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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  December 1, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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we're seconds away from your world with neil cavuto with the dow down. it's cyber monday or is that sigh-ber monday? millions online to buy but the first two days of the holiday season is any indication, they're really not buying much. if you are listening to me on the job, for god's sake, get back to work! and if you are buying stuff on the job, for god's sake, don't let your boss see you buying stuff while you're at work! because he would not be impressed. and retailers are supposedly giving the business, they ain't exactly impressed either. what to make of this surprising stop in the shop. with tracy burns on what got so few keyboarding and buying.
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regina lewis on why all of these promotions ain't helping. and marshall cohen on why the economy itself has so many skimping. we begin with tracy on the cyber talk. >> well, it seems that a lot of people decided to stay home, keep the fuzzy slippers on, post turkey and order away. up 17% year over year. they're expecting about $2.5 billion in total online sales. 26% of those sales will be on a smartphone or tablet. so devices are really hot this year. 25 million people said they'll be using a phone or something. as for your earlier comment, 18% of those people said they were making those orders at lunch. tell him that we were not ordering during lunch, we were not. black friday was a dud. we said it earlier. nobody wanted to come out because they knew the deals would be there. you have sites like walmart and target hitting it out of the park online.
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hurting were the brick and mortars. they'll see more and more between now and christmas day. >> you can catch tracy on our sister network fox business. go to why are shoppers holding back? regina lewis says simply too many deals too soon. people are yet gethi igetting u. and marshall cohen says it's the economic hurdles. you say they're up against an economic wall? k
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longer time. >> you don't have to wait for a certain day. they're constant. people have been boiled. >> the 1%ers they shop early. they're buying the curved tv and they'll go when the store is not that crowded. the lion's share fall to marshal's group, survivalist, living paycheck to paycheck. they have to pace themselves. whoever goes lowest will get their dollar. i won't shop at macy's and kohl's, one or the other. so there's a race because you don't discover more money after you've shopped. when you're done, you're done. those are the two buyers and hence the promotions and the
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sequence. >> i always wonder if you rob peter to pay paul when it comes to sales. now because stores are opening earlier, you're buying now what you would have bought heart on in the season. what do you think? >> part of it is that what's happening with the really great deals, some of the consumers skipped shopping in september and october and waited for the deals in november to buy for themselves. so there's a lot of self-gifting going on for these special deals. the other part of it is it pays for the consumer to wait in many cases because, frankly, they're sitting there saying the deals are going to be as good today as they are later on. retailers are continually looking at trying to find ways to lure their consumer in. >> i wonder if a lot of this gets back to retailers spoiling it for themselves. by that i mean gone are the midnight sales where people would break down doors to get that flat-screen tv. now it peters out and comes in
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waves, so there isn't like a single moment that heralds it as a big event. for a lot of these stores it's been going on since halloween. >> i agree. there's even a toerm for it, called christmas creep, as in creeping up on the calendar. i think shep said it best when he said he spent ten minutes unsubscribing to things that got a little too annoying. i think you're on to something. if i was the tv or auto industry, i would pick a different day. i would make it national tv day instead of black friday because people don't buy big screen tvs as gifts. so the self-gifting point was interesting. it also could be a positive sign for retailers because it seems that people still have gift buying to do. they bought the tvs for themselves. >> i don't know if that will work. but i had national processed cheese and meats day. nothing happened. marshal, you go back to the economy itself, and if you're right and maybe it is as robust
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as in had hoped or with lower gas prices americans have more money to spend, do you know what they're doing with that money if they're not spending it on elaborate gifts or buying for fewer people or just waiting, what are they doing? >> basically you have to still remember that we have 36% of the millennials after age 18 are still living at home. they're living on a very tight budget. you also have the fact that the job market may have stabilized, but that doesn't put more money in our pockets. so consumers are sitting there looking at higher costs of living, but yet the earning, you guys talk about this all day long all the time. and it's really about recognizing the consumer feels this. this is a real issue. when it comes to holiday, that's why they're looking and waiting for deals. they don't feel all that free to spend on anything and everything. now, the fact that there's nothing new and exciting in the stores, we're looking at the same products other than maybe a mobile phone or a game or video game here or there, and you're sitting there looking at a
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consumer who is sitting there saying, wait a minute, why should i spend my hard-earned money when i should sit there and rethink the equation. >> frugal is the new black. >> it is still early, though, folks. we could be surprised. but thank you both very much. i appreciate it. meanwhile, for heaven's sake, al sharpton among a group of reverends advising the president on ferguson. well that should go well. >> you won the first round, mr. prosecutor. but don't cut your gloves off. because the fight's not over. justice will come to ferguson.
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the president meeting at the white house as we speak on ferguson reportsy to that one of the guys he's meeting with is al sharpton. sharp tn tweeting out that he's in d.c. adding to meetings on
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ferguson and police policy national. critics claim sharpton would only be adding fuel to the fire over ferguson. >> we have had enough! even if we get knocked down, we get up and go to the corner and come out fighting the next round. this will not end in the battle here. we're going to keep on going. the fight is not over. >> reverend jesse peterson thinks that sharpton ain't the solution, he's part of the problem. reverend, good to have you back. why do you say he's making things worse? >> thank you, neil. i hope you had a good thanksgiving holiday. >> to you as well. >> thank you. putting out al sharpton as a spokesperson on race issues is like putting a shark in front of the henhouse. he's a race hustler. he does not care about uniting the races with truth, he's about
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dividing them with lies. and because obama has appointed him as the point person, it says to me that our president is not serious about uniting the races. and the fact is if we really are honest about what happened in ferguson, michael brown is dead because of michael brown. michael brown is dead because he had failing parents who were not together and raised him in the right way. when he decided that he was going to rob a convenience store, attack a clerk, go out into the street and attack a police officer, michael brown decided that day that he was ready to die. so that's on him. al sharpton knows that, barack obama understands that, eric holder understands that and all of the so-called civil rights leaders, even michael brown's parents understand that, but they will not tell the truth because the truth would put the
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responsibility back on the parents and michael brown. and the race hustlers do not want that. >> this could explain why you're not at this particular meeting, reverend. i am curious, though, we don't know who's on that list, but the cynic in me -- and i hope i'm wrong -- tells me that it's people who agree with the president or at least the tone of the president's remarks not only right after the ferguson shooting but after the ferguson grand jury decision that this was kind of a travesty. and bottom line it was a travesty and it wasn't fair. so they're probably of a like minded ilk. >> absolutely. obama has been in the white house now for six years and we're more divided as a race than any other time in history. and if anyone would have been able to bring the races together, it would have been barack obama because most white americans voted for barack obama because they had hope that now we have a black president, that somehow or another black
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americans will understand that white americans are not against them, that they're for them, but that is not what the president wants, that is not what the race hustlers want at all. we saw obama in action with the trayvon martin situation when he came out and said if i had a son, he would look just like trafben martin. yeah. that's a code of words saying this was a race issue. when it's really not, neil. it breaks my heart to see how our young black kids are being deceived by adults who have more respect than most. they respect barack obama and if barack obama made black adults responsible for their children and when you grow up become responsibility for yourself, they will listen to that. but they do not want peace in our country. can you imagine what would have happened had president bush appointed david duke as the point person for race issues in america? that would have been an outcry
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about that. but due to fear of being called racist, white americans are not speaking out for the most part and because most blacks are racist for white americans they're not speaking up either. i'm very concerned about my country. i don't like what i see happening in my country today. and one other quick point, because of the way barack obama and the race hustlers are dealing with this issue, we're going to see more and more white americans under attack by black americans across this country because one thing that most black people have more than anything else is anger, false anger against white americans rather than looking at themselves. >> and it's gotten worse. reverend, thank you very much. thank you very much. but he'll never be invited to white house meetings if he keeps that up. protesters staging what they call a die in to protest the
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ferguson decision. eric holder heads to atlanta tonight. he'll be hosting several meetings. holder can remain throughout all of this, everything will be okay. if he can't, everything won't be okay. >> one wonders if he's going there as a prosecutor to indict officer wilson for a federal violation. he's not off the hook for that yet, which the attorney general has every right and lawful ability to do, or if he's going there in order to wrap his arms around the two competing communities, white and black, about which the reverend just spoke so eloquently in order to bring them together. there clearly are problems here. there are profound problems in ferguson between a predominantly black populous and a predominantly white police force. whether al sharpton makes it better or worse, al sharpton is a free individual who can say what he wants.
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eric holder is the people's servant. he's the chief federal law enforcement officer in the land. if he makes it worse, the federal government is really failing us. >> let me ask you this. do you thing if we had an indictment handed over last week, that eric holder would be doing anything right now? >> no, i don't think he would. i think that the general rules
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will go to loretta lynch, the woman who was very capable, nominated to succeed him. but the feds will have the final say in this. honestly, neil, i don't think that officer wilson should have gone on the national talk shows this weekend. you don't taunt the alligator until after you cross the stream. he's not out of the woods yet. >> but he's out of the police department with no benefit, no pay, none of that. you're saying he still should have avoided the press. >> yes, because he still could be prosecuted by the feds o what basis? >> redoing what the grand jury did? >> in a different way. >> in what way? >> this prosecutor threw everything at the wall and let them decide what would stick. he presented people who he knew weren't eyewitness, he presented people who contradicted
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themselves. >> but isn't that a logical thing to do? >> no. >> oh, it isn't? >> the prosecutor wants an indictment, he presents his best evidence and saves his weak spots for the trial. if he doesn't want ant indictment, he throws everything up in the air and lets the grand jury decide. >> what do you make of him going on for 20 minutes before we got the official read. >> he drove me crazy and i wanted to know what the outcome was. he's going this way, he's going that way. i don't think he did a good job of defending himself. by releasing all the evidence that the grand jury sought including the transcripts of testimony, he made it easy for us to understand why there was no indictment. >> so let me ask you this, if there's a federal grand jury and no indictment is rendered, then what? >> we'll probably see this kind of discorruption again. i -- disruption again. i hope and pray that i'm wrong. but if there's no federal indictment that means that barack obama and eric holder do not want an indictment because if they do, they know how to get
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one. the prosecutor always gets what he wants from a grand jury. barring an extreme, extreme circumstance. >> you know, you might have a future at this legal thing. >> i've been trying. >> pretty good. seriously, judge, thank you. clarified quite a bit in black and white terms. just watch what happens if these oil prices keep dropping. then you get keystone up and running, watch this dictator start running.
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well, this has got to have putin shaking. russia's ruble diving as oil prices keep on dropping and dropping. but want to really drive vlad mad? pass the keystone pipeline and he'll be smoking a pipe. you didn't say that in so many
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words, but that extra supply would hurt him more. >> no doubt about it. you're exactly right in pinpointing vladimir putin as the big loser in these huge reductions in oil prices. and by the way, now gas at the pump which is a big stimulus to the u.s. economy. i would only add to that let's not forget the other loser here is isis and the terrorists who are trying to kill us who are funded with petro dollars. every time that falls it hurts the terrorists right in the wallet. this is a good news story, no question about it for the consumer and national security, but you're exactly right, this could be so much bigger story if we promoted this out of washington in a bigger way. that starts, obviously, with building the keystone pipeline. and we need pipelines all over this country, not just keystone. we need to build a pipeline infrastructure because we have so much oil and gas. we need to get rid of -- did you know there's a ban on exports oil and gas on this country today? that makes no sense.
1:25 pm
we want to supply europe with oil and gas so they're not dependent on russia. >> that's one of the reasons the president's used for not supporting keystone, that it would benefit those abroad. i always say if we're getting the money for it, it's a benefit to the world net needs supply. how seriously do you think this is worrying putin because a lot of his alloligarchs and millionaires. >> you've got it exactly right. that's all they've got going. this entire nation is being financed with national gas money. if we're producing more oil and gas in the united states, every additional barrel we produce is another nail in the coffin of vladimir putin and it couldn't happen to a nicer guy. >> wouldn't it also -- there's a flip side to this, maybe a crazy flipside that emboldens him to get his hands on as much oil producing regions as possible.
1:26 pm
he may prefaced that with what he's doing in ukraine. he might be looking at other facilities where if he got control now -- >> sure. >> -- he'd be protecting himself. nrd, it makes him more of a monster. >> hard to see how he could be more of a monster. >> good point. >> how is he going to finance the military? truly this could bankrupt russia because they're so dependent on oil and gas money. they were flying high, neil, as you know, when the world price of oil was $110 a barrel. he ain't smiling with the price now down to what, $67 a barrel today. i mean, my only point -- this is so important, neil. this is just the tip of the iceberg. we could become in the next two or three years the largest energy producer in the world. we could start -- when you talk about, you know, producing it here for home, we'll have enough oil and gas when we start drilling on public lands and so on, not only to provide our own energy needs but also to export this stuff to countries like
1:27 pm
europe and other regions of the country -- i mean, the world. so it's an enormous up side. the only thing holding it back right now is washington. the epa, you know, the department of interior, which is not allowing the drilling to go up. you know this, neil, but it's worth repeating. if you look over the last six years all of the increase in oil and gas development has been on private lands. none of it has been on federal lands. >> very big difference. and an important distinction. people sort of gloss over. but not you. >> by the way, there's a lot of oil underneath that federal land. so we're not talking about yosemite -- >> everybody says we're going to blow up the national parks. but you're right quite. thank you, my friend. republicans are obstructionists for trying to rein in depending, democrats are saying keeping the spending going. brent bozele on what we really need to shut down after this. patented sonic technology with
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you don't need to think about the energy that makes our lives possible. because we do. we're exxonmobil and powering the world responsibly is our job. because boiling an egg... isn't as simple as just boiling an egg. life takes energy. energy lives here. does free speech really mean you are free to say anything you want? if you're threatening to kill someone on facebook, maybe not. the supreme court is hearing arguments today in the case of a man sentenced to prison for posting rap lyrics on facebook about killing his estranged wife
1:32 pm
and others. now they say this guy is protected. stacy schneider says he is not. >> if you make oral threats and you look at them on facebook where they're written threats, it's the same thing. and this guy was convicted of interstate communication of threats. and we -- >> interstate because of the international nature of facebook? >> correct. because it's posted online. written words have the same impact as spoken words. and we look at what the wife -- he said some allegedly horribly threatening and violent statements about his wife, about an fbi agent and about a kindergarten class, allegedly i'm saying, because this is under appeal. now, the wife has to be put in reasonable fear based on the threat. and what this man cleverly did is he put under the alleged threat he put, this is for entertainment purposes only. i'm saying this based on my first amendment rights. and i say the first amendment
1:33 pm
stops -- >> he said that. >> on his facebook page. >> what do you make of that? >> good argument. however, i think the last part that stacy mentioned where he says this is for entertainment only, et cetera, negates ostensibly his intent. >> or at least he's staring down legal authorities. >> the other thing i would say is any time you're going to make speech a crime, i think i'd be a little bit careful and you have to worry about slippery slope type arguments. that's why the aclu and other groups are in here. stacy laid out the legal test. is a reasonable person in fear? but he's claiming it should be a subjective test in his own mind which is harder for the government to prove. that's the debate. >> he's threatening to kill someone. that's beyond saying disparaging comments, right? >> it's well beyond it. first amendment rights are cut off if you're saying words that constitute a crime. and i say this guy's been very clever by putting out that this
1:34 pm
is entertainment only because he's hiding behind the cloak of the -- >> did he ever harm anyone? >> no, it doesn't matter what you actually carry out. it's what you threaten to carry out. so if the wife believes she's in -- >> did she take any action prior to this? >> she did. actually the first time it happened she got a protection order. and he continued to do it. >> if you want to judge this based on his intent, did he really intent to hurt anybody, but i understand the point. >> scared the hell out of -- >> the crime is the threat. but when the guy says this is for artistic value. >> i understand. but he added that as an out. >> it could work both ways. >> is there a higher bar on facebook and all? as a parent we worry about our kids being cyber bullied, that's a whole other venue. you have to be careful. >> you do because it provides sort of secret cover, you're not face-to-face and all of that. look, it's a close call. and as a segue, a close opinion
1:35 pm
in supreme court. >> i don't think -- no, i don't think it's going to be that close. >> do you worry about this chilling effect on free speech and all of that? >> i don't even think it's going to get down to the chilling effect because that's always something the courts can rely on. i think it will go down to the words that he used were so violent and the fact that just because he says this is entertaining doesn't attach a first amendment right to those words. >> if he loses, it's because of your point, neil, and you're right. the court would say that he used that as kind of a cute cover. they may say that. >> really? >> from your words right to the supreme court. >> that would be the death of our country right there. guys, thank you both very much. all right. well the showdown to another government shutdown and it is coming from both sides far apart. so i want you to take a wild guess if, if, if, if the lights go out, who gets the media pilon.
1:36 pm
brent bozell says we're already seeing who. i thought we were going to go to break, that pregnant pause. i the problem is that republicans themselves are blaming themselves. so when you got democrats blaming republicans and republicans blaming republicans, i don't know that i can fault the media for blaming republicans. >> no, no, you raise a very good point. i never think that shutting down the government is the right route to go on the left or the
1:37 pm
right. but having said that, i do find it interesting that it's always republicans who are obstinate for wanting to rein in spending and every democrat for not wanting to rein in spending. it's the republicans that stick to their guns who are the stubborn once aes and not the o side. >> here's the game and i know it and everybody needs to understand the game. the republicans and the democrats sit down to negotiate. the democrats say to the republicans, give us everything we want or we are going to have a shutdown and you're going to be blamed for it. the republicans go into a panic over this. >> right. >> and they declare immediately that they have no intentions of closing down the government meaning what? meaning they've just surrendered to the democrats. so they're just going through the motion right now. the democrats are getting everything they want including the reports tell us a deal that takes it into next september. and the new house, the new republicans coming in in january
1:38 pm
are saying, wait a minute, how can the old guard be making budget decisions -- >> but they're so afraid of getting stuck with that shutdown label, it doesn't make any difference if we have a republican senate. in other words, the republicans can go there and say, look, we all know the truth that there are 300 some-odd bills that stopped at harry reid's desk, yet it was republicans who were blamed for being obstructionists. those same bills presumably go to mr. mcconnell's desk. and it's on him for accepting or rejecting. republicans will still get the rap for being obstructionists. >> at the end of the day, who cares? this is a washington event that nobody cares about. imagine this. after last year, there were 21 stories on the networks before the shutdown blaming the republicans, none blaming democrats. there were 41 during the shutdown blaming republicans, none blaming democrats. the republicans blamed themselves for it. and then after it was all over,
1:39 pm
gallup took a poll and blamed 39% blamed republicans, 37% blamed obama. >> we did a segment on it. but i do appreciate your input just the same. no, you're the best, thank you. you're right, the numbers speak for themselves. you know how it goes. you're familiar with the drill. better listen up. guess what is on terrorists' list for this christmas after this.
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a major scare in the air. british intelligence uncovering a terror plot to blow up five european passenger jets over the christmas holiday. officials nearly banning all carry-on luggage over the result of just this one threat. a former cia operative mike baker on which european airports could be vulnerable to such an attack. they're taking it very seriously. first of all, should they be? >> absolutely. this is a very serious threat. and in a big picture sense, it
1:43 pm
points to why what is happening in syria and iraq right now with islamic state is so dangerous. i don't want to disappear down that rabbit hole, but yes, this threat is extremely serious. the uk authorities, mi-5 along with their french counterparts, german service, u.s., which worked hard on this threat as well over the past month or two, this is a real problem right now. >> all right. now, obviously, they targeted european airports. now, i know as a kid, remember, there was the bombings in the rome airport. a couple of dozen people were taken out. it was around christmas time. that was considered a vulnerable airport at the time, maybe less so now. all the airports have heightened security since, maybe athens a little less, but not that you want to pick and play which are the airports to try to fly into or out of, but what do you think? what looks like a safer bet, a sure -- >> well, you can't really prioritize right now in part because the intelligent that's
1:44 pm
being gathered and has been gathered isn't as specific as obviously as we'd like. so you can't say, okay, you've got to avoid heathrow, frankf t frankfurt, sarajevo and stick to the other airports. that's not possible right now. the uk and eu is basically looking at the problem of trying to ramp up security at the major airports as well as the regional. the threat right now is from flights in the uk and internally in the eu. so we're not talking about flights going to/from the united states. >> how do we know? it was pan am 103 with a bomb on board or could this all be a head fake or something like that? >> no, the intelligence is pretty good right now, but again it's not as specific as we obviously would like. what they're looking at is a coordinated, a 9/11 type attack. this is what al qaeda loves to do. they're looking at multiple
1:45 pm
aircraft bound for different cities in the eu and the uk designed to create mass casualties and the mass pr that they love to do. part of the problem here, the reason why this is so difficult is because of what's happening in syria and iraq with the establishment of this extremist state by isis. what that has allowed is for al qaeda -- remember we talked about this khorasan group. that's a bunch of al qaeda operatives who moved into syria near aleppo to take advantage of the chaos. it's a safe haven for them. they have the ability to further train in comfort, almost, if you will, and to plot and plan something like this. we -- >> when you said like this, like 9/11, you say something where you commandeer the planes and crash them into buildings and that sort of thing? >> more of a coordinated effort where you're seizing planes, you're attacking multiple planes through the use of explosives right now is what they're talking about. look, the uk has even been considering banning all hand luggage. bad enough taking your shoes off
1:46 pm
at the airport. can you imagine saying you can't take your handbagage on to the plane or alternatively, you can't take your phone or ipad on to the plane because that's the extent, that's the seriousness of this current threat. >> carry-on luggage verboten. mike baker. a poll that has got romney supporters gung ho and maybe hillary clinton worrying quite a bit after this. (trader vo) i search. i research. i dig. and dig some more. because, for me, the challenge of the search... is almost as exciting as the thrill of the find. (announcer) at scottrade, we share your passion for trading. that's why we rebuilt scottrade elite from the ground up - including a proprietary momentum indicator that makes researching sectors and industries even easier. because at scottrade, our passion is to power yours.
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1:50 pm
another reason that he says it is time to give mitt another shot but the third time could be the charm. he's leading a draft romney movement as we speak. very good to have you. >> thanks for having me on, neil. >> i've talked to the governor, talked to his wife, even one in no uncertain way, made it very clear, ain't gonna happen, ain't gonna happen. what do you think? >> well, i don't believe it's just not gonna happen. there's also been we'll see, let's -- you know, let's consider it. so there have been a lot of different statements made. but i would ask that you look at the chorus of individuals just from every spectrum of our society encouraging governor romney to run again. and i think that says a lot. so while we started with a draft mitt effort, this has gone far beyond our grassroots effort.
1:51 pm
so the bottom line is the demand is there. governor romney is the supply. he's a businessman and he knows the law of economics, supply and demand. >> well, i understand. i raised it with both the governor and his wife when i talked to them both. that is that ronald reagan proved the third time could be a charm. richard nixon after failing to get the win in 1968 years later comes back and gets the nomination and the win. so there is some precedent. but that it would be an uphill battle because so many other contenders are in the mix. >> for governor romney to not announce or have stated that he wants to run or is leading the pack, that states volumes about the desire.
1:52 pm
>> and make sure that i can have everything in place and, if i choose to run, then i will choose the time and place of but i wouldn't be rushed. >> has he talked to you about this, what you're up to? >> i'm the chair of the party, the way we think of this is that we're kind of peasants out of there,'re grass roots, that's right, we come and we push individuals like governor romney and not just there, we also push, and i have to make this announcement, how excited we are to be the state, utah, the first state to send a black woman republican to congress, mia love. so that just tells you about the state of utah, it's an
1:53 pm
extraordinary state and governor romney is a resident of utah and he will make an extraordinary president. >> from vladimir putin, to what will happen with these are rescues, so he could come back as the i told you so candidate. but he seems to be pretty insistent, you think you can change his mind? >> you say he's the i told you so, i say he's the mr. fix it. our country is broken. governor romney has a track record of resolving problems and putting us in a better position than we were before. that's what this country needs, but more important, governor romney is not interested in taking credit for anything, he just wants to get the matters revolved and leave america better than he found it and that's what we need for president. forget talking about another white house run, but is the money behind another mitt romney run? i'm going to be exploring that
1:54 pm
with a leading gop fund raiser, who says don't dismiss this talk of romney running and the build up of support of governor romney running. and t and. meanwhile you have heard about michael brown. ♪ it's cyber monday at verizon! hurry online to snap up our best cyber monday deals! like the lg g3 in blaze red, now free! the incredible 7-inch verizon ellipsis tablet, also free. and get a $150 credit for every smartphone you switch. so, hurry online and get it all on america's largest, most reliable 4g lte network! verizon.
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. we have all heard of this kid, michael brown, but here's another name for you, devlin's murder received scant media cover rachblg and now one of his schools is honoring him by changing its name to st. brenden's academy. that's sad, but i expect you're right. >> it's true, it's a double standard in media, this kid was
1:58 pm
blond, athletic, he wasn't black, he wasibilin't shot by ae cop but it wasn't taken seriously, this guy not only killed him, allegedly, but also allegedly killed two guys in seattle. >> and jihadists, and it's kind of crazy stuff, but it's true. should be scarier for blacks and whites because that would imply something a little bit bigger. >> he had jihadist scribblings in his notebook and he said it was a just kill and the media ignored it. by the time it bubbled u up to the national media, fox news was the only one covering it. but it wasn't main stream media? >> i remember we covered it as well as we did this gathering out there in australia of all these jihadist groups that were planning massive beheadings in australia. but it does get very scant
1:59 pm
coverage. why do you think that is? i know it's always race-baiting that goes on. al sharpton was among the ministers meeting with the president today. even another minister on this show said he's an agitator, he doesn't help the situation. why do we keep doing this? >> we don't have, number one, that says jihadists, that he killed for that reason. why is that? well, we were going into an election, remember that? i don't think we wanting terrorists on american soil during that time? could it be that he wasn't prosecuted as a terrorist that they didn't cover it? it is fair to say that not a lot of people in the community were outraged, and didn't make a huge fuss about this, people heard about it, and his mother went on greta talking about it, greta's show. but it wasn't as if there was this public outcry of this jihadist of went on this killing
2:00 pm
spree. >> but 1,000 did attend a concert in devlin's honor last night. >> and a lot of people on facebook, he finally was trending on facebook. >> as he should be. if you're enraged about one, you should be enrages by the other. i'm kimberly, along with bob, eric, dana and greg. this is "the five." hewe hope you all had a nic thanksgiving weekend. and today in washington, president obama held three meetings in the wake of the unrest in ferguson. he met with his own cabinet and civil rights leaders and they called for bigger spending to better equip police. one person in attendance in the white house today, reverend al sharpton who was pretty fired up over the weekend. >> we


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