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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 2, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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to miss you josh josh we know you're going to be successful in anything you do. successful in anything you do. i'm ed i'm ed henry, in for bret baier, and this is a fox baier, and this is a fox news alert. alert. breaking this af breaking this afternoon, the u.s. is smacking north u.s. is smacking north korea is even even more sanctions in the wake of the sony hacking scandal. speculating it may speculating it may have been an inside job at inside job at sony with the president today president today doubling down on his belief his belief that the secretlyive communist communist state was responsible. >> reporter: president obama's >> reporter: president obama executive order executive order empowers the treasury department treasury department to broaden u.s. u.s. sanctions against north korea's korea's already sanctioned intelligence apparatus. intelligence apparatus. >> this is kind
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>> this is kind of a new moment in in history where we're singling out the state sponsor of an attack on an attack on an american entity, and i think almost and i think almost less interesting than what it interesting than what it says about the situation with north about the situation korea is that it says something very interesting about the future of diplomacy and conflict. >> reporter: this >> reporter: this executive order says order says white house press secretary secretary josh ernest said -- we take take seriously north korea's attack that attack that aimed to kreekt destruct ty financial destruct ty financial effects on the u.s. the u.s. company and to threaten u.s. u.s. artists and other officials -- officials -- asked two weeks ago whether he was considering more whether he was consi sanctions on pyongyang, president obama refused to say. >> we have been working up a range of options they will be brented to me. >> i have never heard this before in any life. >> it was on december 19 that the fbi first alleged that north
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korea hacked sony pictures to retaliate for the dark come city the institute. this week, however, a california based cyber security firm norse briefed the fbi -- prompting the fbi to double down in a statement saying, attribution to north korea is based on intelligence from the fbi, the u.s. intelligence community the department of homeland security, depart foreign partners and the private sector. there is no credible information there is no cr to indicate that any other individual is responsible for this cyber incident. >> it was specifically designed to, you know steal a significant amount of data they knew where the servers were at they knew what they needed to destroy. >> >> the white house pointedly noted that the noted that the white house sanctions is sanctions is our first response to the hack attack to the hack attack on sony. u.s. u.s. played no role in the repeated
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repeated outages suffered this week week by the north korean internet. >> does "today's" >> does "today's" action give us any any sort of clue about where the administration might be on administration might be on t big question, everyone's big question, everyone's been wondering, will north wondering, will north korea be put back on put back on the list as state sponsors of terror. >> >> to do so north korea has to meet a bunch of different meet a bunch of different criteria. cr in fact the president during his in fact the president during his interview interview recently with candy crowley crowley called it an act of cyber cyber vandalism, even though white house white house officials on a call today today said this moved beyond graffiti to a felonious act. graffiti to a felonious act. from a jv squad to a generational generational threat. as as 2015 begins, the terror group isis is isis is drawing the u.s. into an
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ex ex expanded engagement in iraq. expanded engagement in iraq. we have fox team coverage tonight, catherine tonight, catherine harris, you're in you're in washington with a look at at the terror group's efforts to get get this quote, mothers and children. jennifer jennifer griffin is at the pentagon with the pentagon with the latest. >> the >> the concerning among italian officials officials tonight is the young female aid female aid workers will be traded by the traded by the group that posted the video for ransom to isis. the video for ransom to isis. >> the >> the 24-second video was posted on posted on new year's eve, it shows two shows two young it tallian female female volunteers in their 20s, kidnapped last kidnapped last summer by it's situation in syria. these young women's cappers -- centcom reports that -- >> the fact is the air strikes have had some significant impact on isis. they haven't taken any new tesht
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in months. >> reporter: meantime the 300 u.s. troops stationed at an air base in anbar province have found themselves in increasing combat. >> >> the former nato. >> i would guess by >> i would guess by spring, we will be making will be making decisions probably to probably to increase the number of of troops. i would stay for i would stay for a truly effective campaign effective campaign, we'll need probably probably 6,000 or so u.s. special forces special forces advisoriers, mentors, mentors, trainers. >> new >> new images show iraqi forces retaking from retaking from isis part of a key province province between baghdad and tikrit. tikrit. >> reporter: meantime a >> reporter: meantime a top iraqi general iraqi general warned today in an interyou hav interyou have the -- he says iraqi iraqi forces ss black question --
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the the iraqi general whose forces recently recently retook the oil rich town town says u.s. air support man eradratic erad er that that jordanian f-16 pilot went down last down last week. and one and one of the 13 air strikes in kobani kobani on the turkish border killed killed a professor known to be a leader in isis. leader in isis. new u.n. new u.n. figures show that last year was year was the deadliest year since 2007 in since 2007 in iraq, 12,282 iraqi civilians were civilians were killed in terror attacks last attacks last year alone. ed? >> jennifer >> jennifer griffin at the pentagon. now now to chief intelligence correspondent catherine her correspondent catherine herridge on a major on a major threat that's not going away any time soon. going away any time soon.
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>> reporter: >> reporter: isis is targeting young young mothers to train jihad did babies. babies. averagists say averagists say it's more evidence evidence isis is taking the longview and longview and understands it will take at least take at least a general ration to reach it's goal. >> it >> it encourages the use of violent violent imagery to desensitive children to this children to this jihad and opens them up to them up to the idea of playing with guns with guns and going after the nonbeliever as nonbeliever as a valtd target. >> reporter: a manual >> reporter: a manual called a sister's role sister's role in jihad recommends recommends martial arts target shooting, and shooting, and the age old problem of too much screen problem of too much screen time. quote, if quote, if you cannot eliminate the the television completely, then at least use at least use it the only show videos to children that videos to children that will in instill of them the love of
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islam. islam. >> hair >> hair and beauty tips, even recipes, in an effort recipes, in an effort to make their their perverse way of life seem more normal and more normal and enticing. a a former cia agent says the strategy announcement to strategy announcement to split marketing. >> if you can do the >> if you can do the same as any other advertising other advertising agency make it look it look sexier makes it look more elite more elite and faster, you're going going to get people who are inspired to come inspired to come over. they're getting a they're getting a huge bang for their buck just their buck just by making it look way look way cooler. >> al qaeda and >> al qaeda and it's affiliates are being very are being very public about the indoctrination of the young, whatever happens in iraq and syria in 2015. one analyst says that the children of 2015 are being taught to hate the west. palestinians have thrown up a major road block meanwhile in the path to a mid east peace deal. they they joined the paper work to
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join the join the international court. israel has israel has promised retaliation, the u.s. the u.s. vehemently opposed the move. move. so far at least 30 so far at least 30 bodies have been recovered from airasia 78 8501. we told you yesterday about the slew of the slew of new state laws, from a a ban on tiger selfies to hikes in the minimum in the minimum wage. and a look and a look at the new california law that's driving law that's driving critics crazy. crazy. >> long >> long lines wrapped average california's dm skrrks california's dm skrrks offices on friday on friday after a simply built 6 0 went 0 went into effect. the new the new law allows immigrants regardless of legal regardless of legal status to get driver's licenses. >> washington, listen. we the people of california have
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redefined what it is to be an american. >> california becomes the tenth >> california become state to -- estimates 1.5 million illegal residents are eligible. >> we have been waiting for a >> we have bee long time for it to happen. now that it happens we are real happy. >> i'm not >> i'm not going to be afraid of driving driving without a license. >> reporter: to >> reporter: to obtain a license, license, immigrants must present a form of id. a form of id. they they also have to submit a thumb print, pass print, pass written and driving tests and purchase tests and purchase insurance. critics are still skeptical. crit >> to what end are we doing this? th is this actually going to is this actual improve the lives of californians by doing this? and i'm not entirely sure that that's the case. >> those in favor of the law argue it will make california's roads safer. >> i don't think we're worrying them. i think i think we're giving them a responsibility, that we're encumbering with the same
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responsibilities that we have, to be capable of driving, to pass the written exam and have insurance. >> reporter: importants >> reporter: importants across the country point to cases of fraud in fraud in states that already allow immigrant allow immigrant licenses. >> this is >> this is a real boon for criminals who criminals who want to reinvent themselves as you themselves as you say. >> the >> the california dmv has hired 1,000 new 1,000 new employees and opened four new four new locations to help with the running the running back. they also believe they also believe it could help the state to the state to offer $220 to issue the the licenses, and believe that we'll we'll cover 50 million zlrz in fees. up up next, our wallets may be a bit a bit fatter thanks to those lower gas lower gas prices but is it too good to be good to be true? but first here's but first here's what some or our fox affiliate our fox affiliates are covering -- covering -- a low speed chase in a street a street sweeper after a five-minute five-minute pursuit. police police arrested 48-year-old jerry mitchell, he was jerry mitchell, he was charged
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with with aggravated dui among other charges. charges. not not exactly a surprise drinking was was involved. baby autumn baby autumn stover born on new year's day year's day shares her birthday with both with both her mother and her father. the odds of a the odds of a child being born on on both parents birth day are 1 in 48 in 48 million. and this is and this is a live look in boston, the boston, the story today is the morning morning closer of interstate 83 after a after a pair of multicar crashes in new in new hampshire. there were injuries none live there were injuries none l threatening. threatening. that's tonight's live look outside the belt way from special report. special report. i'll be right back with a lot more news. more news.
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peter barngs spoke exclusively with the -- seems very optimistic about the new year and specifically says lower oil prices will spark even more economic growth. >> across a number of different indicators, it looks like the economy is picking up, gaining strength, head wingz are going down we have a tail wind now with oil prices being lower, and therefore my outlook is for, you know, a pretty good economy in 2015. >> >> now, u.s. oil prices plunged 46% last year, and you probably notice the average price of
3:16 pm
gasoline has now dropped for 99 straight days. in fact today's current average is $2.23 a gallon. tonight, chief congressional corporate mike emanuel looks at fuel, the good the bad, and the ugly. >> >> we're saving drivers about 70 cents a gallon over last christmas. >> reporter: the >> reporter: the qt down the street matched it, the exxon wen even lower to is$1.69. >> the basic evident of lower oil prices is more money in americans pockets. america is still a net importer of oil. and that means that cheaper oil means more money for american congress assumers. >> reporter: this comes scomes --
3:17 pm
>> first item up in the new senate will be the keystone xl pipeline. >> yet the p >> yet the president made the case that the pine line is a lot of hype. >> there is very little impact, nominal impact on u.s. gas prices. what the average what the average american consumer care consumer cares about, by having this pipeline come through. >> speaker boehner said before he left for the holidays that the administration doesn't get it when it comes to energy. >> it's the epa out of control or osha, these policyies are hurting job creation in america. so the economy and jobs will continue to be our top priority. >> reporter: while the president and the -- experts say lower newly prices are not likely to have an impact on those seeking to get away by plane. analysts say the major
3:18 pm
commercial carriers appear more interested in adding flights over reducing ticket prices and the airlines plan is to increase profit over giving their customers better prices. >> a lot of airlines will hedge, they'll use futures markets to keep down the cost. so it doesn't translate as directly into the corporation of an airline ticket as it does in the price of gasoline that you pay at the pump. >> best for consumers is to enjoy the extra cash in your pocket because analysts don't believe the prices will stay this low forever. the s&p 500 lost a point, nasdaq ended nine behind. really this happened an illinois man is recovering to remove a turn signal that's been stuck in his arm for 51 years. he crashed his 63 thunderbird
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rick rick -- he was the son of a
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grosser, a man who wound up a three term governor of new york, considered for the supreme court and courted for the presidency. mario cuomo was a forceful liberal. the the first italian american elected to lead the empire state, serving 12 years during fiscally challenging times during the '80s and early '90s. he sealed his reputation as a spell binding speaker at the 1984 democratic national convention. >> in many ways we >> in many ways we are a shining city on a hill. but the hard truth is74 i that not everyone is sharing in this city's splendor and glory. >> uncommonly skilled, ruthless and respected. heavily quoted by the democratic party to run for president in '88 and '92, he instead gave one of his more memorable speeches nominating an arkansas governor
3:24 pm
for the highest office in the land.r&:÷ >> >> the come back kid a new voice for am[ new america, because i love new york, because i love office of the president of the united states, the man from hope arkansas,l á[hír overnor bill clinton. >> the clintons are >> the clintons are released a statement in part it was mario's great gift and our good fortuneás both a sterling or rater and a passionate public servant. thursday just hours before2ñ mario's death his son andrew was sworn in for the second term in held. >> he >> he couldn't be here[s9]ñ physically, my father but my father is in this room. he's in the heart and mind of every person lostwho is here. >> reporter: president obama called cuomo a determined champion of progressive values
3:25 pm
and an[cy)w unflinching voice for tolerance, inclusion and -- >> here in new york city they'll stay atíxlqw half staff for 30 days. >> rick lebenthal in nerk. in a bizarre incident, democratic leader harry reid was injured when a piece of exercise equipment snappedc6&g÷ he received a call from president obama in hawaii wishing him a speedy recovery. reid hayjhr now been released from the hospital. his office says he'll be back in the washington this w50ekd. meanwhile america considers the government as the most important problem facing the country last year. that's according to gallup. it's the first time since the great recession that the top problem was not the economy. and the first time in the gallups records that the o>l>95q topped the list of political problems. >> it's fresh pickingshd(
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political grave vine that you will not want to miss. including the president's war on flies. [ male announcer ] are your joints ready for action? osteo bi-flex® with joint shield™ nurtures and helps defend your joints° so you can keep doing what you love. what'd you guys do today? the usual! the usual! [ male announcer ] osteo bi-flex, ready for action.
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on♪ ♪caues ya know we'll make it through♪ now some fresh now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. apologizing for an admission on an atlas made for studentsr wñ in the middle east.!rñ according to that worldq6 )&bview, ñ the area we know as israel was either swallowed up by jordan or was turned into a know man's land. the map was the map was+&we altered to satisfy local preferen#q o and it would have been unacceptable for those in the middle east to acknowledge the existence of israel. maps maps can be a very powerful tool in terms of delegitimizing the
3:30 pm
other. besides besides a=1= also pulled all copies of the at last from stores. >>mja÷ meanwhile a federal agency iseaztf trying to figure out how asfzbq manmmw with a lengthy criminal background landed a$6ñ high federal job. by the department of housing and urban development. the job]ayq requires a background! check. somehow no one somehow no one noticed he4÷u has a laundry =9ao oncen a loan specialist. thompson embezzled the profits of israel estate sales by gcyó $843,000. $843,000.z3g finally a warning finally a warning to fries, mosquitoes and other mosquitoes and other pests to steer clear of the steer clear of the command never chief. proof once proof once again president has absolutely
3:31 pm
president has absolute patience for flies buzzing in his personal space. this image from mai shows the president taking down a fly that president taking down a fly that interrupted a interrupted a÷g$ mi the oval office. but his successful swatting certainly is not beginner's luck. listen to this. listen to this. >> for all of nathan's employees4 and their families, no other insurer would take they than as long as thomas was on the policy. get out of here. get out of here. xávz and richard and richardó leading the leading the financial protection bureau. this guy's bothering me here. >> the signature characteristic of our -- sorry is, i'm going to start over. hey. get out of here. get out of here. >> >> that's the most persistent fly i have ever seen. fly i have ever seen.i4$iñ >> >> nice! >> one >> one smack and the@çyíá rights rights group peta was not pleaseded with that, pleaseded with that, encou22% the president
3:32 pm
the president to set a good example. but as that photowe showed you, the president did not listen, he took executive action to wipe out another fly. meanwhile president obama is trying to make the most of his last full day in hawaii. the aloha state is one of several in contention for the presidential library, the intensifying battle that just took a very terrifying turn. >> reporter: when it comes to presidential libraries home is usually where the legacies end up. but president obama has but president obama has three homes in the running, homes in the running, hawaii where where: he was born and lived through through high school. new new york's columbia university where he graduated college and chicago where chicago where he met his wife started startedt& s hi~3fv political/j#.u career an still still) !y maintains a residence. >> the >> the obama foundation let it be known just be known just a few days ago that they were that they were unhappy with botheghmy chicago bids with the university of chicago, the presumed front-runner in trouble because the three sites proposed for the
3:33 pm
obama library and museum in chicago is on land that they don't own and didn't have a clear path to acquiring. >> there is no such trouble in paradise, where the university of hawaii has a land and a detailed plan. the only problem is location, being a long flight for almost all visitors makes it a long shot. it's been it's been decades since obama lived lived there, so for many, it's chicago for the bus, if leaders can get their act together. >> i think that this latest shot from the foundation for chicago, in particular the university of illinois to get its land acquisition north is basically just a little -- a jolt for emanuel to step in and be more hands on. >> presidential libraries have become the preferred way presidentss tell their story and mark their place in history. they can also change a commander in chief's view of white house
3:34 pm
photographers. a former long a former longi ime member of the white house press core white house press core tells the story of stor2-of how a colleague87h( made then then president jimmy carter realize he realize he justúes might wantw5-w to give better give@) 6ierz j÷ access. >> one of them aboutvu3ñ three yearsóqá)t&háhp &hc% in and just in9acñ a moment alone said, mr. president, s8nlb r. president, you know if you don't lethçáváu don't let us behind the scenes, you're not scenes, you're not going to have any pictures for your library. any pictures for your library. >> reporter: and according to that photographer, president carter thanked him and started giving better access. as for president's obama's library, the decision on location will be made at the end of march, worth is hawaii wochbtd get the library, but is in lightning tone to get a presidential center. we're not even sure they're responsible for responsible for hacking sony, but but north korea is definitely being being sanctioned, we'll review president obama's president obama's latest executive executive order with the fox all-stars in just a he helps looks after all our money.
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they caused a lot of they caused a lot of damage, and we will respond, we will respond proportionally and we will respond in a place and manner that we choose. >> the president has chosen that time. new sanctions against north korea, let's bring in our panel. julie pace white house continue for the associated press. steve hayes, i wonder what you think about these sanctions, are they really going to have any bite against north korea? >> i have talked to several people today, and some people say they could have some effect. most say this is just to show that we're serious, that wire intent on doing something. >> this is just a start we're going to start with this, we're going to sort of name and shame this group of individuals, an interesting group of individuals
3:39 pm
in addition to government institutions, then we're going to move on and do more. the white house says this is the first step i think it's important to the white house actually followthrough, having said that we are going to respond. >> and there have been reports that maybe the white house, the administration was behind the internet, such as as it is in north korea. this is the first action we have taken. th they're at least claiming that they didn't take down the internet. >> they didn't say that in so many words necessarily. they did say this is the first step. i agree with i agree with steve that it is important that they do something public. the real question is the real question is what the impact is. north korea is the most heavily sanctioned country in the world. this isn't about -- these are people that might not have any assets in the u.s. that can be frozen. so so it doesn't end up being largely symbolic or is there
3:40 pm
substance behind it. >> do they shrug this off in north korea? >> the only reason this is news is because it's a slow holiday weekend. this is a farce from beginning to ending. i'm not criticizing the administration because there are no choices. north korea doesn't have anything, doesn't export anything, except for illegal stuff, which is obviously sanctioned. it's been it's been sanctioned up the wazoo, i'm not even sure what that means. it has been sanctioned to the point where nuclear devices there's nothing left that we can sanction. everybody understands everybody understands that it will have zero effect on them. but i think it was important that we do something at least for show. as you said we're not even sure that they were the ones who did it. but i but i think this is sort of tying a bow on the story. >> i think one of the reasons i think we need to know
3:41 pm
particularly about the individuals who are sanctioned. i talked to a couple of people today who suggested that where these people have been involved, where that were working iran syria, china, russia they may have been involved in the nuclear -- we the one lickpublic are not aware of to say in effect, we know what you're doing, here, here and here, then i think it could be something north. >> this cyber expert, as you know there's been several cyber experts in recent days saying, wait a second north korea may not even bebehind this. >> when it comes to insiders they have a significant amount of access. the mall ware that was placed upon the systems was specifically designed to steal a certain amount of data. >> it could leave open the
3:42 pm
possibility that there were insiders at sony working in can hoots with the north koreans. on the other hand i checked the fbi statement of a couple of years ago, that there's no credible information that any other individual is responsibility for this sbib -- >> the administration's been pretty definitive about this, they say this is an act carried out by north korea and north korea alone. it's tricky by any situation. they are pointing their finger at someone and saying we can't show you the evidence because it would reveal too much about our intelligence tactics so you basically just have to take them at their word. but it leaves possibility that we're finding etd of xyz being involved as well. it puts any it puts any administration in a tough position. >> is wazoo a tech no -- >> it's policy concerns at the highest level. >> what do you think comes next, because as julie is pointing out, you've got these private
3:43 pm
experts saying wait a second it may not be north korea. if the administration goes down this road, you would think that it's going to be prettial embarrassing if north korea is not behind it. >> what exactly are we going to do? we have got 1,000 subscribers, that isn't exactly a thriving enterprise. there's nothing there. you know the faymous satellite image. you got you got a line, the dmz is above it, this is nothing. our real issue is not a sony hack. the worst part of it the worst part of it is the export of its missiles and nuclear technology abroad illegally. like what the syrians had, like the ballistic missile program that appears to have been sold or shared with iran and we have
3:44 pm
not had any weapon, we have not had any avenue of curbing it. the only -- it's never done that. >> >> steve you get the sense sometimes that the internet and north korea is basically some guy got an aol disk in the mail and is trying to download with the dialup. but in all seriousness james rosen was saying before that the president in his interview with candy crowley, this is basically graffiti. i think it's obviously in part trying to downplay the threat from north korea. is north korea a threat to us as well? >> i think part >> i think part of the danger is that we have lulled ourselves into a sense of complacency precisely because it's been so imminently lockable. how could it possibly hit the united states, what real damage could it have done? but as charles points out, we have nuclear experts in syria in
3:45 pm
2006 and 2007. that's a big deal, the fact that they had been cooperating on nuclear technology with other rogue states, that's a really big deal beyond just what north korea could potentially do the united states itself. >> next up the friday lightning round. latte or au lait? cozy or cool? exactly the way you want it ... until boom, it's bedtime! your mattress is a battleground of thwarted desire. enter the sleep number bed. save $300 on the final close-out of the c3 queen mattress set. he's the softy. his sleep number setting is 35. you're the rock, at 60. and snoring? sleep number's even got an adjustment for that. only at a sleep number store find the lowest prices of the season, with the c3 queen mattress set only $1199.98. plus 24 month special financing on all beds. know better sleep with sleep number.
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we're get og to the point where i think the economy is moving into a stronger growth path. not that there aren't risks out there for it. of course any time you do a forecast, there's risks around your forecast. but the fundamentals in the
3:49 pm
forecast are improved. and again, you know the oil price decline is tail wind, it's actually going to be stronger. >> we're back with our panel. oil prices, steve, are they good for the american consumer at least in the short-term? a lot less money for 2014. could it also be an effective weapon p against russia and iran? they're seeing they're seeing raem problems. >> i would argue that it's much les than a tail wind. one of the reasons that we had 5% growth in this last quarter. if you look at the reasons for this change, i think that they are sustainable. looking at you know, the re- revolution that we have had in the united states. these revelations are not going away any time soon. we're skieeing the price per
3:50 pm
barrel lower than >> we have seen the u.s. increase in oil production for a long time. there's a lot of things in washington that doesn't affect the average american's lives. no one no one is talking about 2016 this weekend, but people were talking about oil prices. >> they were talking about jeb bush stepping off the corporate boards? >> it's >> it's the biggest story of the year. it's damaged it's damaged our enemies and it's propelling our economy. when obama says we oof been increasing oil production think of this. oil production on federal lands has declined by 16% since 2010. this has happened in spite of obama and not because of obama. it's occurred entirely on state owned and private lands. >> you mentioned the president. presidential library, hawaii? chicago? new york? >> havana. >> you're getting briefer too in
3:51 pm
the knew year. julie? >> chicago, but the fact that they're having problems is shocking. i think i think they'll get the library in the end. >> what do you think steve? >> i think the real question is where does michelle obama want to run for the senate from. i think it ends up probably in illinois. they'll get their act together. it's more of a natural place for the president than new york. >> and hawaii is so long to get dignitaries out there for events and get people to visit it. but they might put some sort of presidential center out there. >> winners and losers were steve. >> my >> my loser this week is s.e.c. football. we've been hearing for years how great sec is, untouchable, and now we've seen the big ten reemerge as the strongest
3:52 pm
football in the country. it's good for the country. >> auburn, ohio state, alabama. >> wisconsin dount have any hard games. >> my >> my winner of the week is charles crowdhammer who is responsible for getting me back to the winter classic which goes down as one of the great egs rewarding experiences in my life. even in even in the discussion of being in dallas for the super bowl when the packers beat the steelers. >> julie your winner and loser. >> my winner of the week is the oregon football teal. they play out on the west coast, have a lot of late games and a lot of us on the east coast dount stay up for them. this is totally an independent pick. that was that was a fantastic performance. i can't wait to see them against ohio state. my loser of the week is representative michael grim, fairly self explanatory. every time you have to resign from congress, that makes for a
3:53 pm
rough week. >> charles? winner as losers. >> they managed to get within one vote of getting a resolution at the u.n. security council which would have given them state hood without peace of israel but it would have with all of jerusalem. loser of the week congressman steve socalise. they've now said that scalise actually never addressed them but he spoke two and a half hours earlier in the same hotel to a civic group which makes scalise immortal in the history of washington as the first politician ever to apologize for something he didn't do. >> and if he did not speak to that group why did speaker john boehner put out a statement saying he committed an error in judgment. >> and why did he >> and why did he agree that he did? >> right. >> we're going to be we're going to be right. the new the new year's resolutions i promised are coming up right after this.
3:54 pm
3:55 pm
3:56 pm
3:57 pm
i'm i'm going to lose ten pounds and then gain 20. >> i'm going to start flozing more, two days before my dentist appointment. >> i'm going to cut down on beer except for happy hour. love beer. >> i'm going to go to the gym five days a week for a whole two weeks. >> >> pretty funny. finally tonight our panel and their resolutions. charles, we're going to let you go first. >> my resolution is to try to smile this year. i'm shocked to learn that people think i'm grim and dour, so fear. and a few months ago i gave a speech where i had a few jokes. a lady comes up to me at the end, a true story she said, i'm so glad i came, i've never seen
3:58 pm
you smile. and then she added i'm so glad to know you have teeth. i had no idea what to say. here's to 2015 and teeth. >> we established this a few nights ago that you're cute and cuddly because you care about the pandas at the national zoo. >> i care about all cuddly small animals. terrorists i don't terrorists i don't like. >> >> my new year's resolution is to limit the amount of walking while googling texting and e-mailing that i do. i often see people do ridiculous things in washington like falling off of curbs and then i'm doing the same thing. would like to resolve not to do it all together but i don't want to set myself up for failure. >> steve, are you going to start rooting for the sec? >> no. my new year's resolution is to eat more chicken wings. i feel like i haven't had me
3:59 pm
share this past year and i need to do better and i'm going to go search throughout the entire country for the best chicken wing in america. and you can probably give me some -- >> i have a recipe. >> that's the way to go. >> probably get a little fatter, but that's okay. >> well going to more cats games certainly. going back to packers games. going back to wisconsin, wild wing cafe throughout the south. >> what about brat worst? >> i'll keeping eating it. i won't increase that intake. >> why do you think so many people don't think you're cute and cuddly? i spent a whole week with you and i this i you are? >> i'm working on the smile. i watch other people on tv and they smile. i think i might succeed. you keep eating those chicken wings. >> aeth better and >> aeth better and get back to
4:00 pm
church on sunday. haven't done enough of that latedy. greta goes o greta goes on the record right now. another slap in the face to the nypd. listen to what new york mayor bill de blasio did this time. the mayor reappointing a judge who just freed two men accused of terrorist tick threats against the police. and just days after the execution of two new york city police officers. hello, everyone i'm judge jeanine in for great that susteren tonight. it's the latest crash between the new york city mayor and the new york city police department. the mayor reinstating a brooklyn county judge who just let two suspects who threatened cops go free without bail. po


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