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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  December 16, 2014 12:00am-1:01am PST

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thanks for fwg with us tonight. see you all again tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. eastern. two to greta wire and @greta on tonight on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye" is santa rethinking his approach to how he delivers presents? and will ditching the chime the entrance be more sufficient or lead to death? we caught up with santa. and does the president think the cast of "red eye" be named the sexiest entertainers of the year? >> i can't think of a better choice. the courage, skill, professionalism that they display every single day makes me very proud. >> and finally, the world's largest or raw go me cul p tour or on the world's tiniest human? we will get to that in a
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second. none of these stories on "red eye." >> let's welcome our guests. she is as delicate as a snowflake, but more cold and filled with hate. i am here with joanne nosuchunsky. keep waiving. and he is filled with laughs because he won't share them with anyone. it is the sad and unbearable, tv's andy levey. and he is funnier than the smell emanating from her -- geraldo's locker. tom kadher. and john tierney. yay. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. >> were they more tasteless than the terrorists? people were taking selfies in sydney and posting pictures. some are making sure to get news cameras in the background to make the pictures more real. the internet, of course, as
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always, was horrified at their lack of sensitivity with the usual crap load of won't list because they are stupid. and yet in another outrage, uber was played -- was blasted when it started charging four times the normal rate during the standoff. after outcry on-line, the taxi service was of onerring free rides to, quote, help sydney ciders get home safely. it ended with the terrorist and two hostages dead as police stormed the cafe. john, when i am looking at this stuff, i watched it all on twitter. it seemed like there was so much outrage at -- or maybe it was equal outrage at uber and selfies and the terrorists. does that define the internet? it is totally relative and outraged? >> it defines the society in that there are some things you can be outraged at. we can do it, but let's get mad at uber for following the laws of economics. it is basic economic
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principals. >> so people want to judge, but you can't judge that, so you shift all of that energy to a safe judgment which is some company named uber that is already in the news and you don't like anyway and you have no idea why the demand is what caused the price increase. it wasn't like, oh, tragedy. i am going to charge -- tom, wouldn't it have been better if the people looked more solemn in their selfies? was that the problem? it is always a problem when you are smiling. >> you don't want to grin while people are being held hostage behind you. it is a kardashian-ization about the society. it is all about me. it is all about me. if you want to take pictures of the event without you in it, but why does it have to be me, me, me. the uber thing, it is supply and demand as you said and capitalism and i love these same people who throw the taxi under the bus because they
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have rates they need to adhere to and it works when they are cheaper. but then suddenly when uber wants to make money then they are the bad guys. >> the whole point is to get drivers from the suburbs into the cities and that would happen for storms or anything that would create a demand. they don't even know what is going on on. you need to get the -- it is not about the customers. it is l getting the drivers in. if they don't have drivers, andy, you don't have cabs. passengers. glad you filled that out. that's your question. >> sweet. money for nothing here. >> do you think they should have given away free rides? >> i think there was a difference between as john said the laws of economics and pr. and it got to the point they were getting bad pr whether they should have been or not, and i agree they shouldn't have been. they are a company though and they have to be responsive to people. uber is free to charge what they want and people are free
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to say we don't like your surcharging policy and we will stop using your service. they can't just say screw you because they say screw you to the customers which generally does president -- doesn't work. when the drivers make more because uber raises the prices that's like hazard pay. you are asking them to drive into a potentially dangerous area, they should get paid more. what bothers me is the selfies. i like to call it is kardashian-ization of society. >> i heard that, but you crystallized it. before what i heard it it was vague. >> it just makes you think. >> i look at it as the andy levey-ization, stealing other people's material. >> the good news for me is i can't smile in pictures. i can take selfies because i won't look cheery. >> you can't say cheese. you can't say cheese. what do you say? >> i don't say anything there
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-- >> there are number of selfies. do you get telfies taken in uber? >> i haven't done that yet. i don't take them very often. it is more expensive than cabs here in new york. i am usually only gone a few blocks. i stay in the same radius every night. so definitely it stinks, but like andy said when there is something like this going on, they are putting themselves at risk. when i order a pizza and there is a blizzard, i tip them $2 extra. >> that is so true. i did that when we had the nor' easter and i order oned japanese food from the guy around the corner. >> you tipped them $2? >> on on top of what i would have tipped. that's probably a total of four. >> that's true though. that makes sense. >> the thing with the selfies, you expect it. i am not shocked by this at all. the sad thing is everyone
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complaining about this, there are still people liking it and commenting on on it and that's just fueling the craze. that's just encouraging people to continue doing this. >> also those on twitter who are condemning it are also vicariously participating in the the same act of attention seeking. >> that was very meta. >> i blew part of my brain over to the other side. >> we call that a stroke. also if you are on social media and tweeting about these people taking selfies, really you are participating in the whole thing. >> oh wow. >> you are no better. >> no better. >> screw yourself. >> don't take peeks at their leaks. they asked news, ons to stop doing stories obtained from the massive hack last month. the new york times, variety and others received a letter from sony's attorney saying the studio, quote, does not consent to your possession,
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review, copying, dissemination, publication, up loading, downloading or making any use of the stolen information. that's a lot of stuff. they do not delete or ignore the tearl. the -- they said sewn nay will pursue legal action. in a new "new york times" op-ed they published the e-mails and medical records and more, quote, morally treason nuss and spectacularly dishonorable and almost as bad as the show "the newsroom." over a bright a hunky he man hero writes, quote, perhaps it is time to realize we are all targets now and we must shame those who failed to see that sobering fact. i couldn't have said it better myself. bottom line, news outlets should not tug on that bikini that safeguards sony's private parts.
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>> okay, okay. >> if we were true to what i just said none of us would be looking at that right now. it would be deeply offensive, tom. is this the death of privacy. should we accept it and reduce the impact of it like we don't care? if i saw e-mails from you in which you were saying horrible things about me. >> which you do. >> yes, i do. i wake up early and you are still asleep. i will climb over on. should i say that's private and i need to erase it from my brain? >> sony i think has a point here. let's say, john, you work at the "new york times." if someone delivered to you private e-mails they got somewhere between the publisher and the editor of the "new york times," would you be willing to publish those? they are private and between -- you would? if i went to your house -- then it is okay if i went to your house and stole the mail
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out of your mailbox then that would be outrageous. it is the same thing with e-mails. i think a private correspondence between two people, unless it has real value to the general public -- >> that's different though. that's like if the mailbox -- if the mail fell out and then the letter just opened on the ground, you know, and then you are like, oh i should take a picture to show that this happened, and if you read it, well then you read it. >> that's highly moral of you. i made that point to my fox news brethren. i said what if it was e-mails of her rail dough or e-mails of lou dabs. what would happen? we don't have to worry about her her -- about geraldo. he looks great for 97. i got that backwards. it is 79. i just is a piece and joan
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heliman? >> mayo? >> heilpan -- heilman. the newspapers should be running these. >> i understand they want to do it. i am a con terror yen and i don't -- con -- contrarian. i think the press -- we publicize the bad stuff they do and basically we are just doing it with the e-mails and why are we doing it for them? >> it is almost the same thing with a nonstop coverage of a siege, correct? this is a small cafe in australia, but that person has generated worldwide fame. and therefore a guy in mill pea dis, california will do the same thing. >> more ray cruset. >> shout out to you, mill pea dis. >> terrorism started in the 19th century with newspapers.
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>> i will use that fact this weekend and i will not even attribute it to you. i will say to my relatives at christmas and your name will not come up. >> i don't know -- i won't even feel bad. andy, were you surprised that no other studios are speaking up? >> a little bit, except i feel like they probably think they can't speak up because people won't believe -- like they are not -- they can't be unbiased about this. it will look like they are just -- like they are afraid and that's why they are speaking up. i am a little confused, greg because i feel like this is the exact opposite position you took with snowden when we talk about stuff likeç that which is roughly when you are not doing something wrong you shouldn't be worried about privacy. >> wait a second. they are so different. i would say that the people who love snowden and aren't talking about this are hipocrites. leak you. like you. >> i am talking about this right now.
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>> only because you knew i was going to bring it up. >> i was talking about it every day. >> snowden stole information. >> i am not talking about that part. >> of course you are not. you are a traitor. >> i am not. >> he read these e-mails. this is old news to him. >> i am talking about the people whose attitude seems to generally be as i said well if you are not doing something wrong you shouldn't worry about privacy and now they are like -- lik -- >> i never said that. >> you did. can we roll that tape? >> there is no tape. if there is -- >> i'm sure there is. >> you will be doing the 5:00 a.m. show. >> i think there are good arguments on on the side that we shouldn't help the hackers of the sony can say what they want about legally they don't have a case. i don't know why they are bothering to do that. fuse is news. if someone else -- once one outlet is reporting it, then everybody ends up reporting it. it is the way it works. it is like my friend said to
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me about terrorism, terrorism never really started until you had mass media. >> in the 19th century. >> and yank this is similar. >> joanne, you read the stolen e-mails the moment they came out, didn't you? >> guilty. when i was reading news articles, whatever the newspapers published, that's what i read. i am not a big tabloid person. i have never been interested in the covers and about the celebrity gossip and the juicey stuff. this society will always be fascinated with what is forbidden. it is that idea of well, we wouldn't see this normally so we need to look at this now. it is interesting though when sewn fee is saying don't publish this. don't do this anymore. you know that request will get published as well it is -- it is a cycle of requests and publications. >> the one hipocracy is they didn't care about sara pay
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lynn's -- sarah palin's e-mails. the washington post wanted to crowd source. they wanted the e-mails and wanted to crowd source. were those leaked or were those part of a court case? >> they were written in crayon. i know that. >> there is stuff here that is newsworthy and there is stuff that is actually -- it is just gossip. i would personally -- i wouldn't have published the gossip stuff probably. but there is newsworthy stuff by the fact the ceo ordered it tuned down. they went ahead and did that. i think that is something that serves the public interest to know that this corporation is doing that. >> that makes sense. but then once you you do that, like your news -- your gossip is my news. i really wanted to read about the fact that george clooney is deeply hurt by the reviews of "monument men" so i won't
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read it, but i want to read it. the greatest looking man on the planet loses sleep. i don't want to be humanized. my e-mails were dehumanizing. >> the first e-mails leaked were about angelina jolie being a spoiled brat and the big headlines. >> it was. and did it help or hurt her? i don't know. she is really america's sweetheart. >> now she has the chicken pox. >> a pox are on her chicken. gloves, apparel that warms your hands, or signaling devices in the coming apocalypse. but first, should the cia apologize for torture? we report and you mail me $500 in unmarked bills. 'wóóñt
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she can't stay away from uva. the horrible journalist behind the discredited rolling stone piece aty of virginia is apparently giving it another try. the associated press reports that sabrina has contacted three friends of the alleged victim, it is something she didn't do before writing her story about jackie and told them she is rereporting the whole thing. the friends say thisy were completely -- they were completely miss portrayed and one said the writer apologized. among other things they described the friends as mainly concerned about the social price of jackie reporting her alleged rape. but they say that in reality they told her to go to the police, but she refused. anyway, "red eye" sent an undercover reporter and learned the real story.
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>> if i only had that grace. should she be rereporting the story? maybe it would be better off getting somebody else to do it? >> i feel so much better. she will finally get to the bottom of this thing. jason blair didn't try to make them up again. >> steven blair -- no that's glass. steven glass bear -- jason blair did they all get second chances? seems like one went to law school and then came back. >> he wrote a book, but he didn't go back to reporting. >> that's a shame. he was a swell chap. would anybody trust what he
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writes ever again? how can you? she has admitted that she -- what she essentially does is she reverse engineers stories. she said this is going to be the end and i have to work backwards. >> first of all, rolling stone used to be relevant and no longer relevant. when they put tsarnaev on they lost all credibility. character assassination and shoty journalism. and by the way fraternities shouldn't get a bad name. there is one house there, stay away. the other ones are all good and my fraternity taught us philanthropy and leadership skills and nice things and brotherhood and not rape. i don't know why. i think she got shot down from a sorority and she is bitter about it. >> i don't know. for a lot of people it was an easy villain and she went in there with the express desire to take him down. i guess the campus already had some issues going on there.
12:23 am
joanne, should jackie's friends even be talking to her to set this straight or demand a new writer? >> i think at this point they just want their story to come out. if she is feeling sorry for what she should, she should paint them in a better light. i am fascinated she still has a job, that she hasn't left or wasn't fired. we see people that will tweet something insensitive and they are gone without an explanation. this is just so odd to me. i think it has to do with the subject matter that they are not. and then they will give her a second chance again because it was her narrative. she will set things right now. but really how can we ever trust her? >> and if they fire her, it is almost as though she is now the victim. especially in the light of a feature that is about victimization, rolling stone is too afraid to become the masculine villain.
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>> it may be a legal thing where they will be sued very badly and they would rather have her on their side than separated for helping the other side. >> that's what it is. tas exactly what it is. we don't even have to finish the segment. i will not even go to andy. you were going to say something? go ahead. >> yeah. first of all, she is not rereporting it. that would imply she reported it the first time. what she is doing may not be with rolling stone's blessing. we don't know that. rolling stone editor will dana -- by the way that is a sorkin character name. >> that is dana will. >> he didn't comment -- we have no idea if she was assigned to rereport or if she is doing it on her own. maybe if i do this now and then give it to rolling stone, everything will be okay. also, i don't think she is on staff at rolling stone. i don't think there is any firing that would go on on.
12:25 am
they just wouldn't hire the story. basically no more writing is what you are saying. >> but if i were the three friends of jackie's the only three words i would have would be to invite her to perform in action that is anna tom mickly mickly -- anatomically impossible. if they are smart they will just tell her they will not talk to her. >> it really is. to use an analogy it is like letting a chef cook another meal after poisoning the entire restaurant. you don't let the babysitter baby-sit your other kid after she dropped the other one down the laundry chute. >> thank you. you have done quite enough already. >> exactly. exactly. you just go, go away. there was a piece, before we move on, glen reynolds in usa today saying the real hoax is not just jackie's story, but there is a campus rape epidemic and that you could not say.
12:26 am
and it is true. the doj makes sense to you now. it all makes sense. you know the one and five thing, it just didn't make sense. the stuff they have there makes sense. even those who did the study say it is not accurate. it was two colleges. oddly, people are saying this rolling stone piece may have hurt the rape victims. but it actually helped. it got people to look at the real statistics and truth can never hurt, right? how does that hurt rape vac -- victims? >> it hurts activists because they want the federal government to get involved. >> i do think the victims will think twice about coming forward and if they don't have all of the details of the story they might not of the they don't want this srt of reaction from people they tell. , but that would be on the writer for creating this mess
12:27 am
with jackie. it is in the necessarily the -- society's fault. it is the fault of these people for making it harder. >> this reminded me of the duke lacrosse thing. now they were besmirched by this woman. it is unfortunate and i don't think she should get another chance, period. >> i can't understand why they say when we have to keep rape victims in mind and obviously it is bad, but the people who were hurt are these fraternities. i don't see the president of uva apologizing. she keeps saying, no we have to focus on the phony rape epidemic. >> and nobody says that could be my son in that fraternity. nobody is saying that. coming up, christmas and then new year's for ad four decades and then you die. first, rg gets a makeover while jug head gets hepititis. first a word from our sponsor. >> our sponsor is oranges.
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oranges, the only good part of a soccer game. when you taste this delicious fruit at half time you will forget you are mad at your mom for forcing you to sign up for this dumb sport. thank you, oranges.
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?ai they are making archie less starchy. the freckled-faced freak is
12:32 am
getting a new look and an edgier attitude. next year is the 75th year anniversary. archie should be dead. and they want to shake things up. they will face darker and more complicated situations and it coincides with the development of a fox tv series called riverdale as well as an apparel line by the designer mark echo, echo. and lena done -- dunham is writing for the issue. i know that was stupid. that is the whole point. we want to keep the lighthearted and the family friendly tone. we have to do it in the present times and that forces us to change. i believe we have a preview of the new archie. you shouldn't have betrayed me. oh wow, that's beautiful. we made that. i guess we have to say we made that or they will sue us. you are like an archie who
12:33 am
works out. >> archie has the initials aa and i'm an aa. that's the only similarity. they already made it so dark. they have already had zombies over run riverdale. archie is already dead. >> he died. >> how dark do you want to go? is jug head a crack head and is the soda shop a meth lab? jay how far do we have to go before we erase the archie i grew up with. >> i never got into archie. i never understood the appeal. i was more into the duck who never wore pants. >> scrooge. >> i think it was scrooge. >> i guess none of them wore pants. >> i like ducks when they don't wear pants. it doesn't even have to be in a comic strip. go to my website, ducks without pants .org. >> afflac. >> when ever they try to make something edgy does it ever succeed? give them a skateboard and mountain dew.
12:34 am
>> archie, it is hard to imagine bringing him up-to-date. lena scares me. will she have veronica write an essay that it was a guy archie who played in the band. and then she says it was a pseudonym. it wasn't him. >> no the that archie. it was jug head. >> it was a guy who woulder a weird crown hat. i pulled that ut on of thin air. it is not that jug head. it is a jug head in mill pea dis. what are the odds of that? will this make over attract younger readers in their early 30s such as yourself? >> bite your tongue. maybe. i never heard of archie until i started doing this show. we have done about three stories on it, and now i am a little more familiar. >> what comics did you grow up on, might i add? >> my mom read "dover."
12:35 am
>> not a fan of kathy? >> no. >> "for better or worse"? >> no, but i like the idea of aiming it toward the younger audience. remember on the cw there was the superman with all of the heartthroby looking teen. so long as you have a zac efron -- >> was it "smallville"? >> that's what it was! if you cast the right people and the writing is not awful you will have followers. it is not like par veal though. that's a whole cast of characters and not one. >> andy, you like aiming at younger audiences, how do you feel her stepping in will help? could she help it or hurt it? >> she will make archie into as big of a hit as girls is. if you grew up and read archie you always wanted to see betty and veronica naked. >> that is going to happen.
12:36 am
>> i like that they are aiming this at people in their early 30s like myself. that is great. can we talk about scwug head. maybe time to lose the whoopie cap. i just learned that. jay nobody wore that in real life. >> they did in the 20s, 30s and 40s. gomer wall a whoopie cap. it is like a fedora. you turn it inside out. >> it is like a christmas popper. >> oh i thought it was something else. before i move on, you know what edgy archie is and i don't foe who else will understand this, but the cereal, the thing about the pod cast because it is like teen inning aers who killed somebody. it is like teenagers who killed somebody. i kept listening because it is gossip about high school kids. that's what edgy archie should
12:37 am
be. could learning twitter make grandpa less bitter? according to a new british study , my favorite six words, social media could help the elderly feel less lonely. people between the ages of 60 and 95 are trained how to use social media. they later reported heightened feelings of self-confidence. they weren't doing anything before. and a stronger since of personal identity. it is no surprise we stepped to do better when we have the capacity to connect with others. can older people get the hang of twitter 1234 let's take a look. let's take a look. ♪
12:38 am
>> that was awful. >> 90 years young. >> john, here is my feeling. grandma lacks a filter. says inappropriate things. should she be on twitter? >> it was made for her obviously. they have -- young people complain that they are wasting too much time on twitter. i think only old people should be on. they have time for social media and we don't. >> i feel, however, tomhey are e an intra net. not an internet. it can't leave a thousand people. i worry they will be financially taken vapg. i have a theory on that. what is your take? >> god gave them arthritis so they can't text and use keyboards. what is wrong with needle point and bingo? why do thisy have to get involved that we are.
12:39 am
it is like your mother getting involved on your facebook. my mother asked why i -- my aunt asked why i don't poke her or tag her. you don't want them on tinder. you don't want a guying gentlemanned up on viagra and trying to hookup. present company exclude had. it makes me uncomfortable. >> joanne, are your parents on social media? >> a little bit. every time there is a new site i have to sit down and teach my mom. it is a lesson we have to go through and i don't have the patience for that. like a # would be a week long lesson. this study just shows that there is a bigger problem in our society. the fact that we are too dependent on on other people for you are on happiness and satisfaction. we need to find that happiness from within. >> we are talking about a vibrator. >> what? no. go to andy.
12:40 am
>> andy, you were talking earlier about a vibrator. >> yes, i was. >> it was a neck vibrator because you have a strained neck. >> a great store, by the way. a lot of people walk by it. you go in there and can spend hours. >> you can get everything from feet to neck. >> that massage chair, i will lie face down in it. i don't care. i don't care until they pull mooy off. >> restraining order. >> exactly. exactly. >> i do things in there that no one should do, andy. >> the issue is i notice with older people and i love older people, but they don't pay attention to the text. they will write something and it will come outcome pleatly different. i said you didn't mean to say that. >> it is going to be pictures of grandkids mixed with racially inappropriate posts that use words that we don't use and haven't used. >> sweeping generalizations.
12:41 am
sweeping generalizations. >> you know i am right. i expect that from you. >> i'm sure it is right and good for those who can't get out. it lets them connect with other people. i agree. it will involve accidental postings of things that should never, ever been seen. i have come so close to tweeting stuff because i didn't lock my phone and i put it in. -- i put it in my pocket. the other thing too -- gill i think that happened with some of your columns. it was amazing. i wrote a thousand words with my thigh. here is my theory. the success of the. jeer yen -- the nigerian e-mails. they are the ones who write back because they may be loany loo. and so you fiend out -- when
12:42 am
your grandmother dies there is nothing in the will because there is a guy in nigeria with a will roughs royce. with a rolls-royce. >> nobody listens to me. time to take a break. we are not doing that story. we are doing that other story when we come back. "not cool" order it. back in a moment. first here is what is coming up tomorrow on "the independents." >> guys tomorrow night i will hit the streets and ask the nice people around a fox what their favorite christmas move veas are. >> what is your favorite christmas move vea sph. >> a christmas story. >> what is score favorite christmas movie? >> "it's a wonderful life." >> it is a wound of life. a wonderful life. >> more tomorrow nate on the fox business network.
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should we apologize to the bad guys? jackie spear? spier? they would like the cia to issue a formal apology that was detailed in the senate report. >> you issued a statement calling the revelations from yesterday's report, quote, grotesque. what part of the summary shocked you most? >> every single page had something in the executive
12:47 am
summary that shocked me. >> should the agency issue an apology? >> absolutely. >> she never said to whom they should apologize, so it is safe to say she wants us to apologize. clearly she doesn't love america. love means never having to say you're sorry. go ahead and defend your hero. i assume she meant to the american people and not to the terrorists. jay -- i am not sure what good an apology does. but do you think we don't owe an uh poll scree to the 26 -- don't owe an apology to the 26 people people -- does she owe an apology to the person who was forced to stand for 48 hours and slammed into walls
12:48 am
and he was hallucinating of his wife and children and begging to be killed before the informant said he made it all up? do we owe him an apology? >> here is the thing. when someone -- >> this is the reason i am against the death penalty. mistakes are made, greg. every time the state gets more power there are more abuses of the power and it is hard to make things right. you can't unkill somebody and you can't untorture somebody. >> you sound like a jilted lover. really. you keep bringing up the past. >> the cia and i used to date. >> we don't have much time. my theory is, i don't disagree with you and i feel bad about those horrible things, but they do happen. last resorts happen for a reason. they are last resorts. can -- cannibalism, sometimes they have to do things. >> i am waiting for an apology
12:49 am
and i don't think it is coming. >> what do you think? >> i am against torture. >> use floury language. the cia needs to soul search. how about some of the politicians do that in this nontransparent administration? >> nicely done, ms. outnumbered. jay coming up the most fascinating story today. the conference call.
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the ultimate arena for business. hour after hour of diving deep, touching base, and putting ducks in rows. the only problem with conference calls: eventually they have to end. unless you have the comcast business voiceedge mobile app.
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it lets you switch seamlessly from your desk phone to your mobile with no interruptions. i've never felt so alive. get the future of phone and the phones are free. comcast business. built for business. perino, who is that? >> e block. last story. that's the last story. >> did a mall enhrall1234 barbara walters unveiled her most fascinated people in 2014. walters says the human rights lawyers married to clooney was called one of the greatest achievements in human history beating out the polio vaccine.
12:54 am
other fascinating people include taylor swift, this young man here and elan musk and oprah winfrey. here is a list of our most fascinating people. have a gander, gander havers. ♪ >> that is a list. we are better choices than mrs. george clooney. she does a lot of human rights work. >> i am not sure the point of the list.
12:55 am
last year the winner was hillary clinton. if that is your bar for fascination, is it something you want to win? i don't know. >> that's true. she is a step up from hillary, tom. any notables left out for you? >> first of all, last year hillary and this year amahl. the liberal lefty lawyer ladies. that's who she chooses. barbara is losing it. there was a collegiate wrestler with one leg who won the championship. more fascinating. also slept with clooney. >> you don't know that. joanne, do you think you will ever make the list? >> i don't want to be on the list. the winner does president -- doesn't get anything. >> wherever you go, you ask am i on the list? >> i just leak the list. she is so fascinating. she is like a mythical unicorn. she is a woman who has it all. you can't really have that. >> and her name backwards is
12:56 am
lamah. i write a lot of erotic llama fiction. sometimes in the bath. is it sexist that she is only fascinating because of her husband? >> honestly, i don't uppedz why there hasn't been a huge uproar about this from feminists. she is an author and human rights lawyer and represented julian assange who i can't stand, but it is an achievement. she works to protect kids from being raped and murdered in war zones and as far as barbara walters is concerned she married george clooney? >> you don't understand. feminists love george clooney. >> nobody loves george clooney more than i did. >> put a d at the end ofand not. >> georgeed? >> loved. >> george clooney? >> never mind. >> it is like a weird -- i don't like that at all. you bother me.
12:57 am
as i said before, i am fascinated by people, but by behavior, i don't understand why people eat crews stations. crustaceans. they are awful and terrible. bye. standard, are they?
12:58 am
12:59 am
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you don't get it, you're losing a bundle. . i'm kimberly, along with bob, greg, dana and it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." it is 9:00 a.m. in sidney australia. a city on edge after a jihadist inspired by isis took a cafe under siege, holding more than a dozen people hostage for more than 16 hours. the standoff ended after the police stormed the cafe after the sound of


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