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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  December 31, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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>> we're going to see you back here in 2015. happy new year, everybody. >> happy new year. indonesia closes the books on 2014 with a still open investigation on what caused the deadly airasia crash. this is "special report." good evening and happy new year. i'm ed henry in for bret baier. they are doing the recovery of deadly airasia crash. >> full honors for those lost on airasia flight 8501.
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the first two bodies returned to the indonesian city of sarobaya from where the plane left sunday morning. four more bodies were recovered along with three yesterday. that's four males and three females, including a woman flight attendant still wearing her uniform and a four-year-old boy. still, search efforts were hampered by bad weather rain and high wind curtailing all diving. the search also hampered by misinformation. the fact the plane was detected by sonar proved false. still, ships still there. sailors have spotted and recovered aircraft debris. >> the ships are looking to operate 24 hours, which is very encouraging and they're moving all the assets to the two spots which they think the aircraft could be. >> as families of those on the flight waited for word praying and singing hymns.
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while i understandndonesia is a mostly muslim country, there are christians there. some 40 members of one church were on the flight. >> >> translator: we believe that her life and death are in god's hands. we must always prepare for everything because we never know when one will die. >> authorities are gathering information to identify the crash victims including photos descriptions and dna samples. also to be tested the investigation team. while bad weather is seen as playing a role, the recovery and analysis of information on the plane's data and voice recorders is essential to solving the mystery of the crash. and, perhaps, using some people's minds. >> it's already new year's day morning in indonesia. that singing is about as celeb ra to her as new year's eve got in sarobaya, the mayor there understandably banning festivities. he may be on vacation, but president obama has not stopped making news. the latest headline?
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a surprising admission he may reopen the u.s. embassy in iran. correspondent dan springer is in hawaii tonight with that story. >> as president obama eyes the new year he's clearly looking to build his legacy with his foreign policy. following his announcement of easing restrictions on cuba, he was asked on npr if he could envision opening an embassy in another long-isolated country, iran. >> i think these things have to go in steps. >> the comment comes amid reports that the u.s. and iran are negotiating a prisoner swap that would bring home amati, accused of spying in iran. both countries deny the report. while they sponsor iran's terrorism and developing a nuclear weapon he seems confident that iran can be reached. >> there is incredible although integrate and resources and sophistication inside of -- inside of iran, and it would be a very successful regional power that was also abiding by international norms and
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international rules, and that would be good for everybody. >> israel has reason to disagree. iran has ignored pressure to stop its nuclear missions and netanyahu told reporters what's required is more sanctions and stronger sanctions. that's exactly what would happen with a bipartisan bill republicans want to see pass in the next couple weeks. >> we have to have sanctions ready to go. we have to make sure that if iran promises not to make nuclear weapons that it doesn't make them. >> president obama has vowed to veto the sanctions bill the white house calling it counterproductive to the current negotiations. but critics say iran has given up nothing and question the president's recent olive branch the possibility of an embassy in tehran, the very scene of the iran hostage crisis, 13 american prisoners held for over a year more than three decades ago.
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>> president obama has mastered the art of praising himself for his failures. in the interview he applauds himself for his brilliant handling of iran. iran is closer to nuclear weapons than it ever was. >> reporter: president obama acknowledged in the npr interview there are still hard liners in iran, but he believes enough of the leadership sees this as an opportunity to end the isolation and rejoin the world economy, and that he believes, is very much in the best interest of the united states. ed? >> dan springer live in honolulu honolulu, happy new year to you and our crew out there. >> happy new year. it's hard to say what would bring together israel and the palestinians for a peace deal. they have tried in vain for decades. one move that most certainly will not help trying to soothe the other side for war crimes. correspondent john hutty explains. >> reporter: it's being called a defiant move. president achmed signed what's
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called the loan statute today. if so it would put the palestinians in a position to file a war crimes case against israel. this coming a day after the u.n. security council rejected a resolution calling for israel's withdrawal from palestinian territory. abah said the security council hazlet them down on their right to have a palestinian state. several european countries have supported that right including sweden and france. and other countries voted in favor of the resolution tuesday night, including china, russia and luxembourg. but the document failed to garner the necessary nine-vote majority. the u.s. and australia voted against it. a state department official said the u.s. strongly opposes the palestinians' request to join the icc, calling it counterproductive. tonight israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu criticized the palestinian move writing in
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a statement, quote it is the palestinian authority wh unity government with hamas, an avowed terrorist organization that, like isis, perpetrates war crimes that needs to be concerned about the international criminal court in the hague. >> they must approve the war crimes and any palestinian investigation. if they do join the icc, it would also open the door for israel to file countercharges of war crimes committed against israelis. ed? >> thank you, john. the u.s. sent five guantanamo prisoners to kaz kazikstan. the captive status medium to high risk to return to terrorism has not changed, but they're being released to close the controversial prison. remember, of course, in 2009, president obama vowed to get that done by the end of his first year in office. meanwhile, the president's decision to thaw relations with
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our cold war enemy cuba was welcomed by some but drew sharp criticism by others. they talked about the latest crackdown of the regime as proof it was a raw deal. we explain from miami. >> reporter: just two weeks after the deal of the diplomatic relations with the united states cuba held over a dozen dissidents dissidents. there is a dramatic shift in policy. one of the sharpest critics of establishing relations with cuban president raul castro wrote on twitter, castro government arrests of activists in havana exposes the folly of new obama. we said, we strongly condemn the cuban government's continued
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harassment and repeated use of arbitrary detention, at times with violence to silence critics. their effort to end silence with cuba hopes trade relations with the u.s. will raise income on the island where the average salary is just $20 a month. one group of cubans though has remained skeptical with any deal with the castro regime a day-in day-out battle. fox news spoke with the sister of performance artists tamara b bruguera, one of those captured. >> tanya opened the door. now we don't know where tanya is. >> there will be a department allegation to havana to discuss reopening the u.s. embassy. they closed its doors in 1961. ed? >> steve harrigan. good to see you, steve. even more signs that the
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sony hack may not be the work of north korea, despite what the president told the american people. here's what fox affiliates around the country are showing tonight. in dallas they are trying to receive purple hearts and other medals that have been long overdue. wtvt in tampa is covering a rolex heist at a jewelry store. the three suspects used hammers to smash open a display case and were in and out in less than a minute with $300,000 worth of merchandise in tow. in a big story, wfld in chicago is covering right here in washington. here's a live look at nationals park which we realize is not technically outside the beltway, but our producers are really excited for the nhl winter classic that takes place here tomorrow. in fact i know at least two of those producers headed to the game tomorrow while i'm getting
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ready to host this show, not that i'm bitter. a lifelong blackhawks fan and heroic veteran will be honored at the game. here's a live look outside and inside the beltway with a special report. sorry, chicago, but go, caps. we'll be right back and bring you the news. protected. given new hope. during the subaru "share the love" event, subaru owners feel it, too. because when you take home a new subaru we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need. we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru.
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north koreans may have been framed. there is new evidence suggesting tonight they couldn't have been behind the sony hack attack as the mystery deepens. we look at the changing narrative and an administration that's not ready to accept it. >> reporter: kim jong-unmight be in the clear because some security experts are now insisting the sony hack was an inside job. an official from cyber security form norse tells that it canes super, super
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detailed insider information, the kind they think only an employee would p. >> the difference between private companies and the fbi is the fbi has access to classified information, intelligence information, and we're monitoring north korea from a nuclear standpoint so we have sources and methods we don't want to compromise. >> reporter: the new information was presented to the fbi this week, but so far the bureau isn't budging, still blaming north korea for the massive hack. the state department is sticking with the story as well. >> the united states government has concluded that the north korean government is responsible for this attack and we stand by that conclusion. >> to cope with this unprecedented cyber attack, sony turned back the clock. the wall street journal reports that employees communicated with a phone tree, activated old black blackberries and paid people with old checks cut by a machine pulled from storage. their 6,000 employees are still cleaning up the mess, as others
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are watching for diplomatic debris if it turns out the north koreans didn't do it. >> this is going to be incredible damage to the u.s. brand, because we shouldn't be going out and confirming facts especially intelligence gathering facts unless we absolutely know. >> a new fbi bulletin warns the next target for the hackers could be a news organization, but the outlet isn't named and the fbi says they don't know of a specific credible threat. ed? >> peter doocy in washington. thank you, peter. meanwhile former governor jeb bush of florida decides whether to get into the 2016 presidential campaign. most of his ideas are stances on issues of education. they're looking at whether bush's record on taxes are a liability among conservatives or maybe an asset. >> you know what jeb bush is? he's an old-time liberal republican. that's what he is. >> considering mark levin's
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tongue lashing of jeb bush is typical of some attacks coming from the far right. another from grover norquist who, every election cycle puts candidates to sign his pledge. rand paul, scott walker, marco rubio, ted cruz have all signed it. jeb bush has not. >> the pledge was presented to me three times. i never signed the pledge. i don't believe in giving principles and convictions to people. >> jeb bush put it in writing and he won't say it. at some point you have to ask him, what taxes do you plan to raise? >> i think that's kind of nonsense. >> former political scientist derio said in the sunshine state, jeb bush, republican, has come to recommend anyone with credentials. >> he is a tax cutter and a fiscal conservative. he got rid of the florida corporate tax and he reduced the florida intangible tax which is
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a tax on investments. so when jeb was governor of florida, he did a tremendous job of reducing the size of state government and of keeping taxes and rolling back taxes. >> bush cut $9.3 billion in taxes over eight years while growing the state's reserves to 9 billion, up from 1 billion when he took office. that in a state with no state income tax. while bush has been criticized for his poor education standards and immigration reform his record as a social conservative are impeccable even supporting florida's stand your ground law. he is pulling well in a diverse state. >> jeb bush is probably the most popular governor in the history of the state of florida. >> still bush today declined an investigation from steve king and immigration hardliner to speak at the iowa free summit in january.
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a spokesperson said jeb appreciated the invitation but would be unable to make it. still ahead, kimberly and bob beckel join me live with thousands of their closest friends. snow in vegas? maybe. we'll explain next.
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fife and a half hours until midnight on the east coast and much of the residents will usher in the new year with chilly weather. >> it's the biggest fireworks show in the u.s., and this new year's eve it could be extra special, with snow falling in las vegas. >> i'm used to cold weather but
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i'm really surprised that it's really cold here. >> forecasters predict a 70% chance of snow on the strip. the temp? a balmy 31 degrees. >> i brought other clothes because i thought it was going to be a little warmer. >> as for the fireworks, some 350,000 visitors may be disappointed. officials say if winds exceed 10 miles an hour, the 7-minute sin city spectacle will not go on. >> it has not happened so we're banking on the fact we're going to get a cooperative mother nature. >> people trying to avoid the frigid northwest by heading to las vegas will not get much of a reprieve. san bernardino and snow in san diego county. police helped rescue nearly 200 drivers in mountains east of l.a. when more than a foot of snow fell on the winding steep roads.
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people slept in their cars until ♪cats the snowcats pulled them out. and as for the annual rose parade forecasters predict they will hit the record low 34 degrees set in 1952. not an issue for the flowers but for the thousands of people who sleep on the sidewalk to guarantee a good spot, they'll have to bundle up. >> make sure they dress in layers, and there are a few things they can do such as bringing foot and hand warmers just to help keep themselves warm. >> as for the game itself, florida state-oregon no rain, sunny, just a little chilly. temperatures should be back in the 70s by the weekend, just as all the tourists head home. ed? >> happy new year. we told you monday about the buckley family who is suing the government for answers about the death of their son in afghanistan in 2012. now a federal judge has ordered the marine corps to answer
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questions about a whistleblower in the case. john bresler tried to alert authorities about someone on the base. a chief fatally shot three marines, including lance ry buffer. meantime, the markets finished down a little. the dow at 160, s&p 21 and a half nasdaq 41. the dow was up 7 and a half percent for the year, s&p was up 11.4%. the nasdaq rose 13.4%. in making those new year's resolutions, kimberly foil and bob beckle join me on times square square after this. ♪ cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready.
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a number of cities have already rung in the new year, but for those in the united states, fox news has you covered. joining me now for all the action, the co-hosts of the celebration all-american new year. the festivities kick off at 9:00 live eastern. i feel like i've been waiting a year to turn the tables on bob and throw questions at him. first of all, i understand he wanted to put on some gloves but didn't have time to do it, so i hope his hands aren't cold, but
3:30 pm
bob, i have a tough question for you. who will you be kissing at midnight? >> it looks like -- i want you to know i can't hear a single thing you're saying, which is to my advantage, by the way. >> he wants to know who you'll be kissing at midnight. >> we've been hearing threats against nypd police officers. there's always tight security in times square. what are you seeing there on the streets about the nypd? >> well the nypd is out here in full force, proud and blue, protecting the city like they always do. they do an outstanding job every new year's eve. this is my fifth new year's eve here. i've been talking to the police officers, letting them know how much we love and support them and happy to have them here. so far the crowds are packed but everybody is behaving very
3:31 pm
well, wouldn't you say, bob? >> they are and you notice about half of the police force is around kimberly. i don't know why that is but they are. all is quiet. it won't last long, but so far it seems very well controlled. ed, by the way, it's also freezing. i know where you are it's probably cold, too right? >> pretty warm. >> but it is great to be down here. you feel like you're in the center of the universe of everything that's happening, people are so excited. the response has been incredible. lots of excited people to ring in the new year. i think it's a lot of people's dream to be here in times square, new york city, and see the apple right? >> if you haven't done it yet, you ought to do it. it's a good thing to do. ed, you've got time to get here. >> you guys are teasing me. i might want to get there. what i want to know is obviously the city has had a very heavy hard recent days because of officer ramos and officer liu being assassinated. we just heard in a few moments the president will be sending
3:32 pm
officer james comey to new york city on sunday. it's been a difficult two weeks. for a party atmosphere tonight, this is a city that's gone through a lot. >> it really is. this city has been through a tremendous amount, and with the officers, the funeral of officer ramos and now, of course people waiting for the funeral of officer liu, this has been a tremendous end of a year, a lot of heartache. hopefully coming into 2015, we'll be able to come together and really learn to be able to appreciate one another, including the fine officers in the nypd for the job they do fearlessly every day. >> i think they've done a remarkable job in the face of all that's happened here, and you know, they've always got a smile on their face, which i find amazing. we have to get out of the way. >> you have to get out of the way. >> a lot of excitement down here, that's for sure. >> it's going to be an exciting night. an all-american new year 9:00
3:33 pm
p.m. eastern right here on fox newschannel. bob is still talking. we'll have to cut him off. red, white and blue in times square, but especially blue in honor of the nypd tonight. before we get to tonight's panel, bret baier, the anchor trying to keep warm does an outstanding job night after night. as we know cameras are always rolling, and sometimes he's not perfect. >> okay let me see it real quick first. no. right? all right. here we go. 3, 2, 1. from the special -- from the special report home page, i'm bret baier -- am i? welcome to the special report home page. i'm bret baier. we had a fantastic friday night lightning round and discussion. what did we do? we are now just two weeks away from a midterm election that could decide whether this screen
3:34 pm
works. a tight race here in the slash of kansas, which is actually colorado. and also here in the squiggly line north carolina. that would include alaska alaska out here going red. this thing is heating up and just really great now. you have a new ad by senator pat roberts going after the independent greg norman. it's actually not greg norman, he's a golfer. greg or manman is the independent. melissa francis, host of "monty with melissa francis." ed, thank you. this is a fox news alert. we now have excerpts from president obama's prime time address to the nation tonight. the president reiterates he has no plans for american boots on the ground. easy for you to say. blah blah blah.
3:35 pm
tuesday is primary day. we'll speed you up. ♪ i will speed you up ♪ and bring you up to speed and i'll do this again after the freaking commercial. ♪ let it go, let it go ♪ >> please join me and the all-star panel where we dig deeper. please join me and the all-star panel for -- ♪ i'm so happy, clap along if you feel like a rome without a roof ♪ ♪ clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth ♪ ♪ clap along if you know what happiness is to you ♪ ♪ clap along if you feel that's what you want to do ♪ >> ha, ha ha, ha, ha. yeah. that's a good one. let's wrap it.
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>> well, on behalf of peter doocy, i'm ed hfilling in for bret baier. is the castro regime already backpedaling on its promises? that next. unh-uh. number 44... whoooo! forty-four, that's me! get some cold cuts... get some cold cuts... get some cold cuts! whooo! gimme some! geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. whoo! forty-four ladies, that's me! whoo...gonna get some cold cuts today!
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the united states believes that no cuban should face harassment or arrest or beatings simply because they're exercising a universal right to have their voices heard. but i am convinced that through a policy of engagement, we can more effectively stand up for our values and help the cuban people help themselves as they move into 21st century. >> the president of the united states barely two weeks ago. let's bring in our panelists. all right, steve, it's only been a couple weeks. this is a new day in u.s. cuban relations, and then we find out
3:40 pm
overnight more than a dozen dissidents in cuba were thrown in jail. >> d-day looks a lot like the old days. this is one of the lessons of the obama presidency. the change in our approach to these despotic regimes don't change the regimes themselves. we learned that with cuba the hard way over the last couple weeks, we learned that about russia and iran. everywhere you look the president tried to implement a policy, and again and again and again, he's been stiffed by the people he's trying to make peace with. in some cases in very direct and i think harsh ways. you go back to the first inaugural address and president obama talks about an open hand with respect to iran and within days you have the iranian regime leadership making racist attacks on the president of the united states, saying there's not really a change between barack obama and george w. bush. this is the lesson, i think, one of the hard lessons of the so-called smart diplomacy. changing your behavior towards a
3:41 pm
dispotic regime doesn't make a regime. >> we also hear this president in the interview with npr saying, maybe we'll reopen the embassy in tehran. what's going on? >> well, i thought that was very interesting, his comments, which experts have said are really over the top and unprecedented for an american president. he did say they are state-sponsored terrorism, but was speaking warmly about the potential for relations to change and to improve. i think what we see here with cuba with iran he contacted secretly the supreme leader. we now know from bloomberg's reporting today he's going deeper and trying to open a new channel with vladimir putin with the promise of potentially easing sanctions. if steve is right to the extent he really wants to continue to show that even when regardless of a chance of success -- this is actually a coat from an
3:42 pm
administration official about this outrage from russia -- he's going to pursue it. he's liberated now and he wants to show that even when it doesn't bear fruit that he's trying. i don't know how long that's going to work. with respect to iran the pressure is going to be incredible once the presidential campaign politics begin. very much pressure on hillary to be sensitive to israel on this question and when those negotiations peter out next summer he's going to be under real pressure to come up with something solid. >> to talk about that pressure, we've got a sound bite from republican mark perr, a senator from miami and senator perk is suggesting to fox with a new republican senate coming in in just a few days, he may have votes for new sanctions. listen to this. >> one of the big votes coming up is going to be on iran. on that vote i already have 17 democrats with me including leading lights like chuck
3:43 pm
shimmer and bob mendez. we have 17 votes which would make a veto on iran. >> if does he have votes and they're on record saying they want to see these tough new sanctions against iran, that puts this president into a very tough position. >> well, if he negotiates everything away the way he has everything else, yes, and it would be a good thing to be able to exercise thro veto a way to restrain a president unbound who now wants to fulfill sort of these adolescent faculty club fantasies about remaking the world by appeasing our allies. the example of cuba is so shocking. here is a weak, insignificant country, economically in desperation. obama negotiates and gives castro everything he wants gets nothing in return. compare this with the mid-'70s when the soviets were at the
3:44 pm
apogy of their power and yet nixon and kissinger were able to negotiate a kind of detante which at least we got in return in return for recognizing soviet con quests in eastern europe, at least we got in return the helsinke accords which gave us tremendous leverage in the '80s in supporting dissidents who brought down the soviet empire. but this president can't get anything out of cuba. iran is even worse of course, because now we've given them the right to enrich uranium. we have already lacked sanctions and we have a president so desperate to leave his legacy in history that he's actually speaking about a full normalization with a regime that is committed to islamists in its region. >> amy you noted in this npr interview when we were speaking off the air that the president said whenever we've been involved in the last several years, i think the outcome has
3:45 pm
been better because of american leadership. >> he actually said that when he came into office iran was in the driver's seat and the world was divided, but now because of our actions, the world is united, our allies are united against iran and iran is isolated. that's obviously not -- i mean that's a great talking point but what's the material result? negotiations that continue to go on that are going nowhere? that are buying iranians more time? and a veto proof majority with no sanctions, joining republicans next year? it's going to be a significant political loss for the president. >> because previously the president, when he still had a democratic senate convinced menendez and others pull back. don't tie my hands in these negotiations. mark perk suggesting they might be ready to move forward. >> they've got the votes and it didn't happen before in part because of the president. it's important to recognize how
3:46 pm
many times the president backpedalled on this. he originally fought tougher sanctions. they eventually went along with them. they honored those sanctions, but remember if there are any violations violations like this, we're going to go back to them with tougher sanctions. now you have the administration fighting that despite the fact iran has fought the interim deal. we sent an ambassador, u.s. ambassador, back to syria in january of 2011. i don't think anybody would argue that things are better with u.s. involvement there. >> big issues to confront in 2015, no doubt. next up, a special yearly edition of the panel's winners and losers. don't go away. ♪ we got winners, we got losers ♪ ♪ chain smokers and boozers ♪ ncredible fuel efficiency
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panel. i have been waiting for this all day. our winners and losers for the year. we had toby keith tee everything up with the bar. our winner might want us to start make us drinking al qaeda, isis and like minded jihadists. we heard consistently from the obama administration that the war on terror was ending and had to end. it would make the united states safer. if you look back at 2014 which began with president obama dismissing isis as a jay vee group something we didn't have to be concerned about and trace the evolution of isis itself. expansion of al qaeda and strengthening of like minded groups and affiliates elsewhere throughout the region and the world we end 2014 and very clear that al qaeda, isis and like-minded groups offshoots of those
3:51 pm
groups are much better positions today than they were at the beginning of the year. >> a.b. >> mine is happen year. catholic church and pope francis. whether you agree with him or not he was the catholic church. scandal and plague. immensely popular figure check the pew members of his approval rating around the world. at a time when trust in institutions and our leaders is sort of a quaint notion of the past, i think it's a really goods story. >> charles is not happy he got involved in climate change. i'm not sure he agrees. >> winner? >> did i that last night. you only attack the pope once. you have got to move on. >> winners? >> the castros brothers. they had to wait through 10 presidencies to get to a president who would give them everything they want in return for nothing. and they got the general jackpot. genuinely ideological left wing president who gave away the store. and just to show their contempt for the promises or the pretenses of this
3:52 pm
administration actually is trying to encourage democracy or thinks this will encourage democracy what we saw today was the crackdown on human rights activists and their arrests in cuba today and yesterday. >> steve your winner was pretty dark. who is your loser? >> my loser is also pretty bad, pretty tough. my loser is president obama. i think he had the worst year by far of any american politicians. certainly a bad year relative to other world leaders. barack obama ran for president in 2008 saying he was going to be a transformative leader. he was going to make liberalism safe for the masses. he was going to make liberalism popular in the way that ronald reagan made conservatism popular. you look at this past year and what we have seen is the collapse of big government. and the 2014 elections, obviously, were specific repudiation and ideological election specific repudiation of the president and his policies and big government liberalism. he is the the big loser. >> you are not buying the
3:53 pm
idea that he was liberated by the mid terms. >> he may have been liberated but his philosophy, i think, is in ruins. >> michael grimm, congressman who just resigned, republican is being paired a lot with scalise the house republican whip as troublemakers at the end of the year. i think it's very different story going to the wrong meeting. michael grimm pleaded guilty to a felony last week and also is famous on capitol hill for threatening to throw a reporter off of a balcony and break him in half. but, the interesting thick about scalise in the age when there wasn't google. he was many ambitious. he went to every meeting he could and went tomp speak to constituents. eric cantor had a spectacular fall this year ignoring his home district the seventh of virginia and setting his sights on everyone believes once one day being a speaker and replacing john boehner. and in doing so, his
3:54 pm
ambition and lack of caution took him out. and so it's an interesting tie between the three of them. >> charles, your loser? >> losers. it was a tie. this is a dead heat. how you can choose between harry reid and jonathan gruber? reid not only lost the senate. lost nine of his colleagues but also will now go down in history as the worst steward of the senate. the institution of the senate of any majority leader anywhere. we essentially shut it down for a couple of years. and then arbitrarily changed the rules and the way that had never been done before. as for jonathan gruber, i mean the man has become an adjective. gruberian, deliberate brant arrogant too clever by half deceptiveness. gruberian i hope it enters the national spelling bee. >> let's say something good. what in your life this year
3:55 pm
animated you made you happy to be an american? >> the fact that every day when i drive to my office i pass the zoo and i know that i'm within a few hundred yards of the baby panda who incidentally on christmas week accidently stepped on a live wire, ran up a tree, stayed there all night and his mother waited at the bottom of the tree for him. he finally came down. >> he is okay? >> wonderful christmas. >> you know what? charles has a cute and cuddly side. i feel like if we just pulled it out. >> it's a kindler gentler charles. >> that's it for the panel. stay tuned for the mean things people say at lawmakers.
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finally tonight. we have been counting down staff picks for ticker of
3:59 pm
the year. number one lawmakers reading mean tweets. >> paul ryan has pretty blue eyes. sometimes it's easy to forget is he satan in cancer that the. >> of course you would. you are a typical #democrat #resign. >> at jason in the house, you are proof that this country has gone to hell in a hand basket. >> yoited @ fullwell. it's important to take your. >> @ rep kinzinger damn, you suck. thank you. >> that is "special report" for tonight. happy new year to my family. happy new year to awful your family. no jakub line show tonight. i'm ed henry. good night from washington. "on the record" starts right now. ♪ ♪
4:00 pm
♪ >> we are live from the united states capitol building. we are live at the. i'm at the officer's memorial from houston, texas. >> washington, d.c. from new york city. were you a cub scout? >> i was a cub. >> were you any good? >> no. but i was a cub and guess hot den mother was. i. >> i hate to guess it was your mother? >> sounds like a ham sandwich to me. >> i couldn't agree with you more greta. >> pretty good. room for improvement. >> you'll come back. >> i don't know. it's a very short interview. >> welcome to a special edition of "on the record" the best of 2014. over the next hour we're going to bring you some of the bigger stories and some our favorite moments from last year from politics to crime and everything in


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