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tv   A FOX Friends Christmas  FOX News  December 24, 2014 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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our west point holiday special. we'd like to thank everyone here at west point for allowing we have an amazing lineup for you today. scottie mccreery, andy. the sons of saharan. the got talent. >> all of your favorite fox news channel friends. >> >> and for the very first time we are going to share some of your christmas wishes. the videos that you and your charen shared with you share throughout the program. >> without any further scottie mccreery. ♪
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♪ holly joely christmas ♪ best time of year ♪ i don't know if there will be snow ♪ have a cup of cheer ♪ have a holly jolly christmas ♪ when you walk down the street ♪ say hello ♪ to friends you know ♪ and every one you meet ♪ oh, oh, the mistletoe hung where you can see ♪ somebody waits for you ♪ kiss her once for me ♪ have a holly jolly christmas ♪ and in case you didn't hear ♪ oh by golly have a holly jolly christmas this year. >> go ahead, boys. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ have a hole willly jolly christmas ♪ and when you walk down the street ♪ say hello to friends you know and everyone you meet ♪ oh ho ♪ the mistletoe ♪ hung where you can see ♪ somebody waits for you ♪ kiss her once for me ♪ have a holly jolly christmas ♪ and in case you didn't hear ♪ oh by golly ♪ have a holly ♪ jolly christmas this year ♪ oh by golly ♪ have a holly jolly christmas ♪ this year
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♪ ♪ [ applause ] >> and you know what? he is not done yet. scottie mccreery has more christmas classics for all of us. we will talk to him about how he celebrates christmas at his house later this hour. >> but, first, christmas is all about tradition, so we thought we would share some of ours with you. we are going to start with elizabeth. >> let's hear it elizabeth. >> okay. so wield always go to momma's house. start christmas eve with seven fish and the next day with 10 rounds of pasta it seemed. there i am enjoying accessories. apparently i was still drinking out of a bottle. >> are you sure you are with those people? >> there i am just waiting for santa. i stood there unwatched all night. >> who is watching you? >> grandma angelina.
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uncle. traveled to the amplets -- alps christmas best right there. >> my tradition, that'st awesome. thanks for inviting me. this really hurts. my mom used to deny she did this but i found proof going back in the archives we were forced to dress alike on christmas. there is proof again that i played the role of the middle child and jim and i have a loft issues because of that jim is the oldest. we moved through again, my mom said no i didn't dress you like that every year. we are wearing mock turtle necks when no one had the guts to wear mock turtle necks. so exhausted after taking the photo session. and, again, three vests. yet my mom continues. we chose these tuxes, $96. had to get them back the next morning. >> each? >> you kept the cumberbun.
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>> the proud father would stand at the base of the stairs with a camera and watch the kids run down every year. one year it was the best because after they had opened all the presents, one of the kids, peter, saw in the christmas tree there was a letter from santa and it was a poem, and when they started reading, they didn't know what it was going to lead, to eventually it led to their first dog. watch. >> wow. >> peter, mary and sally, too. i can't say how proud i am of you. there is one gift that wouldn't fit on my sleigh, so i am going to deliver it another way. >> sometime this spring when you look around, you will probably drive around town÷i9xó@ to pick us up friend who
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gives under your bed. can you name him tommy, teddy, they are friends. >> and your parents will get used to our new juicy voice as we pick up the puppy of your choice. [cheers] >> and we had that dog for 10 great years. >> what kind of dog. >> golden retriever blonde like us. >> you did that every year? did you end up with 25ing toes? >> 101 dalmatians. >> and just a little while we are going to be sharing ours as well. tucker, clayton and me. >> that's right, more music. we are going to celebrate with american opera singer. performing silver bells from her album christmas in new york. here it is. ♪ ♪ city sidewalks ♪ busy sidewalks ♪ dressed in holiday style
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♪ in the air there's a feeling of christmas ♪ children laughing ♪ people passing ♪ meeting smile after smile ♪ and on every street corner ♪ you'll hear ♪ silver bells ♪ silver bells ♪ it's christmas time ♪ in the city ♪ ring aling ♪ hear them ring ♪ soon it will be christmas day==tñ
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♪ streets of streetlights ♪ even stop lights ♪ blink of bright red and green ♪ as the shoppers rush home ♪ with their treasures ♪ hear the snow crunch ♪ see the kids bunch ♪ this is santa it's big scene ♪ and above all ♪ this buttle you'll -- bustle you'll hear ♪ silver bells ♪ silver bells ♪ it's christmas time in the city ♪ ring-a-ling ♪ hear them ring ♪ soon it will be christmas day ♪ soon it will be christmas
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day ♪ [cheers] >> that was fantastic. unbelievable. that was unbelievable. if you north an opera fanmy! w you may recognize renee fleming. first opera singer to perform the national anthem there. that must have been special. most recently sang in the snow at the macy's thanksgiving day parade where we have actually, because you are so used to performing in the cold weather. we have flown in snow. >> i felt right at home. >> first off on the super bowl, what did that feel like? >> that was unbelievable. 110 million people. that's probably my entire lifetime audience put together. >> ended up being an interesting game. hey do the macy's day parade. great, it's going to be nice out. what happened? >> snow and wet snow and
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raining and nobody expected it so we were completely unprepared. to see 3 million people lining the streets all looking with such joy at everything that's happening made me -- it was very inspiring. >> to see with kiss again. >> i know. >> this album has done fantastic. they call it a crossover in the music language. all ranked and been on the billboard charts for a while. explain your approach. >> once we established that it wasn't going to be orchestra recording. let's do something nonclassical. when i think of and we were going to be in new york anyway which is my home. i thought well, i love the multigenre approach because when i think of new york i think of jazz and broadway and of course pop music is everywhere. and all of these other fabulous styles of music. and the collaboratives on this wane wright. kurt helling. porter who just won best jazz vocals this year. >> from opera to jazz you do
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it all. you could have sang in many languages thanks for singing in english. >> we have more for you on a "fox & friends" christmas. next guest about as cuddly as a cactus. don't miss the grinch straight from the stage to our studio. >> we asked for christmas wishes. a lot of you have cell phones and you sent cute stuff like this. >> tell santa what you want for christmas. >> i want a dog and a cat. >> who doesn't want a dog and cat? the cutest wishes pouring in from across the country. thanks.
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♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to enable global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪ cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪ >> so we thought we would do something new this year ♪ we wish you a merry christmas ♪ we wish you a merry christmas ♪ and a happy new year. >> merry christmas, guys. >> merry christmas, everybody. >> well, our next guest is
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about as cuddly as a cactus and charming an eel. doesn't sound very christmassy does it. little cindy lou can change that here is dr. suess classic how the grinch stole christmas. >> that's terrible. that's bullish, that's wrong. no matter where you may be, you will always belong. >> belong? ♪ sometimes when you are >> oh no it's a ballad. >> there is no one home. >> seems like nothing is in your stocking. >> oh no ♪ please believe me when i say ♪ you're my santa anyway ♪ i'll be in your christmas
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stocking. i'm the one who is knocking christmas day. ♪ colored lights ♪ starry nights ♪ no one is listening ♪ are you listening? ♪ i'll be true ♪ trim the tree ♪ look at me ♪ but i'm waiting ♪ for you ♪ promise you'll remember me ♪ doesn't matter where you'll be ♪ especially when the snow is falling ♪ i'll be calling ♪ even when we're far apart ♪ you've done something to my heart ♪ so this is how you'll always stay
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♪ my santa for the day ♪ this will be your song ♪ you and i belong ♪ heart to heart together ♪ christmas day ♪ [cheers and applause] thank you to the grinch and as i understandly -- cyndy lou. >> learn how to kick with the radio city rockets so soeen stick around. line)
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♪ >> each year the radio city radio city rockettes. >> tradition. what is the secret behind those famous kicks? samantha, kimberly and britney join us now. thank you for bringing your kicks on over here. >> thanks so much for having us. >> it is an honor to have you here. tradition in our family to watch you and come see you every year. when the living nativity crosses the stage, it's a moment of awe and amazement every year. >> special moment for each of us in the show. it's been around since 1933.
5:21 pm
it's so cool to know that the rockettes past and present. >> costume changes alone. >> we do up to 8. quick changes at least 60 seconds. >> maybe 90 seconds. it's choreographed chaos back stage. >> a lot of practicing. many shows just in saying gel day. >> up to six shows a day. we rehearse in the off season six days a week, six hours a day up to like 8 hours a day. it's hard. but so worth it. >> so you have that seven pounds of costume. all those changes, five show as day as you just said. going on for 8 a years. what's the secret to making it feel new and amazingm)3jd every single year. >> what's great about it this year is a classic old favorite rag dolls first introduced in 1940, actually one of my favorites. one of the first numbers i learned in first year. brand new scene like brand new costume.
5:22 pm
snow costume new last year. so it's such a special dance and just silly and get to see all the audience and kids doing all the movements in the aisle. it's really special. >> i love it. you have will=r> be showing us some moves today. >> we'll show you kicks, different kicks we do. we will do a demo. a rockett for the day. >> you are are hand honorary rockets for the day. we feel the fabric to make sure we are in line. >> take your right arm and take it behind the woman to the right of you and right arm to the woman left of you. pull those shoulders back, feel that pinch? oh, yeah. >> the christmas pinch. >> you doing it right? step on right foot and kick our left. step right, kick left.
5:23 pm
left, kick right. sorry. >> wait. left, right, we are going to do four more. four, three, two,. >> now i feel the christmas burn. >> one. >> go back to -- during the show there will be microphones on our shows, right? >> the tap number we do have live mikes and rag doll numbers. >> we are miked up right now minus the shoes. we will do it for real with some music. let's kick it. >> here we go. 5, 6, 7, 8. step left. right. left. right. four more. 4, 3, 2, 1. together. bevel. drop your arms. reach up. nice and high. chins popped. there it is. >> thank you so much. >> thank you for sharing.
5:24 pm
>> you only have about a week left to get your tickets. grab your tickets now radio city or box office. >> do you not want to miss it. one spectacular show. >> hey, when we come back. a christmas message from billy graham's son reverend franklin graham. "fox & friends" favorite bringing a little bit of home to our members of the military, singer andy glamour straight ahead. ght, so l arthritis lasts 8 hours
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but aleve can last 12 hours. and aleve is proven to work better on pain than tylenol arthritis.
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so why am i still thinking about this? how are ya? good. aleve. proven better on pain. live from america's news headquarters i'm laura ingle. officials at the centers for disease control in atlanta say a lab technician there is now being monitored for possible exposure to the ebola virus. the technician was working in a secure lab at the time it and may have come into contact with a live sample of the virus that was part of an experiment. no other employees are affected so far. back in june, at least 52 cdc workers took antibiotic its as a precaution against the deadly anthrax virus. the nypd is stepping up security at two brooklyn precincts because of threats being made by cops via social media and phone calls. four arrests have been made in connection with the threats. hundreds of online postings have been assessed as well as calls to emergency lines. as many as 200
5:28 pm
investigations still ongoing. all of this comes after two officers were killed execution style last saturday. i'm laura ingle now back to "fox & friends" christmas. >> hi, welcome back and merry christmas. we want to thank you and your family for spending the special holiday with us in our family great performances lined up. we want to give a special shoutout to all of america's servicemen and women thank you for defending our freedom. stay safe and stay strong. >> we wish you were back home. back home is the name of the song you are about to hear. here is our friend andy grammer. ♪ here is a night you can't take back ♪ we live hard but we love to laugh
5:29 pm
♪ see we won't forget where we came from ♪ this city won't change us ♪ we won't forget where we came from ♪ the city can't change us ♪ we beat to the same drum ♪ the same drum ♪ ♪ no matter where we go ♪ back home ♪ ♪ no matter where we go ♪ we always find our way back home ♪ cheap sunglasses ♪ minivans
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♪ people who have your back ♪ when the world didn't understand ♪ ♪ see woe won't forget where we came from ♪ the city won't change us ♪ we beat to the same drum ♪ no, we won't forget where we came from ♪ the city can't change us ♪ we beat to the same drum ♪ the same drum ♪ la la la la la la ♪ ♪ no matter where we go ♪ we always find our way back home ♪ we losing ♪ ♪ we'll still be raising our
5:31 pm
cups ♪ to the same damn things ♪ the city won't change us ♪ saying no, no this city won't change us change us ♪ singing oh, no, no this city won't change us, won't change us ♪ la da'da da'da da'da da ♪ and no matter where we go ♪ we always find our way back home ♪ la da'da da'da da'da da ♪ la da'da da'da da'da doe ♪ and no matter where we go ♪ we always find our back home ♪ la da'da da'da da'da da'da doe ♪ and no matter where we go
5:32 pm
♪ we always find our way back home ♪ yeah we always find our way back home ♪ >> that is a perfect song for christmas. >> it feels like it, right? >> thank you so much. >> thank you. where is home? >> home is l.a. right now. but i grew up in upstate new york. >> for folks, andy was on our summer concert series a while back. a lot of people we have heard your songs on the radio but we didn't know the story behind it and you were a guy who got famous out on the streets. >> yeah. street performer i did it for like four years in l.a. this is pretty much what it was like hangs out like this. >> hanging out with the wildlife. >> yeah. >> particularly given it was not an easy cake walk into the business for you. this time of year you must be very appreciative of everything that you have achieved. >> very thankful i did, i
5:33 pm
did not living on the streets. >> no, no. just singing. >> which is what they do in los angeles. >> yes, yes. very successful. you would see a lot of people in the sweaters and a moment ago you said i looked like. >> a younger more attractive look at this guy, looking sharp. >> beautiful day in our neighborhood since we have andy grammer here. >> elizabeth, over to you. >> operation christmas child is hoping shoeboxes filled with gifts will give comfort to refugees in iraq and syria. loaded 747 with 60,000 shoebox gifts with me now is frankline graham ceo of samaritan's purse. thank you for being here. herry christmas to you. >> merry christmas to you. >> this is a meaningful
5:34 pm
project going on. >> 22 years this year. >> this year to know that 6,600,000 children will really be receiving the gift of goodness, why do you want to do this time and time again? >> what it is, we have got 60,000 that's going to iraq. we collect about 10.2 million this year for children in 110 different countries. but i believe that these -- you know, the children of the world, god made us and created us. and christmas is about going giving, god gave his son to this earth to take our sins. and if we're willing to put our faith and trust in him he will forgive us of his sins and heal our hearts. christmas is about god giving. the bible says that god so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever should believeth in him shouldn't perish but have everlasting life. these boxes, we ask people to take a box and fill it with toys for a child.
5:35 pm
school supplies in here pencils and pens and tooth brushes. >> glimpse of the greatest gift that we have in christ. pure joy. reverend, this is what is happening across the globe. >> we ask everybody that pack as box to pray for the child who will get the box. no one -- i mean, i don't know where a person's box is going to go. god does. god will answer the prayer of one righteous personal. can you imagine 10 million people praying for 10 million children what god will do this christmas in oundhearts and lives of the world? you take the refugees in the middle east. about 70% of the refugees are children. and they have lost their homes. they have lost everything that they have known or loved has left behind. and they are afraid, they are cold, they are scared. and when you can give a gift
5:36 pm
to them. the joy and the hope that it puts in their heart that somebody out there loves them and hasn't forgotten them. >> kids pack it up. we know as doing it as a family. kids across the globe in their hearts and sharing that message is so important. i have to think that dad had such influence on you and spirit of giving and loving. how is he doing? >> he is 96. he is doing fair. it's been a hard year for him. >> yeah. >> he is just slowing down. but his health is still pretty good. and, you know, he meets with family and friends. people come by to see him every few days. so he is staying connected. but he is just moving ayr8 little slower this year. >> aren't we all? you know, i think a lot of people can say that but not slower in heart at all. you have 10 grandchildren. >> 10 grandchildren. >> how are you celebrating christmas this year? >> we will have some of them -- i have a son in the army. he will come with his family
5:37 pm
and spend christmas. we are looking forward to that. >> we thank him for his service and his entire family. what's your message to everyone this christmas? >> that god loves sinners and that god is willing to forgive sin. and this christmas god will heal your heart. he will forgive you and he will take the pieces of one's life and he will put it together and he will make sense out of it. there are so many people out there that feel the things that they have done, they will never be forgiven that god can't forgive them. >> no matter what they have done? no matter what i have done this week. how bad i have been? >> many people feel that god cannot forgive them. he will. you have got to come to him through faith in christ. jesus christ is the only one to take our sins. no other person in history has taken our sins except christ. when he went to the cross and he head his blood and suffered on that cross for our sins, he was buried for ourñh
5:38 pm
>> what a message to share and gift to give to so many families across the globe. thank you and best to your dad. big hug to him this christmas. >> thank you. >> merry christmas to you. and now steve is over with another friend of ours, scottie mccreery with some cheer. in just a few short years from when we met him on "american idol," scottie mccreery has become one of america's favorite country stars. we are glad to have him back this christmas. >> glad to be here. >> how do you spend christmas. >> i get away for christmas. we go home. raleigh, north carolina. we have a good time. >> what are the traditions at the mccreery house in your head now you say that i is christmas glun before those things where the family gets together. as much as i am on the road these days. cousins. santa in red sisters in
5:39 pm
green. i don't know if that's the way it is around the world. >> is there a food loved one prepares that's what we have in our house. >> i'm a ham guy. as long as momma makes the ham i know it is the holidays. >> ham. very good. you cut an album a couple years ago it was a christmas album. >> i did, i did. >> it's got to be kind of weertd. even though they play it at christmas time, you record it during the summer, the fall. >> yeah, yeah. we did it smack dab in the middle of the summer. it's a little different when you are going going in there. 90 degrees. wearing short and t-shirt. let it snow. we try to decorate the place all nice and christmassy. >> it's hard to sing i'm dreaming of a white christmas when you really, really could use a big sweet tea. >> definitely. >> what are you going to do for us today? >> we're going to do a little elvis for you right now. a little santa claus is back in town. >> ladies and gentlemen, let's get to it to his album. santa claus is back in town.
5:40 pm
♪ christmas time pretty baby ♪ and the snow is falling on the ground ♪ i said it's christmas time pretty baby ♪ and the snow is on the -- is falling down ♪ well, you be real good little girl now ♪ because santa claus is back in town ♪ got no sleigh with reindeer ♪ no sack on my back ♪ you're gonna see me coming in a big black cadillac ♪ whoa oh, it's christmas time pretty baby ♪ and the snow is falling
5:41 pm
down ♪ well, you be a real good little girl now ♪ because san -- santa claus is back in town ♪ christmas ♪ christmas ♪ christmas ♪ hanging up your pretty stockings ♪ turn off the lights ♪ santa claus is coming ♪ down your chimney tonight ♪ whoa oh oh oh ♪ it's christmas time pretty
5:42 pm
baby girl ♪ and the snow is falling down ♪ well, you be a real, real, real good little girl now ♪ because santa claus is back in town ♪ christmas ♪ christmas ♪ christmas ♪ ♪ st.~paul. >> merry christmas, y'all.
5:43 pm
straight ahead. the cutest wishes pouring in from across the country. >> i wish to play football when i grow up. >> i wish i want thomas. >> they blew away judges on america's got talent. the sons of serendip on an american christmas classic ♪ leading you down into my court ♪ where i become so numb ♪ wake me up inside ♪ wake me up inside. >> merry christmas, happy new year, happy holidays and i so hope this year doocy doesn't get coal in his stocking like he did last year.
5:44 pm
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the comfort it provides is immeasurable. the america red cross brings hope and help to people in need every 8 minutes, every day. so this season give something that means something. support us at
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>> we ask kids across the country what's your number one wish this christmas? send us a video so santa can see it. >> your response was overwhelming so, heart warming and incredibly cute. >> like every parent knows it's the youngest one that is the most fun here is the first one. >> all i want for christmas is my two front teeth. >> i'm matt, and i want to play -- i wish to play football when i grow up. >> i wish i -- i want
5:47 pm
thomas. >> what's your name? >> jake. >> what's your name? >> alli. >> what do you want for christmas? >> a rocket ship. >> i want to go to disney world. >> you could understand about half of all of that. >> the parents can understand every word of it. >> the half i understood awesome. >> awesome. >> leave it to the boys to play the jokes. watch. >> dear santa, i want four knicks tickets for dad, my brother me and my cousin. you your mommy out. that's messed up. >> all i want for christmas is a skateboard. >> hi, i'm ryan. and i'm from wisconsin. and all i want is an x box.
5:48 pm
>> you may also want to get some paints. >> oh, my. >> that's a perfectly executed comedy sketch. >> you can't skateboard without pants. >> well, they blew america away recreating hit songs on the harp. sons of serendip are here with a great take on a christmas classic. >> you saw what happens at doocy house on christmas day. what about anna and tucker? they will share their finest and funniest moments coming up. ♪ female announcer: it's time to make room for the new mattress models!
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i was thinking about htaking this speed test from comcast business. oh yeah? if they can't give us faster internet or save us money, they'll give us 150 bucks. sounds like a win win. guys! faster internet? i have never been on the internet and i am doing pretty well. does he even work here? don't listen to the naysayer. take the comcast business speed test. get faster speeds or more savings, or we'll give you $150. comcast business. built for business. well, started out as just four regular guys but quickly caught america's eye on season nine of "america's got talent." ♪ how can you see into my eyes
5:52 pm
like open doors ♪ >> we're so lucky and fortunate on this christmas to have them live for us in our studio this christmas eve. nice to see you. i've goot got micah here. and over behind the harp is mason. how did that change your life being on "america's got talent"? >> well, it completely changed the paths of our lives. i was a teacher, cordero was a lawyer. >> you were an attorney? >> yes. >> and mason was a teacher as well. and kendel also taught as well as worked at a grocery store. and now we're able to live our dream. it's been pretty amazing. >> you've been only together for nine months as a band? >> yeah. one of the things i know we're going to do is like have christmas dinner together just like a few days before because a lot of the guys are going home
5:53 pm
for christmas. and we want to just have a day where we celebrate together just the whole year and all the things that have happened to us throughout this year. >> well, you have a lot to celebrate because you have a brand new album you've been working on. it comes out on january 20th. >> yeah. >> tell us about that. >> the album's going to feature all the songs we performed on "america's got talent." we're doing the full-length version of the songs. we're just really excited about it. >> and we're excited now because you're going to be performing "deck the halls" with your own twist. >> yeah. >> all right. "deck the halls." ♪ ♪ deck the halls with boughs of holly ♪ ♪ fa la la la la la la la la la
5:54 pm
'tis the season to be jolly ♪ ♪ fa la la la la la la la la la ♪ ♪ don we now our gay apparel ♪ fa la la la la la la la la la la ♪ ♪ troll the ancient yuletide carol ♪ ♪ fa la la la la la la la la la ♪ ♪
5:55 pm
♪ see the blazing yule before us ♪ ♪ fa la la la la la la la la la ♪ ♪ strike the harp and join the chorus ♪ ♪ fa la la la la la la la la la ♪ ♪ follow me in merry ♪ fa la la la la la la la la ♪ fa la la la la la la la la la ♪
5:56 pm
♪ ♪ don we now our gay apparel ♪ fa la la la la la la la la ♪ troll the ancient yuletide carol ♪ ♪ fa la la la la la la la la
5:57 pm
[ applause ] >> that was just perfect. >> it sure was. >> and they'll be back with us next hour for a special performance of "o holy night." first, the special message of the true meaning of christmas. >> and here's another young singer here to serenade us with a special christmas song. ♪ could protect you from cancer?
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merry christmas and welcome to the second hour of fox & friends christmas. we want to thank you for having us into your home with you as you celebrate this magical season. >> and we still have so much more lined up. for example, singer andy grammar, country star jesse james and renee flemming as well. >> she's a superstar. >> i agree. >> plus all of your favorite fox newschannel friends. and of course santa claus himself. >> and we have more of the hilarious christmas videos you've been sending us. >> first a special shoutout to all of america's servicemen and women who can't be home for christmas. thank you for defending our freedom. >> right now let's get this hour started with some music.
6:01 pm
here's the young people's chorus of new york city performing "we need a little christmas." ♪ put out the holly ♪ ♪ we need a little christmas ♪ right this very minute ♪
6:02 pm
♪ ♪ need a little christmas now ♪ we need a little christmas ♪ ringing from the rafters ♪ we need a little snappy happy ever after ♪ ♪ we need a little christmas now ♪ [ applause ] >> those kids are great. and you know it's kids who make the season so magical. in fact, the true meaning of christmas all started with a little baby. that's right. and for that we turn to father
6:03 pm
jonathan morris. merry christmas. >> merry christmas to you guys. >> what are your christmas wish sns. >> first of all i want to give thanks to god for christmas. and thanks to god for you guys. one of the first things when i run into people they ask me are those people there as nice as they seem, and i say they really, really are. i say that with all my heart. >> wow. >> i mean, there are exceptions, brian. don't look at me like that. [ laughter ] >> it's not a small thing. >> it's absolutely true. the fact you would also have me on a day like this. and not tell me what to say, but to say whatever you tell me say whatever you believe. and i believe that the message is christmas for everyone. i believe we've all fallen short. that leaves a divide between us and god in our own merits we could never ever fix.
6:04 pm
and the message of christmas is from god to us. and it goes like this. here's another chance. here's another chance. and it's not a chance that you have to get right perfectly on your own, but rather i as god am going to come in the form of a little baby. and i am going to take your place, to die for you so that you might have life. does that make sense? >> it does. and there's an innocence about children too. you can see christmas in their eyes and see the wonder and the joy that i get to see that now. and the second chance you get to see through your children's eyes. >> clayton, if you could think of any way that god could possibly come and give us that second chance, that would be acceptable to us, how about coming in the form of a baby? >> sure. >> a baby who doesn't stand in judgment over you and say if you don't do this i'm going to get you, but rather a baby who just begs to be cuddled, to be held. >> i love that. >> and what about for those people who say hey, we've lost that vision, we've lost that idea. it's about santa claus and presents? >> well, i would say it's okay that it's also about that.
6:05 pm
those are very human things. and god came to us in a very human way. a very messy way. what could be more human than a dirty diaper or a stable? >> sure. >> and stockings are very human. and we celebrate in a human way. and i think god and the angels are up there very happy that we're very happy. >> well, we're very happy that you're part of our family. you have been for years. we love ya. >> thanks very much. it's so strange. brian used to glaze over when i would talk about spiritual things. now you're like engaged. we've come a long way. >> and you've come a long way. >> thank you. >> nice to have you here, father. >> let's get back to some music. remember her? america fell in love with jackie when she was only 10 years old and a contestant on "america's got talent". >> she's now 14 and her voice is more beautiful than ever. singing "the christmas song."
6:06 pm
♪ ♪ chestnuts roasting on an open fire ♪ ♪ jack frost nipping at your nose ♪ ♪ yuletide carols being sung by a choir ♪ ♪ and folks dressed up like eskimos ♪ ♪ everybody knows a turkey and some mistletoe ♪ will help to make the season
6:07 pm
bright ♪ ♪ tiny tots with their eyes all aglow will find it hard to sleep tonight ♪ ♪ they know that santa's on his way ♪ ♪ he's loaded lots of toys and goodies on his sleigh ♪ ♪ and every mother's child is going to be spy to see if reindeer really know how to fly ♪ ♪ and so i'm offering this simple phrase to kids from one
6:08 pm
to ninety-two ♪ ♪ although it's been said many times, many ways merry christmas, merry christmas to you ♪ >> well, that was unbelievable. jackie has a new album out called "awakening." i watched you sing with my jaw open. are you really 14? >> yes, i am. >> that's amazing. when did you find out you had a voice that big? >> i had just turned 8 years old and i saw the phantom of the
6:09 pm
opera and i was inspired by the music. >> so you started to sing and that voice came out? >> yeah, pretty much. >> what did your parents think? >> i think they're impressed. i'm hoping they are. >> i bet they are. did you have any inkling before you watched phantom of the opera? >> no, but i did always love to sing. >> that's remarkable. so you're in school. you're in ninth grade. do you go to school regularly? >> yes, i do. it's kind of 50% at home and 50% traveling. so i balance it equally and it's very fun. >> wow, i wonder if your classmates have any idea. so you have this new cd "awakening." tell me about it. >> it's my favorite album so far. it has a bunch of different gener genres. i'm experimenting. i hope you enjoy it. >> i've never heard anybody near your age with a voice like that. jackie, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> elizabeth and anna, what's coming up next?
6:10 pm
>> renee flemming is back. this time singing christmas carols. >> looking forward to that. and we showed you brian's bizarre christmas tradition. we will share our traditions and funniest moments when we come back. >> whether you've traveled near or far to be with your family today, governor mike huckabee is here with a message for you and your loved ones together for christmas day. >> here's hoping your christmas is filled with the crazy antics of steve, brian and elizabeth. i know i'll be up early with my three kids and this is the year i'm going to turn off little einsteins and turn on fox & friends in the morning. what? did somebody spike my eggnog? merry christmas from all of us here at "the kelly file." eliminate odors you've gone noseblind to for up to 30 days with the febreze car vent clip. female passenger: wow. smells good in here. vo: so you and your passengers can breathe happy.
6:11 pm
ght, so this tylenol arthritis lasts 8 hours but aleve can last 12 hours. and aleve is proven to work better on pain than tylenol arthritis. so why am i still thinking about this? how are ya? good. aleve. proven better on pain.
6:12 pm
you don't need to think about the energy that makes our lives possible. because we do. we're exxonmobil and powering the world responsibly is our job. because boiling an egg... isn't as simple as just boiling an egg. life takes energy. energy lives here. have you guys been good this year? >> yeah. >> what did you ask santa for? >> i asked him for an -- toy.
6:13 pm
>> what did you ask santa for this year? >> bat girl and wonder woman. >> bat girl and wonder woman? say merry christmas everyone. >> merry christmas everyone. >> merry christmas from my little boy miles and ava. that girl and wonder woman and an ironman toy he asked santa for. >> i thought it was that girl. that's the beauty of little kids. they're so easy to please. there's nothing complex about that. >> and they want to just be with family when you think about it. they want to gather up around the tree. one of our new traditions and i get to create traditions with my kids is to gather and decorate the tree together. here are my monkeys helping me decorate the tree. they seem to have the idea of putting all ornaments in one spot on the tree. let's go this side, ava, no, she wants to keep putting them in the same spot. i had the traditions with my family and now i get to enjoy
6:14 pm
new traditions like elf on the shelf and decorating the tree. >> fantastic. so we have a lot of christmas traditions but we only have one na lasts all yearlong and that's getting the kids to sit peacefully for christmas picture. it's misleadingly simple looking. there it is. those are my children. that was a christmas picture taken. looks nothing like a big deal. i spent 12 months figuring out how to sedate them. they believe their soul is being stolen every time they're photographed. when they were little i used to speak in foreign accents, pakistani used to fwet them to smile, but how do you make them sit for a picture? >> you did it. >> what are their name snss? >> lily, buckly -- >> i tell each one you're my favorite. >> >> well, for me growing up christmas was every single day of the year because my folks owned a christmas store in my
6:15 pm
hometown in charlotte, north carolina. eating fast food a lot of nights, but my mom would always make time to make these christmas pecans and give to my teachers and my friends. >> did you bring any here for us? >> i will. i will. >> your co-workers, you left that one out. >> you make them with your mom. >> yeah, make them with mom and we make apple cider to go along with it. >> people come from other states to go to your parents store just to shop. >> yeah. >> road trip, everybody. >> didn't your father, he created his own christmas tree. >> yes. >> he invented a christmas tree. >> yeah, he worked with the manufacturers. >> he made his own christmas tree. the fir. great traditions. thanks for sharing. coming up, we asked your kids to share their christmas wishes. first, famed opera singer renee flemming is back to sing.
6:16 pm
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6:20 pm
fleming is back to sing a christmas favorite. ♪ just hear those sleigh bells ring ting tingling too ♪ ♪ come on it's lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you ♪ ♪ outside the snow is falling and friends are calling yoo hoo ♪ ♪ come on it's lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you ♪ ♪ giddy up giddy up giddy up let's go ♪ ♪ let's look at the show ♪ we're riding in a wonderland of snow ♪ ♪ giddy up giddy up giddy up it's grand just holding your hand ♪ ♪ we're gliding along with the song of a wintry fairy land ♪ ♪ our cheeks are nice and rosy and comfy koez ki are we ♪ ♪ we're snuggled up together like two birds of a feather would be ♪
6:21 pm
♪ let's take that road before us and sing a chorus or two ♪ ♪ come on it's lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you ♪ ♪ just hear those sleigh bells jingling. we'll be singing the songs we love to sing without a single stocking at the fireplace ♪ ♪ a feeling nothing in the world can buy when they pass around the coffee and the pumpkin pi ♪ pie ♪ ♪ ♪ these wonds wonderful things are the things we remember ♪ ♪ our cheeks are nice and rosy and comfy and cozy are we ♪ ♪ we're snuggled up like two
6:22 pm
birds of a feather would be ♪ ♪ come on it's lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you ♪ ♪ ♪ >> family, friends and traditions, but what's the real reason we're celebrating today? >> here with us with his christmas message is our friend and former arkansas governor and pastor mike huckabee. >> i'll be home for christmas is more than an old bing crosby song. it's the sentiment that most of us feel as we approach december 25th. no matter what we do or where we are, there's just some kind of a magnet that pulls from inside of us that makes us want to be with our family and be home for christmas. now, i travel a lot. and as it gets closer to
6:23 pm
christmas i try to think of all kinds of alternatives to getting home, if my flights get canceled or weather leaves me stranded some place i just don't want to be. i've had some close calls of almost getting stranded in new york around christmas when i wanted just to be home. but while i've gotten home later than i wanted, i've always made it home for christmas. no gift under the tree is as good as that for me. and my thought of the first christmas about how joseph and mary had seen their plans to get home get all messed up as well. i'm sure they wanted to be back in nazareth for the birth of their baby, but instead they ended up stuck in bethlehem. though i'm pretty sure weather and airline schedules had nothing to do with that. now, they didn't realize it, but they were having an appointment with destiny because centuries earlier when the prophets had predicted the birth of the messiah, the city for his arrival wasn't nazareth or even jerusalem.
6:24 pm
instead it was the sleepy little village of bethlehem. and it was an inevitable that their baby was going to be born there. i'm sure they suffered some anxious moments trying to figure out what they were going to do if they didn't get home. after all that's where their families were. that's where they would have support and comfort and be surrounded by those who could help make the birth as easy as possible. instead, all of their hopes and prayers couldn't sway the will of god who had determined long ago how and where his son would be brought into the world. there are times in our lives when things go exactly according to plan, but when god has a bigger purpose we can possibly imagine, none of our efforts no matter how well-intentioned or practical, will ever be able to change his course for us. we might be able to get the airlines to change our flight, but only god can control the actual journey. and no matter how strange or
6:25 pm
irrational it might seem to us, there really is a purpose to the path. oh, yes, we all want to be home for christmas. and i hope you and i both make it. but being where god wants you to be, that is to be home for christmas. so here's wishing your christmas to be your best ever. >> she considers herself a singer, reality star and red neck, jessie james decker is here to share her family christmas story with you. and she's going to sing for us too. and you heard them earlier recreating a christmas classic on the harp. the sons of serendip have one more surprise for us when we come back. when i crave a smoke that's all i crave.
6:26 pm
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you're pregnant, nursing, have serious health conditions, or take other medicines. if you develop an allergic reaction, a severe rash, or signs of unusual behavior, stop taking tamiflu and call your doctor immediately. children and adolescents in particular may be at an increased risk of seizures, confusion or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. ask your doctor about tamiflu and attack the flu virus at its source. live from america's news headquarters, i'm laura ngle. planes, trains and automobiles, the race is on as millions of last-minute holiday travelers dash to try to make it home in time for christmas dinner. some though won't make it. heavy snowfall in the midwest and a massive rainstorm in the nice are making for treacherous driving. if you're traveling by air, be advised to call your airline to
6:29 pm
make sure your flight is departing on time. in other parts of the world christmas has already arrived. a traditional holiday scene at the vatican earlier with pope francis leading the celebration in late-night mass. and thousands of christian pilgrims are gathered in bethlehem, said to be the birthplace of jesus. the central manger square decked out in colorful christmas gear. i'm laura ingle. now back to a fox & friends christmas. hey, fox & friends, it's been great talking to you every monday morning throughout 2014. listen, from all of us here in the washington bureau, have a very merry christmas. and from my family to yours, i hope you have a fair, balanced and unafraid holiday season. welcome baa and merry christmas. we want to thank you and your family for spending this special day with us. >> we have a lot of show on tap
6:30 pm
including the sons of serendip from "america's got talent" and a special surprise from santa. >> but first, she's a singer, reality star and a red neck. here's jessie james decker performing "baby it's christm " christmas." ♪ ♪ it's the time again where we all get to be together ♪ ♪ the snow is falling in this frightful weather ♪ ♪ and i can't wait to see all the lights on the tree and ♪ ♪ baby, it's christmas, say
6:31 pm
yeah ♪ ♪ baby it's christmas, oh yeah ♪ ♪ it's pumpkin pie, it's glistening outside, family and cheers so happy you're here ♪ ♪ cause it's christmas, oh yeah, baby it's christmas, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ in a cozy sweater singing songs by the fire ♪ ♪ hear the sleigh bells ringing and sipping on apple cider ♪ ♪ presents under the tree, stealing kisses from me ♪ ♪ cause it's christmas, oh yeah ♪ ♪ baby, it's christmas, oh yeah ♪
6:32 pm
♪ it's pumpkin pie, it's glistening outside, family and cheers, so happy you're here ♪ ♪ cause it's christmas, oh yeah ♪ ♪ kis me under the mistletoe ♪ kiss me under the mistletoe ♪ oh, yeah ♪ baby it's christmas ♪ oh yeah ♪ it's pumpkin pie, it's glistening outside, family and friends, so happy you're here ♪ ♪ cause it's christmas ♪ oh yeah ♪ baby it's christmas ♪ ohhhh
6:33 pm
♪ oh, yeah, baby it's christmas ♪ ♪ baby, baby it's christmas >> amazing. thank you so much for being here. >> thanks soft for having me. >> you co-wrote and co-produced that song. you're not just a great voice. what is it like to have written that song and have it be number one on the holiday charts? >> thank you so much. i've been doing it since i was 9 years old so it's just natural for me. >> okay. so your husband eric plays for the jets and you have a new baby this year. >> we do. she was born in march. >> amazing. what does that do for christmas? i assume you love making christmas music if you're making
6:34 pm
it, but having a family does that change thing sns. >> it does. it's going to be so much fun opening presents. i don't know if she's going to know exactly what's going on, but she'll have an idea. >> do you have a new show that just started? >> i do. it's just a competition show. co-hosting with stone cold steve austin. all these kids are competing to win $100,000 doing the craziest stuff. it's a lot of fun. >> that is great. we'll all be watching. merry christmas to you guys and your band. enjoy your new family this year. >> thank you so much. >> over to peter johnson jr. and his daughters blanch and veronica. >> we're so happy to have the gift of spending time with you again this year. >> each year a nativity scene scripture we recount the gifts of angels heard on high. >> if fortunate enough many of us will exchange christmas gifts as an expression of god's life and love. >> but after all christ gave to us, is that really enough?
6:35 pm
>> no, it's not. we dream of what we'll receive under the tree, but on christ's birthday what gift can we bring the baby jesus? >> what does that mean? >> after the carols end, the parties disappear and the decorations are put away, how do we live a life worthy of christ every day? >> well, by living the concepts he inspired, faith, forgiveness, love, charity. >> conscience, service, humility and honor. >> dad, a few years ago you spoke how you went to a midnight mass for pregnant women near times square. >> it had some women hold the plastic jesus doll as if it were their own child and wept -- >> just like the kings at the stable? >> we can't follow the star of bethlehem to the manger. >> and we aren't always angels. >> i get it. if we move about the daily world as if we are holding the baby jesus in our arms, a living, breathing witness to our lives. >> exactly our point. that's the christmas gift that will never be returned. >> the timeless angels gift of
6:36 pm
christmas. >> merry christmas to you each and every day throughout the year. >> thanks, peter. thanks blanch and thanks veroni veronica. now, more from the sons of serendip, here's "o holy night." ♪ ♪ o holy night, the stars are brightly shining ♪ ♪ it is the night of our dear savior's birth ♪ ♪ long lay the world in sin and error pining ♪ ♪' til he appeared and the soul felt its worth ♪
6:37 pm
♪ a thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices ♪ ♪ fall on your knees, anewing glorious morn ♪ ♪ fall on your knees, o hear the angels' voices ♪ ♪ o night define, o night when christ was born ♪ ♪ o night divine
6:38 pm
♪ o night, o night divine ♪
6:39 pm
♪ surely he taught us to love one another ♪ ♪ change shall he pray for the baby our brother and in his name all the precious shall see ♪ ♪ ♪ christ is the lord
6:40 pm
♪ let ever, ever praise thee ♪ noel, noel ♪ o night when christ was born ♪ noel, noel ♪ o night, o night divine ♪ o night, o night divine
6:41 pm
>> thank you sons of serendip. coming up, you already heard andy gram ma hit performance. up next he's going to help us in the show with a classic christmas carol. >> and is this the reaction you got when you asked your kids what they want for christmas? >> i want to go to disney world. >> we'll share more of your christmas wishes when we come back. >> for christmas i want a pink guitar. >> for christmas i want a costume. >> go ahead. >> i want a elsa toy and a elsa dress and a anna dress. >> for christmas i want mario
6:42 pm
toys. >> merry christmas everyone. ♪ you don't need to think about the energy that makes our lives possible. because we do. we're exxonmobil and powering the world responsibly is our job. because boiling an egg... isn't as simple as just boiling an egg. life takes energy. energy lives here. as you walk away,ar. crunch! a garbage truck backs into it. so,you call your insurance company, looking for a little support. what you get is a game of a thousand questions. was it raining? were your flashers on? was there a dog with you? by the time you hang up you're convinced the accident was your fault.
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6:44 pm
hey, to all my fox & friends friends merry christmas, happy
6:45 pm
new year. thanks for watching the fox news channel. the best to you and your family in the new year. >> let's get him a ball. >> why not? >> we did a survey. we asked kids across america what's your number one wish this christmas. >> well, all of you truly overwhelmed us with your messages to santa claus. >> it's time for a few more starting with the kids who don't focus too much on the material things. >> i would like a phone or a tablet. but most of all i would like a new house for my mimi and papa because their house burnt down. >> we want daddy to come home. >> my name is madeleine and our dad is in the air force. he's in korea. we want santa bring him home for christmas. >> santa come home -- i want santa to bring my daddy home for christmas.
6:46 pm
>> i want -- all i want for christmas is snow. lots and lots of snow. >> what i want for christmas is no snow. woo hoo! >> what i want for christmas is a rocking horse. >> how sweet is that? they just want a house for the family that lost a house. and the other kids just want their dad home from the air force. >> air force dad. kind hearts they have. want to show you two more that actually made us laugh beginning with a kid who really loves golf. >> what do you want santa to bring you this year? >> dog clothes and dog watch and dog truck and dog balls and dog -- >> hello. my name is levi. i live in texas. what i wish is to meet all the pretty ladies who work there. >> thank you, sir. >> stick around.
6:47 pm
there's still one more thing and that may be a clue. it's going to make christmas complete. we have a visit from santa claus and that may look familiar. >> plus, have yourself a merry little christmas. andy grammar is here next. ♪ here we are happy golden days ♪
6:48 pm
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6:51 pm
of new years. >> keep your head up and fine by me sold almost 2 billion downloads. he taught himself how to write songs at a tender young age on his dad's guitar. joining us right now, singer, songwriter and friend of fox, andy grammer. ♪ have yourself a merry little christmas ♪ ♪ let your heart be light ♪ from now on our troubles will be out of sight ♪ ♪ have yourself a merry little christmas ♪ ♪ make the yuletide gay ♪ from now on our troubles will be miles away ♪ ♪ here we are as in olden days,
6:52 pm
happy dpoldgolden days of yore ♪ ♪ friends who are near to us will be near to us once more ♪ ♪ from now on we all will be together if the fates allow ♪ ♪ so hang a shining star upon the highest bough ♪ ♪ and have yourself a merry little christmas -- yeah, have yourself a merry little christmas, have yourself a merry little christmas now ♪ ♪ now ♪ oh-oh >> thank you so much, andy
6:53 pm
grammar. well, we're not done yet. no christmas is complete without one man. >> you know who he is. santa. >> but there's something eerily familiar about this santa. ♪
6:54 pm
you don't need to think about the energy that makes our lives possible. because we do. we're exxonmobil and powering the world responsibly is our job. because boiling an egg... isn't as simple as just boiling an egg. life takes energy. energy lives here. try new always discreet, a revolution in bladder leak protection from always, the experts in feminine protection. new always discreet, for sensitive bladders. up to 40% thinner, for superior comfort. absorbs 2x more than you may need, for dance-all-you want protection. no wonder more women already prefer new always discreet pads over poise. new always discreet. now bladder
6:55 pm
leaks can feel like no big deal. because, hey, pee happens. well, we want to thank you
6:56 pm
for joining us and celebrating your christmas with fox & friends. >> no christmas would be complete without a visit from the big guy. santa claus, great job this year. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> you look great. >> thank you. i feel good. >> santa, why aren't you wearing your traditional boots this year? >> well, i had to loan them to people who needed them. and after all it's the giving season. >> very nice. >> something seems fishy. >> what are you talking about? >> you look familiar. >> you know, he does -- >> i can't imagine what that would be. >> what's that under your robe? >> take that down a little bit. >> do you mind if i reach under your robe here. >> do you mean these? >> suspenders. >> i had to hold my pants up somehow. >> what are you doing at 5:00? >> at 5:00? >> eggnog. >> eggnog, yeah. no, listen, i'm just delighted to be here. great special. everybody seems to be enjoying
6:57 pm
themselves. and i will stop what i was just about to say and just say merry christmas to everybody. >> santa behaving himself this year, fantastic. santa, what i would like for christmas maybe you can deliver, santa, do you want to know what i want for christmas? >> yes. >> shouldn't you be on his lap? >> not anymore. i'm full grown. thank you. we wouldn't be able to air this. eric bolling head shot signed by him. >> i can get that done for you. >> make it two. >> it will be done -- why? i don't know. >> what would you like? >> you know what, i've already got it. i work at the best company. i work with great people. i've got a lot of good friends. my family is beautiful and i've got good health. what else could a person want? >> that's exactly right. >> i would like a copy, i don't know if you can get this, i would like a copy of george washington's secret six. >> i've been asked that every place i travel around the world.
6:58 pm
there doesn't seem to be any copies left. >> sold out everywhere. >> absolutely. i'll try my best. >> i just want wool socks for another winter in new york city and plane tickets somewhere warm. can you do that for me? >> it's done. right now. it's done. tucker, how about you? you seem to be a difficult guy to shop for. >> i would like more time with my kids and time with you, santa? >> that's very nice. >> can i get emotional? >> merry christmas to all of you, really, seriously. you've done a great job this year. very happy. did you take my hat again? >> there you go. >> santa, thank you very much for joining us tonight. >> our pleasure. >> and thank you as well. merry christmas to everybody from all of us here at the fox news channel. >> merry christmas. ♪
6:59 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ d a happy new year ♪
7:00 pm
welcome to fox news channel's west point holiday special. i'm john scott coming to you from the grounds of the united states military academy at west point, new york. west point is america's oldest military post. and one of our country's most fabled universities. each year more than a thousand cadets graduate here and become officers in the united states army. tonight, we will not only get to explore the rich history of west point and get a rare glimpse of the living traditions of the united states military, but we'll also get to enjoy the music of the army's oldest band.


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