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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  December 9, 2014 3:00am-6:01am PST

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on-line #keeptalking. >> thanks for joining us today. we'll see you tomorrow. "fox & friends" starts now. >> bye. good morning. it is tuesday, december 9. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert, in just hours from now big c.i.a. secrets will be released by senate democrats as our military around the world braces for impact, hear from the man who led the program and why he says it worked. >> then protesters shut
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the report will put american lives at risk. the white house knows, in fact secretary of state john kerry was urging dianne feinstein to reconsider the timing of this release because it puts americans at risk across the globe. the president still
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supporting transparency. josh earnest, press secretary, had this to say. really admitting that there is risk to americans with its release. >> there are some indications that there is, that the release of the report could lead to greater risk that is posed to u.s. facilities and individuals all around the world. so the administration has taken the prudent steps to ensure that the proper security cautions are in place at u.s. facilities around the globe. >> 100% unnecessary for everyone to do this. if you want to put out an explosive book, if leon panetta who went to bat when he was head of the c.i.a. said you cannot do this, stop targeting the c.i.a. you're not going to arrest these people, not going to prosecute these people, finally the administration pulled back. now we're in a position where the administration tells itself, tells everybody they are a transparent administration but people like ann compton, now retired called it the most opaque in
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history. it feels though they have got to be the most transparent in history by making this out front and center because they believe it happened unnecessarily during the bush years. however, after 9/11, after being ridiculed for missing the embassy bombings and missing 9/11 itself, the c.i.a. said this is what we need to be successful. they start capturing people, bringing them into interrogation rooms and they say can we do this? the answer was yes. the bush administration almost to a man and to a woman is standing behind what the c.i.a. has done because they produced tangible results. >> you mean the capture of the mastermind of 9/11? >> and the man who did the cole bombing was a key figure. and abu zabida. >> keep in mind this report is coming out at 11:00 this morning. it costs $40 million. the democrats spent 40 million of our dollars to put this out. they're putting it out today in advance of the fact that in about a couple of weeks they will lose
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control of the u.s. senate. if they don't put it out now it's never going to get put out there. we just heard josh earnest say the white house welcomes the release. however, people could be killed. here's charles krauthammer, says this is bad for americans and it's really bad for the c.i.a. and our partners. >> it isn't only the direct danger to americans abroad who are being held hostage. the second casualty will be the timidity as the former c.i.a. director hayden said it will impose on the c.i.a. in the future. will you ever take a risk in defense of the national security if you think you're going to be hung out to dry later? but most important i think is the fact, what intelligence service abroad is going to help us when they are going to be exposed and pilloried around the world? >> why stick your neck out because ten years later the united states might squeal on you. >> we just spent $40 million, the democrats spent on this, that could be costing them their
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relationship with the c.i.a. we know that their program worked. the heritage report can confirm that. k.s.m. generated more than 2,000 intelligence reports from his capture. >> water boarding. >> there was three people water boarded. tactics used with full knowledge from the justice department. k.s.m. generated according to catherine heritage and her sources, resulted in bin laden being killed. >> that's an important part. >> at one point khalid sheikh mohammed got on erasable board and pointed out exactly how al qaeda is set up. >> a flowchart. >> and mapped it out. after interrogation he was willing to admit that he did everything and wanted to die. after we gave him all his rights he started slimming down and speaking out and now he wants to leave. jose rodriguez who headed up that program and wrote a
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book about that program defending himself and wrote an editorial on saturday told us this in april of this year. >> those of us who write the intelligence every morning and who acted on the intelligence know that the program allowed us to decimate al qaeda, to stop stop -- to capture or kill the entire al qaeda leadership to include osama bin laden. it was not torture and all of this was authorized by the president, certified as legal by the justice department. and briefed to the congress. it was briefed to the gang of eight in the congress in 2002 and 2003, and they all blessed it. so it was not torture. i am outraged, brian, because i feel it is an attempt to rewrite history, and it's pushing a narrative that is not true. >> it is indeed. here's something else you need to know about when you
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hear parts of the report. keep in mind there are three reports. this majority report from the democrats is, there is going to be a minority report from the republicans and the will put out their version. in the days after 9/11 the government said we're going to make sure this never happens again where 3,000 american lives are extinguished. let's do whatever we can to make sure it doesn't happen again. both sides of the aisle told the c.i.a. do whatever it takes. brian, to your point earlier, the department of justice knew. keep in mind there was a prosecution two years ago where the investigation was finally closed out, with nobody had any charges filed against them because they did not break the law. if it was so illegal, where were the charges? plus, if nobody died -- and they didn't, three people were water boarded 11 years ago -- we know it's bad but why bring it up now? the answer is simply
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politics. >> politics putting our men and women in uniform at great risk and those who serve this nation. please keep them in your prayers. thousands of marines today standing post ready to handle whatever comes their way on the heels of this report being released at 11 a.m. today. >> bill clinton's administration brought up a rendition, will you take a high-valued prospect, terrorist and bring them to another country and go by their rules and let them interrogate them by their rules to get that intelligence and use it to the nth degree. you don't see the clinton administration going after this. you want to see the counterstrike, >> you mentioned george tenet. george tenet, porter goss, directors of the c.i.a., they were not interviewed and jose rodriguez was not
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interviewed either. >> let us know what you think on facebook. it is the question of the day. do you think the enhanced interrogation program was necessary to keep our nation safe? >> there is a guy in the f.b.i. who is very respected, he doesn't think the enhance of interrogation did work and that is fine. but there is another element to this, and that is the safety and security of our country, of our methods and practices and from those people who implemented it and those in harm's way today. >> i ask anyone to watch the tapes from 9/11 and understand the water boarding of k.s.m. >> we're all riled up about that. you probably are too. e-mail us. in the meantime ten minutes after the top of the hour. heather nauert has headlines. >> great to see you guys today. folks riled up in california. protesters in berkeley, california, shutting down streets, blocking traffic for a third night in a row. take a look.
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[chanting] >> shut it down! >> shouting about eric garner, upset about the grand jury decision here in new york. police in that california town struggling to keep the crowds at bay as they flooded major highways, they even shut down interstate 80 at one point. a woman went into labor while she was stuck in that traffic. fortunately an ambulance was eventually able to get to her and then take her to the hospital. then here in new york, also sending a message, lebron james wearing this "i can't breathe" t-shirt during warmups on the court in new york before the game last night. overnight the outgoing secretary of defense chuck hagel touching down in baghdad. hagel is set to meet with iraqi comicials -- officials about the command to meet isis.
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also adding that the iraqis are the ones that need to take the lead. hagel is the first secretary of defense to visit iraq since leon panetta did back in december of 2011. blackmailed by hackers, sony being warned to pull the interview. that's the name of the movie. or else, they say. it's the movie about the assassination of north korea's leader kim jong un. if that is not enough, a cyber attack also knocked down sony's play station store. they took it off-line yesterday. visitors just saw a message saying it's not you. it's the internet's fault. today the world's on-line marketplace becomes the world's largest bazaar. has a make an offer functions. sellers can choose which items they want customers to haggle over. right now 150,000 items are using that option. >> make an offer.
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get some fancy art. >> sounds like amazon is going ebay. >> that and the robot packing up everything being delivered for christmastime. get busy. >> it's exactly 12 minutes after the top of the hour on this damp tuesday in new york city. coming up, the justice department vowing to fix racism in america but but know they lectured ferguson residents about white privilege. how does that help? >> this atheist professor forces students to take an anti-american, antireligious pledge. and guess what? you're paying his salary. >> you're welcome. ♪ ♪
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you don't need to think about the energy that makes our lives possible. because we do. we're exxonmobil and powering the world responsibly is our job. because boiling an egg... isn't as simple as just boiling an egg. life takes energy. energy lives here. >> a shocking new report in the national review says shores show the department of justice may have sparked more tensions in ferguson, missouri by lecturing residents about what is termed white privilege. the former chief of staff for the d.o.j. civil rights division joins us with more. robert, you don't know about this specifically but you heard from "national review" when they contacted you for comment about this. what is your reaction?
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>> i mean, if the meetings happened the way they described in "national review" it would be contrary to c.r.s.'s mission which is to be a neutral facilitator, not to take sides and their mission statement says they're not supposed to render judgments or make a determination as to who is in fault in a given situation. it looks like they increased tension rather than reduced it. >> is the term "white privilege" considered fact within the walls of the department of justice? >> i don't think so. i think that usually comes up in academic and other contexts. i can't think of it being necessarily relevant to a discussion with the community trying to reduce tensions in the wake of something like ferguson. >> you don't see anything positive going into a, i assume, mostly african-american town hall and talking about white privilege in a way to understand what's going on with michael brown? >> there could be lots of positives by having community meetings.
3:18 am
i think that is the point of c.r.s., have contact so d.o.j. knows what's going on. what should happen is folks should be explaining the process to people and reducing tension. but you can't take sides and you have to explain to the public that d.o.j. is neutral and that whatever justice requires they'll do. >> if you look at all the riots -- excuse me demonstrations got violent in berkeley and ferguson in the past days you'd think this is a black-white situation. do you look at that as that? >> i think inevitably there will be some racial aspect to a case when the officer and victim are different races. but i think that hopefully you would hope that d.o.j. would have people on the ground trying to explain to people that it is a legal process and that in certain instances, you know, for example, darren wilson may or may not be guilty of a crime and should have prepared the community for that possible outcome.
3:19 am
it seems like the assumption going in was there was a crime committed or wrong committed and that is not consistent with d.o.j. being neutral. smoip here is what the d.o.y. said the goal is to act in an impartial actor, to help open lines of communication between members and reduce tensions. did they, if that took place? >> it's hard to see how it could. i wasn't there at the meeting and so the individual facilitator would need to be contacted. i don't see that part as necessarily helpful. to me what's helpful is to help people understand the other side. i've spoken to police groups and had very difficult conversations with them when i was at d.o.j. and similarly you have to speak to the community and have difficult conversations with them about helping prepare the community for any possibility in an investigation like ferguson. >> the word difficult certainly appropriate here. robert driscoll, thank you. 19 minutes after the hour. coming up, bring us your
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tired, your poor, your terrorists and drug smugglers. >> wait, what new leaked document shows a new side of president obama's immigration policy: >> and getting young people to church. >> in the picture you see this woman and the man behind her. it is not some random creepo. it's the son of god! ♪ ♪ i'm an idaho potato farmer
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got quick headlines for you on this tuesday. president obama's immigration plan opening the door for anyone to enter the country, even
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criminals. leaked documents obtained by show the administration is considering allowing anybody who claims to be a victim of a crime to apply for a visa, and they won't have to disclose if they are a convicted felon. just come on in. meanwhile, prince william and kate middleton's tour of america coming to an end today. today they're going to pay their respects at the 9/11 memorial before attending a fund-raiser for their former school, saint andrew's. last night they watched their first nba game. they met beyonce and jay-z. they posed for a picture with lebron james in brooklyn. >> take a look at this ad from a catholic diocese aiming to make church trendy for a younger crowd. it features a girl snapping a selfie with jesus in the background. >> the ad creators say they
3:25 am
meant to convey the message no matter where you are jesus is with you. those words not sitting well with some critics. some even resorting to crude jokes to get their point across. >> in the picture you see the woman and this bearded beatific smiling behind ter. this is not some creepo. it is the son of god which didn't jesus offer to take the picture himself. his hands were occupied. >> to our guest, it seems to be a little mean. >> when you put yourself out there, you get criticized. the difference here is this is not show time or hpo. this is n.p.r., a publicly funded entity. >> paying for it. >> paying for my own critique. >> ultimately your goal is what? >> the basic goal is to
3:26 am
knock on people's door and say we miss you, we'd like to see you in church on sunday, aimed at 1.2 million people in brooklyn. >> is your diocese doing you a favor? >> wouldn't be here with you folks talking about going to church on sunday. >> let's look at some of the ads. here is one that says it's never just a selfie. one, his line is always open. some clubs in new york are hard to get into. his line is always open. i don't remember n.p.r. taking shots at worshipping muslims because christians, it appears to many, open season. >> the reality is we face discrimination. we couldn't place these ads in the m.t.a. without a huge disclaimer. >> what does it say? >> the m.t.a. does not approve of this advertisement. >> what does it say? >> mer christmas.
3:27 am
and this is the nature of the world which we live in today where public entities which are publicly financed can express a bias towards people of faith. >> what's your message to those at n.p.r. and those who may agree with their take and sort of joking? >> we're knocking on the door. some people can just ignore you and other people can respond to your invitation. we think that whoever you are, we invite you to join us because you're always a member of our family. >> where do you think the hostility comes from monsignor? >> i think a lot of times when people hear that knock on the door they feel indicted because perhaps they don't believe or they feel their own lifestyle is not in keeping with what the church is advocating for. and our point is that we're not a moralizers here. the church is not a moral system. we're a family and everyone is a member of the family and we invite everyone to
3:28 am
be a part of this family. >> no matter what they've done, no matter how long they have been gone? >> we're all members of the family and they're all invited to be with us at christmas. >> you're inviting the n.p.r. crew over? >> we hope they join us. all you can do is knock. >> great christian message. i love the selfie with jesus in the background. >> next year we'll take one with you. >> i'll do it. >> thank you very much. god bless you. merry christmas. >> merry christmas to you. and no disclaimer on that. coming up on this tuesday, he called the american people stupid. now he's going to go to capitol hill to answer for that but not before his protesters make their own statement on that. >> college basketball legend coach k has inspired thousands of young minds, so how does he boost morale
3:29 am
in our military? he is joining us next. next happy birthday to donnie osmond. he turns 57 years old today. ♪
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is a better find for me. ask your doctor today if eliquis is right for you. president obama went to the hospital this weekend because of a sore throat. everything was fine but it was a little awkward when they asked what insurance he uses and he was like blue cross -- oh, obamacare. >> he never fears going there. give him credit. >> he talked a little bit about that yesterday. >> the reflux? >> he talked about obamacare. he spent saturday getting an exam and then he had a
3:33 am
busy day afterwards. 28 minutes before the top of the hour. heather nauert back with us today working indoors because it's raining too hard. >> nice to be indoors today especially with this nor'easter rolling in. i have other news. the ntsb is searching for clues now where a small plane crashed into a home exploding into a massive fireball. that happened in gaithersburg, maryland just outside of washington, d.c. all three people on board that plane were killed as well as a mother and her two young sons living inside that home. the mother tried to shield her three-year-old and one-month-old from the flames but they died from smoke inhalation. as for the cause pilots reported seeing birds in the same area right before that accident. officials say it is too early in the investigation to blame a bird strike. teaching an anti-american pledge of allegiance, dr. charles
3:34 am
angletti, professor at metropolitan state university in denver forcing his students to recite a so-called new pledge. in it he calls america racist and sexist. here is how it starts, quote, i pledge allegiance to wrap myself in the flag of the united states against anything un-american, and to the republic for which it stands, to nation under jesus, rich against poor. and it goes on and on and becomes a heck of a lot more offensive. we want to know what you think about this. send your e-mails and we will read them later in the show. this is something else. a few hours from now the disgraced obamacare architect jonathan gruber will be in front of congress after making comments like these. >> lack of transparency is a huge political advantage and basically call it the stupidity of the american voter or whatever but basically that was critical to get the thing to pass.
3:35 am
it is a very clever basic ex-comploitation of the lack of understanding -- exploitation of the lack of understanding of the american voter. quite frankly the american voter doesn't care that much about the uninsured. >> a tea party group vowing to wear these shirts: i'm with stupid. love it. as they greet gruber for his date with the house oversight committee. i wonder what the reaction will be there. favorite story of the day. specially underarmor uniforms feature the rattlesnake and the words don't tread on me all over the uniform right down to the glove. you guys know i'm a navy fan because my little brother is a plebe there. >> i attended the football game with oliver north.
3:36 am
pretty amazing. >> can we say today go navy? >> no, you can't because 50% of our audience could not be. >> i know, but my brother is there. >> i've got news for you. coach k is army. >> meanwhile, there is a nor'easter impacting the northeast and janice dean is on the streets of new york city where it stinks. >> yeah, it's pouring. back to you. always wanted to do that. let's take a look at the radar. i'll show you where it's pouring here in new york city. it's also wind yeah. and we're also going to see snow in interior sections. right now it is pouring and those wind gusts are going to cause delays at the airport all up and down the northeast coastline. we're going to be dealing with rain, wind and snow throughout the day today into tomorrow and even into thursday.
3:37 am
you see that forecast, see the lines close together. those are called iso bars. the closer they are together the gustier the winds are. we could see wind gusts 40, 50, 60 miles an hour along the coast. in terms of snowfall interior sections of the northeast will get the bull's eye with 12 to 18 inches but it is going to be too warm for snow today along the coast. on the backside of this we could see snow flurry rhys rhys -- snow flurries wednesday. just expect all along the northeast to be nasty. back inside. >> janice, it is going to be raining all day. you're going to have to stay outside all day. >> a survey revealed the overall quality of life for military members has jumped from 96% happy to 56%. >> how are you going to
3:38 am
bring that up? coach k, you know victory and you know winning but how do you bring up morale when times are tough and it feels like you're losing? >> i think that the military is the best team in the world and we do a lot with the military with our u.s.a. basketball team, and they always inspire us and hopefully we inspire them a little bit. when you're in constant need to deploy -- >> 13 years in a row. >> sometimes that gets to you. i would say this, though. our military rallies, the toughest team, whether it be army, nature, marine, coast -- army, navy, marine, coast guard, they rally and because of one specific reason. they represent the best country in the world and protect us. >> that's right. right now troops have lower overall job satisfaction, less respect for superiors
3:39 am
and less interest in reenlistment. >> the reenlistment is because you get deployed, a tough impact on the family. but i know one of my best friends is the chair of the joint chiefs, marty dempsey. he'll do things to make sure his team is motivated. things happen like that when you're deployed over and over. our troops will understand and we'll be all right. >> when you coach the national team, you bring the stars, the who's who in world basketball because we are the best, you bring them to west point to get the sense of country and you of course are very loyal to west point because you played under bobby knight there. let's talk about your team this year. if coach k doesn't win the national championship, is the season a failure? >> right now you're number four in the country. >> only one team does it. we've done it four times in the last 25 years. we're not going to look at
3:40 am
the other 21 years as failure. a failure would be if we do not try to do our best every time out. like if i'm going against you and you're doing your best and you beat me, then i'll shake your hand. if we lose because we didn't do our best, because of attitude or just not being ready, that's what i can't stand. i'm okay with losing if we've had a winning effort. if we've had a winning effort, there is a good chance, we've got a chance to win. my team this year will have a chance, even though we start three freshmen, they're pretty good. >> let's talk about joint pain. you get to be my age and older, a little creeky there. you've got a new program, don't you? >> i have two artificial hips. 15 years old and 12. i've never had a second of pain afterwards. you know, there is a campaign that we have, it's
3:41 am
more than joint if you want to look at it. we're trying to teach people to think you don't have to live with the lack of movement. >> think about a replacement? >> a replacement, knee and hips. and you get your movement back but you get something else back, and this is the most important thing. you get your energy back. when you have problems, a lot of times you're fighting pain. you don't want to move. it hits you mentally, emotionally and spiritually. not just physically. so our campaign is to not just put new hips and knees in, but to give you performance goals and to help you get back your energy, get back that emotion that you lost. a lot of times you compensate and give that up and you don't know what you lost. so you get it back. i got mine back.
3:42 am
>> i've seen you on the sideline. you got your emotion back. >> a bad call, you've got -- >> in go the new hips and you're ready to go. >> it never hurts as bad with a win and you're coming up with your one thousandth, so everyone is looking for that. >> we've been very fortunate and won a lot and hopefully we'll win more. >> thanks, coach. coming up on this tuesday, own a gun, open up. let the cop search your house or else. the new outrageous policy that will have you seeing red next. >> just how much legal trouble could the "rolling stone" be in after it dropped a u.v.a. sexual assault story? ♪
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"rolling stone" magazine shocking sexual assault story shaking up the lives of those who were accused but the magazine now rolling back on its own story. u.v.a. fraternity members are taking the case to court so how will that hold up? we're going to ask fox news senior judicial analyst and author of "suicide pact." judge andrew napolitano. big news for rolling stone in terms of culpability. what are they facing right now? >> the boys whom they accused of rape may actually end up owning the "rolling stone" to play on the use of the word"own." because their allegations are called libel per se. when you accuse someone of a serious crime and they did not commit the crime you are presumed to have libeled them. it is a very, very easy case for the boys to prevail on. the only real issue here is
3:47 am
how badly were they harmed emotionally, psychologically and in terms of their reputation. >> the burden of proof or proof of innocence, what will they need to do with great precision? >> all they have to do is demonstrate that they did not commit this rape, which is now not disputed. the first amendment protects freedom of speech and the first amendment gives you great leeway about what you can say. but when you utter knowing false hoods or when you say something without concern for whether it is truthful or not and somebody is harmed by your words, then of course you can be held liable for it. the magazine is no doubt insured and it would be insured by a large insurance company which itself has insurance. i'm sort of kidding when i say the boys are going to end up owning "rolling stone." they are going to end up with a lot of money in their bank accounts. >> the statement the magazine made, are those going to come back to harm them in court?
3:48 am
>> this is what is going to cause their insurance carrier to cough up a lot of money either voluntarily or because a jury will award it. the magazine is walking back. that will help them a little bit in court but quite frankly it's too little and too late. if you're going to accuse someone of one of the most horrific crimes imaginable -- a gang rape -- and you're not going to ask them if they did it and you're not going to look for evidence about whether or not it happened -- >> gross negligence? >> outrageous negligence. you're just going to talk to the person who claims it happened and you're not even going to verify the credibility of this person who claimed it? you're not being a journalist. you're being some sort of a reckless advocate. >> fiction. judge andrew napolitano, author of "suicide pact" we thank you for being here. marilyn monroe once said if you give a girl the right shoes, she can conquer the world. ♪
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>> turns out those heels do a lot more for women than you think. and men. you're going to want to hear all about it coming up. but first larry the cable guy is here next. he's not in heels. ♪ fact. when you take advil you get relief right at the site of pain. wherever it is. advil stops pain right where it starts. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil.
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is. the new christmas movie about ad it who will do whatever it takes to give his daughter the best christmas ever. >> in honor of christmas, and
3:53 am
noel, i bring to everybody larry's spectacular parade of lights. music, please, claude. the grand finale as they say in france, the piece 69 -- of the resistance. >> the star of "jingle all the way" larry the cable guy joins us right now. you have a shirt with sleeves. >> yes. it's around christmas time. >> janis dean told us it will be raining a long time and cold. >> plus it's the holiday season. >> you love the holidays, don't you? >> i love the holidays. the thing that kills me is i'm really irritated, my wife had to let out my santa suit this year. >> really? >> that's okay. >> it was a good year. >> you got christmas, thanksgiving. you eat. i'm still recovering from arbor day.
3:54 am
>> did you chew on an elm? >> let me tell you something, last year now, i kept my resolution for the first time all year. i didn't join a gym. >> congratulations. >> and this -- everybody else says, i'm going to lose weight. so this year -- i always say i'm going to lose 60 pounds but i can't do that. >> why? >> i'm going to set a goal that i can reach. this year i'm going to lose 25 millimeters. >> you've gone metric. >> is it milligrams? >> it's something. >> i don't know. >> tell us about the movie. >> the move yes is fantastic. i took over for arnold schwarzenegger, obviously, you know. i'm the before. i'm the before arnold. we filmed it in 3d. three days. now, this movie takes off where the last movie ended. >> which is the best thing for a
3:55 am
sequel. >> yeah. but the dvd shelf. i was gog film with kay upton, we were going to call it jiggle all the way. these are the jokes i'm doing. >> do you have christmas wishes? >> do i have christmas wishes? >> a girl in the movie, she's got a wish. she wants a bear. >> i don't know what i want. i want to be skinny like you. >> peace on earth. how about that? >> peace on earth. goodwill toward men. >> first, "jingle all the way," at the end we saw the explosion, we saw you fly through the sky. do you do your own stunts? >> i do everything -- yes, i do everything except running, jumping and hopping. >> okay, good. that was not you. other than that, i do my own
3:56 am
stunts. >> what is the message in your movie? what do you want us to walk away with? >> well, what is the message of the movie? the message in the movie is they need somebody to play arnold schwarzenegger's part. and it's expensive. no. the message in the movie is it's a good family movie, pg movie. it's just about family being together for christmas. >> which is a great message. >> love and hope. the whole deal. it's in all that movie. >> check it out "jingle all the way 2" is available on dvd. thanks very much for carrying me into the studio. >> i hurt my back. it's amazing. >> good job. always good to see you. coming up straight ahead, later we'll find out -- hours from now, that senate democrat will unleash their $40 million interrogation report. could it cost american lives?
3:57 am
we'll report. you decide. and santa works for free, but if he did get paid what, would his salary be? we got the number and it's big. ♪ ♪
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
good morning. today is tuesday, december 9. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert, the united states military and embassies around the world bracing for an attack as senate democrats preparing to go public with some of the c.i.a.'s biggest secrets. the man who fought to protect those secrets for years joins us live. and look who is teaching our kids. a professor who desecrates the pledge of allegiance and forces his students to then recite it for a grade. the words almost too much for tv. but we'll show them to you. and women, do you want to rule the world? scientists in france say they figured it out. the answer is deep inside your
4:01 am
sole. mornings are better with friends. watch this animation. >> hey, this is larry the cable guy. you are listening to the fox news channel, the greatest channel on the planet and if you're not watching it, you're a communist. >> allall right. we didn't ask him to say that. it's larry the cable guy. that's the kind of stuff he says. >> that's what he does. >> one thing about larry, in all seriousness, he's very intelligent and he follows the news and one thing he was talk being is this, today at 11:00 a.m., a fox news alert, senate democrats will release the interrogation report despite marines being on high alert and embassies being on high alert around the world. why isn't anyone talking about the program's success? why isn't that included in the report? it's rumored not there at all. in fact, they ridicule not only wh the output in which we received it. >> we were talking about is in the days after 9-11, the president of the united states gathered the military and the intel together and said okay, go
4:02 am
out there. do whatever you have to do to bring them to justice. make sure that this never happens again. so the c.i.a. started working things. keep in mind, what they did to three terrorists 11 years ago was legal. waterboarding was legal. everything they did was legal. now just before on the eve of the democrats losing control of the u.s. senate, they're releasing this. they spent $40 million and years to put it together. now essentially what they're trying to do is simply show that it was bad. we know that it was bad. we don't do it anymore. but given the circumstances back then, it does make sense that we did it and when the department of justice had an investigation, nobody was charged because nothing was against the law. >> right. when you look at the success of the interrogation program here and the outline which dictates the information that was gleaned
4:03 am
from this process, at a time where our national security was in fact attacked, that our nation was attacked, moving forward, this information was valuable. it generated more than 2,000 intel reports, the mastermind behind 9-11. reports are still being drawn on today, which is ultimately, according to catherine herridge, all of these things, particularly that those reports are still being used today to get intelligence. >> so it was helpful. it worked. >> why? why not? >> you're talking about 15 agency employees using enhanced interrogation tactics against the worst of the worst in the world. what should bother lot of you out there before you condemn the c.i.a. officials who did this is that for the past six years, we don't capture anybody. we don't talk to anyone. isis rising, rumor of dirty bomb in europe. would that be happening today if we were all over the higher ups within al-qaeda? would there even be an issei says today? jose rodriguez wrote a book about that program in defense of
4:04 am
the program, spent decades in the c.i.a. he defended what he did and talked about it with us. >> those of us who read the intelligence every morning and who acted on the intelligence know that the program allowed us to decimate al-qaeda, to stop or disrupt plots against us, and to capture or kill the entire al-qaeda leadership to include osama bin laden. it was not torture and all of this was authorized by the president, certified as legal by the justice department. and briefed to the congress. it was briefed to the gang of eight in congress in 2002 and 2003. and they all blessed it. so it was not torture. i am outraged, brian, because i feel that it's an attempt to rewrite history and it's pushing a narrative that is not true. >> he said a couple of things there that were so important.
4:05 am
one was the gang of eight. you have democrats and republicans in the u.s. senate. they all said okay. we're okay with it. do whatever it takes to stop it. he's the guy who ran the day-to-day operations, probably the first guy they talked to. nope. democrats spent $40 million, never apparently had time to talk to him, never had time to talk to mike hayden or porter goss. >> none of the top officials. >> they ran the c.i.a. they didn't talk to any of those people. instead, jose rodriguez says essentially they didn't want the truth to get in the way. >> his book was called "hard measure" and he continues to defend those practices. no matter how successful the program was, we outlined it has been and continues to be, according to top officials there, the president of the united states, commander in chief, does not believe the use of these enhanced interrogation techniques are justified, doesn't believe it makes us safer and doesn't believe the techniques used were worth it. if you don't believe what i'm saying, listen to josh earnest, press secretary. >> we have been clear about and what the president has been
4:06 am
clear about is that he does not believe that the use of these enhanced interrogation techniques is justified. he does not believe that makes us safer. he does not believe that's in the core of the national security interest. he believes regardless of what the answer to that question is, that the use of these techniques was not worth it because of the harm that was done to our national values and the sense of what it is that we believe in as americans. >> so they welcome it, the white house does, but people could get killed. so they're still going to release it. >> senator rockefeller said in 2003, he's on the intel committee. he's in safekeeping, khalid sheikh mohammed, under american protection. he'll be grilled by us. i'm sure we'll be very, very tough with him, he said with a smile. as did senator feinstein of the they were all read into this, as
4:07 am
was nancy pelosi even though they deny it. >> they're democrats and losing control and now they've got to spill the beans while they can still spill them. so that's why it's coming out today. asked you about the comments, michael said i wish they would spend this much effort on the irs or benghazi or peter gruber. i don't think he needs investigating. >> ralph on facebook says, when someone or some group is trying to destroy you and your way of life, you need to do whatever it takes to stop them. >> george washington did and that's a fact. so for those of you who say that's not what we're built on, we don't beat the british without doing it because what washington did with the british troops, the british prisoners stopped them from torturing our prisoners. >> so the report today at 11:00 o'clock in the morning. just about two hours from now, obamacare architect jonathan gruber will be grilled in front of congress after calling americans stupid. >> doug luzader is live at the capitol where it's expected to be a heated hearing. good morning to you. what can you tell us?
4:08 am
>> reporter: good morning. at the very least, gruber has become a lightning rod for obamacare critics. first and foremost, he's going to have to explain those comments talking about voter ignorance and obamacare. >> lack of transparency is a huge political advantage and basically, call it the stupidity of the american voter or whatever. >> there were other comments similar to that. gruber was a paid consultant in the drafting of obamacare and other comments that he has made may strike at the very heart of a looming supreme court case that questions whether residents of states that rely on the federal health exchange can qualify for a subsidy. supporters of the law call it a typepoe. gruber has implied it was intentional. >> professor grew has done is he has helped to pierce a lot of arguments that defenders of the obama administration have made that congress could in the possibly have meant that because here you have an architect of the law saying, well, yeah, that's when this law does. >> reporter: supporters of the law have been backing away from
4:09 am
gruber very, very quickly here. interesting point, the head of the centers for medicare and medicaid is going to testify today. she specifically asked congress to make sure that she was not even seated next to gruber today. gruber's consulting business at the very least has probably taken a hit and it was pretty lucrative. he got paid almost $400,000 working on obamacare alone. back to you guys. >> all right. doug luzader live up on capitol hill. meanwhile, we showed you this earlier. one tea party group vowing to wear these i'm with stupid shirts as they greet mr. gruber before he testifies. >> oh, my. i wonder how many people will do that today. >> my hope is if you're going to question him, you better be prepared. very bright guy from m.i.t. he's had a month to prepare for this. so if you're just going to company in and yell at him, it's waste of time. if you come with facts, talk about the tortured language that was supposed to obfuscate what the cbo scored that made it look like it was actually saving money, but we're actually losing
4:10 am
money. i think elijah cummings said he's going to use the time to talk about how great obamacare is. >> i think they should let him talk because he gets himself in trouble with enough words. >> i see let him go. >> it's 7:10 in new york city. headlines now. >> good morning. i've got a scary story out of new york city break overnight. it is a fox news alert. a vicious attack at a new york city synagogue. we want to warn you, this video is graphic. police say that a man armed with a knife stormed inside a synagogue, screaming, i want to kill a jew. he stabbed a student who was praying in the neck. shortly after the attacker charged a police officer who shot him dead. the injured student is now in the hospital, thankfully in stable condition. we'll keep watching that story. protesters in berkeley, california, shutting down the streets, blocking traffic for a third night in a row. take a look at this.
4:11 am
they are still angry about the eric garner grand jury decision in new york city. police in this california town struggling to keep the crowds at bay as they flooded major highways. look at that. they even shut down interstate 80 at one point. a woman went into labor while she was stuck in traffic. an ambulance eventually was able to get to her and take her to the hospital. then here in new york also sending a message, lebron james wearing this t-shirt saying, i can't breathe. that was during warm-ups before the game on the court last night. and then overnight, outgoing secretary of defense chuck hagel touching down in baghdad. he's set to meet with iraqi officials and u.s. commanders today about the campaign to defeat isis. the secretary speaking to a group of troops saying that the u.s. wants to help iraq regain territory that's been lost to isis, but also adding that the iraqis need to take the lead. hagel is the first secretary of
4:12 am
defense to visit iraq since leon panetta did in december of 2011. ladies, go ahead and splurge on that new pair of shoes.ç ♪ ♪ >> new study says women who wear high heels have more power over men. the reason is, ladies, they make you look more attractive, taller and more confident. researchers say men are twice as likely to help a woman who is wearing high legal than a gal wearing flats. women in heels get picked up in bars twice as fast. not really going for that look this morning. but gives you more confidence. >> but are they comfortable? >> no. >> you get used to it. they are worth it. >> they are worth it? >> that's why we wear them. >> hello? power, baby.
4:13 am
>> i went with a wedge today. it's 7:12 in new york. coming up, it's our story just hours from now, senate democrats will release their $40 million interrogation report. but why didn't they talk to the man who deemed it legal? former c.i.a. chief legal officer, john rizzo, joins us live next. >> and this airline executive could face up to ten years in prison over a bag of nuts. you've got to hear this one. ♪ ♪
4:14 am
4:15 am
4:16 am
4:17 am
a fox news alert. u.s. embassies around the world bracing for attacks as democrats planning to public with one of the c.i.a.'s biggest secret reports. >> yep. details on interrogation practices is like the ones used to find osama bin laden. john rizzo spent more than three decades as lawyer for the c.i.a. and defended those techniques under the bush administration, who was also defending the c.i.a. today. john, your reaction to this report which you just told us you did not get a preview of, but your reaction about what is rumored to be coming down at 11:00 a.m. eastern today?
4:18 am
>> well, apparently from all the leaks that the committee staff has been sprinkling over the last several months, it is going to conclude that the c.i.a., including myself, i assume, misled congress, the white house, the justice department, the american people, lord knows who else. it's absolutely unfair and preposterous. and as i just told you, brian, i and several others deeply involved in this program not only were never interviewed, but the chairman feinstein a few weeks ago denied our request to at least as a matter of courtesy, see this thing before the rest of the world does. >> sure. we should also point out that when things are happening and, you know, the president of the united states has said, let's go and do whatever it takes to stop and make sure that this doesn't happen again, another 9-11, you pulled out all the stops. but you did everything legally. waterboarding at that point, and it did happen to three people, was completely legal and democrats knew about it, but now they pretend, what?
4:19 am
hello? >> yeah. this program was briefed from the very beginning to -- it was kept top secret to a sternum of people in congress, but that is including from the outset senator jay rockefeller, who as you know, is now one of the most strident critics of the program, claiming it was immoral and one of the biggest backers of this report. >> here is the quote from rockefeller, who was talking to blitzer. he said, i wouldn't take anything off the table when it comes to khalid sheikh mohammed. where he's concerned, because this man killed hundreds of hundreds of americans over the last ten years. now they want to pull everything off the table. real quick, john, does this yield results as far as you know? >> absolutely, brian. absolutely. for years. it continues. as you know in your set-up, it continues to yield valuable intelligence. even leon panetta, the c.i.a. director under obama, who called the program torture says in his book, it produced critical
4:20 am
intelligence. >> so the democrats are coming out with this at 11:00 o'clock. the republican a version. democrats are doing this because it's all political, isn't it? >> well, as you know, chairman feinstein is about to lose her chairmanship. and before she walks out door, she's determined to throw this out the door. >> what country is going to help us or what agent will push the limit because they don't want to get in trouble? you have to come back after you read this report. i want to get your take. thank you for joining us this morning. >> absolutely. thank you. coming up on this tuesday, does this sound familiar? i pledge allegiance to -- i wrap myself in the flag of the united states against anything unamerican and to the republicans nor which it stands. that's just part of the distorted pledge of allegiance one teacher is forcing his students to recite. yes, we said the teacher at a university. that story coming up. and then they're incredible men like this. >> how are you?
4:21 am
>> good. >> soldier reuniting with a boy he saved from certain death in afghanistan. he shares his incredible story live next. >> awesome. ♪ ♪ '?
4:22 am
4:23 am
4:24 am
time nor news by the numbers. let's start here, first, 60%. that's how much air fare for holiday travel is expected to jump tomorrow. ticket price also remain high through new year's. steve is shocked. and next, 15 days until christmas, and some people in chicago have to start christmas shopping all over because this grinch caught on camera stealing packages from an apartment building. and finally, $140,000. that's how much santa would make annually if he was paid. figuring out the bulk of the salary would come from his role
4:25 am
as an industrial engineer running the toy workshop. thanks. >> i love that. this is a soldier surprise like you have never seen before. >> how are you? >> good. >> the best. that boy and the man he is hugging share a special connection, to say the least, one that began over two years ago when major glenn helped bring him from afghanistan to the united states for the medical care he needed. the two reunited on friday with the major's unexpected visit to the first grader's classroom and has everyone tugging at their emotional feelings and their heart. they join us now. welcome them here. we are honored to have both of you here today. wow. i could watch that reunited video all day long. thanks for being here. i know it's early for you.
4:26 am
major, two years ago you're serving and you see a bunch of kids in afghanistan and you decide to do something pretty spectacular. you form a boy scout troop for them. right there. now it's expanded to tens of thousands of children, including girls, that are learning the basics of scouting. but when you saw and first met valal what, struck you about him? >> he was brought to me. after we had done this successfully with another afghan boy, brought him to the united states for medical treatment, his name was muslim. his successful return to eastern afghanistan prompted an afghan adult working for the united nations to contact me to ask if i could help a second boy. there was no way to say no. the first one was such a great success. then that's how valal was presented to me, as another child in need.
4:27 am
>> it wasn't easy, i know. it was four days perhaps between the time that you found him the treatment he needed and then deployed again. when we watch that video, we feel so excited that major b walked in to give you that hug. how did you feel? >> i good. and i saw the surprise for everyone, but it was for me and he tells my class some questions about helping people. he helps always the people doesn't have money. he never looks back no matter what he helps them. >> beautiful english. you speak so well and so from the heart. i mean, you guys are buddies here. when you see major b, do you see a hero? do you see a friend? are your classmates watching today? >> yep. >> what do they think about your
4:28 am
buddy? >> they think -- when i say his name and they said what? and then they surprised. >> you've come so far. how are you feeling today? >> good. >> do you have more surgeries ahead? >> yeah. >> when you know that major b really helped you get the healing that you needed, how does that make you feel? >> good. >> of course. we're going to be praying for you 'cause you're going to be so great coming out of that surgery. major, when you -- you're holing hands now to someone you are forever connected to, a lot of people would say, you've got kids. >> i do, i have two sons. >> why do you feel this strong mission to really reach out to young guys like bilal? >> part of the message we learn as americans is to help other people. certainly that's taught in as we practice our faith and in scouting where i spent most of my life. it comes back to the battlefield
4:29 am
and there is opportunities to help other people there, too. this is just an example. elisabeth, the real heros of this story are the ordinary american citizens who answered the call for help from the battlefield. the host families, the dempseys, the surgeons who performed these surgeries on both boys, those are the people who put hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and thousands of dollars together gratis to fix these two children. our hope is that they will have been exposed to the west in a positive way that they'll go home as the next generation of leaders in afghanistan. >> great mission there with great heart. bilal, what do you think of this country? >> i like it here. my mom is keeping me healthy and
4:30 am
there is good things to eat and i like american and having good friends here and new friend always do something good for you and you got to do good for him back. >> that right there is one of the most incredible messages i have ever heard and i've been here a long time. we absolutely wrap our arms around you. you want to give your buddies a wave at home? give them a great hello and a smile. you are one incredible young man. we thank you for being here. major b -- >> thank you very much. >> got a great bud by your side. >> thank you for having us. >> thank you. the story is incredible. we'll keep track. bye. >> bye. next up, what happens when man meets bear? >> i didn't know where i was. i was looking up at the sky and this bear was biting my face. >> how he managed to get away. we're going to tell you. then own a gun? open up and let cops search your house. well, it's a new policy making
4:31 am
something outrageous or does it make sense? you'll hear both sides of that argument coming up. ♪ ♪
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4:34 am
we've got extreme weather if you're hitting the roads anywhere along the east coast, you're in for heavy wind, rain and possibly a couple of feet of snow. that is the view right outside our window. >> tens of millions of americans in the path of this nor'easter, janis dean tracking it as -- she insisted on going outside. you win. >> thank you. if i told you it was raining buckets out here, would you believe me? >> do you have a bucket? >> it sounds like it is. here is the bucket. it's so hilarious. okay. yes, it is raining out here.
4:35 am
windy as well. this is our nor'easter. look at the delays at the airport. over two-hour delays at la guardia already. over an hour delay in philadelphia and it will continue all day long. the rain forecast, we could get several inches of rain along the coast. and not just rain, wind gusts in excess of 40 miles per hour. interior sections, you could get upwards of a foot of snow. in some cases higher totals. winter storm warnings in the pink there where you could easily see several inches and up to 18 inches, we think, across the mounts, green and white mountains. there is the wind gusts. so even though it might taper off in the rain department and the snow, we're going to be talking about wind gusts in excess of 30, 40 miles per hour for the next couple of days. we're going to do this bucket challenge where i'm going to leave the bucket out here and see how much rainfall accumulates over the next hour.
4:36 am
>> has this ever been done on television? >> yes. this has been on my bucket list for a while. >> oh, funny stuff! she'll be here all week. >> thanks. >> bye. >> stay dry if possible. which might be impossible out there. >> we're lucky it's raining and not snowing. >> somewhere mar where -- maria is laughing. >> we want to tell you about professor out in denver, dr. charles angeletti, self-described atheist and socialist and professor of american civilization. he requires his students at the beginning of each semester, at least in the fall, according to campus reform, to recite a pledge that denounces the united states of america. >> that's right. it went something like this. i pledge allegiance to and wrap myself in the flag of the united states against anything unamerican and to the republicans for which it stands, two nations under jesus, which against with curtailed liberties. it goes on and on and gets worse and worse.
4:37 am
according to one of the students, there was no alternative offered to them. he aggressively repressed debate among classmates, according to steven pharr, a freshman there and said it was controversial and questioned his motives of the professor. >> who is in charge of him? who hired him? why does he still have a job? i don't care where he is. >> tenure, baby. >> danny on facebook says this, the real pledge has a positive message and isn't mean spirited and doesn't result and insult anyone or any political party. this anti-pledge is pathetic. >> mark on twitter says, need to make that professor recite his retirement letter. according to rate my, apparently he's an easy grader, but he punishes conservatives. do you think? can you imagine if you spend a couple hundred thousands to send your kid to a college and that's one of the guys who is filling his mind with ideas? apparently accord to one of them, at the beginning of class, all does he is ask, so, class,
4:38 am
what's on your mind? what's on your mind? >> it doesn't take kindly to anyone who might challenge his thoughts and few have the courage to openly protest the controversial pledge. that's the freedom that he offered his own students. continue to let us know what you think. >> heather nauert, tur show, whn your mind. i welcome everyone. >> as long as you don't disagree with that professor. >> exactly. >> what was the name of the web site? >> rate my the kids all use it. when picking classes, my kids all use it to figure out whether or not the person was a good class, whether they get anything out of it. easy grader. >> just think, i used to love the professor when it was unanimousy and the professor. that guy was a nice guy. >> all right. i got some news to bring you. this is out of my neck of the woods in the midwest. the city of deloitte, wisconsin, up in arms this morning after its top cop introduces a
4:39 am
brand-new gun grabbing initiative. listen to this. police chief norm jacobs wants residents to allow police to search their homes for guns. it's all in an attempt to find weapons that he believes were linked to crimes. he believes gun violence is a serious as ebola and says, quote, we should fight it using the tools we've learned from our health providers. critics say this is simply an invasion of privacy. what do you think of that? and then a bear no match for this minnesota hunter and his knife. brandon johnson was following the bear with some friends when the 525-pound beast turned around and tackled him to the ground. >> i'm pinned on the ground and it's standing on top of me and i stabbed it right in the face. >> there you go. that bear is dead. brandon is just fine. wow. and then a plane packed with people turned around at new york city's jfk airport over a bag of
4:40 am
nuts? it all started when a korean air executive was served her in-flight snack in a bag rather than on a plate. her name is heather chou and the eldest daughter of the airline's top executive. she forced the korea bound flight to taxi back to the terminal to get rid of that inept employee. this morning she announced she will resign amid that mounting criticism over the flak. but she still has to deal with u.s. law and faces up to ten years in prison for interfering with a flight crew. something you don't want to do. forget the ugly christmas sweater. these are all the rage this season. remember this? >> i tried it o it feels amazing. i'm just trying to bring some christmas spirit early. >> how many stars? >> five out of five. it actually fit me well. >> with the matching tie. did you catch movie critic kevin mccarthy modeling this? it was last friday. well, he's loving it.
4:41 am
esquire magazine is demanding that kevin and everyone else who bought this throw it in the garbage? apparently it takes hideous to a whole new level, that's what they say. the suits' manufacturer says they don't care. it's $109, a masterpiece and it sold out on line. and kevin mccarthy marched right through times square wearing that outfit and elisabeth and i saw it. he was at the "fox & friends" christmas party bowl not bowlinn it. >> i think it improved his bowling score. a known side effect. >> thanks, heather. >> gutter ball. coming up, the cost of caring for little immigrant children going up as we speak. but no one can give us an exact amount. so who is going to pay this blank check? that's what texas congressman henry cuellar wants to know. he joins us live next. that's right. and baking up some christmas cookies for santa? just don't eat that dough. don't you dare eat the cookie dough. the federal government says oh, no. >> delicious. ♪
4:42 am
4:43 am
4:44 am
4:45 am
15 minutes to the top of the hour. some quick health headlines for you. it's a cookie don't. usda urging folks not to eat raw cookie dough. it says that you can get salmonella from raw eggs. however, bakers say if you refrigerator the eggs before baking, you'll be fine. enjoy the treat again. and new study shows a chemical in carbonated cans are raise your blood pressure within two hours. overexposure to bpa has been linked to heart disease and other things. big brother coming to vending machines. it uses facial recognition to learn your preferences. oh, gosh. but you could be fighting for a
4:46 am
snack. >> come on! >> that flashback. we've all been there. the machine can refuse the sale of certain items based on your medical history or age. it just went on the market in europe. oh, my. brian, what are you going to do about that? >> keep my blood sugar up. wow. the cost of caring for children streaming across our southern border and millions of your tax dollars are at stake. that's what we're talk being right now. judicial watch decided to crunch some numbers, release ago report that claims federal government paid a contractor more than $180 million to operate just two temporary shelters for four months. the contractor is fighting back saying the number is not right.
4:47 am
congressman henry cuellar is a democrat and trying to get to the bottom of it. where do you stand on this? the numbers seem high, even on the low end. >> you're right. there is a difference of about $100 million, a lot of difference. according to the contractor, it's an approved contractor, añi vendor, the baptist children family services. they're a good company trying to do the best. but again, it is a lot of money that the federal government, whether it's 84 or $85 million or $185 million, it's still a lot of money and trying to get those numbers from the federal government has been very hard. >> it's interesting is 'cause nassau county on long island has as many if any of these kids than anybody else in the country. and the classes are getting bigger, the expenses are getting great and they need to be subsidized. they need special english speaking classes on top of that. so it's costing counties out of money. some of the items we've already paid for action crayons, paint brush, bracelets, board games, make-up kits, cell phone kits, international calls, all you
4:48 am
would think, hey, we want our kids to be happy. after a while with an $18 trillion debt, where does ir end? when information gets back about the president's executive orders, there is going to be a go sign to a lot of central american and south american countries. don't you think? >> the best way to handle this is to do prevention. that is try to stop them before they come over because once they come over, you got to deal with the reality. about one third of the kids that came over were raped and abused and you got kids that have gone through very difficult times. and you have to spend some money to take care of them. a large number of services. so the best way is to spent the kids from coming over and that takes a lot of work, as you know. it's very, very difficult to do that. but we got -- either you spend money in prevention or you'll be spend ago lot more money later on as we're seeing right now. >> i know you had a huge trillion dollars appropriations bill to keep the government funded. this contract runs through 2016. these kids, america has a bigger heart than any country in the world. we want these kids to be happy.
4:49 am
but we also want to be realistic. how do we stop the bleeding here? >> the thing is that what we have to do is focus, we got to do some work with those countries to make sure that they don't come over. we got to make sure we secure the border because once the weather gets warmer, the numbers have gone down, but when the weather gets a little better, historically numbers go up. so we might see families trying to cross again. so we got to do the prevention instead of paying later. some of the kids were paying $500 a day, multiply the thousands that we had. and the emergency centers, $1,000 a day. so you can do the math. it's a lot of money. >> real quick, it's democratic president. you're a democrat in texas. do you have a line to the administration? do they understand the need here and the need to act quickly? >> the administration, quite honestly, my opinion was caught
4:50 am
flat footed on this. i hope there was some lessons learned. i hope that this new homeland security advisor, the secretary, johnson d a better job. i think he will. but again, we better learn the lessons that we saw because we get caught flat footed again, the american public won't be happy. >> to say the least. congressman henry cuellar, thanks so much. >> thank you so much. coming up straight ahead, work getting in the way of christmas shopping? why not get paid to do it? cheryl casone has the answer. she's about to walk. first on this day in 1965, a charlie brown christmas premiered and everyone got depressed, including linus. in 1993, u.s. astronauts completed their repair work on the hubbell space telescope and it never stopped work. in 1989, we didn't start the fire by billy joel was the number one song in the country and i suddenly understood social studies. ♪
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you never jim jam shabriver flab dry ris.o is, bliss pounds hazy dray? drywall sh-boop leaver - murray. hey, big bog panorama corn salabaty? dude, squibble bits. mareyayzee. mormal snap jebby rolban jebby deetle flosh. [laughter] eh. now's the time to get in the loop.
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just look for our fall tv picks with xfinity on demand. huh. quickly find the season's hottest shows, huh. quickly find the season's hottest shows, with a handpicked collection all in one place. only from xfinity. employers are in the giving spirit. they're expected to add 800,000 temporary jobs this christmas season and it's the biggest number since the start of the recession. cheryl casone from fox business here with the top five companies hiring. lightning round. first up, gap. >> this is gap. but $16 billion company. 90 countries. this is banana republic, old navy. 63,000 jobs for the entire holiday season. they're still looking for people. why do i like this one and this is number one today? technology for training. they're very much about getting their associates very much into the world of new technologies within the stores at the bricks centers. they need people to work the call centers because more and
4:55 am
more people are ordering on line, picking up in the store or just doing overall mobile shipping. so we like gap. >> somebody else hiring because a lot of people give omaha steaks, they need help. >> omaha steaks absolutely is looking for people right now. this is steaks, all kinds of red meat, gourmet foods. very popular online gift to give to people on delivery. seasonal employees have about $16 per hour and up. they're also going to be hiring throughout the holiday season. >> a lot of people are busy so they don't have time to cook. they call domino's. >> so this is actually seasonal, but it's not. they're really gearing up for the super bowl, which is going to be the first weekend in february. they got 20,000 seasonal positions. but they're really pushing now to hire into the new year. sometimes you can make minimum wage or more. drivers. 11 million pizzas they'll sell on super bowl sunday. they're looking to hire all the way through january and also, too, 90% of their franchise owners actually started out either making pizza or
4:56 am
delivering pizza. 90%. that's a pretty high marker. >> no kidding. finally, looking ahead to tax time, jackson hewitt. >> yea, fun, taxes. get excited, people. look, this is better training. they'll put you through the certification program at jackson hewitt. >> they'll train you. >> it's better training than you're going to get if you worked at the irs. i'm just putting that out. there they need tax preparers. >> that's not saying much. >> but still, you will get really good training at this company. 300 locations. they're expanding into wal-mart. they will train you and that is i think, crucial. accounting skills can go -- that can take you through the rest of your life. >> you have just outlined a loft jobs. don't miss cheryl and the "fox business" network. to find it go to, to find the jobs we were just talking about. >> casoneexchange. coming up hours from now, the senate democrats are going to release their $40 million interrogation report. but could this actually cost
4:57 am
american lives? yes. laura ingraham on that next. plus, beer, wings and jesus. that's right. one church moving services to a buffalo wild wings. would you go? >> hello? >> i am the ghost of meals past. when you don't use
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
good morning. it is tuesday, december 9. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. we begin with a fox news alert. in just a few hours, the c.i.a.'s secret tactics officially become public. as the u.s. military braces for violence, the man who fought to protect those secrets reveals a shocker. >> i and several others who were deeply involved in this program not only were never interviewed, but chairman feinstein a few weeks ago denied our request as a matter of courtesy to see this thing. >> so why are senate democrats releasing this report in the first place? laura ingraham sure israeli going to weigh in on that straight ahead. protesters shut down a highway again, stopping a pregnant woman from getting to
5:01 am
the hospital. now we're learning how the feds may have fanned the flames, informing people about white privilege? and one state just ruling burning the american flag is a okay. this hour meet the man fighting back to protect old glory. by the way, put a smile on your face 'cause mornings are better with friends. >> i'm donnie osmond. you're watching "fox & friends." as a matter of fact, all of the osmonds love it, except one. that's tito. >> happy birthday, donny osmond. he is 57 today. if you see him -- >> do you remember when he came running out of the hall and tackled me on the couch? >> i don't. >> the only time donnie osmond has ever got violent. >> you remember that, joe? yes, thank you very much. if you don't, i will. >> that donnie osmond. happy birthday. we'll turn to heather nauert for the latest headline. >> good morning.
5:02 am
i have a frightening story that happened overnight here in new york city. it is a fox news alert a. vicious attack at a new york city synagogue overnight. the video is graphic. here is what happened. police say a man who was armed with a knife stormed inside a synagogue screaming, i want to kill the jews. he stabbed a student who was praying. he stabbed him in the neck and then shortly thereafter, the attacker charged a police officer who shot him dead. that injured student remains in stable condition at the hospital but will hopefully be okay. overnight, outgoing secretary of defense chuck hagel touching down in baghdad. he is meeting with iraqi officials and u.s. commanders about the campaign to defeat isis. the secretary speaking to a group of troops, saying the u.s. wants to help iraq regain the territory that was lost to isis, but also added that the iraqis
5:03 am
are the ones that need to take the lead. hagel is the first secretary of defense to visit iraq since leon panetta was there in december of 2011. out west, protesters in berkeley, california, shutting down the streets and blocking traffic for a third night in a row. they are still angry about the eric garner grand jury decision in new york city. so police in california are struggling to keep those crowds at bay. they flooded major highways. even shutting down interstate 80 at one point. a woman went into labor. she was on her way to the hospital. she was stuck then in traffic because of those protesters. an ambulance eventually got her and took her to the hospital. also sending a message, this happening here on the east coast, lebron james wearing this i can't breathe t-shirt during warm-ups on the basketball court last night in new york city. then shear a funny story, beer, wings and god.
5:04 am
of course it all goes together. there is a church in alabama launching a new sunday morning service at buffalo wild wings restaurant. mass will take place before the restaurant opens beginning with a prayer and a devotion and member also enjoy wings and sports. the goal is to attract people who wouldn't go to church otherwise. pretty nice idea. get them in any way you can, right? >> if you wing it, they will bring it. that is a good idea. >> thanks. >> i like it there. >> divine intervention, you should try their spicy wings. they're delicious. thank you very much. let's go down to our nation's capitol and laura ingraham joins us. 11 o'clock this morning, the senate democrat also release their big story, their big report, $50 million they spent on it, on what we did wrong trying to get answers out of the bad guys. >> yeah. the administration is saying that it's important to release this information about what they call torture. obviously we water boarded a few
5:05 am
individuals, very high target, very important individuals. three. they talked about how it's important forçó transparency purposes. now, think about how few times when people actually want the information released, the administration has been transparent and the lead tapioca eck is released, the details about the implementation of obamacareers the issue of executive amnesty, they held that back until after the election. this is one more move that is going to be undertaken in a lame duck session that will not forward the interest of transparency that the american people care about. the american people aren't losing sleep over this. this will be endangering the lives of americans abroad and what's most disturbing to me is that this administration in my mind doesn't seem to care. you are going to endanger american lives. >> so we're talking to iran, thinking about sanctions on israel, and we're endangering our own people. meanwhile, jose rodriguez was not interviewed for this. he was in charge of the interrogation program, one of
5:06 am
15. john rizzo was c.i.a. former chief legal officer who deemed the practices legal. he wrote the book "company man," and he joined us earlier. >> the program was briefed from the very beginning to -- it was kept because it was top secret to a close number of people in congress. but that certainly included from the outset senator jay rockefeller, who as you know, is now one of the most strident critics of the program, claiming it was immoral and one of the biggest backers of this report. it continues to yield valuable intelligence report, even leon panetta, the c.i.a. director under obama who called the program torture says in 'tis book it produced critical intelligence. >> he is right. and he was the man at the scene and now the attempt to smear the entire c.i.a. claiming they misrepresented the means of interrogation to congress. again, i have to ask the question, why now?
5:07 am
this has been a two-year battle over redacting parts of this report. why now? it's because it's a lame duck session. they know come january, the republicans would not countenance this. the president and his foreign policy team by okaying this and demanding it are putting the lives of americans and our allies in danger abroad. the president made a big deal, by the way, about gitmo, that oh, we have to shut it down because gitmo is a recruiting tool. what about this? they've released what will be a recruiting tool for the jihaddists. nice going, guys. >> without a doubt. you got that right. i want to ask you about your feelings on the department of social justice, the federal officials lecturing ferguson residents about white privilege. where is this conversation going? what prosecute your instinct there is? >> the community relations wing of the justice department descended upon ferguson, as they had descended upon the trayvon martin deal down in florida, and they sent dozens and dozens of justice department officials down to, quote, investigate and
5:08 am
give counsel to the folks in ferguson. now, when i first heard 100 people had gone down, my antenna went up, no good is going to come of this. sure enough, we find out behind closed doors, again, the administration who wants all transparency, they didn't allow reporters in, they didn't allow transcripts to be released. but town hall events lectured individual citizens about what the concept of white privilege means. and white privilege means if you happen to be white, even if you're middle class or you came from a work class background, you have certain advantages over the underprivileged minority classes in this country. it is textbook left wing ideology taught in our universities today. entire classes. in some case, we'll have departments devoted to white privilege at our top universities. now our justice department is just one more wing of the left wing professorate in our country today. it's again, this is why nobody trusts the government, because
5:09 am
they immediately brand the situation a race-based situation instead of looking at all the facts. this is why no one trusts the government today. >> speaking of trusting government, there is a brand-new bloomberg politics poll out about the president's job approval rating and laura, take a look at this. this is a new low. only 39% of the people in the united states of america approve of the job the president is doing. >> it doesn't surprise me, steve, because i think in the end, these images of chaos on the streets, shutting down interstate, berkeley was part in flames last night, this is unsettling to people. >> where is the good part? >> they want law and order from the border to the streets of the united states, to the application of justice without bias, without the infection of ideology as we saw with that white privilege deal down in ferguson. people are very uncomfortable. i think it is going to backfire huge on the democrats. they're overplaying their hand.
5:10 am
this is a stupid move on their part to whip up everybody into this idea that the whole system is rigged. you can't get a break if you're a person of color. and it's not helping anyone. it's hurting the democrats. but i guess in the end, they don't really care, this is about 2016 and getting the base inflamed before the presidential contest. i think he's going to ultimately help his legacy. i think it will really, really damage the democrat brand. especially white work class people. they can't afford to lose anymore of them. >> president obama spoke on bet about race in america. listen. >> my mind went back to what it was like for me when i was 17, 18, 20. and as i told them, not only do i hear the pain and frustration of being subjected to that kind of constant suspicion, but part of the reason i got into
5:11 am
politics was to figure out how can i bridge some of those gaps and understand them so the larger country understands this is not just a black problem or a brown problem. this is an american problem. >> anything but bridging the gap has happened under this administration. >> look, the president was well schooled in harvard and his undergraduate years and this idea that there is a systemic problem in the united states of america and that if you're a person of color, you are going to have to work triply as hard as everyone else. and that imbuyed who he was as an individual. that interview at bet, he did say, look, it's better than it was a decade ago. but again, he threw a bone to the racial grievance industry by saying, look, of course, this is deeply imbedded in our society and our understanding. again, how this helps race relations in the united states, i don't think it does. there are a lot of working class whites today and asians and
5:12 am
people of color who just want to get a job and just want to support their families. they're not getting up in the morning obsessed about race. but from day one, this administration withholder and so many other examples, have been obsessed with the question of race and race relations have only gotten worse. >> just because we're a nation of cowards. i heard somebody say that somewhere along the line. >> exactly. >> thank you very much. she joins us once a week. today was the day. now she's going to go do her radio show. thank you. a dozen minutes after the top of the hour. first rolling stone botched the university of virginia story. now the facts behind another big story falling apart. peter johnson, jr. is here next with why the truth still matters. and a teacher forces students to pledge allegiance to the unamerican republicans. that's right. he's changing the words and they have to read it to get a good mark. ♪ ♪
5:13 am
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5:16 am
first it was rolling stone botching the facts accusing a university of virginia fraternity of a shocking sexual assault. now random house publishing is speak out, claiming lena dunham
5:17 am
used a false time when she described when she was raped by a republican in college. as it turns out, the false name and description she game just so happened to match that of one of her peers, who has been paying the price of that false accusation ever since. so what should come next? joining us now is fox news legal analyst, peter johnson, jr. good morning to you. >> i know had is litigation america, what should come next is lots and lots and lots of libel suits. liberal media used to be the bulwark of our strength going back to investigative journalists and muck rakers in the early 20th century. a lot of social change came about. now they've gone to the garbage can and the cesspool and are taking on subjects who they think are bad for our society. usually conservatives, usually conservative schools, and people who can't defend themselves and don't have the money to fight back against big liberal media, whether it's the comedy channel, whether it's rolling stone, or whether it's random house. >> so rolling stone, let's look
5:18 am
at that. what are they going to be facing? >> they're facing libel suits by people who are identifiable in that almost hoax story that they put out with regard to the acts described in that story, an alleged gang rape that has fallen apart. so you might see the chapter suing. you might see the individuals who are identified by nickname if in fact those nicknames are true, going after rolling stone big, big time. at the same time, rolling stone refused to apologize, refused to retract, and refused to take the story down. >> that's right. speak of nickname, lena dunham's memoir named barry. a republican named barry. that has been not proven to be true. this is a big deal. this man has been walking around with this false accusation on his back. >> example number two, detailed 4,000 word story that basically -- it was a hoax, that none of the materials that she stated in the
5:19 am
random house book were identified fiable or verifiable except the fact that the campus existed at observer lynn college. nothing else besides that. so a person they're now calling barry one, got a lawyer, set up a fund to go after and claim his name. now random house has admitted that they would pay his legal fees, that there will be a disclaimer. but i expect more to go forward on this, including perhaps, perhaps that all the books be recalled and this to be a huge, huge libel suit that random house, the german-owned publishing company, to be hit big, big time. >> there is a disclaimer on the new edition. >> there is a disclaimer. this is part of the big liberal media mein now. get it wrong, refuse to apologize and then attack the people who pointed out your falsehoods. we've seen it time and time
5:20 am
again, whether it's jon stewart, whether it's lena dunham, or rolling stone. getting it wrong and going crazy. >> whatever happened to the good old-fashioned truth? >> the truth will not be sacrificed on the altar of liberal correctness. >> we are glad always to have you here. >> good to see you. >> next up, just in time for christmas shopping, amazon offering a you a way to haggle on price. and have you heard this voice? ♪ fill the air with joyful noise ♪ ♪ ring the bell and raise your voice ♪ >> oh, that's one of my favorite songs. you are about to meet the man behind the voice going viral. ♪ ♪
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5:24 am
got quick headlines for you. blackmailed by hackers. sony being warned to pull the interview of the movie called "the interview" or else. that's the movie about the assassination of north korea's leader, kim jong-un. the group called guardians of peace, gop, sent a message saying, quote, you, sony, and f.b.i. cannot find us. starting today, you can haggle on the world's largest marketplace online. has a new make an offer function. however, it's only for art and collectibles worth more than 100 bucks. that's some news.
5:25 am
prince william and kate middleton's tour of america coming to an end. robert moses following the royals on their last day here in new york. robert, what's happening now in the pouring rain? >> reporter: there is a lot of scurrying about here at the carlisle hotel on the upper east side. we're expecting the duke and duchess to leave probably within the next half hour, 45 minutes. they will be visiting the 9-11 memorial museum later on this morning in lower manhattan. it was a busy day yesterday. the duke flew commercial, yes, commercial, from new york to washington to visit the president. yes, he did fly commercial, but yes, he also flew first class. while he was in washington, the duchess stayed here in new york. she visited a school in harlem with the first lady of new york city. then last night the two came together for a basketball game at barkley center in brooklyn. it was a star studded affair, to say the least. the royal couple met jay-z and
5:26 am
beyonce, music royalty here. after the game, they received two jerseys from king james, lebron james, star of the cleveland cavaliers. it's going to be a busy day for the royal couple again today in manhattan. it will end tonight with a gala at the met to benefit the university of st. andrews. that's their 600th anniversary celebration over at the met. by the way, that is where the royal couple met. that is the latest live from the upper east side this morning. i'll send it back to you. >> all right. royal watcher robert moses. that's his beat. thanks. appreciate it. coming up straight ahead, even though it says elisabeth, he's the oakey's pet funeral home & obamacare architect who called you stupid. >> basically that was really, really critical to get this thing to pass. >> well, he's about to answer for that comment on capitol hill. but not before his protesters make their own statement outside wearing this t-shirt.
5:27 am
take a look at that. >> they're not always the easiest to shop for. so today we've got the hottest gifts for teen-agers, like head phones for under 60 bucks. and some other stuff to put under the tree. ♪ ♪
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5:30 am
nashville tree lighting ceremony over there, santa pulled president obama in for a hug and didn't seem to want to let go. take a look at this. there you go. thank you very much.
5:31 am
okay, santa. very good. we have the audio of what they really talked about. watch this. >> what do you want? (whispering). >> sounds like a deal to me. now that we know what the president wants, but how about your teen? our gift guide, we continue with chris schultz who joins us now. welcome. >> thank you. >> hard to shop for teens. >> completely. a lot of stuff here i really love, too. so i feel like -- >> you're a teen-ager at heart. >> we're going to start with this. you can get these amazing gift packs. you can customize them. they ship nationwide. go on their web site, you can do different flavors. they have a cupcake of the month club. it's great for shipping. doesn't mess up. >> everybody loves them. >> it's already cooked. bite size cupcakes.
5:32 am
great stuff. >> the juicy kids send them to kids on their birthday. next up, clothes. >> next up, graphic t's for girls or boys. always a hit. so tucken wes is offering a for fox viewers if you put in foxfriends 30, you get 30% off of their whole web site. they have great, nice material sweat shirts, old navy has great options for boys. boys and girls really. i wanted to bring some fun stuff for the boys. fun socks, fun prints. >> can't go wrong there. >> teens like fun? >> teens like fun, they like bright and pretty. they love monogrammed things. we have this duffel bag here, the different tote bags. >> they last forever, too. >> different shape, sizes, colors. you're good to go. >> what should we spend on that? >> anywhere from $29 on up. i feel like it's all budget friendly. here we've also teens love their iphone. >> do you think? >> especially their iphone.
5:33 am
we have this available at wal-mart for $18. actually a wallet and a phone. >> that one goes with your eyes. >> thank you very much. >> i think it matches your ties. >> girls would like that. >> they absolutely would. >> then i know everyone has seen the different head phones out, different colors. they're a little expensive. >> they're a fortune. >> budget friendly option for $59. >> are you kidding? >> yeah. >> urban ears. they're great. they fold up. they're durable. fifty-nine dollars. >> these cost 450 wireless. >> these are not wireless. they do have a plug, but your friend can plug in and listen to your music, too. >> brian, were you going to buy those for me for christmas? is that why you revealed you were looking? >> a lot of teens are asking for a laptop. >> it is actually a tablet and a laptop. i won't do it because i'll mess it up. you can detach the keyboard from here. it's got a touch screen. >> don't do it, brian. >> it's really durable, unless brian breaks it. >> a two for.
5:34 am
>> 350. it's the most expensive item we have on the table. it's durable. this is scratch proof and then you can also, again, detach it so it's a laptop and a tablet. >> great stuff. >> thank you. >> web side of -- great ideas. >> santa knows teens are tough to shop for. >> pep they've been naughty. >> heather nauert is easy to shop for. >> also a teen-ager. >> but elisabeth, it's like our mom bags. >> we call them totally awesome bags 'cause we love them. >> thanks so much. we start right now with a fox news alert. the disgraced obamacare architect jonathan gruber about to feel the heat on capitol hill in less than 30 minutes. he will be grilled in front of congress after calling american voters stupid. remember this? >> lack of transparency is a huge political advantage and basically call it the stupidity
5:35 am
of the american voter or whatever, but basically that was really, really critical to getting this thing to pass. a very clever, you know, base exploitation of the lack of economic understanding of the american voter. quite frankly, the american public doesn't actually care that much about the uninsureed. >> all right. stupid. how about this t-shirt? i'm with stupid. a tea party group vow to go wear these t-shirts as they greet gruber for his date with the house oversight committee today. the ntsb is searching for clues now where a small plane crashed into a home exploding into a massive fire ball. all three passengers on board that plane were killed, as well as a mother and her very young son who were living inside the house. this happening in gaithersburg, maryland, outside of washington, d.c air traffic controllers reported
5:36 am
seeing birds in the area right before the pilot went off radar. the same pilot survived a plane crash four years ago. at the time the ntsb blamed him for failing to maintain aircraft control while performing a go around. a nine-year-old afghan boy and this is quite a story -- has been reunited with the american soldier who saved his life. army major glenn surprised nine-year-old bilal at school. major b saved the little boy from afghanistan. he was very, very ill. he brought him to the united states to get medical care. so we spoke with him earlier this morning about the heart warming reunion. take a look. >> i saw the surprise was for everyone, but it was for me. he helps always the people doesn't have money. he never looks back no matter what he helps them.
5:37 am
>> what a beautiful little boy. he says major b is his hero. way to go. and what a story that is. does this sound familiar? i pledge allegiance to -- you know how it goes. but listen to how this guy says it. i pledge allegiance to wrap myself in the flag of the united states against anything unamerican, and to the republicans for which it stands, two nations under jesus, rich against poor. and he goes on and on of the that's just part of the distorted pledge that this guy is forcing his college students to recite. dr. charles angleetti, a professor at metropolitan state university in denver, calling the real pledge racist and sexist? he is a self-proclaimed atheist and a socialist professor of american civilization. he's tenured, of course. so people are writing in about this guy and what are they saying this morning?
5:38 am
>> well, i tell you what, amy writes, maybe the suggestion that all police officers where body cams should be extended to college professors and politicians. perhaps then we might have some transparency. >> and another mark writes this, the man is a traitor and needs to be disgraced accordingly. be it rich or poor, they are all americans. >> wow. we want to thank you for those responses. your word matters to us. keep those coming every day we'll read them. in the meantime, we'll turn to janis dean who is probably soaked by now. >> yes. still raining out here. >> how is that bucket list? >> bucket list. i know. i got a million of them. let's take a look at the radar. we're going to be dealing with this nor'easter bringing rain and wind and snow throughout the day today, into tomorrow. we're getting the worst of here in new york city in terms of rain, a couple of inches of rain. and maybe even a foot or two of snow in the interior sections. there are your airport delays. it's already stacking up at la guardia and newark as well as philadelphia. there is your forecast radar.
5:39 am
this is a slow mover. so it's going to be with us not only throughout today, but tomorrow and even into thursday. we could see some snowflakes tomorrow here in new york city. so a wide ranging storm. we will continue to monitor it and bring you the very latest from outside. back to you, elisabeth. >> wow. umbrella, shovels and boots are ready. thank you for that. >> she won't come in. she just stays out there. >> we locked the door. >> oh, i didn't know. >> this coming up, it's a big win for the westborough baptist church. a judge just ruled that burning the american flag is okay. meet the man who is fighting back next. and have you seen and heard this christmas commercial? ♪ fill the air with joyful noise ♪ ♪ ring the bell and raise your voice ♪ ♪ let there be peace on earth ♪ let there be peace on earth >> that voice just blew us away. so we tracked that guy down and asked him to come right here to
5:40 am
"fox & friends." and kevin ross, the voice behind that commercial is coming up. >> he brought his instrument. ♪ ♪
5:41 am
5:42 am
5:43 am
burn the american flag, protected as free speech. a federal judge in iowa now ruling in favor of the controversial westborough baptist church. the group is known for dragging, stomping and spitting on the flag at funerals of fallen soldiers. despicable. iowa state representative is fighting back against the ruling. he joins us now. thanks so much for talking to us. what's your strongest legal argument? >> thanks for having me. i'm a strong support of the first amendment, but i think there is clear cases where there are exceptions where if your words are used to incite violence, then you're no longer protected. i'm not known for mincing words. so i'm going to call a spade a spade. what the westborough baptists are are verbal domestic
5:44 am
terrorists. and when you use your words and you spit on the american flag at the funerals of a fallen soldier while shouting antigay slurs, you are sure to incite violence and therefore, you're no longer protected under the first amendment. >> you would think. but robert pratt, the judge says church members mishandled the flag in order to express the message that the flag has become an idletruss symbol of the he's looking back to 1969 and saying you can burn it. you're saying this is different. >> i think the judge would find himself in the super minority among iowans. i've heard from people across the state that believe that when you are specifically using your words or the burning of the flag to incite violence, you are no longer protected under the first amendment. and i think legislatively that's the path that we can take to fix this decision. >> what's the next exact next step as we head to the holidays? >> i've been working with our
5:45 am
house judiciary chair and members of the legislature to craft legislation that would specifically narrow it down to say that if you're using the flag or your words to incite violence, then you're no longer protected under the first amendment. >> republicans and democrats together on this? >> this shouldn't be an issue. you've got a domestic terrorist group who are slurring both members of both political parties, fallen soldiers. this shouldn't be a political issue. i think this should be an easy fix. >> i guess feeling as though in one way i'm glad you're doing t. the other way i hate it because we're giving them more spotlight. representative bobby kaufman, iowa, thanks so much for joining us. we appreciate your time this morning. have a great holiday. >> thanks for having me. coming up straight ahead, we saw this commercial, many of you, like us, were blown away simply by his voice. ♪ fill the air with joyful noise ♪ ♪ ring the bell and raise your
5:46 am
voice ♪ ♪ let there be peace on earth >> so we tracked him down and you'll meet kevin ross 'cause he's right here. first, let's check in with martha mccall lum who also has a wonderful singing voice. >> thank you very much. jonathan gruber, the han who called americans stupid, takes the hot seat today before darrell issa and the oversight committee this morning at 9:00 president -- 9:30. also rudy guiliani and former c.i.a. director james woolsey will join us to talk about the report ha is expected out today that will detail covert c.i.a. operations against terrorism. we're going to talk about that, too. busy show. we'll see you at the top of the hour. while every business is unique,
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everyone is looking for ways to cut expenses. and that's where pg&e's online business energy checkup tool can really help. you can use it to track your actual energy use. find rebates that make equipment upgrades more affordable. even develop a customized energy plan for your company. think of it as a way to take more control over your operating costs. and yet another energy saving opportunity from pg&e. find new ways to save energy and money with pg&e's business energy check-up.
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>> all right. glade's latest holiday ad already launching the career for a budding motown artist, kevin ross. >> he's incredible. he's here with his story and to perform right in front of us, the man with the smooth soulful voice. >> good morning. >> congratulations on everything. i think the first question is, how did you go about getting this commercial, 'cause it's incredible? >> first and foremost, favor. i think god put me in a great position and allow for my team, such as motown records to give me this great platform and have this wonderful partnership with glade. >> that's cool. so i don't know how many musicians start their careers working for glade, but they were look for a new song and you sent them a demo and did the whole song, unlike other people, like
5:51 am
sure, i can do it. but you did it. >> i wouldn't say work for glade. but it's a partnership that we both enjoy. it's been great. amazing. >> they're gifting your song to all that go on and download it for limbing up the charts on itunes. people are still buying it. they love it so much and your sound. when influenced you the most growing up? your classically trained. >> i'm classically trained. i went to school of the arts in washington dc, berkeley college of music in boston. and my greatest inspiration is stevie wonder. but i encourage you all to download the song on, also it is on itunes, but you can get it for free on n what will be next for you? i know you're going to sing for us. but what is next? >> what's next for me is actually my full length album i just leased a couple of months ago called "dialogue in the gray," which i'm excited about. it features t.i. and neil. >> that's cool. i got a feeling you're not the first musician in your family. >> actually my dad, whole side of the family, they sing and
5:52 am
play instruments. >> but you were the best, right? >> i wouldn't say that. i have to respect my elders. >> what did they say when your song is really in the hands of millions right now? >> they're proud. and them being happy, makes me happy. this is just a perfect time to have a song and have this partnership with glade to share peace and love. it's wonderful. >> i'm sure you've heard it on tv, but you've only heard that much. you want to hear the whole thing? here he is. kevin ross, ladies and gentlemen. ♪ this is my wish, my wish for the world ♪ ♪ that peace will find its way to every boy and girl ♪ ♪ this is the time, the time for
5:53 am
harmony ♪ ♪ let love be the song that everybody sings ♪ ♪ fill the air with joyful noise ♪ ♪ ring the bells and raise your voice ♪ ♪ let there be peace on earth ♪ let there be peace on earth ♪ lift your light and let it shine ♪ ♪ let it shine, shine, shine ♪ let every voice be heard ♪ let there be peace on earth ♪ i hear the sweetest sound, the sound to come ♪ ♪ together we could bring goodwill to everyone ♪ ♪ let it start with you ♪ let it start with me ♪ let every nation rise and sing this melody ♪ ♪ fill the air with joyful noise ♪ ♪ ring the bell and raise your
5:54 am
voice ♪ ♪ let there be peace on earth ♪ let there be peace on earth ♪ lift your light and let it shine ♪ ♪ let it shine, shine, shine ♪ let every voice be heard ♪ let there be peace on earth ♪ oh, oh, oh, oh, yeah ♪ let there be ♪ oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪ yeah ♪ fill the air with joyful noise ♪ ♪ ring the bell and raise your voice ♪ ♪ let there be peace on earth ♪ let there be peace on earth ♪ lift your lit and let it shine ♪ ♪ let every voice be heard
5:55 am
♪ let there be peace on earth ♪ oh, oh ♪
5:56 am
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
here is one for the road. navy athletics unveiling uniforms. they're inspired by the first navy jack, the flag featuring a rattle snake and the words, don't tread on me. elements of the flag are incorporated all over the uniform, right down to the gloves. sounds like everyone is buying them. >> that's great. and you've heard no playing ball in the house. here is why you shouldn't play fetch in the house either. good news, looks rough, but the dog absolutely fine. >> no dogs were harmed. >> look at me in hair and make-up and everything.
6:00 am
like superman. >> look at kevin ross. he'll be performing in the after the show show. >> show us your watch, kevin. >> oh, gosh. >> look at that. that's compass. >> time for america's news room. bill: thank you, guys. he's the one who said americans are too stupid to understand obamacare and this morning that man is on the hot seat. we'll show you the camera outside the hallway. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to america's newsroom. martha: good morning, everybody. gruber is expected to face pretty tough questions.


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