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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  December 21, 2014 12:00am-1:01am PST

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and until then, this is mike huckab tuned with justice with judge jeanine. breaking news tonight. two nypd officers are dead after being ambushed and shot execution style in the head while sitting in their patrol car in brooklyn. hello and welcome to justice. i'm judge jeanine piro, thanks for being with us. a sad night for new york city. nypd commissioner bill bratton and new york city mayor bill de blasio holding a press conference an the brutal murders of two police officers moments ago. we have the latest in the newsroom. >> exactly visible and shaken nypd police commissioner mayor de blasio and bill bratton.
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omp wenjin liu and raphael ram mos. >> today two of new york's finest were shot and killed with no warning, no provocation. they were quite simply assassinated. targeted for their uniform and for the responsibility they embraced to keep the people of this city safe. >> police say at about 2:47 p.m. the suspect, 28-year-old is ismaaiyl brinsley took out a silver firearm shot both office in the head. the officers' ambushed seemingly no warning and probably did 23409 see him. at that moment nypd officers chased brinsley into a subway station where he shot and killed
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himself on the platform. police say hours earlier at 5:45 a.m., brinsley was in baltimore where he shot and seriously wounded his former girlfriend. the victim's mother alerting police he had taken over her instagram account. on instagram brinsley posted two photos. one showing the murder weapon with a post, i'll putting wings on pigs today. they take one of ours let's take two of theirs. #shootthepolice hash tag, r.i.p. james garner. and during the day brinsley drove to brooklyn and at 2:45 p.m., baltimore police sent a warning flyer to the nypd warning that brinsley was headed their way but in a tragic irony, that was the same time brinsley took his gun and cowardly assassinated two of new york's finest. of course, this all happening
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during high tension after the shooting death of michael brown and the death of eric gardner. particularly here in new york city, two police officers assaulted by seven protesters at the brooklyn bridge. the city's police union chief that gone after mayor bill delasio for essentially throwingal nypd under the bus, not supporting them, sending a perform, petition to cops requesting the mayor not attend the funeral for anyone killed in the line of duty. mayor bill de blasio did not want to address those concerns calling it just a day of mourning. >> we are still learning the tails. it's clear this was an assassination. these officers were shot execution style, particularly despicable act, which goes at the very heart of our society and our democracy when a police officer is murdered. it tears at the foundation of our society.
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>> reaction pouring in. president barack obama obviously has been alerted of what's been going on and i'm sure he has a statement coming out soon. attorney general eric holder out way statement calling it a cowardly attack. al sharpton also come out and said it is reprehensible and against the pursuit of justice in both cases of eric garner and michael brown and also one last statement from a federal law enforcement officers' association, representing federal law enforcement saying if mayor de blasio was forceful from the beginning when the two lieutenants were attacked one asksing the question whether this murderous psych woe have been compelled to target new york's brother and sister in new york. >> when mayor bill de blasio arrived at the press conference or this evening, that nypd police officers turned their backs to him. is that correct? >> reporter: there's video out
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there on the local station here that shows at least probably a duz than we can see in the video turning their backs as mayor bill de blasio and commissioner bill bratton walked through into the press conference. you can visibly see them turning their backs. many turned their backs against the mayor. >> thank you so much. with me now, former police commissioner bernie kerik. commissioner, your thoughts? >> it's -- with the exception of september 11th this takes me back to 1988. we had two officers killed on october 18th. this reminds me of the days back in the '60s and '70s when we faced executions of new york city cops. in this circumstance i believe, i personally feel, that mayor de blasio, sharpton and others like them, they actually have blood on their hands. they encouraged this behavior. encourageal protests. these so-called peaceful protests that, where people are
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standing out there saying "kill the cops," well, i hope they're happy, because they got what they wanted. >> what you're referring to, of course, last saturday's protest on the brooklyn bridge. the so-called peaceful protest where the protestorses yelled what do we want? dead cops. when do we want it? now. >> we want them now. >> and then two new york city police lieutenants assaulted, mayor de blasio comes out an says they were allegedly assaulted. they weren't allegedly assaulted they were assaulted. >> assaulted, beaten. their radios taken. it -- you know, i'm numb. i am numb, and you have to question whether this man, mayor de blasio, can actually lead this city. you have to question that. you have to wonder, how can he lead the city? >> what about bill de blasio? is he the police commissioner for mayor de blasio or for the
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nypd? >> he's -- he is not the commander in chief, as i see it pup need leadership in the mayor's office, that the men and women of the nypd are going to respect. and he's a hypocrite. i just watched this press conference. i listened to him now, and i listened -- i think back two weeks ago, inciting the protesters, calling the nypd and other cops around the nation racist. >> who was? >> de blasio. >> all right. let's talk about the president as well. de blasio and i think the president of the united states needs to understand that their actions in failing to defend police, and criticizing police, saying african-american young men are having problems with law enforcement, well, right now law enforcement, two officers executed are having problems with the young african-american men. i don't know who's talking about this, but i'm going to talk about it. the two of them have undoubtedly
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created racial tensions that worsens, not better, the situation for law enforcement. and are police safe in this city? >> jeanine, it's not only the city. it's not only the city. naturally, we're talking about the city tonight. our nation's police have been called into question by the mayor and other legislators and political figures around this country over the twlooft months over two incidents. millions of arrest as year and they're talking about two incidents. they turned this entire country, their entire police in this country into racists and i agree with the federal law enforcement association, the office that said, if this was handled differently up front, that probably wouldn't have happened today. nobody would have the courage to do what they did. >> all right. commissioner bernie kerik is going to stay with us for much of the time this evening. our continuing coverage of the execution-style shooting of two
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nypd police officers, and new details about the shooter, next. stay with us.
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two of new york's finest were shot and killed with no warning, no provocation. they were, quite simply, assassinated. targeted for their uniform and for the responsibility they embraced to keep the people of this city safe. >> that was police commissioner bill bratton moments ago describing the execution-style shooting of two new york city police officers. former nypd police commissioner bernie kerik with us along buy detective boe deedle. sad night? >> first of all, my deepest sympathy goes out to these omp officers' families. bernie was talking about it.
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i was there in the earl '70s. lost 13 cops one neyear. 11 the other year. assassinated the same way. with the bla. >> bla? >> black liberation army. last week gangs were posting on websites about killing cops, but this gardner thing started, this whole atmosphere. first of all, gardner incident was not a racist thing. there was a black sergeant on the scene. i don't want to debate that now, but for them to take it and make it a racial thing, athtd i call them big bird de blasio what she. at promotion yesterday at one police plaza. two people clapping for him. this guy is a disgrace, he's dwighted this country and punk sharpton marching around last week with those demonstrations what do we want, dead cops? they got two dead cops. went to cube fwha 1984. take his wife, de blasio and go back and live there. >> there's no question that the
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shooter here says in the instagram, maybe we can get that up. i'm putting wings on pigs today. they take one of ours. let's take two of theirs. hash, shoot the police, hash tag, rest in peace mike brown, hash tag rest in peace garner. given the fact he went from maryland to brooklyn, where the police lieutenants were beat up, where he killed the cops. what does this tell you? >> he killed his girlfriend -- >> no. we're not sure she's dead. she was shot. >> feel hess can do anything he wants. now a reason to go there. these gangs are back and forth texting and our intelligence divisions are picking up on it and it's a lot of talk about them going out there and assassinating cops. a communication breach. technologies out there. thank god for i phoiphones, cop
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out of texas, look on the smartphone and found this guy coming. we need communication right away. >> talk about the fact, and i'll go back to you commissioner kerik, al sharpton. we lost the round, but the fight ain't over. i think we've got a full screen of this guy referring to the decision, the grand jury decision on darren wilson for shooting brown. you won the first round, mr. prosecutor. don't cut your gloves off, because the fight is not over. >> and took that fight to new york city. >> al sharpton. >> took the fight to new york city, got here, started protests. incited protests, the same where officers were assaulted. the same rhetoric where they were talking about -- chanting "kill cops." you know, "when do we want them? we want them dead now." okay. he incited. him and the mayor, and others around this country incited these types of protests. >> after we look at what has
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happened in the last two months in this country, do you remember racial tensions ever being this high? >> never. you had two incidents that were not racial, you know what -- >> no, but answer the question. >> take it back to the '70s. back to the '60s and '70s. the black liberation arm, black panther party, flan were completely anti-police. all anti-police. >> but then it stopped after that. >> right. we had a great city here with bloomberg a great city. when the commissioner was here, a great city. they did a great job. you know, look at the, dissect these groups. 32 bj. you have the sec. >> talking about the union? >> talking about the demonstrators. these were the supporters that got the voters out for de blasio. >> the one guy who was charged -- excuse me, charged with assault of a lieutenant last saturday is the organizer of the city's largest union, and he's an occupy wall street
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protestors. >> these are the people -- >> same people. >> people, the 1818% of people that voted for big bird are these people. pulled all those votes out. we should have a recall or something. >> should big bird, the mayor of new york city resign? >> resooirn tomorrow because he can no-of-not do the job. my officers are out there. went by the tree before. these guys are incensed, bo, keep speaking. we freed a voice. >> mayor de blasio. >> he should go. >> why? >> he can't lead the city. the men and women in the nypd don't respect him. they're never going to respect him. >> eve win bill bratton at the helm? >> let bill bratton become the mayor. we'd be a lot better. >> i'll vote for bill. bit bratton to be the mayor. get rit of big bird. let bratton go there. i'll vote for him tomorrow. >> if we need bill bratton to be the police commissioner of nypd at the very leefrt and not the
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police commissioner, mayor de blasio? >> if i'm sitting there with big bird de blasio and al sharpton telling me and the mayor if you don't listen to me there will be hell to be paid i would have taken my commissioner badge and gives al sharpton the right to sit -- >> what would you have done, bernie? >> sitting with you to discuss issues if he didn't represent the family? >> you know that. >> i know that. we'll be right back
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breaking news tonight. two new york city police officers are dead after being ambushed and shot execution style in the head while sitting in their patrol car in brooklyn.
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back with us, former nypd police commissioner bernie kerik along with boe deedle. i'm going to read part of a statement from the new york city pba, talking how two units are not going to respond to every call, but as you go through the statement, one of the things that's very interesting. they say the mayor's hands, referring to de blasio, are literally dripping with our blood, because of his words and actions and policies, and we have, for the first time in a number of years, become a war-time police department. we will act accordingly. what does that mean? >> basically what he's talking to is back to the years of the '70s and '60s when police officers were targets by anti-american radical extremists, domestic extremists, and they are the same types of people. the same language of the murd error that killed these two cops today. >> you fwlee?
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know what, jeanine? i don't want to panic anybody, but any cop, be watchful. know what's going on. if you have to pull your gun, put your gun out, put it at your side and deal with people. don't worry about all of this baloney. this could be the beginning. these gangs are tweeting back and forth talking how they're going to get a star on their shoulder. this could be part of a well-organized thing with the gangs. we e-of-know about the bloods and crip, problems before. this could be the beginning for the cops. >> how does a cop draw his gun, when you've got the president of the united states -- criticizing cops. >> you've got to go home for your family for christmas. take your gun. put it at your side. someone wants to make a complaint, they have the right, when you have a mayor like de blasio and a president who says, poor african-american young men are having a problem -- >> where do you go saying these guys need another year of training? this is the finest police department. crime has gone down to nothing.
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>> let's talk about -- the statement from federal law enforcement pba. saying had new york mayor bill de blasio been forceful from the onset when the two lieutenants were attacked last saturday on the brooklyn bridge, one has to question whether this murderous psycho would have been compelled to target our heroic brothers in new york. >> it's just so terrible. like i said, i was at the promotion. i love the new york city police definite. >> we all do. >> bill brat sn a great commissioner. a great first deputy commissioner who came on the force with, fabulous cops are out there. they all want to do their job. you ghe know what? mayor, leave them alone. >> it's not a question of leaving them alone. is it? it's a question not throwing them under the bus. >> it's not about leaving them alone. it's about supporting them, giving them the benefit of the doubt when there's a question about what they've done. it's about supporting them. and making sure they have the fools, t
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tools, resources, backing 20 do the job. they don't have that. >> you start challenging a grand jury, jeanine. our system we vote bhak our country became brand new, now saying that's the wrong system? it's the system we all believe in. you can't change the system like that. >> well, and obviously what is interesting to me is, the behavior of bill de blasio this evening at that press conference. he didn't seem angry the way he was when the police were accused, now that they're victims. and he also didn't seem -- he didn't want to answer political questions. the ones he was so happy to answer before. >> what i want to see jeanine, a day of outrage. i want to see protests for the two cops that are lying dead tonight. i want to see those protests. >> less than a week before christmas. >> i want to see al sharpton and the mayor and others around this country. where's the outrage tonight like there was two months ago? six weeks ago? >> did you hear sharpton's
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statement? right away, right to the gardner incident, in staten island. these two cops are dead, and they're dead for doing nothing. the guy was resisting arrest in staten island, mr. sharpton. >> what i want to talk about is the fact that new york city police are sitting ducks right now. >> they are. >> and they have been, as far as i'm concerned, i've been a prosecutor, judge and d.a. 32 years. i think they feel, the violence, the, those who are lawless in this society feel that they have the right, in fact, that they should be injuring police. >> the lawless have been encouraged. >> yeah. >> by the mayor. >> you know -- >> they've been encouraged by the mayor. the mayor incited this. the mayor -- >> got to go. >> the whole body fell out of your stomach tonight when you heard this news. >> all of us. thank you both for being with us. up next, more on the breaking news about the two new york city police officers shot,
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more details on the two officers killed this evening. officer liu was married just two months ago. officer ramos became a cop after being a school safety officer and had just turned 40 this month. former nypd detective tom russ kinn and former nypd john rafferty join me now. good evening, gentlemen. i'll start with you. what is -- what's your response to this? what is going on? >> hoar risk and something that unfortunately we should have seen coming. when you have the mayor and other officials that are not drawing the line in the sand, where the cops can protect themselves, you know, enforce
12:32 am
the laws, i think this was something inevitable. >> do you believe this was inevitable? >> i believe it was something in the works. a perfect storm. the stars were starting to line up and at a certain time where you have the president, the attorney general, the mayor, all turning against cops. cops are a little bit apprehensive to do their job, and now the pba coming out tonight making their statements. cops are now going to protect themselves al all costs. >> saying de blasio has blood on his hands. >> sharpton has blood on his hands. >> yes, and al sharpton, the one who started this justice for all rally where they shouted what do we want, dead cops. when do we want it? now? s that wa in brooklyn and the shoot is in brooklyn. two dead cops in brooklyn. where does new york city pd go from here? >> now look at it. what is the police department really going to do? what are these cops going to do? out there every day sacrificing their lives, trying to patrol
12:33 am
the streets and make the communities safe. they don't get the reg nix. >> they already have a target on their back. >> one incident out of millions of incidents and try to make it be a race issue where the cop did something wrong when they're actually following guidelines. >> the reason these guys were killed today wasn't based on their race or color. it was based on the fact that they were in a marked police r car, wearing blue. >> targeted. >> they were targeted. the same way that bernie and boe referred to the bla, when you had -- >> black liberation army. >> walking on the lower east side, executed. eddy burn, police officer in 1988 sitting in front of a witness' house targeted because he was a cop protecting someone. >> talk about the fact we're hearing nypd police officers are lining the streets outside of the hospital where -- apparently the bodies of the two police officers still are. do you sense that there will be a change in the nypd and the
12:34 am
police officers, boe deedle talking about, hey, look, you know what? there's a different world out there. cops have to go home. they have to protect themselves. and then you've got the mayor and you've got -- the president saying, you know, it's bad. you know, african-americans are really, you know, imposed upon. >> there has to be a change. >> what kind of change? >> you can't have our leaders of the country, the city, trying to turn our residents against the cops when they're doing their job. >> wouldn't even speak to the issue. >> i have to say i think defwladde blasio caused a lot of issues in the city. >> should he go? >> tomorrow. if not sooner. to our defense, and based on the police officers' defense, there were a lot of people who turned out the other day at city hall to demonstrate for the nypd, but this is not against the nypd. this is every single person who puts on that uniform every day around this country and is protecting us.
12:35 am
>> well, there's no question. there is only one line of defense that we have from a chaotic society. and that is the police. >> absolutely. >> it is a shame that the leaders in charge now don't recognize that. i want to thank you tom and john for being with us this evening. >> thanks for having us. >> thank you. and now for my opening statement. tonight america capitulates to a north american thug in a wuss move that will have enormous future ramifications. the sony moech "the interview" scheduled for christmas day release now e shelved because of computer threats. while sony's decision is cowardly and embarrassing to the country, only one person's responsibility for the victory of the cyber terrorists identified by the fbi as north korea. the man who guards the constitution, the president of the united states, barack obama. yet in classic obama fashion, he piles on and blames sony.
12:36 am
>> i'm sympathetic that sony as a private company was worried about liabilities and this and that and the other. i wish they had spoke ton me first. i would have told them, do not get into -- a pattern in which you're intimidated by these kinds of criminal attacks. >> but sony chief executive michael linton insists that sone house advisers about the problem. even the state department agreed sony was in discussion with them. now, as someone who follows the president, i can tell you he is often not a man of his word. so who to believe? a company on the front page of virtually every newspaper struggling to deal with hacking by a foreign regime, or the president of the united states, who makes believe he wishes he was contacted, who's only fbi
12:37 am
says north korea's responsible, and whose department of homeland security is accused by many of being missing in action. where was the president when sony stood alone on this? through initially embarrassing e-mails to class action lawsuits, to threats of 9/11-style attacks? the president is a lawyer. he understands like the. he watched as e-mail gossip turns into international cyber warfare, and he wants to blame a corporation that's struggling to survive? folks, this isn't a small issue. this is huge. now any enemy and we certainly have our share can threaten not only artistic entities, but banks, corporations and our government itself. what if they don't like the "o'reilly factor"?
12:38 am
how do we know which a digital threat is capable of being a physical threat? i've been telling you over the year about the weakness of our grid. reports are eironically north korea has a satellite delivering an electromagnetic pulse that would shut down america's lech tris grid. our napgs strength is derived from the constitution. the first amendment. freedom of speech. freedom of the press. this president can say the u.s. should not give into intimidation. but he's done just that repeatedly with north korea. >> and in the wake of this aggression, jong shoon should not be mistaken. the united states will never waver in the security to the republic of korea. >> but it's important for north korea, like every other country in the world to observe the basic rules and norms that are set forth, including a wide
12:39 am
variety of u.n. resolutions that have passed, that the united states will take all necessary steps to protect its people and to meet our obligations under our alliances in the region. >> more red lines that weren't enforced, and now a new one that won't be enforced. but i'm a believer. i believe in america. my money is on america. and i believe that i will see this movie one way or another. and that's my "open." up next, sony hacked. what does this mean to you and your cyber security? woman: for soft beautiful feet, i have a professional secret: amopé and its premium foot care line. the new amopé pedi perfect foot file gives you soft beautiful feet effortlessly. its microlumina rotating head buffs away hard skin even on those hard-to-reach spots. it's amazing.
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did sony have a choice pulling the movie depicting the assassination of north korean leader kim jong-un and what can you do to protect your own cyber security? with me now former national security agency deputy director colonel sedrick layton and author of "nuclear north korea." good evening, gentlemen. gordon, start with you. north korea saying they were framed and want to join the u.s. investigation and if they're not allowed to join, there will be serious consequences. is that a joke? >> it is a joke, because this is typical north korean propaganda. you know, the president talked yesterday about what north korea's responsibility for this.
12:44 am
so pa yong wyong had to react and this is what they do. they come out with this overblown language. you've got to remember that north korea can actually do real harm to the united states, and so seriously -- serious consequences, which is what they're talking about is something we need to expect. >> sedrick, north korea, saying we're framed? >> oh, that's amazing, judge. you know, they were framed, then i think jack the ripper was probably not guilty, but this is one of those situations where there are so many paths that lead to pyongyang and their involvement in they were framed, that's a new day in history at this point. >> president obama saying yesterday he weighs in saying sony made a mistake? >> sony did what any u.s. company would do these days because of the liability. nobody outside of north korea really like what's sewnty. it was craven, but they're nort the ones with responsibility for protecting american liberty. the person who has that responsibility is the president, and because of two decades of
12:45 am
bad decisions in the white house what we have is sony being put into an impossible situation. it's not sony's fault. >> and cedric, to you on the same thing. look, sony has shareholders, a board of directors, trustees. i mean, you know when someone says there's going to be a 9/11-type attack, and so the theaters start saying we're not going to run this, was sony right and was the president wrong in criticizing sony? >> well, i don't think the president was wrong in this case. i think he was right to say we really do need to stand up to the north koreans, but when it comes to a board of directors and what corporate officers are going to to do in a situation like this, absolutely take the path of least resistance and the path of safety. their reaction is not unexpected, but you really have to steel the national resolve and that's what the president was trying to do in this case. >> the president knew about
12:46 am
this. when he says i wish though talked to me. fbi in on this, state security, they did talk, but shouldn't the president, he's a lawyer, shouldn't he know, you know, this is a criminal act? let me jump in there? >> well i would hope so. in this particular case, it's the borderline between the criminal and offensive national security/pseudomilitary-type activity, and that's where the definitions of what constitutes war in cyber space really haven't reached fruition or maturity yet, and that's the real problem. we don't really know what kind of space we're getting into here, and the institutions we have and the laws we have have not kept pace. so that keeps everybody really on edge at this point. >> and gordon, when the president says that they'll about response that he'll determine. what can we possibly do in a situation like this? >> there's a lot of things we
12:47 am
can do but probably won't do them. for instance, put in place sanctions the bush administration imposed in 2005, cut the north koreans often from the global system. enforce security council resolutions prohibiting the sale of ballistic missiles, we don't enforce now and call out chine ma in public. com poli complicit in these attacks. >> you don't think north korea was alone? >> north korea's most elite warriors are based in a chinese city meaning beijing knows about this because these guys are in china permanently. >> cedric, people pay a lot for cyber security, can we keep the malware away from americans and all of the problem as huge corporation like sony is suffering? >> sewn coy have done a much
12:48 am
better job as securing their internet and i think americans in general, people in general, have a way of getting at the best kind of cyber security protection mechanisms. the problem is nobody sells one product that can take care of all of that, and that's a weakness within the cyber security industry, but americans can do things like change their passwords, encrypt their data, also they can look for better authentication mechanisms. the password is a very out-moded way of authentication. that's one way the north koreans probably got into sony, and that is something that needs to be changed and changed now. >> all right. and gordon, final question. quickly, bigger picture. can our government be hacked? >> it was hacked. the stealth fighter unveil add month ago, that's our f-35, that's our technology in a chinese airframe. guess where they got it? >> oh. crazy. all right. cedric layton, gordon chang. thanks for being with us this morning. >> you bet, judge.
12:49 am
>> all right. up next, ambassador john bottin on the string of recent acts of terror around the world and if the white house is doing enough to protect us here at enough to protect us here at will that be all, sir?
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you're promised one speed. but do you consistently get it? you do with comcast business. and often even more. it's reliable. just like kung pao fish. thank you, ping. reliably fast internet starts at $89.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. breaking tonight, two nypd officers are dead after being ambushed and shot execution style in the head while sitting in their patrol car in brooklyn. the suspect walked up to the car as they sat and started shooting. he fled to a subway station and died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. he had posted on social media about killing police officers as revenge for the deaths of eric garner and michael brown. and now, the brutal
12:53 am
slaughter of school children in the middle east. are we protected? with me now, form iru.s. ambassador, john bolton. before we get to those questions, your thoughts on the execution style shootings on the police officers in new york city? >> i have to say i think this is an almost inevitable conclusion from the assaults on police departments we have seen all across the country by people who think they know how to do policing better than the cops themselves. there is no question, provocative police behavior. but if you wonder why police are nervous when a large person of whatever color tries to get inside their police car or you worry about resisting arrest, whatever the race of the police officer or the person being air forced and it's the police who are condemned uniformly as a political matter, this is the point you get to. >> you know, it's not only the
12:54 am
condemnation of the police, but when that condemnation, ambassador, comes from the president of the united states, from the mayor of new york city, the new york city police department is one of the greatest in the world. i was in law enforcement for 32 years. that is just a fact. you know, then we're even in a bigger problem. and i have several people here this evening who said it hasn't been this bad in 40 years. >> absolutely. let's not forget our attorney general in washington either and how he behaved. my father was a firefighter for the city of baltimore and he used to face snipers during race riots when he was trying to put out fires in neighborhoods where the rioters were setting fire to residences in the community. i lived next to a police officer's family for many years. i'm tired of hearing that the
12:55 am
first responders are full of racism and their objective is to suppress parts of the population. it's not true and it endangers more than anything else, the people that their supposed to protect particularly in neighborhoods where crime is high. we can continue to go after cops all we want but we are seeing the consequence, tragically tonight. >> and when you is the mayor of new york city who says he has to teach his young son, who is bi-racial, what to do when he is around cops, and that very same new york city police department is protecting the son, you know, there are now calls for that mayor to step down. what do you think about that? >> well, it's incredible to me that he was elected mayor of new york. he must be a happy man this week. he and his wife spent their honeymoon in cuba. he will be able to go back and
12:56 am
relive those happy days. this is destructive when you play racial politics. the politics of identity, life is more complicated than that. i grew up in baltimore in the days of segregation. people don't think that race relations have changed in the country for the better, they need lesson in history. very quickly now, what do you think would cause someone to join a police department now in light of the society and the culture? >> honestly, i think people would have to think twice about it. you already risking your life to protect the community and now have everything you do second guessed by people who have political agendas, there must be some other career that is just as lucrative and a lot less dangerous physically and politically. >> thanks for being with us this evening. and that's it for us tonight, folks. don't forget to watch our
12:57 am
special, christians massacres, a justice investigation, next saturday night. stay tuned for fox's continuing coverage of the tragic nypd shooting.
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breaking news tonight, this is fox's continuing coverage of the execution style shooting of two new york city police officers. we will now join fox's station in new york with their coverage of this tragedy. i understand we're going to brian yennis now. >> let's update everybody on what we have learned tonight a time line of what happened regarding the deaths of two nypd officers. winjin liu was married two months ago. and raphael ramos is leaving behind a 13-year-old son. five days from christmas and


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