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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  December 20, 2014 3:00am-7:01am PST

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saturday. happy weekend to you. i'm ainsley. north korea is firing back at the united states with a very bizarre request this morning in the investigation into those sony hacks. their message to president obama straight ahead. and it's about time. five years after the fort hood massacre that the government called work-place violence, finally some recognition for the heroes who have tried to save the day. >> and how would you like to get a shiny new vacuum cleaner for christmas. >> no there is an expensive one a dyson. >> or a scale to see just how fat have you gotten. worst gifts for guys and
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girls alike coming up. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> hey this is chuck knap wishing you a merry christmas and a happy new year from "fox & friends." >> thanks, judge. >> judge, good morning to you. >> good morning to you, ainsley earhardt. >> i'm filling in for anna this morning. so fun to be with you guys. et cetera especially right before christmas. >> i love it here. our studios are decked out. >> our pillows are comfy. >> you can always take my pillow. no, just kidding. let's get to a fox news alert though as we start this show. just moments ago, north korea saying it can prove it's not behind, not, i repeat, behind that sony cyber attack. and now they are threatening grave consequences if the united states doesn't join a joint probe together. hey, come on over, united states, and work with us. this comes hours after president obama and the fbi say north korea is, in fact, responsible. >> leland vittert is live in washington with the unfolding story. good morning, leland.
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>> good morning. north korea is old adage good defense is the best offense. belligerent ever what we heard from the united states. even despite president obama turning up the heat yesterday. the fbi for its part claim it has evidence that the reclusive nation is behind the hacking essentially linking north korea by electronic fingerprint. including bits of code and al al gori thims. plus they say certain internet addresses use youd in the attack against sony linked back to the >> says something interesting about north korea that they decided to have the state mounts an all out assault on a movie studio. they caused a lot of damage. and we will respond. we will respond proportionally and we will
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respond in a place and time and manner that we choose. >> the north koreans said a while ago the movie the interview itself is an act of war. grave consequences. the u.s. continues ache accusations saying they can prove they are behind the attack. it wants a joint investigation into the hacking scandal. one might say the story library is starting to sound a little bit like a hollywood movie. so far there has been no official response by the united states to the north korean's demands. it would be hard to imagine any fbi agents are packing their bags to head over to pyongyang to continue a joint investigation but one never knows. >> exactly. lee land vittert live in washington this morning. when you pick up the fbi's web site. you go right there in bold letters we can conclude that this -- these cyber attacks originated from north korea using ip addresses originating out of north korea. >> north korea doesn't buy it it they are joining oj in
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the search for the rekillers this morning. >> sony cowarding to north korea and taking out this movie. now they are coming back the ball is in their court and they are saying if we don't do this there will be grave consequences. it's already starting to snow ball. >> the debate now is now between sony and the white house. you saw the president saying yesterday i wish they had called me. i wish somebody from sony had told me i had no idea this was going on. michael lynnton went on cnn yesterday saying that ♪ true. we did reach out to the white house and talk to someone there watch this. >> a few days ago i personally did reach out and speak to senior folks in the white house. and talked to them about the situation and actually informed them that we needed help. the fbi had been with us for several weeks and has been great but i did reach out and explain the situation to them at that time. >> so the president is wrong when he says that you did not reach out to him. >> we definitely spoke to senior advisor or senior
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advisor in the white house to talk about the situation. >> so, i think what the president was saying yesterday at the press conference was hey, before you made the final decision to pull out, to stop the distribution of the movie, you should have called me. but then he started off the speech yesterday by saying sony is a corporation. they have their employees to look after. they have to make business decisions. they are a business. they are a corporation. but i wish they would have called me first. >> it never made any sense. it's not like people who run sony are not connected to the obama administration. they are all big obama donors, big supporters. michael lynton's wife was on the finance committee for obama's campaign in 2008. they are tight. the idea no contact was not plausible in the first place. listen to sony's response to awful this and say we are the guardians of the first amendment we did not back down. literally or wellian it's the or set of the truth. they quashed the first amendment they made it meaningless and they did
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back down. they are cowardly. >> we heard that sound bite there will be consequences to this. we will respond. the question is now how you will they respond? sanctions, military action? lt. colonel ollie north is has to say about that. >> well, it we don't have it anyway, he says it's going to be a proportional response. >> what does that mean? >> we are go going to find north korea entertainment company who may be releasing a movie and we will stop their internet. >> he says the president doesn't have a track record to follow through in questioning how the president will respond. >> good guy in all of this. if, in fact, sony and the white house had gotten together early and made the only good decision stand up against terrorism, this is a form of terrorism and say, look, we are going to make sure this movie is distributed. that everybody sees it. that north korea has sent the message we will not be counter intimidated. they did exactly the hop
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sit. said we are going to release this movie and pressed on this. you are going on the record saying that. >> in some form or fashion in theaters. >> we need to find partners right now to release this movie digitally. my point is they have got the sony playstation network. they own their own pipes. they could release it right now. put tout on their own playstation network. they spent a lot of money creating this movie just to go to waste. i'm imagining they contacted all these theaters. these theaters are saying we don't want this movie because of all these threats. >> that's exactly what it was. >> watch the oscars and sit through six hours of these people con yat legsing themselves on the courage to speak the truth. knowing it's all false. no one is more cowardly than them. >> do you drink soda stream. do you know the soda stream company? >> yeah. >> it's very popular. >> very popular. >> very popular of course. they also make water system that goes into a lot of
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universities. a lot of different corporations have the soda stream water system that you will find in cafeterias and such. harvard didn't want to offend its palestinian students because the soda stream company that makes this water system is located in israel. they have had these water systems set up in different schools throughout the country and harvard is saying you know what? we'll remove the name from this water system in the school so as not to offend our palestinian students. >> unbelievable. the david caller woman named rachel. member of the jewish alliance. she explained the decision this way. big supporter of it these machines can be seen as a microaggression to palestinian students and their families and like the university doesn't care about palestinian human rights. in case you don't happen to go to harvard. you haven't been made into a moron by ivy league education, microaggression anything that onkdz me should not be allowed. right? anything that bothers me in any way should be illegal.
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>> the minority should have the say so. doesn't matter what the majority. >> the aggrieved party. people angry at their parents should be in charge everything. >> that's why we got rid of decaf in the hall they know when i walk down the hall it's a microaggression. >> people who go to hard run america. look at the numbers. >> they sore unimpressive. >> make you laugh that a water machine could be offensive? a water member. don't we have other things. >> the cafeteria and i see a label on a machine and that's somehow offensive to me? >> if this were frostburg state it would be okay fine. most famous university in the world. most famous school in the history of the world. its graduates run america and they are morons, it's scary. >> does frostburg university actually exist. >> no. i'm just saying harvard is bad. >> any aggressions you would like to take out on our show this morning. >> do water machines offend
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you that's the question. >> headlines this morning. a fox news alert. overnight a u.s. drone firing two missiles into a taliban come bound reportedly killing five militants in northern pakistan including a key commander. the attack coming in the wake of a brutal massacre in a pakistani school which nearly killed 150 or did leave about 150 people dead. the u.s. offering support to pakistan as they carry out their own air strikes in that region. the taliban warning the school attack was just the beginning of all the violent. well, do you recognize this guy? investigators now offering a $5,000 reward to find whoever shot a tv weather man. patrick crawford shot 13 times in the parking lot of his tv station in waco, texas. this happening just in broad daylight after an argument with the gunman. crawford remains hospitalized in stable condition. so far police have not released a motive. and it's about time president obama signing a law you to finally give victims of the 2009 fort hood shooting purple hearts.
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13 people were killed in more than 130 injured when self-proclaimed soldier of allah, nidal hasan opened fire. the white house had called the incident work place violence instead of terrorism. those victims will now be eligible for the purple heart award and additional benefits. well, the vatican christmas lights are now shining brightly. were. >> what took so lock? >> they could have this on december 11st. 82 feet. it's in saint peter's square. and there are also the early -- there is the early unveiling of the nativity scene there those lights usually illuminated illuminatedn separate ceremony on christmas eve. he said the crib and the
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tree carry a message of light, hope and love. the greatest of these is love. those are your headlines. get it over to rick reichmuth. he is standing by with a look at this. >> they got you? >> guess what happens tomorrow. it is winter. i like to point out. two months into meteorological change. winter beginning tomorrow at 6:03 p.m. still looking at temperatures well above where we were in november. this is where you are waking up. all that bad out there. there are some storms though this today is going to be light rain. this pattern that we are in in the the southeast is going to continuous about the next three to four days. expect to see cloudiness and rain. more rain coming. in northern california. especially parts of oregon where we will see the focus
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of it some of it is going to be very heavy today and tomorrow. temperaturewise for your day and tomorrow. fargo, 33 today. tomorrow, 29, start to see a dip in the change here. guys, we are going to be watching tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. a storm develop. problems for travel all across the central part of the east. mostly a rain event at this point but a very windy event. delays. >> you need to change that. >> to snow? >> yeah. get on tharks rick. >> is a sony hack attack just a practice run for something worse? frightening warnings from a cyber expert next. >> plus, who is the sexiest woman alive? the lady that's just been crowned with that top honor. >> who votes on it? they didn't consult tucker and i. ♪ these boots are made for walking ♪ and that's just what they will do ♪ one of these days these boots are going to walk all over you.
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welcome back, cyber security experts now warning that sony hack may just be the beginning. the next targets on the list. our electric grid or something far worse. maybe even wall street. joining us now to weigh in on this, to prevent another attack is mark, a cyber security analyst and former federal computer crimes prosecutor. mark, nice to see you this morning. welcome to the show. >> good morning, thank you. >> that's immediately what i thought about this. sony pictures, all these emails get out. personal information about employees. that's wad enough. it could be far worse. we could be talking about air traffic control shutdown. electric grid. are we close to that actually happening? >> we have already had that happen in small cases. where people have either flooded air traffic controller in an airport or an electrical grid. by and large most of the problems that we have with these are computer malfunctions. but, even if it's connected to the internet. it's potentially vulnerable to an attack and can be shut down. a lot of these systems that
3:18 am
control other things are connected to the internet and have vulnerabilities. >> i want your response to what north korea said overnight which is hey, look, we are not involved in this. we want the united states to join us in finding out who perpetrated this attack. what do you say to that? do you believe them? >> i'm skeptical that this is north korea. that doesn't mean it isn't. and it doesn't mean we won't be able to prove it and won't be able to demonstrate. i start with a lot of healthy skepticism here because of the nature of the kind of attack that it was. and so, i don't want to jump in immediately. i think we do need to do more investigation. i think we have to have better evidence. because it's just smells wrong to me. but if we are going to take aggressive action against north korea, whether it's political, whether it's legal, whether it is cyber attack or something like that, i would want to sibert evidence of it. >> what say about the president's response yesterday. we'll have a proportional response on our own terms. what would a proportional
3:19 am
response look like to go after north korea in this? we were sort of joking earlier on the show that it would bring down some sort of entertainment industry inside of north korea. what exactly would we be able to do? >> remember, that we have two objectives here. one is to actually respond to the people who attacked us. and let's start with the ajudges that it's north korea and that we have good evidence of it you know, we could do a cyber attack against them. then it's the united states government against the korean government rather than a corporation. >> right. >> what we really isn't we want some kind of a statement by the world community, not just us, that this type of attack is beyond the pale. it's the kind of thing that civilized nations don't do. and so, there are things we can do within the united nations, one thing that i think would be a wonderful thing to do if we can locate and identify north korean assets, we can seize those, create a fund for restitution to the victims. the victim being spon. that's what he we did after the iranian hostage crisis. we received reignian assets
3:20 am
and made those funds available. >> go after the funds that way. we appreciate united states you joining us, thanks, marc. >> thank you. the president's deal with cuba finally bring justice to fugitives that have flooded there. father's killer is still walking free. ladies, how would you like a shiny new vacuum cleaner for christmas? or how about a scale to see how much weight you have gained over the year? i think i might have given that as a gift. the sleuth worst gifts for guys and girls alike? coming up. my name's louis,
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and some quick head lines for you, new reports this morning suggesting brutal isis militants are turning churches into dungeons and torture chambers where christians are being forced to convert to islam. the militants also stripping priceless artifacts and selling them on the black market ford to fund their terror. quick thinking beach goers saving a man's life in hawaii. wrote sos in the sand after getting caught in rip current. a helicopter crew flew by later and saw the distress signal. they found the man in nearby water and did rescue him. is he doing fine this morning. tucker? >> thanks a lot, ainsley. cuba's release of an american aid worker groce is part of a move to normalize relations between the u.s. and that fascist state. now authorities are calling for a different kind of handover of american citizens. the extradition of u.s. fugitives hiding out in cuba. there are a lot of them.
3:25 am
about 70 according to authorities. among them cop killer bomb maker william morales. joins by conner father frank conner was killed by a bomb that morales likely made. >> thanks for having me, tucker. >> you have been on this for so many years it looks, god willing, that you are getting closer to a resolution. tell us first about morales. >> he was the chief bomb maker are the fnl. they blew 74 bombs. on july 12th, 1978, real less bloo blew himself up that would have been my dad's 37th birthday. weighs all b and e but dead. did he survive it he was tried. he was convicted and sentenced to 89 years in prison. he escaped from bellview hospital where he was sent to get a prosthetic device he has no fingers. somehow he shimmied down a
3:26 am
rope made of linens and bed sheets and ended up underground in the u.s. they found him in mexico. he was involved in a gun fight with mexican police two. mexican cops were killed. he was arrested. sentenced to prison in mexico and in 1988 the mexicans extradited him to cuba against the wishes of ronald reagan and he has been a guest of castro's cuba since 1983. >> so the obama administration, i hope, would make getting him and other murderers hiding out in cuba a top priority. are they? >> i don't see it we have been -- i have been communicating with the state department. the justice department since the mid 1990s but bringing morales back. i have been told time and again that we have no extradition treaty with cuba. we have no foraminallized relations with cuba there is no way to bring him back. now we do. killed new jersey state trooper forester. there is victor garina who is a bank robber. there is a lot of them down
3:27 am
there. they need to bring them back. morales is the one i focus on most. >> because you believe he is responsible for your father's murder. >> i believe he was flan member. he was a chief bomb maker. he likely built the bomb that killed my dad. when i was a kid. i saw faln which is the armed forces for national liberation as evil and he was the face of that evil. it's time to get justice for my dad. another thing that concerns me is that in 1999, president clinton offered clemency to the other members. eric holder was deputy attorney general who pushed them out. i do have a concern that morales could be brought back and some of the other fugitives could be brought back and a pushto get them clemenciy too. if that happens, we have to get some justice for those people frank conner and all the other people that these terrorists killed and their families. >> good for you. you are such a good and faithful son i hope my children are as devoted to me as you are to the memory of your father. good for you. >> thanks a lot.
3:28 am
>> it will be 40 years next month. >> joe cavern, thanks for coming on. >> thank you. >> coming up, she hit a $10,000 jackpot but walked away with a grand. disabled woman scammed. sexiest woman alive. the big reveal next. people with type 2 diabetes
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♪ santa baby ♪ slip a under the tree for me ♪ identify been an awful good girl. >> you often here there is no such thing as a bad president that's not true at all. can you give really bad presents. the most has a list of very worst. as a public service we are bringing them this morning. women by men. always like the stocking stuffers, last minute you can tell they preble didn't put much thought into it shaving citedz kits. [ buzzer ] >> i have given that before. is that a terrible gift. >> it is. especially like the complicated one with the bieber hair brush or badger hair brush every year. >> i gave that to my dad. >> i asked for that though. i'm talking about the ones at the department store that come in like the little tote you can tell that they were just like what am i going to do? >> you are walking through the hallway and grabbing. >> underwear that's on the
3:33 am
list. who gives underwear to a man. >> i asked for underwear this year. >> i give underwear to my -- i give boxers to my dad and my husband. >> what else on that list? >> girl books? that's the worst where women give you book on how to treat a lady. [ buzzer ] >> i think it means like sensitive lady novels. >> oh. >> female erotica. >> could you -- coupons i will cook for you and rub your back. >> cologne. you don't wear it. >> not a cologne wearer. no soap is what i go with with. >> i was surprised by this list. here are the worst gifts that men buy women. high end scale. like a scale to weigh yourself. [screams] >> you give me that gift you are getting divorced. >> you have to be a moron to buy a scale for your wife. >> who would do that.
3:34 am
>> next on the list is a vacuum cleaner. >> that's not a gift, that's an acts of hostility. >> even if your wife says i don't the greatest vacuum cleaner great get her that but not christmas present. >> cooking gadget. >> i have my favorite gadget for women coming up in a little bit on the show. one of my gadget is a cooking glaget women like that. >> we will buy it for ourself. we want jewelry from you. >> tool kit. that's apparently also off the list. >> who would buy their woman a tool kit. >> new metric ratchet set. >> don't buy it for your wife. >> they do have tool kits that i like there was one that was pink with flowers on it i thought that was cute. i wouldn't mind getting that. >> cheap jewelry also on the list. don't give that to your lady. >> that's totally silly. i have a lot of daughters, they love cheap jewelry. >> fun. costume jewelry. i got ainsley a little something. >> did you? >> i went all out.
3:35 am
>> i'm scared. >> what did you get? >> i gotcha. >> come on. >> that is so nice. oh, clayton, you shouldn't have. i'm getting you divorce papers. >> that doesn't look very new. >> vacuum cleaner with hair all over it this is a pretty bow. you are getting divorce papers if you give that to your wife especially if it's used. >> i dare you. >> what's the worst gift you have ever given? tell us by facebook, you can tell it by twitter. yell loudly, we will hear you. let us know. >> merry christmas, ainsley. >> we will vacuum you up with that thing. the ain't lewis county prosecutor revealing to a local radio station that some witnesses died in the michael brown shooting case. bob mccullough referring to at least one woman who he believes pulled her details
3:36 am
from a newspaper article. backing up officer darren wilson's account that the 19-year-old charged him moment before he fired the fatal shot. mccullough does not plan to file perjury charges. this comes nearly a month after the grand jury decided not to indict wilson. you might want to think twice before biting into one of those, a candy apple because they are linked to five deaths, nearly 30 illnesses across the country. the cdc says some prepackaged apples are con dam nateed with the bacteria his tier i can't. caramel apples are most popular around halloween. could be out on the store shelves. no specific brand has been linked to the outbreak. >> woman scammed out of what was rightfully hers. she hit a $10,000 jackpot on one of those scratch off tickets. she took the ticket to the convenience store in massachusetts. the owner says she only one $1,000 gave her 930 bucks. lottery officials pulled the
3:37 am
store's license to sell tickets and gave the woman the rest of her deserved cash. kate upton just maimed people's magazine ever sexiest woman alive. the 22-year-old model turned actress says it is a huge honor. she did apologize to her 18-year-old brother. kate says it must be hard for him to have to deal with everyone making such a big fuss over her. those are your headlines. >> with respect, i dissent. >> you are dissenting on that. >> i think she is so pretty now, her uncle congressman fred upton of michigan. >> is he smoking hot. rick reichmuth standing by. >> that's hilarious, poor brother. guys, citizens, big week, everybody is trying to get home. thanksgiving so cold. not the case this time. big storm we are going to watch. take a look at the maps. wednesday's first alert forecast we are going to see snow filling in across the northern plains in the western great lakes
3:38 am
eventually toward chicago. a rainy windy day across much of the eastern seaboard. very windy conditions are going to cause some delays across the airports, i believe. chicago one of the busiest airports. atlanta as well. some ripple effects across the country. wednesday, a pretty rough travel day. if today is your travel day, not that bad, especially across the northeast. here is how the first alert forecast plays throughout the day today. chilly temperatures, nothing all that frigid. not much in the way of cloud cover. down to the southeast, we have rain showers moving through the carolinas, for the most part rain fill back in tomorrow. and then by monday and tuesday, more rain coming. in southeast kind of a little bit of a soggy pattern. across the northern plains, here you go. a pretty calm day as well. temps not all that bad. certainly a little bit above average. we're going to be looking pretty dry. not a bad day, guys, overall today to travel. today is the day you can do it, you should. guys? >> don't rub it. in we want to travel and go home. that's just reminded me. i'm not traveling today. >> but you can. he was the most lethal
3:39 am
snipes in most history. kyle story hitting the big sc you say a woman and a kid? >> eyes on this? can you confirm? >> negative. your call. >> >> bradley cooper stars as navy seal chris kyle in that movie american sniper it opens up in some theaters on christmas. step into the fox light michael tamara who was at the premier. >> this is one of those movies. hollywood could have gotten wrong on some ways. on some levels. having a very different segment here this morning. the fact is they nailed it. one of the best movies i have seen in a long time. thanks largely to clinton eastwood. who else direct to thinned could've movie than kent. also bradley cooper who produced and starred in the starring war as chris chris kyle. we caught up with him
3:40 am
recently and asked him about this role and about chris' dedication. >> like nothing i had ever done before. it was pretty massive. because is he a real man. and a man who i admire and have a lot of respect for. i got to meet his parents and family and looked him in the eye and try to do him right by this story. show the humanity of this guy and how complex he actually was. and a beautiful soul. >> having to go home and having to leave. turn around and leave a family with great kids and great wife. i don't know how he did it. >> it were he just got awarded the national board of review award as best director for. this cooper went all in, gaining about 20 pounds for the role. they are dedicated to getting it right. >> how old is clint eastwood. >> 800 years old. gut wrenching as some of the battle scenes are in this movie and they're. some the hardest moments is
3:41 am
when you see chris at home. went a long way to help him get back to himself after he was suffering ptsd. we talked to him about how important this movie is to her. >> i came away with such a sense of peace and happiness that at the end of the day people will know chris more when they watch this movie. it's impossible not to because you get to see him as the full man. his kids on the battlefield the full gamut. i miss him every day. >> the battle scenes, you don't get the real character, the person behind the character. >> absolutely. >> you totally do. eastwood does such a great job of capturing the emotionally intimate moments between chris and his wife. >> if you see one movie this year this would be it. >> you have the military angle. have you love the love story angle and we know what happens to chris kyle later
3:42 am
on. >> it opens up limited christmas day and then nationwide on january 15th. >> more of your interviews, where did they go? >> in the fox tucker. if you want to following me on twitter for all the latest celebrity buzz. >> when we do? >> which you do. fox light michael. instagram as well. >> scorching glare of the knox light. >> hardest working man at fox. >> thank you. >> thank you, michael. >> coming up here on the show, hackers hitter another retailer. worse than we thought. how your credit cards are compromised as staples. that was easy. >> kids at christmas. don't worry, we can help you. up next, five tips to make sure they get their rest and behave on the long flight. okay, call me crazy,
3:43 am
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welcome back, here is what is going on around the world. staples officially confirming a hack attack at more than 100 of its retail stores. the office supply chain says the security breach may have exposed payment information of more than a million customers. staples originally warned of potential breach earlier this year. that's now been confirmed. and target faces a huge legal battle over last year's holiday hack. a judge has denied the company's request to dismiss a class action lawsuit after hackers stole personal information from more than 110 million customers. clayton? >> thanks, tucker. are you gettingance zit over traveling with your kids for christmas? a mom just came up to me at the airport and said how do you do it? before we hit the road we have got gadgets that will help you make sure they maintain good sleeping habits while on the road. so important. amanda hooty is the president and founder of sleep well baby. thanks for being here.
3:47 am
>> thanks for having me. >> dive into some of these tips that you brought with you this morning. number one, you say comfort is key. >> we want our babies to be as comfortable as possible when they are sleeping away from their home, clayton. we recommend bringing on comfort item for baby. whatever they sleep with the aap recommends nothing in cribs for 12 months and under. but there is some really great transitional items. a sleep sock keeps babies warm and safe. it smells like home. it's comfortable to them. we have on that pack and play. for older children there are stuffed animals are great to bring along. and for our little babies who are still swaddled, bring their swaddle blankets. we even advise mom to sleep with the swaddle a couple nights so it's comfort for their babies when they're away. >> it works. take in the airport and carry with them the whole
3:48 am
time. >> it's so important to stick to a schedule. if you have a long day of travel, even try to get your kid to sleep on the plane at one point, our kids will actually sleep on the floor or the plane like we put blankets and knocked out for two hours. >> absolutely. so when it's a travel day, chalk it up to travel day. if they sleep, fantastic. if they don't, just get through it. when you get to your destination and if have you driven or felony -- flown through a time zone. get on the local time as soon as you get there. and if there is time for a nap, nap, if not, always on op. for the early bedtime. >> bring a bed. journey b. if you can they are comfortable. i know sometimes with the pack and play the kids feel like it's like -- i don't know, it feels like a piece of cardboard. they are soft and get them to sleep right away. >> the summer infant grow play with me. the design is actually "fox & friends," if can you believe it. >> really? >> it is. portable, easy to take in
3:49 am
the airport. easy to pack in the car. great option os. >> i love tip number 4. be a scroong. very often you are going to visit relatives. grandparents. they don't know that the kids are on a schedule. they plan all these things throughout the day and you have to say mom, dad, listen, no. at noon these kids have to be asleep. >> christmas is so busy. and overstimulating for our kids. you put overtired children that are overstimulated and it's no fun for anyone. so, the only people that are going to protect our child's sleep is us. >> not up to a 2-year-old to decide their sleep schedule. the parents have to make the decision. >> absolutely. >> i love you say the more the merrier. get the grandma and grandpa involved in the nap time and bedtime routines. read stories to them and get them involved in their teeth-brushing. great stuff. amanda, great to see you this morning. thanks. >> you can't mention god but students can learn about mohammed. the controversial common core legislative on islam that has parents fired up. what's a beauty pageant
3:50 am
without the swimsuit competition? the miss world pageant now banning buy kin miss. two former beauty queens live to weigh in on that. donald trump would be mad. the conference call.
3:51 am
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3:53 am
what a beauty pageant without a swimsuit corps tuition. we will soon find out. for the first time in 63 years, the bikinis are now banned from the miss world pageant where they will be replaced with beach wear instead. organizers say that they want the event to be more than just a beauty contest. but reactions to this new rule, they have been mixed. joining me now miss new york
3:54 am
u.s.a. 2013 and co-host of fox news red eye and miss america 2008 kirsten haglin. >> you are totally for this. >> yeah. >> you approve this new decision. >> i think it's great. the miss america organization which i represented started as a bathing beauty contest in 1921. swim suits are a part of the tradition. bathing suits have evolved as women's role. i once wore $65,000 in scholarship. i didn't need to wear some sort of suit to do that it's great. progressive move. progressive of the way women are moved forward and worth more than is much how women look on stage on swimsuit. >> everyone loves the swimsuit. >> i love the bikinis. >> i have never felt more confident, disciplined and in love with myself on the miss u.s.a. stage in a bikini. just like i won't shame women feeling empowered wearing it there i am.
3:55 am
i won't shame an organization that disease they don't want it. at the end of the day this is a business. people forget that we aren't just saying this is a reflection of society and the way things are changing. they want to make money. >> you think people will be watching the pageant now. >> of course. they will always watch pageants. >> even without the swimsuit part. >> even without it, yeah. >> let me read you a statement. this is from chris willner the national director of miss world america. it's not just a beauty contest it is beauty with a purpose. there didn't seem to be a purpose to have the swimsuit and you are shaking your head yes. you agree. >> this is exactly the point. girls are worth more than that now. pa jebs have evolved. the job you do during the year miss world, miss u.s.a., miss america. you don't wear one throughout the year. little girls to look up to miss america and miss u.s.a. >> what's wrong with the fitness portion. >> there is nothing wrong, that's awesome. but i think you can tell how healthy we are sitting here in dresses or how healthy the girls are that they have a healthy lifestyle in an evening gown. this is exleapt.
3:56 am
great role models for young girls. >> even if you do wear a bikini, can you still get a lot done in your community. not while wearing the bikini. especially around the holiday time. >> you can still be beautiful and fit and be an advocate for things in your community. >> all right, ladies. thanks some. congratulations for all your success. >> don't mention god, but it's okay for students to learn about mohammed, the controversial common core lesson on islam thats ha parents fired up this morning. ladies, how would you like a shiny new vacuum cleaner for christmas? what do you girls think? we have got the worst gifts. and we want to hear from some of you. your emails are coming up. so tweet us right now. email us right now. tell us what you think. ♪ [coughing] dave, i'm sorry to interrupt... i gotta take a sick day tomorrow. dads don't take sick days,
3:57 am
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4:00 am
sony hacks and message to the president straight ahead. >> and you can't mention god or jesus but students can about mohammed? of course they can in american schools 2014. putting islam in your child's curriculum. one mom who is outraged. >> what's the worst gift have you ever received? a vacuum cleaner. a christmas gadget. maybe a shaving kit. reading your emails straight ahead. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. >> hi this is dawn maloney, makeup artist "fox & friends." happy holidays, i make the news look good. >> and sound good. >> she has a great voice. >> merry christmas to you and merry christmas to you ainsley earhardt. >> thank you. it's so good to be here. >> making fun of christmas
4:01 am
gadgets. worse gifts to give to men and worst 50 to females. j. >> what do you want to chims then. >> men are impossible. >> things money can't buy, ainsley. >> fox news threatening grave consequences in the united states doesn't agree to team up and investigate to find the real killers. >> this coming just hours after good mornings, leland. >> good morning to you guys. north korea is living up to the old adage that the best defense is a good offense. their response is far stronger, far more belligerent than what we are hearing from the united states even despite president obama turning up the heat yesterday. the fbi for its part claims that they have conclusive
4:02 am
evidence, reclusive nation is behind the hacking. essentially linking north korea by a few things. electronic fingerprints that include bits of code al gori thims and similar tactics used by the north koreans during an attack on the south korea banking system last year says something interesting about north korea that they decided to have the state mount an all out assault on a movie studio. they caused a lot of damage and we will respond. we will respond proportionally and we will respond in a place and time and manner that we choose. >> now, the north koreans said a while ago the interview movie itself was quote an act of war. now they are threatening grave consequences if the u.s. continues its ache
4:03 am
aizations saying that they can prove they didn't do it. and perhaps one of the most curious moves, north korea now says it would like to launch a joint investigation into the hacking scandal. one might say the story line is playing out a little bit like a hollywood movie plot. so far there has been no official response to north korean's demands or for that matter the request for a joint investigation. you can imagine this saturday morning there are no fbi agents packing their bags for pyongyang to begin helping the north koreans. >> probably not. >> though o.j. is on his way to find out who really did it thanks, leland. now we know the details of how north korea was able to pull off cyber attack. shocking new warnings this morning from the federal government that additional cyber attacks may be on the way. may be carried out using that malicious software used in the sony pictures cyber attack it is chilling. >> this idea that this software that maybe they got access to through some
4:04 am
administrators. some administrator left his computer open in tokyo somehow. and that a piece of code was put on that person's computer. then these hackers were able to basically spend months and months walking through this sort of digital realm of sony. almost like going through every digital filing cabinet. usually hackers get in, they get out. they steal information and get out as fast as they can. they were in there for months looking for information and deleting information. they have like troves of information that sony doesn't have access to anymore. >> wow, with north korea responding this way. this exactly why we shouldn't coward to them. then they respond by saying that they want this joint probe. this joint investigation or there will be grave consequences. so now the ball is in their court. >> they did it in the first place. this is probably just covered, the question is, is this the first in a series of attacks on u.s. based businesses and even on the federal government? keep in mind, you shut down
4:05 am
america's computers, planes fall out of the sky. mark rash, the cyber security analyst, a former federal prosecutor on the show in the last hour. here is what he said about our vulnerabilities. >> we have already had that happen in small cases where people have either flooded an air traffic controller, an airport or electrical grid. by and large most of the problems that we have with these are computer malfunctions. but anything that's connected to the internet is potentially vulnerable to an a attack and can be shut down. a lot of these systems that control other things are connected to the internet and have vulnerabilities. >> here is the is concern i have in his address yesterday in the press conference the president described the internet as, quote: the wild west. that's always what the left says when they want to regulate something. they want to increase government control over it obviously we need greater protections of the internet our lives are intertwined with it. hate to see this attack as excuse government obama
4:06 am
administration control over something that's working pretty well. >> i agree with you. there is also no real solution to this. people are saying yesterday what could the federal government have done? think about it for a second. this is a tokyo-based company. so the servers were in tokyo. then this u.s. subsidiary exists in california. sony pickeringtons. had you computer servers in europe. so what is the u.s. federal government supposed to do to protect sony in tokyo from some sort of malicious cyber attack? the president said we need to have a proportional response. what does that even mean. charles krauthammer was asked that same question last night. listen. >> what can we do that's proportional? we are going to launch a cyber attack on the internet infrastructure of north korea which will mean that we'll bring to a screeching halt their three car trolley system? we are out of weapons, unless we do a military attack which we are not going to do. i think what the president ought to have done as
4:07 am
suggested by the "wall street journal," take possession of the film, so it takes all the risk and disseminate it around the world on the internet, every instrument that we have so it becomes the most watched film in the history of the world. >>, which by the way, no one is asking this question, why did north korea do this? to me it doesn't seem like there is about the film. plenty of media mocked north korea in the past that's made it team world u.s.a., team america. >> perverse company gets counterfeiting $20 bills. human trafficking. there is nothing bad that north korea doesn't do. charles makes the deepest of all points. this was an opportunity for the united states to win a profound moral victory on behalf of the first amendment, free speech, and free expression. we didn't. i'm not quite sure why we didn't. this movie could have been more than a movie but a met for for what makes the united states unique in the world which is our commitment to free speech. >> you have all these movie theaters, chains that sony
4:08 am
does not own calling up saying we don't. >> they are all a a bunch of cowards. cowardly. >> and then worry about lawsuits after that they don't want to take those risks. all right. let me tell you what you missed while you were sleeping. overnight. here are the head lynns. start with a fox news alert. a u.s. drone firing two missiles into a taliban compound reportedly killing five militants in pakistan. including a key commander. attack coming in the wake of a browttle massacre in that pakistani school which left nearly 1 auto people dead. the u.s. is now offering support to pakistan as they carry out their own air strikes in the region. the taliban warned the school attack was just the beginning of the violence. and now investigators are offering a thousand dollars reward for this guy. is he suspected in the shooting of a tv weather man. patrick crawford shot 13 times in the parking lot of a tv station in waco, texas. it happened in broad daylight after they got into an argument. crawford remains in the hospital in stable condition. so far police have not yet released a motive.
4:09 am
living on the edge. literally, look at that washington couple hoping to save their dream home from falling off the side of that crumbling cliff. theresa shaw and her husband bought this house in 2011. since then it has moved about 50 feet and is now just 100 feet away from dropping. shakes and rumbles. it eats everything, it just takes it all. >> the shaws have started a go fund me campaign to raise $150,000 to move their house back 400 feet, which would keep it safe or the next 100 years at least. move over o'del beckham jr. we have another incredible catch to show you. this one by a high school player. >> looking for gibson. did he catch that? unbelievable.
4:10 am
that high school inaugural insane cash for the school in texas. dixon scoring four touchdowns in the 42 to 35 win for the state title and those are your headlines. crazy. >> and those are your headlines i love the gravity with which you deliver that rick reichmuth for the weather. >> pretty nice day for travel today. tomorrow not looking that bad. some changes in store. everyone wondering if we have a white christmas. this is where we currently have some snow. by the time we get toward christmas day some of that will go away. pretty warm temperatures coming in across parts of the central part of the country and toward the northeast. it's going to melt some of that snow there is a big storm we are going to be watching. big contacts for travel tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. here is what tuesday afternoon looks like and we start to see this storm develop. heavy rain to the southeast. some severe weather possible. where you see that blue, that is the rain/snow line or at least where the 32-degree line is anywhere
4:11 am
you would see this precipitation behind that we are going to be looking at snow. for the most part, it's a pretty warm system. wednesday, a very windy, wet day. and we say wind when you see all those lines together. that means it's windy. rain, the wind however will cause delays at airports. by the time we get to wednesday night cold enough air filtering in there chicago could be looking at accumulating snow certainly across parts of wisconsin. windy and wet. one spot here across parts of the southeast. it will be gone out of here by the time you get to the middle part of the day. out across the west. that's the only other trouble spot. rain across parts of the pacific northwest. snow across the higher elevations it does not make its way to southern california. southern california is going to be dry for the next week or so. there you go. >> beginning to look a lot like christmas. so exciting. thank you, rick. >> coming up here on the show, he never saw this coming. a tire smashing right through a window and the person inside man knowledges to walk away with only
4:12 am
bruises. scary. >> then it's our first amendment right but colleges are limiting it. that would be the freedom of speech. the first guaranteed in the bill of rights. who is the biggest offender? we'll tell you next. ♪ i fell into the burning ring of fire ♪ i went down down down ♪ and the flames went higher ♪ and it burns burns burns ♪ the ring of fire ♪ the ring of fire. people with type 2 diabetes
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sleep. add breathe right to your cold medicine shut your mouth and sleep right. breathe right. and look for the calming scent of new breathe right lavender, in the sleep aisle. shocking statistics how free speech is on campus. individual rights education fire during the 2014 school year. 45 5% of colleges surveyed maintained severely restrictive policies that prevented people from speaking freely. the president of fire, greg
4:16 am
lukenknoff is here from washington with some of the worst offenders. >> thanks for having me, tucker. >> he cleanings are supposed to be bags of free speech. we give tenure to professors so they can exercise free speech: give me some examples of restrictions on campus. >> well, when it comes to the speech codes, there is good news and there is bad news. the good news is this has been the seventh year in the row in which the the percentage of speech code on college campuses has declind, that's only thanks to tons of lawsuit and lots of bad press about these kind of restrictions. of the bad news is that despite that fact, we are still talking about a 5% of colleges maintaining unconstitutional codes. and what's worse is that we have got continue it down to 55%. the federal government just came out with a guideline there b. a year ago that would turner single school in the country into a university with a crazily unconstitutional speech code
4:17 am
so that the fight is actually getting more intense this year. >> it's frightening. let's get specific. uc berkeley 50 years ago. the free speech movement the right to scream obscenities in public. not a bags bagsian of free speech now. >> bill maher is supposed to speak tonight. there is a big pushto get bill maher disinvited from berkeley which would be ironic on the 50th anniversary because of his critics of islam. chancellor of uc berkeley came out with a statement so-called honoring the 50th anniversary of the spree speech movement on campus. free speech is nice but we all have a right to feel respected and safe on campus. meally mouth standard. peter got chased on campus by protester who's did not seem to understand that peter actually agree with the protesters on most of the things they're protesting. >> it's just unbelievable the right to feel safe which is a he restriction of my right to say anything you
4:18 am
disagree with. of course citrus college, a place called citrus college how are they restricting free speech. >> young americans for liberty, good libertarian group. he wanted to petition -- he wanted to get a petition signed protesting nsa spying. he was told by an administrator that he could not do so without getting advanced permission and using the tiny free speech zone on campus. with fire's help, my organization, he sued the organization. keep in mind, this is the second time in 10 years the university tried to pull this stuff. they had already been sued already for maintaining this ridiculously free speech zone. the settle out of court for 16 of 6 were figure sum. >> liberal college not liberal at all. authoritarian. what's a trigger warning. >> a trigger warnings have
4:19 am
been a major theme of this year. major idea that you if you cover anything in the a cleaning class or in a book or whatever, that any student might make them uncomfortable, that you have to warn them in advance. now, this is impossible. this is an impossible standard for professors to live up to. but in oberlin the students and the administration passed a rule saying that first discouraging anything that might upset anyone, being taught in a college classroom and then saying but if you do you should provide trigger warnings. just to understand how absurd this is. a student at rutgers explained for example, if you were going to teach the great gatsby, you had to provide a trigger warning in advance. the only good news here is when the faculty saw this trigger warning meaning it would be all of their heads on the line by this impossible standard they actually got the policy removed. >> it's insane. again, there is nothing liberal about that it's fascism founders were liberal in that they believed in toler rants for
4:20 am
opposing points of view. they guaranteed for our right to have those views and oberlin doesn't. thanks for joining us. fire is doing a great work and we appreciate the fact that you are there. >> take care. >> about time. five years after the fort hood massacre the government has called work place violence all these years, finally some recognition for the heroes who tried to save the day during that tragedy. and so many people are upset about this story. a woman who passed away would like her dog buried with her. pretty sweet story. one problem the dog is still alive and healthy. what will happen to that dog. does the dog have rights to remain alive? that debate next. can be... breathe with copd? it can feel like this. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled... ...copd maintenance treatment... ...that helps open my airways for a full 24 hours. you know, spiriva helps me breathe easier.
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4:23 am
4:24 am
also getting part of the settle: next up 45%, that's how many people say car dealers have very low ethical standards. according to a new poll. also found 61% say congress is dishonest and unethical. and finally, $800 in gift cards. that he was how much was inside a california woman's wallet when she lost it at a cafe herener work. the cafe's janitor saw it and turned it in. $100 reward in gift cards. ainsley? >> thank you, clayton. >> a dog handed a death sentence after his late owner's will instructed that the dog be buried alongside her but 9-year-old bellla, she is still very much alive. the case sparking outrage as can you imagine.
4:25 am
can anything be done legally to save this dog? let's ask our experts joining us now for a fair and balanced debate is defense attorney eric guser and attorney lisa gia thank you so much for being with us, guys. >> thank you for having us. >> what do you think about this? legally what does the law say. >> just like we were talking before the camera shot, the law is son the owner's side but the judge is who is going to preside over this will has a right to deviate from what the will states because sometimes if something is unconscionable in a contract or a will, then the judge can say or the executor of the estate can say we don't want to do this. we want this dog to live and let's look at another option. >> lisa, the dog does not have the same rights as a human snk is what the law states? >> a dog doesn't have rights. we find it kind of unbelievable. i love dogs myself. i have dogs. they don't have rights. we buy and sell them.
4:26 am
we spay and neuter them and we also euthanize them. so that's really the issue here. and what eric was saying is accurate. i mean, look, if the judge decides that this is unconscionable, the question is somebody has to question it. and we have already found out that a vet has agreed with the executor or truss to already euthanize the dog. so where is the issue? how are they challenging this? >> you would be okay with this dog be euthanized just to be burred with his owner? >> i'm not okay with anybody contracting to kill an animal ever. this might be the case that we can change what i can consider to be antiquated laws and definitely indicate that we can't contract to do such a thing. on the owner's side, you have to look at her. she obviously loved this animal. the thing is a lot of dogs are euthanized. dogs taken into shelters about a third are euthanized. if people have an outcry for this kind of behavior, the answer is really to to and
4:27 am
adopt an animal. that's what's happening to them they can't take care of them it is legal and even and the aspca says euthanizing an animal certain ways is not inhumane. so that's the other issue. the cruelty to animals doesn't even really apply. >> then the issue is although the dog is property. it's not like a car. it's not like a house, it's a living being. and oftentimes cases like this are the ones that make the law change. because, until some -- until the issue comes up for the shock the conscience. >> the owner says i want my dog killed to be buried with me until that happens. >> until something like this happens, the laws have to catch up. there are laws on the books that are absolutely ridiculous this is one of them where a dog can be euthanized but now the laws need to be changed and hopefully the state legislators will make that change before bella is euthanized. >> someone take this poor dog. >> people have offered to take the dog. apparently the dog is
4:28 am
aggressive. so in her will she did say he could be put in the shelter. >> they will put the dog down. she wants to make sure he is taken care of. they are calling it a christmas miracle. one man lucky to be alive after being taken out by a run away tire. look at this. the story behind that crazy video. then, still need a gift for your mom? you only have five shopping days left until christmas. do not worry. look at that. there is clayton. he has all the gadgets that are going to make your mom's christmas perfect. testing them out on tucker. first, let's check in eric bolling for a look what's coming up on "cashin' in." eric? >> hey, guys free market victory or the u.s. cozying up to comis. obama no, ma'am -- one in five living poor in america. rethink habits.
4:29 am
4:30 am
4:31 am
4:32 am
how great is that? this is your shot of the morning. the power of christmas cheer getting that driver of this decorated car out of a hefty parking ticket fine. he was parked illegally his car looked so good he got out of ticket. instead of getting the ticket, the officer left a note saying merry christmas,
4:33 am
please be careful in the future. >> that's nice. >> that is fantastic. >> are you all getting into the season, the feeling of christmas now. we only have five more days. >> time to buy some presents. >> as men we are waiting for the last minute to shop. >> i got you will have to share it. >> we wanted to go through because the "new york post," what is this? >> i'm always weary of gifts. >> i will late clayton open it. >> a shaving kit. >> complicated shaving system with a bieber hair brush. >> i bought this yesterday for you guys. but apparently this is one of the worst gifts that we can buy for a man. >> it is >> default gift for women looking for a present for their husband. shaving kit. turns out according to accordine "new york post" which has done exawives list of gifts not to buy number two is
4:34 am
underwear. >> i like underwear. i asked for underwear this holiday season. >> but you are getting old. for the young and spry muck you, don't even think about buying underwear. >> don't you think it's aappropriate if you buy it for husband or dad. don't buy it for a coworker. that would not be a coworker. >> >> never buy it for strangers. >> worst gift for women on this list don't get them a high end scale to let them know how much weight they have gained this year. cooking gadget, a tool kit. vacuum cleaner. and cheap costume jewelry. >> who needs this advice anyway? what are the worst gifts you have given or received. and you responded on mass. charlene wrote this on facebook. dated a guy who brought bought me five boxes of cake mix. wrapped each box and told me got them so i could bake him cake. >> operative word there dated.
4:35 am
she let him go. >> worst gift i ever gave someone was bath soap kit. believe me they needed it badly. >> that's a hint. you don't smell good. >> susan on facebook said look at that she got a fly swatter. what? >> put it to good use against the man who gave it to you. tom writes i got an led grill light for from my mother-in-law and i don't own a grill. >> that is a very clear sign. you don't need to read into that, she doesn't like you. >> she didn't even think through to ask your wife if you have a grill. let us know your worst gifts have you ever given or received weekend. >> don't give it back to the person who gave it to you in the first place. president obama gives fort hood shooting purple hearts. 30 people injured. nidal hasan opened fire. the white house had first called that incident work place violence.
4:36 am
remember that? instead of terrorism. those victims will now be eligible for the purple heart and additional benefits now. a 77-year-old janitor, watch this. lucky to be alive today. whoa, after that tire smashes through that window and takes them outline. manuel men doze is a moving mendosa. tire rolled through the parking lot and crashed through that glass wall. mendosa is bruised but is he okay. the clinic's owner says it's a christmas miracle that he survived. now, imagine if this were the bible. parents in north korea outraged after their high schoolers were given a common core assignment promoting the prophet mohammed. the lesson used vocabulary words in the context of islamic faith. one mother is using facebook to let the school leaders know she is not happy. >> when is the last time that you saw your son or daughter, grandson or granddaughter come home from
4:37 am
public school with a lesson a curriculum lenge built around god, around jesus christ, around buddha? when is the last time? i thought this wasn't allowed? >> well, the school is defending that assignment. they say that it exposes teenagers to cultures all around the world. and those are your headlines. >> this is your weather, ladies and gentlemen. >> yes, it is. >> where is is he? >> outside. outside. we have twins out here. what's your name? >> lima. liam and. >> sean. >> katie from connecticut. you watch us every morning. i appreciate twins, i love that weather maps. everybody is wondering when winter starts. it starts tomorrow. it might feel like it started a while ago. it officially starts tomorrow at 6:0 'p.m. on 3:00 p.m. eastern time.
4:38 am
we are fully into this thing. almost across the entire country. winter wise today. across the northeast today cool temperatures and across areas of the southeast. see a few scattered showers across the coastal carolina area. for the most part looking pretty good. >> thank you, rick. only five more shopping days left until christmas. have you found that perfect present for your mommy the guys? i hope you have. our gadget guru clayton morris has great ideas that any mother would appreciate. >> and women. guys wait until the last minute to shop. all of these are avarvelg right now. can you buy them for christmas. let's start with lulu plus. women love to watch streaming shows. get all of your favorite shows shows shows with hulu plus. great programs. watch all sorts of fox shows on hulu plus. watch it on the huku box. fastest streaming box on the market right now. attach it to your television. get you hulu plus, netflix.
4:39 am
it has built in head phone jack on the side of it it. if mom wants to fall in sleep in bed watching tv and husband is sitting there snoring. plug in favorite head phones. >> to the remote? >> to the remote control. the head phones have the most incredible sound i have ever heard in head phones and afford frble blue microphones they have made them for years now and making great head phones. pivot fall asleep on the pillow. they will not hurt your head. they are comfortable. and work with a smart phone. >> they're wireless i assume. >> they can be wireless or plug right into the side of the haku box. >> what are those? those are kind of cool. >> these are the bare bands. a dollars for additional bands. all about wearable technology this holiday season. so watch faces a you can switch out for different outfits. you want to put on different bands. the $5 bands you can switch them out. >> different colors. >> they cut off your circulation.
4:40 am
>> it's for women. >> so you can check out bare it's >> order them by the 221st, they will arrive by christmas by the way. >> tomorrow, right? >> you have been playing with this which is the back massager. >> i'm haunted by it. >> brook stone 3-d back massager. after pregnancy my wife has had terrible lower back pain. this doesn't get you out of doing the back massages for your wife. >> i'm not sure that helps. >> doesn't that feel fantastic. >> i feel uncomfortable. >> it would feel good if i didn't have a microphone on my back. >> line up here to iphone cases. iphone 6 plus has been incredible success for apple and women are buying the iphone 6 plus more than men for the size. they can throw it in their purse. have you credit cards you can slide into the side of these new cases leather wallet cases if you don't want to leave the wallet behind. >> that is pretty cool. >> if you go to the grocery
4:41 am
store and don't want to take your pocketbook. >> this is some kind of baking apparatus which you should not give to your wife. >> i'm disappointed. i have this kitchen gadget here. one of the coolest i have seen all year. i met the inadventure of this. he is incredible. pair it with your ipad. scale perfect bake a as you go through the recipes you pick. add the ingreentsdz cents with the scale. lets you know you put in the wrong amount. next ingredient. large batches for your family. make perfect cookies. baking precise art. get it down to the wire. >> hurry up and bake me cookies. >> this is a wine aerator from aero is the name. fantastic for the wine lover in your family and your wife. a bottle of red wine takes about an hour to be able to be drunk if you open it and have to let air get inside of it. >> i didn't know you are supposed to wait. >> our friend has always taught us. that. this will do it in 30
4:42 am
section. bottle of red ryan wine. shoots air through the bottle and air i can't tells air united states. -- arete your wine. >> great ideas. all right. thanks, clayton. >> you are welcome. those are awmple. >> trade u.s. citizens for illegals sound crazy? but not to students at one of the student wants most preetion teenage just universities. they support it. >> wait, that doesn't look like santa claus. what is nancy reagan doing on mr. key's lap'? we will take you inside the white house christmases with first ladies past and present.
4:43 am
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4:46 am
let's hope immigration policy won't be left in the hands of students in d.c. >> this is a petition for president obama to deport one american citizen in exchange for one undocumented immigrant. >> let's go for it? >> it makes sense. >> okay, great. >> i think that's definitely a good idea. >> okay, great. >> i think our immigration rules are crazy and i think it's important. >> they are crazy. so let's make them a lot crazier. how does that sound? caleb bonham from campus joins us. this is unbelievable. did you guys do this. >> the leadership student campus reform took this mock petition over to show people what the next generation of leaders thinks on immigration policy and they are willing to sign a petition to deport one american in exchange for one illegal immigrant. sort of a one-to-one swap. >> what if you constructed a
4:47 am
system where for $50,000 a year your children could hate you and the country you grew up in. >> that's exactly what we are seeing on college campuses that these kids are -- they are taught day in and day out that other people are to blame. that we need-the government to step in and force equal outcomes. they have completely abandoned critical thought. they have exchanged it for emotional thought. >> so college makes you dumber and a worse person and it's the single most expensive thing most families pay for. >> exactly. none of these students signed up to be. oh, yeah, you can deport me in exchange for one illegal immigrant to come here and do that. >> did anybody, when you were going around doing, this brilliant idea by the way did, anybody say wait a second, that's commented? -- demeanted. >> one person asked how how are you going to choose the people to be deported. >> why do you see some petition gatherers on campus
4:48 am
when you are walking around. sign up to give animals rights. sign up to cure the world of climate change? it's because college students will sign their name to anything that has any sort of progressive political jargon on it and this is as crazy of an example as you can think of. literally signing up to go into appear american's house. sign somebody out and key port them in exchange for illegal immigrant so the stupid and no surprise. look at the election last month the more degrees you had the much more you were likely to vote for the preponderates party. >> no common sense in the world of academia. live in a bubble where idealism is reality. that's not the real world. when you start trying to apply that to real world issues like immigration, all they care about is solving an issue erratically and -- irrationally, excuse me, it doesn't actually. >> our viewers at home who have kids know just how
4:49 am
painful it is to pay college tuition. even if you don't have kids, you are still paying for because we all are. everyone who is paying taxes pays for it. >> these are the people who will be leaving the country. >> caleb bonham, again great to see you. >> thank you. >> from one prestigious school to another. harvard. everyone is like they are a genius. brilliant. so much smarter than you are. unbelievable. pulled the labels off soda machine because they might offend some students because they were made in israel. whoa. that story ahead. that doesn't look like santa claus. what is nancy reagan doing on mr.t's lap. white house christmas through history. stay tuned. ♪ i just want you for my own ♪ more than you could ever know ♪ make my wish come true ♪
4:50 am
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
the decorations are out at 1600 pennsylvania avenue for another white house christmas. how did other first ladies decorate the white house when they called it home. writing "christmas with the first ladies," what an honor. let's talk about what it was like to be on the design scene. >> this year, mrs. obama's theme was children winter wonderland. it was really amazing. the girls are kind of getting a little older. maybe sneak one more child theme christmas in there. it was really fabulouses. >> these pictures are gorgeous. tell us what you did here. >> this is the hallway the
4:54 am
president walks through everyday to the west wing. we wanted to create like a snowy wintry walk. i think we achieved that. >> i think you did, too. you did an excellent job, beautiful. how about laura bush? i know you worked for her. she was the original first lady you worked for. >> mrs. bush was amazing. she was so elegant and gracious. the year i worked with her it was a red, white and blue christmas. we had a patriotic theme of decorations of red, silver and blue. it was amazing. >> she focused a lot on the color scheme and being patriotic. she spent a lot of energy. >> most of the first ladies i wasn't aware, really care what the decoration are and what the public experiences when they come through. it's great to get to work on it. >> jackie kennedy, the first lady, we all loved her fashion sense. what did she do in the white house? >> two things.
4:55 am
jackie is the first lady who said if we're going to have 100,000 people over for the holidays, we need a theme and think about it. she started a tradition of a theme. the other thing was our decorations were a little haphazard, not what i expected from the fashion icon and that was fun. >> and one year nancy reagan's husband came to the white house and surprised us and one year sat on mr. t's lap. >> we showed this picture. >> she was so cute. >> teeny tiny nancy reagan sitting on the lap of mr. t looks like he was dressed as santa. >> he was giving out mr. t dolls to the kids. perfect shot, nancy ray gone sitting on his lap. >> who is your first lady you
4:56 am
worked with -- who is your favorite first lady you worked with? >> i couldn't pick because they are all amazing and thankful to mrs. bush for bringing me to the white house and they're all amazing. rating for movie, can you say "s" for al sharpton? al sharpton having a say on what hits the big screen? the billboard turning heads this christmas.
4:57 am
4:58 am
4:59 am
good morning to you.
5:00 am
it's saturday, december 20th. i'm ainslie air heearhart filli this morning. fighting back against the united states for the very bizarre request. how should the president respond? >> and caving to absurd pressure. harvard removing labels from the soda machines because they might offend some israeli students. has the pc police gone crazy. the billboard turning heads this christmas. i love this show. hi, this is brett and this is wade. hap merry christmas and happy new year. >> good morning to you. >> good morning to you.
5:01 am
>> nice to see all of you. we have a lot of news overnight. north korea has now announced amazingly they will find the real killers in the hacking of sony pictures in the united states and there will be grave consequences if the u.s. doesn't agree to a joint move, obama and north korea finding the hackers? and at the podium about north korea being the hackers. with us is governor huckabee who watched this with attentive eyes. >> what do you think about this, that they had nothing to do with this and we want you to work with us to find out who did this. >> amazing because they are so credible. we can trust everything they do. the united states is wrong in their investigation and kim jong un is right.
5:02 am
this little goon needs to have his butt kicked. we will probably squander another opportunity because we have zero credibility. instead of going to china and saying, look, this type of stuff has to stop, we will not let some foreign government dictate the content of movies in the united states of america? instead, what do we do? nobody believes any threat we make. >> it incites predators like them and like al sharpton. what do you think about sony's agreement to meet al sharpton and cowtow to the self-appointed moral leader. >> there is something between al sharpton and i pay my taxes, he does not -- he represents a group of aggrieved minorities. i represent a group of evangelical christians, 81 million. is somebody going to call me up and say we don't have many
5:03 am
guilia evangelicals running sony -- >> are you telling me there are not enough evangelicals running sony? >> i know you will be stunned by this. there is not a strong christian element running the entertainment in hollywood. >> if al sharpton gets a voice, how many others get to have a voice in running entertainment in america. >> you brought up his name. >> had hollywood not had such an exclusionary almost all white hierarchy, one good look at the cthe -- one could look at the context differently. being hollywood is an environment that still resembles 1950s america, it is a content that is confirmed by the language. the jury is still out on where
5:04 am
we go. we are clearly willing to deal with an immediate formula to see where we deal with breaking down the walls of in trend -- inflexible and so far ir movable excuse of hollywood. >> he tried but couldn't there. >> normally i keep up with the news very well. i was unaware someone had died and left al sharpton in charge of sony and every other major institution in america. the jury is still out but we're going to monitor her. come on, that is so -- >> who are the advisors? >> i don't -- the president said yesterday at the podium we have to offer up a proportional response that will be done on our own terms as we go forward here. senator mccain saying, look, this was an act of war and we need to respond accordingly. what should the white house do. if you were in the white house right now, running the show,
5:05 am
what would you have done? >> i think if nothing else the u.s. government will buy the movie, pay for the production costs, buy it, put it out for free. we will put it on flash drives and parachute them and drop them all over north korea with the korean language dubbed independent and let everybody in north korea see it and put it on the internet and let everybody see it for free and hope everyone watches it. i hear it's a horrible movie. i've seen horrible movies before. this would be fun to poke their eyes. >> seriously, how do we handle north korea? how do we handle what's happening right now? how do you fight back against this? it's so large and grand? >> one of the problems with north korea is they have a nuclear weapon and we have to be concerned about are they crazy enough to use it. the answer is yes. this is why it matters how we're playing footsy with iran because they're crazy enough to use it.
5:06 am
china essentially are the handlers with north korea. our credibility with china is down the toilet right now. that's why people act like it doesn't matter what the president does in foreign policy, it totally matters for the united states, the number one weapon america has is not a nuclear weapon, it's credibility. it's our credibility we've lost and that's very serious. >> what about harvard, it's changed a lot since you and i went there. >> spoke there. >> this week there was a kerfuffle there because a soda machine at harvard was manufactured in israel. according to many students in harvard, israel is a fascious state and this is a micro aggression against palestinian students. rachel, a member of the harvard college jewish alliance said these machines can be seen as a microaggression to palestinian
5:07 am
students and their families and like the university doesn't care about palestinians and took the label off. >> i have toured the factory that makes these machines. 1100 people work there. 600 of them, the majority are arabs. they make five times the amount of money they would in any job in the palestinian authority. they get full health care benefits, vacation time. what's interesting, they sit shoulder to shoulder next to jewish women and other people in the community. they have a wonderful facility. they get great pay benefits. they socialize together. it is the model of how you deal with the middle east, instead of boycotting them, they ought to be spotlighting them. >> that is an amazing story. >> as smart as these harvard students are, they need to do their research. no they are truly embarrassing.
5:08 am
>> for a high level institution to do something as boneheaded as this, it makes them look like an elementary school rather than harvard. >> they run america. everybody who runs the government went to harvard. they're pathetic, not impressive at all. >> wasn't it william f buckley said we would be better off picking the 535 names from the phonebook than the entire harvard faculty. this is evidence william f. buckley was right. >> will you be wearing that tie on your show tonight at 8:00 p.m.? >> yes, i will, because i don't have time to take it off and wear another one. >> what is on your show tonight? the assistant director of the fbi and talk about this north korea situation and talk with a man and his wife about her father was a prisoner in cuba and people haven't heard the
5:09 am
full story and this ought to not be about cigars and gum and about human rights and dignity, something we care a great deal about. and kelly wright will be singing "a christmas song" tonight. >> he's good. >> i will watch it. >> i hope you will. >> thanks, governor. merry christmas to you. we will start with the headlines overnight. a u.s. drone firing two missiles into a taliban compound killing two pakistans and a key commander and it follows a bomb blast killing 141 children. this man behind the attack being called the most hated man in pakistan and the prime minister calling to bring the killer to justice. a $5,000 reward offered for
5:10 am
this guy suspected of shooting a weatherman. shot 13 times in the service station at wacko, texas. happened in broad daylight afte. crawford still in the hospital and police have not yet released the motive. writing s.o.s. in the sand after seeing a man caught in a rip current. a helicopter crew saw this makeshift distress signal on the ground. they found the man treading in the water and rescued him and doing just fine this morning. christmas is less than a week away. santa claus is very busy already packing his sleigh. not the only one fegetting read for a long christmas night. norad making sure the sky is safe to make sure no presents are missing come christmas day.
5:11 am
>> we can confirm north american airspace is safe. our infrared satellite is calibrated and ships are standing by to conduct any lost gift rescue operations, if necessary, in case he drops anything off the sleigh, we have destroyers out there to pick them up. >> santa will be safe. norad is confirming an anti-grinch firewall off and running to prevent cyber-attacks against santa. the north koreans are not going to steal christmas. >> they're not. >> we're going to stop them. >> not this time. colorado legalizing marijuana and now that is causing problems over state lines and its neighbors have had enough. how they're taking action. a billboard that has han entire community up in arms. santa with an ar. my name's louis,
5:12 am
5:13 am
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the states that share a border with colorado are getting a little frustrated with legalized marijuana. nebraska and oklahoma are suiin colorado for legalizing pot and they have seen a huge jump in their state. in one town in nebraska felony arrests have gone up 42%. here to talk about it, dr. david murray. thanks for coming on this morning. >> good morning, tucker. thanks for having me. >> what exactly is the complaint from the border states around
5:16 am
colorado? >> we're here for one reason. colorado voted to have recreational legal marijuana. it's still a controlled substance under federal law. in this administration, president obama and eric holder of the department of justice declined to support and uphold the federal law. they simply turned it off, nullified it. the net result is in the absence of federal law, colorado is trying to gain revenue from the sales of marijuana but the costs are being passed on to adjacent states, the law enforcement costs and public health costs are affecting states like nebraska and oklahoma and others and finally now suing colorado to say, you've got to get back in line with the controlling supreme federal law that remains as a controlled substance legal throughout the rest of the countr country. >> evacuees of controlled marijuana should say to nebraska maybe you shouldn't enforce your
5:17 am
marijuana laws as vigorously as you do. what are the public health costs? >> they're great. the safety issues affecting the towns in nebraska and public health coasts are alexanextraor. it is a dangerous drug. it shows up in emergency rooms. like colorado started prairie fires and the smoke is spreading into the adjacent states. there is no money for them. the revenue stays in colorado and colorado has decided to sort of secede from federal laws they find cumbersome. i don't think it helps to have the states still upholding the line and following federal law to have the burden placed on them and they apparently don't feel it's fair either and suing to have the federal law enforced through the nation and the supreme court supports them.
5:18 am
>> whatever you think of marijuana legalization, you're either for the law and law itself as an abstract consequence or you're not. let's take a snapshot from one border county in nebraska and what happened last year. in 2013, there were 35 felony marijuana arrests. this year in less than five months there have been 30 marijuana arrests. in lancaster county, nebraska, cops seized 1$1.9 million in marijuana busts in november 2013 and that number nearly tripled for the same period this year. a moneymaker for them. >> it's getting worse and the problems is accelerating. the costs imposed so far beginning of this year already equalled the total found in previous years. it looks like it's worsening and will cost them greatly. we've created a new border almost like a little mexico but
5:19 am
without the i.c.e. agents there and smuggling out of colorado and now smuggling marijuana to 40 other states has been documented. they've become the center of a black market criminal enterprise affecting local communities elsewhere. >> it will be interesting to see if crime in colorado goes down. that was one of the beg claims for the legalizers, it would go down. it will be interesting to see if it comes true. thanks for coming on this mornin morning. >> thank you. you can't mention god or jesus, probably go to jail for that but students can mention mu ho -- mohamed. we'll hear from one outraged mother. and we'll hear from erin, who has the answer to almost every question. you get sick,
5:20 am
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did you say you wanted headlin headlines? we have'm the. a rare but sweet victory for christmas. in michigan, one lawmaker setting up a nativity scene in response to a ser pendant statue set up by a group of protesters who worship satan the lord of darkness in the end its own rewards. california taking heat over its newest evocative billboard. it shows santa with a sem automatic weapon. the range owner says he wanted to catch people's eyes and has
5:24 am
no plans to take it down. some people, for the record, absolutely love it. >> thank you, tucker. it is the holiday season. stress is at an all time high. serious stress can lead to headaches. >> how do you know when to take a pill or stay home? 4.9 workers on sick days on average. 90% in the survey said they went to work sick. they had a headache and went to work anyway. >> right. a common thing we see this time of year. a lot of people go to work when they're sick. they have jobs they have to be at and it's hard to know when to call in sick or not to call out sick. one thing i see is sinus headaches, people get this pain in their eyes or forehead. a lot of times you don't need to call out sick for this. you can take an advil or deacon guest stand.
5:25 am
however, if you have a fever or a lot of congestion, it may be a sinus infection. tapping on your face an it hurts could be a sinus infection and you may need to call in sick. >> there's one thing called a chester headache behind your eyes. >> this is something commonly in men and it can be caused by cigarettes or alcohol. those are debilitating and probably need to call in sick. can require prescription medications and cause droopy eyes and eyelids. >> you don't want that. >> what's a tension headache? >> tension headache. we've all had one before during the holidays, like a vice pressure and also tense and strain in the muscles in your shoulder, if you sit at your
5:26 am
computer hunched over, try getting a massage. good excuse to get a massage. put a heating pad on. take over the counter medication. you don't need to call in sick for this but take something to get rid of the headache itself. >> what about migraines? they're something i see all the time in the er. people get nausea, dizziness, debilitating headaches. if you have nausea or sick, you probably won't be productive and need to call into work. >> that red was the whole half of the head. >> yes. >> will your face flash red like rudolph. >> you should get medical attention. >> if something is persisting you should get to the er because it could be something more serious. >> there are a few things.
5:27 am
if you're confused, have tingling or weakness on one side of the body, seek medical attention and this could be the sign of a stroke instead of a typical headache. >> thank you so much. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> it's a term being used for decade, military brats and one group calling it insensitive, how it backfired big time. we have dishes here that will make your family say, daggone, that's good. did i do it right? >> you did.
5:28 am
5:29 am
5:30 am
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5:32 am
help, asking for help identifying the pair and that it was an engagement. the happy couple came later. >> thinking this was a beautiful well lit snow scene, who are these people walking into my shot. >> takes a knee. >> have you ever seen that happen before? >> no. >> a stranger proposing in public? >> maybe at a baseball game. >> i'm totally for it. we need more engagements and more marriages. >> someone at central park did it and everyone gathered around them and started clapping. imagine if this were the bible, the question parents in north carolina were asking them after kids were given a vocabulary assignment after it was given promoting the prophet muhammad. >> in the following exercises you will have the opportunity to expand your vo cab by reading about muhammad and the islamic
5:33 am
word. >> the responses to muhammad's teachings were at first erratic and people resists that there is no god but allah and muhammad his prophet. >> sent the homework assignment to mom through e-mail and social media. the mom was furious about it. here's the response from -- not sure if it's the actual response from that kid but a mom in the classroom responding to it. take a listen. >> when is the last time you saw your son or daughter, grandson or grand daughter come home from public school with a curriculum lesson built around god, around jesus christ. around buddha? when's the last time? i thought this wasn't allowed. >> that is exactly the point. she's not even making the case islam shouldn't be addressed in school. if you're going to address one world religion, what about all the others?
5:34 am
>> that doesn't comport with the left view of the world which is only people and beliefs that hate the united states ought to be celebrated therefore no islam. >> no outrage about this. no one from the left calling for the removal of this from the core curriculum. >> i'm totally nor studying religion. it is what celebrates 9 out of t10 people on this planet. >> what about the atheists? >> you won't hear anything. >> i'm all for studying islam, buddhi buddhism, religion, because they matter. >> if you agree, go to our member.c member.comffweekend. >> president obama finally awarding the victims of the attack where 30 people were
5:35 am
injured and 13 killed where he was screaming allah and the president called it workplace violence instead. you might want to be careful with a caramel apple. the treats are linked to five deaths and 30 illnesses across the country. >> the cdc says some pre-packaged apples are contaminated with the bacteria listeria. caramel apples remind you of halloween or at the state fair. no specific brand has been linked to this outbreak. most children of parents in the military are proud to be known as military brats. one charity wants to change the nickname to something more positive. members of operation champs would like them to be called champs. the idea seems to be backfiring as military brats are dismissing
5:36 am
it as more unwanted political correctness. at a georgia electric company, one man helping out hundreds of people who couldn't afford to pay their bills. the reason why is simple. >> i do it because it makes me feel good. i do it because it's giving them something they might not have otherwise. i don't want somebody being cold. >> he wanted to do somethisomet the money he had saved up for christmas after his wife died. a nice crowd out here. where are y'all from? >> north carolina. >> there you go. north carolina, and she says it's chilly here. we have a big forecast. this storm is developing across the great lakes. mostly rain and a lot of wind and a little bit of snow. primarily the cold is displaced
5:37 am
from the moisture, mostly a rain event and will cause big problems. across the northeast get ready for a nice day, cool, a few problems there and parts of the southeast, we will see rain in georgia and the carolinas. we have a man who is actually a great cook, not a joke. if you're looking for last minute additions to the dinner menu, this is your man. author of "dadgum that's good" is here to celebrate dadgum that's good with f"fox & friends" for christmas. >> i exactly thought you were talking about the governor, who is actually the greatest cook. >> no. >> his recipe is amazing. >> this smoked tenderloin, you serve this, people will think you're the greatest cook. it will melt in your mouth it's
5:38 am
that good. >> you got your recipe in his book? >> it is worth the book just to get the recipe. >> we have proof in the pudding. page 121, i want to show you, everybody is buying this cookbook, governor, because you are in it. >> there you are. >> it is so cool. >> what does it consist of? >> it is a very simple recipe. we take a beef tenderloin and had it wrapped in sea salt in the plastic. >> how long has it been sitting? >> sitting for one hour. >> we will add olive oil all over it and sprinkle black pepper corn over the top. depending how spicy you want that, you want to be careful with that, that gives it great flavor. the sea salt tenderizes. not only is it already tender from the tenderloin, it gives it great flavor, olive oil and pepper. we put this onto the smoker.
5:39 am
you guys were talking earlier about the greatest christmas president present to buy. this is obviously the greatest christmas present to buy. we will put it in the smoker. you want to take the meat probe and put it into that beef tenderloin. you want to get it to 135 degree internal temperature. >> not more than that. this is an good piece of beef and if you overcook it you will ruin it. >> you will. the meat is fantastic. you have the recipe for something fantastic. if you don't believe me, take a little bite here. >> that looks so good. i guess i'm giving up my v vegetarianness. >> you're not a complete vegetarian. >> take a look at this. >> come on. >> that will set you free. >> that will set you free. >> there you go.
5:40 am
like qvc, we have to get the camera close in to get that meat. this is why it melts in your mouth. you absolutely don't want to overcook it. governor, there's a hat piece right there. you think about a christmas meal, you can do a turkey or ham. get a beef tenderloin. >> what does one of those cost about? >> this is about 12 to $15 per pound. it's an expensive cut of meat. >> this is a special occasion. >> it is a special occasion for christmas. important you put the meat probe. governor, you said it, at 100 to 225 degrees, don't overcook your beef. >> governor, this is outstanding. you can get that recipe in the book. we'll put him on "fox & friends" with other recipes. you're coming up next hour. we're also feeding these kids over here. >> ainslie, what's going on? >> so good. we're drooling in here. thank you so much.
5:41 am
is bo bergdahl a traitor to this country? the report on him is about to be released. we have the inside scoop. plus, the sexiest woman alive has just been named. we'll show you the big reveal next. first, a look at what's coming up on america's news headquarters. >> hello, everybody. now that our government blakes north korea for the cyber-attack on sony, will we launch a counterattack and should we expect more attacks in the future. and joining us slamming the president's stunning cuba announcement. pastor joel o'steen brings his message for the holidays. [ female announcer ] hands were made for talking.
5:42 am
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5:44 am
.. we have quick headlines from tins tinseltown. the scene of a hot robbery at boa steakhouse made off with $8,000 in cash.
5:45 am
the pair still at large in the hollywood hills. no surprise, kate upton named america's sexiest woman alive. she is 22 years old and says this is a huge model. she did apologize to her 18-year-old brother who she says it has to be hard for him everybody making such a big fuss over his sister. the u.s. completing an investigation into how and why sergeant bo bergdahl disappeared from his base in afghanistan. sources sayberg doll cou berobe face a discipline before christmas. >> i think you see a reluctance to put it out because it's bad
5:46 am
news. i believe on my sources that the investigating officer did an honest job. it reflects a report done by naval criminal investigative service done in 2009 which concluded that the guy deserted. secretary of defense hagel just got the report apparently yesterday, friday. i think it will take him some time to noodle this through. to be totally blunt, there is no way this is going out without the white house's review on some level or approval on some level. >> you say the factors indicate bergdahl did knowingly desert his post, right? >> as far as i can tell an break of the the article of criminal justice that indicates he left his post during combat, and again, as long as the investigating officer did a credible job, i understand he did, that's going to be the only reasonable conclusion they can come to based on the facts. >> this then clears the
5:47 am
groundwork for a court-martial, right? >> one of two things happen. they can shove this under the rug and deal with this administratively. there is a way of kicking bergdahl out through the administrative process, reduced to e-1, kicked out with less than honorable or dishonorable discharge. the way i think they ought to go based on my briefings, an article grand jury hearing pushing this towards court-martial which means some level of punitive action well beyond simply kicking him out. >> court-martial, do you think, colonel, you will see the president standing side by side with the parents of bo bergdahl at another press conference. >> that's why i don't think you will see it. it will go quiet. they will do it during january when there is something else going on. i don't think they will go in the direction of a court-martial
5:48 am
even though i do think, based on my professional experience, that's the way they should go. >> maybe when they're doing the state of union, quietly out the door when they're talking about that. coming up, he never saw it coming, flying tire, smashes right through a window. the guy that was hit walks away, alive. plus, we're going inside tucker's home, to see how the carlson's spend christmas. you don't want to see this -- i mean, you don't want to miss this -- i'm sorry. [ laughter ] g?góéj÷ç÷ç
5:49 am
5:50 am
5:51 am
5:52 am
weekend. we love to see how these folks celebrate christmas with their families. >> over the next few days you get a firsthand look how we celebrate with our loved ones. >> first to d.c. to tuck are's house. >> tucker-town. >> my children, many of them not home for school, but we made sure to welcome the camera crew from fox with our dogs. we have a ton of traditions. here's some of them. >> the very first step is to create the christmas card picture. one of four children. to get four of them all sitting still looking cheerful for the picture is hard. when we pull it off, we're so proud of it, we frame the pictures. >> that's when they were making fun of me of trying to be
5:53 am
cheerful and happy, so we except it. >> that's ironic cheerfulness. >> this is the center of our house, and it's almost always going from october through april. we do everything in front of fire. christmas unfolds here. >> tucker has this delivered at the beginning of the summer. it's dumped in the driveway. tucker is inevitably gone to new york to do the weekend show, so the kids and i have to talk three cords of wood. >> it's the greatest plan ever. >> for you. >> this is dave. dave is a span yell. this is meg right next to me. they are our two dogs. they are a huge part of christmas. they get their own stockings. >> tucker always gets the tree with the kids. it makes him very tense to get the tree in the house. i'm in charge of the decorating. the most important ornament is
5:54 am
the pickle. we high it. whoever finds it on christmas morning, they get to open the first present. >> we always goes to church in georgetown, we have dinner with family and open one present on christmas eve. all four kids sleep in the same room on the floor in sleeping bags. we wake them up pretty early, and they pat down the stairs with bed head and with the dogs, and we come in and open presents. we always take the kids to mongolian sfp barbecue on christmas night. it's fantastically weird in tradition. ♪ deck the halls of ♪ ra, ra, ra. >> that's actually what it looks like. it's an awesome -- >> can you say how amazing your
5:55 am
wife is. >> isn't he? 30 years. >> i don't know what's prettier, the dogs or the decorating. >> every morn she sends a picture of her in the bed with the dogs. >> to make you jealous? >> yeah. >> i have a picture that i found. those are my grandparents, george giles f. and ann giles. my sister is on the right, walker is in the middle. and i'm holding my brother trent. >> that's a blond family. >> do you have suspenders on? >> it looked like it, probably. mom dressed us in little john john suits all the time. >> tomorrow it's you and me? >> i have a 2-year-old and a 4-year-old. it's a madhouse. we're going to go home to my
5:56 am
crazy house. you can see my family. >> whoa. >> i'm trying to eat the gingerbread house. we're setting up these new traditions, and rick, we're going to -- >> this is trying to hike up -- hiking, it's what we do. we hike where i'm from. it's beautiful, and i took my sisters and my dad and my niece up this mountain. >> and our camera crew. >> the toughest camera crew. >> did everything make it back? >> it's not that safe. >> it doesn't look like it. first coming up here, trade u.s. citizens for illegals? it sounds crazy, but not to students of one of the most prestigious universities. and have gifts left to wrap, but don't feel like breaking the bank? how to do it with stuff already inside your house. >> that's a good idea. >> can you give with things starting inside your house? >> no. ♪ rudolph the red-nosed
5:57 am
reindeer ♪ ♪ had a very shine in nose
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
good saturday morning to you. it's december 20th. you have five more days. i'm ainsley, filling in for anna this morning. while you were sleeping, north korea firing back at the u.s. with a very bizarre request into the investigation of the sony hacks. how should the president now respond? we have a live report from washington, just straight ahead. it is about time, a full five years after the ft. hood massacre, the one that the government described as workplace violence, finally some recognition for the heroes of that day, some of whom died in the process. and have you ever gotten a christmas present that felt you feeling a bit like this? >> it's a one-year membership in the jelly of the month clib? >> oh, good. >> that's a give that keeps on giving the whole year.
6:01 am
>> the absolute worst gifts for guys and girls alike. that's coming up. "fox and friends" hour 4 starts right now. welcome into our festive set. >> good morning. >> you want five days left. it's the 20s. does that mean you're doing shopping on christmas? >> you have four days. good point. >> we need to welcome ainsley. >> it's my pleasure. >> it's so nice. we'll get to the fox news aliter. north korea saying overnight it can prove that it is not behind the cyberattack and threatening what it calls grave consequences if the united states doesn't agree to team up with them and investigate to find the real killers, along with o.j. >> now, this coming after
6:02 am
president obama and the fbi just sewed that north korea is responsible. >> this story keeps on unfolding, and we have the details. >> reporter: wouldn't you love to see that proof, new york is living up to the odd adage that the best defense is a good offense. their response is far stronger, more belligerent than what we are hearing from the united states. the fbi, for its part, claims they have conclusive evidence that the reclusive nation of north korea is behind the hacking, essential linking them by bits of codes, algorithms and similar tactics used in a north korea attack against the south korean banking system last year. plus they say certain internet addresses used in the sony attack linked back to the north korean government.
6:03 am
>> it says something interesting about north korea that they decided to have the state mound an all-out assault on a movie studio. they caused a lot of damage, and we will respond. we will respond proportionally, and we will respond in a place and time and manner that we choose. >> now, this summer, the north koreans said that "the interview" movie itself was an act of war. now they threaten grave consequences. perhaps one of the most curious moves, north korea says it now wants a joint investigation into the hacking scandal. one might say the story line is playing out a bit like a hollywood movie plot. so far here in washington there has been no official response, though it is about 9:00 on the saturday before christmas. i don't think there's a lot of fbi agents packing their bags to head out po pyongyang to help
6:04 am
with that joint investigation. >> probably not. >> it is like a extra movie, though, leland vittert, thank you. right on the fbi website it says we have the evidence and the north korean government is behind it. other experts say it might not just by north korea. >> it's still not exactly clear, what is not clear is the degree of coordinate of sony and the white house before this story emerged into the public view, so the president yesterday said, boy, i wished sony had called me about it michael linton, the ceo of sony, and an ally of the white house. hi wife worked for president obama for his election in 2008, says that's not true at all. he said that's not true at all. here's what he said. >> a few days ago, i did reach
6:05 am
out to senior folks in the is white house and talked to them about illustrate situation. the fbi has been with us for several weeks, and has been great, but i did reach out and explain the situation to them at the time. >> so the president is wrong when he says you did not reach out to him. >> be definitely spoke to a senior adviser in the white house to talk about the situation. >> that's interesting. who is telling the truth? the president says he didn't know. >> it sounds like shades of gray. what i president was saying yesterday, i wish they would have called me before think decided to pull it out of the theaters, before the final decision. but michael saying yesterday, look, we're not backing down. we're going to release this movie somehow, it might not be in theaters. >> people use the term or we
6:06 am
orwellian. we did not cave, we have not given in, we have persevered. we have not backed down. they have given in, they have not persevered, and they absolutely caved to pressure from the fascist state of north korea. this is a textbook example of caving, of abandoning principles for expedience. >> he says they didn't have a choice. >> of course they have a choice. they're cowards. >> we were having this discussion at my house. he own the playstation network. they have their own network which can distribute video files. you can watch movies on playstation. >> and nothing is more important than the right -- very first right enumerated, that's the right to express your views in public, period. they caved in the face of pressure. >> they said they were worried because there were movie theaters out there that said they were getting threats, and i think they were also afraid they were going to lose money if they
6:07 am
tried to release it. >> anybody who goes in public, including on television and this clan and expresses controversial threats, gets threats. we all do. you keep going. >> we had governor huckabee on the sofa an hour ago. this is what he had to say. >> the fact is we're probably going to squander another opportunity for the simple reason we've got zero credibility, zero credibility in the world. instead of going to china and saying, look, this kind of stuff has got to stop, we're not going to left some foreign government sfef dictate the content of movies in america, instead what do we do? nobody believes any threat we make. >> the worst thing would be if they used this opportunity to tack more control over this pretty unregulated place we call the internet when the president said it's the wild west out is there, he was saying we need to
6:08 am
be more in charge. >> it's a prickly situation. what is a president supposed to do with a private corporation based in tokyo, whose computer was hacked in tokyo. what is the united states supposed to do -- look at google, most of their servers, their traffic sits in europe. what had the united states -- >> the white house regulates what kind the toilet, the showerhead i use, the food i eat. >> they couldn't figure out oba oba obamacare, so i think you're safe. starting with the fox news alert. overnight a u.s. drone firing missiles into a compound reportedly kind five including a key commander, this followed the attack on a spark tanni school. this as this man has been named the evil mastermind behind that horrific attack. the prime minister vowing now to bring the killers to justice.
6:09 am
investigators are now over a $5,000 award for this guy. he's the suspected shooter, the guy who allegedly shot the tv weather guy. that guy's name is patrick crawford. he was shot 13 times in a parking lot of the tv stays in wake on, texas. those two apparently were arguing. crawford remains in the hospital in stable condition. so far police have not released a motive. after five long years, president obama is finally awarding purple hearts to the victims of the ft. hood attack. kne remember that, they called it workplace environment instead of terrorism. christmas, less than a week away, and santa claus, kids, he is very busy. he's already packing his sleigh, but he is not the only one
6:10 am
getting ready. norad and the department of defense is making sure the airspace is safe. no presents will go missing on christmas day. >> we can confirm that north american airspace is safe for sleigh travel. we're calibrated to see rudol rudolph's nose, hand ships are standing by tosh so in case he drops anything off the sleigh, we have the destroyers out there to pick them up. >> rick has been talking to santa, we're safe, it's all good. and the anti-grinch firewall is up and running to fight off any attempted cyberattacks. those are your headlines. rick, how will the weather look? >> korea can't ruin our christmas also. >> nope. >> it's a big storm coming this week, mostly rain and wind, though, not snow. a white christmas, you're not
6:11 am
going to get it, at least no a lot of people. the temperatures are not that bad look at this. 30 degrees in minneapolis, and 26 degrees in el paso. that's a flip-flop of generally what you might be. we have one disturbance in the southeast. this will move out of here today, but then it rebuilds in by monday and tuesday. tuesday watch out for some severe weather there. out across the west, that's where the action is, northern california and parts of oregon, you may see 7 to 8 inches of rain in the next couple days, but the southwest you're going to remain quite dry. watch what hams temperaturewise. we remain mild by december standards. sunday into monday we start to see a bit of a cooldown. look at this big warm-up on wednesday across the west. we're talking 50s here, so when you have 50s, that means it melts the snow, can't get any snow out of that, but not that
6:12 am
white christmas across that area, unfortunately. >> we did last year. >> there you go. >> thank you. he never saw it coming. watch this video. flying tiring smashes right through the window right here, knocks him back. that guy walks away alive from that. >> incredible. have you ever gotten a gift like this? >> ralphie? we're waiting. >> oh, c'mon, mom. >> right now. we've got the absolute worst christmas gifts of all time. send us yours. you can e-mail us, tell us on facebook or twitter and we'll share them. >> i would like that. it would be warm to sleep in. ♪ i saw mommy kissing santa claus ♪ ♪ under neath a beard so snowy white ♪ i've always loved exploring and looking for something better.
6:13 am
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you don't need to think about the energy that makes our lives possible. because we do. we're exxonmobil and powering the world responsibly is our job. because boiling an egg... isn't as simple as just boiling an egg. life takes energy. energy lives here. . well, president obama
6:16 am
formally accuses north korea of the hack attack on sony pictures. >> north korea engaged in this attack. they caused a lot of damage, and we will respond. we will respond proportionally, and we will respond in a place and time and manner that we choose. >> one of the biggest companies in the world brought to its knees by one of the poorest nations on earth. it is without question one of the most profound cyberattacks in history, the question is how should the united states respond to it? bruce clinger is a senior deputy for north korea, and he joins us this morning. thanks for coming on this morning. >> thanks for having me. >> are you satisfied it is the work of north korea? >> north korea certainly has the capabilities. contrary to the perception that teng logically backward nation, north korea has a very extensive cybercapability. the u.s. and south korea have said it's in the top five of the
6:17 am
countries that can do cyberattacks. they have 5,000 or more of what they call cyberwarriors in their military as well as intelligence and security services. >> some have suggested puts north korea back on the list of state sponsored terrorism, the last one took it off as part of a bigger deal, it probably didn't work out. should we do that? >> this would seem to fulfill one of the requirement as an act of terror, in which a criminal address in the jurisdiction of the u.s. is intended to coerce the population. that could put it back on the list. bejoined that there's even more sanctions or targeted measures that we could do. >> do we have any other options bejoined that? if so, what are they? >> actually we do. people see north korea as the most heavily sanctioned country in the world. that's simply not true. the u.s., eu and u.n. had more pervasive targets on iran.
6:18 am
that's one of the reasons they came back to the negotiating table. the u.s. has a lot of unilateral actions, but we have done more to zimbabwe. we have three times more entities in zimbabwe on the list. it's just that people don't think there's more we can do. how big a threat is north korea to global order? they're the world's biggest counterfeiter, they manufacture meth. they're really a menace. >> it's multifaceted. the nuclear arsenal is grows. the missiles that can threaten south korea and japan and increasingly being ability to threat the united states. they have a million man army poised frontally deployed near south korea. they've done tactical attacks, terrorists attacks, and illicit activities like counterfeiting.
6:19 am
>> pretty appalling. appreciate your perspective. brew clinger, thank you. trading -- but students at one of this country's most prestigious universities mindlessly support it. wait until you see the tape. it's shocking. should parents spend more time at home and let time in the toy store? the kids have spoken. the apparently panel is about to. stick around to that. it's e-opening.
6:20 am
6:21 am
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and enter the on-screen code word to get started. some quick headlines for you this morning. the 77-year-old janitor, very lucky to be alive after this. watch this. the tire smashes right through the window, takes him out. manuel mendoza was moving a chair in that medical clinic when that tire flew off of a truck outside on the freeway, rolled through the parking lot, and crashed through that window. he was bruised, but he's okay. if you're more than 250 miles above the earth in the international space station, how do you get a wrench when you need it? well, you e-mail asking for instructions they e-mailed him the plans and he used a 3-d printer to print it out, and it took by four hours to make. >> that's the coolest thing i've
6:24 am
heard all morning. a recent story of kids shows that the number one thing they want from santa is more time with their parents. it may sound shocking. in fact 40% of kids would prefer time with that you are mom and dad over gifts. 25% of those said they would goat more visits from family members that they rarely see. so should parents spend less time in the toy story and more time at home? here is our parenting panel. michael fiorello, and apparently of four, and lucy segal, and mackenzy dawson "new york post" features columnist. is it really the parents fault for foisting presents, the idea of presents on their kids? what do you think? >> i think society has a lot to do with it. it sort of has had life of its
6:25 am
own. >> i would think so. it's the consumerism that we're facing now, michael. you see the commercials and everything else, but i think as parents we say, what toy do you want santa to bring you? we're sort of pitching that on the kids ahead of time. srmgs. >> i totally agree. it's a huge part of the holy day. what did you get? what are you getting? i think as parents we have to bring it back and use that, you know, use that gift as part of spending more time. at the end of the day, it's all about how much time do you spend with your kids. you won't look back and say wow, i spent too much time with my kids. >> i'm also to that point, i'm also a really big fan of the experience gift, you know, instead of buying your kids lots of stuff, buy them all like, go to see a show as a family. go plan a trip, something like that. those experiences, you never
6:26 am
forget those, whereas the stuff, you know. >> the stuff you see them rip through it, and it becomes garbage they forgot in a week. i was a junkie of buying holiday gifts. i have stopped that ever since i lost my dad. i realized the presence of him was a present. that's the best present we can give our children and family is the presence of one another, and get back to the real meaning of the holiday cease, which is love, certainly religious values. we come from a blended religious family, and that's what it's about. it's nice to see a study that the kids are supporting this. >>. >> they actually don't -- my 2-year-old, she walks around with a stick. what about the dollhouse i spent four hours building for you? she walks around with a stick or sleeping in her crib with a comb. >> that's a real girl for you. >> exactly. >> i love this part of this.
6:27 am
another study talking about giving the gift of love and praise, not toys or clothes, this idea that, look, if you just give some praise out there, we don't have to give toys or gifts, in fact praising children for their kinds in, courtesy and honesty, this column this weeks that we should focus on teaches kids to contribute to the family's well-being. point out examples of kindness that the media typically does not. what are you thankful for? minimize exposure to violent games and tv this holiday season. >> that's a good one, because i have a teenage son. >> good luck with that. >> that's right. i think those are suggestions for your everyday life, but what a great thing to do for the holidays is do something like focus on maybe go to a soup kitchen together, where you have something specific to praise them about. to this point, we don't want to
6:28 am
over-praise just for showing up. >> i'm a big fan of raising self-esteem. what i do being a plastic surgeon and dealing with self-esteem issues, i'm a big fan of building up, notarying down. i don't think you can praise too much. it's ought about self-esteem. >> makenmackenzy. >> just what are you thankful for? it's a great skill to build in a child. >> either at the dinner table, right before bed, it's a good idea. we'll end this on that positive note. thank you. >> thank you, happy holidays. colorado legalizing marijuana, but now the pot is creating problems over the state lines. how are the neighbors taking action? get ready, get your fryers out there. we have them fired up on the plaza. we're cooking up dadgum good
6:29 am
hole. it's not roasted, because it's fried, right? i need more coffee. ♪ the church bells are in town ♪ they're ringing ♪ on the happy time ♪ baby please come home
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6:33 am
name for the children's alliance? >> that's nice. >> i gop him yankee tickets, he gave me a paper that said your gift has been given to someone else? >> it's a children's charity. >> where is your christmas spirit? >> he creates the human fund, a fake fund. >> that show was awesome. >> that's not the worst give ever given. in fact there's now as of this morning an official list put together by "new york post." one of the worst presents sever given. men, shaving kits. >> men do not want shaving kits. >> i have given that. i have. do not give your husband a razor. >> i'm glad you're admitting it. >> don't give underwear, unless he asks for it, like i did this year. >> don't give your co-worker underwear, either. >> that would be creepy. what's a girl book? >> i don't know.
6:34 am
"50 shades of gray". >> or sensitive novels. >> is romance. bodice rippers, is that what they're call? >> coupons, like i'll sdrach your back for an hour. >> the iou -- >> no one really cashes in on those. >> they pile up for years. >> and you kind of look cheap. cologne, don't give your guy cologne. the worst gifts foot women are often. >> don't get your wife a high-end scale to tell her how fat she's gotten? >> that had not be good, especially during christmas time. >> obviously, a vacuum cleaner? who would do that? >> a cooking gadget -- well, i can go either way on that one. i showed one during my gadget segment. >> if you got natalie a crock pot, she would throw it across the room. >> she might actually like that. >> a tool kit is completely out. i don't -- >> i love this last one.
6:35 am
don't give cheap jewelry. give nice jewelry. >> kind of stacked against us. we asked you for your response, and boy, did you response? force? denies writing -- my mother-in-law once gave me an open 100-piece puzzle with only 98 pieces. she's sending you a clear message, the message is she doesn't like you. >> my mother-in-law gave me a muumuu four sizes too large. >> my husband bought me jumper cables? >> he wants to protect you. >> that's a metaphor for that gift. you get me going. >> i like the way you think. >> i got you something, tucker. last hour i gave -- >> a used vacuum cleaner. >> you gave me some cologne? is that how you pronounce it,
6:36 am
co-log-nay? >> no, you shouldn't have. >> this is right from my living room. >> i love that. >> merry christmas, tumor. >> if i ever -- that is great. honestly, i kind of like it. >> i got that down at score's in clayton. >> i don't think we've ever soon so much leg on this segment before. >> i think maybe we have. >> now to your headlines. the states that share a border with colorado. they've had enough of a contact high. nebraska and oklahoma suing their neighborhood for legalizing recreational pot. they say there's been too much of a jump in marijuana-related arrests. the are a senior fellow at the hudson institute dr. david murray spoke to fox news early. >> colorado has decided to sort
6:37 am
of secede from federal laws that they find cumbersome, i don't think it helps the states still following the law to have the burden placed on them. >> marijuana advocates say get rid of legal weed and the black market dealers return. trading -- >> this is a petition for president obama to deport one american citizesicitizen in excr one undocumented immigrant. >> i think our immigration rules are crazy. i think it's important. >> well, this is fehr filling, more than two thirds of the students polled, voicing support to deport red-blooded americans to make way for illegal aliens. insane. and santa might want to trade this model. he might want to trade that model in right there for this. check out the high-powered super
6:38 am
sleigh, a company in the uk is offering this. don't forgets about the rocket boosters. the price tack for santa's new sleigh, just over $300,000. >> whoa. santa's good for it. all right. rick and clayton are outside braving the cold for the sake the a good meal. >> chef jeff is here to help us celebrate our own good. >> we go from governor huckabee's beef tender loin to clayton's fried chicken to some cornish game hence. >> are you going to take them out? >> i'm going to let these rest for just a moment. if you're ought turkeyed out. >> i love cornish hens. my mom used to make these in the oven growing up. >> we smoke them and we fry
6:39 am
them. we have taken the turkey fryer, and basically it's a have i simple recipe, four cornish game hence, in a gallon baggy here. we've a creole butter marinade, the same recipe you do your turkeys in. instead of injecting them, put them in a baggy, toss them in the fridge overnight and let them marinate. once you have that done, you put four at the same time into the butterball turkey fryer, and fry them for 20 minutes. >> you have to set thumb upright. >> yes, and you want to make sure this recipe is served at christmas. why? because it is a great way to change things up. you asked if we were going to eat. i'm going to take this and show you how to serve it up, and then we'll go to the smoker.
6:40 am
>> what do you do with that there? >> you take this and you serve that up. that's great. that would serve about eight adults. >> what is this? >> john contacted me, the gluten-free fried clicken, and it turns out it is as delicious. >> it is delicious. for those trying to eat healthier, that's what's been fun. we wrote three cookbooks. and clayton 'recipe is glueden-free fried chicken. >> all credit should go to my wife. it's delicious. try it. it's in the book. we have to go back inside. >> i'm going to show you this right here. take the cornish game hence, and
6:41 am
dial it up a notch, take some green beans with brown sugar, and take some bacon-wrapped asparagus, and smoke it to complement your cornish game hence. >> and rick, you have some kids over there eating over there. >> it's good.>> dadgum it's goo. >> you can say dadgum. >> dad's gum. >> awesome. >> ainsley and tucker, we'll sent it to you inside. >> thanks, rick. the cease and desist letters being sent to businesses like walmart from politicians who think you don't ought to have one. don't go crazy, how to decorate your christmas presents with items you already have. and first we'll check in with neil cavuto with the cost of freedom -- >> sony is getting a lot --
6:42 am
they're caving. if more companies start buckling, will all of us end up paying, with some police budgets siring and some businesses struggling, are the protesters doing more harm than again. the young and the hopeless? a staggering number of millennial living in poverty. the reason why will tun them and their parents. the cost of freedom up at the top. see you then. she inspires you.
6:43 am
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delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any allergic reactions like rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a free 30-tablet trial. want to buy a toy gun for a christmas present this year? well, you might be out of luck. >> new york state attorney general eric snyderman, a well-known grand stander has sent letters to walmart and a handful of other companies that he says violated state law. without an orange stripe on the barrel, they're illegal in the people's republic of new york. is this ban going too far?
6:46 am
joining us, molly hemingway. thanks for coming on this morning. >> great to be here. >> this is a state law apparently in northern you're not allowed to send these guns. what's the point of bullyic walmart? >> with the recent shooting of 12-year-old tamir rice, we do have a problem with toy guns and how they lead to people's death, but the problem is not with retailers or the family that buy these toy foss their children. ever since guns have been invented kids have gotten together and learned how to play with guns. that's not going to go away. with the police overreach of killing 12-year-olds with gun -- >> it's not just police overreach, but school administrators are a problem, too, they try to indoctrinate
6:47 am
kids, remember the kids who bought off the corner of the pop-tart and pretended it was a gun. they put you in counseling if you draw pictures with guns. i think we've lost our minds with this. these type of regulations are such an onerous restriction on freedom, for people -- this is not the problem. >> right, the bottom line, they just don't like firearms, and they also don't like rural america, they don't like the culture between georgetown and santa monica, they consider it uncivilized. >> and these are the types of law that is we pass or types of regulation we create that do nothing more than make us feel good. this is so easy to override. kids can easily put electrical tape over the orange stripe or likewise criminals can put an orange stripe down their gun and get people to think they have a toy gun. it's highly debatable when they
6:48 am
laws even work. >> thank you so much, molly. good to see you. up next, the owner of this car parked illegally, by thanks to her flamboyant christmas spirit, she got a free pass. plus how to use what you already have at home to make your christmas presents shine. ♪ underneath my christmas tree ♪ i'll be waiting here ♪ santa that's my only wish this year ♪ [ female announcer ] you get sick, you can't breathe through your nose... suddenly you're a mouthbreather. well, put on a breathe right strip and instantly open your nose up to 38% more than cold medicines alone. so you can breathe and sleep.
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welcome back. time for your news by the number. tens of millions of dollars is how much retailers are hoping to
6:52 am
bring in. it's super saturday. the last saturday to get shopping done. up to one. up to $1,000, that is that a georgia man gave to strangers that couldn't pay their electric bill. he did it in honor of his late wife. >> a parking ticket for parking illegally. an officer said merry christmas, please be careful in the future. think you are spending too much on christmas presents? can you? think how much gift wrapping brings in alone. $3.2 billion. >> the next guest says you don't have to break the bank to be a great gift wrapper. she's here to show us how. >> thanks for being here. >> thank you so much.
6:53 am
excited to be here. >> you have things around the house we can use? >> yes, the first thing is we have rules of gift wrap that are off season. the birthday gift wrap, you can use that to wrap your gifts. flip it over and you have a blank canvas. i'm using, clearly, a birthday wrap here. for tape, i love scotch magic. it's virtually invisible. here is a trick. instead of doing the seam on the back, line it up with the edge. then you have a seamless president. when cutting, you have four fingers on one side and four on the other, so you know the edges are even. then i have things you can use around the house. these little things are made with this hole punch. you were playing with it earlier, so i know you like it. >> yes, i was. >> i'm not advocating going to your local store, but they are
6:54 am
great if you have them around the house. you can punch out cool shapes. look at that. then you can glue it on the gift. >> by the way, take it from the martha stewart collection. you get the best colors. >> if you want to add a sparkle, you can do it with sugar. get glue, draw shapes and use sugar. you don't have to go crazy buying a bunch of stuff. >> then they can lick it, too. >> yep, they can lick it. you can use decorative shapes and draw on it. super easy. >> check this out. you can use a belt to decorate. look at santa. i used a red file folder for that. >> very creative. >> i could use my fat belt. that is really impressive. >> we are going to have a wrap off. ready? >> yes. >> i'm going to follow your seam
6:55 am
instructions. this year, i'm going step it up. >> do it with the white side out. we are trying to hide the fact. >> should we begin? >> yes, go ahead. >> are you timing it? >> yes. you can use cupcakes to make cool flowers like thachlt. >> tape it to the box? >> okay. like that? >> yeah, perfect. then you actually -- this is fine. you want to line this up. >> don't go easy on me. >> no, no, no. you totally messed it up. okay. you are going to be at a time disadvantage now. sorry. not helping you at all. >> we are kicking your rear end. >> i'm not bragging, but -- >> wait, that was it? >> no. no. >> that can't be it. >> i'm going for quality and speed. >> he is. >> how do i do the side end here? >> you push it down like this.
6:56 am
then you are going to flatten your little things on the side. >> you are not being creative, mr. >> yes, i am. >> that's not so bad. look at that. >> i know i'm the winner. we are going to announce the winner after the break. we will come back and announce who won. >> this is unbelievable. we are totally absorbed in this. fox and friends in just three minutes.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
we have a fox news alert for you as the president and congress head off for christmas vacation, another guantanamo detainee was transferred to afghanistan. they do it quietly. >> this is going all the way
7:00 am
with the wish list. whatever is on it, he's going it. >> we will pick the winner of our gift wrapping segment. >> have a great saturday. finish up that shopping. now we know that sony's hack attack was a north korean tack job and the cyber security chair saying it was just the beginning. warning, our power grid and wall street could be next. a state sponsored hacker crash those? will our economy crash with it? >> hi, i'm brenda buttner. this is bulls and bears. gary b. smith, tracie burns, john and naomi. welcome. lights out for the economy? >> brenda, that is the


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