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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  November 4, 2014 3:00pm-1:01am PST

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look, the fact she became a citizen and she's doing this, and i think it's great. >> for intelligent elect shung coverage, keep it on the fox news channel. bret baier, megyn kelly, we'll see you back here tomorrow. >> we are just an hour away now from the first results of 2014 midterm elections, after months of campaigning, polls are set to close in six states. good evening, everyone, i'm megyn kelley. >> the magic number is 51, a simple majority. here's the balance of power as it stands right now, 55-45. two independents caucus with the democrats to get to that 45
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right now. democrats need to win some of those tossups to hold on to power. >> it could all come down to just a handful of races, like iowa, where joni ernst has come in against bruce braley. >> new hampshire, a democratic stronghold, where scott brown is mounting a serious challenge to incumbent jeanne shaheen. >> and kansas, where independent greg orman is trying to knock off three term republican incumbent pat roberts. >> joining us throughout the evening, our all-star panel, with brit hume and charles krauthammer. >> chris wallace is here to break down the numbers with karl rove and joe trippi. and we start with martha .
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>> today fox news has been asking voters around the country, nearly 20,000 of them how they voted today and why. so even before any of the polls close, we can get a sense of what's motivating voters out there today. first a stunning finding on how people are feeling as they go into the volting booth. about half think that life in the future will not be better for their children. >> a number of those voting today say that life will be better in america. that is a record low, at 22% today. that is a very gloomy number. first let's take the polls in north carolina wrrks the republican tom tillis is trying to knock off the incumbent, democratic senator kay hagan. she's perhaps the most entrenenched republican out the tonight.
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hagan as argued that -- and in new hampshire, big race tonight as well. republican scott brown trying to get back to the senate, he is thought to win over independents there, look how tight this is, 49% of the independents going for shaheen at this moment. these are early numbers, keep in mind, people are still out there voting. let me show you one more from the national exit polls that we just got in moments ago as well. president obama has said that his policies are on the ballot tonight. many candidates have tried to steer clear of the president while they have been campaigning. 44% voted to show that they are opposed to president obama's policies. that number was a little bit higher in the 2010 midterms. it was 37%. and a bigger number.
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>> our decision team will be analyzing all the polling from around the country, and there's a look from inside that really amazing room. that's a live look. >> they call it nerd tank. >> crunching the numbers, nerd tank, the decision team, once the polls close, they have a projection based on the raw vote total, we'll bring it to you life. >> we begin in louisville, kentucky, with chief political correspondent carl cameron. carl? >> reporter: an awful lot of history and records may be broken tonight. this election campaign already is the second most expensive in the nation's history, second
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only to the 2012 presidential election. the 2014 constitutional midterms will outpace every other midterm in the nation's history. and here in kentucky, it's going to be about $100 million. no republican incumbent has been targeted by democrats for ouster moore than mitch mcconnell. he voted for himself today, no big surprise here in louisville. >> we had a chance to catch up with him just after he submitted his own ballot, listen. >> who did you vote for? >> i think we're going to have a good day here in kentucky and hopefully around the country. >> around the country meaning your first vote for senate will be what? >> i hope we're going to have a new majority to take america in a different direction. >> and he would therefore be supporting himself to be the next majority leader in the next senate. going after mcconnell as a denison of washington.
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>> fairing snasht mcconnell, does that sway you in any way ". >> the ground game we have is dynamic and it's unlike anything kentucky has ever seen. >> ground game is going to be tremendously important. democrats across the country have been rallying the last couple of weeks trying to get the african-american and the female vote to the polls aggressively in order to fight off some of these republican challenges, that was the case here in kentucky and particularly in north carolina. for republicans, an opportunity to for them to make history and they might have to be competitive. in 2012, the romney campaign had a big problem with that and president obama was elected and all the canning dats down the ballot on the republican side. republicans have spent $70 million plus since the 2012
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defeat. they have been testing it and testing it. today we have seen no reports of glitches. this may mean the republican party has a better chance to get out their vote which has been in the last eight years. >> state senator jon ernst has been taking on bruce braley. >> reporter: you know that i was produced basically one of the most memorable ads of this cycle with the gop candidate joni ernst talking about growing up on a farm and says she knows how to cut pork and that's what she'll do when she goes washington. the fact that she's commanded iowa national guard troops overskaes. she says she's feeling confident going into the final night here,
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but both sides know it's going to take volunteers and turnout, that could make all the difference for democrats tonight. congressman bruce braley, and hillary clinton, who always sparks 2016 chatter when she shows up in the hawkeye state. braley says he will represent all iowans, regardless of race or income. this is a critical state for democrats. he said basically on a call over the he has called on democrats here in iowa to, quote, double down to make sure that brale yooerbraley is the one who comes out victorious tonight. >> we're going to use our technology and our graphic to try and set the table for folks at home. this is the starting number now for the united states senate.
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democrats and two independents voting with him at 55 a 5 voting with him at 55 a7 and republicans at 55. what we think may happen at the moment, 55-45. we do believe, talking to so many people, seeing a lot of polling over the last couple of months that west virginia will go republican and so too will south dakota and so too will montana. you've got three state there that go from blue to red. among the remaining blue states on the map, where do you turn? is it iowa possibly where joni ernst is running a good cam pain, is it colorado? that u puts you at 50/50. maybe you get a call tonight in the state of arkansas. that would do it alone so long as republicans hold their lead in kentucky and in georgia. >> come 7:00, we should know some things. >> indeed, i really think within
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the next hour to the next hour and 20 minutes are going to be interesting, bret. you come over to the east coast light now, at 7:00, you're 50 minutes away in kentucky, we'll find out whether mitch mcconnell can defend his seat. he might be the majority leader by the end of the night. i mentioned georgia down here, this is a rice where you need to get to 50% otherwise, you wait until january to do it again. then at 7:30, which is an hour and 19 minutes from now, things get very interesting because this race in north carolina is the most expensive senate race we have seen in american history. and so far as we can tell, kay hagan a democrat and tom tillis a republican are in a coin toss at the moment. >> if democrats are going to hold, in an hour and a half, we should have some indication whether they're going to have a good night. >> i really think that's a good point, whether it's new hampshire or north carolina, if democrats hold, they'll extend
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the evening a lot later into the evening and will have a chance to maintain the majority. >> thank you, bill. come back often. we want to draw your attention to the bottom right of your screen, left of where we're talking. that's where you'll find the balance of power throughout the night. going into today, democrats controlled the senate, but tonight americans are voting on 36 of those seats, so before the polls close, democrats technically only hold 34 seats, while republicans hold 30. so each time a race is called tonight, you'll see the number in the corner of the screen and it will tick up. republicans are expected to pick up seats tonight so they need a net gain of six seats to take control. that's what you'll see on the screen. right now the net gain is zero, but we'll somewhere a running tally with this graphic throughout the night. if they get to six, and if they hold what they're defending, they take control of the united states senate. >> it's confusing because it's 34 and 30, but it's going to tick up as the night goes on and there will be a lot more drama
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as we get to 9:00 or 10:00 tonight. juan williams, kirsten powers and charles krauthammer, welcome to you all. and so tonight, everyone's watching their television screens and there's a little bit of drama because this is not a foregone conclusion that republicans are going to take the senate tonight, brit. >> it's not a foregone conclusion, although clearly the odds favor that, enough races are close to that so if democrats would win a bunch of them they would retain control of the senate. so we're looking at states which polls close early which may tell us which direction it's going to go throughout the night. in the state of virginia, gillespie had him down nearly double digits, three of the four polls in the average had him down double digits coming into election day. the gillespie people were very
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excited today about one of their internal polls which showed them up a point. that by no means tells you that's meaningful. if that race turns out to be really close, and we may know this early on when the polls close at 7:00, it could tell us something not only about virginia. >> if allison lundergren-grimes is have been a tough night, you could see a rally there. >> if that happened, we have georgia and kentucky who original lay two states that were not really a year ago considered to be in contention and now are in contention and could be potential democratic pickups so if we see that being even a tight race, that's something really to watch. i'm burglar ly -- it's going to
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be a bad night for democrats eflt. >> we have talked about the senate races, how about the governor's races, what are the most interesting ones in your view? >> it's really fascinating that suddenly the gubernatorial races are front and center. because if you look at some of the seats that are now held by democratic incumbents, and you would think no big deal, but in this current environment, they are at ring. what i'm talking about here is states like massachusetts, who would guess that in a deeply blue state, you could have a republican right now locked into a tight contest for that governor's seat. similarly, illinois, another deep blue state where you can watch and you'll see that the republican in some of those contests are in the lead. and you have what i think may be the featured race in terms of governors race tonight, kansas, where you have former senator brown beck where he said he was going to cut taxes and spur the
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economy and he's lost support among republicans. i think a lot of people are going to be watching that also megyn, because of the impact it has on the senate race. >> pull back to 30,000 feet. obviously a lot of republicans ran really against president obama and this administration. tonight, what do you think this picture is? >> well, it certainly will be a verdict over the six years of the obama -- we have been hearing for years from the media about the raging civil war in the gop, between the tea party and 2 establishment, here we have a crucial mid term election where you've got the insurgenin, the outsiders if you like, rallying with the -- there's been some conservative contests, the gop within the primaries
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that have been nasty and angry, but once those got settled, you got outsiders like rand paul, like ted cruz campaigning in states which are called establishment senators, unless the republicans have a bad night, in which case the civil war will start up tomorrow and it will be a bloody one, but if they have a reasonably good night, this bodes extremely well for 2016, they rallied together to try to do well in the midterm. and i think that means that when the bloody primaries for the presidential are over in two years, they will rally together to win the big prize, which is the white house. >> something tells me we'll be back many times, make sure to follow us on twitter at bretbaier. >> and @megynkelly. fox news facebook, get in on the conversation nice and early. we're just getting started on
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this very busy election night. in moments we head down to louisiana where democratic senator mary landrieu is fighting to keep her seat. and we find out still where there may be no winner. >> we're heading to new hampshire, scott brown in a tough fight to unseat uncouple bent jeanne shaheen, all part of this battle to control this senate. again, net gain of six is what the republicans need. >> and a live look at a polling location in denver where there is a senate race. polls there close in less than three hours. from the world headquarters of fox news in new york city, this is america's election headquarters. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. haeded a bunch of steel.
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welcome back to america's headquarters, the clock is ticking towards the first poll closings of the night. key battleground states could determine who takes control of the balance of power in the u.s. senate. polls said to close in south carolina and virginia. >> we have an army of reporters
3:21 pm
spread out all over the country. john roberts live from senator mary landrieu's headquarters in new orleans, where we may not even have a winner tonight, john? >> there's a good chance this is going to a rungoff, megyn. mary landrieu has a good chance of winging her runoff. 2002, she did it again, that time by three points, but changing politics here in louisiana in a deeply unpopular president have altered the presidential landscape, it could be a real challenge for her to win another runoff tonight or at least in december. as landrieu reminds voters of a record in seniority in this state, her republican opponent bill cassidy is trying to tie her to policies that even landrieu says has hurt louisiana. there's a good chance that no
3:22 pm
one will hit 50% and we will be back here again saturday december 6 for that runoff. jump three states east in the south, and the landscape is ---michelle nunn with the libertarian candidate, amanda swofford taking enough of the vote that no one there will take 50% of the vote. and then we'll do it all again in the new year. now a couple of reasons the race down in the beach state is so close. georgia first of all is changing demographics, also perdue very bad lly wounded when a 2005 deposition was made public when he talked about his career outsourcing, outcourse -- didn't have the resources to immediately respond to it. also, hiss campaign was blind sided by that deposition because perdue, a political newcomer
3:23 pm
hadn't told them that it existed. megyn. >> john roberts, thank you. >> just want to point out really quickly that right now, we have started on the bottom of your screen, you can see the graphics are coming up. >> there will be a check mark when we make a call when that happens. >> one of those things that's going to get more exciting later. >> we are officially in data mode. >> up next, kansas where independent greg orman is trying to unseat long-time republican pat roberts and james rosen is live from orman's headquarters. >> let's stay with data mode, the last time that kansas sent anything other than a republican to the united states senate was 1932, but that could well happen tonight with this stunning campaign waged by greg orman.
3:24 pm
>> the campaign of senator pat roberts, the inge coupcumbent f third term. by moat accounts, roberts waged ---double digit polling gap, pat trick miller of the united states of kansas, a political scientist, tweeted out a short while ago that he's hearing that republican turnout will be 52%, not the number that republicans need. >> molly line is live from scott
3:25 pm
brown's headquarters in manchester. >> it's possible that we will see a record tongurnout as far midterm elections are concerned. both -- there's been a tremendous's get out the vote effort here in these contests. let's talk about from the beginning, we have senator scott brown, the former senator from massachusetts coming over the border from, of course, the south, to challenge democratic senator jeanne shaheen, brown first gained national fame here in the 20 -- to fill the seat that was left vacant by senator ted kennedy. he went on to lose in 2012 against now senator elizabeth warr warren, and shaheen, also the former governor here in new hampshire working to remind voters of just that fact, we are waiting for the polls to close, it will not happen until 8:00 tonight.
3:26 pm
>> virginia, vermont and kentucky, six states ready to close their polls at the top of the hour. >> you're looking at senator majority leader mitch mcconnell's campaign headquarters in kentucky. could he become the next majority leader by the end of the night? plus president obama's name is not on the ballot, but is this election all about him? >> make no mistake i these policies are on the ballot, every single one of them. i have the worst cold with this runny nose.
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it's 6:30 p.m. eastern time. the very first polls closing in about half an hour from now. among them key senate races in georgia and kentucky, with a seat held by the current senate majority leader is on the line. also at stake, the balance of power in the senate, as it stands light now, 55-45 as two independents are caucusing with the democrats. republicans need to pick up six seats to regain control of the senate. >> republicans have been excusing on the president's own words from earlier this month. >> i'm not on the ballot this
3:30 pm
fall, michelle's pretty happy about that, but make no mistake, these policies are on the ballot, every single one of them. >> bret, the bottom line is the president also caused a lot of heartburn for democrats when he said on the radio that -- the president's been so radioactive on the trail that today he kept a very low profile, no public events, bunch of get out the vote radio interviews, but most of them had to do with governor's races, only a handful, the north carolina races, now though, with democrats potentially about to lose control of the senate, his press secretary josh ernest tried to distance the president from that, saying this is up to individual candidates not the commander in chief. republicans are saying not so fast. >> i think most voters are
3:31 pm
deciding who to vote for based on the name that's on the ballot, not the name that's not. >> they're concerned about the direction that the obama administration is taking the country, is second is they want to see if they can get things done. >> i imagine the president tried to stay under the radar today, the only glimpse we got of him was a meeting with some advisors about the ebola problem. they only let still photographers in there. he'll be here in the white house getting -- traditionally there's a news conference a day after these results from the midterms finally come in, there's a lot of rumor, speculation about potential shake-up, what he does with his staff, it will come down to how big are these numbers. >> chris wallace along with karl rove and joe trippi. >> the campaign cowboys who are
3:32 pm
ready to round up, rustle up some numbers, you look around this place, high-tech, fancy graphics as you're going to see, these guys who are going to do a campaign or two, do it the other way, let's start with the state of north carolina which is one of the first things we'll be looking at, the polls close at 8:00, kay hagan, the republican democratic senator holding on to a slim lead with tom tillis. show us your fancy new galgt. >> we're going to be looking at the predict-o-meter. kay ha zbrgan has a 7% lead in polls. that will give us a sense, how do the last minute voters break, how did the undecideds go. >> it's somewhat of a flat tie anyway, that will give you a sense of who's going to win, because she doesn't have much
3:33 pm
margin for error. speaking of which, joe, what are you going to be looking at in north carolina. >> there's a county in western north carolina, near the tennessee border and newhanover in southeast north carolina. boez of those counties voted with the winner regardless of party the last deck indicate or two in wade county where hagan is going to beat tillis in that county. if it gets up to 15% margin, she's on her way to winning. >> okay, now another one of the early states, again, it closes at 8:00 is new hampshire. you've got a predict-o-meter for new hampshire. the key thing about this, if shaheen is expanding that margin, that's the indication that democrats can start looking across the other states and start thinking maybe, just maybe they're pushing those margins
3:34 pm
out. if it's closer than this. >> there's a couple of places that you're going to be looking at for early returns in new hampshire hp. >> there are nine towns, two city wards and seven towns along the new hampshire-massachusetts border, the four towns on the border of the state. >> we're going to be looking at manchester, these are predictive town villages that for some reason -- >> virginia, virginia is interesting and let's put up the board for there. that was thought to be an easy win, a hold for the democrats, republican mark warner over former rnc chairman gillespie.
3:35 pm
labor day the real clear politics average of polls, warner won by 8.7%. by monday, he was still warner leading by 9.7, there's some talk tonight, and it's just sort of scuttlebutt that warner, that gillespie might have a chance. >> this might be the canary in the coal mine, perhaps we're going to see as we move further west, we're going to see a wave election developing. think about this, two months ago, almost a 20 point race, a month ago, double digits, but if it's close tonight, it says the undecideds at the end, and it did have a large number of undecideds. they're breaking for the republicans out of power and out of the white house. >> joe this would be a really a shock if mark warner were to lose.
3:36 pm
>> this thing closes to low single digits, just to see that early in the night, that tells you as we move west, oh, man, it's a total -- >> insuddenly that race is closed, does that indicate to you that republicans are moving in other states too? >> it's not just the state, we have seen this happen in other states over the closing week here, whether it's brown closing a little bit on shaheen in new hampshire, all these incumbents in the east may hold on, but if it does sort of confirm that there was a closing going on in the last week, that's spells trouble. >> we have got about a minute left, you obviously are plugged in to republicans, you're plugged in to democrats. just quickly, what are you hearing, are people saying gee, it looks better than they thought? worse than they thought? >> you can find anybody here on election day. that's why we're interested in this early movement, because the nation tends to move together. it's not that everybody votes republican, but if it moves
3:37 pm
2006, the country moved in a democratic direction, 2010, moved in a republican direction, if tonight, we're seeing it in states like new hampshire and north carolina, which were expected to be democratic victories and virginia which was supposed to be a democrat blowout, if it's close in these states, it may be an indication that the undecideds and the independents say we're voting for the republicans. >> democrats, it's going to be rough, is there a path to get there? there are enough states that are close enough that maybe if kansas falls, maybe if alaska can hold, they can hold on to the majority, but it's going to be, i have said it, and pulling an inside straight a minor miracle to do it. >> that's the campaign cowboys who just can't wait for the polls to close, so they can actually start looking at real numbers, look at precincts, if someone is winning in this precinct, where the state might go. don't try this at home.
3:38 pm
>> don't do this without parental supervise. >> unfortunately, there's flun none at this table. >> i hope we have enough sharpies for the predict-o-meter. >> as millions of americans head to the polls, how the economy could influence their votes, neil cavuto will break it all down here. >> and we're now less than 30 minutes to the very first poll closing, 22 minutes to be exact and the first real indication of how this night will go for democrats and republicans, you are watching fox news, america's election headquarters, stay with us.
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>> we have been talking a lot about senate races, but 36 governors' seats are also up for grabs tonight. republicans are defending 22 states while democrats are defending 14, so the top gubernatorial races we're watching, wisconsin, a tight one, where democrat mary burke is hoping to unseat incumbent scott walker, that would be his third general election in a couple of years. and florida where incumbent governor rick scott is up against democrat charlie crist. >> and as we get closer to polls closing, a majority of americans, 40% say the economy is the most important problem facing this country right now. so if republicans take control
3:43 pm
of the senate, what might change? neil cavuto is here, senior vice president of fox news and fox business, so we are honored to have you here tonight. >> you guys have two more people. this is amazing. >> thank you for the time you have given us. >> please. >> the economy is front and center and it's coming through in al of these exit polls and it's coming through in one race after another. we have all gotten into this, the economy is technically by all measures improving, but what's hurting the president, i guess similar to george bush sr. in 1992, people are not feeling it. they appreciated it and the numbers showed it later. but what's really surprising is that this president, he and his party r not benefiting from that, that six years into a
3:44 pm
recovery, the most tepid we have seen in american history, it's just not following through. >> why is that? >> when you look at someone who's lost a job and gained a job, you leaf out the fact that they got another job. nothing like the benefits they had. and when you multiply that by millions there,'s the real fatigue factor and the sentiment that expresses itself in a variety of ways. individual participation is the lowest it's ever been in history. in other words retail participation, outside of mutual funds, 401(k)s and the like. >> what do you mean, going to the store and buying stuff? >> at the head of the last bull market when our taxi drivers would be buying and selling
3:45 pm
stocks in their cars, but there's nothing like that kind of sentiment. >> we hear the unemployment rate of 5.9, but the gdp seems like a number that should really stir some thought. >> there is a delayed followthrough on that, bret, if you think about it, we have gone from 2% growth, to the 3% growth, but it is nothing like you usually see coming out of a recession, 6% or 7%. nothing like the gains in jobs that would average 350 to 400, 500,000 a month, we're lucky if we have put that up in half a year. >> we talk about the real unemployment rate, with 8.6 million americans, either unemployed or under employed. >> under employed is the most, we all know people who have lost jobs, that technically counts as a job that i i. >> the market's been kind of on
3:46 pm
a tear. if republicans do manage to pick up the senate tonight, what do you think the fallout is? >> i do think that the recent runup from what we were experiencing a couple of weeks ago, was this telegraphing of the possibility that the gop could do very, very well. there are a lot of people who like gridlock, you have heard this whole notion that when the house and the senate are under one party's control and then you have the white house under another party's control, particularly democratic control, this type of potential tonight, the markets do extremely well. but the reality is that a lot of people aren't participating in that and what we have had in the rungup to these markets, you have the fed giving money away in these markets. whether a republican or democrat, you're going to have to deal with that reality, that we might have just built this up on a false set of cars. >> my wife -- >> watch yourself. >> bottom line.
3:47 pm
>> i think we're getting a sense from retailers, that we're getting ready for a good holiday season. fedex has been doing that, all the major department stores have been doing that, we're going to be getting into that on fox business, who really -- these are the people who really know, right? and they're saying that they think the trechbtd is their friend, but it is so tentative, so stubborn that a lot of people aren't seeing it. atv up pilot say i see the improvement, but it's not much to write home about. >> and bret, the two of you are like a wedding cake. it's really just me and doug. trying to make the best of it. >> i can't provide all the sex appeal. >> but if you guys want to watch
3:48 pm
me during the break to sort of catch up, we'll do it. we are counting down as the first polls are set to close in georgia, south carolina, virginia and kentucky, all moments from now. >> and it's a live look here at mitch mcconnell's headquarters in louisville, kentucky. kentucky's senate race has become one of the ugliest of 2014. >> and potentially lead a republican takeover of the u.s. senate. >> brit hume, george will, juan williams, charles krauthammer all here with analysis live from new york city, this is america's election headquarters. (vo) you are a business pro. maestro of project baron of the build-out. you need a permit... to be this awesome. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the
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3:52 pm
you think that bodes well for the rest of the night? >> i think, yes. there are some states where republicans have no business being even close, like in virginia. where the democratic senators, popular former governor was way ahead as we said earlier in the evening. and in new hampshire, where scott brown isn't even local. he came across from massachusetts. if those are close, and i don't expect them to flip, they could. but if they are close, that is a real indication of a shift to the right and that would mean that all the states in the midwest, the ones we have talked about where the democrats are vulnerable could easily fall. i think that the margin here -- it's not thatç republicans have to have virginia even north carolina. if that is closer than they should be, and that appears to be the indication that will body extremely well for republicans in the midwest and, of course, in the rest of the country.
3:53 pm
>> president obama is the one who nationalized this election saying all of my policies are up for debate. that's what voted on. mistake? >> well, there was no getting away from that, even if he hadn't said it. i think it probably made it easier for each of these candidates to then say, listen, president obama said this. but they were already doing it they were already nationalizing it. that's almost can account for scott brown's entire race of him catching up is that he has been able to nationalize this election and make it about barack obama and people are unhappy with barack obama. >> got an unexpected assist from the president. >> right. that's what i'm saying. i think it did make it worse. i have said this before. i think that the bind the democrats are in is that they need to turn out the base. and so barack obama -- he is the one who can turn out the african-american voters they were in a bind of distancing but also trying to get those voters to come out. >> in fact, juan, he cut a robo call today for kay
3:54 pm
hagan. he has called african-american radio stations to try to stir up the african-american community. do you think that is key to which race? >> i think it's very much key if you look across the south. because there you have a large african-american population. so we are looking there at louisiana. we're looking at north carolina. we're looking at georgia. even arkansas. so, in all those cases, it's not only barack obama but the clintons who are appealing to that base. and part of that, of course, is getting out young people. part of the difficulty in a lot of these races is atmosphere. i mean, you can feel this as you have been traveling around, it's an anti-incumbent year. you have a number of democrats who are incumbents who are in this position where normally the incumbent would have the advantage. it looks like this feels like a year where people are saying you know, washington is not working for me. and i want something different. i'm look for is somebody who can break out. i think that's why you get a situation where even republicans incumbents tonight, i think are at risk. >> brit, if that's true, why are we seeing, for example, in kentucky where the days before today mitch mcconnell
3:55 pm
seemed to be pulling ahead 7, will points as incumbent as they come and this young fresh face interesting candidate opposing him in kentucky at least it doesn't seem as anti-incumbent. >> kentucky is a fairly blue state. i might say about kentucky. we have got numbers on the screen now showing mcconnell up ahead, what, 8 points or whatever. that's probably going to tighten. the in fact the mcconnell camp was saying megan that you expect grimes to do well in the early returns because of where they come from. mcconnell, however, is doing better in the coal counties. he would be expected to do well in the coal counties. but he is doing better than did he in 2008. which suggests to me, anyway that mcconnell is running ahead in places where he was expected to do well but expected to do better -- which i think bodes well for him. also, young is good, inexperience is not so good. she made some mistakes. he ran a pretty caringful, cautious i won't say
3:56 pm
flawless campaign but he ran a campaign. campaigns matter in these things. >> panel, thank you it is important to point out as we look at these numbers. different states come in differently. republicans, democrats different areas. so we want to look at those numbers in the raw and also the exit polls as they come in. >> you can show one candidate ahead of the other. that person's county came in first. it's difficult to tell much from those data. moments away now from polls closing in six states. that will be key data including virginia and georgia. >> perhaps the biggest battle of the night so far, the fight for senate mitch minority leader in kentucky. back with the first poll closings of the night 2014 after this.
3:57 pm
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geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. jesse? we are just moments away from the first poll closings of the night and soon we could have a clearer picture of who will be in control of the u.s. senate when all is said and done. good evening. i'm bret baier. >> good evening, everyone. i'm megyn kelly. the clock is ticking down now and just seconds for now voting will end in six states including georgia and kentucky. those are two big ones. in kentucky, republican incumbent mitch mcconnell has been locked in a tight race with democratic challenger alisyn green grimes. if the party wins this and we regains the. senate majority leader. we should point out that part of the state has already closed polls which is why you are getting some
4:00 pm
of the raw vote out of kentucky about half an hour ago. that's why we are getting some of that. the rest of the state will close in seven seconds. >> that's the big one. kentucky is the big one and georgia is the big one as well. that poll is also closing so here we go. >> it's 7:00 here in new york and we have big news to report now that the polls have closed in a half dozen states. the first batch in what promises to be be a consequential election to determine who will control the u.s. senate. >> we now have our first clues as to whether barack obama who spent the first two years of his presidency with democrats firmly in control of the house and senate will spend the last two years with republicans. running both chambers remember, president obama once enjoyed a filibuster-proof majority in the senate and a super majority in the house. the first president to have such an advantage since jimmy carter. but in 2010 president obama lost the house to republicans. and tonight he is in real danger of losing the senate as well. thanks in no small part to his own wage popularity. >> of the 36 senate races
4:01 pm
being held today, at least a dozen are considered competitive. bottom line, republicans currently hold 45 seats. they need to pick up a net gain of six to get to the 51-seat majority. we should emphasize that america will not necessarily know by the end of this night which party will control the u.s. senate with close races in north carolina and colorado. it might take actually days to sort out, especially since there could be recounts. if today's elections in louisiana and/or georgia we might not know for months. >> or we might. >> but we might. >> here is what we do know at this hour. fox news can project that mitch mcconnell will win re-election to his kentucky senate seat by defeating alisyn lund lund began grimes. thought they had a chance of flipping from red to blue. also significant because if
4:02 pm
republicans take control of the senate other big news at this hour is that the state of virginia, the commonwealth of virginia, the senate race there between incumbent democrat mark warner and republican challenger ed gillespie is too close to call. according to fox news exit polls, this race is looking much closer than it did preelection polling in which warner, a former virginia governor, held a month's long 20 point lead over gillespie the former chairman of the republican national committee. gillespie eventually cut that lead in half. now, we're telling you that this race is too close to call. it's even closer. so stay tuned for updates on this developing story in virginia. >> that is a headline grabber right there. polls have also now closed in georgia. but it is too early to call a winner in the closely fought race between republican businessman david perdue and democrat michelle nunn who is the daughter of former senator sam nunn. if neither candidate exceeds
4:03 pm
auto% of the vote in georgia tonight. that election will drag on for another two months with a run-off set for january 6th. in other words, if no one gets more than half of the vote in today's contest, to succeed republican saxby chambliss in georgia it's control that the entire control of the u.s. senate will not be decided until next year. >> we should put the caveat. if republicans have a good night we could call that tonight. maybe later on. in south carolina, fox news projects republican also win re-election in not one but two senate seats basted on exit polling and raw vote total senior senator lindsey graham who already flolted the possible presidential bid in 2016 will easily dispatch of his democratic challenger. fox news also projecting the other race there. >> the junior south carolina senator tim scott will vanquish. there is a flourish in this copy. democrat joist dickerson in a special election. scott appointed to the seat
4:04 pm
by jim demint in 2012 will now two years of the term. it is historic moment with his victory, scott will be the first african-american elected to the senate from a former confederate state since the end of reconstruction. >> so, what does that first batch of races mean to the balance of power in the next year's senate? let's start with the fact that there are no elections tonight in 64 senate seats. so, those 64 senators will remain in washington. form the bulk of the new senate. that breakdown is as follows: 30 republicans, 32 democrats as well as two independents who caucus with the democrats. so, for purposes of our discussion here tonight, the balance of power effectively begins with 30 republicans, 34 democrats. and when you add tonight's g.o.p. re-elections in kentucky and south carolina, the balance of power at this point in the evening stands at 33 republicans. 344 democrats. >> basically just keep watching though when one hits 51, then you will know who has control of the senate. >> yeah, we will be putting up the net gain throughout the night. >> right. >> for republicans who are expected to pick up seats. >> that's important.
4:05 pm
the net gain, they may gain -- the republicans may gain a seat or two seats or three seats. then they may lose a seat. we are trying to keep track of the net which they need six of. obviously both of those numbers are going to grow as more election results pour in. since none of the elections has turned the senate seat from blue to red or visa versa. we do not yet have any net change in the balance of power between republicans and democrats. remember, the republicans need a net gain of six in order to win control of the senate. >> feels like we are instructing people. >> there is a loft of numbers. >> whenever there are a lot of numbers we get confused. >> what does this first batch mean for the balance of power in next year's senate? we will start with the fact that there are, as we said, no elections in 64 seats. so he would not going to read that again. that's exactly not what we're going to do. >> hint, hint. >> we are going to get off the numbers and maybe bring in our panel. >> oh. here they are. >> oh, wait. george will. >> sitting over there laughing at us. let's bring our panel for
4:06 pm
their take. george will, bob beckel, dana perino and charles krauthammer. george, your thoughts on what we have seen so far. >> i think we are the verge of an unusual volatility at least in senate politics. not so much in the presidential. when obama least office after the end of his term, we will have had three consecutive two-term presidents which we have not had since jefferson, madison and monroe. there is stability at the presidential level. in the senate tonight, we are looking for something that's quite an unusual convulsion. i think you can understand it with this simple number. the last time republicans defeated more than two democratic senators on election night was 1980. that's 17 elections go since they have defeated even three and the republicans, now maybe they are leaning out over think skis a little bit in some of their anticipation. but they have said that they are going to get more two, three, four or five. now, the question is we're going to watch for in these
4:07 pm
returns tonight the democrats have said all along they are going to perform better than their last polls because they have a kind of serene confidence in the superiority which has been true in their superiority of the get out the vote measures technological and simple shoe leather. people on the ground going door to door. we will see whether they were bluffing or whether they were pressing. >> bob, the fact that we can call kentucky at this hour. the fact that virginia is too close to call. you look at these results, what do you see? >> well, the -- no surprise at all. gillespie is a surprise to this extent. i mean, you know, i'm very leary about exit polls as it is. i think we have had that issue here, haven't we? >> i think so. >> past years? >> win this it would be a very big republican night. i don't think it's going to happen. what we have to look at is two races. in new hampshire and north carolina. if the democrats were to lose one of those two seats or both of them, it will be
4:08 pm
virtually mathematically impossible to figure out how you get back to the majority. now, having said that, george pointed out about the number of people defeated. i was in that 1980 race and i have -- i had the license plate tattooed right here it says r.r. on it. and it is true. but, let's keep in mind that the senate is the most cyclical of the two houses. and it goes -- it comes, it goes. it is not -- with all due respect to my friend charles krauthammer. it is not a referendum on anything about a little bit on barack obama. but the idea to suggest that it is a philosophical election is just -- well, i would defer to my colleague, but i would really challenge that. >> you know, dana, it's hard to get people to fire somebody. even in politics. and even back in 2012 with a lot of anti-obama sentiment, we saw that even people who were on the fence they didn't want to fire him. and now tonight, for those who are saying this should be a run away republican year.
4:09 pm
anti-obama sentiment is strong. his poll numbers are low. it's still hard to convince somebody to boot a sitting senator out of his or her seat. >> incumbents are always really -- are pretty wildly popular. also, americans are nice. we want to give someone a second chance, especially on the presidential level. it's very rare to not gave president a second term. you have seen that with clinton, george w. bush and obama. this year is different, i think, in the senate because you have incumbents who are democrats who actually reside in red states. meaning that they voted for romney, mccain, probably bush. so, it was going to be difficult for those incumbents, anyway. also look at the house. we haven't really talked about that. but all of the house numbers are up. john boehner the speaker of the house has raised $100 million on his own to help reelect that majority. is he going to increase it to the point that they will have more republicans this year, going into this cycle than they have since 1929. that is significant. it is more durable because those incumbents are hard to beat. across the country, only out
4:10 pm
of 435 races, only about 17 to 20 of them were actually considered competitive. so you are absolutely right. incumbents are right to beat. >> dana, you are one of the few people who pointed to virginia as a possibility and your owe old friend ed gillespie and on the five numerous times you did. that race a couple of interesting things happened. one was the controversy about mark warner trying to call and make a call about the state senate there. >> that was a question of corruption and character. >> and then there was this ad that ed gillespie runs at the end part of this campaign as the red skins are playing monday night football. he runs an ad saying we shouldn't be worrying about the red skins' name, we should be worried about solving problems and he runs the ad on monday night football. >> the reason i'm smiling so much is ed gillespie and i worked together under george w. bush. he is like a brother to me. i always believed he was going to win this race not because i think of him like family because he would tell me these are the things i'm doing to try to win.
4:11 pm
he has been very smart. he went all across the country. he has been a joyful candidate. he loved campaigning. and has consistently been able to put warner, just outcampaign him. he has knocked on more doors. mark warner took this race for granted for a while. ed gillespie surprised him. he is the best message candidate in the country. this is a guy one of the authors of the contract with america. he had optimistic agenda. i think his campaign will be one to cope copy in the future for successful. >> far for me to pour water an i'm all for you. >> bob, you have been with me this whole time. don't break it now. >> right now the exit polls -- this is a reason i don't believe in them 18% of the black vote for ed gillespie is isn't going to happen. >> i beat is he we would make him wear a t-shirt on the five. >> private fight my own with beckel since he provoked me i will take the beckel bait. of course this is a
4:12 pm
referendum on obamaism. in 2010 we had our first referendum and he got a shellacking in his own words. with the 2010 wasn't so much an election. it was a restraining order. and obama was restrained. he lost the house. and as a result he lost control of his agenda. but what we're seeing now is obama is inaction. he has had six years. in 2010 obamacare was an aspiration, it was an idea. it was a bill on a piece of paper. now it's a reality. it's been extremely influential in this election. this is the last time that americans have the chance to render a verdict on the obama presidency. and it is a negative one. whether or not it's going to be a crushingly negative one or a moderately negative one it is clear-birmingham that is not -- obama is not a clear -- obama is not a clinton. is he not a center-left traditional democrat. he is a man who pushes the envelope.
4:13 pm
with obamacare, with cap and trade, overregulation. with largest spending bill in american history. on that on that i think the country is speaking. on that it shows historically his philosophy of government i think is going to be a parenthesis in american history. >> if i can take the bait back from you, my friend. you said -- i agree with you about obamaism but it not liberalism. liberalism has many many many different forms. and he does not encompass all of them. >> we can talk about isms a little bit later. >> we have governor races to call for you. fox news can project that south carolina incumbent republican nikki haley will win re-election over her democratic challenge ervin sent shaheen based on our exit polling data. >> in georgia it's too close to call to call that race between nathan deal and democratic challenger jason
4:14 pm
carter. neither. in georgia that means you would head to a runoff in december in the governor's race. >> in vermont it is too early to prompt whether democratic governor shunlin will turn back a challenge by republican scott mills. we will keep watching that as well. >> again, the big news v.a. is very close. to two is that mitch mcconnell will win re-election. we are not talking just by a litigation bit. it looks like by a lot. the fact that we are able to call that race right now even after all the focus we have spent on the kentucky senate race. carl cameron is live at campaign headquarters for mcconnell. karl? >> hi there, breath. the democratic senatorial campaign committee targeted mitch mcconnell as sort of public enemy number one in this election, the one they wanted to knock off because he was the republican leader and could be the republican majority leader if the republicans were to pic the
4:15 pm
win off. this is a big win for mitch mcconnell. not a little bit. not a lot of shock or awe when we made the call here in this room. some of the campaign staffers are -- looked like yes we have been waiting for that mcconnell has no intention to come down and declare victory at this point. we do not expect a concession call from allison lund began grimes -- how they will deal with calls amongst conservatives to repeal obamacare. mcconnell has already hinted that that may not come very soon and take a variety of different approaches. questions about what to do about the president's impending executive orders. he had promised to put off his immigration reform executive order until after this election. one of the things republicans have discussed during this potentially withholding funds so that it
4:16 pm
wouldn't be costly to implement those executive orders. all of those things that have to be worked out. we expect tomorrow from mcconnell whether is he the majority leader elect is yet to be seen. >> i think they might be watching fox news channel down there in kentucky. i'm just guessing. i don't know. >> this has been a hard fought race for him all the way back to his primary challenge and all the stuff that mitch mcconnell has been through. this is by no means a forgone conclusion. we were just about to bring you some of the first results of the night. and we are waiting polls to close in 10 minutes in west virginia, that's a big one. ohio, and in one of the most critical races that we will be watching tonight. and that is north carolina. where incumbent senator kay hag began is fighting to hold on to hear seat. state become reliable battle ground in recent years. >> also watching another close race in new hampshire where scott brown is fighting town seat democratic senator jean ha mean, next former presidential candidate mitt romney will join us live here on america's election headquarters.
4:17 pm
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4:19 pm
this is a fox news alert. fox news has just projected senate minority leader mitch mcconnell will keep his kin kentucky senate seat. it was a long fought battle against alison lundergan
4:20 pm
grimes. remember this race focused on a number of different things, coal, coal country. mitch mcconnell did very well. also remember that interview a number of them where alison lundergan grimes would not say whether shehe voted for president obama or not. all of that is now behind after spending a lot of money, mitch mcconnell has maintained his seat and is poised, potentially, to become the majority leader in the senate if republicans have a good night. >> also significant news tonight on the senate race in virginia, still too close to call this is a race that the democrat was winning by 20 points not long ago. and now on election day it is too close to call. you can see the raw vote coming in. it's still early. again, as we explained, these may be counties that are just favorable to ed gillespie but our decision desk is saying what they are seeing on the projections in the counties yet to come makes this race just too close to call at the hour. so when they know, you will know as well. >> exactly. this doesn't include all of the areas right around washington that have heavy democrats and we'll see that coming up. we're just about 10 minutes until polls close in the
4:21 pm
important race in north carolina. incumbent senator kay hag began trying to hold on to that seat in a tough battle with thom tillis. and a lot of different issues in that race mid romney campaigning alongside some of the republican candidates. governor romney joins us now. governor, good to see you tonight. so, we are watching these results come in one by one. and my question for you is if the republicans take the senate tonight, do you believe that will be chancer hand date they are given. >> indication american people are tired of gridlock. they are also tired of the agenda of president obama. they are passing judgment on the obama administration. and they're going to expect something to happen. they're going to expect that the house will pass bills, which, by the way, they already have, some 370 bills. some of them will come to the senate and actually be
4:22 pm
acted upon. and they will reach the president's desk. and the president will sign some. they will probably veto some. we will know who then is the party of no. you will -- the american people can expect action and direction that's going to come from the house and the senate. i think they are going to get. >> governor, it's bret baier, good to see you, sir. >> thanks, bret. >> you traveled a lot for candidates. as you went around there and you say it's a referendum on president obama. why do you think many some of these races are tight with democrats out performing the administration that may be under water in certain states? >> well, actually the democrats have used the same playbook that they've used for many many years quite successfully. which is when they don't have issues with them and when they don't have a record with. they they turn to personal attacks on the republicans. and that's what you have seen in the races that are very, very close. it's been one kind of attack after the other. ultimately, the democrats are going to have to come up with position papers and policies and run on those things. but, the personal attacks
4:23 pm
have been very effective. republicans on the other hand have said look, we don't agree with the obama agenda. we believe, instead, that we have policies that will get the economy going again. we are going to get people more good jobs. we're going to fix our schools with more school choice. we're going to finally deal with border security. we're going to repair obamacare to the extent we possibly can with president obama in office. those kinds of decisions are ahead of us and the republicans that i have seen are running on those issues. the democrats are running on personal attacks. >> governor, you suggested on "fox news sunday" this week with chris wallace that you believe republicans take control of the senate that the house and the senate will get a bill on immigration reform to the president's desk. why do you think that and do you think if that happens it will head off executive action, the promised executive action on immigration by president obama? >> well, first of all, the president has got to follow the law. and we have law with regards to immigration and if he decides to unilaterally not
4:24 pm
follow the law, i think that has a very serious consequence. i can't tell what you president obama is going to do. but i do believe that the republican house and the republican senate, if we get that, will be able to deal with immigration issues. will they settle all the issues on immigration? you know, i don't know. but they will probably have bills that are passed with regards to securing our border. i hope they are also able to deal with those that want to come here legally to make the system more transparent so we know how people can get into the country legally. i think we are going to find an effort to deal with those that are here illegally. so, those issues will be raised. i think, perhaps they will come as separate bills, one by one. reach the president's desk. i hope he is willing to sign some of them because we really have got to deal with this issue. it's so hard on the millions of people who don't know what their status is. and on the many more millions who want to come here and are waiting in line to come here legally. >> governor, by our count, you campaigned in almost 20 states this cycle. making a lot of stops in iowa, new hampshire,
4:25 pm
colorado, interesting schedule if you're not going to have a future in politics. >> actually, 27 states i'm proud to say. alaska was where i was yesterday campaigning with dan sullivan and sean parnell. look, i care very deeply about our country. i'm very concerned about the obama agenda. i think it's hurt us immeasurably overseas and i think it's hurt us immeasurably here in the united states. and my heart goes out to the people that have been hurt by this agenda. i'm going to continue to fight and campaign for people who i believe in that can get the country going in the right direction. and, 27 states, that's a lot of states and a lot of terrific people. by the way, almost all those people helped me in 2012. and i owe them to do the best i can to help them. by the way, very exciting night about mitch mcconnell and about ed gillespie in virginia. that is -- that's earth-shaking news. that's really special. >> governor, do you think, given what we are seeing
4:26 pm
tonight, that the country is becoming more republican-friendly than when you ran and is it at all tempting to you? >> well, can i tell you that i think the country continues to be a center right country. i think people want to see our economy working well. they want to see us have a hand in affairs internationally in such a way that we don't have americans at risk. they want to see us deal with problems like immigration and the weakness in our education system. and these things are frankly areas where i think the republican party excels. where we get in trouble is if we get bogged down in the kind of personal attacks and pop playsism pop pop pop pop pew also aism. >> people are saying that doesn't carry water anymore. they want to know where do you stand? right now they see where president obama stands and he they are passing judgment
4:27 pm
on his record and on his vision. >> governor romney, thank you as always for your time. >> thanks, bret. good to be with you and megyn. >> in just a few minutes, polls close in three more states including northgs a carolina. watch this.s ju >> does your mouth often feel dry? multiple medications, a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications. but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biotene, available as an oral rinse, toothpaste, spray or gel. biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. remember, while your medication is doing you good, a dry mouth isn't. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth. hello... i'm an idaho potato farmer and our big idaho potato truck is still missing.
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4:30 pm
seat in kentucky as well as the interesting drama in virginia. really no one had it on the map. there it is. >> except for dana 'perino did and jasper. >> it is 7:30 eastern time and polls have closed in several more states. in west virginia, fox news can now project the republican shellie moore capito fill the seat by jay rockefeller. a pick up for republicans. first senate seat of the night to turn from blue to red. first time west virginia will be sending a female senator to washington. net gain of one seat in the senate. they will need five more to take control of that chamber. >> polls are now also closed in north carolina. but the crucial senate race between democratic incumbent kay hagan and republican
4:31 pm
challenger thom tillis still too close to call. >> in ohio, where polls are closed just moments ago. fox news can now project that republican governor john kasich, regarded by some as a presidential hopeful in 2016 will defeat democratic challenger ed fitzgerald, a county executive. >> and that race at one time was close. there was a little controversy with a parking lot and a late night liaison with a woman who wasn't the challenger's wife which is never good. >> that's a problem. >> i mean, it's okay if you don't have a wife. [ laughter ] >> thanks for that. >> there was a wife and a woman who wasn't. >> i knew when we he went down this road it would be dangerous. okay, steve hayes, kirsten powers have been watching the results come in tonight. they will join us now with their take. what do you think? >> well, john kasich's victory is interesting. you know, something we haven't paid a lot of attention to precisely because it was so close. he ran a good campaign. knocked out his opponent
4:32 pm
early. fitzgerald didn't have much of a campaign. he wasn't thought of much of a contender. we spent a lot of time talking and analyzing the races that are are very close. we don't spend a lot of time talking about the ones that aren't for obvious reasons. i think kasich deserves a lot of credit for the way he has run the state for the way he has ran his campaign and the way he made arguments to his voters. >> why does ohio matter in 2016. >> ohio matters in 2016 for a couple of beans reasons. ohio is one of the key states in battle ground states in every presidential election. number one and number two there is a lot of speculation that kasich might try to capitalize on his victory here and run for president himself. >> have a republican in the state house would be beneficial to the republicans potentially. kirsten, west virginia, first time ever, female senator. >> yeah. well, this was predicted to be a loss for democrats. so, you know, that was expected. i would say looking at what we know now. it's not looking very good for democrats. i think democrats are starting to get a little bit alarmed. when you look at the spread in kentucky, very concerning. >> it wasn't even close.
4:33 pm
>> it wasn't even close. it doesn't even reflect the polling that we were seeing. he was -- mcconnell was not up by that much democrats understanding of what going on on the ground is not going to be reflected in reality. >> just to jump in because we saw two years ago the republicans are saying don't trust the polls and the polls were trustworthy and now this time we heard the democrats saying don't trust the polls so far. >> and the democrats have something called the bannic street project where they put $60 million in the get out the vote where they have been bragging this is going to completely change the dynamics on the ground and look what's happening in virginia. and when you consider what's happening in virginia, it doesn't look good. it looks like the beginning of a wave. >> think about that in virginia. i mean, i don't even think that the republican senatorial campaign committee sent spent a lot of time thinking about virginia. letting alone putting money into virginia. >> no, it was one of these race that's think republicans sort of had their eye on to see if ed
4:34 pm
gillespie could make it competitive in the final weeks he had gotten it down to single digits by some polls. but, not many people were predicting that this was likely to happen. there is one -- popping number from the virginia exit polls is your opinion of mark warner favorable or unfavorable. warner was 48 to 50. so under water. your opinion of ed gillespie, favorable, unfavorable. ed gillespie 58 to 38. a 20-point fav/unfav win for ed gillespie. >> dana was saying he ran a positive campaign. is he likeable which is so rare. he tried being likeable, bret. >> i know. i try every day. [ laughter ] >> and the people elect to you "special report" and special election coverage. what do you make of it. >> look. i think mark warner is pretty moderate democrat. he is somebody -- is he a former governor. somebody who is pretty popular. this is a state. this isn't a red state. you know, that he should be losing in. so, i just think it portends for bad things for the rest of the night.
4:35 pm
unless something somehow shifts. you know, we have heard over and over about how the democrats because of the banic street project they will make this electorate look like 2012 electorate than midterm electorate and that is not is what is going on. >> we told you how alison lundergan grimes refused to say whether she voted for president obama. that got a lot of play. she was asked over and over in the debate she would not say. so she tried to claim that's private. it claim out that she had earlier in other elections been very open about her vote. she was made to look like she wasn't straight with voters. how badly did that hurt her? >> i think it hurt her. but i also am starting to wonder if they just didn't hurt themselves by having obama, by not attaching themselves to obama in the first place. because they needed him. if they wanted to change the electorate, they needed obama. he is the only one who can change the electorate and thinking of 2016, you have to ask what's going to happen when barack obama is not on the top of the ticket? if you -- how are you going
4:36 pm
to get these base voters out? >> quickly, steve, i pointed out with the other panel, in now, president obama cut a robo call today. >> yeah. >> for kay hagan. >> yeah. >> after spending an entire race staying out of that race. >> deeply cynical move, i think by kay hagan. i watched the debate that she had with thom tillis two weeks ago where she repeatedly said to thom tillis and the viewers barack obama is not on the ballot. you are running against me. you are not running against barack obama. and then barack obama comes in and says in effect you need to put kay hagan back in the senate because she will continue my agenda. that's not all. >> check in with bill hemmer at the so-called billboard. >> we changed the oil here and this thing is greased up and ready to go. i wanted to show a little bit of what we are seeing in kentucky again. we called that race a short time ago for mitch mcconnell. is he already off to a good night right now. question is whether or not he have an excellent note at
4:37 pm
the end of the night if he is the new majority leader. brit pointed this out a minute ago. this is 33% of the vote from with grimes on top and mcconnell with a checkmark next to him. the eastern half of the state of kentucky, this is coal country as we were describing earlier. ease i didn't went to mitch mcconnell. i want to watch as we bleed over here in the state of virginia because we are watching this race with ed gillespiey. the exit polling suggests that gillespie was doing really well down here roanoke and toured the kentucky border. we will see whether or not that holds up because gillespie needs votes in that part of the state. up here around washington, d.c. with us is loud den county. a lot of votes coming out of this county. only 2 persian at the moment. it's very early. but, this is where mark warner is going to drive up the vote in fairfax county. it will be interesting to see how this issue plays in the state of virginia. mark warner voted for obamacare. we saw some exit polling that suggested that was not popular, especially among
4:38 pm
republicans and a good number of independence. we will see whether or not that factors into the overall outcome in the state of virginia. pop down here to georgia, you need auto% of the vote. just right now starting to come in. watch the area of atlanta, fulton county and cobb county. again net company county. we will see how this shapes up throughout the night. the map here you see a little bit of red. a little bit of blue. that will fill in throughout the night. blue for democrat and red for republican. the gray you see are the slight brown, that's an indication right now the precincts and counties just have not reported the vote. so it's early there. on the closing map here. i just want to point your attention to this. we are 22 minutes away from a critical state up here in the northeast. this is new hampshire. and this is jean shaheen and scott brown. some of the vote totals you see right now. mostly absentee ballots that are being added up. it is very early in the night but we will see this close in about 21 minutes from now. if republicans can steal that seat from democrats, it
4:39 pm
will be a very good night for the g.o.p. we will find out shortly. perhaps. back to you guys. >> perhaps. a live look now at senator mitch mcconnell's headquarters in louisville, kentucky. fox news projecting he will keep his senate seat. wait for it. wait for it. are they watching? >> no. >> oh, no. >> anti-climatic. >> somebody tell karl to turn the tv on down there? >> the sound is down. we are live in the notorious battleground of new hampshire where incumbent senator jean shaheen is locked in a tight race with scott brown that could have serious implications. we will bring you there live as america's election headquarters rolls on. stay with us. dad, i know i haven't said this often enough, but thank you.
4:40 pm
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4:43 pm
welcome back, folk, watching several races for you now including the senate race in virginia where the republican ed gillespie right now with the raw vote in is leading his democrat, the democratic incumbent mark warner although that's just raw vote. basically what our decision desk is telling us too close to call even projection of counties they are still awaiting. this is the surprise. it wasn't expected. and we don't know how it's going to turn out. >> pointing to this virginia race, monitoring twitter and emails, a lot of people calling in and writing down that they got calls last night, a robo call from president obama to go vote. a forceful appeal it's described. so, perhaps the white house and the democrats new something that others didn't about trying to get out the vote. in virginia now and north carolina as well. let's take another look at georgia. too early to call this race. again, remember that this
4:44 pm
race if neither candidate gets to 50%, we are heading to a run jaw -- runoff. this isn't in december. this is january 6th three days after the senate the would convene. we will see how this race pans out. >> that just seems unnecessary. january? like -- >> -- speed it up? >> like december? that seems reasonable. >> probably a lot of money if it does go to a runoff but too early to call right now. >> also, north carolina, the senate race there still too close to call. democrat incumbent kay hagan trying to beat back a challenge from the republican thom tillis. this has been another race where they say $100 million has been spent. mostly according to thom tillis on the democrats' side he told me on the show last night about 60/40. tens of millions from both sides to try to get this critical seat so far, we can't tell how is going to hold it. >> again, on the screen, can you see in the corner, it is 34/34. that's the raw as we make calls it's going to tick up.
4:45 pm
and then the net gain, republicans are plus one so far. if you're tracking at home. all night long martha maccallum has been tracking and looking at the fox news exit polls trying to figure out why people voted the way they did. martha, what you can tell us right now? >> that's right, bret in georgia the senate story which you were just referring to unlikely to be over in no candidate gets 50% they go to a january 6th runoff. in the exit poll will resumes we can show you who people say they would vote for in a runoff. if it comes down to a republican challenger and the former dollar general ceo david perdue against a nonprofit exec and the daughter of sam nunn michelle nunn here is how it would match up 46% for nunn. auto% for purdue. 2% say they wouldn't vote if it went to a runoff. late deciders though today are breaking for michelle nunn. so, the get-out-the-vote effort has impact for her.
4:46 pm
she is 51% in that. as we have all been saying tonight virginia was not on anybody's radar for race to watch. republican campaign veteran ed gillespie he lost his shot at the governor's seat the last time around. he is at it again. weighs down by 20% just a month ago. here is how he is stacking up among independents in the exit poll tonight. take a look at this against incumbent mark warner, 48% for warner, 47% for gillespie. so, it's very tight. keep in mind in 2008 warner won two thirds of the independent vote and he is having a tough time hanging in there with the independents tonight. still, the voters like warner. take a look at the favorable rating. 56% favorable rating for warner in the state of virginia. we're going to take a look at the numbers and how they rate for gillespie later on tonight as well. let's go to louisiana here. another state that's likely to be a runoff. take a look at this. if it comes down to the head to head. the three term senator mary alan driewl and congressman
4:47 pm
and dr. bill cassidy, he looks to be ahead in that match up by 5%. let's take a look at this -- that's cassidy and landrieu there. go to colorado, the incumbent mark udall has been put back on his heels by upstart congressman corrie gardner. giving him a run for his money. udall has run a war on women in this state. which worked pretty well for the president in 2012 and candidates he brought with him. udall is winning among women in the exit poll tonight 52% to 43% for him. at the same time, republican challenger gardner very well with independence he is doing tonight in this super tight race. he is at 50% to 43%. one national poll for you before we go, 72% of voters say that they are worried that there will be another terrorist attack in this country. and that goes to the fear factor and the unsettled factor that seems to be weighing in so many of these races across the board tonight. continue looking at them. more exit polls coming up.
4:48 pm
back to you guys. >> martha, thank you. we haven't really talked a lot about that kentucky race. but if you think about it how vulnerable at the beginning of this election cycle mitch mcconnell was said to be. and this is his sixth straight senate win over three decades. it's pretty remarkable. >> right back to the president saying earlier he had to fight back a primary challenger and then went on to the general election contest and the heavy hitters came in for his opponent. it was very popular, very well liked. bill clinton, hillary clinton both came in to campaign for her. and, yet, in the end, he was pulling away with it right before tonight. >> and we should point out if republicans do take the senate, he still has to get elected to the position of senate majority leader. he is poised for that position, obviously, as the minority leader. >> some of these folks have said in the senate that they're not sure whether they're going to vote for him. it's a question about whether what would ted crus do. he will join us later and we will ask him. there is a little preview. so senator cruz you better get ready for me to ask you that question.
4:49 pm
meantime we want hear from chris wallace and his panel. karl rove and joe trippi. chris? >> thank you so much, megyn. this is the part of the evening where you start hearing because there are so many opinions with all due respect which is a nice way of saying you are completely wrong. i disagree with you and you are a dope. bob beckel and i want to pick up on what you guys said because bob beckel said earlier kentucky was always in the bag for the republicans. that's sure not the way i remember it. this was at one point very competitive but it looked like alison lundergan grimes a fresh face might be able to knock off the democrats called senator gridlock. how did he pull it off that jesus jesus that strategically. >> senate majority leader. republican the republicans going after harry reid in 2010. they came strong for mcconnell. he, however, turned her into an obama clone. one of the best tag lines was obama needs alison lundergan grimes, kentucky needs mcconnell. he used the war on coal.
4:50 pm
the regulatory excesses. obamacare, the president's poor rating in the state to tie her to obama. >> the fact that she refused to say who she voted for when she obviously voted for obama. >> self-inflicted wounds. he backed it up with incredible, most sophisticated ground game that the state has ever seen. 3 million phone calls. 1 million doors knocked on. 70,000 hours of volunteers have all been knocking on the doors in a very sophisticated my microtargetting score system that had identified the perspective voters who were conservative, swing democrats. this is a very -- remember, this state was a swing state in 2000. and republicans have only elected two governors in the modern era. this state is overwhelmingly democrat at the grass roots level. >> there is another reason this is so important. we have talked to you all night about the fact that republicans did a net pick up of six is seats to take the senate. now, one of the problems was not just that they needed the net pickup of six but they had to protect a couple of their -- basically three seats that were in jeopardy.
4:51 pm
republican seats that the democrats might be able to flip which would mean the democrats would need to pick up even more seats. one of the three, i guess one would say, joe, was kentucky. now, that's gone for the democrats. >> part of the strategy that democrats had for the whole season was to try to pick off two and then three. it was georgia and kentucky where they picked up republican seat, try to pick off a republican seat. and then kansas city -- kansas state, excuse me, came up late with palt robert. -- pat roberts. that was the focus. all three of those states could we pick off one or two of those, maybe three, that would finish off the republican chances. with kentucky following, this puts a lot of pressure on the results in georgia and kansas right now. if -- and i still think democrats can pick up one maybe even both of those. maybe a long wait in georgia. we will see. it has to happen. >> i think new year's in georgia is going to be a wonderful event. i think we're going to enjoy it let's preview 8:00.
4:52 pm
big state coming in at that point, new hampshire, tell us what you are looking for there and the stakes. this is when jeanne shaheen has been ahead. if republicans don't pick it up, not a big deal? >> well, look, the republicans have got their best closer there. the question here is scott brown move from massachusetts into new hampshire, he was born there, grew up there, but he had spent his adult life in mass -- massachusetts and come back to run against senate race in 2012. the question of would the state accept a senator who had represented the state next door to him? and so he tried desperately to make this all about jeanne shaheen voting 99% of the time with barack obama. she tried to make this about she cared about new hampshire. all he cared about was his personal political future. now, the people in new hampshire like to be active participants in their campaigns. that's why this race has gone from an easy win to it a very close contest. >> you know, it's interesting between bret and megyn there had been talk about the fact that mitch
4:53 pm
mcconnell has wanted to be the senate majority leader his career and there was the possibility early on that the republicans might gain the majority and mitch mcconnell wouldn't be there to be the majority leader because he would lose. now, if they get the majority, you can hear all this talk about ted cruz, whatever, he will be the majority leader. >> we should point out we are in this one big studio. you are right back over here. hi, guys. >> hi. >> is it space cowboys or campaign cowboys. >> it's campaign cowboys. >> you are so 2012. >> yeah. >> why does it change? wasn't it working before? >> we are off in the corner. there is no change. we are off here in the distant corner. >> i like being a a space cowboy. >> you like being a space cowboy? >> it made us look 12. at midnight you will see why we are campaign cowboys. >> all right. something to look forward to. >> that's a deep tease. >> that will keep them tuned. [ laughter ] as is almost always the case, the economy is a major issue for many voters this election. joining us now the host of
4:54 pm
fox business network's opening bell. maria bartiromo. good to see you. >> good to see you guys. >> we are looking at the exit polling data, first of all we asked people to rate the condition of the economy. 29% think it's positive. 70% say it's negative. but, that's an improvement from two years ago when 23% thought it was positive and 76 percent said it was negative. >> staggering. 77% think it's bad. >> it's a staggering number and even though we know that the economic data has slowly but surely been improving, people are not feeling it. it is translating into their local economy. i think there is no surprise that some of the most hotly contested states have the highest unemployment rate. look at georgia. 7.9% unemployment rate in georgia. you have got north carolina, 6.7%. obviously much higher than the national average of 3.9 3.9 -- 5.9%. this is not counting everyone. >> second question on the exit poll. on the personal level
4:55 pm
roughly equal numbers of voters feel their family's situation is better than it was two years ago. almost half say they are doing about the same financially. >> part of that is the stock market. of course, the stock market has been soaring and that's largely due to the federal reserve. and the idea that all of this stimulus that the fed has been implementing since 2008 has created an environment where there are very few alternatives to stock forgetting any return. even if you have your money in a simple money market account you might be losing money or stagnating because of the rate of inflation. let's face it, there are a couple of issues with the president's policies as it relates to the economy. take the regulatory environment. businesses today will tell you that the regulations that have been poured on them have basically choked business and forced them to sit on cash. there is more than $2 trillion of cash on balance sheets. that money, of course, could be going to creating jobs in infrastructure. the energy story is a huge story. probably the best story of the economy right now is the facts that gasoline prices
4:56 pm
are at four year lows. who owns that? the republicans own that. because gasoline prices have dropped despite the best efforts of the left to actually stop fracking to put, you know, put the delay on the xl pipeline. all of this is obviously on the minds of voters tonight. >> maria, thank you very much. >> good to see. >> you he we are just minutes away now from a huge round of poll closings with voting set to end in more than a dozen states. up-to-the-minute results on fox news election headquarters. don't miss it. introducing synchrony financial, bringing new meaning to the word partnership. banking. loyalty. analytics. synchrony financial.
4:57 pm
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4:59 pm
live from fox news world headquarters in new york, this is america's election headquarters. >> welcome back to america's election headquarters. we are now about a minute away from the next polls closing as we tick down to some important races. >> they are about to close in 16 states, plus the district column columbia. we are cloud you where us tonight i'm megyn kelly. >> i'm bret baier. we are watching business races. 8:00 will be another round of races. we have already had a big call in kentucky with the senate minority leader. and we are still watching that virginia race. no one had it on the radar. in fact, we had it add it to bill's big board. >> billboard.
5:00 pm
>> oh, yeah bill-board. space cowboys. >> virginia too close to call, north carolina too close to call and now we expect to make some calls for you to update our board. >> fox news now characterizes the new hampshire senate race. this race very important. it's too close to call. that's between democratic incumbent jeanne shaheen and republican challenger scott brown. >> fox news also projects republican incumbents will win re-election in the following states. mississippi, where senator thad cochran turns back a a challenge from democrat childers. tennessee where lamar alexander beats democrat gordon ball. maine where susan collins breezes to victory over democrat shanna bellows. >> alabama where senator jeff sessions had the easiest race and he ran unopposed and oklahoma where senator jim inhofe vanquishes. we like that word tonight
5:01 pm
vanquishes matt silverstein. >> seems bolder. seems like he did more. >> special election to fill the seat filling tom coburn leaving the state two years before the expiration of senate term. fox news can predict that james lancaster ford will beat connie johnson to serve out that term. illinois the cincinnati majority whip dick dire bin beats jim oberweis. >> also in massachusetts, where senator edward markey beats republican brian hur. >> so the balance of power as we look at it right now, there you see 40 republicans. 37 democrats, again vice president biden is the tie breaker and he would be the
5:02 pm
majority -- give them the majority. >> is he predicting victory. he believes that the prognosticators are wrong and that the democrats will hold the balance of power. so far the only turnover we've seen from blue to red or in any kind of turnover is in west virginia where the republicans have picked up that state. >> we're still at a net gain of 1. turning now to gubernatorial races where polls have just closed. fox news can project winners in alabama where republican governor robert bentley wins over democrat parker griffith. >> tennessee where has lem beats charles brown. >> pennsylvania where challenger tom wolf, the democrat will unseat governor come corbett a first term republican. hurt by allegations that his prosecution of that case took too long. he was very vulnerable going in. tom wolf ran a solid campaign talking about business. the democrat, who also president obama campaigned for in pennsylvania pulls off the win and beats the
5:03 pm
incumbent tom corbett. >> he wrote all those great books -- oh wait. >> wrong one. >> just kidding. bring in our panel, george, juan williams and charles krauthammer. not a big surprise. new hampshire is still too close to call. >> no. not a a big surprise. let me add a couple of thoughts about a couple of states that i guess maryland has just closed. maryland governorship, interesting race. this is where -- this is about as red state as, you know,. >> blue state. >> excuse me, blue state as i can think of. and the republican larry hogan, a businessman, was closing at the end. we are not saying anything about it. you know, two weeks ago i don't think anybody would have thought that he had a chance. but it looks as if he may indeed have a chance. which would be a big surprise and, perhaps, if we get word on it soon, we might be able to tell something about the rest of the night from that. also, just back to mcconnell for a moment. incumbents and professional
5:04 pm
politicians are in bad oner with the public i think it's fair to say. people need to remember that politics is a a profession like any other. you wouldn't hire an amateur to operate on your heart. and you look at a promising new newcomer like alison lundergan grimes who looked like she was going to be a formidable candidate. looks like she got beaten badly tonight. beaten by a disciplined campaign by a professional politician who won big -- by a sizeable margin despite the fact that his approval rating is under water in the state where he is running. it's a sign that, you know, pros know what they are doing. it matters. >> not like it can't be done. young upstart barack obama won the senate seat and presidency. >> he wasn't absolute newcomer at that stage. >> we are look at mitch headquarters. mcconnell headquarters in louisville. george, your thoughts? >> well, in new hampshire,
5:05 pm
last year two years ago. exactly one republican senator scott brown of massachusetts. could be if he succeeded in new hampshire being elect twice in four years in two different states. if he does, he would be part of what is a minute any -- mini revival of the republicans in new england. were he elected increase of two to three. 50% increase the number of republican senators from new england. kelly ayotte of new hampshire and susan collins of maine being the only other two. there is one other place that i think dramatizes will come to this in a little while arkansas is heard from. in arkansas, senator mark prior has been in a really tough race with tom cotton, congressman challenging him. six years ago mark prior won 79. 5% of the vote because he had no, zero republican opponent. what a difference six years can make. >> what a difference in the
5:06 pm
state. that state has gone to blue to red about as fast as any state ever has. >> he came out and said president obama has been a drag. if you want to know the truth. president obama has been a drag. and, of course he said that late in the campaign when it looked like his poll numbers were dwindling. what do you make of that. some of these democrats are looking at her like they made a mistake in distancing themselves from the president that that has not been a successful strategy for some of them. >> i don't think it was a successful strategy. dictated by the fact that there are some red states. of course, republicans were running campaigns in which they were energizing their base by saying this election is about putting down or voting against or somehow indicating your disaffection from president obama and his policy. and i think that then somehow the democrats by buying into that line and saying i'm this, i'm not obama. in fact played into a narrative that said obama is devil for republicans.
5:07 pm
i think therefore exacerbated the sense that they are not admitting who they truly are one, democrats two, didn't take advantage of the opportunity, megyn to say you know what as in kentucky i differ on guns, i differ on coal than the president. but i'm a democrat and i'm different than mitch mcconnell because as, you know, has been pointed out here on the panel tonight. mcconnell is under water. he is not a popular figure in the state. so what you have to understand is she had an opportunity, i think, to stand up and be somebody and be something that was distinguished. she didn't do it in that sense. i think this plays into something we are going to look at i think in greater depth later on in the night which is turnout. we are going to see i think in terms of example black turnout might be higher in some of the early exit polls but not quite high enough. the gender gap between men and women apparently very real. but, again, not at the high rate that it was earlier in the campaign for democrats who, again, who turned out is going to absolutely be critical. we haven't made a mistake by
5:08 pm
asking the viewers to pay attention to the shape of the electorate. >> charles, we were looking down there in louisville. senator rand paul was talking or is talking. we're waiting for mitch mcconnell to speak, rand paul obviously campaigning down there with mitch mcconnell in their home state. as we look at kentucky, i want to go back to the drama in virginia because we're still waiting. and this race is still pending between ed gillespie and senator mark warner. mark warner was seen as a moderate democrat who is a former governor, very popular, and was not thought to have any problems going in. and then, suddenly, in the last two weeks, it became an issue. >> look, i think the overwhelming issue in this race, as in the others, is really the weight of obama as president, and also the weight of the mood of the country. people say this is anti-incumbency. it's not. it's anti-obama,
5:09 pm
anti-democratic. people describe the state of the country not to broken washington, i think that's an old cliche but to who has been in power for six years. when you are, with the party in power, and you have a sense of wrong track, but it's beyond wrong track. there was a poll question asked a couple of weeks ago is the country -- it's sort of half tongue in cheek, going to hell in a hand basket? 58 percent said yes. 71% are republicans. 61% independents. 48% of democrats almost tongue in cheek question. >> how else do you go to hell by the way? >> you will find out. >> hey. >> just kidding. [ laughter ] >> in a limousine limo is one way and that's how i think people are seeing it. it is not the state of the country, the disarray abroad when your own secretary of defense says that the world is exploding all over and you get what's happening in home a weak recovery, a
5:10 pm
decline in median income. very unusual in recovery. that sense of the country going the wrong way. always has an effect on the governing party. it's -- and there is one other factor. there is being associated with the president. and there is also authenticity. what happened to alison lundergan grimes is one she said or refused to say she voted for obama. the fresh face became a politician. and once she had lost that sheen, the have a near of have a veneer of being authentic. first ad, of course, was the one that propelled her to prom members. castrating hogs is a pretty authentic way it present yourself. she showed with a great campaign anti-obama senate. anti-democratic senate and authenticity. that is a winning formula. >> yeah, the exit polls so far in virginia show that
5:11 pm
those who believe the country is on the wrong track are voting 68% for the republican. >> and, remember, in the overall exit poll, a third of americans say that the vote they are casting is to protest essentially to oppose obama. >> you know, charles, let me just say, you know, very quickly, half of the voters, almost half of the voters tonight say obama is irrelevant. irrelevant. let me just say -- hang on. you continue to hammer obama. it's very entertaining. i know that's been the republican mantra. but the fact is the numbers just don't support that. i think what we are seeing here is anti-incumbent election where people are saying they are upset with washington. i think that's why when you look at virginia -- and i think that is so far the story of the night, bret, is the idea this is incumbent and he is a democrat. you know what? it looks to me like you are seeing people at all these races move towards -- >> -- i am. juan it doesn't fit.
5:12 pm
anti-incumbent doesn't fit in kentucky. >> oh, no. we discussed that. i think grimes made some mistakes. she made some missteps and i think that mitch mcconnell ran an expert campaign. i don't think that's to beunder estimating. >> juan, it is amazing coincidence that the incumbents getting knocked off are all democrats with one possible exception coming up. >> go ahead, george. quickly. >> juan, this may not be about obama but the immeasurably the most important event of this autumn is the repudiation of obama by his own party. politics is a team sport. we govern through parties. when the dust settles, and we get back to the lame duck session, after the election, and then the new session of congress in january, it's going to be lamest of presidents because i can't remember a president who is still in office after his own party universally repudiated. >> just very quickly, i think if you look at the numbers so far, the republicans are not a happy camp. you know, as a team.
5:13 pm
but, again, it's not that people are saying we don't -- they do say we don't like republicans as much as we like democrats, but they are saying we don't like incumbents. there are more democratic incumbents right now at risk. i think that's why they're taking the brunt of this. >> juan -- >> -- we have got to run, charles. >> i will come back to it. >> save that thought. >> hold that thought. >> juan has to stay as well. [ laughter ] >> going to need somebody to beat up. [ laughter ] >> waiting for mitch mcconnell to come out and speak down in louisville, kentucky as we take a live look there. waiting for him to come out. just a few minutes from now, polls closing in arkansas. a key toss-up state in the fight for control of the u.s. senate. republican tom cotton facing the democratic incumbent mark pryor. >> that's a big one. also additional polls closing in 14 states at the top of the hour. some of them the most hotly contested senate races of all -- well 9:00 is a big hour. >> in kansas, incumbent republican pat roberts
5:14 pm
trying to fend off independent greg orman. >> louisiana where democrat mary landrieu is trying to hold on in a a three-way race that could ends up with no winner at all tonight. our senior national correspondent john roberts is live from senator landrieu's headquarters tonight. john? >> megyn, good evening to you. just 45 minutes left in voting here in louisiana. all indications we're going into this race that it's not going to be decided tonight. that it will most likely go to a runoff on december the 6th. that it would be unusual, actually if it didn't. the only one of they're three terms in which mary landrieu did not go to a runoff was in 2008 when a huge african-american vote came out for barack obama and rode the coat tails on that and managed to win election night. as to how she will fare come the runoff, polls coming into this suggested that her prime republican opponent bill cassidy would probably bin that. i just talked with her brother landrieu who is the mayor of new orleans he had a different take on it. when you go to the runoff in new orleans all the news of
5:15 pm
the national election will be out of the way. it won't be so much about president obama, about the record of the senator versus the uncertainty of a freshman coming. in he believed that she would do quite well. no question is it is more difficult these days to be a democrat in louisiana than it was in years back. 49% of white voters in louisiana identified as democrats that number now down to 32% while the african-american population has grown in the past 12 years. not enough to upset the decline in white voters. mitch later also told me by the way if control of the senate rides on louisiana, that's a different story. there is also no question too, megyn, if this does not end tonight and goes onto a run off in december, republicans will bring an awful lot of fire power to blame on this state. it may suggest that the polls going into this in terms of what the result of the runoff will be. no question landrieu is a fighter. she will fight very hard her fourth term in the senate, megyn. john, thank you. >> good campaigner too. i was down in louisiana.
5:16 pm
they like her campaigning. the question is louisiana too reds now to keep senator landrieu as the incumbent. >> she has made it three times. she have elected her three times. suggest they don't like women in the south and this is why she has been struggling they have put her in office three times. we will see if tonight makes it four. >> o10 minutes to go before the polls close mark up races of the night tom cotton and mark pryor. >> live in the blue grass state. fox news calling the race for senate minority leader mitch mcconnell a few moments ago putting him in the running to the nation's powerful senator. that remains a big if tonight. we will steek with senator mcconnell's fellow senator rand paul in just a few moments. begins with the cloud. this is "titanfall,"
5:17 pm
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5:19 pm
interest of paragraph wanted to bring you up-to-date on the latest situation. waiting calls for several governors races. too close to call. the governor's race down in florida the gubernatorial race down in florida the one time republican governor charlie crist wants to be the next democratic governor charlie crist. and right now that race is too tight for us to make a projection. as well as maryland.
5:20 pm
same situation there. where it is larry hogan vs. anthony brown. you heard brit speaking about this earlier. we are not yet able to project a winner there. we continue to monitor those results are. same situation in connecticut. where tom followy, the republican is challenging daniel maloy the democrat. not able to tell you what's happening there yet. and, again, we are awaiting the situation in new hampshire. both at the governor's level and at the senator level where the races are just too tight. so you can see the situation tonight where it is -- the republicans are being a bit more competitive in several areas where they were expected to by several polls. >> in west virginia now shelley moore cap toe speaking live. she is the projected winner. let's listen. >> in i'm looking forward to working with senators all over the country regardless of their party on both sides of the aisle that share the same optimism for our country that i do. , together i hope we can reinstate respect for the institution of the united states senate, a place where
5:21 pm
deliberation and debate are valued. and all voices are heard. this election mark as true turning point in our state's history. it is the first time -- you have heard that a couple times tonight, in nearly 60 years that we have sent a republican to the united states senate. [cheers and applause] and i believe with that that our state's political climate has turned -- returned to a competitive two party system. that i hope will produce bipartisan solutions to our problems, that will turn and make our state more prosperous and our community stronger. let me say thank you to a lot of people who have helped me make this night possible tonight. i would like to thank my
5:22 pm
family for their help, support, and if you know anything about us, you know we have a great sense of humor. and sense is of humor over the course of this campaign. i would especially like to thank my husband charlie because he has been there first for me to lend me moral support and he has pushed me along the way. [cheers and applause] >> shelley moore capito, she is a seven term congresswoman, a very strong candidate in west virginia. republicans were very pleased when she became the nominee. it's west virginia's first elected female senator, energy policy played a big role down there. coal country is a big issue in west virginia. you may remember the democrat natalie tenant with that ad in which she turns off the electricity to the white house. she was trying to turn the tide and back off from president obama. it didn't work. and we are able to call that and now shellie moore capito will be the next senator from west virginia. >> we're also awaiting mitch mcconnell in kentucky. when he comes to the
5:23 pm
microphone we will bring threw as well. you can see his wife there, former labor secretary speaking. we will go down there when the senator takes to the podium to make his victory speech. in the meantime we are joined by evan bayh former democratic senator from indiana. your thoughts, senator on what we are seeing tonight. what's the most interesting thing so far. >> the most interesting thing so far, megyn is the situation in virginia which no one expected to be close. even if senator warner pulls it out in the end it may not bode well if those trends continue in other states across the country. >> you don't think it's just a state issue? you think that's a trend that we will be seeing in other states? >> we don't know yet. it's usually not the case where a state is just an aberration. usually these things are broader than just one state. >> you talk in the democratic circles is it surprising that alison lundergan grimes was beaten that badly in kentucky after all we focused on that race? >> well, bret, yes and. no i mean there was hope for a long time that that would be a close race. the poll suggested it would
5:24 pm
be a close race. but all along people knew this is a pretty red state. president obama lost by 2 a or 30 points in kentucky. i think what you saw there was the national democratic brand was just a lot more unpopular in kentucky than mitch mcconnell who is a great politician won a tough primary and won a very savvy general election campaign. >> the math is set up to republicans. defending the seats than the g.o.p. was. next time around it's going to be the reverse. the republicans are likely to be more on their heels. what could happen in the next two years in the republicans take the senate tonight. >> megyn, these races are important. let's start with the federal courts, those are, as you know, those are lifetime appointments, the ability courts of he'll peel maybe the supreme court will be substantially constrained if there is a republic majority. same thing with cabinet positions which may inhibit his ability to implement certain regulatory policies. finally the republicans, if any can get agreement between the house and the
5:25 pm
senate can put a series of bills on the president's desk forcing his hand on a whole host of things that could make life difficult. >> on that front, is it the case as has been said that harry reid is basically protected the president from having to face such bills in the last two terms? >> that's absolutely true. the senate has been a graveyard for a whole lot of things. you know, my friend in alaska poor mark beg gish hasn't been able to get a vote on an amendment in six years so little voting taking place in the senate these days. >> senator bayh, thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> we have another race call fox news alert. a race call now in rhode island. fox news can project that incumbent senator jack reed will win a fourth term easily defeating his republican challenger there. we are still waiting for the senate minority leader mitch mcconnell. you can hear the clouds there in louisville, i think getting ready to call him out. >> you know how you read these briefing books that they give us. >> which are voluminous. >> this is just the senate
5:26 pm
alone. this is just the senate, okay? >> so much neater than that. >> abbey, -- in any event, in here they talk about mitch mcconnell. did you know that he had polio as a child and when he was 2 years old his mother stopped him from walking until the age of 4. an impossible task because she was told this is only shot of actually walking once he got past polio. and look at him now. >> let's listen in to louisville, kentucky. [cheers] are you having a good time? >> [cheers] >> on a night like tonight,
5:27 pm
you are grateful above all else, and for me that gratitude starts with the people of kentucky. [cheers and applause] they have put their trust and confidence in me for a long time. and i want to thank them tonight. i work hard to bring your concerns to washington, and i will not let up. [cheers and applause] you know, every election is a job interview. in this case a very long one. [ laughter ] i shared my vision with you, you shared your stories and your concerns with me. and, yet, one complaint has stood out above all the rest, especially in recent weeks. so i would like to make an announcement that i think will be very welcomed news to many of you.
5:28 pm
no more campaign commercials. [ laughter ] [cheers and applause] the tv executives may not like it but enough is enough. right? a little while ago i spoke with my opponent, the secretary grimes ran a spirited campaign. she earned a a lot of votes and she earned my respect. it took a lot of guts to take on a race like this. because of the business we're in, it also meant she would take some heat. i admire her willingness to step into the arena and fight as hard as she did. we need more people who are willing to do that, not fewer. she deserves a lot of credit for it. this was certainly a hard fought contest. [ applause ]
5:29 pm
and i have been so proud, so proud to have my wife beside me every step of the way. [cheers and applause] you know, told me early on she wasn't ready to have me sitting around the houseworking on my resume. [ laughter ] and she has gone above and beyond to prevent that. [ laughter ] she has been the most valuable player on our team, and i'm so blessed to have her in my life and by my side. [cheers and applause] and to my campaign manager josh holmes,. [cheers and applause]
5:30 pm
my fans, he pitched a perfect game. thank you, josh. we interrupt senator mitch mcconnell to bring you another recall. that is the state of arkansas. the polls have closed now and fox news can now project that republican congressman tom cotton will unseat two term democratic senator mark pryor. that is another senate pickup for republicans. bringing their total for the night so far to two. >> remember, need a net gain of six seats to take control of the senate. net gain. that means they have to hold on to all of the states that they are defending, but then pick up six seats. fox news can also now project that incumbent democratic senator chris coons of delaware will handily win re-election over his republican opponent. but the big news, obviously, is arkansas. >> arkansas. speaking of arkansas. we have another projection
5:31 pm
for you. we can now project that republican asa hutchison will defeat mike ross in the contest to replace term limited governor mike b b a democrat. both the governor's office and the senate seat in arkansas will change from blue to red tonight. going to go back to senator mitch mcconnell and take a listen to what he is saying. in many ways, my folks are are just like any other parents of their generation. they were optimists. they believed in america. without a trace of cynicism they transmitted the central promise of this country on to me, the promise that every generation will lead leave the next one a little better off than the one before. this the compact that every generation of americans has made with the one that followed it. and through civil war and depressions and world wars and strife, we have always made good on it. but as i have traveled
5:32 pm
through kentucky over the past year, i have sensed new doubts. suddenly folks aren't so sure that that compact will survive if we continue down the road that we have been on. they are hungry for new leadership. they want a reason to be hopeful. above all, they want some reassurance that people who run the government are actually on their side. [cheers] so tonight i pledge you this. whether you are a coal miner in eastern kentucky who can't find work or a mom in paducah who doesn't understand why the government just took away her family's health insurance, i have heard your concerns. i have made them my own. you will be heard in washington. [cheers and applause]
5:33 pm
when you get right down to it, that's what this campaign was really all about. it wasn't about me or my opponent. no longer trust to carry out its most basic duties, to keep them safe to protect the border, to provide dignified and quality care for our veterans. a government that can't be trusted to do the basic things because it's too busy focusing on things that it shouldn't be focused on at all. [cheers and applause] a government that's too busy imposing its on the world who doesn't they're shah view. pooh many in washington have forgotten that their government serve. tomorrow the papers will say i won this race.
5:34 pm
[cheers and applause] but the truth is, the truth is tonight we begin another one. one that's far more than mine. that's a race to turn this country around. [cheers and applause] to restore hope and confidence and optimism to this commonwealth and across this nation of ours. some things don't change after tonight. i don't expect the president to wake up tomorrow and view the world any differently than he did when he woke up this morning. he knows i won't either. [ laughter ] [cheers and applause] but, but, look, we do have an obligation to work together on issues where we can agree. i think we have a a duty to
5:35 pm
do that. just because we have a two party system doesn't mean we have to be in perpetual conflict. i think i have shown that to be true at critical times in the past. i hope the president gives me the chance to show it again. there is so much that we can and should do for the good of all americans. kentuckians are are tired of a government that only seems to work when it is working against them. and they are also tired of hearing that those of us who fight for them in washington are somehow the problem. i'm so honored to have dr. noel hunter with me tonight. [cheers and applause] you have all gotten an opportunity to get to know her. what an extraordinary woman. dr. hunter was determined to get her daughter back against all odds, she did it. she did it. and when all was said and
5:36 pm
done, she achieved something else that a lot of people said was even more remarkable. she made me seem warm and cuddly. [ laughter ] you know over the past year a lot of people from outside the straight have tried to tell kenyans to motivate what i do i -- kentuckians. anyone who says nothing ever gets done in washington. here is my five word answer. tell that to noel hunter. [cheers and applause] >> this woman is the reason i run. she is the reason i do what i do in washington. we can make a difference, and we do every single day. [cheers and applause]
5:37 pm
we are proud of that in my office. and, yet, as i have traveled across the state, i have become acutely reminded of something else the government can do. it can do tererrible damage to families and communities. i have seen the hurt in people's eyes, in the mountains. it breaks your heart to see the pain that distant planners in federal agencies are causing to so many in our state. and if you are an elected official like me, it hardens your resolve to do something about it. [cheers and applause] >> and you are looking at the winner of the kentucky senate race but, were you looking at the next senate majority leader? way too early to call that we do not know whether the republican also win control tonight. we do know that they have held on to the kentucky senate seat which, of course, was held and it continues to be by mitch mcconnell. mr. mcconnell say would he go do have to work together, sending a message to president obama on that and saying voters realize we
5:38 pm
cannot be in conflict. i want to bring in our panel to react on that. >> we just had the race -- big race call about arkansas. tom cotton with the big win, brit, an impressive candidate, a harvard-educated lawyer. he is only 8 months into his first term in the house when he took up this senate race. is he is he a military man, deployed to baghdad and afghanistan. and now he is the senate elect. senator elect. >> from a state, which as we talked about earlier, which has undergone as remarkable a reversal of its political complexion as any state ever has and as quickly as any state ever has. this state now is a great place to be a republican. we are now going to have a republican governor there. and the congressional delegates is now largely republican and may become even more so tonight. thom tillis was a good candidate. mark pryor turned out, i think, despite his pedestrian gri his -- pedigree his father was a united states senator.
5:39 pm
far weaker on. stumped by the press you may recall in the questions he was asked. asked about the ebola preparations and he said, you know, he wasn't in a position to answer. so i think, you know, he turned out to be a weaker candidate. tillis maybe was not the. >> you mean tom cotton. >> cotton was not the greatest campaigner but he was a very well qualified candidate for the job. member of the house, military background as you pointed out. aattractive resume. >> not just military background. this is a harvard educated lawyer, army veteran with combat experience. after the september 11th attacks at the start of his final year of law school, he decided to change course to join the military. i mean, he got his degree, he worked for several years to pay down his loans and then he enlisted and deployed to baghdad. i mean, it's pretty extraordinary. >> wins you some points with people in arkansas. >> actually they had made his military experience -- mark pryor had taken a shot at his military experience early in the campaign. >> he said he thought it gave him a sense of
5:40 pm
entitlement. wasn't that the comment? it didn't work. >> he never had the momentum behind him. mark pryor in that race such as we are watching in virginia: >> george, what about -- what does this say about bill clinton as his ability to pull a candidate across the finish line even in arkansas. >> well, coat tails are limited in american politics these days. both clintons campaigned hard in kentucky, repeatedly in the home stretch. and so far as we can tell no effect. i guarantee you that there are, around the country tonight, democratic senators watching cotton win and mitch mcconnell coming closer and closer to being not just the most powerful republican in the senate but the most powerful republican in the country and the most powerful republican in the country until the republicans select a presidential nominee. and these democrats are are ambivalent about the possibility of being in the
5:41 pm
minority. go back to what senator elect. it's been run evan bayh say that senator beg given up in alaska has not had a single amendment brought to the floor and voted on because, to protect the president, harry reid has simply shut the senate down and has changed the rules and has made it not a deliberative body anymore. i guarantee you there are democrats who say we don't really want to be in the minority but we are pretty dry-eyed about the possibility that the senate might be restored. >> juan, can i ask you that clinton question he? bill clinton was almost bragging that he thought that he could really help in that prior race against cotton. >> it's really an interesting moment in that bill clinton was going in there so often that the pryor campaign was saying we don't schedule bill clinton anymore. he just shows up. he is all around and he is doing his own thing.
5:42 pm
it ties into the democratic legacy in state that here you have clinton saying this is a state that could elect a conservative democrat and certainly elected him, elected david pryor, mark's father, and you go back through the history, it's been that kind of democratic state. now, you have clinton saying you know what? this state has changed. i'm no longer able in to go in there make the critical difference. i don't necessarily think that what you guys were talking about a moment ago was the deciding factor. cotton's ability as a campaign i don't think was very good. i don't even necessarily think that his resume, harvard, i don't think that's going to appeal to a lot of people in arkansas, necessarily. can you use that. >> his military service obviously attractive. >> that's attractive. >> my point to you i think this is about prifer. it then came to can clinton and can the democrats coming in here and get this southern state unable to do it. what does that mean going forward to 2016?
5:43 pm
difficult for hillary clinton to go in there and expect that's going to be a bring in what george will refers to as the blue wall that democrats have built up in all presidential elections. >> charles? >> i think it speaks to a lot of things. the first is quality of the candidates that republicans were able to field. when you think of the states that in the last cycle and the cycle before, the republicans had sort of thrown away. delaware, the first ad is i am not a witch. and then in the last cycle we have a candidate who speaks about legitimate rape. the gaffes to the extent we had gaffes were almost all over the other side this time around. the other -- thing that's really interesting if you look at the exited polls in arkansas about support for the war in iraq, the renewed war in iraq, 59% yes. this is a complete seed change in the country as opposed in 2008 or 2012. the mood in the country -- and i think it's a direct result of the video that we
5:44 pm
also the horrible beheading video -- which overnight if you looked at the opinion polls changed it so it helped cotton a lot. cotton spoke to isis. it wasn't an issue he ran away from. look at the exit polls in arkansas. 82% of respond dents said that control, which of the parties would control the senate was important in casting the vote. this was a national election that's a very high percentage. that is why it's a national. >> on the subject of the quality of the candidates. somebody who been jumping up and down about that karl rove. who happens to be in the studio. i'm going to concerted effort to improve the quality of the candidates to get rid of candidates like todd aiken and christine o'donnell who said things that we're not going to fly with anybody other than a
5:45 pm
wing of the party there was an effort to basically get cotton candidates who could get elected. american crossroads super pac which i'm volunteer involved with it. our benefactor said look, we have lost too many races in 2010 and 2012 with candidates who couldn't win. we are not involved in primaries. we better get involved in primaries: getting the most conservative candidate that could win the general election. ' sort of controversial when it started but it worked. we had to spend some money in some instances. north carolina on behalf of thom tillis and in alaska on behalf of dan sullivan and some places we had to threaten to spend money when shelley moore capito the first republican pickup tonight when some groups said we are going to primary her, we issued a public statement saying if she is primaried we will be with her strongly. in other instances it meant getting hard money to like mike rockie mountainer -- rauner. the quality of the candidate makes a huge difference.
5:46 pm
we will see this tonight. cory gardner four years ago in colorado american crossroads spent $8 million on ken buck who lost the election. we gave the word ken buck in 2013 if he were the republican candidate for the senate and he was running, he was the frontrunner and going to be the nominee. we made it clear to the people we would not spend a single dime on behalf which probably made it more receptive when cory gardner said let's have breakfast i'm thinking about running for the senate. >> so interesting, karl, thank you. >> just about 2 0 minutes to go before the next big set of poll closings. 10 senate seats on the line in the battle for power. the balance of power in washington. >> try to get an update on these states, including virginia and what's happening there. plus, we will go live to kentucky where senator rand paul is standing by with reaction to senator mitch mcconnell's victory and more in moments. 3rd and 3. 58 seconds on the clock, what am i thinking about?
5:47 pm
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5:50 pm
we are now projecting that new hampshire democrat maggie hassan will win a second two-year term as governor defeating walt havenstein. that's a race we've been waiting on, and now we know that the democrat has prevailed. >> there's an update. we want to bring you the drama that is the commonwealth of virginia. republican ed gillespie is still hanging in there. this is not a race that we can call yet. in fact, it looks like he's picking up votes. obviously, we don't know what part of the commonwealth is coming in here, but it is really an interesting race that no one had on their radar. ed gillespie is outperforming all the polls going into this day. and incumbent mark warner is in trouble tonight. right now we want to turn to kentucky senator rand paul who joins us from louisville. senator, thanks for being here. >> glad to be with you. we're all smiles in kentucky, elated tonight. >> i bet.
5:51 pm
your reaction to obviously not only mitch mcconnell's win but how the map is stacking up tonight? >> here in kentucky, it's a referendum not only on the president but on hillary clinton. mrs. grimes ran as a clinton democrat. she tried to attach herself to hillary clinton but hillary clinton doesn't have many coattails in kentucky. >> you know, senator paul, you've made a lot of stops for a lot of candidates. and you've done campaigning for the minority leader down there in kentucky. october 29th, you said at a campaign stop. remember domino's pizza, they admitted, hey, our pizza crust sucks. the republican party brand suction and people don't want to be a republican. for 80 years african-americans have had nothing to do with republican. i'm wondering as you look at the map tonight, what do you say to republicans who say, you know, maybe they don't suck that bad?
5:52 pm
>> well, when we look at presidential politics, there's about 18 states we haven't won in 30 years, particularly the big great lakes states, illinois, michigan, pennsylvania. these are difficult states primarily because we don't win enough african-american vote. i don't think our policies are bad. i like the republican party. i'm a republican. but i think the perception of who we are and how we project ourselves has to improve for us to win presidential elections. >> senator, it's megyn kelly. earlier this week, in fact, yesterday, the first lady was speaking to roland martin on his radio show and speaking to what was described as an african-american audience. she said, it doesn't matter who is on the ticket, and it doesn't matter who is on the white house. that folks should be voting democrat period. you've been trying to do outreach to the african-american community to win over some of those voters. what do you think about her sentiment that african-american voters should be voting democrat period. and to those who say it's
5:53 pm
pointless for folks like you to try to make serious inroads into the african-american vote? >> i don't discount that the president or his wife that they care about minorities, that they care about unemployment and poverty, but the facts are that black unemployment is still twice white unemployment and that households that are led by an african-american have lost $3,000 in household income since the recession ended. so really the people that the president says should always vote democrat, they're frankly not doing very well with the democrat in charge. >> so far tonight switching gears, we're still seeing close races, very tight races in new hampshire, as scott brown vie tris to unseat the incumbent jeanne shaheen and where thom tillis is trying to unseat kay hagan. so far, at least, republicans are having some difficulty in putting wins on the board in those two states. is it too soon for republicans
5:54 pm
other than kentucky behind you and in west virginia to be doing some sort of a victory dance? >> well, i think it's hard to beat incumbents. well over 90% of incumbents win because of the advantage of being in office and being basically everywhere all the time and name recognition. but i think we're going to win some big races. i think we win in arkansas. i think that's been projected. if we don't win outright in georgia, louisiana, i think we'll win in runoffs there. i think we're going to win in alaska, which we won't know for quite a while. i think we're going to pick up enough victories to take over the senate. it's a repudiation basically of the president's policies but also hillary clinton. hillary clinton and bill clinton have been all over the place. they're trying to make it out as if they're somehow better for democrats. well, in kentucky, they were soundly je lly rejected. >> sounds like you want to talk about a potential opponent there a couple of times?
5:55 pm
>> well, they campaigned in kentucky very heavily and in arkansas and in iowa, so i think the facts are the facts. did the clintons help their ticket? no sfar, i don't think they hav. >> the white house official has announced that the president has invited bipartisan leaders to a meeting at the white house saturday afternoon. what do you think if republicans take control, or if they don't, what president obama and this administration will do with the rest of his term? >> i hope he will work with us. we're going to send him bills. the number one bill i want to send him is bringing american profit home. if we reduce the tax rate on money overseas, there's $2 trillion overseas. this would stimulate the economy. we could also take the tax revenue and put it into roads and bridges that we sorely need in this country. so i'm going to push hard. president obama voted for it in 2005. barbara boxer's for it. there's bipartisan support for it. i'd like to have one narrow bill
5:56 pm
that brings $2 trillion home. it would be wonderful to start off the january with that. >> senator rand paul in louisville, kentucky, celebrating with the minority leader down there. senator paul, thanks for your time tonight. >> now it is nearly 9:00 p.m. e. and we're moments away from polls closing in 14 states. >> a live look at denver, colorado, where we're awaiting results from the three-way colorado senate battle. here on fox news, america's election headquarters. they're still after me. get to the terminal across town. are all the green lights you? no. it's called grid iq. the 4:51 is leaving at 4:51. ♪ they cut the power. it'll fix itself. power's back on. quick thinking traffic lights and self correcting power grids make the world predictable. thrillingly predictable.
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6:00 pm
clock ticks down. a net of two, republicans need six to take control of the u.s. senate. >> it is now 9:00 p.m. eastern time. fox news can project that south dakota republican mike rounds will beat democrat rick weiland and independent larry pressler to replace retiring democratic senator tim johnson. this is a gop pickup that was long expected. n notwithstanding a scare last month when rounds' lead in the polls dipped into the single digits. republicans have turned a third senate seat from blue to red. michigan as well where gary peters will beat republican challenger terri lynn land. that's not a surprise. in texas senator john cornyn will beat david alameel.
6:01 pm
not a surprise there. nor is this a surprise. minnesota, liberal al franken will get a second term by beating his republican challenger mike mcfadden. >> cory gardner has a slight lead over first term democratic senator mark udall. but as of this moment too early to project a winner in that race. also too early to project whether pat roberts of kansas, the senate's arguably most vulnerable incumbent will be able to hold on to the seat he's held for 18 years. roberts has a slight lead over independent greg orman who says he will caucus with whatever party wins the majority in the senate although vice president biden was convinced today that he would caucus with the democrats. >> greg orman said who? joe who? i've never spoken to him. >> too early to predict where the louisiana senate race. the jungle primary down there. a number of candidates on that ballot. it may be headed in that
6:02 pm
direction, there may be no winner in that contest that could theoretically determine which party would control the senate. under such a scenario mary landrieu and bill cassidy would both fail to get 50%, then they couldn't claim a win and then you would go to the december 6th primary. that would mean a lot of money and a lot of commercials in louisiana. >> so now we're looking at republican net gains of three that they have won three. they won west virginia, they've won arkansas and they've won south dakota turning those states from blue to red. so many other states still too close to call including georgia, north carolina, virginia, which was a surprise. we'll get to that in a minute. new hampshire, colorado and kansas. waiting on all of those. we do have some news for you tonight in the gubernatorial races. in texas a hard fought battle ends tonight in a republican's favor. republican greg abbott will defeat democrat wendy davis to
6:03 pm
succeed governor rick perry who is widely expected to mount his second bid for the presidency. davis, once the darling of pro choice liberals ended up running what many in both parties considered a lackluster campaign. >> here in new york state, anne dr -- andrew cuomo will defeat rob astorino. >> and south dakota where dennis daugaard will breeze to victory over susan wismer. minnesota governor mark dayton, a democrat will survive a challenge by jeff johnson, a former congressman. >> a couple of races there, the michigan senate race not a surprise. the only race that president obama campaigned for a senate campaign there for gary peters and also probably one of the better-run campaigns in minnesota by al franken. thought to be vulnerable. he wasn't in the end. but it's really the commonwealth of virginia that everybody is
6:04 pm
looking at, trying to get a gauge whether ed gillespie can actually win this race. still too close to call. let's check in with bill hemmer at the bill board. >> 65 to 70% of the vote is in in virginia. this has stunned a lot of people, frankly. everybody, i guess, except for dana perino. she's been saying this race is going to be close for some time. what is happening inside the commonwealth? remember eric cantor was stunned in virginia? his district starts here north of richmond and runs up to the northwest, district number seven is all red in favor of ed gillespie at the moment. 66% of the vote in. gillespie with a five-point lead. we pointed this out earlier, the western half of the state has gone overwhelmingly toward gillespie as it trails off towards the west virginia/kentucky border, but in is the area of the state we need to pay attention to. this is fairfax county outside
6:05 pm
of washington, d.c. you're only at 37% of the vote. there are a lot of votes in this county. but you see warner down 18 in this county. to the northwest, loudon county, you can see him beating there two points at the moment. less than half of the vote reported in that particular coun county. what is happening with kay hagan and thom tillis. that's raleigh, north carolina, you have about 79% of the vote in. you'll get 450, maybe 500,000 votes in this county alone. for hagan to beat tillis, it's largely thought that she needs 56% of the boat in wake county. at the moment she's right at that number in wake county. we'll see how that develops. down here in georgia, you know you need 50% to avoid a runoff. we'll see how the economy plays
6:06 pm
here. it's number one in the country in terms of unemployment. all the exit polling has shown us tonight that the republican for republicans, for democrats, it doesn't matter. the economy was number one on their agenda. when we come back, we'll show you north in kentucky in a moment. there's a lot of talk about hillary clinton and bill clinton tonight into tomorrow and the coming weeks. a very interesting find for how mitch mcconnell beat grimes where the clintons just were three days ago. >> bill, thank you. interesting about that virginia race as we wait for that senate race in virginia, the associated press is calling the race for barbara comstock winning for the mike wolf seat. that is trending well for gillespie because that was a contested race. >> one of the other states we're
6:07 pm
watching is new hampshire, a hard-fought battle for that senate seat there. while some are projecting that the democrat has won in that race, fox news is not yet ready to go there. that race is not over, according to our decision desk. we'll bring you an update as soon as they're ready to call it. mike, what's happening? >> megyn, good evening. ed gillespie is here watching returns with his inner circle. aides i've spoken to say they're upbeat about what they're seeing. he's doing well in northern virginia to keep the margin where it needs to be. supporters are upbeat, optimistic, hopeful. as they see the numbers come up on the screen they let out a roar as well. you guys have been talking about that monday night football ad that ran during the redskins/cowboys game which obviously gets a huge audience in this part of the country. and they say it only ran once, but they feel like it resonated well with voters across the
6:08 pm
commonwealth of virginia who thought it was ridiculous that the united states senate would be voting on the name of an nfl franchise instead of more pressing issues. you can hear they're excited here, they're upbeat, they're hopeful. and they feel like it's positive message down the stretch helped them close the gap. they hope it's enough to help carry them across the finish line. >> let's go to chris wallace along with karl rove and joe trippy. hi, guys. >> thanks so much, brett. one of the interesting things sitting here with the campaign cowboys they take a look at these numbers at a very different way even than we do because they're professionals. karl, it's been so interesting watching you and joe go through the returns in virginia. what do you see? how are you approaching this and what are you finding? >> i'm approaching this by looking, first of all, our most recent race that's been critical. big contest in virginia. i'm looking at the 2012 presidential election. mitt romney loses the state to
6:09 pm
barack obama by 3.9%. so i'm comparing where ed gillespie is running versus where mitt romney is going. >> what are you finding? >> we're finding out, joe and i are both looking at this. first of all, ed is really outperforming in the urbs, but prince william county 11.2% ahead of where mitt romney was. culpepper 7.3%. loudoun county, 2 1/2 points ahead. >> what about the democratic areas? >> joe's looking at the democratic areas. i'm looking at the republican areas. >> joe, what about the democratic areas? >> northern part of virginia is the first congressional seat i ever won in my life. it's where gop candidacy goes to die. when you look at this in alexandria, gillespie is
6:10 pm
outperforming romney by a tent of a point, not the two we need. these are big population centers. fairf fairfax, the city 1%, not the 2 we need. in the end, i think he's going to be short. >> this is not a projection but you're saying you're gut says -- >> yeah, that he comes up short. one of the more amazing, you know -- >> he was down nine points on monday. >> in the end it would be maybe tenths of a point. >> the big intangible here is the tidewater and virginia beach is one of the biggest cities in virginia. most people don't understand that. there's more people in the tidewater than there are in virginia. not enough returns in from there to say. but it is interesting. he's outperforming in some places by a big margin. you know where he's underperforming, where he's running behind romney is in the southwestern tip, the coal country of virginia. not by much, but they were so on
6:11 pm
fire against obama and just one or two points of them returning to a democrat. >> and somebody there for victories and for defeats for george w. bush, i want to ask you about this curious decision of the president to announce tonight in the middle of this evening that he's going to hold this meeting of house and senate republican and democratic leaders on friday. what's that about? >> well, first of all, i think it's a cry of, i'm relevant. >> i'm still here. >> i'm still here. it's a weird injection of the president into the middle of this night. the second thing, the republican leadership contest in the house and the senate will both be the following week. i think he's sort of trying to get everybody in while they have not yet settled who will be formally the leaders for the next -- >> let me ask you one final queson. a lot of talk that right after this election is over, the president will take executive action. let's assume the republicans take the senate tonight, that the president is going to take
6:12 pm
executive action to, in effect, legalize, defer the deportation for years of up to 4 million people who are in this country illegally. if republicans take the senate and the president takes that action, which they are going to be very upset about, what happens? >> well, there are legislative remedies. they can attach riders to spending bills to keep him from executing that policy. but look, if the president does that, it will say he wants confrontation, not cooperation. he'll basically take his finger, stick it in the eye of the republicans and say let's have a contentious next two years. if he wants to have the country come together, that's not what he should do. he should step back from the abyss. this will poison the waters with the republicans for the house and senate for the next two years. >> bret, megyn, we may get a contentious friday afternoon. >> we'll be watching in the next few minutes and hours of the commonwealth of virginia race. that will be close.
6:13 pm
>> there's a lot of drama yet to be had if ed gillespie pulls out in that state that nobody was watching or counting as a possible gop pickup. >> big gubernatorial races including the state of florida where, again, it is too close to call. fox news projecting nothing at this point other than they're still crunching the numbers between charlie crist, the new ly minted democrat -- minted, thank you. and republican rick scott. >> also in maryland, again, too close to call. this is interesting, blue, maryland. too close to call. larry hogan launching a very impressive campaign. the republican against the lieutenant governor anthony brown. president obama did campaign for the lieutenant governor there. you may remember the images of the people leaving the stadium as the people were talking. maryland is not as blue as it was if this race is too close to call. >> we're keeping our eyes on wisconsin right now where that gubernatorial race is still too
6:14 pm
close to call. scott walker is trying to fend off a challenge from mary burke. this is a man who has been challenged repeatedly, he fended off a recall. inside word is they were a little concerned in the walker camp today going into the vote, but so far tonight it is too close to call. we're not ready to project a winner. we do want to go to mike tobin who is live from governor walker's headquarters tonight. >> hi there, megyn. you hear the people cheering right now. these are all the walker supporters in the exposition center in the fate fairgrounds. all of them very excited. a lot of tension in the air. for all the effort and talking about the very few undecided voters here. that's because fox news is on the screen and they were cheering for fox news. the reason they're here and very excited is because it all became
6:15 pm
about motivating the base. they actually have democrats to thank for getting their machine so well oiled. they were practiced. this is a team that had some game time. 21 regional offices around this state that for all practical purposes never really shut down. they kept working. the volunteers were on speed dial. precinct captains knew everyone in their region. i'm being told the crowd right here is quite raucous anticipating the appearance of governor walker. we'll see when that happens. >> breaking news. >> fox news can now project a republican win in the open senate seat in nebraska based on early vote returns. we expect university president ben sasse to beat democrat dave domina, a lawyer who is fighting the proposed keystone oil pipeline. sasse was expected to win. also in nebraska fox news can project that the republican pete
6:16 pm
rick etts will beat chuck hassebrook who will replace dave hine naman who is leebing after a de -- leaving after a decade in the house. >> soon the polls will be closing in one of the most talked about states in any election. we'll have a live report from iowa where all eyes are on joni ernst in moments. ♪ (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life.
6:17 pm
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i've never felt so alive. get the future of phone and the phones are free. comcast business. built for business. got news for you out of wisconsin right now. fox news is characterizing the gubernatorial race between scott walker and democratic challenger mary burke as too close to call. walker's often mentioned as a potential 2016 candidate, but if he cannot win his own state, his presidential prospects could dim considerably. therefore, we're keeping a close eye. just don't be confused. you can see it shows 68%, she's got 31%, but this is raw vote coming in. plus we're looking at the exit polling and we can't make a projection in that race yet. >> i want to show you a map that you may see in the background here over the panel. this is a heat map. this is the senate heat map. it toggles between the house and
6:20 pm
the senate. as different counties come in with the vote, republican or democrat, they are filled in here. red obviously republican, blue democrat. and you see the country fill in based on the voting in that particular county. so there's the house heat map. now, the house, we haven't talked about a lot tonight. but republicans are poised to pick up anywhere from five to ten, maybe even 12 seats tonight heading into this evening. and there are a number of vulnerable democrats in house races. we'll keep track of that and try to give you an update on how the house stacks up, but it's clear tonight that speaker john boehner is going to head back to leadership. >> meantime, we're waiting for calls, senate calls, which is really the story of the night whether the gop will take control of the u.s. senate in several states including north carolina and virginia. you can see kay hagan there appears to be leading her challenger at least so far, mark warner versus ed gillespie in
6:21 pm
virginia and the republican gillespie so far in the lead. it's tightening, as we knew it would. this is why our prognosticators take their time and make sure they don't call it too soon. we want to go back our panel. >> i was just thinking about the gillespie race in the senate. there's considerably debate among republicans and strategists this time around about whether it was better to leave the gravity that president obama was presenting to all the democrats as the main element in the election and basically run against him and his record or whether republicans should have presented an alternative agenda and run on that as they did so successfully back in 1994. one candidate who did run on a specific agenda, ran on the issues, was ed gillespie. of course, he was trailing by so much for so long that it didn't get much attention outside the state of virginia, but seems it did appeal to a lot of people in the state of virginia or he wouldn't be doing nearly as well as he has.
6:22 pm
it may revive that debate, if he should do as well as he's done even if he doesn't win and they should fail to get the senate tonight, you can imagine what the repercussions on that issue are going to be, whether they should have run in the way that they did as opposed to how he did. >> they would look at that map as it stands now and not feel encouraged. as you see votes coming in for in new hampshire jeanne shaheen and maybe kay hagan, too close to call from fox, are democrats emboldened at all by those numbers? >> i think it's comforting, but those are two races that were the most likely expected to stay in the democratic column. so nothing to get extra excited about. concerning when you see obviously virginia but even maryland governor's race so close to call is very concerning as well. so it's possible that the democrats can hold on to the senate. i don't think that it's probably very likely.
6:23 pm
but we have to wait and see. i'm really interested to see what things look like in some of these states that aren't the red states, that are some of these states that barack obama won, you know, such as iowa, for example, to see how that's playing out versus right now we're looking at more red states. >> what does it say to you, george, that new hampshire has turned out to be as tight as it was. not too long ago people were saying he has no chance. >> he has no chance but he seemed to bring himself back by raising an issue that might come back to bite the republicans. he made great deal of noise about immigration and border security. the border's a long way from new hampshire, but it still resonated up there. the question is have the republicans for short-term political gain in 2014 in states where there's not a large hispanic population to worry about, have they made themselves hostage to fortune in a way that will come back to bite them in 2016? i don't know, but when we're speculating about what the president might do in terms of
6:24 pm
provocative actions on immigration, his aim might be to provoke, that is, to get the republicans to recoil in a way that sets them up for a fall in 2016. >> you know juan -- >> sorry, bret. the other thing he made a big deal of in the end right before the poll tightened making it a closer race for him, was to beat the president up about ebola. the ebola factor seemed to be playing to some extent in some of these races. am i wrong, juan? >> i don't know what evidence you might be thinking of, but i'm interested. >> he kept hitting the president on his ebola response and tying his opponent to the president. >> i think in that case, i think there's a litany that republicans have in terms of, you know, saying that they don't like president obama and that could be one of them. i haven't seen any numbers that indicate that that was shifting the vote. when i look at something that really does catch my attention with regard to ed gillespie is that gillespie was running on this agenda that you were just talking about. you look at the other
6:25 pm
republicans across the country and there's a lack of agenda. i know reince priebus and the republican national committee tried to put out their own priority points to fill in that gap, but i think that what we're seeing, no matter agenda, no agenda, ebola, no ebola is largely people saying they don't like incumbents. >> so jeanne shaheen was comfortably head until october 9th. on october 8th thomas duncan died of ebola. >> you're hitting on the broader issue, which is the unhappiness with president obama. so i think that you're right that scott brown, out of all the candidates, was somebody who was particularly hammering him on every single issue just relentlessly. >> the environment, brit, six of the democratic held states up tonight were carried by mitt romney in 2012 by 14 points or more. >> right. >> virginia was not. >> no. >> virginia president obama won
6:26 pm
by four points. >> quite an achievement to keep it close even for a republican. to have done that. you know, regardless of how it turns out in the end. and i -- you know, he wins either way. and of course there's been a lot of speculation about gillespie that what he was really doing -- you heard -- was setting himself up for a gubernatorial race in a couple of years. >> you know what is really interesting in that race is all the polls can't be wrong, right? so that means late deciders -- >> or they can. >> i've never -- all the polls? come on. all the polls? i don't think so. so that means late deciders in that race -- >> vote for him. >> -- broke heavily. this is unbelievable. >> that redskins ad. it was the redskins ad, monday night football. >> for those of us that don't watch any sport of any kind. >> you know the controversy over the redskins name. >> yes. >> he goes and buys a very expensive ad in between monday night football when the redskins
6:27 pm
are playing the cowboys and say, we shouldn't focus on this name. we should focus on getting things done in washington. >> i must tell you as someone who has lived there virtually all my life, there is one issue, one subject that unites the people in the washington area as nothing else can and that is the subject of the redskins. and among redskins fans -- and they are legion in maryland and virginia -- their sentiment on this redskins name thing is overwhelmingly in favor of keeping the name and my sense is who knows, that may well have motivated some people. >> it didn't motivate charles krauthammer. >> it should motivate people because his point wasn't just leave the redskins alone but what in the world -- where is the enumerated power in the u.s. constitution that says they should worry about sports teams' names? and it catalyzed in people's minds the utter frivolity of
6:28 pm
washington. >> for someone that tries not to say the name of the washington football team. >> oh, please. redskins, redskins, the redskins won. >> hey, look, i live with him. but i'm telling you the team's practice is in ashburn, the team's summer is in richmond. they are a virginia team. >> thank you. >> we've got some actual business to get down to now because we're projecting some winners in some races including in wyoming where we're projecting that senator mike enzi will defeat his democratic challenger charlie hardy. >> also in wyoming, fuchs news predicts that matt mead will beat his opponent. >> and mary fallin will fight back a challenge by joe dorman. no update on several of the key senate races. >> senate races and gubernatorial races. we have a lot on the table and we'll update just ahead.
6:29 pm
wisconsin congressman paul ryan who is no stranger to nights like this weighs in on the showdowns in his home state and who he thinks will be in control of the senate by night's end. >> less than an hour before polls close in one of the most talked about states in any election. a live report from iowa just ahead. you're with us here on america's election headquarters. don't go away. so ally bank really has no hidden fees on savings accounts? that's right. it's just that i'm worried about you know "hidden things..." ok, why's that? no hidden fees, from the bank where no branches equals great rates.
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6:32 pm
welcome back to america's election headquarters. you see the senate balance of power, 45 republicans, 41 democrats. a net gain right now of 3. remember, net gain has to be plus 6 for republicans to take control of the senate. we're still waiting on a number of races including virginia, including new hampshire, a call for us to make, a call on new hampshire. we're waiting, the polls closing in iowa. a huge race. colorado we are saying it's too close to call at this point. >> louisiana. >> looks like it's heading to a runoff, but we can't say that yet. >> joining us congressman steve israel. good of you to be here with us. your reaction, let's start first with virginia and your thoughts on that race being so close tonight?
6:33 pm
>> that's the recurring theme. we're only an hour and a half away from the last closing poll. we're still too close to call. all are hanging tough or ahead. and you've got this close race in virginia. so i think it's going to be -- look, a tough night for democrats unquestionably. but i also think it will be a long night. there are potential surprises ahead. >> congressman what about the numbers you're looking at as you look across the board. you say there's 20 very close house races. we haven't talked a lot about the house tonight. project what you think the numbers could turn out for democrats at the end of the evening? >> so far every projection and prediction has been off. we know from history that the president's party loses an average of 29 seats in the second midterm. even ronald reagan at the height of his popularity lost seats. some were projecting that this is going to be a horrific wave election for democrats. and now on the very night of the
6:34 pm
election we still have every single democratic incumbent in play when many thought they'd be wiped out by now. 20 races that are tied and others that are too close to call. the only thing thatty predict is that it will be a much longer night than people expected. >> you can definitively say you won't pick up seats to take control of the house. >> not without the strike of lightni lightning, i'm willing to say. >> you said tonight will be a tough night for the democrats but you said earlier today that 2016 will be a great year. why? >> well, in presidential elections, you have a much more favorable turnout universe for democrats. we saw that in 2012, that's number one. number two, as somebody who believes in compromise and negotiation and meeting in the middle, my hope would be after this election is over and we get back to governing that people don't read too much into these results and people don't go to the corners. if they do, they're misreading the sentiment of the electorate
6:35 pm
and they'll fall out of touch particularly with independent swing voters in competitive districts. people like ted cruz double down, i think it's not only bad for the country but i think it's bad politically for prospects of republicans in 2016. >> you suggested earlier that the republicans will be more extreme after tonight. yt we just finished a discussion talking about how these gop candidates are actually more in the middle, more moderate, less extreme, if you will, than some of those who were put forth last time around. that was a conscious decision by the party. so what did you mean? >> look, i hope you're right. but the fact of the matter is that eric cantor in virginia lost a primary to somebody who went to the right of eric cantor, which is hard to fathom. i just -- look, the fever, i hope, will break. the good news is that we're very close to the end of this election cycle. fewer commercials, fewer e-mails
6:36 pm
begging people for money. the parties can roll up their sleeves and govern and put politics away for as long as humanly possible. that means just meeting in the middle. >> i know there's a lot of people who thing that would be great because the commercials would end. republicans campaigned saying it was harry reid who is preventing legislation from going on to the president from negotiation from happening, from even bringing up some bills that have been languishing in the senate. the president's calling for a bipartisan bicameral meeting at the white house friday. what do you think changes in washington after this election? >> the fact that there's an election behind us and that people don't have to just bang away at each other for the purposes of winning an election, but the fact that the american people want us to govern. look, i hear your point about republicans saying it's harry reid's fault and democrats reminding the american people that republicans shut down the government. let's just put that behind us. let's just focus not on who is right, who is wrong but moving the country forward.
6:37 pm
that's exactly what we need to do as soon as the last poll is closed. >> congressman thanks for being here. >> thank you, appreciate it. >> we're watching a number of races that have not yet been called including in the senate where we're watching the colorado race. simply too tight to call between mark udall and cory gardner, although we are see shoeing gardner, the challenger, up right now. >> go back to colorado. we have early vote total about, this is a new system out there, mail-in ballots. 70% of the vote might be in by the time polls closed. now we're still waiting, which means it's close, which may mean that mark udall may have seen resurgence in the end as we got towards election day. >> what happens with those ballots? where are they sitting, where do they get mailed, where do they sit, who controls them from the time they're received and then
6:38 pm
election day. and who counts them? do they start this morning? who is in charge? is it like one guy with a key to the closet? how does it work? >> that's a good question. we do have a call. we can project that the louisiana senate race will go to a runoff on december 6 meaning there will be no winner in that contest tonight. and at least theoretically that could determine which party controls the senate. although looking at the scenarios, there's still a path that republicans could get the senate despite this runoff. based on the exit polling, fox projects that three-time democratic incumbent senator mary landrieu and bill cassidy will both fail to get to 50%. that means they can't get an outright win. that means that louisiana, unfortunately, is burdened with a lot of campaign commercials until december 6. >> they'll not escape that. now we have an important race to call for you. fox news is officials now projecting that the democrat jeanne shaheen will beat back her challenge by republican scott brown to hold on to that
6:39 pm
senate seat in the state of new hampshire. this is one of the most important races of this election. this is a very big win. it's an important win for the democrats tonight. again, jeanne shaheen holding off a challenge by scott brown. and so the state of new hampshire, for which republicans originally did not have very high hopes, started to get some high hopes towards the end, will remain solidly blue at least until as far as this race goes. >> a big win for democrats. this was a big scare from scott brown, an opponent that no one at the beginning was going to give a chance since he came over from being a former massachusetts senator. but he actually made a tough run for jeanne shaheen. >> it's definitely a win, but one na was expected among democrats. the margin, it's a little too close for comfort, i think, if you look at where this race was. he came from so far behind and so i think that this -- it
6:40 pm
portends probably good things for north carolina, but i don't think we can read much else into it. >> juan? >> you know, it's one of the races that i think was critical in toefrms democrats trying to hold the senate. i'm still curious about what happens in north carolina right now. paying a lot of attention there. then you have iowa and colorado that we'll be looking at. if you assume, as we all do that alaska, arkansas, louisiana, tough for the democrats to hold, this was one of the states that the democrats had to have, and it's interesting. you were talking to me about ebola earlier. what struck me about scott brown's surge in new hampshire was his attention to foreign policy, his attention to the way that the obama administration was taking us into the war without putting the boots on the ground, and scott brown was effective, i think, in making that case. again, from my perspective, that the people who run washington are not working right now, not protecting the country and an
6:41 pm
anti-incumbent sentiment i'm seeing. >> he made a big deal about isis and ebola. >> he did. >> scott brown is a terrific retail politician and this is a state that loves retail politics. that's who are you for for president? i met him three times yet, so i can't tell. in fact, the republicans put a good foot forward in a good climate with all the issues breaking and they lost. >> tough state for them, though. >> what? >> they have a republican senator. >> since i started covering politics, the political atmosphere in new hampshire has changed dramatically. it used to be a place where the manchester union leader which is a hard right wing newspaper was the dominant media force in the state. now no newspapers are a dominant force almost anywhere and the political complexion of the state has changed a lot. it has become a bedroom community much as southern new
6:42 pm
hampshire for boston, and the political atmosphere up there is different. it's a tough uphill race. brown should get credit for running a good race. he's a very attractive guy and good retail campaigner and he made a fight out of it. tough state, though. >> what can you say when we watch these results come in, do you have a sense about more red shirt states are turning blue, more blue shirt states are turning red? in other words, is there a shift one way or the other in the electorate? >> one state we talked about earlier that has undergone dramatic and striking total shift is the state of arkansas and now it's more in conformity with the rest of the south. that, of course, is a trend that we have seen over a long period of time. we've seen virginia change from a clearly red state to a state that the president carried and is considered now a purple state and, of course, we await kind of a -- >> colorado. >> colorado is another state
6:43 pm
that used to be solidly conservative republican state. now it's a mixed state. >> north carolina. >> north carolina, well, north carolina's been a mixed state for a while. >> we're looking live at new hampshire, manchester, awaiting jean is a heen and her victory speech after we've called that race. one of them is off our list. >> i didn't know we were going to make it to that segment without putting up the cosmopolitan picture of scott brown. we didn't need to air that, i guess. >> that's okay. i think we should move on. >> just noting. i talked about mitch mcconnell's polio and this was a relevant fact about scott brown. we're about 16 minutes away from the next polls closing at the top of the hour. we should have an update for you. we hope to be able to call some of these states. georgia, north carolina, virginia, colorado, kansas and louisiana.
6:44 pm
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6:47 pm
going to bring you an update on the state of wisconsin where we continue to watch the governors' race -- continue, we have no answer for you. we're watching whether scott walker will prevail against his democratic challenger. she's been described as a politically attractive candidate. this is by no means an assured retention for the incumbent scott walker even though he has won before beating back a recall in the wake of wisconsin's efforts against unions. and towards the right to work. so we'll see what happens in this state. it could be something that other states will watch if scott walker takes a beating there tonight. >> we're joined by wisconsin republican congressman and former vice presidential candidate paul ryan. congressman, thanks for being here. >> good evening, bret and megyn,
6:48 pm
how are you doing tonight? >> doing well. we haven't called your race yet. your thoughts on the wisconsin governor's race and what you're seeing there on the ground? >> i think we're going to do well. sorry, i got to hold this to my ear because everybody is shouting for our races here in wisconsin. i think scott's going to win this race. his reforms are working. we spent the last two weeks crisscrossing the state of wisconsin together talking about the walker reforms, momentum is in his direction, the polls are in his direction. we just closed our polls here in wisconsin. it will take a while to sort thing out here. i do believe scott's going to win. >> we just had congressman israel on talking about his perception. he says he sees 20 races too close to call across country and says democrats are performing well. overall, how do you characterize this election, this cycle? >> overall i think we're going to have a very good night. i just don't know how good it is going to be. we know cap itto picked up a
6:49 pm
senate seat, mitch mcconnell. we're eagerly waiting the gillespie race in virginia which is a close race. we're having a good night. i think what's happening is it's not just the incompetence of the obama administration that voters are responding to, it's the incompetence that's inherent in big government that people are responding to. that's why i think we're going to have a good night. >> congressman ryan, i'm megyn kelly. good of you to be with us tonight. what do you think of the elections in 2012 versus what we're seeing tonight? why the difference in the republican republicans' momentum at least? >> in 2012 mitt romney and i had a challenge in that we were fighting against big government in theory. it was sort of obama's word against our word. have to remember he passed most of his program in 2009 and 2010 but he delayed their implementation, he declared obama care, dodd/frank until
6:50 pm
2014. now we have big government in practice. it doesn't look anything like the rhetoric that was used to sell it. the results are untethered to the rhett rhetoric. this isn't all what it is cracked up to be. we have incompetence in big government. it's interfering in my life. it's stifling job creation. poverty at all-time highs. we have big government in practice and that's what's different than 2012 when we still have the hope and the change and the rhetoric and not the results. >> congressman ryan, thanks for being here. >> polls in a handful of states prepare to close in just minutes leaving us with just about a half dozen more before all is said and done. >> still a lot of drama. there hasn't been a surprise t. >> and kentucky is going that fast that big. >> right. but in terms of the end result,
6:51 pm
so far kind of following what they predicted yet we don't know what's happening in virginia and iowa up next. the hawkeye state is the one to watch in any election. [ hoof beats ] i wish... please, please, please, please, please. [ male announcer ] the wish we wish above health. so we quit selling cigarettes in our cvs pharmacies. expanded minuteclinic, for walk-in medical care. and created programs that encourage people to take their medications regularly. introducing cvs health. a new purpose. a new promise... to help all those wishes come true. cvs health. because health is everything.
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6:54 pm
the fox news decision desk is now ready to project in the state of colorado republican congressman cory gardner will oust mark udall in one of the most closely watched contests in this election cycle. this is a significant victory for republicans because it turns another senate seat from blue to red bringing their net gain for the night to four pickups. you can see the number at the bottom of your screen. that's the important number. when they get to six, if they get to six, that is when they would attain control of the chamber. >> so on the right part of your screen, you see that raw total, the balance of power, 46 republicans, 42 democrats as megyn said, a net gain of 4. i was out in colorado. this was a race that was back and forth, very tight. but mark udall really got hammered on the issue of focusing solely on women's issues. in fact, the denver post endo e endorsed cory gardner. in the debate the denver post reporter, well known veteran out
6:55 pm
there, called senator udall senator uterus because of his sole focus on women's issues. i think this really hurt there. >> and they were saying that if he had won tonight, he would have been dubbed a genius for sticking to that issue and playing it up with the electorate and winning women voters which is important for any democrat running and wonder what they will say now. will that be the death of that narrative which has been so well played by democrats in particular in the presidential election in 2012. >> clearly did not work well here. i just say the names. >> we call them the campaign cowboys. i got to say that the campaign cowboys have known for some period of time that colorado was going the republican way. i know there's been a lot of snorting and head shaking about the predicto-meter, joe. show what it shows. >> this is the highest tech we have available here. but karl and i went through it. when you're looking at the real
6:56 pm
clear politics average, udall was down 2.5%. >> 44%. >> 44, but he was minus 2.5 to -- >> udall. >> to gardner, sorry. the problem as we were looking at the early returns, actually minus 8.8, now minus 7 because more returns came in. >> where did udall win and where did gardner win? >> he flipped the suburb, jefferson county, adams, arapaho. chairman michael bennett for the campaign committee, they all flipped. jefferson county, the key one, they won it by 2 1/2 points in 2010 and losing it by 2.1 points today. then they ran up the numbers in the republicans -- >> i want to pick up on what bret and megyn were discussing.
6:57 pm
the war on women, nobody stuck to the playbook as well as mark udall. why didn't the war on women work? >> you saw it in the suburbs. these are the places where socially moderate fiscally conservative women said i won't vote for an extremist. they took that off the table by saying i'm a reasonable person. i understand what the supreme court said, there will be abortions in america. and i'm in favor of what the ama is, which is we should have most forms of birth control made available. after that point his positive and optimistic presentation just sort of ate away at that corrosive war on women. >> the fact that colorado was a state that barack obama carried twice. of course, he was nominated there in 2008. they carried it twice. now it's going to a republican in 2014. >> another big state coming up very soon. polls set to close in iowa.
6:58 pm
this is one that everyone's talking about. after the break. >> listening to them, if republicans and democrats could get as long as as well as they did on the predict-o-meter. (receptionist) gunderman group. gunderman group is growing. getting in a groove. growth is gratifying. goal is to grow. gotta get greater growth. i just talked to ups. they got expert advise, special discounts, new technologies. like smart pick ups. they'll only show up when you print a label and it's automatic. we save time and money. time? money? time and money. awesome. awesome! awesome! awesome! awesome! (all) awesome! i love logistics. it says here that increases at the age of 80. helps reduce the risk of heart disse. keep hrt-healthy. live long. eat the 100% goodness of post shreddedheat.
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7:00 pm
suggested as a possible presidential or vice presidential candidate in 2016 will win re-election by beating her democratic challenger gary king. susana martinez watch her prominently in the next presidential election. >> now the new poll closing. it's now 10:00 here on the east coast at fox news headquarter and the fox news decision desk predicts that steve danes will defeat amanda curtis flipping the control to the republican party since 1913. that's another pickup for republicans in their bid to take control of the upper chamber. net gain plus five. they need six. >> keep in mind we still don't have results in other states including kansas which is where the republicans are trying to hold off the challenge. and if they lose that, then the number will go back down from five to four. just keep in mind when you see these numbers that it's still actually kind of early, believe it or not. >> fluid. >> want to move over to iowa,
7:01 pm
one of the most closely watched races in the battle for the senate. joni ernst and democrat bruce braley in iowa. still too soon to say who will win this democrat-held seat being vacated by retiring senator tom harkin, but we can tell you that ernst has a slight lead. that is how our decision desk is characterizing it. >> as you take a look at the balance of power, 47 republicans, 42 as we've been ticking out throughout the night. net gain of five. there's history being made in iowa as fox news projects that governor terry branstead will win a sixth term in office against jack hatch. branstad will set a new record as the longest serving governor. from george clinton from 1777 to 1804. that's not really a trivia fact. you know comes to you really off the top.
7:02 pm
>> those are good years. >> those are good years. good old times. 1777, good times. woo! >> moving over to nevada, too soon to project whether brian sa sandoval will beat robert goodman. sandoval has been mentioned at another possible republican candidate for 2016. so we're watching that race as well. >> brit hume, dana perino, take a look, set the table, what do you see, what's important? >> well, you're seeing republicans make gains in the places where we thought republicans were likely to make gains. winning the races that we thought that they would and places like new hampshire would seem to be something of a stretch. they're not. virginia, as you all have been talking about all night has thrown virtually everybody for some kind of a curve. just the fact that ed gillespie had been down really double digits for months on end, then close to single digits and then
7:03 pm
now appears to be, whatever the end result is, now appears to be in a contest that's going to end up a lot closer than virtually everybody predicted. >> how about, dana, colorado, and senator udall -- i almost said uterus, losing out this contest. that war on women narrative was used very effectively by the democrats. i remember going to the democratic national convention last time around, and they made their entire convention about the so-called war on women and birth control and so on and so forth. there weren't as many senators using it this time, but he went all-in on it. >> this is a problem republicans run into, sometimes you run the same playbook and the election cycle has moved on. people want something different. president obama didn't help them. and cory gardner was just a different candidate. remember there was going to be a big primary challenge. but cory gardner worked with the republicans behind the scenes and he became the candidate for
7:04 pm
senate. and the congressman who -- who -- winning that race today -- congressman -- congressional seat, they actually worked out something beforehand, so colorado as a republican party got its act together for this election. >> that was a real -- really important move by the so-called republican establishment. ken buck had been the nominee who lost to michael bennett, what, four years ago. and it looked like he was going to go again and he was a tea party favorite and he talked him into running for the house instead. the result was you get cory gardner. cory gardner may have been the kind of the cream of the crop of the republican sort of newcomer candidates this year. very attractive guy. >> that's what paul was saying. >> you look at colorado and it's clearly purple. president obama, then-senator obama rolled out there at that convention with the greek columns, the whole bit. colorado was looking as a democratic stronghold for a little while.
7:05 pm
what do you say about it tonight? >> it was never in my view going to be a democratic stronghold. the fact of the matter is -- you are to excuse my phone. >> can't talk now. >> i know you're not supposed to do that. colorado has been traditionally republican state for a hong time. in hispanic growth has not been as big as in other states. the democrats, frankly, look, obama's got a lot of problems there. i don't know how udall will carry that. same problem they had in arkansas. but this race will come down, to all due respect to my colleague on the five, i don't believe gillespie will win in virginia, fairfax county still has 40% of the vote out. i used to work that county. they'll come in. >> they held them back? >> pretty easy to do. >> you were the guy with the boxes of ballots. >> believe it or not, this may come down to kansas, this whole thing. >> wow, drama. bill hemmer at the bill board, drill down deeper. >> i want to take you to two
7:06 pm
places that are frankly too close to call, trying to figure out what is happening in north carolina. this is the most expensive senate race in united states history. kay hagan and thom tillis, the democrat and the republican, a one-point lead. wake county here in raleigh, north carolina. remember, before this election started, it was believed that hagan needed 56% of the vote in wake county in order to win re-election. right now she's at 55. that's razor tight. 10% of the vote still to come in in wake county. this is charlotte, mecklenburg county. a quarter of the vote. a lot still to come in mecklenburg and we'll see if kate can hold or come back now on thom tillis. pop out to kansas right now. this, you just mentioned it, it may come all down to kansas. at the moment greg orman is
7:07 pm
giving pat roberts a run for his money. you're at 35% of the vote. what is coming in at the moment? look over here to wichita. sedgwick county, the most populated in the state. only at 6% of the vote. that county has a ways to go here. northeastern part of the state, this is johnson county. this is the home county for greg orman, just a trickle, less than 1%. this is the suburbs of kansas city. you pop out here to douglas county, similar to -- pat roberts is from shawnee county, 20% o the vote. orman has a 2-1 lead on pat roberts. in iowa, we'll just check on this quickly because it just closed a moment ago. but no information coming in for the precincts and counties throughout the 99 counties of iowa. that screen will quickly turn in in a moment. it will turn red and blue depending on the result.
7:08 pm
you have to get 50% of the vote. 57% of the vote counted. perdue hanging on to a 57-41 lead over michelle nunn at the moment. there's a lot of counties around here in atlanta, georgia, we'll take fulton county and show you less than 1% of the vote coming in from the city of atlanta. so that may factor in to things tonight. in fact, we may not be able to call georgia tonight as we go throughout the evening. you mentioned colorado. some of the votes we're tabulating for the republican turnout is just downright impressive. you go in here, some of these bellwether counties like jefferson county where gardner right now has a two-point lead. you pop down here to douglas county, heavily republican. 2-1 for gardner, 3-1, 73-21% for mark udall. that's where he's shown a lot of strength.
7:09 pm
colorado, first time they've ever gone to a mail-in system. they were tabulating votes and they had a pretty good handle on what was happening out there. a moment ago in favor of gardner. if they hold kansas, republicans do, if they hang on to georgia and louisiana is headed for a vote down the road. >> bill, you've got other states on there. north carolina, obviously, we haven't called. the path here, if they hold -- louisiana we've already called as heading to the runoff. >> that's right. >> that's december 6, but georgia we can't call that. that's heading to a runoff. they have net gain five, they need a net gain six. but they may have to hold on -- >> a couple things just to clarify that, bret. you could get an ernst victory here in iowa, if you do, that puts them at plus six. but what happens in kansas? does orman hang on, does he defeat pat roberts? at that moment the focus of the
7:10 pm
country will come out here to the state of alaska and that does not close until 1:00 in the morning east coast time. you have dan sullivan giving mark begich a pretty good run for his money out there in alas alaska. if it's tight in alaska, really close, a lot of the rural areas it takes time for that vote to come in and to be counted. so if we're hanging on that number at plus six, alaska could decide it late into the night, early into wednesday morning or possibly beyond that. >> yeah, it's taken two weeks sometimes some of those rural places to get those ballots in. bill, thank you. >> what do we do now? >> he's in arkansas, the senator-elect after a big win tonight. >> -- the greatest constitution in history.
7:11 pm
>> people have already made their choice. it allows each of us to flourish according to its abilities and industry. to live with the blessings of civil -- >> okay. >> it was a good speech. it was really tight, yeah. >> good to know, yeah. so congratulations to him. and no offense. >> let's go to our panel. >> back to the panel just to round up now. so now, you know, no surprises, right? i mean, other than this virginia race being closer than we thought, no surprises yet, right, bret? >> the virginia race is really tightening to the point where it's the kind of vote that the democratic candidate is used to getting out of the northern virginia suburbs might be enough to put him over the edge. it's not certain yet but looking
7:12 pm
more that way. >> what about the fact that we're still waiting on a governor's call for the state of maryland? what does that say -- >> we talked about that earlier. that race was thought to be one this that was just out of reach for the republican party in a state that's turned so blue but it got close late. hogan turned out to be a pretty good candidate. he's a businessman but a political pedigree. ran a pretty good race. >> steve, you were talking about that race a couple weeks ago. >> watching tv in maryland, i live in maryland. watching tv in maryland, the democratic governors association and others on behalf of the democratic candidate there anthony brown were running ads incessantly. he couldn't change a channel. at a certain point, you have to think what are they running these ads for. it wasn't just to boost martin o'malley, the incumbent governor, at some point you had to think that the race was going to be closer than people
7:13 pm
thought. it became a much more competitive race than most people had imagined it would be. as brit said already hogan had a simple message. i'm going to tax you less than the other guy, i'm going to spend less than the other guys and we're going to be competent. i think that resonated. >> against the maryland state legislature that's not hard to do. that's one of the great cesspools of american politics. but remember, ehrlich was the governor of maryland who was the republican not too long ago. maryland has a history of sending some republican governors to taking on the statehouse. >> but a very good republican year, he ran again, lost to o'malley by more than a dozen points. this is a state that had been blue even though they occasionally leekted republican governors was trending deeper and deeper blue. >> baltimore county, tell me what brit said about fairfax county. 40% of that vote is out. with the rest of the state about
7:14 pm
95% in. they have a history of holding those votes back. i don't want to put a damper on gillespie, but the point is there's no surprise, as you said, assuming they hang on to north carolina, but wake county, certain parts have not been counted which are probably more democratic. the question really does, the more and more i think about it, begich could very well do it in alaska which means it will come down to kansas. the ironies of ironies that the republicans did not get the senate because of one of the reddest states in the union. >> some of these states might be so close that an army of attorneys from both parties are going to be deployed to fight battles and hanging chads and who knows? >> well, in some of these states if the races are that close then there will be an automatic recount so people have to be patient. but states that are still out to decide the senate, we'll probably know sooner than later. it won't take months to find
7:15 pm
out. >> alaska could be the -- >> could be late tonight. there are underreported stories. not many surprises, but we've called governor haley in south carolina, martinez and three republican governors who won re-election based on merit and because they did a great job. >> a democrat who is challenging the republican -- >> greg abbott, he beat her with women something like 52-47. >> panel, thank you. >> breaking news from the fox news decision desk. we can now project that republicans not only will retain control of the house of representatives but will also gain about ten seats reversing some of the losses the gop experienced in 2012 and restoring the party to a majority similar to its historic victory of 2010. republicans retain control of
7:16 pm
the house of representatives and will gain ten seats tonight. >> ten seats is almost to the big level that they've ever been back in 1946. they needed to pick up 12. that's still possible tonight. if we're saying about 10, you would have speaker john boehner with much more power in the caucus and the house will be decidedly republican. it's going to be interesting to see how that plays in the balance of power in washington. >> absolutely. if not mistaken, that's the year "the wizard of oz" was released. that long since anyone in the republican party -- >> read it. >> so it's a big night. that's a big night. that's a bigger story in many ways. >> that's what bob beckel said to me. we're watching these other state races and they're coming in including one in rhode island. >> in rhode island fox news can
7:17 pm
project that the state treasurer gina raimondo will beat allan fung to replace alan chafee. fung thought he had a shot there, rhode island governor, but we're calling that for the democrats. >> we're still awaiting florida, wisconsin, maryland, kansas, but we're not waiting any longer in ohio where fox news has called that race for republican john kasich and joining us governor john kasich. good to see you tonight. congratulations on your win. what does it say about the status in our party tonight? >> thank you. well, i can only talk about ohio. i was able to win -- your man beckel i think's on the stage. we won mahoning county which includes youngstown. we're trending towards victory in cuyahoga county, cleveland,
7:18 pm
at this point it looks like we may win over 6 0% of the vote here in this state. we've worked to create jobs, a quarter of a million, we've improved our credit crateth raying. we're running surpluses but we reached out to help people who are often ignored in life whether the mentally ill or the drug addicted and help the minorities be able to be successful. i've been endorsed by one of the most significant african-american newspapers. and look, to have this kind of a victory tonight is just really pretty amazing in a state that always gets down to a nail-biter. >> governor, we have a bit of a delay. this is bret baier. scott walker we haven't been able to make a caw. what do you thing about what he has done. you tried to do some of that governing and challenging public sector unions, weren't able to in your state. what do you think a win for scott walker means in wisconsin
7:19 pm
tonight if he pulls that out? >> well, bret, scott's a hard working, very talented governor and we'll have to see, but the message i want to communicate to the country is that this is a party that needs to be able to reach out, to be able to show people that we understand their problems. and so by being able to be economically strong, by being able to create almost a quarter of a million jobs and then turning around and helping folks who hadn't been helped, who have lived in the shadows, what it does i think communicates a message that no one in our state can be left behind. that's been a difficulty for the republican party to be viewed as a party that is in touch with people's everyday problems. but here in the state with this kind of victory in a place where republicans don't do very well, this means this is the formula not only for being successful politically but also for giving
7:20 pm
people a chance to think that people care about them and that they can be hopeful and we as a community can be united. >> governor kasich, it sounds like sort of a spiel one might deliver if one were running for president. wasn't that long ago that you were at the fox news channel, everyone loved you. now you go to ohio. the people love you. are you going to make a pitch on a national level and hope they love you and put you in the white house? >> well, you know what? i'm really bucking for in the short term is to wonder if i can come back and host o'reilly again at least once or twice. it would be fun. i don't think they've ever had a sitting governor do that. let me get through this because i've been all over the state. we've run right through the tape. i've got to take a little break. but tell o'reilly i might be coming his way. >> that's amazing. >> i think you're one of the few people he actually would allow to take over that show. i'll ask him. >> this is a fox news alert and
7:21 pm
a big one. in wisconsin fox news can project that republican governor scott walker will win re-election by beating democratic challenger mary burke in what has been a nail-biter of a race for the gop. this victory really boosts walker's presidential prospects, speaking of presidential prospects in 2016 since it would have been difficult to seek national office obviously if he hadn't won this state. it's important to realize that this win is really significant because he's had to face statewide election, megyn, three times. remember the recall in 2011 and he fought that off. scott walker winning tonight. a big, big target for democrats, really might have been the biggest target of the night as you look at the map. >> they wanted to take him down. there was a question of whether he were taken down what would it say about right to work, about the governors that come in and combat unions. and now that he's survived the challenge, the question goes the other way. will more be emboldened to do
7:22 pm
what he did? and we want to bring in chris wallace who is there with karl rove and joe trippi. >> it was interesting to hear that about walker. there are a lot of people, george will is one, who says we have to get outside washington, the republicans do, we've got to get a fresh midwestern governor, walker, snyder, john kasich. >> in the modern era, we've sort of tended to move towards governors, governor ronald reagan, governor bush w. bush, governor mitt romney. there are tendencies for republicans to look at these. and we've seen the victory of two who can be contenders. john kasich from ohio, big industrial state, big pivot state. scott walker compiled an extraordinary record of leadership in dealing with his
7:23 pm
state's difficulties and taking on the employee unions. in a deeply purple state. he's won his third election because of the recall election. >> let's assume that hillary clinton, not such a wild assumption, is going to be the presidential democratic nominee. does it make sense for the republicans not have someone from washington with all the problems that we've seen with the republican brand in washington but to go outside and get a governor from a midwest esh state that has an independent record and nothing to do with all the problems and gridlock in washington? >> absolutely. i don't think you want to come after hillary clinton with a senator and somebody else from washington. you want to come at her from the outside and somebody like kasich in particular of the two would be one that would bother me, would give me some concern. >> why? >> because one, the state, ohio, it's an important state but also he just -- i think comes at
7:24 pm
things a little differently than the -- in a lot of ways -- people won't agree with this, but like jerry brown does in california on the democratic side. comes at things from a different angle that. >> necessarily things that -- you know square peg republican. >> things that are controversial is he agreed to the expansion of medicaid. a lot of conservatives don't like that. it might hurt him in a primary. but in a general election it gets him out of the cookie cutter. a compassionate conservative. >> can i take this from senator moonbeam in california. we this governor jindal of louisiana and governor kasich of ohio to talk about the republican party and its economic message. really interesting. because these two men had obviously thought a great deal about it. kasich was concerned about how does the republican party do a better job of explaining what it believes in to blue collar working class people. we saw it tonight how effective
7:25 pm
he is to carry that in to blue collar working communities. you look at that map of ohio. and the counties around toledo are blue collar working class and he's carrying them big tonight. >> we didn't think it would take long and we're full sbee the discussion of 2016 and 2014. >> we're not done here yet. >> a lot of information yet to come in. we continue to watch several states where the races remain too close to call including the commonwealth of virginia, a state nobody paid much attention to until tonight. >> iowa also we're waiting on a call in iowa. and north carolina. too close to call at this hour. >> and we may have some calls for you right after this break. don't go away.
7:26 pm
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7:29 pm
welcome back to america's election headquarters. fox news just called republicans retaining control of the house and gaining possibly up to ten seats tonight increasing that majority. we're joined by the house majority leader congressman kevin mccarthy. >> thanks for having me tonight. >> your thoughts on what it means for your governing in washington ahead of what the president has called a bipartisan bicameral meeting friday at the white house. >> the president has to listen to what the american people have said. there has to be a change of course. this obama economy is not what the people are looking for. government has become too large and has shackled and held us back. harry reid was a big problem here as well holding up more than 387 bills that the house had passed.
7:30 pm
you need to focus on the economy and get the economy moving again. >> sorry, bret. >> go ahead, after you. >> if republicans gain control of the senate, what specifically will they do to try to advance an agenda? >> the first thing is try to move the agenda forward. we look at energy policy. we have a number of bills. 40 bill just dealing with the economy. we'd look at tax reform, make it simpler, easier to compete. education reform. a bundle of bills sitting there that we can start from day one. we want to show the american people that we can govern. there's got to bring some accountability back. when you look at what has gone on from the help there dot-gov with no accountability. there has to be a change in washington, it can't be the same as before. >> what's the first thing that happens in a republican senate and more empowered republican house? >> the very first thing is i'd
7:31 pm
want to see the house and senate do a joint retreat. i want to see one agenda coming out and telling the american people that washington is going to work again. you're going to have an effective, efficient, accountable government that won't take one extra dime. the senate never even produced a budget, the house did. first thing is produce a budget so the american people can see we can be on a path to pay off our debt and actually move forward. we should do tax reform, energy policy, put this country back to work and focus on economics. >> congressman, not knowing the end result tonight but looking like a very good night for republicans, what do you think happens with the possible executive order from the president on immigration which has been threatened at least in coming weeks? >> i tell the president this friday, i'll tell him, that that's the wrong approach to take. that immigration has to change. we have to be able to secure our border, have a system that actually works. but for the president to take an executive order after seeing what the american people have said here, that would be the
7:32 pm
wrong course of action. that individuals should work together to make sure we have immigration that works but is actually in the crisis along the border. >> we've seen preeted votes, over 40 in the house of representatives to appeal obama care never to be seen in the u.s. senate. will you pursue that? >> the senate has that opportunity. we've found obama care has harmed the economy, the 40-hour work week. >> will you do it again? press it again as another agenda issue? >> we would appeal obama care and replace it with a health care system that empowers the individual to have a relationship with the doctor, not big government. >> you would like to see that brought up for another vote in both the house and the senate? >> i'd like to see a new health care system that actually lowers premiums instead of raising it. >> i know. with respect, sir, those sound like talking points. i'm trying to get an answer on whether you would press for another vote. >> i would press for one and the
7:33 pm
ability to replace it at the same time. the first thing i would start on is the economy to get it moving again. >> great to see you, congressman. >> thanks for having me. >> interesting to look at that shot of capitol hill, you know, the dome is under construction, but tonight it's under construction kind of in a different way. >> looks like little icicles. >> getting rebuilt on the way that it is on the inside. >> they couldn't have done that -- explain it to me. >> my flowery, they're reworking the outside and the inside. you got it. >> they had to do it right now? they couldn't wait till january till we had that beautiful shot of the dome. oh, wah-wah. we're taking a look now at what we have called and what the gains are tonight for the republican party. west virginia called early on for the republican shelley
7:34 pm
capito. and arkansas for tom cotton who unseats mark pryor. colorado, which is a big call. challenger cory gardner will unseat mark udall and take control of that state. south dakota, the fox news decision desk called that state for mike rounds, the republican. that's a gain. and montana as well, fox news called that one for steve daines. you can see we're still waiting for results from the state of georgia, kansas, which they could be in trouble in. >> north carolina. virginia, which we're still waiting on a call. and iowa. however, i'm being told that we're getting close to a number of calls, and this is going to be an exciting 15 to 20 minutes depending on where your ideological spectrum lies. before we do that, shannon bream is live in west des moines, iowa, at the ernst headquarters.
7:35 pm
>> bret, a few day ds ago you heard harry reid trying to rally democrats and say they've got to, quote, double down here in iowa. he said it was critical. those are his words. for holding on to democratic control of the senate. tonight it appears to be inching closer to the truth. democrat must win here. but this roomful of joni ernst supporters are willing it to not be so. each time fox has made a call and decision on those different states, most recently with colorado and montana, the cheer just erupted here. the folks in this room, they want their state to be the state that puts the gop over the top when it comes to the senate. it has been a tough battle here. joni ernst, the republican and bruce braley, to replace tom harkin. there are heavy hitters from both sides of the aisle to many of the gop 2016 contenders come
7:36 pm
through here. iowa could end up being the state that does make a difference. and in the words of the harry reid, it could all come down to the hawkeye state. for the democrats tonight, it could be their best hope and last hope if they want to stem the tide. >> shannon bream in iowa. >> fox news can now project that democratic senator tom udall will turn back a challenge by republican allen weh. >> this is one that popped up late. and we thought weh might have a chance. >> as it turns out, it was not to be. >> no way. i'm sorry. >> you've been waiting for that. >> we're now joined by laura ingraham and marjorie clifton, both sides of the political spectrum. thoughts on tonight? >> look, it's a great night for republicans but megyn touched the on it with your previous
7:37 pm
guest, kevin mccarthy, what's next for republicans. he kind of hesitated a little bit when you pressed him on the obama care repeal. obama care was a central issue in this pain. it wasn't an issueless campaign. we had most of the races discussing the issue of obama care. repeal was demanded by the voters. immigration was another issue that came out and early. except for lindsey graham, they didn't argue for we want to do amnesty in the coming term. they said like kevin did, smart immigration. got to get this border situation under control. got to focus on the american workers, especially tom cotton. really focused on that, as did scott brown. the people want results. this is a great night for republicans. we have to republican they actually have to govern for two years. a very fractious republican party. charles was talking about how this was going to be a unifying moment, people would come together, maybe for a short
7:38 pm
time. but still core differences. >> how do you sew the that righ now? cory gardner one of the most conservatives. if joni ernst wins. >> on some issues they are, on some they aren't. >> is this a party that stands more towards the center or to the right? >> slightly more towards the right. but megyn, i think this is something we really have to think about as we move forward. the clns or elizabeth warren, whoever will be on the ticket in 2016 for the democrats, they're ready. they're starting now. they're ready to go. the republicans have to be as unified in 2016 on these core issues that the base cares about as they were going into this race. on everything obama stood for. they do really well when unified behind a few issues. >> the president is calling in both parties to the white house on friday talking about the way forward. what do you think in administration is going to try to do looking after tonight?
7:39 pm
>> well, i think it's largely expected that the senate will go to the republicans and that will change the nature of everything that's happening. how do the parties unite is a big question. boehner has been able to move about 218 votes in the house before pipts before. it's expected that democrats will lose more seats in the house. this will determine the path forward for 2016. who are we looking at and who will be on the ticket? obama has a challenge. exit polls showing a 58% disapproval rating for the administration, a 59% disapproval rating with the gop leadership in congress. how are the parties going to overcome having been the least popular congress in history and how are we going to move forward on these issues. you look at a lot of republicans running at this time. they remain neutral on immigration reform, on gay marriage, obama care.
7:40 pm
even mcconnell said obama care, that's fine. in his home state, actually, the exchange was doing pretty well. it will come out, a big issue question. >> think about what would have happened after 2012 if we listened to the rnc post port um. reince priebus said we must do immigration reform. where would the republicans be today if they had done immigration reform? as barack obama and the democrats you would have had a lot of cover on the issue of the border. republicans agreed with us on this. republicans were really smart. mcconnell was exceedingly smart to push to work on these issues because they had the whole policy deal to hems. mcconnell was smart not to give in. i think that was a brilliant move on his part. >> in michigan fox news can project that rick snyder will
7:41 pm
defeat mark schauer. this was a close race. another governor tonight. you add this, michigan and wisconsin, two governors who challenged the establishment in their states and really made a big stand against public sector unions, about dealing pensions long term. governor of michigan and wisconsin. >> this is the one narrative that we heard going into tonight is expect democratic gains and big wins in the gubernatorial races and that this is going to be one area they were going to feel good about. >> this is the fury election. americans are furious. for 15 years their wages have been flat or declining, the standard, the cost of living. the rich are doing pretty well. the poor doing some help. but the middle is declining.
7:42 pm
that issue is not addressed by the republicans moving forward or the democrats, i mean, one party is going to get that sweet spot in the middle class in 2016. the republicans better get their ducks in a row quickly, not bask in the glory too much. and again focus on the few issues that unite the party. they're able to do that. i think this could be a moment of great momentum. >> 78% of voters are coming out based on the economy. and you will look at midterms there's a 17-point gap between democrats who turn out and republicans. democrats are less likely to show up and a lot of minorities and women, frankly. that will not be the case going into 2016. the question is how do you mobilize them? how do you gain the voters and actually the economy plays in every state. >> quick question, do you think that with mark udall's defeat that this is the end of the war on woman narrative that some have pushed so hard? >> you know, i struggled with
7:43 pm
the war on women narrative, period. i'm excited there have been a lot of women running and winning in this current election cycle. i don't know that it ends the narrative, but it might change it. you looked eed at the message a that narrative has change pd. i don't know that it will continue to be winning -- but i do think it's important that democrats figure out how to talk to women. >> they talked to them pretty well tonight. they did well among women tonight. they're learning quite well. >> although we don't show up enough. >> fox news can project that republican doug ducey will win the governorship of arizona. heat beat the democrat there fred duval. there you see another republican winning although this state was held by a republican governor. >> former ceo of cold stone creamery. >> delicious ice cream.
7:44 pm
>> we're waiting for closings at 11:00 p.m. republicans have a net gain of five. they need six. will it happen? stand by.
7:45 pm
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7:47 pm
pat roberts will survive the political scare of his life tonight by beating independent challenger greg orman. coming into todays a election, roberts had been the gop's most vulnerable incumbent senator. this is a huge sigh of relief for republicans whose plans too take over the senate would have been a lot more difficult with an independent in kansas. this is a big deal. this means that the path to get to six pickups is a lot easier. the net gain of six needed. kansas was one of those blocks that democrats really thought they could have. and the fact that pat roberts
7:48 pm
came back from really political death in the past couple of weeks is a big win for us. >> he was hammered for being out of touch, for in the living in the state of kansas. in one interview, when i get an opponent -- i mean, the chance, i come back to kansas. people thought he was not paying enough attention to the home crowd. in the end he was able to pull out a victory. >> our chief washington correspondent james rosen is there on the ground. we'll go to him live in a bit. but other breaking news potentially right now. karl rove is here. we'll get to him in one second. but this first. apparently scott brown in new hampshire is not conceding the election to jeanne shaheen. he's challenging the results, the calls. we're in manchester with an update. molly? >> absolutely tremendous energy here at the scott brown headquarters where he is not conceding at this point in time. they're watching these numbers very closely. they still believe there's
7:49 pm
enough votes out there, that this race is too close to call. there have been chants of go, scott, go, throughout the evening. tens of thousands of votes yet to come in, some from heavily republican communities that there still could be a chance for victory in this race. there are a lot of democratic communities that lean heavily democrat that are also out. but looking at the numbers here, they're just not ready to take the chance and concede that this race is over at this point in time. >> molly line, thank you, we're watching this closely. >> karl rove is with us now. don't tell me you're going to challenge the results of you our decision desk on new hampshire the way scott brown has, are you? >> i haven't been following the race. ask trippi. >> you can walk down to the decision desk now. >> you want to get that out of the way right now. >> he's trying to get your chair. be careful if i were you. >> your reaction to republicans taking kansas? >> first of all, five people rescued pat roberts. senator bob dole who went back
7:50 pm
and campaigned tirelessly at the age of 91 for his close friend pat roberts. senator jerry moran, who said to his home state colleague in >> brought in to be the strategist, a young guy brought in to be the manager, they've made a million phone calls in the state of kansas, then, pat roberts showed up and in 21 days he had 81 appearances including a bus tour on the western edge of the state. it's two thirds of the state. it's a lot of small towns and a lot of space between a lot of people. he was energetic and did great in the debate. and his independence opponent is
7:51 pm
yet to be found. >> unless pat roberts took tough advise from a colleague and friend, pat, from bob dole, it could have been the senator. . >> i think north carolina is turning out to be an interesting place you take a look at the counties, 100% of them are in. she's running in iron dale county, and harnett county, 7.8. i mean there are too many counties in which she's running way behind her victory is going to depend upon running up the total in four counties. it's right now, ahead and the
7:52 pm
clock is running out. >> we're awaiting new results coming into the top of the hour, continuing to await iowa, north carolina, and others don't go away. and just give them the basics, you know. i got this. [thinking] is it that time? the son picks up the check? [thinking] i'm still working. he's retired. i hope he's saving. i hope he saved enough. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. whether you're just starting your 401(k) or you are ready for retirement, we'll help you get there.
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7:55 pm
welcome back folks projecting republican pat roberts will hold on to his seat p kansas in a hard fought battle in which the independent candidate refused to stay where he was going to caucus with saying whoever is in the majority is given once to republicans and twice to democrats the believe is that he's going to be democrat-leaning. and meantime, james rosen is live in kansas. it looks quiet. james? >> good evening. a certain sobriety descended on the headquarters this evening. crowd is continuing to thin out. and all along this is unfolded i've been hearing confidence from g.o.p. operatives saying they thought pat roberts would eek out a very narrow win.
7:56 pm
from 1 to 3 points. it's been aassumption if brownback is not doing well then pot roberts will not do well. senator roberts is going to eek it out. >> james, thank you. >> we're seconds from the 11:00 p.m polls. returns are coming in the polls about to close again in five key states. >> big ones. >> we'll have those, next. [ female announcer ] hands were made for talking.
7:57 pm
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and bounty has no quit in it either. watch how one sheet of bounty keeps working, while their two sheets, just quit. bounty, the no-quit picker-upper. this is a fox news alert. fox news can project republican david perked yu will beat democrat michelle nunn daughter of sam nunn. purdue almost never obtained 50% in preelection polls will tonight exceed that threshold avoiding a runoff january 6th. so again a huge win for republicans. michelle nunf believed to be one
8:00 pm
of the strongest democrats still no call in iowa. not yet. now, that it is 11:00 p.m polls just closed on the pacific including three senate races. fox news can project in hawaii, the retaining the seat for democrats by beating cam cavasso. >> and a race appearing at one time promising for republicans >> moving to idaho we can projec republican senator jim rish will hold his seat, defeating democrat mel mitchell. we'll continue to await the big
8:01 pm
races >> taking a look at the balance of power here, so far a net gain of five seats we've been talking all night, republicans need a net gain of six seats but now, they've held the ball, if you will in kansas and georgia. two huge races and >> this win is just so critical. it's one seat they were very worried about going into point. >> we have governor races to call as well. as expected california governor jerry brown defeating his republican opponent in a heavily democratic state. >> and fox news can project
8:02 pm
nathan beil will defeat jason carter, therefore a runoff election next month. >> that is another huge governor's race. and both candidates there in georgia getting over that threshold. >> it's been quite a time. we're going to bring in our panel. charles, let me start with you what we're seeing here so far. >> with pedigree candidates with famous politicians have not done well. you have sam nunn's daughter who
8:03 pm
lost. you have the arkansas you've got the prior dynasty. then you've god utah and colorado still up for grabs. he's the democrat he's behind. in louisiana you'd have landreau. i think this is the end of the war on democrat. they've probably helped to defeat senator texas in the gubernatorial race, becoming candidate over the abortion issue lost badly in a way that probably ended her career as a major international figure.
8:04 pm
i think democrats there is a issue but if you push it into extreme. you look at this, you've got, we've called it louisiana heading for a runoff. that does not look good for mary landrieau because louisiana is very red we're waiting on iowa. is this a waste tonight? >> no. it's not close to a waste. what you have here, i think is now -- >> do they ripple? >> yes. >> at this point looks to me that is big news here, it was kansas, georgia, and kentucky people thought were possible to pick up would have increased amount of seats.
8:05 pm
what happened is, the only when you're wisconsin governor, michigan governor let's just focus on the senate. 21 seats being defended by democrats we're looking at maybe six for sure i would say if given what is possible, eight. we don't know. let's go to 8 or 9. that would be it. >> you get nine that is a wave. isn't it? >> i don't know. i mean clearly this has been anti-incumbent moment for my money. and if republicans have taken control of the senate. that is a clear defeat by pat roberts who was far trailing.
8:06 pm
and only good news so far is new hampshire. >> is there anyway now, if joanie ernst wins iowa is there a way republicans are not going to have control of the senate? >> when the run off occurs in louisiana it's either the senate will be in the balance in which case louisiana will say it's in our hands whether harry reid continues or republicans would have sealed control. in which case louisiana will say do we want to send a senator to serve in minority? >> what other seats are republicans defending now? kansas was a big one now, it's about whether they're going to gain seats, right? if they wins iowa is it not the
8:07 pm
case republicans will have control of the senate? >> you have the minute that georgia, that is a big hope for democrats a lot of money behind them, they lost that, they lost kentucky. now, kansas. so all of these dams, if you will against republican wave, if you will, are gone now, it's just how many feet republicans are able to gain. that is how we're waiting on north carolina. >> yes. >> i think it's closer to a wave than not a wave. i don't know how else, what else it could be. it's basically as just characterized, the republicans are pretty much holding their seats. and they wanted 11 seats looks like it's going to be ten. most house seats are in so we're not going to see huge editions i think that democrats failed to
8:08 pm
change the electorate if you look at polls they look like a mid term poll. they didn't, numbers for young voters are what you would see in mid term election. so democrats have failed. to do what they said they have set up to do. so i think that if i would characterize this as a wave election. >> we have a house wave to call for republicans. this is an interesting race he faces fraud documents, 20 counts. from february he's going to win. in new york, district one. >> what does that say about his opponent? >> maybe not running a strong risk. >> this newspaper endorsed him
8:09 pm
saying i guess we have to do it we can't stand the other guy. this guy isn't great either, here you go. >> so he's one of ten. down in louisiana, incumbent senator is speaking. we're projecting this will go to a run off. >> this race is not about who the president is, was, or who the president will be. or which party controls congress. this race is about the future of louisiana the break. and strong future that louisiana deserves our children, our families, and our parents the question facing us tonight will be a simple one. which candidate has a proven record of standing up, fighting
8:10 pm
and delivering for our state? and which candidate has a record of running scared, and trying to hide his record from the voters? i want to thank my family, my extraordinary husband, my wonderful son, daughter and daughter in law and maddox parker, and to my mother and father, nieces, nephews and cousins, to my staff putting in 24-7, to all of of you here with me tonight and have been with me 18 years as we have done
8:11 pm
extraordinary things, let me say a word of thanks. his wife and five children. he drove a pickup truck 85,000 miles. >> this will be a run off. while clear she was unlikely to get 50% necessary, to avoid that runoff. however, some said that if republicans gained control of the senate tonight, and didn't hang in the balance and depend on louisiana, she might do better in a runoff. louisiana might say let's keep the one we've had. >> so if republicans take
8:12 pm
control. let's go live to louisville. give us a big picture here. anyone gone? >> looking at whether or not republicans are going to reach number six, without the runoff into it, the question of what happens includes two states that were part of the democrats' fire wall. iowa, north carolina, and colorado and thifr must wins all three of them could phone shally flip or any combination of. that one is gone. in addition, the republicans here are already looking forward to their anticipated majority. and here at mcconnell headquarters aides have been talking about things they can do as soon as taking their senate next year.
8:13 pm
things like repat trags, bringing that back. such as repeeling tax on medical devices and rand paul, part of the speeches today for mish mcconnell's speech said he thought there would be a bill after bill to repeel obamacare until the president quote weary of receiving bills. in addition there is a possibility of using arcane tools which is how he passed obamacare with no republican votes and made it exist from filibuster in the senate. as well as saying that they'll use the power of the pours to take away money the president might use. so republicans see plus six tonight, then some, perhaps. and they're beginning to talk
8:14 pm
about what they'll be doing in washington. >> carl, thank you. >> let's took at what exit polls are telling us. >> they are. we want to take a look at georgia. david purdue, it was expectation across the board you'd have runoffs in georgia and louisiana but that is not the case. how did he avoid it? 36% rins d he did well with them. 6 and 10 voted for him taking a look at numbers here. 59% swinging towards david purdue. let's take a look at gender map in georgia that is another
8:15 pm
stunning story. 60%, 39% went for nunn. she did well by ten points. comes down to this story, something we're seeing in many parts. we're seeing it in florida and north carolina. three quarters of voters say most important thing to them is who was in control of the united states senate. what we're learning is that there is anger at the administration. in this case, 76% said it's important to them in terms of who controlled the senate. so an amazing showing tonight. the dollar general ceo pulling something nobody suspected. >> thank you. >> we have told you scott brown
8:16 pm
wasn't going to konszeed now, we're being told they're staying and there are 25,000 ballots left to count. and this will make or break it. he didn't see it that way. there is another color for you in iowa. more of these races in iowa we have not yet called a senate race are being called for republicans. and that is outside, watching the tv. >> good movement. >> 2 or 1? >> we're still waiting for iowa. that is the biggest one as you catch with north carolina still pending. stay with us. we've got interesting minutes
8:17 pm
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8:19 pm
>> welcome back folks we're
8:20 pm
watching senate results in north carolina, iowa, and in virginia we're continuing to wait for alaska. that is going to come in at 2:00 a.m tonight. but those are the four big ones we weren't expecting to be watching virginia we knew north carolina is going to be close. we knew iowa is going to be close we cannot make a call fon those yet. >> also, illinois governor and florida watching it all. did you ever know you'd be addicted to that thing as much as you are? >> it is. it's on this set in this room. >> i know. i know. >> that the fact i was on twitter became known because my dear friend kirsten powers. >> and she outed me. i thought it was fun.
8:21 pm
so let's talk about this night. let's talk about what it means and impolitics going forward. >> looks as if there are many ways now with one more race. there is a sense that all of the things house of representatives has been doing will not have a chance to have life in the senate. because of the way hairy reid has run the he place his strategy is to protect his majority by protecting his members by taking tough votes on measures that came from the house of representatives. this changes that and a number of the people have lost. so that is key there.
8:22 pm
>> a senate race, excuse me. >> stand by we have a call to make. >> oh, good. >> and it is in the iowa senate race fox news can project joanie ernst will beat republican giving republicans control of the united states senate dealing a major blow to president obama's agenda. this gives a net pick up of six feet sooets, magic number needed to guarantee a takeover of the u.s. senate. >> that is huge. remember there are still four senate seats to be decided but all are already democratic. so the g.o.p. 's net gain can still increase but can't decrease. so they made to it that plus six number the state is yet to be decided, virginia, wasn't supposed to be close. north carolina, alaska, which probably will take a long time,
8:23 pm
and louisiana, remember, louisiana race couldn't be decided until next month. in that run joch. alaska polls close at 1:00 a.m eastern. biggest news is that republicans will control the u.s. senate for the last two years of president obama's term we're back with the panel. george what does this mean? >> have you to wonder if people are voting in alaska knowing from news reports that the senate is closed to the republicans might cast votes accordingly. i think through things, impressed me tonight. first is one reason colorado is long is the long arm of the national party. gory gardener said run for the senate. they voted and lost in 2010.
8:24 pm
and so illinois is sort of america's argentina with $100 billion in unfunded liabilities. incumbent governor with an approval rating of 34%. this will be a test of whether republicans can compete in one of the bluest states. in wisconsin what made the walker victory interesting is that he took on what is called >> lions between public unions and democratic party. he broke it. they retaliated.
8:25 pm
and survived to recall, attempted recall of the supreme court justice. dh may or may not involve other governors. >> charles, i remember sitting on the set with brit in 2006. when nancy pelosi and harry reid came out with hands in the air. in this well of hope and change when republicans took back the house. 2012 not to be for them. now, here we are. tonight the american people have handed control of both houses over to the g.o.p. >> this is much less the doing of the republicans than self
8:26 pm
destruction of the democrats i think obama carries too much weight. it wasn't the party. because when he was on the top of the ticket there was a magic the way he reshaped the electorate. everybody assumed that democrats are now -- and and among the young for obama kwa was plus 18 or plus 19 it's now about 10 or 9. so in all of these affect of the cars mattic leader that began
8:27 pm
slipping away is now gone the democrats came in on the coat tails of this great leader swept into office. now, on their own, without coat tails, all of that, a lot of them are gone i think and this is the end of the era for democrats. playing field, i think is now level. >> looking live in west des moines, iowa. this is the one putting them over the top for control of the u.s. senate. this candidate starting with a hog castration ad served in the u.s. military. fought back against charges of war on women. and held her own. it goes back to the war on women, as a tactic over.
8:28 pm
and this will be another race pointing to saying yes they went in on that with her. she supported a personhood amendment they portrayed her to the right of sara palin. and that she is or the of this fanatic. >> fox news decision desk has another major call in north carolina fox news can project tom tillis, a republican member of the slate legislature will oust u.s. senator kaye hagan in a closely fought race this, is a huge victory. it means they'll have a net gain of seven seats in the senate. one more than they needed to take offer control of the u.s. senate. tom tillis fighting through attacks. president obama cut some campaign calls today, robo calls
8:29 pm
for kaye hagan to try to get out the base. it did not work. she will fall and it seems like a wave to me. >> now, we have seven. what we've got left is virginia and alaska and louisiana. in the typical year for a second term president you get a loss of six. you would have to say now it's approaching away. democrats had 21 seats now, you're getting close to almost half of those seats going to republicans. that is a moment you have to say something is going on i think that you know, republican victory here if they have obstructed and undermined this president.
8:30 pm
i think their strategy has paid off. i won't say it's an affirmation from the polls. >> well -- i don't think that republican parties actions have led to results that the public so objected to in this election. so turned out to protest. i don't think it's about barack obama the man, either. i think it's about policies and results and the fact the economy has never come back. and a string of other problems in the world and with the management of the government that left people disillusioned. not about republican structure. sorry. >> we're going to be right back in just a moment. hopefully going to iowa and listen to joanie ernst. she will be the senator from the state of iowa.
8:31 pm
her election put republicans over the top, in control of the united states senate. don't go away. 3rd and 3. 58 seconds on the clock, what am i thinking about? foreign markets. asian debt that recognizes the shift in the global economy. you know, the kind that capitalizes on diversity across the credit spectrum and gets exposure to frontier and emerging markets. if you convert 4-quarter p/e of the s&p 500, its yield is doing a lot better... if you've had to become your own investment expert, maybe it's time for bny mellon, a different kind of wealth manager ...and black swans are unpredictable.
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8:34 pm
out pat quinn turning illinois governor's mansion from blue to red it's a significant pick up for republicans the president and first lady worked hard for quinn. their home state governor. also, senator derbin campaigned for quinn. able to fight through the blue state of illinois, to take a republican win in the gur to be yil race >> it is remarkable. this is one area where democrats are expecting to have good news tonight. and understanding michigan, wisconsin, illinois, still waiting on florida we're waiting for joni ernst and we're awaiting scott walker reelected as governor of wisconsin after a
8:35 pm
hard fought battle. >> let's go back to the back of the room. fox news sunday anchor chris wallace with his campaign. >> thank you. i'm glad you finally have agreed to call me a campaign, that is a vote of confidence. this question of a wave or not a wave because there were 11 battle grounds that 11 of them. only one has gone for the democrats. that is new hampshire. joe trippi wave or no wave? >> it doesn't get much wave yes year than this. at this point, gene shahinn may
8:36 pm
have been a wave but there are only states left. alaska, the polls haven't closed yet. but that is about it right now. >> and briefly. we think scott walker about to come out. why? what happened? what is this about? >> people said let's send a message to obama. >> why did the two most vulnerable republican incumbents win by a big margin? this is a year in which was anti-incumbent, north carolina spent $23 million, getting defeated and republicans spent $9 million. >> scott walker is going to walk we're going to stop talking. >> let's listen in there.
8:37 pm
>> when you go to bed tonight do not for get there are men and women in harm's way. certainly we appreciate great news tonight but that is something more incredible. i want to thank my team we've got someone who has within a rock for me, my partner, my first, best first lady in america. four years ago, matt and alex were just in high school up the way from here. now, they're two young men, who are great leaders, junior and sophomore in college. matt, alex, thank you for all
8:38 pm
you've gone through. my parents lou and pat walker, my dad wearing his favorite red, white and blue flag shirt he got from khol's my parents are here, my brother is here, sister-in-law is here, my beautiful nieces are here, plus cousins, aunts and uncles, our family has been so precious to us we appreciate their love and support. i want to thank you for recognizing the best lieutenant governor in america. rebecca, she and her husband, joel, a great asset to the state and legislature is a part of that wonderful team. their two beautiful girls ella
8:39 pm
said yes sh we get to get a dress for the inaugural ball. they're a great family. all of our supporters and things talked about and all of the votes, voters of the state, thank you very much. we love you. and just moments ago i got on the phone and took a call from mary burke i want to say thank you to her tonight. thank you to her tonight. you may have seen the picture we tweeted yesterday we amazingly had to bump into each other in green bay. and instead of parting different ways we stood together, talked just a moment, took a picture together. i know there are disagreements on policy issues but i think that picture signalizing she had
8:40 pm
a great love for her state like her supporters did. together we're win winites more than republicans or democrats now, i want to thank you for coming out tonight. i want to thank folks at home for joining in with us it's all of you voting for me, thank you. for those who didn't i need to earn your respect. it's interesting we didn't think about the last couple months if not the last couple years it's interesting, chat yefrpgs faced. there was a group out of washington, washington based special interest thought they can spend a lot of money and a lot of time in the state. and >> that is governor the wisconsin in iowa.
8:41 pm
>> i congratulated him he was a worthy opponent. a worthy opponent. and and he was willing to sacrifice to fight for what he thought was right. we didn't agree on much. but i -- i admire, i do admire anyone who is willing to stand up and fight for what they believe in. well, iowa, well, iowa, we did it. we did it. if it's a long way up from washington from the biscuit line
8:42 pm
at hardee's, to the united states senate, senate, but thanks to all of you, we're heading to washington. and we are going to make them squeal! thank you, thank you. this morning i looked around and noticed that this is about as different as you can get from washington, d.c. in washington, politicians are more interested in talking than doing. they ignore problems hoping they'll go away.
8:43 pm
you know what? isis isn't just going to get % away. almost $18 trillion of national detectives is not just going to go away. our economic struggles aren't just going to go away. our problems aren't just going to go away on their own but we can overcome them. this is the greatest nation in the history of man kind. there is noninging we can't achieve. to get there, it starts with new leadership. and that in a is what iowa voted for today.
8:44 pm
yes. we've talked a lot in this campaign about iowa values. honesty, service, and hard work. knowing the value of a dollar, not waste it. these are the values that our parents and grandparents have taught us. these are the values that my mother my mother taught me on rainy mornings. not with a lecture or a book but with plastic bread bags you see? you see, growing up i only had one good pair of shoes. and so, on those rainy school days, my mom plastic bread bags over my shoes to keep them clean and dry. do you know what i'm talking
8:45 pm
about? thank you. so do you know what? it wasn't high fashion, but i was never embarrassed. and it worked. it worked. so it wasn't high fashion you know, i wasn't embarrassed when it rained, and i got on the school bus there were rows and rows and rows of other kids just like me with plastic bred bags tied to their feet. these were sons and daughters of hard working iowains. our parents didn't have much but what they did have, they worked hard for. they taught us to live simply, not to waste and help our neighbors and to thank god every day that we live in this special
8:46 pm
place that we call iowa. people ask me what my favorite part of the campaign has been. i think tonight nothing is going deet poont. but before tonight my favorite part of the campaign was going through iowa state fair and believe me, i hugged my way through the iowa state fair. and if you've got within five feet of me, it was probably because i was trying to hug you. i love the state fair. it is a celebration of what is best about iowa.
8:47 pm
our agriculture, our manufacturing, our technology. our community, our family. that is who we are. that is the iowa way. >> joni ernst tonight the race that put republicans in charge of the u.s. senate. and in massachusetts fox news is projecting republican charty waker will beat democrat martha coakley in the race to is hesse hesseed -- secede. remember, scott brown most thought would favor coakley.
8:48 pm
>> the boston globe endorsed charlie baker. that is a huge rin for republicans. >> gubernatorial races may wind up being the next big story of the night. >> let's take a look at another close senate race still pending as of this moment. mark warner is clinging to a very-narrow lead over republican challenger ed gillespie. the margin appears to be less than 1% meaning gillespie could ask for a recount. we'll continue to monitor this surprising, competitive race, warner had been expected to win handily the fact he hasn't shows you how much of a wave tonight has been. >> it says a lot. i want to bring in our panel. chris wallace along with carl
8:49 pm
rove and joe trippi who says it is super wavy. >> let's talk about second mid terms six years in. carl had a lot of victories with george w. bush. you did well in 2002 but in 2006, you lost -- >> i don't mean to bring up unpleasant things, you lost six senate seats and 30 seats in the house, what is going on in the white house tonight? how did gorge bush feel? >> bush was clear eyed about what is coming he felt badly for people that lost their races. and it was unpleasant like going to the proctologist without an
8:50 pm
an thesologist available. >> thank you. >> you have to figure out what you can do differently. there are two differences tonight between tonight and 2006. republicans felt they had a relationship with president bush. congressional democrats don't think they have a relationship with this president bush was deeply engaged with congress and had relationships there on both sides of the aisle. >> how much of a lame duck is barack obama? >> depends on how he reacts to tonight and whether or not he proves himself agile and nimble in trying to fashion constructionive things with congress i >> i apologize for bringing up an unpleasant memory. >> i'm going to go back to the corner and go into fetal position. >> thank you. >> i don't know what we just heard. >> my eyes >> yes. >> i'm going to make another call in nevada. brian sandoval is projected to
8:51 pm
beat robert goodman. sand joe value, a former federal judge has been mentioned as a possible republican national candidate for 2016 he wins out there in nevada. >> we're continuing to watch the virginia race. and continuing to watch new hampshire a little bit. one never knows how that is going to go. >> alaska is still vetting and still, florida. they're still after me. get to the terminal across town. are all the green lights you? no. it's called grid iq. the 4:51 is leaving at 4:51. ♪ they cut the power. it'll fix itself.
8:52 pm
power's back on. quick thinking traffic lights and self correcting power grids make the world predictable. thrillingly predictable.
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8:54 pm
and chal yifrngs to the calls made by decision desk. scott brown has learned not to question michigan. there is a race in which he performed far better than many expected him to. but in the end did not win let's take a listen. >> privilege of being the nominee. i'll just say that we have better days because the senate turned republican
8:55 pm
the house is republican. i'm hopeful the presz will try to put our countries interests first being united instead of a divider. i'm going to say thank you. i'm going to say hi to everybody. god bless. have a wonderful fall, winter, summer, christmas, you get it. thank you very much. >> yes. but >> it's embarrassing. >> there you have >> stay tuned. >> yes. >> you'll find out right after the break. in oregon something happening. >> yes. >> we can make a call. >> john tittaber expected to win despite late breaking scandal involving prior misconduct from his fiancee.
8:56 pm
he will be in office and will defeat the republican state lawmaker dennis richardson. >> it's nearly midnight here now. but voting still underway in alaska. it matters if the g.o.p. , we know it has control of the senate but how many? what will it margin be? going into the next election just two years from now when the masses are going to favor the democrats more than it did tonight? >> what will republicans do with all of this control? stay right here on america's election headquarters. huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know words really can hurt you? what...? jesse don't go!!
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and state of the art facilities. and you pay no taxes for ten years. from biotech in brooklyn, to next gen energy in binghamton, to manufacturing in buffalo... startup-ny has new businesses popping up across the state. see how startup-ny can help your business grow at
8:59 pm
welcome back, election headquarters republicans now will control the u.s. senate, gaining ten seats in the house and have had big wins across the country we still have some things that are pending. and you know what that means don't we? >> we've been through this before. it's time for a trip down to decision desk and we can see our friends from, you remember. thanks, brit, i got it. you know the walk. let's see how it's changed in the past couple years.
9:00 pm
thank you for that, chris see what they're up to and why we can't make a decision on virginia and mr. rove, don't think you can hide, little cowboy back there? just be glad it's not you. thank your lucky stars >> yes. >> you're safe this time. this time, it was scott brown challenging fox news decision desk. it's never a good idea. these guys know what they're talking about, about why? why won't they give us information we need. look at this. picking it up here. this is the long walk that a lot of people remember back from 2012. turned out ta decision didn't pan out, either. it's a beautiful hallway. there is peanut better m and m's here, and dark chocolate almonds this, is the walk we do every day to do "the cell eye file" at 9:00 p.m . yes, deanne try to pay
9:01 pm
attention, we're in the middle of a live broadcast here, here it is. decision desk. please keep out. who do you think they meant? we'll find out. i'm back. hello, gentleman. all right. yes. we have a lot to talk about. this is art, heading up the decision desk again, again. so this is the number one thing i want to know. why haven't we called florida governor race when charlie crist conceded? >> we may have been wrong we did not want to give in too soon. >> good news, charlie, you conceded? oh, wait. no. >> it is florida. i will confess all of us who were here in 2000 have some
9:02 pm
respect for the ability to discover all kinds of votes coming out of virginia. >> karl rove freaked ut ou a little, didn't sne >> not at all we were right then, and now that scott has won in florida. >> all right. okay. >> i will try not to embarrass you too much on the florida call. let's move on to virginia. >> okay. >> what's happening down there? does ed gillespie have a chance? >> the rules say he can have a recount if he wants one. it will be within the margin of victory. >> wait. wait. you're putting the cart ahead of the horse are you saying now that mark warner won? >> we're saying that warner seems to be having a lead in the count tonight. there are some votes outstanding
9:03 pm
but his lead is less than now about.5%. if less than 1% there is a number two candidate can ask for a recount. that seems to be where virginia is heading tonight. boy say warner is going to wind up ahead however, gillespie may ask for a recount. >> last time we looked at counties still outstanding are they democrat? republican? >> there is some vote virginia doesn't count all of the vote usually at once. >> what do we have left? >> about 99% of the precincts reporting but 99% of the expected vote. >> nobody was looking at virginia. how did we get surprised? we, the nation? >> good question. i would imagine if i were ed gillespie i would be asking republican friends why didn't i get more money? >> something else, there is sometimes it's not good to get
9:04 pm
on the radar too soon of we saw that with republican candidates in minnesota, oregon that when attention was paid, and the money started to be spent they withered and dies. perhaps not being taken seriously by anyone but dana perino. >> here is a question. maryland governor race what's happening with that? why are you saying oh? >> maryland governor's race looks like it's, ripening up but there are a couple precincts still, counties that are still outstanding. they -- the -- >> east of the washington, d.c. suburbs. >> democrat areas we want to be a little cautious there. >> you're not going to give us a hint or a forecast? >> i think republicans clearly have advantage but we're going to see what happens. >> all right. >> that is another amazing result. >> yes.
9:05 pm
that is -- >> maryland, massachusetts, i mean what's happening here tonight? >> well, look. when you have a, you're going to have a good republican or a good democratic night the other party may want to stay home if they don't think they're going to win. i think the other thing going on here, this is true in maryland, i think in massachusetts people become concerned on the state level about if there is overspending or if they think there is a fiscal problem, and massachusetts says let's go for romney, bill well, they flip back to republicans. as a stoppel against when democrats may >> a stoppel? talking me back to my law days >> you better watch i'm going to lock in your testimony and impeach you with a prior inconsistent statement.
9:06 pm
>> stierwalt is a big tv star. but arnan, look at you. and he's chewing gum. how has life changed for you since becoming a star? >> i've signed a lot of autographs at family dinners. >> seriously? how often do you get asked about that moment? >> whenever i give a talk or anywhere, people want to know about you, but want to know about that speech they want to know about that moment. it was sort of the time that i've never been, i'm proud to work for the fox news channel but never have been as proud as i was that night. that was a great moment for us. made me happy. >> there is consternation but but you guy it was ohio. you realized you called ohio and calling the presidency but knew
9:07 pm
you're right. >> it was very career two years ago. that ohio had gone for obama. and that, frankly, we're surprise bud how that race is decided. >> was it scary when you saw me walking down the hall tonight? >> not at all, megyn. >> you do a great job. back to you in the studio. >> nice job. bring m and m's back. >> tasty. >> i will point out we still have alaska. the polls close at 1:00 a.m . that could go republican as well. louisiana is heading to a runoff. that could go republican as well. in fact the polls going in suggest that it might. that runoff is december 6th but for governors republicans picked up massachusetts, hikely maryland, illinois, michigan, florida, georgia, and wisconsin. if you look at those states it's
9:08 pm
significant. they did lose an incumbent. george, you talked about it earlier, that is significant in state houses because a lot of the power may go to these states. >> and look at those five states wisconsin, michigan, illinois voted democratic in at least six elections. ohio, florida are the two most important swing states. so this indicates republican strength at the state levels that ought to be able to translate in force in 2016. >> these governors will a lot of
9:09 pm
power, when you have governor scott now he has a machine. >> this is supposed to be sort of the good area for democrats. this is supposed to be silver lining for them. it looks better for governors. so i think it speaks a lot to the fact that democrats are going to have to rethink outreach in the future. he seems to be the ingredient to getting base voters out. >> let's take a look for what happens. now. with a republican senate. kind of this wave tonight. >> tonight is note so much
9:10 pm
republicans. this is the end of a six-year event. i think playing field is levelled between parties looking up to 2016. republicans have bought themselves with this night. it is a tropical storm going. not sure it's a hurricane. it's a tropical storm. they bought themselves the opportunity to get in position and win in 2016. they're now in a position to see the agenda. that obama had control of the agenda. harry reid had control and you suppressed everything in the house and has an opportunity now to have a mandate that they have a program about republican ideas about opposition to obama. it has been spoken. right now, republicans have two
9:11 pm
years to show they can govern. when they took control of the house he had a contract. republicans are going to have an agenda they passed a bill per week. could be trade authority and can with destroying obamacare in blows. start small and arrow. then go to corporate tax reform. >> let's take a look at the heat map. you look at colorado. if you put that on the screen
9:12 pm
it's over charles' shoulder here, you can see these are all races up tonight. in just a moment you'll see the house. democrats look at that map, how can they not see that this is a clear message? >> i think the key here is that democrats have sought there is a difference between likely voters and registered voters and hoped polls that indicated likely voters favored republicans? >> i think earlier, the turn out machine, ground game that democrats were saying we're going to get those votes out and get younger people to come out tonight appear.
9:13 pm
that is evident in georgia and north carolina. >> i say look. i think charles makes a point. he thinks president obama is a man to talk if obama creates a shape for the electorate favoring democrats but doesn't repeat. tonight the white, 75% of turneded out in u.s. house places were white. only 12% black. that is different than what we saw in 2012. it's mostly, plus 13 among men plus seven among women for democrats if you dig in, you know to a lot of the numbers strong turn out for republicans tonight. >> democrats that is the
9:14 pm
conditions under which barack obama sought reelection in 2012. there are lots of problems. a lot of trouble. looked like a representative republican. he wasn't a bad candidate. looked like sheer technology cal prowess was going to be such from that moment forward, they were going to be able to turn their registered voters into likely voters into actual voters. it appeared that that didn't happen tonight. that normal forces of gravity is present again. raising questions about it. is that because republicans and their operation caught up? >> that is interesting and we
9:15 pm
have another call. in maine fox news can project republican governor paul le page will turn back a challenge. this is another huge win. i mean you talk to republican governors association they thought maine is kind of their, might not happen. they just didn't think that maine is going to call their way. now, it's a win. just ahead ted cruz on what tonight means for the united states senate. a big night in changing the balance of power in washington. keep it here.
9:16 pm
tonight, kentucky sedz we can do better as a nation. tonight we're going to have real change in washington real change. and that is just what i intend to deliver. ♪
9:17 pm
(train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities.
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9:19 pm
>> wuvent first states to send a message to president obama today. it can be heard loud and clear in the white house, i believe that this president's agenda isn't working for west virginia. >> that is senator elect now from west virginia. >> so i'm back. i know. >> welcome back. >> i didn't think it's fair to get candy for myself. so i brought the whole thing. and thankfully, i have a bunch of quarters. >> this is very good.
9:20 pm
>> cock lit almonds. >> look what it says. >> tasty. >> so next election what are you going to do? >> you wait and see. >> find out. >> and reason we're joined by a special guest with no disrespect for him. texas republican senator ted cruz is with us now. great to see you. your thoughts on what is being described as, by everybody here as a republican wave tonight. >> tonight the american people have spoken clearly. and said they're not happy with the direction the country is going and as a result they've risen up and retired harry reid as majority leader. >> one of the messages in this, it's bret baier, by the way, welcome. could be that america wants to see washington work.
9:21 pm
some said compromise would be a good thing. >> it's right. now, we've won the election, it's incumbent on republicans to stand up and lead, to deliver with a bold, positive agenda and you know the fact people rose up and voted democrats out of power doesn't mean they trust republicans but we've got to earn that trust. and i hope republicans one after another vote on positive ideas on tax reforms and regulatory reforms and on embracing
9:22 pm
american energy renaissance and delivering on promises republicans campaigned on. >> juan, will you vote for senate majority leader? >> that will be a decision for the people next weej. my focus is on the majority we've had and now, obligation to lead. >> too, you bring up obamacare. you have a democratic president. its his name on the legislation. >> it is. two issues that dominate a campaign if you look at what senate candidates ran on, if republicans are going to keep trust we need to deliver on
9:23 pm
promises we should use reconciliation you're right the president will in likelihood veto that we should then repeel the most parts of obamacare saying you can't have your health insurance cancelled because of obamacare we should pass legislation saying you can't be forced into part time work like many people, especially single moms have been. and pass legislation saying no bailouts for insurance companies under obamacare and force the president to face and decide. if he vetoes bills i think there is a chance we might be able to get the votes to overwhite those vetoes >> we have seen hearings looking into what they believe is president obama's lawlessness.
9:24 pm
this esh yu you raise repeatedly. do you expect we're going to see hearings looking into what you described as the president's lawlessness? >> i think we're going to see meaningful oversight. for six years harry reid has been president obama aez protector. i hope we begin serious, sober hearings, examining executive abuse, lawlessness, abuse, and power. whether irs tarring wrong targeting citizens or the debacle of benghazi and four americans lost their lives. and whether it's the law resness that pervaded obamacare has the president and executive branch.
9:25 pm
>> american people don't want to see you tied up, having hearings about this and that. you say what? >> i've spent two months traveling around the country campaigning for candidates. last two months, i have been in alaska and georgia and colorado and iowa and michigan and north carolina and north carolina. i haven't heard that expressed from anyone. and two disdismayed and they want leaders to stand up and defend the constitution. >> before we let you go when do you make a decision whether you're running for president?
9:26 pm
>> well, tonight is about retaking the majority. sometime between january and june. >> and what is critical now is that republicans focus on coming together, leading and honoring trust in the people that placed in us. >> it's great to be with you. >> fox news can now project the republican governor will brush back a challenge from the democratic challenger there, a republican retains a seat in idaho. >> we'll be right back with reaction from our panel. take a look.
9:27 pm
>> we believe you should build the economy from the ground up, new, and fresh. and organic. >> those groups in washington tend to measure success by how many people are on unemployment and food stamps and on medicaid we measure success by how many people are no longer dependant on the government. (vo) rush hour around here
9:28 pm
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9:31 pm
hogan to win in blue maryland it's a predominantly republican state. it may predict marylanders unhappiness with high taxes also, rain taxes in some counties. still not able to pull that out. that is a shocking turn of events if you look at maryland, michigan, illinois, florida, massachusetts and georgia calling those for republicans. >> did you get that? >> you need caffeine it's late. you need stimulus joining us now dennis kusinich.
9:32 pm
>> do you agree? wave? tsunami? >> have you to correct a level of analysis to allow for billions spent in this election it's a distoergs that occurs when so much money goes in. >> right. and you know there is such a massive money put into this election. and it mirrors a transfer of wealth that occurred in our society. and neither party has addressed it. i think there is concern for both parties there the republicans have had an amazing success tonight. >> all right do you see this as a rejection? of president obama? of democratic policy? is this a mandate being given to govern in a different way? >> well, i think that the, one thing it does is shows democrats missed an opportunity when president obama was first elected with stars lined up, that is when you needed to push
9:33 pm
for a program that would have addressed the subprime melt down. they didn't do that. what happened is that they have descended on washington and frankly both political parties served them well. republicans have a chance to take a new direction whether they will or not remains to be seen. >> i want to pause. in kansas, republican governor sam brownback will beat democrat paul davis, another stunning result. a remarkable come back for brownback who has long written off with having very little chance of victory. so survive tonight there is a
9:34 pm
program so far, the experiment had major set backs in a state that has difficulty generating revenue. pundits said they're going to throw sam brownback out on his ear. >> at one point polls were wide open. and democrats were licking their chops i think this is again, if you look at these races this may be the story tonight. and look at these races that are going republicans' way. >> how is that going to affect this race we're seeing in 2016? the person atop state government. there is a lot of power how presidential politics play out
9:35 pm
in this state. >> so i interviewed. >> he seemed -- >> he did. right? he campaigned for them as well he's racking it up tonight. >> that is something i think dennis kucinich thinks is a wonderful thing. into perspective, how did democrats go winning control of both chambers to a night like this? >> well, you have to say that economic program should have been forth coming when the democrats had control to not come forth. to go back when fdr was
9:36 pm
president, democrats filled 333 seats. now, we're down to 190. people are looking for solid jobs, looking for higher wages look how many states voted for increase in minimum wage today the issues are economic. if republicans don't deliver on same issues they lose. this is when we reflect on how well republicans did they deserve credit. it's a time to reflect on under lying issues americans care be. >> do you think anything can get done in washington? >> i don't think that republicans are really going to rock the boat that much.
9:37 pm
and there will be an attempt to put through certain measures that appeal to promises made earlier on. he does have the power of veto. >> congressman, thank you for stopping by. >> thank you. >> up next, we'll check in with joe trippi and karl rove. don't go away. # they're coming. what do i do? you need to catch the 4:10 huh? the equipment tracking system will get you to the loading dock. ♪ there should be a truck leaving now. i got it. now jump off the bridge. what? in 3...2...1... are you kidding me? go. right on time. right now, over 20,000 trains are running reliably.
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9:41 pm
enough of a vote to know one way or another. >> so tune in tomorrow to special report and "the cell eye file". >> also, colorado governor take a look at this. 84% and you see a slight lead the republican, we called that senate race out there for gardener. also, kentucky governor. between the crack down and welcoming of the mary jane, he's
9:42 pm
come under criticism. actually, michelle malkin had a film on how democrats had a plan to turn colorado moo a blue state. and this worked on up. not according to plan. >> no. >> marijuana passed. connecticut governor. take a look at this race, also a dead heat. 49%. republican tom foley with a slight lead. but dodged. 62% in. another governor's race could go down to the wire. you could have colorado and connecticut adding to this list. >> and i'm aflad to take a look. >> i am, too. >> this is just partners oor they really?
9:43 pm
>> yes. >> we're going to go on this way. so we're doing it. republican party. mish mcconnell said we've got to make obama a one-term president. so what should the republican majority now they control the house and senate what should they do? >> there have been three arguments laid out. one is go big or go small? there is a consensus, go big. should it be comprised? that is a false choice. what republicans are settling on is start with things like key
9:44 pm
stone excel pipeline approval. so, but my sense is that they're going to look for things to move things, not looking for confrontation. final thing is that question of obamacare we heard a smart answer tonight from senator cruz. send the president a repeel proposal. send him piece meal legislation to correct problems and target it. >> medical. >> allow people to keep their own doctor and pick up democratic votes look for things that are important to do. >> let's take a look at it from
9:45 pm
the president and democrats point of view. what should they do? the president has a big decision to make. there is agreement if he signs into affect this deportdeportation of 4 million l immigrantsimmigrants that is go start a fire storm. >> right now -- >> do you -- >> i think he's going to confront on that issue. and if he can't get them to bend i think he'll just do it. start on taxes i think the democrats and republicans can come to an agreement might be able to change the way washington is
9:46 pm
working. >> carl how bad a night for hillary clinton? now, she can run against the republican congress? >> she gained no credit. and is she capable of improving her ads? and do the republicans present a constructive, positive vision? or get it engaged in needless confrontation? >> gentleman, it been a pleasure. i just want to say from campaign cowboys happy trails to you until we meet again. >> at least two years.
9:47 pm
>> it's been a real murrow moment for you guys. >> and we do have more news for you tonight from fox news decision desk. this update. we now expect republicans to gain at least 12 seats in the house. and to expand majority beyond their post world war ii record. we'll be right back. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know certain cartoon characters should never have an energy drink? action! blah-becht-blah- blublublub-blah!!! geico®. introducing the birds of america collection.
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9:50 pm
getting reaction from the president who is said to be irritated and complained and said he does not feel repudiated. but he is aggressive and ready to go. >> that's about as hot as it gets with him. >> obviously, you know, the republicans have regained control of the senate. it could be as high as ten, probably not based on what we're hearing. one never knows. in the governor's races,
9:51 pm
florida, massachusetts, georgia, illinois, michigan, maine, maryland all tossups that went republican tonight. >> what do i have to say? colorado and connecticut we're still waiting on. you could see ten governors pickups and maybe nine, maybe ten, but probably nine pick up in the us senate. plus 12 seats in the u.s. house. >> or more. >> we're back with a final thought from our panel. charles? >> the national weather service has upgraded the election from tropical storm to tsunami, especially the results of the governorships. the bluest states in the country, maryland, illinois, massachusetts, all gone republicans. i think the president's reaction is going to be aggressive. he doesn't like being ignored and he's going to hate becoming
9:52 pm
irrelevant. i think he will do something radical on immigration. republicans have to be careful not to take the bait. don't allow him to make that executive action or another the center of the debate. quietly try to take away the funds. say if you're in the white house you will repeat it. stick to your own agenda which is to go through all these steps to repeal obamacare. and i think if you do that, you show the country one thing. that they got a reputation everybody says the brand is so bad. the brand is the party of no. if they can show that they can do things between now and 2016, that will show the country that the reason they were seen as the party of no in the four years proceeding was harry reid and barack obama. >> i think what's going to be
9:53 pm
interesting is to see how democrats interpret this. i suspect they're going to say this was a map, which i don't think is true. i don't think it's an affirmation of republicans, but i do think democrats need to step back and take a look at their agenda. let's remember how much effort the democrats put into texas. they thought -- wendy davis was the celebrity of the year and they were going to turn texas blue. that was crazy. they would spend time on something like that and look at what happens in all these other states. shows that there's a disconnect going on. i think that's something to watch for. how do they interpret this. how they do is going to determine how they respond legislatively. >> when you look at this from the perspective of going forward, what comes in the next two years, the end of the obama presidency, i think you get a
9:54 pm
forecast of more polarization, more anger, i don't think president obama wants to deal with these folks. i think he wants to demonstrate that these are people who have thwarted him and profited by it. you're going to see a white house that feels that they have been on the right track. >> is he going to be humble? >> i think he will be because i think it's to his political advantage to offer an open face to the american people and this new congress. mcconnell and obama are oil and water. they do not get along. i think you're going to see all this talk from people like charles, go after obamacare. i think that plays into democrats' hands. >> i don't think humble is part of his repertoire. we'll hear more about this, but
9:55 pm
the money involved this year, democrats are situational emphasis, if they got it and win it's fine, if not it's not fine. all the money spent this year comes to about half of the $2.2 billion the american people spent last month on halloween candy. second, the fact that the democrats have lost control of the senate means no party has controlled the senate for more than eight consecutive years since 1980. the republicans probably gained a presidential candidate tonight in scott walker, but they may have in the process lost one. it's unlikely that scott walker's friend paul ryan would be up to run if scott walker runs. the democrats in their targeting of this group were proud of having bound basement grabs to
9:56 pm
contact and get to the polls. those are the one in three recent college graduates here in the current economy are living at home with their parents often in the basement. why the democrats thought it was a neat idea to contact them and get them to the polls, i do not know. >> i think it would be said tonight that this is a night when the chickens came home to roost. the results in this country have not been good and the public feels that senses that, you see that in the right track, wrong track numbers and we actually saw it in 2012 when the president and his party were able to stall this result and get him a second term. he got two years, things got worse. look, it's very hard to do what they does tonight in the house of representatives. that is to pick up a bunch more seats after a wave election just
9:57 pm
four years earlier. the low-happeninging fruit was y gone. hard to do. tells you a lot. >> panel, it has been a pleasure as always. megan, as always an honor. >> like wise. we actually got it all done. we thought we were going to be on the air until 2:00. oh, wait, there's more coverage coming up. >> got alaska and who knows what else we might be able to uncover. >> thanks for watching our coverage. america's election headquarters continues. the 2014 midterms see you next time. >> good night everyone. you need a permit... to be this awesome. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the
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10:00 pm
it has been a night for the republicans. good morning if you're in the east. >> gorpg. tonight, wow, i mean we've been talking about a wave for the republicans. boy, have they swept the nation. not only in the senate races but in gubernatorial races. >> lot of surprises in various races for the governors. take a look at the senate balance of power. the republicans now up by two. it ain't over until it's over and it's not yet over.
10:01 pm
joined by the panel, tony, your view tonight about what message there is to americans. >> it's a shock wave, not because the republicans took over the senate. how early we knew and where we've seen gains as far as gubernatorial races as well. illinois, massachusetts, maryland all pick ups in the governor's mansion. you're going to likely have a net gain of nine seats for the republicans if you include the fact that louisiana, which will likely be a runoff, is headed into being in the republican column. so you have a gain of nine. and then you have gains in the house as well which bring us to near historic majorities for the republican party in the house. you have the gains all across the states for our governors, including scott walker. rick scott was thought to be vulnerable.
10:02 pm
there could not have been a better scenario and outcome. virginia still has not called. >> also, fox news contributor and also former political adviser in new jersey. and scott. pat, your views. you suffered election night last back in 1980. is there a seat change in the nation or just a immediate reaction? >> first of all, i think the democrats did lose and so did the president. you cannot look at the exit polls without saying the republicans left a lot going. in 1980 when you had the blowout, there were senate races that no one imagined that were close. if this had been a real wave, there would have been. i attribute that to the fact in the states where republicans poured in their resources, they
10:03 pm
won. the democrats had to message. you look at the exit poll, people dislike both of them. you can see the problem of lack of message and a lack of what i still don't think the republicans did nationally, which is nationalize the election. you know, a lot of them are quotes and coming out, and the dms expect to do much better. they had a really bad night. i'm not sure this says very much about the future for the republicans when voters at the end decided, they didn't move a lot lot. >> let's talk about the state of virginia. the latest numbers are so close, too close to call. in the state of virginia you have democrat mark warner. republicans have nominated the former rnc chair. what do you see and do you think we're getting an answer sometime soon tonight? >> if we don't get an answer
10:04 pm
outside the margin of error, it goes to automatic recount. nobody thought ga lesspy had a count. i'm sure they are regretting not pouring more resources into virginia because this race has been a lot closer than people thought. >> in the polls, senator warner held a double digit lead. >> well, they're reliable in the sense that, look, polling is usually reliable. i think what people underestimated is the godt effort. but they did this time. amazing ground game on the part of the republicans. >> virginia, last night, he was tracked plus one. the warner people were only up five. >> look at the other states.
10:05 pm
you have this race of ernst. she wins by almost eight points. in colorado, that was a statistical dead heat. he wins by almost ten points. these polls were measuring much closer races than actually happened on election day. then you look at the scott brown race, you really do have to question what happened on the ground. what i think happened is the democrats stayed home largely. we saw in the polling, this is why garner won the way he did. independents strongly aligned with the republicans in this election and democrats stayed home. >> what does that mean for 2016? it could be reverse with republicans defending some of those seats. >> president obama actual lost independents in 2012.
10:06 pm
he happened to find enough democrats to make up for it. independents are going to look to the republicans now and say we gave you both houses, what are you going to do with it. this is where the burden is going to be on this new republican majority to take this president's agenda on. energy policy is going to be the first one. it's the biggest way to create an economic boom. >> what if the president doesn't sign it? he's been doing it in keystone. >> there's going to be the most fascinating dynamic now. the president being an obstructionist via harry reid and the democrats in the senate who are going to want to have progress made and of course hillary clinton and her people who are not going to want to have this classic obama against
10:07 pm
the republican congress because it's going to probably not end up well for the president. >> bill clinton was in some sense a compromiser. do you think president obama can ever be that? >> could be much mitch mcconnell is no bob dole. you have ted cruz tonight saying he's not going to vote for mitch mcconnell. it's not unified. you have people like ted cruz very influential going against his own leader. the problem for the republicans is not the president. before he gets to the president, he has to get to his own party. >> there's going to be strive then? >> absolutely. based on what i saw ted cruz say today, absolutely. the biggest win of mitch mcconnell's life. he gets a historic majority. here comes ted cruz raining on
10:08 pm
your parade. it's going to create strife across the nation. >> the president has been distancing -- democrat candidates particularly, have been distancing themselves from the president. they were afraid that what happened tonight actually happened. many of these candidates that voted yes for obamacare, for the affordable care act, all of these things, how much does the president sort of take a backseat in the next two years in order not to hurt his democratic party? >> let me tell you something. we had this discussion two years ago when obama won and i was on a panel with people saying, oh, no, the president -- this will be great, now he -- no. he went into confrontation. as far as i know, this president never showed an inclination to
10:09 pm
negotiate with anyone. if he moves on an issue republicans wouldn't dare touch, which is his aassumption that he can amnesty four or five or 6 million people without congressional people, which the american people overwhelmingly disapprove of, i think this whole thing will blow up. this has the potential for being very explosive as the president tries both appointments and some of the other policies. i think -- unless the president's willing to say to do what he has never shown an inclination to do, to actually sit down and compromise, i'm very leery that this is going to be let's all get together and do something. >> and what's going to happen over the next month? >> we could have a constitutional blowup here. if he assumes powers which is
10:10 pm
large majority of the elect rat including a large number of democrats and moderates believe the president doesn't have -- biggest switch i've seen on an issue in many years. what happened at the border and isis, there is a lot of complicating factors. i think this could blow up before it ever starts. >> and i think there's a lot of democrats think the president backfired. i heard democrats in colorado didn't save the democrats and the vulnerable seats in the south he hoped to save. they truly want something to be done. >> and they're going to pull the trigger in august. >> he wait sfwld he could have just pulled the trigger in august. he chose not to and now it's backfired. now nothing possibly will be done. >> in the exit poll, if you
10:11 pm