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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  December 4, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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joe says he likes "dominic the donkey," a favorite of our producer, tucker. that's all of "the real story" to because we're down now. here's shep. >> the american kindergarten teacher, the kindergarten teacher murdered by an abu dhabi. wild video of the police raid that led show to suspect's capture. did the suspect really wait in the bathroom for an hour to ambush that young mother? and it's the second eric garner video that made me cry. that's the opening line in an article about the chokehold, the second eric garner video. i'm like, what second video? and then i watched it. let's get to it.
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>> good thursday afternoon to you and yours. we'll watch the video. first, we may never see the evidence that grand jury saw before clearing a cop killing eric garner. in the last hour a judge ordinary release of some details but ruled that transcripts and some testimony will remain a secret. athlete what the district attorney requested, for limit ode -- limited information to go become. protesters swarmed the city and beyond after the grand jury decided not indict the officer. officers were trying to arrest eric garner. the videos show the cop's arm around eric garner's neck. they says not a chokehold. what do you call it? the man's final words, consistent breathe. he said it 191 times. that came -- he said it 11
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times. they became the chant for the thousands of people who swarmed new york city in protest. the medical examiner ruled the death of homocide. said that shocking killed him, along with pressure on his chest. but the police union boss today defended the officer, calling him the model of what every cop should be. he said that eric garner0s own actions led to his own death. >> you cannot resist arrest because resisting arrest leads to confrontation, confrontation leads to tragedy. >> meantime, eric garner's widow says she will not stop fighting for justice. the npd is conducting an investigation. the fed launched a investigation on possible civil rights investigation. the officer involved in this has not been in front of the cameras but said he feels, quote, very bad, unquote, about eric garner's death. when asked if she accepts the officer's apology, eric garner
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riz -- garner's widow said, hell know. we're learning what happened during the grand jury proceedings. not everything but a bit of it. >> just a bit. grand jury proceedings are secret by law in new york but the d.a. in the garrer case asked a state supreme court judge to release some information, and the judge agreed to a limited public disclosure. no witness testimony or details of the evidence presented but here's what we do know. the grand jury sat for nine weeks. they heard 50 witnesses, 22 civilians, the remaining police officers or experts, ems technician and doctors there were 60 exhibited in evidence, including four videos, autopsy photos and recorded of nypd training and proceed sures and there were not all of the jurors
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who felt criminal charms were justified. >> the federal government must do in the 21st century what it did in the mid-20th century. federal intervention had could tom into the south to protect people's civil rights and votes rights. federal inintervention must come now and protect people state grand juries. >> sharpton is planning a match on saturday. >> we're hearing about changes coming to the nypd. >> there's a news conference involving the police commissioner and the mayor, chiefs of the department, about retraining the entire department, every one of the 35,000 officers in the nybtd. union revs said the officer did not use a chokehold, as you mentioned. they say it was a maneuver, classic take down that is taught in the police academy known as the seat belt maneuver. there will now be a complete retraining process, though, of these officers, and the mayor
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says the garner case will revolutionize policing in america0s largest city. >> we will be changing our our officers talk with residents of the city, changing how they listen, slowing down some interactions that sometimes escalate too quickly. giving officers a chance too wait until backup and supervision comes. de-escalating. using less force whenever possible. funmental lessons. >> we're still waiting to hear specifics but it's probably safe to say that armed bar, that chokehold, the seatbelt maneuver will not be a tactic they'll retrain the officers in. >> rick, thank you very much. you have soon the video of the chokehold of eric garner saying, i can't breathe. this morning i read a column that began, it's the second video that made me cry.
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i've not seen a second video. did not know of the existence of a second video. i've seen notice and we'll show you. harry siegel authored the column. his commentary appeared in the "wall street journal," the "new public." and elsewhere, it made you cry. explain that. >> well, eric garner in the second video is unconscience and unresponsive and on the ground and there's cops around and they're doing nothing for the man, and there's guys in the crowd filming this, saying, he can't breathe. nothing is happening. emts come, they don't clear his awayway, don't think him. one says he has a pulse, says, sir, sir, we're here to ten you, and then just walks off, and then eventually they drop him on a gurney, and it's a big man, and aisle sure he is not easy to
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carry but not how you want to see a human being being treated. >> i want to read your column while we play the video. it's the second eric garner video that made me cry. not the one where officer daniel pantaleo choke are garber were smashing his head into the sidewalk as other cops hold down and cuff garner, ignoring pleas he issued witness the -- with the last air in this lungs. it's the video shot later as eric garner lies dying among the men and women in uniform who seemed to not give a damn. harry transcribeses what happens and then continues. garner had a heart attack in the plans and died. as he lay dying he was treated like a piece of market but pantaleo, the officer, the other cops and the medical technicians. had garner below treated with
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basic human dignity he might not be dead, harry writes, and writes, anyone unsure why so many people of color are upset with the police, put down your politics, open your eyes and watch the video. there's more to be said on another day about broke windows, police, garner was known to cops for selling loose cigarettes though he was not doing that when he was arrested and killed. there was more to be said beside the dishonesty or intellectual confusion of the activists and protesters and politicians who view cops as the only real criminals. but fear of employing and lost faith in justice are real, cor rosesive forces -- crosssive forces that makes decent people of color feel society places a lower val our on their lives. makes parents and children fear the very people who are supposed to be protecting them good policing demand current buy-in, so perception itself matters. and that fear is not only in
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people's mind. just open your eyes and watch the video. the headline for the column, the lonesome death of eric garner, when men are treated like piece of meats by cops cops and medic. and you can see how it would. >> i like commissioner bill bratton a lot. there's a reason that bill deblasio brought him into new york. i think if there's anything who can figure out this two fer, if the crime starts going up there's no way to get good reform and policing where people can buy into. >> activists say this problem across the country, pointing to cleveland and other locations where people of color, some i argue in this case haves and haves nots, but that are officers of color there, that's a sergeant in charge on the scene who is an officer of -- a female officer of color. this felt like have and have not thing. >> and literally the have-nots
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are inside the store while this guy is dying, saying, he can't breathe, and he the officers are saying, step back, we need to give him air. while this guy is on the ground dying. it's a truly distressing thing to see. it's keynesian in a sense. >> harry siegel if in the new new york dily news." google, the second tape that made me cry. it's laid out, the videos are there. if you're interested at all in this, google it. nice to meet you. >> pleasure. >> thank you for coming. >> more now on the justice department civil rights investigation in what legal steps are next. with us now on the deck. attorney evangeline gomez. now what? >> what is happening right now, as attorney general holder announced yesterday, there is a federal investigation going on into this. so, what the federal investigation is going to do, you're growing to have fbi agents, have members of the department of civil rights that belong to the doj, going to work
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with other experts in the eastern district in looking at the evidence, seeing if there is any evidence that is enough to empanel a grand jury, under for a probable cause for an indictment or perhaps there isn't. but the issue here is going to be the use of excessive force, because the argument, is there enough evidence to show that eric garner's constitutional rights were violated by the police officer. >> i've heard so many people over the last 24 hours make the argument there's a bigger picture here. this isn't just about eric garner. this is about the reason for this rule in the first place was they wanted to take care of the little things like people using the bathroom on the sidewalk, not allowing people to wash windshields and not allowing people to sell loose cigarettes on the streets. >> quality of life issues. >> and they spent a lot of time trying to make our city better in that way, and you wondered if this wasn't an example how a good idea went very bad. because they called this the
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take-down maneuver. the man is already taken down, his face is being pushed into the sidewalk. you can make the argue. a lot owe of the stuff wasn't necessary but wasn't over the line. that's hard for people to understand. >> yes, and the investigation is going to look into it. they're going look at the videotapes. the videotapes. we hear there were four videotapes the grand jury looked at. expert testimony from doctors and medical examiners report that said the death was a result of chest and neck compressions. those are all the things that the investigators will look at from the federal government, and other evidence that we're not aware of, we're not privy to, because this is an vest done in secret. they don't have to inform us every day what's going on with the investigation. and once the investigation has concluded, we will hear whether or not there will be charges. >> is it your sense that all of this is going to create a large push for new laws of reform of laws in the cities -- obviously a city that the rest of the
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country takes a nod from, as is los angeles and others. >> yesterday we heard that there were body cams that's nypd officers are now going to be carrying on them, and some other reforms in the pipeline, but what about basic judgment? that's an issue that is missing here. nobody is talking about. >> we know a lot of prosecutors. any prosecutor who wants to get an indictment can get an indictment. >> exactly. >> nip who wants an indictment. every single one can, every time, they why shay say you can end doing it a hand sandwich and it's confusing. >> we are learning the exception is a police officer. you can indict a ham sandwich but what about a police officer? but you're absolutely right. if a prosecutor wants an inindictment he gets one. that's the bottom line. >> we both have a lot of police officer friends and both very glad and thankful they get special protect because they're doing a job you have to have special protections and then there's the line that has been
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crossed. a lot of my cop friends think it was. good to see you. a woman in abu dhabi in custody on accusations of murdering an american school teacher. why did this happen? there is a bigger picture? we will get to that coming up. a mr.
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cops arrested a woman accused of butchering a kindergarten teacher in the restroom of a a mall. a team of officers stormed the
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house with guns draw. you investigators say the woman stabbed and slashed that american teacher to death with a kitchen knife. crime scene photos show the blood splattered across the restroom floor. investigator says surveillance videos show the killer dressed head to toe in a traditional arab garb. she was in the restroom for more than an hour. investigators say the woman later planted a bomb outside the home of another american but police managed to diffuse that. officials say the suspect targeted two americans because they were americans. because they were from the u.s. not for any personal issues. those officials say the woman sought to, quote, terrorist people in the uae. hey have not said whether she is link to an actualer to group in october the u.s. embassy and the uae reported a jihaddist web
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forum called for attack on american teachers. the uae is rich with oils and an ally of the united states. abu dhabi is home to more foreigners than citizens. we also are learning the teacher's name. the company hat helped her get the job said she was 47, had three children. tell us more about the raid on the home. >> the video that the police released is dramatic. they actually made it even more dramatic bay editing video -- by dead iting music into the yesterdayow, even including the surveillance portion of the crime scene, take a look. investigators say the suspect left a bomb at the home of an american doctor and then you see the getaway vehicle with a flag covered its license plate as it drives away. appears to be the same car shown in the video of the raid with what looks like blood smeared across the steering wheel. they show the takedown from the perspective of police looking
12:19 pm
down the sites of their drawn weapons as they clear rooms, kick open doors and force residents on the floor. at the end of the video are pictures of what police are say are bombmaking materials found at the residence, also the get away vehicle, and the video kind of oddly ended with this apparently unrelated shot of a u flag waving in the skies a music closes. >> never seen video like that with music on it. one of the weirder ones. what do we know about the american teacher. >> we spoke with the ceo of the company who actually hired her to teach. her name was ebola ryan and her crowe said he recruised her in 2013 to teach in abu dhabi. she was friendly and kind and moved to the country with twin boys, wanting to immerse herself and her sons in the culture there. he expressed relief the suspect is in custody. >> the area where she lives is where most of the american teachers live so the fact that it looks like it was lone-wolf
12:20 pm
type of situation ask i they do have somebody in custody is certainly helps us rest easier this persones not on the loose. >> he said she was a hungarian citizen before moving to the u.s. and we also spoke with ryan's former mother-in-law, who said that the father of her twin sons is still there in abu dhabi right now. >> thank you very much. the, president, vladimir putin, claims everybody is gout to get me and my country, trying to destroy our economy. he is defending his aggression and swearing that nobody will defeat russia. here we go. that's next. here's some news you may find surprising.
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security forces in chechneya storming buildings, including a school, during a shootout with rebels that killed at least 19 people. all went down just hours before the russian president, vladimir putin, gave his state of the nation address. take a look at this video. [ gunshots ] >> gunmen shot three traffic cops and then took over two buildings. it's a stunning thing to see, in pictures. i want to show you photographs. this is the building on fire there. cops say they took over this giant publishing house that became the center for the gun battle. and here's the next morning after the shootout. the fire spread to a nearby market. firefighters trying to stop it before it got worse. look how big this thing is. the fire went forever. the same market filled with smoke. after the gunfight, see the shells in the for -- foreground?
12:25 pm
they litter the area. moscow fought two wars here in the 1990s which left chechneya in ruins. >> back in cost scow, president vladimir putin said the west is trying destroy russia's economy because it is afraid moscow has become too strong. that's it, vlad. his state of the union address came days after the country's officials predicted the country will fall into -- putin blames the west, saying russia will never fail to protect its system. >> no one will succeed in achieving military superiority over russia. our army his modern, combat ready, polite but threatening. we have enough forces. >> the u.s. and other countries sanctions russia for invading crimea and supporting the rebels in east ukraine but president putin says the enemies are just
12:26 pm
looking for a way to contain russia. today white house spokesman josh earnest says the russian president has repeatedly tried to shift blames for the country's problems and say it's unconvincing. general westley
12:27 pm
resist russian aggression. >> how dangerous is he? >> i think he is the most dangerous russian lead are since stalin. he wants to change the status quo. and he is not afraid to commit military forces and take losses to do it. shep, the russians have lost both from the conventional military and these thugs they recruited to fight in eastern ukraine, they lost by ukrainian estimates over 4,000 troops since they started fighting there in the spring. i'm not talking about crimea. i'm talking about eastern ukraine. they used modern military means, multiple launch rockets witch drones. ukrainians had high losses and putin's done every he can to conceal the losses from the russian people. he doesn't want to admit russian forces are there i was in
12:28 pm
ukraine three weeks ago. that there were 8,000 russian troops in eastern ukraine. modern artillery, and fighting vehicles. we don't know his intent but he is billing up forces and could be preparing to launch another strike against ukraine. >> he has serious problemes. the rubble is in freefall. price of otherwise is way down. he has all these conflicts around him and the oligarchs are trying to get their money out of russia. so everything is collapsing around him and i wonder how much more dangerous you think that makes him in this sort of cornered tiger scenario. >> might make it more dangerous. if you go back to the 1930s when we caught off steel and oil for japan, it was one of the precipitating factors of world war ii. and so the fact that we're not using military force against putin doesn't mean that when he is suffering these economic
12:29 pm
consequences of his actions, he may not decide to respond militarily. but he is playing a very large game. he is playing with and against the united states and the mideast and syria. >> is it goal as simple as i want to pieces of the sold of -- old sowf yesterday union back? >> we -- old soviet union back. >> where does his amibition extend to? we don't know the abc but we don't want to find out. if you go back to the analogy 0 adolphlight -- adolph hitler, when he occupied the rheinland, and their amibitions grow and that's the rings with vladimir putin. >> wise words from general wesley clark.
12:30 pm
thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> al qaeda terrorists giving washington just days to respond after releasing a new video of an american hostage. ahead, who the hostage and is how the pentagon trade to rescue him. plus, gas prices keep going down here in the united states. and at least one city below two dollars a gallon. we'll show you where and what it means for all the rest of us. that's coming up.
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villagers in central philippines are leaving homes and others stocking up as massive storm heads their way. it's on track to make landfall in a couple of days and could hit the same areas areas where e typhoon leveled many communities last year. more than 7,000 people listed as dead or missing after that storm. in the u.s., first-time jobless claims were down 17,000 last week. the labor department reports
12:33 pm
applications have been under 3,000. and officials in florida say a school bus driver helped rescue nearly 40 students just as the vehicle caught fire. happened yesterday east of tampa. troopers there say that the driver, whos also a math teacher, noticed the smoke and pulled over. then she says she got the students into single file and off the bus. everybody is fine. it is not yet clear to us what caused the fire. slams into your brand new car. one second it wasn't there and the next second... boom! you've had your first accident. now you have to make your first claim. so you talk to your insurance company and... boom! you're blindsided for a second time. they won't give you enough money to replace your brand new car. don't those people know you're already shaken up? liberty mutual's new car replacement will pay for the entire value of your car plus depreciation. call
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as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. talk to your doctor and visit this is humira at work al qaeda terrorist released new video threatening an american hostage, man the pentagon reports it tried to rescue. here's a picture from the video which seems to mimic videos from the islamic state. to the hostage is luke summers, a photojournalist who was working in yemen when extremist kidnapped him. analysts say this branch called al qaeda in the arabian peninsula is the most dangerous. officials linked it to several
12:36 pm
failed attacks on the united states. the attempt to rescue happened a few weeks other. forces rescued a fuse hostages but others were not there when it went down. trace gal her has -- gallagher has more. >> the video is three minutes long and starts off of an operative reading a list of grievances against the united states and its counterterror jim operations and then that man, giving president obama an it matetive, giving him, quote, time frame of three days from the issuance of this statement to meet our demands about which they are aware. otherwise, the american hostage held by us will meet his inevidencable fate. he never does say what the hands are but some say it could be a prisoner exchange. then we see luke sommers in glasses and a button downed shirt looking much thinner now.
12:37 pm
he made a statement saying he was looking for any help at all too get out of the situation. at the very end of the statement he bows his head. >> what else are we learning about the rescue mission. >> seal team six was involved and had the correct area of caves in yemen but apparently luke sommers had been removed from that area. the rescue team pulled out some saudi arabian hostages and yemeni hostages and the state department says they got great cooperation from the yemen any government. >> a strong relationship with the yemenie government and work together. at this difficult time our thoughts are with the sommers family. >> very interesting that last month isis leader abu bakr claimed the expanded into yemen
12:38 pm
but they denied it. isis has had falling out, and now you have situations with terrorist fighting terrorist for this territory. >> let's messengery dan o'shea. a former navy seal himself. he dealt with hundreds of kidnappings. worked with everybody in the intelligence community from the state department to special ops, the fbi, and now, as president for personnel, kidnapped and ransom, at a private security firm. good to see you. >> glad to be with you. >> demands unreasonable, what does this mean? >> again, the demands -- this is part othe game. make unrenal demand with unrealistic timeline. 72 hours, which is just part
12:39 pm
of -- right out of their playbook, goes back to the same videos in 2004 and 2005. >> what does your experience tell you about deadlines and how serious they are? >> well, sadly, they are -- if they make a deadline in iraq, wherever al qaeda made a deadline statement and put a timeline, they usually stuck it to. so the clock is ticking on luke's situation. >> we don't may ransom. what do you do? >> hostage rescue. those are the options for americans kidnapped. >> you mentioned prior to coming thother fact there was a rescue attempt and there 'twas a rescue is quite significant. explain. >> well, we have had the capability within our unit to do these rescue missions. they're very, very complex, host age rescue malicious is
12:40 pm
challenging, you have bad guys but good guys and you have to -- it takes surgical precision. so launches forces, you have to have three things, proof of life the hostage is still alive, a ten-digit gracious you know exactly where the hostage is being held, and the approval of the authorities, and we're laurening more of these rescue missions. >> we understand that europeans pay for hostage release. that makes sense for why you would kidnap. the line and why they kidnap americans. >> sadly they know that americans are not going to bay. there's never a multimillion dollar ransom payment by the american government so their capturing them for political statements. exactly what we see with al qaeda, to put luke sommers' life on the line. it's part of the macabre terror.
12:41 pm
terrorism requires media coverage on these events drives these things things and you hava battle between isis and al qaeda that is extending throughout the region. so al qaeda may be bringing up this american hostage case because the islamic state has been gaming street cede in the world. >> thank you coming. >> thank you. >> dna tests confirmed a child in custody in lebanon, a child, is the daughter of the islam county state leader abu al bakr al baghdad. he says the child's mother was married to al-baghdadi for three months. but that she is no longer his wife. she is also in custody. lebanon's ministry said dna samples were sent.
12:42 pm
officials are holding both in a childcare center. anallies say al ash -- al baghdadis reclusive. >> the cost of gas is below two dollars gallon some places. stay with us. my name's louis,
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a number appeals court denied request to grant human rights to chim -- chimpanzees. the chimp lives alone in a cage an animal rights group says it's like solitary confinement. it filed a lawsuit asking the court to grand personhood status to the chimp. make the chimp a person for legal purposes purposes so the n
12:46 pm
challenge its own detention. today a panel of judges unanimously said the chimp is not a person. calling it inappropriate to grant the rights of a human to an animal. they wrote, unlike human beings, chimpanzees cannot bear any legal duties, submit to societal responsibilities or be held legally accountable for their actions. stunning. the animal rights group tweeted it already is pursuing an appeal. make everyone a human. corporations are, after all. >> gas prices are dropping and drops, and some areas they're now below two bucks a gallon for the first time in like ever. a buck 99 in oklahoma city. the first spot where prices have followen below $2. analysts predict texas, south carolina, and mizzou could be next. the national average is 2.73, and if gas prices continue to fall that could mean big savings
12:47 pm
for millions and millions of us and a big boost for the economy. gerri willis is here. it's below five bucks a gallon in new york city. what's -- >> sounds terrible but the reality is it's only -- >> a big deal for consumers. >> $75 billion. that's the money that's gone into consumers in pocketbooks. we figure that out, per household, that's like $641. you think about it. those price cuts started coming about june of this year so that's about $100 a month. >> i read in the "wall street journal" the predict is it might stabilize. >> it can go to 40. can you imagine that? >> a year from now? >> 2015 is going to be low, took that's what the government agencies are saying. if they go to 2.50 a gallon and stabilize at that level over the course of the year we're looking
12:48 pm
for savings of $1,000 -- over 100s to -- $1,068. you think about that. that's just free money for people because it's not like you buy gas because you want to you. buy gas because you have to. >> you got to car pool. kids got go. >> you have to go to work, this growry -- grocery store. >> now you spend the money on someone else instead of big oil. >> that's right. a fox report now and more headlines. tens of thousands of people watching rocket just sit on a launch pad at cape canaveral. didn't get to see it launch, the orion space capsule, but a of strong winds, a sticky fuel valve. it's supposed to be windy again in the morning. this is a test flight with nobody on board. orion would be the first
12:49 pm
spacecraft to send astronauts deep into space since the apollo gram. the ultimate goal, carry people to mars. >> flashflooding stranding cars east of los angeles. crews pulled more than a dozen people to safety. national weather service reports one part of the san bernardino mountains got more than a foot of rain. wow. the pentagon releasing a new report on sexual assault in the military and it's important. that and secretary hagel addresses the media for the first time since announcing he is stepping down. ♪soft holiday music ]♪
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defense secretary chuck hagel released the report a short time ago. the first time we have seen since he announced his resignation and likely the last time he'll take the podium. jennifer griffin is with us. what dead he -- what did he say? >> we eh was ask the by reporterred he was fired and if so, why. he spoke eloquently about his relationship, his spendship he called it, with the president. he would not say whether he felled micromanaged and talked about rising from oakland, california, and a tour in vietnam, exactly 46 years ago today. he says he and the president were the only ones in the room as we talk about his future. >> was we talked through it, the president and i did, we both came to the conclusion that i think the country was best served with new leadership.
12:54 pm
he thought it was. >> hagel said he couldn't point to one major issue or point of contention that led to his resignation. at the white house today, spokesman josh earnest transcribed what the president is looking for in the next defense secretary. >> i can tell you that whoever that person is, they will be very clear about what the chain of command is, and they'll understand the president of the united states is the commander-in-chief. >> the white house is expected to announce former defense secretary ash carter as the next defense secretary tomorrow. >> back to sexual assault in the military. we're just learning of an incident on u.s. navy sub? >> an unidentified 24-year-old second class petty officer has been accused of videotaping female submariners on board the uss wyoming. the officer allegedly videotaped mail and female sub submariners and than i ford them to another
12:55 pm
officer on another vessel. the criminal investigative service is investigating. they have classified the incident as a privacy violation instead of sexual harassment. >> thank you. >> all you james bond fans, we have new details about the next bond film. and we'll get you those right after this. people with type 2 diabetes
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12:59 pm
naomi paris isman -- money penny, and this is the new car he is going to be driving, a aston martin db10. ten will be made for the film. none will be made available to the public. the average price, as you know, more than $250,000 for each one and "spectre" is set to debut next year. >> thank you, chris. in 1991 terry anderson finally freed. he spent more than six years has a hostage in lebanon. six years, most in an underground dungeon. a few months after his kidnapping his wife gave birth to a baby girl. when she was five she visited heir father's office. then he met his tower for the
1:00 pm
first time and it happened 23 years ago today. >> when thus breaks out we'll break in. slightly down on the day. >> chant -- [chanting] >> that wasn't the line, this was. >> as i said, we're not just dealing with a problem in 2014, not deals with years of racism leading up it to or decade. we're legalling with centuries of racism of that have brought s to this day. >> really, centuries? the president of the united states agrees with him. jackson doesn't with either. bishop, holy cow. i couldn't believe my ears. >> neil, it's preprosperous. what happened in new york is not the result


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