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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  December 3, 2014 3:00am-6:01am PST

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responded. bye. good morning. it is wednesday, december 3, 2014. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. we start with a fox news alert. he is a leader of the islamic state, but now authorities may have a bargaining tool against a brutal terrorist: his wife and his kid. where they're being held and what this means for the war on isis. >> could michael brown's step father be charged with a crime for this? >> [bleep]. [bleep]. >> well, maybe. the latest details on the fallout from ferguson. >> christmas canceled? why one mom is saying so long to presents. all to teach her kids a very important lesson about life. but did she go too far? while you think about that, let me tell you this: mornings are indeed better with friends. >> you're watching "fox &
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friends," the number one morning cable news show in america. >> sounds like he said that under diewr reyes. i'll -- under duress. >> welcome to "fox & friends." as you can see all our lights are on because tonight they light the christmas tree. that is why nobody is driving down sixth avenue. >> a festive day. i love this time of year. >> this is why you should get a lite brite for christmas. >> that was my favorite gift. i love it. >> it's beautiful. thank you very much for joining us on this wednesday, and we start with a fox news alert. at this hour the wife of isis leader al baggedi, the wife -- al baghdad did i is being questioned after officials cam toured here. >> joining us live with the breaking details is leland
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vittert. >> good morning. certainly a big development. so far the pentagon is only issuing a nondenial confirmation of the capture, refuse to go say much about what appears to be on its surface a lesbian niece -- a lebanese operation to capture the wife of al baghdadi. he reportedly has multiple wives and which one it is has raised a question. one official is suggesting it could be an ex-wife which could explain why she was in lebanon. on the other hand it is known the woman has close ties to al baghdadi. people within his circle hold significant power, including women. there could be other reasons for her whereabouts. >> he's a recognized leader of isil, and command and control of the organization which stems from leadership
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makes him valid in our minds from a targeting perspective, and i won't go beyond that. i'm not going to talk about a lebanese military operation. >> some tap dancing by the pentagon spokesman. in the past little while, a spokesman for the iraqi interior minister said this woman, while an iraqi national, is not the terror leader's wife. while the lebanese are reportedly holding this woman and her child, she could offer very valuable intelligence to the u.s. teams leading the fight against isis including firsthand information about the leader, his habits, where he lives, how he works, all things needed to build a targeting profile. also the child in this could be key if they can provide the necessary d.n.a. to match against in the event of a strike to prove that the u.s. indeed got that -- their man if they have baghdadi in their sights. >> that d.n.a. evidence could be powerful.
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powerful. >> could be very helpful. >> zarkawawi, we got his wife, she didn't talk. >> remember the night of the start of the violence in ferguson, missouri, michael brown, who was killed in that altercation with the police officer, his step father so incomprehensived that there was no -- so incensed that there was no indictment outside the city hall, he was recorded saying this -- >> [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] >> so that's troubling. there are people who were in the crowd who said -- in
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fact, a st. louis alderman said the mood changed after he said that, the crowd lost control. now they are considering charging him with inciting violence. >> they are investigating that, attempting to determine whether he was trying to incite a riot on november 24 as he screamed burn this bleep down. >> detective ted williams thought about this and said not a good idea. >> this is like pouring kerosene on a fryer if they bring this. i can see the community now. you didn't charge officer wilson and now you're charging his father. >> 100%. what the heck is that? to go back and do that, especially -- the guy in some way obviously is grieving. he's angry. everybody handles it differently. was he irresponsible?
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yes. but should you charge him? >> the charge would be based on, the statute would say specifically was he -- did he have a premeditated intent to incite a riot. when you watch it unfurl, you realize maybe he was just -- it just came out of nowhere. it was a dumb thing to say. >> a natural state of mourning or is it really trying to get the crowd riled up? remember the attorney for the family, benjamin crump saying it was inappropriate but we should offer him grace at the same time for his sadness. >> as you know, if you want to protest everyone is saying hands up, don't shoot, because everyone thought, but judging from the transcript, he never said that. i watched a high school, they left in the middle saying hands up, don't shoot, they walk ever to
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the cameras. we watched the st. louis rams saying hands up don't shoot. the congressional black caucus did the same thing on the house floor. >> remember where that came from too, the original witness. you see them on the floor putting their hands up. >> he said that that's what michael brown said. >> this becomes the new symbol. >> there they are right now. there were witnesses, african-american witnesses and the autopsy proved that michael brown dmot have his hands up when he was shot. and what the congressional black caucus is doing is they are essentially repeating something that is not true. it is a lie. lieutenant colonel allen west has no appetite for this and said this about his colleagues. former colleagues, that is. >> you cannot have people that are putting out this false information. once again, truly deceiving the american people. furthermore, if the congressional black caucus doesn't want to be silent, why aren't they talking
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about all the deaths and shootings of young black men in chicago? why aren't they talking about the defamation of the black family? why aren't they talking about the 25 small businesses that were burned to the ground that did not participate in small business saturday? those are the real issues they should be talking about, not the politicized issue that they're taking up. >> that wasn't the only action on capitol hill yesterday. there was some things, they were actually getting down to business trying to fill out the lame duck session and get to the bottom of a few things. for example, did the president overstep when it came to his executive action on immigration. jeh johnson was grilled and others were asked for their you be sight including the executive director of the national immigration law center. >> she was asked whether the executive overstepped. she said opposing the grounds was racist.
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>> do you believe there is some other reason that makes this president different from all other presidents? >> i have to say i do believe this is different. he is the first african-american president. he is being attacked for a number of issues. >> for you to run to race as the explanation for why we hold the position we do, harry reid had a very different perspective on recess appointments when there was a texan in the white house and none of us accused him of geographic discrimination. in fact, for that matter senator obama had a different matter on executive overreach than president obama and nobody runs to race as an explanation for that. alluding o the 20 times the president himself said it would be an overreach to take the action he actually d. and democrats stepped in here opposing the unilateral action. joe campbell, tom carper, al franken. these are democrats. is she also throwing the
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flame their way in terms of a racist halt on executive action because the president is black? come on. >> that is a one side go-to excuse. you don't like the president because you are a racist. how many times over the last six years have we heard that? >> countless. >> a million. as we see on capitol hill now, they're not buying it anymore. >> we're going to turn to ainsley earhardt who joins us. a big day today with another grand jury that could possibly break. >> we'll have to see about it. thanks for that introduction. the nypd preparing for potential riots at this very hour. that's because a grand jury is expected to decide on whether to indict an officer for the death of eric garner. this video shows the officer putting him in a choke hold after garner resisted arrest for selling cigarettes illegally. he later died. to indict the officer 12 of the 22 jurors would have to vote yes on that charge. 15 jurors are white. the others are hispanic or
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black. >> cops found the body of 21-year-old brook fowler. she is a college student. she was working in a restaurant. she was trapped inside a three foot by three foot dumb waiter. >> our heart goes out to the parents that have this beautiful daughter taken from them. >> police say that it's likely she was using that elevator to move food. >> the new secretary of defense could be named today. ashton carter, a former second in command at the pentagon, is reportedly in line to replace chuck hagel, this as we learn that hagel refused to hold off on resigning. the white house wanted to have his replacement ready when hagel called to quit but hagel reportedly didn't want to wait. a spectacular car crash caught on camera. a woman slamming into a light pole and her car goes plunging into the river below. this happened in china. witnesses rushed to the scene as the car filled with water. a man used his jacket as a rope to help that woman escape. she appears to be okay, as you can see.
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those are your headlines. >> you have a lot of cameras over there. >> lucky to be alive. 12 minutes after the top of the hour. straight ahead, a fake hero learns the hard way if you're going to impersonate a u.s. army ranger, make sure there aren't any real vets nearby. >> it should be up here. why don't you admit you're phony? you know it's illegal; right? >> nitwit. this morning a huge update to that important story. >> you know the capital of the united states? better learn it if you want to graduate. >> it's a tough one. do i get multiple choice? ♪ ♪ ♪ it's the purple pill, the #1 prescribed acid blocking brand,
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welcome back. don't know much about history? well, a recent study found only 24% of high school students had at least a proficient level of civics knowledge and skills. and now there is a push to require high school students to pass a citizenship test essentially in order to graduate. north dakota just unveiled that proposal. >> at least seven other states are considering it.
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sir, why is this important that this become part of education, really essential to graduate for these high school students, in your opinion? >> our government is like a sports car. if you don't know how to drive it, you're going to end up crashing in the ditch. civics is the keys to the car. it's the manual to get everything done. we need to get back to a focus on civics education. our government was not founded for people who are not engaged and focused in this process. and this is just critical. we've let it go by the wayside. we've done so to promote the stem subjects: science, technology, english, math. those are critically important, sure, but if you don't know how your government works, you can't make it work for you. >> let's take a look at three of the 100 questions that we're talking about. keep in mind, these are the same questions that immigrants are asked before they get into this country officially. what's the name of the president of the united states? i think we know that. name one branch -- there are three -- or part of the
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government. i think we can handle that. and what is the capital of the united states of america? sam, these are the same questions that immigrants have to correctly answer a certain number of them before they're allowed here in the united states. doesn't it just make sense? isn't it kind of a no brainer to have young people before they, you know, enter the world know what the heck's going on? >> absolutely it does. how can we require this of new immigrants coming to this country who want to be part of this process but we don't require this of our own kids? you know, you can look at every reference in pop culture. kids know everything. they can give you a celebrity's life story but they can't tell you who the vice president of the united states is. >> the capacity is there to learn a lot. kids are really smart right now and i think part of the duty falls upon the shoulders of administrators and teachers to make it
3:19 am
interesting to them again. >> absolutely. >> what we're asking for is a rebirth of civics education across the country, a refocus on it. this we look at as just the concrete first step to doing that. we want schools to get kids engaged. get them engaged in their communities. get them volunteering. get them out there working with campaigns, working, seeing how government interacts with their lives on a daily basis. >> i think it's a great idea. >> i love it. >> could we maybe have this thing in the united states where before you vote you actually know what's going on? maybe five questions. would that be too much? >> you know, i think they tried that some time ago and the supreme court shot it down. we would definitely like to see people be educated on this stuff, because you know, when you're engaged in the process, when you take control of it, this country responds to you. >> i think the youngsters are going to surprise everybody. once taught it they're going to surprise you with
3:20 am
how much they will actually know. >> kids today are amazing. >> they really are. >> thank you very much. you have to name at least one justice of the supreme court too to become an american citizen. >> they'll do it. i trust them. >> exactly 20 minutes after the top of the hour this wednesday. she hangs out with "the bold and the beautiful" but now this soap opera producer is going to be america's newest ambassador. >> a child chase with no end in sight until a famous tv star jumps into action. what in the world was he thinking? ♪ ♪ ♪
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you probably know him as the tough-talking star of operation repo. >> this is a repo session. start doing your job. i tell you what. your guy can move it if you guys are union or whatever, i'm going to move it. >> this ain't right! >> the repo session king has another title. try hero.
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the reality star stepped on the streets of los angeles when a suspect driving a stolen bmw slammed into a car stopping traffic. that guy jumps out and almost like a cartoon with a skateboard in his hand tries to get away. he gets about a block with the cops on his tail but it came to an end when pizarro cuts him off. police took the guy into custody. joining us is the action star himself, the star of "operation repo." congratulations on doing that. set the scene for us. where were you? how did you know it was unfolding? >> thank you. i was directly in front of the guy in the truck at a light, and i seen the lapd helicopter hovering. seen all the action. i watched this car running from the police officers. then this dummy reends somebody. that's when it got real for
3:26 am
me. he hit this car, got out, started running down the street. i wanted to slow this guy down. that way the cops could take him down, take him into custody. that was my thought at the time. >> you found a way, or anticipated his move and ended up pinning him against a fence. where does that instinct come from? >> it is one of those things. my marine corps days, all the years as a repossesser, dealing with a lot of people, just being able to read people. >> right. i have to say a guy in a bmw who gets out and tries to get away in a skateboard, it is hard to read and anticipate that. but when you did it and the cops saw what you did and you helped bring this guy to justice, did they say to you thanks, don't do that again? did they say thanks and recognize who you are. >> they actually said thank you. they actually were giggling about it. one of the cops did recognize me. he didn't say anything and then he told one of the female officers there and
3:27 am
they're like oh wow. they were like wow really? they were shaking my hand. it was pretty interesting. i don't recommend that you do this, but it just happened. it was instinct at the time but it turned okay. >> you got spreet smart in -- street smart in the bronx, were in the marines, in a area show, thanks so much for your time and your service. >> you too. >> coming up straight ahead, isis threatening our military members here at home but this medal of honor recipient has a message to the terrorists. come and get me. do you know what is in the cargo hold of a plane that you're on? how about this? the explosive new findings
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children and adolescents in particular may be at an increased risk of seizures, confusion or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. so don't wait. attack the flu virus at its source. ask your doctor about tamiflu. prescription for flu. ♪ >> it almost doesn't look real but it is our shot of the morning as a christmas gift to all of us here at "fox & friends" from the blue angels navy flight team. this photo shows the daredevil performers in manhattan. as you can see, the group of elite aviators travel around the country to perform for millions of spectators each and every year. thank you, blue angels. look at the bottom. all the guys signed it.
3:32 am
that is fantastic. >> what a great gift. >> how many times, sorry, guys, do it again. i missed it. one more time, go around the front. one more time, go a little bit higher. >> suddenly you have a great appreciation for our camera men? >> not really. only kidding. i will say this, they come to long island every year and do the jones beach show. it's pretty amazing. >> they go everywhere. it's fantastic. >> yesterday we told you about a terror threat amongst not only what's happening overseas, what's happening at home. they say, hey, military members, do yourself a favor, take down all your social media stuff that allows people to be able to track you and find out what your habits are and what you do because isis could come here. people that like isis could try to take you out because that was the go sign they gave. >> the f.b.i. bulletin says this, the f.b.i. has recommended that current and former members of the
3:33 am
military review their on-line social media accounts for any information that might serve to attract the attention of isil, isis and its supporters. >> a guest of ours on the show, medal of honor recipient, in "scout" magazine they excerpted something from his facebook and website regarding this isil/isis threat, he wrote this. if isil is using something to track me, that's a dream come true in my book. these guys are a bufnlg of bullies that prey on the week. i can't travel there anymore now. so having them come to me would help a lot. isis targeting the military is like a sheep targeting a lion. hopefully one of these a's shows up. they'll definitely get more than they want at my place. at the conclusion of it he gives the town he lives in and he essentially is
3:34 am
welcoming them to come and try something. >> talk about fire. >> this on the heels of another report overseas that a lot of people who sign up for isis are not having a good time. they want to go home. there is no running water. others are forced to go on the front lines and no one taught them how to fight. that is the problem with getting recruited. you probably didn't read the whole brochure. i wouldn't let them come back. if they go, stop letting them back in your country, all these european nations. >> great work for the recipient of the medal of honor. so strong in taking the lead in saying you may try to take this or that, you're not taking my social media. he has a huge presence. leadership move, congratulations to you and thank you again for such strength. >> meanwhile bring it on headlines with ainsley earhardt. >> good morning, guys. thank you so much. good to see you. here's what happened while you were sleeping overnight. she made her name producing soap operas like these. >> and i make sugar cookies
3:35 am
too shaped like little storing. >> now colleen bradley bell is being named as the next ambassador to hungary. when asked about her qualifications, the white house secretary josh earnest could hardly defend her. >> as it relates to ambassador bell, she is somebody who retains the confidence -- let me say it this way. ambassador bell has the president's confidence that she will do an excellent job. >> senator john mccain also blasting her inexperience and drawing attention to $80,000 that she donated to the president for president obama's reelection campaign. a washington man with a criminal history is back behind bars for allegedly threatening to kill white police officers including officer darren wilson. the man coming to the attention of the f.b.i. after posting numerous threats on facebook. many related to the shooting of michael brown. one of those postings coming the day of the ferguson grand jury announcement saying darren wilson needs to be killed along with anybody else
3:36 am
wearing a badge. lithium ion batteries are found in nearly every gadget that you own from phones to tablets to your laptop. and if you pack a lot of this on the plane the results can be deadly. shocking video released by the f. a a. showing how quickly those batteries can heat up. if they're damaged, defective or packed improperly. right now shipments on passenger planes are limited. but there's a loophole that allows shippers to get around those rules. dozens of fires and smoke problems including crashes are linked to lithium batteries. a fake hero might face criminal charges after getting called out by a real veteran for impersonating a u.s. army ranger. >> you know it's illegal right, what you're doing right now? >> let me tell you [inaudible] >> you wouldn't.
3:37 am
you are phony. i called you out on about ten different things. what you're doing now is illegal. i've worn that [bleep] uniform and had friends killed while wearing that [bleep] uniform. stolen valor. >> a pennsylvania lawmaker asking the u.s. attorneys office to determine if the man can be charged with violating the 2013 stolen valor act to get military discounts on black friday. yetman was confronted at a mall in philadelphia. he joined us yesterday on "fox & friends." >> to see somebody try and claim that sacrifice or dedication my friends did really irked me. >> the video since going viral, viewed over 2.5 million times. and those are your headlines. >> he did it to get a discount at the mall. >> save a few bucks. >> evidently was talking to kids about what it was like to serve and that drove ryan crazy.
3:38 am
>> it's weather time. maria is out on the streets. maria, tonight here at rockefeller center they light the tree. perfect weather. >> that's right. we're looking at relatively mild weather today across parts of the east. look at mild temperatures across the east coast. 60 degrees the high temperature in new york city. not bad for the month of december. in the 60's across portions of the southeast. where it is cold is the northern plains. take a look at the city of man yip police, 20 -- minneapolis, 20 degrees for your high temperature. that is the actual temperatures not wind chill. we have showers we're tracking scattered out across parts of pennsylvania and virginia. in new england it is cold enough that some of those showers are producing a wintry mix. in states like maip be -- states like maine be careful on the roadways. a big story ongoing across california a big storm system rolling in bringing in areas of heavy rain.
3:39 am
we've already picked up two to four inches of rain locally in many areas. the threat of mudslides is in place across the sierra nevada. this is welcome news. we need the moisture. we continue to see extreme to exceptional drought conditions in place across most of the state of california. we'll take the moisture but it's a little bit too much too fast and that's a concern there for flooding and mudslides. let's head back inside. >> maria, thank you very much. >> coming up, sorry kids, christmas is canceled. a mom pulling the plug on santa to teach her kids a lesson, but is she going too far? that mom is here live with us next. >> the emergency room is packed with accident-prone people this time of year. what you need to know if you need serious treatment like surgery. should you postpone it until after christmas, after the first of the year? dr. samadi making a house
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swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a free 30-tablet trial. two quick international headlines. fox news alert. iran is launching airstrikes against isis in iraq. this may be the first time tehran has launched a manned aircraft from inside iran to strike targets in iraq. the pentagon confirms this happened but the department of defense insisting it is not coordinating activities with iran, which might be worse. jihadists in syria writing home to their families and the letters are filled with regrets. those who flocked to fight with isis hoping for adventure are now whining about the cold, the chores and even the music. one french jihadist writing he want to come home because -- quote -- "my ipod doesn't work
3:44 am
anymore." tough! >> meanwhile don't let the holidays turn into a major headache like this classic scene from "christmas vacation." >> it's only funny because i've been there and done that. there are some guidelines everybody should know in case your health and the holidays collide. fox news medical a team dr. david samadi joins us on this. good morning to you. these are some reasons why people should perhaps think twice about going to the emergency room and seeing a doctor, and one of them is common christmas mishaps. you know what? yuletide mishaps. putting up the lights very common. my wife won't let me take them down if i do put them up. >> this is a time you see a lot of patients come in. you have the fireplace, the lights, people are starting
3:45 am
to drink. the hospital is going to very busy. july is the beginning of the year for us, not january. medical year starts in july. december is crazy because everybody wants to come in. they have paid their deductibles. they already have the insurance paid for january. everybody comes in for their plastic surgery, i have prostate cancer. i want the surgery done now. >> because of their deductible? >> that's right. we are very, very busy now. you want to be careful about these mishaps. we see a lot of them. >> a lot things like that happen around holiday time. what about if you are thinking about surgery? should you plan to have the surgery before the end of the year or maybe because so many people are going to be off you should think maybe january looks good? >> i think this is a real thing. you should have a conversation with your surgeon. there are some people -- for example, you know my style, i'm always on 24 hours 7 days. >> take a day off, would you. >> the last week of
3:46 am
december i always take off and i talk to the patients. you don't want to have the tion withround that time. your surgeon, finding out to see is he there after surgery, what's going to happen after the follow up. you don't want to go to your gynecologist for eight months and when you have the delivery he's nowhere to be found. having a conversation with your surgeon and knowing whether he's around for the holidays, who is going to cover for him, these are healthy discussions this time of year. >> absolutely. starting with thanksgiving through the end of the year and through january coverage is going to be spotty at hospitals. you suggest if you feel you need to see somebody go to a doc in the box, urgent care, walk-in clinics. >> these are great places if you have bruises, cuts, simple things, low fever you don't want to go to the emergency room. >> why? >> you're going to catch more disease in the emergency room. >> that's where the sick people are. >> that is exactly right. for simple things this is a
3:47 am
great place. they suture, you're out quick. you don't have a long waiting list et cetera. you only want to go to the emergency room if you have serious stuff, heart attack, chest pain, stroke. for major problems. there is a trick i will tell you. when you go to the emergency room we'll find out within 30 seconds whether you're really sick or not and if you're not you're going to be sitting there for five hours. >> how do you know where 30 seconds? >> we look at e.k.g., symptoms. if it's a real chest pain you're going to come in immediately. if it's a bruise you're not at the top of the list. there's something called triage and we'll decide who needs to go in or not. advice for you during this time of the year where we have so many accidents, et cetera, use urgent care for simple things. if you want a z pack there is no reason for you to be in the emergency room waiting for hours and hours. then you end up going home with a new cold, new bacteria and infection.
3:48 am
it works. but having a conversation with your doctor, finding out what is his schedule, and if it's not urgent, push it to january and it works really well. >> i'm going to wait until february for my nose job. >> you don't need it. >> dr. samadi, thank you so much. >> good to see you, steve. happy holidays. >> indeed. 12 minutes before the top of the hour. up next, sorry kids, christmas has been canceled. one mom told santa to skip her house because her kids are spoiled. does that sound familiar? now the mom is being attacked. she will join us next. plus it's one of the best movies ever made and now you can own a piece of "smokey and the bandit." hello burt. >> drop me off here. i'll catch a cab. >> too late now.
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imagine if you told your kids that they won't be getting any christmas presents this year. well, that's exactly what one mom is doing. she's making her kids give their gifts to charity. she says she's doing it to, quote, teach them the pleasure of giving, continuing to feed their childhood desire for more, end quote. so is this the right approach or is she going too far? here to debate it, mom and blogger lisa henderson and jeannie canyen. author. thank you for joining us. heated debate during autism great stress. lisa, i want to start with you.
3:53 am
on your blog, you said your kids are becoming more ungrateful than ever. why was canceling christmas the solution for your family? >> we just wanted to do something that was big for our kids to help them realize that it's not all about getting. so it just seemed like the right time to really give them a really good intense experience to enjoy giving instead of getting. >> do you think it's too harsh? >> we're still celebrating. we're still doing our normal christmas traditions and we're still celebrating the birth of the savior. we just simply this year, not even dad and i are getting any presents. we're just taking our presents budget and giving it to people who could use it more than us. >> so no gifts for them? >> no gifts. >> genie, are you cool for that? >> i have a lot of respect for what she's desire to go do. i think canceling christmas is not the way to do it. we're already under so much
3:54 am
pressure to purge christmas from our culture, from our stores and schools. christmas needs to start, not end, at home of the as parents, we have this opportunity to decide if we're going to make christmas about the miracle or the material. and the good news is we can even make gift giving to our kids about the miracle. we teach them that we give gifts to them at christmas and it's not a lot. it's not excessive. it's pretty small actually. but the gifts are a reflection of not whether they've been good or bad. the gifts are a reflection, they are an undeserved and unearned gift that we give them at christmas just like the gift of jesus is an unearned and undeserved gift at christmas. so it's how we inject meaning into christmas rather than just rejecting it all together. >> lisa, what do you say to that? they don't have to be mutually exclusive is what i'm hearing. christmas time, gift giving and the real meaning. do you believe maybe overshot by not having your kids get gifts?
3:55 am
how do you handle gifts moving forward? >> i don't think we did because i think that's what leads to entitlement in children is that they expect something based like -- like not based off of their behavior. where here, we feel like in our home where we didn't appreciate the behavior they were doing, that this was a way to say, you know what? your behavior has a consequence. just because it's a consequence, it doesn't mean it has to be a negative consequence. we're having a blast turning this into a different kind of a gift and just looking at it maybe that instead of giving our kids actual physical gifts, we're giving our kids the gift of perspective and the gift of really the true meaning of christmas and that is what is so great about it is i feel like we're get down to what christmas is really all about, which is the birth of the savior and giving and just that spirit of giving rather than just -- >> it has become so
3:56 am
commercialized. >> you both have great intention, about i'm hearing the word consequence in there. jeannie, do you have a word on that? >> i think it's a great idea to use christmas as an opportunity to teach our kids about giving and loving and sharing. our family is doing some of the similar things she is. just on sunday we had a party where we stuffed stockings for beautiful kids in an orphanage in haiti and shipped them on monday. but i think what we have to remember is that christmas is not about doing more and trying harder and being better to be worthy of gifts. christmas is about anticipating and celebrating the greatest gift that's already been given and that's the unconditional love of god and the birth of jesus christ. that's what i wrote my book about. it's about how can we as parents, how can we weave the your honor conditional love of god into our parenting and not just at christmas, but how can we get our kids into this
3:57 am
mindset of giving? >> both of you are great moms. thank you both for being here. >> thank you for having us. >> more "fox & friends" coming up. >> thank you.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
good morning. today is wednesday, december 3. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a surprising twist in ferguson, missouri. could michael brown's stepfather be charged with a crime for saying this? >> [ bleep ] [ bleep ] >> we'll have a lot to say about that. we're reading your e-mails straight ahead. a bombshell revelation slips out during a hearing on capitol hill. four terrorists snuck into the u.s. and instead of locking them up, we set them free in canada. good luck. >> great. meanwhile, it's one of the best movies ever made.
4:01 am
>> let me out here. i'll catch a cab. >> too late now. >> thank you for that trick. how you can own a piece of "smoky and the bandit" action. how? sit back and relax and enjoy the next hour of "fox & friends." >> hi, this is jane seymore and you're watching "fox & friends," which is by far the most fun show ever. >> wow. >> thank you very much. >> by the way, she is not a real medicine woman. she just played that, right? she also has a role in jewelry. >> she's been on selling it. >> and she paints. >> one of her kids or -- didn't she have twins that were the gerber baby? remember that? >> i guess so. >> she was the gerber baby. she was the original one, right? remind us if we're wrong. >> something like that. great that she is starting her day with us and you as well. we start this hour with a fox news alert.
4:02 am
two admitted terrorists set free on u.s. soil and then they bolt for canada. homeland security chief, jay johnson, dropping that bombshell during a capitol hill hearing yesterday. leeland vittert picks up the story from washington. thousand that happen? >> good morning. you have to ask the judge who let at least two of them out in september. a group of four turks were caught on the southern border coming in illegally. they allegedly have ties to a pro-kurdish party in turkey that is a designated terrorist organization. the dhs so far has released two of them. >> these four people with ties to a terrorist organization were caught illegally crossing the border into texas in september. you said they would be deported. did you deport them? >> no, not at this point. >> what is the disposition of those four people? >> two are detained.
4:03 am
the two others were released by the judge. not my preference. they were released by the judge. they fled to canada and they are seeking asylum in canada. >> now at one.secretary johnson appeared to get into a discussion if the group should be considered a terrorist organization. the washington times reports the men were smuggled as part of an elaborate group. it's not clear why they came to the united states. at least right now. obviously dhs can't ask two of them because they are in canada. the canadians reportedly say those with ties to terrorist organizations are not eligible for refugee status or asylum. back to you guys. >> what a story. thank you very much. >> the pkk is fighting with the kurds because they are kurds in kobani against isis, which gets the turks mad. >> as the terrorists go, they're
4:04 am
the good terrorist. >> that's the way we look at them. because even though we might designate them as one evil -- we probably don't want them in canada. >> too close. >> better canada than here. >> right, unless they're canadian. >> that's the problem. in ferguson, police are cons michael brown's stepdad for inciting a mob to be violent in the hours after the grand jury's decision not to indict officer wilson there. listen to what he said and why they're looking into it. take a listen. >> [ bleep ] [ bleep ] [ bleep ] >> things did burn down after he said it. i think it's kind of unrelated perhaps. but louis head is his name. he got carried away even his
4:05 am
lawyer said he shouldn't have done that. but should he be charged? >> that's what they're weighing now. a st. louis alderman said today after he said that, the mood changed, things got a little out of control. so should he be charged? that would really incite things, you would think. one writes on facebook on this wednesday morning, you can't yell fire in a movie theater. charge him. >> and larry on twitter saying it would be the same as pouring gas on a fire. it would make things worse. >> and atlanta said this, in a much higher voice, it doesn't matter if it makes matters worse. it doesn't matter what the mob wants or doesn't want. do the right thing. and that's pretty much -- i was just on facebook while you were on the air. that was pretty much what 90% of the e-mails are. >> later on in the program, we have peter kinder on who repeatedly called for head's arrestst. we'll ask him if he still holds that position and if he thinks it will make things worse there in ferguson. >> after the grand jury said we're not going to indict
4:06 am
officer wilson, there was rioting. there was looting. yet lost in it is what michael brown did to precipitate the altercation with the cop. remember, it started with a robbery and then he wound up attack and assaulting a police officer. for some reason, a lot of people just never mention that part. one tv commentator on with bill o'reilly last night had this to say about that. >> if we're look for cops to behave a certain way, maybe one of the ways you change the cops' behavior is change your own. cops have a job to do. i don't think -- they got better things to do than go around harassing people and pick out people because of their skin color. they don't want no trouble. they want to do their jobs and go home to their families. yes, it's correct, we would have a lot of chaos if it wasn't for the police. i know all police ain't bad, just like all blacks ain't bad. so we got to be fair as far as
4:07 am
that goes. i think there is a lot more good cops than bad cops. >> law enforcement are getting hammered and not saying much except for the police chief we had on in milwaukee who goes on last night. but i would say this, remember he grabbed michael and the cop dragged him in the car. >> that's 'cause that was the one witness who talked to the press. >> the story changed as you got to see the grand jury transcript. you heard the cop on television and in print. >> it's a privilege to be able to have the real raw conversations that occurred in what we just heard there. let us know what you think about all this. we'll read them on facebook and twitter. in the meantime, we'll turn to ainsley who has more to bring you. >> thank you so much. the nypd preparing for riots at this hour. that's because a grand jury is expected to decide on whether to indict an officer for the death of eric garner. you remember this video, the officer putting beganner in a choke hold after he resisted arrest for selling cigarettes
4:08 am
illegally. garner later died. the officer will be indicted if 12 of the 23 jurors vote yes on that charge. 15 jurors are white and eight are hispanic or black. he is the leader of the islamic state, but now authorities have a bargaining tool against the brutal terrorist. they have his wife and his child. at this hour, the wife of al bagdadi is being questioned in lebanon just one day after she was reportedly captured crossing the border from syria. an iraqi official denying that she is the troy leader's wife. first he called american voters stupid and now obamacare architect jonathan gruber offering a some tactical advice to republicans in a video that just surfaced from 2012. the m.i.t. professor says forget the idea of repeal. critics can kill it from the inside. >> so you don't need active repeal. you just need ignoring the law and letting it wither on the vine. that may be enough. that's the major threat.
4:09 am
i think the law faces. >> gruber will be grilled on capitol hill. what's more iconic than bert reynolds' mustache? maybe his 1977 pontiac trans am from "smoky and the bandit." >> stop me out here. i'll catch a cab. >> too late now. >> that famous car is now up for auction. it wasn't used in the film, but it was used to promote the movie and was later given to reynolds as a gift. it has a v 8 engine and over 12,000 miles on it. the current bid, $75,000 and it can be yours. those are your headlines. >> that's one of those cars if you're handy like steve and elisabeth, you can actually work on engine, right? those are the old days. >> i can change the oil. >> spark plugs? >> sure. >> first time i went to change the oil, i emptied the antifreeze and i asked my mom, should oil be green? >> how did do you that?
4:10 am
>> i'm not good at it. >> i took out the plug and the oil came out and i actual lea had the book out next to me and that's where the oil should have been. >> now you can't do anything to your cars. >> now i just have to pay people to do very basic things. 'tis the season for hiring somebody to change your oil. plus christmas around the corner and the atheist group, american atheists, have taken up some billboards in a number of communities in the bible belt and this is what it says. dear santa, all i want for christmas is to skip church. i'm too old for fairy tales. keep in mind these atheist groups do this every year about this time just to get publicity and they got some. >> they're getting specific because they're near the residential areas of schools and churches and putting memphis, nashville, st. louis, springdale and milwaukee. what do you think about that letter to santa? let us know on facebook, twitter and e-mail. we will read yours. >> i think works for both causes. it gets people talking about
4:11 am
atheists and also saying remember what the season is about. it beats 99 bottles of beer. you get to say hey, let's look at the sign. >> would you want your kid to see that sign? >> yeah, because it brings up the debate? >> what's the debate? >> please don't yell at me in front of steve. it brings up the conversation. >> absolutely. >> with a four-year-old? >> the great thing about it is they can say anything they want to. if they can hire a billboard company to put that up, let them do it. my church doesn't have spare money to spend on billboards. they actually help the homeless and feed hungry people. so if their intimate, this atheist group is rile up believers at the time of christmas with cash that could be spent on people suffering, that's what they're doing. >> lot of conversations in the cars. mommy, what does thatmean? let us know what you think about that. >> it says fairy tale. do you believe in them? >> i know al michaels believed in miracles. coming up straight ahead, a
4:12 am
major u.s. cell phone carrier making an offer that's hard to refuse. switch to them and they'll cut your bill in half. is there a catch? >> sounds great. >> and will the president's -- chuck hagel as the next secretary of defense? next, what you should know about ashton carter. >> who? >> not kucher. >> there are reports that president obama's finally found a nominee to replace defense secretary chuck hagel. his name is ashton carter. sounds more like a member of the boy band. president obama had a hard time finding someone who actually wanted to be defense secretary. i think i can see why. i mean, here is chuck hagel when he stepped down. and here is robert gates right after he stepped down. i have a feeling that step down is a lot steeper than it looks.
4:13 am
4:14 am
4:15 am
4:16 am
could chuck hagel's right hand man still become his successor? rumors more thanking that ashton carter may be the next secretary of defense, or at least the nominee. what are his qualification as soon as is he the right man for the job? how is this resonating with the officers in the military? let's ask retired four star general jack keane with
4:17 am
impeccable at the cree tensions and contacts. would this be a good move for the administration? is this a good guy? >> yeah, absolutely. ashton carter is very experienced. he served all four years of this administration's first four in the second and third position in department of defense and he also spent three years in a key position during the clinton administration. he stayed in the business while out of government as well at harvard and m.i.t. he's very bright, as i indicated, he's experienced. what i like about him is in addition to those qualifications, that he's very approachable. he truly listens and he truly tries to understand. so i think the generals will enjoy working with him. >> we'll see, because we understand two things. number one, we find out yesterday that secretary of defense hagel when he heard he was going to be ousted was asked to stay on, he said no. what does that indicate to you about the relationships between the secretary of defense and the defense department and the white house? >> well, it's pretty obvious
4:18 am
that this relationship between secretary hagel and the president and the people that surround him is clearly frayed. he was on a different page when it came to the strategy in iraq and syria, likely also in afghanistan, but not publicly stated as such. and the fact of the matter is, i think he left very, very frustrated with all the meddling that was going on with his office and his responsibilities and duties, much as secretary panetta and gates indicated. >> they still had independent voices and heard clearest in their books. do you believe that carter as you know him will have an independent voice, will start doing the right thing instead of what people want him to do? >> that remains to be seen. he's going to be stress tested for sure when he takes a look at the iraq and syria policy and doesn't make sense to him. he knows what the president and the people around him are trying to achieve. i don't think he'll have a public voice about it. i think he'll talk to the president and his people
4:19 am
privately. he's also, i believe this, this year maybe the strongest test he faces is going to be in afghanistan because i believe the huge plus there, security situation is deteriorating. i'm convinced he will come forward and ask the president of the united states to extend our forces beyond 2016. and ash carter will have to speak to that issue, to be sure. >> we'll see because i understand the sentiment in the military is they absolutely want afghanistan to end the right way. not the way iraq ended because of the blood, sweat and tears and let alone the money that went into that operation like iraq. general keane, i'm optimistic because you're optimistic about his background that he might be the right man for the job. thanks. >> good talking to you, ten minutes before the bottom of the hour. could michael brown's stepfather be charged with a crime for saying this? >> [ bleep ] [ bleep ] >> police claiming he incited a
4:20 am
riot. are they right? dr. keith ablow will join us next. and forget the nsa. could common core be collecting data on your kids? the shocking report all parents have to hear. put down the number two pencil. run for the hills. ♪ ♪
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4:22 am
4:23 am
time now for news by the numbers. thanks for being with us. 85 miles per hour. that could be the new speed limit in montana if a group of lawmakers get their way. senator scott sales saying the higher speed limit would dramatically shorten his and other commutes.
4:24 am
wow. next, one half. that's how much of your wireless bill sprint promises to slash if you switch from your carrier. here is the catch. you have to turn in your old phone and pay either the full no contract price or get the phone via sprint's installment plan. finally, 40. that's how many victoria secret angels walked the catwalk at their fashion show. the highly anticipated event airs tuesday night. here is a sneak peek when that happens. steve? meanwhile, could michael brown's stepfather be criminally charged for this? is this inciting a riot? >> [ bleep ] [ bleep ] >> police are considering pressing charges against him, claiming he cried tried to incite mob violence. are they right to do so? joining us now, dr. keith ablow. good morning. so what's your take on this now? >> my take on it is that the
4:25 am
tape doesn't lie. and we can't defer to mob rule. hence, the man has to be charged. michael brown's stepfather should be charged with attempting to incite a riot because that's what he's doing there. there is nothing to suggest that he doesn't have that intent. his words illustrate his intention, and then violence ensues, in fact. but it wouldn't have to ensue. but he's clearly attempt to go incite violence. >> what about the fact that he could be so-called grieving. some people cry, some people get angry and he was hugging somebody one minute, next thing you know, he seemed impromptu. what about that? >> this doesn't look like grief to me. it looks like retribution and for a perceived injustice the courts say did not occur. listen, the investigation to michael brown's death hasn't ended and now the investigation into his life should begin. and i would question whether having a stepfather like michael
4:26 am
brown's, this man who should be charged with attempt to go incite a riot, influenced michael brown to lose his life, to have no respect for the property of others, no respect for authority, and therefore, to find himself engaged in a mortal conflict with an officer of the law. >> i tell you what, an actual former officer of the law by the name of ted williams on this channel a lot, he's a detective, he thinks given the fact that ferguson is still a powder keg, charging the dad, not a good idea. listen to this. >> this is like pouring kerosene on a fire if they bring this and i can see the community now. well, you didn't charge officer wilson and now you're charging this father. >> you know what, keith? clearly he says those things, but the standard, the legal standard is did he have the intent? was it premeditated? was he incite ago riot? for that, that's hard to prove.
4:27 am
>> it may be hard to prove, but i don't know if it's that hard to prove with that tape in hand. >> well, he said it. >> if the state is in a position to be so fearful of a mob that they can't deliver justice, then we are in a difficult place. i don't think we want to go to that place. i think we want the facts to rule. >> the state is in the situation where set what happened aside, was it premeditated? did go into that crowd with the intention of getting people to burn the town down? >> and as a forensic psychiatrist, i can say that there had to be a lot of elements to his delivering that address. he had to ascend above the crowd. he had to say those words. he didn't retract them. he said them many times. we don't know him to have been inebriated at the time and not in his right mind. so if he had the specific intent to do that and from the tape, it looks like he did, then he should be charged.
4:28 am
otherwise we're all lost. >> if he were not the stepfather, would this even be a question, if it were just someone else saying the same thing he said? >> and for me, by the way, the fact that he is the stepfather makes him culpable potentially for more than just those words, for the life of michael brown. >> all right. dr. keith ablow. >> and his death. >> thank you very much for joining us from boston. >> thank you. >> whether or not he should be charged and keith says yes. got to do it. 28 minutes after the hour. we change gears. she hangs out with the bold and beautifulment now the soap opera producer is our next ambassador to hungary. >> and are you a lefty or a righty? get this, the hand you use could determine your salary. ♪ ♪ i
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4:32 am
>> what do you want for christmas? >> a magic wand. and a mermaid barbie. >> i want to go to disney world! >> of course. last night we tweeted out we would love to have you take pictures of your children telling us what their number one christmas wish is. and we asked you to submit them because we're going to look for a bunch of them to include in our christmas special which is coming up, of course, on christmas. >> we want to send those videos to video at "fox & friends" 15 seconds or less is best. watch for it on the "fox & friends" christmas special. here is another good example. >> my wish for santa is a toy kitchen. >> i wish my -- my wish to have is a toy horsy.
4:33 am
>> all i want for christmas is a skateboard. >> hi, i'm mike. i'm from wisconsin and all i want is an x box. >> oh, my. >> calvin and ryan, the brothers from wisconsin. before them, sisters from illinois. adorable. >> they were raised by the smothers brothers. >> obviously if they're cute, better chances they will actually make it on the special. all we ask is that you send the video to video at fox if it pulls your heart strings, send it our way. >> if you send them in and doesn't get on the show, it doesn't mean they're not cute. >> no. we can run them on our web site. >> here is ainsley. >> a really cute message, not like if you have an ugly child they're not getting on. >> right. that's what i was trying to say.
4:34 am
let me -- >> and it's a shocking thought that's caught on camera. all over a cell phone. check out this video. a man dropped his -- kicks a woman in the back in order to steal her phone. what you can't see is she has her three-month-old baby strapped to her chest. police arresting 18-year-old alonzo brown. there is his picture. mom and baby are doing fine this morning. she made her name producing soap operas like these. >> and i made sugar cookies, too, shaped like storks and i baked a cake. >> now colleen bell being named the next ambassador to hungary. when asked about her callifications, press secretary josh earnest could hardly defend her. >> as it relates to ambassador bell, she is somebody who retain s the confidence -- let me say it this way. ambassador bell has the
4:35 am
president's confidence that she will do an excellent job. >> senator john mccain blasting her inexperience and draws attention to the fact that she gave $80,000 to the president's reelection campaign. the government's common core education collecting data on your children. parents in pennsylvania demanding the state stop gathering what they describe as sensitive and personal information to compile psychological profiles on students. state education officials say the data is only collected to make sure the classroom environment is safe. are you left handed? if so, you might want to consider switching for professional reasons. >> i admit you are better than i am. >> why are you smiling? >> 'cause i know something you don't know. >> what is that? >> i am not left handed. >> studies shows left handed people make less money than someone who is right-handed. the brain of a south paw responds to language differently, making them more prone to speech impediments and less could go anysive thinking.
4:36 am
-- cognitive thinking. babe ruth, he was left left han. let me hand it over to maria who has our weather forecast. >> good morning. hello. we're tracking some relatively mild temperatures across parts of the east coast. not bad at all, especially for the month of december. you're looking at a high at 50 in new york city and into the 60s across portions of atlanta and raleigh. across portion of the northern plains, you're still on the cold side. 20 degrees for your high temperature in minneapolis. we also have showers moving through portions of the east. states like virginia, into maine, and maine, it is cold enough that some of that precipitation is falling as a wintery mix and even some snow. you could be looking at a slick morning commute for you out there. be careful on the roadways and a lot of cloud cover in new york city. we also have some drizzle coming down right now. plains are quiet. out west, we have another storm system rolling through and this system has already produced about two to four inches of rain across northern california. so the big concern now is
4:37 am
flooding. we have a number of warnings in effect and watches out here. the other concern also mud slides and land slides and across the higher elevations, we're picking up about one to two feet of snow across the sierra nevada. let's head back inside. >> when the cold weather hits maria, we've got something warm in here for you. nothing warms a soul better than that. we're showing you how it make a week's worth of classic comfort food for you and your family. here to show us how is the owner and chef of best soup. i love soup because you can freeze it. so you're doing just that. what are you bringing for us today? >> what we have today, three choices here for you. a little bit of surf, turf and earth, i call it. surf, our lobster bisque. turf, we have our beef and pulled pork chili. good stuff. >> is this a triple crock pot, first of all? >> i just bought this yesterday. >> i want this for christmas. so you've got a company that makes the soup, freezes it, send
4:38 am
it is all across the country, right? >> that's exactly what we do. >> who told you the name of the company is best damn soup. who told you that after they tasted it, that's the best damn soup i ever had? >> my very supportive wife. my darling. can i give a shout to my little guy? >> of course. >> hey! six-year-old at home. daddy is on tv! selling soup! >> for all the soup makers at home, you can order this to be delivered for christmas? >> yep. >> you can do it up to four to five days before christmas. even up until last minute, we do gift certificates on line. you can print the gift certificates right there on the spot and give them to someone in a stocking. >> how difficult a decision is it to go into your own small business in today's environment? >> i'm so relieved i did. i did this nine years ago. it gave me control over my situation. i was 20 years at corporate world. and i love being my own boss. >> you are and you're the soup king. does the soup come like this or
4:39 am
does it come like this? >> it comes in two ways. >> any tway comes, it's ready. >> i'll give you a choice how it works. >> what's the secret to the best soup? >> the secret you have to have a lot of -- make the flavors -- the wine. if you want to be happy, some people put sugar. i say candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker. >> 7:39 in the morning. show us how this soup is bought. >> two ways. you can get the small bowls. they stack easily in the freezer. this is our family size pouch. just boil in a bag. all the packaging -- it's frozen, all bpa free packaging. look at that. you lie to your family and said you just made it. >> you look tired. >> who is going to taste this? >> i will. beef and pulled pork chili. >> go for it, steve.
4:40 am
>> if he doesn't like it, he'll spit it out. >> i'm sure he will. >> that is almost as good as my wife's. it tastes home made. that's the key. >> wait. is it the best damn chili you ever had? >> i hope my wife isn't watching. right. >> >> can't argue with that. thank you so much for warming our hearts and bellies today. >> thank you. coming up on this wednesday, cruise ship passengers are ordering live lobsters and then throwing them overboard. what is going on and why? we got that straight ahead. plus, he's an actor, but more importantly, he is a patriot. he has a huge surprise for our troops this christmas. gary sinise on his way over to join us. ♪ ♪ first, born on this date in 1937, this nascar legend won the
4:41 am
daytona 500 three times. be the first to e-mail us with the correct answer and you are today's big winner. ♪ ♪
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talk about a rough commute a. driver smashing through concrete and steel barriers on the golden gate state bridge, wedging his mustang into the pedestrian walkway. the man was taken to the hospital for minor injuries, then arrested for drunk driving. and canadian lobsters are being found off the coast of england thanks to misguided animal rights activists. apparently some cruise ship
4:45 am
passengers are paying for live lobsters and then throwing them overboard. they're doing more harm than good. they spray be spreading disease to the local lobster population. we'll follow that story. crazy. meanwhile, he is an actor and humanitarian who just performed a christmas concert for the troops at the kennedy center in washington, d.c. on monday night. he's also marking 20 years since he played the role of lieutenant dan in the film "forrest gump." gary sinise is the founder of the foundation to help our nation's heros and joins us today to tell us what he's been up to. real pleasure to have you back. >> and thank you very much. >> i think 20 years since forrest gump and every year since you've used it so well. you just devoted so much, so much time to those who serve our great nation. that's exceptional. why? because some people will start, but don't maybe stay in that. but you continue to give more and more. >> gosh, i was involved with
4:46 am
veterans actually before i played forrest gump, vietnam veteran. so when i got that part, i really wanted to play that character. i never knew that it would last for 20 years and there would be this whole new generation of real life lieutenant danes out there that need help. so i just started doing what i could. >> you're also a musician and started using some of that musical ability to give back, doing concerts to gain awareness. last night you mentioned you were with some veterans talking about what their needs are. >> oh, yeah. well, my television show, "csi: new york" went off the air in 2013. so we wrapped almost two years ago. and i've just spent the last couple of years focused on the gary sinise foundation what, we're doing for our wounded gold star families, that kind of thing. spent a lot of time at military hospitals, concerts. we have a lot of homes we're trying to build for our wounded. >> tell us about that. >> we've recently within the last three months, we've been
4:47 am
involved with a partner program, bfab, building for america's bravest. and we build houses under our rise program, gary sinise rise foundation, restoring independence, supporting, empowerment. we want to give the wounded service members as much independence in their home as we can. so we put all kinds of good technology in the houses. >> smart home. >> missing your arms and leg, you've got real challenges. >> do you see that picture? can you tell bus that? >> this is john massan. an ambassador for my foundation. wonderful guy. his family just moved into their home on november 20 down near fayetteville, right near fort bragg, sees a special forces soldier, missing both his legs and arm, triple amputee. we've got several of those. >> so many people need homes returning from battle. how do you choose the family to help? >> well, yes. thankfully there are many different programs out there that are trying to address these needs.
4:48 am
we have thousands of wounded out there. so we just try to -- we started when i did a concert years ago for quadruple amputee, the first one to survive that injury. since that time we've had four additional quadruple amputees. four are in houses now. we have another one that we're building for next year. >> can you imagine that? >> i started with just very, very badly injured folks. >> december 13, snowball express is for children of fallen service members. important, and also you'll play the armed forces bowl in dallas in january 2. >> you're busy. >> yeah. like i said, it's full time. it takes a lot of fundraising to put up the money to play for the kids and that kind of thing. gary sinise foundation is where we're focused all my energy now. >> where is your web site so people can help? >> we have a lot of need in the
4:49 am
military community. >> we'll put it on ours as well, so if everyone watching wants to lend a hand and the great work you continue to do, exceptional man doing exceptional things. i really want to give him a hug. >> don't touch me. thank you. >> coming up on this wednesday, the president is ready to spend millions for body cameras on police officers, but will that make a difference? peter johnson, jr. is here. he's wearing one of the cameras right now. we can see him. he can see us. first on this day in history in 1931, al casselser goes on sale. in 1968, major league baseball announces the pitcher's mound to be lowered from 15 to ten inches. in 1989, we didn't start the fire by billy joel was the number one song. >> i still haven't memorized its ♪ ♪
4:50 am
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
the answer to today's trivia question is bobby allison. our winner is karen bullock from manchester, new hampshire. congratulations. you'll get a copy of brian kilmeade's book "george washington's secret six." you'll enjoy it. now this, the president asking congress for $75 million to outfit police with body cameras right on them. that's 50,000 officers and $1,500 per camera. big bucks for such a little device. but will they actually make a difference or have our police become the policed in america? joining us, fox news legal analyst, peter johnson, jr. wearing a body camera. >> this is an exxon body camera. the age of robocop in 21st sentry america has arrived via president obama. so let's talk a little about the pros and the cons that the
4:54 am
experts are talking about in terms of these types of body cameras. you can see that i'm watching you right now just like the government will be watching the police officers and citizens in america. the pros are they say it increases transparency and accountability of police and citizens. it can document evidence better. it will lower civilian complaints based upon a couple of studies. the federal government agrees there are not a lot of big class studies on this issue. could be used for training purposes to show how things go down in the field. but also modified behavior with the police and public in a very positive way. now, there are some cons. >> what are they? >> we talked about those. not proven to be effective in reducing crime or increasing public confidence in the police. although it's been used in cities in arizona and california, and england. potential fishing expedition in terms of claims against officers. then privacy concerns. and does it deter potential
4:55 am
criminals from talking or witnesses from talking in a confidential way? then finally, loss of police discretion, forcing them to arrest people when in fact they may not have done that in the past for fear of being getting in trouble, saying you saw a crime. why didn't you arrest these folks? >> sure. would it make them more of a target if something happens that shouldn't? >> that argument has been made because they talked about using these types of body cameras on police officers who have been the subject of civilian complaints in the past. and so are we putting the scarlet letter on police officers? are we demonizing their conduct? are we saying to the world and to people in the united states that they're not worthy of trust or respect and that they need the big hand of government reaching in, watching what you're doing and what they're doing? >> right. i want to bring up the department of justice reports is that law enforcement, not criminals, are to blame. listen to this, today a vicious
4:56 am
cycle of poverty and incarceration traps too many americans and weakens our communities. the criminal justice system may exacerbate. >> that's a 2000 report, doj. that's the holder-obama take on criminal justice. let more people out of jail, decriminalize more crimes, and somehow make the police more suspect in terms of their conduct and activities. i think this will do that and what the civil libertarians don't understand on the liberal side is that their liberties will be impaired by these types of cameras going forward. this is a brave new age in american criminal justice and it may not be what the folks who are upset about ferguson really want in the end. hurting our police and maybe hurting our public as well. needs a lot of study and needs a lot of discussion. it will go to congress. they will decide whether this comes to america in that big, big way. >> a lot of new laws to follow as well as i'm watching myself from your body camera right
4:57 am
there. thanks, peter johnson, jr. >> good to see you. what's the name of the president of the united states? high school students better learn it if they want to graduate. or else. ♪ ♪
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
good morning. today is wednesday, december 3. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. could michael brown's stepfather be charged with a crime for saying this? >> burn this [ bleep ]! [ bleep ] burn this [ bleep ] down! >> the surprising twist in ferguson, missouri coming up next. meanwhile, a fake hero learns the hard way if you're going to impersonate a u.s. army ranger, make sure there aren't any real soldiers nearby with a camera. >> why is the flag so low on your shoulder? it should be up here. why tonight you admit you're a phony? you know that's illegal, right? >> despicable. a big update to the story you first saw right here on "fox &
5:01 am
friends" coming up. what do we celebrate on independence day? students, if you want to graduate high school, you better figure that one out. ask somebody. by the way, mornings are better with friends. smile. ♪ ♪ >> all those trucks have jumped the curb. >> they'll be jumping for joy because one of those trucseks wl be the truck of the year. motor trend magazine is going to reveal it live on our plaza right here. 48th and 6th. >> so nobody knows? >> we know. motor trend knows and there is people watching this program will know very shortly. i love that sprinter van. i want a truck. >> i love it. >> really? >> i really do. it's time for me to get a new
5:02 am
vehicle and i'm thinking about a pick up truck. >> you know what? -- >> with a cabin in the back? >> maybe. >> have you gotten him anything for christmas? >> i was trying not to reveal what i was thinking about. >> i am just going to look. i can't wait to see what i get. if i get you a truck, i better get at least a gift certificate to del frisco's? >> you still have to pay there? >> i shouldn't have to. i should own that place by now. by the way, i'm look for example motor trend winner. you want me to reveal it? >> no, not yet. >> in the meantime, fox news alert for you. >> at this hour, the woman apparently married to the leader of isis being questioned in lebanon. this just one day after she was reportedly captured. she was trying to get across the border from syria. >> joining us live at the white house right now with break details is leeland vittert. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. so far the pentagon is only
5:03 am
issuing a nondenial confirmation of what on its surface appears to be a lebanese military operation to capture one of the wives of al bagdadi. he is the leader of isis. historically, he is one of the more secretive figures in the terrorist network known as isis. so who exactly this woman is is still up for debate. some people have suggested it's possibly an ex-wife. he is known to have a number of women in his life, including some in his inner circle. >> he's the recognized leader of isil and command and control of the organization which stems from leadership, makes him valid in our minds from a targeting perspective. i just won't go beyond that. i'm not going to talk about a lebanese military operation. >> reporter: and that was admiral kirby at the pentagon tap dancing this a little bit around these questions.
5:04 am
the iraqi interior ministry spokesman put out a statement saying they don't believe this woman is one of al bagdadi's wives. obviously the lebanese believe she is and she could prove valuable to the u.s. teams going after bagdadi. she knows the kinds of things they're looking for about his habits, about his work habits, also about his schedule, where he sleeps, lives, eats, those kinds of things to put together a targeting package. also there are reports that at least one of his children were in custody. that could prove crucial if they can get dna from this child in the event they can target him and check that dna to make sure that they did indeed get their man. back to you. >> all right. we thank you very much. so maybe if we've got his wife, we've got some leverage. >> that's right. information there, dna. >> or you can just move on to his other, 'cause he's got at least two others and might have divorced one. as i mentioned earlier, czar coo wee when we got his wife, we let her go and he killed her. just assuming that she gave up information.
5:05 am
>> think about bin laden. how many wives did he have? >> a whole bunch. >> meanwhile, you know the unrest that has followed the grand jury decision out in ferguson, missouri, where officer darren wilson would not be indicted. that night near the city hall, michael brown's stepfather was taped, saying this, and people are wondering if he's inciting a riot. you be the judge. >> burn this [ bleep ] down! burn this [ bleep ]! burn this [ bleep ] down! burn this [ bleep ] down! burn this [ bleep ] down! burn this [ bleep ] down! burn this [ bleep ] down! burn this [ bleep ] down! >> i mean, is it time now to investigate? could those statements said that night extemporaneously, it
5:06 am
seems, sparked some of the violence we saw that took place that night and since then, thankfully, have petered out? will that investigation add fuel to the fire? i seem to think so. so many of you do not feel the other way, wrong is wrong, including dr. keith ablow who joins us earlier. >> the tape doesn't lie and we can't defer to mob rule. hence, the man has to be charged. michael brown's stepfather should be charged with attempting to incite riot because that's what he's doing there. there is nothing to suggest that he doesn't have that intent. his words illustrate his intention and then violence ensues, in fact. but it wouldn't have to ensue, but he's clearly attempting to incite violence. >> also in this hour, we'll speak to lieutenant governor peter kinder, who has repeatedly called for the arrest of louis head. >> we were talking to peter johnson, jr., who is one of the smartest guys in the world, asked him if they should charge him and he said it's a really tough case to prove.
5:07 am
and this is why. because the prosecutor would have to prove that somebody who went and did looting or rioting heard the stepfather say that and was that the reason, hearing the stepfather say that, the reason they burned stuff down. it is a tough case. we get it. he definitely said it. and i'm sure if he could have a do over, he wouldn't do that on camera. >> if they could link someone there in that video -- >> any one of those people who heard him,m, then maybe they wod have a cause. >> if there is a word practical -- if there is a practical side of the law, you wouldn't. that's in my opinion. leeanne says prosecute all they can. identify who loot, burned businesses or set a fire. >> e-mail from reginald says this, dr. keith is right. the stepfather did do something that breaches the protection of the first amendment. >> that's like you can't yell fire in a movie theater.
5:08 am
>> right. by the way, the rankings of the smartest people in the world came out of the peter johnson, jr. is number one. i'm eighth. i moved up. it's been a very good week for me. >> ainsley earhart is right up on the list and joins us now. >> thank you. let me tell you what happened overnight while you were sleeping. the nypd preparing for riots at this hour. a grand jury expected to decide on whether to indict an officer for the death of eric garner. this video shows the officer putting him if a choke hold after he resisted arrest for selling cigarettes illegally. the officer will be indicted. if 12 of the 23 jurors vote yes on the charge, 15 jurors are white and eight are hispanic or black. a bizarre death being investigated now at this hour. police in wisconsin found the body of this lady, brook bowers, a 21-year-old college student at the restaurant where she worked. she happened to be inside a three foot by three foot dumb waiter. >> our hearts go out to the parents that have this beautiful daughter taken from them.
5:09 am
>> brook, a talented gymnast, was set to graduate from a state university in minnesota next year. and the new secretary of defense could be named today. ashton carter, a former second in command at the pentagon, reportedly in line to replace outgoing secretary chuck hagel. this as we learn hagel refused to hold off on resigning after the white house's wishes. the administration hoped to have his replacement ready before he called it quits. it's an update to a story that we've been following. a fake hero might face criminal charges after getting called out bay real veteran for impersonating a u.s. army ranger. >> you know it's illegal, right, what you're doing right now? >> let me tell you something, if i'm a phony, then i wouldn't be wearing this uniform. >> you wouldn't? >> no. >> 'cause you are a phony. i called you out on ten different things. it's illegal. 'cause you know what? i've worn that [ bleep ] uniform and i've had friends get killed in afghanistan wearing that [ bleep ] uniform. stolen valor, right here. >> a law maker in pennsylvania now asking the u.s. attorney's office to determine if sean
5:10 am
yetman can be charged with violating a 2013 stolen valor act. he's accused of faking his service to get military discounts on black friday. he was confronted by u.s. army veteran ryan burke at a mall in philadelphia. >> to see somebody try and claim that type of sacrifice or dedication that my friends did really irked me. >> the video has now gone viral and it's viewed over 2.5 million times. those are your headlines. back to you guys. >> thank you very much. we have talked many times about the state of education in this country. kids graduate from high school and tonight know squat. so there is at least one state that is suggesting if you want to pass and graduate from high school, you've got to pass the same 100 question test that we apply to immigrants who want to become american citizens. >> yeah. students will get a certificate that will be printed out and a proposal saying yes, you passed. you may graduate because you understand civics here.
5:11 am
political director of civics education initiative actually explained why this is important. >> our government is like a sports car. if you don't know how to drive it, you're going to end up crashed in the ditch. and civics is the keys to the car. it's the manual to get everything done. we need to get back to a focus on civics education. our government was not founded for people who are not engaged and focused in this process. but if you don't know how your government works, you can't make it work for you. >> i just don't understand how you can come up as an educator and ask yourself f we have to deemphasize american history. so many people who are intelligent get straight a's. you ask basic histories like who was fight not guilty the civil war, they don't know. >> these questions are more basic than that. for instance, here is one of the typical questions. what ocean is on the west coast of the united states? who signs bills to become laws? >> this is multiple choice? when did we celebrate
5:12 am
independence day? >> listen. you've got to answer those questions correctly to become a citizen of the united states. not only would it be great if high school students had to have a proficiency in america, but they should have a test before you vote. >> not bad. >> a lot of middle schools are kind of thinking about doing this. i've heard of a few classes that now are surrounding their education and really founding it based on those kind of questions. >> what i have found is i can you understand algebra and geometry. would american history or world history is stories. what kid doesn't like stories? you tell them a story, then say this actually happened, let them touch and feel it, this is something they would embrace, i believe. >> i am with you on that, brian. 12 minutes after the hour. bombshell revelation slips out during a hearing on capitol hill. you got four terrorists who snuck into the u.s. and instead of locking them up, we set them free to dan. at least two of them. congressman michael mccall, chairman was at that hearing and is here next. sorry, kids, christmas
5:13 am
canceled. one mom tells santa, skip my house. my kids are spoiled. you've got e-mail on it coming up. ♪ ♪
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5:17 am
like i said over 20 times, that did he not have the legal authority to do this, to take this executive action and thathy works. do you agree with that prior statement? >> i looked at various excerpts of remarks by the president concerning his legal authority to act. i do not believe that what we have done is inconsistent with that. >> what? well, congressman michael mccall pushing back on the president's executive action plan on amnesty. so how does the gop plan to tackle it? joining us now to discuss it is michael mccall of texas. good morning to you, chairman. >> good morning. >> we just saw jaysonson, the first time he was up on capitol hill since the president announced his executive order on immigration where he sideswipes
5:18 am
congress. there's a right way and wrong way to do thing. and your side believes this is the wrong way. >> that's what i've been saying all along. there is a right way of doing it and the wrong way. the right way is to go through congress. you and i talked about how this is basic as the schoolhouse rock educational video about how a bill becomes law. a bill sitting on capitol hill and he throws in the executive order and basically destroys the democratic process. that's why it is so offensive to our democracy, but also undermines our constitution. it's not the way you're supposed to do this. >> it's not the way. and there was also some tape played on capitol hill yesterday where the president of the united states essentially revealed to somebody who is shouting out at him, hey, i just changed the law. that's not how it works! >> it's not. coming from a quote, unquote, constitutional scholar, that's a great hypocrisy because prior to the elections, he said he didn't have the authority.
5:19 am
that's not how democracy works, then after elections, he changes course and says oh, die have the authority to do that. it poisons the well for the next congress. that's the most damaging thing here. we can set forth a positive agenda when it comes to border security that will come out of my committee and immigration reform, but this is not the right way to go about it. >> sure. absolutely. speaking of border security, mr. johnson was asked about these four guys who were on a terrorist watch list belong to go a certain organization. they were grabbed on our southern border. whatever happened to them? listen to this. >> four people with ties to a terrorist organization were caught illegally crossing the border into texas in september. you said they would be deported. did you deport them? >> no, not at this point. >> what is the disposition of those four people? >> two are detained. the two others were released by
5:20 am
the judge -- not my preference. they were released by the judge. they fled to can did and they are seek -- canada and they are seeking asylum in canada. >> chairman, they were still on the list and we let them through! >> well, what happened to the no fly list? two that were released and they flew to canada? i'm not sure about the no fly list. this designation is an old one. the kurds do fight isis. that's important to say in this case. these are four kurds. the kurds are quite honestly, our allies against isis in the middle east. having said that, they still have the designation. they still passed across the southwest border. they had the designation. and then two have been released and got on an airplane. so the system obviously is broken and needs to be fixed. >> no kidding. chairman, thank you very much for joining us today from washington, d.c. >> thanks for having me. >> you bet.
5:21 am
straight ahead, just four trucks. one is going to be a winner. we're about to reveal motor trend's truck of the year. which will it be? you'll find out only here on "fox & friends." ♪ ♪
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5:23 am
5:24 am
welcome back. we have a quick check of headlines for you beginning with a fox news alert. the pentagon now confirms iran has launched air strikes against isis in iraq. those strikes not in coordination with the united states efforts. and remember those jihaddists who left their home country to fight for isis? well, apparently the extremists a little too extreme for them. and french jihaddists in syria writing home to their families, whining about the coal, the chores, and even the music. even claiming, quote, my ipod
5:25 am
stopped working. too bad. thank you very much. meanwhile, this story i cannot wait for. a brand-new year means brand-new trucks and not only do we have the best of the best right here on our plaza, we've also got a major announcement to make. here to make it is motor trend magazine's truck of the year, we're going to find out who it is. editor in chief, back with us, ed lowe. welcome back. >> thank you. >> you're pumped up. you jumped our curb with four very distinguished trucks. we're going to end up with the number one. first off, the finalists. >> yes. in fourth place, the gmc sierra dinali. you buy it if into serious towing. got a massive turbo diesel engine, amazing. >> v. 8? >> yep. >> then inside, one of the unique features is the plug-ins. >> yeah. this is like for the contractor, up front you have all of these great power points, usb, 12-volt, dual cigarette
5:26 am
chargers. >> so that is number four. congratulations. over here, congratulations, you're in third place. certainly a nice moment. it's not the moment. >> ford f-150, the big story here is that it's got aluminum for the body. also got a brand-new 2.7-liter eco boost which gives you a great deal of economy and a lot of power. this has been a best selling truck in america for the last 37 years. best selling vehicle for the last 32 years. >> does aluminum make it cheaper? n ford hasn't really raised the price on it. that's what's keeping the consumers. >> so interesting. this to me is the most unique vehicle. it is the number two motor trend's number two pick on the year. >> yeah. our staff loves it. this is a ford transit. this is a full vies van. it has three different body styles. you can go for the medium roof, high roof, the super tall roof. long wheel base can hold up to 15 people. 542 cubic feet of carbon volume.
5:27 am
>> wow. does this slide open? >> other side. take a look in here, ted, if you want to. this gets 15 people. but a family would get this? >> this is more for like a small business owner. tour operator. you can get panel van for delivering packages, cargo. this is a work truck. >> okay. here it is, to my meet left. the number one pick, ford motor trend's number one truck of the year is? >> the 2015 chevy colorado. >> there it is! congratulations, this is going to mean major sales, major advertising because this is the motor trend truck of the year for 2015. >> absolutely. for us, it really was about its size and capability. this is the right size truck. it's a lot smaller than everything else we showed you. it's lower. this is a mid-size truck. gm has come back into the mix with the chevy colorado. they're taking on toyota. taking on nissan. this should sell really well in the coast, l.a., and also in cities.
5:28 am
look, it's small. you can drive it around manhattan. no big deal. >> and it's a little bit bigger than an average car, yet you still have the cab in the back for whatever you want in here. >> absolutely. >> you're saying this is a family car, durable and safe and sleek and gets you decent gas mileage? >> no colorado gets less than 20 miles per gallon on the highway. some get 26, 27 on the highway. that's kind of amazing for a truck this capable. >> between 22 and $30,000, depending on the package you get. always great to see you. congratulations to all these great trucks. good job. >> thanks. coming up on this show, she hangs out with the bold and beautiful and now this soap opera producer is our newest ambassador. what calefies her? what a bold pick. he's one of the few conservatives in hollywood that is not afraid to speak his mind. dean cane here live in studio to weigh in on some hot topics.
5:29 am
he is truly superman and lois lane, playing the role, elisabeth hasselbeck. ♪ ♪
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>> i'm allie and i want a castle for christmas. >> and i want a train set for christmas. >> how adorable is that? just about an hour ago, we told
5:33 am
you that christmas is around the corner, we're getting ready to do our christmas special. so we would love to have you send pictures of your young people in your life with their number one christmas wish and we just got that. >> that's right. we want those videos to come to us at our video e-mail. be creative. 15 seconds or less always best. >> if i could read dean cane's mind, he's wondering, can he participate in this? is he eligible? >> what do you want? >> he's not an employee for sure. >> i want to participate. i won't be as cute as that. you're not supposed to follow kids. >> i know. i know. >> before your segment, we've got a cocker spaniel. how about this? there is an atheist organization that every year they buy billboards and this year they bought that one, dear santa, all i want for christmas is to skip church. i'm too old for fairy tales. obviously they are entitled to say anything they want to, but none the less, they do it at this time of year to get some
5:34 am
publicity. >> yeah. again, first amendment speech, right? fine with me. i agree with you, though. i would rather them out there helping the homeless and feeding some people. lives last night at the saint bartholomew feeding some homeless guys and gals. i would rather see the money go there. >> how about my theory, that elisabeth yelled at me for in front of the world. that was that it gets people talking. what do you mean around fair i wouldn'ty tales -- fairy tales? is that bad to get into those conversations. >> so we should thank the atheists. >> i asked teen. >> i had this conversation with my own side. it came out early. it's good to have those conversations. we celebrate some christmas at my house. >> what about canceling it to teach the lesson of thankfulness? >> that's up to the individual parent. my son doesn't want anything for christmas. he doesn't ask for anything for christmas. it's really about the celebration and we're about
5:35 am
that. he does want a puppy. i don't want to give him a puppy. >> our kids got a dog for christmas about 15 years ago. got to be hard for your son raising cane. you've got a new christmas coming out, merry xmas. >> i want to corner the market on christmas. >> you and perry como. >> i won't stop 'til i get a half century. this picture here, kristy swanson. it's on ion television that air this is sunday at 9, 8 central. it's a lot of fun. >> when you're trying to sugar coat it, because there is an affair involved and we've got a clip where they are doing over some misdeeds. >> alleged. >> alleged. >> not a billboard. >> exactly. >> affair. >> never happened. >> i-m? >> higher. >> you can't admit it. >> that i didn't have an affair. >> i don't have to, because you did. >> a picture is not proof. you just can't be wrong!
5:36 am
>> 'cause i'm always right. >> yep, that's real. that's real stuff. >> that was good! >> i actually don't know if you had an affair or not. which is good acting. >> that's right. i'm not even sure. >> what about bacon? >> bacon for santa. i'm working with farmland and feeding america. tomorrow i'll be in harold square across from macy's. kind of santa's second home. if you post a selfy with you and some bacon and bacon for santa -- >> so no cookies. >> duke cookies, but also because santa needs the bacon. he needs that protein, but farmland will give ten meals to feeding. it's huge thing. that's the whole thing. there are so many people hungry all the time. 49 million americans out there who have what they call food insecurity. they don't know where the next meal will come from. we have plenty of food and some things we can do. farm land has been great about
5:37 am
doing that. >> great message. >> would you like to stick around for our science trivia? >> yeah. and i want to carry elisabeth some more if i can. >> all right. he's going to be with science trivia and maria in a moment. first we turn to ainsley who has got the headlines with some explosive video. >> yeah. listen to this story. lithium ion batteries are found in nearly every gadget you own. and if you pack them on the plane, the results can be dead deadly. wow. that shock video released by the faa showing just how quickly they can heat up if they're damaged or if you pack them improperly. right now shipments on passenger planes are limited, but a loophole does allow shippers to get around those rules. dozens of fires and smoke problems, including crashes, have been linked to lithium batteries. she made her name producing
5:38 am
soap operas like these. >> i'd like to talk to you about us. >> there is no us. >> now colleen bell being named the next ambassador to hungary after donating $80,000 to the president's reelection campaign. senator john mccain not happy with that choice. >> i'm sure that television viewing is important in hungary, but the fact is that this nominee is totally unqualified for this position in this country. >> when asked to defend her qualification, the press secretary josh earnest says the president is confident in hers. a spectacular car crash caught on camera. a woman slam noose this light pole, then her cars goes flying, then plunges into the river in china. witnesses rushing to the scene as her car starts filling with water. a man used his jacket as a rope to help that woman climb up the
5:39 am
wall. she does appear to be okay. those are your headlines. i'm going to toss it out to maria who has the forecast. or i guess to you guys. >> she's rejected your toss. >> apparently! you will be my friends, won't you? >> we are that. we will. >> we're going to accept it. >> is maria outside with the weather and the science trivia? yes! >> hey, good morning. good to see you. we have science trivia today. today's question is about how fast does the earth move around the sun? what do you think? a, 67 miles per hour. b, 6700 miles per hour. c, 67,000 miles per hour. or d, 670,000 miles per hour? >> this is going to be family feud style. >> doesn't feel like we're moving that fast. >> what do you think? >> i think it's really fast.
5:40 am
i think c. when i was out there, i couldn't tell. >> we could beat the family across the hall. >> i think 67,000. >> that's what i think. >> you're going with c? >> it feels about that. >> i'm going to go with you. >> i don't know. >> c. >> we're saying c. >> you are correct! of course superman would know. and i assume superman flies faster than that. >> that's why i thought it was 670. >> exactly. >> all relative. >> feels like we never moved. >> maria, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> how did that go? >> we won. >> okay, good. you won. thank you. 'cause i would have failed. there is no christmas without dean cane's christmas movie and this is a great movie. >> "merry xmas." >> and bacon for santa. >> absolutely. >> 20 minutes before we're done. maybe earlier.
5:41 am
straight ahead, the white house making a move to regulate overtime of the but maria bartiromo says that's a big mistake. at least that's what she told our producers. she's on deck.
5:42 am
5:43 am
5:44 am
the white house making a move that could regulate your overtime at work. but maria bartiromo who joins us live says that's a big mistake. is that right? >> you know what the problem is with making things tougher for small business is that they're just going to restock the deck. they're only going to say, okay, here is the money that we have for expenses and for wages and that's the finite amount of money. that's it. and so if you're going to make it tougher for small business and force them to pay more, it's just going to mean that they're going to either cut full timers to part-timers or not hire new workers. >> isn't it consistent, it seems
5:45 am
like the policies more of this white house than others say here is the policy. if you -- they don't anticipate a reaction to their p. the reaction starts and the adjustment is made. >> absolutely. and the issue here is we all know that small businesses are the biggest creators of jobs in this country. but the problem is when you make it tougher for them, they're not going to create more jobs. so really what i think what the administration should be doing is focusing on tax legislation. make an environment where taxes come down, broaden the base, and then encourage businesses to create jobs. because we're going to keep running into this. the same thing happened with obamacare. >> minimum wage, overtime. >> so what did companies do on the heels of seeing their expenses rise for obamacare? they turned full time employees into part-time. you need to make an environment that is favorable to business. >> once a career now becomes a part-time job, something less secure, right? >> exactly. >> it's really hard, it falls on the back of the average american
5:46 am
worker. >> that's what we've been seeing recently. american families are getting squeezed because of the cost of health care, because their wages haven't gone anywhere. the truth is wages will increase when growth increases. and the only way to see economic growth is to see businesses create more jobs. so it's this vicious cycle. >> some sort of tax reform would be a huge step in the right direction? >> huge! businesses want to see tax reform. >> paul ryan says that will be his priority. >> i hope we can actually get something done on that front because i talk to business leaders all the time and that's what will move the needle on creating job. >> opening bell has? >> a big show. julian robertson, the founder of tiger management, the hedge fund. he's going to talk about allocating money in an environment where stock prices keep going up. we want to talk about regulating the internet. obama's called for that with tim armstrong. >> big show there. don't miss maria on "opening bell" on the "fox business" network. find it in your area g to
5:47 am coming up, president obama and eric holder calling to reform police after ferguson. but what about the community? aren't they responsible, too? the lieutenant governor of the great state of missouri, peter kinder, joins us live next. hey matt, what's up?
5:48 am
i'm just looking over the company bills. is that what we pay for internet? yup. dsl is about 90 bucks a month. that's funny, for that price with comcast business, i think you get like 50 megabits. wow that's fast. personally, i prefer a slow internet. there is something about the sweet meditative glow of a loading website. don't listen to the naysayer. switch to comcast business today and get 50 megabits per second for $89.95. comcast business. built for business.
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5:50 am
president obama and eric holder announcing federal efforts to reform local police forces in response to the ferguson protests. >> a simmering distrust that exists between too many police departments and too many communities of color. >> i will announce updated justice department guidance regarding profiling by federal
5:51 am
law enforcement to help end racial profiling once and for all. >> what about the communities? what responsibility do they have? joining us now to weigh in is missouri lieutenant governor peter kinder. we thank you for joining us this morning. a big day. i want to start first with something that i'd like to you clarify for us. police chief jackson indicated there that they are considering looking into possible charges against the stepdad of michael brown. louis head. he could be charged with inciting mob violence. it has been reported that you have repeatedly called for his arrest. is that true? >> not repeatedly, elisabeth, and thank you for having me on. i'd just say in response to laura ingraham's question a week ago, i said it seemed like inciting to riot, to me. it's not my role to bring the charge. that's the prosecutor's decision and he has to line it up with
5:52 am
the elements of the offense very carefully. he has to be able to satisfy himself that he can prove causation. i'm not sure any of those can be met here. upon mature reflection, i walk that comment back and leave it to the prosecutor. i will say this, on sunday morning, i took the time to drive up to ferguson and to attend service at a black church, an african-american church, pastored by a friend of mine, and we humbled ourselves and worshiped god and asked for his healing hand on ferguson, on the state of missouri, and on america. that's what we need. we need a time of healing. >> i'm sure a lot of people are joining you in that prayer so that everyone can recover there in that area. but are these things helping? i want to start with the president and attorney general holder calling changes to policing right to the table here, body cameras for police. will this actually help or hurt the situations moving forward?
5:53 am
>> well, some of those details like body cameras i'll leave to the law enforcement professionals. here is what disturbs me about the approach of the attorney general and the president of the united states, they seem to put all the onus on law enforcement. how about backing up law enforcement in the discharge of that i enormously difficult duties? i read early this morning a headline that a policeman in new york city was killed with his own gun after a criminal grabbed the gun threw the open window of his car. that's almost what we had happen in ferguson, but for officer wilson's action in fending off an assault on him a criminal assault. i would like for at the meeting they had day before yesterday around the table at the white house, al sharpton was there, but i didn't see sheriff clark from milwaukee who i heard last night on your air, on megyn
5:54 am
kelly's show, do a splendid set with megyn about the perspective of law enforcement and the difficult job they have. >> he actually started the day here with such comments and just continued through the day with strength in his words there. someone else who has words and i'm not sure that i can even say that are strong, they're actually probably inciting a lot of people to get more angry and you just mentioned his name is reverend al sharpton. listen to his words here, then i'd love your reaction. take a listen. >> we lost the round, but the fight ain't over! you won the first round, mr. prosecutor. but don't cut your gloves off, 'cause the fight's not over! justice will come to ferguson! >> does a man like that have a place right now in the white house directing the next steps? >> no, it does not. elisabeth, nothing good comes
5:55 am
when al sharpton comes to your ton. i mean, the other day when he was at his 83rd visit at the white house, i thought it would have been a good time for folks from the irs building just a few blocks away to walk up and serve him with papers the way they would any poor businessman or woman in southeast missouri where i come from and they would padlock the business of those business people and they wouldn't take your story that you would have the money at noon the next day. they would laugh in your face. but somehow al sharpton is an honored visitor to the white house despite the news of ten days ago that he owes 4 1/2 million dollars in taxes to all ofç us. >> lieutenant governor, you had a lot to bring us. we thank you for taking the time to do that and i'm sure many americans out there will join you in prayer. thanks. >> thank you. now this, it's been hidden for more than 150 years. but in minute, you are going to have an exclusive look at
5:56 am
history. you will not want to miss it with heat. unlike creams and rubs that mask the pain, thermacare has patented heat cells that penetrate deep to increase circulation and accelerate healing. let's review: heat, plus relief, plus healing, equals thermacare. the proof that it heals is you.
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dad,thank you mom for said this oftprotecting my thank you for being my hero and my dad. military families are uniquely thankful for many things, the legacy of usaa auto insurance could be one of them. if you're a current or former military member or their family, get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
5:59 am
speaking of history, one for the road. we're getting a rare glimpse at abraham lincoln in a confidential letter he wrote before taking office, right there. it goes for sale today. it's being unveiled exclusively to "fox & friends." if you would like to buy it, you can buy it for $40,000 at >> it shows a little horse trading, trying get some support from zachary taylor for president. and then you have teddy roosevelt had that letter for $7,000. >> it's george washington, you should have that. >> don't yell at me. >> 16,000. >> that's his letter saying a tribute to a soldier saying you're out of the military. so there it goes.
6:00 am
>> who wants to pool together and get $16,000? it would be a great christmas present for me. i'm not saying -- >> we're out of show. >> see you tomorrow, everybody. here we go for a meeting that might decide the nation's course for the next two years. mitch mcconnell meets face to face with the president. will the parties be able to agree on anything? martha: there is always hope. good morning, everybody. i'm martha maccallum. this meeting comes while congress is at a major prols roads. will law makers avoid a shutdown. republicans prepared to go all the way to stop the president's action on immigration. senator mcconnell says


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