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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  December 14, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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siegel will be upset. >> thank you for watching. >> on the buzz beater, a tortured debate as the senate committee spells at the bra tall techniques of detainees during the bush administration and media outrage on both sides at the c.i.a. and the use of torture and hiding details and at feinstein for jeopardize the lives of americans by releasing this. >> the enhanced interrogation tooks served a purpose. >> enhanced interest interrogation or torture goes against everything this country stands for. >> every american should necessity the key findings of this report. >> this report describes interrogating a detain yes and inserting something in his anus. is that torture?
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>> i don't know anything about that specific instance. i can't speak to that. what are you do in order to get the truth about terrorism? the united states? >> a look at how the media are frame this and whether they fighting the last war. >> has the "rolling stone" story collapsing, the reporter saying she made up the nature rapist and her publisher offering a man a legal sentiment. if that is not enough more women surfacing who accuse bill cosby of long ago sexual assault with a super model saying he drugged her, too. >> i started to swear at him and then i continued to call a series ofqzo names and he was getting angry. >> but jon stewart apologizes if a big mistake about a deadly police confrontation.
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>> i was sloppy. i did this to me. it can become an opportunity to necessity gate the -- to negate the conversation. >> stephen colbert goes easy on president obama. what:su happened to being truth? this is "media buzz" and i am howard kurtz. >> when it comes to the debate over torture it depens where the shine the spotlight. the dominant news in the senate report on c.i.a. interrogation was in the details. >> this was a program. despicable program. a program you read about you are sickened to hear about this and the sexual humiliation of the people. >> stripped naked and diapered one changed to a wall street for
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17 days in standing position and another threatened by a drill one left to die in a cell from hypo thermia. >> as former c.i.a. director made the round he got questions. >> what if you or members of your family had to undergo some of these treatments we are reading ay(v] in this report. >> look, we are people month like you and all your viewers. we have a soul and conscience. we knew as bad as they were we were going this to fellow human beings. >> others shining a spotlight on the senate democrats and making these public. >> if americans are killed as a result of this report and they tell you that, i assume you would guilty about that. >> i would feel badly. of course. what do you think, wolf? >> even if it is going to
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endangers the lives of the intelligence community and the operatives who are still working on our behalf. >> report is not going to endanger lives. >> it is. >> now, examining the coverage of this torture debate are our guests including lauren and juan williams. >> so, you saw the interviews, what do you make of the confrontational space offs with dick cheney and senator feinstein? >> the journalists held their feet to the fire. wolf said that she was a "friend," but he continued in that interview to push her. what is missing is the overall context. that is not easy on television. in 2003 and 2002 machines were petrified whether they had a nuclear weapon and the next strike. that accident come through. it does not come through that we
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were very upset and terrified. >> on edge. steve, you think this is inaccurate and partisan but my question is, have the media covered it fairly? >> no, i think, no. the mediayx buys the narrative that is pit -- put north in the senate report there was no detailed analysis of the report that you have had the media do on other things. you had some in the conservative media do this kind of break doing but not many, or even have the media asking the most basic questions or making the most bake points. it was possible to read a front page story in the "new york times" that never mentioned it was produced only by senate democrats. can you imagine a situation where only republican staff produce a report and nowhere is it mentioned by anyone in the media? thank you is fair. it was interesting to watch the nbc correspondent say the torture program was despicable
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but at the same time saying the c.i.a. was following the orders of the white house. what about steve's point the report was not presented as partisan document? >> it is a part dawn argument and undercuts the power of what was presented. when you say it is a partisan argument it contradicts the idea being 11-3 vote in the panel for the release of the report. most republicans on the competent said, get it out and they issued a minority report that they think there are serious flaws in the report. to come to the media angle, what strikes me everyone continues to use the terms "enhanceed interrogation technique." >> i am struck by the fact that "new york times" and networks use "torture," and during the bush administration they shied,r away from that under pressure from the administration. >> even now when i read those steps, i see more e.i.t. than
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torture. >> i disagree. n.p.r. is not using torture and there are our oate let -- outlets that are not. >> that is what i said they are not using torture. >> we can disagree whether these were permissible and the current head said they were abhorrent but...i am having a sense of deja vu. is this a big media war over practices that president obama banned six years ago? >> of course. torture goes to who we are as a people. of course we should have this discussion. it is not something that is 60 x years old and we will forget. president obama will leave in two years and a new president will come in who will change the policy. it is something we need to discuss as a republic. >> ever those who think it was
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one-sided report and who think the techniques are defensible and lauren said it was after 9/11 but, did we get useful information? that is a debate that cannot be fully resolved. are they sidestepping the moral question of the values of americans doing things that we --. >> to a certain extent. we are really not having it. the conclusion has been, at least among most journalists, this was immoral or amour am and should not have been done. the relevant debate is to make the stinks between what was done as part of the program and what was abusive. >> i defend the limited use of the authorized techniques. the rectal rehydration was forture. people of good will can have a serious debate about the moral
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character of the country and the morality of the techniques that were authorized but we have not had that debate because everyone rushed to condemn everything without making the important distinctions. >> what strikes me of the media coverage, it is almost after the fact. all of us knew this happened. president obama not own said no mortarture on the second day in office but he and the attorney general hold are made the decision there are no prosecutions and no truth commission. in a science, the democrats and to me that is part of the media story, made the decision, look, we were scared and we did some things that were unattractive but they wanted to move on. this report has brought it back to life. that is why it is interesting that the media has played this as steve would have it, as a is serious. >> where have the media been on one particular issue, the democrats were fully briefed
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with reports going back and inares have made the debate and others have reported it but where is the scrutiny on democrats would were briefed of this who approved this who in some cases were supportive of this? >> you are right. you are right. but does that men it was good to torture people? we have to hold even -- even if there are standards to be held. >> the argument is, should that be part of the story? should it be part of broader story? if you have a public elected officials enthusiastically supporting the techniques --. >> that should be part of the scrutiny by journalists and the techniques themselves. was the white house fully briefed? some of this we helped, but, there is another part of this senate report that dealt with the c.i.a.'s use or attempt to use the media.
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there is a memo from the deputy director at the time who said we either get out and sell the program or we get hammered which has inly indications beyond the media, congress reads it, messes up our budgets and we need to make sure the impression of what we do is positive and be more aggressive. we put out our story or get eaten. this is no middle ground. apply gosh, this is spin going on in washington i can't believe my ears! of course they will do this. why did bill o'reilly start by saying, you are entering the "no spin zone." everyone and their where spins. >> the shadowy c.i.a. which we do not associate with working the press. >> come on! you believe they don't work the press? >> of course. but it is not the image. >> they have a last images and those other images trump that. look, isis is waging this amazing social media and0pjt puc
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messaging campaign that outshines anything any other terrorism organization has ever done. they are recruiting kids from the midwest, from denver, from the west coast, girls, teens, they have a campaign targeted against our teenagers so if they have a propaganda, we should, too. >> quick exchange, the report says that the c.i.a. leaked classified information to the "new york times" and to the author and the administrations get upset by classified leaks except when they try to make the agency or program look good. >> c.i.a. does this as a matter of course. the c.i.a. spends stories not always in an honest way. remember, senator feinstein's report, reportedly after it was released there were 3,000 word stories by a few select news outlets that had this in advance so she is criticizing the c.i.a. for doing exactly what she just did to advance herescgt agenda.
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>> i am shocked, shocked, shocked the c.i.a. is spinning but the fact is they not only destroyed tapes because they didn't want them leaked and layed here in the media but they tried to get inside the senate intelligence committee computers and block them access. >> we will go on to twitter so you can be part of the conversation. we read the best ones later on we will talk to the journalist who cracked on the badly botched "rolling stone" report on alleged rapes. i'm angela, and i quit smoking with chantix. people who know me, they say 'i never thought you would quit.' but chantix helped me do it. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it gave me the power to overcome the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts
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the massive hacking at sony pictures is serious business with personal information revealed about 47,000 staffers and ex staffers. lots of information the computer attack is in retaliation for sony's new film "the interview." but the media now consumed. i am not destroying my career over a minimally talented spoiled brat. rudin, 12 years as a slave. did you think this kind of private joking around about the president's favorite flims was racist? >> i thought it had strong racial overtones. for me, having worked at a liberal radio show and being fired for comments, i thought it was hypocrisy when it comes to racism. in this instance, what you see here is that these liberal
2:18 pm
hollywood elites who give money to democrats are condescending to the president of the united states, a harvard educated lawyer, and say oh, no, his interest in movies is going to be confined solely to him solely on the basis of race and he's going to have this interest in kind of working class slap stick comedy. >> one, that were joking around. that doesn't excuse it. amy and scott have apologized. let me bring in steve. it's a fair point, but we've all feasting on these gossiping e-mails. it's all stolen property and, i don't know, that makes me uneasy. >> let me say something i don't think i've ever said in my entire career. i agree entirely with everything juan just said and it was brilliant. start over, juan. >> that's my problem with this story is these are e-mails that we shouldn't be seeing. i think the content of them is indefensib indefensible.
2:19 pm
it makes me uneasy to talk about it as a topic. i thought "morning joe" talked about it earlier this week well where they raised the issue and they went around the table and they said in effect, we shouldn't be talking about this. >> i agree. i kind of wanted to take a shower after reading some of this stuff, but this does confirm hollywood hot shots as duplicitous. >> hollywood is not in barack obama's back pocket, as we thought they were. >> amy is a supporter of -- >> it doesn't matter. what president would get respect? his poll numbers are down, even his base is attacking him and being racist. >> there are some e-mails that spilled out involving "new york times" columnist new york dowd telling amy pascal, i would make sure you look great if pascal would give dowd an interview and showing the column to her husband. >> the first thing people learn
2:20 pm
in journalism school is you don't show your product to your source or to whoever else is interested, has a vested interest in this until it's written. that said, she came out and said i did not do this. >> right. but then there was the exchange afterwards of she gets the interview and amy writes to mau even, you're my favorite person. and she writes you're my favorite person. >> her boss defends it by saying it was just an air kiss, you're great, i'm great. she's writing an article about this woman. you know, yes, there's a certain way to thank you for the interview, great talking to you, but it's not -- you don't do that. >> love and kisses all around. maybe not for you two. lauren ashburn, lon williams, steve hayes. thanks for stopping by. ahead, the growing list of women accusing bill cosby of sexual assault. but up next, "the washington post" reporter who found glaring
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>> the'sed -- the badly botched account of the rolling rolling piece on an alleged rain after allege ad being sexually assaulted at a party. one questioned the motives of the we "rolling stone" reporter sabrina erdely whose story was extreme. >> she looked for a piece that could be sensationalized. >> we are not really close and she is a big good storyteller so i am confused. i wish i knew she decided to portray everyone who tried to help her as somehow horrible and
2:25 pm
animal house frat boys. >> we have the "washington post" reporter who first uncovered many of the contradictions. >> you talked to three of the friends on the record now who were with jackie that night and they got great her the name of the guy she was dating would brought her to the party where she said show was attacked by him and his friends and ttexted a picture of the guy. >> name of the person in the picture is not who she identified as her date an entirely different person. he said he did know her but they did not have many interactions and he said they had not sat at the same lunch time. >> the name of the guy who she told the group of friends was the person who lured her into the alleged sexual attack? >> thank you is a different name she gave to friends in recent
2:26 pm
days. >> you got in touch with this new name? >> the second person, correct. >> what did you"b$÷ find? >> that he never met her but he was a lifeguard and they never met. >> what was the demeanor of the people who are her friends but sharing grave doubts with you? was it hard to get them to talk? >> confusion. they were happy to speak with me. i reached out to them and all agreed to speak first on the condition we use the names used in "rolling stone" and new they are speaking publicly. they felt they were not portrayed correctly and the article did not capture in "rolling stone" what happened. >> they felt and we saw it in animal house comment given to cbs that they had doubts of her story but they were being maligned as uncaring? in the original "rolling stone" story it was suggested or stated
2:27 pm
explicitly that the friends had told jackie she had a bloody address and elect not to go to the hospital because it could hurt her standing. >> that is now what they said happen. when they found her she was in trauma and she was affected by something horrible and crying and saying something bad happened and they encouraged her at that moment to seek police. they wanted hadtory speak to authorities and they wanted to her help out. no comment giving in "rolling stone" were accurate. >> specific to jackie, the only reporter who has talkd to her. she sticks to the version she gave "rolling stone", is that correct? >> yes. >> what was her demeanor? >> she was outgoing and smart and intelligent and very nice and kind and she related to me the exact details and the story she give "rolling stone" just the same. >> she asked to be taken out of the article which put her in the
2:28 pm
officer of the media storm. >> she stood by the story given in "rolling stone" and subsequently she told me she did feel manipulated and she tried to put her story out there and decided she wanted to pull back and writer said that want going to happen. >> did she explain why she felt manipulated? >> not specifically. just that she determined she no longer wanted to participate in the article. >> a lot more to find out about this tangled story but your reporting is exemplary and helped explain at least some of the things that did it not happen and bring in other voices that should have been interviewed by "rolling stone" in the first place. >> coming up, digging deeping into the "rolling stone" handling of the train wreck and an actress facing legal action over heroin cut of campus rape. >> and jon stewart said he is
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a 22-year-old suspect hasádf been arrested when an 18-year-old auburn university football player was shot the same place where two former players were fatally shot back in 2012. investigators say that no other arrests are expected in the case. >> authorities in alabama say that two inmates who escaped from jail have been captured. one prisoner who faces capital murder charges is still loose. the sheriff says that the three prisoners overpower add guard, took the keys and ran away. they were believed picked up in a car. they are searching for the remaining fugitives. see you at 7:00 p.m. eastern for
2:33 pm
fox report weekend. i'll see you at the top of the hour with more news p. now back to "media buzz" and howie kurtz. so in light of new reporting by "the washington post" and cbs has the rolling stone rape story basically collapsed? and what about new questions of lena dunnham's account of campus rape? joining us now, in minneapolis, anna marie cox, contributor for the daily beast. susan, when you hear jackie's friends and the interview with the washington post reporter blowing holes in her account, i have to ask, why couldn't rolling stone find these people? >> that's a great question. i looked at sabrina earlier and linked an account. she talks about her reporting involving doing thousands of introduce for stories. well, you know, if you're that kind of reporter and you're the one who likes to dig and dig and look for things, i think instinctively, you would go out
2:34 pm
looking for these friends and want to go make sure you got everybody. i saw some reports suggesting she may have just interviewed the periphery of those friends and not the actual piece who were in direct contact with her. i just find that hard to believe. if she's going through the advocacy group on the campus, she's going to have contact or ability to reach out to these people. i find it difficult to believe it was impossible to find them. the post found them very quickly. >> that is something that is so striking in a matter of days. and anna, so many contradictions now, going beyond was there a party on that particular weekend, were there five attackers or seven? now she sends around a picture, according to her friends, jackie, the accuser, sends around a picture to the guy that says he's the one. and it turns out it's not even him, it's the high school friend. brings us back to the question why publish this without even going to the alleged assailant to see if there's another side? >> i want to be clear on something.
2:35 pm
jackie's story has fallen apart and that's true. but the uva rape story has not fallen apart. the part uva has a patrol with sexual assault, the bush administration, department of education found it in violation of federal law in the way that it handles -- in 200837. >> do you hear -- >> saying very, very important to point this out that uva has a problem. >> let me jump in. do you think that there are voices in the media as a result of this one story which you say which most people leads we don't know what happens, but has basically fallen apart, that there are people saying campus rape is not a big issue and campus rape at the university of virginia -- >> oh, there are people saying that. there are people on the c conservative side saying that. i get that on my twitter feed all the time. there are people that are -- i'm not going to say prominent, but there are a lot of people who think because jackie's story
2:36 pm
fell apart, that's a symbol of the overreporting of rape. i think you well know rape is underreported. >> there are also people who say rolling stone, ultimately liberal magazine, had an agenda in pushing this story needing to find the most dramatic extreme case it could and, of course, now the story -- >> yes. and it highlights, i think, a big question that it would be incumbent on the media to start looking into. what is the status of rape on campuses? this week, the justice department came out with a number of unreported rapes, for sure. but this one in five number, it is much smaller, it looks like six in 1,000. so i have a question myself after all this reporting, the rolling stone, justice department, how big of it? is it an epidemic or is it a problem? i think that's what this highlights. >> rolling stone has a huge credibility person here.
2:37 pm
it needs to hire an independent journalist or ombudsman to find out what happened. how this monstrosity of a story was published. lena dunham is in the news because she wrote a book for which she was paid nearly $4 million. she said she had been the victim of a rape and a guy's name was barry. random house, publisher, offered to pay this student's legal fees and said this wasn't a real person, it was a pseudonym. does this tarnish her credibility? >> i don't think it tarnishes her question about a storyteller. she is a storyteller in another way. she is a talented storyteller. i think she made a huge mistake with the way she went about handling this in her memoir. memoirs are a tough agenda when
2:38 pm
you're 28. there's a lot of reasons why it's a tough genre at 28. i wish she had handled it differently. i think the outcome as far as it goes is about as good as you can expect. >> leena dunhan says she was drunk that night, cokinged up, took this guy to her apartment and wasn't happy with him being rough with her. at another point in the book, she said she's an unreliable narrator. leena dunnham says i've been attacked online, reporters have attempted to uncover the identity of my attacker. my work has been torn apart in an attempt to prove i am a liar, a deviate myself. but i don't believe i am to blame. i don't believe any of us who have been raped and/or assaulted are to blame. >> they've got lawyers, people to vet these books. this is a nonfiction book. and she did not clearly identify
2:39 pm
the -- barry as a fictional name. >> she said he was the campus conservative. >> correct. he was easily identifiable. even when checking out barry, he doesn't match the full description. there was a lot of questions about who was this person, really? was he. >> kind of -- was she adding parts of a description that were random, too? >> random house has a responsibility. where is the fact checking? that's what i'm questioning. why not try to find out if this really happened. >> it's a misnomer so is if you don't name something you're nos necessarily labeling them. this is a self-inflicted wound since she put this in her own book. after the break, more bill cosby accusers. is television encouraging them to come out of the woodwork? huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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i've lost track of how many women have accused bill cosby of sexual assault, but this week after another lawsuit filed against the comedian, a ground breaking super model named beverly johnson joined the course. first in "vanity fair" and then on television. >> what did you think he was trying to do? >> well, i -- i knew he was trying to take advantage of me. but i knew this goes above and beyond, you know, making a pass
2:44 pm
at a woman. you don't make a pass at a woman by drugging her. beverly, what do you want to see happen to bill cosby? >> i -- i don't want to see anything happen to bill cosby. what i want to see happen is that women come out and speak their truths. >> beverly johnson, the first avenue can american woman on the cover of the u.s. edition of "vogue", the does her getting into this take it to another level? >> i don't know if it takes it to a different level. it was a pretty high level to begin with. i think what she does is -- i don't know, i assume you've actually read her piece in vandy fair. it was insightful. sometimes when people say, like, as survivor of sexual assault, what do you want to have happen to the person that did this to you, that's not the responsibility of the perpendicular who is the victim.
2:45 pm
the responsibility of the victim is to come out and tell the truth. we have a justice system that is going to come out and determine what happens. to talk about it, to come out and speak her truth, that is a brave thing and very noble. i have a lot of admiration for her. >> right. and there's been chatter about some of the accusers, whether they're trying to get money out of cosby. but here is beverly johnson writing in that vanity fair piece, i thought it only happened to me that and i was somehow responsible. >> here is the most troubling thing about that. this is decades of incidents and it's trickled out in the press. >> in past years, there have been some motivations about a handful of women. now it just seems like lots and lots of women and you almost wonder, more than 25 accusers, are we reaching a tipping point in this story? >> only in the sense that the tipping point for bill cosby's career, for his life.
2:46 pm
but i think when you look back on the media, i think it's opening up a new window and, really, do we ignore an important story? that's my question. it sounds like the media did for questionable reasons. >> i think that the media has kind of shielded bill cosby for a long time for most of this. but now you wonder whether the pendulum is going the over other way to putting five cosby accusers on. there have been no criminal charges against this guy had we not convicted him in the media. >> well, it's tough to cover a story like this without saying you've convicted someone in the media. i think it's probably a responsible thing to interview the survivors of these assaults of the people that say -- the women that say they've been assaulted. it's how you cover it. i mean, you know this very well, sort of how you frame it, how you cover it. i know that people have gone to bill cosby for his side of the story, definitely. just in the case like the uva one. we know what his side of the story is which is that he doesn't say very much. so i don't know if it's fair to
2:47 pm
say that we're trying him in the media. i think we're going to have to see that special. i think there is a tendency for pendulum swings, for us to try and make up for things that we've done wrong in the past in the media, to try and overcover when we've undercovered. but i'm not sure, i think it's up to the individual news organization to try to retain some sense of ability and context for what they're doing. but i don't see anything wrong with now going after this story pretty hard. >> right. this special -- the women basically told their stories on cnn in a way that, you know, it's always more compelling on television. i've been really struck by cosby saying nothing, his lawyer putting out statements. but now we see a little squid in the new york post on page 6 in which bill cosby tells a reporter, i only expect the black media to uphold the standards of excellence in journalism. when you do that, you have to go in with a neutral mind. so he is saying something and it sounds like he maybe feels
2:48 pm
betrayed by african-american news outlets? >> what's interesting to me is the way the story unfolded. and i wonder if the media would have come down so hard on him and if the black community would have come down so hard on him if he wasn't out on tour lecturing the black community. i think there's a connection there. >> and we have to remember this happened at a time when he was trying to restart his career, run runs airing on tv. all that has now gone away because of the mounting allegations here. sus susan, anna, thanks very much for joining us. straight ahead, jon stewart be rates himself for getting the facts wrong. and stephen colbert goes easy on president obama. what happened to the search for truth in our video individual comedy edition is up next.
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time now for our video verdict. jon stewart made a serious mistake in a segment on police shootings yesterday referring to the case in san bernardino, california with the police shootings of unarmed black men. >> he was so wrong about those facts. they did not shoot him, they tasered him after he had committed a burglary and he was attempting to assault a deputy sheriff. >> district attorney ramos is right, we were wrong. so i'm sorry about that. we shouldn't have done that. dah! i [ bleep ] hate making unforced errors like this. i get so mad at myself. stupid, stupid, stupid. >> jon stewart uses his show to slam the cops. >> and i deserve that!
2:53 pm
>> he did deserve that, and good for him for putting the apology front and center. yes, he turned it into comedy schtick, and he later lashed out at another fox commentator, but i know how he feels. i get really mad at myself when i make a mistake, and the important thing here is jon stewart owned up to it, but it's a comedy show so he did it in humorous fashion. in other comedy notices, president obama versus that bott bombastic colbert, but this time another colbert showed up. >> people are surprised you're doing anything at all. >> the election didn't go as i would have liked. >> do you like the job? >> i love the job. it's an incredible privilege, but when you're in it, you're not thinking about it in terms of titles. >> do you do normal things like
2:54 pm
leave your socks on the floor and stuff like that? >> i do. >> the president leaves his socks on the floor. i found that a letdown, because colbert could have used his bombastic idiot character to have a funny interview with the president and press him on some of these issues. colbert is wrapping up this week. he's going to be david letterman's successor, so i think he went a little easy on the president. the volkswagen golf was just named motor trend's 2015 car of the year. so was the 100% electric e-golf, and the 45 highway mpg tdi clean diesel. and last but not least, the high performance gti. looks like we're gonna need a bigger podium. the volkswagen golf family. motor trend's 2015 "cars" of the year.
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first a sad note. the tally for media outlets as passed away, his death being reported a suicide. he was in pakistan after we killed osama bin laden, and most recently the unrest in ferguson. he could light up a room and
2:58 pm
light up a screen. di-natale was 43. here are a few of the top tweets how the media is covering the rape allegations. they sometimes presume guilt before following up with facts. where is the follow-up on accusers? john gaffy, to be clear, her publisher is expressing regret for the way it was handled in her book. master chief po 117, why isn't anyone talking about how these bogus stories will make it difficult for real rape victims to report in the future? actually, there has been talk about this. > a controversial scene of a rape victim telling a reporter she was raped. >> do you believe me? >> of course, i do.
2:59 pm
>> seriously. sdp >> i'm not here on a fact-finding mission. >> be honest. >> i've heard two competing stories, one from a very credible woman who has no reason to lie, the other from a guy who i find to be a little sketchy and he has reason to lie, and i'm obligated to believe the sketchy guy. >> a writer for the show, alena smith, took to twitter saying she objected to the scene in the script. i ended up getting kicked out of the room and screamed at, alena complained, but an author of the huffington post listened to her story and reposted it. we end with a bit of good news. eric holder decided james risen won't have to reveal his source. after a backlash of the justice department snooping on the ap, it seems the attorney general has belatedly learned his
3:00 pm
lesson. that's it for us. i'm howard kurtz. i hope you like our facebook page. go to our home page. we'll be talking about ann compton ♪ it's the most wonderful time of the year ♪ ♪ with the kids jingle belling i'm chris wallace. a democratic senate panel condemns the cia's interrogation of terror suspects after 9/11. but was it for totorture? and were those tactics effective? >> this program was morally, legally and administratively misguided. >> we did exactly what needed to be done in order to prevent a further attack. >> today debate between former intelligence committee member who helped put together the report, sheldon white house, and formero


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