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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  December 1, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PST

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efreshing, brita. >> so thanksgiving is over, christmas has begun. have a great day, everybody. see you tomorrow. >> congress is now back at work on capitol hill to trade think eating turkey for lame-duck session. lot of things to keep the government functioning. >> grace to see you back here, i'll be had a great thanksgiving. jon: did indeed, hope you had a great one as well. >> i did. some members of congress saying they would be okay with shutting things down in response to president obama executive order on immigration.
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jon: in addition to paying for government, commerce must offer tax breaks for businesses, approve a defense policy measure plus the presence response to fight isis and ebola and you with immigrant children as the border. anchor of "special report" on the fox news channel. i can't believe after the walloping republicans took over the last government shutdown there was talk about doing it again. that is the rumbling around in d.c. >> not really likely if you listen to the leadership, you can see the construction on the capitol dome, they meet tomorrow in closed sessions in the house and really going to structure a way to fund the government on december 11 to move forward and enable republicans in the caucus who are very upset about the
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president executive action on immigration reformng deportations, a way to let them vent their frustrations, express that and not get the fiscal clips with seen from the government. look to the incoming majority leader mitch mcconnell to structure something where there is a vote that enables those republicans to express that displeasure. jon: what are we talking about in terms of funding the government. another short-term measure for 2015 for a few months and take this up again? >> it is possible it could be a short-term continuing resolution as it is called or could fund the government[bó for another yr until september 2015 just short of a year, and you could see some other bill that only temporarily fund the immigration apparatus, the executive action
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so that you can see the new congress deal with that specific issue after the deal with that. ana number of different machiney republicans are looking at. the bottom line is the goal from the leadership point of view is to not get in this battle that ends up reverberating against republicans. jon: republicans have to prove they can govern responsibly. given control in the house and the senate, but whatever they do has to appeal to the president enough that he is willing to sign the legislation. a pretty tough balancing act. >> and another one that includes democrats as well. the tax extender battles. tax breaks for corporations and for individuals who have been on the books coming to an and or have come to an end this month. there was a bipartisan effort in the house and the senate to come
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to a compromise to move forward with these tax extenders, the brakes for these. it fell apart when the white house threatened a veto because it said corporations should not see government tax breaks, so expect that to be contentious in the next nine days. >> a couple of years ago when republicans and the house was voting for a speaker, he faced a real challenge. now how is his, what is his position like, his base of support like right now? he has been the president's favorite punching bag the last two to four years. >> it is an interesting line he has walked. coming into the next congress he will have more republicans under his wing.
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he doesn't really see a big challenge, no one is found in this giant challenge for the speakership. if he negotiates the next nine days well, the anxious and very upset conservatives, he should not have any threat to the speakership in the new congress. jon: it will be interesting to see if this speaker and president can come together on some things. it is a new era. bret baier, thank you. jon: from capitol hill to the white house meeting with civil rights leader and law enforcement to talk about the violence in ferguson, missouri. protests erupting across the country after the grand jury in ferguson decided not to indict a white police officer in the shooting death of a young black man. live at the white house, good morning, what are we expecting to come out of these meetings today?
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>> the reason the white house are hosting these meetings today is the administration feels things have gotten too tense between the public and police from coast to coast for the first thing the president is going to do to address this issue is meet with the cabinet and talk about attending a program that gives equipment to law enforcement across the country. it has been under review since august after tempers flared for the first time in ferguson and they want to make sure officers are being trained properly and vehicle and gear normally only seen in conflict zones and other countries are being used appropriately. following that meeting, he is invited to the oval office young civil rights leaders and a larger gathering including state leaders, law enforcement officials and elected representatives. the white house says as the country has witnessed, disintegration of trust between law enforcement agencies and the
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people they protect and serve can destabilize communities, undermine the gym i criminal justice system, undermine public safety and make the job of delivering it these services less safe and or difficult. we have not heard about a presidential plan for a visit to ferguson but key stakeholders are here today and when the meetings wrap up the white house will sit back and wait to see if protesters get the message the administration is trying to send that the president is taking steps to strengthen their community. heather: all this happens while they investigate the case in ferguson. thank you. jon: scrubbing clean social media accounts to protect themselves and families from a possible attack by terrorists. they say members of the military should review their pages and
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delete anything that could draw attention from violent extremists. chief intelligence correspondent live from washington with more. what is this all about? >> federal law enforcement and homeland security sources confirm a bulletin from the fbi and dhs sent out warning the military review and scrub social media profiles giving credible threat from isis. it is first by fox reads in part "the fbi and dhs recommend members of the military review online social media accounts with information that could serve to attract the attention of isis and its supporters. fox news first report on credible threats in october after followers online singled out and targeted a father and his son. telling sympathizers to launch attacks for they live. chairman of housman committee
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recently told fox there are new measures in place to block sympathizers from entering the country. >> the bombings have occurred even though we have had high-value targets, the number of foreign buyers reporting and has remained constant. that is 1000 foreign fighters across the world per month still coming into iraq and syria. that is the source of the problem. >> a group in egypt has pledged allegiance to isis, responsibly for the murder of oi will workes last summer. reporting on social media including twitter it killed william henderson publishing passport and work id. while there has been no response from the state department, in august a firm says a supervisor had been killed in a carjacking although did not identify the employee by name, it does match the details posted online by this group.
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jon: thank you. heather: word is out sony pictures is investigating a massive cyber attack on the network by team of north korean hackers apparently phony security system breached by a group of hackers based in china. it is in retaliation to the upcoming release of the movie called "the interview" a comedy with seth rogen and james franco planning to assassinate kim jong-un coming after website run by the north korean government calls the movie "an evil act of provocation that deserves stern punishment." sony says they have resolved the breach but not happy about that one, that is for sure. jon: not a lot of sense of humor in them. the search for missing college football player comes pre-tragic end. what police think was behind his desk.
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plus, she disappeared from a shopping center three months ago vanishing without a trace. now new help in the search for this young woman.
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jon: some crime stories we're keeping an ion. jury selection begins today for men accused of causing a crash that killed a four-year-old girl. points nine-year-old robert allegedly took off after ending the car plowing through a can to care in april. he is charged with leaving the scene of the crash and drug possession. fbi searching for missing west chester university student, 21-year-old shane montgomery taken after leaving the bar things going morning. the reviewing security video be at search for a fort worth woman growing more intense. three months since she vanished from a shopping center.
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now bringing in search dogs and police have no suspects. heather: a college committee in morning today. the body of ohio state football player was discovered in a dumpster on sunday. police believe he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. rick leventhal joins us with more on this tragic loss. >> it is a sad and puzzling story. nobody really knew how troubled this 22-year-old was. 6'5", 285 pounds, a heavyweight wrestler who walked onto the football team playing one game at defensive tackle. family says he suffered a series of sports related concussions. he sometimes we get a strin faiy confused and disoriented. texted her apologizing for being an embarrassment. the body was found in a dumpster on campus along with a gun used to end his life 2 miles from the
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stadium where he should have been one of 24 seniors on the field for the final buckeyes home game instead the record crowd of 108,000 fans probably moment of of silence before kickoff. 150 students and friends gathered for a candlelight vigil in front of the library where he was member as a big guy with an even bigger heart. >> a kid he only knew for about three months, he made quite an impact in three months. everybody loved being around him, a great story, laughter. always something you're going to walk away remembering. >> i spoke a few former buckeye players this morning. talk about how shocking and skerry the story is and how important it is to pay attention to each other to find out if somebody is having issues before it is too late.
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heather: a senior and then a walk on for ohio state. >> a terrific wrestler and terrific guy, they did not see these warnings. heather: thanks. more on that story later in the hour. the dangers young football players face on and off the field. our medical team will weigh in on the study about concussions and head injuries and the impact of that. jon: he arrived for a visit but police say his father locked him up and refused to let him leave. now the emotional reunion between a mother and son allegedly was held captive for four years, plus supposed to be one of the biggest shopping days of the year but the numbers do not live up to the hype. next we will talk about why and what it says about the health of our economy. here's some news you may find surprising.
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jon: his last seen four years ago with a visit to his father. a pair of the refuting to let him return home. they found the boy him behind a false wall. neighbors could tell something was not right. >> we just thought it was kind of strange. jon: the boy's father stepmother arrested and charged with false imprisonment and cruelty.
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heather: retailers hoping for a big things can shopping weekend. after failing to attract many shoppers as they did last year despite all the deep discounts iin-store and online. joining us from the sister network, dagen mcdowell. what happened? >> still sales are down. i think i know what is going on. it was plentiful in the days and weeks before the holiday season. it doesn't increase the overall demand pool. the national retail federation
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is still expecting sales for the whole holiday season to be up a little more than 4%. it is expected to be lower than it was a year ago. the overall number. heather: once we have not touched on is the economy of the overall numbers look good but americans flushed with a whole lot of cash so it is the impact of that? >> that has been the central question because billions of extra dollars in pockets because of gas prices. ending at a fiv five-year low. the flip side of that is having to start worrying about the jobs and job creation but all these energy companies a major driver of job growth in this country. incomes still are not growing at a good clip in the united states.
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that is another thing astounding people, but the gas prices will continue to fall. two states in the lower 48 will have prices at $3 per gallon or higher. new york and connecticut. most states will have some $3. some states throughout the south like oklahoma or carolina, you will see gas prices below $2 per gallon. jonheather: gas prices aside, wt are we going to see? one week and can them nervos enough, apparel, electronic television sets, ultra hd, 4k tv selling very well. apparel has been really hard hit. if you are shopping for clothes, look out for the discounts.
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jon: we saw those 30, 40% off online things. the shopping habits starting to change as well. >> 70% off a lot of things. heather: don't miss dagen on the fox business network. you can log onto finder. jon: protesters taking to the street after the decision in ferguson a vacancy more mass protests across the country. what activists are urging people to do. and football linked to brain injuries, and look at those injuries impact behavior even in very young players. the signs parents should look for.
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our medical a-team will weigh in. trouble in toyland. what you shouldn't buy your kids this holiday season. we've got the lowdown. >> no justice for mike brown. there is no justice for anyone, any black person in this country that is killed by a police officer. >> we shut down 395. and it wasn't to cause any ruckus with the people. it was to call attention to everything needs to be at a standstill until people understand lives matter. not only do black lives matter. but all lives matter. his resignation doesn't mean anything to me. the purpose resigning. there is no way he can work as an officer after what he had done. heather: there is the ongoing story. one week after the announcement grand jury would not indict darren wilson in the killing of michael brown. we're watching for potential mass protests after activists are urging people to walk off their jobs and out of their classrooms today. mike tobin is following the story. he is live in ferguson, missouri where you still see the
8:31 am
destruction behind you, mike. hi, there. >> reporter: hi, there, heather. locally anyway the demonstrations dwindled and splintered. they propped up downtown st. louis at rams game with five players adopting hand up, don't shoot pose which we know is not backed up by the evidence. st. louis police officers association demanded apology. the rams spent week on the phone getting assurances from the police that game would be safe. outside the stadium, demonstrators showed up, with throngs of police in riot gear. there were no major clashes with police or rams fans. six people were arrested. other demonstrations materialized over the weekend mostly in shopping areas. beyond that the 16-member ferguson commission appointed by governor will meet publicly every time. they are expected to meet publicly. the expectation they will produce recommendations to be given to governor jay nixon. heather being back to you. heather: like tobin, thank you.
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jon: protests nationwide over the ferguson grand jury decision not to indict "national review" editor rich lowery causing a stir with comments he made on nbc's "meet the press." take a look. >> what i really object to you can discuss all the problems but let's not pretend this particular incident was something it wasn't. if you look at most credible evidence, the lessons are really basic. doesn't rob a convenience store. don't fight a policeman when he stops you and trito take his gun. when he yells at you to stop with his gun drawn, just stop. >> whoa. jon: well, the panelists got really outraged at rich over those comments. joining us alan colmes, host of "the alan colmes show." radio talk show host tammy bruce. welcome to both of you. talk about the way this has been covered in the media. tammy, you say that this is, well, the op ed piece that you wrote suggests for president obama and his cronies,
8:33 am
everything is political and everything and everyone is a pawn. do you think they're taking advantage of the situation? >> well look, there is a foundational issue here not even about race relations, is about poverty. it is about generation of young men and families like michael brown's family really have had no hope. since the president was elected of course we've had unemployment rates even, are worse for communities of color. you have got in some districts here in country over 50% unemployment rate for young black men. in missouri, at least nationwide, 36% for young black men. this kind of imagery keeps people from asking i think directly, why have our lives not gotten better? why is the condition of our communities not gotten well? this really does help facilitate a distraction from what the real issue is. jon: you have had a lot of arguments, alan, with rich lowery with when we had you together. >> many, many. even tammy. jon: what does he have wrong? >> what he is ignoring
8:34 am
historical context here, fbi statistics show that a black youth is 21 times more likely to be shot by a police officer, by a white police officer than a white is. and that, yes, i think poverty is certainly a common denominator and is an issue but can't ignore the race issue here. this was a flashpoint. like we've had enough, what happened in ferguson. jon: in the moments leading up to that shooting, nobody is thinking about history. one cop and one kid. >> talking about reaction to it. why you have football players coming on the field. doing what they did. why you have protests. this has been enough. jon: doing what they did, hands up, don't shoot, there is no evidence, tammy that happened. >> even leading up to this, the reason this is happening i think in part driven how the media has been covering it. when you're a network like fox, the number one network, you have a lot more flexibility looking at all the details. when you have a network like cnn, msnbc reliant on
8:35 am
extraordinary news -- jon: mean who employs al sharpton as on-airshow. >> they need these kinds of images and existential threat dynamic. discussions about poverty isn't as exciting or threatening to the average viewer. but let me just say though that when you're looking at the nature of what is happening here, and what the president said, what eric holder, the attorney general has been saying, alan, in the months leading up to this, comparing mike brown to emmitt till on the news. president saying police have to learn not distinguish who is criminal and who isn't. >> they do. >> issue is, never addressing what their policies have done to those communities and wanting a communities of color to believe this is existential threat. >> we're missing something here. david brooks was right, white people have to understand the black experience with cops. there is institutional problems with racism. al sharpton, not okay for him to show up but jesse jackson, oath keepers there with guns on
8:36 am
rooftops, asked by police to disarm and not do that anymore? not one-sided. you have armed militia people showing up which is not helping the situation. jon: but when it comes to the media coverage, so much of this was fanned by people telling stories about how michael brown was shot in the back, by a police officer while he was trying to surrender. the autopsy report. there is no evidence. none of that is supported by the evidence. >> i think there is a lost feeling in the african-american community that for closure that at least could have been a trial where all the evidence was put on the table rather than what is much more closed-door grand jury investigation. and that that would have brought more closure to the community. jon: rich lowery also wrote that if michael brown had perhaps run away from the cop car and kept running, or if he had surrendered he would be alive today. >> you know, we can all surmise what may or may not have happened. a moment occurred and a man in a grand jury agreed felt he was under imminent threat of death
8:37 am
and he acted. what the media has done, not as interesting to cover issues of poverty or the environment of that situation, is that they have moved with one kind of line. you saw with andrea mitchell's face in that clip you first played when lowery was talking that the shock he was even mentioning facts. that the evidence kind of disturbed her because look i think more exciting to talk about emotions but nothing is going to change, jon, unless we get down to the foundational issue that affected that community. frankly, and president obama is going out to do more meetings today, the foundational issue is not about race relations. the foundational issue is about poverty been perpetuated by people like president obama over the last six years. >> when you talk about unemployment rate, which is improved from 10.2% to 5.% -- >> not for the black community. >> rising tide lifts all boats. saying the black community hasn't seen any benefit. >> interestingly enough, they haven't and those rates are because of part-time jobs
8:38 am
because more people have fallen out of the workforce. >> more people are working, now over last couple months are actually back looking for work. not everything is obama's fault. can't blame him for everything. jon: there is video of michael brown committing this strong-armed robbery, taking siga rellows from the store, right? does he deserve to be compared to emmett till. >> the answer is no. how about the fact that the prosecutor leaked that information, put that out there, maybe tainted and poisoned the jury pool, looks guy also did. that does not mean he should have been shot to death. jon: but, if you struggling for an officer's gun? >> but the fact is the prosecutor seemed, putting out that video showing that look how bad of a guy this is, does that give you opportunity for a fair and balanced jury? i say no. jon: well, but, does it in some ways counteract this, the stories in the press how michael brown was shot in the back? >> that is not related to the incident at hand and taint the jury pool? >> alan, during when the
8:39 am
grand jury was still seated when president obama was making his remarks, when, sunday before it came out, when eric holder made his comments about emmitt till, you know that the, it was effectively some degree to influence grand jury. that is not fair either. >> michael brown is not hero. people misbehaving or looting they're not doing anything good in the name of racial justice. you can't ignore the based on race statistics way black youth are treated. jon: if michael brown disobeyed a police order around punch ad cope there has -- >> there is still a lost dissension what actually happened according to disparate testimony in the grand jury. that is why feeling in the community at least indictment and fair trial would have brought close you are to this. jon: tammy. >> closure. this is not about mob justice. this is about getting to the point of evident. what actually really happened. the media's important role of
8:40 am
making that clear as well. and these days we don't have that so much. online we have a little bit more of it. but when it comes to the television with the exception of fox news and print like "washington times," is we don't have a lot of balanced points of view when it comes really occurred. >> "washington times" is balanced. >> now that i'm a columnist there. >> i guess that is balanced. >> congratulations. jon: even missouri's governor, former prosecutor, promised the cop was going to be prosecuted to the fullist extent of the law before anybody knew what happened. a lot of people jumping on this train way too early. that is my thought. the media didn't help. >> when you say media -- jon: pointing at all of us. >> he is on the right today. give thanks for something. >> stage right. jon: alan colmes, tammy bruce. thank you both. heather. heather: good debate there, guys. if you are a parent or grandparent of a newborn do not put the baby down to sleep with a blanket, pillow or any fuzzy stuffed animals. a study says far too many
8:41 am
parents are doing this. it is too dangerous. we'll tell you about that. teenagers hitting each other hard on the gridiron. we're learning how brain injuries could begin as early as first year playing. fox news medical a-team take as look.
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heather: let's take a look what's ahead on "outnumbered" at the top of the hour. hi, sandra and andrea. what's coming up? >> we're moments away from president obama expected to meet with his cabinet and civil rights leaders about the unrest in ferguson, missouri. this just days after officer darren wilson resigned from the force. but will this quiet the protesters? >> plus the wife of former ravens star ray rice speaking out for the first time since her husband was arrested for knocking her out inside an he will individual tore. what she says about their relationship and why she thinks fans should forgive her husband. >> and forget going door-to-door
8:45 am
or setting up shop at the local grocery store. the new way girl scouts can sell their cookies. >> crazy story. #oneluckyguy on "outnumbered" at top of the hour. >> you mean they don't go door-to-door? >> everything's digital. heather: thank you, ladies. jon: too many american parents are putting their babies at risk by putting them down to sleep with blankets. according to a new study, blankets, pillows or other bedding can lead to suffocation or sudden infant death syndrome. researchers with the cdc and national institutes of health say half of all parents still allow their small children to sleep with bedding. they say you should really dress the kid in onesies and adjust the room temperature to keep them more comfortable. no blankets. >> well the doctor is now in to talk about football and brain injuries after ohio state university player, coast toes
8:46 am
karageorge was found dead. he shot himself after he told his parents that concussions had messed up his head. they say he had been suffering for a while now. we're also following another study. this study examined teenage football players. researchers say they noticed changes in children's brains after playing just one season of football. dr. marc siegel, associate professor of medicine at nyu langone medical center and a member of the fox news medical a-team. doctor, good morning to you. >> hi, heather. heather: overall what are effects of concussions on mood and behavior. >> it applies to the tragic study of karageorge. the study shows you're three times as likely to have depression if you get multiple concussions. you're much more likely to have suicide and violent behavior if you get concussions. this applies to the karageorge case. heather: his family said that he had at least four or five over his lifetime. he just started playing football for ohio state just a season.
8:47 am
he was walk-on player. four to five, would that do it, would that have effect. >> i think it would because of another thing we're about to talk about. what about impact of all of this violence on the football field when you don't have concussions? seems like there is cumulative effect. heather: so not just concussions also just head trauma in general. just hitting of heads. tell me about the study came out. who did it look at and what did they find? >> it i think applies to karageorge because it is accumulation. they looked at high schoolers and following them for two seasons. i talked to the study author, dr. alex powers, a neurosurgeon down at wake forest in north carolina. they put on helmet of all of these high schoolers something called head impact technology where they look at the acceleration that the brain goes through. the brain is literally shaking, heather, as you you're on the line, hit a football player on other side, you get tackled. all of this, they can measure now. they have a device they can measure. i predict this device, head impact technology will be on
8:48 am
every football helmet in the country soon. they found every single person they studied and it is only 24, every single one of them had injuries to the brain, to the white matter, to the lining of the brain. a study where everybody is injured, that's a big deal. >> i want to hear about this. white matter, it affects the white matter because it shakes the brain. what does the white matter do and how -- basically nerve damage? what does that mean? >> because the nerves are like wires. the white matter is like the insulation of the wires. if the insulation is disturbed, you can't think as clearly. don't remember as clearly. heather: we're looking at a picture. >> more depressed and behavioral changes. by the way, dr. powers says they're looking at underlying brain. they're starting to find maybe that is affected too. not just the white matter. that is the first sign. that is the most sensitive indicator. and true in every single one of these football play years is it reversible if they're given some rest? >> they don't know yet in this study. i probably think it is not
8:49 am
reversible. there is warning design where they will stop, and say head impact devices get off the field, numbers are too high. not just because you have a concussion. high schoolers by the way underreport amount of concussions they have. heather: they want to play, right? >> want to play, philosophy of football, lower your head. lower your head, charge ahead with the helmet. helmets don't do it. not enough. no matter how good we make the helmet if philosophy of the sport is head first you will end up with brain damage. heather: does not just apply to football but kids playing soccer and other self. >> big impact injuries with soccer, rugby, all kinds of sports. even basketball, anything you can think of where there is impact. heather: makes a lot of parents really nervous. >> we need to know the information. and i think this device will help. heather: thank you, dr. seeing g, jon, what do you have over there? jon: a new report releases the most dangerous toys on the market. a warning for parents or anyone else shopping for little ones.
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8:54 am
neither side looks like backing down at the moment. the protesters moved to try to shut down the offices of the city's chief executive in the early hours of sunday morning local time. police armed with pepper spray, batons and water hoses fought with them as they moved towards government buildings close to the main protest site on hong kong island. many protesters wore hard hats, carried umbrella, a symbol of their movements. many through the hats, umbrellas and bottles toward the police. hong kong police say that 40 people were arrested in the clashes and a number of officers were injured. most government offices were eventually able to open monday and the city's chief executive has warned the demonstrators not to return saying the police would take resolute action if they do. he added, don't mistake the police tolerance as weakness. now the latest clashes seem to have been sparked by a court's decision to clear an area just west of the main protest site. this comes after similar action
8:55 am
last week in which police arrested many student leaders and managed to clear a protest site on the hong kong main land. the protesters want hong kong to be allowed to choose their leaders in the 2017 elections without any interference from beijing. the chinese government has said it will allow a free vote but will in effect screen candidates for the chief executive post in advance through a committee. we are waiting now, heather, to see if there is going to be anymore violence in hong kong tonight. back to you. heather: david piper in bangkok. david, thank you. jon: the annual trouble in toyland report is out in morning. it reveals a list of 24 potentially dangerous toys still on store chefs. researchers say several of the toys pose a choking hazard. a total of five others had toxic ingredients exceeding federal standards, including a badge playset, adora the explorer backpack and a leopard pattern
8:56 am
rubber duck. they urge parents to use extreme caution buying any toy and report any toys they might think are unsafe. to see a full list of the toys in the survey. go to heather: brand new stories we're working to bring you the next hour of "happening now," the fight against isis may be about to get some help. how this one country could play a crucial role. ups put her on unpaid leave after she got pregnant and doctors told her she couldn't lift anything heavy. now me is suing and supreme court is looking to weigh in on her case.
8:57 am
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>> girl scouts going high tech. getting the green light to sell cookies using a mobile app or website. they have to check with their council and mom and dad to see if it's okay. the websites won't be accessible without an email invitation. it's big business.
9:00 am
it generates $800 million in sales each year. i sold a lot of girl scout cookies. i don't think there's a replacement. >> you like the personal touch. >> and teaches good lessons as well. >> i'll bet you sold a lot. see you back here in an hour >> "out numbered" starts right now. >> this is "outnumbered." here with us today -- today's hashtag one lucky guy, he's back this thanksgiving monday after. did you have a nice holiday? >> wonderful one. i assume everybody here did as well. >> this is my highlight, lou, having you back here. i'm still celebrating. >> one of my very high, highlights. >> and sandra back. >> it's


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