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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  November 10, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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bullpen. i am bill o'reilly. please always remember that the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking. ñ for you.áaaa@e breaking tonight, explosive new video coming to" one of the architects of obamacare suggesting that the intentionally misled the public because according to this top white house advisor, if the american public really knew what this law did, they never would have supported it. welcome to "the kelly file," everyone. i'm megyn m.i. gruber was criticakñáb$añ to piy obamacare's passage into law.qss he helped design it, write it and ultimately sell it.4)oz and just today new video came to u year ago in a moment ofg#iñ l honesty describing an cf1 o
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true nature of the obamacare law xñ americans f the obamacare law were too stupid to accept it any others]q;é8 listen. >> this bill was written in a be÷. okay. so it's written to do that. in terms of subsidy, a law thatk said health hi people areó(8r g to play it, made health'@jfñ pe pay in sick people get money, it people lack of transparency isça huge political advantage. and basically call it the stupidity of the american voter, whatever, but basically that was really,ecf the thing3 to pass. and it's the second best argument. i wish]úúvvá all transparent, but i would t" rather have this law. i would ratherímtñ have this la than not. >> marc thiessen, fellow at the
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american enterprise institute. and there you havec#mx it. you and i have beenk2fnñ talkin about this law f(ac over a and piece by piece deceptions have been iñhixsrevealed. misstatements to be charitable like if you like your plan you can keep your plan. and now you have one of the critical architects of the ñ that they had;% deceive people because they were too stupid to like what mr. gruber thinks they should have liked. megyn. they always lie to us for our own good because we're too stupid to understand. look, barack obama went out in 2009ndjuçx insisted[ mandate is absolutely not a taxz increase. there was one point where he did an interview with george stephanopoulos and stephanopoulos read him the! @2 definition of attacks, and he rejected it.vñçg)1y we now know from jonathan gruber
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that they knew from the very beginning it was a tax. think about what they1k1said. he said we knew it was a tax. we knew that if the american people knew it was a tax the bill would die. so we took advantage of the stupidity of the american people a american people but to lie to t congressional budget office to get them to score it as not being a tax. and he's proud of it. he thinks this is something --7 en1j- his face. he thinks he's a genius. >> he doesn't care that anybody dislikes the law. all that matters to mr. gruber is that he?ú and he wasxzqlx going to cram in the throats of the american people whethernla÷ they liked i not even if63ç it required dishonesty. and i want to tell the audience mr.õ+wb6qc÷gruber's been on t program before. we?-g invited him to come back tonight to defend himself. you want to say that at your m.i.t. forum, great, go for it. ññ saysrv that hereçó'. on "the wi treated fairly, but you will be challenged on that assertion. and what he said to usnúp]e ton
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was i'm not >> i'm not -túmsurprised. i mean, look, if you want to know how!hmp÷ condescending thi is, he actually wrote a comic book to explain obamacare because of course we're not smart enough to read chapter books so he has to give us a comic book. in thatu(÷ comic book he said, this is a quote, the mandate, the individual mandate is theiç spinach we have to eat in order to get the dessert that's fairly priced health insurance. liberal view of america thas; we are all too hk us. that we need experts like jonathan gruber to feed us our spinach. if they have to hide the spinach from us, if they have to lie to us about it,>6yu they hide it our food, that's okay as long as they get the outcome;ñ they wan >> that's clear when you listen to what he said when he talks about if you had a law which said healthy people are going to )rè- made explicit -- do we have it? let's listen. >> written in a tortured way to aandate as taxes, the bill
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die. it's written to do that. inu@ç terms of get aanlñ law whs healthy people are going to pay in, made explicit that healthy people pay in sick people get people's lack of transparency's a huge political advantage. = the stupidity of the american voter or whatever, but basically that was really, reallyyfñ critl to get thinndóh to pass. and, you 1íhoknow, it's the sec best argument.yñ look, i wish mark was right to make it all transparent, but i would rather have this law than not. it's kind of like his reporter story. again. but what i was trying to focus us on was the piece where he talked about if you had a law which said healthy people are goipg to pay in and you made explicit that healthy people would pay in and sick people would get the money, it would not havexó/ñpassed. why don't -- why not.&u÷ just b honest? tell the american people that's what we're doing. let them decide. you knowl#4k what they bd ÷sai? 8 case went all the way upr"ác%
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the u.s.ef supreme court where$ michael 1ñ70qp)vin made an argu ttj that this was a fraud, committed especially on young people who are going to be they would never need or usesrp pay for the sick. said not true. and now mr. gruberec) camera co. >>/pud÷ what he's basically says zpcqáhical to deceive the a=sr- people into supporting somethinp that they would otherwise oppose and5>'♪ñ they are too stupid to either to+uv support what they think what we know is best for them, or b, to figure out the deception, too bad for them. that's the attitude this &r(t&háhp &hc% policy. megyn, it's not just obamacare. z attitude that gave us you can keep your plan, this is the attitudem"xrñ
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ráuáq i in cart hay na. they just lie and lie and lie."o and the polls show that the american people recognize this. fox news poll a few months ago, 81% of americans say that barack obama lies at least from time to time on important matters. i mean, think about what that says. that 81% of the american people think the president lies to them about important matters. and here we have just one more piece of evidence showing that that is true. and they're proud of it. >> but this is in the courtroom this is the kind of evidence you refer to as a smoking gun. iz-v6 mean, this is one of the f architects on camera admitting that they lied. you never get that. what you get is things like, oh, we changed the talking points z#÷ we only changed the one wor4 from consulate to diplomatic facility. you you're too stupid to know what's good for you.!k and then of course the night he gets invited on the very program he said some of those things defend, you know, the earlier r÷ misrepresentations, to defend them, i'm not interested.
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you know what, we're no longer interested in you, mr. gruber. nd 28 democrats wtju just got.amb care law fired by&9f the american people bóoase eventually they realized they had been lied to. the u.s. supreme court said, you know what, we'reqe+ onto you. it is a tax. they didn't care because it wound up being a legal victory on thu but one by one the c1 misrepresentations have come aeutyvm their say. marc, i'll -=ç you the last >> you're exactly right. it's one thing for us to point it out on television. it's one thing for "the washington post" fact checker to say obama committed the lie of the year. it'i501 entirely another thing the architect of the individual mandate, the man who7 barack obama to support the individual mandate to admit they lied that they think the american people are stupid and that theyi7r)jju what's best fo us. if it takes lying to usi what they want done, they're willing to do it. that'suei6p the self-indictment that this
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>> great to :% you, marc. >> thanks, megyn. we're taking your thoughts on it. go to i0):÷faceboíqsq)q&lyfile and let us know what you think. just days after the democratg)a$uz handed a devastating defeat in the u.s. senate, you won't believe this. president obama has anólq wrong. and you know what he thinks? he needed to sell it better to the american people. better to you why you should love his policies. sound familiar? governor huckabee is here to deconstruct that next. plus, president obama's6ñ new nominee for attorney general finds herself at the center of the first big= midterms. interesting ideas on why. and theóññ democrats went after rush limbaugh@ and now mr. limbaugh is firing and now mr. limbaugh is firing
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yes, he thinks it's the box cereal itself  barack obama said it was his policies on the ballot. wo shape. whyáp÷"ít can't see that? n]?om >> he said what you$
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been successful in letting people know whatsu4lx it is th trying to do so there is a failure of politics ™ does not see tuesday' election as any sort of a message to him on the policy he's pursue. >> that is what we're dealing with. the dogs won't eat it. people have rejected it. it's costing a lot of money, putting people where they'reog1 29 hours per week. they're watching their companies cut benefits. their paychecks are going down. yes. people are invested in the stock market, doing ter rimmic.
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on the chin. >> what does this mean? last two years? you know? ó.ñb there is not been a vlwà:
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>> just weeks ago, congrressionl democrats are after rush limbaugh with some ugly now, how rush is fighting back. plus, a major showdown shaping up over the womand:ñ nominated be next u.s. attorney general. what she thinks about everything from the president's power, to voter id. >> you can see people trying to take bacjtz much of trying to take back and reverse thex rule in voting. ♪ i thought it'd be bigger.
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rush hired a lawyer against, trace ghallager has more. trace? >> rush limbaugh talking about ohio state university new policy requiring students to give verbal consent before having sex. listen. >> how many of you guys in our own experience with him have learned that no means yes if you know how to stop it? >> that became an e mail campaign limbaugh his attorneys claim the comment was taken out of context because they left out
9:22 pm
of the part where he condemned the notion that no means yes. ñ of what he said. >> in this modern, that is simply not tolerated. people, need to try to understand that one. it used to be a cliche. used to be part of the advice given. see? that is what we've got to change. we've got to reprogram the way we raise kids. >> limbaugh is now threatening to sue unless theyx2 gx make an immediate retraction and issue a public apology but telling us, quote, this is attack as outlandish as his original statement about women. limbaugh's people say they're not surprised because the dccc has been lying to raise money for years.
9:23 pm
>> trace, thank you. >> still head, a dramatic new expose on the obama insider so powerful that former staffers don't like9ty talking about her. they don't like me talking about it. in case i don't mention valerie jared t.did ?zf valerie jared and the president, just ahead. could protect you from cancer? what if one push up could prevent heart disease? one. wishful thinking, right? but there is one step you can take to help prevent another serious disease- pneumococcal pneumonia. one dose of the prevnar 13 ® vaccine can help protect you ... from pneumococcal pneumonia, an illness that can cause coughing, chest pain, difficulty breathing, and may even put you in the hospital. prevnar 13 is used in adults 50 and older to help prevent infections from 13 strains of the bacteria that cause pneumococcal pneumonia. you should not receive prevnar 13 if you've had a
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developing tonight, president obama's nominee to become the next attorney general finding herself in the middle of a potential new showdown between the president and republicans. on saturday the president nominated federal prosecutor loretta lynch to replace retiring attorney general eric holder. 24 hours later the president repeated his threat that if congress does not send an
9:27 pm
immigration bill to him that he likes, he will change our immigration rules on his own. and this will all be front and center when mrs. lynch goes in front of congress. joining us judge napolitano and senator lee. when she goes before this committee, i understand some of you have already written a letter saying first of all she should not be confirmed in the lame duck session, meaning over the next two months, while the democrats still control the senate. why? they don't lose their power just because they're lame ducks. why shouldn't they put her before that body? >> they don't lose their power until january in the sense that the new congress isn't sworn in until january. but megyn, you have to remember the voters just voted. the voters voted for a very different type of leadership than we have in place right now. and we need to respect that decision. it's important to point out it's been over 100 years since we've
9:28 pm
confirmed an attorney general during a lame duck session. i think we owe it to the voters to respect the decision in november. >> it's been equally long if not longer since we've elevated somebody from u.s. attorney. she's skipping several steps. but this would be the first black woman we've ever had as attorney general. president obama only has two more years to serve out his term. and obviously this post will change after. shouldn't he have who he wants unless she's extremely confidential, which it doesn't seem like this particular candidate is, am i wrong? >> the president's certainly entitled to choose whomever he wants to fill that spot, but we have discretion to decide whether or not to confirm that person. now, one of the important things to remember here, megyn, is we're not say she's not going to be confirmed. what we are saying is she needs to be confirmed in the right way and right time. and we want to find out where she stands on this critical legal issue of whether or not she will defend the president of the united states in believing that he may extend amnesty to
9:29 pm
illegal immigrants in violation of the law. we don't think the president constitutionally or statutorily have that power. if she believes he does have that power, we'd like to know where she gets that theory. >> can you do that? can you ask her for her specific opinions on issues right now being debated in the country? >> we can ask. doesn't mean she'll answer. but we can ask. i think we have an affirmative obligation to ask questions like this. especially when the president's come out with this theory but has yet to explain it. i would like to know how she would approach this theory. how she thinks in the abstract the president of the united states has the authority to rewrite the immigration naturalization code contrary to law. and i don't think he does. nothing in the constitution gives him that power. and there's nothing in statute that gives him that power. >> she's going to dodge that because she doesn't have to answer that. she's going to dodge and say i'm not going to opine until i see everything in front of me. one thing she is on record herself about being an advocate for -- or against i should say,
9:30 pm
is voting id laws. she doesn't like them. she's the child of two parents who grew up sort of in the civil rights era during the '60s in the south. and she has said this on camera, we have the sound bite. listen. >> we stand in this country as a common when we see people trying to take back so much of what -- we see in this country people trying to take -- and reverse the goals that remain in voting in this country. >> is that an issue for you? >> well, i'm not really sure what she's referring to there. i can't imagine she thinks requiring someone to produce a photo id when they vote, which is the same thing they have to produce when they fly on an airplane, the same thing they have to produce when they go to the doctor these days, that is somehow tant amount to reversing the wonderful gains of the civil
9:31 pm
rights era. i can't imagine that's what she's saying. i don't hear her saying that. i don't see any basis in law or fact for her say thag if that's in fact what she's saying. >> well, we will wait to see how the confirmation hearing goes whether it happens in the next few months or once the gop takes control of the senate. senator lee, thanks for being here. >> thank you. joining us with more, judge andrew napolitano. so they can ask all they want, she doesn't have to answer these questions, does she? >> he's right. she doesn't have to answer, but they would be making good points. can the president refuse to enforce laws he disagrees with? will you be the enabler of the president's behavior as eric holder was? can the president change the immigration laws? can the president kill people without due process? can the president spy on people using general warrants? will you issue subpoenas to the home phone records of reporters of the associated press and fox news like your predecessor did? she may choose not to answer that.
9:32 pm
>> that's not hard. >> well, that's the record she . >> well, that would be extraordinary because supposedly eric holdert4x pushed hers.e's a fan of he put her on this commission somewhat ? erson. she doesn't have any direct ties ;o cf1 o >> but you and iahn!ñçsyky y:6 lawyers in new york city. q has a superb reputation as an independentqdh thinker. i don't think she will be thej# enabler for barack obama that eric holder was. se i think senator%iee wants to hear her say that. the reason senator lee wants is vg[2v senator lee wants he democratic chairman4-)q cf judiciaryzú÷y committee will ll, let him askdkç[ questions heo%ñ wantslpml to as. he'llayo2rp+e 7that. there's no question -- >> they need time to get their x research together. >> :lrright. there's nop#i qu% ; she'll be confirmed. and she should be confirmed.
9:33 pm
needs to5 know, is >> this is about as good as conservative republicans are going to get. >> democrats and republicans who put terrorists in jail have been attorney career working for a big law firm, loining corporate litigation, things rinz are
9:34 pm
usually okay with, then, they're going to go after her because first potentially, a black female attorney general? >> that is why they're not going to go after the present attorney general by making her distance has said. >> that is interesting now, we have an interesting position for her to be in. judge napolitano thank you. >> a dramatic expose on the jared is one person no one wants to speak about. not publicly. they're good at yelling. next. she's still the one for you. and cialis for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment is right. cialis is also the only daily ed tablet approved to treat symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently.
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and visit our website to learn how you may be able to get every month free. from the world headquarters of fox news, it's "the kelly file" with megyn kelly. a dramatic new expose about a senior adviser to president obama is getting a lot of attention tonight. the new republic publishing a piece on valerie jarrett calling her the obama whisperer and no one's understood her real role until now. liberal magazine quoting former communications director anita dunn saying "her role since she has been at the white house is one of the broadest and most expansive roles that i think has
9:39 pm
ever existed in the west wing." and wait until you hear just how expansive that role has become. bret stevens is a pulitzer prize winning foreign affairs columnist, is she our shadow president? >> valerie jarrett was kind of the ultimate political fixer from chicago. she met the obamas when they were still -- before they were even married in 1991. and she's risen right with them. to me the most interesting part of that new republic story that you mentioned, megyn, comes at the beginning when the reporter's trying to talk to a white house source and he's so afraid of her that he won't even speak off the record. after he left the administration. and the thought that this is a person who instills this kind of fear even among ex-staffers is a worrisome idea. it conveys the sense that this is not so much an administration, megyn, as it is a court and she is one of the
9:40 pm
princelings in that court. >> but what does she do? what is it that makes her so valuable to him? what role is she playing that's extraordinary? >> well, by most accounts she's the last person who talks to him at night. >> the last? >> well, maybe second to last. >> wait a minute. that is news. >> the second to last person who talks to him at night. the closest friend to michelle obama as well as the president. the person who walks out the door with the president after he's had meetings. she sits in on meetings with foreign leaders, which means that there's some american foreign policy expert who's not at the table. >> and she says -- or they say she sits in on any meeting she wants to. >> that's right. and it doesn't matter whether the issue is foreign or domestic, whether it's outreach to business, to the hispanic community, gay community, black community, she is present at every single table. which means she's either the world's greatest expert on all subjects, or she's a hack who is
9:41 pm
doing obama's bidding in perhaps a few too many places and explains the confidence problem -- >> you were going to say something and i interrupted you. you said if she takes the seat at the foreign policy table -- >> say the president has a bilateral with the president of russia or prime minister of great britain. typically what you have is six people come on one side, six people come on the other. the president might be with his secretary of state, national security adviser, couple other people. if one of those people is valerie jarrett, that's a deputy secretary of defense who's not going to be at the table because she's there. she's substituting for the experts. and again, this comes down to we clearly have a profoundly dysfunctional white house, a white house that's not communicating with congress, not communicating with the public. you even heard the president come close to saying something like that. valerie jarrett at her best should be a connector to various
9:42 pm
communities. she's a disconnecter. >> well, she is, according to the article. she's a connector to hollywood celebrities. they say she's been a connector to wall street. you work for "the wall street journal," she's been okay with the wall street fat cat folks. >> in fact, one of her first jobs in the white house was to be a liaison to the community. partly poisoned for policy reasons but surely also because she hasn't been a quality adviser. >> doesn't he need someone like that who's got his back he can trust above all else. they say she's not above keeping a blank list -- i've already sworn once on the program. i don't know why i'm bothering. they say she has a least constructive list. >> i don't think having an enemies list, the blank list, that's something out of the nixon administration. and you saw how that turned out. look, the important point is this, the person who a president
9:43 pm
should be able to rely on no matter what is his wife or his children. >> she's also in that group. >> no, that shouldn't be the case. in an administration no one should not be expendable. you know, president george h.w. bush was very close to his chief of staff john sununu. the second president got close to donald rumsfeld and that's why he made a change. if the president is going to make a change to salvage the last two years of his administration, it should start with valerie jarrett. i doubt he'll do it, but that's where it should be first. >> the takeaway from "the washington post," top seven takeaways include she's the mos[ post racial race woman and that she is never ever going to be fired, ever. ever. going to be fired. and the first rule of valerie jarrett is don't talk about valerie jarrett. i made that one up.
9:44 pm
good to see you, bret. >> good to see you, megyn. >> well, as my daughter says when i catch her doing something, well, i did it. up next, our interview with former defense secretary robert gates on the president's new plan to send more u.s. troops to iraq and where the united states now stands in the world. >> what we're seeing is that when the united states steps back and speaks softly, nobody listens. [ hoof beats ] i wish... please, please, please, please, please. [ male announcer ] the wish we wish above health. so we quit selling cigarettes in our cvs pharmacies. expanded minuteclinic, for walk-in medical care. and created programs that encourage people to take their medications regularly. introducing cvs health. a new purpose. a new promise... to help all those wishes come true. cvs health. because health is everything.
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get the future of phone and the phones are free. comcast business. built for business. just days after a disastrous midterm election for democrats, the president is off on an overseas trip with his first stop in china meeting with china's president at an elaborate welcome banquet in beijing. perhaps you heard o'reilly and brit talking about the garb.
9:48 pm
but even before the president arrived an influential chinese paper was calling him a lame duck pointing to what it called america's reduced clout in the world. former secretary of state condoleezza rice spoke about the price that comes with an america that's less engaged. >> what we're seeing is when the united states steps back and speaks softly, nobody listens. americans also don't like the world they get when the united states is not deeply engaged and deeply involved, a world of beheadings, a world of lone wolves walking into the canadian parliament, a world of vladimir putin annexing his neighbors. so i think the american people are ready, i think the world is ready for a stronger american leadership. >> earlier tonight i spoke with former secretary of defense robert gates about that comment as well as starbucks ceo howard schultz. now, they're partnering on something. mr. schultz is the author of "for love of country, what our veterans can teach us about citizenship, heroism and
9:49 pm
sacrifice." watch. let me speak with you, mr. secretary, first and ask you about condoleezza rice's assertion that when we don't have american leadership, when we speak softly, "nobody listens and the world doesn't like what it gets." your thoughts on that. >> well, withdrawing from two wars neither of which ended in a clear cut victory was always going to be tricky business to avoid giving the impression that we weren't withdrawing more broadly. and the more the president talks about focusing on nation building at home and oncoming home and the more he and the congress continue to cut the defense budget, unfortunately it does send the signal that the u.s. is pulling back. so i think it is a concern. >> what do you make of the doubling of troops? >> i think the numbers a reflection of the challenge we face. and the challenge in retraining some of the iraqi forces to make them effective. i think it is important to
9:50 pm
underscore, i think, most americans agree with the president. we don't want to re-fight the iraq war. i think describing a goal of destroying isis may be ambitious. we've been trying to destroy al qaeda forr 13 years and have not, have not managed that.but but i think we significantly ca deagreed them, push them out of iraq. >> how it is that the ceo of ao coffee companyff writes a book like thiss and winds up making s this, one of his big life?)ú ba causes? because youus d haveone done mu book. aboutis >> well, about three and a half years ago i was invited to westd point. i had never been there before t speak about leadership.pent the i spent the entire day and after spending so much time with the young cadets, i really thoughtht i had learned many lessons about leadership from , them. now secretary gates is also on the starbucks board. and his friendship and mentorship sensitized me to something that i was unaware of.
9:51 pm
2.5 million extraordinary young men and womenwome have served f almost 15 years now in an all volunteer service.eer se a million veterans are now ntern entering civilian life. so there are a few things that i'm trying to accomplish. we much have a much deeper level of respect for veterans. but most million lly, a veterans who have extraordinary skills and experience to add o value to our society and businesses, i am encouraging and really trying to convince and a persuade ceos and small business owners across the country to hire a veteran.try to seat >> it's one t thing, it's a different thing entirely to giv a returning veteran a job. ve >> no,t not at all. this is not charity or pity. this is goodpi business. what we need is for these owners to recognize the extraordinary level of leadership, inaryskill integrity, ethics, and all the e things that would be very valuable to a business whose primary goal is to make money. and so what we're trying to do
9:52 pm
is really link up the skill base of the veteran with the requirement of the company and m ensure the fact that they get a good shot at a good job. vete the stigma on veterans of pts and brain trauma is certainly something the media has elevated. not allll vet veterans have pts brain trauma. those that mdo, many of them a available to work and contribute positively to the company. >> absolutely.bebe i want to ask neyou, because thn new head of the va, robert eken mcdonald spoke out over the weekend how the v.a. is going to change. obviously this is the hospital s that is meant tooth take care oe these veterans, including thosea who have post traumatic stress s or post traumatic stress o disorder and so on. obviously the v.a. has been a mess, to put it charitably. he came out and said look, we t have moved out the bad apples, , the folks we had to put on administrativepu leave. he was asked specifically about sharon helman at the phoenix v.a. are all the veterans died. this woman is still getting a government paycheck.n
9:53 pm
we are still paying her salary while the administrative procesi pays out. let me startrocess with you, mr secretary. do you believe the v.a. has , do failed our y veterans? and do you have confidence that with people likepe sharon stillg getting their paychecks, things really are turning around?seliet >> i believe that the new to secretary is determined to fix . things. one of theon challenges he face is due to federal laws and a administrativedm procedures. vey it's very difficult in a place like v.a. to be able to fire people, those with demonstratedt incompetence. >> and willful negligence.e. it's not just incompetence, it's willful negligence, it's misrepresentations, affirmative ones that arguably led to or started a course of conduct that led to deaths. i agr >> i agreeee with all of that. i was fortunate at the department of defense in that i was able to fire political appointees. and when appropriate, even some
9:54 pm
senior military officers. opriat over walter reed scandal and various others.alter but it seems to me that has secretary mcdonald has even less flexibility to fire people thann i had when i was secretary of ep defense. so the congress needs to help u him here in being able to clean this mess up. >> thank you for allp. e you have ur done for our country and servico to our veterans, and yo particularly to you, mr. u. secretary. all the best to >>you. y >> thank you, thank you.ou >> if you want the see more of my interview, go to slash the kelly file.t, plus, up next, the sneak peek of the can't miss two-nigh event you will only see here on fox news, the man who killed tg osama bin htladen. coming up tonight on "hannity."s rush's comments were deliberately taken out of t for context for apparently political reasons by people who should know better.
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for the first time on television, the man who took out the world's most wanted terrorist speaks out about the night he shot osama bin laden. it is all part of a two-part special airing right here on the fox news channel. and here's a sneak peek. >> the more we trained on it, the more we realized this is going to be a one-way mission. we're going to go and not come back. we're going to die when the house blows up, we're going to
9:59 pm
die when he blows up, we're going to spend the rest of our lives in pakistani prison. >> it airs tomorrow night 10:00 p.m. eastern right after "the kelly file" and join us tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. eastern as we give you an exclusive preview. in the meantime our segment in the new video of the obama care architect jonathan gruber saying americans are too stupid to accept the law. something else happened on the program is also getting a lot of attention on twitter. i'm including this tweet from some nice man named shawn who said, megyn, you're a delight to watch and gave a stoic performance after your slipup performance after your slipup with gov live from america's news headquarters, i'm kelly wright. craig spencer, the first person diagnosed with ebola in new york city is free of the virus heavy was diagnosed after he returned
10:00 pm
home from treating ebola patients in guinea. the news unsettled the public when word spread he rode subways and even went to a bowling alley. he is said to be released from bellevue hospital later today, where he has been receiving treatment in a special isolation unit. and slow moving lava burns down the first home in its path. the people living there already left the house on hawaii's big island. it took just are 45 minutes for the home to be destroyed. the moulton rock has been creeping toward the rural town for months, leaving behind a path of smoldering property, including a cemetery. active volcano, kilauea. i'm kelly wright. "hannity" is going to start right now. for all your day's headlines, log on to, the most powerful name in news. welcome to "hannity." this is a fox news alert. tonight, the immigration battle between the president and republicans is growing more contentious by the day. president obama vowing yet again over the weekend to take executive action before the year's end despite serious warnings f


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