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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  November 20, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PST

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this day off with you. >> a gun fire passed with students studying for mid terms. >> there has been a shooting in the library. stay where you are. >> you can see the students taking shelter some even boarding up desks. they confronted him out of the building and he ordered them to drop the gun instead he fired at them. officers shot and killed him. police are expected to release new details it will be at 6:00 a.m. eastern time. >> about to side step congress after repeatedly saying that he couldn't go it alone. >> i can sendy port tations through executive order. that's just not the case. >> some people want me to pie
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bass congress and change this on my own. that's not how our system works. >> joining us live is james. >> john boehner republican of ohio says the spokesman for the president will submit a quote-unquote legacy of lawlessness if he announces his amnesty plan that exceeds his constitutional authority. >> we have heard this kind of rit rick about law lessless from house republicans for a long time. the fact of the matter is the president is somebody who is willing to review the law and use every element of that law to make progress for the american people. >> in tonight's prime time address the nation's chief executive is expected to announce deferred action a reprieve from deportation. individuals themselves were
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brought here adds children. they s executive order. it's the same order they used to enact immigration reform nearly two years ago. >> we are looking at two different types of legal actions. one is a violation of article 2 section 3 of the constitution which is called the take care clause that requires the president to take care to execute the laws and clearly prevent this type of action the president is trying to under take. and the second is article 1 section 8 of the constitution that gives to the united states congress not the president the authority to enact immigration policy. >> nbc news wall street journal poll conducted 38 percent in favor only 37 percent of inpen departments expressed support. heather? >> thank you, james. that brings us to our look at who is talking. republican senator ted cruz is
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going against what the american people want. we are witnessing a constitutional crisis. what president obama is doing is he has defined the law. he's defined the constitution. the president quite rightly said a few weeks ago his policies were on the ballot this last referendum was with amnesty. if he goes forward unilaterally defying the american voters then it is incumbent upon republicans in congress to use every single constitutional tool we have to defend the rule of law to reign in a president so that the president does not become an unaccountable monarch imposing his own policies in defiance of the american people. >> so let's keep talking immigration. what do you think about the president side stepping congress with executive action? log on to our facebook page after the show to join the conversation #keep talking.
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new overnight a dr-- dea agents now collecting evidence at the southern california home after natural gas was ruled out as a cause. one man found dead in the basement two others fullpulled the rubble who suffered severe burns. >> jealousy the motive behind murder. the boyfriend of miss honduras' sister is now under arrest. he confessed to shooting them both because his girlfriend danced with another man at a party. the women'sed about des were found buried near a mountainous region near a spa. they were on their way to the miss honduras competition. prosecutors planning to give police 48-hours notice before a public announcement. protestors poised to gem straight at -- demonstrate in dozens of businesses across the
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country. they are worried so they are growing up the store front. >> they are hanging on by a thread they can't afford this. it's the perpetuation and they are trying to stop. >> some think businesses are showing little faith in the protester's ability to stay faithful. >> winter weather grips the country clothoast to coast. >> another 6 to 12 inch the of fresh powder is expected in the great lakes. people in up state new york dig them out raafter a historic snowfall. it has already begun it start the late last night and i want to share with you this video out
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of a town in western new york it was hard hit. you can see snow coming down yet again off of this thunder and lightning. this impacts the area as it heads into this afternoon and early tomorrow morning. some of the areas across western new york could be picking up additional 2 feet. we could be looking at up to 14u7b inches of snow and that's just in one week of lake-effect snowfall. very, very significant. you can see on the radar all of that snow coming down in western new york. very heavy at times across the buffalo area and southern suburbs further to the west after parts of michigan. the forecast models are mentioning more than a foot of snow across areas south of
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buffalo. if you take the single digits in chicago. let's head over to you. >> thanks, maria. >> he called the american people stupid. he got paid millions to do it. one state pulling the plug on jonathan gruber's contract. ar they will levneville has mor. the spokesman for the governor will no longer page us because of his insults to americans. >> (indiscernible) >> gruber's original contract was worth 400,000 dollars. he has already been paid 160,000. washington university paid 26,000 dollars to bring gruber in to speak at a health forum last year.
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trey gowdy is calling for an investigation. >> we are going to let him keep talking for as long as he will talk. when he is through insulting our fellow citizens what i would recommend to the speaker, they have a series of congressional hearings primarily on the money he spent on him. >> gruber starred in a 150 page comic book titled healthcare reform what it is, why it is necessary and how it works. the it chronicles four americans as they navigate the health insurance markets under obamacare. >> even though gruber's contract has been terminated he is expected to stay on through january. >> thank you, ar they will. they are the go tos for families across america. minivans getting crushed. we are here with the results. >> this is a warning for many
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evef -- mini van owners. chrysler town and country dodge caravan scored the lowest ratings in events where the front corner was hit. executives from takata in the news lately for recent cases of deadly ex employeesing air bags plus honda and chrysler. >> a victim testifying before the senate. more than 8 millioner cars have been recalled but the government sment calling for a nationwide i recall. s&p yesterday fell for the first time this week. check this out. a normal barbie doll with the average proportions of a 19-year-old and brown hair. she comes with sticker accessories including sell ligh cellulite, freckles and acne. is this the way to teach kids about body image?
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>> that will be interesting to see what people have to say. first i have heard about that. >> to find lauren go to finder. >> the time is 10 minutes after the hour squeezing you and your wallet. blue cross air carrier jet blue with pricey changes. >> the most dangerous gift you can give this holiday season. >> bono can't just walk on. why his central park spilill is worse than we thought. >> new national average $2.85. i'm j-a-n-e and i have copd.
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>> thank you very much for watching "fox and friends first. we appreciate it. >> jetblue speaking of a ride feeling the church. >> cutting leg room and charging for checked bags. wnyw reporter with the reaction. >> i don't like it. they are all doing it. i am not really surprised. >> jetblue customers reacting to changes coming their way. the airline announced next year it will offer three categories of fares the cheapest fair will now charge you to check a bag. within two years the airline will be adding 15 more seats to the air bus 320 planes. planes currently carry 150 images. that will increase to 165. >> i like the airline but i am disappointed with them.
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i am disappointed they didn't stick to their guns and not charge for bags. this is going to make it even uglier as people fight for over head bin space. >> pauline froemer is an expert with the froemer guide books. every airline makes money for investors. >> jetblue released the information before they went before market analysts. they are choosing their investors over customers. >> jetblue's new ceo says that even with the changes quote i am confident the customers are going to feel that jetblue is offering a better experience than any one else. >> i think people are not going to be happy with it. i know i am not going to be hap he poo with i-- happy with it. whether i change airlines because of it, i will see how much they charge you for it. >> the secret service dodging what could have been another disastrous security lapse at the white house.
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an iowa man had ammunition in and weapons in his car. it was parked one block away. he is charged with possession of an unregistered firearm. >> a student taking a page from ferris bueller. >> so far this semester he has been absent nine times. i have got it in front of me. he has missed 9 days. >> the 24-year-old brigham young university idaho student accused of hacking of computer system to change his failing great to straight a's. he used it to get 7,000 dollars in scholarships. he has been kicked out of school and charged with computer fraud. >> now it is time to brew on
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this. are they a threat or a big imagination. a student suspended after making a finger gun and making laser sounds. they say 10-year-old nicholas taylor cut the lunch line and started shooting his finger gun at two girls. they suspended him and sited him for zero tolerance. he says he has a big imagination and didn't do anything wrong. his father is considering home schooling him. >> the time is 17 minutes after the hour. a new scare in the sky that concerns me as a pilot close calls between planes and drones. how close their wings are getting. >> firiwhat forced him to back
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of an up coming gig.
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♪ >> there's some cold play. time's square to get you motivated on this beautiful thursday morning. welcome about a t-- welcome bac to "fox & friends first". danger in the sky. passenger jets scrambling to avoid drones as they go in for a p landing at new york's jfk
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airport. there have been three scary incidents. one a pilot found a grown flying above. another said a drone got within 1 foot of his wing. the faa is investigating. utah bringing back firing squads? a proposal to use the execution methods when drugs are in short supply. they failed a state's committee. utah is the only state to use a firing squad this century. riley gardener was executed by five officers in 2010. >> it is a story that remained a secret for 50 years. now the imitation game cracks the code of how we won world war ii. >> we are breaking an unbreakable nazi code to win the war. he has to be a genius. >> i am design ago machine that
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would allow us to break every message every day. >> that's into the fox light with michael tam mer ras. this is based on a true story. >> of all of the films they dealt with he has won more film festivals than any of his lifetime. >> it is the first film probably the definitive film of his life and the group of geniuses that he spearheaded that cracked the nazi enigma code and subsequent tragedy because he was different. it stars keira knightley. i asked what it was like to work with hollywood's most sought after actor and asked what kind of impression this role left on
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him. >> she told him what anybody could tell him she should never punish himself and feel bad. the world would be very dangerous and very different. >> people always ask me must be so great to talk to stars and celebrities but the true, best part of this gig is to define something you didn't know before and not heard of the story along with most people. it is a real powerful moving. get ready for the oscars. it will be in the running for sure. >> riently went to an auction that had a lot of world war ii member peel yorabili memorabilia. they talked about the code breakers and machinery. >> you can log into fox you can check out the interviews and podcasts.
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>> nice picture by the way. >> lia? >> the time is 25 minutes after the hour. too cold for christmas. how wicked winter weather could wipe out christmas trees this year. the airline fees that are totally worth it. but first they become the first to ratify the bill of rights. the u.s. population officially hits 200 million. i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan, but it doesn't hold me back. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. non-24 is a circadian rhythm disorder
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♪ (holiday mhey! is playing) i guess we're going to need a new santa ♪(the music builds to a climax.) more people are coming to audi than ever before. see why now is the best time. audi will cover your first month's payment on select models at the season of audi sales event. visit today. >> this is a fox news alert.
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what we have learned about the shooter and the victim at a college campus. >> all by himself. we are hours away from the president's prime time announcement about immigration reform. we are live with the reaction to his plan. >> the danger under the christmas tree. the holiday ties that are a hazard to children's health. >> "fox & friends first" continues right now. >> outside of the fox news studios this morning. it is 30 minutes after the hour. welcome to "fox & friends first". >> thank you so much for starting your day with us as well. happening today president obama
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going it alone on immigration expected to announce executive orders that could impact 5 million people who are in this country illegally. >> it is a stark contrast from when the president repeatedly said he couldn't side step congress. >> back to the notion that i could just suspend deportations through executive order, that's just not the case. i know some people want me to bypass congress and change the laws on my own. but that's not how our system works. >> doug zoo laider is live in washington. what can we expect today? >> this is going to be part of an all out media blitz. the president has the address from the white house today. the administration had this photograph of him getting ready for this. he will follow up with a trip to
2:31 am
las vegas to bolster the argument that the immigration laws need to change. >> what i am going to be laying out for you is the things i can do with my lawful authority as president to make the system better. >> the president will sign an executive order requiring federal agencies to stop enforcing the nation's immigration laws as they apply to some 5 million or so illegal immigrants. some say he will be over stepping his bounds and violating the constitution by refusing to pass laws passed by congress. that's a point the president himself used to argue. >> he said 22 times previously he doesn't have the power to legislate on his own on immigration. the house should pass a resolution saying what he is doing is contrary to the will of the house of representatives. that would set up a clear-cut case in the court.
2:32 am
the thing is history will treat him unkindly on this if he thinks he can become king. >> that's rand paul's take on what he thinks can be done. here is one thing that dusz bowed well for them. it shows 48 percent disapprove of the president's actions and 38 percent support it. >> thank you, doug. that brings us to our look who is talking. the power system works. >> he has reiterated over and over again. it is something he is not allowed to do. he is outside. kwef a couple -- we have a couple of lawyers. you can indict a ham sandwich if
2:33 am
you want. they are going to indicate a ham sandwich and say this is allowed. the system a is broke and has been for decades. it is one thing and one thing alone. i waited long enough. that's what they say and a banana republic. i waited long enough and the national assembly has enacted so i am going to issue a decree. that's not how it works in our system. >> looets keep talking about immigration. what did you think about the president's decision to side step congress and take executive action? head to our facebook page to join the conversation #keep talking. >> now to the fox news alert. this morning classes are canceled at florida state university this after a gunman opened fire inside a library packed with students studying for mid terms. >> there has been a shooting at the library. the stay where you are. >> you can see the students taking shelter soment even boardi -- some even boarding up
2:34 am
desks as the horrifying scene plays overnight. campus police confronted him outside of the building they ordered him to drop the gun instead he fired at them. officers shot and killed him. no word on a motive. police are expected to release new details at a press conference in about 30 minutes. >> with the grand jury decision expected tomorrow in the shooting of michael brown schools are preparing for the worst. the school district planning on closing all 23 schools in the area was the verdict. o officials say it's a way to keep the children off the streets that could erupt in chaos. police are expected to get 48-hours notice before the decision is made public. >> air force major being tested for ebola after returning from west africa with possible symptoms. officials at fort bliss say the officer got sick on the plane ride back but they believe it is more than likely food poisoning or a major bug. they did not have contact with ebola patients. one test came back negative
2:35 am
another will be done to confirm that result. a mandatory 21 day quarantine combatting the disease in sierra leone. >> bono's injuries worse than we thought. a new york city doctor saying the u2 front man had two surgeries one that lasted five hours. the singer received three plates and 18 screws in his elbow. he took quite a spill while trying to avoid hitting another cyclist. he also fractured his left eye, hand and left shoulder. doctors say he will make a full recovery. jonathan gruber called you stupid and went laughing to the bank. now one of the banks closing. >> a spokesman for vermont governor saying the state will no longer pay jonathan gruber for his work as an obamacare
2:36 am
consultant because of his insults to america. >> gruber's original contact with vermont was worth more than 400,000 dollars. he has already been paid 160,000. he spoke at a health forum on campus last year. trey gowdy says lawmakers need to act. >> when an administration holds itself out as the most trans parent ever and you confess you have to use art if you say and deception to pass your signature piece of legislation and i am press the voters through out your party sumairly a couple weeks ago and still getting public money to continue the indignities and insults shame on us if we don't do something. >> gruber wrote and starred in a 150 page comic book titled "healthcare reform what it is,
2:37 am
why it is necessary and how it works. it chronicles the journeys of four americans as they navigate the market under obamacare. even though gruber's contract has been terminated he's expected to stay on through january to complete his work. he will be unpaid. ladies, back to you. >> all right. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> america is reaching for more sub freezing temperatures and record amounts of snowfall. in lake michigan temperatures absolutely freezing. >> dozens of cars abandoned on the road because of how kedeep e snow piled up. maria molina has been tracking it all. >> it is still snowing across parts of west new york. i want to share with you this incredible drone video that shows all of the homes and how much snow really piled up across that area. there are reports up to 65 inches locally potentially some
2:38 am
higher amounts as was reported coming out of the region. take a look at this video. significant snow out there in erie county, new york. we are already seeing that snow continuing to come down. i want to take you to the radar image because it is very heavy. we are looking at potential lightning and thunder as well. up to 2 feet of additional snowfall in addition to more than 610 inches currently on the ground will be possible. by monday temperatures are going to be warmer out there. you are looking into highs in looking at flooding potential. otherwise heather and lia current windchill temperatures cold across the country. let's head over to you. >> thank you, maria. >> you just heard maria say melt and they want that. they might need your help with this digging out. with more than 4 feet of snow this 70,000 feet ralph woodson stadium is buried and they had
2:39 am
the team game on sunday. they are looking for people shoveling snow. any one interested will be paid 10 doll rars an hour and given a ticket to the game. >> bundle up. >> too cold for christmas? extreme weather causing big problems for tree farmers. the recent cold snap is causing branchs to become brittle and break. they are worried the sales could take a big hit. >> the time now is almost 20 minutes until the top of the hour. waste watch. a million of your dollars paid to epa employees on leave. the watchdog reports that you have to lear. >> there is no such thing as a free lunch. how this first grader found that out the hard way. >> they are about to get a lot more modest. the look that is giving full coverage. >> they came up one vote short
2:40 am
of building the pipeline. (indiscernible) ♪
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends first". getting paid for being on vacation it is pretty great, right? it is exactly what is happening at the epa. paying 8 employees more than a million dollars while on administrative leave. this according to a government watchdog report those employees paid not to work for songs 4 years and given automatic raises. >> they thwart the attacks. that's the decision maryland
2:44 am
churches have to make. prince george's county avoiding a rain tax as they boecome gree ministries. they control runoff on the church ground. so far 30 pastors agreed to participate in that program. >> time for your 5@5:00. holidays can be stressful especially if you are traveling. >> (indiscernible) >> to eliminate some stress here are fees worth paying. early boarding guarantees room for your carry on. next a day pass to the vip lounge helpful if your flight gets canceled. they have airline employees for personalized help. lock in prices for a few more days. the plans are iffy.
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holiday prices are on the rise. this could be a money saver. paying more for bigger and better seats can be pricey but worth it on packed flights. finally entertainment fees. didn't bring the tablet and the kids are whining a little bit delta offers a game bundle for five bucks. >> the carry on is in there. danger could be hiding under the christmas tree. a new list ranks the most dangerous places hthis holiday season. >> from fox business we have the list. good morning, ashley. >> good morning to you. this is a list put out every year by the consumer watchdog group with toys causing harm. they are repeat offenders that make the list year after year some for decades. let's take a look. the fire tech beau by zing. watch as the arrows can fly up to 145 feet. the warning on the box says not to play in complete darkness. even though the arrows are
2:46 am
designed all day. then the four-wheel cycle by radio flier. watch as children are encouraged to play outside where a car could hit the child since the toy is so low to the ground. the child on the box is not wearing a helmet. also making the list cater pencil by toy smith alphabet zoo rock and pack toy electric machine gun by toys industrial. bottle rocket party by norman. not such a good friend by jc toys group. true legends aux battle hammer and college hedge hog plush toy. sounds meek enough but not if sold at toys r' us. some are repeat offenders because existing consumer safety regulations are simply inad inadequa inadequate. be careful. >> we know what they say about hedge hogs they can be
2:47 am
dangerous. >> especially the plush toy ones. >> don't miss ashley on finder. >> getting fresh with freshmen students. >> teaching a basketball player a life lesson the hard way. >> but first what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> i just saw that guy crash. what are you doing to me. thanks for joining me. coming up on "fox & friends" overnight two people are shot on the florida state university campus. we have the breaking details and a live report. today the president will renounce his immigration order via executive order. the plan, what can we expect? we are live in washington with the latest. plus beth stern the dog lover is
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here on the couch. got a new book. not going to want to miss it. it all kicks off right here on the fox news channel. hey matt, what's up?
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welcome back. a heroic rescue in maine. good samaritans spring into action to save a drowning baby. the men came across a flipped s.u.v. submerged in water. the driver and passengers made it out but a three-month-old still trapped in the back seat. one man used his knife to cut open the car seat and bring the baby to safety. the other man resuscitating her with c.p.r. everyone is okay. a first grader in washington state says he is denied lunch even though he's on the free lunch program. the seven-year-old came home from cascade view
2:52 am
element in october with a rumbling tummy and a note saying he has a negative lunch balance. >> it was a sack lunch. it was in a bag. she was passing it to everybody. she said you can't have a lunch. >> the school is supposed to provide fruit and vegetables to any children who have a negative lunch balance. the district is investigating. comedian jay leno canceling a performance at a gun show after coming under fire from antigun groups. leno slammed on twitter for agreeing to a performance put on by the national shooting foundation based in new town, connecticut, the location of the deadly school shooting in 2012. leno saying ip understand it's new town and of course i get it. it's just sometimes mistakes get made. don't call them freshmen. illinois university is banning the word from students' vocabulary because it is offensive. officials of the private college is remalaysing it
2:53 am
with the term -- is replacing it with the term first year. >> ladies, want to get a man to help you out? the answer is pretty simple apparently. >> yes, it works. a new study out of france finds men are more likely to be helpful when a woman is hearing heels. in an experiment a woman would either ask man to participate in a survey or pick up a dropped glove. >> in both cases the higher the heels the more helpful the man. >> imagine that. >> the time is 8 minutes till the top of the hour. coming up, manny vans -- my nn vans, why the shiewrns institute says minivans are
2:54 am
the most dangerous on the lose. >> it is never fun to lose but this ping-ponger takes but this ping-ponger takes it way too far.
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it is 57 minutes after the hour. before you leave the house, here's what's happening today. we are moments away from a police press conference at florida state university. this after a gunman opened fire overnight inside a packed library. he injured three people before campus police shot and killed him. the president announcing executive action on immigration tonight.
2:58 am
his orders could impact five million people in this country illegally. a prime time address is set for 8:00 p.m. eastern. what do you think about the president sidestepping congress with executive action? head to our facebook page, #keeptalking. a warning for minivan owners. the nissan quest and dodge cara van getting the lowest ratings in an insurance industry crash test. >> time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. ever felt exposed in your hospital gown? you are not alone. check out the model g. it is similar to the wrap around re and fully covers your rear. >> next the bad. this looks like a ping-pong tournament in russia; right? well check out what happened. one of the mayors shoves the umpire out of his chair. talk about a sore loser.
2:59 am
the ugly, a university spectator doused with beer as a player grabs a ball. a child was suspended for two days after pointing a finger gun. officials say he cut a lunch line and started pointing a finger gun at two girls. so they suspended him. >> we ask you has this gone too far? barbara says insane. did those administrators he have have kids? >> anthony says derow tolerance run amok again. does anyone realize how harmful it is to our kids? we are telling them not to use their imaginations. the state disnot approve your behavior. this is so, so wrong. >> lance says if it was a threat, it needs to be
3:00 am
examined further. if it's playing around the punishment doesn't fit. >> thanks so much to everyone who responded. it's been great seeing you this morning. >> don't forget our facebook page #keeptalking. "fox & friends" starts now. >> bye. >> good morning. it is thursday, november 20. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. we begin with a fox news alert. students huddle in fear as a shooter runs loose at florida state university. >> stay where you are. if anybody has been shot call 911 on your cell phone. >> breaking news on the victims and gunmen straight ahead. >> the president about to drop a political bombshell, bypassing congress on immigration. republicans call it illegal, but the white house calls it something else. >> that is something republicans are critical of. that may be a criticism that the president wears th


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