have had my father share of disagreements with him. >> to cotton, such talk is too little, too late, why he asks wasn't pryor standing up to the president years ago. >> he talks one way in arkansas but he gets to washington and he votes like an obama liberal and it's just not good for arkansas. >> according to pryor, it's cotton who's not good for arkansas, who voted against the violence against women act. what may save pryor is family legacy, his father david seen here in an ice bucket challenge with popular governor, and u.s. senator, name recognition starts for a lot in arkansas. >> the bible talks about that a good name is worth more than
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great riches. >> but can the power of a political dynasty -- >> did you vote for president obama in 2008 and 2012? >> i did. >> are you comfortable with those votes? >> i'm disappointed in some of the things he's done, i think he has missed a lot of opportunities. >> the real clear politics average of polls now show pryor seven points down to cotton. still, pryor's campaign insists they have the data that shows they will prevail on tuesday and win a third term. at this point, brett, that would seem to be an awfully big hill to climb. >> alaska's democratic incumbent senator, has touted himself as born and raised in the state and willing to work with the other side politically, the republican challenger is only too tie the senator to -- of course dan
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springer has the latest tonight from anchorage. >> mark begich will go anywhere and -- one person who will not be showing up with him on the campaign trail is president obama. reminds voters of a congressional report that begich reports with obama # 0% of the time. in last night's debate, the candidates sparred over the president's agenda. he's wrong on gun rights, he's wrong on the issue of gun development, we had to purpose him. >> you have skup portded his
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policies, the vast, vast majority of the time. >> turn youth has been strong with 345% registered -- republicans represent about 27%. but in the early voting, you see them voeing at much higher rates than that. and i think that supports the idea that the intensity is on the republican side. >> but undeclared and nonpartisan voter who is make up 54% of the electorate will decide the outcome, just as they did six years ago in begich's sweep by less than 4,000 votes. >> with more than $50 million
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already spent, this is by far the most expensive race in state history, it's also the costliest in the u.s. on a per capita basis, the two sides have shelled out roughly $200 for every vote that will be taken. >> dan springer live in a gorgeous anchor rajs. now to louisiana and to what some pundits are calling a hail mary tonight from one democrat in -- playing that third rail of electoral politics t race card, correspondent doug mcelway on the reaction. >> has not always been -- >> senator mary landrieu's critics say insulting voters five days before the election is not a good campaign strategy, but the incumbent -- bill cassidy in the real clear politics average of polls, did it twice in the same interview. >> it's not always a good place for women to be able to prevent
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ourselves. >> within moments of those comments, louisiana's republican governor bobby jindal said, quote, she appears to be living in a different century. >> she's calling all of us in the south racist. she owes us an apology. >> reporter: a columnist wrote that landrieu's campaign has hit rock bottom. >> this campaign season, some african-americans have been seen walking out of presidential appearances. high african-american unemployment, and a wave of low wage immigrant labor from central america are seen as further threats, democrats need to inspire the african-american turnout. >> when you look at a percentage of americans who make up the vote, 21% in north carolina, 30% in georgia, it's a big deal that we have large numbers of african-americans turn out. that quite frankly is what makes those states so competitive in the south for democrats. >> over a month ago, the congressional black caucus targeted louisiana as key to
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democrats success. >> in louisiana, the focus is on the states that -- the black population in louisiana is almost 30%. in a race that is going to be close, clearly we tip the scales. >> the other alleged victimized constituency, turned out big for democrats in 2012. this year gop candidates have stayed on message. -- >> and we are going to escort her out the door. >> i'm going to call him fool, jerk and turkey. >> that little smirking, a little laughing. >> senator landrieu just issued a clarification moments ago, she said the south has not always been the friendliest or easiest place for african-americans to advance and it's been difficult for -- everyone knows that this is the truth and i will continue to speak the truth even as somewhat twists my words taking
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political advantage. none of this will matter when the democrats use the get out the vote targeting technology that worked so well in 2012, will work this year when so much of the base seems uninspired. >> the main reason she says energy policy is that the president is having -- up next, are president obama's aides plotting to cut congress out of a nuclear deal with iran. first here's what some of our fox affiliates across the country across the country are reporting tonight. a huge crowd turned out for a celebration with the world series winning giants, they finished off kansas city on thursday. fox 2 in st. louis where a base jumper became stuck near a tv tower. firefighters say the parachutist was caught on a guide wire about 125 feet from the ground. and this is a live look from new york, from our affiliate there, fox 5, the big story, amazing
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pictures of a giant drill bit being used in a construction project that pierced the -- short distance away from the station platform. the drill bit did not enter that train and we're told there were no injuries. that's tonight's live look outside the belt way on halloween. we'll be right back. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern.
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>> the national security crises keep piling up for president obama even as he tried to turn the preelection focus to the preelection economy. plotting an end run around congress to jam through a nucle nuclear deal with iran. . >> the details of rhodes call with liberal supporters in january were obtained by the washington free beacon. and congress would not be cut out of the deal, which faces a deadline of november 24th. >> congress has continued to be briefed and kept in the loop as we try to move this process forward. >> spokesman josh ernest has talked about a two-step process where congress could get a say in the second step. senator bob menendez have been
3:18 pm
seeking a bigger say that iran could get -- closer to obtaining nuclear weapons. >> i have said consistently that no deal is better than a bad deal. >> despite that vow from secretary of state john kerry, roads these the -- >> big deal, this is probably the biggest thing that president obama will do in his second term on foreign policy, this is health care for us. >> the president is in search of a win amid even more reach suggesting his team is racked by disputes over the strategy to defeat isis. pentagon officials are pointing fingers at national security advisor susan rice. we are getting a lot of micromanagement from the white house, basic decisions that should take hours are taking days sometimes. the substance of the president's strategy appears to be in deep trouble, the "l.a. times" reporting efforts to train
3:19 pm
syrian rebels are sagging. we're not going to be able to build that kind of credible force in enough time to make a difference. >> we believe the strategy is the right one and we believe it's working. doesn't mean that in the execution of it ther be readjustments and changes made in the execution of it, but the strategy is the right one. >> he wants to see the forces of bashar al assad teaming up with syrian rebels. the united nations says foreign fighters are joining terror groups on an unprecedented scale. it says about 15,000 are now in iran and syria alone. then a report fighters from more than 80 countries are working with al qaeda associates in syria and iraq. it says the increasingly sophisticated use of social media is giving the obama state group a kos mow poll tang experience. still ahead, the dangerous
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. a tragedy this afternoon in the mojave desert. at least one person has been killed in the explosion of a virgin atlantic spaceship. adam housely is following the story from los angeles. hello, adam. >> yeah, i was there when sir richard branson revealed spaceship 2. it was taking its first test flight using a new fuel. there was no word if this had
3:24 pm
nick to do with the crash, but it was the reason for today's test flight. branson is -- >> i knew, when other things weren't happening, it was because if something did happen, it was what i was not hearing and not seeing, and so it was, you know, if there was a huge explosion, it didn't occur, i didn't see it. >> originally, virgin had planned private space flights for 2010, those have been pushed to this year and just since september, branson announced that commercial flights would start in february or march of 2015. the requirements includes high -- there's also been reports that some of those who booked flights were starting to
3:25 pm
kla complain of the delays. there's two teams on their way to the airport in mojave and they will be there to start the investigate tiff process. a judge in maine has rejected a bid by state health officials to restrict the movements of of a nurse that returned from west africa. stacy hickcock should continue being monitored before but she is not -- >> samantha powell says she is self quarantining. the dow gained 195 today, to close at a new record high. the s&p 500 was up for its own record close. and the nasdaq finished 65. the dow was up 3.5%. the s&p 500 gained 2.75.
3:26 pm
the white house is announcing how 38 -- also released, new plans to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions and achieve new targets for sustain ability. the wife of the republican gubernatorial -- she'll th says dare -- >> now you've really gone too far for this mom and schoolteacher, telling people my husband wants guns in class ram s, you can't be serious. join me monday for a live chat streaming on fox from fox news world headquarters in new york, and preview the big races ahead at election day. submit your questions now at
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now some fresh picking from the republican grapevine. former massachusetts senator scott brown has faced repeated
3:31 pm
accusations in that race that he's a carpet bagger. a politician that wants to just get to washington doesn't really know the people of new hampshire. there was an apparent gotcha moment in last night's debate with opponent and senator jeanne shaheen. the moderator gave brown a grilling then accused him of not knowing his geography. >> senator brown, what do you see going right in the economy in sullivan county, and what's going wrong. >> i think you were talking about the north country, so what do you see as going well. >> we're talking about any place. >> -- sullivan county is west of concord, it's not north of concord, senator brown, so what do you see as going well and not going well. >> tweel, sullivan county is north and west of concord, prompting an apology after the debate. >> the truth is it's both, so on
3:32 pm
this point scott brown was right, i was wrong and i apologize to scott brown and to both campaigns. >> brown says he accepts the apology. now to a legal loophole allowing your tax dollars to buy drugs for dead people a report released today by the health and human services inspector general says it is perfectly legal for a recipient to fill prescriptions for 32 days after he or she dies, now that's spooky t review of 2012 records only focused on hiv drugs and found that taxpayers bought prescription for 158 dead hiv patients at total cost of almost $300,000. again, that's just one drug. the ig says the study only covered one quarter of one percent of prescriptions, but the same loophole is -- medicare says it's working to close that loophole. democrats in new york have an
3:33 pm
ominous warning for members of their own party, vote for else. the "new york post" reports letters from the states party went out to a million registered democrats this week, essentially saying if you don't vote, we'll come and find out. and it reads in part, who you vote for is your secret, but whether or not you vote is public record. if you do not vote there year, we will be interested in hear why not. state party officials say this is the practice to get out the vote. but others say it's bullying. a democratic insider calling the letter threatening, unnecessary and inappropriate. there is halloween tonight after all in northeastern pennsylvania. an accused cop killer who had evaded authorities for seven weeks has been captured reporting in a crime of fear in that area. >> did you kill that -- >> accused killer eric freen,
3:34 pm
handcuffed and stone faced surrounded by state troopers, being called a coward as he walked into the courthouse including first-degree murder and homicide of a law enforcement officer. the state is seeking the death penalty. >> i have characterized his actions. >> freen was on the run for 48 days after allegedly hiding in the woods outside -- shooting two troopers with a high powered rifle, killing corporal brian dixon and wounding trooper alex douglas. he was finally caught outside an abandoned airport hanger. next to the birch wood reports. offering freen plenty of places to find cover. once he was caught, he was shackled with corporal dixon's handcuffs and taken to jail in his patrol car. >> he is no longer on the run
3:35 pm
and now he will have to answer for his violent actions. >> reporter: sources say freen has admitted to his involvement in the shootings and he kept a second journal detailing his time on the run, sources also say he was surprisingly clean and well shaven when he was caught, suggesting that maybe it wasn't roughing it after all. >> rick lebenthal, thanks. please join us for another special documentary, this one focussing on the president's health care law and how the people in new hampshire are dealing with it. this clip, how some people feel after being forced to change doctors. >> why would you stop using your gin come list as your pcp 15 years ago. >> because i had issues that needed to be dealt with by doctors other than a gynecologist. >> additional travel time and additional wait time to go see new doctors in new places, these
3:36 pm
things affect people. and it's not just as easy as, well, you can just go see some other doctor. >> a newly updated fox news reporting live free or die, obama care in new hampshire can be seen saturday at 10:00 p.m. eastern and sunday 9:00 p.m. eastern time. this week i sat down with twitter's head of news, government and elections, to discuss the issues driving the conversation across the country on social media ahead of the midterms. >> we have been tracking about 15 to 20 different common issues people are talking about across the spectrum. one thing that jumps out, in nearly every single state, president obama is the driving topic people are talking about. if they're talking about this election, talking about politics, they're sharing their opinion, one way or the other, on the president. that is a very strong influence on the dialogue. >> for the entire interview, all the stats, you can head over to my blog, the daily
3:37 pm
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xeljanz can reduce ra pain and help stop further joint damage, even without methotrexate. ask about xeljanz. my record is an alaska record, i disagree with the president, clearly, he was wrong on gun rights, he was wrong on the issue of oil and gas development. >> you're saying that president obama iss eirrelevant. i couldn't disagree more, his policies are on the ballot. >> he has been a drag. i'm just going to be honest about that. people here know that i have had my father share of disagreements with him. he talks one way in washington, but he gets to washington and he votes for an obama liberal. >> we will see. the countdown is on until tuesday, we have three new fox polls from these battleground
3:41 pm
states. from kansas it is now a one point race according to our pollster. there were other polls that had orman up 10 points at the -- just a few weeks ago and now roberts looks like he's trailing one. in iowa, also a tight race and that had been prated as well. >> finally, north carolina, kay hagan up one over thom tillis, if you look at these three states in which we polled, president obama's popularity is low, but it's lowest in kansas. let's bring in our panel. syndicated columnist george will, and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. if the republicans don't take control of the senate, it will be because they gambled and said this election was all about president obama and some states may choose that it's not. >> it's a bet they're not
3:42 pm
decisively winning to put it mild by because drops are running reasonably far ahead of the president's voter rating. they can separate these things out and they can split their tickets. on the other hand, the democrats have made this as a kind of double down on 2012, when they said mitt romney causes cancer, essentially, he killed my wife and ran all those awful ads. this year it's republicans hate women and if you're not careful, they'll shoot black people. the problem with the democrats have is not with angry partisans, they show up all the time. the real answer, and this is a very smart republican consult t consultant, that's not quite an oxymor oxymoron. in wave elections, turnout actually goes down, and in wave
3:43 pm
elections, it's not that the angry partisans show up, they always show up. but the mildly peeved stay home, they're depressed. and what the democrats are worried about is that their base is mildly depressed. >> and what mary landrieu said -- the president is out and about trying to stir up the base as well. take a listen to this montage of sound bites. >> we have got to raise our voices to basically do away with policies and politicians that belong to -- in a madmen episode. when women succeed, americans succeed and we need leader who is understand that. >> i'm being very, very honest with you and the south has not always been the friendliest place for african-americans, it's been a difficult time for the president present himself in a very positive light as a leader. it's not a good place for to be able to present ourselves as more of a conservative place. >> i thought the senator's comments were ridiculous and
3:44 pm
offensive. she's calling all of us in the south racist, she owes us an apology. >> senator landrieu, democrat, has doubled down, releasing a statement tonight saying in part the main reason the president has struggled here is because his energy policies are not in line be the people of louisiana. and in addition the south has not always been the easiest place for african-americans to advance and it's been a difficult prays for women to -- everyone knows this is the truth and i will continue to speak the truth even as some would twist my words seeking political advantage. i don't think there's any twisting in that restatement she made to chuck todd. >> the south has not always been to put it mildly a friendly place for african-americans. let's not quarrel with that. but number two, it's a reality, if you look at the south, southern whites have always been the least favorable toward
3:45 pm
barack obama of any group in the country. i think what these states really show is that mary landrieu is way behind in louisiana and she's overtly playing a message that she's trying to appeal to the absolute core of the democratic base on a highly emotional level and she would not do that if she was more comfortable with his position. >> we have seen how the war on women has not really -- it doesn't seem to get a lot of traction this cycle. >> i would put it this way that what she's been doing so for as not worked and that's distancing herself from the president 69 on the one hand she's saying nobody in the south likes the president, but operate she's been telling the voters, i disagree with the president, i'll go to washington and fight the president. so the whole message is problematic and doesn't hang together. >> charles? >> i think that's a very kind way to put it. i think what's happening is, the 20 so election was run on
3:46 pm
ideology and the republicans won. people did not like the hyper liberalism of obama, with obama care stimulus, intrusiveness over regulation, six years later, ideology isn't the main issue, it remains, but it's competence, here's the party -- the democrats, and they can't shoot straight on anything tva, the obama care rollout, the secret service, and then you get ebola where they're running around and changing protocols every two weeks, they appoint an ebola czar who's disappeared, he can't be found. if you're a democrat, you can't argue ideology and you can't argue performance or steward ship or competence, what do you have left? you play the racism card and you play the gender card. on the gender issue, i think the
3:47 pm
war on women is becoming tiresome. it's losing traction, you've got wendy davis running for governor in texas, her entire campaign is i'm a victim of the war on women, i stand up for women. she's being crushed. i think it's a broken record. >> i wants to go down the road with a race that you find interesting, one line you find out about. >> the democrat martha cokley who lost to scott brown in the senate is losing to the republican charlie baker. the last five polls have her behind and when the "boston globe" not exactly a right wing rag endorses him over the democrat in a state that's 3-1 democratic, she's in big trouble. >> that was four lines, how about one. >> colorado is not pure blue yet. both corrie gardner what's running for senator against mark
3:48 pm
udall probably will win and there's an outside the republican candidate for governor will also state. >> illinois, the incumbent governor is presiding over a state with $100 million in unfunded liabilities, not even paying their bills, they're stiffing their vendors, running against the incumbent quinn is bruce rauner, he's a wealthy executive, he's being romneyed. >> being romneyed, it's now a verb. next up the lightning round. i took nyquil but i'm still stuffed up. nyquil cold and flu liquid gels don't unstuff your nose. really? alka-seltzer plus night rushes relief to eight symptoms of a full blown cold including your stuffy nose. (breath of relief) oh, what a relief it is. thanks. anytime.
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i'm happy to take it on. >> somebody like you that doesn't know a damn thing what you are talking about except to stand up and show off when the cameras are here. i have been here when the cameras aren't here, buddy. all you have been doing is flapping your mouth and doing nothing. if you want to have the conversation later, i'm happy to have it, buddy. until that time, sit down and shutup. i think a lot of people in this country have respect for me. i don't look forward to doing that stuff. no shrink away from it either. it's just another day at the ranch. ranch of chris christie. we will just keep doing our job. >> rancho christie. back with the frid dayening round. kristi unhinged or unplugged. whatever you want to say. >> is he a wine that won't travel? is he a northwestern street guy or is he presidential. >> i think people like authenticity until they don't like what you authentically are. they see that behavior and they say that's entertaining and that's fun but do we
3:53 pm
want it in lincoln's chair and do we want to give nuclear weapons to a man with such a short fuse. >> he has a problem which is that new jersey is ungovernorrable. he is the governor of a state where you can't make progress. he tried with the pensions, teacher tender and so forth. a lot of that has started to come on. as a result. he is getting frustrated. he had, of course, this problem with the bridge, and i have said all along, unless he can rack up a serious accomplishment. he is going to be in a little bit of trouble. >> untamed, the one rule is never say shut up. ever. >> okay. next up, private space craft virgin atlantic crashing, one killed today, another wounded. another injured and this comes after, of course, that spectacular explosion earlier this week. no one hurt in that,
3:54 pm
charles? this administration has dismantled the nasa program. we used to lead the world in transport. the great hope was the private industry would take it over. here is the catastrophe in the unmanned. today a catastrophe in the manned. this is way in the future as a result we have dismantled our capacity to actually make this stuff and we now have to outsource and pay the russians $70 million a pop just to get one astronaut into space. and this was an example of an industry that was high tech, highly advanced, and infrastructure and is now in shamables, without a replacement. >> winners and losers, quickly? >> my winner this week is the ceo of apple, tim cook, who with great dignity announced that he was proud to be gay and one of the -- i think the highest ranking official of such a large company ever to make such an announcement. my loser is anthony brown lt. governor of maryland trying to be governor, running the bluest state in
3:55 pm
america finds himself today in a toss-up race against republican larry hogan, according to the cook political report. >> winner bud selig, one of the three most important people ruth and jackie rob business son in the history of baseball presiding over last game beauty 7th game of the world series featuring a a strong market team engineered the loadsers are the people who try to kill the joy of halloween, particularly the one school that says it's zero tolerance of guns includes light sabers and plastic disorders. >> madison bum guardner who a month ago was a pitcher with odd come pound world series history. the best performance in 100 years the loser. the aforementioned ebola czar ron klein. does anyone know where the man is? >> that is it for the panel. we made it around on halloween night. stay tuned though for a tip
3:56 pm
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ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible. capital curtis and her friend becky fix it in that pumpkin. finally tonight, a lot of parents are either out right now with the kids or getting ready to go out trick or treating and there are all these safety tips. here is one. when getting your child ready always make sure the costume is not too top heavy. here hold this there. you and your sister beings take a video? >> i'm okay. [ laughter ] that's so funny, i'm okay. i'm okay. >> oh, yes.
4:00 pm
thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. don't forget, tuesday it all starts 6:00 p.m. kelly and me. see you then. >> it is down to the wire. tempers are flying, insults being flung all sorts of really mean accusations. yep, election day is coming and republicans are pulling out all the stops to regain control of the senate. tonight, we are taking you across the country inside critical races that will decide it all. "on the record" has live team coverage of those key races from the senate showdown to kentucky and iowa to the governor's races in florida and wisconsin. we begin in iowa. a high stakes race for the u.s. senate. it's also a dead heat for open senate seat. republican state senator joni earnst battling bruce braley. >> this could be a turning point for the united states of hurricane. >> i think this race, bruce's race is especia


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