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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  December 17, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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welcome to the real story. i'm gretchen carlson. allen gross has come to the microphone. let's listen in. >> today i want to acknowledge the extraordinary determined efforts of my wife. 44 1/2 years we've been married. and my lawyer and personal moses, scott gill and their efforts to restore my freedom. they have my endless gratitude, love, and respect.
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the relentless and often intense efforts by judy and scott, the partners and associates and staff of gilbert llp law firm, that's where we are right now -- they made me take the jacket off. i didn't want to take it off. jill suckman of knicker bacher have been inconceivable. their efforts have been inconceivable. senator patrick leahy of vermont has been instrumental in shepherding the arrival of this day, and i want to thank all of the members of congress from all sides of the aisle such as senator -- representatives chris van holland and barbara lee and numerous others who spoke up or visited me, subjected themselves to my ranting and helped me regain some of my weight. even in cuba m & m's melt in
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your mouth, not in your hand. to all those who tried to visit me, but were not able to. thank you for trying. i'm at your service as soon as i get new teeth, and i hope they'll be strong and sharp enough to make a difference. to the washington jewish community, ron halber in particular, and his staff of the jewish community relations county, the jcrc, all the executives director, staff and volunteers of participating jcrc's, federation synagogue schools, and other jewish, christian, and muslim organizations nationwide, god bless you and thank you. it was crucial to my survival knowing that i was not forgotten. your abbings have been sustaining, and to my extended family, especially my sister bonnie, my cousins and friends,
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howard, bruce, our shabbat group, larry, and so many others who exemplify the true meaning of friendship, thank you. for those that helped in securing my freedom, who i am only nominally aware at this juncture, i promise i will express a more direct and personal gratitude just as soon as i know who you are, but ultimately, ultimately, the decision to arrange for and secure my release was made in the oval office. to president obama and the nfc staff, thank you. if my last letter to president obama, i wrote that despite my five-year tenure in captivity, i would not want to trade places with him, and i certainly want to trade places with him on this glorious day.
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five years of isolation notwithstanding, i did not need daily briefings to be cognizant of what are undoubtedly incredible challenges facing our nation and the global community. i also feel compelled to share with you my utmost respect for and fondness of the people of cuba. in no way are they responsible for the ordeal to which my family and i have been subjected. to me kuban cubanos are yesterdayably talented and smart. it pains me to see them treated so unjustly as a consequence of two governments mutually belligerent policies. five and a half decades of history show us that such
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belligerence -- two wrongs never make a right. i hope we can get beyond these belligerent policies, and i was very happy to hear what the president had to say today. it was particularly cool to be sitting next to the secretary of state as he was hearing about his job description for the next couple of months. in all seriousness, this is a game changer, which i fully suppo support. a jushlt lesson that i have learned through this experience is freedom is not free, and that is personified by scott and our entire team. we must never forget the two pillars of moses kov independent -- freedom and responsibility.
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i'm incredibly blessed finally to have the freedom to resume a positive and constructive life, but for now i'll close with a quote from one of nelson demil's characters. it's good to be home. thank you, and i wish you all a happy holiday season. thank you. >> what are your wishes for u.s.-cuban relations? >> thank you. >> i support the president. thank you very much. >> happy hanukkah. >> happy hanukkah. >> so you just hearted from the former hostage in cuba, allen gross, his final words, it's good to be home. he thanked his wife and congress on both sides of the aisle, those that came to visit him, and those that never forgot about him, and those that helped to free him. also groups that prayed for him. he said knowing i wasn't forgotten was crucial to my survival.
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he also thanks president obama and said that this is a game changer that he fully supports. i bet we're going to get delivering opinions on that today. monica crowley was here and listening to allen gross. he said it was a game changer that he fully supports the president's actions today. obviously, he is going to say that. he is now free after five years in captivity. what do you think? >> well, i think all of us celebrate the release of any american who has been held in captivity particularly by a regime as odious of the castro regime in cuba. i think we ought to be cautious about celebrating the way this was done. gretchen, this was not just the cuban government as a gesture of goodwill releasing mr. gross. this was a prisoner swap. in exchange for mr. gross, we released three cuban spies who are responsible for providing information that actually shot down a plane. >> i want to show who they are. herago hernandez, linked to the
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downing of two civilian planes. he was serving two life sentences. louise medina and antonio guerarro, and you have renee gonzalez, fernando gonzalez. to tie up what you are saying, it's not like this was an even swap for humanitarian aid workers that we were for some reason holding in the united states. >> look, it sounds like this was a pretext for doing what the president wanted to do all along in terms of changing the broader policy toward cuba. again, it's great to have mr. gross back on american soil, but it sounds like he was a human pawn for doing what the president wanted to do anyway. there is a case to be made, gretchen, for the listing of the cuban trade embargo, but this is not it. what did we get in exchange, gretchen? we got nothing. we got no concessions from this regime at all. >> correct. the president said the new policy will make it easier for americans to travel to cuba. he doesn't talk about the cubans who are still there under a dictator. >> well, look, there have been a lot of people on both sides of the aisle arguing for many years
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that this trade embargo has outlived its usefulness, including my old boss in the early 1990s, former president nixon, who wrote in one of his books at the time we should consider lifting the embargo. the difference between those arguments and what's going on now is that those people who argued for that laid out conditions, that the castro regime would have to undertake serious and meaningful and sustained political and economic liberalization, which has not occurred. >> i thought it was so fascinating to watch the press releases come out for members of congress, because they always come out when you have a big event, but i was surprised to hear this one from senator bob menendez. he says this, democrats, "president obama's actions have vindicated the brutal behavior of the cuban government. there is no ekwifl ens between an international aid worker and convicted spies who are found guilty of conspiracy to commit espionage against our nation. he goes on, monica, to say that this sets a dangerous precedent. a democrat saying that about the president. >> yeah. i mean, the signal that's being
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sent to terrorists and dictatorships around the world is if you grab an american or two, you'll be able to extract serious concession from this administration. the other question that somebody needs to ask the president is in making this argument for listing the trade embargo, he says, look, sanctions don't work. okay. well, if he really believes that, then does that also apply to the u.s. sanctions regime against iran? if he believes that on cuba? i mean, on north korea and does he believe it on russia? right now the u.s. led sanction regimes against all of those ktsz, and if he believes it hasn't worked in the case of cuba, does he believe it will work in the case of iran, north korea, and russia wra? >> far-reaching consequences and ramifications of the move today. monica, thanks for being here. >> biphil keating, what's the reaction in little cuba today? >> well, the reaction here tends to be about specifically the agreement made between the obama
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white house these are your classic cuban exi'ms coming right after the castros, fidel castro, took power back in 1959. these people want the castros gone. they want the communist government out, and they want the u.s. embargo to stay rigid, if not get stronger. none of these people had an ability here to watch allen gross's several minute press conference that he just gave from his attorney's office in washington d.c. where alan gross said he supports everything that was agreed to by president obama and raul castro. these people do not support what has happened. they are equating the president with the castros and their
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signage. >> for example, a rumor that fidel castro died, you would have parades and cars going slowly down the street. you have them out today. the miami dade sheriff's department, helicopters are up in the air, and this is typically what happens here in cafe versailles. >> thanks much. time for my take now. what has changeed in cuba today with the president's announcement he wants to normalize relations with that country? cuban citizens can't do much of anything freely without fear of imprisonment or even death.
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questions still remain about what the united states has given up in exchange. cuba is no closer to moving towards a democracy for its people, and you have to wonder if this move will now inspire other nations to capture americans as hostages knowing this administration may be open to making deals made up of consegments. the most interesting development to me is the bipartisan criticism of the president's move. this president plans to act alone on many issues in the last two years of his presidency, sidestepping congress on a lot of important issues. putting trust in a communist nation to change its ways based on their word. >> coming up on "the real story" today, new detail on a critical player in the deal to bring american allen gross back from cuba. i'm going to speak live with the vatican spokesperson about the pontiff's role in this historic
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move. plus, in her own words, taya kyle speaking me exclusively about her husband's incredible life and the new film depicting his heroic military service. [ narrator ] mama sherman and the legion of super fans.
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fox news alert. president obama announces a major policy shift today with cuba. we are learning pope francis played a key role in the negotiations which lasted many months. meantime, florida senator marco rubio expressing his gratitude for the pontiff's role in bringing allen gross to freedom. >> my understanding is that the influence was on the release of mr. gross, which i have not criticized. as i said, i'm happy that he is with the cuban people. i would also ask his holyness to take up the cause of freedom and democracy, which is critical for a free people, for a people to
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truly be free. >> joining us on the telephone senior communications advisor to the vatican, greg burke. it's great to have you with us all the way from italy today. >> obviously, you have known for some time the pope was involved in these negotiations. why was it so important that pope francis to be involved with relationships between the united states and cuba? >> well, i think pope francis could get the ball rolling and we said that in the vatican statement today that he had written a letter to both raul castro and to barack obama asking him to try to get this going and resolving it. it's all sort of the spirit of francis, which is the encounter. i know it's not perfect because there are a lot of strong political feelings on this, but he is of the feeling and the holy is always of the feeling that it's always better to be talking than not talking and even when castro took power, it was difficult for the catholic church, and things happened as well. we always kept diplomatic
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relations open. it took a while for john paul ii to get there on the trip. he was finally able to do that. the church able to carve out some space, but basically the point is that francis got the ball rolling, and then vatican diplomats have a long history of sort of good old-fashioned quiet diplomacy, and they were able to keep it going, and keep the momentum, not that francis has a magic wand, but obviously there was some willingness here to see the holy as an honest broker. >> we've come to know that about him in many ways, he is unpredictable. what message might he give to the cuban people who are suffering still under a dictatorship. >> i think, you know, the way that pope francis would see this or that the church would see this is, okay, this doesn't solve everything. this doesn't make it all perfect, but if it does open things up, if it does open things up, and there may be claims that it won't, but if it opens up relations with the
11:20 am
u.s., they're talking, there's more communications with the u.s., well, then that story will get out as well. i mean, that's been one of the problems here is that a lot of americans, certainly not the cuban community, but a lot of americans are not aware of the situation in cuba, and that is going to be helped by this. >> right. before i let you go, i did look at your twitter feed, and it turns out that it happens to be the birthday today of the pope. good day from -- _#vatican. i understand there was a tango, and he had a cape too? >> a good day for a mojito, and a good day for tango as well. i walked through the square. there were hundreds, if not thousands of people out there for a big tango dance to celebrate the 78th birthday today. >> looks a lot younger than that in mind and spirit for sure. greg burke, great to speak with you again. have a great one. thank you. >> thanks. a lawyer falls unconscious in court. what caused her to pass out and
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welcome back to the real story. some shoppers at k-mart claiming that the big box store is stealing christmas from them. the company flooded with complaints from people who say they put gifts on layaway only for the store to then cancel the purchases. in many cases k-mart is saying it's going take up to 14 days to issue monetary refunds. so what recourse do buyers have and how can you avoid getting into a situation like this? arthur and jonathan are defense attorneys and former prosecutors. arthur, let me start with you today.
11:25 am
the basis of the story is that a lot of people put things on layaway. in some cases they actually paid in full and then they got an e-mail from k-mart saying, sorry, you're not going to actually get that. >> two different situations here. there are one of the people who followed the rules. you know, that's what the lay-away plan is. it's a contract. i'll pay for it over time xshgs then it will be mine. the people who did pay and if you go on the intbt, a lot of people paid a week before it was due. they have a legitimate gripe. k-mart has a legitimate ability under the contract to say, hey, under the contract it was supposed to be paid by december 13th. it's december 14th. you didn't pay it. we're taking it back. it's the first group that you really question. why is k-mart doing this? this is a public relations nightmare, and it's very hurtful for individuals right here. >> especially because if they're not going to get the money back for 14 days, you got to wonder what k-mart is doing with the money, first of all.
11:26 am
secondly, a lot of people, you know, that's the money they had to spend for christmas, and now they can't buy another gift because money is tied up in something they're not even going to receive. >> yeah. >> k-mart is definitely on the hook for this. for starters, lay-away contracts are perfectly legal, but they are as much a bad idea. not -- for one reason, you don't walk in your lawyer, arthur, and say let me negotiate this layaway contract. if i cancel it, i want my money back in 72 hours. it's an adhesion contract. >> what the heck is that? >> that's what it is. >> what does it mean? >> number two, i can't imagine -- i thought when you pay money on layaway, they hold the product for you and when you are done paying. that apparently isn't happening. that's what could make these contracts actually illegal. >> it's whether the -- okay, now you finished paying it off, let's see if that -- >> give me my stuff. >> let's see if the holly hobby oven or that doll, whatever is still there, and now it's not there, because they already sold
11:27 am
it out in the store, and now they're giving you your money back. >> that's what a lot of the beef is from the customers. look, you should have held these gifts. >> it's a cash flow business. >> i get it. >> they don't need that. >> let's listen to what k-mart is saying about this. here's the statement. we are in the process of contacting those customers who have been affected and are working with them to resolve the issue. not all of their contracts were canceled, and many of them have already received some of the items they ordered through on-line layaway. we are sensitive that this is ae special time of year, and are working hard to find and deliver these items to customers before the holidays. all right. you're both loaded. >> well done. >> is that i better p.r. message or legal message? >> it's both. i mean, a simple solution would be hand all these people a gift card to k-mart or just hand them a gift card. we don't have to worry about the accounting yet and let them shop. that's what k-mart should do. are they legally bound to do that? probably not. >> they're also responsible for their shareholders and to be financially and fiscally responsible. this is a company that you are
11:28 am
reminding me once took bankruptcy. >> it did? time back, and now it's trying to make its move back in the marketplace. if i don't see you, merry christmas. >> go to k-mart, have a party. a comedy movie sparking fears now of holiday terror. hundreds of cinemas already deciding not to show it starring these two guys. have the sony hackers already won? plus, big changes coming for america's foreign policy towards cuba. what does this mean for u.s., cuba relations? had i'm j-a-n-e and i have copd. i'm d-a-v-e and i have copd. i'm k-a-t-e and i have copd, but i don't want my breathing problems to get in the way my volunteering. that's why i asked my doctor about b-r-e-o. once-daily breo ellipta helps increase airflow from the lungs for a full 24 hours. and breo helps reduce symptom flare-ups that last several days and require oral steroids, antibiotics, or hospital stay. breo is not for asthma. breo contains a type of medicine
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. >> fox news alert to tell you about. fox news alert. three lawmakers who flew to cuba to bring allen gross back to america speaking out a short while ago backing president obama's plan to reboot diplomatic relations with the dictatorship. >> for those who say that this is a concession somehow to the cuban regime, these moves that are being made today, i think that that is the wrong way to look at it. that is simply wrong. the policy that we've had in place for the past 50 years has done more in my view and many views to keep the castro regimes in power than anything we could have done. >> chris plant, syndicated radio talk show host, simon rosenberg, ndn democratic think tank. he also helped develop u.s. policy towards cuba for president obama in 2009. great to have the both of you today. simon, let me start with you, because i know you have been in
11:33 am
the background in the background scenes of developing this policy so this must be a good day and a big day for you. >> it is a good day. i think it's a good day for the cuban people. it's a good day for u.s.-latin mernl relations and a good day for u.s. relations with the rest of the world, and it's going to be a great day for millions of cuban-americans who are going to be able to go see relatives that they haven't been able to see regularly for years and years and years. you covered this already, gretchen, this is the role that the pope played in all this and the catholic church. a lot went into this. i think the president had an opening. he seized it, and i think this was a brilliant foreign policy move. >> that's only part of the story, right, chris? we're still dealing. we're making consegment with a dictator, and a lot of people right now are watching, and they're saying, wow, what did we get in return? >> well, forget about what we got in return. what did the cuban people get in return? >> that too. >> the obama administration, u.s. bail-out of the last
11:34 am
communist dictatorship in the western hemisphere. you know, it talks about cuban-americans being able to go to cuba and visit. how about subjects being allowed to leave cuba because it's a slave state, and they'll be shot it they try to leave the country. how about free and fair electrics? how about recognizing the fact that when russia, putin's russia, and venezuela, their primary economic sponsors are on the skids because of plummeting oil prices, that cuba is particularly susceptible, i think, to harsh negotiations. i know homeless people on the street that negotiate for money better than president obama negotiates for anything. this is just -- >> let's ask simon that we. what about the people who remain imprisoned in cuba? you left that part out of your first answer, but what do you say to them? >> i think cuba is -- i think this is the beginning of a process. i think that cuba -- they also acknowledge they released over 50 political prisoners. they've acknowledged also they're going to be allowing the u.n. and the red cross and other
11:35 am
international institutions far greater abscess to their country. they're going to allow far greater access to the internet. these are all things that are announced in the cuban government today. this is an opening here. >> haven't they been in control of a communist nation for more than 50 years. chris, do you believe that? >> no. you know, this is absurd on the face of it. it is -- everything for cuba. nothing for -- for the castro regime, for the totalitarian dictatorship, which runs this ship off of our coast. >> you just sound like an idiot right now. >> oh, really? >> let's not call each other idiots. >> the elections will be held in cuba. when are the cuban people going to be allowed to leave voluntarily? >> it's part and parcel -- this is a failed policy. it hasn't worked for 50 years. you are defending one of the greatest foreign policy failures in american history. >> you obviously don't agree on this, but let's not call each other names, okay? let's try and have a civil discussion, and with that i got to wrap it up. not because the two of you are
11:36 am
in trouble, but just because i got to go. thanks, guys. zurchlgts the sony hackers now threatening actual violence over a movie scheduled to be released on christmas day. stars of the movie that started sony cyber attack headaches, seth roguan and james franco have now canceled all press appearances for the movie "the interview." the hacking group, calling themselves guardians of peace, threatening violence against any theater that shows that film. the department of homeland security analyzing messages from those hackers. let's discuss this right now. melinda, president and founder of integrated as thet ebbings consulting, and susan is a holistic and care expert, and amy holmes, the host of the blaze hot lips. let's start with you. a lot going on here. hackers say they're going to threaten violence like 9/11 attacks on fears if they show this movie. let's take him seriously. >> they don't yet have any credible information that will happen. what they're trying to do is
11:37 am
deter people -- they are cancelling their appearances. not exactly a profile in courage. he was asked to tone it down where kim jung un. he said, no, this is his artistic freedom. well, this is about his opportunity to stand up for them. absolutely. >> would you go to the movie theater, melinda, and see this movie? >> i wouldn't, but i also don't think that the u.s. should be making decisions based on fear because then the terrorists win. you know, the people are threatening the terror, they win, and we really need to start taking a look at our security and our intelligence and how we are securing our intelligence in the united states. i mean, a country like north korea, if they can get into sony, such a monster corporation and get into their intelligence and hack their material and e-mails, then what other countries are going to be able to get into other -- >> it's a great question, but we don't even know if it's north korea.
11:38 am
it could be a kid sitting in the basement, right? >> i agree. i wouldn't go and see the movie. i would be afraid to go. >> well, and i think a lot of americans are agreeing with you right now. >> not a lot of people want to risk their lives watching the pineapple express duo. >> but that's the point. i mean, what should sony do now? maybe sony should just pull the movie? does that mean that the hackers win? then you set a precedent, and so, you know, what's going to be next as melinda brings up? >> that's the important point. i would say that sony should not pull the movie. however, i do understand that those theaters could face legal liability if they show the movie. there are a lot of issues here. in temz terms of our government response, this isn't just an attack on sony, this is an attack on america, and you can also look at it as a case of economic espionage and that we are obligated governmentally to respond. >> well, i think it's so scary for so many people watching that this type of hacking can create this type of havoc. last night the new york premier of this movie was canceled, and
11:39 am
carmike cinemas have already said they are not going to show this movie. >> also, let's take a look at the app they're using to put that content out there. you know, all of the face pins or -- >> friend page. we have to take a look at the security that they're using for those type of applications, and now there are so many apps just like that. what are the legalalities behind that that are helping filter all of this really sensitive information from getting out there? >> you said that you would not go to the movie. >> no, because it's too easy to have a problem in a theater. it's too easy to get a bomb in there, whatever you want to do, to destroy, you know, people's lives. >> well, we've already had a theater incident out in colorado a couple of years ago xshgs i think a lot of people are remembering that and thinking why take the risk, but it brings up the bigger question about whether or not we're getting into something that may or may not even exist. ladies, i got to wrap it there. thank you so much. >> thank you. nascar champion facing a rough day in court. the troubling allegations coming
11:40 am
from his ex-girlfriend, and she says she has the photos to prove it. the most successful sniper in american military history managed to avoid death at the hands of the enemy only to be killed at home. the explosive emotional interview that i had with chris kyle's widow about the movie "american sniper" which tells his story. >> we started our lives, and we went through war, child birth, happiness, you know, joking through the hard times, and it just -- he really changed me into something much, much better.
11:41 am
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welcome back to the real story. the ex-girlfriend of nascar star kurt bush claiming he smashed her face into the wall of his motor home three times and crushed her throat in a fight that ended their relationship. the lawyer showing evidence of her injuries on the same day driskall testified in a hearing. she claimed the fight happened last september in new hampshire
11:44 am
when busch was upset about his prepareance in a race a few days before. she also kramd that bub is an alcoholic in a state of rage. busch denies all of those claims. the couple dated for four years. the story of a navy seal considered a legend in the battlefield. now being told on the big screen. american sniper starring beforedly cooper opening on christmas day. it recounts the life of chris kyle, the most successful sniper in u.s. military history who served four tours in iraq before being tragically killed by a veteran he was trying to help here at home. i sat down with his widow, taya, to talk with her exclusively about how this film came to light. >> four tooez tours in iraq. the most lethal sniper in u.s. history. this movie now based on his book "american sniper." fantastic, by the way. >> thank you. >> i know you played such a big role in it, and i thought it was so poignant that the movie
11:45 am
people said that they didn't fully understand who chris was until they met you. what do you make of that? >> you know, it's powerful, and it's emotional. it's beautiful. in some ways i think it's very natural because we all have our qualities that we think we bring to the table, and then our loved ones have all different elements that they really value in us, and chris would be far too humble to say any of his good qualities really. he is very self-deprecating in his humor, and for me to have the ability to really tell them what i loved was a beautiful thing, and they spent a lot of time absorbing the details and getting them right in the movie, which is such a blessing. >> so seena miller plays you. bradley cooper plays chris. clint eastwood direct this movie. what did they say about the experience? >> they've all been very humble about it as well. i have to say that all of them put so much heart into it. it's so much work into it.
11:46 am
it would be premly difficult. >> the first time when you meet kristen, and you do the shots. >> although,ly say i wasn't shocked. i was drinking, i think, scotch on the rocks, and then, yes, i did vomit, and, yes, he did, you know, hold my hair back. i always tell people, you should really say you met him in church or something. but then how do i explain the vomiting. >> people who have talked about the film, they said this is so true to life, especially for veterans. when they're there, and when they come home. >> right. >> that must make you feel so proud. >> it does. i mean, it really -- it makes me -- i just had some texts from
11:47 am
some other team wives, and i really hope it makes them proud, and i hope it represents them well. >> there's a scene in the movie where chris is with your son, and i believe in the fellow marines and says i want to shake your hand and say you're a hero, and thank you so much because you saved my life. you took me out of the building. he crouches down to your son and says your father is a hero. i mean, amazing moment in this movie. chris was so humble that he -- bradley cooper -- that he just basically walked away and said thank you. was that him? >> 100%. as bradley calls it, vintage chris. that's absolutely who he was. he was very uncomfortable with praise and very much in the background you would see in any of his military pictures, neffs the back with his sunglasses on. that's how he lived. even doing the book in the first place was a very uncomfortable thing for him, and something he resisted for along time. other people were going to write
11:48 am
the story, and he thought, no, i'm going to do it so i can give credit to people who sdefsh the credit. >> how would you describe your relationship with him? >> i do in a lot of ways feel like i still have that relationship, and it still grows and changes because of what i learn and what i experience and how i can more deeply appreciate what he was going through and i wish that i had known more as people often do at the time, but i also know that he knows i did the best i could, and i know he did the best he could. my relationship with him from the beginning was just very -- very real. you know? just very real deep, passionate love, and we went through some really hard times, but we found our way back to each other every time, and, you know, i will never have anything like that again.
11:49 am
i'm okay with that because it was special, and it deserves for it to be set in a separate category, and, you know, we started our lives, and we went through war, child birth, happiness, you know, joking through the hard times, and it just -- he really changed me into something much, much better, and i'm grateful to him, you know? i just carry him with me, and i feel him with me all the time, and that's a special thing too. >> our thanks so taya kyle. she's a brave woman. in addition to caring for her two kids, taya also oversees the chris kyle foundation. it's aimed at funding memorable experiences for families of troops and first responders. to learn more visit the chris kyle frog >> an ongoing legal battle who said he got into a fight with a minnesota governor jesse ventura. tomorrow on the real story taya
11:50 am
kyle addresses that case for the very first time since ventura was awarded $1.8 million against her estate. >> coming up on "the one more time. coming up on the real story, teenager burned alive. police scrambling to find her killer. we're getting new information in the jessica chambers murder case. plus why federal authorities are now involved in this horrifying investigation. will that be all, sir?
11:51 am
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thank you. ordering chinese food is a very predictable experience. i order b14. i get b14. no surprises. buying business internet, on the other hand, can be a roller coaster white knuckle thrill ride. you're promised one speed. but do you consistently get it? you do with comcast business. and often even more. it's reliable. just like kung pao fish. thank you, ping. reliably fast internet starts at $89.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. cuba . welcome back to the real story. new notes in the jessica chambers murder investigation. as you recall she's the teen found burned alive. on the side of a road in rural mississippi one week ago today. trace gallagher has been covering this story for us and he's live with new details. what do you know, trace
11:54 am
>> we know, gretchen that jessica chambers had been involved in an abusive relationship and that the ex-boyfriend moved from mississippi to iowa. well police have now investigated him and they have cleared him as a suspect which really brings us back to the night of the crime. police believe right before jessica was set on fire that someone was in the car sitting next to her. the question is who. and how did that person get out of that rural area? one witness who lives in the area says on the night jessica was killed that he heard a car with a very loud exhaust pipe driving around. now police are now looking to find that car. authorities were hoping that the surveillance video at the convenience store where jessica got gas before she got killed would give them a lead because she can be seen walking off camera, right? talking to somebody. but now police have identified and cleared the person that she's thought to be talking to. another person who was actually filling a gas can next to where jessica was parked has also been cleared. with fewer tips and fewer
11:55 am
persons of interest the locals have could in the fbi, alcohol and tobacco firearms and the u.s. marshals. >> we have different certain advertise and different things we can use. >> reporter: jessica chambers whispered something to paramedics before she died. police will not reveal what she said but do considerate lead. for all those theorys being bandied about on the internet is not helping their case. we'll have much more on the release of the american contractor released after five years in a cuban prison. senator jeff flake is one of the americans on the airplane with alan gross. plus this adorable puppy getting a new lease on life thanks to a kind-hearted techie. we'll be right back. you total your brand new car.
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let's check out what america is clicking on. puppy born without front pause can frolick with his friends thanks to 3-d prosthetics. i'm sorry, i have a horrible cold today. that puppy is getting a better lease on life. okay. let's just roll it forward. is shep ready? i'm about ready to toss to it him. tomorrow part two of tara kyle and her fight against minnesota governor gentlemency ventura the first time she will speak about that. don't miss it. i'm gretchen. here's shep. >> you need chicken soup. go get chicken soup. >> and a whole lot more. >> it is time for a new approach. those words from the president of the united states today as he announced a tectonic shift in
12:00 pm
united states relation with cuba. the largest switch in decades and it comes after a deal to free an american imprisoned there as well as a spy whom fidel castro locked up 20 years ago. we have comprehensive coverage ahead from how the pope played a part to what it means for americans who want to visit cuba and most importantly the cuban people. is it possible they might benefit? will freedom find them or will they the cuban people continue to be the oppressed victims of all of this. we'll hear from this about the president's decision and calls this a victory for this oppressive government. two sides and many details left unknown on a day for the history books. let's get to it. >> man alive and what a day it is on the deck this afternoon. first from fox this wednesday afternoon more than a half century of b


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