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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  November 12, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PST

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♪ >> good morning to you from the streets of new york city. it is 5:00 a.m. on this wednesday morning. >> i am heather childers. >> i am ainsley earhardt. it is an exclusive interview you will only see on the fox news channel the man who killed osama bin laden speaking out for the first time in a two night special. >> he didn't think he would return home from his mission. he described letters he left behind for family and friends. >> i wrote one to pretty much everybody. it was more of an explanation of why we went why it was noble and why i am not afraid the best people in the world were going on the most important mission since washington pros crossed the delaware and it is worth it. i am sorry you are upset i died with the people i should have
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died with. it was sad. there was a few times there were tears on the pages. it is weird i. going to call people but this is a letter they are going to get from me explaining why it had to happen. >> did you think they wouldn't understand? >> no, they would understand. the kids probably wouldn't. eventually they çwould. >> that piece of paper they would have for their whole lives that piece of paper would be the last advice they ever got from their dad. >> yes. >> what did you say? >> i talked about their weddings wishing them happiness. take care of their mom. the first thing i did when i got home is shred them. i don't know if i am happy about that, they are gone. >> why did you sled them? >> i didn't want to read them.
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>> i didn't want anybody to read them. instead of something horrible happening something great happened instead. >> the story does not end there. in part 2 of this incredible interview navy seal rob o'neil talks about the moment after killing bin laden. >> we got in the helicopter and flew out. now we are there people know something happened. they know helicopters were involved now we are trying to get back a 90 minute flight. it is like watching a race. wait a minute. we can survive. we can live. >> we started our watches we are watching it go. >> 80 something minutes into it. something came over the radio and said all right gentlemen for the first time in your lives you are going to be happy to hear this. welcome to afghanistan. everybody is like oh my god we
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got him. then there was high-fiving. we got osama bin laden and we are going to live. amazing. >> part 2 of the man who killed osama bin laden airs tonight at 10:00 a.m. eastern time right here on the fox news channel. a fox news alert while you were sleeping a winner declared in the alaska senate race the gop adding another member to the majority. leland vittert is live with that story. good morning, leland. >> good morning to you. the ap called this race one week to the hour since polls closed in alaska. brings the number to 8 seats picked up by the gop in the 2015 mid terms. 100 percent reporting now dan sul ran the republican the bag
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itch 46 begich 46 percent. he held out on absentee ballots. all eyes are on louisiana where a runoff election could make it nine seats for the gop. keystone pipeline long block to the senate and the white house. they might bring it to a vote to look at mary landrieu from louisiana who faces bill cassidy in the runoff. >> i think it is incredibly cynical. harry reid could have brought this up any time that he wished. instead of bringing jobs for 40,000 people the only job he's interested in protecting is senator mary landrieu. he could have brought this up months ago. >> this takes place in early december. keep in mind much of the race will focus on keystone and what
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happened in the lame duck congress the session starts today in washington. >> heather, back to you. >> leland vittert thank you for joining us. >> the architect jonathan gruber backtracking after calling americans stupid. >> the comment and video was made i was speaking off-the-cuff and i spoke inappropriately and i having made those comments. >> here's the thing. we have just learned this is the second time we know of that he has called the public stupid while being recorded. here he is at another 2014 forum. >> that's pretty much the same thing. why does it matter? they are too stupid to understand the difference. >> he has not returned our calls when we asked for additional comment. >> police in new york city hunting for two men. they are accused of stealing $2 million worth of cash and
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watches from a jewelry store from a manhattan diamond district in the in i had el of the day. >> the suspect was brought into the location after posing as a delivery man. suspect number two remained in the hallway. there were three employees in the store suspect number 1 demands the jewelry be placed in a bag he was carrying. a 5th employee returned during this time and was struck by suspect number 1 in the head with a gun. >> officers say the suspect might have used the veteran's parade for cover to get away. they are reviewing surveillance video. >> to a fox news exclusive disturbing details about the lone wolf terror suspect accused in the new york city hatchet attack and his obsession with terrorism. >> ainsley and heather, this four-page intelligence assessment obtained by fox news
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speaks to dale thompson self radicalization and on-line obsession with jihad leading up to the attack. a preliminary analysis by the nypd with on sliefrn terms found sof thompson was looking for terrorist groups and violent tactics before he stopped the rookie cops krit tee wounding one injuring a second. this shows his internet activity wausz dominated by islamic extremism in the weeks leading up to the unprovoked assault. jihad in america, jihad against police, jihad is the only solution as well as jihad against jews and crusaders. thompson's internet history also suggested he consider targeting the u.n. general assembly and specifically dignitaries. it includes evidence photos of the crime scene as well as a second act and hunting knife found in thompson's home.
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a leading terrorist analyst says the nypd is making changes based on the threat. >> as i understand it nypd is already instituting new ashgss and new steps where instead of patrolling alone they are going to have group controls and stay together even simple things such as having lunch they are hoping that people will stick together so you can have two eyes and ears on potential threats. >> in addition to the web searchs thompson was a follow he loer of al qaeda's affiliate since 2013 nearly a year and a half before that horrific attack. >> thank you katherine. readyying for riots. a stand by on whether to indict ferguson police officer darren wilson. violence will not be tolerated with wilson is not charged with the august 9th shooting death of 19-year-old michael brown.
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he claims self dpeens saying brown reached for his gun. the unarmed teenager witnesses say had his hands up in surrender. the grnd injuresult coming this. >> brett michaels under going kidney surgery after being hospitalized six times in the past two weeks. before that michaels had two stints put into his body. although he is not 100 percent. his band mates say there are no plans to postpone or reschedule any shows this year. they are set to perform tomorrow in jacksonville, florida. and now to an extreme weather story for you. millions across the country buried in snow and shivering in freezing temperatures. >> in minnesota showing the truck losing control that officer was okay. >> in colorado the temperatures dropped more than 50 degrees in
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one day. so maria fmolina is standing by. >> they ait is responsible for inches of snow a foot in michigan and wisconsin. we are looking at light drizzle and showers in the northeast. you can see across up state new york behind this system temperatures will be much much colder from the mid committees into the northeast. some of that really cold air moves over the relatively warmer lakes we expect more snowfall. up to a foot of it will be possible. temperatures behind the storm system feels like 18 degrees below zero in rapid city. 14 below in denver. like i mentioned it is moving eastward. as we head through friday parts
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of the southeast like raleigh out of the 40's for high temperatures. thanks. the time is 10 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up a 4-year-old falls 230 feet down a cliff and makes it out alive. why rescue crews say getting him out was so intense. >> christmas cuts from it the calendar. the school district decision that has some parents furious. >> concert controversy. artists play anti military songs at a patriotic veteran's day concert. who is to blame for the tone deaf decision. {off-lin {off-line} introducing the citi® double cash card. it lets you earn cash back when you buy and again as you pay. that's cash back twice. it's cash back with a side of cash back. the citi double cash card.
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>> a 4-year-old boy lucky to be alive after falling 400 feet down a cliff. he was throwing rocks on a
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california beach when his mother suddenly realized he was missing. >> something doesn't seem right. i ran up the hill he fell scratched up face a broken arm and a leg. it was sad to see him like that. >> poor little thing. rescue crews found the boy at the bottom of the cliff. he is in critical but stable condition. >> more amazing video for you a crew pulling a trapped man out of a wall in colorado. the man may have been trapped between two walls for quite a while having entered from the roo they heard him yelling for help since monday. he is now in the hospital recovering. police still trying to figure out how he got there in the first place. ainsley? >> for the past three years an arizona woman honored her veteran father by proudly flying his marine corps flag on her ball con me.
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this morning the rots crew stent is saying she has to remove it or be evicted. she explains why she refuses to take it down. >> this is the united states mar marine corps flag on her balcony. it belonged to her father. >> my dad was in the marine corps for 20-years. he retired as a gun resergeant in 1999. this is the notice on her door. it says she violated the lease agreement and the flag must be taken down within 24-hours or she will have to vacate the premises. she is had it sdisplayed since august with no complaints. i wish they would have come to me first or given me less harsh of a warning. >> she is in the marine division of the rotc at the university of arizona. she plans to join the marines after she graduates next year. >> we want to fly it on our porch because we are proud of it we should be allowed to.
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>> the apartment manager left before she noticed the letter this evening and won't take the flag down unless there is a good reason. >> you think it is unamerican for them to do this? >> absolutely. i think it is ridiculous. >> maintaining the appearance fof the property is a top priority which is why we have rules in place to prevent flags on areas which are visible from the exterior. >> is it a fair fight or the complex right to follow the rul rules? send your comments to the time is 17 after the top of the hour. a tax payer funded terrorist. the public university could be on the payroll. >> altering prices for certain customers. what the store says is behind those numbers. ññ
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>> bruce springsteen under fire for his choice of song. ♪ >> the song fortunate son by credence clear water revival saying the song bashes those going to war. >> eminem closing out the show with a song full of profanity.
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>> the concert at the national mall honored those who volunteered to fight in afghanistan and iraq. let's keep talking about the concert of valor. do you think the performances were over the line? live on facebook at #keep talking. >> president obama promising drastic emissions cuts as part of the new climate deal with china. as a goal cutting greenhouse gas emissions in the u.s. 26 to 28 percent by 2025. it will double the pace of reducing carbon pollution under the deal. china will set it by 2030. they down-played disagreements between the united states and china. >> i think that it is fair to say there are differences between the united states and
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china on a range of issues. i have consistently found the president to be willing to engage on those differences in a frank and candid manner. >> the president now headed to ber ma for the second leg of a week long trip abroad. >> it is the shawl seen around the world. vladimir putin caught flirting with the chinese president's wife. you can see the recently divorced putin drapes a shawl over her smiling and in some countries the move is seen as chivalrous in china it is inappropriate. the move causes a stiruntil the deleted it. >> recalling thousands of cars. >> joe is here with what we need to know. >> they are recalling more than 10,000 c class compact cars in the 2015 model year some function at a low speed.
2:24 am
mercedeses says two incidents have been reported outside of the united states but no injuries have been reported. the luxury auto maker said factory workers did not properly install steering equipment with some models with 4-wheel drive. the battle against net neutrality is intensifying hours after they passed tougher limits on internet providers. he plans to go in a different direction. commissioner tom wheeler who was appointed by president obama wants to do some of what the president outlines but also wants to address concerns from the big cable companies comcast, at&t and others. >> they are pro toasting old navy for marking up the price of women's plus size clothing not men's. it does not base higher prices than regular sizes. 16,000 people have signed a petition. gap which is part of old navy says it is more expensive to
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make plus size clothes for women than men. a look at what they are doing in the premarket the dow is down 20 points. >> to find joe on fox business network log on to slavsh channel finder. >> the time now is about 25 minutes after the cop top of the hour. coming up new clues about i see had final days. what we are now learning about robin williams and what may have gr driven him to suicide. >> you better read the fine print when the word unlimited has limits. but first on this day back in 9 1980 voyager one takes the first images of saturn's rings. >> in 1991 robert gates was sworn in as a cia director.
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>> the man who killed osama bin laden on his face to face encounter with the most wanted man in the world. >> it doesn't get any better. this is it. this is why we are here. >> we are at war because of this guy. now we are going to go get him. >> he pulled the trigger sharing his incredible story why the raid would be a one-way mission. >> diamond district height the hunt for the thieves pulling off a $2 million daylight robbery. why police say this is not the typical crime. >> stores getting strong armed on for opening on thanksgiving. why this retailer is making it a very unhappy holiday.
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>> good morning to you. it is wednesday welcome to "fox and friend first. we are half pay through the week. they are the words you will only hear on facebook and friends. >> this morning the emotional story of the navy seal who fired the shots that killed the most wanted man in the world. roberto kneel telling peter doocy he was prepared to die during that mission. >> what's it like training for something so hard so intensely when you don't think you are going to survive the mission? >> well, it was worth it. because this is it. we would have moments, we would joke around and laugh but it hits you again let's get serious again. this is going to happen.
2:31 am
was it bad? >> no. >> it was one more we are going to die eventually. it is worth it to kill him. he needs to die with us. >> when you heard there were some other options did any part of you hope the president picked one that did not require sending you to possibly die? oo the thought was there. we wanted to go. we wanted to do this. this is why we are all here now. >> just to be a part of something historic you can't ask for more. >> would there have been some sort of relief? maybe. we didn't go they bombed it, great. but we wanted it bad. >> why? >> it doesn't get any better. this is it. this is why we are here. we are at war because of this guy and now we are going to go get him. >> when president bush set free he meant for everyone.
2:32 am
we were everyone. >> the story does not end there. in part 2 of this incredible interview navy seal rob o'neil talks about the moment just before killing bin laden. >> how is it that you ended up the number two man? >> just luck. just the way that it worked. the guys ahead of me based on their tactics. the guy in front stays in front the guy ahead of them when there's other stuff going on. take care of the threats. we need to clear that level before we move on. >> the man who killed osama bin laden continues tonight right here on the fox news channel. a fox news alert. victory just declared in alaska. the gop gaining another seat in the senate in election over time. what's the latest?
2:33 am
>> perhaps the majority controlled senate wouldn't ride on it it didn't drive on to the republican. a narrow margin of victory they can put another one on their side of the score card sullivan has won the alaskan senate seat taking it away from democrat and this took so long before they had to go through absentee ballots about 20,000 of them and it was such a narrow margin they wanted to get that number absolutely correct. we know the republicans turned it up. the lame-duck session reverts to the old order of things. early in january republicans will take control of the senate.
2:34 am
interesting new gallop numbers out this morning a new poll asking what americans think in terms of which party in general should control the order of things and whether it should be done by republicans in the congress or president obama which side could set the agenda 53 percent say republicans who say the president should set the agenda see the mar kin widen over the past year and a half or so. one other note there is one other race we are waiting to hear about as far as the senate is concerned the louisiana senate race. that is coming down to the senate election decided december 6th. the republican bill cassidy over democrat mary landrieu but it is a very, very tight race. >> isis terror threat forces a
2:35 am
delay of delivery over 8 f-16 fighters in iraq. they are making the area unsafe for american contractors rerouting the jets to arizona participating in a u.s. run training program. >> a terrorist teacher official the university of illinois dring rehiring murderer and known terrorist james kilgore. he was fired last year after his criminal past was revealed. he killed a 42-year-old mother of four during a bank robbery in california. he spent six years in prison on a second murder conviction. they think he has been rehabilitated. another fox news alert police in new york city hunting right now for these two men. take a look. they are accused of stealing
2:36 am
$2 million worth of cash and watches from a jewelry store in manhattan's diamond district in the middle of the day. kelly wright with the latest on this. good morning to you as well. it was a bizarre scene new york city police evacuate add building where the robbery happened. two men carried out a brazen heist in the famous diamond district of mid town manhattan less than a block away from where the city's veteran's day parade was going on. >> he posed as a delivery man. suspect number 2 remains in the hallway. there were four employees in the car suspect number one demands the jewelry and a safe be placed in to a bag. a 5th employee turnreturned dur this time. >> police say that's when the first suspect pulled out grabbed a gun several pieces of jewelry and put them into a blank bag.
2:37 am
the second awes respect acted as a lookout. officers say the suspects may have used the parade for cover to get away. >> i don't know how it happened to be honest with the security we have. >> police released these pictures of the suspects. the first is a black man 6 feet tall 30 to 40 years old. black man tall 30-40 years of age. police here in new york are asking everyone asking the public's help in identifying the two men. >> kelly wright live for us this morning. >> he wasn't just battling depression, he was suffering from dementia. the condition is commonly associated with parkinson's but comes with unusual behaviors and
2:38 am
even hallucinations. william's family members and doctors think lewy body was the key factor driving the comedian to take his own life. we also learned williams left his $50 million estate to his three kids. chaos at cabaret, actor shia labeouf sentenced. he plead guilty to harassment disorderly conduct and criminal after his august performance at cabaret. he could have it desist if he stays clean and out of trouble. if not he will go to jail for 15 days. >> who let the dog out. the last of three american idol judges out the door apparently. randy jackson moves to a mentoring role last season, but has decided to cut the cord for season 14 which starts in january. jackson has been with the show
2:39 am
since it began back in 2002. the i can't believe it's the 14 st. season. >> i know. we are getting old. >> millions across the country in a deep freeze. >> that frigid air now on the move. maria molina now on the move. >> moving eastward mibehind it much colder air moving into portions of the midwest. >> we are looking at a couple of areas and drizzle across western area and light rain as well. ahead of this system we are looking at dense fog. we have dense fog advisories along the i 95 corridor. traveling could be an issue in terms of visibility at the airport. but as the cold air moves over the great lakes we are looking at lake-effect snowfall over the next several days possibly more than six inches off the lake. that will be a big concern.
2:40 am
heather and ainsley, people look at how cold that air mass shined the frontal system current windchills in the teens. chicago, kansas city well below zero in denver and rapid city. >> got to be a cold one. thank you so much maria. >> the time 20 minutes until the top of the hour. coming up, sticky fingers, americans swiping more stuff during the holiday season which aisles even most shoplifters. >> wheel of freakout. >> who said anything about a horse? >> the answer that caused host pat sajak to lose it. apparently not a horse. could protect you from cancer?
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>> environmentalist taking them to court. earth justice sent hundreds of whales, dolphins and other marine life will die during drills in hawaii from explosions set off by navy ships. they are over blown they claim and the exercises are necessary and safe. targeted on twitter. a house committee demanding answers from the national science foundation about a $1 million tax payer funded social media study. it is called the truthy project at university of indiana. the goal to track down tweets that are miss foirnled. several were suspended but gave no example of suspended liberal accounts. >> you better read the fine print. these offers might not be unlimited after hall.
2:45 am
fox business is here to breakdown the misleading oh ofs. >> good morning to you. as with everything in life you should always read the fine print. otherwise what seems like a good deal may have a few catches. for instance hurst have oh discounts they may not apply on om locations and not sorts utilities and minivans. data plans for smart phones. they have stopped offering please plans if you still have one don't be surprised if you experience reduced speeds. if you exceed 3 gig bites of data in a single dilling psybil your speeds may be slowed down. how about a cup of joe. you can get unlimited refills on beverages but only during the same store visit. pan ner raw bread has an offer for $169 gives you unlimited
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coffee tea and soda refills per year but only one per transaction. minimum must two refills. service programs don't assume the annual fee includes unlimited service calls for roadside assistance. many programs including aaa often have caps on what they will provide. read the fine print. back to you guys. >> to find ashley p on the fox business network log on to finder. >> now it is time for your 5@5:00. shoplifting on the rise around the holidays. >> oo shoplifter. >> what are the hottest items for people with the sticky fingers? number 5 sunglasses. they are often related to how
2:47 am
they are stolen swim wear they are easy to hide and don't often have anti theft devices. fashion accessories like jewelry. number two, makeup and the number one item stolen by the american shoplifter, wine and spirits. >> oh. how do you steal that? >> it is 47 minutes after the top of the hour. cut from the calendar, a debate over school days as some parents furious. what the district just decided. >> getting lunch packed for the day, you may want to ditch the diet. what doctors are saying this morning about slimming down. >> first let's check in with steve doocy to see what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> i don't want a salad today i want a steak or something. >> good morning to you. coming up he killed the world's most wanted man and now the navy seal who killed osama bin laden speaks out exclusively to the fox news channel. we have military reaction from last night's first interview and a full recap. the student says her university
2:48 am
club lost funding for conservative values. why just conservative? she is here telling her story. former basketball player yao ming right here live. we have a busy three hours. kicks off 12 minutes from right now right here on your channel for news. a dry mouth can be a common side effect. that's why there's biotene. it comes in oral rinse, spray or gel, so there's moisturizing relief for everyone. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth.
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welcome back to "fox & friends first." a community in florida on edge one day after a giant sink hole, another one swallowed a car at a mobile home park. a second smaller hole forming feet away and this morning there is word that a third could open up at any moment. neighbors are being kept away until the ground can be stabilized. getting that car out of the hole proving to be tricky because the ground continues to sink and there
2:52 am
is no firm ground for a crane to go on. christmas and easter being stripped from a school calendar in maryland and it is not just christian holidays. yom kippur and rosh hashanah will be eliminated as well. this after the muslim community complained their holidays were not being recognized. the school board now voted to drop all references to religious holidays but will still give students time off. they say not enough students observe the muslim holidays to cancel class. a christian college defending a job posting as it wants to hire an rotc officer who is a christian. the military religious freedom foundation complained about that religious requirement by wheaton college in illinois but the school says it's always required the lead professor of military science to respect and understand the school's religious mission. the army says it is launching an investigation. so much for the holiday spirit. a mall in upstate new york is strong arming its retailers into opening on
2:53 am
thanksgiving. the wallden galleria says stores must remain own for black friday sales or pay a fine. no word on how much they'll pay if they skip the sales but shoppers can expect the doors to open at 6:00 p.m. >> it's eight minutes till the top of the hour. take down the military corps nag or face eviction. your e-mails are pouring in on this one. we're going to share them. >> a heartwarming reunion in time for veterans day. a surprise a middle schooler can only dream up. ♪ now that the elections are finally over, it's time to get to work fixing our long-term national debt to help build a stronger economy. with a solid fiscal foundation, we can create more jobs, invest more in innovation and infrastructure, and make america more competitive, giving our kids a better future.
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a bipartisan solution to our long-term debt means more growth today, more opportunity tomorrow. and the time to start is now.
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it is now 56 after the top of the hour. before you leave the house here's what's happening today. police in new york city hunting for two brazen thieves who pulled off a $2 million robbery in broad daylight. the armed robber and his accomplice posing as deliverymen to get into a store in the diamond district. a winner declared in the alaska senate race. dan sul vin defeating mark begich. >> time now for the good, the bad, and the ugly. up first the good. sergeant scott anderson surprising his daughter isabella at her wisconsin middle school making for a
2:58 am
memorable reunion. >> am i dreaming? >> sergeant anderson has been deployed to afghanistan since june. isabella didn't think she'd seal -- see her father until next summer. next the bad. diets are below me. that is the result of researchers. they say the majority of most people gain the weight back after a year. they believe it is because they follow the hype of popular diets and lose interest after a few months. the ugly. pat sajak freaking out on camera. >> who said anything about a horse? >> he was fired up over contestants wrong guesses, one saying riding a brown horse. another saying riding a white horse. they weren't even close to the correct answer. seeing a buddy movie. >> time for your brew on this responses. for the past thee years an arizona woman honored her veteran father by proudly
2:59 am
flying his marine corps flag on the balcony of her apartment. but this morning the rotc student being told she that is to remove it or face eviction. the apartment says it is against the rules to hang anything from the exterior. >> we asked is it a fair fight or is the complex right to follow those rules? >> albert tweeted the complex is wrong. let the rotc member honor her dad and all members. >> bob says allowing tenants to display banners outside their apartment could get out of hand. i think the landlord is correct. >> jean says if the appearance of the apartment complex is so important she should have been told the day after the flag went up, not months later. >> thanks to everyone who responded. we appreciate it. ♪ ♪ >> concert controversy. artists like bruce springsteen playing antimilitary songs at the concert for valor honoring
3:00 am
our nation's heroes. do you think the performances were over the line? log our face book page right now #keeptalking. >> always fun to reet your commends. thank you for conversing with us after the show each morning. "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. >> good morning everyone. today is wednesday, the 12th of november, 2014. i'm anna kooiman in for elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert. while you were sleeping a razor-thin race comes to an end and the republicans add another seat to their midterm massacre. we've got the live report. >> he thought he was going to die, but the hero who killed osama bin laden did not care. >> we're going to die eventually. this is a good way to go. it's worth it to kill him, because he's going to die with us. >> more from robert o'neill, the hero navy seal who took out the most wanted man in the world. >> bruce springsteen


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