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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  December 26, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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now for the winners and losers under the christmas tree. teresa seems rather happy with the trap she got. which says the best gift he got was christmas with his son. >> now harris faulkner from the news deck. >> thank you very much. and merry christmas to you. moving in and taking out those savages who hit a school in pakistan last week. the images shook the world. and now word the leader of the evil attack has been hunted down and taken out. i'm harris faulk in the in today for shepard smith. a government official says pakistani troops killed the militant commander who is known as saddam. during a shootout last night. happened in the northwest part of the country, not far from the school. that official says security forces also arrested six of the commander's accompliceses. as we have been reporting, gunmen stormed the military school and they were strapped with explosives went classroom by classroom-shooting students and teachers point blank.
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the bloodshed lasted for hours. and over the past week, pakistani military officials have said they have taken out more than 150 suspected terrorists. today there's word a pair of u.s. drone strikes killed nine militants. jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon. jennifer? >> well, pakistani officials confirm there were two drone strikes today in a part of northwestern pakistan where many of the taliban fighters thought to be responsible for the attack on the school have fled. that school attack, as you mentioned, killed 140 pakistanis, most of them the children of pakistani soldiers and officers. separately, pakistani police near the khyber pass suggest the planner, militant, goes but the name of saddam, was killed in an hour-long shootout. one of the drone strikes hit a vehicle 40 miles wells. four fighters were killed in the strike. the second drone strike included
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two missiles fired into a compound where another known taliban lead are was known to have been hiding. we have no independent confirmation of the strikes which killed nine people and believed to be carried out by u.s. drones. >> i remember read offering the attack happen, pakistani leaders said they'd need everybodi'ing help and they have been working with the united states more and more. >> well, it's interesting. the cooperation between the u.s. and pakistani military has increased dramatically, especially in terms of drone strikes. since june when talks between between -- -- when the talks stopped down and they were tornadod to enter northwestern -- the u.s. had been asking pakistan to rout outer toist hiding in the areas, and pakistan had been worried about the blowback you saw in the school attack. the military claims to have
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recent taken 90% of the area, killing 2100 militants. no way to verify the claims but what you're seeing are u.s. drones helping pakistan from the air, squeeze the taliban from above with the hopes of routing them before more u.s. forces leave afghanistan. interesting aside, of the 376 strikes -- drone strike carried out by the u.s. since 2004, 72% have hit targets in the north. the reason for that is that pakistanis, until this year, had not been willing to go into the area. >> interesting development there, thank you very much. the islamic state is failing as a government in the areas it controls across iraq and syria according to the "washington post." the paper reports living conditions are deteriorating in the territories that have been taken over by the savages. the newspaper reports water, electricity, are only available a few hours a day and the group self-declared capital city. according to the post, gar gage
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is piling up sky high in the streets, poor people are savaging for food, and a notice has gone out to fighters who have been avoiding the front lines to report for duty. the post also reports the u.s. and its western allies provide much of the aid for the people who are caught in the territories of the islamic state is controlling. adam is a former spokesperson with the state department and adam, good to have you along today. i don't think anybody is going to take any pity on the islamic state's inability to do its job that it's promised to do as a religious kingdom. however, these are hellish conditions for these people. >> well, absolutely. high lights revolutionary moms. and isis is a revolutionary movement. it's one thing to take power. it's anotherring which to exercise power, and i think they're coming face to face with the heavy responsibility of governing which is not the same
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thing as taking territory. and what we're also seeing, i think, and hopefully this trend will expand -- is the loss of popular support. when they weren't able to take mosul overnight, without popular support, and people of mosul were so fed up with the iraqi government that they basically let isis in with the door wide open. but i think that tolerance is in increasingly short supply now. >> people may be scratching their heads why isis would even care what people think about how they're governing, but the idea that eye have read they have for each other or themselves they can lead like hamas has done. if you want to look at another cruel group and how they have the been able to hold elections and whatnot. is that the goal for he islamic state to have a got that looks like that? >> well, hamas was the first example of what some of us would
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call an extreme movement coming to power. the difference between hamas and isis, of course, is hamas came to power through the ballot box, and isis at the barrel of a gun. once you come to power you have to deliver for the people. and clearly both i think hamas and isis in different ways, have failed an jetly. but looks, let's be clear, isis remains a potent military force, and even though the trend lines are maybe moving in the right direction in terms of public support, airstrikes having contained their advance, iraq reaching out and being received will be the arab world, these are all good things, but isis still controls territory and if you're going to roll them back and move them from that territory, you can only do itnt. we still don't have that yet, and i think that's several months or years in the making.
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>> all right. i know the kurdish fighters in the northern part of iraq have had some successes now in the town of sinjar where we see minority christians and the yazidis living. but you're talking about more widespread kick isis out. one area we have not hit them success through is the pocketbook. they're still pretty well healed. where is the money coming from some why can't we stop it. >> there are a number of sources of funds for the islamic state, and i think there have been some limited successes in turning off the money flow from rich individuals in the gulf and elsewhere. but, look, in the territory they control, it's like a mafia. so, they put the squeeze on local shop owners, local businesses, every gallon of gals that's pumped into a car, the money from that goes into isis coffers so they control a lot of
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territory and that produces a lot of money. therefore you're not going defeat isis unless you control the territory and kick them out of the areas they control. and again, that's going to require an army, going to require a competent and well-manned ground force. we're not there yet. the only -- it's not going to come from the united states. that's clear. the only place it really can come from is iraq. and perhaps syria. syria is a long, long way off and iraq, like i said, they're not there yet. >> well, adam, come on, iraq, we saw the iraqi forces that we trained basically leave their posts. they were running like blitzkrieg, isis was, during the summer with our tanks in the streets. a quick question for you. you talked about raising money and individuals, leaders in the gulf states. i'm curious, though -- gulf countries -- what about the selling -- we're just learning
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about this -- of young girls into slavery and how do we go in and tackle that? that is at least one way that we could stop it. >> yes and no. let me be clear. i don't think the leaders of the gulf are supporting the islamic state. there are rich individuals which believe in sort of conservative islamic values and might be giving but this is not a government-led thing. as far as selling girls into slavery, that happens in the area the islamic state controls. if we want to stop that we have to retake the territory and we can't do that without an army, and where is that going to come from? like it or not, the only place it can come from is iraq, and the difference between now and then is that there's a new government in iraq, and it is getting its act together, in a way that wasn't the case when the islamic state took over all that territory in iraq. so, hopefully that trend will
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accelerate. >> well, you're putting a lot of hope in that new government iraq, and we are all watching and waiting as this happens. adam, thank you very much for your time today. we appreciate it. >> happy holidays. >> thank you. you, too. relatives of a jordanian military pilot captured by islamic militants say they were told a missile took down his fighter jet. but u.s. officials said the islamic state did not shoot down the play. here's the pictures. he was carrying out airstrikes on islamic state targets in syria. his plane crashed wednesday, and islamic state militants took him hostage. it's the first time isis has captured a soldier from the u.s.-led coalition. officials in jordan are warning of grave consequences if militants hurt they that pilot. "the wall street journal" reports the jordanians are promising this will not affect their support for the u.s.-led coalition. >> their jobs are dangerous
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enough without the new threats against the men and women in police forces across america. now it has gotten worse, particularly here in new york city. and it comes as friends and family are saying goodbye today to one of the officers gunned down as he sat in his patrol car last weekend. stay close.
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officers who were executed in their squad car. the wake for officer rafael ramos is underway in queens, new york, at the christ tabernacle church. family members say he was a devoutly religious man and was studying to be a chaplain. we watched as the finest carried his casket. the funeral is set for tomorrow. vice-president joe biden and his wife are expected to continued, as well as thousands of police officers from across the nation. a gunman killed officer ramos and his patrol partner as they sat in their squad car on saturday. we still waiting to hear plans for the other officers services. his family is making ranks to travel from china. the gunmann posted on social media he was seeking revenge for the recent deaths of black men by white police officers. he killed himself after committing the double-murder and since then the danger to police in the field is going. the nypd says there have been
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seven arrests arrests and 40 investigations into threats against the police. >> thousands and thousands are now in line, waiting, to take part in the wake for officer ramos. his casket arrived a little after noon today. a six-man honor guard carried the casket into the christ tabernacle church. this is a church where he has been a member for the last 14 years. fellow nypd officers stood at attention. officer ramos served as an usher at this church, those who know him say he is kind and gentle. the line of mourners i said goes on for blocks, continues to grow, and what is especially striking, harris, is the diversity of people waiting to pay their respects and all have one thing in common, they want to move forward and help the city heal. >> love conquers all things, and we're here to give all the love we can to the officers, to
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whomever shows up. >> not only our personal crime for the families, it's a crime against new york city. >> we're all praying for all the police officers. all over. not just our own. >> a giant television set has been erected outside the church to accommodate the tens of thousands who would like to honor the fallen officer. the church can only accommodate about 800 people. >> i know you had mentioned earlier in day they put the number at 25,000, and now it's growing and greg and growing. and that woman put it so well. love conquers all things. any word on how the family is doing at this point? >> we're told they're holding up as best can be expected. a few moments ago we saw the 13-year-old son of officer ramos leave the church behind me. the mood inside described as somber. officially so because the lying is very dim. new york congressman peter king was with the widow of the
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officer a few moments ago. here's what he had to say. >> nobody seemed as if they were breaking down, his witness slow obviously distraught but standing strongly. 13-year-old son was there, again, very composed. emotional but composed. >> and lastly, the family of officer ramos and officer liu they're going to receive financial help, foundation, the tunnels to towers foundation in new york will pay off the mortgages for the family homes. harris. >> david lee miller reporting in queens. thank you very much. if you have been filling up you know it's true. gas prices have been falling at the pump for months. put something extra cash in your pockets. is that about to end? or is there more to come in aaa has a prediction about what is going to happen. so i can reach ally bank 24/7, but there are no branches? 24/7 it's just i'm a little reluctant to try new things. what's wrong with trying new things? feel that in your muscles? yeah... i do...
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try a new way to bank, where no branches equals great rates.
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gas prices just keep on falling. so much so they set a new record. according to aaa the price of gas has fallen by a lot. over the past 92 days straight. the lowest prices since may of 2009. aaa reports, the national average, 2.32 a gallon. that's down a whopping 95 cents from this time last year.
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the fox business network's rich edson is here now. everybody is going to love this, this is great news. you've say, not everybody. >> not everybody. consumers think it's great news. the broader economy, likely great news. the problem is u.s. drillers and u.s. energy companies rely on high oil prices to make profit and have contributed so much to the economic recovery, especially over the past years. it really is creating this sector very, very good jobs, and there are questions as to whether or not that can be sustained if they're not making as much money on a barrel of oil. >> all right. so, kind of a drum roll here. aaa says it can look down the line and maybe do also predict here. what is it? >> well, the way gas prices work is that it's a bit of a lagging indicator what they call, or lagging -- not phenomenon but what happens is the price of a barrel of oil falls. that takes a while to get to the consumer and the gas stations. what we're seeing now is a reflection of where gas prices
12:22 pm
were. so aa says it's fallen we could see gas prices lower by ten cents or 15 cents by new year's. >> then do they go right back up again. >> depends what happens with oil. oil continues its fall or is sliding sideway,s, and that good news for gas prices. >> one thing you cannot stockpile. we'll be feeling it for a while but still need it. so eventually that's going to hit us in the pocketbook. i'm read something municipalities want to tax the extra income people are feeling of that's a slippery slope. >> governments, especially the federal government, have had problems funding infrastructure, so the roads and bridges are paid for by the gas tax, and as cars have become more fuel efficient, americans are using fewer gallons of fuel. the problem is you're taxed by the gallon.
12:23 pm
they're getting less money and they're having shortfalls to pay for infrastructure, so if gas is low, makes it easier to raise taxes. >> we're still shopping in christmas shopping ump walked down to the starbucks here and it was packed. looked like the day before christmas. >> got that sweater you don't like, you return it, and then maybe you buy -- i didn't see anything -- you get something you don't like and return and it you're in the store, purchasing something else and i spent less money on gas. so retailers are enjoying the season. >> last question for you for the new year. if with are going invest at all, what is a good resolution to make? >> i think -- >> the average joe. >> moist investors say put your money in a broad, exchange traded fund. don't pick individual stocks. right now the united states is the hot spot. that's what investors are telling me. so i can't -- i have no fiduciary duty here, so don't pin it on me, but i investors
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are saying the is it the bright spot in the global economy. >> thank you for the tip on taking the sweater back. you-cam -- catch more rich on the thy fox business network. it's starting to come together it would appear. the road to the white house in 2016. the former florida governor jeb bush starting to explore his options and is not the only one taking steps in that direction. a look at who is pulling into position to run. we'll take you to hawai'i where president obama we understand is vacationing with the first family. he told u.s. forces their sacrifices and hard work in afghanistan have paid off. first, former south carolina governor jim edwards has died. he started out as a dentist before he switched to politics and rose to prominence as a republican in what was then a blue state in 1974 he became south carolina's first republican governor in nearly 100 years help later served as
12:25 pm
energy secretary in the reagan administration in 1982 he left university ofbecome president south carolina, a position he held for nearly two decades. in '08, he supported mitt romney's presidential campaign in south carolina. we're still waiting to hear the cause of his death but for now, farewell to former governor jim edwards. he was 87. ♪soft holiday music ]♪
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can you help me up? [ snow intensifies ] [ sleighbells ring in the distance ] aleve. all day pain relief with just 2 pills. get back to being you. a fox report now. more of today's headlines. more than 100 tho thousand people in malaysia have left their homes from flooding. five people were reported dead and helicopters are having trouble reaching people in need. the prime minister says he is heading back home from hawai'i to deal with the crisis. he faced criticism for vacationing with president obama this week while his people were suffering. in south korea, power company official says at least
12:28 pm
three workers are dead apparently from inhaling toxic gas. it happened at a construction site for a nuclear plant. the company official says hackers threatened to take over its systems at various plant. a spokesperson says there's no rope to think this is related to that. police in sweden are looking for a suspect who might have intentionally set fire to a mosque. more from the deck is next.
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afghanistan is no longer a safe haven for terrorist to plot attacks against the united states, that's according to president obama today. he spoke to troops at a marine base in hawai'i to help mark the end of america's combat mission in afghanistan. our military men and women have been there for more than a decade, starting in january those who remain are set to provide security and training and are scheduled to withdraw completely at the end of 2016.
12:31 pm
dan springer is live traveling with the president. what else did the president say? >> reporter: well, harris, it's kind of big news. sound a lot like president obama was telling the troops yesterday that their mission has been accomplished. the whole reason why the u.s. went to war in afghanistan 13 years ago was because the country was harboring terrorists that attacked us on 9/11. the goal has been to keep that from happening again and yesterday president obama said, well, basically, it's been accomplished. he made the remark as he wet perspective troops -- met with troops at christmas. >> this is an important year. we have been in continuous war now for almost 13 years, over 13 years, and next week we will be ending our combat mission in afghanistan. afghanistan has a chance to rebuild its own country. we are safer. it's not going to be a source of terrorist attacks again.
12:32 pm
>> reporter: the president's remarks were well-received by the marines in attendance, many who have had multiple deployments to iraq and afghanistan. >> i know the president has to be getting anariful from critics. >> the critics say the taliban is still very much a threat. just look at the news and all the evens happened in the last several months or a year. civilian attacks are actually up and expected to hit 10,000 civilian deaths this year. that would be the most since 2009 when the u.n. started keeping records, the u.s. trained afghan military has not been able to secure the entire country. experts worry about an enemy that is learning to adapt. >> there's this pattern emerging where international security forces will squeeze terrorist strongholds and drain them of their operatives. those operatives in turn have a
12:33 pm
tendency to scatter. but what happens subsequently is they regroup and reemerge in neighboring countries. >> reporter: the u.s. peak deployment was in 2010 in afghanistan, 140,000 troops. after january 1st we go down to 13,500 in the country. >> dan springer, thank you very much. 2015 starts next thursday. but for some of the power brokers and political analysts it's all about 2016 and the race to the white house, and like clockwork, thingses are starting to pick up. carl is live in washington. seemed like it might be a bit of a crowded field for the republican nomination. >> that's true. and looks like former florida governor jeb bush will set the pace at least for a while. some of the g.o.p. field have to shift to higher gears. when he announced his exploration he kicked off massive money scramble around the country. he may now be able to tap into the equivalent of a die doob
12:34 pm
dynasty dough naar base and is cutting ties with wives. he had consulted for barclays. he was on the board of directors for a healthcare company. that is a major obama backer. bush is makeing 250,000 e-mails from his time as governor public. he is an avid e-mailer ands promised the best tech campaign possible, and releasing his e-mails and touting transparency amounts to a bank shot against chris christie. the new jersey governor has been setting up a campaign operation and plans to taped a g.o.p. cattle call in iowa next move. a major move that puts him in a pace with jeb bush help still faces a federal government investigation into the bridgegate scandal, however, and with christie and bush clued
12:35 pm
there could be also many as nine current and former governors running. a modern record. nothing like that in at least half century. the rumors about romney running a third time will probably peter out because of jeb bush and now christie getting in the race, and not including the nine governors on the screen, there are also senators, rand paul, ted cruz, marco rubio, rick santorum. carli fiorino, and even dr. ben carson, and there's about to be an avalanche of books coming out from these candidates-starting with rand paul and carli fiorina, and then the big question for jeb bush whether conservatives will accept him giving miss support for common core and -- >> get out. politics writing books? >> oh, boy, we'll see a bunch of them. you said die nastic donor base. thought you were talking about hillary clinton. >> don't rule out democrats having plenty of money and keeping the republicans at bay
12:36 pm
using their perceived advantage with the cyber campaign. liberals hear elizabeth warren using the presence tent when she says i am not running for president. progressives think that may lead to her running in the future. it is really important to remember that his elizabeth warrant has said she will finish her senate term, which isn't up until 2018. so he into not be around to run for president until 2016. >> you have martin o'malley, the soon to be former governor, he admitted it's tough raising money and pushed off his decision. -- bernie saunders today, the independent socialist from vermont, has said he will make a decision whether he'll run for president by the end of february and says he doesn't want to do it unless he can do well and that means winning. so hillary clinton will have there somebody running against her. >> all right.
12:37 pm
campaign carl cameron. don't call him that for nothing. good to see you. now let's bring in another cameron, cameron joseph, staff write are for "the hill" newspaper. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> i don't know if you could hear or watch carl but he brought up a lot of names. if jeb bush decides to formally announce, does that thwart anybody else on the republican side from throwing their hat in the ring. >> won't stop somebody running but makes more difficult for those candidates. the donor class are looking for an executive for somebody they feel can help with their business interests, that has shown he can run a large state, and someone like chris christie, a lot of his donors in new york, new jersey, east coast, and jeb bush will eat into a lot of them. a lot of those folks are former backers of his brother. someone like scott walker, bobby jindal, rick perry, those folks have to kind of flank to the
12:38 pm
center right business coalition, conservative but not the tea party conservative brand, and a lot of them are going to struggle to raise the type of my they would have been before -- the type of money they would have been. so might move up timetables for decisions. >> if you want to make a diamond, you have to put a rock under pressure. maybe this is a gooding there for the republican matter do you see any pitfalls -- we don't know yet who will put their name in the ring but we saw that picture that full screen with a whole lot of pictures on it. >> yeah, no. it's a very crowded field. that picture was like, who's who. so many candidates who could run and some of these candidates could do well or could not, and dependses how they too and whole is in there. marco rubio has a serious shot but if he is running and jeb is running, they share a donor class and he could struggle racing money. he was hoping for someone like chris christie.
12:39 pm
if jeb is it in, complicate it. the tear-party flavored candidates, like mike huckabee and rick santorum, and one of them would be doing very well in that state if the other one wasn't involved. a lot of this depends o. who -- on who will pull at the trigger. >> talk about the other side of the political aisle. you're seeing -- we saw some new polls looks like hillary clinton has picked up support within her on democratic party. however you have the group, democracy for america founded by howard dean. and i know he has already put his weight behind hillary clinton but interesting. his group is backing elizabeth warren and raising $250,000 to put her name on the ballot, yet he has already endorsed hillary clinton. is that a split within the democratic party? >> i think there's a split within the liberal movements and some folks who didn't like hillary because of iraq have warmed up to her or decide she has the best chance of holding
12:40 pm
the white house. so they're probably going to hold their noses and maybe chev is not their favorite but will back her. a lot of groups clamoring for elizabeth warren down. think she's going to run but that doesn't mean isn't some hunger for someone to challenge hillary. elizabeth warren is the only one who could sustain a long-term campaign it doesn't mean something someone like bernie sanders can't force hillary to the left, and talk about things she might not want to talk about. there's no real candidate out there that can scare hillary but there's some ideas that can scare hillary and as close as she is to wall street, that could be trick use, the president called it hunger for the new-car smell. an interesting way to put it because elizabeth warren would be new compared with hillary clinton in politics. one last question having to do with women on either side running. we saw the year of women, and a lot of new female faces going into congress. what are your thoughts about heading into 2016?
12:41 pm
carl cameron mentioned one woman among the republicans and that's carli fiorina. >> she is not well known and doesn't have a support. she is trying to set herself up as the woman candidate and put herself in a position to be vice-president or have a senior position on the cabinet. it's pretty notable. there's a lot of diversity in terms of ethnicity on the republican side and the g.o.p. field right now, but the fact there are so many women in the party that are up and coming that none of them are looking at presidential run. i think part of it is they're just not quite at that level. they're still area in their careers. part of it has the g.o.p. big wigs who want to see more diversity and want to appeal to women. probably going to be looking at putting a woman on the ticket no matter the nominee. >> it's interesting. republicans are building their bench and have a lot of diversity coming out of the mid-term elections. so we'll watch to see what they do with regard to women in 2016.
12:42 pm
maybe a veep. cameron good, to see you, happy holidays to you, merry christmas. >> you, too. >> word of gnaw intelligence plan to keep an eye on north korea's nuclear and missile programs. we'll fill you in on what is happening. this comes as russia says moscow stands with pyongyang when its comes to the movie "the interview." have you seen it? a lot of people thought it was patriotic to click on whatever they could online, pay the 5.9 or good to that territories. it's interest of a hit right now. hilarious. stay with us. you total your brand new car.
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liberty mutual insurance. the u.s. and two allies are teaming up, unveiling a new intelligence plan to keep tabs on north korea, that's mat wear learning from the "associated press" and reuters. both reporting the u.s. and south korea and japan are ready to sign a deal to shire intel on north korea's missile and nuclear program. south korean officials report they believe north korea is getting closer to developing a small nuclear weapon that can be placed on long range missiles. no official word from the pentagon but comes as russia is weighing in on sony's movie, the interview. a russian official said north korea's anger over the film is understandable. the north korean officials call the hack attack a good deed. "the interview" hauled in more than $1 million at the box
12:46 pm
office on christmas day. sony released it to a little bit more than 300 theaters. after that cyber attack and threats of 9/11-style attacks on our theaters here in america. the film is also online. it's reportedly the most popular movie on youtube right now. but the release was not without issues as you know. hackers claimed responsibility for taking down two streaming services, playstation and xbox live. xbox live is reportedly back up now but sony's playstation network is still offline. adam houseley is live. i saw the movie. hilarious. kind of vintage but gruesome but funny. i understand the theaters were packed. >> you have to love that kind of humor and a lot of people went to the theaters who went norm. ally go to this type of movie, and maybe as one patron said, probably won't seive it begun but wanted to see it because of what has been going on. you mentioned packed. 331 mostly art house theaters
12:47 pm
showed the film. taking into consideration that before the hacking scandal came out 3,000 theaters planned on showing it. but still, those theaters -- those 331 were packed last night and when you talked to patrons they said they were going to do this to show everybody around the globe at that that you can's with america. >> we live in a country of more freedom and privileges than anywhere on earth and to be rick indicate bade country such as north korea, it is more rewarding to be sitting here right now. >> we can't allow that sort of thing to happen in this country. cannot allow dictators or fundamentalists tell us what media we consume and how we want to express ourselves. >> and at one texas theater they sang, proud to be an american, before the movie aired that shows kim jong-un's head blowing up. >> i know there was at least one theater that was offering free popcorn is you brought in a copy of the constitution. so that's also very cool. very popular online. $5.99 and i went to -- you
12:48 pm
google and it then prove you're over 18. sign on with your e-mail and then pay and it watch it. >> you know, it's very popular online in a couple ways. i don't now if you watched your feed on facebook and twitter, a lot of friendses i never knew streamed things. probably the first time they decided to do that. it's very popular, streaming, when it comes to television shows, but a lot of the studios are watching it closely because the first time a major motion picture has been released online and in theaters on the exact same day. so a guinea pig project by accident for hollywood studios. and you had a lot of bootleg copies going down. you have the legal way of getting the movies and a lot of people getting it the illegal way which defeats the whole purpose. >> no doubt. what about this latest hack attack? are we learning anymore about this? you had xbox go offline. >> you hesitate giving groups
12:49 pm
publicity. it's not the same group that allegedly hacked sony, almost exactly a month ago. it's a different group. and there could be a tie to the fact that the "their interview" would -- was released yesterday. and it was christmas day and a very popular day for gamers and some of the same sites were hacked less thon a month ago on the gaming side of things. so there is a connection possibly. again, a they're still investigating the whole thing, soapy still having problems. xbox could go better. shows the vulnerability that continue to be out there, whether you're a studio or somebody who likes to game online. >> and that is such an excellent point. you broaden this out and we get away from entertainment, if there are enemies out there were know there are -- who would like to poke and city vulnerabilities we call this practice, unfortunately. >> you're right. and another thing -- go ahead --
12:50 pm
congress has talked about and the president talked about blend -- blaming each other, we need to do more for cyber security but you have to have congress working with the different agencies-the-profit involved and private industry involved and to get them to work together, a tall task, heather -- where did that come from. harris. >> thank you very much. in philadelphia, when a woman went into labor on saabway train officers jumped into action. good thing. the story of a very special delivery. beneath the streets. stay with us. (vo) rush hour around here starts at 6:30 a.m. - on the nose. but for me, it starts with the opening bell. and the rush i get, lasts way more than an hour. (announcer) at scottrade, we share your passion for trading. that's why we've built powerful technology to alert you to your next opportunity. because at scottrade, our passion is to power yours.
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so, santa claus on one hand, the stork on the other. lots of special deliveries yet. two transit officers in philadelphia helped a woman deliver a baby. on a subway train. one passenger says he noticed the mom to be making weird noises. and then she screamed, my baby is coming. maybe she didn't exactly say it like that. officers who were nearby ran to the subway car and helped deliver the baby wow. the passenger says people were holding back tears and wishing each other a very merry christmas. god bless them. transit officials say emergency crews took mom and baby to the hospital and they were both reported in good condition. now we bring in our baby whips
12:54 pm
-- whisperer. rick live -- leventhal. they're heroes. >> they both had kids. one an officer would was told there was a mom in labor, he said, everyone else getout gloves on. passengers took picture, and surveillance cameras captured the action as the officers rush on the train to help make the special delivery possible. the placenta and umbilical cord was already visible and the baby popped into the officer's hand. >> dedelivered a baby for her so it's like her christmas present and a blessing and a present for myself. the first time i experienced something like this. >> the sergeant said people told him there bee crazy days but didn't thick. would be christmas. >> the mom, baby, i understand, everything is doing okay todayish just got a picture on twitter of the mom and baby.
12:55 pm
her name is janji lee and it's baby kris, and there's the two officers who helped deliver the baby. they are in good condition at fill's university hospital. they were taken there by paramedics from the station last night. the baby was wrapped in the father's sweater. here's a bit more from the transit cops turned on -- on distributions. >> the paytons got out of the way, let us do our job. once we got there they were like, you take over. they got out of the way. i like to thank people. >> we had officers, too, helping with the crowd control. we took action so everyone else kind of fell into place. >> what a great moment for them, for the people on the train, for the family. >> i love it. baby chris, and the need for crowd control. you would want to see it. unbelievable. >> the funny thing was the train was packed and she started
12:56 pm
making those noises that you mentioned earlier, people started backing away like what is going on with there is lady, and then she said the baby is coming, and they started helping her. >> such a christmas blessing, good city you. we'll be right back. so i can reach ally bank 24/7, but there are no branches? 24/7 it's just i'm a little reluctant to try new things. what's wrong with trying new things? feel that in your muscles? yeah... i do... try a new way to bank, where no branches equals great rates.
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12:59 pm
ordered. the company says it was because of foot shortagees the blamed on the labor disruptions on the us west coast but thanks to air shipments the big fries are back. frozen french fries ready for the deep fryer are a leading u.s. export. on this day in 2004, one of the strongest earthquakes on record triggered a devastating tsunami in southeast asia. an estimated 230,000 people died. the earthquake struck in the indian ocean with giant waves starting crashing the shore just 15 minutes later. men, wimp, children, nowhere to run. many clinging to tree branches in hopes the powerful rush of water would not take the trees with it, but it did. among the victims, thousands of tourist vacationing for the holidays, and a decade later people are still rebuilding homes and businesses they lost. today indonesia's vice-president joined mourners as they played and laid flowers at the mass
1:00 pm
grave site. the tragedy was ten years ago today. >> the next time i see you it will be 2015. bless you the house season. i'm harris faulkner in for shepard smith. "your world" is next. >> just as a slain new york city police officer is being remembered today, more signs that the police are still under attack. welcome everyone, i'm brenda butner in for neil cavuto and this is "your world." he vowed to unleech another attack on -- unleash another attack on the nypd. only this time the alleged target would be a white police officer. just one problem. a former cop heard the rant and turned him in. all this as a sea of blue is forming in queens, new york, as police pay tribute to one of their own. to david lee miller outside the christ tabernacle church with the latest. david


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