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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  December 31, 2014 12:00am-1:01am PST

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secret. tune in tomorrow night for the all-american new year right here on the fox news channel. i will be hess hosting the festivities. fun starts here at 9:00. go all the way past midn tonight on a special "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye." alec baldwin caught on tape harassing an innocent lawn decoration. our panel has tips on how to protect your stuffed santa this holiday season. and did the bidens send out copies of greg gutfeld's book "not cool" on their christmas list. >> we made a big mistake and we will make sure it doesn't happen again. we will let the whole world know. >> and finally, a game of fetch goes horribly wrong for an unsuspecting oven. we will investigate new claims it was an inside job and that the tenant balm was in on it.
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>> i want everybody to know that the dog is dead. no, he is fine. i really don't know what happened to the dog. we wouldn't have rolled that tape if the dog was hurt. maybe. >> yes we would have. >> let's welcome our guests. orried she willy evaporate from being so damn hot. i am here with leah gabriel former navy fighter pilot and intelligence operator. she is so sweet she rots your teeth and then gives you a migraine. it is joanne mow saw chin ski. and he is more sour than a lemon drop. it is tv's andy levey. i will probably be busy this year so i will just pay someone to do my taxes. i think i used that one already. next to me eric metaxas. what they are and how they can change your life. the only miracle i know is how gorgeous eric really is in person.
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>> a block. the lede. that's the first story. >> can we counterattack the hack? the obama administration whatever that is considers the assault on sony to be a serious national security matter and considering a response. perhaps a strongly worded letter from valerie jarret will do. while u.s. officials have determined north korea is to blame, the white house is not ready to accuse the communist paradise. in the wake of sony cancelling the movie's release mitt romney tweeted sony pictures don't cave, fight. release the -- "the interview." this is why he would have been a great president. "red eye" fave had harsh words for north korea on cnn. >> north korea declared war on our first amendment. they have won the first
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victory. this is pearl harbor on our media. >> comparing the victimization to pearl harbor is a new one on me but so be it. i love you allen. some theaters denounce plans to show "team america" instead, but sadly paramount pictures ordered them not to. in its place they will show a kim jong-un approved film called "turtles helping turtles." ♪ >> if only humans could be like turtles you know? we are in a way. >> they can. why? >> before you knew me i had a
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caratase. i had it removed. would this be a good time to plug my book? >> no. >> in that case, can i tell you how i feel about the whole sony thing? absolutely. >> and i will not mention my book miracles. the fact that they caved in -- the fact that they caved in on this is actually to me very disturbing. usually liberals in the artist community go on and on about sensorship and how they can express themselves. here you have a case where they said, sorry, we will not let this happen again. of course it encourages people like kim jong-un and you don't want to encourage him to do anything. it also makes the -- it forces us to see that when it it really comes to this kind of stuff they are not really about artistic fray dom. freedom. they caved. >> they make movies about heros.
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it is our mistake to mistake them for heros. >> exactly. >> very good, man. thank you, whatever your name is. leah is this really north korea? you are the intelligence expert. do you think they hired hackers in america? is it a guy in a basement? >> it is hard it to tell. people are saying, and in the intelligence community they say cyber security is a huge problem. the director of national intelligence said this is the greatest threat to our national security is cyber uhing tays. they come from -- cyberattacks. they come from china and iran. a lot of the attacks #r executed in china. it is a big problem. when you look at this, it is pretty unprecedented that a move vea would actually be about killing a sitting world leader. assassinating him and making a joke out of it. the thing is, i think kim jong-un should be flattered. the reason he should be flattered is did you see randal parker? have you seen randal parker? randal parker is a good looking dude.
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this is who was ging to play kim jong-un. he is a good looking, hot fellow. if i was kim jong-un i would be proud of that. >> there are two examples. there was the assassination of george w bush which was a fake documentary that america didn't care about and over a year ago there was a video that north korea made about the annihilation of the united states a nuclear -- i think we may have tape of it here. ♪. >> oddly enough that made the song much better than it is. joanne, president obama said hey, it is safe to go to the movies, but he would say that. he wants us unsafe. >> well, when he is wrong though? i am going to believe him on this.
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we can't live in fear. that's an awful way to live. >> yes. >> and there is a lot that is still unknown which is why i think we do look so weak right now. we are vulnerable and not just to the hacking that went on, but we are now weak for caving to this threat. and the idea of hacking back the eye for an eye, i usually like that idea but it never stops at an eye. it keeps going to other organs and i need both kidneys. >> that is true. look how you have been abusing your liver. it really doesn't -- i mean you have been taking that out and what did your liver do to you? nothing. your liver has been there every single day. >> it has. it has of the -- it has. oh well. >> pearl harbor on the first amendment. >> that's fantastic. i don't know why he picked
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pearl harbor though. just stick with 9/11. that's what we all use now. stick with that. josh ernest or whatever his name sthe white house guy as you said he refused to name north korea, but he did say that they believe that this has been -- this was perpetrated by a serious actor that rules out seth -- seth rogan being behind it. i agree with joanne that we can't live with me -- that we can't live in fear. i am glad sony pulled the movie. it obviously offended north korea. i don't think art should offend people. i think it should be plight and fluffy. if it is not liked by everyone they have no business putting -- >> when i saw "anymore foe
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maniac" i was offended. you were too. >> absolutely. >> but you didn't march with me. did you know they canceled steve corell's movie? >> what was the term you used? a a sovereign nation? did you say the leader of a sovereign state? >> i don't know exactly what i said. >> i want to disagree with it. when they refer to saddam's iraq and much more when they refer to kim jong-un's north korea, i can't take it seriously. it is like john gotti or some pig, some thug rounded up a bunch of people and said we are going to torture them in this warehouse and the warehouse is a sovereign nation and i am the president of the sovereign nation. if the u.n. which is the most lily livered milk toast coward organization in the history of the world, they put out that very strong report against human rights abuses.
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they can't careless about human rights abuses. they put that out. i would say if we can find any excuse to attack north korea it would be no different than saving a kitten from a tree. like you have to do it because it is the right thing to do. >> fair enough. what i probably said was the leader of a world power, north korea whether you like it or not they are considered a power. at the end of the day we are americans. we are talking about -- at the end of the day -- you are not americans. he does write about miracles. we are talking about human life. they are making a joke about taking a human life of a sitting, quote unquote, world leader. take it for what it is but we are americans. >> i agree with you with almost anybody else. kim jong-un is just -- you have to understand that under his regime thousands and thousands, many thousands of people are being tortured as we sit on our rear ends chatting about this.
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>> understood. >> this is a strange debate. >> i will make this point. >> tie in "book miracles." >> it will be a miracle if you let her get her point across. >> my point is i can understand why people in that country don't like it. personally i want to see it. >> people in that country meaning the leaders of the country? >> the leaders of the country and people who don't know who is going on outside the country. >> i am pretending to be brett bear. that was a sin tau lating back and forth. i think hollywood is guilty of being north korean-aphobic. it is terrible. it is like being islamaphobic. i fear a backlash of men in hoodies. >> it is misguided talent.
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>> i end with you. could this all be about -- not about terror, but missing e-mails and they are doing this because they are worried about more e-mails? it is not about theaters being bombed. >> i think it is both. it is the theater chains that said they were not going to show them. then it was not going to be shown anywhere. you are right. this group whatever they are called gop guardians of peace. >> grand old party. >> not in this steat. -- stai. >> i thought it was republican. >> now i don't remember when i was saying. they threatened this christmas christmas -- they said be prepared for more on christmas. i don't think when thisy said that, i don't think they were talking about the threat against the movie theaters. i think it was releasing more stuff they got from sony. and we didn't talk about
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paramount pulling team america. there were a bunch of theaters showing "team america" because they coobt show" the interview" and paramount said you can't. i don't understand it. sean davis said he contacted two reps from paramount and they said, quote, we do not have a comment in response. they don't even have a reason. >> nobody wants to be victimized. that's where it all begins. it is a snowball. it is like a virus of fear. that's my new book virus of fear. it is one in a series of viruses. >> i just want to say from a business perspective they are saying is this the hill we want to die on? movie theaters in general are not safe places. there is no security going in. you are in a dark place with people you don't know. >> i am often there. >> you are there. you can't see the people. there are four entrances and exits. you look at what happened in aurora and from a company
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perspective, this is a bees disetion for them. i am not saying i agree with it it. i am not saying i agree with it at all. but what they are saying is this the h die on? is this the hill we want to die on? this movie, we want to put people in the theater where a lope crazy person -- lone crazy person will shoot people? >> if this was 2002 what would he have said? >> this is not a veterans day parade. it is a silly movie. >> it is a terrible movie. >> obama said go to the movies. george bush said go shopping. >> when george bush said go shopping he was wrong. in this case owe bough -- obama was right. >> i have to disagree. it is unamerican and unchristian to go to the movies on christmas day. >> christmas day? >> who goes to the movies on christmas day? >> well you are jewish, andy. >> i said this is an attack on jews.
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>> you go to the movies to get away from your family or you are pee wee herman. >> i was going to get away from greg gutfeld, but now i know he goes to the movie. >> i don't go to the movies. i won't get into the reason why. our problem with was stroy is all -- our problem with castro is all in the pastro. it is the subject of tonight's -- >> what did you expect? >> who is that strapping fellow? the president announced a plan to de abnormalize relations with cubo. an imprisoned american was set free that included the release of three cubans jailed in the u.s. obama was ending an outdated approach to cuba. the deal was universally embraced. >> trading mr. gross for three convicted criminals sends an
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extremely dangerous precedent. >> this president as to be the worst negotiator we have had. he has betrayed those cubans that have, woulded so hard and sacrificed so much. >> great visions and great ability. great sense of humor to pull this thing off. >> it is hard to argue with billy zane from 1997. >> joanne you have been reporting on cuba gooding junior for quite some time and it makes you an expert on this. what is your take? >> this is a longtime coming. seven months after diplomatic relations were broken off obama was born. that must mean he was brought on this world to solve this problem and to bring peace. trading for three could you bap spies is good news for cuba and it is even better news for our enemies and for terrorists. they just capture one of our
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own and we can do tradesies. >>ed it cruz compared it to the bergdahl trade. >> i am not going to compare those two. i think the president was inspired by the movie you showed turtles helping turtles. i can understand it. i think there is actually a lot more to allen gross. i think they are -- from coming from the intelligence community there is more to this situation than meets the eye. if you look at what we have been doing in cuba. >> the hiv-aids program. >> the rapper program, the ap came out with a story a little while ago and there was an separation where they were trying to influence the young population using rappers. that was 2009 and 2012. allen gross shows up and he is
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there and arrested for bringing in communications qement and things like satellite phones and things to set up common locations. this is a guy who has been around the world places like the middle east iraq afghanistan and i think there may be more to him. if you look at the video of him coming home there is a congressional delegation that meets him. there may be more than meets the eye here. there is the u.s. intelligence asset that was there for 20 years that was released. we still have -- what's her name? anna -- anna montez who was a convicted spy. her picture was all over dia when i was serving there. i will not compare the trade to bergdahl. but there is more -- >> more than meets the eye. >> i don't know if you have ever watched this show but that was way too substantive. there is a lot of good, real information. >> can that go in your book
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"miracles"? is this a good time, greg to plug my book "miracles." >> we have about 30 seconds left. we literally have 30 seconds. >> it is almost predictable. you press a button and he wants to undo everything since 1776. let's get rid of the churchill bust and let's undo king george the third. that is where we are with this presidency. it just seems incredibly predictable. >> i understand the frustration, but there is more than meets the eye. >> i feel like the 53rd year of the embargo is what turned the tide. >> and he is getting ready to leave office. he wants a vacation home in cuba. that's what this is all about. >> we have been off the air for like 10 minutes now. >> no, right now we are going
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to a break. sin tau lating more stuff.
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which movie did he find groovy? the interloper president hussein obama? he tells people magazine that his favorite film is "boyhood." first lady michelle did not make a pick, but she did take time to knock david pincher's okay movie "gone girl" saying quote, i read" gone girl" a couple of summers ago. the book is much better than the movie. that's a knock. i thought the same thing when i saw "garfield, tale of two kitties." they tell the tale of a boy becoming a man.
12:24 am
much like a michael moore bowel movement it took more years to film. here is a scene from "boyhood." i they'd to watch that -- i need to watch that forever. andy, you are a film buff. you like to watch movies in the nude. >> i just like to watch movies that have a lot of buff in them. >> is this one decision that you can't impeach president obama for because it is a marvelous film. >> i don't think it is in the top 79 reasons to impeach him. >> i thought "boyhood" was good. >> you saw it? >> yeah. i don't think it is as good as a lot of critics do. i thought it was overrated. i actually thought "pre destination" that also stars ethan hawk was actually more
12:25 am
interesting. >> interesting. joanne, oftentimes you are asked out on dates and you go to movies. did you see any you like this year? >> i saw two movies this year. i haven't had many dates actually. i did see "gone girl" and it was great. that lead actress has to be nominated for something because it was amazing. >> usually an oscar. jay or a golden globe. >> maybe so. >> but i think that michelle owe owe -- obama saw the movie and loved it because there was a little nudie in there and she said the book is better. >> little is the key phrase. not a lot going on there, mr. ben. i don't know what that means. what movie -- have you seen
12:26 am
"boyhood." i think movies are of the devil. i haven't seen a lot of movies this year. the manhattan movie theaters are creepy and dangerous. we watch a lot of turner classic movies. you want to talk about the magnificent -- first of all when obama said this, does he focus group the answer? >> it was the right answer to have. >> what is he going to say? transformers? >> you knew that was the top one. >> you remember when bill clinton said his favorite movie of all time was? don't take this seriously. he said it emphatically. "high noon" with gary cooper. if there there was a movie that described what clinton is not -- >> i think he said he was high at noon. >> it was "fast times at ridgemont high" or" up in
12:27 am
smoke." >> fast times, that's a great movie. what was your favorite movie of 2014. don't say "top gun" that came outlast year. >> i was going say "top gun" darn it. i am offended you callee than hawk rodent face. not everybody is as good looking as you. i like ethan hawk. one of high faff set is -- one of my favorites has ethan hawk "boyhood" i haven't seen it. >> it is supposed to be great. >> i want to see it. i watched the trailer. >> let's see it after this. >> and don't forget that eric's book "miracles" is being made into a movie. >> it is an excellent book and eventually we need to plug it. >> i didn't know you were into soul. smoky robinson has an interesting life.
12:28 am
>> he is into saving souls. >> that's true. you are a paw -- podiatrist? >> my favorite movie "the lego movie" is the best movie in the last five years. >> "the lego movie"? >> see that is ignorance. it is an amazing film. have you seen it? >> no. but the thing is i made fun of it the way leah did and i read reviews and talked to people and evidently it is different from what you would think. >> you have to see "the lego movie" in a theater after a few drinks or do it sober and it is visually stunning and funny as hell. >> did they use real legos ? >> they did. >> my favorite film of the year and i have only seen a clip of it, but it is "turtles helping turtles." it was so touching.
12:29 am
>> i couldn't follow the sub titles. >> i was surprised president obama didn't pick "the butler" or" 12 years a slave" or something with kevin hart. >> i saw the poster for -- the poster for "turtles helping turtles" sometimes we all have to leave our shells. >> i thought the movie was a little slow. >> what did it inspire the the president to do? >> wow. >> it is a good thing this is the dress rehearsal. >> yeah, we are doing it over in my dressing room. wearing, i don't know, mattresses. what am i talking about? michigan puts up a satanic christmas display. he thinks it is awesome. you make me sick. first, a word from our sponsor. >> tonight's sponsor is the bow tie.
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the latest from the macaroni jewelry exchange. this neck wear is available in firm, tender and el-dente.
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educator? more like edu-hater. a professor spewed bile about the rite in his column titled it is okay to hate
12:34 am
republicans. a progressive socialist magazine, susan douglas seen here looking like susan douglas wrote quote, i hate republicans and i can't stand the thought of having to spend the next two years look like mitch mcconnell or john boehner or any of the other bohards or fetal personhood. their opinions do not reflect the the schools but the faculty freedom of expression is a coal value. core value. others are less open to susan's scorn. of course they are calling for her resignation. and actor bill -- billy zane had no comment. you have a parent and how do you feel? >> this is a dog bites man story of the i don't get it. there is not an academic out there who doesn't hate republicans. the idea when the school said it is not there, the official policy of the school, of course it is.
12:35 am
try to find a professor who doesn't hate republicans. >> at least she is honest. she is saying where she stands. she is not saying she is unbiased. she says i hate you people which is actually kind of good. >> when i think of the word hate. hate is a strong word. sorry, guys, but in all seriousness what do i really hate? i hate cutting palm's heads off. for her using strong words, it is bothersome how people get so decisive over politics. i think this language is really negative. the university spokesman came out and said you read part of what he said. at the same time the university must work to ensure diverse ideas in a respectful environment without fear of reprisal. my message to the students is let it rip. let it rip. you just have been given permission and let it rip. >> have you been given permission to talk about fetal personhood.
12:36 am
>> you are a paisht of a college -- you are a parent of a college age student. >> i know. he will be transferring schooled inly. she used the word blow hard in something i think she wants to take seriously. my child is not allowed to use language like that and god forbid his grade is affected by her bias. >> that's true. >> i pay good money to those teachers to give good grades. >> andy, you starred in the movie "blow hard" and you won a number of awards in las vegas. >> i can't bring them to work. i don't like this whole thing. why is she against fetal personhood? i spend a lot of my time curled in the fetal position and i am a person. i am a person, damn it you professor person. i like the fact that she says what she says. >> i don't care if she hates republicans or is opposed to gay marriage or hates gays.
12:37 am
i don't care. if their beliefs influence what they teach or how they treat students it is a problem. you have to do something about it. >> i want an apology. >> i'm sorry. >> from her. >> we have to move on. beazzle goes to bethlehem. it will feature a nativity scene and a satinic exhibit. it is the subject of tonight's -- for three days before christmas the manger and angels will be sharing their spotlight with demons and skulls. the satanic belief hopes it will share ideas. >> i think it is deplorable. it is unseemingly and really bad manors.
12:38 am
>> while christmas technically celebrates the birth of jesus, this satanic worshiper knows the real reason for the season. >> it is christmas. it is holidays and it is multiple people celebrate this time because we all have work off and we all have -- everybody visits each other and it is a reason to celebrate. >> eric, will you be visiting to see the display? >> i think satan is ashamed of that woman. she did not represent him very well. she is reasonable and didn't spit frogs or pea soup or anything. what kind of satanist is that. i don't think these satanists are say -- sataniss. they probably hate christians. let's pretend to worship satan. you know they don't really believe. >> they are not meant to believe in satan. that's not what the church of
12:39 am
satan is. >> you tell us. >> i will. it features -- it is the symbolic worship of satan or lucifer. they are atheists. they say manussing his brain invented all of the gods. >> they don't believe in say tan? >> they don't believe in an actual living satan. that's why their message is the greatest gift is knowledge. >> wrm not speaking as a christian. i am speaking as an american. there is a nastiness. >> the world is nasty. >> you need to get out of your house. to me it is a childish thing. they don't like christians or christianity. what can we do? make up a fake religion and put up a fake display and that shouldn't be honored. this is a geek.
12:40 am
>> it is not as though this is a group that decided a random time in the year. we will put up something that is meaningful to us. this is hanukkah time and this is christmastime. these are religious holidays. yeah, we want to shove this in your face. that's the bottom line. are there times when they should be doing it other than this? if they want to make their point it is when it matters to them. >> you can solve this problem in two seconds by not having religious displays on public property. then the whole thing goes away. >> christians do believe in the forces of good and evil in the world. >> you can't have santa without satan, am i right? >> i have a problem making this only in obama's america. >> i will say that eric's
12:41 am
point is i have a deep respect for atheists. but my problem is they have got to be able to -- they go after christians because they are easy targets. they don't go after the people that will chop your heads off. they never do. and i don't blame them. i don't blame them. going after christians is a complement to christians. they are basically saying they are okay. they won't mess with us. i am not going after the radical muslims because they will kill may family. we have to go. coming up inventions we want to been vented. i want a good one. you know what is better or just as gad as your book? not cool. order it. autographed coffee for the holidays. here is what is coming up tomorrow on "the independents." yay! >> hello beautiful people. tomorrow night on "the independents" we will countdown our top 10 free m do's. >> i am andy levey and my hero
12:42 am
of freedom and symbol of freedom is greg gutfeld. >> beautiful. see more heros at 9:00
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hover boards, personal jet packs, a lamborghini that shaves your legs. a writer at said what invention do you hope to see in your lifetime? we have seen some incredible technical advances but let's
12:46 am
face it. the pace of research can be slow while our lives are really short. couldn't be more honest. most americans believe there will be some tech new logical change in the next pho years. not sure if i have that much time. here is a list of things that i came up with. a time machine that takes you back to before you tweeted. a space escalator and a printer that never runs out of paper and makes margaritas out of sand. what would you like to see? >> a cordless power cord. >> gluten free gluten. never gonna happen and unsented perfume. how about a weight loss pill that works instantly. right? you have to be old to understand this, but a coffee maker in the shape of joe dimaggio's head. >> i like that. >> and an adam sandler movie i
12:47 am
would be seen going to. and then finally and this is serious, a robot monkey that can read the minds of people around you, but not your mind. >> that's good. >> but why is it a monkey? >> we have to move on. leah inventions? >> i liked the diet pill one. here is my issue. when it rains we use these things called umbrellas. these were created 4,000 years ago to protect against the sun and started to use them against the rain in the late 1600's. i am claiming on tv right now a force field. so when i am walking i don't have to hold a silly umbrella. it keeps the rape from touching me. it keeps the rain from touching me. >> it is called a light dusting.
12:48 am
andy? >> there is a show called black mirror. there is an upcoming christmas special and it involves a thing where you can block people in real life. once you block them you see them as a gray blob. they say i really really want that. >> my invention, it is complicated, but i want to remove all defecation. i have something -- >> how do you want to remove it? with gloves on? >> digestion and evacuation is self-perpetuating. if you limit digestion or eating, you -- evacuation. what you need to do is create an implant that supplies the nutrients that circulates in your body when they are no longer useful so you no longer eat or poop.
12:49 am
you probably have the most unpleasant thing you have to do in life. >> you are so nay eve. we have the technology to do that, but the german film industry won't let it come to reality. you are just naive. >> i was going to say i have that greg. i don't have bodily functions. >> apparently it is men and kim jong-un. >> robert you a afraid your colon is going to atrophy. >> i'm telling you, you don't have to lose anymore. it is smooth. it is a perfect weight at all times. this is an amazing idea. i am not kidding. i know this is happening and where. when we come back, we will talk about eric's book. it is about smoking johnson.
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our annual new year's eve special returns. it is called "2014, goodbye
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bad year. december 31st 12:30 a.m. eastern and 9:30 p.m. pacific. it is live from time square that includes joanne nosuchunsky. join us december 31st, 9:30 pacific. guests are u-2, the pope and the entire cast of "glee." >> last story. that's the last story. air i can -- eric you have been here forever. tell me about your book "miracles." >> na, wouldn't feel right. >> it is a best seller. >> i don't want to talk about it. >> come on. >> okay. >> it is called miracles and it is about mooer cals. i really wrote this book, no joke forkingking a nose sticks and atheists. which are you? jay i am technically an
12:55 am
agnostic. i lack belief, but i don't -- -- >> you don't snear at the idea. >> you can't be certain there is no god. >> but you are certain about that? >> yes. >> interesting. i wrote the book because i think nothing exists in this -- hello? i think there aren't books that talk respectfully to people who don't know what this they believe. it bothers me that -- most 80% want to know is there anything beyond this world? >> it is the only question that matters? >> that's why i wrote -- >> i would go as far as to say the science in the two chapters almost -- i say almost proves the existence of god. it is so stunning. we couldn't know this until the last 15 years. science as it has progressed made it much more clear that
12:56 am
there has to be a creator god. you don't read this in the "new york times." >> there are vatican scientists who say we want to keep this separate from science. >> it is separate, but the point is we have a weird thinking in our culture that says religious faith is whatever you want it to be. i am with the satanists on this one. if you believe something stupid, you should say i don't bt what to believe that. many who have beliefs and are untrue let's talk about it. it is no different than chemistry. >> you are talking the evolution of religion and of shaving off the thaings that are foolish. >> truth is something that requires faith. why do we believe there is something called truth? the book is way more
12:57 am
entertaining. >> put that up on drugs tomorrow. it will be shocking. thank you, gabrielle.
12:58 am
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union reps who wanted to hear that, they did get that. and on we go with the rest of it. i'm eric, along with kimberly bob, jesse and dana. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." as we head into 2015, we know republicans will control both houses of congress we know president obama will keep on using his prized and infamous pen and we know the race for the white house will likely, very likely in fact include a clinton and a bush. but there are a lot of political questions left to be answered in the coming year and we want to tackle several of those tonight beginning with hillary clinton and what we can can expect


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