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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 24, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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a small number of demonstrators. >> we've got to take a quick break here. we'll go back to mike tobin with shepard smith standing by next. >> live coverage continues with the same look at our own mike tobin. mike? to you. we work to establish communications with mike, we'll continue to watch this large group of police described coming toward him. we're working to reestablish communication was our correspondent steve harrigan outside there when something happened to the camera. we believe that the cable is
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disconnected. we're working to establish communications with them. mike tobin with us again. mike? tell what yous you're seeing. >> what we're seeing now is a large concentration of the off the yefrss with riot gear at the ready. some with lighter gear. some of them with big heavy tactical gier. and looks like they're taking cover behind a bear cat vehicle here. on the other side of the vehicle what you can see a small left over concentration of vehicles here. they've got loud speakers, megaphones, likes like they're trying to taunt police officers they stand back and inflammatory things. police officers generally ignore them. as far as this road, what is
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left now, a small number here at the moment. >> steve, for our viewers, our camera is fine. i'm told our photographer is fine and steve is fine. as far as what we saw, a large concentration of people blocking off traffic. they stood on vehicles and turned up the radio to listen to announcement of the grand jury return. and they largely stopped listening. running around the crowd whipped into a frenzy. they went south on florreson. we saw trash cans go through windows in that direction.
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the smell, i know people are saying it wasn't tear gas cleared off the streets we heard gunfire. that pop, pop, pop progressed. and this line of police advancing and disturbing the crowd. we have seen looting taking place at one of the beauty warehouses. the window is broken out. we saw people coming out seeing a beauty supplies people from the crowd formed a human change, if you will in front of that warehouse and stopped looting in that particular store. and now, the crowd went to a small crowd. stay with us. we're working to get back in
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touch with that market. i want to give you context of what's happening around the country. this next picture is los angeles. you can see the same sort of demonstrations hands in the air, same demonstrations that we're getting from ferguson in august and since then, this is a large intersection, i believe this is figueroa. you can see transit bugses are stopped. this is times square, in new york city. this is the risers where you stand. just around another side you get discount tickets in the heart of times square. this troud kroud has been building. nypd, fire department are out. police are out with motorcycles as well, and large groups of cops with guns. these protestors have premade signs suggested to us that this was planned and we're told in
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advance that the fbi, los angeles, new york, and washington atlanta, san francisco. police out, this has been largely quiet. there is a display of open confrontation. police are staying away from the crowds in los angeles. it appears now that we have seen a few police cars in the area here. in los angeles it's past 8:00 in the evening and clouds are building the fire burning is in ferguson. no violence anywhere else tell us what's happening where you are.
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>> looks like police officers are repositioning themselves. and largely this street has been cleared out. after a quick flare of activity, and definitely was looting. now, we're seeing some of the nonlethal weaponry. but the crowd largely dispercented. we've got a fire burning down there. i can get on foot now and start walking into that direction. i want to look at what's happening down there. here is what is left of the crowd. stand off with police officers. there is a -- tack di-cal officers in their gear we've got, i don't know if you
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can get the shot yet. appears to be a sizeable fire down there. into that direction we did see some weaponry fired is starting a smaller fire in brush. doesn't seem like something as big as what we're looking at down the road here, shep. two police cars but there, you can see big fires burning. and crowds gathered around it. crowds gathered, fires are burning and looting has been reported we've seen a market looted. a liquor looted. windows blown out with baseball bats in mcdonalds now, the fire is about which you
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speak are coming into the screen. >> yes. i can see one vehicle burning i think it's going to be two cars that are burning. that we did not see started by the police deployed here. a small line of police in front of the burning vehicles. you can see it standing there. and not going to let us pass this point because yeef got two fires burning in front of a -- what looks like a store. authorities on motorcycles have come around. this is not an enormous crowd.
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same sort of demonstrations we saw there. and the police officers appeared to be trying to keep cars out of the way. rather than trying to arrest them. and they have just let it go. go on. >> well, what we're seeing now is that police are backing up from their position and they're advantage as police are backing up. they're backing up. and continues with this cat and mouse game. now they have chosen to back up. and demonstrators are walking
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with them. numbers are smaller but you do have people here that are vocal. >> they work to reestablish. that let's get to steve harrigan. none of the crew injured in any way? >> no two i've yoenz working to show you a beauty supply shop two fire engines in action. firemen as we speak are knocking down the door. left a real smoky scene has passed a scene of main protests in
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august when it was 80 degrees. and seems like this fire thinned out. small businesses have been looted. a cell phone store, a liquor store, mcdonalds and a beauty supply shop you can see rough iphone pictures, now going up in flames. >> did someone hit it? >> not hurting him i think they're angry we're filming the looting. >> i know we have video of the looting. if control room can get that
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cueked up, i'd like to see it. it felt like just a crime of opportunity. >> yes. there are groups that have been here. the serious protestors. and people in it just for a joyride that can get what they can. this store just disappeared from our view. there did seem to be a lot of joy and excitement. people smashing a window and a second crew racing in. a lot of them scared. some boarding up windows.
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>> steve, keep us updated. far right, we've been seeing them still. next camera, that is los angeles. they have drums in the street and the crowds growing and police and fire department are still opened. you can see smoke from fires of the buildings that are burning a grand jury decides not to indict. the fact that those particular men and women decided there was not a true bill here. and those decided in advance to cause rioting and demonstrations are working their magic tonight
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heart attack, stroke or dementia. ask your doctor about premarin vaginal cream. continuing coverage of the after mooj of the decision in ferguson, missouri not to indict the police officer who shot and killed the black teenager. joining us now is the black teenager's cousin, ty pruitt is live from los angeles. good evening, thanks for joining us >> good evening, shep i'm sorry for your family's loss i wonder if you can give us a sense from the family tonight of thoughts on what this means. >> motionally disgust. >> with what you're seeing on the streets? could you elaborate? >> with what seeing on the streets, disgust with what the
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grand jury decision. >> mr. pruitt the prosecutor tonight explained there were a number of witnesses who said that your cousin had charged at the police officer. is that something that you, as a family don't believe? do you not believe the reports? could you help me understand why you're disgusted with the grand jury process? >> here is the thing i understand, shepard. i've been very vocal about this not being a black and white thing. and just the mere fact that news media introduces him as the young black teenager, dehumanizes him. i think that is why this case went the way it did. nobody is looking at -- any time the first words are that young black teenager and the white cop, it's going to be dehumanize
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both of them. it's going to divide our society to take sides. so that being said, when you look at this grand jury decision the way he did it, it was pretty much based off of this officer, darren wilson doing what he's supposed to do. following procedures. right? so when you say darren wilson followed procedures he went into this situation with when he got a call about a strong arm robbery, two suspects, and they say he'd done the right thing. but i just watched the video made of this year, 2014, where a police department got a call that a 44-year-old man was just strolling in the middle of the street with an assault rifle and this policeman not only came to the scene, but he talked to guy
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for ten minutes, and managed to disarm him. . >> i understand your concern. >> who is doing the right thing? >> is that that is a separate case i'd like to stick this this case. this is the one at hand now. is it the family's belief the decision was unjust? if so, why? >> that is what i'm saying shepard. in order to look at this case, you have to look at other police cases if you're saying that officer darren wilson followed procedures have you to look at police procedure. >> i don't mean to interrupt you. i need to know what the family's position is on the decision that was rendered by the grand jury outside ferguson. did the family believe that was a just decision or unjust decision and why? >> it was an unjust decision. >> why? >> nobody is talking about the -- why did this policeman
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assume that he could take down two strong armed robbery suspects? by himself? >> the grand jury indicated just forgive me. the grand jury indicated that the officer was charged at, that the suspect in that case, that is how he knew him at this time was moving toward him, reached for his gun, and the officer fired and did so justly. that was the ruling. >> but how did that confrontation begin? he pulled up on him. he obviously pulled close enough for my cousin to touch the car, then ensued a fight inside of the car. when he got out of the car my cousin was what? 35 feet away from him. so, my question is, is at what point in time does it click in your head as a police officer to
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open up fire in a neighborhood with kids and other residents? >> according to word to the prosecutor the decision was made as a suspect charged toward him. and police officers must protect themselves while they protect the community. i'm not saying, i was not there and have no idea what happened. i can report that what the prosecutor said and what the grand jury ruled was that the suspect in this case charged toward the police officer and in self-defense, the police officer shot. >> in self-defense. it just makes no sense to me, shepard that you fear for your life and you have, i mean, you have a gun. this guy has no gun. >> this guy -- if you're allowing him to get that gun? that is why the prosecutor -- >> but that was in the car,
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shepard, inside of the car. >> i'm not arguing positions i'm explaining the decision. >> me neither, shepard. you're asking me about this grand jury decision i'm telling you. the fight was inside of the car. a shot or maybe they said two shots wents off inside of the car. so then, he ran. he was already shot once. so, you're telling me that you know, now, if you had killed him while you're fighting him inside of the car, i won't have much of an argument. but you gave pursuit and you were firing the whole time. and including when he turned around, you continued to fire. so you put other people -- i'm telling you caused the danger you say you were in. >> you're saying the police officer caused his own danger? >> absolutely, he did.
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he did. he did not act with a level head that is what we're not getting to. he fired because he was angry. i don't know if he was racist. i'm not saying he was racist. there is no doubt in my mind this guy fired in anger. >> ty pruitt is the cousin of the young man who lost his life and at the center of all of this, michael brown's family. a world of hurt. now, this happening around. the president tonight urged for calm. >> absolutely. this is ridiculous. these people are nothing but opportunists. i encourage the police officers to protect the businesses. >> they're trying to do that. >> ty pruitt thank you for your
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time. >> thank you. >> live pictures now. not ferguson, but st. louis. sky fox over the scene here. this is an 18 wheeler, there are hundreds of people by our count, a line of police officers as well, traffic is stopped. you can see here tonight, it's night time. not putting a light on things but there are cars in the middle of this. we don't have reports of looting or violence or anything like that in st. louis. but there are demonstrations there. this is los angeles here. this is philadelphia now. philadelphia, pennsylvania. similar signs and signs are up and these have been preprinted in cases we're told. and if led to believe there was an organized effort to get tease going so many people wondered why in the world would you read this at night? why in the world would you, at 11:00 or 12:00 this morning find
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out that there was a decision, hold off for hours, then, the governor to the cameras and urge calm, tell them we have tree n yauj stations -- triage stations why would you announce this and deal with situations on the ground? that is not what they did. we've looked at st. louis, philadelphia, los angeles, and now, we're looking at new york city. i'm told numbers estimated in the thousands and there is a large march toward 7th avenue. this is 7th avenue, southbound we're on 6th avenue. so here this is the next avenue over. and large crowds. i don't have permission to show you pictures yet but the police commissioner, bratton was in this area. there are pictures of him with blood on his face. protestors have thrown fake
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blood as some anarchists are known to do. you can see the line of taxi cabs southbound. this is 47th street. this is a block away from us crowds are growing by the minute. we're told thousands marching down 7th. fox wnyw, stacy, are you on 7th avenue south? what are you seeing here? >> yes. shep. we're 146th street across from where crowds have been gathered for the last hour, crowds are moving towards 7th avenue. a half hour ago it was a peaceful scene up here, protestors holding signs and chanting but then, at this point, the police commissioner showed up in the crowd to meet with the demonstrators at this point, i'm told someone in the crowd threw a kind of bag
8:28 pm
with fake blood at the commissioner. it splattered on him and all over another officer. and at that point, things began to get unruly. we saw one person led away and put in the back of an nypd van. the officer got a lot of fake blood on him was taken to the hospital. they don't know what the substance was and whether he may have actually been injured by the impact of whatever that bag was crowds on the move again. this is a group that originated at union square. a few hundred people gathered to see the verdict come down. and they went here to times square. and now, heading south again. >> for around the world, union square is around 5th avenue in the high teens and 20. union square right at 14th
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street. 15th street, 16th street. they've marched many blocks this is 47th street. she mentioned commissioner bratton, police commissioner here in new york city. this is commissioner bratton here, you'll be able to see the blood, fake blood, which is on his face. and these crowds carrying the preprinted signs have been known to do such things we've been talking and have new pictures coming in to us from ferguson, missouri. seconds ago we're watching the burning hull of cars now, it appears, these are live pictures now coming in to us. here is a thing important to remember about camera work in this way. sometimes, cameras can illuminate, sometimes, they can distort. steve, how wide spread is this? what are we seeing?
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>> we've got 100 troops with fear gas masks on. looks like their job is to protect the firefighters. three separate bigses have been set on fire. and riot police seem to be their main job, keeping demonstrators away from firefighters so they can do their jobs smoke pouring out, three buildings up in flames looting and now burning going on. >> is it your sense these are locals? or outsiders >>? >> it's 35 degrees out there, unlike in august now, police are trying to clear the road. something that has got to be
8:31 pm
puzzling. a lot of businesses hit hard. now, some of those businesses are going up in flames >> we've been listening as we're watching protestors gather. i wonder what is the sense about the level of afrng yitsy there? i see flames rising frm feels like this is building not going down. >> yes. i think anxiety is huge. with good reason. we heard eight shots fired about a half hour ago. it's dark. people don't know where it's coming from. and firefighters trying to do their work at night in the cold people throwing things angry people, swearing worries are coming true here tonight. we can see smoke continuing to billow out from what was once a beauty supply store. >> now, we're getting reports that there are crowds building
8:32 pm
in front of the house as well. this is a place people were hoping that the locals would avoid their own neighborhoods and let their businesses stand. it appears that that hope has not been heeded. >> no. that is not happening the governor down here this afternoon. talking with local business people saying they're a pillar of the community and you hear a bang, a smash people in the area flood through the window. people carrying bottles, what they can grab and on the run here.
8:33 pm
these buildings just going up here. about eight shots. >> we're looking at this screen here. earlier we're watching and police were trying to keep everybody down. now, it appears they're just holding groun. doesn't look like there is much anyone can do. >> holding ground. also allowing firefighters to do they're work. you can hear a buzz saw cut through part of the wall. >> i want to show video from earlier.
8:34 pm
this is earlier here. steve is now standing by. listen. yeah. i'm with you. >> that is the voice of mike tobin. they were able to come down and clear out the demonstrators. now, it appears that is beyond their control. >> it has been earlier. now it would be building and we're seeing a slow march forward from the police. something we saw last august it's a slow step to try to clear the area. that building was a cell phone store. just three quick pats. a window smashed seemed like people ran in to grab what they could. a different kind of protestor as well.
8:35 pm
trying to explain shots fired. about 8, 9 shots. multiple shots fired, back, now! all the way back. >> it's night time. we don't know who is firing at whochlt just pulling back out of range. >> i've heard you. >> go ahead. >> all the way back. gus, back. >> gus is his photographer. >> get near the building. >> sounds like pistol fire. police here in the returning fire from this line. we're just going to get behind the corner of a building and watch. police now starting to back up. >> police are? >> four shots fired.
8:36 pm
we've got four buildings on fire. shots fired in the direction of police. this is not going well. >> from pictures it doesn't appear they know where shots are coming from. >> no. there is at least two handguns involved thchl is the third time we've heard shots. this more than in the past. now we've got eights probably looking for the source of that. firefighters and now, helicopters looking for the source. >> they've lit up the sky. they're doing that i guess with the flood lights. >> that is right.
8:37 pm
about an hour ago filled with angry protestors and cars and looting started then, fire started and then, shots started. >> so there is someone shooting somewhere, steve. do we know where the protestors went? >> no and we saw protestors out in august but it's in mid-30s now you have to wonder after looting is done and fires are started now shots have started. that is certainly can thin out a crowd. >> we're seeing a lot of shots over about 800 shots. >> police are returning fire.
8:38 pm
>> there is fire coming from two directions. another helicopter overhead we're going to just walk back. >> you know, do that. we got word in advance they're concerned that we're given that word in advance. >> yes. there are whites and blacks out for what they perceive as social injustice. there are looters and crazies on the fringe trying to use this to incite violence. and that could with what is
8:39 pm
going on. in 20 minutes perhaps 60 gunshots. law enforcement continues to look for the source of the shots. that thinned out. looks like fire force had their hands full. ferguson hook and ladder has too much to deal with. and getting around is dangerous. when shots are being fired that makes the job of a firefighter more complex. they're working on two buildings in front of me. >> and bitterly cold. iet was 38 last time i checked. >> just trying to get a sense of
8:40 pm
where you think this is going. >> i don't know. i didn't think they'd be out. it's cold. we're seeing looting again which we didn't see in august now seeing more shots fired. so with three months to prepare it doesn't seem lessons have been learned. it seems to be more violent we're seeing firefighters and shots. >> and another bit of difference in st. louis. is st. louis proper now police maintaining a bit of difference in st. louis.
8:41 pm
these are pictures in philadelphia. we can see protestors coming off main streets, people on bicycles cops around this area as well, in new york city they've moved thousands around 7th avenue. so if idea is to get traction to some civic reason, whatever you decide your cause is, it seems they're out. >> is that a growing fire? what are you seeing there? >> it is. it spread to the second story it's growing there is no firefighters inside of that. they're too busy here trying to douse a beauty-store fire
8:42 pm
so three trucks in action here. and in between the fire protecting firefighters. sfargs number of protestors they're gone. they've vanished here. hundreds of cars, several thousand protestors are just gone. >> but you mentioned a number of shots. did you say 90? >> i would say 60, 70 shots fire, multiple rounds from small arms within a quarter mile of where i'm standing and some returned fire. >> we're getting by way of letting you understand these are happening not just in one place. you can see police line there.
8:43 pm
so now we know this is happening in los angeles, oakland, st. louis, in new york city. in philadelphia. and that is a place you have live pictures up. it's organization centered on this place, on ferguson, missouri you can see a few people standing about. 60, 70 gunshots fired. and on a night of anarchy in america's heartland that spread to cities across the station fox news channel will have live coverage throughout the night and it continues right after this. w could a luminous protein in jellyfish,
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8:48 pm
demonstrators, very peaceful from everything we've been able to see stretch for 6 to 8 city blocks down this boulevard. with lanes in both direction you can see this part of the city is shut down. if there are reporters on the ground in our st. louis we're not able to contact them but we're in a residential neighborhood here. there are cards on the other side of the street. you'd see a police line almost pushing this forward. seems to be happening on its own.
8:49 pm
and you'll see traffic is in this direction. but how good am i at crowd numbers? not great. but hundreds at minimum. a thousand would not be a stretch. it's my hope they'll pan. this is a new illumination there are demonstrations happening big cities across america this, is people with hands in the air. and this to say they have control of this is an understatement. they're just moving through the streets and this is st. louis, you can sthee is a local church. okay? let's move to los angeles.
8:50 pm
our understanding is that this is a symbolism of michael brown where his body lay foa half hours. so there are you can see they're just standing and blocking this intersection there is a larger crowd around them. there are thousands over here, boy say more than a thousand in st. louis there are, if there are more than 100 in this location in los angeles. then, here is and for reasons
8:51 pm
beyond me we can't get a chopper in new york city. i don't know, but we can't. this is what appears to be the lead of it all. this has been held up. then, trail goes for many blocks. at one point i counted eight blocks. in cases, hands in the air, don't shoot. new york working down 7th avenue. fires are burning. >> another 40 gunshots.
8:52 pm
police line has not moved forward. doesn't seem to be an attempt to capture or engage that and hearing another shot as we speak there are two fires put out. one fire burning 100 troops and within the last 15 minutes we've had about 30-40 more shots. are i'm starting to see people milling about. >> and despite the fact and no effort to put out that fire. cars around where the shots have come from. we don't know who is firing or what the target is.
8:53 pm
>> more shots now. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 shots now. something we didn't see in august. some violent groups are trying to ride on the coat tails of the demonstrators more than 100 shots fired. >> we see what looks like a convoy of vehicles >> i'm just peeping out of the corner of the building. >> we can see large building and two men have been in war zones across the world. and i don't think they've gone into an area expecting they got
8:54 pm
more. authorities have led to us believe they had done what was necessary to keep this from happening. maybe it wasn't possible to do. but more than i would have expected. >> it is. i thought it would keep protestors away. we're seeing flames and we continue to hear gunshots within every 2, 3 minutes more shots fired. >> no reports of anyone being hit? >> no. >> you mentioned would you suggest it might be shots fired? and fired returned? >> that is what it seemed like
8:55 pm
to me. >> that is more. pop, pop. we've heard over 100 gunshots in a half hour. >> when this went down in august, when violence did ratchet up, we saw a column of police coming in. and acted in a way to try to fix it. i don't see that. >> no it's buildings on fire, shots being fired so seems to be another shot.
8:56 pm
this, don't understand why cars are driving why. i don't understand why this line is not moving forward. why this is going on half an hour without any sense of someone trying to interrupt it. >> who is in charge? >> i don't know who is in charge. >> st. louis police are supposed to be. they took the charge away from ferguson police. >> st. louis county police has been chargeed and there is fbi agents on the grountd and national guard. there is looting. . >> i lived in miami beach. in miami on new year's eve, you can fire shots into the air. we hope these shots are being fired into the air we have no reports from hospitals of anyone having been shot. i don't know what that means,
8:57 pm
even. >> it doesn't feel like celebratory gunfire. now, it's coming from multiple directions. there is certainly a lot of gunfire going on in multiple directions. >> steve, you and your team get organized i want to go to st. louis. there are live chopper shots. in st. louis university, what are you seeing? >> people lined interstate. police moved out of the major
8:58 pm
street in st. louis. interstate 44 rips into st. louis. i have never seen anything like it before. there are a lot of people disturbed i can't see if it is still shut down. i know traffic is not moving in that area. you can see big tractor trailers just stopped completely. >> we can see that on grand avenue. interstate 44 had been shut down. >> the crowd is so big. i believe police won't have numbers to do it they have been able to disperse quite a few of them down the road some people started throwing rocks and bottles at the police.
8:59 pm
emotions are pretsy high now. >> they are. i'm reading from your newspaper crowds have come out and blocked roadways we're seeing similar crowds in cities across the country. from our own communications files here, i know there are protests in seattle, chicago, oakland, los angeles, wilshire, and la brea. shutting down those areas large protests on 7th avenue in new york city and union square. and with gunfire, it appears police are making moves.
9:00 pm
>> that is right. gus can you come here just a moment? >> want to hand off to megan kelly we'll be with you all night long. >> breaking tonight, violence breaking out after a grand jury decides it will not sdiet police officer darren wilson for the shooting death of michael brown. the officer is white, the 18-year-old was black. welcome to a live midnight edition of the kelly file everyone, i'm megyn kelly. our crews witnessing windows being smashed, a police car, torched. look at that. a


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