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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 21, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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nyquil. i wasn't, i was talking about the rule of law we'll see you back here tomorrow night. the o'reilly factor." i will see you next monday night at 7:00 p.m. right here. the o'reilly factor from boston is on tonight. >> the president's powers are profoundly unconstitutional. >> profoundly unconstitutional. >> let the legal games begin. >> oklahoma is joining texas in suing president obama over his immigration order, and more lawsuits are on the way. we will have the latest. >> he had defactor amnesty and meaning no enforcement of law not just for these, but 5 or 6f million aliens. >> reporter: and some say that they will get benefits, and we will investigate that claim. did o.j. simpson strike you as an individual who could take two people's lives? >> and al michaels who was involved in the simpson case.
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he will talk about it. >> you can't believe that anyone that you know is capable of a murder, and let alone a double murder. caution! >> you rabbit are about to ente no-spin-zone lye from massachuset massachusetts. hi. i'm bill o'reilly right now, and i'm reporting from massachusetts. the president dividing the nation. and this is the talking points. as for the immigration problem, it rarely changes opinion. and many folks want the opening borders and sympathizing with the poorer people who have come for better life, and some see it as the illegal alien invasion as intrusion, and resulting of america changing dramatically in many ways. and some are dug in and mostly unpersuadable, and so some believe that the pt resident of
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the united states should be the focus of the debate. and no argument that giving the status to millions of undocumented immigrants, the president is challenging the congress. and the right before the president's speech last night, the justice department is challenged. and now, this, in the past, the president said it would be illegal for him to before his own multiple previous declarations that he lacks legal authority, and this is going to make it worse. and now, oklahoma and texas have said they will sue president obama on the grounds that he is violating the constitutional rights of those states. >> he has a legal obligation to
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en s for the laws plus immigration is assigned by the constitution to the united states congress to determine not the president. the president has no legal authority to grant legal status to people here in the united states illegally. >> so of course the obama administration disagrees with governor elect abbott, and millions of dollars will be spent to defend the president's actions in the court system, but in the end, the president may lose in the supreme court. >> the president has this power called the prosecurial judgment, and he can do it here and there, but when he does it for half of the people here illegally, it is not for nullying their
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classification, but it is nullifying the law. >> and for judge poll tau knand know, it's about numbers and an abuse of prosecutorial discretion. certainly, there was impresence pressure to do that. and the question is that he was in a rush, and the question is why? and the president wants to trap the republican party into overreacting, and reinforce his reputation as a liberal icon before he leaves office. no matter. what barack obama has done is setting off a constitutional brawl a that will be harmful to the nation that needs united leadership, and intense problem solving. that is the memo. now for the sttop story, the r
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reaction. jorge ramos, and after the president's speech last night, jorge, i heard you say that the executive order is payback, and what did you mean or the that? >> i think that honestly the president barack obama is payback to the latino community, and he did not deliver what he promised, and even though he had control over both chambers and when he saw the change in congress, he decided to act. that is what i believe. i believe that president obama was uncomfortable with the idea that he did not keep the promise, and so he delivered and knowing exactly what he wanted, but it is not something that was given, but it is something that we fought for. >> and one of the ways that you fought for it is that when you, yourself, you interviewed president obama, you challenged
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him ob that. roll the tape. >> with respect to the notion that i can suspend deportations through executive order, that is not the case. because, there are laws on the the books that congress has passed, and congress passes the laws on the books, and the executive branch is to enforce and implement the laws. >> all right. so now, jorge, the president doesn't want any -- well, he is totally contradict himself. and take that before we get into the philosophical argument, and it is obvious that he is contradicting himself, and obviously and embarrassing is it not? >> what i honestly believe happened is that he told me personally that he didn't believe that he had the legal authority to stop the deportation, and he told many other people that he was not a king or emperor, but from my point of view, he was listening to us, and listening to latino members of congress to different
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hispanic organizations, and i think that the president's position evolved and he changed the point of view, and now that he honestly believes right now that he has the legal authority to do what he did last night, so yes sh yes, he changed the position, and i think that it is --? well, it is hard to believe -- >> and that is what he did to give back to the latino commu community. >> and it is hard to evolve when you are a constitutional guy, and you see the law and say time after time, you don't have the authority, and then you evolve and change, it is embarrassing, and it is embarrassing. and now -- >> well, you can say that how you see it. >> well, i see it as embarrassing, and i think that if the polls would show that most americans are with it. >> and for the latino community, he was listening to us, and by the end, he was convinced by the promise, and he is watching more y univision than fox news. >> well, you not constitutional
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scholars. >> and you are not either, bill. >> and the fact is that -- >> well, the same thing that ronald reagan did in 1987 and geor george bush did in 1998, and it is exactly the same thing. >> no, it is not. >> and the thing a that the presidents do -- >> and you ran it, and we heard it. it is much, much greater than that. but you say "we", jorge, and this is -- >> latino community, because i'm an immigrant. >> i know, but you are an advocate and anchorman and it is interesting. >> you, too. >> and you said that you didn't get everything that you wanted, but what didn't you get? >> well, we did not get immigration reform, and this is not permanent, and only helps 4 million people, and still 7 million people who deserve better luck. this morning, bill, for the first time millions of immigrant parents told their kids, i will see you tonight, and for the
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first time in decades, it is true. what is the alternative, deport 11 million immigrants? that is impossible. >> i think that they could have passed a fairer law. >> and are you going to tell the citizens, you are a u.s. citizen, but no, your parents have to go, you can't do that. so we have to be more -- >> no, they could have passed a fairer law, jorge, but i could be wrong on that, because it is speculation, but they needed to give ate shot. >> and the republicans are blocking the immigration reform in the house. and that is the truth. they have 500 days, 500 days to do it, and they didn't do it. what makes you believe that -- >> there is a lot of evolving going on, you nknow. >> and what makes you think they will do it in the next seven months. >> well, we expect the president, because congressman gutierrez told me when he was on, that about 6 million, that are staying, they won't get
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benefit benefits, welfare or entitlements, and the president said it last night, that is left out of there, and do you, jorge ramos, do you believe that the people should get welfare payments and the benefits of the entitlement system? >> of course not. and they won't, if we are talking about the obamacare, that is clearly they are not going to be receiving the benefits, absolutely not, but what is going to happen, and it is very important for them to have a normal life in this country. they harvested what you have for lunch, and they build your house and mine and they serve when you when you go to the hotels and pick up your trash and it is critical to say, oh, no, you can be here, and at the same time 300 million americans benefit from the work. >> i think that we could have worked it out, jorge. and you know what, you and i could have worked it out, jorge. >> they want a permit to work in the kun tcountry, and that is t only thing that we want. >> and we have heard all of that a million times. and you and i could have done this, and we could have had
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this, just you and me, and get all of the pinhead politician, and the phonies and the evolvers right out of there, and a weekend, you and me, we could have gotten the stenographers in there and we could have done it. >> continue the conversation. >> and 75 million people would have been okay with it, but now it is going to be court challenge, court challenge, court challenge, divisive, divisive, divisive and bad for the country. >> i am saying that you criticize the democrats more than the republicans, and that is not fair or balanced. >> all right. i will try to be tougher on the the gop. >> and e next on the rundown as we continue from boston. the arizona sheriff says that president obama has been tough on all of the undocumented ill ae yens, and another
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tonight, the sheriff of pinellas, arizona, says he has defactor authority of amnesty for all, a nd why do you say al, sheriff? >> yes, 5 or 6 million, and yet in reality what he talked about is those who have been here for five year or more, they are now eligible for the president's legal permanent status, and what we have seen happen, and we have seen it happen before is the age of the fraudulent documents, and you will see fraudulent lease agreements for the rental properties, and the fraudulent document s th documents that the president will need to satisfy the tertiary look to satisfy the requirement for the legal status. so this is going to literally
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encompass everybody, the 11 to 20 million illegals here, because clearly they are not interested in fully enforcing the law. >> and of course, anybody who can get in will. and tell me about the fraudulent documents and how easy are they to produce, and do you see them on a regular basis? >> yes, absolutely, the number one crime in the u.s. is identity theft. and we see it time and time again as the patrol officer, and now as sheriff, we run into the fake i.d.s and documents all of the time, and we have run into the exact situations to stop illegals for the breaking the law, and whether it is for a traffic violation or some other call that we are on, and the supreme court requires us to if we have a reasonable suspicion for a person in the country illegally, we ask that question and call i.c.e., and we have had the conversations with i.
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krechlt e -- with i.c.e., and how long have they been here, and they say five years or longer and treat them as any other citizen, and so if we come here as any p person from honduras, and the response is five years or six years, even though we have been here for six months. >> well, that is lying. and so is there a way in pinal county or other places to grind these out illegally? >> yes, we have seen nit chandler to buy the documents for $50, $75 or $100, and i had a conversation earlier today with the chief ron coburn who is
8:18 pm
a deputy director of the border patrol who says that we will see the mass production of the fake documents to satisfy the requirements to get above the 6 million who the president said could stay here. >> and look, it makes perfect sense that the industry would harvest itself right away. and as far as your county is concerned, you have plenty of immigrants, both legal and illegal. >> yes. >> and is this going to change the way that your community operates? >> absolutely. we already see the impact here, and you will see it across the country, and the president what he just did is to say to the hey, millions of illegals not yet to make it here, you make it to the border, and you are home free, because we have just announced that we have arrested the cartel scouts who are providing the safe passages for the cartels to bring the drugs into the united states, and these are the guys on the mountaintops with the binocular
8:19 pm
s and the encrypted radios there for a month at a time, and 70 miles north of the border. clearly the bord ser is not secure. we see 123,000 is the last number that the border patrol put out here. if you see the numbers, this is what we call clues in law enforcement that the bord ser not secure. why doesn't the president put that as a priority, america's security, and securing the border first for once, instead of putting the priorities and the interests of people who have disrespected our laws and our process. and that is what i would request that this congress do is to offer solutions to the president and turn the tables back on him. >> all right. sheriff, we appreciate it, and thank you very much. directly ahead, dr. ben carson and what he would do about immigration if he were president. and also, what he believes will happen in missouri when the grand jury issues the decision in the michael brown case. and also, coming up, why america is such a divided nation
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these days. those reports are after these messages.
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the connected car by volvo. innovating for you. give the gift of volvo this season and we'll give you your first month's payment on us. and the take no prisoner segment is, dr. ben car sson sa he may have is a calling to run for the president of the united states, and he said it on the christian broadcasting network. he joins us from boynton beach, florida. and is that quote true, doctor? >> well, no question that the i'm getting a lot of indications that this is something that i should consider seriously. enormous crowds every place i go, and people coming up to me at the train stations, and airplane, and every place i go saying that you have to do this.
8:24 pm
so i'm listening very carefully and i have a surgical person personality, and i evaluate carefully. >> and all right. you know why they are coming up to you, don't you? >> no, tell me why. >> because you are on the "factor," and on this program. >> e o, i should have known that. >> and they go up to miller and goalberg and megyn kelly, and again, if you do that, you have to kind of get out on front, and we will talk about that, and let's say that you were the president of the united states. -- >> okay. yes, and i would say that i do fully recognize that i represent a great throat a lot of what the left represents, and that they will come after me with everything that they can, i understand that. what would i do? >> yes, let me pose the question, but i will assure you that if they come after you in an unfair way, so we will step up to help you with that.
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>> okay. good. >> and there is no doubt that in the republican house, they delayed the immigration reform, and boehner is a hard guy, and he does not seem to be a bender or come ppromiser, and what wou you do to get a fair deal going? >> well, first, recognize, millions of americans in the nation, and the appalachian and countryside and poor and desperate, and why don't we extend some help to those people, and start to look at ways to get them into a better situation to move up in our society, and that would be number one. number two, as far as the immigrants are concerned, we need to do a couple of things. with e e need to reverse the polarity of the magnet that is attracting them. so you get rid of all of the various benefits that are pulling them in here, and you have to secure the border. those are essential things to do. and if you don't do both of them, it is simply not going to work, and the other thing that
8:26 pm
we have to recognize is that there are a lot of people here illegally who are doing jobs that a lot of our people don't want to do, and we need to have them involved in a guest worker type program. that way they can pay taxes. >> all right, you sound almost h like me that we can work it out. we could work it out. >> absolutely. >> and that is what i think that president obama should have at least given them the chance before this deal. >> that is what happened with the health care, they shoved it through, a nd they did not want to talk, and it created animosity, and that is what this is going to do. >> absolutely. and president obama is going to go down as one of the most divisive presidents in the history of the country, and that is absolutely what is going to happen. all right. shift over to missouri. a report today that the attorneys for the police officer darren wilson do not believe he is going to be indicted by the
8:27 pm
grand jury. and that is leaked out to self-defense play, and they believe that there is evidence to show that the officer was under assault or whatever. if that is the case, it is speculation, and you know, it could get pretty nasty out there, and how would you calm it down? >> well, i would love to see someone talking to populous there, helping them to recognize that there are a lot of the outside agitators who are coming in to riling them out, and what are going to to be the consequences? the militarization of the police. not only in ferguson, but in other places. now what does that? what happens with that? when you riot, the police are militarized and people die. this is not going to work out. there are much better ways if you feel that an injustice has been perpetrated to get it taken care of.
8:28 pm
this is a -- we have a good legal system here sh, and you c challenge it. so, let's not -- >> they don't believe it. the agitators, and some of the african-americans say that the fix is in, because of the skin color, we won't get a fair shot, you know they are saying that. >> and they need to think about this logically. who is going to wind up being hurt? who is going to wind up being killed? just, fast forward a little bit and think about this. let's think about it in a logical way. >> we might want to point out that michael brown's father did a appeal for calm and peace and we admire mr. brown's stance for that. >> very much so. absolu absolutely. >> thank you, doc. and plenty more as "the factor" moves along. and al michaels was a friend of o.j. simpson and he will talk to us about that case. and we will find out more about why
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8:33 pm
the the thuggish nature of the nfl at this point? >> well, you hear about it ev y everyday now, and this is a different environment now with the internet, and so we are hearing about it, and we did not hear about it that much 15 years ago, and it that now thuggery, but roger goodell has sent a message to suspend adrian peterson for the balance of the year, and saying, we can't put up with this anymore. >> and he can't, because of the critical mass with the violence against women and children. and what about the climate of a violent sport like football that leads to this kind of stuff, and look, it is a very difficult tough, and sometimes violent sport. >> but the guys are faster, and biggerr and stronger, and i'm not sure that there is a connection necessarily to that and what takes place off of the field. you know, when we see it in so
8:34 pm
many segments of society, and it never gets reported, because it is not sexy, and the national football league, everything is out there, and the people who play, they have been given the privilege privileges their whole life, and then they get into the real life, and they still have a sense of entitlement like if i get teed off, i will pop you. >> it is a combination of entitlement and immaturity, because you are dealing with the kids. >> the head injuries as you pointed out, the collisions are more intense and the players are bigger, and the turf is artificial, and the players are faster, and now getting the bell rung,r and it is, you know a loft them are getting brain damage. that is a threat to football, is it not? >> no question. i'm only shocked that more people didn't really suffer serious injuries or die in the embryonic years of the national football league playing with the leather helmets and no pads, and the equipment is better, but the
8:35 pm
danger, bill, to the nfl would be the mothers and the fathers and grandmothers and grand grandfathers saying that, of kids basically saying that i don't want my kid to play football, and this is the big danger. >> and now n your book, you worked and knew o.j. simpson. >> yes. >> take me back to the first time that you heard that he may be a murder suspect, what went through your mind? >> well, if first thing that i heard is that nicole simpson had been kill and o.j. was in chicago, and i was thinking right off of the bat, oh, my god, what is he thinking. >> you knew her? >> yes, i knew her when they got marry and engaged, even. and so it is shocking that you don't think that anybody you know, and in your neighborhood, and live in brentwood that anybody you know is capable of committing murder, and double murder, and it is a crazy time. >> and simpson, himself, did he strike you as a individual who had that sense of the rage in
8:36 pm
him? >> no. i mean, i never saw it. it is not to say it wasn't there, and so everybody thought that he was the nicest guy in town. >> one of the lawyers and friends was the late robert kardashian, father to kim kardashian. >> right. >> and very shadowy figure, and i investigated this case. and he was around simpson all of the time. a he removed some of simpson's items in a suitcase from his home, and you knew kardashian, and you, and according to the book, you were speaking to him when all of this was going on. >> tell us about it. >> well, i had talked to o.j. on the cell phone a couple of times during the interim period of the murder itself and the bronco chase sunday night to friday. and i had talked to kardashian as well. that is how i knew that o.j. had left his house on wednesday when the whole world is reporting with helicopters whirring
8:37 pm
overhe overhead that he had sneaked out of the house. it is an interesting time and i'm working at abc and working sports and also trying to help out the news division. >> ted koppel. >> i said, look, i can give you certain information, but i can't -- it is not for attribution, but you will trust me. >> and you were getting it for kardashian. >> yes. >> who before he died, changed his mind and believed that simpson did it. >> i believe that simpson did it. >> and looking obviously at the classic piece of tape when the verdict is announced, and everybody saw robert kardashian's expression. i mean that spoke in spades to millions of people. >> not guilty of murder in violation of penal code of murder, a felony upon nicole brown simpson. >> and people who gave him the benefit of the doubt thought he did it, including you. >> what took it over the top was when he said, how can they think that i did it or i don't like
8:38 pm
how they are covering this, and if you are committing a double murder are you not pounding the walls saying i did not do it. >> fascinating book, al michaels! >> and so you can only wish yours would top my book, right? >> yes. very nice job, al. very nice job, al. and a i'm over the hill. my body doesn't work the way it used to. past my prime? i'm a victim of a slowing metabolism? i don't think so. great grains protein blend. protein from natural ingredients like seeds and nuts. it helps support a healthy metabolism. great grains protein blend.
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thanks for staying with us. i'll bill o'reilly reporting from boston. in the what the heck just happened e segment, we have a divided nation. and now with us the resident scholars, they are in new york city. and gutfield, here is -- >> well, i know, everybody does. >> and rasmussen and paul, is america more or less divided? more 61%, and less divided 9%, and about the same is 28%. so why are we so divided? >> well, first of all, it is healthy to be divisive and before it was fox news, you
8:43 pm
never heard the media rail against the divisiveness, because they were in lock step, so now they are talking about the divisiveness. and now, the reason why there is a lot of the divisiveness going on more than ever is because we are putting the identity before industry. we believe it is more important to be who you are than rather what you do, so that has created a lot of factions and made people angry at each other, and more interest ed in whatm i am s oppose -- interested in whatm i am as opposed to what i do. >> make sense? >> no, i blame bush. you throw in the prejudice, and the stupidity and the ignorance and the greed and of course, the social media which amplifies exponentially the dividedness, and the 24/7 news, and it is
8:44 pm
bigger than the crack in kim kardashian's crack in the mercedes-benz windshield, and also, bill, another thing, you can't have an honest disagreement anymore, because people want to suspect your motives. so if i'm for voter i.d. laws, i'm a racist. if i don't buy into the pay for women kennard, then i'm a woman hat hater, and so on. >> and mcguirk gets the props, because the social media drives that and it gives the guttersnipes the forum, and where as 10 or 15 years ago they could not defame on the levels that they defame now gutfeld, and you are one of the targets so you nknow that better than anybody. >> but on the internet, and the twitter and it is one giant bathroom wall. if you want to read it, it is on you, and you don't have to read the stuff there, but
8:45 pm
unfortunately, we like to look at the negative things more than positive things. look, part of the reason for the bifurcation is that we have been sincejkñiñ&)ññi world war ii that we nohejz ,g look at patriotism as an important thing, and instead, we are looking at identity. we used to have one identity which is being an american, but now there is a whole different tons the of identities. >> yes, hyphenated. hyphenate hyphenated. all right. gentlemen, i think that i have nq÷move this thing along, >> what are you doing in boston, bill? >> i'm up here to go to the harvard/yale game tomorrow. >> oh. >> bill game, and harvard is ÷ñ> undefeated. >> i didn't know that you were a fan of lacrosse. >> when i walk into thesh9ugr , pandemonium. >> and you just missed the tech week. >> and waters is doing something else out there, too. and tune in monday6hms$r, gue)p you, guys. i will answer some folks who are supporting president obama's illegal alien action in a
8:46 pm
jtx there. up next.
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8:49 pm
back at the book segment, defending president obama. we have selected five sound bites from folks who believe that the president did the right thing in challenging the constitution over illegal immigration. first up, an old reliable, nancy pelosi. >> i wish that the republicans would at least give the public a chance to listen to what the president is trying to do, and also, does the public know that the emancipation proclamation was an executive order? people have to understand how the presidents have made change in our country. >> nice try.
8:50 pm
here's what i would say to congresswoman pelosi. the emancipation proclamation was a wartime order, and taken for wartime gains in the civil war. abraham lincoln saw that the south was persecuting black peop people, and so he gave them the legal authority to leave their slave conditions. it had nothing to do with what president obama did last night. second defender, the president of la raza. >> for us, this is a milestone moment and for so many, it is a victory for so many millions of american families who have lived in the shadows with the burden of what that means in this country. >> but they are not american families, ma'am. look, she sincerely believes, and the woman sincerely believes that anyone who comes here to
8:51 pm
the united states they should stay here if they are law abiding while they are here, but she never acknowledges that those who have come illegal ly have broketen law in the first place so no rational discussion with la raza. up next, luis gutierrez. >> i told the president last night after dinner after making the presentation, what he would say tonight, i think it is so g courageous of you, and i'm going to go and my job now is to sign people up. again, if they're law-abiding while they're here. and the folks in illinois have re-elected congressman gutierrez a number of times. so he's looking out for his
8:52 pm
constituency, i guess. the question is, is he looking out for the country? nbc news journalist andrea mitchell also weighed in. >> i think out in the country you're going to find that there is more of a welcoming attitude towards this if people listen to what the president said. he redefined amnesty. he said amnesty is the current broken system. >> that's interesting because andrea mitchell is supposed to be a hard news reporter. but appearing on msnbc she's posed herself as a woman of the left. that said, this is not about clear thinking ideology. amnesty is not redefined our current broken immigration is not justify operating outside the law, as the president will likely find out going forward. and finally, senator dick durbin, very liberal guy, said this. >> let's make sure we go after those with a criminal record and
8:53 pm
tell them they have no place in america, go after repeat offenders and tell them they have no place in america. >> give me a break, senator. you guys had six years to crack down on criminal aliens. you did bupkis, nothing. nada. if the left had joined with the right and demanded that criminal illegal aliens, those who've been deported and come back and those who commit crimes while here illegally, if they had demanded those people be punished harshly, then the left might have some credibility on the issue. but liberal america and president obama did not demand that. so now all those words are hollow. this is about extending privilege to millions who are unwilling to obey u.s.
8:54 pm
immigration law. some were totally innocent, children taken here by their parents. but others, perhaps most, thumbed their noses at our laws. and now they're being rewarded. and that's the truth. up next, "the factor" tip of the day on thanksgiving. thank god i have a tip for you moments away.
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get from goes to charity, which is why i do these. now the mail, harry bird, georgia, bill, do we need to re-examine the founding fathers intent for serving anyone born in america automatically becomes a citizen. founders had nothing to do with it. there were no borders back then. the anchor babies law passed in 1868 as part of the 14th amendment. james, orange, texas, there are two problems with allowing so many illegal aliens legal status. first tharks will encourage more people to come here. and second, it's unfair to those who have legally waited. texas, o'reilly, you ask governor-elect abbott about the morality of allowing foreign parents of american children to stay. i believe their children should not be citizens. but they are, kim, so we have to deal with that reality. the law can be changed, however.
8:58 pm
switzerland, mr. o'reilly, i really appreciate you're asking mr. abbott the tough question and pointing out he didn't answer it. stanley hamilton, montana. bill, how come it took so long to find out all these revelations about jonathan gruber? because his statements were made mostly before private groups. a man named rich winestein did the investigative work himself as a private citizen. he's not a journalist. he broke a huge story. bill, i laughed long and hard when you and miller were talking about jamaica wednesday night. that segment makes the world easier to swallow. oregon, o'reilly, you need to get rid of miller. john, washington. did not understand the miller time segment this week but it was still amazing. here's the deal, the island to jamaica, wash with pot, dealers are all over the place. that's what we were mocking. by the way, tickets are going fast for the don't be a pinhead shows. san jose, california almost sold
8:59 pm
out. san antonio, texas is sold out. we'll also see everyone in dallas at the verizon theater in grand perry march 14th. new mexico april 11th. wesbury, long island, my turf may 2nd. info on finally fact fak tip of the day. thanksgiving next week, i am making a donation to a food bank in my neighborhood. chances are there is a food bank in your area. and if you can't give them money, donate some canned goods. it sounds trite, i know. but there are american who is really need good food. all of us should think about that as thanksgiving approaches. "the factor" tip of the day. that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website, different from also we'd like you to spout off from "the factor" from anywhere in the world o' word of the day, do not be a lemming when writing to "the factor." again, thanks for watching us tonight. i'm bill o'reilly reporting from
9:00 pm
boston. ms. megyn is next. please always remember, the spin stops here in massachusetts because we're definitely lookin. good evening and welcome to a "the kelly file" special hour on a new crisis of confidence in our government. i'm megyn kelly. over the last few weeks we have watched two stories develop that illustrate the growing divide between the american people, our elected officials and an administration that increasingly acts as though all that matters is its own desires. one story deals with immigration and an executive action the president for years said he did not have the authority to take. the other deals with obamacare which was forced on the american people by an extremely controversial rule change in the u.s. senate and


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