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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 25, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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that's my off-the-record comment tonight. thank you for being with us for this special president bush 41 and 43 presidential portrait. see you next time. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> it's the factor's most compelling. >> george clooney's house. >> i don't know george clooney but we socialize with a lot of people. people are respectful of each other's faith. >> former governor war on christmas and how far we have come in the fight. >> you don't have any beef with happy holidays, do you. >> absolutely not. >> when you start to say you can't say merry christmas and you can't have the karesh. >> double standard applied. that's not what i'm going to sit down and respect. >> opening up about being mixed race and overcoming adversity. >> i had to fight a lot. >> why? >> i was going to prove i was not going to be pushed around. >> call me an oreo. >> because you were mixed race? >> thought i was better than
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somebody or whatever. >> mr. elvis presley and he stands up, how do you do? i said. >> he said what do you do? >> also ahead the incredible story of a young hollywood actress two films of elvis who becomes a a spiritual leader. >> evil is the loss of love. >> all-star lineup factor's compelling and it starts right now. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. with us the former governor of alaska and vice presidential candidate sarah palin has a book out called "good tidings and great joy," protecting the heart of christmas. pretty much takes up my theme that christmas has to be defended these days in
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america. so when did you first notice a change? >> oh, well, you know, i noticed a change back when i was the mayor of our city and i sanctioned and promoted and participated in our nativity scene that i would allow. >> what year was that? >> that was in the early 2,000s was when i first started hearing from people saying you are not going to be able to keep this up madam mayor. somebody is going to sue you for allowing god to be recognized in the public square. >> so early 2,000s it started of to come in. >> in my life, yes. >> me too. >> yeah. >> pretty much 10 years ago. and then it reached its apex when some major corporations ordered their employees not to say merry christmas. do you remember that? >> um-huh. yes. >> i think you have some examples in your book about that. >> i do yes. >> maybe you don't want to shop at these places and all of a sudden magically like santa they changed. >> well, what i recognized in the book is those businesses that are bold enough to not allow that
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double standard to be applied and their employees can say what they want to say. and they can freely express their acknowledgment of jesus being the reasonable for the season at christmas time and i give shoutouts and kudos to those businesses because customers will stick with them then. >> most of them are doing that now. you will you don't have any beef about hope holidays, do you? >> absolutely not nor santa claus or anything else. >> when you start to say you can't say merry christmas and you can't from the karesh and you can't have christmas carols bye choirs ♪ have a holly jolly christmas ♪ and as you walk down the street ♪ say hello ♪ to friends you know ♪ and everyone you meet ♪ >> now it's the double standard that's applied and that's not what i'm going to sit down and accept and i don't think the majority of americans will because that war on christmas is the tip of the sphere that really translates into a war on religion just freedom. that's a much bigger problem that we will be facing if we
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were to just sit back and allow the angry atheists armed with an attorney to tell you was that we can't k. cannot say things like merry christmas. >> no your book you have recipes. >> yes. >> recipes. we have -- you know, that additional alaska can mills organic. our mills happen to be rapid in film not serrefine. moose chilly. >> i was in glasure bay. we ran around and caused trouble. you know, my reception was mixed. some of the people really liked me. some of the people are kind of like what are you doing here? don't ever come again i should have stocked up oon moose chilly -- chili. nobody guided me on that. >> i will bring it. >> you can't really slay them and chop them up into chili. >> independence, and we. to protect ourselves and we do want to fill our freezer
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with organic meat. >> you yourself have kind of been divisive in the republican party. you call certain politicians rhinos, republican in name only. >> because there are some republican who's do stray and do think that they are entitled to the prosecutes of an individual's labor and i will call them out. >> and that's fine. that's part of, governor, you are feisty and you tell it like it is. but if that continues, you and other people like ted cruz say i don't trust the republican party. this is going to be exploited. you know that. >> well, anything that a conservative is going to say will be exploited by the media, by the big government supporters. so that's just a given. >> what about the tea party now? are you a tea party person? do you find yourself that way? >> i am proud to be affiliated with the tea party graphs roots movement. it is not a party. it is a movement. >> so you are a tea party person. so for those that don't
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understand what the prime make thing the acronym stands for. >> taxed enough already. that's how it started. live within your means just like we do as menmen and women as family members. >> i'm down with that. >> it's not rack did dick call. >> you can hate the tea party. >> it's not a radical movement. since when has it been radical to tell our government we work for not for you. >> smaller government and everybody can participate then. however, when the tea party doesn't compromise, and wants to blow things up, then, again, the message gets lost in the strum of controversy. >> like what? what's an example of blowing things up? >> everybody knew and i said this on the factor very early on that you weren't going to defund obama chair. >> even though candidates who had run for office they
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would kill -- >> -- these are wheels. >> i'm not going to aplee with you on that. it's a waste of time kind of but not real live. ted truz came on the scene. i'm holding u. to the moot moan r. sarah palin, everybody, thanks for coming. in coming up, hollywood actress who appeared in films with elvis presley leaves hollywood to become a spiritual leader. mother delore rest halt and her story. >> you are a beautiful woman and engaged and all of a sudden you have a spiritual awakening? >> the minute i felt my foot on the ground something in me fell in love. >> also ahead, the story about the determination and faith. we talked to olympic gold medallest.
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personal story segment tonight. amazing situation just in time for christmas. early 1960's, an actress named delore rest hart was on the rise starring in a series of popular movies. some critics thought she was going to be the next grace kelly, a big, big star. but then something dramatic happened to deloras hart. in fact, what occurred might be called a miracle. >> you are a young woman, you want to be an actress. you go to hollywood. they love you. you get into a movie with elvis presley. >> that's right. >> what i wanted to be with you. not only here but i want you with us on the road or wherever we go.
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>> they don't need me and you don't need me. you are going to the top deek, and you are going it alone. >> i have been alone all my life. i need somebody. >> hey. >> tell me about the first meeting with elvis. >> i was in the first year of college. so i walked into the office. and meet mr. elvis presley. and he stands up and he comes over and he says how do you do? i said what do you do? >> you said what do you do? a week before he had been on the ed sullivan show. and had been a big controversy. but you being a college student, you didn't hear about it. >> i did not have the slightest idea what that was until i went back to school, after the girls saw or heard about my interview. and they said what, you are nuts.
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>> >> very, very sweet. and very um haddable in his own way. and he was a mother's boy. >> you found out it's elvis presley. shooting the film and you have a kissing scene and you are his romantic interest, was there anything between you. >> well, the kissing scene was with 200 people. and the moment we got lip to lip the director said cut oh my gosh. i make a mess of this? >> i think this is one that i can handle by myself. ♪ you didn't have anything off the screen or anything like that? >> no. we did not. in fact, he asked me out and i said, he will jis, i would love to do this, but i don't believe in mixing work and pleasure. >> really? you said that at 18. >> i said i have got to get
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up at 5:00 in the morning to be here and ready at 8:00. i said i would be a wreck if i went out at night on a work day. >> so then you did a series of other movies where the boys are. and then you would back did king creole back with elvis. >> don't give me that. >> you are pretty sure of yourself aren't you. >> not always. >> did you become a secular person in hollywood tradition. >> well, i met a wonderful friend maria cooper who was the daughter of gary cooper. and maria had been around the hollywood scene for a long time. we went to a dinner with two guys. she brought me to the dressing room and she said i think we should wait here. >> looking out for you. >> she was indeed. i learned very soon that the values of being in hollywood were not what people thought
5:15 pm
they were. >> what's your name? >> nellie. >> what time do you get through work? >> why? >> well, i thought i might meet you. >> what do you think i am? >> i would like to find out. >> so now you are 24 years old. you have a nice hollywood career going. beautiful woman. you are engaged and all of a sudden, you have a spiritual awakening? >> i had come to it -- much earlier when i was in the play. the pleasure of company in new york. a friend of mine told me there was a place i could go up north for a little rest because the play was in illustrates ninth month. bill, the minute i put my foot on the ground, something in me fell in love. so i went to see the aba is. mother benedict. i said to her what would you think of someone like me as part of your community? she said delores you go back
5:16 pm
and do your hollywood thing. you are too young for this. and i said great. that's the best news i have heard. >> you didn't get it out of your mind. >> oh, no, no. when i married don, i said, you know, don, there is something that's bothering me. he said let's get engaged and i will make you at peace. we went to a party, it was an engagement party, and on the way home, as we are driving down the street, he steps on the brakes and says doleres what's wrong with you just tell me you love me. >> of course i love you. he said something is not right. why don't you go back to monastery that you like so well and get a little time off? he had no idea what he was sending me into because i went back there and i talked to the lady abas that time and she said yes, you can come. >> that was it?
5:17 pm
>> yes. >> so you are there and then obviously, 5e still there. >> yes. >> are you surprised on how much spirituality has been diminished in the united states? secularists rising, religion is mocked? >> the only time it surprises me until you start reading history and you realize that at every period in history where there has been a major change, there has always been a loss of religious values as they have been known because something new has to come in. i believe that's where the pope now is seeing things. >> do you believe in evil? >> i do, indeed. i think evil is the the loss of love. >> the loss of love? >> yes. whenever something evil happens, it's because persons refuse to love. >> mother, thanks for speaking with us today.
5:18 pm
extraordinary woman. and mother dolores has a book called the ear of the heart. the ear of the heart. mother dolores don't united states all the proceeds to charity. directly ahead, is christianity making a come back in the movies? we will take a look at that. >> what are you saying? if you are the messiah, the chosen one sent by god,. >> you must accept god's word. >> right back with it. if you're taking multiple medications, does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications. but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biotene, available as an oral rinse, toothpaste, spray or gel. biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. remember, while your medication is doing you good, a dry mouth isn't. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth.
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personal story segment tonight, can christianity make a come back in the movie? films like 10 commandments, ben herr. outside of the passion not
5:22 pm
too many religious movies only. son of god. >> our father in heaven, feeds the birds of the air. how much more will he give to you. [gasps] put god first and everything else will follow. hunger for righteousness. you will be filled. through me. >> with us now the man who produced that film mark. you know i have a book killing jesus. it will be out easter next year. my book is just history. it's about jesus being caught up in tremendous power struggle between the romans and the people in judeo. you and your wife roma
5:23 pm
downie basically say to the movie goer he is god. >> absolutely. our movie even starts at revelation with john, an old man looking back and the first book the will hear in the beginning was the word. the word was with god amend the word was god we know -- you can transpose that and say jesus is god. >> okay. now, why are you doing that? you can do it another way. you could do it another way. you can say, look, these christians believe is he god. >> yeah. >> but you are almost evangelizing in the movie. >> oh, we are. we are. you know us very well. we are probably the noisest christians in hollywood. and no way we are going it not say what is true, that jesus is god. in our belief. >> okay. so the goal of the movie is not only entertain but you to persuade and maybe convert. >> absolutely.
5:24 pm
don't be afraid. everything is possible with god. the last time november life of jesus was done with 65 so 49 years ago this comes around every few days. >> greatest story ever told. >> gibson did the jesus movie from the angle of his execution. all right. so, how are you -- if you don't know he is the survivor guy. he does all the reality shows. whatever it is sure you doing it. how are are you then greeted by the secular hollywood industry which doesn't like to be told about what to
5:25 pm
believe? >> we have been so welcomed. >> tell me the truth now. >> i know you really well. >> are you going to george clooney's house. we know a lot of people in hollywood. you know that. we are very authentic with our faith. we love everybody and get along with everybody. >> do you socialize with them or shunned? >> no. we socialize i don't know george clooney. people respectful of each other's faith. >> when do you socialize with the hedones out there. do you want to say you tonight want to be hedonness and check this out. >> the way we are hoping people will find jesus is through our movie. we are very clear. >> you are not going around like the -- like some groups and parking lot will he advertising the streets. >> that may be next. >> the movie is partially based on your television
5:26 pm
series that did very well last year, right? what's the delineation? >> who do you think i i am? much like your move a political thriller as they get closer to jerusalem the tension rises. >> sure. >> and so it's really a political thriller. you fall in love with jesus so so much. you really and we found audiences hoping it's going to change. but then hope it doesn't because without the crucifixion and resurrection there wouldn't be 2.2 billion i include new that. >> we appreciate you coming on in, marks. nice to see. >> you next up, overcoming adversity, we speak to actress and fox news contributor stacy dash about what she has gone through in her own life. >> you told me that you were an angry girl. >> yes. i would rather be mad than sad. >> dick cabot selects the
5:27 pm
funniest americans ever. >> when i was a kid, they said fine show, bob. he said thanks, son. >> it's going to come out on my show and i told him that story he said hey, was that you? >> you just walked out of the studio and you dropped it in there, you know. >> what about the. >> career. >> i hope you stay tuned to those reports. i'm angela, and i quit smoking with chantix. people who know me, they say 'i never thought you would quit.' but chantix helped me do it. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it gave me the power to overcome the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some people had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix or history of seizures.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm laura ingle. sony defying hacker threats by releasing the movie the interview in theaters and online. the movie being shown in about 300 independent movie theaters in the u.s. this after the major chains backed out of showing the film when hackers threatened violence. the movie also available to rent or purchase online. this marks a reversal for the suedio which previously decided to scrap the controversial film. volunteers spending christmas day cleaning up debris in southern mississippi. the national weather service confirming multiple tornadoes. swept through an area a couple of days ago. killing four people and injuring dozens more. in the town of columbia. tornadoes damages businesses, flipped cars and knocked down power lines. we're told all power is now restored. i'm laura ingle. now we go back to an o'reilly factor special for all your headlines,
5:32 pm last week i had a little go around with our pal jon stewart about white privilege that is the liberal theory that says black americans have a harder time making it because of historical injustice and the white power structure. after the debate, i asked fox news contributor stacy dash the actress who is mixed race, to talk with me about her life, which has been somewhat difficult. but miss dash has overcome adversity in a very interesting way. so i met you for the last time in los angeles at the emmy thing. i was talking to you. i was stunned. and i really mean that about how tough your upbringing was all right. let's start with your biological parents. both of them were drug addicts; is that correct? >> yes. >> how did that effect you when you got old enough to understand it? >> growing up, i couldn't understand why they weren't around or why certain things were happening, fights were
5:33 pm
happening when you have so much sadness, it's excruciating. and i found that if i were angry it motivated me more. >> so how did that anger demonstrate itself? >> it did in just my actions. >> and then fights break out? >> well, yeah. i had to fight a lot. >> why? >> i had to prove that i was not going to be pushed around. >> why would they push you around? you look like a nice person. >> because you know they would call me a or oio. >> because you were mixed race? >> yeah. i thought i was better than somebody or whatever. >> so you were actually physically fighting. >> yeah, physically fighting. i would find the biggest one, the biggest bully and that's the one i would take out. i don't fight.
5:34 pm
i'm not going to do a 2 ominute fight. >> you are a tough crude child, right? yes. >> so finally you get into high school. >> i went to catholic school in los angeles and then i came to jersey and went to paramas high school. >> public. >> public not private. >> something happened to you. you wised up a little bit? >> i was always a good student. i was always a good student. because in sixth grade mr. ackerman, my teacher, he just inspired me so much. and made me love learning. i wanted good grades. >> and then you run away? >> i was angry because i was a ballerina. and i got accepted to the dance theater. and my mother wouldn't let me go. and at that point i just thought, you know what? nothing i do is going to be good enough. i couldn't have that mentality. >> so where did you run away to. >> my godfather. >> so you graduated from high school. >> um-huh. >> you decided to become an actress? >> yes. >> how did you get clueless because that's your big
5:35 pm
break. >> so, shopping with dr. suess. >> well at least i wouldn't skin a collie to make my backpack. >> it's funny, because when i read it i knew i would get it. >> i have asked you repeatedly not to call me woman. >> so then you get the movie and you become a movie star of some note. >> of some note, yes. >> after that you have children of your own, right? >> yes. >> a bunch of turbulent relationships with men, right? >> yes. >> your world is still kind of chaotic, right? >> yes. >> but then something happens to straighten it all out. >> it really happened just recently in the past four or five years. i realized that anger is unsustainable. it incident can keep motivating me. so i had to find another way. and i just got closer to god. i just decided to surrender. >> to let god map out your life for you and accept what happens? >> yes. >> once you did that, all right, what happened? doors opened that i never thought would. >> give me an example. >> this job.
5:36 pm
i never in a million years would think i would be a contributor. >> to fox news? >> how hard is it? to grow up biracial? >> it's not hard. it's no different. it's what you make of it. it's how you execute it, how you live your life, what you are. >> you bring a different perspective from a point of view that's hard scrabble. >> right. >> you correct me if i am wrong, but you don't believe that society put you down, do you? >> no, i don't. all we have to do is walk in the opportunity. what has to happen is the disenfranchised and the uninformed need to be educated. >> but you see, professors like cornell west at princeton and very well educated people saying to minority people, you know what? no matter what happens, it's not your fault. it's white privilege. >> no. that's the propaganda that's false. then that makes someone else's fault. your life, your destiny, anything you isn't dependent
5:37 pm
on somebody else. that's not true. >> are you happy person now as an adult. >> he yes. >> i say to people when they say to me, this, that, and the other thing. i say everybody has stuff. >> yeah. >> everybody has stuff. and you just got to overcome it? >> that's it. >> and you have. >> it's your responsibility. >> you are on the factor. >> i'm so happy. >> dick cabot is on deck.s we asked him to choose the funniest people he has ever seen. a few laughs when we return. for those kept awake by pain... the night is anything but good. introducing new aleve pm. the first to combine a safe sleep aid. plus the 12 hour strength of aleve. for pain relief that can last until the am. now you can have a good night and a... good morning! new aleve pm. for a better am.
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new book out by the legendary comedy writer dickts cabot. magic points and assort high jinx. in the book cabot discusses some of the most amusing people he has ever known. >> i want to talk to you about funny people because you are a comedy writer. let's take groucho marx first. you betcha life 50s show the guy was lightning. >> charles snow how fall are you, charlie?ar >>li 5'2".2". first time i have ever had 5 feet of snow in l.a. >> ad-libs on that show were just splendid. >> where do you work. >> i work for the bank of america. >> you work for the bank of
5:42 pm
america, huh? congratulations. this is better than striking oil. [ laughter ] what do you think of anna, be candid, you know, you are among friends, i'm such short acquaintanceship i think she is a charming and loving girl. >> i haven't seen a banker pay that much interest since the boom of '87. >> bob hope, you feel he wasnow, one of the funniest men thateel you have ever seen. >> absolutely, f yes. >> this is a man who went ton the top in vaudville, went to the top in theater. who >> i'm the greatest father of them all ♪ >> he went to the top in television. the top in movies. >> doctor, doctor, glad i'm not sick. >> hope certainly was the most skilled brilliant comedian. >> you pointed to your bedroom was -- >> outside your door is a blackboard. >> do you keep score of some
5:43 pm
kind? >> not only that, so flattering i'm going >> intrinsically funny, everything. then he stayed on too long. he was a patr he lohe he was a patriot. he loved the country who had done so much for him. he just loved fame to the exclusion of everything in his life. >> he loved being famous. >> i'm in musical comedy now. i'm a big star. >> not in this house. >> when i was a kid, hes a waked out on a stage and there was nothing between me and bob hope. i ran around to the stage door, hope came down the steps and i said fine show,down bob. and he said thanks, son. >> and years would go by,ks, bill, i would look in the wings, yes, he is here, is he he going to come out on my show. i told him that story and he said hey, was that you?
5:44 pm
[ laughter ] >> you just walked out of a studio and you dropped it inou there. [ laughter ] >> just beautiful. >> what about -- >> i didn't mean to move your career. >> you wrote for carson, had you your own show on abc. a lot of them are tortured individuals, right?ured >> i fear that is true. i >> but isn't it interesting that you devote your life tong making people laugh but you yourself aren't enjoying levity. look at johnny carson. >> here's johnny ♪ ♪ >> brilliant comedian,. correct. >> timing impeccable. in his private life is he a his mess. >> he was a very good friend of mine. >> we're not going to get away with it another year. [ laughter ]awa >> johnny was one of the most tortured like a wire that was about to snap. he had drinking.out he had certain times when iad was writing for him just was like that.
5:45 pm
and he looked like a man who couldn't possibly. >> so he didn't enjoy going a out there the curtain and all of that. >> yeah. he did enjoy that. >> hi diddle diddle.? >> when he he got out there. >> yeah. he didn't enjoy going out, right. >> how do you greet your diddle diddle in the morning? and i would stand back stage with him and he would have his last cigarette until the show. and he was impeccably he would do a tap dance stepnc to warem up. drop the cigarette. the themeu song would come in he would go out there and applause. johnny was happy and inn command and masterful for one hour. >> the same with robin r williams, i think, when hel he was performing and lost in that performance. >> thanks, mork, i was trying to put the boot on.pu >> i guess we start off the day on the wrong foot. >> i thought that was tremendous pressure. you know, because people always looking to robin williams, jonathan wirntsz to make them laugh. >> well, mr. cavett thanks for writing in the book. th >> you don't have to call mell
5:46 pm
mr. cavett anymore for heaven's sake. >> i'm catching up with you. >> mr. gig would be all right. whatever you want. >> all right. >> coming up, is raising children is a servative deal? >> it's insane that feeding your kids, taking care of your kids, being physically responsible for your kids has turned into some sort of extreme right wing platform. latte or au lait?
5:47 pm
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i was thinking about htaking this speed test from comcast business. oh yeah? if they can't give us faster internet or save us money, they'll give us 150 bucks. sounds like a win win. guys! faster internet? i have never been on the internet and i am doing pretty well. does he even work here? don't listen to the naysayer. take the comcast business speed test. get faster speeds or more savings, or we'll give you $150. comcast business. built for business. in the rolling with carolla segment tonight, the war on conservatives in america. our pal adam having a pretty hard time out there in hollywood now that he is appearing on the fox news channel. recently his take on families and how parents should be responsible brought him some angst. i spoke with carolla a few
5:50 pm
days ago. >> so carolla, you must roux the day you ever came on the factor. you are now the devil in hollywood. you are evil, carolla evil caro. >> i have to run serpentine every time i leave my house just because we're brought up in the same breath, bill. >> you and me, o'reilly and carolla. >> it's funny, though, people are like, oh, he's hitler. i'm like, he's more like stalin or mousselina. >> hitler light. >> yes. >> it's so absurd, saying what i want in america is for adults to be responsible parents, and all of a sudden, they dimonize you as some wind of right-wing cook. how crazy are these people? >> i don't know. it's insane that feeding you kids, taking care of your kids, being fiscally responsible for your kids, has turned into some
5:51 pm
kind of extreme right-wing platform or plank in our platform. it's bizarre. pretty soon it's going to be ch chewing your food and exhaling is a right-wing lunatic thought. i don't get it. it's elementary. it's been going on as long as we have been going on and existed all around us in nature. birds take care of their chicks. you know, whales take care of their cubs. that's the way it is. >> all right, now let me explain it to you, carolla. by implication, by implication, if you say parents must be responsible and care for their children, then you are implying, you are implying, carolla, that the people who don't do that are bad. and you can't make judgments about that. the left doesn't want that. because if you'ren irresponsible parent, it's not your fault. it's society's fault.
5:52 pm
somehow, america didn't give the abandoned father the right training, so how can he be hild responsible? that's why you're getting hammered. you're not sympathetic to those who abandon their children. >> i think whales have calves, by the way, i may have called them cubs. and yes, the left doesn't want any judgment except for the left will judge the crap out of me for judging other people and expecting them to take care of their own kids. i don't tell them to take care of my kids or my nephews, just their own kids. and imagine the utopia we would be living in if people would just adopt that. >> certainly, social problems would diminish if parenting was encouraged the way you are encouraging it. now, did people do this to your face, or is it all sniping like that guy on variety called you some kind of name? do they come up to you personally and say insulting stuff, or is it behind the back?
5:53 pm
>> some of it is in my face. some of it is, you know, now everyone's on twitter. now everyone's writing a snarky blog. and mostly, it comes in that form. as far as to my face, it's almost never to my face because i don't get invited to any parties anymore thanks to you, bill. >> why do you want to do that? i'll invite you to a party. you play volley bail, you know, but those are not the kind of parties you like to go to. >> no. >> adam carolla, there he is. >> and carolla's new book "president me, the america in my head" is a best seller. congratulations. >> coming up, gabby douglas believes her strong faith in god helped her stay on a positive track. how did you get involved with a belief in god at such a young age? >> i have always been exposed to jesus and the bible. >> right back with it.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
16-year-old gabby douglas from virginia won two olympic gold medals in gymnastics. we're happy because her personality was warm and made her a personal star, but she's had a very difficult home situation to overcome. she writes about it in a book called "grace, gold, and glory, my leap of faith." reading the book, i felt sorry for you. i really did. 14-year-old girl, no dad around. mom trying to raise you and three siblings. >> yes. >> all of a sudden, you have to egoto iowa to compete. that's really tough. did you see it that way when it was happening? >> i knew i had to accomplish a dream. if i wanted to accomplish it, i had to sacrifice a lot more. >> were you crying at night and stuff? >> i definitely was. my mom left. she stayed with me for a week in iowa, and i bawled for a few
5:57 pm
months, actually. it was my decision, so i had to come to a conclusion saying it was my decision. >> you had enough discipline even though it was an unhappy time. you compete, you get in the groove, and you go over to london. and you got all the best in the world there. did you think you were going to win? >> i was confident in my performances. i didn't think about winning. i thought about how great, and what i can do on that given day. >> were you nervous? >> very nervous. >> how did you cope with that? >> i was trained to deal under the pressure, and coach chow, one of my coaches, he had me do pressure tests, which means there's a lot of action going in the gym, and they try to distract me, so when i go to competition, i can cruise right on. >> when you won the two golds, right? you win. >> yes. >> now you're world famous. everybody knows you. how did your world change? >> it was kind of like an
5:58 pm
overnight celebrity. gabrielle douglas on top, and it's been a whirlwind. everything has been a blast. >> final question is, you write a lot about your faith. how did you get involved with a belief in god at such a young age? >> i have always been exposed to jesus and the bible and my mom always exposed me and the rest of my siblings to that. i love reading the bible, the stories. >> what does it do for you? >> it plays a big role in my life. it does me so good. god has blessed me over the past years and kept me safe. now it's all up to him because he gave me this amazing god-given talent. >> do you ever get mad at god and say why don't i have two parents and why did i have to leave home? >> no, it's all about the perspective. i don't have two parents, but i have two gold medals. you have to turn the upside down rightside up. you always have the look at the positive things. >> what do you want to do now?
5:59 pm
what's next? >> 2016. >> so you're going to go to the olympics again? >> yes. >> try to improve on yourself again? >> yes. >> that will take you four years of pretty much training and what you did. what are you going to do differently in your life now that you're kind of independent? you can be independent by then? >> well, i want to get my driver's license, so that's my thing. and i'm going to start heading back to the gym and just train and i want to gain more. i want to go to international assignments and more world championships and i think it would be very cool if i attended two olympic games. >> all right, education? >> yes. >> what do you want to do there? >> i do want to go to college, but i haven't figured out what i want to do yet. still, i'm taking it one step at a time, one day at a time. >> all right. gabrielle, thanks for coming in. the book is "grace, gold, and glory." >> thank you. >> thanks for watching us. please remember that the spin
6:00 pm
stops right here. we're definitely looking out for you. hello, everyone. merry christmas. i'm bob beckel, along with kimberly guilfoyle, eric bolling, and greg gutfield. it's 5:00 in new york city, and this is "the five." >> welcome to our christmas special. thank you for joining us, this holiday. we've got a big show for you tonight. the big man, santa himself, dropped by fox news today. not only did he surprise a group of kids with some high fives. he spent quality time with our friends add fox and friends. we've got a clip here, and we're going to show it to you later. first, the wait is over. time has come. greg gutfield is on the edge of


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