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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  December 23, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PST

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martha:'s what is the story here? bill: i retired, i thought eight years was enough. have a great and wonderful holiday, everybody. martha: "happening now" starts now. jon: new york city's mayor bill de blasio trying to find balance at the assassination of two of new york's finest. welcome to "happening now." heather: be suspected gunman post messages of revenge before the assassination of the officers on saturday. trying to mend the bridges between his office, please department and the community.
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asking to stand out until after the funerals of those murdered officers. listen here. >> regardless of people's viewpoints, recognize it is a time to step back and focus on the family's. this time for everybody to put aside political debate, put aside protest, put aside all of the things we will talk about in due time. heather: here in new york city, good morning to you, are those protesters listening? >> there have been a few protests for the most part the protest have stopped as bill de blasio still remains on the defensive today following the shooting deaths of those two police officers. a short time ago and for the first time the mayor of the city
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of new york joined by the first lady paid a visit to the actual crime scene that has now been transformed into a memorial. location where two officers were executed either gunman. the mayor released a letter addressed to the city saying in part first and foremost let us remember our application to protect our beliefs. he has been accused by critics of fostering an environment that led to the shooting. the mayor accused the media of portraying the majority of peaceful protesters as violent and divisive. listen. >> what you manage to do is pull up the few who do not represent the minority who say unacceptable things he should not be saying the things and some who physically attack police officers which i said is unacceptable.
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reporter: at the news conference they revealed the shooter attended as a spectator antipolice rally december 1 in new york union square. this is the love that event by news crew and video was found on his cell phone. how much of those attendances impacted his decision. we do not know. for the first time we've heard from the widow, she spoke out last night. the two were married only two months ago. >> we would like to express our gratitude to the entire
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new york city community, friends and coworkers for the help. >> wenjian liu's funeral plans remain incomplete. a convocation many relatives from china are expected to attend. authorities are trying to expedite the paperwork. the funeral for officer rafael ramos is set to take place on saturday. back to you. heather: a tough time. thank you. jon: bill de blasio ran for mayor of new york by slamming police and some of their tactics like stop and frisk on which police officers would stop suspicious looking people, frisk them and very often found them carrying illegal guns. now simmering tensions in the department are boiling over and
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it could cost him. can any new york city mayor of four to have the n.y.p.d. against them? talk about it with juan williams, fox news political analyst. the message when the mayo mayor showed up at the hospital and they tur turned their backs on , that is as powerful a visual image as i have seen. can the mayor regain the trust of the police department? >> i don't know if it is possible. you have a situation as you describe it one of being on edge having campaigned and by pointing at the police and with the minority community, they thy have complained of harassment, intimidation as a result of stop and frisk procedure. he has the commissioner and a very low rate of crime. maybe at a historic low.
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police departments doing its job despite not having stop and frisk. the consequence of his rhetoric has been the police feel he is pointing a finger at them and blaming them as opposed to pointing at the criminal. jon: i would point out reading a story in "the new york post" about the fact the crime rate has spiked significantly within the last month. whether that is an admiration or reflecting all of this antipolice rhetoric coming from some of the protesters is yet to be determined, i suppose. what about the mayor's embrace of al sharpton? this is a guy who makes a living essentially denouncing police. >> it is worse than that, this guy has been hustling racial provisions for a long time and i don't understand why it is
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president obama has chosen him witwhen it comes to dealing with minority communities. he is a polarizing figure, he does not help consolidate to allow compromise to take place. he is the guy poor people feel to go ask al sharpton because he is a clanging bell, he will get it. but i think it should be is fact in new york city for example we have had a tremendous racial divide over whether or not you connect them with the black and hispanic community giving a strong rate of approval. jon: the minority community in new york has felt abused by the police, and yet the police force
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in the city majority of the officers are now minorities themselves. >> correct. the two officers killed, what you have here is a situation where historically the department has been mostly irish and the leadership and the like and the census is police will go in and stand against the poor, the minority in defense of the larger part of the city. that is changing because the police department is more than 50% minority in new york city. it is the leadership and the tactics, coming back to bill bratton, coming up with the open window theory. less people know the police are there, not to be questioned.
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but minority committees whether or not the use of the authority is respected. jon: those small things played a part in two of the cases sent to so many people this summer. michael brown strong-arm stealing cigarettes from a grocery store. eric garner selling loose cigarettes, which is illegal, those two things the police for wanting to talk to them about. they both died as a result and you get people inflamed. there is a president on this? he was making statements within two hours in the decision for ferguson, where is he in this one? >> he is absent. i understand he's on vacation, i don't hold that against anybody. but the president's perspective to make sure people know he is aware when people are losing trust in the justice system and
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he wants justice for all. a legitimate complaint, and specifically from the right is he has not been very clear you have to support the police. the police perform a legitimate function for all. protecting me, my property, my rights against people i am more likely to be killed by a drive-by that any police officer, i can assure you that. jon: a lot of people should pay notion to those words. thank you. merry christmas to you. heather: we got an interesting piece of news related to those officers, but first breaking news on north korea awaiting word on who is behind the country's internet outage, websites back up and running but the crash came days after the fbi linked the cyber attack on sony after president obama said
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the united states would respond, following the story live for us from bangkok. >> yes. it is now believed it is back up and running in north korea. it was severely disrupted for several hours. may have even been down. the disruption started over the weekend and then escalated. they have been no comments on the outage. south korean officials say the state-controlled websites are up and running again but are only highlighting local stories such as north korean leader kim jong il and visiting a catfish farm. it is likely to have been very limited, only unreleased, the elite have understated access to the internet. others have very limited access to the outside world. some have smartphones the don't have access to the net. north korea also has its own
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internal internet and it was disrupted the people must have realized there was a problem. north korea gets it that for chinese provider. speculation china caused the disruption. the ministry says that was the basis of reality. china has called for all sides to avoid escalation on the korean peninsula. the white house said before the next disruption u.s. would launch a proportional response to attack on sony pictures which made a comedy about kim jong-un. waiting to see if they will be any reaction. back to you, heather. heather: david, thank you. just a moment ago at the foundation, an organization here that do so much for the fallen veterans. they're going to take off the mortgages of those fallen officers.
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information just came in as you were talking. it means a lot those families. jon: it is unfortunate that had to happen. century of stat state john kerry finishing his second year and has taken plenty of hits but has a few high marks. chief washington correspondent takes a look at the report card. >> if john kerry stays on as victory of state at the end of the term, the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee approaching the midpoint of his tenure as the top to black. notable success with his personal intervention this summer with afghanistan getting presidential candidate. he persuaded them to accept the results of a binding recount in the election and to share power. also refuted nations to join washington in the fight against isis. the army claiming one-third of
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the territory of iraq and syria. on the watch of obama and john kerry. admitting we don't have a strategy yet, john kerry working swiftly from strategic locales. a holiday reception honoring families of worn officers overseas. john kerry emphasized the importance of the diplomatic mission. >> the number of letters we get, the number of stories we hear, personally when i travel walk into an embassy and he would people are doing. next line i statement about commitment and surface to the nation, service play set of values bigger than any single one of us individually. >> his biggest frustration as it was a collapse of peace talks he engineered between the palestinians with u.s.-israeli relations. jon: james rosen at the state
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jon: some new numbers out on obamacare and obama administration. health and human services secretary says 6.4 million
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americans have signed up for plans in 2015. through, the federal exchange that is going to be at the center of the supreme court case to be heard in march. if not include the numbers of people have signed up through state exchanges in places like california and new york. a bit of a victory lap from the obama administration saying 6.4 million people signing up, they're well on their way to their goal of getting 9 million signed up for obamacare. heather: the dow jones rising up 18,000 for the first time ever. look at this, 18,000, the stock exchange up 81 points right now. the first within minutes of the opening on the heels of yesterday's record and also the
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u.s. is growing at the fastest rate in more than a decade. the economy growing 5% from july through september so it is behind all of this? we will have closer look plus new numbers about consumer spending, consumer confidence, home sales from the fox business network in a few minutes. love to bring that good news. jon: good news is in short supply these days. now a fox news weather alert on a storm that could make a mess of travel as folks get ready to race away for the holidays. maria molina with her latest projections. >> i'm part of a bad news campaign. we do have some severe weather to bring to you because we have tornado watch is in effect or a trade a warning in effect for the gulf coast in effect until 7:00 p.m. eastern time in portions of louisiana, mississippi and southwestern alabama. several trade a warnings issued
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and have been lifted, severe thunderstorm warnings lifted because all of these storms are really bringing in heavy rain and a risk of damaging wind and tornadoes to spin up across this region. a huge concern throughout the day today. it's sitting farther toward the east as well in portions of georgia, northern florida and southern parts of south carolina. a pretty widespread area looking at that potential for severe weather today including even some large hill reports. we are seeing some activity in parts of the northeast, new york city and philadelphia averaging over an hour at the airport. heavy rain forecasted with the storm. multiple watches in effect in parts of the southeastern united states with 6 inches of rainfall are possible. by tomorrow the storm system
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will intensify. very strong wind, the backside of it the snow will be falling in portions of the western great lakes and across the midwest. over to you. jon: thank you for the heads up. heather: we can e-mail her when we are on. how is the weather looking. nice advantage to having her around. technology lovers beware, new warning for doctors of how tablet computers could be dangerous to your health, plus tensions between policing communities reaching levels not seen in decades. leaders scrambling to find a solution at the ambush murder of two police officers.
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jon: you might think picking up an e-book is a good way to get reading and relaxation in before bed but doctors say it is damaging your sleep and maybe your overall health. they compared reading a paper book the ordinary way to end the reader before sleep. they found the blue light and tablets and smartphones shuts off by 6:00 even prevented production of melatonin. that leads to poor quality sleep and greater fatigue. they can affect your health increase the risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes and even cancer. heather: the growing rift between the mayor's office and please department has been blown wide open with murder of two police officers in
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new york city. the officers shot at close range by deranged man in their patrol car saturday. the mayor is now asking for politics and protest to be put aside until after the funerals over the weekend. joininjoin me now former n.y.p.. detective and a fox news contributor. we should mention the folks are still planning to protest. something is going to happen tonight and al sharpton said forget about it, he is going forward with the protest. what you want to say? >> my heart is on the family of these officers. here come the politics now. this is what the mayor's understand. this is a guy with police commissioner. l sharp infecting the mayor police commissioner if he is not happy there is going to be hell to pay. throw him out of city hall, how can this man come against this mayor supporting him?
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now we want unity, we want to feel this thing and he says he's not going to do it? if you want to go along, if you sleep with fleas, you're going to get a fle fully like al shar. heather: they are being advised to be on high alert in case something like this should happen. how do you see tactics and procedures changing among police officers? >> the attorney general, these allegations which were not racist all the sudden it has its own life and even the animal that came up from baltimore said he will kill them, it was all because of this rhetoric. we had the old precinct in florida, killed, shot in the face, another one in baltimore. he had his taser gun out.
8:28 am
for the cubs have to do is be on full alert, heather. i have to be very cautious. i the gun out, put it at your side. take a civilian complaint the protect your life out there. jon: tensions are high, you have certain segments of the population accusing police officers of being racist, how do you pull it together? >> i talk to cops. i was hugging and kissing cops. they have to be very astute and very aware and very alert. do not hesitate come back each other up. always be well aware of your surroundings and people around you. you have to be aware of your surroundings. an iphone, you must be aware
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of your surroundings and the cubs must protect themselves. >> a job that seems to be getting even tougher so our hearts go off to the police officers. >> god bless each one of them. heather: thank you for your service and everybody out there watching. we will talk to you again really soon. jon: the stock market is sizzling for a santa claus will it hold steady to give investors a very merry christmas hashtag maybe 401(k) as well. plus, north korea internet back online one day after it went completely dark. what is next with the threats of terror.
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jon: a quick look at what is still to come this hour of "happening now." jan brewer, a longtime thorn in the side of president obama is talking in-depth with fox news about immigration, health care plus the federal dollars she brought into her state. has nascar hit the wall? once the fastest growing sport in america, now the title sponsor pulling out and racetracks are pulling out as well. if you are traveling today or tomorrow, bring a book and patience. mother nature is going to play with many holiday plans. heather: a fox business alert to bring you. dow jones soaring 18,000 the first time ever right now at 18,043 and it is up 84 points right now after some positive news on growth in consumer
8:34 am
spending. joining us from the fox business network is lauren simonetti. witnesses about? >> the feeling of it being a santa claus rally. today the dow reached 18,000 for the first time in history. by the latest gdp report showing the economy grew at 5% annual rate between july and september. before we started christmas shopping, that was the best performance in 11 years. the news today however not all good, the bi big-ticket items le tvs and washing machines came in weaker than expected in november suggesting the fed may not be in such a hurry to hike rates. and report on new home sales fall and in laredo 438,000 last month.
8:35 am
recent gains not transiting to home sales. not taking away from the games. six of the components are getting lifetime highs. visa, disney, home depot just some of them. and it was just 120 trading sessions ago the dell first closed above 17,000. reached in just one year. the nasdaq over struggled a little bit today. since trading is very quiet christmas week, likely to be quiet next week also, it is entirely possible stocks float higher into the new year and we really finish 2014 with strong gains. and consider moments ago we got a report on consumer sentiment the best numbers in stingray 2007, you can thank cheap gasoline for that. wall street on fire today.
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heather: i heard you say the durable goods orders are down. husbands are buying their wives dishwashers. i love that. thanks a lot. lauren simonetti. if you are not sure where to find fox business, logon to finder. jon: i am wondering what is wrong with a dishwasher. heather: a lot of girls would like something a little different than that. i am guessing you bought one on more than one location. jon: may be. it looks like internet service is back on in north korea, what little they had anyway. weweb service when start yestery while tensions simmer over the hack of sony pictures. north korea engineered the cyber attack leading sony to cancel the holiday release of "the
8:37 am
interview" which pokes fun at north korea and its leader. the director of japan says the enterprise institute and writes a column on asia for the "wall street journal." first of all, the fact north korea even has internet service is a surprise to some. are you taking any position as to who is likely behind the disappearance of the darkening of north korea's internet service? >> when north korea's absent goes dark we're not talking about all the kids not able to watch youtube. this is the internet mostly used by the government, military, businesses in north korea and i the hackers who are creating mischief and mayhem. there's a lot of rampant speculation. some say hackers from the west. some thought it was china. the truth is we won't know.
8:38 am
if it is the united states we have to think carefully if this is a good idea to play cyber chicken. jon: what are the downsides to that? >> when we have had a traditional military confrontation or the threat of one, north korea knows it cannot win. it almost always back down. when you play on the cyber level it is more equal. they took down sony, so if we start going for tat playing cyber chicken, what they will do for american businesses and going in destroying or network in destroying an actua intellecl property and the like. the united states to be acting like this is a schoolyard dispute, that is not the way to go about it. you need a real strategy.
8:39 am
jon: i have always felt it ensures more bulging. sony pictures decided not to release that movie at the center of all of this. it is a comedy with a fictitious plot to assassinate kim jong-un. what about that. why did sony back down, is that appropriate? >> that is the real danger we are in. most of us are not familiar with them. a new age of state-sponsored cyber terrorism. russia did it against georgia. the koreans have been hacking into japan, the chinese do it. when you have state-sponsored terrorists it is a little different. as a company they have to make a cost-benefit analysis. you know what was serious when paramount said they would not release "team america." that was censorship without even a threat.
8:40 am
all it is going to do is insight more serious attacks may be on the christmas shoppers and visa cards. we need to have a big strategy to take care of all of it and not just trade for tat. jon: they say we don't have the resources to stand up against a nationstate. >> now american business looking at sony realizes the fortune 1000 is now under threat. we have to be serious at the nation first and foremost protecting our own network. we haven't done it yet and north korea providing a christmas present to say your future will be a lot more uncertain if you don't take this more seriously. jon: interesting observations and food for thought. heather: one of president obama's biggest
8:41 am
critics jan brewer still has parting shot and big plans ahead. plus, a tough game turned into a massive fight. why t two college teams went toe to toe or should we say traded blows after the final whistle. n. because i make the best chicken noodle soup. for every way you make chicken noodle soup, make it delicious with swanson®.
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heather: byu not going down without a fight. they won after double overtime
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and the tension of the game seems to spark the massive bral between the teams. dozens of players from both sides rushing the field and throwing punches. camera even caught a player with blood streaming down his face. other players work and restrain the teammates. no word if any team will face any disciplinary action. jon: one of america's most outspoken governors is saying goodbye to the corner office but jan brewer is not finished speaking out against the president and his plans for immigration reform. joining us from the west coast bureau. william. >> most people don't know their own governor let alone a neighboring state. she became a lightning rod at the photo of her wagging her finger at the president went viral. some call it this respectful, others a well-deserved tribute.
8:45 am
she is stepping down after six years of governor. the back story to the photo, she wrote a book in which she claims he was dismissive and patronizing. he did not like that characterization. >> do you regret waiving your finger at president obama? >> no, not really. he has very thin skin. he was worried about how i per trade him in my book. getting the borders secure and walked away from me. >> she became synonymous with a crackdown on illegal immigration after signing a bill that made illegal fun at what immigrants to be in arizona without proper papers. she claim it was about law enforcing statutes the federal government would not. others claimed it was brewer was simply anti-immigrant.
8:46 am
>> howdy respond to respond to those critics? look at it as a racist, bigoted law that you signed. >> those of us born and raised in the southwest are not racist. our kids go to school together. it has nothing to do with racism. >> she will have a following on the speaker circuit. love or hate her views, she never backed from police. jon: at will stand a long time in the history books. thank you. heather: with the airports really busy, how can the weather delays and how can you work around the weather delays with trying to get where you need to go.
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unlike internet providers that slow down when traffic picks up, you get speed you can rely on. it's a safe bet. like a gold-plated soybean. reliably fast internet starts at $69.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. heather: let's take a look ahead on what is on "outnumbered" at the top of the hour. >> hi, heather. bill de blasio on the defensive after the ambush, and of two police officers bring some finger-pointing of his own. why he is now blaming the media. >> plus, watch out for iowa and new hampshire. the voting bloc that wants to be heard for the nominee. could a super tuesday backfire? >> and the season for stress? how to avoid the pressure of the
8:51 am
holidays. does it involve vodka? we will ask him. very good stuff. jon: nascar taking a nasty hit to the bottom line. losing a title sponsor, sprint. ending the $750 million deal. the new sprint ceo mandated to cut thousands of jobs and slash the balance sheet but also a soccer owner in bolivia. bring an a major league soccer o miami. not the first sponsor to leave nascar in the dust. the move is more about sprint's business than the overall health and popularity of nascar.
8:52 am
heather: let's talk about the weather and what it will mean for christmas and traveling. it will be wet, rainstorms on both coasts could create major delays at airports on one of the busiest travel days of the year. joining us, the writer from the so, if you are facing cancellations but you need to get to your destination as soon as possible, what is your best advice? >> first of all i want you to take the christmas tableware and make sure it is packed with food, not packed with liquids or you will not get through security be at travel is going to be up year-over-year and watching fox earlier i saw the weather up and down the east coast may not be the best, so be prepared for this holiday travel season. i have basically three pieces of advice for folks.
8:53 am
be aware, be nice and be persistent. know where your flight is coming from. the weather where your aircraft started. i like the website when you check on the flight status you can see where the aircraft was coming from c can predict delays before they even post that. be prepared. >> if they do it online, over the phone, what is the best bet for that? >> lines can be really long, there's a whole bunch of people that can help you along the way. they usually pull out my phone first and started dialing.
8:54 am
before i get to somebody else in line, they might be able to help. sometimes the technology isn't always the best but if you are offered an option, that is fantastic. you want to be persistent select the airport there is the check-in counter, and airport lounge. also customer service and each one of those is an opportunity for some way to help you, but also if the first person isn't that helpful or does not give you the option you want you have to go to somebody else. heather: jon said you can pay to get a daily membership to the clubs. maybe get you the seat that you want or a place on a flight that you need. >> even i if you are not a memb, many credit cards give out lounges, but you can buy day
8:55 am
passes. usually $50, some will allow you to take a guest or allow you to access multiple clubs a different airports throughout the day. they are with most airlines. most of the airlines will be able to give you reservations assistance. heather: i love that idea. you say it is not too late to use miles. i thought they were cramming their seats and filling them up, i thought i there wouldn't be ay seats for miles. >> you have to think very carefully of where you are going to go but last-minute there are some flights that will not sell out and the seats that otherwise go empty made available at the lowest prices, so if you are willing to travel, the early flights, late flights and on
8:56 am
christmas eve, christmas day or new year's day they will be some flights available be at oftentimes they think you have to book a year in advance and it is true some available at that time but truly last-minute if you can wait, oftentimes that can be the best. consider premium travel, especially internationally, it is those seats normally taken up by the business travelers that can be easiest to get on point. heather: have a traveling, hope it is smooth. lots of snacks for the kids. jon: brand-new stories for the next hour of "happening now." listen to arguments on the legality of subsidies helping millions of people afford health insurance.
8:57 am
three days, three attacks, are they terrorism? urging people what to do or not to do.
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>> my piece of advice getting ready to travel this time of year, make sure you have seats. you can get your assigned seat. >> that would be helpful. >> i bought a couple tickets on american for my daughter and me to travel to see a college, they put us in middle seats. you had to pay extra if you want
9:00 am
to sit together >> make sure you have your seats in advance of getting to the airport. that's what you mean. good idea. good travel advice from jon scott here, expert pilot and world traveller. >> see you in an hour. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. >> this is "outnumbered." here with us today -- and today's hashtag one lucky guy, the doctor is in, keith is back and he's outnumbered. welcome back, doc. >> thank you. it's like an early christmas present for me. >> for us, too, because we have you on the couch and we may need some therapy. >> or vice versa. >> we can give you some advice, too. >> i've gotten some in the past on this couch. >> we'll give it back to you for sure. >> i feel like the new improved


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