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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 11, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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how could you not be happy? this is the secret to happiness. if you think your partner is unhappy, put on a teddy. >> mine doesn't look like that. that's it for us. special report is next. wow. >> if you want to take that relationship to the next level. meanwhile, a reset of old seems to be getting worse. this is "special report." >> good evening, i'm bret baier, president obama is looking for love in what his critics would consider all the wrong places. fresh off an electoral repudiation in last week's
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midterms -- an old flame is causing more problems. chief white house correspondent ed henry is traveling with the president and reports tonight from beijing. >> call it another reset, this time of president obama's pivot to asia. he sounded almost romantic as he wowed the president in round the clock meetings, following up on their first encounter 18 months ago. >> my hope is that we can build pong that progress and take the relationship to a new level. >> reporter: the president may be a little starry eyed from a break through today that will boost the u.s. economy, dropping tariffs on high-tech products including medical devices, global positioning systems and video game consoles. this week the chinese government's suspected of
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hacking into the u.s. postal service. >> we see in cyber security where we have chinese actions that, again, disadvantage u.s. businesses or steal intellectual property. we're going to be very candid about that. >> the white house will be candid but can't stop china which sounds like the president's reset with russia and its ability to get vladimir putin to back down. the three had brief meetings today. and the kremlin decided to release this photo of mr. obama looking grim. and there was an -- -- mr. obama looked away without answering. that tension comes as putin thumbs his nose at the u.s. by sending heavy arms and tanks to the front lines in ukraine. >> doesn't that say that the sanctions are not stopping them?
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>> the sanctions are officially affecting the calculus as it relates to ukraine. and if they continue to do that, it's a recipe of isolation for a broad swathe of the international kmurvelt. >> over the course of five foreign trip this is year, he made this have you nearly eight months ago. i think it's also important for us not to promise and then not be able to deliver. there are ways for us to hopefully influence russian decision making. >> reporter: u.s. sanctions are doing damage on the russian economy, but even that may backfire, here in beijing, putin has cut no less than 16 energy deals with the chinese president including a major gas pipeline between the two countries, so the sanctions may hurt russia in the short-term but drive them into the arms of china.
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what do you think about the united states efforts to make diplomatic progress with chinese? americans are celebrating heroes tonight, veterans day ceremonies across the country are honoring the brave men and women who have served or are serving in the u.s. military. we have fox team coverage. doug mcelway with the big changes promised, but so far not delivered in the wake of veteran's health care scandal. we begin tonight with shannon breen on the national mall for a night of music and patriotism. >> hello, we do honor those who have served our country across generations, tonight that will include an a-listers star studded concert. across the country, in communities big and small, they have had parades, planted trees
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and highlighted the service of veterans and those who have gone before. >> we stand here today committed to show our respect to honor and to recognize our responsibility to care for all our veterans and for those who continue in harm's way. >> reporter: today vice president joe biden laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier and saluted our veterans that are the very spine of our nation. defense secretary chuck hagel led the honors at the vietnam war memorial, with where the names of 58,000 soldiers who were killed in that conflict are engraved. we talked to some of the veterans about why this day is important to them. >> we're actually both got sworn in as americans about a year ago
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and we truly appreciate the freedom of this country. >> i'm glad to see so many people from so many different walks of life to come up here and just recognize what our guys and girls have done in service for this country. >> brianna to brugs springsteen who are going to take part in the concert for valor that takes place at the top of the hour. >> the head of the veteran's affairs department say heads are rolling in the wake of this summer's scandal. but the pace of change is way too slow for many. >> reporter: new veteran's administration secretary bob mcdonald made the rounds in advance of veterans day with several appearances touting a new day at the va. among the changes, thousands of employees implicated in falsifying wait times and who caused poor patient care are being disciplined. >> the top level people we have disciplinary actions against,
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there are 40 plus of those. we look over the last year, we have had about 5,600 different actions, some of which are already completed. >> critics ask why is it taking so long, a law passed last summer, cut the va's cumbersome appeals process to just 20 days. if a judge fails to rule within that time-- >> there are no administrative impedestrianments, congress passed a reform law that gave him all the power he needs to immediately fire senior managers for cause. >> the chairman of the house veterans affairs committee says,ish stead of embracing -- mcdonald is highlighting other progress such as integrating websites and pass words, 1.2 million authorizations for care in the private sector with new choice cards. >> the first choice cards were mailed out this week. >> critics say only a small
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fraction of the cards were mailed out by the november 5 deadline. >> there hasn't been urgent delivery of more choice, there hasn't been you aurgent deliver of -- >> cut bonuses by $40 million ever year until the year 2024. bret? >> doug, thank you. up next, the military's frustration with the administration and it's policies overseas, we will talk live with a former special forces commander. first here's what some of our fox affiliates across the country are covering tonight. fox 9 in the twin cities where they missed a not even winter yet storm that dumped snow on wisconsin. and the frigid temps are headed east in the next couple of days.
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a second smaller hole opened up next door. this is live, in manhattan, the big story there from fox 5, our local affiliate, in connection with a violent armed robbery. police say the suspects may have used the city's veteran's day parade as cover for their escape. that is tonight's live look at what our fox affiliates are reporting.
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a major victory tonight for the iraqi forces, iraqi soldiers are said to have recaptured the heart of the town that's home to the country's largest
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refineries. they were aided by u.s. coalition air strikes. joining us on this veterans day is a special guest with a young unique insight on what investor -- two different administrations, he's still serving in the reserves. there's a new -- listen, we are just seeing this new deployment of at least 1,500 troops to iraq, and they're still being called noncombat troops, we're now at 31 noncombat advisors. explain that to people, because those families who are saying goodbye to those soldiers probably don't think they're
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noncombat. >> there's two things to point out. one there's a major difference between training and advising. these guys that are being sent out are being sent as trainers, they need to be allowed to do the combat advising. the analogy is that you have coaches that are coaching a football team, in this case green berets coaching the iraqi army, the kurds what have you. but when the team goes out to play the game, the coaches stay behind at practice. will that put them in harm's way? yes, but the guys out in the field are frustrated because they're r they're really kind of sitting on their hands. and then from their family's stand point, you know, it's one thing to have your loved one and your soldier be gone, but knowing that they're over there
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frustrated and not being able to do what they were fully trained to do is disheartening. >> and you hear it, you hear it from guys over will? >> absolutely. i'm in touch with the guys over there and i'm certainly still in touch with the folks in afghanistan, where on the one hand, you have guys being sent and gals as well-being sent to do training, kind of advising, but not really, and then in afghanistan, you know, frankly they feel forgotten. >> this is a long war. you haven't talked much about how long it's going to be. but you put it into perspective. >> i do. i try to end the book with talking about a country that was in asia, that is in asia, it's ---it was devastated by war, by occupation, had a high literacy rate, but the country is south korea. and i think it's a great example of showing what we can do with american engagement at the time.
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what we're fighting right now is a cold war. what it's germany and afghanistan and iraq, and yes, these are our longest wars in some sense, but we're only about a decade into what is about a 50, 60, 70-year-old effort. >> you write in the book, the current policies that al qaeda can't come back, talk talking about afghanistan. i have yet to see someone who can support the strategy who can tell me what we're going to do if all these assumptions are wrong. al qaeda's insure jechbts in syria and iraq and islamic groups like it's situation shows the folly. >> is there some concern inside the military about this overall strategy? >> sure. >> again, this is the long war, this is our new cold war. and this is going to take decades and decades. and we need leadership to start
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wrapping the american's people's minds around this effort. so in afghanistan, frichbs right now, we have a very fragile political transition, we have an afghan national army that may hold up or it may not as we saw with the iraqi army. i'm not willing to take that risk. right now the administration's policy is to take us to zero troops by the end of 2015 and i think it's a fantastic mistake. >> as you have seen as a kman commander on the ground, rules from on high, like you had to have a certain number of troops guarding a post, and if they didn't have that, then they couldn't do patrols. >> so what we experienced out on the ground was an accumulation of bureaucracy and rules, and each one in isolation made sense, for instance after a base was overrun, you had to ask have 12 soldiers to guard the base. after the movie, we have all
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seen the movie lone survivor, after that four-man navy s.e.a.l. team was compromised. they didn't have enough to stay back at the base, they didn't have enough to go out and so they were really, frankly just kind of stuck. and in -- you know, we really need to cut through that kind of red tape and let our soldiers do what they're trained to do, they're the best in the world. >> are you optimistic on this veterans day about where the military is or are you concerned? >> we have the best trained and equipped military in the world, let them do their job, give them clear goals, give them clear guidance, give them the resources which we often lacked in afghanistan that i talked about in the book to do what they need to do and they'll get it done. >> the book "warrior diplomat." thanks for being here. still ahead, who will democrats and the media blame
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for the midterm election disaster. you might be surprised who's in the running. first, what's next for obama care, what republicans soon to be firmly in control of congress.
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the american doctor being treated for ebola has been released from the hospital tonight. his doctors say he is free of the virus, there are now no patients being treated for ebola in the u.s. and the nurse who put up a fight against mandatory quarantine is now free and clear. stacy hickox has completed a --
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yesterday we told you about a drastic cut back in the administration's projections for obama care enrollment which resumes this weekend. jim engel on what the republican controlled congress may do to the affordable care act. >> obama care was one of the biggest issues in the campaign, number one on the list of republican campaign ads in the weeks before the election. >> the voters are going to expect the people they elected to do something about obama care. >> but what? speaker boehner made clear the house will start with repeal and replace. >> at some point next year we will move to repeal obama care. it should be repealed with common sense reforms that respect the doctor-patient relationship. >> some say it would cause problems because it would take insurance away from 10 million
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to 15 million people. >> repeal and replace is just another way of saying we're going to change obama care into something different and better. >> reporter: in republicans want a new plan to replace the current plan, most would include tax subsidies up to $17,000 a year for a family of four to buy any insurance plan they want without the restrictions of obama care. they would also require coverage of preexisting conditions and scale back many of the taxes in obama care. but there's also bipartisan support to replace parents of the current law. >> there are pieces of it that are deeply, deeply unpopular with the american people. the medical device tax has exported an enormous number of jobs. the loss of the 40-hour workweek, big, big mistake. >> many people are being shifted to less than 30 thundershowehou
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employers would not be required to provide insurance. >> a lot of them are outsourcing and using contract labor and temporary labor. i think you will find a lot of support for simply getting rid of to the employer mandate. >> 79 senators were on record opposing it including key liberals. republicans could also act to guarantee that everyone who has an existing plan can keep it. >> i think that's the kind of thing that actually would be hard for many democrats to oppose and resist. because the president himself promised it. >> republicans have a long list of ideas and plans they say will improve health care, but they have yet to agree on a single plan to replace obama care. bret? >> jim, thank you on the same issue last night, we told you about comments from one of the creators of obama care, that the bill would never have passed except for what he called the stupidity of american voters. now mid professor jonathan gruber has apologized.
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>> i was speaking off the cuff, and i basically spoke inappropriately and i regret having made those comments. >> as we have mentioned, the second enrollment period for the president's health care plan begin this is weekend. >> new plagerism allegations for a cnn host. and russia's president slices through the culture barrier in china with an act of gallantry, the grapevine is next. [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. [ m'm... ] great taste. [ tapping ] sounds good. campbell's healthy request. m'm! m'm! good.®
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and now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine, while world leaders gathered in china, one of the the grapevine's favorites played a vital role, vlad mere putin. the weather was chilly during an outdoor fireworks display monday night, putin wrapped a shawl around china's first lady. before removing it and donning her own coat offered by an attendance. the video went viral because putin is seen by many chinese women as a heart throb. the chinese government removed that video from its internet. one historian noted, quote, china is traditionally conservative with public interaction between men and women.
3:31 pm
one thing the sensors did allow, criticism of president obama, for chewing gum while walking into the same event with the president. some chinese called it immature and disrespectful. cnn host and "washington post" columnist fareed zakaria is under fire for allegations of ---five columns with problematic sourcing, saying the stories are, quote, unfair to readers and to the original sources, we probably will attach messages to the archived editions of the five original columns. cnn continues to stand by him saying zakaria apologized and was suspended for incidents in 2012, and quote, in the years since we have found nothing that gives us cause for concern. finally on this veteran's
3:32 pm
day, we honor military service, of course, next month to celebrate the 150th anniversary of arlington national cemetery, a group called wreaths across america is hoping to lay a wreath at all 230,000 graves. 214 is that organization's 240th year of placing wreaths at that cemetery. the laying of the wreaths will be done by volunteer and the wreaths themselves paid for by donations. grapevine thanks all those who have served, will serve and are currently serving. following last week's midterm shellacking to use the president's word from the last time, democrats and the media are looking for someone to blame. fox news media analyst and host of fox news media buzz howard kurtz tells us they may have found someone. >> valerie jarrett wields
3:33 pm
enormous influence inside the white house. during the 2012 campaign, the new republican says other officials were stunned when she said, mr. president, i don't understand how you're not getting 85% of the vote. >> but you were the most powerful woman in washington, and you're like nancy reagan, but with more power. what do you think of that? >> you know what? i think people say all kinds of things about me. those are some of the more flattering things. >> reporter: but in the wake of the democrats midterm debacle -- the new republic credits her with offering candid advice, the magazine quotes a former administration official as calling her role pretty toxic saying other aides viewed her as a spy and a political column demands, fire valerie jarrett. but she has her allies, such as mika brzenzinski.
3:34 pm
>> a little applause for mika. not of course is she my dear friend, but she keeps me calm each morning when joe tries to raise my blood pressure. >> yes, they're friends she writes, but strong female advisors become the focus of the most hostile and caddy criticism. >> reporter: but plenty of male white house advisors draw sharp criticism. the attacks are more likely motivated by jarrett's undeniably close relationship with the president. a strong president, a master of diplomacy and a kind, caring man. that is the portrait of president george h.w. bush being painted in book form by george w. bush. the latter has a new book out about the former where he talks about the man he greatly admires, both as a father and
3:35 pm
former president. >> this is a love story, it's not an objective analysis of president bush. this is a story about an extraordinary man who in my judgment is the finest president our country has ever had. >> the book is called 41, a portrait of my father. president obama is trying to move the u.s. closer to china. we'll get reaction from the paneling about that and also russia when we come back.
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when the united states and china -- i would note the progress and take the relationship to a new level over the coming years. >> our message is to russia, there's an agreement you reached with to the government in kiev and you must abide by that
3:39 pm
agreement. the sanctions have yet to sufficiently affect russia's calculus as it relates to ukraine. that's how it continues to open -- we continue to be very clear about where we need to see better russian action. >> two world relationships on the world stage, front and center. first of all, the u.s. relationship with china, the president says he wants to bring that relationship to the next level, there you see him with the president of china. and also vladimir putin and the awkward exchanges that the president and the russian president had, numerous interactions, not long talks we're told and not much has been accomplished. as far as getting russia to back out of ukraine or change it's position. with that, let's bring in our panel, steve hastes, david stoddard and charles krauthammer.
3:40 pm
your thoughts? >> the administration thinks this has been a successful trip in part because it's been devoid of a big confrontation. in my view, there's times and actions that call for a big confrontation and we're seeing those from both russia and china right now. on china, if you look at the worldwide threat assessment for both 2013 and 2014, they say that cyber attacks and signer espionage are the number one threat, before terrorism. >> and this comes just after the revelation that the u.s. post office was hacked. >> most everyone believes chesapeachina was behind that, most cyber attacks in the united states have some origin in china. the pentagon makes a direct accusation that the chinese government and the chinese military for being behind at least some of these attacks and yet you don't have any kind of real confrontation from the president of the united states, in fact he's there telling the
3:41 pm
chinese that he wants to take the relationship to the next level. the same is true for russia. you have again rhodes saying that russia is going to feel isolated. russia is participating in an international conference right now. thigh just struck a new deal with iran. they're not isolated at all. president obama in his eagerness to avoid confrontation, which is understandable, has actually been a signal of weakness. >> obviously russia and china have a close relationship and a lot of money on the line. >> all right, and you can just see in the body language, president obama's frustration that putin is so provocative, he always likes to pat him on the back, bring up something in passing, get photographs taken and get -- he relishes the theatrics of all this and obama
3:42 pm
doesn't, he's demoral'sing the ewlekation. and his entire story line is about president putin's momentum. and of course a deal to contract new nuclear reactors with iran. at a time when president obama's trying to reset a relationship with the chinese, you know, move putin, which he never does sand of course come up with an iran deal. and you can just see it in president obama's face, the whole story line is about putin. >> charles? >> obama's tied to the chinese, we twoowant to bring the relationship to a new level. number one, we're still the number one power in the world, they are a rising power, why obama shows such deference, why he writes to the i'd toll la in iran, and he never gets responses, it's unrequited. he did the worldwide apology tour was to go around the world
3:43 pm
and say we have been arrogant towards europe, we have disrespected the muslim world, we are going to be more kinder and gentler, the problem with our standing in the worlds is our arrogance. he did outreach everywhere. reset in russia. new level with china. outreach to the muslim world. everywhere our standing is in shambles, from egypt, even today there was an announcement that our embassy in yemen in all places is now under threat. the disregard we are getting from our allies, russia's concept for -- and the chinese who are really showing the world they're rising in the world and the u.s. now trying to get all kinds of agreements. this is the result of -- it's now at year six of becoming evident. >> but if they do make some head
3:44 pm
way with china, some trade deals as as already been talked about. as you talked about last week, some climate change deal with china, won't that be seen as a success even in the face of all of these cyber security threats? >> there no's reason why you shouldn't have talks on this technology stuff, which is good, which will probably lead to a wto agreement on that. if we get a deal on climate change with china, then you have something real. the overwhelming threat is china is rising, today to humiliate the united states, it unveiled a stealth fighter, which essent l essentially is a copy of the f-16. they're saying we are on the rise, and they stole this thing. it wasn't invented in china. there's a way of showing that on the big stuff, the threat to our security, to our presence, to our navy and to our standing,
3:45 pm
our protection of our allies in the pacific rim, they are rising and their intent is to chase us out and they are having some success. >> in the president's defense, he campaigned on this. this is what charles said, this is the way he views the world. he and the administration have chosen to simply separate out the troubling aspects of behavior from these regimes, from russia, china, i would arguer rang, so that they can have some achievements that they think will be in the u.s. interest. i think it's crazy to do that, you can't separate the behavior of the regime from the specific agreement you're seeing. they're trying to do this with iran, they disregard the fact that the iranian regime wants the destruction of israel, disregard iran's continuing support for terror, disregard the fact that iran provided at least the arms and the funding for the weaponry that killed at least one-third of the troops in iraq and afghanistan, the same thing is happening here with
3:46 pm
russia and china. >> with russia, putin is out saying, the economy, the fund g fundamentals are wrong, the u.s. is a -- all of the sanctions have not moved russia, it has not changed the dynamic. >> most of the experts agree that it is having an affect and it can change the dynamics, but right now they're trying to find more sources of revenue from energy deals with china and iran. that might be temporary and it might last a long time. >> do you think that the u.s. looks smaller in these world events? >> the chinese can see what happened in ukraine in the crimea, in yemen, in libya, and now of course in iraq, the evacuation and the fact that we have to go back, and they understand -- they can push the east and the south china sea and not worry about the united states and that's why their
3:47 pm
neighbors are worried. >> next up, veterans day and the current state of the u.s. military. also veterans health care. so ally bank really has no hidden fees on savings accounts? that's right. it's just that i'm worried about you know "hidden things..." ok, why's that? no hidden fees, from the bank where no branches equals great rates. test test. test test. test test. test test. test test. test test test test. the conference call.
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comcast business. built for business. present. >> present. >> arms. vice president biden laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns today arlington national cemetery. speaking there thanking the military for service and sacrifice, calling them the backbone of this nation. this, as more troops are getting ready to head into iraq. the president talked about that this weekend. >> what it signals is a new
3:51 pm
phase. first of all, let's be clear. isil is a threat not only to iraq, but also the region and ultimately, over the long term, could be a threat to the united states. >> it's being done now, quite frankly, because the iraqis are reached a -- they have demonstrated the willingness and the skill to go after isil. so they have reached a point where they need additional help and guidance, particularly in areas like anbar. >> again, these additional troops are are being called noncombat, even though they are going to places like the anbar province, which is is very dangerous. we're back with our panel. charles, your thoughts? >> look, this is inevitable step. it was one that obama had to take. he doesn't want to announce it. he wants to pretend there is not going to be combat extremely risk averse. one of the reasons the troops are frustrated is because they aren't allowed to do a lot of the things that they need to do. none the less, we may be making some progress.
3:52 pm
it all hinges on whether the iraqi army is really capable. it looks as if it may have reached one town today, which would be a good step. we have to have advisors with them in the field. that's the problem. will obama do that? i don't know. it's clear that he has no intention of doing anything serious about syria. so that's understood. this is not mission creep. this is mission shrinkage. iraq could take years but syria is going to be left untouched. that may be logical but it's going to be a very long time. >> steve, you heard from mike walls, former commander, special forces about the frustration. he hears in the field. real frustration that their hands are tied. >> deep frustration, i think. i mean, they understand what it takes to fight and win a war. they did that. many of them, at the end stages of the bush administration. i think what you are seeing, both in private -- you are hearing in private, you are now seeing in public. i mean, have you had comments in recent days from martin dempsey who has been, i would say, pretty.
3:53 pm
>> chairman of the joint chiefs. >> chairman of the joint chiefs has been pretty friendly to president obama. in effect a yes man. criticism. even he has been raises some objections and raising the possibility you have to send more troops. you are hearing chuck hagel split from the white house in a a way you haven't heard before. follows on the heels of leon panetta, bob gates. whether you have people like that voicing their frustrations in public. some currently serving. i think it gives you some sense of just how frustrated the uniform military is. because that's making its way up to those leaders. >> meanwhile, a.b., there was frustration also about the veterans healthcare situation that has obviously been going on for quite some time. take a listen. >> i have to propose an action, it then gets handled through an administrative process, and they, like a judge, administrative judge, either agrees or disagrees and so i have to make sure that we do thorough evidence
3:54 pm
gathering and research as we do the proposal because we want to make sure it sticks. >> why is secretary mcdonald playing bureaucratic defense when he could become immediately the champion of all veterans in america who look around and wonder why they wait months for an appointment, yet employees, who created cultures where they were covering up wait times get paid administrative leave. the catch between chasm between those two is an national outrage. >> fire all these folks who have been intimately involved in all of this. but it's just taking time. that's the way the bureaucracy is set up. mr. mcdonald is certainly a a credible candidate for this job. a lot of people have a lot of faith in him that can he turn this around. did he express an interest in getting rid of terminating anyone who violated the principles of the v.a. it's just he is making clear it's a long process of getting people from paid leave to actually losing their jobs.
3:55 pm
and so there are vets groups frustrated right now there are other vets groups who say they believe he started the agency down a good path and it's going to take time. they are already cleaning up their systems. people are are getting contacted about backlogs. and so i think people are going to have to have faith that it is being addressed. and with heavy scrutiny from congress. i think it will continue to be addressed. >> supporters would say it's like a navy term of turning an aircraft carrier. it's going to take some time to turn. >> and it will and i would give them a pass on that. i think he is trying to do it. if you want to change bureaucracy, it attack as long time. however, the question is why aren't the vets getting choice cards? in other words, cards which allow them to go into the regular health system and to get care and get reimbursed? that's a way to get around the bureaucracy. ultimately, it could be a cure for an obsolete top down system. let the vets have choices. >> thank you, panel. a lot of people are writing in about this book mike walls, warrior diplomat. we should point out we did in the interview that 100% of the proceeds go to the
3:56 pm
green beret foundation. 100%. so, forgot to get that in. that's it for the panel. stay tuned for recap of the president's latest tv interview. nothing beats america's favorite
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i did it. you can too. ♪ finally tonight, president obama sat down with "face the nation" host sunday. one late night show summed it up for you. >> this is face the nation. >> all the presidents in modern history who have been successful, i mean lbj, tdr, ronald reagan, teddy roosevelt, bill clinton, they all seem to have a a zest for politics, but i don't sense that you have the same feeling that they did. it makes me wonder, do you like politicians? do you like politics? >> no. >> thank you, mr. president. >> thank you so much, bob. i enjoyed it. [ laughter ] >> and there you have it. u.s. military, those who
4:00 pm
have served, those who are are serving. those will serve. thank you. that's it for "special report" as you look live to the national hall. concert. fair, balanced and unafraid. tonight, take two. remember the architect claiming that a lack of transparency and stupidity of the american voters helped the obama administration get the healthcare law passed? now, economist jonathan gruber wants a do-over. >> stupidity of the american voter or whatever, but basically that was really, really critical to getting the thing passed. >> the comments in the video were made at academic conference. i was speaking off the cuff. >> lack of transparency is a huge political advantage. >> i basically spoke inappropriately. >> the bill was written in a tortured way to make sure cbo did not score the mandate as taxes. if the cbo scored the mandate as taxes the bill dies. >> less politically palatable than policies that involve doing things to the tax code. >> you can't do it


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