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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  December 30, 2014 3:00am-6:01am PST

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most? albert tweeted my friends at church who help me to help others and live a christian life. >> condoleezza rice is the definition of true class. ilene says she admires military and police officers. thank you to everyone who responded. "fox & friends" starts right now. good morning. it is tuesday, december 30. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert for you. while you were sleeping victims bodies and debris spotted floating in the ocean where the missing raich flight disappeared. a live report straight ahead. >> it wasn't exactly a heroes welcome for mayor de blasio at the new york p.d. graduation. >> despite all the problems that plague our society problems that you didn't create -- >> more from the hecklers and the mayor. can he bridge this divide? a military couple forced to
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move their entire wedding with just hours to spare all to accommodate the president's golf game? you've got to hear this one. not making it up. "fox & friends" begins right now. >> hope your mornings are a little bit sweeter with "fox & friends." >> thank you all for joining us this morning and again to clayton and senator brown always good to have you back. >> looking forward to having an even better show today. >> the colonel drinks juice instead of coffee and the f.d.a. may be coming after you. too much sugar. the f.d.a. clamping down on sprinkles on doughnuts many >> that's the best part. >> watch out for the f.d.a. we'll have more of that later. >> but breaking overnight while you were sleeping, dozens of bodies recovered in the search for the missing airasia 850185 on
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is the plan van vanishing on sunday. we'll go live with the latest. >> good morning. the malasian navy said it recovered 40 bodies and that number is growing. indonesia's search and rescue agency chief was quoted as saying he was 95% certain the objects were from the plane that went missing two days ago. these pictures just released seem to show parts of an aircraft. one seems to show an airplane exit door. it is reported to be red and white, the same colors of the missing indonesia airbus. another shows an escape slide and another a life jacket. one official was quoted as saying the bodies recovered didn't have life jackets
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on. it is being reported a search plane spotted a shadow in the water which could be the remains of the plane. divers are now at that location. the air and sea search focusing on an area halfway of the flight of the jet on it way from surabaya to singapore sunday morning when it lost contact with indonesian air traffic control. the u.s. aircraft, u.s.s. samson joining today. many families waiting at surabaya airport for news broke down in tears with news that wreckage had been spotted. >> 40 bodies recovered. we'll continue to watch the story throughout the show. >> heartbreaking to see the families. this has been a tough year when we think back flight 370, the mystery surrounding that, malasian
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aircraft flight 17 down. as information is recovered, hearts break. >> seven or eight this year alone. >> unbelievable. rough year for malaysia air. >> another rough day for bill de blasio. did you catch his meeting with the nypd graduation talk to these folks as they are to become new officers here in the city. he went on to talk about the problems in the city, these issues and this is what happened. watch as he was heckled during this graduation. >> let's be honest about the realities of our society. you'll confront all the problems that plague our society, problems that you didn't create -- you'll confront mental illness
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illegal guns. >> that was rough. you've given a lot of speeches. how would you handle that? >> i think he handled it appropriately. you have to continue on. sometimes you have to go right for -- right to the source. >> i would think this would be an appropriate time to almost break protocol and get in there. this is a tough time when you're looking at police officers' backs and their statement to you saying we feel as though you turned your back on us. today he said at 2 p.m. meet with the unions and the unions there patrick lynch, the head there accused him of having blood on his hands after officers ramos and liu were killed -- >> tell him to reassignment >> that meeting will be dicey. he said he'll go with the intent on fostering a constructive dialogue with the nypd. eventually will they
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forgive? perhaps. forget? someone said if you're going to align yourself with reverend al sharpton who has a history -- >> al sharp ton a man who got rich and famous bashing police officers. when you do that as mayor of new york city, you have a big problem. my concern here is that this false narrative being pushed by everyone from obama to holder to mayor de blasio that we have an epidemic on our hands of cops shooting young black men is not only false, it is harmful to the law-abiding residents of these poor communities. >> coming up a little bit later on fox news channel we're watching after that meeting and report all of that news. i want to get your take on what the president is about to do. he's playing golf in hawaii. >> interrupting weddings.
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>> and he's got his pen ready to go because he says when republicans take over congress, they start to control things, he is ready to start doing vetoes. i think he's only done two vetoes since 2009. he is ready to start vetoing everything republican. >> that is what he said in an interview that he prerecorded. does this sound like divide to you? >> after the election he said i hear you i got the message. apparently he didn't get the message. i suggest that he use that pen, use it as much as he wants because then the american people will say you know what sir whose side are you on? why do you approve the keystone pipeline? why do you address the problems on obamacare? >> charles krauthammer said if you put this out there republicans should show they are not the party of "no." they are getting work done. pass these bills, pass them and force the president's hand.
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>> the problem with what's happening now is harry reid has not had any votes. there's been total dysfunction in the united states senate. mish mcconnell made a promise he's going to get regular order. what does that mean to the people listening? you actually do the people's business, do the work and put things forward. put things on the president's desk and let him sign them or not. >> you know that well? >> i was there three years. i know the dysfunction of harry reid. i think he'll go down as one of the worst majority leaders in the history of our country. >> the president said he's not going to rule out putting a u.s. embassy in tehran. will this embolden them. ralph peters said we tried hitting the reset button with russia many that didn't work. listen. >> since the reset button didn't work with russia we're going to try it with iran.
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while this is going on, obama said maybe we'll give you an embassy again, meanwhile iran's nuclear weapons program proceeds. and because of the poor structure of our efforts against isis in iraq, even if those efforts are successful, we're going to hand iran an empire that will spread well into the arab middle east. >> the president seems to be on this path of forgiving rogue nations. cuba iran. what do you make of it? >> i think iran is still a terrorist nation. their efforts are the carrot and stick approach have not worked obviously. they are leading us on wanting more and more and more extensions. i never would have given them, i never would have left the sanctions. you have to have that check and balance, and it's not there. >> why would he not want that there, in your opinion? >> i'm not sure. that is a great president for someone to ask the president. what do you have? a situation where the president is saying we'll
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give you another extension. imagine what israel is thinking right now. you have iran developing more nuclear capabilities moving forward and forward and forward in that regard. what are we getting in return? we have not received anything and putting an embassy there? that's a reward. >> what's next? one in north korea. >> reduction in leverage is what we're looking at in 2015 it looks like. right now we'll turn to leah gabriel. nice to have you here this morning. >> we're talking a lot about airplanes. texas had terrifying moments mid air when passengers on board a u.s. airways plane see this outside their window. did you see those flames shooting out from one of the engines? it happened moments after takeoff from philadelphia airport. the plane made an emergency landing and no one was hurt. congressman michael grimm stepping down one week after admitting to tax
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evision. grimp said after much thought and prayer i made the difficult decision to step down from congress effective january 56789 it is a turn around from last week when he claimed he had no plans to leave new york. he could face up to three years in federal prison. sentencing set for june 8. the f.b.i. standing behind claims north korea is responsible for the sony hack even as new theories emerge. private security groups briefing the bureau with their own ideas about who tore through sony's infrastructure. one firm claiming the attack was an inside job caused by a disgruntled former sony employee who was seeking revenge. while the f.b.i. is looking to bolster its team of cyber special agents. the f.b.i. seeking candidates with experience in quote, ethical hacking to help protect americans from cyber threat many check this out. a military couple forced to relocate their dream wedding and it was all because the president wanted to hit the links.
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the couple invited president obama to their hawaii wedding on a military golf course because they knew he would be in the area but what they didn't know is they would be kicked off the course so they could play golf. the couple was told to move their ceremony and it happened just 24 hours before the wedding. the white house said it had no idea the president's golf game would force the wedding to relocate. apparently course officials made that decision on their own. president obama did surprise the newlyweds with a personal phone call to apologize and rel 'tis say the call made their day. those are your headlines. >> imagine giving yourself so much and all of your actual relocation through the military and you come together at your wedding and you're bumped off of your location because the president has got to golf. at least there was an apology. >> you think in advance they would know the president is golfing? when they go into a situation they completely scour to make sure no one
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is there no paparazzi. >> weeks ahead of time. >> the white house didn't know. >> they accepted the apology, so a kind couple there. now this coming up, they are the words no plane passenger ever wanted to hear over the loud speaker. >> stay in the [inaudible] condition until the aircraft stops completely. >> forced to land without all of its landing gears? >> call it one-stop shopping for entitlements. new websites lets users apply for food stamps housing and obamacare all in one place. but is this creating a nation hooked on handouts? ♪ in my world, wall isn't a street... return on investment isn't the only return i'm looking forward to.
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how's this for convenience? one-stop shopping for entitlements. montana unveiling a new website where residents can apply for obamacare, food stamps and housing assistance all in one convenient location. but there's already been some glitches, and you won't find any job boards on this site. is it doing more harm than good? keeping people hooked on government aid? here to weigh in is cohost of "the independence" on
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the fox business network matt welch. what do you think about this? no job sites, no employment. how do i get a job? it is about more assistance. >> i think this is great. it rips the face off of what government is, hooter up a quarter or a fifth of all g.d.p. on a federal level and spit it out back at people. let's let everyone know what government really is which is give us a check. >> at least they're transparent. on the one hand you have efficiencies. i'm all for efficiencies in government making sure you go to one site and not wasting time and money. >> the problem here is the obamacare element of it and that has not really worked. we have dumped more than $6 billion into i.t. that really hasn't largely worked on obamacare websites. this is actually normal for all government. there's a shocking percentage of government
3:19 am
i.t. projects that never actually get off the ground. it's more than 40%. >> it's a huge number. i remember sitting on a committee. we dealt with that issue the amazing waste in the federal government and yet they are continually asking people we need more money. how about fixing the problem, saving some money. the obamacare website was $2.4 billion and rising. each individual state had a mess with their i.t. it's a great issue. like you, i want to make sure we have the ability to go find a job. >> there is something good about the concept of the one-stop shop. the government does spend hundreds of millions of dollars even on the state level of trying to let its citizens know what benefits they can accrue. if you can make it customer-friendly, which government always is not, then that is a good thing. but the problem is a lot of these things are way too complex, like obamacare. it is not really about just sending you the check. it is about going through this process, going through that process and it is very difficult. >> great concept.
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great to see you. don't miss "the independence" with matt welch. to find it in your area go to find er. the most decorated sniper in u.s. history being compared to the d.c. sniper who murdered innocent people. college football coach caught on camera hitting a player from the opposing team. you don't do that. ♪ we come by almost every day to deliver your mail so if you have any packages you want to return you should just give them to us i mean, we're going to be there anyway why don't you just leave it for us to pick up? or you could always get in your car and take it back yourself yeah, us picking it up is probably your easiest option it's kind of a no brainer
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welcome back. quick headlines for you. the death toll in that ferry fire in the a degree
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i can't particular sea -- in the adriatic sea went to ten. this is because the fire alarm never went off. passenger say the flames got so hot they melted their shoes. crying passengers brace for the worst when the landing gear doesn't work. listen to this. >> stay in the break position until the aircraft stops completely. >> the virgin flight heading to vegas circled in the air for four hours dumping fuel before making a safe landing in london. the picture shows the plane's top wheels stuck. technical glitch is to blame for that. >> he is the most decorated sniper in military history but now the american sniper is being compared to the d.c. sniper who terrorized a community and killed ten innocent people. the movie which portrays chris kyle opened this weekend and in a series of tweets liberal writer max blumenthal launched an
3:25 am
attack saying this quote, i haven't seen american sniper but correct me if i'm wrong an occupier mows down faceless iraqis. john lee malvo, another sniper would not be glorified on prime time. the author of the book joins us with reaction. scott, thank you for joining us on "fox & friends." what was your reaction when you saw blumenthal's tweets about chris kyle? >> my reaction was not only was the comment completely absurd, it shows a complete ignorance of the job we're asking our united states military to do in defense of this country. >> that's right. when you hear him being -- he's comparing chris kyle who is following orders, doing what we have called him to do with the nation comparing him to someone who viciously murdered americans here, it was just a complete assault. in your opinion, you knew chris kyle well.
3:26 am
you know his heart. how would he react to really the assault on his fellow service members in uniform doing exactly what he did? because that's what blumenthal is asserting here. >> i think chris would really react in a way that would be to have the people of the united states to ask the question really what are we asking our united states military to do in defense of this country? the united states military members such as chris kyle are not the ones that choose the wars that we go to fight. they are asked to go and do the fighting. and it's the politicians that ask our men and women of our military to go. and it is certainly not the people that are in uniform that have given their lives or have put their lives on the line to defend this country. i think any comparison like, that blumenthal made here is completely absurd and unfair to the men and women of our services who are out there really drawing the line between us and the people that would like to destroy this country. >> it seems quite evil to do that particularly
3:27 am
because there are a lot of people who came out in defense of blumenthal, some saying his crass statements were not personal, they were just political. but when you look at when he tweeted this, right on christmas. chris would be devastated to know someone is attacking him but not only that his family listens to this on christmas day his tweets coming across. what a lack of courage to do this in the minds of many. a personal attack not just a political attack on chris kyle and his family. >> i know that this individual did not know chris kyle. chris kyle was a defender of our troops. his work as a sniper was to do overwatch of marines and other military members and to protect them and to bring them back here to the united states. and chris was always and should be known as one who saved lives of the united states military and brought them back to this country. and to lose sight of that the way blumenthal has done
3:28 am
here is completely absurd. and i would encourage mr. blumenthal to go over and bring his point directly to isis right now in iraq and encourage them and to talk directly with them and see how he is responded to by those that would take and kill every american citizen if they had the opportunity to do so. we ask our men and women of our troops to go and fight for us and for him to respond in this fashion and to compare him to some mass murderer in the united states is completely out of line. completely absurd and ignorant of what these people do to defend us. >> well said and a challenge by scott mcewen. thank you for being with us this morning. let us know what you think about that. we'll be reading e-mails and tweets already flooding in. a third child dead from the flu and new word that this year's flu vaccine might not be working. a live report on that. guys, forget about those favorite morning
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doughnuts. if the government gets its way. up head the fed's move to ban those sprinkles. first happy birthday to sean hannity. he turns 53 years old today. just before the sprinkle ban. ♪ when it comes to good nutrition...i'm
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no expert. that would be my daughter -- hi dad. she's a dietitian. and back when i wasn't eating right, she got me drinking boost. it's got a great taste and it helps give me the nutrition i was missing. helping
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me stay more like me. [ female announcer ] boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a delicious taste. grandpa! [ female announcer ] stay strong, stay active with boost. we have a fox news alert for you, just in to "fox & friends" of another incident involving airish asia, a plan packed with people overshooting a runway packed with people in the philippines. overnight body and debris found in the search for missing airasia 8501, the plane en route from indonesia to singapore, vanished from radar with 162 people on board. >> there are new reports that claim a plane spotted a shadow in the water,
3:33 am
possibly the remains of the aircraft. divers are now at that location. officials say they are 95% sure the debris is from flight 8501. >> search and rescue recovering dozens of bodies floating in the water. hospitals in indonesia being prepared to help identify the victims. sad story. >> our hearts are with those families as they wait for details. a third child is dead from the flu in minnesota. and there is new word that this year's flu vaccine isn't even working and children are the most at risk. heather childers is here to explain. a lot of parents worried about this. >> elisabeth, we were warned about this you may remember, months ago. the strain is the h3-n2, a mutated form of the influenza virus and can have a devastating impact on the respiratory system of healthy children. at least three children died in minnesota and two dozen states are reporting high levels of the virus. doctors warn the virus
3:34 am
could enter the bloodstream and travel to the brain and thalt body may also overproduce white blood cells to help fight the virus but that actually causes respiratory complications especially in children. the biggest problem is that this year's vaccine is mismatched against the h3n-2 strain. what does that mean? it does not mean that you should not get vaccinated. >> even when the strain and the vaccine is not a perfect match, it still gives protection. >> some protection better than no protection. the vaccine is still 50% effective. the c.d.c. warning the flu could cross over to epidemic levels but doctors say take every precaution necessary before the season really ramps up which will be next month. >> if you are fatigued or tired, your body, your immune system is a little bit suppressed and you're more likely to get sick because of the fatigue. >> other tips, was
3:35 am
hands, cover your mouth drink plenty of fluids and try to get a lot of rest. and that is the latest on that situation. >> heather, thank you. worse news for parents to feel like your flu shot isn't working well. >> let's get it over to leah gabriel with the rest of the headlines. >> there's important news about a new drug. it produces a high like cocaine and can be as addictive as heroin but it is completely legal. this drug is a natural herb. it comes from an asian plan. >> psychotic episodes, hallucinations especially during sleep time. they call it the modern speed ball. relaxation speed-like effects. >> lots of concern there. kratom is especially toxic
3:36 am
when mixed with other drugs. in the u.s. it is sold as pail or powder. -- sold as a pill or powder. >> kim williams is charged with killing a district attorney, his wife and assistant distributor attorney last year. her sentence was sentenced to death earlier this month for one of the murders. prosecutors say eric williams was angry he was prosecuted on theft charges that caused him to lose his job as a justice of the peace. >> caught on cam remarks the mome a little girl is saved after being pulled from a submerged car. a dash cam video shows police frantically performing c.p.r. on a four-year-old. the girl was trapped under water in her car seat for ten minutes and reportedly she had no pulse. the girl's mother took her eyes off the road and drove into that creek. heroic neighbors jumped into action. they tried pull the girl from the car seat. when that didn't work they
3:37 am
rolled the car out of the water and gave her c. psm rsm. -- gave her c.p. rment. >> george h.w. bush's hospital stay could soon be over. he was rushed to the hospital for short nn of breath. the bush family waiting for final approval from doctors for the 90-year-old to return to his houston home. >> hopefully we'll see the former president jumping out of planes again and doing fun things again. >> leah gabriel, thanks. >> i was having my coffee, reading a little twitter and checked in on maria molina's twitter feed and she is tracking a big winter storm. >> a big winter storm across the rockies. before we talk about that winter storm i want to talk about temperatures because temperatures are plummeting across the country. it is currently five degrees below zero in the city of denver. four degrees below zee in
3:38 am
minneapolis. in places like rapid city and minneapolis it feels like 20 degrees below zero. you're talking about dangerous amounts of cold in those spots, looking at a risk for hyperthermia. make sure you really bundle up in portions of the midwest and northern plains. in parts of texas, actually el paso, 27 degrees is the current wind chill temperature. over the next several days cold air is continuing to move south ward and eastward. wednesday morning it moves into amarillo texas where the temperature is going to be 7 degrees. by early thursday morning cold in the northeast as well. here's a look at that winter storm. we have a number of of winter storm advisories
3:39 am
warnings and watches issued in southern california. you're looking at snowfall across higher elevations later today potentially up to a foot. in parts of western texas, freezing rain possible mixing in with a little bit of snow. messy across the rockies, parts of southern california and portions of the high plains. let's head back inside. >> thank you maria. she's talking about the cold across the nation. it is a coldish day for many coaches of the nfl. >> it happens every year. the ax is falling on nfl black monday. three head coaches getting pink slips. the bear's coach gone, falcons and jets coaches gone being shown the door after seasons that left fans and owners disappointed. the jets and bears general managers also being fired. the detroit lions taking the field without one of its biggest stars. defensive tackle suspended for one game for stomping
3:40 am
on aaron rodgers ankle. this wasn't his first suspension for unnecessary roughness. he's appealing the decision. the liberty bowl making the highlight reel for the wrong reason this morning. a texas a & m student assistant caught on camera hitting two opposing players from west virginia on the sideline. the coach heard about it and told the assistant to stay in the locker room for the rest of the game. i don't think he'll be coming out for any games any time soon. >> thanks, scott. coming up here on the show. want to get the kids to bed before the ball drops on new year's eve? well netflix has you covered with bedtime trickery. we'll teach you. that's next. >> that's great.
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you can forget about your favorite morning doughnuts if the government has its way. next, the fed's latest move to ban sprinkles. ♪ 4
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a a a a a a a a a a a a a
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at just about 15 minutes at the top of the hour, time for news by the number. 1.6 million, that's how many people are on food stamps in michigan. that's more than the number of school students in the entire state which is about 1.5 million. $42 per call, that is how much it costs taxpayers every time the phone is answered at an i.r.s. call center. a new government report adds callers waited on hold for an average of 20 minutes. do the math there. finally, a three-minute
3:45 am
countdown. netflix helping out parents new year's eve offering an on demand countdown. it can be started as early as you want. you get kids to bed right before midnight or way earlier. the countdown is hosted by madagascar's king julian. >> fooling the kids. thanks elisabeth. get ready to say goodbye to your favorite sprinkle doughnuts like these. the senator and i already ate one this morning. they are delicious. we feel fantastic. the f.d.a. is getting rid of doughnuts like these. the agency regulating america's intake of trans fat at such high levels, the amount needed to make something as small as a sprinkle on your doughnut may be bad. but doesn't the f.d.a. have more important things to do than regulate sprinkles? let's ask the author of the food police. nice to see you jason. let me play devil's advocate. people are saying it is the
3:46 am
government's responsibility to protect citizens against toxic chemicals and that is what trans fats are. >> the f.d.a. has already done something. when evidence began to emerge that trans fats were risky, the f.d.a. required labels on products with trans fats. food companies have voluntarily cut back on the amount of trans fat. if you look at the data, consumption of trans fats has fallen pretty dramatically as a response to those labels. it is a little unclear now why they're adding this ban on top of a policy that was already effective. >> what it is saying to people you're just not responsible. if you think you can't eat one of these every day and you know you're going to have some other kind of health issues if you're eating doughnuts that's the main part of your diet you're probably going to have issues. what the government is
3:47 am
saying is you're not responsible for your own health so we're going to step in and be responsible for you. is that what you're saying? >> there is a tendency to look at this kind of policy and say what's the big deal, a ban on sprinkles on doughnuts. i think the way you want to look at that is if the government can involve itself in such small minutia decisions of our daily lives as to whether we want to eat sprinkles or not, that is not much respect for the citizens' choices. and if they're willing to ban those small decisions what kind of respect will they give citizens in the larger decisions in life, about where to work or live or some of the things that really matter. >> here are items that have small amount of trans fats. crackers frozen pizza popcorn, canned frosting making cookies once a year for the holidays, that will be banned. i remember when i worked at good day philadelphia in philadelphia and the city was going through a big ban on trans fats but the
3:48 am
bakers came in front of the judges and said we can't make our food without trans fat. the texture, it will fall apart. taste the difference. they handed different pastries to the judges and the judges agreed this tastes like garbage without trans fats. people don't eat these every day and they made an exception. >> i have two kids of my own. i mentioned this policy to them last night. i take them occasionally for doughnuts. i said what would you think if sprinkles were banned? one said that is dumb. the other one said that is a small amount. how can that be harmful? i think when we've reached the point where even our children recognize the lunacy of a policy, i think that is when we've gone too far. >> maybe we should have kids running government. jason, great to see you this morning. happy new year to you. enjoy some sprinkles while
3:49 am
they're still around. coming up on the show new threats by al qaeda urging terrorists to blow up specific airlines. how-- pete hegseth in the next hour. "newsweek"'s cover of the new year calls the faith so misrepresented it is a sin, going so far as to call christians god's fraud. that outrage is next. ♪
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3:52 am
"newsweek" magazine's latest issue is a hit piece bashing the bible. the cover declaring the bible is so misunderstood it's sin. the article says quote they
3:53 am
fall on their knees wore shipping at the monument to the ten commandments while demanding prayer in schools. they gather and pray for the salvation of the they are god's frauds. cafeteria christians. end quote. dr. albert moeller president of the southern baptist theological seminary, says it's one of the irresponsible articles ever to appear in a journal and joins us now to discuss. we're thankful that you're here. isn't this just another kind of lame attempt, knowing full well that christians will come out to defend their religion? this is a band wagon jump on the crush and attack on christianity? >> you have to wonder what's behind this. there is an incredible hostility toward christianity evangelical christians in particular, and toward the bible. it's hard to know where it comes from, but it's in the opening line, as you read them. >> doctor, my wife and i were going over this issue yesterday
3:54 am
and our first reaction was here we go again attacking the bible, attacking people of faith, trying to divide people. why can't they just let people believe in what they believe and move on with things? >> christianity doesn't have anything to fear from an honest look at the facts. when you have someone in the media give a balanced view and talk about the great truths of the faith and an honest and balanced and journalistic way that's fair game. but that's not what we're dealing with here. from the opening shot, this is an open attack upon christianity. >> let's go through some of the details here. some of the faults you find. it says we don't have a bible. we have translation after translation. is that correct? >> it's not correct. of course our english translations are translations. but when the author of that article says all we have is a translation of a translation of a translation, that's not even close to being true. we have very accurate translations available to us now based upon very credible texts. that's not the problem.
3:55 am
we have a very credible access to translations of the scripture. >> it was put together with a political agenda. with respect it looks like it's first time out of the gate since folding has its own political agenda. what do you think? >> it's placing itself on the far left with this kind of open attack. and by their claim how the bible came together, it's just an ignorance of the facts. there is openly false claims made in that article and that's why we just need an honest consideration about the scripture because god's word is going to prove itself to be true. >> did they consult with any balanced theologians? >> evidently not. the only theologian sourced in the article is someone ho is really opposed christian who is openly hostile to christian. when the news magazines used to do things like this, they used to have both voices people representing historic christianity and people respecting theological liberalism. not here. this wasn't balanced in any sense. this was just an open attack from beginning to end.
3:56 am
>> here is how you get back at it. don't buy the magazine and tell people not to buy it and actually get out the bible and start reading it and pray whenever you want to pray. >> great message there. >> absolutely. one of the most interesting things about this, it shows the bible still matters. it matters so much that someone would choose this kind of venue to attack it in such an open way and those who are christians xmgño#r0 way. it is indeed the word of god. >> i'd love to hear some viewer comments. let us know what you think. >> always. we will be standing by. thank you for joining us. >> great to be with you. thank you. >> great suggestion there. we will read your e-mails, facebook posts and tweets coming up. now major developments in the search for a missing air asia flight 8501. this as we get word of another incident involving another plane from the exact airline. a live report on that straight ahead for you
3:57 am
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good morning. today is tuesday, december 30. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert. brand-new this hour, it is confirmed, debris floating in the sea from the missing air asia flight also found victims' bodies. a live report with the breaking developments ahead. one left wing blogger calling chris kyle cold blooded serial killer. this morning kyle's friend fires back. did you hear the good news about obamacare? only if you were watching the main stream media this year. >> two million americans are likely to pass up full-time jobs because of the president's health insurance program. those aren't necessarily jobs being lost. there are also workers choosing to work less. >> break down the worst cases of media bias of 2014. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. >> you're watching "fox & friends." that's a great way to begin your
4:01 am
day. >> we thank you for joining us. the 7:00 a.m. hour. we have the senator and clayton on the curvy couch. first breaking news. just in to "fox & friends" right now, air asia confirming bodies and debris found in the java sea are indeed from the missing flight 8501. the plane vanishing enroute from indonesia to singapore on sunday with 162 people on board. >> the president of indonesia expected to address the most recent findings in just a few minutes. >> let's get to david piper live in thailand with the very latest on this. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning to you. indonesian navy says it's recovered 40 bodies now from the ocean and it expects to collect many more in the coming hours, even though it's dark. also at this time, the air asia has said that it has confirmed that objects sighted in the sea do come from the missing plane. these pictures just released
4:02 am
seem to show parts of the aircraft. one appears to be an airplane exit door. it's reported to be red and white. the same colors of the missing air asia airbus. another picture seems to show an inflatable escape slide and another, a life jacket. one indonesian official is quoted as saying that the bodies recovered didn't have life jackets on. it's also now being reported a search plane has sighted a shadow in the water, which could be the remains of the plane. divers are now at that location. the air and sea search has been focusing on an area about halfway into the flight of the air asia indonesian jet flying to singapore sunday morning local time when it lost contact with indonesian air traffic control. ships are steaming towards the crash site and the u.s. navy ship has now joined the recovery effort. it's equipped with sonar devices that can scan under water. many families waiting for news
4:03 am
broke down in tears when reports came that wreckage had been sighted. and another air asia jet has been in trouble today. it's gone off the runway in the philippines. back to you guys. >> more bad news there. david piper live for us. thanks. >> that's right. our hearts are aching for the families. 162 people, 18 of them children. a tragic year for the region there when you think about malaysian flight, 382 people lost from malaysian flights 17, 298 passengers and crew there. hearts aching for sure. we will bring you the very latest as we come to it. we're going to turn to leah gabriel. a lot happening. >> good morning. terrifying moments with midair when passengers on board a u.s. airways plane sees this outside their window.
4:04 am
flames shooting out from one of the engines. it happened moments after takeoff from philadelphia airport. the jet immediately made an emergency landing and no one was hurt. a deadly strain of seasonal flu is being blamed for several deaths in minnesota ohio and pennsylvania. the h 3 n 2 attacks the bloodstream and the brain, even in otherwise healthy children. at least two dozen states reporting high flu activity and the vaccine isn't as effective against this year's strain. new overnight congressman michael grim stepping down one week after admit to go tax evasion. in a statement, he says quote, after much thought and prayer, i made the difficult decision to step down from congress effective january 5. this is a turn around from last week when he claimed he had no plans to leave his post representing new york's 13th district. under a plea agreement, he could face up to three years in
4:05 am
federal prison. sentencing is june 8. and the international word of the year isn't actually a word at all. the heart emoticon is taking the top place. the heart is used billions of times per day around the world. it's the first time a pictureograph has been named word of the year. thousands of internet social media, print and electronic media post were analyzed to come up with these rankings. and if you like the heart, then you guys and all of you guys can send me one at at lea at fox news. >> i might send you two. >> talk about emotion, i'm not kind of emogy will represent mayor de blasio when he's set to meet with nypd union leaders. this is a day after he got boo'd and heckle at a nypd graduating.
4:06 am
>> it got weird for a few moments when he was mentioning the things that police in this city are not responsible for. we've got crime, we've got all these issues and that's when someone yelled out. take a listen. >> be honest about the realities of our society. you will confront all the problems that plague our society, problems that you didn't create. you'll confront mental illness illegal guns. >> that summit will have the police unions coming together. apparently with the focus on fostering a constructive and responsible dialogue between de blasio and administration and the unions and with mr. lynch at the head of that. >> it's clear he heard the comments. what i found different is that it wasn't the graduating class. they were very respectful. they were there really to be honored. you had someone in the crowd
4:07 am
heckled. got a little response. he's meeting with union officials is a very, very important first step and hopefully towards the healing process. >> no press allowed. >> it needs to be done behind closed doors. you got to get this done. you have to move forward. what i did yesterday, my wife kind of laughed at me. every police officer i saw, i went up and said thank you. not everybody thinks you're bad. >> right. >> i bet they appreciated it. >> yeah, they did. it was a special look in their eyes. >> reilly says this is bound to happen for the mayor especially when you align yourself with the likes of al sharpton. take a listen. >> this is a mayor that has decided to side, make common cause with al sharpton, a man who made a name for himself, made himself rich and famous bashing police officers. and when you do that and then become mayor of new york city or as mayor of new york city, you have a big problem. my concern here is that this
4:08 am
false narrative being pushed by everyone from obama to holder, to mayor de blasio, that we have an epidemic on our hands of cops shooting young black men is not only false, it is harmful to the law-abiding residents of these poor communities. >> we'll be watching that meeting today with the union leaders and we'll bring that to you. meanwhile, have you seen what max blumenthal said? so many of you were weighing in, it's crazy how many of you are fired up. he's a left wing blogger, he had fired up and said american sniper chris kyle, the movie now made about him he says this, i haven't seen "american sniper," but correct me if i am wrong an occupier mows down faceless iraqis, but the real victim is his anguished soul. the whole film's appeal seems to derive from the latent -- another mass murdering suspect would not be glorified on prime
4:09 am
time. >> equating one of our greatest heros to a mass murderer who went on a shooting, killing spree and killed ten innocent people. how dare he? and on christmas day when you think about chris kyle's family his young children having to face this assault even on our military. senator, you just retired with the rank of colonel. when you hear this kind of attack on chris kyle it really is also an attack on those who serve our nation so well each and every day and are willing to do the hard work for the rest of us. >> we're not occupiers. we're lib rarities, we're a country for good. we go in and help countries when they're in distress especially with philanthropic issues. he owes our heros that served, got hurt maimed and/or died for their service to our country. it's abhorrent what he said. i would hold him accountable. i'd tell people to let him know their feelings 'cause you can't tolerate this type of blatant distortion of the facts. we are not occupiers. >> co-author of "american sniper" and a dear friend of chris kyle and his family, this
4:10 am
is what he had to say. >> chris kyle was a defender of our troops and his work as a sniper was to do overwatch of marines and other military members and to protect them and to bring them back here to the united states. chris was always and should be known as one who saved lives of the united states military and brought them back to this country. and to lose sight of that the way blumenthal has done here is completely absurd. we ask our men and women of our troops to go and fight for us and for him to respond in this fashion and to compare him to some mass murderer in the united states is completely out of line, completely absurd, and ignorant of what these people do to defend us. >> yeah. comparing him to somebody who hides in the trunk of a car and kills people while they're at the gas station. many of you writing in on facebook this morning. debbie says chris kyle is a hero. blumenthal is a joke. no comparison needed. >> and ted e-mailed us this, thank god we have people like chris kyle willing to risk
4:11 am
their lives to protect this country. >> chuck on face -- >> this man has saved so many lives. he is a real hero. a true hero. >> your comments have been pouring in. we will continue to share them. keep them coming. >> go to our facebook page. coming up, new help for wanna be terrorists on how to sneak bombs past airport security. why can't the united states stop this sort of propaganda? pete hegseth is here next. there he i hallway. >> and the outrage at the airport after a major airline abandons a dog on the runway. it was raining. how cruel. ♪ ♪
4:12 am
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4:15 am
hot off the presses from al-qaeda, brand-new instructions for wanna be terrorists on how to blow up high value targets here in the united states. it's all inside the newest issue inspire, a english language magazine known for detailed instructions on how to build home made bombs. the article targets several commercial airlines with advice on how to by pass airport security. this is the same magazine that
4:16 am
helped boston bombers build their bombs out of pressure cookers. can the united states stop this sort of propaganda before it's too late? pete hegseth, a fox news contributor and ceo of concerned veterans for america joins me now. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> thanks for your service. we had a nice chat offline about this. i know what you've done obviously for our veterans, very instrumental in the most recent legislation passed. first of all congratulations on that. >> thank you. >> how do we stop this type of propaganda, the effort to basically kill innocent men, women and children in our country and really throughout the world? >> i think you have to stay on the offensive. you can't allow them space to plot and plan. the difficult thing about inspire is it's a pdf document which most you can put together offline and they do so in yemen, and other places. then you just upload it once and it kind of lives on al gore's interweb everywhere. there is very little you can do to stop it at its core. we've killed al-awlaki, a lot of folks affiliated with it.
4:17 am
but without pressing the offensive and making sure folks, editor in chief of this magazine knows he might die if he publishes another edition there is very little you can do to prevent something like this from going on. >> let me read a quote from it. what america didn't expect, that this recipe is going to be in the reach of all muslims around the world. some will be pleased and pass on the message. isn't that great? while others will be inspired and most importantly make the bomb, just what we need. more bomb makers. how does this affect lone wolves and others who are inspired to follow the instruction? >> that's precisely their target, these lone wolves here. the tsarnaev brothers downloaded this pdf right here in the heart -- >> unified boston. the red sox won the world series. >> and i was there when that happened. stole him from the minnesota twins. but it's something they use because they know they're limited in their ability to plot 9-11-style attack where is they infiltrate with mass numbers of people. they want one or two to learn how to put together a
4:18 am
rudimentary bomb this is also very much propaganda. they're pointing at american airlines and delta airlines saying hey, be scared when you get on your flight. >> try to disrupt change the way we do our jobs and i am continuing to, in my own personal life continuing to drive on, not let terrorism change the way that i and others do our business. it's disturbing here, you have a balance between patriot act tsa, the rights, first amendment, balancing that with the right and the ability to stay alive and live our lives free from terrorism free from assaults like this. what do you suggest? >> you don't want censorship in america, but at the same time we want our companies our web sites able to block this kind of garbage. and when i google to look up inspire magazine yesterday, most of it was u.s. sort of jihaddist sites that are studying jihad, hosting it. saying, this is how they're trying to do what they do. this is hard to find in its organic form, but if someone is
4:19 am
looking for trouble, they're going to be able to find it. that's why discredit this poisonous ideology, kill their leaders where we can find them. >> amen. thanks for your service thanks for what you're doing for our vets. coming up, student athletes now allowed to wear these. i can't breathe t-shirts y. the school is forced to change its mind. elisabeth, know any good knock knock jokes? >> i do. knock, knock. >> who is there? >> butter. >> butter who? >> i butter not tell you because it might spoil the punch line for my next guest. you're not going to want to miss it. ♪ ♪ huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yeah, everybody knows that. well, did you know that playing cards with kenny rogers gets old pretty fast? ♪ you got to know when to hold'em. ♪ ♪ know when to fold 'em. ♪
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22 minutes past the hour. quick headlines. it's the dog edition. wake the kids. united airlines in the dog house after leaving a passenger's pet dog on the tarmac for half an hour in pouring rain. thousands of twitter users retweeting this photo vowing never to fly united again. airline officials say employees were nearby and the pet was never unattended. just in the rain. a dog is being blamed for a pileup on a washington highway. he ran onto the road causing an armored truck two suv and a chicken truck to collide, leaving dozens of chickens on the road. why did they go to the other side elisabeth? >> knock, knock, who is there? the best selling author on you'll never guess how he snagged the number one spot. and number two spot on the best selling book list. you have laugh out loud jokes
4:24 am
for kids and knock knock jokes for kids. so great to have you here. >> thank you. >> we are huge fans of these books in our home. let me tell you. they are outstanding because they make me seem funny. so i have to personally thank you for that. what's the secret, though? because there are a lot of joke books out there. yours, number one and number two slots out there. what makes yours different because they're really funny. >> i hope that people can tell that they were kid tested and parent approved. we started the joke books around the dinner table every night. we would bring jokes and we would throw ideas around and it almost became a quest during the day to go out and see who could come back with the best joke the next night. i just started compiling these and putting them together. so i think it was a family thing. >> when you say family you're not kidding. five children? >> yes. >> ranging in aiming from what to what? >> four to 20. >> who laughs the most? >> probably my youngest.
4:25 am
she is the typical youngest. a lot of fun and lot of drama. >> i was reading research said children laugh 250 times a day. adults, only six times a day. which i think, because of your book, we laugh a lot more than that in our house. >> it's great. >> what's the secret to really nailing it when it comes to delivery on a joke? i'm pretty bad. >> well, i think for me what i love about these books is that the kid becomes the superstar. i'm not the superstar. when they open that book, it becomes a whole family thing. just hearing your kid laugh and tell these jokes and respond to them is a lot of fun for the whole family. >> i'm going to read through them here. we don't leave our home without these if we if on a family trip. they're always there. when you say the kids feel like a super hero you're absolutely right. it's easy for them to read as soon as they can and they love sharing. i so appreciate the good work you've done. here are some samples. knock knock. >> who is there?
4:26 am
>> butter. >> butter who. >> i butter not tell you. it's a secret. a joke super hero there. awesome animal jokes laugh out loud jokes for kids. they actually have a doodle book. >> yes. >> tell us about this. >> this is a fun way for the kids to do both the creative joke telling and some of the drawing with it. so the pictures are kind of half done. we took some of the different jokes from the books and the kids can now draw and doodle and have fun that way, too. >> incredible. this is so much fun. i got one more for everybody. what do you do if your dog steals your spelling homework? >> i don't know. what? >> take the words right out of his mouth. see? these are so much fun. really great. it's no wonder that you have the number one and number two spots on amazon selling for parents and kids alike and grandparents, too. it brings a lot of laughter into the home. that's a remedy for just about anything. >> thank you. >> thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you. knock knock. >> who is there?
4:27 am
>> i got ta. >> i got ta who? >> i gotta go. thanks rob. we'll see you soon. >> before you toast to 2015 a new warning on liquor poisoned with antifreeze? and remember this? from news anchor about sarah palin's family? >> i'm just going to come right out and say it. this is quite possibly the best minute and a half of audio we've ever come across. inn a long time. ♪ ♪ >> the worst media bias of 2014. we're serving that up next. ♪ ♪
4:28 am
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a fox news alert for you. air asia confirming bodies and debris found in the java sea are indeed from missing flight 8051. new video just in of wreckage recovered. it vanished on sunday with 162 people on board. >> new reports claim a search plane spotted the shadow in the water, possibly the plane remains. divers are now at that location. >> this as new details emerge of another incident involving air asia. a plane packed with people overshooting the runway in the philippines. so far no reports of injuries. lea gabriel standing by with more news. >> good morning. another fox news alert. more trouble off the coast of greece. a ship issuing distress calls a short time ago. there are reports armed men on board. the ship is carrying hundreds of migrants. this is happening and navy
4:32 am
helicopters are headed this. a deadly risk for anybody celebrating with cocktails. that's a lot of people this new year. gallons of fake alcohol full of antifreeze spotted on the shelves and particularly in great britain. the potentially deadly mixture is disguised with brand labels, but it can be noticed because the word bottled is spelled wrong. look out for that. police point to gangs taking advantage of the increased demand for alcohol during the holidays. both the boys and girls basketball teams at a high school in california now allowed to wear i can't breathe t-shirts protesting police. the school officials originally did not want the athletes wearing them at upcoming tournament for security reasons. but they were forced to reverse their ban following threats of a lawsuit. and a hunting dream comes true. all thanks to this letter and to one big mix-up. nine-year-old alex collins wrote to a county sheriff's office asking to take part in a hunting program because he had no one to teach him.
4:33 am
what he didn't realize is he wrote to a town hundreds of miles away in north carolina. >> i hated it because he was in pennsylvania and not able to hunt. i talked to the sheriff up there and said if we can work it out let's get him down here and i'll be glad to take him hunting with me. >> they did. both counties paid for the air fare to give alex what he calls the best christmas present ever. those are your headlines. >> thank you so much. now we're talking about gifts outside. is it going to be cold or warm? maria molina has the latest on the weather gift for you. >> good morning. it is going to be cold across most of the country over the next several days. it's been mild for most. over the last few weeks, relatively mild season. look at the current temperatures, that arctic air is back in places like minneapolis and also in denver. current temperatures out there are below zero. you factor in a little breeze and this is what it currently feels like. currently feels like 16 below
4:34 am
zero in denver. 20 below in minneapolis. in some of the areas, when you're talking 20 degrees or even colder below zero, then you're looking at the risk for hypothermia. keep that in mind. really bundle up. over the next several morning, we'll continue to see that cold air expanding eastward and southward. in places like new york city, by wednesday morning, you'll see those temperatures in the 20s. 20s as well for places like louisville raleigh, north carolina, and even in little rock arkansas by early thursday morning. so again that cold air continuing to expand across the country, helping usher in that new year. otherwise we have a winter storm across parts of the rockies and the plains. a another of advisories in place. you'll look at a mixture in some areas, especially lower elevations. freezing rain mixing in with some snow and higher elevations will be looking at that snow coming down quite heavily across parts of the mountains. i want to mention if you live across northeast maybe you notice last night a meteor
4:35 am
flying through. there were many, many reports. more than 300 reports of a sighting. take a look at the screen just to the right. that's where that meteor should be popping up, right there. incredible stuff. over 300 reports of this meteor flying across the sky last night. this particular video was shot on interstate 287 near route 10 at about 6:30 p.m. on monday. this happened in morris town, new jersey. very close to here in new york city. i wish we were able to see it here in the city. probably wouldn't be able to because of the city lights. very cool stuff. send us your video if you were able to capture that last night across parts of the northeast. >> great idea. >> and put on the hats and gloves. >> that's right. thank you. and now this, from attacks on sarah palin's family to slanted coverage of the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, it's been a banner year for bias in the mainstream media, to say the least. >> each year as we know, media
4:36 am
research center ranks the liberal media's worst offenders. our next guest is one of the 40 judges on their panel. >> she was on the panel of judges. she's a senior contributor with the daily signal and joins us now. thanks for being here. >> up first, nothing to see here. a word from cnn president talking benghazi with the "new york times". >> we're not going to be shamed into it by others who have political beliefs that want to try to have temper tantrums to shame other news organizations into covering something. if it's of real news value we'll cover it. >> why did that make the list? >> i mean, as we well know, in media buy y it's not just what people say it's what news organizations choose to cover or not to cover. i think the benghazi story is one that were it not for fox news, frankly would have gotten no coverage in the main stream media. what zucker said he's behind
4:37 am
cnn, calling a lot of the shots. that was true at msnbc. of all the quotes we looked at, we had so many of them, of reporters and producers talk being how benghazi was not a story. if they spent half that time looking into it they might have found a little more there than they think is there. >> it's interesting you said that because i remember when i was a senator, we held hearings. then secretary clinton testifying before our committee, very evasive. if they had come forward and said we made some mistakes, this is what we learned and this is what we'll do to address it. to think it wasn't an issue when we lost an ambassador and people died was unbelievable. >> right. >> you're right. >> the next award is the spinning the facts award. the winner and recipient is scott pelley who claimed obamacare wasn't killing jobs. take a listen. >> we got a report today about obamacare that was both
4:38 am
surprising and widely misunderstood. the nonpartisan congressional budget office said about 2 million americans are likely to pass up full-time jobs because of the president's health insurance program. those aren't necessarily jobs being lost. there are also workers choosing to work less. >> what do you think about that comment? >> i mean, how he read that with a straight face, i honestly don't get. look we all know what happened here was obamacare said basically if you work a certain number of hours a week, over 30 something hours you may end up losing your health care coverage. employers aren't going to have to provide it. so businesses and a lot of other companies said we're going to reduce worker hours and many workers said, wait. i've got to choose between getting health care and having a full-time job. so let me go with the health care and sit at home. that's the way it should have been reported. but scott pelley and cbs is not the only one guilty of getting this story the wrong way. >> wait until the new year
4:39 am
starts. the classless award goes to cnn anchor carol costello for mocking bristol palin's account of a physical assault. listen to this. >> i'm just going to come right out and say it. this is quite possibly the best minute and a half of audio we've ever come across in a long time anyway. a massive brawl in anchorage alaska involving sarah palin's kids and her husband. it was sparked after someone pushed one of her daughters at a party. that's what bristol palin told police in an interview after the incident. now police have released audio of that interview. it does include rather colorful language from bristol. here now with bristol's recollection of how that night unfolded, so sit back and enjoy. >> gosh, how personally aggressive can you get? >> and not only that, this is supposedly -- carol costello is not a political contributor, she is a news anchor at cnn. talk about letting your opinion show through.
4:40 am
this was classless and not only did it win the classless award, this particular quote won the quote of the year award out of everything that we looked at for being really the worst show of media bias that was out there. >> just leaves a bad taste in everybody's mouth even watching that. the next one is the twisted tweets award and the recipient is politico's chief political columnist roger simon, mocking the governor when he said rick perry sending 1,000 national guard troops to the border to shoot small children. could make good headlines in russia. your thoughts? >> yeah. i'm actually from texas. i went to the border. what governor perry was doing was trying to secure the border which president obama would not do. this is not about shooting anybody. it's about securing the border. that was a really very much so in poor taste. >> he did that because the president and his team were not doing it. securing the border is something very important. >> he took that so seriously. genevieve, we thank you for joining us. >> thank you all. happy new year.
4:41 am
>> happy new year. >> this coming up, she's up with of the hottest stars in hollywood, but sofia vergara off the market. the man who popped the question a fox fox friend. >> time to break out the bubbly. how to not break the budget. first your trivia question of the day. born on this day in 1984, this basketball star is also part owner in the soccer team liverpool. who is he? be the first to e-mail us with the correct answer and we have a present for you. >> some bubbly. ♪ ♪
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welcome back. entertainment headlines for you. she warned us that she was a fighter.
4:45 am
♪ ♪ >> former mickey mouse club member christina aguilera threatened mickey mouse. she was told she had to get a picture with him because he was going on break. the singer was there celebrating her 34th birthday. >> how every kid feels. hearts breaking everywhere now that the world's hottest couple is getting married. sofia vergara and our friend joe are engaged. look at that. >> look at that. the magic mike star popped the question on christmas day. after six months, sophia posted this picture of them on vacation in hawaii. if you look closely, you can see her new diamond ring. in may she broke off the two-year engagement. better hands now. >> she was asked in an interview if she would wear make-up for the rest of her life or skinny. she said i would cover it on my
4:46 am
face and for the rest of my life. she looks great. >> she always looks great. >> congratulations. >> congratulations to them. >> reason to celebrate, of course. no matter how you plan on ringing in the new year one thing is for sure, you'll need champagne to do it. right, senator? >> whether you're on a budget or you want to break out the big bucks, we have the perfect champagne for you. it's nice to learn about the different option. >> here to main champagne experts. >> happy new year. >> the greatest job in the world. you brattice variety here with ones quite affordable and move up to the most pricey. >> champagne is a must have for any new year's eve celebration. between sparkling and champagne, there is something in every price point. first let's start with chandon. a terrific sparkling wine from california. these limited edition bottles are a fun and festive way to get the party started. twenty-two dollars. affordable choice.
4:47 am
>> next, this is the world's most loved champagne. >> moet chandon. i think a lot of people will be popping bottles of this. this is $40. this is $45. the yellow label. they are known for their pinot noir. >> can i try to pull the foil off of this? show me the right way. i'll pull the foil off when we get down the line. >> next up is this one, the oldest champagne house in the world founded in 1729. known for their expertise in chardonnay. 100% chardonnay, $70. >> here is the bad boy. >> moving up. >> you are looking to ring in 2015 in a major way dom perignom is for you. the grapes are from the year 2004.
4:48 am
the ultimate way to celebrate. last but not least is krug. that's the world's highest rated champagne at $180. definitely a special way. >> what's so great? >> it's a blend of vintages. all of the wines that go into that bottle are up to 17 years old. >> so it's about the combination. >> what are you doing? >> put your thumb on. >> what's the secret here? >> put your thumb on, foil off first. six turns. >> what is that called? >> the cage. so six turns. then you keep your thumb on and slowly hold your hand at the bottom. and slowly twist. and bend. you get a great pop. >> i never popped before. now i know how. >> isn't that so easy? it's really very easy.
4:49 am
>> here is to you. happy new year. >> happy new year. >> all of these great options -- >> what about the people that tonight want to do alcohol? what's a nice alternative? >> there is sparkling cider. nonalcoholic options that are great. >> that's always an option of the be safe. >> absolutely. >> enjoy responsibly. >> thank you so much. happy new year. >> happy new year. >> my pleasure. >> cheers. coming up, what better way to ring in the new year than with a new job? how about getting paid to take a road trip? cheryl casone can make it happen and she's up next. first on this day in 1974 elton john had the number one song in america "lucy in the sky with diamonds." ♪ ♪ introducing the new philips norelco shaver series 9000 with contour detect technology that flexes in 8 directions for the perfect shave at any angle. go to to save up to $40.
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innovation and you. philips norelco.
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4:53 am
the answer to the "fox & friends" trivia question of the day is lebron james and the winner is ryan from clovis, new mexico. y'all get a copy of brian's new book "george washington's secret six." whether you're searching for work or i couldn't new year's resolution is land a new gig, 2015 may be the year for you. cheryl casone from our sister network, fox business, is here with the top jobs of 2015. >> i'm the only sober person in the city this -- studio this morning. >> this will be fun. >> absolutely. >> so new year, everyone wants to reset think about where they're going and obviously maybe get landing that gig after the holidays when everything is shut down. what's on the top of the list? >> for those of you that are just getting out of college maybe or those that are in a career that you tonight like right now, you want to too something different, the top job for 2015 is going to be registered nurse. and the way that career builder built this out and did the survey was they looked and said how many jobs are posted versus
4:54 am
how many jobs are taken? and we need nurses like i've never seen. >> rural america, you see new hospitals popping up all the time. >> baby boom generation, yeah. 103,000 jobs for 2014. 5% growth in the last four years. that's the top one. >> something near and dear to my heart. i have a lot of friends in this business, web development and design. >> let's get them hired because there is a lot of companies that need them right now especially small companies. look this is design and create web sites. sounds simple. it's not. it's complicated type of job. and it pays really well. look at the growth over the last four years. 17% growth in this industry. that's amazing. >> when you start your shopping experience, whether it's real estate or you're going to go buy some pet toys you start online before you go to the physical store. >> exactly. >> if you're a small business and don't have a web site, you probably need one. >> 28 bucks an hour. this next one you'll love, especially if you're not in -- down in the south. heavy tractor-trailer drivers. big opportunities now.
4:55 am
9% job growth. 18.37 an hour. no degree needed. a lot of times most of the jobs do need education. this one not so much. >> why did you say the south? >> energy industry. fracking oil. >> nice. third on your list, i'm surprised to see this on here. you think we have enough of these people. >> bankers? come on. >> i think wall street is doing pretty well financially. they need more of them. >> this is like if you're looking at a company's financial statements. are their books squared away? think almost an accountant type of position. that's always a top job for me every year. but for financial analysts, $37 and change per hour. most of these jobs have great benefits and the growth has been exponential. we got to make sure companies are doing things right. make sure the books are right. >> all of the new tax regulation this is year, there are so many new tax regulation you need a tax accountant on top of the regulations. best to hire a financial
4:56 am
analyst. health educator? >> so it's strategies to improve the health of individuals communities, working in hospitals. here we go again. this is going to be a lot of jobs in health care. not just regular health care, but health care technology. 21% growth over the last four years. twenty-three dollars an hour is the average. again, think about the expansion of the health care industry, whether you agree with obamacare or not those jobs are being created. that's the side of it. >> cheryl casone from the "fox business" network always great to see you. you don't have it in your area or you want to find it, go to fox.. com/channelfinder to find cheryl. happy new year. >> happy new year. >> thanks so much. coming up, newsweek wasting no time bashing christians in the new year. their first cover story of 2015 targeting people they call, quote, god's fraud. your comments pouring in on this one. and it was supposed to be the best day of their life until it got in the way of the president's plans to play golf. they had to switch a few things
4:57 am
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good morning. it is tuesday, december 30. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert. a devastating discovery just confirmed. the debris and bodies found overnight is indeed from the missing air asia plane. families of those victims just finding out their worst fears have come true. we are live with the breaking developments there. and newsweek is back in business and it's their first cover of the new year, attacking the bible. it calls america's christians god's frauds. >> this is an open attack upon christianity. this wasn't balanced in any sense. this was just an open attack from beginning to end. >> coming up, we are reading your e-mails. senator? >> this takes unnecessary roughness to a whole new level.
5:01 am
this college football team assistant caught on camera hitting a player from the opposing team. not once, but twice. you kidding me? mornings are better with friends. welcome. >> hi, everybody. i'm huey lewis, stand by for the news. >> i like a guy that can amuse himself. i love him. and senator scott brown nice to see think morning. >> great to be here. >> last hour, i can't believe it. it's been flying by. i had my juice box. you guys were nice to get me another juice box. thank you very much. and you're on your tenth cup of coffee. >> my third doughnut. all those people at the gym, they're jealous because we're eating so many jealous. >> they saw the senator feeding me a doughnut this morning. >> it was a highlight. >> almost a bromance. >> thanks for being here. >> clayton, always great to be with you and at home great to have your company. we'll get first to that fox news alert. air asia is confirming bodies
5:02 am
and debris found in the java sea are in fact from missing flight 8501. the plane vanishing enroute from indonesia to singapore on sunday with 162 people on board. >> let's get o david piper live in thailand with the very latest search efforts there. good morning, or good evening, david. >> reporter: good morning to you all. the indonesian navy has confirmed that it's brought 40 bodies back from the ocean now and they expect many more in the coming hours. also air indonesia has confirmed that objects recovered from the sea do come from the missing jet. these pictures just released show parts of the plane. one appears to be an airplane exit door. it's reported to be red and white. the same colors of the missing airbus. another picture seems to show an inflatable escape slide. and another a life jacket. one official was quoted as saying the bodies recovered didn't have life jackets on.
5:03 am
it's also now being reported a search plane sighted a shadow in the water, which could be the remains of the plane. divers are now at that location. the air and sea search has been focusing on an area about halfway into the flight of the air asia indonesian jet. it was flying to singapore sunday morning local time when it lost contact with indonesian air traffic control. ships are steaming toward the crash site and the u.s. navy ship uss samson, has joined the recovery effort. families waiting for news were left heart broken when it was reported that wreckage had been found. tony fernandez says the first priority is the well-being of the family members of those on board. meanwhile, another air asia plane also today in trouble overshooting a runway in the philippines. back to you guys. >> bad news. more bad news from there. david piper live for us where it's nighttime there now.
5:04 am
>> thank you. we are going to move to lea gabriel who has even more breaking news at this hour. >> i sure do. good morning. let's get right to that. breaking this hour, there are reports of armed men on board a cargo ship off the coast of greece. it was carrying hundreds of illegal immigrants and some outlets reporting the immigrants seized the ship. the distress call came in from a passenger a short time ago. the greek coast guard sent two boats and a greek navy helicopter to that area. and check this out. terrifying moments when passengers see this out of their window. looks like it could be -- flames shooting out. moments after takeoff from philadelphia airport. the jet immediately made an emergency landing. a stalled engine believed to be to blame. and new overnight, congressman michael grimm stepping down. this one week after admit to go tax evasion.
5:05 am
in a statement, he says quote after much thought and prayer, i have made the very difficult decision to step down from congress effective january 5. this is a turn around from last week when grimm claimed he had no plans to leave his post representing new york's 13th district. under a plea agreement, grimm could face up to three years in federal prison and sentencing is set for june 8. and a military couple forced to relocate her dream wedding because the president wanted to hit the lynx. army captains natalie and edward invited president obama to their hawaii wedding which was at military golf course and they did it 'cause they knew he was in the area. what they didn't know is that they would be kicked off the course so he could play golf. the couple was told to move their ceremony just 24 hours before the wedding. the white house says it had no idea that the president's golf game would force the we had to go relocate. course officials made the decision on their own. president obama did surprise the newlyweds with a personal phone call to apologize and their
5:06 am
relatives say that call made their day. those are your >> thank you. he's holding the phone during that. see the photographer capturing the moment. >> giving the president the commander in chief a mulligan. >> and picture this, you have two captains about to get married and the commander in chief basically says, hey, we're playing through. is that okay? what are they going to say? of course. first of all the advance team knows about these things. i personally think it was inconsiderate. the fact that he called, what else are you going to do? i'm thankful he did that. maybe he should do that with congress. >> that's not going to happen because if you look at 2015 in a new interview, npr released it steve inski talked about the way he's going to use his pen in 2015 now that republicans control congress, he's ready to start vetoing things. >> republicans haven't even been sworn in yet. most people looking to 2015 having the ball dropped.
5:07 am
we're talk being having a pen dropped on the veto. >> i like your puns. >> so does that mean did he not get the message? 'cause after the election, he said i hear you. i hear you. he apparently has not heard the american people 'cause it was a resounding election. it was a major shift in american politics. >> what happened, because there was talk briefly about unifying issues getting people to work together. when you hear this, have you been there your -- having been there yourself. when you hear this, it seems more like a move to divide. >> this from the president when i was there three years, the president was detached, didn't reach out to his own party let alone the republican party. creates a dysfunction. that's part of the problem. they don't communicate. they don't socialize. they don't like each other. they don't talk to each other. i'm hopeful with the new members, they'll have a big difference. >> what about the road map? charles krauthammer was spot on in that he was saying look republicans need to start passing bills. get them through and force the president's hand. force him to start using that ball point pen to veto because it shows the american people republicans are getting things done.
5:08 am
>> that ball point pen might drop. >> as we pointed out, there is 400 bills on harry reid's desk right now. done very little legislating. we need to move in our country's interest forward. right now they're putting this petty personal partisan interest first. not our country's interest. 'cause we're still in trouble. don't forget, we have obamacare coming in after the election. the full implementation. more and more businesses saying okay, what are our tax going to be? what's happening with obamacare? what are energy costs going to be? going to continue to see that down slide. >> how frustrating. you see harry reid's desk, so much there piling up. someone saying near malpractice at this point. >> listen, he is one of the most vindictive guys there. i think he'll go down as one of the worst majority leaders in our country. i'm hopeful mitch mcconnell gets it. he will hopefully unite the party. i think that's important, to unite the republican party and then try to work with good democrats who care about putting our country's interest first. it's time. >> you're fired up about this. our viewers.
5:09 am
but i think our facebook page exploded this morning when they saw this newsweek cover. the it's back. >> don't buy it. >> we thought it was gone and it's back. here t their new cover called the bible. when they say this, they fall on their knees, referring to christians. worshiping at the base of granite monuments to the ten commandments while demanding prayer in school. they appeal to god to save america from their political opponents, mostly democrats. they gather in football stadiums by the thousands to pray for the country's salvation. they are god's frauds, cafeteria christian. >> kind of jumping on the band wagon of attack of christianity. knowing full well that the bible is the number one selling book across the globe over the years of all time. so perhaps sort of instigating a little fire from christians there in defense. we spoke with president of the southern baptist theological seminary. this person that newsweek in the past and other industries have gone to to seek his wisdom and actually get a balanced evaluation of the bible
5:10 am
especially when putting forth theological articles such as this. this is what he had to say. >> from the opening shot this is an open attack upon christianity. it's just an ignorance of the facts. there is an openly false claim made in that article. when the news magazine used to do things like this, they used to have both voices. they would have people representing historic christianity and people representing theological liberalism. not here. this wasn't balanced in any sense. this was just an open attack, from beginning to end. one of the most interesting things about this is it shows the bible still matters. it matters so much that someone would choose this kind of venue to attack it in such an open way and those who christians know it is indeed the word of god. >> don't buy the magazine. i'm going to go buy the bible and reread it. and here we go dividing people again. dividing people over religion. allowing them to practice their faith is obviously one of the most powerful guarantees in our constitution. i find that hypocritical.
5:11 am
>> and this is how they sell magazines. newsweek, when they're trying to resurrect themselves, they come back and come back and putting all these salacious covers -- >> resurrect. >> they don't get anywhere. >> amen to that. ray e-mailed this, what a weak attempt at journalism can be called jumpism at that. don't newsweek wish they sold as many copies as the bible sells every year? >> and jenny says why is it politically correct to attack christianity and the bible when if the same attacks occurred against other religions heads would roll? >> and on twitter newsweek wants to be relevant in the worst way. with this cover, that's exactly how they're going about it, in the way. >> go to our facebook page and you can weigh in on that. >> as you're fired up for sure. we all saw what happened when president obama tried to reset relations with russia. yeah, didn't go so well. is that what he's trying to play tough guy now? is it why he's playing tough goo
5:12 am
i? why our commander in chief is being so tied up in abusive relationships with our enemies has us all spinning in our heads. want to collect your pension before you retire? get a job with the federal government. that's how you do it. ♪ ♪
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5:16 am
just a couple weeks ago, president obama announcing he's normalizing u.s. relations with cuba. now in an interview with npr the president saying he'll never, quote, never say never again. to a u.s. embassy in tehran. is this how the president should be handling our enemies? lieutenant colonel ralph peters joins us now. it's good to see you. good to hear your opinion on this issue. what do you think? should iran still be a terrorist nation deemed that way by the president or should we start normalizing relationships as the president is trying to do? >> well, certainly obama loves his enemies. this is a guy, a president with an incredibly bad tragic, strategic dating history.
5:17 am
he started off, wanted to date the islamic extremists, the islamist fundamentalists with his cairo speech, et cetera. that didn't work out. then he lavishes gifts on karzai's ignores his infidelities. that doesn't work out. then he gives it up for putin and putin uses him and dumps him. now he wants to romance the castros in cuba and iran. he just lurchs from one abusive relationship to another. of course it is. his policies or what passes for policies senator it's tragic because on one hand he's letting iran talk us to death while iran continues to pursue nuclear weapons. iran is on the ground in iraq. the way we're approaching islamic state which must be fought. but the way we're structuring our response is going to hand iran an empire and iraq all wait to mediterranean.
5:18 am
you had to work really hard to get it this wrong. >> colonel, let me interrupt for a minute and read a quote by the president. you'll recall that three or four months ago everybody in washington was convinced that president putin was genius and had outmaneuvered all of us and he had bullied and strategized his way into expanding russian power today. i sense that at least outside russia, maybe some people are thinking what putin did wasn't so smart. what do you think about that? >> obama shouldn't take a victory lap on this one just yet. >> especially when it's happening with ukraine, with crimea. >> right. you know also tom friedman should sue for plagiarism because obama lifted his lines. but look putin is going to be the head of state in russia long after obama has been consigned to the ash heap of history. putin is suffering a setback, but he's not a washington milk toast who just quits. he's in this for the long-term
5:19 am
and if you follow the russian media, he's created an alternative reality for the russian people. he is sort of al sharpton with nukes, creating this cult of victimhood, victimhood for the russian people. and today there was an old retired russian foreign policy advisor declaring in one of their main papers that americans want to put russians on indian reservations. he doesn't understand putin. he doesn't understand russians. we shouldn't be surprised because president obama, unfortunately, also doesn't understand the american people. >> colonel, thank you for your service obviously and thank you for your time. colonel peters, we'll hopefully speak to you again. coming up, this is what happens when the mayor of new york city doesn't support the police. they stop making arrests. the staggering new numbers just released next. and the four new breeds of dogs you've never heard of before. i saw them back stage.
5:20 am
they're cute as ever and should be a lot of fun. ♪ ♪
5:21 am
♪ with the incredible fuel efficiency of 38 miles-per-gallon highway
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23 minutes past the hour. time for news by the numbers. first, 1.6 million. that's how many people are on food stamps in michigan. that's more than the number of public school students in the entire state. next, $42 per call. that's how much it costs taxpayers every time the phone is answered at an irs call center. good luck getting it answered. from a new government report which also shows callers waited on hold an average of 20 minutes nine. that's how many new york city state lawmakers will be able to double dip on the taxpayers dime. a legal loophole allows them to collect thousands in retirement payments while they're still in office. what better way to bring in the new year than with a new
5:24 am
furry friend. four will be recognized starting january 1. that's good news. and we have them here with us today. joining us now is gina, vice president of the american kennel club. good morning. it's official. >> it's official. >> we're going to start with the spanish water dog. i did not realize this was not a recognized breed. >> they're older breeds. but because they weren't the numbers necessary in the country, they weren't registered with the american kennel club yet. >> hard work intelligent lively? >> that's accurate. webbed feet great in the water. very friendly. >> that looks like yarn. >> this is a accorded breed. it cords as they begin to get older. while it looks like it would be a really hard coat to maintain, it's not because once it starts to cord it stays like this. and it insulates them from the cold and also thermal regulates them from the heat. so it's a really easy coat to maintain once it gets to this
5:25 am
length. >> she's a sweet doggy. >> next up a hunter that works by scent like me. >> so we have a hound dog. this is from mount etna in italy. it's a hound dog and they hunt by sight and scent. agile, quick. a little aloof with strangers. super gentle. obviously easy to care for the coat. they're bred to have enormous amounts of energy and endurance 'cause they hunted out in the heat of the volume kays around mount etna. >> next up, we have an athletic real people pleaser of a dog. >> italian breed, an ancient ancient breed and a herder. >> this is my new running buddy. >> why does it take so long for them to recognize if they're ancient? >> the american kennel club wants to make sure there is a certain number of them in the country. there is a group of people dedicated to preserving the breed. there is a national breed club.
5:26 am
so once you get an organized group of people and dogs in the country and you can sustain a healthy gene pool, then they get registered. >> can you tell who the puppy is? >> months old. >> his hair will look like this in how many months? >> it starts to cord at about a year and then takes about five years for the cords to get all the way down to the ground like that. >> from energetic to strong. >> this is harley. >> this is also a very old dog from south africa. farm dog. >> is that who was talking earlier? >> yes. this is an aloof breed very protective of their owners. naturally loving and great with their families. but because of their size and their strength maybe not the first time dog owner breed. they have to be very well socialized. not because they're not wonderful and gentle, but because they're protective. >> is it aggressively protective?
5:27 am
>> they're naturally protective? >> like pit bull protective. >> like a german shepherd. just naturally protective of the people they love. >> she is sweet and you have family. so adorable. >> we have children and she's great with them. >> unbelievable. lovely to see them. my daughter is at vet school, so we get it. thanks for coming in. coming up, this takes unnecessary rough tons a new level. a coach hitting a player from the opposing team, not once, but twice. >> throw the nag on that. and it's been a new year's tradition for a decade. but this year it's getting slashed because it might mean owe possum. >> you're going to hurt their feelings. ♪ ♪
5:28 am
you don't think much about it... you never dwell on how it was made... it's just a blanket after all... but when everything else has been lost, the comfort it provides is immeasurable. the america red cross brings hope and help to people in need every 8 minutes every day. so this season give something that means something. support us at
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a fox news alert. air asia confirming bodies and debris found in the java sea are indeed from missing flight 8501. new video just in of?xáhat wreckage. but the plane's black boxes are still missing. the plane vanished enroute from indonesia to singapore on sunday with 162 people on board. >> the u.s. now reportedly sending a second navy ship to join the uss samson in the recovery effort. >> this morning another incident involving air asia. this time a plane packed with people overshooting the runway at an airport in the philippines. look at this. pictures show the plane's tail sticking high in the air as passenger high school to escape. so far no injuries have been reported. we're still getting details on that. >> our hearts breaking for the families there. 18 children, one of them an
5:32 am
infant. >> the difference between this tragedy and the prior tragedy that the plane still hasn't been found is i think the transparency of the fact that the president of the company came out yesterday, immediately addressed everybody. everyone seems to have coalesced, worked together, lot of good information coming out. unfortunately, a very sad result. >> and called on the united states quickly for help. so there is nations coming in when everyone else was asking last time, they said no. >> i think it's been a huge improvement. >> that's right. we have a lot happening this morning. lea gabriel has more of what's going on. in the air space you know it well. >> i sure do. >> it's a busy place. >> lots going on right now. check this out, crying passengers brace for the worst when the plane's landing gear doesn't work. >> you must stay in the brace position until the aircraft stops completely. >> you can see the flight attendant showing passengers the brace position. the virgin flight heading to
5:33 am
vegas circled in the air for four hours, dumping fuel before making a bumpy but safe landing in london. you can see the plane's top wheel stuck. they say a technical glitch is to blame for that. and just a day after being boo'd and heckled at nypd graduation ceremony, new york mayor bill debasie will meet with the police unions. this emergency meeting with all five heads of unions reportedly set up by commissioner bill bratton. it comes as the crime -- dramatic drop in arrest following the execution of two nypd officers. the "new york post" saying arrests plummeted 66% as cops lose morale and fear for their own lives. and the liberty bowl making the highlight reel for the wrong reason this morning. a student assistant from texas a & m was caught on camera hitting two opposing players on the sidelines. the head coach ordered that assistant to spend the rest of the game in the locker room. the school says further action
5:34 am
could still be taken. a long-standing new year's eve tradition getting scrapped because while it might be mean to possums. >> three two one! happy new year! >> people in brass town, north carolina, have been ringing in the new year with a possum drop for decades. this year is being canceled because peta complained that the possums might not like the bright lights and the noise. a judge ruled the organizer could still use a live possum if they got a permit. at this point, it's just too late. did you see the possum's little face there? >> how did they know they don't like it? that's their momen >> they like bright lights. >> moment to shine. you can always see their light. >> now their party is crushed. >> let's check in with our possum expert. she's outside. good morning. >> good morning. those possums are really going
5:35 am
to need to bundle up because it is getting cold. currently in new york city, 30 degrees. we have a great crowd here behind us. everybody is enjoying the weather. not bad, especially for this time of year across parts of the northeast. it is going to be getting a lot colder out there. take a look at some of the areas farther west. across parts of the plains, parts of the rockies. that's what we have some of the arctic air that's going to continue to spread eastward and southward over the next several days. right now current temperature in minneapolis, 6 degrees below zero. 9 below zero in rapid city. you factor in a little bit of a wind and those windchill temperatures are a lot colder n. denver, it feels like 21 below zero. over the next few days, that cold air will continue to expand. by thursday morning, temperatures in places like new york city are going to be in the 20s. raleigh, north carolina, also going to be in the 20s. we do have an area of low pressure that we're tracking across parts of the rockies. the number of winter weather advisories and winter storm watches and warnings have been
5:36 am
issued across some of the higher elevations. those areas could see more than a foot of snow. locally, on the lower elevation a bit of a wintery mix. it will be a messy commute for many of you out there. and also for those of you celebrating new year's day or new year's eve, it will be tricky on the roadways. be safe. let's head back inside. >> thanks. thank you. a nationwide epidemic. this year's flu virus killing children in three different states and the vaccine isn't working on this strain of the flu. >> wdas kathy quinn live at the university of kansas medical center in kansas city. what is the latest there? this is not good news obviously so unfortunate for those families of those children. >> reporter: oh, absolutely. possibly 15 children in 22 states have died from this strain of flu here at the university of kansas medical center. we've got 25 people hospitalized right now with the flu and another 18 folks with possible symptoms of the flu.
5:37 am
just over the weekend, we had a 37-year-old woman die. but when you take a look, the elderly that are dying from it and the children there have been three in tennessee three in minnesota, three in texas and lots of elderly folks as well. the reason you mentioned about the vaccine, apparently what we understand is this h 3 n 2 strain this type a it's resistant to the vaccine. that's because three or four months ago when they were compounding and manufacturing this particular vaccine, it has changed genetically, the strain. so the type a strain, it's kind of only 50% effective. that's the point. now, they do say the experts and the doctors here say that most people who do die from the flu, they do not have any sort of vaccination. so they say you need to get out there, even though it's 50% effective, get that flu shot. back to you guys in the studio. >> thank you. >> would do you it?
5:38 am
50/50? red, black odd, even. >> i never did. then i just got them the past few years because the kids get them and i feel if you're not going to get them -- >> if you knew there was a shot 50% that you'd be protected, at least half, what would you do? you would kind of want to take whatever protection you could. >> then you get sick a few days later or, i don't know. i hate shots. >> this story is not making nip feel better. >> let's hear your thoughts. coming up, you thought dealing with the dmv was bad? there are some companies that rank even worse on the customer service list. that's next. and what are your kids learning at school? that ronald reagan is a sexist and conservatives are all lazy? it gets worse. ♪ ♪
5:39 am
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welcome back. we have consumer headlines for you now. at mobil and at & t customers. the companies may owe you money. the fcc negotiated a new settlement over quote mobile cramming on your cell bill. reimbursements will not be automatic. so check their web sites for details. the most unpopular company in america is time warner cable. the university of michigan's american consumer satisfaction index gave it 54 out of 100. part of the reason was those rising cable bills, of course. coming in second and third comcast and united airlines. you come in first in my book. that's clayton. >> so sweet. thank you. bias alert. 2014 saw some of the craziest stories on college campuses
5:43 am
where conservatives seemed to be the main target. joining us with his review list is the editor and chief of campus reform caleb. great to see you again. >> good morning. >> so what was the criteria for putting this list together? >> the leadership institute campus reform has had a busy year compiling all the instances of liberal ridiculousness on campus, whether it's bias and abuse, professors going crazy in these undercover videos of their rants, or textbooks that are absolutely not factual. so we compile a list of the craziest stories. >> let's get to number one here on your list. ronald reagan. tell us about this one. what happened? >> university of south carolina in a social work class not a political science class was teaching these kids that ronald reagan was a sexist who never appointed women to any positions of policy making or positions of power, that he wanted them to be in primarily domestic functions, which is not true at all. ronald reagan appointed sandra
5:44 am
day o'conner not to the food court, but to the supreme court. he appointed over 1400 women to top policy making positions. and it was a pretty surprising instance of bias in a textbook for students who really honestly aren't politically minded, don't know any better. >> unbelievable. elizabeth dole on that list. next on your list california. what happened in california? a lot of crazy stories from there. >> yeah. all the time. you're seeing the california state university system took the intervarsity fellowship a christian ministry and because of antidiscrimination laws told -- they took their campus ministry and said, you're derecognized. we no longer recognize you. why? because the intervarsity had the audacity to believe their leaders should have the same faith. they don't want an atheist
5:45 am
running their groups. but they derecognized them because of antidiscrimination policies, which flies in the face of what this country stands for. >> here is something else that flies in the face. unfolded on a university campus, threatening students for passing out the constitution to other students. >> yes. the threatening students at southern oregon university who were passing out the constitution. these students were a little concerned walking past these kids with these constitutions. they were intimidated. but then the administrators came out and forced them to move, or intimidated them to move because they weren't in -- 1% of the campus designated free speech zones. they've been ruled to be unconstitutional by several federal courts, but one in six universities still have free speech zones. >> what was the update on this story? they were told, these free speech zones basically illegals. so they're holding out the
5:46 am
constitution which would enable people to have free speech in the first place and being told they can't do it? >> like i said, they didn't actually reprimand the students. i think a lot of that is due to the coverage of the national media because the university realized how crazy it is to do that to students. here is the bigger problem clayton, when you take look at a professor who gets up in front of his class and bashes conservatives, or a textbook that's claiming ronald reagan is sexist, the university will defend that because they claim that's free speech that that is academic freedom. they will go to bat for those professors. but when a student goes out on campus and tries to pass out the constitution, they threaten disciplinary action. and that is double minded policies that the universities have and they need to get rid of them and allow for free speech and academic freedom. >> always great to see you. i have a prediction we'll have you back next year i have a feeling we'll have more hidden camera videos. there will be a lot more that you will be reporting next year. >> got to get the lapel pin
5:47 am
cameras. happy new year. >> thanks. over to elisabeth and scott. what's coming up? >> thanks. we have been honored to be able to spend time with our friend, senator scott brown over the past two days. before he heads home, we have a big surprise. a huge one from one of his friends. stay tuned. you don't want to miss it. we'll see who that is behind that curtain. >> i have no clue. ♪ ♪
5:48 am
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5:50 am
well, he has been co-hosting for the last two days. so we couldn't let him leave without some sort of a surprise.
5:51 am
joining us now, senator scott brown's wife, gail, and oldest daughter. >> oh, my goodness. wow. this is a surprise. >> great job with everything. >> she's going to play. absolutely. >> come on in. >> do you have any idea? >> zero. >> i talked to her a couple hours ago. >> i brought the second guitar for scott because i know how much you want to do play the guitar. >> again. >> he's been rocking out. >> no pressure. these guys have been playing great music. i can't believe you're here. >> i came in last night and stayed at the same hotel as them and they had no idea. i was like, you got to hide we're coming back.
5:52 am
>> that was going on. i talked to ayla, i said am i in trouble? >> am i in trouble. you know what was sweet, your dad was telling us how he picked up the guitar because he liked how the two of you would bond over hoops and break into gyms and play basketball. >> illegal activities. >> but he picked up the guitar because he wanted something to bond with you over. >> yeah. >> now you play together. what does that mean to you that he would learn that for you? >> it's an honor honestly, to have my dad back in a way. it's something that we can do. when i come home -- it's true. when i come home, he has a new song that he's learned that he wants to show me on the guitar and it's very very sweet. >> very loud. >> yes. i've had him come up on some of my shows and reform and now it's get to go the point where every show i have, is daddy going to play?
5:53 am
>> yeah. >> before we get to the guitar we got to get back story on the love. 28 years. >> 30 years. >> 30 years. >> married for 28. >> wow. 2800. >> you retired broadcast journalist. >> i'm not retired. i'm just taking a break. >> there you go. she's available, everybody. >> not between. >> no, no. >> media bias can stop right now. >> tell us about this picture. i also want to hear about the proposal. >> that's a cute one. >> who proposed to who? >> i proposed to scott. i got downen my knee in the middle of a two-way highway and asked if he would marry me. he's like, get up, get up. i said no, no. not until you marry me. this is in providence, rhode island. construction workers are going, marry her, marry her. he's going, get out of the road. >> i felt bad. >> finally he said, i'll marry you just to get you out. >> no. >> it was the best decision you ever made.
5:54 am
>> obviously long career in television. any kind of pointers and tips did you give this guy? >> so when he got home yesterday, i started out very slowly to say, you have a very nice smile. i started with that. and then through the day, we worked in the other issues. >> he did good today. >> over the course of eight hours, they generally say i don't stink anymore. >> you got some tips. ariana is not here. she's a hard worker. >> she's doing the overnight shift as a student, working at the cornell veterinary hospital. quite an honor for her first year. she's loving it. she would have loved this segment. >> i called her and said, can you get to new york, please? she said, i'm looking the midnight shift. i'll ask my boss and then goes, it's just too late notice. that would have been a great surprise to have all of us here. >> can we get to you play a song? can you jam out a little bit? >> here we go. >> what would you play?
5:55 am
>> we're going to do one off of my album called "pride of america." >> okay. are you left handed? >> we're all left handed. >> you're left handed but play right. >> it's been weird. what are we playing? >> "right of america." >> hello. here we go. ready. >> one, two, three, four. ♪ ♪ ♪ when a teenage boy working double shift ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:56 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> we got a crowd outside. >> we do. >> more "fox & friends" coming your way. ♪ ♪
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>> reports of a ship with hundreds of people on board in distress off the greek island. there are an estimated 600 migrants on board. one of them is believed to have made the distress call. this is happening two days after a greek passenger ferry caught fire with 10 people on board in the same area. a grim discovery in the search for


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