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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  December 7, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PST

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tomorrow same place and channel. thanks for watching, fox. >> new york city mayor said that black men should be afraid of the police. is that the right message to send? president obama tried to force the catholic nuns to obey his demands to provide birth control. the sisters believe they have to obey a higher power. plus we are number one. and guess what, we are now number two. that and more tonight on huckabee. (applause) and welcome to "huckabee". if you are one of the now people reading newspapers or watched television news this week, you
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thought the most important story was the reaction of the death of a petty street criminal and it was most reported but not close to a story that is rocking your world and you probably didn't feel the tremor. the international monetary fund revealed that china's economy surpassed that of the united states and now china is now the world's largest economy. they reported on this story and it could should have caused demonstrations in our streets. we are losing our country and no one seems to notice. less than 15 years ago, the u.s. economy was three types the size of china. and americans since 1945 have grown used to having the number one economy and must have taken it for granted. get ready to the new ranking or get angry and we'll do something
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about it. our current president said running up the huge debt on children and dprand children was irresponsible and unpatriotic. if so, he is the least patriotic president in history. our debt topped the 18 trillion mark. that is more than double than it took the first 43 presidents to create. his solution. keep borrowing and then give out free cell phones and paying people additional money to not work. and he wants to ignore the constitutional process of law and open america's door to cheap labor and make its harder for the american family to stay afloat or get ahead. and he thinks we ought to punish productivity of works by putting in the largest corporate tax rates. they are higher than those than france and they elected a real
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socialist to be their president. and while china is building up the free market, the u.s. letses environmentalist fight to save mice and minnows and mud puddles at the expense of farmers and workers. and building trades. redistributing wealth and instead of encouraging people to earn them some. i was stunned by the level of consumerism that dominated the chinese cities and people. they are building for a robust future and as of this week, we should realize what we are are doing is not working. surely america doesn't want to learn the new chant, we are number two? it is not mere pride of being first but economic freedom to it be a military power capable of protecting our nation against any threat. and being the moral power to set the table for a lawful and just
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civilization. i am not satisfied with america being number two and i sure hope you are not either. (applause) well, we sent huckabee correspondent brian reese to talk to holiday shopper ares and peek in their bags. we wanted to so where their gifts were made? >> christmasornaments made in >> china. >> what is more americaa than cowboy boots. where are they made? >> made in china. >> made in china. >> this is made in china. >> made in china. christmas is huge in china and made by chinese children for american children and that's what santa had in mind. american girl, take a quick look where it was made. made in china. >> and we came to the united
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states and we could have dpn to china. >> american by design and made it china. >> that's right. >> but it is american by design and we charge more. >> yes, that's correct. >> oh, man. my next guest said that our government is not making it easy for manufacturers to stay in business or expand business. joining me is william marsh who owns a steel manufacturing company. i think of what happened, and the surprising turn of china being the largest economy, how surprised are you when you heard it? >> it is not a surprise. if you look at head winds that businesses are fighting today, it is difficult to so the economy improving. the past five years or so the growth is a nemic and the fact that the american economy is doing as well as it is
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a testament to the workers. my guys work in a loud and difficult environment and they put bread on the shelf. when an american goes to the gas station. it is not for the government that we owe the goods and services that exist. it is our workers. but it is disheartening that our economy could do better if we were not pushing against the head winds. >> what should we do differently that make its better for the worker. the guy working on your factory floor, how does he get the next leg up. >> it is not just the worker, but companies and managers and workers must all be on the same team if they are going to succeed. if the company is divided, the company will fail. >> what do we have to do? what is the government doing wrong or right?
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>> it is well known that america has one of the most aggressive and highest tax policy in the world. that strips companies of capitol which is necessary to grow and it is necessary to reinvest in equipment and workers. we have a overzealous regulatory burden that other countries don't face and from our perspective, if you listen to the rhetoric on the part of the political spectrum, we are told that private companies didn't create that. and we are told that private companies aren't responsible for the jobs created and you shouldn't be allowed to keep what you earn. that is disheartening to the american business. >> when you talk about the regulatory environment specifically. what makes it hard and what regulations in your business are characteristic and make it tough to go forward.
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>> i have a great example. our company has an excellent safety record and we receive refunds because we are so safe. and nevertheless ocea, a dpft safety bureau came in our plant to do a hearing test. turns out the threshold level is 90 decibels. and the recording was 91 decibels. the remedy we have by government standards is a costly program. days off of work for education and testing. monitoring solutions that are expensive and the company solution that we have, tens of thousands of dollars and also in lost production, the solution that we have is a $0.01 earplug that workers put in their ear
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and drop the noise level by 30 decibels. >> it is crazy. william, it is great to have you here. thanks for being here. >> new york mayor bill deblasio suggested black men like his son ought to be worried about being boat up with cops. our next guest has his own concerns. stay with us.
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problems, which could get worse while taking chantix or history of seizures. don' take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these, stop chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have a history of heart or blood vessel problems, or develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. i love myself as a non-smoker. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. >> tensions are very high in new york city. mayor deblasio said the police forces going to undergo massive retraining after the grand jury decided not to charge the white
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new york city police officer in the choke hold death of eric garner. the 43-year-old man who resisted arrest for selling loose cigarettes. >> deplaceio said centuries of racism led to motives like this and he fears his biracial concould be a victim of police brutality. >> we shouldn't teach our children they should be afraid of new york city police officers, because we are the ones, we, too, are fathers and mothers who go out in the streets and protecting our children, your children and all of the children from the criminal element. that's who our sons and daughters should be afraid of. >> we have the managing editor of above the law redline. he wrote a opinion piece for police officer for not speaking
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out against expressive force. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> you wrote about it passionately, but when you so deplaceio that he is more afraid of his son being boaten up by the cops than a beaten with a crime. >> i am more afraid of being boat up by a cop than a victim in my neighborhood. if we don't like that answer and that to be the case, then it is it on the cops to make me not feel that way as me magically feel like the cops are my friend when i have evidence they are rntment >> there are more minority cops than white cops in new york. is it because of the incident you are afraid.
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>> who says that black people are not racist against others. >> i think al sharpton said that and that would be my answer. >> you have fear because of the conflict resolution. the cops are only allowed to use deadly force if they feel threatened. there is little i can do to make a cop not feel threatened by me. walking around and living my life, i am perceived as a threat. nwouldn't you have to resist arrest. i think it is horrible what happened to garner. it was not the intent for the cops to say we'll kill and take his life. >> i don't think the stand orderard is comply or i will kill you. >> i try to comply with the police and if i get stopped.
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i try to be nice to police. if i had a harvard mouth on me one day, it shouldn't result in my death. but arrest. besides killing me. but i understand. that they didn't pull a gun or taz him and kill him. the choke hold was not helpful to him because of asthma and other things going o. but i don't think that anybody suggested that that was their intent. >> this is the decision about the grand jordecision. they didn't have to find that the cop intended to kill him. they had to find the cop intended to choke him which they did. the medical examiner that the choke led to his death. now it is it a question for a regular juriy to decide if that was justified or excessive
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or murderous. all of the grapped jory had to do was find an entend to choke. he didn't do i of high cholesteral or choking on a ham sandwich. but from being choked by a cop. >> i understand. is there a difference when a cop take a person's life. like when someone t- bonus me in a car versus someone who did it intentionally. >> i think the from the video it is a manslaughter. i don't so intent to kill. but i would like a jury of my peers. what would i see as manslaughter they might see justified or murder. we have's public way of figuring this out. it is not a proved closed hearing where the witnesses like
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the cop was not cross examined over his own attack. and people don't understand this. they so the criminal trial and understand that the defendants don't take the stand in their own defense. one of the reasons why they don't, they will be cross examined about their prior history kwh which they don't want out at trial. and so when the cop is able to testified in front of the grand jury without his prior history coming up. that is a disadvantage. and i would like to be tried as a cop. >> hopefully we will not have to try you. elle, i am delighted to have you here. the candor is refreshing. thank you for coming, thanks. >> and coming up next, we'lly get a different perspective from a black police officer from flint, michigan.
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>> now reaction for the eric garner decision from the police perspective. my next guest is a police department in flint, michigan. he is a past aror and author of the book "soul of the black cop". >> thank you for joining us. >> it is an honor to be here.
2:25 am
>> my previous guest is articulate and do you believe that people ought to be afraid of cops, you are a cop, should people be afraid of you in your communityoir other community? >> listening to what elle had to say and put in the context of the garner decision and you have the video that the world sees the police officer employing an illegal tactic and taking a life of a season, it should be a clear case where there should be a indictment and i agree with him. >> what we are wondering was it si racial issue or bad policing on the part of the cop that brought him down? >> well, sometimes it matters whether it is racial or not. police have power. and you have the power of the government acting against the citizen whether he be white or
2:26 am
black. the police officer is an agent of the government and then he takes a citizens life. it is an agent of the government it doesn't matter whether black or white. >> one of the things is his concern that cops are more interested in protecting each other than the public. is that a fair criticism? >> i thinkñi it is fair. there is long gown that there is a blue wall of silence within police ranks, and that also police officers work in a political environment in which if you speak out against certain activities regarding the police there could be retribution within the ranks for doing it and why most people will shy away from it, that type of activity. >> brian, we talk about the things that could be helpful.
2:27 am
i don't think anybody likes the consequences of what happened in the garner case. i can't imagine anybody seeing the tape and being horrified. it didn't matter if he is black or white. it is unsettling to watch. what can we learn and should we be doing as a society and culture and community to before the bridge between cops and citizens and blacks and whites, give us thoughts there. >> one there has to be accountable equally for our people. again, we look at garner situation, and i think there is a blatant case of misconduct by the police. and in the ferguson case, i felt that the young black man may certain decisions that brought about the circumstances that ended in his life being taken, and so i think we have to have accountable on all sides, from the police and from citizens, to
2:28 am
heal this divide. >> you see a big difference between what happen in staten island versus ferguson and michael brown? >> i do see a difference. again, there is denial on both sides of the fence. some whites may deny racism by the part of the police, and with the ferguson case, there is denial in the black community that we have a problem in the inner cities with young black males that are out of control and create negative circumstances. and so if we could maybe deal with that denial on both sides of the fence in america, perhaps we could come to a point of healing. nbrian, i hope we can do it. and i appreciate your unique perspective. and thank you for joining us. >> thank you for are having me. >> two more americans, a teacher and a journalist was murdered
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ask your doctor about lyrica and visit to learn about our $25 co-pay offer. >> another american hostage held by radical islamist has died. luke somers was held by al-qaeda in yemen after 2013 and he was murdered after a second brave attempt to rescue him. ed is a senior fellow in the council of foreign relations and author of "islamic and why i became a islamist fundmentalist and what i saw inside and why i left. ". >> thank you for having me. >> i started with a comment of what hillary clinton. it was scripted and it was not
2:33 am
impromptu. she spoke of smart power as being emthetic with our enemies. how are you emthetic of people who cut heads off of children and put their heads on a stake. >> you are not. and muslims that are the vice-presidents of the extremist and so called islamic state would agree with you. there is no space for empathy and sympathy. in the mineds of the extremist is weakness of america and strength for them. so i am completely with you in not trying to be empathetic and the smart, and smart power we ought to support. >> if you are writing the speech for hillary clinton what would it say differently? >> i would not use the word empathy. but deepen the understanding in
2:34 am
order to beat them. understand we understand their motivation. religious and we will not beat them. we don't talk about religious ideology in the public domain in the west. on the other side they do. to understand the now form of communism, america was well equipped to defeat extremist ideology. that's where the debate should be. undercutting the strength which the be extremist had. >> you said something significant. it is a religious issue and you can't combat it without looking at that. we are pushed to the side and said that is politically incorrect and never bring up it is a religious passion for that. are you blowing that by not
2:35 am
acknowledging it is drip by radical islamist? >> you are right to identify it. and one of the reasons i was keen. you understand power of religion as a motivation and form of behavior. our political correctness on this front is our weakness and they poke fun of the west and having analysis paralysis. we analyst and are not blunt in saying, you represent an extreme fridge of is extremist islam. we are to defeat you. and for example, they believe in oneness of god. that is not enough because unless they have their form of government they think they are sinful. and they believe in suicide boerms that is not the end of
2:36 am
life but the beginning of new life. and we say they are not martyrs and they are murderers and they are going to hell. we'll not force them to think. hold on, is the message from my mosque or university campus correct or not. empowering mainstream normal muslim to hit the message in campuses and in prisones and website system where the investment should be. that is not what my government is focused on. >> your perspective is valuable. i hope they understand you are speaking truth in a way not many people are. please come back. >> i give you my word, governor. >> it is a delight to have you here. my latest book. god, guns and grits and gravy and releases in january. if you order on the link before
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december 10th. you get a family recipes and card and put them under the tree and when the book releases. it will be shipped to the recipient. go to mike and go to the link to get the christmas edition. nask the obama care advisor said americans are too stupid to recognize the deceptions in the law. is he smart enough to dig himself out of the hole he has dug himself in? we'll find out when we come back.
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and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible. >> it is the stupidity of the american voter. >> and exploitation of the lack of the understanding of the american voter. >> oh, yeah, he called americans stupid and then caught on camera admitting the obama administration was misleading selling obama care to the public to make sure it passed. economist johnathon gruber a major advisor in drafting the law will have to testify before the house over sight committee. the ohio congressman sits on that committee.
2:42 am
johnathon gruber will be testifying before the committee. this guy said the american people are stupid and that's why they were lied to regarding obama care. were you shocked when you heard from his own mouth these statements? >> yeah, we want to bring him in front of the congressional committee. he used taxpayer dollars to sdoef taxpayers and once it became law he made fun of them. this is the guy to answer the questions. >> what can you do and what matters can you have when he comes before the committee? i know you can ask him questions, but is there recourse? >> it is continuing to show how bad the law is and deception that was used to pass it. remember all of the false statements regarding obama care when they were trying to get it passed. if you like your plan you can
2:43 am
keep. it premiums going down and the website is going to work and it is secure. and it is a continuing pattern of these guys sdoefing the american people and the gig is up. americans know the law doesn't work and they were deceived when it was passed and now we have to put pressure so ultimately, i know it is a ways off. if we get a new president we can get rid of the law altogether. and do what needs to be done in health care. >> chuck schummer just before thanksgiving, coming out and publicly saying it was a bad political move and it hadn't worked out like they wanted. are democrats falling off the wayingon themselves? nchuck schummer's comments we heard those. but no, and maybe some understand the should have done it differently. but they are committed to the law because they believe in big government.
2:44 am
we have to show why it hurts family and why we need to get rid of it. >> when we watch the hearings this week and a lot of americans will want to see johnathon gruber squirm in his chair. what kind of questions are posed to him? >> each member the try to get what they need to get across. and what i do know is this. he was called the key player and architect of romney care and obama care and went to the white house 21 times and he was in the oval office discussing obama care and all of that took place, and now pelosi said, just some advisor and the president said he is an advisor. and amazing how they used him to pass the law and now distance themselves from the individual. there will be questions along those lines as well. >> if he is the architect the
2:45 am
bridge is falling down. thank you for being here. >> little sisters of the porand catholic nuns that cared for the poor in america for 150 years and the federal government said it is not a religious employer and not exempt and forcing them to provide contraceptive coverage. if they don't they will pay million in irs fines and penalties. it will be heard in denver on monday. they represent the little sisters of the porand he joins me now. josh, great to have you back on the show. >> thank you. >> here is my simple question. how can the obama administration think that the little sisters of the poor are not religious enough to meet the criteria? you know for 175 years, the little sisters of the poor cared for the elderly, poor and dying
2:46 am
people who don't have anywhere else to go and in the last days and care for the folks of the catholic faith and different faith and people of no faith and now the government said that is not good enough. if this kind of service inspired by their catholic faith is not religious service i don't know what it is. >> i was thinking knowing the little sisters of the poor if they are not religious there is not a baptist in america that has a shot. this is astonishing to me. you are going before the 10th circuit court of appeals and tell us what you hope will happen. >> the little sister's case is just this. the laws and constitutions of the united states do not permit the federal government to force a catholic nun to violate the church's teaching just to go on
2:47 am
caring for the sick and poor. that's what the federal government wants. they are requesting them to provide drugs and devices that contradict catholic church teaching or authorize their insurance company to provide it on behalf of the little sisters. neither of those things can they do in keeping with their faith and neither are consistent with the laws and constitution of the country and for me, neither are necessary. expanding access to the affordable contrait acception is a worthy goal. and the government doesn't need to force the little sisters to violate their faith to accomplish that goal. >> it is very clear, if the little sisters lose, we all lose. now we have the government telling us, it is okay to believe as long as it is in the context of the limits of what the government said is enough. best wishes and delighted to have you back. >> thank you for having me.
2:48 am
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. are you ever heard of the game six degrees of kevin bacon. it's base odden the concept that every person who has ever starred in or worked in a hollywood film is no more than six steps away from being connected to kevin bay kon. her's an example of the game. kevin bay kon was in the movie "sleepers."
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de niro was in the deer hunter which featured christopher a walken. walk enwas in wedding crashers which starred bradley cooper. bradley cooper was once a guest on this show. who was interviewed by me. i play bass on the show and a.j. ray is going to perform the song "foot loose." please welcome a.j. ray. great to have you here. >> great to be here. thank you very much. >> i want to say i met you in israel when your family was there with me last year. you blew me away as such a young man with your talent. how old are you? >> i'm 15. >> i'm a little older than that and i still tonight have the most you have. you dance, you sing. has music always been a part of your life? >> yes, it has. i've been singing since i was this tall.
2:53 am
singing has been in my blood, it's in my family and i love it so much. there's nothing like it. >> how do you get the dance moves? did you teach yourself how to do that? >> i have a teacher back in dallas. if you want to learn some dance moves i can teach you the becausics real quick. >> you think in. >> yeah. >> let's see something you can teach me. >> okay. >> all right. >> well this simple move right here. >> i think we're going to do that the next time you come back. how's that? give us something to shoot for, fair enough? >> fair. >> i think we ought to rock the house. ready? >> yeah. >> all right.
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♪ i'll tear up this town ♪ ♪ foot las, kick off your sunday shoes ♪ please, louise, pull me up from my knees ♪ ♪ jack, get back, come on before we crack ♪ ♪ loose, you're loose, everybody cut foot loose ♪
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♪ ♪ kick off your sunday shoes, please louise, pull me up from my knees ♪ ♪ jack, get back, come on before we crack ♪ ♪ lose your blues, everybody cut foot loose ♪ ♪ foot loose, kick off your sunday shoes ♪
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♪ louise, shake, sake ♪ whoa my, come on, come on, let's go ♪ ♪ loose, you're loose, everybody cut, everybody cut ♪ ♪ everybody cut, everybody cut foot loose. ♪ >> a.j. ray, wow, what energy. i'm worn out completely. completely worn out. i'm too old for this. no doubt about it. i'll be back with closing thoughts right after this. [ male announcer ] are your joints ready for action?
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looks like we're gonna need a bigger podium. the volkswagen golf family. motor trend's 2015 "cars" of the year. don't forget to set your dvr every saturday night at:00 p.m. eastern. we don't want you to miss a minute of the show. hope you've enjoyed being here. that's it for now. this is mike huckabee from new york, good night and god bless. now stay tuned for "justice
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hi, friends. good morning, today is sunday, december 7, 2014. i'm anna kooiman. we begin with a southern sweep. mary landrieu loses her seat. >> people in louisiana voted for a government that serves us but does not tell us what to do. thank you, y'all. >> a live report on the gop's southern sweep straight ahead. and is there a shocking story about a fraternity rape that falls apart completely. things are about to get worse for "rolling stone" magazine. they are facing a whole new legal fight. we have the breaking


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