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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  December 21, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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merry christmas. you said that very well. well done. and you are looking right now as hundreds of family members and complete strangers got together this evening, all holding a candle light vigil in brooklyn new york, where two new york city police officers were assassinated in cold blood. we have been watching this unfold as this vigil has been together now for well part of about 45 minutes, i'm harris faulkner, this is the fox report, the family of one of those officers was joined by members of the stunned new york city community speaking just a short time ago, we brought you that live here on fox news channel. the officer's mom was there, she did not speak. but another relative pleaded for peace and expressed their sorrow
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for the other police officer killed in the line of duty. >> i would like to thank all those who have shared their sympathy and support for our beloved family member rafael ramos. who will always be loved and missed by many. i hope and pray that we can reflect on this tragic loss of life that has occurred so that we can move forward and find an amicable path to a peaceful co-existence. we would like >> words of love through so much pain and it is reverberating across america tonight. more information has come to light about the men who were murdered inside their patrol car. 31-year-old officer wenjin liu.
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rafael ramos -- a memorial for both men has been growing for both men all day long at the site where they were murdered. people leaving candles, flowers. nypd ---who allegedly killed the two officers as revenge for the deaths of eric garner and michael brown. remember, they are twe have lea that the suspected gunman had a long criminal record and the social media posting expressed anger over -- the social media component is getting a lot of focus right now. he had a message apparently for the people on the street near the murder scene. what more do we know about
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brimsly? we now that r know that us may well brims ly the police releasing a more detailed timeline on saturday morning at 5:30 a.m., brimsly, using a key he should haven't had, broke into his ex-girlfriend's home, minutes later he shot her but not before stealing her phone. baltimore police track several phone calls to the victim's mother while riding north to new york on board a bus. after arriving in new york, brinsley just moments before he shoots police officers, brinsly started a conversation with two men.
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he asked them three things. >> he asked them for their gang affiliation. he asked them to follow him on instagram and then he says watch what i'm going to do. he then walks northbound on tomkins. >> watch what i'm going to do. two con edison workers, a power company here in new york, followed brinsly and chased him into the subway where he killed himself. social media posts show him burning the american flag, making anti-police statements and as i mentioned, mentioning michael brown and erick gardner. >> they're trying to peace all of this together to get an idea of what his focus was and why exactly he did this. >> that's exactly right. we do now know that oismaail.
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nine crimes from shoplifting, grand larceny to gun possession in ohio. he was born in brooklyn, he has undiagnosed mental issues and the brunsley family says he's never expressed any radicalization. >> mother expressed fear of him and she says she hasn't seen him in one month. brinsly attempted suicide and attempted to hang himself a year ago. >> police say it's simply too early to tell what connection he had with the protest movement, only that the shooting of his girlfriend was the beginning of a horrific we want to go back out to that picture that we started our newscast with. this is a live look now in brooklyn where the officers were murdered and that vigil that i mentioned to you continues now.
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earlier they were singing and now the speakers and the singers have quieted down and they are having a moment, many of them are praying right now for the murdered nypd police officers. we bring you that picture as we also bring you news that the president who is in hawaii has called new york police commissioner now, expressing his condolences over the brutal killings of those officers. the president also issued a statement last night strongly condemning the attack, saying, quote, two brave men won't be going home to their loved one s tonight and for that there is no justification. dan springer is traveling with the president there in hawaii. what do we know about that phone call? >> reporter: we know that the president made the phone. the entire nypd and he said that
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his administration would be monitoring the situation in new york and elsewhere. in his statement last night, the president strongly condemned the attack and spoke more broadly saying, quote, the officer who is serve and protect our communities risk their own safety for ours every single day and they deserve our respect and gratitude every single day. tonight i ask people to reject violence and words that harm and turn to words that heal. attorney general eric holder also issued a statement last night and he called it an act of barbarism and he called men and women everywhere courageous and said they put their lives on the line for americans. >> and the president joined a long list of people expressing their condolences. i mentioned to the viewers that the he's on vacation. what exactly is the president doing. >> so far he's on stay two, he played a lot of golf. he played yesterday, he played again today, he played with a
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white house staffer, a lawyer and a longtime friend from high school. he went to the beach with his family and friends. so he's enjoying the about 80-degree temperature in honolulu. >> dan springer, thank you very much, we appreciate it. this story is not just about new york, there's reaction coming from around the nation and from new york. that's partly because of a politician who was in the hot seat over to the police killings. former new york city police commissioner ray kelley is playing the blame for what happened partially on the shoulders of new york mayor bill de blasio. >> there's a lot of emotion involved when two police officers are killed. i think when the mayor made statements about having trained his son who's biracial to be careful when he's dealing with to the police, i think that set off this latest firestorm. and quite frankly the mayor ran
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an anti-police campaign. >> former commissioner kelly is not the only person who is saying that de blasio bears some responsibility here. >> reporter: that's right, harris and we have been seeing protests all across the country for the past couple of weeks and some protesters have called for violence against police office s s chants that they want dead police. today mayor de blasio's critics say he should have been more adamant that violence against police officers is not justified. >> it's an epic failure of leadership. >> blood is not on the hands of the mayor, blood is on the hands of that sick person that took the life of two nechbt police officers, innocent people should not die in america. >> we asked for a response and
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mayor de blasio's office gave this statement. mayor de blasio understands that this is the time when we must come together to support the families and friends of those brave officers in new york. last night asked for accountability. you heard some placing the blame at the mayor's office. others placing the blame at protest leaders and other organizations placing the blame elsewhere, harris, the brooklyn naacp saying, quote, gun violence continues to plague the city. >> a lot of politics around this issue, too, and we have seen some of that play out at some of the gatherings where family members were this evening. you bring out the protests, much of it peaceful. i'm curious what is play foggin the future. >> it's a question a lot of people are asking, it's really clear the impact that the
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shootings yesterday are going to have that we have seen for the past couple of weeks. we have seen a number of athletes get into the fray, wearing those shirts that say i can't breathe. some politicians are calling for the same athletes to respond with the same passion. now the two nypd officers have been assassinated. >> all these athletic teams, the nfl, the nba, college basketball teams were wearing a shirt, denouncing the cops or supporting michael brown and supporting eric garner. i would say this week as a show of respect. >> we have to wait and see if that's going to happen in the near future. >> we'll move on from this and return to that subject of what's happened here in new york city as it makes news this hour. but for now, politics, she may be the favorite, but not all
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democrats are getting behind the former secretary of state hillary clinton for president in 2016. we'll tell you about the machine, putting some serious cash and energy behind liberal senator elizabeth warren. and hackers, threatening an attack on americans over the movie the interview. of course sony yanked it from theaters. but the president is calling this cyber vandalism, not terrorism. which you know would be an act of war. by many measures. why lawmakers do not like the way this president is calling this vandalism, they want it to be called what it is. stay close. i've always loved exploring and looking for something better.
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you don't need to think about the energy that makes our lives possible. because we do. we're exxonmobil and powering the world responsibly is our job. because boiling an egg... isn't as simple as just boiling an egg. life takes energy. energy lives here. north korea plays a role into hacking into emails and more at sony.
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north korea denies being behind this at all. but the regime now reportedly is accusing the united states government, hmm, of producing the film and warning that much worse could be coming our way in the form of attacks. meanwhile president obama has weighed in calling it, quote, an act of cyber vandalism. senator john mccain these that's not what it is, it's much more serious than that. >> the president does not understand that this is a manifestation of a new form of warfare, when you destroy economies, when you are able to impose censorship on the world and especially the united states of america, it's more than vandalism, it's a new form of warfare. >> chief washington correspondent james rosen is live for us live in washington there. and james, i'm really confused
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because one thing is vandalism, the other is an act of war. >> senator lindsey graham the republican of south carolina called it an act of terrorism and president obama seemed implic implicitly to agree with that when he is says he's considering -- north korea's state run news agency has vowed to retaliate if president obama takes any other measures to punish the her mitt kingdom. the country's million man army will target those responsible, not the innocent audiences in cine cinemas. the studio still intends to distribute the incendiary dark comedy at the heart of this controversy by a means yet to be determined. not a single video on demand distributor or e commerce site has offered to persist presumably out of fear of
4:18 pm
reprisals from the north korean government. north korea is not even a government, but rather as he put it a criminal -- >> ends up miscalculating and creates a real catastrophe. >> the "new york post" is reporting tonight that sony may release the interview on the corporation's own screening service crackle. >> and the president actually said something rather curious after this whole thing with sony, that actually the u.s. is now u safer from cyber attacks than when he took office. how so? >> mr. obama told cnn's candy crowley that his administration has made, and i quote, great strides in that direction, but he said congress must do it part to pass laws that helps to
4:19 pm
harden private targets. the key here is not to depict the beleaguered hollywood studio as, quote a bad actor. >> it's making a broader point that all of us have to adapt to the possibility of sib bcyber attacks, we have to do a lot more to guard against them. my administration has taken a lot of strides in that direction, but we need congress to pass a cyber security law. >> the bush administration removed north korea from that terror list back in 2008 during talks aimed at persuading the north to give up it's nuclear program. since then the country has detonated two nuclear devices. new jersey governor chris christie has written a letter to president obama over a fugitive living inside cuba. she was convicted of murder and took political asylum in cuba.
4:20 pm
governor crihristie says she should be returned to the united states. she was sentenced to life in prison for gunning down a new jersey state trooper back in 1973 during a traffic stop. she escaped in 1979 and fled to cuba as i mentioned where she's been living pretty much out in the open, making speeches and stuff. governor christie says this should be an opportunity to finally get justice in this case. saying in part, i am very disappointed that returning a convicted killer of a police officer was not already demanded and accomplished in the context of the steps you announced regarding this dictatorship. the president says he wants to resume normal relations with cuba so the u.s. can influence generational changes in that country. the war against isis -- could
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4:25 pm
attack at the school last tusz. another 100 wounded, during that siege that lasted eight hours. all the actual gunmen were eventually killed by authorities. the taliban says it attacked the school in revenge for the army operations that has resulted in the deaths of more than 1,000 militants since june. people living in northern iraq are fighting isis and are making some progress. the kurds say they are pushing their way into the town of sinjar. our connor powell has the latest from our middle east newsroom. >> after months of fierce fighting, isis has suffered it's first major set back in iraq. kurdish peshmerga -- with the help of the united states and
4:26 pm
the international community have launched more than a dozen air strikes in the past 48 hours, the curds have taken control of several main roads in and around the area, the kurdish offensive is -- and the kurdish forces look set to press on. isis controls land in both iraq and syria and the iraqi forces continue to fight against the militants but the international campaign does appear to be showing some signs of success, all be it very slowly. there are reports that isis is regrouping near sinjar, particularly in syria, where they remain a powerful force on the ground. our live coverage of fox top story as a memorial to two nypd officers is growing in brooklyn. this is the vigil still going on, the speakers and singers are
4:27 pm
quiet now, but the people are still gathered in their honor. plus north korea's cyberattack on sony pictures, was it an act of cybervandalism as the president has called it or was it cyber-terrorism which some say is an act of war. what do you think? like me on facebook., leave your thoughts there, or tweet us @harrisfaulkner. get healthier gums in two weeks. innovation and you philips sonicare save when you give philips sonicare this holiday season. out for a bike ride. i didn't think i'd have a heart attack. but i did. i'm mike, and i'm very much alive. now my doctor recommends a bayer aspirin regimen to help prevent another heart attack.
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always look for the grown in idaho seal. it is the bottom of the hour and here is what's happening if you're just joining us. hundreds of people, including family members and friends and police officers holding a candle light vigil for two police officers who were shot as they sat in their police car. ♪ let it shine ♪ let it shine >> and that was some of the beautiful singing that was going on. people are in silence and in prayer, leaving their candles near the site, gathering where the men were gunned down in brooklyn, flowers and notes of sympathy and prayer we have seen all day long and particularly at this hour. earlier today, neighborhood representatives join the family of officer rafael ramos and called for healing, leadership and support for the new york
4:32 pm
police department and they gave their condolences for the other police officer who was murdered as well. meanwhile detectives say they are continuing their investigation into the gunmen, they said ismaail brinsly was mentally unstable, he even attempted suicide last year. let's bring in our political insiders, ed rollins is here, former campaign -- good to see you. pat candell, a former pollster and fox news contributor. former pollster for bill clinton, also a fox news contributor. it's good to have you back. good to be back. >> i want to start with this tonight, we have seen just about everything that's rolled out in the last few months turn political in some way. is there some political discussion that we should be having right now with regard to what's happened in new york? >> i think so. there is a climate and culture
4:33 pm
of violence, harris, in this country, which basically allows, whether it be organized groups or troubled individuals to engage in horrific acts and candidly, when you have aga demonstrators having screamed kill a cop in response to the garner killing in ferguson, harris, our country is not the same place, we grew up in, the values, the norms of the society are at risk, we are trended hth here and abroad. >> i want to say basically rational people start doing irresponsible things to serve political ends or to make political points, they begin to trigger among people who are irrational. >> give me an example of what you mean. >> i think what doug said, we have certain people like al
4:34 pm
sharpton running around, doing things like, you know, kill a cop, when, now, those kinds of things. when you're the mayor of new york attacking the police, constantly trying to make political points, when you have other people, a national office who want to limit the issue, the debate about in our society, comedy in our society to only one side of an issue, that begins to make, when you allow the media to say that people that the truth is not truth, facts are not facts, whatever you want to make up and incite, the emotions of people, i'm seeing irrational people, you excite their emotions and thigh do things, they're far more than irresponsible. >> ed, before i go to you, i want to bring in a message that was left on twitter, a tweet, governor pataki, the former governor of new york, sickened by these barbaric acts which sadly are a predictable outcome
4:35 pm
of divisive anti-cop red trick of #ericholder, #mayor de blasio. >> i started -- -- martin luther king's role model was gandy and if martin luther king would have stood up and said burn america, burn america, america would have burned. we have got to stop the rhetoric, when you allow something to go on, like occurred here last week brrks a college professor takes the garbage can and throw it off a bridge and severely wound police officers and in his bag is two hammers and a mask, he clearly can didn't go to that rally to build something, he went to
4:36 pm
destroy something. the labor union, the sciu, one of the labor leaders organizers is also one of the people that beat up the cops. those two cops were there to basically be the peace negotiators and to allow that behavior makes this idiot that came from another place thinks it's okay to kill two cops. >> i'm thinking of that family who spoke tonight, who at the very heart of everything that family member said was peace. and at the very heart of what you just described is not peace. >> that's right, ed made a very important point, that what we need now is racial unity and progress. >> is it's up to the president to give it to us. president obama said we're in a post racial era. yet it has felt very unracial. this president for his own reasons, has basically doubled
4:37 pm
down on dif visive politics and pointing fingers and placing blame. the other thing we haven't seen is any effort by any political leader, especially the white house, to emphasize economic or social progress to alleviate the kind of poverty ed was talking about. we don't have policies in place to do it on a nonracial basis, that's really sad. >> half the country was looking for this president to do it. and now you look at this latest fox poll or any other poll and it shows a large majority of whites, a large majority of african-americans believe that race relations have gotten worse since obama's been president. >> before we move on from this topic, there's a little bit of video that i want to show you, right before the announcements were made from mayor de blasio or his response to his killings of police officers, he was at a local hospital to make those remarks.
4:38 pm
i want you to notice, that the police officers that pivot to turn their backs on this mayor. real quitely your final thoughts, pat. >> that's very ill plus traive of what's wrong here. the police are the ground forces for peace and justice and law and order in this society. when they turn their backs and say they have no confidence in him, he's out there attacking the police every day that he's not trying to get rid of the carriages, the horse carriages. >> ed from twitter, my twitter page says, harris, i can't scream fire in a theater, how can 25,000 people scream kill a cop in new york, isn't that inciting riots? >> it is inciting riots. in the post vietnam era that i grew up in, soldiers were vilified, now we thank them. people in every community across this country ought to go up to their neighborhood cops when they see them and say thank you
4:39 pm
for taking care of me, thank you for protecting me, thank you for putting your life on the line and never ever think that the 13,000 cops are having discussions that this could happen to them. the war of words over whether north korea's cyber attack at sony pictures, is it merely ly cyber-terrorism or is cyber vandalism?
4:40 pm
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4:43 pm
president chose to call it cybervandalism. our political insiders are back. first of all, let's go down the line. with the president's description of the senator john mccain, others have said, no, you have to call this what it is, what are your thoughts? >> harris, this is an act of war, the north koreans threaten us all and said more serious threats are coming. goodness gracious, what is president obama thinking? >> what is he thinking, pat? >> he's thinking, i assume the same thing he thought when the russians shot down the malaysian airliner. what can i say the least that will offend whoever it is the most. this is an act of war, they said they would create 9/11s, they attacked us, and we have allowed the president of the united states, oh, no, it's van
4:44 pm
daalism. >> this is terrorism. >> an action involving deliberate destruction or damage to public or private property. pretty much anybody can be a vandal, not everybody can be a terrorist, though. >> this was a clear act of war and sony surrendered and they basically set a precedent that any other corporation in america can be blackmailed, most corporations would not surrender. >> ed, i have the same thing, we all must surrender as a nation. what do you think about that? >> the president also called what sony did in deciding to pull this from their theaters, "the interview" a mistake. that's an interesting word. >> it's the wrong word and the wrong idea. what the president should have said that on christmas day he was going to invite sony executives and the national security team to the white house for a public screening of the movie and say that every studio in america should be involved in
4:45 pm
distributing this film as widely as possible. >> all right, so max writes on twitter, why can't we just unplug north korea's access to the cyber world? >> i don't know that they would be able to do that. >> what i have heard -- >> i don't know how actionable that is, but what are your thoughts in general. >> we get to get a handle on this cyber war. when they can go in and destroy companies, millions and billions of dollars are lost every year by people going in and hacking. >> the president just said we are better off in terms of before he took office of being able to fend off cyber attacks. >> we're having more serious attacks. the answer to the question you asked, is that the north koreans, you go through the chinese is their vehicle for distribution of this. the chinese who in fact have entire buildings devoted for
4:46 pm
hacking and not just our companies, but our military secrets, our grids, everything else. we are also engaged in this unseen war, but it is getting hot and thank god for one thing, this has been a wakeup call for everyone to understand how dangerous this business is. and the problem is that the president, you know, americans response to the barbary priors was very good, the slogan was millions for defense, not one penny for tribute. what we are doing is surrendering everywhere. this is not the way americans act. george clooney to his credit puts out a -- we're not indemnifying nor are we suggesting the need to be resolute. what we need is a churchill right now and what we have is a chamberlayne running us. >> here's a country right next to us that is basically then the most active communist country,
4:47 pm
who suppresses people, 80 years and we're basically saying, okay, it didn't work, we didn't get rid of come in addition, so therefore we have a bunch of atlantic city casinos, and move to cuba and the idea that we're basically not going to have a national debate on this. >> you have migrated on to cuba, but it's interesting, i want to follow your train of thought, why is that. >> the train of thought is the weakness. america is showing the weakness. we're basically showing to the russians and the iranians, we're putting sanctions on you, we're holding you accountable. >> did north korea see us as weaker now? >> of course they see us as weaker. >> does that matter? >> it does, we're just not going to develop more nuclear weapons and do more nuclear tests further destabilizing the world. they state as their goal is to develop a weapon that can hit the west coast of the united states. but more specifically, harris, on cuba, they have not
4:48 pm
reannounced terrorism to cubans. they run venezuela, and yesterday raul castro said communism is going to continue, there will be no change in their politics or policies. >> what we have on all of this is a nation which we all seem to be cowering and surrendering or being cowardly, the president came out and talked about freedom of speech, this is the very president whose secretary of state, himself and everyone else and his national security advisor came out with that phony story about the man with the video, remember, he was exercising his first amendment, they put him in jail. this is a hollywood that gets up and tells everyone in america that they -- they comment and they do everything as though they are the most moralistic people and all of them just like in the blacklist have surrendered. we have companies saying we don't dare take a chance. all of this extends back to leadership. and i haven't even heard a
4:49 pm
republican leader that matches what i said about being resolute. the president's been saying everything. >> the night before reportedly, he made the public announcement last week, he reached out to some members of congress to be a fly on the wall to know what those conversations were. >> i have not heard a single member of congress step forward and sigh they were briefed on this. >> we know that senator bob menendez, son of cuban parents. >> make no mistake, i am for in the idea of normalizing relations, but i'm not for giving away the store. what has not happened is any real exchange with the cubans over ideas, acts of terror, or the release of the -- who's at the top of our wanted list. >> the first woman to ever make the fbi's most wanted terrorist
4:50 pm
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4:54 pm
the iranians in these negotiations, the chinese who we asked to help us with the koreans, the worst cyber terrorists, they laughed. everyone does. senator marco rubio of florida this past week called the president the worst negotiator in his lifetime. is that fair? >> when castro -- we did as pat and them are saying got nothing and they are state sponsors of terrorism, let's be very clear. >> cuban friends with whom i have spoken to, who are here in the united states, their families gave up so much for them to grow up free in this country. they really want toe know what's nothing is going to clang, people who paid such a heavy price to come here.
4:55 pm
and i'm appalled that the pope would be involved in this. 95% of the catholic priests were driven away from the land. are any priests getting the opportunity to go back to cuba, i don't think so. >> no doubt, this conversation with come back to this. averages growing number of former staffers and supporters are actively pushing for senator elizabeth warren to make a white house run in 2016. warren has said many times, she is not running, she said i put an exexclamation point at the end. doug you say this is critical. why? >> it's critical because elizabeth warren has a message, talking about the power of wall street and income inequality. elizabeth warren has said she isn't running, not that she
4:56 pm
unequivocally disavowed any intention. 300 staffers want her to run, to be tantamount that the white house will at the very least not diskuj her and -- >> can you imagine if the president wanted them not to endorse, they wouldn't endorse. you don't think that he didn't know 300 of them were going to do it? this white house, the unseen underground war between the clintons and obamas is very real and ongoing. >> they were also told that he needed bill clinton to come to his convention to save his bakon at this point in time. and he hates that. and the last thing he wants is mrs. clinton to be his successor. >> gentlemen, always great to have you, our social media is on fire. this happens to be it for right now on fox reports, this
4:57 pm
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go to to register for more information. then talk to your doctor about scientific advances that may help you move on from hepatitis c. sony pulls the plug on the interview and the president says >> sony pulls the plug on "the interview." what about trying to make nice with cuba's dictator? plus, cheers toy story star john ratsingberger on how you can put american gifts under your christmas tree. all that and more on huckabee. president obama likes talking to dictators, maybe he feels more


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