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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  November 22, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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debatable. and there is legislative means and defunding. and that's how fox reports this saturday. thank you for watching. keeps conversation flowing on twitter at julie bandaras. i will talk to you later. huckabee starts now. >> it has been a tough few weeks and my approval rating is so low it is down to my friends and family. (laughter) >> i can't get msnbc to say nice things about me. no one watches them. democrats will not admit to voting for me. i know they did. nsa sent me the e-mails. now i have to drink bourbon with mitch mcconnell. that is not as bad as ensure
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with hillary. chinese media torteur folks over there and gruber giechlt he's not doing favors. and the camera on his face and he didn't. but i still have you. and thanks to executive action. this is all you need. you and me will grant amnesty to 5 million immigrants. you and my pen. my only friend. and i just came in and the front dorwas open. let's do it. i have it right here.
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nyesterday. ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. (applause) welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios in new york city. this week i had lunch with a british parliament in london when i received a word of a murder of in the synagogue. islamic terrorist came in as jewish prayed. they are part of a hate of crime and godlessness. their religion is of evil. no real god would order a slaughter of innocents when they worshipped. only raw selfishness would lead
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them to do the horror all in the name of civilians even to make a point. our own american government led by the administration hating of israel obama and his secretary of state john kerry reacted and calling on both sides to show restraint. on one side is murdering savages creating carnage to people as they prayed and the other. a civil government forced to wipe the blood of innocent people from the floors of a house of worship. it is disgusting as to justify the attack on pearl harbor because we had too many ships for the likes of the japanese government. i repudiate the obama administration for having a hole where the moral compass should
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be. johnathon gruber snorts in the stupidity of the american people as he prescribes poison for medicine. it is repealed and replaced with a writ from a man who said we have no borders. we could use a president who leads. but we have one that follows the lowest common denominator of decency. he is oblivious to the seginal, he hears the voices of the nonvoters more clearer than the voters. both house of congress will be led by other than the sdishgus of harry reid and nancy feel peel. there is lawless terrorist who bomb and murder their way to
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recognition. and i urge republicans to do more than oppose and i urge them to propose the individuals and americans will be having jobs and safe. there is contempt for law that is plaguing our nation and impose an inherrance to the the law. and to all americans. and how much money they give to politicians. that will give thanksgiving something to be thankful for. (applause) on friday, president obama signed presidential orders to delay the deportation of 5 million immigrants and thumbed his nose at congress. and he traveled to las vegas at taxpayer expense to rally their actions. and until that day comes there are actions that i have the
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legal authority to take and that will help make our immigration system more fair and more just and this morning a took the action. and it is what i was unauthorized to do. greg abbot plans on challenging the action in court. he won 53 percent of the male hispanic vote. and the lieutenant governor elect joins us now. >> hi, governor. your election surprised a lot of people. and even a president bush. and he was a standand support. it is a strong border and
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enforcement of law. explain how you got that vote. we treat people of people and not as groups as the people do. they are concerned about choice. that is an election. and it proves that. it is 45 or 46 percent of the vote and both parties in washington misgauged the views on the border of the hispanic community. they want law and order imposed as well. >> walk me through what the reforms art to look like. it is acceptable to all americans. >> first of all, you can't have reforms until you secure the
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border. and that is statistics and white house apparently wants to ignore. last year, on average we apprehended more people coming across the border in texas each week. for every child born in texas 4 or 5 are coming here illegally and that puts the number at a million and a half. the idea we only have 11 million illegal people is foolish. it is more than that. and people who are coming here for a job, they need to come here legally and we need to have legal reform in washington. our concern is terrorist and criminals. we arrested over 43000 criminals and charged them with crimes and in just a four year period.
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we apprehended hundreds of people from syria and pakistan and somalia. and this is an issue of national security and what has to happen is what the president is doing and an all out effort to secure the border. and we have seen them to go to 2000 a week. and multiply or force and once we arrest that issue. and quickly explain to me the lawsuit that governor greg abbot proposed to stop the government action. how would that work? we believe that the president is violating the constitution. it would stop the programs in
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place. people here are viewed here illegally without any legal status. and if you bring home the results of the girl. and i won the hispanic male vote unheard of in texas. and the total hispanic vote. and they agree with us. and secower the border and one other note that i talked about in my campaign. we should not have a de facto campaign where you have to die to come to america nothing that the president said will stop them from coming illegally. they will come here and do i in our deserts. we pick up hundreds of bodies of people dropped here by the drug cartel and they do i. every year. no christian nation should have
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a de facto nation that to come here you have to die to get here nothing that the president did will help the program. it will only make it worse. >> coming up. more on the president's executive action on immigration and does congress have incentives to act and how does the latino community feel about it? i will ask the latino leaders next. stay tuned. the am. new aleve pm the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour strength of aleve. you think it smells fine, but your passengers smell this... eliminate odors you've gone noseblind to for up to 30 days with the febreze car vent clip. female passenger: wow. smells good in here. vo: so you and your passengers can breathe happy.
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do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any allergic reactions like rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a free 30-tablet trial. >> on friday, house speaker john boehner said by taking executive action on immigration, president obama is refusing to listen to the the american people and the president can't be trusted. >> it will only encourage more people to come here illegally and putting their lives at risk. we saw the humanitarian crisis
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on our board last summer and how horrific it was. that summer it could be worse and this action punishes those who obeyed the law and have waited their turn. >> joining me is the executive director of the lib racommission. >> and let me start with you. you think that president obama's immigration plan is not fair or the way it should be? >> it is fair and i like the release it gives to the immigrants that had been here for sometime and law-abiding and my only concern and disquiet that i have it is partial in its scope. and it is vulnerable to being re67eded. it is exposed.
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and it is a start. this is done by the intent. it is not what he did but how he did. and aratureio. pros and cons of what the president has done. and it is an important victory for latinos. and that held them accountable on the task. that should be tried straight up. and it provides protection to 4 million undocumented immigrants. it leaves out 7 million and will continue the problem of deportation and this pushes the issue straight up on the laps of the congress which is now under the control of the republicans. and so my gosh.
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all of us had answers. and they have been a lawful process. and does this create now a sense and under the deadline. and what they are. it is some sign of that. and that is benefitting from the program itself. and it is given out to latin america. you are going to see a rush. it is important we supercede executive action and whether it is piecemeal or compre-season hencive. and something what they have
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done. leadership is dried solution. and they will improve the economy. how will it be if the president took the action. it is working with congress. they gave out a promise. the only way to go forward if the republicans take the legislation. i am optimistic. >> what would it look like? providing a solution and the folks that are here and they suggested a background check. and they are open to dressing the border issue. and that is a balanced approach.
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it is those who committed crimes and those who are arrested and ought to be? >> we passed along the 1920s. and that is millions of americans who violated the law. it is drunk drivers. and i think. marriage is the opportunity to become citizens and residents like other folks and prove themselves to a program and a worker visa program and a path to citizenship. the status quo doesn't allow us to do that. and that is dreamers. and border security and where we agree.
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it is a lot of fun to watch this. and daniel, both of you, thank you so much. >> and reacting to the terrorist attack in a jerusalem synagogue president obama said most israelis and palestinians want peace. is that why horrdesof palestinians took to the streets and passed out candy. we'll talk about it next. stay with us.
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we're for an opens you internet for all.sing. we're for creating more innovation and competition. we're for net neutrality protection. now, here's some news you may find even more surprising. we're comcast. the only isp legally bound by full net neutrality rules. >> radical islamic terrorism struck in jerusalem where two palestinian thugs stormed a synagogue brutally killing
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fourrabbis. and the attackers were killed by the police. president obama condemns the attack but didn't stop there. >> this is not the first loss of life that we have seen in recent months. too many israelis have died and too many palestinians have died and at this difficult time it is important for palestinians and israelis to work together to lower tensions and reject violence. >> joining me now is a fellow in the middle east forsxum the author of the new anti- semitism. when i hear the president make the statements in light of the attacks, he continues to want to bring moral equivocation to the palestinian side even after the brutal murder of innocents in the synagogue. >> the war of the 21st century is between barbarrism and
5:25 pm
civiliam. we have pene pone enlightenment and judio christian that he tossed under the bus. he is siding with the jihaddist. and about to make a deal with iran. not only are they not america's friend but serious intentions of exterminating jews in israel. >> president a bas condemned the attack and in the next sentence he blamed israel for provoking the attack. it is like saying a victim of rape is really, it is her fault. >> it is exactly. and how do we need to respond? and what can americans do in saying it is not like that? >> we have to understand that war is declared against us and it is an is slammic
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fundmentalist war and take the people back to the 7th century. it is a religious war. we can't do anything until we acknowledge this. there is a perfect storm of fundmental islamist and like the 9/11 suicide planes. and if we don't understand we are opening the doors to the barbarrians suicidally and israel is taking it on the chin and the symbol in that region for western civilization, i think obama has done everything wrong and failed to inform the american people that you don't make deals with the muslim brotherhood. in fact the united arab emirates declared ca rr. but that is in the white house. he consults with them.
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>> the iranian situation is a real concern. we have had no reason to trust them since 1979 and the rise of the a yatolla h and shown nothing but contempt for america. why would we be engaging with them in any relationship believing that they will behave when it comes to nuclear? >> it is it a false belief that you can reason with the devil. it is a wrong headed desire to negotiate with isis. with boca ha ran or iran and iran. they have a similar ideology. and muslim violence is hot. and what i am afraid of isis and want to bes are getting us used to blood in the streets and meat
5:28 pm
cleavers and a xes and it must be denounced and stopped. >> we always enjoy your perspective and clarity. >> my pleasure, governor. >> i am still going to be hosting a trip to israel in february. and terrorist attacks frightened many americans. israel is one of the safest places to visit. if it wasn't, i wouldn't be going. go to 50 years since the passing of the civil right's act are relations in america better or worse in we'll talk about it when we return. want to know how hard it can be... breathe with copd? it can feel like this. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled... ...copd maintenance treatment... ...that helps open my airways for a full 24 hours.
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health can change in a minute. so cvs health is changing healthcare. making it more accessible and affordable, with over 900 locations for walk-in medical care. and more on the way. minuteclinic. another innovation from cvs health. because health is everything. >> hello eeveryone. i am julie bandaras. new developments in the new internal revenue service
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scandal. they have found up to 30000 missing e-mails belonging to lois lerner and many are said to be lost forever. and it was a because of a computer crash. learner has been accused to targeting the nonconservative groups. resident in buffalo need to prepare for flooding conditions. rain and warmer temperatures are threatening to melt all of that what i've stuff. a flood watch takes effect tomorrow. more driving bans are lifted and more roads and exit ramps are reopened. and i am julie bandaras. back to huckabee now on fox. this weekend, christian leaders are gathered in st. louis for the urban world summit.
5:33 pm
and bishop harry is a guest speaker and the summit is run by bishop green founder and senior passenger. and bishop green and jackson. that is great thank you. dow think that race relations in america are better or worse or just about the same? >> i think the latter. it is the same in the sense that there is limited growth and development. we are dealing with the fundmental root problems here. >> mr. jackson there is genuine concern. and the let me be quick to say that it hasn't always been african-american and people of color are treated the same way in the criminal justice system.
5:34 pm
and is there progress made and if not, why not. >> and there is progress made and governor mike huckabee it is important for us to understand that st. louis today can be a model for the future. and progress is thwarted in some communities by a lack of education and poverty and training and those kinds of things. and also we have problems that we have ignored. i believe in a three step solution is how we work it. number one, we have to believe that we are in a post, not in a post racial eran and racism is a problem and the church is bred if it is across racial lines and that is dilog third. and 5 or 10 years. and that is the problem of race.
5:35 pm
and that is a bridge building group. and we model with living from fairness and live nothing equality is all b. and jim crow. and the difference system stark and remarkable. and we acknowledge there are extraordinary strides. and we are dealing with the cultural world. >> and generation after generation, we reap the benefits of a lot of hard work and death, governor, my point is simply that we are really still dealing with some very fundmental issues that continue to cause the problems that we so. and i think that the limitation in the term that i use, we have
5:36 pm
to be willing to go back and deal with subcultural ignorances and so that we are not overgeneralizing and giving ourselves too much credit here. it is much easier for me as a black man in america, but there are other individuals who are also struggling with certain laws, adjudications and so forth, that are symptomatic of racist tendencies. >> i appreciate both of you and your spiritual leadership. until we change the country spiritually and morally, we'll not see things improve. i am convinced that is the heart of our problem. i think what you are doing in the conference to bring people together in a spiritual way is where we need to go.
5:37 pm
i thank you both for what you are doing here. >> thank you. >> it is a dream. >> and your teenager who spends too much time on your smart phone may come across the gambling website and he gets your credit card number and before you know it, you are in financial ruin. we'll talk about the dangers of internet gambling and her campaign to stop it. you don't want to miss. this guess what: your insurance company will only give you 37-thousand to replace it. "depreciation" they claim. "how can my car depreciate before it's first oil change?" you ask. maybe the better question is, why do you have that insurance company? with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> on line gambling websites are preyes,ing on a smart kid and reigning them in with cool graphics. and they get sucked in. and their parents credit cards are all maxed out and they are in debt. and blanch lincoln is the
5:42 pm
national co-chair to stop internet gambling. it is good to it have you back. >> and we talk politics and this is frankly the most important topic that i don't hear people talking about. it is internet gaming with kids. it is bad for our kids and family and economy. it is the maginal life and kids that don't know what they are doing. kids are playing games forever. and it is working hard to follow the guidelines. and they are used doing this. and all of the sudden, it is a credit card. and the kids, and single mom. and he stole two of their credit cards. on a credit card, that is detrying our families.
5:43 pm
if i had to spend $20,000 on my credit card they wouldn't have found enough pieces of me. is there any way to police this is start this and give them control. and it is because of the internet and the fbi and told you it is a problem for organized crime. and they can't police it. and the fact that we made it legal. and they can shut it down. and they can't police it. >> obviously, the kid can't walk in and sit in a casinno and play the slots or play black jack. but there is nothing to prohibit a kid from saying i am 18 or 21.
5:44 pm
>> you are right. the geo location. and it is no way to tell if they are at new jersey or new york or pennsylvania. it is a new jersey sight. you are right. they can't do that. and when you look at gaming as we see it traditionally it is built around entertainment. we have most regulated of all and obviously the brick and mortar. and they have psychiatrist there as well. and they are getting over their head. and they have a ability and point it in the right place. and it is not to mention the jobs and shopping and shows and all of the other things that are
5:45 pm
combined. and somebody commits fraud on the credit card we are told we are limited up to something applicable. and that is right. and that is a danger for our family and nation and economy. tell me what the coalition will want to do. and that is to go cross the bad guys. and there is multiple families. and this is for the families and economy. and that is house and senate. and basically say we did take a time out.
5:46 pm
and go back to what the law said. and the bill is restore. and that is not where it did. and we hope we get more information. and anybody who supports the congress. 22 only one of them lost the election. and that's the issue family and voters are all about. and it is a quick, quick order. and it is right before christmas. and it is where we start again and make sure we are doing things right. >> senator great to join us. happy thanksgiving.
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it lets you switch seamlessly from your desk phone to your mobile with no interruptions. i've never felt so alive. get the future of phone and the phones are free. comcast business. built for business. in their first appearance on this show, they were an up-and-coming christian rock band, trying to promote their debut album called "crave." since then, they've won awards for new artists of the year and their song was featured in "the bible." they're now back with a new song called "live free, love wild, live strong." will you please welcome back brothers joel and look and for king and country. great to have you guys here today. this is the third time you've been here. we're hoping you get it right
5:51 pm
this teem. >> we'll try. >> this is pretty much it, you know? this is your shot. look, when you guys first came on, it was just at the beginning of for king and country. it's been an explosive career for you guys. you've been all over the country this year, doing sold-out shows. you've got to feel somewhat of an extraordinary sense of just joy in all this. >> absolutely. i mean, this is what you hope for, as musicians, you know? you set out, and you know well, being a musician yourself. you hope people resonate with your music. but i think the beautiful thing what we've been able to be a part of as a group is music with a purpose. i mean, even on this tour, we've had countless folks come up to us, i'm reminded even last night of a young lady that came through the line, who was about 9 years old, and has breast cancer. and just in tears saying, your music has spurred me on and encourag encouraged me in life. and that's why we do what we do. >> what great attitude you have.
5:52 pm
the great music you put together. we're so thrilled to have you back. we hope it's not the last time. we're going to do a cut from your brand-new album and this one is called "fix my eyes." for king and country, everybody. ♪ ♪ i'd love like i'm not scared ♪ give when it's not fair
5:53 pm
♪ live life for another ♪ take time for a brother ♪ fight for the weak ones ♪ speak out for freedom ♪ find faith in the battle ♪ stand tall but above it all ♪ fix my eyes on you ♪ on you ♪ i learned the lines and talked the talk ♪ ♪ everybody knows that, everybody knows that ♪ ♪ cause the road less traveled was hard to walk ♪ ♪ everybody knows that ♪ everybody knows ♪ it takes a soldier ♪ who knows his orders ♪ to walk the walk i'm supposed to walk ♪ ♪ love like i'm not scared ♪ give when it's not fair
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♪ live life for another ♪ take time for a brother ♪ fight for the weak ones ♪ speak out for freedom ♪ find faith in the battle ♪ stand tall but above it all ♪ fix my eyes on you ♪ on you ♪ love like i'm not scared ♪ give when it's not fair ♪ live life for another ♪ set my sights on forever ♪ i'm fixing my eyes on you ♪ on you ♪ love like i'm not scared ♪ give when it's not fair ♪ live life for another ♪ take time for a brother ♪ fight for the weak ones ♪ speak out for freedom ♪ find faith in the battle
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♪ stand tall but above it all ♪ fix my eyes ♪ my eyes ♪ on you ♪ my eyes ♪ on you [ cheers and applause ] >> for king and country, brand-new album. by the way, all the members of our studio audience are going to go home with a copy of it, thanks to for king and country. so that will make them all happy. you'll have to get yours by ordering it on itunes or downloading it from amazon or your favorite music store. i'll be back with some closing thoughts right after this. she's still the one for you. and cialis for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment is right. cialis is also the only daily ed tablet approved to treat symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently. tell your doctor about all your
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if you would like information for booking reggie for an appearance, you can go to . also, many of you have been asking me about justina pelletier, the 16-year-old girl who was returned to her family this summer after a two-year custody fight with the commonwealth of massachusetts. i received an update from justina's family. it's this. that justina has been at new haven children's hospital since the end of september. she's been dealing with pain and gi problems ever since boston children's hospital and massachusetts department of child services had neglected her care and doubted her medical conditions. her family asked to please pray for her and hope that she will feel better and we all hope she'll be home for christmas this year. now, if you would like to follow the update on justina and show your support, and i hope you will, you can join her on a miracle for justina on facebook. well, don't forget to set your drv every saturday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern, because we don't
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want you to miss a minute of the show. but for tonight, that's it. this is mike huckabee from new york. good night and god bless. and stay tuned for justice with judge janine. hello and welcome to "justi "justice." i'm judge janine. >> the problem is, i'm the president of the united states, i'm not the emperor of the united states. my judge is to execute laws that are passed. and congress, right now, has not changed what i consider to be a broken immigration system. with respect to the notion that i can just suspend deportations through executive order, that's just not the case, because there are laws on the books that


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