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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  December 28, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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common side effects include nausea trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. i love myself as a non-smoker. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. fox urgent, is it now mourning time in indonesia good evening, everyone. the airliner vanishing with 162 passengers and crew on board it disappeared off radar a little bit less than halfway on it's route to singapore. just a half hour earlier, the pilots made a request to air traffic control asking for a new flight plan to go over the clouds. families have gathered in indonesia and singapore desperately awaiting any new details on the fate of the plane and their loved ones.
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>> we are very surprised and very sad, our grandchild was going to singapore for a holiday, but the accident happened. you know it's a plane accident, i only ask god for a miracle. i hope not only my family will be saved, but everyone on board. >> david picher is live in bangkok thailand with the very latest. david, what is the latest? >> reporter: yes, well as you can see, dawn has broken monday morning here in asia we are 12 hours ahead of new york city, and as expected, the air search has are resumed now, it was suspended overnight because of bad weather but we understand that planes have gone out, also from malaysia and singapore to try to look for the plane. overnight boats were out in the area of the java sea also looking for planes, but they found no trace. they're looking on an island it's called belly tongue, it's
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about halfway between surabaya where the plane originated on its way to singapore, that is the area at this time where they're focusing their attention, julie. >> so david, why did the plane get into trouble? >> well, it's not totally clear we do understand that there was poor weather the pilot airasia did tell everybody at a news conference in surabaya, the pilot radioed that they faced every clouds and the indonesian transport ministry said that the pilots requested a change to 38,000 feet. that was denied because there was a plane above it. but five minutes later, they lost contact with the plane so it does seem that weather was the major factor but of course, this will all come out as the investigation continues.
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>> i know it's light where you are and families have been waiting at airports in both areas and i would imagine not one of them have gotten an ounce of sleep just desperately waiting for some positive news. what is being done for the families waiting? >> well, airasia, airasia indonesia has been sending out teams to help these families it's been a very grim wait, as always with stories like this people, families and loved ones went to the airport in singapore and surabaya for news, but of course they have been waiting now for nearly 24 hours since that plane disappeared. and they now have to wait for the air and sea search to find the plane, julie. >> david piper in bangkok thailand, thank you very much. and so as we await a cause and the search and rescue teams are back out there again this morning. the question is now the cause and the fact that the weather
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has been quite tumultuous in the region, in fact it's monsoon season. as our meteorologist janice dean has been pointing out all day here. looking at the satellite behind you really does paint a grim picture when you're talking about air travel? >> julie that was the satellite imagery we received at the time where we lost the flight or lost contact with the flight, and you can see the cloud tops here, so this is infrared satellite imagery, meaning that we look at the cloud tops and the shades that you see and the deeper shades of red, meaning the cooler cloud tops the higher cloud tops and the possibility for thunderstorms in the area so this is the region that we were watching where we lost contact with the flight and as you can see, a lot of these oranges and reds are on the screen. taking a look at the satellite imagery right now in the area clearer skies, so we have got the search and rescue crews resuming by air and by sea. and hopefully we hope for the
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sake of all of the families that we will get word if indeed we do have wreckage here because certainly the skies are clearing, and the seas aren't that choppy this region we're not dealing with great big waves here. so let's look at the weather conditions, heavy rains, severe flooding in this region within the last monthor so and we're not just talking about inches, we're talking about feet of rain, it is their monsoon season, december and january is the wettest time of year in this area thunderstorms were in the flight path, and we are expecting scattered thunderstorms to continue along the flight path through the midweek. but the good news is that for the foreseeable 12 to the 24-hour period of time as we look ahead to the forecast satellite radar imagery we're seeing some thunderstorms in the area but certainly not the severe -- to the severity that we saw overnight last night when we got last word of the flight, julie. back to you. >> all right, janice thank you
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so much. so it's been a little more than 24 hours since the plane disappeared and patrick smith is a commercial airline pilot and host of to shed some insight into this. we have heard about the plane just falling ought of radar how does that happen? >> well, i'm not even sure exactly what that means or what people are trying to say when they use that expression. in aviation terms, that can mean different things and i don't know how relevant that is. first and foremost, we have to put out a very important, boring but important disclaimer here which is that it's way too soon after a major accident to try to pinpoint a cause, air crash investigations take months, sometimes years and often in the end there's a lot we just don't learn, and so people have to expect that we have to back off, let the investigators do
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their thing and eventually most likely we'll be able to nail down a cause, but we shouldn't be trying to do that now almost always in these situations, the earliest theories turn out to be either incomplete or completely off base. having said that a red flag of sorts in this incident is the weather. it's conceivable that the pilots, notice i say pilots with a plural, because the media insists on always saying the pilot when there are always at least two of us. >> here on fox we have talked about them being two, yes. >> it is conceivable that the crew found itself in violent weather without meaning to. and i say without meaning to because flying into a known violent thunderstorm is about as big a no-no as exists in commercial aviation, i i can't imagine this crew doing this with or without permission to deviate from air traffic control. they had requested a different altitude to avoid some bad weather, there's very common. they were denied this request presumably because of
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conflicting traffic. that's also fairly common. but that doesn't mean the plane is just going to go flying headlong into a violent storm. to the crew can always do what it needs to do to avoid violent weather with or without atc permission. >> this area -- there are often violent thunderstorms. as a pilot of a commercial jet here in the united states, if you looked at a satellite radar like this one that we're showing you on the screen, would a plane ever take off in these conditions? >> the actual weather is going to be more nuanced than what you see on the radar display. i haven't seen it i can't see it now looking at the screen so i don't know exactly what they were looking at what direction what altitude it's more subtle than what you may see just on a screen like that. >> patrick smith, we appreciate you coming on. thank you very much. president obama meantime getting briefed on the missing
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the u.s. offering it's help in finding a missing airasia plane, but so far no response from the indonesian government which is handling the search at this time. the white house says president obama who is vacationing in hawaii is receiving constant updates on the december appearance of flight 8501. we're told top officials will continue to monitor the situation, meanwhile the state department is offering it's sympathies to everyone affected by this international crisis. >> secretary of state john kerry sent out a tweet on the missing flight today saying, quote our
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hearts and hopes are with the passengers and families of airasia qz-8501. a state department official tells fox that the nooeszindonesian government has not asked for help through diplomatic channels at in point. the national transportation safety board also is offering it's expertise. according to ntsb public affairs official terry williams the ntsb is aware of the missing airplane and are monitoring the situation, if needed we will send technical advisors to aid in the investigation. the task is certainly daunting trying to locate a missing airliner. the search for airasia flight
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8501 covers a 100-mile stretch of sea, and that mission could depend on a national operation. so far malaysia, indonesia and singapore are spearheading the search with hundreds of ships and planes. in addition a number of other countries are offering to assist, including australia, south korea and india. and there's other news we also want to tell you about tonight worth of another tragedy in the waters between italy and albania albania, right now coast guard officials are battling rough seas to are rescue hundreds of people trapped aboard a burning ferry. you can see the images of the flames tearing through the interior of that vessel. so far we know of at least one death and two injuries. helicopters also assisting in the operation. but dense smoke is hindering the evacuation. the italian vessel was en route from grease to italy when a fire broke out below deck.
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the cause of the fire has yet to be determined. the ongoing battle to wipe out the terror group isis has claimed the life of a top commander with iran's revolutionary guard. the guard says their brigadier general was assisting iraqi troops and volunteers, defending a city north of baghdad, home to a major shiite shrine, he was in fact the highest ranking officer known to have been killed outside iran since the country's war with iraq in the 1980s, iran has sent military advisors to assist syria and iraq in battling rebels and extremist groups. and america's longest war comes to a formal end. a ceremony today to mark the end of combat operations. but your passengers smell this... el iminate odors you've gone noseblind to for up to 30 days with the febreze car vent clip.
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similar to what may have happened to airasia flight 8501, correct? >> that's right, julia, like airasia, air france 447 and pokovo flight ---both disappeareddisappear ed at cruising altitude. just 10% of the flights in the past deck -- what may have happened to airasia is flight 612, that crashed in eastern ukraine in 2006. just like 8501 flight 612 was cruising at 35,000 feet when pilots attempted to climb over storm clouds that extended as high as 50 000 feet. investigators say the plane hit severe turbulence while trying to climb, pushing the plane up so fast, forcing it into a deep stall, causing it to crash killing all on board.
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air france flight 447 crashed killing all on board. the pito tubes were clogged with ice at high altitude during severe thunderstorms. those are just six major crashes in the past decade due to weather. >> and is so brian, what role does pilot error have or has it played in these crashes? >> well in both the air france and pokovo flights, investigators found the pilots weren't trained a cattily enough to maneuver the plane manually in those high altitude conditions. >> oftentimes when a pilot is trying to get out of a storm, they're really trying to the save the aircraft so they're really doing all kinds of things, heroic measures to try
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to save an aircraft that's unstable. and when an aircraft is literally choking like you're choking yourself, you're trying to get power back to the aircraft and getting the aircraft back into a safe zone. >> the concern is pilots are so used to planes flying themselves, only having to apply the plane manually during takeoff and landing, that when they are suddenly confronted with problems, they respond and make errors. the longest war in american history has officially come to an end. u.s. and nato leaders spoke at a ceremony in kabul today. the majority of u.s. combat troops deployed there are set to withdraw in just a few days racing concerns about afghanistan's ability to defend itself against increasing terror attacks. dan springer as more from hon lu
5:22 pm
ly honolulu. >> they have actually stepped up attacks in afghanistan this past year, but the u.s. is keeping to its schedule and today marked the official handover back to the afghan security forces. in a ceremony in kabul the international security assistance force fraglag was lowered for the final time. president obama talked about the end of the war on christmas when he greeted marines here in hawaii. in a at the same timestatement today mr. obama said that our nation is more secure because of their service our courageous military helped the afghan people reclaim their community. but afghanistan remains a dangerous place and the afghan
5:23 pm
security forces continue to make tremendous sacrifices in defense of their country. 2014 has been a whohorrific year for the afghan people, 10,000 -- the u.s. goes down to a troop force of 11000, they'll mainly be in a support role and also counter terrorism work. george h.w. bush continues on the root toward recovery. his office released a statement just a short time ago. the president and mrs. bush enjoyeded watching the houston texans football game today. as we indicated previously, the president will remain at the houston methodist hospital this evening, we hope to have news about a possible discharge soon. mr. bush as you know was rushed to the hospital last tuesday due to a shortness of breath, he is 90 years old and suffers from a
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form of parkinson's disease which allows him to get around in a wheelchair. sony announceding some positive news about it's movie the interview obviously causing a lot of controversy, but it turns out it's been a good thing for sony. the company says that the film brought in $15 million in its first four days. the film was released in a couple hundred theaters as well as online and on sites like youtube. sony says the film was rented or purchased online more than 2 million times. sony was forced to the release the interview digitally after all major chains refused to screen the film in the wake of hackers -- four days after hackers shut the online gaming service down completely. the hacker activist group known as lizard squad claimed responsibility for hacking both microsoft and xbox network saying they wanted to expose
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security flaws in both systems. microsoft security was restored on friday. the airasia flight that vanished en route to singapore, now search teams are back out there looking hard as we speak. and thousands of police from around the country, literally turning their backs on new york city mayor bill de blasio at a funeral for one of the fallen cops killed in brooklyn. the fox news political insiders will weigh in on the rift between police and politicians and then we want to here from you, as many of you are discussing this on twitter. what can be done to smooth things over between police and mayor de blasio. tweet us at fninsiders, i'll read some of your replies later in the show. powders may take days to work. for gentle overnight relief, try dulcolax laxative tablets. ducolax provides gentle overnight relief, unlike miralax that can take up to 3 days. dulcolax,
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news, it is morning in indonesia and the air search is resuming for an airasia passenger jet that went missing in bad weather, 162 people were on board that flight from indonesia to singapore. will, what's the latest on the search as it gets back under way? >> well, good evening, julie. it's 7:30 in the morning in indonesia right now and these could be some crucial hours heading into the search because later on in the afternoon they're supposed to get more thunderstorms throughout the area. right now three countries are conducting this search that's being led by indonesia singapore and malaysia are offering help as well. the plane lost contact with air traffic control over the java sea, it's last communication came early sunday morning with the pilot asking to increase altitude to avoid a storm cloud. it's unclear what happened next. the java seabed is only about 150 feet deep. it doesn't have any canyons or
5:30 pm
rescreens, it's very similar to the bottom of a pool. the search area is far smaller than that mh-375 went down nine months ago. if the airplane stalled and went flat into the water, there will be a large debris field in a limited area. if violent weather broke up the airplane in the air then the debris field will be more scattered. as for the airplane, airasia has an excellent safety record it's never had a plane crash before there were 162 people on that plane, 17 children one infant. now their families are at a crisis center in west indonesia and julie, they're all hoping to get some kind of good news later today. >> all right, and will, what do we know about the pilots? i know that there are two pilots, both of which were very experienced. >> that's right, the captain, very experienced, more than
5:31 pm
20,000 in flight hours under his belt. in particular, he had 6100 hours in that the exact plane for airasia. the first officer has more than 2,200 flight hours as well. both very familiar with this airplane. listen to lieutenant john m mcinerney. >> i don't think it was necessarily the pilot experience completely. we'll find out that from the black box and what happened. but i think he got into a thunderstorm that probably few airplanes have gotten in and gotten out of. >> the search crews will not be listening for those under water located beacons that you heard a lot about during malaysia 370, they should be pinging, and hopefully if they can hear those, julie it will lead them in the right direction. >> joining us for more on this,
5:32 pm
for those watching right now, to the left of him, that is a black box, we should also remind our viewers, that it is still a search and rescue operation meaning the hope is they can still find passengers alive. if passengers are found if they have life jackets on, it will tell us that there was some warning before the crash. >> the one black box cockpit voice recorder will record everything the pilot said and everything that was the done in the scabcabin. there's also a central microphone in the cabin so you'll hear the passengers last words. >> the pilot had requested permission to avoid clouds by careering left and climbing to a higher elevation just 34,000 feet. but from my understanding, the storms actually reached legals of 50,000. how should a pilot then navigate through this kind of weather.
5:33 pm
>> that's one of those quandries that it's sometimes an impossible situation. the other bad part of it is that every time you go up 1,000 feet in the air, the temperature drops one degree sent grade, so you loses temperature, which means if there's moisture in the air, that increases the chances of icing on the wings, icings on important parts of the equipment. it's just a bad situation, and yet you can't usually go under the thunderstorms, because that's worse quite often. >> we have talked a lot today about pito tubes and one of the issues that's sort of been agreed and disagreed upon here on my programs today is whether or not icing was an issue and there have been airbus jets in the past air france flight 447 in fact an airbus a-330 aircraft in which icing was the cause of that crash. how could you compare these two air flights? >> well, with the thunderstorms
5:34 pm
ill could be a very similar situatio avoid them. icing is fatal. on the wings of most aircraft, there's a thing called the it'ser boot, which is not unlike the wind shield solution in your car, but it doesn't guarantee that the thing won't ice over. >> we talk about the storms in the area and how unpredictable they are. because if we had a satellite that showed stormed like that here in the united states, most likely the airlines could have cancelled the flight all together. how are pilots to react when they're hit with these violent updrafts and downdrafts that we have been talking about that come along with these 240r8s thunderstorms in the midst of monsoon season there. >> first of all, back in the early 90s, it was one of those things you can't account for, you just have to do your best. i believe the heights of this storm yesterday was 58,000 feet.
5:35 pm
that's beyond a range of most carriers and pilots capabilities to get above that. and again, if there's too nearby ones, you can get caught in between kind of a whirlpool effect that it's something that you can leave the ground and everything looks good and then half hour, 40 minute into it things can change so drastically that you're lost. >> so at this point, the hope is of course that the plane will be found, there are a few other missing flights to make note of, that was not the case i want to talk about malaysia airlines flight 370. it went missing in march of 2014, it had 239 people aboard. not only was the plane never found, they never found an ounce of debris, no deebris field was found. but this search and recovery effort speaking to several experts today, whether -- >> first of all the depth of the
5:36 pm
ocean is a lot shallower that's a good thing with recovery efforts. and it will probably become a multinational recovery effort and let's hope that's not a recovery effort. let's hope that there's an ed a adjacent island or somewhere they put it down. the only outlying statistic on that is that they didn't make any calls, a pan pan or a may day call to stay that they were in trouble. if there was any advanced warning at all the captain in charge, or any pilot in charge would make the call if he didn't, the first officer certainly would and there was a crew on there, total of 7, so someone would have -- >> the job of pilots, when they are responsible for hundreds of lives sitting right behind them on a plane 32,000 feet in the air is to essentially steer the aircraft out of danger so their number one prayiority is not to
5:37 pm
call air traffic control and report an issue their number one responsibility is to try to navigate out of it without potentially risking or losing the lives of all the passengers and themselves, is that correct? >> absolutely. and the technology, you spoke about earlier, this is what a glass cockpit looks like, that's makes the information that the pilot needs rather easy to look back. this is an example of the older things. there were 37 of these in the old days in every cockpit and one of these that you can pull-up any data you need in an instant. so the glasscock pit, both in the a-320 and in the 737s that are very common, that makes it easier for the captain to pull-up the data. and again, the first officer if there's an advanced warning, they won't have to be the pilot in charge, quite often it will be the first offer, which we have a situation here. >> we look forward to getting
5:38 pm
more answers certainly for those families and loved ones who are are just waiting for any worth whatsoever on their family members. craig conroy, thank you very much for talking to us. >> an incredible show of support and disapproval at the funeral of a new york city police officer, cops from all over the country, and i'm talking thousands, mourning officer rafael ramos but also turning their backs on the city's mayor. your responses
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thousands of police officers from all across the country, not from just here in new york city united to remember fallen nypd officer this weekend. many of them also stood together to show their disapproval of mayor bill de blasio, turning their backs to him as he spoke at officer rafael ramos's funeral. police union officials accuse
5:42 pm
the mayor of contributing to a climate of distrust between police and the communities they serve. meantime former new york mayor rudy giuliani as spoken with de blasio who he says comments about -- he should not be blamed for the recent deaths of two nypd officers. >> i do believe that bill de blasio should apologize to to the new york city police department. and i have said it since day one and he could get this over with if he would do that. he created an impression with the police, i don't me that he wanted to do it, he probably didn't, but he created an impression that he was on the side of the protesters. >> the fox political panel is here. john, former republican congressman for new york pat, a former pollster for jimmy carter and fox news contributor and
5:43 pm
doug schoene. while rudy giuliani doesn't agree with police turning their backs to de blasio, he does think that the currently mayor needs to apologize for the way that he has spoken about police in the past, would you agree? >> i think so. but i think how you run for office determines how you're going to govern when you're in office. and de blasio caused this when he was running, and he specifically ran against the negotiations police and the policy to stop and frisk and he went up to harlem and sucked up to al sharpton and this a year and a half later, is the result of it. and he is going to have to undo this if he wants to get re-elected in three years. >> you mentioned al sharpton that's a great point because many have said president obama's relationship with al sharpton is also going to be a reason why perhaps some of this violence has been incited here in this country considering a lot of these protests have erupted into a lot of anger against the
5:44 pm
police department. do you agree that bill deblaz owe kind of messed things up as he was running as well as after he was elected? >> i take its a step further, what we need now is a process of reconciliation between the police, the minority community, the mayor's office, but really the elite leadership in our city, because you can point fingers and you can blame people, but ultimately we cannot as a free society operate in a way that the police is at variance and adversarial to the broad mass of protesters. we have to get together. we're one nation one community, we have to move beyond these divisions. >> pat, joseph writes me on twitter, at this point the mayor of new york city should resign, that would be in the best interests of the city and the
5:45 pm
nypd. i can tell from talking to many police officers on the force that there is no forgive and forget. >> this has been building for some time and i share doug's sentiments and john's analysis as well. let me go back to it, de blasio is a very far left probably as liberal or beyond liberal of any big city mayor in america. he is -- he has actively courted al sharpton, as has the president, who has had him in the white house 86 times. when you put someone like al sharpton who is a racial agitator, and a man without a speck of respectability or integrity out there and you use him as your advisor, and giuliani was right about his attack on sharpton as the voice of hatred of the police, they're sending a message, and that message which i think is awfully political on a lot of people's
5:46 pm
parts has helped contribute to this atmosphere. let's not kid ourselves. >> sharpton was very quick to come out and point blame at police officers for being involved in the deaths of two black men. however, i have not heard that same outrage and that same tone of anger responding to a black man who took out two officers which by the way were asian and hispanic, they were minorities themselves. where is the outrage on behalf of al sharpton where is the outrage on behalf of president obama, and de blasio because hay are affiliated with al sharpton. >> i don't hear any outrage on their side and i also think we need to throw in the pot here that most of the media is responsible for this too. they have fueled this thing, beginning this summer in ferguson, the stilted coverage of that case all the way was disgraceful, this thing's been disgraceful, they're not fair, they're not objective, i know pat wants to bring up and i'll let him do it, the fact that al sharpton has a show on msnbc which is unbelievable that a
5:47 pm
guy like that would have a national daily tv show? it's unbelievable right pat? >> yeah, i said that because look, the real reason he's on television e not only is he acting as the quote white house point man on race as he was in ferguson, for the white house, and for eric holder and not only in new york causing demonstrations and saying no, we're not going to stop, he's not only an agitator or public figure, he's also on the air as a, quote journalist. but he's on there because he helped comcast arrange a bunch of artificial turfs for black -- and supported comcast taking over msnbc and that was a political and media payoff, that's as corrupt as the stay is long. >> under michael bloomberg as
5:48 pm
mayor, these people have the rights to freedom of speech. and i get the right to protest. but disturbing the peace that's a much different scenario than speaking freely, and i talk about these protests but shutting down entire cities including bridges and highways is not only disturbing the peace, but it's putting all new yorkers at risk, god forbid, if something were to happen here and people needed to get in and out of the city, they would be responsible for killing a lot of people. >> let's go back 13 years ago to 9/11 and how we, all of us looked to men and women in uniform. >> these men and women were heroes, how quickly we forget that the nypd and the nyfd risked they lives helping people on 9/11. taking all this anger and violence on cops on plifs who risk their lives on a daily basis. >> if i had taken you on 9/12
5:49 pm
and said the next mayor of fwloirk is going to run against the police you would have said that's impossible. >> we're going to take a quick break and then be right back. jeb bush seems to be clearing the way for a possible run in 2016. and now a brand-new poll shows republican voters are warming up to the idea. the fox news political insiders are right back. she's still the one for you. and cialis for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment is right. cialis is also the only daily ed tablet approved to treat symptoms of bph like needing to go frequently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision or any allergic reactions like rash, hives swelling of the lips tongue or throat or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help test
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does he even work here? don't listen to the naysayer. take the comcast business speed test. get faster speeds or more savings, or we'll give you $150. comcast business. built for business. >> putting a 2016 presidential campaign in motion cutting some of the business ties including a company that propheted obamacare. it shows the florida governor leading the gop field of potential candidates. 23 percent of the vote among likely republican voters. chris christie a did isstant second with 15 percent.
5:53 pm
we have our panel. john first of all if you were hillary clinton and you were the democratic nominee let's say would you want to be running against jeb bush? >> the last person you wafrnlt to be -- want to be running against is jeb bush. he's a centrist and conservative he's thoughtful, he has a record to run on and you know what he is somebody a lot of democrats will find appealing. i think he is the toughest republican of hillary a challenge for her and the republican candidates. >> you say the thought of jeb bush as a gop frontrunner and leader is basically showing there are serious holes in the establishment of the gop. >> i am sitting here as you introduce the piece what am i
5:54 pm
not understanding here the most unpopular thing in the rye pub republican party is obamacare it cost the democrats the house and senate. republicans are considering nominating a man jeb bush who made money off of obamacare. >> he is quitting it. >> i am not going to run against jeb bush that alone will hurt him. it is like mitt romney stashing his money in the cayman islands. it doesn't work. >> pat, how about comparing him to mitt romney. mitt romney clearly has the same sort of issues in that he had been running, he had been working for bane capitol then he ended the relentless attacks by distancing himself but it didn't work out so good for him did it? >> he should have had an answer from the beginning never did understand that campaign which i thought was as i have said often was the worst challenging campaign that should have won it
5:55 pm
in history. i look at this with jeb bush he resigned from bark clay bank. he has been ott there making a lot of money. he is the establishment candidate. if american politics is isolated only through the establishment washington political plaque then he is the last person that hillary would want to face but i am with john. i think there's a difference here. look, he is still running 13 points behind clinton in the latest polling the other candidates are unaring 20 points behind. the only reason i think that bush has gained some is because he has been the guy in the news. he has real hold there and i think that what we are missing is the country out there, where the anger against the washington establishment, take lirly in the base of the republican party, i think it is right for a very different solution than that which we keep being shoved down our throats. >> what about the thousands of
5:56 pm
e-mails released by a pro democratic group on friday showing that he is quite transparent at least he was when he was governor and he had mentioned a release of 750,000 e-mails he had sent to constituents and people in the state of florida while he was governor. did that help or hurt him? >> i dieveng it makes much of a different. i looked at the e-mails that were released and said to myself no big deal. what is a big deal is what pat was talking about. there is a substantial amount of anger that transcends party and ideology and that we the american people are getting a raw deal we are being taken advantage of internationally and our economy even with the recent recovery hasn't worked for ordinary people. that is the real question. gentlemen, excellent having you on. thank you very much.
5:57 pm
>> thank you, julie. >> that is how "fox report"s stay with fox news channel for continuing coverage for the missing air asian flight.
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