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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  December 4, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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>> those poor little animals. >> all right. special report is up next. my favorite part of the evening. and it's yours too. activists decry what they call open reason by black men on white police. so what's next? this is "special report." good evening. i'm bret baier. officials in new york city and many other american cities are bracing for another night of protests, following a grand jury decision not to indict a white police officer for what's being called the choke hold death of an unarmed african-american man. the rioting that occurred in missouri and other places was peaceful demonstrations. they continue to grow larger and more volatile in many
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communities. we have whether federal investigations will really make a difference. but we begin with rick leventhal in new york with more reaction to the death of eric garner. hi, rick. >> bret, many people say they were shocked by the grand jury's decision not to seek criminal charges in this case. from eric garner's family to politicians to the officer who testified on his own behalf, and tonight the protests continue with a crowd estimated at more than 1,000 strong gathering down at foley plaza in lower manhattan near the the federal court buildings. the nypd on high alert wondering how much higher tensions will rise. cell phone video of the arrest of eric garner shows the officer using what appears to be a choke hold to subdue the 6'3", 350 pound man. garner's death on the sidewalk was rule ed a homicide by the medical examiner, due to
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compression of the neck and chest. but a grand jury found no reason to bring charges against the officer, and a police spokesman says it was a textbook takedown known as a seat belt maneuver taught about the academy. >> if you're speaking, you can breathe. unfortunately he died for a number of reasons, and as the grand jury saw and the medical examiner said, it was not a choke hold that killed that person. so we feel badly that there was a loss of life, but unfortunately mr. garner made a choice that day to resist arrest. >> today the city announced a complete retraining of every officer in the nation's largest police department. >> we're changing how our officers talk with residents of the city, giving officers a chance to wait until backup and supervision comes. deescalating. using less force. >> former secretary of state hillary clinton weighed in. >> despite all the progress we've made together, african-americans, most particularly african-american
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men, are still more likely to be stopped and searched by police, charged with crimes and sentenced to longer prison terms. >> we want a public trial! >> the grand jury's decision not to indict sparked protests across the nation, and since the proceedings are secret in new york, the the testimony and evidence may never be revealed. but a state supreme court agreeded to release limited details based on a requested from the da. the garner grand jury sat for nine weeks and head 50 witnesses. 22 civilians, the rest police officers or medical professionals. there were 60 exhibits entered into evidence, including four videos, autopsy photos and training records. attorney general eric holder says all of the evidence will be re-examined and the justice department's civil rights investigation. >> it will be an exhaustive and fair investigation. it we will reach our own determination as to who, if anybody, should be charged. >> attorney general holder says
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the case proceeded expeditiously as possible. the retraining of new york police officers has already begun. bret? >> rick, thank you. government officials are trying to placate the african-american communities in these situations by promising federal civil rights probe into the michael brown and eric garner deaths. at least that's word from one official. but will those investigations accomplish anything. tonight correspondent looks at what history tells us. >> reporter: federal civil rights investigation have been launched in three of the most high profile deaths of unarmed african-americans. in ferguson, missouri, staten island new york, and sanford, florida. >> i don't think the justice department should be used, you know, as a political tool to placate local communities if they don't like the result of a particular case. >> reporter: former deputy assistant attorney general robert driscoll oversaw the justice department's civil rights division and says
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investigations into the death of michael brown in ferguson and trayvon martin in stanford are impossible to bring such charges on. criminal rights charges require proof of intent. even the death of eric garner in new york represents a problem for the prosecution, despite the video evidence. >> it's a very tough case. mere negligence isn't enough. a mere mistake by the officer isn't enough. >> reporter: in both the ferguson and new york cases, critics say attorney general eric holder's role is about more than justice. >> this is a part of this pattern of eric holder politicizing the department and politicizing the decision. >> reporter: a far different standard applies to civil rights investigations of entire police departments. like the findings announced today against the cleveland force. >> i think the reality is that there are problems in the force here that have been identified by the work that has been done by the civil rights division as well as the u.s. attorney's office here. >> reporter: justice department
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supervised reforms are now under way in cleveland and a number of other cities across the country. critics say federal criminal investigations often have a reverse effects on community expectations of swift charges when the end result is politics, rather than justice. overseas tonight, an arrest in the stabbing death of an american teacher in abu dhabi. the interior minister of the united arab emirates says the female attacker also planted a bomb outside the home of another american. the device was disarmed. terrorists are threatening to kill another american hostage in the middle east. while russian leader is blaming the west for his country's escalating problems. ed henry looks at the latest foreign policy challenges for president obama tonight. >> reporter: aides to president obama revealed today he authorized a secret mission to try to save american journalist luke somers as a video showed a terrorist from al qaeda in the
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arabian peninsula declaring somers will be killed unless unspecified demands are met. >> regrettably luke was not present, though hostages of other nationalities were present and they were rescueded. >> reporter: back on november 25th, u.s. and yemeni forces rescued six yemenis, a saudi and ethiopian. he could not discus if it was delayed, possibly enabling them to move somers. amid signs the administration is having as much difficulty battling aqap in yemen as it is in taking on isis terrorists in iraq and syria. >> they share with isis not only this radical sunni demographic, but an intent to destroy targets. >> pressed on whether the focus on air strikes has failed, white house insisted it was sound.
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>> how can it be considered a success story when that kind of violence continues? >> i don't think that's the words i used. the way we talked about yemen is it served as a youthful template for a strategy that has effect ily taken the fight to aqap in a way that has degraded their ability to hurt the united states of america. >> reporter: in fact, it was just over two months ago when earnest held yemen up as an example of p president taking decisive action against terrorists. >> how can you cite yemen when the country is falling apart? >> we have seen the effective deployment of a counterterrorism strategy that involves building up the capacity of local forces, on occasion backed by american military forces. >> reporter: another major foreign policy headache for the president continues to be russia, as vladimir putin gave a grand state of the union speech attacking the west and defended the annexation, claiming it's as sacred as the temple in jo
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jerusalem. the president yesterday said he was more optimistic about battling isis than getting putin to change. >> he has been improvising himself into a nationalist back ward looking approach to russian policy. that is scaring the heck out of his neighbors and is badly damaging his economy. >> the person dealing with the crises is the new secretary of defense who will be announced by the president here at the white house tomorrow. it will be ash carter, known as a brilliant physicist. he will have to get up to speed on war fighting fast. >> ed henry in the north lawn, thank you. what do you think? do you think russian president putin has outmaneuvered president obama so far? send us something good. we may use it a little later. up next, congressional
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republicans take their first formal step to fight president obama's immigration actions. first, here's what some around the country are covering tonight. ktvu in oakland, california, with police and social services, starting a massive cleanout of what may be the nation's largest homeless encampment. the square mile area of san jose is known as the jungle and at one time more than 2 200 people with there. heavy rains continue to cause flooding and mud slides. 14 people were rescued from their vehicles in riverside county. no injuries were reported. roads around the flooded areas are now being closed. and this is a live look at orlando, florida, from fox 35, our affiliate there, the big story tonight, the scrubbing of this morning's planned launch of the new spacecraft. wind gusts and sticky fuel valves are being blamed. nasa will try again tomorrow to launch the unmanned test flight. it's the ship that is supposed
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ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a free 30-tablet trial. it may not be the equivalent of the iconic double secret probation, but today's rebuke to president obama by house republicans on immigration is prompting a similar level of dismissal and not just from democrats. chief congressional correspondent reports on a move almost everyone admits has little practical effect. >> on a mostly party lean vote, house lawmakers passed a bill written by one of the most conservative members designed to respond to president obama's executive action on immigration by saying he doesn't have authority to freeze deportation. >> this bill is not about border security, work visas or immigration reform. this is about the administrative overstepping its bounds and unilaterally challenging the laws of this great nation of
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ours. >> reporter: the president said the bill would force talented community leaders to leave the country. >> it does not make sense for us to want to push talent out, rather than make sure that they're staying here and contributing to society. >> house speaker john boehner rejected criticism from some conservatives of his multistep approach to immigration in funding the government, and says there are limits with democrat harry reid leading the senate. come january, we'll have a republican house and republican senate and we'll be in a stronger position to take actions. >> reporter: the pushback on immigration comes ahead of a critical vote on funding the government beyond december 11th. boehner expects strong bipartisan support. but the democratic leader says unless he has 218 votes she has leverage. >> we want to work together to pass a bill to keep government open, but we can't do it unless we have a bill worthy of our support. >> reporter: meanwhile the department of homeland security is going guard with hiring about
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1,000 full-time employees to prepare for processing applications from immigrants, and in a memo, says, quote, the initial workload will include faces filed as a result of the executive action on immigration announced on november 20, 2014. >> it's not just we're going to deport you. they're going to give people photo i.d.s, a social security number and the right to participate in social security and medicare and other benefits. >> reporter: meanwhile boehner rejected calls for next year's state of the union address as a sign of protest against mr. obama's unilateral direction. >> the more the president talks about his ideas, the more unpopular he becomes. >> reporter: he says this bill is dead on arrival in the senate. boehner calls it monumental arrogance. >> mike, thanks. soon to be senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says he made his feelings clear about immigration and known to the president during a meeting yet.
3:17 pm
mcconnell spoke on the record. is there anywhere the president can successfully work with republicans. >> we tried to focus just on the things that there might be some agreement on. i mean, for example, he's talked about trade agreements. he's never sent us a single trade agreement in six years. most of my members and myself included are very much in favor of international trade. america always wins in these trade agreements. that's a possible area of agreement. >> mcconnell talks to greta tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern in his first post-election tv interview. still ahead, another episode of our contender series. focusing on possible presidential candidates. tonight, louisiana governor bobby jindal. first, the obamacare death panels. do they exist? will they be stoppeded?
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the cdc is warning doctors this year's flu vaccine may not be very effective. officials say the flu vaccine does not protect well against the dominant flu strain seen most commonly so far this year. but the vaccine should still provide some protection. both republicans and democrats are trying to figure out what to do about what critics call one of obamacare's most notorious side effects. chief national correspondent jim engle with the latest plans to deal with the so-called death panels. >> reporter: there is one part of obamacare that even many democrats want to repeal, a board that has the unimpeded right to cut medicare spending just as the baby boomers are retiring.
3:22 pm
>> we have almost 230 bipartisan cosponsors of this bill, and it's not a partisan issue. this is a bipartisan concern. >> reporter: the house passeded a bipartisan bill two years ago to eliminate, with 27 democratic votes and even liberal barney frank. the reason so many oppose it is the president would appoint 15 people who would lend increases in medicare spending to 1% faster than economic growth. and the law limits review of its decisions by congress and the courts. two republican physicians, senator tom coburn wrote in the wall street journal that it's an administrative agency whose actions can cannot be checked. this set up shreds to separation of powers that is fundamental to the u.s. constitution. that's why they're asking the supreme court to review the matter. >> there's no other constraint on what the board can do. it can ration care. it can levy taxes.
3:23 pm
it can set price controls. >> reporter: supreme court of the united states needs to defend its branch of government and say wait a minute, it's not proper on something of this measure to have only one branch of government making the decisions. the law can only be challengeded by a three-fifths majority vote in the senate, and though it's prohibited from rationing care, rationing isn't defined. >> so if it were to set a price of a surgery, a life saving surgery so low that no doctor would perform it, would that be rationing care? we don't know. that's up to them. >> that's why some critics call it a death panel. not only that, after 2020 the law says none of their decisions can ever be challenged by anyone. stocking were down today. the nasdaq fell five. s&p droppeded two.
3:24 pm
alarming new evidence of just how far the american economy has fallen. market watch reports an analysis of international monetary fund statistics indicates china has overtaken the u.s. as the world's top economy. the total output in terms of real goods and services is estimated at $17.6 trillion this year. the u.s., $17.4 trillion. it's the first time since the 1870s america is not in first place. no grapevine tonight, so we can provile one of the expected contenders in the 2016 presidential sweep stakes. up next, louisiana governor bobby jindal. my name's louis,
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tonight we continue our in depth look at some of the people who may run for president in 2016. this evening's possible contender, louisiana governor bobby jindal. >> our country firmly rejects president obama and his extremely radical progressive agenda. >> campaigning for bill cassidy in louisiana senate runoff, governor bobby jindal knows the applause lines in his increasingly republican state. >> time for our conservative principles to work. now let us show the american people we deserve the right to govern. >> governor jindal is only 43 years old. that's why it's so striking when people talk about his big
3:29 pm
selling point, it is his experience. >> governor jindal has had one of the the most varied and experienced careers of any of the potential candidates on either side. it's really remarkable at a young age he would have been a two-term governor, a congressman from louisiana, a statewide head of the entire health care system there and other positions as well. >> reporter: as governor, he steered louisiana through the rebuilding post hurricane katrina and through the darkest days of the bp oil spill and then its cleanup. now he and his family, he says, are thinking about and praying about a possible run for the white house in 2016. >> i have an amazing wife. she's very, very supportive of this. we're doing something different, she would be supportive of that, too. we will make that decision after the holidays, towards the first half of next year. i'll tell you this. if i were to run, this is what i think is the biggest issue facing our country. the reality is this president has done many things to hurt our economy, our foreign policy, but the most dangerous thing he's
3:30 pm
doing is trying to redefine the american dream. when my parents came over 40 years ago, they came for freedom and opportunity. they taught my brother and me if we would work hard, get a great education, there's no limit on what we could accomplish. i want to make sure that american dream is still available to my children, ultimately to my grandchildren. all of our children. this president is intent on trying to define the american dream as redistribution, government spending government borrowing. that's not the american dream. >> jindal is the son of indian immigrants. if nominated, he would be the first minority on a gop presidential ticket. >> i think our leaders have a role to play if we really aspire to be a color blind society, if we really believe the color of somebody's skin shouldn't determine how they're treated or who they are or their prospects in life, i think we have elected leaders and others with more responsibility.
3:31 pm
he has done it in every election. you saw the attacks in 2012 about the elderly and paul ryan. he does i by clash certainly. he does it by geography. his comment about americans clinging their guns in religion and other states. it justs like he's constantly trying to divide us. i'm waiting for him to realize he's not the leader of the democratic party. he's the president for all all of many herk. >> jindal seems to be able to speak at length about almost anything you ask him. about the administration's foreign policy, which he quickly ties to hillary clinton. >> the fundamental problem with the obama-clinton approach, is they defer to multilateralism as a goal instead of a tactic. we can't let foreign capitals have a veto over america's foreign policy. they don't seem to understand the actions that america is best
3:32 pm
when we're strongest. the world is safest with a more active america. that doesn't mean we need to deploy everywhere. ironically the stronger more consistent we are, the less likely we have to deploy our troops. >> about the way forward for his party on social issues. >> you'll hear some folks say to the republican party, well, look. they need to abandon its stance on life, marriage, liberty. i disagree. we can be a principle party and earn the right. we can also stand up for these beliefs and also stand up for the rights for kids to join the middle class, to get a great education. >> and even about his cameo on duck diynasty. >> my kids love to watch the show. i love that you can watch without warying about the language, images. 364 days of the year my kids think i have the most boring job of the world. one day my kids thought, all right, maybe there's something
3:33 pm
to being governor. maybe it's not such a bad job after all. >> political analysts though are split on jindal's prospects as a nominee. >> when you're talking intellect and policy and a thinker is no doubt that bobby jindal is up there. >> his approval ratings in louisiana are pretty low. and how he is going to prove he's a strong national candidate when the folks in his own state don't think he's doing a particularly good job. it's going to be a very big lift. >> in exit polls in louisiana in november, the midterm elections, seven out of ten louisiana voters said they didn't think you would make a good president. if republican doesn't score well in louisiana, how is he or she going to score well in the nation? >> well, we've got a lot of politicians that govern according to polls.
3:34 pm
it's easy to be popular in the polls if you kiss babies and that's not hard to do. we have too many politicians that do what it takes to be popular. i was elected by the people of louisiana in two landslide elections, historic elections to make generational changes. so coming out of katrina, we made big changes. not only did we cut our budget by $9 billion, 30,000 fewer state employees, we also did things like transformed our educational system. the largest school choice program in the entire country. 90% of our kids in new orleans are in charter school ls. we balance the budget every year by cutting spending, not raising taxes. eight credit upgrades. we now have more people working than ever before. i would argue that's the leadership we need in d.c. our country, this is an important moment for our country. this is a generational moment. this next election shouldn't be about personalities. this next election needs to be about substance and which leader do we trust to get us through
3:35 pm
dangerous and challenging times. >> as for the long list of republican challengers he could face, jindal insists -- >> i think it's wide open. and that's great. i think it's great. and better for the party. most importantly, better for the country. >> little tougher for a debate moderator. next up on the panel. white police killing black men. is it really open season? what about the federal investigation? we'll talk about it when we come back. happy. in love. and saving so much money on their car insurance by switching to geico... well, just look at this setting. do you have the ring? oh, helzberg diamonds. another beautiful setting. i'm not crying. i've just got a bit of sand in my eyes, that's all.
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♪ ...the getaway vehicle! for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. i don't want to raise expectations unnecessarily, but i want to ensure people we take the obligation very seriously. there is a high bar that we have to meet in conducting these civil rights investigations, but
3:39 pm
our history has shown that we have met that bar in prior investigations. and if that's possible with regard to the ones that we have under way, and if that is appropriate, we will bring charges. >> attorney general eric holder on the federal investigation, not only in ferguson, but now in new york in the death of eric garner. speaking of new york, looking at a live picture there of protests largely peaceful last night and today as well. nothing major as of yet. any violent situations that we've heard of. and also in chicago, you see a protest live now on camera there. fairly substantial numbers in the streets of chicago, walking down the middle of the street, and again, no incidents to report. this is popping up in various cities, including here in washington, d.c. after this nonindictment. the decision not to go forward with an indictment in the eric garner case.
3:40 pm
syndicateded columnist joran will. fox news senior agenda analyst. judge, you've been pretty adamant about this, that this is much different than the ferguson case. your thoughts as you hear the attorney general speaking out about these federal investigations. >> i agree with mayor giuliani, that the new york case is essentially nonracial at its core. there's no significant evidence of a racial bias there on the part of the police. but i think that the grand jury made a profound error in indicting. now here's what i think happened in new york. i have not seen what happened before the grand jury. i have in ferguson because it was all released. i think you had a prosecutor who decided he didn't want to indict. and in order not to indict, he presented not only the government's case, but the defendant's case before the grand jury. effectively turning the grand jury from an instrument of charging one that checks the
3:41 pm
prosecutor to make sure that there's enough evidence to charge this defendant with this crime into a jury that evaluated all the evidence in the case and decided if guilt beyond a reasonable doubt could be proven. that's not the function of the grand jury, and the prosecutor punted by doing that. >> not knowing exactly what was in front of that grand jury, you're guessing that that's what happened. >> of course. >> on the federal investigation, there is a higher bar that they have to get across. and you think they can get across the higher legal standard in the case. >> well, i wouldn't call it higher. i would call it different. the state standard is what was the intent of the police officer and was his behavior reasonable for a police officer under the circumstances? the grand jury obviously decided there was no intent to harm or his behavior was reasonable. in the the federal standard, the government does not have to prove intent. the government can charge spers, and the things the grand jury will look at is what was the
3:42 pm
severity of the underlying crime. was the defendant a threat to the police? no, was the defendant a flight risk from the police? he could barely walk. so the civil rights laws for better or for worse, for fairness or not. for justice or not were written to make it easier for the government to convict so that state actors would be fearful of violating the civil rights of the people with whom they come in contact. >> looking live in chicago. chuck? >> well, the judge is absolutely right about the function of the justice department in a situation like this. it was established in 1870 after the civil war in the midst of a lot of racial violence in the south to provide the kind of law enforcement against reshlly motivated attacks in the confederacy. this is the arjal core mission of the justice department to is
3:43 pm
intervene in cases where possible racial motive or racial overtones there's been a failure of state justice or misuse of what they call authority under color of state law. so i think whether they can actually get over the legal hurdles or not is entirely appropriate for eric holder to proceed now with the the state procedure having been exhausted and coming up with nothing, it's the federal government eastern. and i want to tell you something. it's important for the legitimacy of the whole legal system that all the people you're watching in the streets to have some sense that their grievances are getting the full hearing and if the full attention that they deserve. it's not just politics. this is about showing people all the alternatives within the system will be exhausted before the matter comes to an end. >> george? >> i don't want to be held in contempt by disagreeing tw the judge. a definition of second-degree hms doesn't go to that. it talks about recklessly
3:44 pm
causing the death of a person. if a choke hold that has been banned for 21 years by the new york police department was used, that would seem to institute recklesslessly causing a death. it's not clear it was the choke hold. they say it was a takedown. but after that something that used like a choke hold was used on this 42-year-old man, and in fact, when the police and association spoke earlier on our show on the tape, he said it was not a choke hold that caused his death. now that was a veiled reference to the other health problems that the deceased had. there's another thing that ought to be said about this. this is the intersection, this whole episode f something very good with sml very bad broken windows policing that says if you don't repair a broken window, if you don't stop the people who jump turnstiles, you have a general sense of disorder
3:45 pm
and it spirals out of control. that's feen. but then when you add to that laws that prohibit people from selling cigarettes, then you get broken windows becoming manic. it becomes its own sense and cause of disorder. so there are a lot ofless sojs to be learned from this. >> we heard the president come out and say broad things. we heard hx come out today and say we've allowed the criminal justice system to get out of balance and we need to come together as a nation tor find balance again. with the painting of the broad brush in these incidents, is that fair? >> no, i don't think it is. the best statement about the criminal justice system was just given a few minutes ago by our colleague charles. this is not a political
3:46 pm
endeavor. this is the core of what government does. this is the reason we have a 14th amendment, to empower the federal government to be sure that the states are making their decisions at the street level, based upon law and reason and not bias or privilege. and the only way eric holder can do this, and how many times have you heard me criticize eric holder? until i'm blue in the face. but this time i'm with h him. the only way is by impanelling a federal grand jury to re-examine this. that re-examine natiwill be ver very different from the state. >> and very different in new york than thes in the ferguson case. >> correct. profoundly different in new york than the ferguson case. >> well, we have a problem here, which is there's a conflict of interest with the state level d.a. in staten island. that's the police force that works with him. a lot are in law enforcement or
3:47 pm
retired law enforcement in the the bureau. the federal government is the option we have to provide a more impartial or at least an outside authority to provide a check on that. >> the poor people of the ferguson grand jury had to deal with wildly contradictory eyewitnesss and extremely complicateded forensics. every american carries a video camera in their pocket, and it's having interesting effects on law enforcement and criminal justice. >> as you look like at those protesters in new york carrying coffins as they walk down the streets of new york city. next up. a defiant russian president with harsh words for america.
3:48 pm
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he has been improvising himself into a nationalist nationalist -- backward-looking approach to russian policy that is scaring the heck out of his neighbors and is badly damaging his economy. >> for russia, crimea, ancient corzine, have a major civilizational sacred meaning. the same as temple mount in jerusalem for those who confess islam and judaism. this is exactly how we will treat it for here forever. >> russian president vladimir putin today essentially their state of the union saying and talking about the importance of ukraine as that action continues by russia. the president here talking about sanctions and their effect it's having on the russian economy. wraps an even bigger effect. take a look at this. oil prices dropping.
3:52 pm
look at that. 26.3% since october first. and that is having a big effect. we we're back with the panel. george? putin's varies with his position. his position is suffering terrific economic damage by southern ohio and north dakota and other places like that that are producing this guiser of oil that is sur planting russia as the principle producer of petroleum products. the reevictions i think -- restrictions we put on the banking forms having an effect also. demonstrating to the world and good to learn this again, is that russia is a third world economy with first world missiles. there is no consumer product except vodka and caviar. they make nothing. they have a hunter gatherer economy which is to say they are primmives. they extract things, including eggs from fish for caviar. it's a simple extraction
3:53 pm
industry and it's extremely vulnerable there for to the sway of one price. the price of oil and it's just devastating his position. >> charles? >> well, if you can't deliver the goods to your people, you talk about spiritual benefits, things like ancient lands that you have reconquered so he spent a lot of time going into this business about crimea. george is right about the pivotal nature of the oil price. many people believe that what brought on the collapse of the soviet union in the late 1980s was the saudi's decision to quawmed oil production in the second half of 1985 which put mikhail gore chevy in a cash death spiral and led him to curtail military spending. vladimir putin lived through that experience. i they is determined to avoid it i think he sees this as a repeat of that experience and maybe a conspiracy by the west and the saudis to destroy him. the fact remains he can't balance his budget at the oil price saudi arabia is
3:54 pm
now targeting which is $60 a barrel. maybe the difference between him and gorbachev is that is he is prepared to crack down on his people and remain in power with the iron fist as opposed to relaxing and liberalizing as gorbachev did. >> in fact today, judge, he said if they hadn't gone into ukraine the u.s. would have come up with another excuse to issue sanctions on russia to try to keep them down. we did have a lot of people tweet in darwin writes putin the road runner, obama wiley coyote. boo radley n you can be outmaneuvered if you don't even get in the game? people that perhaps putin has gotten the better of president obama. >> we were talking during the break would you rather deal with a smart devil or a foolish one. smart devil becoming very, very desperate. as economics get worse, he either will lose power or become violent. i don't think he voluntarily gives up pawmplet i don't see a coo coming about in
3:55 pm
that country. i see him becoming violent and authoritarian as you indicated happens not even leaving office. here is my fear. i don't think that barack obama, john kerry and ashton carter are the best three people in the united states of america. to confront this. but these are the people we are with. these are the people that are going to be dealing with this in the next two years. >> does this come to a head? i think what we're dealing with is a man who understands that the pedigree of all european nations is complicated. and you can make a case that all of them are put together in a way that leaves claims from others. and he is going to exploit this. he is doing it in crimea. now he is doing it with the rest of the ukraine. the danger comes when he gets to the baltics, -- ball will we defend them? >> we will talk about that, i'm sure, again that is it for the panel. stay tuned for a lesson in the power of persuasion.
3:56 pm
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3:58 pm
finally tonight, our
3:59 pm
very own judge napolitano here was a guest on the daily show earlier this week to promote his new book suicide pac. it turns out jon stewart is apparently tough to persuade. >> i saw rosewater will you read suicide pact? >> tell me tell you this, probably not. [ laughter ] >> you want the cliff notes? >> let me read you something here. we are very, very, very, very, very worried -- a lot of that is just filler. [ laughter ] >> is he a sweetheart. >> been on that show a bunch. the judge's book would be a great stocking stuff this year. >> 4, 3, 2, 1 speaking of christmas, a short time ago president obama gathered for the 92nd annual lighting of the christmas tree. always a great event.
4:00 pm
tonight included performances by patti labelle, fifth harmony. a lot of fun. a lot of people come in for that. 21 days until christmas. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. >> senate minority leader mitch mcconnell soon have a lot more power. yes, come january, because the democrats took a beating in the november election. republicans take over the u.s. senate. and the new senate majority leader is mitch mcconnell. is he here to go "on the record." this is his first television interview since his 15 point thumping of alisyn grimes of kentucky. senator mcconnell in just moments. first, breaking news. you are looking live at protests breaking out across the nation. protests in response not to indict chokehold death of a citizen. developing now. the stage is set for a blistering showdown between congress and president obama. a short time ago, house republicans with the help of three democrats voting to


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