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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  November 9, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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the prostate, all of this affects women. that's why it is time go out, get tested and it can save your life. >> excellent. thank you, doctor. >> have a great week. enjoy your cup cakes. i worked hard. >> they look good. >> thanks for watching. >> this sunday, missing the mark. republicans with a ms.ive mid term victory. bigger and broader than most journalists. >> fox news can protect that republican joni ernst will win there by giving republicans control of the united states senate. and dealing a major blow to president obama's agenda. >> nbc news has been able to make a call in one of the most important senate races in the country. this is the enchilada for the republican party. >> the republicans will take control of the united states senate. they will be in the majority in the next united states senate. >> the mainstream media giving gop are some minimalizing
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because of the losses. and did the prognosticators miss the magnitude of this by leaning too heavily on polls? many turned to be out wrong. president obama being portrayed as some, set up, resigned and resentful. is the press wright him off as a failure? the tv reporter who says they wouldn't run her pieces, the obama administration wouldn't see her and her articles were hacked. plus, how rare is this? >> that is stupid. i apologize. >> why jon stewart is sorry no are an unfunny joke. i'm howard kurtz and this is "media buzz." >> not a happy night at msnbc
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especially as republican victory victories piled up. some liberals held out hope for a gold line stance by the democrats. >> at the risk of being baghdad bob, i know it is tough now, but there is still a root to victory. >> is this a wave tonight? >> no. it is not close to a wave. >> but it was a republican wave. others grappled for explanations. andrea mitchell saying democrats were dumb not to concentrate on the keen my while other issues were raised. >> a scare tactic by the republican opponent of democratic incumbents who tried to focus on isis and ebola in the scariest most nonfactual ways to take the eye off -- >> where is the debate -- >> -- off real issues. >> with the republicans on their way to win over the senate, it was time for sweeping judgment. >> i think it was much less of doing of the republicans than it
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was the self destruction of the democrats. >> and after the dust settled, some commentators made excuses for the president while others faced reality. >> last night was a complete rejection of the president of the united states and what he stands for. you can't sugar coat it. >> after midnight, the mood at fox got a little giddy. >> i'm afraid to look. >> i am too. >> wow. >> this is just a -- howdy partners. >> oh, dear. >> he did it. >> really? >> yes. >> i know i look ridiculous. but i figure by this time evening, either you're drunk or you have a sense of humor. >> joining us now to examine the coverage of the mid terms after aftermath, mary katherine and emily cox and david zer wig. mary katherine, given the magnitude of this victory, do you feel the mainstream media are giving republicans full
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credit or trying to minimize results? >> i think there's a tendency to minimize it. i think my bigger problem is from before the election. i will never forget the conventional wisdom for making me stumble through allison grimes. >> right. because she won by 15 point -- >> the margins is what makes us striking. there is a difference between local newspapers and local polles who saw what was going on. des moines poll, register poll, and endorsement of gardner in colorado and rouner in illinois. so there seems to be a division there. >> we will come back to the position of polls. but the liberal spin, those who say oh, it is an off year, mostly red states, seems pretty lame. >> but those things are true. >> true, but. >> if you get an electorate in off years. of course they matter, i would say that any party that loses tends to minimize their loss. these are natural reactions.
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>>. that any journalist should buy into that. >> no. my problem is that while democrats lost, a lot of democrat policies won. minimum wage passed in red states. pot passed in california. so i think there is a tendency to look at candidates as nothing but symbols. but of democratic policy. there were actual policies on the ballots that wound up doing well in the same white male electorate that elected republicans. >> on election night, let's start with krp, you wrote that that network had the most reporters on the ground, but -- >> they the jay carney. and they used the former members of obama's administration. and they let them constantly deny reality with no one, none of the journalists present, except jake tapper occasionally, trying to knock them down. so honestly, i don't understand why they are still hiring.
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they think they have somebody on the right, somebody on the left. there were a lot of people on the left there. and carnie is the worst. he is the lying liar who lied for the administration. most anti-pressed administration since nixon. this is the guy on cnn on election night telling you what it means, i don't think so. >> since you're pulling the question, will you question the lineup as well? >> you saw it, actually. andrea mitchell sitting next to al sharpton. same thing with chuck todd. they make no distinction between an activist between al sharpton and journalist like chuck todd. you have al sharpton analyzing the race in pennsylvania saying how successful people were in getting people out to vote for the democratic cause and he is the activist getting them out to vote for the democratic part. no distinction, that's outra outrageo outrageous. >> all right, fox news, even
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beat the broadcast networks in ratings with 6.6 million viewers. >> really, we have not made enough of those numbers. you and i go -- well, i go back to late '70s when dan rather and cbs and nbc owned election night coverage. we partsed them like we were covering the kremlin. how come that person had to sit at the second furtherest desk. they owned it. to see fox dominate the networks is astonishing. and also, you know, what was it, only 8 years ago, 10, 12 years ago, cnn owned cable night election coverage. to see them swamped by fox was, i think, a seismic shift. >> come for the coverage, stay for the cowboy auction. >> i would say my favorite coverage is punch drunk coverage. >> that is true for the entire -- >> entire thing. >> good thing it didn't go later. like 4:00 in the morning. you mentioned the polling. my beef is journalists and
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pundits who want to sound informed by the different races. and the preelection polls, kay haguen in north carolina. iowa said to be tight. >> arkansas for goodness sake with 16 points. >> yeah. it wasn't a historic mistake to bet the house on polls of many of which were utterly wrong. >> i was guilty as well. buying that kentucky is closer. arkansas was close, and but yeah, this is a problem and something the polling industry has to deal with. i think some republicans and conservatives maybe would have gone further in calling nonsense on the polls had they not been burned by the romney polling disasters of 2012. >> it may be that the polling industry lets things look at itself. but journalist who treat these as gospel need to examine, especially in mid term, when you don't know how it'll turn out.
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>> polsters need to work on it. i think media people need to become aware of how polling works. i think they need to educate themselves. in college, i had to take statistics. i don't know why other people, before you do this for a living. >> you're still ticked off about that. >> continue your report. >> on election night, it is not college football. early returns are not first quarter scores. i had a lot of people saying hope when clearly there wasn't. >> local papers and polsters seem to have a better beat on what was going on. >> the morning register nailed the iowa senate race. national polls, not so much. in your state, maryland governor's race, nate silver, democratic lieutenant governmentory, brown, 94% chance of winning, 94 percent clans --
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>> and by 94.7 percentage points, and he lost by 5%. you wouldn't be more wrong. i have seen interviews where instead of instead of defending it insanely, saying the peaceants in maryland didn't poll enough and bad data, either stop polling or the data they gave us was bad data so it is not our fault. that is explanation from political journalists. >> okay, the question of polling and projection on election night, on boomer tv, coverage now led by mark halperin of game change fame -- >> i thought they were awful. i was really upset when they went after fox for calling the colorado race at 10:00 for gardner over udahl. one was patty solace doyle and hillary clinton. other was bill burton, doyle said they were wrong. a democrat would win.
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and burton says this interferes with the electoral process. got on the high ground, sanctimonious. it was nuts. ap confirmed what fox said. then they said, oh, yeah, gardner won and they acted like nothing happened. forget the last 15 minutes where we have been trashing fox. >> let's turn to president obama. interesting on face the nation. do you like politicians and obama had to insist he does love his job. why did the press so hammer the president on that 73-minute news coverage where he -- >> when something like this happens, there should an acknowledgement and some sort of change. and it didn't seem that was forthcoming and they wanted to get that out of him. there seems to be no shakeup forth come org change of gears. i think that what they wanted and they weren't getting it. >> some left-leaning columnists after that appearance, the president seemed in denial over the magnitude of these results. >> i don't think he is in denial, i think he doesn't care.
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i think he is one of the happiest people in the world right now. he is done dealing with elecections. and you know, i don't think he respects the press at all. i don't think the press has done much to earn his respect. and why should he change? i don't think the republican party will come in with a lot of change either. i think we will see more status quo. maybe higher pitched battles. but i don't think the americans will ask for compromise or get compromise. >> do you think that he didn't think a lot -- he does critique the media, especially cable news. >> i think they have done plenty during his runs -- >> they tried, but that doesn't mean -- >> yeah. but the way that he is dealing with this, the press is finally f going, hey, you are supposed to react to this. >> don't forget, they called james rosen a criminal. and the attorney general signed
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that -- yeah, for doing his job as a journalist. >> and which eric holder finally expressed regret and -- >> oh, so great -- >> cnn and npr reported on thursday night and friday that loretta lynch would be named as new attorney general nominee. josh earnest said, no decision has been made, then realizing the story had been made, and then said, yes, we will announce it tomorrow. ahead we will talk about the mysterious hacking of her home and office computers. when we come back, pundits say mid term office is good for hillary?
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. rand paul was set to declare the midterm for a referendum, not just on the president, but on hillary clinton, a point echoed by pundits, as well. >> hillary a point ek echoed by pundits as well. >> bill clinton was campaigning for candidates as well -- >> clintons couldn't help the democratic party. particularly in states where the margin was supposed to be much closer. >> they can frame it that it is hillary clinton and bill clinton. only because they were out there and barack obama wasn't. >> so the mid term losses are actually good for hillary clinton, according to her loyalists. whether you agree with that or not, i'm sure you will tell us. does that buy the spin? >> it is tough to argue that is good for her. it sort of remains to be seen what happens in the next two years. for certainly the war on women is more of a problem than it would have been. less easily deployed. i think rand paul, to his credit, gave a hashtag to the
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idea she was part of what was to blame. the media takes notice of that. it is already packaged for them. i think that's powerful. >> right. it seems to me that you could say yes, now hillary clinton can run against the republican senate as well as the house. there are things can you say. when you have a piece that mostly quote loyalists and you don't say, the other poll says this or this, that seems to be unbalanced. >> you feel like people have spoken and what did the hillary say in response to the people. what i want to turn out is that the people who turned out wouldn't vote for hillary anyway. when they turn out in 2016, they weren't the people that will elect hillary. her problem is those that didn't vote. can she turn out the people that obama turned out. that remains to be seen. >> coming back to the coverage, i think there is this game in journalism because hillary was campaigning for candidates what, she was going to say allison grimes because she lost by 15 point? we all pretend the endorsements
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aep rallies are important. i'm not so sure the voters care. >> i'm not sure the voters care. but i do think it is sort of fair in politics that if you're in charge of the rga, you get credit for that. if you're the giant force that clintons are, then you get a little bit of blame. like andrea mitchell said, because the obamas aren't out there and they are? exactly. exactly. >> chris deserves some credit where as hillary wasn't directing campaign funds or anything. >> i think christie made four trips i think to maryland on behalf of larry hogan. i think he did help him to some extent. the obamas were in maryland continually. and he got help from clinton. there were cars going up and down my street with the bull horns on the tops saying, make history again. with michelle obama's voice. this is what lindon john syndon
2:20 pm
in the hill country to get elected. these guys are serious. >> of course you want to report on people who are big names coming into your state. but how much does it matter? it got into national attention because of the polls. he got clobbered. >> he was a terrible candidate. he ran a terrible campaign. he wouldn't come and do a debate in baltimore. he didn't. they had an empty chair and democratic primary for him. terrible candidate. but larry hogan is an politician. not very well known. having christie there, i think because of his lack of sort of political background, helped him more than it might help someone else. >> and a point man spectacularly fairing maryland -- >> maybe this year not being a politician, a good thing. thanks very much for joining us this sunday. ahead on "media buzz", jon stewart apologizes for a pretty dumb joke. fox news parts company. and whether or not ed henry got the message of the mid term.
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the morning after mid terms that cost the party the senate, president obama said would he spend time with more republican leaders. even joking with having kentucky bourbon with mitch mcconnell. >> i haven't heard you say specific thing during news conference that you would do differently. it is almost like you are doubling down on the same policy and approach you've had for six years. so my question is why not pull a page from the clinton play book and admit you have to make a much more dramatic shift in course for the last two years. >> ed, what i -- what i would like do is to hear from the republicans to find out what it is that they would like to see happen. >> i spoke with ed henry at the white house. >> welcome. >> during the presidential news
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conference you accused him of doubling down on the same approach and policy because you felt at that point he hadn't eaten sufficient crow? >> no, more than it was an obvious question. first of all, he started out by saying, i've missed you. i think that was the whole press corps, not just me. >> how was that on the truth meter? >> he might have missed me a little. i like to go with three, four questions in my pocket. >> how do you get away with that, by the way. >> i don't mean -- >> you have maybe -- >> try to sneak a couple extra in there. you don't know if you will get called on second or if it is second in the news conference then you clearly have to ask about the election. if you are called on ninth or tenth, you might ask about eblal or isis or some side issue. on this day, i think i was sixth. i give wolf blitzer credit.
2:26 pm
when i was covering the obama administration, he said, listen to the questions and answers. a lot of correspondents don't do that. they go with questions on paper. the question might have a gap. and then they say oh, china today said -- >> you were not satisfied with the responses because you said, i haven't heard you say at in news conference and you wanted him to give a greater acknowledgement that his party got she lacked. >> i think that stood the test of time.lacked. >> i think that stood the test of time. the president has not acknowledge that he lost. saying that his policies were on the ballot and they took a drumming, even the democrats acknowledge they got a drumming. it is simple math. i know you are half joking when you say he didn't eat sufficient enough crow. he also came back at me and said, you just want me to fire people or something like that. no, i think there is a serious question. i was asking about his leadership. i don't think there should be
2:27 pm
some some ritualistic firing. i agree with the president on that. >> a shake-up. >> i think that is an easy pundit thing. if you go back to 2006 when rumsfeld was fired, that wasn't just a personnel change, that was a change in direction. and bush saying the war is messed up, we have to fix it. and breaking from vice president cheney. he went in a new direction. >> let me ask but leaking. "politico" says obama is fed up, he is resentful, has a band mind-set, being trapped in a system that is broken and he cannot fix. what does it say to you that some of these sources are telling reporters this? >> because i think they are trying to get his view out there and his view in part is, he is taking a beating over recent weeks about nobody want him out on the campaign trail. they are keeping him at arm's length. i think the president himself, he didn't have to wait for the "politico" story, the president himself on the record basically got on the couch, or whatever you want to say, weeks ago when
2:28 pm
he did the speech and an al sharpton interview where he said, they may all be running for me but they have been big support. the democrats didn't like that. the president is saying, you have been with me. after the election, i'm the one that will pick up the pieces. >> is this an orchestrated spin or are the aides themselves frustrated and leaking in a way that is not reflecting that well on the boss? >> right. some of it is spin. it is orchestrated in the sense that i think they are trying to figure out where do we go from here. and they are trying to say, look, it wasn't all about him. it was about some really bad candidates and some individual races and it was that the map was bad. ab arkansas, north carolina, states, and -- >> let me cut in. he privately complained. it shouldn't be a judgment on him. he repeatedly asked are you getting the stuff that the -- he doesn't feel reputated. >> i think some of the best reporting we can do is listen closely to what the president says. you don't need anonymous people to tell you, the president is
2:29 pm
out there for 73 minutes, i think it was, basically saying, i heard the one-third who voted against me but i also heard the two thirds that didn't vote at all and said they didn't vote because they were protesting republicans and they are with me, almost is what he said. so i think he is saying it out loud. >> after that 73 minutes, i needed some kentucky bourbon. good seeing you. >> coming up, former cbs reporter sharyl attkisson, why her network stopped airing her investigative pieces. you might want to sit down and shut up for this one. matt lauer with chris christie on the subject of heckling.
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fox news alert, i'm harris faulkner. new reports u.s.-led forces may have hit the terrorist commander. iraqi defense officials telling
2:33 pm
the associated press he may have been injured in yesterday's coalition air strikes in western iraq. fox news has not independently confirmed this. the pentagon also is not saying it has any immediate information on any such air strikes. in germany, a milestone in freedom, the berlin wall came down 25 years ago today marking a victory over communism and unofficial end to the cold war. some 1 million people gathered in the suty watching white balloons released into the sky to symbolize the resistance of the barrier of east and west berlin. i'm harris faulkner. we will see you tonight on the latest with the targeting of the isis leader. sharyl attkisson spent 20 years at cbs news going on bombing missions, covering 9/11, winning emmys and other awards. but the network increasingly
2:34 pm
refused to air her investigative report, especially on obama administration reports and found her work hacked. she has a book and she joins me now. welcome. >> thank you. >> cbs initially aired your stories on fast and furious and benghazi, then is dried up. what happenes? >> it is hard know what decisions were made at the higher level. but yes, i didn't seek out benghazi, neither did i seek out, they were assigned to me. they wanted me to go after what i could find out, factual good information. as i describe in the book, at some point it seem the light switch goes off when you get a lot of push-back from the white house and a lot of surrogate media jumps in and starts to criticize. >> could it be, and i've been there as an investigative reporter, that you were wrapped
2:35 pm
up and the they felt the audience was tired of them. >> i guess that's one way it look at it, but i was told, when i posted the stories and they didn't make a broadcast, and i posted them on the web, that they were wildly popular. and i think we served viewers that looked for that kind of reporting. i can't coincide a loss of viewer interest with their lack of interest of airing stories. that happened suddenly while there was still a lot of viewing. >> you initially said scott walker liked your stories and then -- >> then they didn't run. the first story which had nothing do with political figures or politics, just great inv ininvestigation or the level department and we thought it was a terrific piece. >> then a rewriting process. >> yes. i call it best by cuts, and softening and changing and this
2:36 pm
did go after important powers that be. so you are left to wonder why in the end it was rescheduled and then never aired. i don't know why. i can only tell you that's what happened. >> you say other veteran reporters began to ask not to appear on the cbs evening news? >> yes. there was pretty well known disagreements with this new era when scott pelley came in as managing editor and his executive producer. there was a lot of discontent. and a variety of problems, not just the idea of ideological bias, which was reported a lot in the press, but there were a lot of issues going on. and yes two reporters tried to negotiate contracts so they wouldn't have to eappear on the evening news because it was disconcerting with their script ideas and what they were doing with the story. >> let's talk about cropping out an interview, and days after with president obama
2:37 pm
and that soundbite or some of it not used and after the second 2012 debate was a big issue about whether or not the president had or had not referred to the benghazi attack as a terrorist attack. let's play a quick look at the soundbite that didn't initially make air. >> do you believe this is a terrorist attack? >> it is too early know exactly how it came about, what group was involved. but obviously, it was an attack on americans. >> what did you do when you found out about that exchange after the debate and everybody in america and journalism at least was debating what president had or hadn't said. >> that exchange i believe should have been pulled on immediately after the debate which would have been very newsy at the time. exclusive to cbs. and would have, appears to me, proves romney's point against obama. but i was covering benghazi and no one told me we had it. and directed me, the evening news, to use a different clip from the same interview to give the impression that president
2:38 pm
had done the opposite. it was right before the eye location that someone leaked out the transcript to others of us at cbs and we were shocked. we felt there had been something very unethical done to have kept that covered up. >> you say that top people of the network were misleading the public. or they in this instance and perhaps others protecting president obama. >> the evening news people who had access to that transcript according to the e-mails i saw when it was sent from 60 minutes to evening news, the very day it was taken, they in my view skipped over it, passed it up, kept it secret throughout the whole time when it would have been relevant to the news. and i think that was because they were trying to defend the president. they felt that would be harmful to him. >> now since have you written this book and there is a lot of publicity, there is effort, with ex colleagues including elements in the media to paint you as a right winger who is ideal ojically opposed to the obama administration and that's what is motivating. your thoughts? >> i think if you look at the
2:39 pm
factual record rather than propaganda put out, you see even divided stories. many going after republican targets, people say including several that won national emmy award or look at issues under the bush administration. so if anyone looks at the factual record rather than reading second and third-hand information, it belies that narrative. >> given that you have done this with different administrations and different story and two-deca two-decade career, award-winning career with cbs, does this tick you off? >> it doesn't make me happy. and is discussed in the book. with the narrative they are putting out is well foretold. you can go to page 343 on the book and i start a discussion on what would come when i would say the things publicly and what the narrative would be. >> you expected some of the backlash? >> absolutely. >> in a moment, stay put, what really happened with the computer hacking and why that
2:40 pm
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we're back with former cbs news correspondent we're back with sharyl attkisson. author of "stonewalled." a lot of headlines say you are accusing of the government of being behind this. are youou saying that sh. >> what i have said is that two
2:44 pm
forensic exams have indicated that there is software used and or government connections. software being proprietary to a government agency, cia, fbi or dia. that's what forensic reports show. >> you say in the book that classified documents were found on one of your computers by one of your consultants and you didn't put them there. and contractors say you are starting to sound paranoid. >> people want to say it isn't true, especially because of what has happened with the public of surveillance of private citizens. >> and journalist. >> and journalist. i certainly can't convince people otherwise if their minds are made up. but the forensic exams show what they show. that is irrefutable. cbs news issued a statement about the intrusion. >> cbs hired its own exam. >> for those that want to say none of it happened, there is nothing can i do about that.
2:45 pm
>> you have media flak for posting a video, we can pute that up, of computer deletion while on your computer in realtime. and critics say that's a malfuncti malfunction, not hacking. >> some could conclude that but what i think is interesting is that people don't ask the same questions of the same skepticism of the experts who are willing to go on the record with conclusions based on almost no information that they are aiming at me with the same skepticism. i will tell you, that that was what i called, there's been a lot of misreporting about dates and so on, of visual anecdotes that were many months after we confirmed the three computer exams. remote entry happened. i didn't know someone could operate your computer almost as if they were sitting there. they could do this remotely and they have installed that capability in my computer. so i guess with that in mind when this happened and knowing
2:46 pm
from my experts, the wiping, constantly shown on the screen, but the hyper speed wiping that occurred in the first couple of second that you can see, cannot be duplicated bay back space key held down. >> and some files deleted. you have a lot of experts who haven't seen these computers. it is like these psycho analyst who are -- >> arm chair experts who i don't think know more than my own forensics team. >> you told "the huffington post" you don't know who is on the other end of the effort, organization, person, rogue person. some interpret it as you are backing off. >> no. what i said is i do have a human source who told me who in the make row sense is responsible. i believe that to be true. i'm not using that name because i have a human source i'm protecting and taking my attorney's advice. secondly the computer forensics exams which indicates a government connection do not tell me who is sitting at the computer if such a things occurs. who is the actual guy or guys typing in and hacking. those are, i think, separate
2:47 pm
issues, but related. >> is being in the spotlight and under these attacks change your view of career in the media. you have reported on events and dug into stories aep and now you are the story. >> some of this occurred already, even though i fully and well reported on republican controversies and bush administration controversies. as soon as i did get assigned to and digging into obama controversy, the media, even at cbs, was turning against that. there were surrogates operating in the press and it is highly effective. some of the propaganda campaignes. that's what i talk about in "stone wall." >> half a minute. does it seem like being more susceptible from the left than from the right. >> i think that shows when they pick up secondhand information without verifying them even though they do possibly be wrong and there is a warning of skepticism of coming out of
2:48 pm
mouths of those that question authority. i think we should question authority instead of all of the effort put into questioning those who question the authority, which i think is going on now. >> all right. sharyl attkisson, thank you for being here. next on "media buzz." jon stewart goes too far and makes a rare apology. and chris christie heckles himself. video verdict is up next. you can't breathe through your nose, suddenly, you're a mouth breather. a mouth breather!
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chris christie who heads the republican governor's association was on the tv circuits election night. circuit reveling in a number of
2:52 pm
victories. on the "today" show, matt lauerw also asked about his smackdown of a jersey heckler. ti >> until that time, sit down and shut up! >> are you going to have to control that side of your personality to be seen as president outside of the rough and tumble of new jersey politics. >> first you assume i wasn't under control. i sat and took it for a while. and the hundreds of other peoplh deserved to hear what we had to say. that person had their say. it was time for them to sit down. i'm not goingg to change. h that's who i am. >> instead ofof controlling it,i you have to hide that side of your personality outside of new jersey? >> there's no hope of that. >> what i liked about that is that matt lauer wasn't confrontational. he said some of your supporters love ie when you do that, make some e queecy, gave christie a chance to it's a legitimate story and a legitimate issue. jon stewart is promoting a
2:53 pm
movie he just directed and he said something on cnnnn he wish he could have back. >> i was on christian amanpour'o show and i said this. >> did you jvote? >> no. >> no? >> no. i don't even know wheretoda my g is. >> i did vote today. i was being flip. and it kind of took off.should you know what, i want to apologize. i shouldn't have been flip about that. dn't tt clear enough i was kidding andhi it sent a messager didn't thinktan voting was important or it wasn't a big issue. that was >> i'm going to agree with jon d stewart. i don't understand why he joke thought it was a good idea to h joke about noter voting, but he was a stand-up guy.sho he didn't issue a statement of apology, didn't just do it on twitter. e went on his show, said he was> still sorry in front of his fans. that's the way to do it when yo screw up, as we all eventually do. stillll to
2:54 pm
come, your top tweets. a likely presidential candidateg leaves the mocking of megyn kelly. still n for tomorrow? tomorrow. quick look at the weather. nice day, beautiful tomorrow. tomorrow is full of promise. we can come back tomorrrow. and we promise to keep it that way. driven to preserve the environment, csx moves a ton of freight nearly 450 miles on one gallon of fuel. what a day. can't wait til tomorrow.
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dr. ben carson has had a dr. ben carson has had a very good platform as a fox news contributor, even when taking questions like this. >> wouldn't putting ben carson in the oval office be akin to putting a politician in an operating room and having him perform one of your brain surgeries? >> i don't think so. i think what is required for leadership is wisdom. >> and fox news ended carson's contract on friday, just as he was about to air a paid hour-long bio, the likely salvo in a likely presidential campaign. this was a smart move by fox because a man more or less running for president shouldn't be on fox's payroll.
2:58 pm
and mike huckabee is also weighing a white house run as well. james comey says one of his aides impersonated an ap reporter. it was a fake ap story sent to a teenager as a way of tracking him down. the ap calls this unacceptable. i think it's outrageous. the problem is it creates distrust and possible risks for actual reporters doing the actual job. here are a few of your top tweets. the media missed the magnitude of the republican weigh-in. george mitchell, most reporters loathe the outcome and look past signs. did they miss it? no, they tried to influence against it and then denied when it became inevitable. swatter555, i think everyone was caught offguard. the media fell in love with statistical modulars. national review, jim tweeted,
2:59 pm
because humans choose to not see what they don't want to see. now f you're in the tv business, there's perhaps no greater kick than being made fun of by "saturday night live "so when the comedy show tried out a character name megyn kelly, the fox anchor was quick to give her take. >> the woman who lived through this quarantine, kasey hiccups. >> it's caci with an "i," i don't care if i have ebola. >> after growing up watching that program in my nana's living room, my take of sicily strong is pretty good. her voice should be a little deeper and something should be a little smaller. >> only she would make that observation. the actress did come off as a bit of floosy, but you've got to be able to laugh it off.
3:00 pm
i'm howard kurtz. thanks for joining us. "like" our facebook page where we post original content, answer your question, post videos you don't see on this program. we're back here next sunday 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. eastern with the latest buzz. i'm chris wallace. breaking today. two americans held captive in north korea return to the u.s. with this country's top spy. plus, with control of both houses of congress, are republicans headed for compromise with president obama or confrontation? >> we are heading to washington. and we are going to make them squeal! >> we have swept this nation with a compelling senate majority. >> tonight we shook up the senate. you shook up the senate. >> we'll talk with two members of the wave of new republican senators.


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