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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  December 17, 2014 3:00am-6:01am PST

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can and cannot say. >> tough. grow thicker skin. thanks to everyone who responded. interesting points of view. >> they certainly are. >> "fox & friends," they start right now. >> good morning. it is wednesday, december 17. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert. hackers threatening a 9/11-style terror attack if sony shows the movie "the interview." this morning the premiere is canceled, we're hearing, and breaking details just ahead. >> meanwhile, he sued the widow of veteran sniper chris kyle and won nearly $2 million. >> how do you pursue a lawsuit for the troops? i would have been a big-time loser had i not pursued the lawsuit. >> that apparently not enough for jesse ventura. who the former governor is going after now. >> they thought mom was halfway around the world. >> hi, pretty girls.
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i love you and i miss you and i wanted to say how proud i am of you. >> please welcome home early from deployment special jannae guarantee. gshes >> by the way, mornings are better with friend. >> happy hanukkah and merry christmas and morning are better with friend. go giants! >> scottie behind camera 2. can we take a look at him? there's scottie. he's one of the elfs who came in early. the elfs came in and completely decorated our set. >> he's musical. >> thank you very much for joining us on this very busy wednesday morning. we've got a fox news alert
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to kick things off with. you know the sony pictures movie that depicts -- it's called "the interview" and it's about the assassination of kim jong un. sony was not going to cancel the premiere on principle but it was scheduled to be at landmark's sunshine cinema here in new york city and the owner of the theater said you know what? just not worth it.
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>> they use a third party to start infiltrating hollywood. then people are going to be afraid to make >> the threat taken to a new level. this is really unprecedented. >> we've been sitting on
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the sidelines kind of watching this but i think this is unbelievable that we cow towed because they couldn't keep the theater safe? of course they could. >> keep in mind, and sony has apparently canceled the interviews with setting rogan and james franco. the l.a. premiere was last week. it went off without a hitch. here's this outfit -- keep in mind they have only done thing on-line. the department of homeland security says there is no information of any credible threat and yet the theater company has decided not worth the trouble. keep in mind this is their big season. one problem could destroy the entire christmas season. at the same time by caving, the terrorists just won. do you really think that north korea or their affiliates are going to send terrorists to a theater in new york city?
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do you really think that's going to happen? >> why would they let the l.a. premiere go off as well? >> terrorism is all about scaring people and they have done that to this company. but really the chances of something happening, i think are slim given that all the law enforcement authorities say we've got nothing on our radar. >> -- denied the involvement but praised the cyber attacks at the same time. >> 278 theaters, almost 3,000 screens, 41 states, they might not put this up. they say it is up to you individually. it is up to individual theater owners. people don't like the content of our comedy they're going to affect our freedom of speech. >> and the jobs of all those involved. you go to the base of this, this is about taking away the ability of people to do their work. setting rogen and james franco said they could never predict the real-world drama
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surrounding a fictional story. >> it will probably be a long time before anyone makes a movie about north korea. now they will wonder should we do something about al qaeda? now they're worried about cyber terrorism. cyber terrorism is when they go into your bank account and all of a sudden there is zero or when they shut down the power grid. remember the super bowl last year. or is this simply about trying to scare that company that made the movie and suggesting we're going to do what the last thing you want to do. you're out to make money. we're going to see to it you don't make any money from this movie. >> they might not want any more personal e-mails out there. a lot of executives saying i know what's in my e-mail account. i'm not going to get into this. i say it's a real -- this is not a comedy anymore. this is a dangerous story.
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>> do you think it's funny or not? let us know. is it cyber terrorism or is it maybe some executive at sony trying to run -- >> the big question is what does ainsley think of the set now that it's all juiced up? do you like it? >> yes, it's beautiful. >> a week from today. >> better get that shopping done. 7-eleven? you're buying a slurpee for your wife. we're learning more about one of the worst terror tax in pakistan's history. terrorists stormed an army school in peshewar killing 141 people most of those young schoolchildren. the white house not mentioning the taliban at all. president obama's statement read -- quote -- "by targeting students and teachers in this heinous
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attack, terrorists have once again showed their depravity." unconstitutional, a federal judge firing off at president obama's executive action on immigration. the u.s. district court judge saying the president's actions violated the separation of powers making it unconstitutional. this is the first court opinion on the president's controversial policy change, but the ruling came in a criminal case, not in a case directly challenging the action. so it's still unclear if it will have any effect. new york city police offering a $12,000 reward in the search for the suspects accused of attacking two cops on the brooklyn bridge. seven people are linked to that attack. cops looking for nearly a dozen witnesses they believe could help in tracking them down. the group was trying to stop cops from busting a baruch college professor who tried to top a metal garbage can on to other
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officers. 70 years ago joe din mark was in the battle of the bulling. now 89 years old he recounts his capture and trying to survive. >> we had no blankets, no food, no water. what kept me going, the will to live, the desire. one thing i learned is i learned to pray and i learned that every day is a bonus. >> demler who at one point weighed just 70 pounds says he's just one of the fortunate guys. those are your headlines. >> ainsley, thank you. we'd like to thank our friends at 1-800-flowers for all the beautiful festivity. >> i made the move to be a member. i'm a one-touch guy. i click on it and all my stats are on there. all i have to do is use my
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credit card and it will go through. >> i sent flowers today. a friend's birthday is today. she's winding up with flowers from them. jeb bush testing the waters for a possible presidential run. >> anna kooiman is live in the studio. what will his announcement mean for the field of likely contender out there? >> former florida governor jeb bush takes the biggest step yet toward a presidential run in 2016 announcing this on facebook. as a result of these conversations and thoughtful consideration of the kind of strong leadership i think america need, i have decided to actively explore the possibility of running for president of the united states. bush is the nation's first son and brother of president to pursue the white house himself. his fom, -- his mom, former first lady barbara bush saying this about his presidential run in march. >> he is the best qualified in the country, no question
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about that. put me down as saying that. >> i've got a feeling if he runs you would vote for him? >> of course i would. >> just checking. >> analysts say an early announcement gives bush a head start with donors, activists and grass roots organizers. >> it is a big deal because those who would be on his, let's say his wing of the spectrum are going to have to rethink whether they want to go up against jeb bush and how good a chance they're going to have. it creates an instant front-runner for good or for ill. it will discourage some of the fringe candidates. >> a brand-new fox news poll showing 19% of registered republican voters prefer mitt romney as the nominee. jeb bush coming in second with 10%. if the election were to be held today former secretary of state hillary clinton would edge bush 49% to 42% among registered voters. independents split their support 41% for clinton and 38% for bush. >> and they're off. thank you, anna.
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here's what you're seeing on our "fox & friends" fame regarding this. i would like to see mitt romney run. >> jeremy also on facebook said i want a cruz-gowdy ticket. >> i saw donald trump not happy about it. ted cruz was nice and deferential. a fellow texan. let's talk about the war on christmas. are we finally ready to get over the war on christmas? is america ready to accept on public lands different religious displays? >> according to a recent pew study, they are. christian displace will -- displays will be allowed on public property? 72% said yes. >> pew asked people how do you feel this time of year? 82% of you say you feel
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joyful. 36% of you say i'm too stressed out to take the poll! >> a lot of people can relate to that. let us know how you're feeling this morning as well. >> one week till christmas eve. >> not to stress you out. this coming up, do you think something is wrong with you but doctor after doctor can't figure it out. there is a brand-new way to find out and access the best doctors in the world without costing a penny. >> remember the officials accused of misleading the country about care for our veterans? why are they still getting big pensions, thanks to our tax dollars? that story straight ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪ thank you for being my hero and my dad. military families are uniquely thankful for many things,
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hello... i'm an idaho potato farmer and our big idaho potato truck is still missing. so my buddy here is going to help me find it. here we go. woo who, woah, woah, woah.
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it's out there somewhere spreading the word about america's favorite potatoes: heart healthy idaho potatoes and the american heart association's go red for women campaign. if you see it i hope you'll let us know. always look for the grown in idaho seal. >> good morning. the v.a. is back on the hot seat. in april the department issued a fact sheet claiming since 1999, 76 veterans suffered serious harm and of those 23 died from extreme treatment delays. but the department's top watchdog now says the v.a. only looked at record as far back as 2007 and it misled congress and the american people. hence, it's a lot worse. here to react is indiana
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congresswoman jackie warlawsky. what is your reaction? >> there is a copy of the report. it is absolutely outrageous. that is why i've been so passionate on the v.a. committee. it's been four months since we passed that v.a. bill, the reform bill that was supposed to take care of a lot of this. this points to the fact that we are treating our best and brightest veterans this way, that we ask them to fight for freedom and liberty and they do and they come home and the government walks way. it is completely wrong. this is the kind of stuff that not only on the jurisdiction of the committee and the oversight we provide, but the v.a. lied to the american people again. they lied to the media again. this goes back to my thought months ago when i asked for secretary shinseki's resignation and i was confident we would be able to prosecute, imprison and fire a whole lot of these middle level and senior level executives. this stuff cannot go on.
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>> the report says you can only get rid of a very small number of them according to a new director. listen to how some are exiting. susan taylor former deputy chief for the v.a., worked to overturn an agency moratorium on the work by the firm. interfered with the investigation. the i.g. recommended criminal charges but the d.o.j. declined. took early retirement, will get pension. similar with goldman, former director. retired before removal, will likely get his pension. that is hardly punishment. >> not only is it not punishment but these people have to go but i don't want to see them go out either. they should not be exiting by default. they should be fired and somebody need to go to prison. what this report just said
3:20 am
is we'll never know how many millions of veterans fell through this gigantic lapse of insanity and that's wrong. we are going to get to the bottom of it. >> with your bill came a whole lot of money to fix something that also had a lot of money. again we're not getting results. there's no retribution and no hell to pay. what kind of message is it to the next generation of v.a. leader and administrators? >> there has to be transparency and accountability in the v.a. whatever it is going to take from the congressional side i'm going to be there leading the way making sure we absolutely get what the american people and our veterans deserve. >> thank you so much. have a great holiday. coming up straight ahead, it's a revolutionary new service. the best doctors in the world are at your beck and call to diagnose your mystery illness and their success rate is incredible. details ahead. could rudy giuliani's
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the passenger on this plane thought they were going to die. check out some of these pictures. severe turbulence flipped over a bar cart. more than a dozen people hurt. the american airlines flight from south korea was on its way to dallas when a storm forced them to land in japan. a video in to "fox & friends" looks like something out of a movie. cast away lost for six days rescued by the coast guard.
3:25 am
a plane spots him by chance on a deserted island in the bahamas. the 39-year-old set out on a raft when he was flipped out to sea. expected to be okay. >> how many people out there have had a medical problem their doctors couldn't figure out? now there is an on-line service where you can literally plug in your problem, tell somebody what's bothering you and medical detectives from across the globe will try to figure out what's the matter with you. >> fascinating. it's called crowd med and our own dr. marc siegel sat down with the founder and c.e.o. and he joins us to tell us about it. crowdmed, i'm blown away by this idea. how does it exactly work? >> i was dubious about it because i believe in medical intuition, one on one but they also have live chats. they have 80 to 100 disease detectives from around the country that weigh in and they simulate a medical history. i spoke to the creator of
3:26 am
it. let's watch what he said how it works. >> we ask questions about your symptoms, history, family medical history. really any clues that our medical detectives, that is what we call the people who solve the cases. >> how do you figure out who the best detectives are? >> you have to prove yourself over time to build up a detective rating which is a score from one to ten we assign every single case in our community. only by proving to be helpful to patients and suggesting accurate diagnostic and solution suggestions can you gain influence and be considered one of our top case solvers. >> to be a top case solver, he screens people. but where are they from and how many are they, these disease detectives? >> they are all over the country. he does screen them and they get rating based on how well they solve cases. it is really medical
3:27 am
intuition. i can tell you having been in practice for over 20 years it varies from one to the other. what is really interesting is how he came up with this. >> the inspiration for crowdmed was my little sister carley who spent three years with a difficult, chronic undiagnosed medical condition. over that three year period i watched her bounce from doctor to doctor, she saw dozens of physicians. nobody could figured it out. our family and insurance company incurred six figure medical bills and it showed me inefficiencies that exist in the medical system when it comes to helping patients with difficult to diagnose conditions. >> he went all over the country to try to solve it, even went to the n.i.h. nobody could figure it out. he said what if it was someone else? he thought what if someone else was like my sister. now people can go to this website. they can put up different amounts of money. either nothing or different amounts of money. i've seen up to $1,000 up
3:28 am
there. the disease detectives who solve it split it up. >> a lot of people who have suffered for years would pay anything if they could find out what's the matter. >> you know the problem doctors interest? they keep thinking again and again, they get locked in and when you look at a case, you don't look at it with a fresh set of eyes. if you go to a website like this, you have 100 different eyes on this you can solve the problem. >> while it is a different site, i would imagine if you can't afford anything they're not going to charge you? >> absolutely not. they have a point system for doctors, they rate them and have the best in the country. >> there is transparency for cases accurately diagnosed? >> yes. they'll tell you on the website how long a case has been up there. i saw one yesterday that has been there 87 days. no one solved it yet. they're very transparent.
3:29 am
>> >> not all the diagnoses are for real. some are just people worried too much. >> if you're interested go to >> i'm impressed. good to see you. >> exactly 29 minutes after the top of the hour on this wednesday. he sued the widow of veteran sniper chris kyle and won nearly $2 million but that's not enough for jesse ventura. who the former governor is going after now. >> brian has a special guest this morning. >> this is petra. she's coming up. >> she's a super model. >> we wish a happy birthday to pope francis. he is 78 years old today. a blessed birthday! ♪
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this cloud turns data into excitement. this is the microsoft cloud. your shot of the morning. here it goes. liberal brad woodhouse and conservative dallas woodhouse are brothers on opposite sides of the political aisle. the siblings and political strategists have had heated arguments in the past and they're having one on c-span's washington journal when this happens. >> let's go to joy in raleigh, north carolina. >> hey, somebody from down south. >> you're right i'm from down south. >> oh god, it's mom! >> and i'm your mother. and i disagree that all families are like ours. i don't know many families that are fighting at thanksgiving. and i'm hoping you'll have some of this out of your system when you come here for christmas.
3:34 am
>> the brothers and their mom will join us live coming up on "fox & friends" 7:20 eastern time. >> they're in agreement that they are going to be here hopefully? >> yes. >> you never talk about religion or politics at those events when people have other opinions. >> unless you do it for a living and then you see your enemy across -- >> obviously the mother is really bothered by it. sheefts -- she wants a peaceful, thankful, grateful thanksgiving. >> no arguments in the earhart family. >> let me tell you what's happening in the news this morning. don't worry, these six former gitmo detainees that you see there are not terrorists. that's at least what the president of uruguay says that the u.s. officials told them before his country accepted these prisoners. but guess what? five of the six gitmo
3:35 am
detainees were labeled as high risk by joint task force for gitmo. all six suspected of having ties with al qaeda. the men were seen strolling through uruguay last week buying food and giving a thumbs up to the cam ravment >> the widow of -- >> when the truth came out, it never occurred. >> ventura was awarded $1.8 million. now he is suing the book publisher force $150,000 in damages. they smashed windows, lit fires and even beat fellow protesters. now those same berkeley, california, protesters angrily voicing their opinion about police
3:36 am
tactics during those demonstrations. a town meeting turned ugly saying the protests were peaceful and police used tear gas and rubber bullets. >> i was arrested for having a peaceful protest. what more? what more? >> you are the controller, and the chief of police should be controlling the police. >> in one night alone police arrested more than 150 people. a convicted murderer will no longer be getting a sex change on the taxpayers' dime. michelle formerly known as robert is serving a lifetime sentence for killing his wife in 1990. two years ago a district court ruled the $50,000 sex change operation would be funded by taxpayers. a federal appeals court is now striking down that decision saying not providing the treatment is not considered cruel and unusual punishment.
3:37 am
and those are your headlines. back to you guys. >> ainsley, thank you. >> thanks for that uplifting story. >> i didn't know where it was going. maria, i know where she is. she's outside in the weather. >> that's right. we're tracking a lot of weather throughout the country today. we have multiple storm systems, one of them located across parts of new england and the upper great lakes producing areas of snow and rain rrl -- early today. we've been talking about threats in california producing localized flooding. looking at higher elevation snowfall. in the center of the country another storm system developing. light snow expected across parts of kansas and also into missouri. let's head back inside. >> maria, thank you very much. >> remember this wave. it has been nearly ten years since a devastating
3:38 am
tsunami struck. >> model anna petrova hung on to a tree for eight hours. her fiancee did not survive. >> that did not stop her from giving back. she is here with a big announcement. >> thank you. thank you so much for having me. so amazing to see you. thank you for being part of this big announcement. >> let's hear it. >> saw you on instagram and you're here to announce something. tell us. >> the last time i was here it was six months ago. happy hearts built 85 schools at that time in seven countries. i announced it is the anniversary of the tsunami, so guess what? we did 107 schools in nine countries. >> you were here six months
3:39 am
ago. >> yes. >> the buildings are fantastic. these are not just in thailand? >> they are in nine countries around the world. and how did it happen? through partnership. we have amazing partners on the ground, amazing partners in u.s. it is our donors, our volunteers, all about coming together because together we are stronger and we can get things faster, as you can see, and better. >> when you see those images, gut wrenching. >> it's been ten years since the tsunami hit and you've done something positive after some of the most horrific things that could happen to anybody. what do you think about ten years from that day? >> well, the day when everything happened there was lots of suffering, and people were ready to risk their own lives for lives of strangers. and i had urge since the beginning to go and help
3:40 am
those who are suffering. i could go back to my family in czech republic and people in indonesia, they lost their homes, lost their schools and often many family members. they didn't have anything to go back to. so i wanted to go and give them this because schools are the centers of the communities. they impact children, families. ten years from now there's a lot going on and i think definitely one amazing chapter is about to close and you want to open. the unfortunate thing is the last decade has been increase of natural disasters of 17% and projections are even worse. from brooking institute it is going to be 320% increase in the next 20 years. so we have to act in a
3:41 am
practical way because we reacted. >> it's almost impossible to believe it has been ten years. we were on the couch. we remember that day. the day after christmas of this year you're going to go back. i don't think after what happened to me there, i would not go back. >> it's -- i'm sure it's going to be emotional. on 26 of december, actually in ten days' time i will be in thailand with many people who have been impacted, many people from different countries are coming. and we're going to have a commemoration ceremony and actually light candles all together. we ask everyone to join us in commemorating all the lives lost. light a candle take a picture and if you want you can share a story. do you remember where were you ten years ago during the tsunami? where were you? >> with my family at home when my family, my husband
3:42 am
was watching at another location. another sofa here. wherever everyone was, our hearts are with you. you have done an exceptional job bringing light to this situation, a situation so devastating. >> if people would like more information about the happy hearts fund that has helped build, rebuild 107 schools around the country check out "fox & friends".com. petra, thank you so much. >> we look forward to seeing your video after you come back. >> coming up on this wednesday, could rudy giuliani's portrait be banned from city hall here in new york city because he's too white? the answer is yes. that story next. >> they thought their mom was halfway around the world but they were wrong. mom and daughters together here live. >> hi, pretty girls. i love you and miss you. i want to say how proud i
3:43 am
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>> new york city's liberal mayor bill de blasio under fire for undermining his own police department. now he's attempting to apparently rewrite history. the mayor reportedly wants to revamp city hall's very nice art collection because it contains too many portraits of white men. joining us is the former vice president of the public design commission. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> what's he doing? >> well, it's not clear yet. but the idea is that the mayor would like to include more art in the city hall that reflects the diversity of the city. >> clearly the art collection reflects the history of new york city
3:47 am
accurately. >> well, it represents accurately the leaders of the city, the governors, the mayors. so it's a particular history. >> who would be taken down off the wall? >> we don't know. >> george washington is on the wall there. would they take him out? >> hopefully not. >> what about tom jefferson? >> i don't think so. >> rudy giuliani. he probably doesn't like rudy giuliani. he might be prying him off the wall now. >> i think that could be possible but hopefully not. >> what do you think is happening here, michelle? is it a political agenda that he's just trying to push? >> he has a progressive agenda that he would like to see implemented and to shake things up and to shake things up in city hall would, i guess, be a part of that. it's problematic because those portraits have just undergone major conservation so they have been all fixed up. >> who would he like to put in their place, in washington and giuliani's
3:48 am
place? >> perhaps heroes of the past who have not been included in city hall. we don't know yet. >> any suggestions? >> it's hard to say because, for example, african-americans and hispanics, chinese were not governors and mayors and leaders in the 19th century. so the thing that we need to focus on is why and to use those portraits as the way to explore those issues, not take them down. >> all right. thank you very much for joining us. that's what the mayor is thinking about doing here in new york. all right. >> thank you. >> all right. thanks, michelle. merry christmas. coming up, they thought their mom was halfway around the world. >> hi, pretty girls. i love you and i miss you and i just wanted to say how proud i am of you. >> please welcome home
3:49 am
early from deployment. >> mom and her daughters are here next. well another great thing about all this walking i've been doing is that it's given me time to reflect on some of life's biggest questions. like, if you could save hundreds on car insurance by making one simple call, why wouldn't you make that call? see, the only thing i can think of is that you can't get any... bars. ah, that's better. it's a beautiful view. i wonder if i can see mt. rushmore from here. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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coming up, her daughters thought they were getting a chance to perform with the colts cheerleaders. they had no idea that this was
3:53 am
about to happen. >> hi, pretty girls. i love you and i miss you and i just wanted to say how proud i am of you and i also wanted to say. >> go colts! >> please welcome home early from deployment, specialist shanay cornet! >> after nine months, she had the chance to make it home in time to see her two girls for christmas. that is one thing she won't forget. joining us is shay in a and her daughters. good morning to you all. specialist cornet, thanks for your service and girls thanks for getting up so early today. we love that you're with fox "fox & friends." >> my brother-in-law was on the side line of that game and we were watching as family and together, we were so emotional. it's an honor to have you here just to tell us how that felt. how did it feel to you running across the field to embrace the two little girls sitting by you
3:54 am
right now? >> second to their births, that was probably the happiest day of my life. >> it felt it. i feel like we all got a hug when you embraced them. girls, were you over the moon to see your mommy? >> yeah. >> i'm sure you just want to keep hugging her. by the way, i love your dresses. you look awfully pretty for this christmas time. do you have special wishes for christmas? what are you wishing for? >> everything. >> everything. >> what do you want for christmas in. >> everything. >> everything. >> everything. you know what? i felt like you guys got everything when you were with your mom that day on the field. great game for the colts, they clinched their division victory. now not one of them had a dry eye. i can confirm that, when you were hugging. specialist, what is it that you tell your daughters about why you serve?
3:55 am
>> well, i just tell them that freedom isn't free. so mommy has to go fight the good fight and mommy loves what she does and i love them. but mommy will always come back. isn't that right? >> when we saw this, and we were know you were in afghanistan for nine months and can't thank you enough for wrapping your arms around this nation like you do your own children, my daughter said, mommy, we need to neat this family. -- meet this family. i want everybody to honor military kids and moms. she is in awe of you girls and she considers you her friends. yeah. >> that's awesome. >> what do you want everyone to know about your mom? can you tell me something special about your mama? is she just the best? >> yeah. >> you know what, she gives us
3:56 am
food. that's what all mom wants to do. is this christmas the best yet for you, shana? >> this is by far the best christmas ever. it's been an exciting week. i got to come home. i got married yesterday. >> congratulations. >> it's been an amazing christmas. thank you. >> you know what? you absolutely deserve that. i know you're not asking for a lot of credit. i think there are a lot of military families that are strong, exceptional like you are and we thank you here at "fox & friends." we wish awe very merry christmas. you got up super early, we love you for that. my grace says hi and specialist cornet, thanks for your service and loving this country like your own family. >> thank you for your support. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> comingñr up, a pop quiz. what was the worst cover of
3:57 am
people magazine? we have the answer in the next hour for you. ♪ ♪
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
good morning. today is wednesday, december 17. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert, the new york city premiere of "the interview" canceled over threats of another 9-11. are these hackers practicing cyber terrorism or is hollywood overreacting? does the white house give more rights to terrorists than the c.i.a.? >> khalid shaikh mohammed has an ability to answer the charges against him on terrorists. he can answer the charges against him. but mitchell didn't get a chance to respond to the senate intelligence report. didn't call him. didn't get his side of the story. isn't that sort of unamerican? >> his insufficient answer coming straight ahead. wait until you hear what he said. >> and you will.
4:01 am
don't make the same mistake as brian at your company christmas party. remember this right here? >> i thought you were supposed to ride the bull. >> really? >> we also have video of a priest riding it. but we're not going to show that. it was actually kind of fun. but that's not something you should do. what should you do? stick around 'cause wednesdays are better with friends. >> hi. it's petra and you're watching "fox & friends" with my friends. where did they go? brian? >> super model, friend of this program for probably 12 or 13 years. >> right. yeah. she was one of our first guests and she's getting better each time with her english. do you notice that? i mean, it's always been good burks she came from the czech republic. let me just say also -- never mind. >> go ahead.
4:02 am
>> i'll wait for it to come up. just about riding the bull. i wanted to qualify that for a second. >> that was the first time you've ridden a bull? >> right. i was supposed to ride the bull. >> everybody was. >> right. wasn't necessarily a mistake. >> i had just had an operation, so i couldn't ride the bull. >> right. >> i did pay the bull operator a little bit of money to make it slow so i win. >> there was a bull at johnny utah's, a place here. meanwhile, let's tell you this. a fox news alert. we've been telling you about how north korea doesn't like "the interview" by sony. it's supposed to open up in a few days. apparently hackers have thrown out warnings. the latest warning from the guardians of peace said this, the world will be full of fear. remember the 11th of september, 2001. we recommend you to keep yourself distant from the places at that time. it sounds like a warning. it sounds like a threat of
4:03 am
violence. and so even though sony said we're not going to cancel the world premiere in new york city tomorrow on principle, the company that owns the theater that it was supposed to be at, the landmark sunshine cinema on east housen street here in new york city, they said no way. we're not going to have it. they pulled the plug. >> they're leaving it up to the individual theaters to show or in the, this film. it's supposed to have between 2,000 and 4,000 theaters showing it. it cost $44 million to make and not actually taking credit for this threat, denying they have anything o do with it, yet supporting the notion of it. >> i think is so much more than a comedy and about seth rogen and hollywood. you have a country that's upset, whether you think the comedy of the assassination of a leader. however, we would not love it if
4:04 am
russia was doing a comedy about the assassination of president obama or george bush. but what if they don't like the next movie that comes out? what acceptable movie would take place? >> it takes it to a whole new level. federal officials are involved. they say they're close to make the determination on the source of this hack. >> keep in mind, they don't know who it is, but think it's somebody at a computer. there is no suggestion that north korea was planning to send some sort of terrorists to new york city to take out the theater. the department of homeland security says there is no information. they got nothing on any credible threats. and yet, keep in mind, these are businesses and it is a business decision. they're referring to it as cyber terrorism. really, traditionally we think of cyber terrorism as when they shut down the power grid or zero out somebody's bank account. this is the first time where they've actually targeted a business that we know of and made a threat.
4:05 am
if you do business with that company by showing up and going to the movie, there is a possibility you will be killed. by the fact that they have canceled this premiere so far, it looks like the terrorists have just won a little bit. >> they canceled the interviews, the premiere, their promotion. and they threatened the releasing of more e-mail. >> social security numbers, health accounts, private stuff about people's families. so i ask you, is this more about personal stuff being exposed or are they really feeling like terrorists are going to be taking out theaters? i just think it's a horrible precedent. i think hollywood's got to stand up for their own business because people are going to be all of a sudden sanitizing scripts now because they're afraid of offending a nation? >> john on facebook said they're playing into the fear tactics. >> jeff said this on facebook, i wasn't looking to go see the movie, but because of them, i
4:06 am
just might do it. i want to see it. it's a comedy. i'm sure it's funny. they don't like the idea that their leader is assassinated, but it's all part of the film. none of us have seen it. but keep in mind, a business decision, but the law enforcement people say there is no suggestion that they could actually plan to do anything. >> if we didn't have trust in the nypd and the f.b.i., we wouldn't be coming to work today. every single day, there is a threat. you go to the movies. ainsley always goes to the movies. what is the last movie you saw? >> i can't remember. it's been a while. >> j "jaws"? >> i like going to the movies. haven't been in a while. >> if you want to take ainsley to the movies, you facebook us. >> oh, my goodness. we've got a serious story to start with here.
4:07 am
another fox news alert to tell you about. we're learning more about one of the worst terrorist attacks in pakistan's history. pakinstani taliban insurgents stormed an army school, killing more than 140 people, most of those young school children. leaders across the globe condemning those brutal attacks. but the white house not mentioning the taliban at all. president obama's statement reads, quote, by targeting students and teachers in this heinous attack, terrorists have once again shown their depravity. unconstitutional. a federal judge firing off at president obama's executive action on immigration. the u.s. district court judge said the president violated the separation of powers. this is the first court opinion on the president's controversial policy change. it is unclear if it will have any real impact since the ruling came from a criminal case and not a case directly challenging his action. the passengers on this plane thought that they were going to die. >> it lasted for about 30, 45
4:08 am
seconds and it was very sudden. it was a pretty big drop. >> show me the bowl that hit your head and broke. >> check out some of these pictures. severe turbulence flipping over the bar cart. you can see that. the wine splashing on the overhead bin. american airlines flight from south korea was on its way to dallas, texas, when the storm forced them to land in japan. more than a dozen people were hurt. and those are your headline. >> that was a bumpy flight. thank you. >> some great things have been happening in prime time. megyn kelly interviewed james mitchell, the one who not only came up with the program along with another gentleman, but was the one ho put the enhanced interrogation tactics in use against the worst of the worst that we have captured on the battlefield. he's upset because he's finally talking that he was not spoken to before this report was put out. but yet the lawyers for ksm and others, they did have access to the senate intelligence committee. >> and dr. mitchell had said in
4:09 am
part one that ksm told him specifically, the liberal media is going to turn on you. the left is going to turn on you. he was right. now, not only was he right about that, but the white house has turned on the interrogators as well. here is ed henry versus josh earnest. >> james mitchell says that the way it's been said by the administration, khalid shaikh mohammed has the ability to answer the charges against him on terrorists, but james mitchell didn't even get a chance to respond to the senate intelligence report. didn't call him, didn't get his side of the story. isn't that sort of unamerican? >> well, it does seem to me that the dr. mitchell has availed himself of a number of media outlets to make his case. he certainly is entitled as an american. >> and the senate committee doesn't reach out to him? >> well, again, you have to ask the senate committee about whether they talked to him.
4:10 am
i don't know whether or not they did. >> the answer is no, they didn't. >> if someone is a patriot enough to give those involved a chance to speak about what happened, it's megyn kelly and she did just that with james mitch where will he went into -- this is fascinating, how the enhanced interrogation program was actually more about psychological tactics there than physical, really playing good cop versus bad cop and maybe this is what that committee should have looked into. >> the bad cop goes in there and induces fear and panic with the water board, and does it in such a way that the person wants to avoid the water board the next time. and as you're ending that session, you say to them, the next time we come back, we're going to ask you about that. take the time that you have, pull yourself together, give some thought to this. if we can discuss this the next time, this won't happen again. and then like many people who
4:11 am
have phobias, that's just an analogy, we're not saying we induced the phobia, but many people like have dental phobias, the closer you get to your dental appointment, the more you try to get out of it, right? and so that's the point in which the person begins to provide information. and if they begin at that point, there is no mention of enhanced interrogations in that intel because they weren't used. you don't use them. so the point was to shift the person's priorities with the bad cop so that they engage with the good cop to avoid this other thing. it wasn't to stand there over them and pour water and say, tell me where bin laden's courier is. you get all kinds of crazy answers like that. when they say, you can force a person being water board to do say anything, that's absolutely true. you ask leading questions and you hurt people and they will say anything to get it to stop. but that's not what the c.i.a.
4:12 am
did. that's not what i did. >> see how that explains it? if you read the report, it was the next day when they started to talk. the way they broke it down is simple. it's because they didn't want to experience what they just experienced, they began to give information. >> conveniently separated that in the report. >> didn't include it. >> no enhanced techniques were used. and look at the information we got. they didn't open it up enough ono that was part of the plan to get information that keeps americans safe. 13 years after 9-11. >> he said what he did was not torture. he said, dr. mitchell did, if it was, he would be in jail. but he was in the room with the top law enforcement officer in the united states of america and they said, go right up to the edge but don't cross it. and he didn't. and everything they did was absolutely legal. look at this administration. they tried to prosecute. came up with nothing. all right. 12 minutes after the top of the hour on this wednesday. the mainstream media picks their
4:13 am
own narrative for enhanced interrogation and now they're writing a white wash version for the sydney terrorist. that is coming up next. >> and a pop quiz, what was the worst selling cover of people magazine this year? think about that. >> taylor? the sexy guy? >> the answer is straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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4:17 am
this man killed by police after holding over a dozen people hostage at a kata in sydney, identified as a 50-year-old man. while it's clear he was driven by jihaddist beliefs, even forcing his victims to hold up an islamic flag, isis flag, the white house and abc news insists his actions were, quote, more about mental illness and less about isis? is this administration again playing down the threat of extremism as -- are they doing the same thing in australia as we've been doing here? a weekly columnist with the
4:18 am
boston herald is here. you noticed the same thing. they want to be known as islamic extremists. they declare they're doing it in the name of allah, but we don't want to back that up. why? >> i know. it's really wrong and we see this as a pattern with the white house. they deny that the fort hood massacre was terrorism when we know that the terrorist yelled allah akbar during the shootings and his father confirmed his son was radicalized by jihad. we saw this with benghazi. the white house initially wouldn't say that it was terrorists caused by al-qaeda affiliates. they blamed protesters. so this seems to be a pattern with the white house that they downplay, dilute, or flat out deny that islamic extremists are part of these clearly terrorist events. >> prime minister abbott right after this happened and we identified the killer, the hostage taker who ended up killing two people but dying himself, this is what he said
4:19 am
afterwards. >> it was nothing consistent about this individual's life except that he was consistently weird. >> really? he seemed to be an islamic extremist, even though he was from iran, he subscribed to the isis principles. >> absolutely. he pledged allegiance to islam and isis monthsç ago. he forced the hostages to hold up the black jihadi flag. what proof more do we need? he's a radical islamic jihaddist. >> so also i know you have your boston bombers there, became the top story. over here this story flew off the headlines. over in queens, thompson took an tax and attacked cops. one officer is still trying to recover and get back to himself after taking it into the head. but yet we get it described here as somebody mentally ill and an extremist. but he was searching web sites, 250 times, 273 times for jihad.
4:20 am
so it's not a radical. we know exactly what he was about. >> exactly. clearly this man, this terrorist, thompson, is a terrorist and even the police commissioner of new york confirmed he was a terrorist because the hard evidence is his browsing history, not to mention his own father confirmed he had been converted to muslim and islam. we know the facts. so americans are being fed too often problem granada. we're not being told the truth by members of the mainstream media. they basically parrot the phony narrative that often comes out of the white house and it's dangerous because america, right now in our country, our greatest threat facing this nation is terrorism. so we need to know -- >> you got to know who we're up against. >> so that we can keep our communities and cities safe. >> thanks so much. i appreciate it. >> my pleasure. ten minutes before the bottom of the hour.
4:21 am
there are political experts on both sides of the spectrum. then their mother calls them live on tv. watch. >> somebody from down south. >> you're right i'm from down south.
4:22 am
4:23 am
hey what are you doing? i was thinking about taking this speed test from comcast business. oh yeah? if they can't give us faster internet or save us money, they'll give us 150 bucks. sounds like a win win. guys! faster internet?
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i have never been on the internet and i am doing pretty well. does he even work here? don't listen to the naysayer. take the comcast business speed test. get faster speeds or more savings, or we'll give you $150. comcast business. built for business. time for news by the numbers. first, 110. that's how many "new york times" employees are getting laid off right before christmas. the company axing jobs because it hasn't received a voluntary buyout it cover budget cuts. next, $100.2 million. that's how much tax money the national institute of health has spent studying mindfulness meditation. test a new age breathing exercise that focuses on the present moment, quote, nonjudgmentally. finally, 349 million. that's how much unused nasa
4:25 am
rocket tower cost to make. it's been sitting in mississippi since 2009. as it turns out, it cost $700,000 a year just for maintenance. steve, what do you think about that? >> that's something. this is something, too. liberal brad woodhouse and his conservative brother, dallas r two brothers on opposite sides of the political spectrum. but yesterday on c-span, they were united by one thing, embarrassed. there they were, two siblings and political strategists having an argument on c-span's washington journal when their debate ended when their mom called them to tell them to knock it off! >> in north carolina. >> good morning from down south. >> you're right i'm from down south. >> oh, god, it's mom. >> and i'm your mother. i disagree that all families are like ours. i don't know many families that
4:26 am
thank are fighting at thanksgiving and i'm hoping you'll have some of this out of your system when you come here for christmas. >> joining us now live are those two brothers, brad and dallas woodhouse. guys, dallas, it only took three words for to you spot your mother's voice and then what went through your head? what were you worried she was going to say? >> well, i wasn't really worried what she was going to say. i was kind of worried what i was going to say. i wasn't sure that c-span has the bleep, bleep button 'cause i was just shocked that my mother would call in. i think you can see that on my face. >> yeah. brad, how long have you and dallas been on opposite -- you're brothers, but you're totally opposites when it comes to politics. >> well, probably for about ten years, but it really got intense when he became state director for americans prosperity in north carolina. and i was working for the dnc
4:27 am
trying to pass obamacare. so probably for the last five years it's been really intense. >> i'm taking it from your mother's conversation on c-span yesterday when you get together, you don't check it at the door. you just start swinging at each other over the kitchen table. >> yeah. we do. look, we have really bitter disagreements and we're both passionate about our work and we have decently high profile jobs. so it's hard not to talk about that. that's what you do every day. it gets quite loud. >> and dallas, when you fight your brother, do you fight to win? >> well, of course. the country depends on it! i'm down here in north carolina trying to make north carolina a better place to live. my brother is up there with obama going to the cocktail parties, going to the -- >> it's that kind of smack talk your -- drives your mother crazy! joining us right now, your mother is on the line right now.
4:28 am
>> my mom again? does mama not sleep? >> joyce, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> these are the boys you raised. what happened? >> i don't know. i used to say that i rocked them in the same rocker and that got old and then sometime earlier brad said i dropped dallas on his head. >> you did. >> so i don't know what happened. i am having a lot of second thoughts about that call in yesterday. >> i bet. joyce, you say you dropped dallas on his head, because you come from -- your family is largely democratic, except dallas, who is the republican? >> well, my husband and i were both democrats and then he became more conservative, so conservative he even worked for jesse helms. >> praise the lord!
4:29 am
someone has to stand up for the family honor! >> joyce, how noisy does it get at the kitchen table when your boys are arguing about politics? >> i have eight grandchildren. one of which is autistic. and then i have these loud guys coming in there arguing and then, of course, brad's wife is a republican, chief of staff for republican congressman. she chimes in and sometimes she and dallas, they gang up on brad. >> i love her! at least i don't have to sleep with her. >> that's over the line. as it turns out, it's not christmas at the woodhouse, it's family feud! every time you get together. haven't you guys heard that when it comes to family get togethers, you shouldn't talk about religion and you shouldn't
4:30 am
talk about politics. >> that's all we talk about. >> what fun would that be? that would be no fun. that's like asking lassie to stop being a dog or bill clinton to stop checking out women. come on! >> i would like to say -- >> by the way, if people really love my mom, they need to watch the movie. they need to watch the movie " that's what we were on c-span talking about. we had a film maker follow us around for over three years following us about the health care fight that brad won that battle, but i'm winning it now. and i've got a lot of smack to talk about. >> brad, shut up. dallas, shut up. >> your mother just told you to shut up. listen, she wants one thing for christmas, be nice boys. can do you that? do that for your mother. would you! >> no reporters in my house christmas day. >> i could be a liberal, but leopards don't change their
4:31 am
spots. >> okay. >> we're going to argue and i still love my mom. >> you know what? >> i love you too, mama. >> this would make a great reality show. you have to come back, take some pictures and come back after christmas, would you? >> we'd be glad to. >> okay. >> thank you. >> all right. joyce and brad and dallas joining us from all overt country. merry christmas. thank you very much. coming up straight ahead on this wednesday, this little girl has had enough and isn't going to take it anymore. >> i don't want it deal with this nonsense. >> hear her speech against common core that earned her a standing ovation. and a pop quiz, what was the worst selling cover of people magazine this year? it's one of those three. the answer is straight ahead. ♪ ♪
4:32 am
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4:35 am
a lot more show to come, including something that smells nice. >> we're going to show you that in just a second. first, we're going to turn to ainsley. >> let me tell you what you missed while you were sleeping. president obama promised the most transparent administration ever. but just one document at a time? the treasury department releasing four new redacted pages relating to the white house's role in the irs targeting scandal. that brings the total to just 1% of the total documents requested thanks to the freedom of information act. a texas plumber wants to know how his old pick up truck ended up in the hands of islamic extremists in syria. mark sold his ford f-250 to a dealership three years ago and just recently, it surfaced on the front lines of that country's civil war. look at this picture. mark's company logo and his
4:36 am
phone number still clear as day on the side of that truck. and now he is getting death threats. auto nation, the company that bought his truck, says the truck went to auction and from there, switched owners many, many times. a ten-year-old little girl taking on the government's common core curriculum at a school board meeting, bringing the crowd to its feet. >> i love to read. i love to write. i love to do math. but i don't love the core. why? because it stinks. this is crazy. i am glad my mom and dad let me opt out because i don't want to deal with this nonsense. >> elizabeth from new jersey showing her support for a proposed policy which would allow parents to opt their children out of common core testing. the vote coming up in a meeting later on. and we've been asking you
4:37 am
all morning what was the worst selling cover of people magazine this year? the answer, the june 16th issue featuring former first lady hillary clinton on the cover. less than 500,000 copies were sold and compare that to the best selling issue celebrating robin williams' life. that issue sold 1.1 million copies. and those are your headlines. back to you, steve. >> all right. thank you very much. there is a real good possibility you're planning on having pie this christmas. but don't have time to actually bake a pie? well, don't worry. we've got you covered. jeff durant joins us with a ton of last minute recipes. good morning to you. >> pleasure being here. >> when you go into the frozen food section, you see a lot of marie callender's pies. you say buy one and there are tricks you can do to make the pie your own. >> that's right. what you want, first of all, the biggest problem is having time for the holiday season. >> nobody has time. >> nobody has time that's the truth. for me, dessert is a great short cut. there is a great pie and then i make it my own.
4:38 am
here is awesome tricks. first one, get a little ready whip, put it on the sheet pan. freeze it and then you use cookie cut force cut it and beck rate your pie with these cool little designs, whatever you want. >> you could have snow men and snowflakes. >> then you get a little chocolate drizzle, make cutouts and start make snowflakes and grab your little -- you start decorating here, a little bit and add these chocolate little cookies or snowflakes that i made. and it adds a lot of decor to it. absolutely gorgeous. >> very nice. so simple as well. it just takes a little ready whip and chocolate and time. >> yep. >> now, there we are on a pie. how do you do that? >> you get some wax paper, you put it through your printer. you're not going to eat it. this is more for decoration. put it directly on the pie you printed. isn't that a handsome pie? then you decorate it. right before you serve it, you remove that piece of waxed paper and you serve it away.
4:39 am
but just imagine the things you could print and kind of embarrass your in-laws and friends that you go out for the holiday season. >> very nice. those look like sugar cookies? >> the pumpkin pie is the most popular pie in the united states during the holiday season. you cut some cookies with a cookie cutter. the dough. you place it directly on the pie. then when you place it in the oven or heat up your pie in the oven, out comes beautifully decorated pie automatically. it's beautiful. doyleies, you get little boilies. you put powdered sugar on it. you get a cool design. >> this fine item, you call it pie cycling. >> yeah. can you imagine this? you always have that one piece that isn't in place. >> come on, somebody eat it. who is going to eat that? you throw a little ice cream, milk, ready whip. you blend it up and you have a apple pie shake right there. let's add some whip cream. >> this is just a piece of pie that you have stuck in the blender.
4:40 am
>> blend it in there. you don't want to throw it away. it adds those flavors of home made apple pie right in there. is that not awesome or what? >> that is -- what a good idea. >> it's such a simple way to not throw away your piece of pie or the crumbs or even the side. some people don't want them. make a milk shake out of them. >> that's delicious! could you put some liquor in that? >> oh, man, could you ever. especially this morning. right. >> chef george, real pleasure. thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >> blend away. brian and elisabeth, over to you. >> save us some. >> we're not going to see steve again. >> we're not. >> coming up straight ahead on a different note, the video is incredible. a couple holding the people ho broke into their home at gun point. >> i'm here to protect my family as a man, that's what you do. and we caught them. >> wow. meet the couple on the good end of those barrels next. >> that's right. and don't make the same mistake as brian at your company
4:41 am
christmas party. the top dos and don'ts when it comes to celebrating with your co-workers. >> i am something else. >> coming up, a video. >> we were supposed to ride the bull. first, your trivia question of the day. born on this day in 1969, this legend was a division 1 wrestler. be the first at "fox & friends" with the correct answer. get something really special for free. ♪ ♪
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now here are your headlines. the trouble with school's
4:45 am
edition. john mccains hopkins -- john hopkins shattering children's dreams. they sent e-mails to students saying they rejected them. they said they made a technical mistake. the dad of a harvard student is facing up to 20 years in prison for submitting bogus financial aid papers. authorities say the man of massachusetts made such convincing documents he got his daughter $160,000 in aid over three years. >> wow. >> word of caution. >> thanks. imagine this, you're home being robbed right before christmas. it happened to one family in alabama. they caught the crime on home surveillance cameras and used the footage to track down those crooks and it didn't take long, that family recognized the thieves and hell them at gun point until the police arrived. here to tell us how it all played out, sarah wyatt, whose house was burglarized and her cousin who helped stop the
4:46 am
burglars in their tracks. sandy and sarah, i'm looking at this surveillance video and i think many of us just want to give you a high five for getting these guys. two days after your home was burglarized, another one was. you see the truck. you see everyone get out. walk us through what happens when you recognize the truck was the one on the surveillance video and you thought these could be the guys that took your stuff. >> we actually had a guy pull into our driveway and give us a tag number and they were actually up by sandy's house scouting out more houses. so our husbands went to check on their house and then the next thing we know, they drove right back in front of my house. >> then what? >> and then they went down the strip mine road and our neighbor came running in the driveway saying they just went down the road. they just went down the road. that's when we found them. >> so fresh off the taking stuff from another victim. you then do what? you get in your car and your truck? >> yeah. we were actually mid interview
4:47 am
and sandy got the call from my husband saying they had them at gun point and hurry up and get down there. so we jumped in the car and went down there as fast as we could. >> how long was that stand-off where you held them 'til the police came? >> 15, 20 minutes. >> that's a long time. you're there with weapons. were you in fact ready to use the ultimate force if there was retaliation on their part? >> if it had to have been done, yes. but at the point we had them very well confined where they were not going anywhere. >> go ahead. >> literally, like my husband made the driver throw the keys of the truck out onto the ground and then they were all with their hands out like that the whole time until the cops came. >> did you have any suspicion at all that they could be armed? >> we didn't think so. we didn't really think about it at that moment. >> you seem to think pretty well on your feet there.
4:48 am
is it true they're still looking for one more suspect? >> yes. >> i have a feeling if they put you on the case, you'll handle that quite well. >> exactly. >> in all seriousness, though, they get into your home, sarah, they take presents for your son. they go down and make another family victim blocks away. what's your message to the person still at large and anyone else who wants to come in and try to rob you, your friends, your family and your neighborhood? what do you have to say tho those bad guys? >> if you want to come back to my house, you have a serious issue if this did not teach you a lesson, then i don't know what will. i hate when people rob people with no regard to their things or their feeling. >> you are christmas heros at that. don't be fooled by those charming smiles. they will hunt you down. >> exactly. >> thanks for being with us. our best to you for a safe christmas. >> thank you. >> you got it. this coming up, do you know what not to do at your company's holiday party?
4:49 am
>> hi, yeah. hey. >> hi. >> y'all come to these christmas parties often? >> well, that's one of the don'ts. cheryl casone is here to explain the rest next. but first on this day in 1989, the first episode of "the simpsons" aired. in 2006, beyonce had the number one song in america with "irreplaceable." ♪ ♪
4:50 am
4:51 am
4:52 am
the answer to the trivia question, chuck guardell. our winner is al marken from make, new york. you'll get a paperback copy of "george washington's secret
4:53 am
six." meanwhile -- >> eight minutes before the top of the hour. 88% of companies will host holiday parties this year, down 8% from last year. perh because some employees forget to follow the rules. here from our sister network with what not to do at the boss' christmas party, cheryl casone. hey, cheryl. >> good morning. >> we get our act together, we can make the 8% a plus. >> the biggest thing for your office party, show up. there are things you don't want to do when you get to the party. the first is you got to think about exactly who you're inviting. watch this. >> you're probably -- >> hey, shaq, how are you? >> hello, hello. hope you don't mind, i brought an uninvited guest. >> to the christmas party? >> yeah. >> it's brian. >> you don't mind that i'm here, do you?
4:54 am
>> no, it's perfect. >> wow! there was so much wrong about that. >> who invited brian to the party. >> don't bring an uninvited guest. if the invitation says bring a guest, then it's okay. >> you might want to consider the guest you're bringing. now look, i know it says party on the invitation, but you got to watch out how you act at the event. watch this. >> hey. >> yeah. >> hey. >> hi. >> y'all come to these christmas parties often? >> maybe not the best time to hit on your co-workers. >> yeah. >> that's the number one place where people wind up finding something to marry is at work. >> or you end up -- or on monday morning, there is such a gossip for that promotion you were going to get, you don't get because you were drunk at the party. >> you don't want a monday walk
4:55 am
of shame. what about talking work at the work party? >> there is a right way and wrong way to talk shop. watch this. >> it's so good to see you at night. >> what's happening? >> hey. >> did you guys go over the latest numbers in the meeting at 4:30 tomorrow? >> can we set that up tomorrow? >> i was surprised about the findings. >> but that is something that can wait. >> look at me. >> doesn't want to talk numbers. >> our boundaries about what to talk was work. try not to talk too much shop. keep it light. keep it personal. not too personal. >> let everybody relax. >> whatever you do, don't make an official record of the festivities, right? >> what do you mean? >> something that can be replayed over and over every year. watch this. >> okay. let me check my facebook page. video. ♪ ♪ how did this get on here? are you kidding me?
4:56 am
♪ >> i'm taking a beating! >> every year i look forward to playing that video. the "fox & friends" christmas party 'cause somebody got threw right on the bull in front of everybody. >> i was in character. >> don't facebook, don't do any of that stuff. >> take your phone away. that's the big thing that's become annoying, put the phone away. >> because if somebody needed from you work, they're right there get drunk. >> exactly. >> thank you very much. >> you bet. >> have shaq next year at the party. coming up, your comments are pouring in right now about the race for 2016. who has your vote? right now looks like jeb bush, mitt romney, hillary clinton, three of the front runners. we'll read some of of your comms top of the hour. ♪
4:57 am
♪ ñr
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good morning. today is wednesday, december 17. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert. hackers threatening a 9-11-style terrorist attack if sony shows the movie "the interview." this morning the premiere is canceled. those breaking details ahead. meanwhile, he sued the widow of veteran sniper chris kyle and won nearly $2 million. >> you pursue a lawsuit for the truth. i would have been a big-time loser had i not pursued the lawsuit. >> but that's not apparently enough for jesse ventura. who the former governor of minnesota is going after now. >> it's not exactly the present he was hoping for. >> it's bigger than you
5:01 am
expected? >> what is it? >> one year membership in the jelly of the month club. >> look familiar? is it normal or nuts to give the worst gifts ever? we'll talk to dr. keith ablow about that. by the way, mornings are better with friends. >> hey, this is christina rosa from "fox & friends." enjoy the holidays and thanks for watching. >> christina is part of the team here at "fox & friends." the elves were out -- >> a cute part of the team. >> excuse me? >> a key part indeed. >> look how nice it looks. >> you can tell christmas eve is a week from today. >> special time right now. don't get stressed out when you hear that countdown. you should feel jolly and merry. >> and very grateful as well. >> we start with a fox news alert. new york city, the premiere of "the interview" canceled after a terrorist threat.
5:02 am
this warning comes from a group known as the guardians of peace, saying that the film that centers around the assassination plot against north korean leader kim jong-un says they, the world will be full of fear. remember the 11th of september, 2001. we recommend to you keep yourself distant from the places at all times. other threats included in that, forcing theaters to cancel the premiere. sony canceled the appearances of the actors. >> just to give you background, for the last couple weeks we've been talking about the hack job noose sony, health accounts, all private things that never should have been public by the same group that we think has some linkage to north korea because they were so outraged about a comedy in which their premiere, who is a brutal dictator like his father and his grandfather, get killed. so he's warning them not to release it. guess what? they canceled all their interviews. they've canceled their premiere. and some different theaters are considering canceling showing it -- not even showing this movie. cow towing to the fear and
5:03 am
threat. >> one of the biggest is the fourth largest cinema theater in the nation. it was supposed to be in 2,000 to 4,000 theaters. now we'll see that decrease significantly. >> it wasn't sony that canceled the premiere. but the theater company that owns the landmark here in new york city, it was going to be tomorrow night on housen street. they said not worth the trouble. but think about what the terrorists -- is it cyber terrorism? isn't cyber terrorism where they shut down the power grid or they take all the money out of your bank of america account? but in this case, the terrorists have done something brilliant. i mean, they didn't want anybody to go see this movie that pokes fun at kim jong-un. what they have done is suggested if you go and see the movie, you will die. keep in mind, all these theaters are owned privately. it's business decision. do you really want that opportunity for somebody to do
5:04 am
something stupid and then it becomes front page news all around the country? >> here is liability. >> absolutely. they're being careful. and if i owned the business, i would be careful as well. but at the same time, the terrorists have won in this particular case. keep in mind, the federal government says absolutely no information that there is a credible threat and yet, some people are thinking, well, would north korea send a terrorist squad to a new york city premiere? absolutely not. no information to that. >> but it's so much beyond seth rogen who produced it, it's so much beyond whether you like this movie or not. it's another country perhaps dieding what is appropriate for our entertainment dollar. what is appropriate for a major corporation to produce. and the ramifications would be tremendous. not only in the product we get, but if you start giving in here, a lot of times if we're going to do a cold war era movie, guess what? the germans aren't going to look good. guess what, in the cold war era,
5:05 am
guess what? the soviets wouldn't look good. so i'm just saying, now we're going to sanitize everything. >> the country denied vomit thus far, though praising the cyber attack. it began with the executives of sony e-mails being released. that pointed to racial statements there about our own president, barak obama. so this is getting deeper and deeper. but now when you go and threaten the safety of our citizens with another 9-11-style attack, undoubtedly so, the f.b.i. is involved. >> i'm sure al-qaeda is not going to like the chris kyle movie. so should we cow tow that and not go see it? >> they said it was extraordinary. >> it's unbelievable. >> al-qaeda hasn't sent up these e-mail threats. the businesses have to react in some way. so apparently this landmark theater group has decided we're going to pull the plug on the premiere. but what would do you? do you think it's appropriate? there is no credible threat other than online.
5:06 am
>> but they're planning the release of more e-mails. >> and medical information, social security. >> is this about executives concerned about their own personal e-mail being released and less about things blowing up? >> we asked you what you thought. >> jesse said this, it's a comedy. we're going to let them cyber bully? >> thank you. >> angela says, better to be safe than sorry. i would not take any terrorist threat lightly. what about you? given the fact that -- it's going to wind up being shown at a lot of screens across the country. would you go to see it or do you think your safety would be in peril or you're just not going to be bullied around by somebody at a computer keyboard somewhere in a basement? e-mail us. you can facebook us or tweet us. >> i was an usher at the movies. i made 3.35 an hour and i kept everybody safe. nobody ever got hurt. not that they know of.
5:07 am
ainsley, have you prepared the news? >> i have. let me tell you what -- you didn't miss it, but a lot of people watching were sleeping when this was breaking. big developments. hillary clinton breaking her silence on the c.i.a.'s use of enhanced interrogation. >> today we can say again in a loud and clear voice that the united states should never condone or practice torture anywhere in the world, not under any future administration or future conflict. >> condemning the tactics in a speech at the robert f. kennedy center for justice and human rights. brand-new information about one of the worst terrorist attacks that's happened in the country's history. terrorists stamp ago school and killing more than 14 people, most of those young school children. leaders across the globe condemning the brutal attacks. but the white house not mentioning the taliban at all. president obama's statement reads this, quote, by targeting
5:08 am
students and teachers in this heinous attack, terrorists have once again shown their depravity kurt busch's ex-girlfriend painting an ugly picture of him in court. she's trying to file a no contact order against him saying he's unstable, depressed and struggling with alcoholism. in her six-hour testimony she works describes the moment that he allegedly slammed her head into a wall. his lawyers claim she is simply a mercenary just trying to destroy his career. and a sneaky valet did not realize his joy ride was caught on camera. take a look. he takes off at this california parking garage, all seems normal so far. but then he goes on a straight away in the garage, gunning it from zero to 50. the car's owner said he had activated the valet mode, which locks the car's glove box and records what the valet is doing. the joy rider has since been fired. something you can not do. those are your headlines.
5:09 am
>> how very ferris bueller. >> if you were a valet and someone gave you a ferrari, wouldn't you want to do something like that? >> i would be afraid to get in it. >> would we actualize on that? i don't know. brian would. >> i think ainsley is telling us she has impulse problems. >> meanwhile, john ellis bush, also known as jeb bush, is testing the waters for a possible presidential run. >> that's right. anna kooiman is live in the studio. so what is this announcement going to mean for the field of likely contenders. what can you tell us? >> good morning. former florida governor jeb bush takes the biggest step yet toward a presidential run in 2016. announcing this on his facebook page. as a result of these conversations and thoughtful consideration of the kind of strong leadership i think america needs, i have decided to actively explore the possibility of running for president of the united states.
5:10 am
bush is the nation's first son and brother of president to pursue the white house himself. his mom, barbara bush, saying this about a potential run right here on "fox & friends" back in march. >> he is the best qualified person in the country. there is no question about that. put me down as saying that. >> so i've got a feeling if he runs, you would vote for him? >> of course i would. >> just checking. >> analysts say an early announcement gives him a head start with grassroots organizers and activists. >> it is a big deal because those who would be on his wing of the spectrum are going to have to rethink whether they want to go up against jeb bush and how good a chance they'll have. it creates an instant front runner, for good or for ill. it will discourage some of the fringe candidate. >> a new poll shows 19% of registered republican voters prefer mitt romney as the nominee. bush coming in second with 10%.
5:11 am
the election were held today, former secretary of state hillary clinton would edge bush 49% to 42% among registered voters. and the all important independents split their support, 41% for clinton and 38% for bush. >> very far to go. >> the new york daily news this morning says this on their editorial page. kudos to jeb bush for his immigrspite the gop backlash. but he does have a plan. >> common core is something he wants to defend it. other people saying good job. it's going to be as karl rove said last night, he's got to say whatever he is, he's going to stay that way, unlike a lot of candidates who flip. >> you got to have the same message. >> what it means is mitt romney won't get in if jeb gets in and marco rubio told us he would not get in because if jeb bush got in, but now he says differently
5:12 am
today. >> we asked you what you thought about it. possible contenders on our facebook page, who do you like? mike on facebook writes, paul ryan. young, intelligent, and energetic. enough with the old ways of politics. >> and rick on facebook said dr. ben carson, hands down. we need a president that is decisive. not divisive. >> laura says, what about scott walker and rick perry? proven leaders that aren't afraid to take on the establishment. a lot of people say we got to go governors now. >> it would help to run something before you run something bigger. >> right. >> are you talk being our current president? >> possibly. >> i'm just saying. >> so just looking at our facebook page, right now look, it's early. everybody has got a favorite and they're all over the place. >> sure are. >> we have plenty of time to pick our people before the next election. >> when you look at jeb and then you look at mitt together, that's 30% of those that answered that survey. >> name recognition and you know what? we have not seen jeb bush in ten
5:13 am
years out there, taking questions at a dizzying rate from all different ends of the spectrum, going to three states every two days. so it's going to be interesting. >> it's game on. meanwhile, the premiere of the new movie "the interview" has been canceled over a new 9-11-style threat. this is not the first time the media has been forced to deal with terror, but what does history say about that? peter johnson, jr. knows and weighs in next. and our christmas displays on public property really that offensive or just outrage of a few? how the masses really feel about the christmas spirit just ahead. ♪ ♪
5:14 am
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5:17 am
fox news alert. the new york city premiere tomorrow night of "the interview," a funny movie, has been canceled because of threats of another 9-11. those threats coming from hackers angry over the movie's portrayal of north korea dictator kim jong-un. should hollywood and the media really be running scared? joining us right now is fox news legal analyst, peter johnson, jr. >> the first amendment has been kidnapped in america. who are these people? why are they doing it? why is america putting up with it? we have a history in america
5:18 am
that people love to go to the movies as refuge, as an oasis. >> to get away from reality. >> in the depression when no air conditioning, people would go there, get away from their fears and their problems. people still do the same thing. now some folks associated with north korea are saying, we will blow up your movie theaters. we will kill americans in those theaters. so the reaction is okay. let's not have a premiere. let's cancel all contracts. let's walk away from the first amendment. let's walk away from art. this is comedy. this is not reality. but kidnapping, extortion, threatening to kill americans, that's reality. >> all of the above. >> charlie chaplain faced it in the making of the "dictator" in 1939. roosevelt said make this movie, expose hitler. another country said they would ban it. watch charlie chaplain. >> the misery that is now upon us is but the passing of greed, the misery of men who fear the way of human progress, the hate
5:19 am
of men will pass and dictators die and the power they took from the people will return to the people and so long as men die, liberty will never perish. >> that was charlie chaplain playing a jewish barber taking on the role of the hitler figure in that iconic movie. as i said, roosevelt said, make that movie. an appeasement to the germans, we're going to ban it if you make it. this has happened time and time again in american and world culture. do you bend to the will of dictators? >> in this particular case, did north korea win? did the terrorists win by canceling this? n they appear to be winning. what i think should go on is that sony should say, listen, we're going to put this on cable. we're going to let the world and america see it this week. this movie needs to be shown. how good it is, i don't know. is it funny? is it not funny? but it's part of american culture and can we bow to the
5:20 am
will of a dictator in north korea? time and time again -- the thee stooges made a movie about adolph hitler, for god's sake. this is time and time again what we do in america. we expose dictators in this country. >> peter johnson, jr. just had a brilliant idea. north korea doesn't want to us watch the movie, so sony should put it out on television. >> put it out tonight. let's see it. >> thank you, peter. >> good to see you. >> great observation. coming up, he sued the widow of veteran sniper chris kyle and won nearly $2 million. but that's apparently not enough for jesse ventura. who he's after next coming up. does this sound familiar? >> it's bigger than you expected. >> what is it? >> one year membership in the jelly of the month club. >> what happened to the big bonus check? so is it normal or nuts to knowingly give a lousy gift? dr. keith next. ♪ ♪
5:21 am
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5:23 am
my nai'm a lineman for pg&e out of the concord service center. i have lived here pretty much my whole life. i have been married for twelve years. i have 3 kids. i love living here and i love working in my hometown. at pg&e we are always working to upgrade reliability
5:24 am
to meet the demands of the customers. i'm there to do the safest job possible - not only for them, but everybody, myself included that lives in the community. i'm very proud to do the work that i do and say that i am a lineman for pg&e because it's my hometown. it's a rewarding feeling. check out these pictures from inside a plane. severe turbulence flipped over a bar cart. wine splashed on the overhead bin. the passengers thought they were going to die. >> show me the bowl that hit your head and broke. >> more than a dozen people hurt. the american airlines flight from south korea was on its way to dallas when a storm forced it to land in japan. this looks like something out of the movie "castaway." you have a man lost at sea for six days rescued by the u.s. coast guard. he was frantically waving from a
5:25 am
deserted island in the bahamas when a pilot spotted him. he's 39 years old and larry sutterfilled. he set out on a raft when he was pulled out to sea. he's still hospitalized, but expected to be okay. i always fear that. you fall asleep on a raft and next thing you know -- >> anywhere on vacation in a raft. >> why are you on a raft? >> someplace you can relax. they hand out a raft, you're on vacation. it's floating. >> i think this is more a professional raft. >> we'll think twice about that next time. >> thanks. you know it, it's time for the christmas edition of normal or nuts. here to answer all your e-mail is dr. keith ablow. >> hey, how are you? i like that brian has always feared being pulled out to sea. >> what does that say to you? is that normal or nuts? >> you say you always feared it. >> that's a little nuts. let me think about that. >> i'm going to put it in a letter anonymously and you can answer on television. >> please do. >> let's go to our second case here. this case, my family has dinner
5:26 am
together every christmas. i'm still single and as i get older, i start feeling more like an outsider. last year i stayed sick and went to the movies instead. normal or nuts? >> maybe you're single because you're nuts! here is the thing, you don't avoid christmas because you're avoiding a problem of yours. if you're suspecting that you're single and you would like to be together with somebody, that's a choice you're make. then right after new year, get to a psychiatrist and figure this out. but don't leave your family high and dry just because you're avoiding your anxiety. >> dr. keith, maybe they feel a longing for somebody, they feel a little embarrassed at this age and i still don't have somebody. >> people ask questions. >> sure. but you know what, dodging and weaving around those gatherings that bring up this anxiety, that's not the cure. the cure is to go into the anxiety and find out why is this happening. >> steve is being a difficult patient. all right. number two: my sister buys the worst christmas gifts.
5:27 am
last year she got me this ridiculous fork gadget that sounds an alarm every time a calorie quota is reached during a meal. she thought it was the most thoughtful gift ever. is this normal or nuts? >> listen, i'm going to say this is normal. why? 'cause i love that gadget. >> wait a minute. >> first of all, i love as seen on tv products. i'm a huge fan. >> really? okay. >> i want one of these four things. i hope my sister is watching, gets me one. you know i've taken heat for something people should be less sensitive about their weight and weight loss. so maybe i'm nuts. >> that's what the gadget says. it says you're fat, stop eating. i would be horrified. >> i love that! >> so we could get around, all you down is put down the fork and eat with your hands. >> while you're on a raft going out to sea. >> that's right. all right. the final question for you is this: it's our baby's first christmas and my mother-in-law wants us to leave her at home
5:28 am
with a baby-sitter when we come to them. she says it will be quieter and the baby won't know the difference. is this normal or nuts? it's wrong. i'm just going to tell you it's wrong. >> it is wrong! >> let me answer. >> no, it's wrong. >> speaking clinically, your mother-in-law is a controlling nut. so the right answer here is that, listen, we've thought about it. we've decided to have a nice quiet christmas at home with our baby because this christmas your mother-in-law could learn how to be a normal person. maybe. >> if the family is invited, the whole family should be. >> can you imagine leaving your baby home at christmas? >> i cannot imagine that. >> they would know the difference, though. >> great advice. >> the baby is sleeping. >> wide ranging as per usual. thank you. >> thanks. >> brian, come to normal or nuts world headquarters when you can. >> yeah. the whole raft thing really threw you. >> man. i feel like i know you so much better. have a good day.
5:29 am
>> i think that's scary. >> glad you cleared that up today. >> nothing is cleared up, elisabeth. they muddied it up. coming up, is it fine lea time toned the war on christmas? ben stein with a message everyone needs to hear. >> and he sued the widow of veteran sniper chris kyle and won nearly $2 million. >> you pursue a lawsuit for the truth. i would have been a big-time loser had i not pursued the lawsuit. >> well, that apparently not enough for jesse ventura. who the former governor is going after next as we roll on live from new york city. ♪ ♪
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5:33 am
the shot of the morning has been chosen and it's this. one family gets a christmas surprise when they open up their front door. ♪ don we now our gay apparel ♪ fa, la, la ♪ troll the ancient yule tide carol ♪ >> see the blazing yule before us ♪ ♪ fa, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la ♪ ♪ follow me in merry measure ♪ fa, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la ♪ >> the carolers growing to include some singing elves and a brass band that just unloaded from that truck. >> what a great idea.
5:34 am
>> then finally, santa joins in on the party. the skit put together by a group of performers who call themselves improv everywhere and they pick homes at random. can you imagine this showing up at your home, opening your door? >> the family looks like they're casting as family. >> look at them. >> they're the perfect family. >> looks of wonder. >> i do believe that happened in new jersey. the garden state. check out that -- that guy was wearing the kevin mccarthy suit. >> absolutely. >> did you say christmas or did you mean holiday? >> i meant christmas. >> okay. >> and i think many people agree with me. most say remainious holiday displays on public property are okay by a recent poll. 72% say they should be allowed or allowed with other symbols. what's the big deal? >> so it's overment is it over? >> you know, historically, for decades, there have been
5:35 am
religious symbols put in town squares, but then over the last couple of years, the squeaky wheels have suggested there has got to be a separation between church and state. so if you don't take it down, we're going to sue you. >> squeaky wheels mean atheist. >> different groups. although we had a guest on last week who said look, if our town, what we're doing is we're saying anybody who wants to put something up can, just don't make us exclude anybody. >> the festifus pole. >> they did that in florida where they said okay. anybody who wants to put something up. so there was a religious nativity, plus somebody put up a festivus pole made of beer cans. >> right. >> nothing can go up. then they learn to understand nothing about anybody else. >> last week on our program, we had ben stein. you know him, the faye murr economist and movie star and whatnot. he has railed about this political correctness regarding
5:36 am
christmas for a while and we asked him to articulate it and here is what he said, the first time this has been aired. >> look, i don't mind when people say merry christmas to me. i don't mind when people refer to those beautiful green trees as christmas trees. it's christmas. it's not happy holidays. it's christmas. there is nothing shameful about it. i'm a jew. all my relatives going back to the time of moses and abraham were jews, except for my wife who is presbyterian. i don't mind people saying merry christmas. i don't think the christians like being pushed around. i don't think jews like being pushed around and i don't think the muslims like being pushed around. nobody does. so let's admit this is what it is. it's the birth of christ. that's what we're celebrating. great, great, great event in human history and let's not be shy about it. let's not push people around about it and let's not try to cut people's wings off about it. >> power statement there. >> thank you, ben. >> that's right. you guy high school a lot to say.
5:37 am
this is what rodney wrote, time to stop the atheists from destroying our christian values that we were founded on. >> rich says this on twitter, expect 140 characters. at this time of the year, we can get enough religious displays of peace, caring and love. it says we can't get enough. >> all right. and we are just one week away from christmas eve right now. >> in the meantime, let's go over to ainsley earhart. she's here. >> quickly so we can finish our christmas shopping. >> finish it? you need to start it. >> i'm out the door as soon as this show is over. >> right with you, sister. >> let me tell what you you missed while you were sleeping. don't worry, the six former gitmo detainees seen smiling and giving a thumbs up to the cameras are not terrorists. that's what u.s. officials told the president of uruguay before he accepted the prisoners. five of them were labeled high risk by joint task force for gitmo. as many as 30 former detainees returned to the terror battlefield. he sued the widow of veteran
5:38 am
sniper chris kyle and he won nearly $2 million. but that's not enough for former governor jesse ventura. >> the jury rendered that decision. jesse ventura did not render how and why the money would be paid. that came from a jury. not from me. >> he is now suing the book's publisher, harper collins, for $150,000 in damages. harper collins, a division of our parent company, ventura accused kyle of making up claims in his book, "american sniper" about punching ventura. it's supposed to be as easy as this. ♪ abc ♪ >> but it wasn't. that's not the case at one elementary school in patterson, new jersey. a school board member snapping a picture of this sign, look closely. riddled with spelling errors, including december with an i. you see that. and report with an extra e. not a t. officials blame ago custodian
5:39 am
for misspelling the sign. but it is the principal who is now out of a job. officials say the principal has been reassigned over performance issues and not because of the sign. and those are your headline headlines. >> it does get dicey around this time of year. >> down who is a heck of a speller? maria molina. >> she's good with numbers 'cause she's got a lot of temperatures and good at science because it's science trivia day. >> that's right. good morning. today is science trivia day. today's question is, in which environment does sound travel the fastest? air, water, solid object, or an outer space in where do you think that sound travels the fastest? >> sound waves? >> yes. >> outer space is quiet. i've been there. >> die have a crowd behind me. maybe we can ask. >> yes, please. >> today's question is in which
5:40 am
environment does sound travel the fastest in? so we have air, solid object, water or outer space. where do you think sound waves travel the fastest? >> they're on vacation. leave them alone. >> outer space? >> she says outer space. any other answers? >> i think air. >> air. >> air. all right. so unfortunately -- >> we have final answer. >> what's your final answer? >> water. >> water. >> solid object. >> it's solid object. elisabeth! >> by process of elimination. >> by the way, they want your autograph, elisabeth. >> i will come out and do just that. >> and they want what? >> ainsley, too. >> everybody can commute, get the autographs going. >> all right. thank you very much. >> thanks for playing. >> 20 minutes before the top of the hour. coming up straight ahead, a defense attorney's case suddenly falls flat in court. what happened there? >> just like that. and the wealth gap between whites and minorities growing even after president obama campaign to do fix it.
5:41 am
maria bartiromo joins us live on the curvy couch. stick around.
5:42 am
5:43 am
5:44 am
welcome back. some headlines now. a sudden outburst in a florida court leaves everyone stunned. look at this. defense attorney julie morris fainted while questioning a witness. what was caught by the bailiff. she's representing ebony wilkerson, the mom who tried to drown her kids in an suv. she refused medical treatment, but went home for the day. unconstitutional power grab, a federal judge firing off at president obama's executive action on immigration. the judge ruling it violated the separation of powers, making it unconstitutional. this is the first court opinion on the president's controversial policy change. and a convicted murderer will no longer be getting a sex change on the taxpayers' dime. in 2012, a judge ruled michelle, formerly known as robert, could
5:45 am
have his sex change operation funded by taxpayers while he serves a lifetime sentence for killing his wife. a federal appeals court is striking that down, saying not providing the treatment is considered cruel and unusual punishment. steve, the wealth gap between whites and minorities getting worse during president obama's administration. >> new reports show the net worth of wise households is 13 times of black households and ten times that of hispanic households. >> is this just proof the president's economic policies are failing? maria bartiromo from fox business. what does this show you? stats don't lie. >> look, i think this is another indication that this administration has had very, very hard time creating jobs, really a misunderstanding about how jobs are created and where they come from. >> the numbers look strong. >> but the bottom line is, you have to create an environment for business to create jobs. that's who creates jobs.
5:46 am
businesses. and unfortunately, this president and administration have done just the opposite. that means creating a tax environment to where there are low taxes. in fact, we've got the highest tax rates in the corporate level in the industrialized world. that means making health care affordable. in fact, we have health care costs skyrocketing for business. and it means a regulatory environment that is reasonable. in fact, we have a regulatory environment that is either -- either no clarity or it's either incredibly ownerous. what has that done? let businesses to sit on cash, hoard cash, instead of creating jobs full time benefit job. >> this administration -- and i don't remember the bush administration doing it so muchç but maybe they did. they say this administration has been great for business. not true. this administration has been great for the middle class. not true. >> that's right. and not only that, but add on to all of that the divisiveness, the fact that it's all the finger pointing where business
5:47 am
is bad, the banks are evil. yes, we have come off of a horrible period in terms of financial crisis and people are still upset by that and sort of digesting that. but you still have an environment where it's very divisive, where people believe that business is bad and negative. >> you didn't build that. >> what are they doing? they are trying hard to look at their expense side of the business and actually make it better. so they're looking how am i going to save taxes? let me acquire a company overseas. how am i going to take advantage of the best loopholes? because they want to create jobs. but in an uncertainty environment and where you're get strangleed by economic environment, very hard to do. we got a big show. talking about the implications of the russia story. russia raising interest rates yesterday. that's going to be a big deal. we also have the ceo of blackberry. they have the new classic blackberry device out. they're doing a big event today. so we did aith the ceo. it's an exclusive coming up. >> how far the mighty have fallen. >> you don't want to miss it.
5:48 am
log on to >> thank you so much. you may have your christmas shopping done for your family, but what about these guy as soon as pause for a cause is next. first we're going to check in with martha mccallum for what's coming up at the top of the hour. >> hey there. good morning. rand paul responds to jeb bush's presidential move. and cyber warfare in action. sony and theaters react with fear to threats against their new movie. is shutting down premieres the way to handle this problem? franklin graham will join us as well on his father and the unbroken story. and navy seal sniper rob o'neil speaks out on the chris kyle story when bill and i see you at the top of the hour
5:49 am
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don't give another sweater or for christmas. instead give the gift of a pet rescue. help our four legged friends in need. people like this. >> brown, hold the dog right. >> i am. >> support the bottom half of it. >> steve, you can't reprimand me while i'm reading. beth is here, animal advocate like no other spokesperson nor the north shore animal league and brought pups with her for paws for a cause series. >> i love that you're doing paws for a cause. can i interrupt you and saying that i do not condone giving pets as gifts. i feel it's a decision that the family needs to make together. so maybe that's the gift, the discussion to get a pet and maybe on christmas eve go together and get your pet. >> that's what we did at our house. the kids got a letter from santa, do the research, figure out what dog. we eventually got a golden retriever 'cause it was blond like us. >> i love it. you all match. >> we all match. but the worst thing is after
5:53 am
christmas, to see so many pets show up at a shelter. you don't want that. >> it's a lifetime commitment. this cute little thing isn't just a gift from a box. this is a life. he's probably going to be 12 to 15 years ole. >> what are their names? >> well, in honor of the holidays, we've got a comet, cupid, donor and blitzen. they are eight weeks old. available at north shore america for adoption. we're getting 92 puppy mill rescue puppies and dogs in today. so this weekend, we got tons of kittens in. >> there are still puppy mills out there? >> there will still puppy mills and we're out there trying to get them all home and safe and they're at our no kill shelter at north shore animal league. what a perfect time of year to adopt. >> if someone can adopt, what are some other ways they can help? make donations? >> they can volunteer, they can join the foster program, which might husband and i still proudly are part of. >> you take a dog or cat for a
5:54 am
short period of time. >> yeah. and nurture them. when they're ready to go, take them back to the shelter and then they're ready to be adopted. it opens up space for another animal to take. >> how many foster animals do you have at your house right now? >> right now, i deliver my fosters to their forever families and i delivered my last one two days ago. so we have zero right now. >> at its height, how many did you have? >> we had i think 12 fosters, plus we have our six resident cats. so yeah, we've had a lot. >> he's licking my hand. >> i'm like santa claus. i deliver. >> you also seek volunteers? >> yes, you can donate your time. >> special wishes for all the animals at north shore animal league and all the local shelters for finding their forever homes. on christmas eve from 9 to 11:00 a.m., all the dogs, cats, puppies and kittens are free for those who qualify to adopt.
5:55 am
>> that's great. >> they're all adorable. >> are you kidding me? oh, man. >> these are all available. >> what are the chances howard tells everyone to quiet down and watch "fox & friends"? >> he's on the air right now. hi, howard. >> i think he promoted us this morning. >> i think he can hear us through the glass. more from beth turner in just a moment. check out or our web site for more
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we have breaking news right now. prisoner in cuba has been released. he's always insisted he traveled to havana to help the island's jewish population connect to the internet. the maryland native who was 60 years at the time of his arrest was working for a contractor
5:59 am
promoting democracy in the country. authorities insisted he was conducting espionage and recent weeks his health deteriorated dramatically. he could barely walk due to hip damage and again, he is finally heading home. >> that's great. you can take this one for the road. two brothers who are political opposites get noisy during a surprise appearance on c-span when their mom called in. >> in raleigh, north carolina. >> hey, somebody from down south. >> you're right, i'm from down south. >> oh, god, it's mom. >> and i'm yourñi mother. and i disagree with all families are like ours. i don't know many families that are fighting at thanksgiving and i'm hoping you'll have some of this out of your system when you come here for christmas. >> and this morning the boys and their mom joined us. >> i used to say that i rocked them in the same rocker and that got old and then sometime
6:00 am
earlier, brad said i dropped dallas on his head. >> you did. >> lot of fun. >> funny family. fox news confirming 65-year-old american alan gross imprisoned in cuba since 2009 is headed home for the holidays. this just crossing right now. i'm bill hemmer. martha: this news just crossing moments ago. it's a huge relief to alan gross' family that they will have him home for the holidays. word is he's in tough physical shape and has had a


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