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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 20, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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have a great weekend. to everybody, best show. i'm arthel neville. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> i'm eric shawn. topping the news this hour, president obama arrives in hawaii with his family for the start of a two-week vacation. coming up, we'll have a live report of the number of challenges he faces in the coming new year. also on the heels of the president's big announcement on cuba, new questions about the fate of dozens of convicted fugitives granted asylum by the communist regime. plus, sony, some say they're buckling under pressure, pulling the movie from the that's rights following the cyber threats and attacks from north korea. does this mean that america has
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lost its first cyber war? we will have a fair and balanced look at that. we begin with a fox news alert, the nypd telling the associated press two police officers are dead following an ambush attack today. according to the authorities, a gunman opened fire on the officers this afternoon while they were sitting in their patrol car. the suspect then allegedly running inside a subway station and turning the gun on themselves. bryan llenas is following this story. just one gunman at this point. one suspect, correct? >> reporter: that's right. this reportedly happened just after 3:00 p.m. today. the two police officers as you said, were shot by a gunman in the head while sitting in their nypd patrol cars. the officers were parked on the corner of tom kins and myrtle avenue in brooklyn, new york. according to police and witness,
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the suspects shot the cops in the head, then ran inside a nearby subway station for the g train and fatally shot himself in the head. witnesses were standing waiting for the train when they heard what appeared to be arguing. one witness told the "new york post" that two cops were yelling everybody get down. according to the post. we're working to confirm the identity of the gunman. of course, we also -- sources tell fox news that the gunman appears to have killed his girlfriend in baltimore earlier today before coming to new york and allegedly a potentially killing these two officers. this comes at a time of increased racial tensions between police and minority communities around the country following the shooting deaths of michael brown and eric garner, particularly here in new york with the apparent choke hold death of garner resulted in protests. last saturday, two nypd police officers were assaulted by protesters at the brooklyn
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bridge. they were punched and kicked as they tried to arrest another demonstrator looking to throw a bar badge can on someone. you're looking at the scene where tons of police officers where two police officers were shot. you see the helicopters and the police officers there in swat team gear. again, we were getting reaction now from community leaders in the brooklyn area and we have -- if we -- we have one quote from the woman. i'll read this, give you the kind of idea of tension we're dealing with with this shooting. assembly woman said that it's pastime for our mayor and city-wide leaders to call for a return to order in our streets and to take a hard stance on the lawlessness and aggression towards police officers. will not be tolerated. extreme antipolice sentiment and public unruliness has been permitted to fester for fa too long. @etk÷5ñ assembly woman who
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representative of people in brooklyn and staten island. again, two nypd officers shot in the head by a single gunman. we're working to confirm the identity of that gunman. we're expecting a press conference. the officers were taken in critical -- one was taken in critical condition to woodhall hospital. >> all right. bryan llenas, we don't know what the motive was there. but you hate to hear any kind of story like this. ambushing any police officers or any victims for what seems to be a senseless killing. bryan llenas, thank you very much. president obama, the first family now enjoying their annual winter vacation in hawaii. some say better rest up because there will be battles with the new republican congress no doubt later in washington in the new year. a lot of hot button issues like north korea, and of course, cyber security, and cuba. now more from honolulu with the
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latest. >> reporter: hi. we know the president played golf today and why wouldn't he? the high here hit 79. he has said before the trip that he was really looking forward to this 17-day family vacation over christmas break here in hawaii. there is a lot of work to do, including what to do about north korea and its attack on sony. he said yesterday in his final news conference of the year that the u.s. will respond, but he would not discuss any possible option. we learned one move being considered is putting north korea back on the list of countries that sponsor terrorism. right next to iran, syria, sudan and for now cuba. it would be largely symbolic since we already have no economic ties to north korea. the president criticized sony for its decision to cancel the release of the movie, "the interview" in response to the threat of violence. >> we can not have a society in which some dictator someplace can start imposing censorship here in the united states.
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>> reporter: north korea denied any involvement in the hacking of sony and it offered to approve it through a joint investigation that it would conduct with the united states. mean tile, the ceo of sony, who has been a political supporter of president obama and the democratic party, shot back at the president. >> we have not caved. we have not given in. we have persevered and we have not backed down. we have always had every desire to have the american public see this movie. >> reporter: michael linton also says sony is looking at other ways to distribute the movie and today the white house responded by saying we are pleased to hear that sony is actively working to distribute the film. people should be able to decide for themselves whether or not they would like to see it. one option that is out there is putting it out for free. sony does have a streaming service. but there is no subscription fees. so they could be out $75 million. that's how much sony put out to
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produce and to promote the film. eric? >> all right. thanks so much. intense combat in iraq today. kurdish force fighting isis as they continue to try to rescue refugees trapped. kurdish military leaders say they have made significant progress in liberating the area from isis control. john huddy has the details. >> reporter: kurdish forces have had to reamateur hundreds much small miles from isis in what has been a grueling and difficult military and logistical rescue operation. headway has been made. kurdish fighters had reportedly opened a 44-mile long cor consider, basically an escape route between their positions in northeastern syria and mount sinjar. that allowed for rescues of thousands trapped since august with tanks and troops clearing a
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path allowing food, water and other aid to flow in to help those people. also a big help in the effort has been the ongoing assault in kabbani where critical ground has been recaptured from isis. kurdish fighters taking over 16 neighborhoods, pushing isis militants back from their fighting positions with help from the u.s.-led coalition air strikes. positions have helped in the516 rescue effort of the yaziti people. and that continues tonight. >> john, thank you very much from jerusalem. a u.s. drone strike in pakistan reportedly very successful. security officials say now that two missiles were fired into a taliban hideout today, that killed at least five terrorists, including a key taliban commander. in a separate operation, pakinstani forces killed five other terrorists. the two attacks coming in the
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wake of that horrible massacre of a pakinstani military school this week that left more than 130 of those students, children, dead. we're going to go now to the foreign terrorist attack against america, the cyber hacking of sony. just one day after the f.b.i. formally pinned it on north korea, they're firing back, offering a to help. the national security council says if north korea wants to help, they can admit they did it and compensate sony. will carr has more from our west coast news room. hey, will. >> reporter: the ceo of sony has defended their actions up until this point and says the only decision they have made specifically is not to release "the interview" on christmas day. instead, he says what they want to do is release it on a, quote, different platform. but here is the problem. so far no cable, satellite or streaming services have stepped up andhnx offered to release the
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movie. p it comes at the same time as the f.b.i. says north korea was behind the cyber attack. they're not offering many details, but they did describe similarities in that attack to previous attacks by the isolated country, including those against south korean banks and news organizations back in 2013. yesterday an e-mail was sent to sony computers from the original hacking group warning to not distribute the movie in any form. north korea in an official statement said it had nothing to do with the massive cyber attack on sony, going as far to call for a joint investigation with the united states and saying if that doesn't happen, there will be grave consequences. >> oh, boy. keeps on going. all right. thank you very much. >> that's right. president obama's historic decision to recognize cuba is turning into a major issue. maybe we could call it the early campaign for 2016. a possible white house contender, senators marco rubio and rand paul. they are clashing over the
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issue. senator paul came out in support of the deal. this on the heels of jeb bush's announcement to, quote, actively explore the possibility that he will be running for president. we have a look at the players and the issues. >> reporter: take virtually any issue in the news and it's quickly becoming the latest sparring topic for those jockeys in the 2016 republican scramble. president obama's announcement on cuba provided the latest topic. jeb bush who earlier this week said he was seriously considering a run quickly issued a statement condemning the president, saying the beneficiaries of president obama's ill advised move will be the heinous castro brothers who repressed the country for decades. senator ted cruz and governor rick perry joined in the lambasting of the president. senator marco rubio himself the son of cuban refugee, promised to take the president on.
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>> i intend to use every tool at our business posal in the majority to unravel as many of these changes as possible and i do so not out of any sort of animosity toward the administration, but out of animosity towards the cuban regime's repression of the cuban people. >> reporter: standing virtually alone among the pack and highlighting his own brand of free market conservatism, senator rand paul said hey, marco rubio, if the embardot doesn't hurt cuba, why do you want to keep it? his facebook page explained more, echoing some of the obama administration's platforms saying i'm a proponent of peace and believe in engaging cuba and lead to go positive change. the iowa caucus is more than a year away and each of the contenders must position himself for the primaries dominated by the most conservative republican. it might all be for naught if any given position handicaps them should they make it to the general. in washington, leeland vittert,
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fox news. christmas comes early at the pump with gas stations across two dozen states now charging as little as $2 a gallon. the state of missouri seeing some even lower than that with prices in springfield falling to 1.96. and according to analysts, this oil surplus will be the gift that keeps on giving with gas expected to fall another 7 cents by christmas day. december 25. the death toll is climbing in a horrific accident after this car slamd into a crowd that was leaving a church christmas concert. the driver is now saying about that tragedy and the serious charges she's facing. and the republican sweep of congress is not stopping president obama. he is throwing the weight of the white house behind issues he thinks need action. our political panel will be here on how that might play out come the new year [ female announcer ] hands were made for talking.
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we'll have an update on the shooting in new york city of two police officers. both those officers, according to the associated press, have died. reports say that the suspect in the shooting was a baltimore gang member who boasted on social media that he wanted to kill police. he walked up to the police
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officers' cruiser and shot them in the head and then he ran into a subway station and police say shot himself in the head. we will have the latest on this at the bottom of the hour as this is clearly a still developing story. there are new details on the woman who is charged for driving while intoxicated into a california church crowd. she killed four people, including a six-year-old boy. the attorney for this 56-year-old woman, margot branstein, says it was an accident. she pled not guilty to five felony counts and is being held on $500,000 bail. prosecutors say she faces 40 years in prison if convicted on all of those charges. we're going to go to politics now. president obama flexing presidential muscle during his year end news conference by doubling down on executive action. the president says he plans to push his agenda to the extent of his authority. >> i intend to continue to do what i've been doing, which is where i see a big problem and
3:19 pm
the opportunity to help the american people and it is within my lawful authority to provide that help, i'm gog do it. >> okay. with a look at how this might play out next year, here is tammy bruce, radio talk show host, and ellen ratner, both are fox news contributors. good to have you both. >> hey. >> so listen, ellen, i'll start with you because in other words, the president is saying, he's not going to back down. how should that be interpreted? >> it should be interpreted exactly what he said. he's not going to back down. he's gog push his immigration policy. he's going to push things such as real security issues. we've had in north korea situation that north korea claims is not them, but everybody else claims it may be. so he has very important issues to get done while he's still president. >> okay. and tammy, the president also said, quote, i've never been persuaded by the argument that if it weren't for executive
3:20 pm
action, they would have been more productive. there is no evidence of that. this reference to congress. so if the president is going to dig in his heels, how will congress act in kind? or will they? >> we've had conversations before the mid terms and some of the question was would the president change his approach. i've been saying from the beginning, nothing will change. he's been doing this from the beginning. there is no reason for him to change. we're going to see two years of campaigning and the gop is going to also, within that framework, gog try to show the american people what they want to do, what they're capable of. they should put bills on the president's desk and his challenge is going to be finally seeing bills on his desk because harry reid has been blocking them. that now is going to change. >> but do you think that will change? i'll get both of you to weigh in. him saying you haven't given me anything to work with. >> that's because the democratically controlled senate has blocked them.
3:21 pm
that's going to change. that's new dynamic. >> the gop is going to flood the president's desk with bills? >> they should. that's what i would advise. whether or not they will or not is going to be another issue. the president, of course, is still looking for a legacy. and he knows perhaps obamacare is not going to be it. so you're seeing a whole series of things like what he's saying about immigration, the nature of race relations. it's almost like throwing spaghetti on the fridge and seeing what will stick. >> i'm not sure it's about legacy. he's gotten a lot of pressure to get things done. i think that he knows he has very little time to get things done. he has relied on congress, which has not moved. so now is the time for him to act. frankly, i think he's got to do it. >> i think liberals will roux the day. and if you are look -- imagine a president santorum, if he's going to decide that, well, he's pro-life and he doesn't necessarily like the laws that
3:22 pm
make it easy to get abortion, so the president is going to, by executive order, change that. liberals have to be careful about what they embrace when and what this president does. >> except for the fact that president bush, 43, had 43 -- 700 signing statements. that's lot of ways that he wants to interpret the law his way. >> and you know, ellen, white house senior advisor is saying he's predicting that the president's executive actions on issues like immigration, issues like cuba, will stand no matter who is the president -- who wins the presidential election. >> i remember that tony snow said to me before he died that he was still at the white house to push president bush's immigration bill. that's what he wanted to do and he couldn't get it through a republican congress. so i think it's not just president obama that's stuck. >> and for a president who had his entire party running away from him, it's very bold
3:23 pm
statement to behave as though everyone wants him to do what he's doing. november election was a statement to the gop that we want obama to be stopped. a very interesting approach. >> you make good point, tammy, how many in the president's party kind of did turn their backs on him and his policies for the mid terms. but perhaps the mid terms are over. and now maybe will the president's party run back to his side and support him because they didn't get their people elected, but they were trying to at the time. >> i think depends on what issues. i think on immigration, he's going to get support for his position. i think if he puts boots on the ground in iraq, the democrats will not support him, but maybe the republicans will. it can depend on the issue. >> at this point, they saw a message. everybody got a message in november. you've got more people rerunning again in another two years. there is a realization that something has changed, that americans do not want to have what's happened continue to happen, and i think it is where
3:24 pm
leadership is going to come in with the republicans and if they can persuade the democrats -- >> tammy, i've got to go because we have breaking news. americans don't want to see inaction either. so if they're butting heads for two more years, then -- >> the americans wanted a slow, inactive process so good decision would be made. not a bunch of bad one. >> more to say, but no time of the thank you both very much. >> thanks. the reports are they were shot in cold blood as they sat in their police car. that's with we're hearing and that is what is more thanking right now in new york city. coming up, we'll have the very latest on a very disturbing development. two new york city police officers we're told killed in the line of duty. reports say they were shot by a baltimore gang member who boasted on social media that he wanted to kill police. a live report on this coming up.
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fox news alert. back to our top story, the nypd telling the associated press a
3:30 pm
second new york city police officer has died following an ambush attack today. according to authorities, a gunman opened fire on the officers this afternoon while they were sitting in their patrol car in brooklyn. the suspect then allegedly running inside a subway station and turning the gun on himself. bryan llenas has the story from our new york city news room. what more can you tell us? >> reporter: this is a developing story. this reportedly happened just after 3:00 p.m. today. the two police officers were shot while sitting in their patrol car and officials tell us that the shooter is identified. this is in the bedford stevenson neighborhood. according to police and witnesses, the gunman shot the cops in the head and ran inside a nearby subway station where he
3:31 pm
fatally shot himself. witnesses were standing, waiting for the train when they heard what appeared to be arguing. one witness said two cops yelled everybody get down. according to the new york post. now, as for the motive, we can say that sources tell fox news that he shot his girlfriend in baltimore and then drove up to new york where he then shot these two nypd cops. we can also look at what's being reported as the suspect's main instagram account which has since been shot down. -- shut down, i'm sorry. on this instagram page, you can read one post that says, i'm putting wings on today. they take one of ours, let's take two of theirs. #shoot the police. #rip, eric garner. hubmikebrown. this is reportedly the social media account of the suspect. that account has since been shut
3:32 pm
down. this shooting comes at a time of increased racial tensions between police and minority communities following michael brown and eric garner, particularly here in new york with the apparent choke hold death of eric garner by a white police officer resulted in protests. last saturday two nypd police officers were assaulted by seven protesters at the brooklyn bridge. the officers were punched and kicked as they tried to arrest the demonstrators. police are still looking for others. community leaders in brooklyn already react to go this horrific shooting. >> it's a tragedy for our community overall. no life is worth being taken no matter what kind of stupidity. the way that things are going now and the tensions that exist, this was not necessary. we did not need this right now. the sad part about it is somebody's family member is not going home today. >> reporter: two nypd police officers are dead today following the shooting. the is the is being reportedly
3:33 pm
identified. we are awaiting a news conference around 7:00 p.m. tonight. >> we'll have that news conference live here on fox news channel as soon as it happens. nypd holding it at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. it is a very disturbing story. thank you very much. >> no problem. >> two new york city police officers who were there to protect us shot in cold blood. the suspect as we have been reporting, boasting on social media he wanted to kill police officers in the wake of the ferguson and eric garner case. the reports say a fugitive from baltimore, a gang member who murdered his girlfriend and boasted about it. what is happening? what about the atmos speech joining us is a former new york city police detective who worked on many major cases, including many police shootings. this is a horrible tragedy. what is your reaction to what has happened today? >> reporter: you know nypd has
3:34 pm
gotten a bad rap lately. you just think of these two individuals. they're not only nypd, but human beings at christmas time. they're going to go home to their families? no. it's like any other new yorker at this point. so this is a premeditated murder and if thank guy is from baltimore. this is a well -- the fact that killing cops, that has an effect on some of -- whether he has mental conditions or not, this is premeditated. he thought about it to do what he was doing and he knew he was going to kill himself at the end. it's really a tragic event that's happening in new york city. >> do you blame the atmosphere of what's going on, all the signs, we've seen disgusting signs about killing police
3:35 pm
officers. the president of the federal law enforcement associations, has a stinging message. he said had mayor de blasio been forceful, one has to question whether this murderous psycho had been targeting one of new york's finest. >> 22-year-old police officer, that was gang related. and drug related. are we in an atmosphere where they think they can take out cops? >> this guy is obviously gang related because he said so himself. they got shot in the same way, sitting in his car in uniform. that was over drugs. this is a whole dump atmosphere. >> how do we stop this atmosphere and get ahold of this and try to prevent a guy like
3:36 pm
this from doing what he did with this enormous tragedy and strike at the very heart of what this country represents and stands for? >> right. because police officers are here to help the communities. it's one of the higher crime areas. they're there to help. people look at it that way of the killings and told cops brutality and all that. the mayor has to appease all parties and stop dividing everything. i think that's one of his at least problems that he has to do now. >> certainly would be unfair to blame the mayor of the city of new york perhaps on this. but the fact is, there is this atmosphere, this guy drives from you baltimore apparently, a gang member. has a criminal aspect and background. in your experience, long decades of experience, what needs to be
3:37 pm
done to calm this down and stop the stuff that is out of control? >> well, it's not gog stop right away. i'm not blaming the mayor. i'm saying he has a hard job to appease everybody and bring this down to calm everybody down. i mean, police have to be totally aware of what's going on. and they are. they are. they're having lunch sitting in their car. so anybody can sneak up to anybody. it's not easy to stop something like this across country. but it has to start from the mayor, from the president of the united states, to calm down both sides. >> and it has to start from the people holding those demonstrations to send the message out. we had the hatchet attack of that jihadi against two police officers. so hopefully the message will go out that this is not tolerated and this is a strike that is at
3:38 pm
the very heart of what this country represents and our democracy itself. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you for joining us today. we are going to get to some other news. a man out riding his bike narrowly escapes death. how it happened and what the emergency workers are says about it. plus the attack on sony sparking new questions about america's response to what could be its first ever cyber war. and if this attack will escalate tensions between the u.s. and north korea. 0x?hy@x@8p
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because health is everything. cyclist narrowly escapes death after literally being run over. take a look at this. a massive semi truck in china, making a right turn on a busy street. then hit the guy riding his bike just as he turned the corner. knocked him right off the bike into the street and is he lucky. the driver of the 14 wheeler
3:43 pm
didn't notice what happened. he kept on driving. look at that. after does he that, the bicyclist sits right up. he's okay. he had a few minor bruises. police are blaming the driver for what happened. >> really does when it's not your time, it's not your time. my goodness. >> thankfully he's okay. we're going here now. president obama, he's placing the blame on sony for pulling the plug on its upcoming film ""the interview." a joint investigation into the sony hack ask says if we don't agree, there will be grave consequences. with we losing our first cyber war? susan estridge is here to discuss this. hi, first of all. >> hi, first of all to you, art. >> lots of disturbing news right now. we're talking about this one right now. i wanted to ask you, are we
3:44 pm
using -- losing the first cyber war? i know you say that we're vulnerable for sure, but then you also say north korea looks like they weren't ready for their close-up. what do you mean by that? >> well, i mean they look at the reaction of the world to north korea. sony obviously decided it didn't want to face the consequences. the president's reaction saying sony shouldn't have blinked. i think you're seeing the reaction around the world, strong reaction in the creative community. and at least right now in north korea looks pretty defensive. this business, it sounds like a familiar north korean tactic. we have a way of showing that we'll show when you we're ready to show you that will prove we really didn't hack the movie. well, at the end of the day, the f.b.i. has come out and said we have very strong evidence that north korean involvement.
3:45 pm
obviously -- i don't think coming across looking very well in this one. so if this was intended as a great triumph for north korea, no see what way they triumph. they can show we're vulnerable, we have to deal with our vulnerability. it's no triumph for them. >> even though north korea is saying, hey, listen, u.s., why don't we do a joints investigation here so we can prove together that we, north korea, the government, didn't have anything to do with this? now the reports that north korea sort of backing down and back up a little bit because the president of the u.s. and his administration has called their bluff saying there will be proportional response. they don't know what that is. it seems like they're shake not guilty their boots a little bit instead of thinking they may think twice about playing their games on this international stage here. >> well, i don't think they have their move thought out very well
3:46 pm
here. the idea that we're going to have some kind of joint investigation with all kinds of limitations on the investigation, i mean, you don't have to go down the list of past korean tactics to recognize that you have to be very careful about that. so hopefully one can only hope that the message that comes out of this particular hack is that the hack may be the easy part and the after political effects aren't so easy to predict and deal with. >> but the hackers, if they're indeed working for a government, perhaps retaliation could be a more direct and have more impact. but if you've got a bunch of people out there who are now copy cats and they are looking like hey, i can hack into sony or some other corporation and create havoc, is this a threat to creative freedom? can we expect more of this, copy cat? >> well, sure.
3:47 pm
privacy -- there is the threat to creative freedom when you've got a studio the size of sony. this is what's really scary to people. when you've got a studio the size and power of sony saying -- and you've got stars involved the way you have in this movie. it's a big, huge movie. and when they're willing to say, we're willing to cancel a christmas release because the threat is so great, that is a threat to creative freedom. there is always going to be threats to creative freedom when people who disagree with the idea -- >> but i'm talking specifically what you're saying now -- you mitt the nail on the head. that's what i was getting at, is it a threat to creative freedom when writers may think twice about writing certain scripters a film studio or theater owners decide to pull a movie? >> we all will. this is the great danger. do we all censor ourselves just watch our language
3:48 pm
just a little bit? one of the great concerns -- and i understand sony has its own concerns to meet, but one of the great concerns is when you don't have the big guys willing to stand up and fight for freedom, the rest of us sitting at our computers may be just that much more reticent and say, you know, we better be careful, too. and the essence of creative freedom is not being careful. it's being adventureous. >> susan, i have to go. thank you so much. i have to end it there. thank you so much. eric? >> shocking tragedy here in new york city. we'll have more reports about two of new york's finest. police officers shot dead by a deranged gang member from baltimore who apparently wanted readvantage in the wake of the ferguson and eric garner cases. we expect a news conference in about 15 minutes from now from new york city bill de blasio and police commissioner bill bratton
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3:53 pm
will they be available to face american justice? and no promise of free elections or political prisoners released, is this justified. you know, captain, the only prisoners released by cuba is from gitmo, and do you think that the change and new policy will change the communist regime of the castro? >> it needs to be the natural interest of the united states, if it is, it is good policy, if it is not it is bad. we used to it look at policy development carefully in the bush administration. in this administration we need to do that as well. we need a architect to take all of the baskets of interest to put them in there and work through these issues with the
3:54 pm
castro government to achieve democracy and freedom, our long- term goal for people in cuba. >> look at the number of political prisoners that increased in 2010. there were 2000 and now this year 8000 prisoners. and they have arbitrary detentions. and that has mushroomed. 57000 in war camps and in prisones. will this potential change the behavior and bring democracy and freedom to those who have been besieged by the castros? >> i think the united states needs a you new set of tools in the tool box. a new focus with our policy, i compliment the obama administration in involving the pope and canada and thinking
3:55 pm
through a new future for the americas, but the cub an people deserve better and having a comprehensive framework and the human rights concern and working camps. we looked at those in 2006 when raoul castro came in power. deeds mean more than words and frankly discussion with this regime. >> do you think we'll get to those deeds, is this a start or will we get there? >> i think it is a start. cuba is an example of revolutions in the 20th century that occurred. in the russian revolution it took decades. and chinese revolution in 1949 a long rod. and nixon's ark proach with the chinese regime and we have
3:56 pm
issues to work through. iran, same thing after the iranian revolution and mixed results there and arbitration for properties. and finally the cuban revolution, it needs a serious approach. the president came forthwith a new policy and that needs to be with an informed strategy and deeds matter more than words. >> i have to go. >> fox news alert, more on the breaking news out of new york. mayor and police commissioner are about to hold a new's conference on the fox report with julie bandaras. rrn
3:57 pm
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>> two new york city police officer executed and shot at broad range in day light. they were in the patrol cars in brooklyn when the suspect walked up and started to fire at close range. the men then were left in their car while the suspect fled to a near by subway station where he later died. we are waiting on a police conference with the mayor and commissioner. in the meantime we watch a live camera, and following the story from the new york city newsroom. what do we know? a lot of


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