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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 13, 2014 11:30am-1:01pm PST

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especially to all of you for watching. i'm paul gigot. hope to see you right here next week. well, anger, frustration, and, yep, we're etch told some name calling on capitol hill this saturday. it's a rare session of the senate focusing on the use of your tax dollars. yes, senators are hard at work this weekend. there's a live look at the senate chamber on capitol hill. but what will they do? the lawmakers in the upper chamber meeting to try to get that $1 trillion spending deal passed. you know it seemed like a done deal last night, that is until conservative threw a wrench in the works at the last minute. a sign of the new landscape, a dynamics in our nation's government after the midterms. hello everyone. welcome to "america's
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headquarters". >> hi, eric. fox news has learned the first procedural vote on the spending bill will come at 1:00 a.m. sunday morning with a final passage of the legislation expected monday. let's go to chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel live on the hill with the very latest. hey, mike. >> hi, arthel. we're in a bit of a holding pattern on this $1 trillion-plus. at this point senator majority leader harry reid is going through the procedures if you will to try to bring up some nominees, such as the president's surgeon general pick. and also took this swipe at some of his colleagues. >> we worked for a long time yesterday, into the late hours of the night, trying to secure an agreement to vote on a long-term government funding bill. i was last talking to the chairman of the appropriations committee around 11:00 last night. regrettably small group of senate republicans has determined it's in their political interest to hold this legislation hostage. >> let's take a live look at the
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senate floor where lawmakers must pass at least a temporary funding bill in the next few hours. then a procedural vote on the trillion-dollar-plus bill at about 1:00 a.m. and likely final passage on monday unless there's a deal. the house passed a short-term measure through next wednesday to give the senate a little more time. it looked like the senate was heading for a weekend off until some key conservatives objected hoping to stop president obama's action on immigration. >> i certainly don't see any reason why we should agree to move forward then and not have any assurance that we would at least have an opportunity to vote on an amendment that would impose a spending limitation on the president's ability to implement his executive amnesty action. >> now, some gop colleagues are expressing their frustrations saying they want to fight the president on funding his immigration executive action, but they think it would be smarter to do so in the new year
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in a new congress when republicans control the senate. and there are overall more gop members here on capitol hill. >> okay. thanks a lot, mike emanuel. okay, eric. overseas now where it's been a day of deadly violence in afghanistan with nearly 20 people killed and a new wave of taliban attacks. those attacks include a suicide bombing of u.s. military convoy. that attack killed two american soldiers. the attacks come ahead of the formal end of the u.s. and nato mission there at the end of the month. what will happen? john huddy has more from our mideast bureau with the very latest. hi, john. >> reporter: hi, eric. yeah, the taliban is warning that these attacks will continue as you mentioned the international military effort is now winding down in two weeks will be over at that point. that said it's been a bloody day. and for that matter a bloody 24 hours. let me bring you up to speed on the latest. as mentioned two u.s. soldiers
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were killed yesterday. that happened near the bagram airfield outside of kabul. of course afghanistan's capital. today also in kabul there are two separate attacks, one a suicide bomber blew up a bus carrying afghan soldiers, reportedly killing six and wounding 14 others. that number could grow over the next couple hours. also two gunmen shot to death an afghan supreme court official who was walking to his car today. that happened in kabul as well. there was more violence across the country, insurgents shot to death 12 workers clearing mines in southern afghanistan in the helmand province, that's one of the largest if not the largest minefield areas in the world. all this mentioned as the military effort comes to an end at the end of the month. the u.s. will leave about 10,800
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troops on the ground but in a noncombat role to really advise, assist and train afghan soldiers and also a contingent of nato forces will remain as well to do the same thing for those afghan soldiers. but again, the overall international military effort is winding down. that said the taliban is warning that attacks will continue specifically on government officials, military forces andq foreigners. and that includes, eric, the media as well. eric, back to you. >> john, more in the next hour analyzing what this means for our future. thank you. yeah, eric. and meanwhile in iraq lawmakers saying at least 160,000 christians have been forced to leave mosul since it was captured by isis. the islamic stateg over iraq's second biggest city back in june ordering christians to convert to islam, pay for protection or be executed. the official's saying most of those christians are now taking
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shelter in kurdistan. iraqi clerics say a decade ago there were more than a million christians in the country. that number is now believed to be around 500,000. now to an issue that is somewhat faded from the headlines. "time" magazine as you may know naming ebola fighters as its 2014 person of the year. the magazine says the rest of us can sleep at night because of their tireless acts of courage and mercy. as you may know ebola has so far killed about 6,500 people in west africa alone. so what is the status of this deadly disease especially after the cases here? dr. mark siegel, member of our fox medical a-team has more. >> well, the number of cases in sierra leone and guinea continue to rise. the number of new ebola patients in liberia is down significantly thanks to the coordinated work of the u.s. military, the world health organization, the cdc and the heroic efforts of volunteer groups such as doctors without
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borders. >> we see kids that are suffering from ebola. they just don't feel well. they want to be touched. they want to be hugged. >> reporter: nurse marina novak from doctors without borders recently returned from sierra leone. >> there's always a risk a child could knock off your goggles or, you know, tear through your protective equipment, you're unable to carry them. >> reporter: novak is one of thousands of aid workers with the organization. director so fi says one of the biggest challenges is that ebola is a moving target. >> they are still there but they are elsewhere in different forms. >> reporter: doctors without borders has admitted more than 6,000 patients and shipped more than 1200 tons of equipment to fight the disease. but it's the coordination of services that is crucial. >> it's absolutely essential in addition to the isolation you need to be able to provide the education, awareness.
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>> reporter: virus hunter joseph fair has been on the front lines for months. he says while turning the corner on the epidemic is still many months away, there have been significant changes in awareness. >> we went from half the population really believing that this wasn't a real disease and this is possibly some kind of hoax to now everyone more or less acknowledging that the disease is real and people are actually learning how it is transmitted. >> a special adviser to sierra leone's health ministry says the biggest ebola outbreak in history has taught us that the virus is not more contagious than we thought, but it is more of a stomach bug. new knowledge will help guide treatments. in new york, dr. mark seigel, fox news. four students shot outside their high school. now police say they've made an arrest and say they may know what led to the violence. and cia officials say they were wrongly attacked, misrepresented in their mission, mistreated in that recent senate interrogation report. is there any way to repair the
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damaged relationship between congress and the spy agency? our panel will debate that next. >> it seems that they were in support of this until ten years later, many years later when we are now safe, and now all of a sudden they are appalled by it. save big on great gifts at bass pro shops' countdown to christmas sale. like half off our best selling thermal crew and pants. and take half off redhead men's or ladies' gaston hikers. plus kids can get a free picture with santa.
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time now for a quick check of the headlines. a live look at protesters holding a march in new york city expressing their anger over the grand jury decisions on the eric garner and michael brown cases. civil rights organizations also holding a large protest march and rally in our nation's capital. police in portland, oregon arresting a suspect after a shooting outside an alternative high school. four students were wounded, three remain hospitalized.
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police say it may have been gang-related. witnesses say there was a dispute outside the school just before the shooting. and sony pictures reportedly canceling film shoots after a major cyber attack because it has left the company unable to process payments. hackers also leaked thousands of sensitive documents and four unreleased movies. all right. with all this new fallout today over the senate intelligence committee report on the cia interrogation techniques. that wedge has driven a big one it seems between some members of congress and the spy agency. the incoming chairman of the intelligence committee, north carolina republican richard burr, he says he will step up over the intelligence committee and try to form a new working relationship and he is highly critical of the committee's released report under the democrats whachlt will happen when he takes over in a few week sns president of new heights communications, knows a spokesperson for former vermont -- brad blakeman former
11:44 am
deputy assistant to president george w. bush. do you think that senator burr would have released this report? >> he would not. because this report is partisan. it's propaganda. it's done by a peeved chairwoman of the senate intel committee who understands she's not going to be in power in january. the democrats got thrown out. this was the slap to the cia as they were exiting. and richard has it right. you have to have an ongoing relationship with the intelligence community. that is oversight. it's not reactive. it's oversight as it's happening. what are you doing the next two or three weeks that you need our oversight on? that's the dialogue that should be had between the senate and the house. and those were charged with overseeing. >> christie, is it the face of propaganda as brad says? >> i think brad and mr. burr
11:45 am
misunderstand the job of the senate intelligence committee chairman which should be the role of a watchdog. not somebody who's besties with the cia. and that's exactly what this report was aiming to show, which was that our cia under the direction of people like donald rumsfeld, george tennat and while president george bush was president tortured detainees, which is against american policy, it's against -- it's un-american. it is, you know, against every international treaty that we've signed about human rights law. so i think that's something not only americans should know but certainly the senate intelligence committee should know. >> here's what burr says. let's look exactly what he's going to do. he says "we're going to focus on realtime oversight so nobody can ever say again that they forgot or they weren't briefed or they didn't know because we're going to be intense with every intelligence agency. what did they do over the past six to eight weeks, what they
11:46 am
plan to do over the next six to eight. we're getting in the metrics they use." christie, does that satisfy you the oversight? >> yes. i think it's knee enaive of himy that basically saying democratic lawmakers fell down on the job and doesn't recognize that the cia took great pains to conceal what they were doing because they knew if it got out that for example they put some man in a coffin for eleven days essentially buried alive, or they tortured and intellectually disabled man because they wanted information out of his family. i mean, these are the kinds of gross gritty details that they knew if that came out that americans wouldn't like it. so i don't think this says very much about the democratic lawmakers' inability to do their job and says a lot more about how deeply the cia were invested in concealing what they were doing. >> brad, do you think that burr is naive? >> oh, absolutely not. i think he's being realistic. the senate -- the democrats in the senate didn't want to know what they didn't want to know.
11:47 am
and when they were told what was going on, all of a sudden they have amnesia and weren't told. burr is absolutely right. continuing ongoing oversight is exactly the charge that the constitution puts on the congress. it's not revisionist. it's happening as it's happening. and by the way, this senate report released by democrats is not corroborated. they did no internal interviews with the actor who is were actually involved. so these are mere allegations, they're not substantiated, they're not corroborated. and therefore they are not reliable. >> you talk about no internal interviews, look what investors business daily says, they liken ot "feinstein, 81-year-old ex-mayor of san francisco, rushed out of her report before democrats -- as with the recent rolling stone article, feinstein's democratic staff do not interview any of the accused, intelligence or contract workers. these democrats however display a selective outrage. they are unbothered by president
11:48 am
obama's deadly drone program that vaporizes suspected$1z5@r(% terrorists or anyone else with hellfire missiles silently dispatched from above. christie, finally, a smear against the bush administration yet you have the president droning suspected terrorists with civilian casualties. >> right. again, i think burr potentially misunderstands his position here. the report didn't say much more that it wasn't a difference in concept of what we already knew. we already knew we were waterboarding people. we already knew as the president said "we tortured some folks." what the difference was in the scope of all the different things we have done. the devil was sort of in the details here. i don't think it's realistic to think this is some sort of partisan witch hunt. i mean, theo> brad, do you think this will be finished under burr? >> well, i think there's going to be a whole new day of
11:49 am
oversight. it's going to be in realtime. it's going to be ongoing. and it's going to be effective. and the release of this report gave aid and comfort to our enemy. they're looking for any excuse to harm us, and i think they just gave them the perfect excuse. >> brad and christie, thank you so much. eric, one of the worst storms in years slamming into the west coast. for some people life there will never be the same. i'm m-a-r-y and i have copd. i'm j-e-f-f and i have copd. i'm l-i-s-a and i have copd, but i don't want my breathing problems to get in the way of hosting my book club. that's why i asked my doctor about b-r-e-o. once-daily breo ellipta helps increase airflow from the lungs for a full 24 hours. and breo helps reduce symptom flare-ups that last several days and require oral steroids, antibiotics, or hospital stay. breo is not for asthma. breo contains a type of medicine that increases risk of death in people with asthma. it is not known if this risk is increased in copd.
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-- and i knew i was in trouble at that point. >> yeah. it's not over yet though. fox news chief meteorologist saying another storm is set to slam this state soon. he says. >> according to rick's forecast more is on the way. rick is saying that it may not be as powerful but it definitely will cause a lot more damage. what are you most worried about in terms of this second round? and then we'll talk about what'g the winds like we saw the last couple of daysf those are good. those continued to the power outages.
11:54 am
that madeproblem for us. this next storm that's coming will bring some winds. more importantly, we will see water, but in the areas where we had major fires, we are concerned about don't flows. that's where this scorched earth it. if we get a lot of water or rain in a short amount of time, we can see don't flows and mud that can impact our residents. >> would you have what it take in terms of equipment and man power to take care of those potential landslides or mudslides that may come that way? >> well, we have water rescue teams and search and rescue teams. the problem is with a landslide in a burn area like this, there is not a lot you can do, we can do, other than to slow it down a and warn the people downhill from it that the potential for a mudslide and debris flow. ultimately, it's best to get people out of harm's way, just in case. but these mudslides are unpredictable.
11:55 am
it's hard to tell where they will hit. it's a concern. >> let's get to the now, kelly, what is demanding your most immediate attention? >> right now, what we are doing is the recovery process, so in los angeles, there is almost a dozen homes down there hit by that landslide there. we've got parts of the pacific coast highway up in san francisco that are closed because of the landslide and the road washed out. we still have some folks in california that are without power. the utility isn't working today. they continue to work to restore power in areas. hopefully, we will reset for this next storm and not suffer as bad an impact we have seen over the last couple of days. >> kelly, how are the residents coping? >> interesting enough, in a storm like this, a significant storm, you would see folks obviously disturbed by i. we did have some people impacted. a lot of people are saying, hey, bring on the rain. we need it. california has been going through a severe drought. it took us three years into it. we are hoping we will get more rain, not a lot in a short
11:56 am
amount of time to help with the drought there it's a little too early to pinpoint the facts, can you give me an idea, a guesstimate of the damage caused so far? >> well, the majority of the damage was from the landslides and from the road closure, essentially, those mudslides. we may have also seen some damage from some of these burn areas where there may have been mud and debris flows. we got to get into those areas today and tomorrow to see what is the extent of damage. >> thanks, so much and good luck to the residents out there. thousands of protesters are on the streets of the nation's capitol today, joining the families of michael brown and eric garner in protests. we'll have the latest. i'd rather do anything else than sit at a dealership.
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♪ hello, welcome to a new hour of america's new headquarters. >> hello, everyone. lawmakers in the senate are working overtime, they're working right now to keep our government going. they're trying to work in the middle and approve a $1.1 million spending measure. what will happen? >> up to a thousand of families are hitting the streets in washington, d.c. we are live at this justice for all march. and the american combat role is over in afghanistan, but the
12:01 pm
violence there is only inviejas e creaseing. so is it too early to pull out and the taliban go on the attac attack? >> at first we start this hour, across the nation the focus continues to be the call for new action and attention after the deaths of several unarmed black men by police. thousands of demonstrators are marching, calling for changes from congress to address these law enforcement issues in the controversial issue of michael brown and erake garner case we are live with the latest. >> reporter: good afternoon, the march is wrapping up right now, more than two hours of speeches, what began as a peaceful, a passionate protest, one that started in the very early morning hour, all the way down the other side of pennsylvania avenue to the white house.
12:02 pm
the march dahn down pennsylvania avenue started around noon, 1:00, protesters talking about what they have been doing in washington, d.c. now for weeks. weeks especially in much smaller crowds, blocking traffic, demanding specifically the federal government take some of these indications out of the hands of local prosecutors and grnls and decide whether to charge police officers. >> we have prosecutors who are not prosecutors. we have prosecutors who are not prosecutoring. these cases, most of which, behind me are what we call closed case. they're open and shut. these cases shouldn't even make it to the federal level let's be frank about it. they should be handled on the state level. >> erisks as thisv concludes
12:03 pm
another day of protests. we heard from other family members, those who are shot and killed, those in the civil rights communities, that as president obama a number of folks here wanting the president to speak, his education secretary arnie duncan, he brought his daughter, he said he was here to show his support. back to you. >> all right, rich, thanks so much. the message continues. >> meanwhile, here in manhattan, protesters chanting. demonstrators also gather in support of a 28-year-old man shot in a brooke len housing project. live pictures showing how many people are out in the streets. police in connection with the disappearance of a woman in
12:04 pm
august. they charged the man with the kidnapping of christina morris. she had been missing since last august 30th. the 22-year-old was last seen going into a parking garage at a shopping center in plano, texas. they haven't found any search for her at all. just a month ago, officers looked in an area off the highway in plano. so far there is no sign of miss harris. well, the senate is in session today as lawmakers try to reach a deal at a spending bill. there will be a procedural vote on the bill at 1:00 a.m. sunday morning, unless they can hammer out a deal before then. in the meantime, they are working on unfunnished business, including several nominees to varies posts. this is republican and
12:05 pm
democrats working together in washington. immigration or health care, to bring the olympics to our capital city. the story of two political parties and a bipartisan bid for the summer games. >> i'm in. >> i'm in. >> i'm in. >> a bipartisan cast stars in this promotional video a. high powered beltway non-profit working overtime to secure the olympic games for the nation's capital a decade from now. >> this town is a little bit misunderstood. >> you surely cannot understand the reputation alone. >> produced by the bipartisan purple affair firm. it implies being selected by the u.s. olympic committee over boston, atlanta and san francisco in a decision expected soon is a dig ma that defines
12:06 pm
official washington. >> the bipartisan spirit extends to top campaign managers who squared off in 2012. they sat down with fox news to explain why they are maintaining 2024. >> i don't think there is anything that jim and i have except, as far as partisanship goes, i think it's something that can bring it altogether. >> we think the olympics can unite this city and the country behind a common theme. >> they taught america's most walk about city and it can lead to structural challenges, from housing to security and tantation. they point to president obama's first jqinaugural, which drew estimated 1.8 spectators, with an olympic village at rfk
12:07 pm
stadium and the national mall, organizers say hosting the event would confer incalculable benefit. let alone what people spend during the games. >> they renovated a bunch of more areas using the olympics as a hub. they think they can do that for the rest of the city. >> reporter: if washington prevails in the primary, the city advances to the so-called general election of 2017 when the international olympic committee will make a final collection. in washington, james rosen, fox news. >> how about that. a dream together. the summer games in our country in 1996. you may remember that. we have new developments about the freedom of the press sources tell fox news james
12:08 pm
reisen will not be forced to name a confidential source. we have that story from washington. >> reporter: a federal judge had given them until tuesday if they will compel james reisen to reveal his confidential sources or face jail time for now attorney general eric holder said he would not hold him, has reportedly decided against that option, reisen insisted he would go to jail than reveal his sources, in august, the obama administration can turn this case into a showdown over the first amendment. >> there is no way to conduct investigative reporting without a reporter's privilege of some kind without confidential sources and i don't believe you
12:09 pm
can have a democracy in that aggressive reporting and without freedom of the press. >> prosecutors say jeffrey sterling leaked information to reisen about the iranian agents in iran during the prison information and he used that information in his 2006 book, sterling's lawyer said if the attorney general decides not to issue a subpoena to him compelling him to tell his sources, his own department of justice not for, three years of his life have been wasted. he still could be called to testify but won't have to fame controversial source names. >> well, thousands of volunteers are fanning out across the country in a speshlg and deeply needed mission. they are laying holiday wreaths
12:10 pm
on the graves of veterans. that includes the ultimate sacrifice at arlington national cemetery. it marks the 150th year anniversary this year. wreaths are also being placed at another 900 locations across the country. the fawn profit group wooets across america organizes this annual event and among the grave sites to receive a wreath today, president john f kennedy who as you know was laid to rest in august. it's funded entirely through donations. what a wonderful cause and a moment to remember and honor them. >> indeed, indeed. well, we turn to weather again, last week's nor'easter drenched the northeast and left some parts digging out from yearly 2 feet of snow. some 10,000 homes are in the dark. we have and up date for you.
12:11 pm
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we're for an opens you internet for all.sing. we're for creating more innovation and competition. we're for net neutrality protection. now, here's some news you may find even more surprising. we're comcast. the only isp legally bound by full net neutrality rules. time now for a quick check
12:15 pm
of the headlines. they're digging out in vermont and trying to get the lights back on for two days. mother nature pounded vermont with heavy, wet snow knocking power out to tens of thousands of homes, about 13,000 are still without electricity. an american defense satellite finally launched from california's central coast after a delay because of this week's nasty weather. but the storm finally cleared, allowing the atlas 5 rocket to lift off carrying a classified pay load and negotiation breaking down over climate change at that time united nations talks in lima, peru, countries can't agree on what nations should pledge to keep our air clean. >> welsh believe it or not, that's from attacking democrats. republicans are pounceing on fellow republicans. it's all caught by one bell. right now the senate is pushing
12:16 pm
contentious nominees in a rare saturday session, there is a leave look at the senate chamber right now. it's nowhere as controversial as the $1.1 trillion spending bill. >> that has senator ted cruz standing side-by-side and heavyweights like nancy pelosi and massachusetts senator elizabeth warren, even senator orrin hatch of utah criticized republican ted cruz saying cruz should, quote, have a goal in mind and is rather irritating a lot of people. some say the alliance could be a glimpse of what's to come when republicans take control in 2015 david hawking is a senior role call editor from role call. david, it's like scrambled eggs, the same sides are attacking each other. what's going on? >> this is what divided government is supposed to look leak. people forget when the republicans and democrats share
12:17 pm
control of congress the alternative to total gridlock and things blakeing down is for the center to meet and get something done. when they meet, it's the people on the fringes left out in the cold and ticked off. which is why you have nancy pelosi, bernard sanders, the democratic socialist senator from vermont against this bill and mike lee, ted cruz and many members of the tea party class in the house. when this bill passed the house on thursday notice, it should be photoed, 70% of the republicans voted for it. 30% against it. the 30% the most on the right. on the democratic side, despite nancy pelosi's vigorous efforts to kill this bill. only 30% of the democrats voted for it. so this is the middle ground. this is how it's supposed to look. >> well, is this good news for the country or are we going to
12:18 pm
have more log jam? there were 67 members of congress. that's a big chunk. >> that is a big chunk. the question is will we have more compromises? this bill embodied hundreds of excises, not just the ones getting the attention, the campaign finance provision the democrats are mad about, the rollback of the financial regulations, the democrats are mad about. the short term still some money for homeland security but beyond that, there are literally hundreds if not thousands of compromises. so the question is will this go into next year? you need to know who things, will mitch mcconnell corral
12:19 pm
these republicans that went behind him to create the scene on the floor we are looking at. mitch mcconnell didn't want this to happen. he had a plan to get the senate done sooner. next year, can he form coalitions for some of the central democrats? and will the president joan them? >> will he corral the cat so to speak? >> it's interesting. mitch mcconnell has been waiting a long time to do the journal i, knowing what i do about mitch mcconnell from watching him all these years, he is not going to want to be a presideer over gridlock. he will want to get things done. if that means going to conservative measures, i think that's what we can expect. then the question becomes will there be enough democrats to join with him, centrist dra itself? he can do what i just described. he may not still be able to find
12:20 pm
a way to work together with the president. a new congress is fascinated. it will be fun to watch. >> you are right. you have elizabeth warren, that part of it. you have cruise and conservatives trying to speak to conservatives.22" this is an astounding page in the "new york times," he pled with a number of congress to support him. the fact that the president had to lobby his own party so intensely speaks to the challenges in dealing with the hostile congress in the last two years in office. mr. obama is a victory and a warning shot from his own allies. what does it mean when the president himself tried to argue with and convince members of his own party to do what he wants.
12:21 pm
>> i think it's a great point, short-term victory for the president. he will get this done and say he got one big bipartisan deal done. going forward, there is going to be the same sort of civil war that we've seen on the republican side in congress for the last four years, tea party vs. establishment. threatens to break out on the democratic side, the progressives, liberals, nancy pelosi faction. it's going to feel sort of emboldened to distance itself from the president. he could have a hard time getting it done. >> we can watch pelosi, warren and bernie sanders. >> that will be great. >> thank you so much. >> well, a lot of people are critical of wall street these days after the financial meltdown, big bonuses and stories of greed. but a softer side of big banking is coming out. that's tanks to a unique program
12:22 pm
to help high risk children. lori green has more from our new york city newsroom. tell us more about this. >> wall street sometimes gates bad rap for its ruthless pursuit of the almighty dollar. many working in high finance, defy thatz> if you look at your a frame, it's tim similar to what we say -- >> by day, he was a product specialist with deutsche bank, two eefrgs after work he helps 16-year-old jordan del toro with math. he discovered something priceless. >> it's a fantastic opportunity to have the direction with people that you don't come across well with. >> reporter: he's one of 100 people working with financial companies who are a part of a tutoring program at the jewish child care association. kids falling behind in math,
12:23 pm
history and other subjects are paired with volunteer tutors. success show texas results. >> kids are the first ones in their family to go on to college. >> volunteers say it's about investing in the future. >> we have kids in the arts and tons of talent on wall street. some of the smartest people are here. i think they have a lot to offer. >> pooem people put in notoriously long hours. the tutoring can't be measured. >> always better to give back, right? >> absolutely. >> i'll see you later. we will have more on the senate debate, throughout the day here on fox news channel. stick right here with us. as well as tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m., maria bartoromo speaking live with forecast congressmanp ron desantis. he is taking part with obamacare
12:24 pm
architect jonathan gruber this week. well, out west, a deadly storm that swept through southern california, the cause of flash floods and mudslides and worries another storm is on the way. the statestream supreme court is sit to decide whether or not to set up a voucher program so kids can attend private schools. >> please do not take this opportunity away from nathaniel and help me fight for the school fellowship that he deserves. new zonnic nicotine gum. every victory counts.
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it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. lincoln, delaware is charging a 17-year-old with murder for
12:29 pm
allegedly killing his father with a crossbow. they say seth ramsay confessed to shooting his father in the stomach, but they don't know the motive. investigators from the national transportation safety board are on their way to springfield, missouri after this plane you see right here went down in a vacant lot, narrowly missing two homes yesterday evening, miraculously, all forepeople on board survived. and a ceremony in belgium today to mark 70 years, since one of the biggest and broodiest battles in world war ii, the bellgions say they are forever grateful for american soldiers who saved them from the nazis. in california, the cleanup is just beginning. they say that every storm dumped trillions, that's right, trillions of gallons of water across the entire west coast. that triggered flash floods, mudslide, knocking out power to thousands and a tornado touched down in southern los angeles. willcar joins us with the latest
12:30 pm
on the weather and the cleanup. hi, will. >> reporter: hi, eric, this storm was so strong, they thought it was an earthquake. it turned out to be a tornado in south los angeles and he pulled out his cell phone and got much more than he bargained for. you see one roof getting ripped off a home there. it damaged of other homes. nobody was hurt. according to, this is the first tornado to hit los angeles since 2004. it was classified by the national weather service as an ef-0. check out this picture of a waterspout. a toyota over water. earlier in the day the storm created huge mudslides, flowing down hillsides with little to no vegetation and camario springs,
12:31 pm
it filed almost up to rooftops in the plaza. at least ten had to be red tagge tagged. >> until the front window blew out. we had a full mud and water to the house, completely. >> heavy rainfall forced firefighters to cover swift water rescues. up north, two people died in oregon and knocked power out for tens of thousands across the west coast. snow blanketed parts of the sierra mountains. outside of the damage, this has been good for california. that's because many parts got up to five inches of rain. we are expecting another storm that could bring three inches of rain. we have been going through this historic drought in california. so we will take any rain that we
12:32 pm
can get. >> all right. will, thanks, so much. well, the colorado supreme court is now deciding whether to strike down a controversial school voucher program. the program allows students in one county to use taxpayer money to attend private and religious 9 the state supreme court rules could affect people in colorado. both are conversations prosecutors. david, i will start with you. can you tell us what is at stake here in terms of legal precedence? >> every child is entitled to an education, a public education, you are not entitled to a private or religious education. it would set a huge precedent
12:33 pm
here. it really would be a sliding scale, after a while. >> you are taking a side against it? >> i don't think any taxpayer funds should be used to fund a private school or religious school education, which brings up the whole issue of separation of church and isstate. >> how does it bring that up? >> slooer clearly, it's a violation of the colorado constitution, you are funding a religious organization. >> in most places the catholics school, or the christian school, they have better education. >> they have mauler class sizes, a lot of times in the public schools, students are spending so much disciplining the students, it's taking away from the good students. i think this case is giving good students or students who are doing well a better opportunity. it's not so much as pushing
12:34 pm
religion. i went to catholic school. i'm in the catholic. it was more so to get a better education. >> i went to a check school because i am catholic. >> there are so many funding sources, it's doesn't cost much money to go to a check school. >> that's not true. >> there are clooep cheaper catholic schools. >> catholic school is a lot a. lot of kids can't afford to go to catholic schools. >> the bottom line is"plg taxpa money should be meant to fund that. there are private scholarship opportunities to fund that. we have to keep a separation of church and state and the taxpayer money should go twoshd the public schools. >> listen, i understand, there are people out there saying, listen, ial not there to have my taxpayer money go toward some kids who maybe got it, a bad hand dealt to them. its not my responsibility. my responsibility is for my child to attend school.
12:35 pm
does it matter at all this is supposedly a; voucher? >> i think that makes a big difference. the students are earning this opportunity and one thing to keep in mind about the cost is that they're taking the tax dollars and say let's put this in a private school. from my understanding, public school teachers make more than public school and catholic school teachers are religious school teachers. they may spend the same or less on a public education. >> so what did you -- >> i know in the article it stated that they're taking it out. the lawyers are arguing for this is stating it may cost those residents less. they're saving money instead of putting it into the public schools. it may cost the taxpayers less per child if you look at the break down. >> this could destroy entire public system, you are paying the teach erkts maintenance to
12:36 pm
the building. so this whole argument that somehow it costs less than private school is a fictional argument. you are paying the same amount of money, now are you paying more money, more taxpayer money to fund someone to go to private school. it's a investigation of the colorado constitution to spend this money on it. you are looking at a situation where you can completely defund the system. >> i think it's providing better opportunity, which in the end result will benefit the whole state and provide better adult tags graduate and go on to better colleges. >> i want to point out, we have great schools out there. the new york public school system. >> i have to say, there are some great public schools, there are great teachers everywhere. you know, it's not such a benefit sometimes to go to private school. >> the test results, that was
12:37 pm
predominantly an inner city where the teachers don't want to teach in those neighborhoods. >> there is the incentive to get better teaches in those schools tan where the kids c at a disadvantage and give them the better education. >> right. a lot of teachers are afraid. >> how do you fix that? that's a huge problem. >> that's a huge problem. fix the crime rate. >> the schools need money to fix them. getting back, wrapping it up, the bottom line is, we shouldn't the taxpayers shouldn't be funding someone else's private school education. >> i disagree. we'll see what the supreme court rules on there. >> i still have so much more to say. i'm out of time. i appreciate the conversation. thanks, to both of you. if you want to tweet me about it. i already threw it out there. by the way, i did not state an opinion, so don't blast me. hey, eric, back to you.
12:38 pm
>> have you heard about retiring congressman dingell. he is 88-years-old and broke his hip. he is still walking around and he voted on the house spending bill before going to the hospital we are told no surgery is needed, just recovery time. he's the longest serving member in the house ever. he arrived back there won't when dwight d. eisenhower was president. >> that means he logged 59 years on capitol hill. his congressional seat will be staying in the family. his wife debbie dingell is replacing him in february. her husband will be by her side. >> the plight against isis is getting bigger, what they plan to do to keep the terrorist group if check. plus, as the u.s. gets ready to draw down afghanistan, another attack takes american lives. so is it time for the u.s. to
12:39 pm
leave and and will there ever be a good time?
12:40 pm
12:41 pm
12:42 pm
12:43 pm
the u.k. is ramping up its efforts to beat isis once and for all sending extra deployments to iraq. the number of troops could be in the low hundreds. we'll train iraqi and kurdish fighters. right now, though the u.k. has 50,000 military personnel there, using their knowledge of improvised weapons to help. like the u.s., the british maintain they will not have a full role. >> chuck hagel says 1,000 troops will stay behind next year in afghanistan this is the latest of a string of written attacks on taliban terrorists.
12:44 pm
it comes days after our official role ended there monday. they are questioning if there is the right time to draw down our forces, bob wells joins us, a former national security advisory to vice president dig cheney. always good to see you. the taliban, they ride motor biotics, shooting, killing people who are clear in mind can the afghan security forces boat et out of us? >> i think they can in the long run, right now you need to keep our eye on the ball. stability is the objective in afghanistan, regardless of the combat operations mission being completet this last week. hagel got it right this week when he said we will feed those extra 1,000 troops in yaflth going into 2015 this is a part
12:45 pm
of an international coalition, isap. we have european partners as well we have the afghanis and coalition partners. so we got a long road ahead of us. the brazen act you mentioned by the taliban should be anticipated. everyone nodes to become a hard target with regard to our bases and outposts and as well as helping the local communities there become more aware and more stable as this new era of afghan security ushers in. >> they talk about 11,000 or so of forces still there as well as the florida to forces. look, it's supposed to go down to 5,500 in 2016 and go down to zero. what happens when we're not there? can the afghan force, they've suffered 5,000 casualties so
12:46 pm
far. the taliban is still looking to be succeeding. >> they have to take up the fight. they have to still get better. it may not be in the near term that we could have a time table there is no room for a time table. you can't call up the time table and depend on that. you have to make sure we are looking at the conditions on the ground. keep our situation awareness very routine rely on where the taliban is. they've always operated in and adjust our techniques and our procedures to basically deal with them. >> and do you think our ge opolitical deployments accurately reflect right now. you are talking a hot zone, we have 50,000 troops stationed in japan, 28,500 in south korea.
12:47 pm
38,000 in germany. you are going to have you know 5,000 in a couple of years maybe. do you think this should reach that? >> actually, i don't. in fact, during the bush administration, that was a part of the global posture review in 2004 and 25. we looked at trying to find some savings and capability aç:y enhancements by shifting some forces from europe to the united states. we are also looking at how the republican career is doing with regard to the transition the next couple of years in regards to their command and control. japan is our next alloy. we have all our alliances in east asia, specifically five there, and the bottom line is, the united states is a leader and we have to be ready to essentially lead. we have posture globally so we can respond to criess in
12:48 pm
afghanistan, in iraq, like we are doing with trying to doefts and don't access any type of freedom of movement. we will retrain the iraqi securities forces to peshmurga. we have the posture to do its. we have the people to do its. we have to have the will to sustain this long war and that's exactly whats. >> bob wells, america is a leader. you tipped off a lofts global threats. good to see you on a saturdays. >> good to see you, thank you very much. a police officer gives a shop liftsing call, it was nothing outs of the ordinary but hisas truly extrord flare. and i'm very much alive. now my doctor recommends a bayer aspirin regimen to help extraordinary. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. aspirin regimen. why do i cook for the to share with family
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will thank you. , sir? ordering chinese food is a very predictable experience. i order b14. i get b14. no surprises. buying business internet, on the other hand,
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can be a roller coaster white knuckle thrill ride. you're promised one speed. but do you consistently get it? you do with comcast business. and often even more. it's reliable. just like kung pao fish. thank you, ping. reliably fast internet starts at $89.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. for a look beyond the headline here is our weekly commentary. >> oh, no, not again. those of us who lived through the psychedelic 1960s and '70s experienced a deep sense of deja vu last week as higher and lower education gave its heart to the cause of michael brown and eric garner. both young men died in encounters with the police whose actions were vindicated by grand juries. encouraged by their faculties and the heady offices of
12:53 pm
academic world, students nationwide marched and chanted demanding justice. white students protested, too, but the anger festered in on-campus black organizations. they galvanized the thee at tri cality with die-ins and stale slogans much of it directed by a flurry of tweeting. at the university of missouri, organizers announced that, quote, only people of color could take part in their die-in. at the columbia law school, the dean declared anyone who was traumatized by the grand jury decisions could postpone taking their final exams. in denver thousands of high school pupils walked out of class to join the melee. the director of equity and inclusion for the public school system said they would work to create, quote, a safe dialogue, whatever that means. in connecticut the president of
12:54 pm
wesleyan university joined the march decrying injusts against, quote, people of color.cambridg students and facultied walked out of their studies to attend a die-in. and at princeton, the university president announced he would improve their diversity policies as though collegiate diversity had anything to do with resisting arrest and so it goes. none of this activity is an apocalypse. not when you consider that in the last 50 years the flower children of yesteryear had bequeathed a sense of anti-americanism to their children and most prominently to the so ythousands of far left educators embedded in the system. faculties have instituted and encouraged a culture of dissent and the criurriculum rewrites american history. at the university of california at berkeley where protest was
12:55 pm
cannonized ha of ed half a cent students marked the birthday of the free speech movement last week with demonstration that is included blocking highways, breaking windows, looting and shouting down a guest speaker. like their forbearers, they are still an angry, one-issue crowd, creatures of the academy. it was the war on civil rights then, now it's all about race simple. no opposing views are tolerated in this national conversation, just as they were snuffed out in the age of aquarius. the fractures of the protest generation are still not healed, only reinforced by their descendants. well, there's a deal on capitol hill. the senate has approved the 1.1 trltz spending bill. it was a voice vote. it just happened moments ago, making the senate now in sync with the measure that passed the house last night. as long as the president signs this bill into law, we're told there will be no government
12:56 pm
shutdown tonight. we'll have a lot more details on what happened during our 6:00 p.m. newscast. you know, the immigration and big bank issues threatened to hold this all up. we'll get reaction, especially from ted cruz and elizabeth warren and bernie sanders and all the others who were jockeying and negotiating for what they wanted. >> it means the u.s. government has money at least through wednesday. >> yeah. they'll keep the lights on for now. >> we'll keep you posted on that story and all the other developing news throughout the day. but right now stick around because "a healthy you" and carol alt will, well, keep you healthy. >> take care. (woman) the constipation and belly pain feel tight like a vise. how can i ease this pain? (man) when i can't go, it's like rocks piling up. i wish i could find some relief. (announcer) ask your doctor about linzess-- a once-daily capsule for adults with ibs with constipation or chronic idiopathic constipation.
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