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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  December 5, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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have a great weekend. >> thanks, you, too. >> we begin with more anger and growing demands for answers today following a grand jury's decision not to indict a new york city police officer in the death of an unarmed black man. welcome to "the real story," everyone. i'm heather chillders in for gretchen carlson. a police officer accused of using excessive force in that chokehold that lead to the death of eric garner setting off a second night of protests across the country. thousands of people carrying
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signs and chanting, i can't breathe, garner's final words. in new york city, more than 200 people were arrested after protesters shut down major intersections and roadways for hours in a new round of demonstrations overnight. rick leventhal is live with us in new york city. clearly, the nypd was tested again last night. how did they do? >> reporter: absolutely. it was a major escalation of kruds gathering across the city last night. an estimated 7,000 people gathered downtown infoly square and a thousand more in harlem and moving to strategic locations around the city forcing the nypd to keep moving to keep demonstrators off the streets and some blocked the brooklyn bridge and the tunnels. some of the crowds were more aggressive last night, throwing
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bottles at officers and squirm misching with police outside the staten island ferry. today is the start of a new nypd pilot program putting body cameras on officers in several precincts they hope will lead to fewer disputes between what really happens between police and the public. >> we are learning more about the officer accused of wrongdoing? >> of course, officer panataleo was cleared by the staten island grand jury and today the nypd is launching its internal investigation into that eric garner case. panataleo has been accused of misconduct before, named in two different lawsuits by defendants who claimed they were mistreated during arrest. one of those cases was settled out of court but the police union president says panataleo is an exemplary officer who is being unfairly criticized. >> we should respect new york city police officers that go out and do a difficult job to
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protect them. we need to teach our children and everyone that you cannot resist arrest, even if you believe that the arrest is unjust, there's mecisms to do that. there's mechanisms to complain. it's not on that corner, on that street at that location. >> of course, there are thousands of officers on the street today and will be again tonight when we expect more protests in new york city. >> rick leventhal, live from the streets of new york city. thank you. protests spreading across the country in chicago. hundreds of people marched along the city's lake shore drive holding up signs and thoughting this is what democracy looks like, the demonstrations at one point spiraling into clashes with police. in portland, hundreds gathered outside the justice center before moving to another rally outside the police department and blocking off a major entrance to a major sports arena
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packed with basketball fans. dallas seeing its share of protesters blocking off several intersections last night as they made their way around the city. meantime, we are hearing more outrage over the police shooting of another unarmed black man in phoenix where 34-year-old brisbane was killed wednesday night after a confrontation with police and alleged drug deal. >> the officer said he fired after what he thought he felt was the handle of a gun in the suspect's pocket sparking outrage after several rallies and reports that he was not armed and he was carrying a bottle of oxycodone pills. >> president obama vowing to take action to address the breakdown of police officers and the people they are paid to protect. >> too many americans feel deep unfairness when it comes to the gap between our professed ideals
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and how laws are applied on a day-to-day basis. >> bret baier's anchor, special report. thank you for joining us. what can the president do with what is perceived to be local matters of law enforcement? >> heather, good afternoon. i think the president's goal here is to take a 30,000 foot view of law enforcement across the country and take these specific incidents and translate it into better practices for law enforcement agencies. that's what he's talked about! i think pushing for cameras on police officers, pushing for better training, that's the broad sense i think the president and the attorney general have been talking about. >> and he's announced this commission to study relations between police and communities. how do you think that will translate among residents themselves because really that is what a lot of folks are
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saying this boils down to, that being the family unit. >> i think it's important. each individual local police department authority sheriff's agency has an interaction with their local population. we've seen these incidents but you've seen also a lot of places where this is not happening. a lot of people -- critics of all of this saying this is not pointed directly to race while people in the streets are saying, it does point directly to race. i think you see these divergent views and the president is trying to walk through the middle here to push training and cameras on officers to try to kind of get past some of the anger around some of these decisions. >> bret, we will talk about this a little bit later. what about politicians in general weighing in on this. a lot of potential candidates
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for 2016, presidential candidacy, they are weighing in on that now. is there really a place for that? do they need to do that or ride the fence here? >> make their own decision, i suppose. hillary clinton came out and said this is a time to look at our justice system overall. again, you're hearing these 30,000 foot views about prox overall. i don't think you will hear a lot of specifics on these individual cases. you did here president george w. bush say he looked at that video and said he felt it was sad. that's interesting for him to wade into that specific case in new york, the eric garner case. >> i think any who looks at that video there can say that's sad, an individual died no one wants to see that happened, whether or not you believe this latest incident had to do with race and undo force was used by the officer involved.
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>> he went further and said it's a sad commentary that race still factors into our everyday lives. the former president making a little bit bolder statement there. >> we want to ask you about this other topic making news today, president obama nominating ashton carter for defense secretary. not a big secret. in 2007, carter wrote about the challenges working there. public service at senior levels in washington is a little bit like being a christian in the coliseum. you never know when they are going to release the lions and have you torn apart for the amusement of onlookers. what do you think about ashton carter being nominated for this position? >> he's well respected both sides of the aisle. you have comments from democrats and republicans. senator mccain praising ashton carter's work and also saying he hopes he understands this white house has a tight circle and control on the pentagon.
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you look at the books of leon panetta and robert gates, they've all complained about this really heavy hand of the white house inner circle on pentagon policy. ashton carter, listen, i covered the pentagon for six years. he knows how that place works. he knows the 19 1/2 miles of corridor, he knows how to get things done inside that building. that's a big deal and probably a plus for this administration. >> having served under 11 defense secretaries, hopefully he knows how to get things done. >> bret, by the way we want to take a quick moment to congratulate you, he regularly beats out his competition in the cable news world but now beating out his network news competition in several top markets in the country. this is quite a feat since cable news is not available in as many homes as network news. the most trusted news anchor right there, bret baier, congratulations? thank you very much. it's a team effort, as you know,
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heather. if we build it, we hope they come one city at a time. >> i know you're a baseball fan. good analogy there. thanks for joining us we appreciate it. we'll see you tonight on special report, as always. setting unemployment on a record highs, 321,000 new jobs added. and nicole is live on the new york stock exchange. hi, nicole. >> an exciting time as we watched the dow jump to 18,000. this number we got led by financials, one of the reasons is because of the job reports we got, 321,000 jobs added, unemployment rate up 8and stayig at 5.8%. retail and education and health
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care, those were areas that saw higher. as the dow got to 17,991, almost at that dow 18,000 mark. certainly obviously a big jump from dow 6500. remember that during our great recession. some of the names that have done the best in the year 2014, intel, 45% gain this year. united health, up 33% and microsoft up 30%. >> how about starbucks? how are they doing today? >> we're seeing starbucks stock moving to a new high. here on the stock exchange we have a starbucks. one of the reasons why they plan for sales to grow over $4 billion in the next four years, beer, wine, expanding the menu and positive comments from the abili analysts. and it has been a leader and that, too, has hit a record
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today. >> and a starbucks is there and explains why everyone is moving around so quickly. >> need lots of caffeine. >> thank you, nicole. >> don't miss nicole on the fox business network. if you're not sure where to find it, log onto fox business news channel finder. it is worth it. and in new york city, after the chokehold decision is handed down. now, just one state over, new jersey chris christie weighing in on the eric garner case, why he's refusing to second-guess the grand jury's decision. looking to get a budget together next week to keep the government up and running with just a few days left until the shutdown deadline. could he be facing some problems in his own party to get it passed? plus, this fighter jet slip sliding away.
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welcome back to the real story. this is not a trick. one of the blue angels navy jets fishtailing after landing. getting stuck in the mud. this happened after a special appearance in maine. the jet was unable to stop before hitting the ice. both the jet and pilots are fine. the ear baltics team is the feature performance in the great state of maine air show next year. president obama's executive action on immigration is sparking a furious backlash on capitol hill.
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house speaker john boehner vowing to avoid a government shutdown but others are wanting to stop funding right now. what is speaker boehner saying to calm maybe hopefully those frustrated conservatives. >> heather, speaker boehner said he listened to its conservative members. the house passed a bill from one of the most conservative members rebuking president obama for his executive action just yesterday and speaker boehner said this is not the end of the fight. >> there are a lot of options on the table and i'm not going to get into the hypotheticals what we can and can't do, but in january we will be in control of the house and senate. >> mitch boehner is the majority leader of the senate and can work hand-in-hand. first things first, speaker
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boehner is trying to round up bipartisan support to fund a bill by december 11th. speaking of that bipartisan support, what is the word from top democrats? >> sounds like they're taking a wait and see approach. i should note the funding level is set. that is not a fight. the question is how they spend that money and if there are any policy riders added. here is house speaker nancy pelosi. >> if the risk is to shut down government, we're just not going to be a party to that. the ball is in their court. they write the bill and have the votes. the responsibility to keep government open is theirs. if the bill is anything we can support, we will. >> expect fine tuning of the bill language over the course of the weekend and the hope is everybody will get a look at the bill by sometime on monday. heather. >> mike emanuel, thank you. still to come, the launch for nasa's orion rocket after
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welcome back to the real story. new information for the timing of that failed u.s. raid last week to free an american hostage held in yemen. the "wall street journal" reporting plans for a commando raid were ready four days after identifying the possible identification of luke summers. but it took another four days for the white house to approve the plan. it's still unknown if summers was actually at that location in a cave or was moved before the raid could take place. in any event, his captors are threatening to kill summers by the end of the week. >> marky mark. mark wahlberg is a better man and he wants you to know that publicly. that is why he is now asking for a pardon for a crime that he committed back in 1988, when he was still marky mark.
11:24 am
now, he's a professional actor. got to take him seriously. this incident actually got him into a bunch of trouble. trace gallagher is live with exactly what went down and happened. hi, trace. >> hey, heather. he was then 16-year-old mark wahlberg and he was trying to steal some alcohol. in the process he severely beat a vietnamese immigrant with a stick. during that beating that left the man blind in one eye he actually unleashed a flurry of racial slurs and he said race had nothing to do with the crime, it was the drugs. he was tried as an adult, convicted and served 25 days in jail. 25 years later he asked for a pardon and he is a good citizen and his movies don't glorify violence. you see the note there from the pardon application. my hope is that if i receive a
11:25 am
pardon, troubled youths will see this as an inspiration and motivation that they too can turn their lives around. critics say the true message should be actions have consequences and wealth and celebrity cannot erase them. and if charlie baker signs off on it, the governor's council also signs off. he is not the first celebrity who has sought a do-over in 1975, keith richards of the rolling stones arrested for reckless driving got a pardon from the state of arkansas and jim morrison nearly 40 years after he died was given a pardon by the state of florida because of an indecent exposure conviction during a concert in miami back in 1969. >> trace gallagher, we'll see what happens to marky mark. thank you. remember bentley the dog belonging to the ebola patient
11:26 am
nina pham? the shocking price tag for this adorable pooch and who ended up footing the bill. disturbing video from a protest last night showing the crowd cheering as something tragic happened or what happened that could get these protesters in a whole lot of trouble with the law. @oyu0x?hy@x@8p
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welcome back. a new warning on the dangers of
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obesity finding the condition can slash up to eight years off your life and cause problems for decades before death. orion crashing down in the pacific. the spaceship designed to maybe one day fly astronauts to mars. it cost the city off dallas $20,000 to care for the dog of a nurse who contracted ebola. remember this dog, cavalier king charles spaniel. most of the cost covered by grants and donations. >> some big news and reaction out of washington. today, president obama announces the nomination of ashton carter as the next secretary of defense. chief white house correspondent ed henry joins us live. ed, is carter going to be his own man? that's the question. a lot of people want to know. >> reporter: it really is. the bottom line is these last three defense secretaries all
11:31 am
came in believing they'd have real power and stature and have been largely undermined by the white house which has taken a central role in the policy making really overshadowing those secretaries of defense. that's why it was interesting at his announcement, ash carter seemed to try to take the reins and look directly at the president and suggesting i will speak out here and i pressed after that to josh earnest at the daily briefing why it is the previous defense secretaries weren't too happy with the president. listen to this. >> if confirmed in this job, i pledge to you my most candid strategic advice. and i pledge also that you will receive equally candid military advice. >> based on their looks, it didn't seem like secretary gates and secretary panetta really was listened to that often. >> i think if you look at their books all of them had strong things to say and very complementary things to say
11:32 am
about this president's leadership. >> and interesting the president said outgoing chuck hagel would be at this announcement today. in the end, he did not show up. they're trying to down play any tension there saying hagel didn't want to overshadow the incoming secretary if he's confirmed. >> we also heard there would be a lot of bilateral support for him. do we expect a lot of republican opposition to the nomination? >> not necessarily. as you indicated you have top republicans like lindsey graham saying he has great credentials, ash carter is likely to be confirmed. instead, what they're raising questions about will he have the stature to push back against the white house. senator john mccain who will be overseeing his confirmation hearings saying he will likely have limited influence over the tight circle around the president who apparently control the entire strategic decision-making process. we should note retired general
11:33 am
jack keane told fox news earlier today that he thinks carter trained as a nuclear physicist is brilliant, a very intelligent person who has the stature to stand tall. gener general keene also noted over the past few years the president has downgraded the secretary of defense and that will be a challenge for carter. >> mentioning a leaner military he will be dealing with. have a great weekend. new jersey governor chris christie weighing in on the eric garner chokehold case by staying out of it. as his neighbors to the north erupt in protest over the staten island man's death, here is what he had to say about the grand jury's decision not to in tite the officer who killed garner, saying quote, as someone who ran a prosecuting office for seven years before i became governor, one of the things i learned is that you never know all the things a grand jury knows unless
11:34 am
you're in that grand jury and working with them. so, was staying out the smart move? we debate it with alan combs and mike gallagher, both fox news contributors. mike, what do you think? a lot of politicians weighing in, chris christie staying out of it saying he doesn't have all the information. >> i think chris christie has the absolute boldest bravest take on this because he's absolutely right. one thing we can agree on is unless we were on the grand jury we don't know the evidence the grand jury received. i am so perplexed from reactions from a lot of people on the right who seem to be anti-police. this is a heartbreaking death. no one wants this guy to die. he resisted arrest. for chris christie to point out that we don't know what the grand jury saw, we shouldn't second-guess the grand jury, what a tactic of the left to say we don't like the grand jury's decision so there must be
11:35 am
something wrong with this grand jury. why? it doesn't make any sense. >> everyone did see that video. it was heart wrenching, 11 times says i can't breathe. >> let me defend my friends on the right. like george w. bush, he didn't understand what the grand jury came up with. >> he's never done that by the way. >> no, not true on my radio show i defend him a lot. it's right there in plain sight you can see exactly what happened. i can understand why people of fair mind say, that doesn't make any sense based on what we saw on that videotape. i don't know what else you need to know. you're not anti-cop saying that. >> i'm not unfair. the man was arrested 31 times. the man says, this stops here, don't touch me. he resisted arrest. he is an asthmatic and he died. terrible he died. >> the videotape, he was standing, not resisting arrest, said don't touch me. >> did you see the grand jury evidence? >> i saw some of it. i saw the videotape. did you. >> did you interview 22
11:36 am
witnesses like the grand jury? >> am i under oath. tell me on that tape where he resisted arrest, it didn't happen. >> beyond the incident that happened in itself. what about politicians weighing in. chris christie 2016 contender and we have rand paul agreeing with each other see. chris christie wants to get the republican nomination probably smart not to weigh in. >> jeb bush said we have to have somebody who is willing to lose the nomination to win the general, in order to get the nomination you have to be so far in the corner you have to back pedal to get the general. >> with all due respect he did weigh in and did say i'm not going to second guess the grand jurors and on that audiotape he said he doesn't understand politicians who are criticizing the grand jury. >> if he wants to win the nomination, why should he not weigh in? >> i think the very far right will say what you said. if you think the other way you're not pro cop.
11:37 am
>> no. you're calling me far right. >> you said -- i didn't call you far right, you said a few moments ago these people are not pro cop. >> there are people i think who are anti-cop who don't like this grand jury decision. this was a good day for chris christie to come out in support of the police and in support of a grand jury system that he knows very well as a prosecuting attorney for years. >> it doesn't mean you're anti-police because you may have a different opinion. >> the actions of one officer do not define the actions of officers across this country. >> tell the protesters because they're acting like all cops -- >> they're protesting to show their points of views. >> a lot of these protests have not been peaceful. look what happened in ferguson. do these protesters realize these are different cases completely? >> there's a thread here with the way young black men are and two white cops. >> some people don't believe
11:38 am
race is involved here. >> some people do. >> we need to move on. shep, what's up? >> we're tracking a manhunt in florida for a suspect in a triple murder. he is armed and dangerous and shot and killed his wife and mother before he shot and killed the pastor. "rolling stone" retracts alleged gang rape at a party at the university of virginia. this story is developing rapidly and will be our lead story at the top of the hour. >> thank you. we'll tune in. widespread speculation surrounding a gruesome incident concerning a michael brown protest. >> no justice no pace. >> have you heard about this? four police officers in denver, who were trying to keep students safe found themselves in the path of an out of control car. they were injured and now there were questions about whether the crowd actually cheered and what that means for community
11:39 am
relationships. alicia is live with us enver with those disturbing details. what is the latest? what happened here? >> hi, heather. >> an officer is in critical condition right now after he was dragged by that car that hit him while he was escorting the protesting high school students. four denver police officers who were on bicycles at the time were protecting students who were from east high school on one of the city's busiest streets, colfax avenue. witnesses say the car accelerated and hit the officers. witnesses say the driver had a medical condition. the officer has had multiple surgeries and the police union and others say some of the crowd cheered the injuring of that officer. the union issuing a statement saying several parties in the protesting group cheered and chanted, hit him again. these actions are not only reprehensible but quite possibly the most disturbing thing this association has ever heard. they could not confirm it was
11:40 am
east high school students specifically cheering. some from the school insists it was not rather adults who joined the protests. walkouts in the area are continuing. the police department is pointing out to folks when officers have to respond to these events, it delays their response to other calls that are happening in the city. heather. >> so what is being done about what happened at the accident? >> well, there is an investigation into whether or not there was cheering, who was doing the chanting, that sort of thing. there are also plans for some dialogue. the denver police department as well as the school, they both say they are planning community discussions, community public discussions around this. as i just mentioned there are protests going on right now and they can get dangerous. heather. >> thank you. we appreciate it. you leave a tip for your waiter and your bartender and sometimes even your mate tra d. what about the kitchen staff?
11:41 am
why one restaurant is implementing a plan to do just that. we'll tell you all about a race bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase, beer run. plus, a wild video capturing the moment primate times two goes on a crash course on a golf tournament. stay with us. ♪ (holiday music is playing) hey!
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here is what america is clicking on today. how about monkey business, interrupting his caddie's shot. the caddie doesn't even flinch. and this 70 pound lobster after taking it home and debating whether to eat the lobster, the biologist decided
11:45 am
to put him back into the water to have more children. more than 1200 gingerbread cookies going into this nativity scene in the czech republic. i wonder if it tastes as good as it looks. looks pretty yummy there. you may want to -- speaking of yummy, leave a little more tip the next time you're in a restaurant in l.a. as protests pop up all over the country for higher minimum wage, one restaurant is trying to help out its employees by adding an extra line on its checks for the kitchen staff, instead of a mandatory kitchen surcharge they want to leave the choice up to the customers. now to talk about it, a psychiatrist and addiction specialist and west coweston, ao talk show host. thank you for joining us on this friday. lots of folks will maybe going
11:46 am
out to dinner tonight. the weekend is here. what do we think about this extra charge leaving it up to customers whether or not they want to leave a tip for people who work in the kitchen. >> everyone knows restaurant service workers don't make a lot per hour. if people want to choose to give them more it's their choice. i think putting a line on the receipt will get people to dilute it and give it also to the service worker. >> i think if you own a restaurant you ought to pay for employees rather than let us pay for food rather than pay for employees. it's the strangest tradition. >> people in other parts of the world pay people in restaurants a lot better. in the state of tennessee where i'm from, four bucks and bartender, two bucks and expect people to pay the rest of it. >> i had our brain room do the
11:47 am
math coming to $18,720 per year. my first job in television news i made just a little bit over $17,000 a year. the waiters and waitresses i know -- it's crazy -- in ail baney, georgia, a shout out to them. the waiters and waitresses are getting the $9 an hour. you are for increasing the minimum wage, is that what you're saying? >> i think to some degree over time you have to increase the minimum wage. if you're going to have one it ought to be done state by state because california is different than othregon and- -- >> cost of living. >> easy for you to say. you have no state income tax. i live in california. i believe in the choice part of this, if you're running the business, make it work in the marketplace. in san diego we went through this big battle it's not $9 in the state, it could be $11.50 by 2017. the city council decided that's the way it's going to work and the people rose up and said, no,
11:48 am
you're not so it's going to referendum because the council worked on that. yesterday, there were protests of $15 an hour. >> would equate to over $31,000 a year. >> you have people who aren't forced to work at the fast-food places what have you. this also challenges the math skills of the american people, a lot of factoring and where does it stop? >> people in lower paying jobs, does it provide any incentive for people to do better and strive for more? >> here's what we know about people who have lower paying job, they tend to spend more than save mow and stimulates the economy. by having a lower minimum wage you're forcing them to stay in that position and not ascend to a higher position. if workers are happy whether because of higher wages, onsite daycare, flexible hours they tend to be more productive, better for everybody.
11:49 am
>> one more topic, you each have one more comment. miller trying to bring the beer store to your door, starting this weekend they will deliver miller lite to your home in four cities. if you're not a miller man or woman, looks like anheuser-busch will do the same next year. as an addiction specialist, is this a good thing or bad thing? >> i think it's a good thing. people already deliver wine and people need to monitor their youth. i think it's a good thing. >> my wife and i are having a baby in two months. if we can order a big pile of diapers to show up at our front door once a month, why can you not order beer? >> what do you think? >> i think people -- i'm not advocating drinking. if you're going to drink, stay at home. it will probably hurt mom and pop stores, you go around them. >> that's true. it will have a domino effect. >> if somebody is going to get really blasted, i would rather
11:50 am
have them at home. we're on the problem we're trying to get americans off the couch to do something. not sure if this will fly with the first lady. >> walking to the door to get the beer. >> thank you all for joining us and hope you have a great weekend. wee appreciate it. it was good service today. yes, absolutely, the kitchen was good. speaking of beers in belgium, they have abbey ales. there is a new church. check out this hail mary. (trader vo) i search. i research. i dig. and dig some more. because, for me, the challenge of the search... is almost as exciting as the thrill of the find. (announcer) at scottrade, we share your passion for trading.
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welcome back to "the real story." some churches are turning to an ancient invention to attract some new members. raising a glass of beer as they lift their voices with hymns for the faithful. jonathan is live in atlanta with more on this unusual story. jonathan, explain this to us. >> well, some people, even believers, simply don't want to go to a church, and so this is a case of the church going to where the people are. >> each month, the self-described group of seekers, sinners and saints, gather at an atlanta bar to drink beer and sing old-school hymns. >> the beer parter is optionol. the sing loudly hymn part is not. >> karen slapy sees atlanta beer and hymns as a way of expanding the church beyond the traditional walls. >> i think evangelism has gotten a bad rap because there have some people who have gone out and just been naysy or hateful or justmental.
11:55 am
so no one wants to say the "" word. >> these events attract people from many denominations-including a quaker minister. >> i love the crowd here, we have beam from the school of theology, and people from church and people who would never go to church. >> while a bar may seem unorthodox, organizers say beer and hymns is about bringing the church to where the people are. >> the concept is as old as christianity itself. according to brother james done stead, a monk. >> jesus wasn't the cleancut guy everybody always likes to put him on a pedestal. he went amongst the dregs of society. >> and organizers emphasize that all our welcome to these events as they sing about the good news over a beer or two. >> here's what i'm wondering. do the hymns -- the singing get
11:56 am
better or worse as the service continues through the evening? >> i think to the audience it gets better. >> all right. thank you, jonathan. imagine this. running a five-minute mile with over 40-ounces of beer sloshing around in your stomach. the results of the first ever official beer mile world championship. that is up next. >> my goal was to finish. even if i couldn't drink the beer, i was going to finish. >>clear huh? i'm not juice or fancy water. i've got 8 grams of protein. new ensure active clear protein. 8 grams protein. zero fat. ensure. take life in. you think it smells fine, but your passengers smell this... eliminate odors you've gone noseblind to for up to 30 days with the febreze car vent clip. female passenger: wow. smells good in here. vo: so you and your passengers can breathe happy.
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>> sometimes all it takes is a good throw and a little prayer to win a game. ucf quarterback justin holeman throwing this hail mary yesterday in the game against the east carolina pirates. they win 32-30. the coast is even amazed. >> can you run and chug four beers in one mile? that's what happened at the
12:00 pm
first ever official world championship beer mile. in austin. each lap started with chugging a beer. the winner finished the race in five minutes. i'm heather, here's shep. by. >> a stunning retraction. the rolling stone article that rocked college campuses across the nation. a woman accusing fraternity members of gang raping her. now rolling stone admits there are serious questions whether she told them the truth. ahead, why the magazine's editor says his staff never reached out to the guys she accused of the crime. and just minutes ago, a response from the fraternity. the eric garner grand jury decision causing anger from coast to coast after jurors declined to indict the police officer who took him down. now thousands of protesters marching in cities across the nation, disrupting traffic, demanding change. plus, murder in abu dhabi, new report today that the woman accused of stabbing an american school teach


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