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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  December 7, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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avoidance of the triggers. >> on the buzz beater a rolling stone story alleging gang rain at the university of virginia falls apart as new reporting underlines the confident the accuser and her friends question her verdict. the magazine itself now is backing off saying it made serious mistakes. how did this shoddy piece get published? >> from ferguson to staten island the media pounce on another death of a black man in a confrontation with police. this time, in the choking death of eric garner this was video and many on the right and the left are appalled. >> this ought to have been an indictment for some form of manslaughter. >> are is the humanity? how does a human being hear
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someone said 11 times "i can't breathe," and you don't stop. are some mixing the places into an antipolice narrative? >> a woman file as suit against bill cosby saying he sexually assaulted her when she was 15 but that was 40 years ago. >> the public deserves do know if mr. cosby is a saint or a sexual predator. >> are the media turning his downfall into a circumstance cut? >> a congressional staffer loses her job for using pace book to rip the first daughters, a terrible mistake, no doubt, but are the media unfairly piling on? this is "media buzz." >> the eric garner case did not get much media attention outside
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of new york but after being on the edge after ferguson, a far, far different case, the video of garner surrounded by police officers being grabbed in the chokehold that killed him is relayed again and again with commentators across the spectrum agreeing with the new york coverage "we are breathless." >> i will say upon seeing the video you just saw and hearing mr. garner saying he could not breathe, i was extreme troubled. i would have loosens my grip. i desperately wish the officer would have done that. >> outrage is simple: police officer was caught on camera killing an unarmed black man and got away with it. there are not many americans who think garner's kill was justified. >> again, the media are debating whether there is a racial pattern. >> i'm no longer shocked by these things. i expect when a police officer is if a situation like this they not be indicted and if indicted they are not convicted.
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>> a white grand jury puts themselves in the shoes of a cop and a black grand jury puts them in the victim's shoes. that is the reality. >> they say that a prosecutor can indict a ham sand wish but clearly a black plan's life is not worth a ham sand wish when you put the stories together. >> analyzing coverage of crime in america is author of "stonewalled my fight for truth against the forces of obstruction, intimidation and harassment in obama's washington." and matt lewis at "daily caller," and richard foul her. where are the media is united in the kay of eric garner when ferguson is divisive? >> the evidence is different. there is a video tape. this is where people are criticizing the people saw from ferguson, saying we are not just ice officereat every indent
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and a black victim the same but we are looking at facts and this is the opportunity to distinguish the two. >> this morning the "washington post" has a front page story of the ferguson case, two lives collide and the nation divided because of the debate but a difference is that the prosecutor explains whether you gray or not, why there was no unindictment released the evidence and the new york prosecutor has not explained anything about why there were no charges brought in the garner case. does this explain why some of the people on this side of the spectrum are being so critical of handling of eric garner? >> i think. but you could assume that the reason they have not explained it is they don't have much good to explain. this video if you watch it, it is almost impossible to justify what happened. we can talk about being a liver is incredibly difficult. i believe the vast majority of police officers are good people trying to do what is right but if you watch this provide and
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you are intellectually honest, i don't see how you can justify. i have been very heartened to see a lost conservatives proactively speaking saying it is wrong. >> and he was committing a petty crime of shing loose cigarettes adding insult to injury. a lot of conditionive -- conservatives are inclined to give the benefit of the doubt because not here. >> the video was so. daing -- video was so. -- so damming. sometimes in this case and ferguson before there was a grand jury decision, i think the media took the side that the police did more than they should. i am proud people are speaking out again the eric garner case. >> what if there what no video that makes this usual. ferguson bill a 24/7 party partly because of the riots and of course after the non-indictment but the staten island case has sparked nightly
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demonstrations in new york and in washington and across the country but there have been arrests and blocking of traffic and going into macy's on 34th but it has been peaceful. is that affecting the tone. >> maybe. maybe because people are on the side of the victim in the second case versus the first. i disagree people gave the police the bit of doubt, but if this case they thought something was wrong based on the tame. the protesters did not feel as though no one was listening, their viewpoint wassing heard. >> interesting, so, share ton -- sharpton is among those expressing outrage but, again, playing the role of being a participant in the case and going to the press conference with eric banner's widow and interviewing him on her hour on msnbc.
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>> the job is to protect the people in that neighborhood. i is not to make a statement that makes rhyme time people on msnbc fowl better about america. >> that was the wrong side bite. here is joe scarborough saying a police officer has a tough job and when he talks about the prime time pundit he is talking about sharpton. >> that was probable responding to energy sob, before the garner case which is entirely different. i think scarborough has a valuable role to play at msnbc and this is a time when his network was almost universally taking sides in this case going to the respective corners. honestly, when you look at ferguson i recommend the "washington post" story. it is not clear at all what happened and if --. >> with one exception there is in dispute that michael brown
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went into the police car and attacked officer wilson and there was a struggle for a gun. we know that. >> right and we have evidence that shows. look, what joe scarborough was saying is standing up to his own network and saying, look, police officers have a very difficult job. they go out every day and put their live online. i have been critical the police in the case of the garner incident and rightly so. but do not bash the police universally. >> here is the thing and i respect the rule of law and what police officers do but you cannot look at ferguson base or the eric banner case in a advantage -- vacuum. next we will be talking about the 12-year-old shot in cleveland. you look at this in a larger vacuum there is a problem to the point where the next is weighing in. >> is that problem reflected
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adequately in the media coverage? with the continues between majority white boulevard and some communities that are minority? >> it is starting to. that is because you have the endless consistent protests, not 115 daze of peaceful roasts. the more protest you have the more the media is forced to focus on this. because of that, we are making steps in the right direction but we have to have a larger conversation and the media has pushed this forward, is there, indeed, a problem in the country between african-american men and police? >> one problem and he talk about sharpton getting involved, right now we have a situation where we are almost all united in terms of what happened to eric garner was wrong, the grand jury should have indict asked there are solutions such as body cameras, the mandate that is going forward. if this becomes, if al sharpton makes it original about race we
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could have the unfortunate effect of whites retreat to the corner defending police and blacks assuming every time that the police are wrong and it is not that way. >> i will lay that soundbite in a few minutes. >> can i say something about problem as a journalist with covering this story to me and maybe i am alone in thing this, there is a difference between police officers who may have made pad mistakes and proof they made those mistakes bawd they were racially motivated. in both cases maybe i missed it but i have not seen evidence of a pat are on the part of the police officer accused evidence they shouted racial slurs or had something to hang on to that proves why they did what they did or the mistakes made. >> there was no evidence but there is a gut feeling that if eric garner, if michael brown were white, would these tragedies have unfolded? >> that is a fair question to ask.
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advocates can ask but as a journalist, you have to be careful to understand what the evidence does and doesn't say. >> let me play this, it is part of the story appearing with the widow of eric banner. >> he saw we have been working together since the tragedy happened, me and your mother-in-law, explain how you feel tonight. you have not talked to anyone. >> i feel now after the verdict, of course, i was disappointed, angry, you know. >> we saw this in ferguson, sharpton the activist and sharpton the msnbc commentator? >> we know who he is and that is an activist show. that is where the industry is headed. i'm okay with it because we know what it is. >> i'm okay with it too for the same reason.
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>> you cannot cover yourself this is what he too often is doing. but the point on no explicit racial slurs or overt evidence and how it influences the coverage of the cases. do you need that kind of evidence? in your view is there a pattern on how it plays out? >> my mom says where this is smoke this is fire and all the cases you have seen some legal of smoke. maybe not racial slurs but smoke. it is a job of good media reporting to say, well, is there a problem? look at the statistics and what the broad brush staff advertise ticks say. is there a problem between african-american men and police and if there is, how do we get to the bottom of it? >> we want to hear from you and you can join our conversations. ahead, we will look at latest charges and counter charges over bill cosby now that gloria
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internet speeds that have gotten faster 13 times in 12 years. the innovators and inventors at comcast labs are creating more possibilities for more people every day. comcast nbcuniversal. bringing media and technology together for you. there have been claims of an explicit gang rain at a major
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college. >> they are investigating sexual assault claims. >> now a crisis on campus after a disturbing sexual assault allegation and one of america's most prominent colleges. >> now the story is falling apart amid mounting criticism of the. >> their. >> i thought it was important to tell the story in as graphic a way as jackie, the main character, tells it. when we talk about rain and sexual assault we have become mired in euphemism calling it sexual misconduct or assault. what does that mean? i thought i was important to show this is not a misconduct but a violent crime. >> interesting she called "jackie," a character. new reports blew holes in the story, "rolling stone," apologizeds and now there is new apology admitting to "mistakes." we should not have made the mistakes and should have worked
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harder to convince her the truth is better served by getting the other side of the story. how significant is this that it appeared in "rolling stone." >> it matters. i cannot think of a straight news organization who would think of publishing this, such as newsweek or time or fox and i looked at the reporter's background and she has written great pieces for "cosmo," "new yorker," "mother jones," and "men's health," no news organization and i point out that even news organization with the most rigorous controls make mistakes so this is something that is another story. >> in secret "rolling stone," is a liberal the original to back president obama. do you have sense that the magazine or reporter was committed to a narrative of itening a big problem. >> it is a big deal it took down general mcchrystal, for
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example. >> that story had an editorial questionable technique used off the record potentially off the record information and i say that would have been done differently at a straight news outlet. >> you could be right on that. look, the "rolling stone," agenda-based and narrative-based media. jay rosen said it could be the biggest since dan react-gate about george bush and national guard confirming narratives that the mainstream libya believe, what they believe about southern universities and what they believed about george w. bush and confirming what they suspected. >> we do and there probably is a problem. i went to a major university and i get that. however, they made a mistake trying to put failure the narrative and found a character
2:20 pm
to tell the story through it and that is bad journalism. >> you feel the magazine was committed to the cause and a lot of shortcuts were used which the magazine admits. >> i agree and now they have trivialized rain if the next victim and made it worst for the next victim and now the victims in this case, that is fraternity >> you have identified an important point about the fall out for those who are sexually assaulted or rained, and for the university. >> we will look at the reporting mistakes in the "rolling stone," piece and at look at charges and counter chaz over bill cost difficult now that gloria allred is going after him.
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we're back talking about this rolling stones article on gang rape. what would you have done if you had accused the acuters of rape and you said you believe her, but i don't want you to talk to any of the seven men who she claimed brutally did this at the university of virginia? >> believing the source is only party of the step. you have to, for the source's protection, for the story's protection, sxlaj to them if they are trying to limit what you're doing as a reporter that you just can't. if someone like that suggested to me that you can't contact the people that i've accused of this, i would have state from the start, your story won't be believed if we don't have the other side. once it comes out, stuff wouldn't have been including that should have been included.
2:25 pm
>> when the criticism first dug in and said no, we believe our story, they started backtracking today, completely different apology which is acknowledging more mistakes and taking the tonus off jackie. but at the same time, this is such an egregious journalistic train wreck, i wonder if you think people should lose their jobs over this. >> that's up to them to decide. i want to read some of the statements they put out. "rolling stone" said because of the sensitive nair nature of jackie's story, we agreed not to contact any of the men she claimed participated because of the sensitive nature? that doesn't make sense. that explains makes no sense to me. the more sensitive the allegations, the greater the obligation to contact those who are accused, not less objection. i don't even understand the allegation. >> having done a lot of investigative reporting myself, i think there is a tendency, a danger, you might say, to fall
2:26 pm
in love with the story, with the source, the point where you minimize conflicting elements to it because you want to story to be true. whether or not this was idea logical driven, i think rolling stone wanted too much for this story to be true. there are all this graphic details about shattered glass and she was supposedly bloodied been. >> if you look at all the regular flags that were thrown up, from what the washington po post found out after the fact, things that didn't match up, she said there were shards of glass in her back, she was beaten about the face. but folks at "the washington post" that were talked to said she didn't appear to be injured. she turned down a chance to file any claim with the university. these things -- even though something probably did happen to jackie, whatever it was, and even though you may believe her story to be true, you have to say to yours, these are perils
2:27 pm
with the story. >> and eem not saying nothing happened. one of these friends interviewed say she had told him she had been forced to perform oral sex of a group of men, but that's very different than being brutally attacked and having to go to the hospital. >> and sometimes as a reporter you have to back off what you think is the truth for the sake of the facts that you have. >> and there are certain elements that you think are probably true, but you can't quite nail it down. >> right. and that should make you have, whether you believe it or not, they have other characters in the story that were air tight. she could have made a story centered around one of them, but she clearly wanted this story to be the centerpiece and it was a sloppy decision especially in light of toward the end jackie was asking not to be included in the article. if someone southward that to me,
2:28 pm
i would be very worried about that. >> that is the biggest red flag of all. a lot of credit to the "new york times" reporter. but interestingly, the journalist of secretmy here was triggered by a little known blogger, a former editor of the magazine who had been burned by steven glass. he wrote an essay saying this doesn't seem right and that woke up the mainstream media which had run with it to say some of us need to take a second look. >> i looked at the coverage to see was the mainstream media correct in picking up the story. i concluded -- this is just an aside, by the way, that once the university made it a news story by suspending the fraternity and inviting a criminal investigation, it did invite mainstream coverage. >> right. there were now official
2:29 pm
reactions that you had to cover without knowing whether jackie's story was true. i think there's more. thank you. ahead on "media buzz," a congressional aid who lost her job for trashing the president's daughters. have they gone overboard? but first, gloria alred wave his right and allow himself to be sued. really? @oyu0x?hy@x@8p
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damascus and say the first strike in broad day light was near the military section of the airport. the other was outside of town close to the lebanese border. sources are saying to fox that israel was targeting weapons about to be delivered to hezbollah which is based in lebanon, next day or two. see you at 7:00 p.m. south america. here is howard cursed with more "media buzz." >> bill cosby has basically been drummed out of the television business. a woman named judy hough surfaced saying he sexually assaulted her at the playboy mansion in 1974. celebrity lawyer gloria alred pulled a press conference, as she is one to do, with three cosby accusers. >> it could be advantageous for mr. cosby to give up the statute
2:34 pm
of limitations because there is a huge cloud on his reputation and on his legacy. >> i want mr. cosby to face justice for what he has done to me and to so many other women. >> so are the media being fair in covering these latest allegations? joining us now from seattle, michael medved and christina belantoni, editor and chief of roll call. now that gloria alred has dived into this, what does his involvement do to the coverage of the story? >> i think it polarizes it. i think the motion that she's looking out for bill cosby's reputation is ludicrous. one of the things that you have to say for the cosby legal team is considering the facts that these allegations have been
2:35 pm
swirling around for at least 14 years, they've done a pretty good job of fending them off so far. the difficulty right now is so many women, 26 by latest count, that he's begun to have to pullback and, at age 77, his comeback seems to be at the very best stalled. he also had to resign from the board of simple university, his alma mater. >> everybody is cutting ties, he's become a liability. this is a very serious story. some of these women may not be telling the truth. has it become an entertainment story for the media? >> it's definitely an entertainmentory. the last segment on the rolling stone piece and this illustrate we are talking about sexuality assault dichtly in the media now. people are approaching this differently. in some way webs it's great to have a national conversation about something that remains a serious problem not just here,
2:36 pm
but globally. you have the media circuit and everybody focusing on the he said she said. this is a very serious accusati accusation. it's so surprising for me how long it took for this to become a major national story. i hadn't been award of it years ago, but many, many reports had been out there. >> the media for years protected cosby. every time any act ewetation is made they're all piling on. he can't be sued because of the statute of limitations. this woman says, well, i was a minor at the time and i just now realized the pain. and gloria alred says why don't you voluntarily agree to be sued and boom, it's a story. >> i think a lot of this at least in part is inspired by the case which is not that well known in the united states of sir jimmy seville who was a popular media figure in great britain, he was the host of the top of the pop.
2:37 pm
and after his death in 2011, 450 credible cases, 28 of them children below if age of 10 of sexual predation, some of them involving drugs as the allegations against cosby. now people believe that toe about he true. the big question, and i think this is a big question for cosby, is how could the media have kept it quiet for so long when these charges have been swirling around for so long? that seems to me is the real story here. >> but one of the questions for journalists is how you prove these allegations, especially when they happen 20, 30, in some cases 40 years ago. >> right. i cover politics. i can understand how it would be difficult for an editor to say go ahead and pursue this. a lot of people don't want to talk. he has not acknowledged any of this. >> he was asked by the ap and he tried to get the question and the answer not the be used.
2:38 pm
>> exactly. but in other ways, this was somebody who was representative of america .american culture for so many years. somebody said to me recently, that the senate floor would actually stop and people would go back in the gloek room and watch the cosby show when it was on. >> the image has really changed. one of the women who has been highly profiled, janice dickinson. >> what's your response to marty singer, again, cosby's lawyer? i think that speaks volumes. >> i want marty singer -- when if someone raped your wife, marty? what if bill cosby came and dragged their innocence, marty? and i've said it this to you before, bill cosby. you're one sick [ bleep ] puppy. >> michael medved, you're also a film critic. is this just evolvement of bad theater? >> no. it's serious stuff.
2:39 pm
i do think this is going to change things, just like that story you covered about the university of virginia and rolling stone is going to change things. i think we have surrounded our mega celebrities with this sort of cone of protect and affection. that was certainly the case here. ijs that is going to be much, much less likely in the future. one of the things thaefr guy in the country is thinking about is what does he need to do that for? he's bill cosby. if he wants to go to bed with some girl in a different place -- it is very, very disturbing and i think people are going to be much more aggressive in investigating these charges as they arrive. >> the brief answer here, are the media, at the same time, guilty of unfairly convicting cosby without his -- >> this is what the media does, right? it's going to continue to be a
2:40 pm
circuit and every sweet he gives out. this is how we do it. >> michael medved, thanks for getting up early in seattle. ahead of the program, dr. nancy snyderman finally apologizes on camera for violencing her ebola quarentine. but first, why didn't they think jonathan gruber's obamacare videos were news worthy?
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elizabeth lawsuiton made a very bad mistake on facebook. she ripped the president's daughters, sasha and malia for looking bored and can distracted at the annual turkey pardon session. act like being in the white house matters to you, dressed like you deserve respect, not a spot at a bar. a story quickly made all three network news casts, elizabeth lost her job. christine is still with us. obviously, a congressional communications director losing her job for going after the obama daughters is a significant story. but does it deserve that much coverage? >> as you've written, aptly so, that you can ruin your career on social media. this was a twitter ready story
2:45 pm
because you could tear down in 140 characters. there were pictures of sasha and malia standing in front of their dad, rolling their eyes in their short skirt. it was perfect for social media. that being said, what isn't television ready about the gruber story? the media didn't pay a heck of a lot of attention to that. why are we paying so much attention to lawsuiton's story? it has to do with the subject matter, the snarky comment she made. the idea that these kids are sort of off limits. it was perfect for social media. >> and it skunt need tv an outcome, right? a major health care law that is law and it has been upheld by the supreme court. that is still an ongoing political debate. this is you can talk about it and show the pictures and it was a slow holiday season. >> it's thanksgiving. thanksgiving holiday, period. you show the turkey, you show the daughters, it's a morality
2:46 pm
lay. these very same organizations covered this obscure congressional aide who, by the way, apologized within hours, and gave up her job. it wasn't like she wasn't punished. and it was on the front page of "the washington post" and it was in the "new york times." well, the new york post and the nut work news casts waited anywhere from four, tief, six, seven, eight days to cover the gruber videos in which he called the american people stupid and said obama care was sold. isn't that more of an important story? >> sure. i don't think you nedly need to be complacent to. it should have gotten more coverage. in roll call's defense, we did quite a bit about this. we covered congressional staffers. we learned a little bit about her, she owns her own social media bit, as well, people people advice on what to do,
2:47 pm
what is important. i am chelsea clinton's same age and i remember very much when she was getting attacked for being an awkward, young lady which i also was, you know, by rush limbaugh and others. but it's a difficult situation. and so the media does give it a ton of coverage. >> there is a roar here. i remember writing about people magazine putting chelsea clinton on the cover and being denounced by bill and hillary and this is during the monica lewinski scandal. the bush sisters were busted for underage consumption. you have to report that. so there's a history here about shouldn't a president's kids be off limits? >> img they haven't been off limits. but i think it just depends how far you're going to go. and i think lawsuiton's comments
2:48 pm
were considered a step too far. it was a long and critical attack on these girls and they're very young. those dresses are the style, whether you like it or not. so it that it thought it was an unfair attack just on its face. but she made it public on social media. these days on social media, you can be your own editor. >> this was on her personal facebook page. clearly somebody who is friends with her, ratted her out. yes, it's possible its could have been found, but somebody sent this somewhere. the girls, in addition to being they're wearing the styles of the day, but they're with their d dad. >> we invited elizabeth on the show. do you believe that because she was a ren staffer and the obama girls were treated differently than gruber, i'm wondering whether there wasn't a lot of
2:49 pm
journalists, many of them who were parnths being genuinely upset that the 13 yield and 16-year-olds are targets now. >> i think it's a little of both. i think a lot of young people are journalistes and don't have kids and maybe like the idea of going after a republican staffer or a staffer in general. >> and it was so over the top and just, again, an easy story to cover. yeah, of course, you're going to go after it this way. and it out by she stepped down several days later and left the office. >> then they dug into her past. oh, hey, you're going to call them out, what about your own history and her shoplifting episode. >> she's beenvil taken out onli after the break, a mass uprising at the new republican as the magazine closed. and looking for a new sunday anchor. that's next in our buzz briefs. sheila! you see this ball control?
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the new republican which parthasld its 100th aersa >> the new help has implodes after the owner a former facebook executive fired the editor and is moving the headquarters from washington, dc to new york, and is creating a media company that is vertically digital. >> it is a public trust, some say, something that all the previous owners understood and respected and the legacy now is trashed and the trust has been violated and will not publish now until february. what a mess. candy crawley is giving up "statute of the union," drawing
2:54 pm
flak for offering an opinion during a benghazi exchange in a debate between rebound and mitt romney. most republicans and democrats know she is fair. who will take over? my prediction is jake tapper who got expense when he was at abc. >> still to come, your top tweet, one is sorry in the case of the disappearing morning guests. buzz worthy is straight ahead. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know genies can be really literal? no. what is your wish? no...ok...a million bucks! oh no... geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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i have a cold with terrible chest congestion. better take something. theraflu severe cold doesn't treat chest congestion. really? new alka-seltzer plus day powder rushes relief to your worst cold symptoms plus chest congestion. oh, what a relief it is. here we go! with contour detect technology that flexes in 8 directions for the perfect shave at any angle. go to for savings on shavers and trimmers. innovation and you. philips norelco. doctor nancy schneider in return to nbc this wreak. returned home a violated a self-imposed quarantine. matt lauer put her on the hot seat. >> critics said your behavior was unacceptable. what's your response? >> i'm very sorry for not only
2:58 pm
scaring my community and the country, but adding to the confusion of terms i think came as fast and furious as the news about ebola did. we didn't really appreciate and frankly we were not sensitive to how absolutely frightened americans were. agreed to a voluntary quarantine in my home and then 72 hours later left my home. >> it wasn't about what was medically right to do, it was about breaking a promise. >> it was about breaking a promise. >> she was right to personally apologize on the air. and a tip of hat to lawyerer for asking the tough questions. how could they not kwet the accus accused. poor journalism from the start. they said different sourcing standards for this story compared to others. they're desperate to appear
2:59 pm
relevant. dana, because it made white frat boys look really, really bad. some cable shows like to put on a lot of guests at once, or they disappear. that's what happened on msnbc. >> republicans -- >> we got a good chair me in here. oh, he's gone. that was your best yet. did he say anything? >> no. >> the entire time? >> he had -- he said one thing. >> it was really good, though. no, it was really good, though, wasn't it? >> no. >> what did he say? >> i don't remember do you? >> after getting up in 6:00 in the morning, i'm sure they'll make it up to jeremy. that's it for this edition of "media buzz." i'm howard kurtz. we hope you like our facebook page. we post web exclusive videos.
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you can e-mail us there. we're back here next sunday morning, 11:00 and 5:00 eastern. check it out for the latest buzz. . i'm chris wallace. another republican pick up in the senate. we'll have an exclusive interview with bill cassidy, fresh off his runoff victory over mary landrieu. and protests over race injustice sweep the nation. we'll discuss the latest decision not to indict a white police officer in the death of an unarmed black man with one of the most influential voices in american media. conservative radio talk show host, rush limbaugh. will republicans use the power of the purse to take a hard line against president obama's executive orders?


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