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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  November 7, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PST

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>> it is friday, november 7th a of courses nows alert. training mission tragedy. two pilots killed when a helicopter crashes. what went wrong? does the u.s. want to work with iran in the fight against isis? the new report this morning. >> attention shoppers a woman is attacked for telling a mom who quiet her screaming child? should you speak up or should you keep quiet? >> "fox & friends first" starts right now.
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♪>> beautiful times square waking up on this crisp fall morning. i am lea gabrielle in for ainsley earhardt. >> south carolina gets started this morning. i am heather childers. a national guard training mission ending in tragedy an apache helicopter crashes giving two pilots on board. it is not clear if they were heading to or from. investigators are trying to figure out what exactly went wrong. they are protecting evidence in the gulf of mexico why an f-16
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fighter yjet went down. >> obama is sending a secret letter to iran's leaders. what the letter said in reaction. loren, good morning. >> it shouldn't be a har benninger of what republican control congress is in for. they go it alone the iran supreme leader ayatollah khomeini. the letter describes the u.s. and iran's common interests in fighting militants. there is a deadline in negotiations between the u.s. iran and 2350i6 other world
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powers. seems to be a trick to get a nuclear arms deal. we are going to work with the iranians to defeat isis. are we telling the presyrian army we are working with the people who are major reasons why they have had so many of them slaughtered? i think it is unconscionable. >> the president has reportedly risen to the political religious leader four times in 2009. house speaker boehner expressed extreme concerns. >> i don't trust the iranians. i don't think we need to bring them into this. i hope the negotiations underway are serious negotiations. but i have my doubts. >> they have not confirmed or
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denied a letter against isis. >> thank you so much for being with us. >> the president hosting a bipartisan meeting at the white house today. leland vittert is live for us with what is on that agenda. good morning, leland. >> good morning heather. it is up two-miles from pennsylvania avenue to the white house. the divide on everything from the president and what will be a republican led congress much wider. both sides are digging in at the same time saying they want to work together. house speaker john boehner warned the president against promised i am glags reform. >> i believe if the president acts on his own he will continue to play with the wealth. he is going to burn himself if he continues to go down this
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path. >> there are things the president considers to be top priorities that the republicans don't share. what we have to do is compare those two lists. let's put down the president's agenda, place right down next to it the republican agenda and look for areas of common ground. >> not a lot of areas of common ground at least so far. there are a few key issues to watch immigration reforms which the president could use indicative action to go around congress. obamacare will be a major issue. with the speaker yesterday saying republicans will once again try to repeal it. then there is the keystone pipeline that has been an issue that has been held up. lunch is scheduled for a few hours from now. no word on what exactly sont menu. oo thanks, leland. that brings us to look who is talking. charles krauthammer slamming the president saying the executive order is unconstitutional and not what the american people want. >> what impresses me is obama's
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arrogance and content for the voice of the people. this was a very unequivocal election. it was across the board every where. i think it was unconstitutional to unilaterally extend a huge part of immigration that's one of the base i ic elements. this is truly contradicting what the constitution says the president has to make sure the laws are executed. >> charges dropped they say they don't have enough evidence to prove phil rudd was trying to have two men killed. he faces a lesser charge with a maximum of 7 years in prison. they are unaffected by the
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arrest. >> a confession of a man caught on camera he was charged p with federal kidnapping after he snatched freeland-gaither off the streets. he said he did not know her. they found a gps placed in the car by a dealership owner his family saying they are not surprised. >> i am not going to see like everyone else. he is my nephew. he always had problems with his ex-wife and things like that. >> he was wanted for attempted murder and kidnapping. it is unclear when he will be brought back to philadelphia to be arraigned. >> marine sergeant andrew tahmooressi had a lot to say about his time there.
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>> it is good to see him back. in the meantime we have another veteran to talk about a recognition 151 years in the making. president obama awarding a gettysburg soldier a medal of honor. he was just 22 years old when he was killed in combat. that was back in july 3rd of 1863 while he was leaviding the union's against confederate advancements. >> it is honored during the thursday night game. 4-year-old lia is battling cancer. during half time they had a $1.35 million check to cincinnati's children hospital for pediatric cancer research. >> not exactly big news the cold air in the country.
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maria molina tracking the polar vortex. >> good morning heather and lia. last winter it was a really cold winter across portions of the midwest and into the northeast. the polar vortex pattern. this cold air is in place they will move southward and impact us across the lower 48. it is across northern portions of new england. you can see the snow coming down across main and through up state new york and portions of vermont. >> there is snowfall accumulations waned gusts up to 25 miles an hour. we have winter storm warnings in effect out there. high temperatures will be fall like and chilly. below average. highs only in the 40's in places like chicago and cleveland.
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51 degrees in new york city. take a look at what starts to happen as we head into this weekend. cooler air moving southward. by monday the start of next week we see highs only in the 20's from billings to marquette. by tuesday the cold air continues moving southward and adds far south as the texas panhandle you are looking at eyes only in the 40's. by wednesday that cold air continues to spread eastward and thursday that trend continues. by thursday next week most of the country will be looking at temperatures well below average. high temperatures only in the 20's in markquette amarillo texs kansas city and louisville. >> the hats and mittens. get ready for winter. >> we will be right back after this break. don't leave us.
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♪ >> here's some music to get you started. looking at new york city on this fall morning. it is a terrifying sight, though, a group of nurses were attacked by a patient in the middle of the night. you can see him changing this minnesota hospital hitting them with a metal rod he ripped oh of his dead. two nurses were seriously hurt. he died a short time later. police don't know why he attacked but he was being treated for paranoia. australian news crew becoming part of the story when a news crew flags him down and
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confesses. >> he called police then the remorseful man actually changed his mind. >> the shooter pointed his gun and drove off in his news van. he crashed into a nearby gas station where police finally found him there. >> he doesn't believe in god but he wants to be a navy chaplain. he is an atheist but he didn't get a job. he was passed ore because of his non-traditional beliefs. the department of defense is not coming. >> he was flagged. he dropped to his knees to pray after scoring the first touchdown of the season. the teenager has been given a lot of support for expressing
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this. >> they have made it about themselves. glorified god in that moment. >> sam said he will abide by the rules and will praise god from the side lines. >> marine sergeant andrew t tahmooressi will speak out for the first time after spending 117 days in a jail. >> we are on the record explaining why he had guns in the car when he made a wrong turn at the border. >> they just locked me up in this cage. i have been walking about free my whole life. maybe i was the only guy in there to be in there for the first time, too? these guys are all better and here i am like this first time in jail just crazy to get out of there. i was going crazy and feeling
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helpless. from there maybe two-days later i just lost all of these awesome things in life. my life wasn't perfect before. it was tough and it was amazing. you got to become this war dog, you know? that's how i saw it. >> owhen you get here you feel vulnerable you feel like you are out of this world and they are all protecting each other you get out here and you are all by yourself. you feel very vulnerable. >> coming up at 5:30 tahmooressi on how his time behind bars changed him.
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>> it is time to brew on this. we have all seen it happen. a child throwing a tantrum in public. >> one shopper had enough telling the mom to quiet her child. that mom not happy. >> check out the feed you can see the mom in the red shirt waltz over to the shopper and knock her right to the ground. >> the mom followed her to the car after the woman spoke up about her child throwing a fit. the woman suffered bruises. they haven't identified the punching parent. should you speak up or keep quiet? >> send us an e-mail at "fox >> the time now is 18 minutes after the hour. going dark hundreds of thousands of americans at risk because of hackers. >> forget the war on women. where are the women? hollywood's new problem headed into awards seasons.
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>> good morning. welcome back to "fox & friends first". america's power grid nuclear plants and more all at risk from hackers. homeland security issuing a chilling warning. the software running the nation's critical infrastructure has been the target of the hacking. there's evidence hacksers mal ca wear can effect hundreds of thousands of americans. they have no idea when or where this will be unleashed. our democrats are giving up on louisiana senator mary
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landrieu. the incumbent trails in almost every poll in her runoff battle with bill cassidy. now national democrats are cancelling in the state. cassidy agreeing to one more debate. the congressman saying he will agree to a debate every time with landrieu. >> the naacp releasing a statement on the mid term elections making no mention of historic wins of mia love and tim scott. scott is the first black senator to be elected in the south since reconstruction. >> williams slamming the organization in a series of tweets, one reading is unacceptable for an organization that supposedly supports all blacks to only acknowledging democrat blacks. we will be live on "fox & friends" at 7:20 a.m. >> hollywois hollywood sexist?
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are they trying to find enough best actress nom lees for the actors. on average only 15 percent of film protagonists are female. for men it's the opposite. critics suggest demanding the men's category expanding it to ten nominations because there are too many contenders. oscar nominations will be announced january 15th. >> home depot hackers got their hands on more than just credit card information. >> lauren simonetti is here with the company just announced. >> we are learning about 53 million e-mail addresses were stolen at home depot in addition to 56 million payment cards. the stolen files do not clou any sense nif television informati information. they wanted to trick them into giving away more sensitive data. be careful if you shop there of a fishing scam.
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>> postal service says starting november 17th and going through christmas day it will deliver 7 days a week in many parts of the country making sure your gifts arrive in time for christmas. here are deadlines to keep in mind. first class mail going overseas send that by december 2nd. domestic mail you have until the 20th. priority mail express that deadline december 3rd -- 23rd. we have guardians of galaxy and maleficent and frozen of course. disney's epsn unit is paying more money to get the rights to sports programs. announcing toy coming out june 2014. the next star wars we have that now "the force awakens." wall street was awakened. the october job support due out three hours from now. >> heather, back to you. >> we will see if the force will
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awaken that as well. >> fingers crossed. >> to find lauren on fox business network go to finder. >> the time is 26 minutes after the hour. beyond the battlefield troops revealing a new risk for more. how the pentagon is responding. >> something for everybody. how victoria secret is shaking up its latest campaign after big backlash. >> first on this day in 1874 the republican party was first symbolized as an elephant. it happened in the cartoon magazine. >> way back in 2013 the museum of art.
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>> forget the love boat where extremists are going on board to get the battle zone and taking terror to the water. >> your secret is out. we know you are faking it. the reason why some guys are really bad at chores. "fox & friends first" starts right now -- or continues i should say. >> good friday morning. the weekend is here looking live at the streets of new york city. thank you for beginning your friday and your weekend with us. i am heather childers. >> i am lia gabriel in for ainsley earhardt. president obama talking about
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isis and a nuclear program>> they are now angering people. >> you know, it could be a harbinger of what the republicans in court and congress is in for. president oesh goes it alone writing a secret letter to the supreme leader. the letter reportedly describes the u.s. and iran's common interest in finding isis militants. but that cooperation would be tied to a luke yar deal. it was sent in october in nuclear negotiations between u.s. iran and five other world powers. >> the negotiation with iran over its nuclear weapons program is a policy of appeasement and the president is desperate to get this deal done so it doesn't slip between his fingers. this letter about cooperation
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and fighting isis is just another piece of it. it is a failure the president doesn't understand it. i am worried this deal on the nuclear program is going to be a sign of the times. >> written to the most powerful political and religious leader four times since 2009. house speaker john boehner about his outreach to iran expressed extreme concern. >> i don't trust the iranians. i don't think we need to bring them into this. i would hope the negotiations underway are serious negotiationses. i have my doubts. >> the white hughes has not confirmed or denied the confirmation of the letter. >> thanks, lauren. for the first time since losing mid term leblgss president obama is hosting a bipartisan meeting at the white house from top congressional leaders. will the lunch date be enough to bring the two sides together?
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seemings like a tall order. >> i guess some level of making progress is the fact that these guys will be in the same room together. we will see. republicans feel emboldened as a result of those mid term election results. they are going to press the president on a number of key issues including obamacare, the keystone xl pipeline. president obama is going to dig in his heels especially when it comes to immigration reform. he is going to threaten executive action that's what he wants to threaten to illegal lies millions of illegal immigrants something many democrats have been pressing for. >> the president has no choice but to take executive action where he can wherever it is legally allowed to help reform the immigration system. we cannot put up with this constant obstruction. we need to fix our broken immigration system. >> if the president ignored
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current immigration laws he is willfully violating his oath of office. that makes a grand bargain with congress they say less likely. >> i believe the president continues to act on his own he is going to poison the well. when you play with matches you place the risk of burning yourself. he is going to burn himself if he continues to go down this path. >> even if they find common ground there will be a big pause because president obama heads to australia and australia. he will be gone for almost a week. >> thanks, doug. see how it goes. let's keep talking about the white house meetings. what is the first thing on the agenda to set the tone for the next two years. you can join the conversation #keep talking. packing their bags for a jihadi cruise. they are setting up security to keep one of the jihadists from
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joining isis and syria. cruise ships requicarry them in battle. from there it is across the theory thanks to the turkey border. >> hundreds of brave men and women. this is during u.s. legislation in 2003. they revealed truth with weapons from the 80s which were still full of sarn and mustard gas agents. chuck hagel ordered new medical exams for those affected. >> it is no longer a secret. the identity of the man who fired the shots that killed osama bin laden now revealed. next week fox will air an exclusive two-part special about the navy seals who took him down. we talked to him face to face. >> we spent a lot of time this summer with the man who killed osama bin laden and for the first time tonight you will see a picture on the fox news
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channel of rob o'neil, there he is, a lot of stuff out there today as he said some of it is true some of it is not. we are the only ones he sat down with on camera and the story is so good it is so compelling we need two nights to tell everything. >> the exclusive interview premiers tuesday night at 10:00 eastern on fox news. you won't want to miss it. >> finally free sergeant andrew tomorrow ree tahmooressi speaking out after being in a mexican gail. >> he described how his if i am behind -- time behind bars changed him. >> i have learned some lessons. i have learned some lessons. life lessons. it was a time of self reflection. it just helped me to notice a lot of things a lot of my
2:37 am
faults. a job would be excellent. >> a job would help. >> getting busy would help. doing productive things would help. it is not just going to see a doctor, it is doing good things, you know, doing good things for other people. i think we take the lesson from this and that is we need to look after each other. we all need to look after each other. we need to care for each other and take the time to care. i am okay. i am going to be okay. >> oh, i know. >> i will be okay everyone. i will be fine. we will get over this. we will get over this. >> if you missed his special interview you can catch it at 10:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. eastern on the fox news channel. >> oo prepare for the return of the polar vortex.
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a blast of cold air in parts of the country in the coming days. maria molina with that plus your weekend travel forecast. good morning. >> good morning. we have heard aloft of talk about the polar vortex. we had cold air effecting portions of the great lakes and into the northeast. really all it is is cold arctic air across parts of the north pole. we have the colder air impacting us across the lower 48. that's in the forecast. especially next week. we are looking at a winter storm impacting northern england. we are looking at snowfall accumulations winter storm warnings are in effect there and that will be continuing through this evening. we have strong winds that will be impacting parts of the northeast. if you are traveling out here in places like boston expect to see
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weather related travel delays. high temperatures today not bad in the 40's in places like chicago and cleveland. take a look at what happens next week. there's monday, tuesday, wednesday. you can see it continuing to spread across the lower 48. that's the cold air that will be with us next week. >> thank you. we will be getting out our warm jackets. >> thank you. >> this next may spice up your life. ♪ >> it is the spice girls 1996 smash hit wannabe. people could recognize the song in less than three seconds. how did you do? >> i think we both did that. >> matt our floor director loves it. >> yes, he does. >> the time is now 40 minutes
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after the hour an air bag maker tied to a massive recall may have known there was trouble for years. >> not coming clean men making a stunning admission. many women may have suspected for a very long time. :
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2:44 am
sport because they don't follow the requirements. commissioner says it's not enough. the agency still uses the outdated windows xp operating system and windows no longer provide support they have to pay a premium to cover 50,000 of their computers. >> air bag bombshell. a new report claiming the maker of exploding air bags knew about the problem and kept it a secret. good morning, ashley. >> good morning, heather. 17 million cars worldwide recalled over air bags which can rup ter and send metallic shrapnel. they conducted tests on the air bags and knew they could rupture but failed to report it to regulators. the report says tests were conducted in 2004 following a report that a driver in alabama
2:45 am
was sprayed with metal debris after the air bag rub toured. according to two unnamed employees thosose tests showed o inplaters cracked the ex-executives ordered lab tests to delete information about the secret tests and then throw away the air bag inflators used in the tests. honda already recalled 5 billion vehicles in the u.s. with takaka air bag problems in the accord, civic and crv. the national highway traffic safety administration is demanding more information on honda's investigation into the air bag problem. louisiana, mississippi, south carolina and texas. those are states that can have high humidity which investigators say could be a factor in the rupture of these
2:46 am
bearings. >> don't miss ashley on the fox business network. to find it fox business/channel finder. >> clearing up the most common technology myths. first are ledtv's better than ltd? they are different parts of the tv. every new tv uses the led's. the data is still there but special programs can't completely erase hem. charging your laptops a the all times shortens battery life. powering down tonight your computer doesn't need the rest. you should only do it to save energy. finally how do you know if you have a virus? >> no way.
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>> computer viruses hide so they can steal your information without your knowledge. >> the time now is about 15 minutes until the top of the hour. the hunt for the vicious thug who cut jewelry off of a woman's wrist. >> sight lines for being too sexy? the problem with this sports reporter that could cost her her job. >> first never too sexy. steve doocy with what is coming up on "fox & friends." >> i meant that as a compliment. it came out wrong. >> coming up a big lunch at the white house. >> the third ranking repub scli is going to be here. they expect to talk to the president about? we will talk to him about that. the new dial on the preside's p term project.
2:48 am
rand paul is here so is geraldo and chris wallace and if you are going to the movie this weekend he will tell you what to do. busy three hours kicks off a dozen minutes from right now on your channel for news. hey matt, what's up?
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welcome back to "fox & friends first." a violent attack in the middle of the day in a sleepy california community. watch as a 69-year-old woman is held down and robbed by a group of men. police say they cut her rolex watch and bracelets off her arm. amazingly, she only suffered minor injuries. police aren't sure if this is a targeted attacks. the thugs on the run. a california mom is saying no to sugary drinks peddled by the girl scouts.
2:52 am
she found a nestle's drink has 50 grams of sugar per bottle. she started a petition in hopes of stopping the relationship with nesquik. nestle's says the thin mint drink is not margted towards adults and only on shelves for a limited period of time. >> turns out victoria's secret perfect body wasn't so perfect after all. they are now pulling this campaign after major backlash. the lingerie company was slammed by critics who called this ad unhealthy and unrealistic. the new slogan, "a body for everybody." >> meet the sports reporter who almost got fired for being too hot. katrina reports for the red star soccer team in serbia
2:53 am
and says she was banned from several games because the players found her good looks too distracting and couldn't concentrate on the game. the 25-year-old says they have now gotten used to her and she has not been banned . >> this video will make your day. an adorable pit bull puppy named cleo is serious about sleeping. >> he refuses to wake up even when his owner does everything from tickling his arms and legs. don't worry. he's not broken. just really tired. >> he's a cutie. >> the time is eight minutes until the top of the hour. coming up, attention shoppers, a woman attacked for telling a mom to quiet her screaming child. should you speak up or keep quiet? e-mails pouring in. >> just get back from a vacation? want to share? better not. why you want to think twice
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before telling your friends. ♪ ♪
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it is about three minutes till the top of the hour. before you leave the house here's what's happening today. president obama hosting a bipartisan meeting with congressional leaders at the white house. possible issues on the agenda include immigration reform, the keystone oil pipeline and obamacare. what do you think should be on the agenda to set the tone for the next two years? head to our facebook page to join the conversation,
2:58 am
#keeptalking. home depot warning customers targeted in the data breach about phishing scams. 53 e-mail addresses were stolen in addition to credit card information from 56 million customers. prepare yourself for the polar vortex part two. temperatures in central eastern states expected to plummet this weekend 10 to 20 degrees below normal. disciple it is time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. a drake university student given just 30 seconds to land a lay-up, free throw and three pointer, pulling it off. players and fans rushing on to the court. the student winning a brand-new ford f-150. next the bad. it is true some men do things wrong the first time. a new study claiming three in ten men regularly mess up their house chores so they aren't asked to do them again. clean the shower and doing laundry among the top chores that were botched on purpose. finally the ugly. that awesome winter
2:59 am
vacation you've got planned, that might not be the best thing for your social life. harvard scientists say people who don't share that experience with you don't want to hear about it. the reason? it makes them jealous. disciple time for your brew on this responses. we showed you this beatdown outside a california mall after a child threw a temper tantrum and another shopper asked the mom to keep the kid quiet. the mom knocked the shopper out. should you speak out or keep quiet? your comments were pouring in. beth says mind your own business unless you feel the child is being harmed. papatricia says it is rude to continue to let the child be disruptive. >> jake says i believe it is the responsibility of the parent first and the management second to speak up taking matters into your own hands becomes road rage without a car. >> albert says keep quiet and have respect for a parent who is struggling with a naughty child. realize raising a child is
3:00 am
not easy. >> thanks to everyone who responded. we appreciate it. >> hope you have a great weekend. see you on "fox & friends." "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. good morning. it is friday, november 7. i'm ainsley earhardt filling in for elisabeth. after sweeping republican republican -- victories, the president set to set down with congressional leaders from both sides of the aisle today but already a warning from speaker boehner. >> when you may with matches you take the risk of burning yourself and he's going to burn himself if he continues down this path. >> what is on the agenda? and will the president listen? >> this republican made history as the first black senator elected in the south since reconstruction. >> when i was a high school kid, i heard so often you're just not black enough. too many kids today are facing a


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