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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  January 5, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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't take a picture of your meals anymore. just eat them. that's richard williams, the video is called "can we auto correct our life?" step away. that's your new year's rez lugs. >> jenna lee is back. >> yeah. headline is big changes in washington but also here in new york. more on that in a moment but in d.c., g.o.p. prepares to take full control of congress for the first time in nearly a decade. i'm jon scott. >> i'm jenna lee. >> thank you very much. >> jon has already held the baby. he hasn't forgotten how. it was a beautiful moment. i'm glad you were able to meet him and i want to say a special thank you to our viewers who were so great to me during my pregnancy and during our maternity leave as well and i can't wait to show you some
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photos of little trace. >> he's great. >> a little later on in the program. if i had it my way, i would show photos the entire hour but we can't do that. we'll sprinkle it in. in the meantime we'll take you to capitol hill as republican lawmakers hope to follow through on their agenda which includes approving the keystone x.l. pipeline and chipping away at obamacare. these actions are expected to take up a showdown with the president. mike is live in washington with more on all of this. hi, mike. >> welcome back. republicans continue obamacare is a terrible law and will vote on repealing and picking apart the least popular components. look at lawmakers to fix obamacare considering a 30-hour work week full time changing it to 40 hours. there's another proposed change which has some strong bipartisan support. >> a major tax smacked on the medical device industry. it was just arbitrarily reduced
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in half and there are a lot in this and we will find a way to pay for this and get this tacked on. >> you can expect congressional leaders to move forward quickly with legislation to approve the keystone pipeline. republicans argue that will put thousands of americans to work almost immediately. some democrats will likely say with gasoline prices low, there isn't any great need to build a pipeline. leading senate republican sounds hopeful there will be chances to get things done on jobs and the economy. >> we have an opportunity as well as an obligation to do what the voters told us to do in november which is get things done for the country, get a prosperous economy healthy economy, get things moving again and our focus is going to be on jobs, the economy, energy security the debt, the spending and we're committed to that. >> on foreign policy lawmakers are warning there could be
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increased sanctions on iran if nuclear negotiations fall apart. lawmakers note it is a huge issue and congress must have a role. you can also expect careful scrutiny of the president's outreach. >> mike thank you. >> for more on the new congress and the showdowns that lie ahead, let's bring in bret baier. i'm sure you're looking forward to 2015 as we all are. what is job one for the republicans? >> happy new year. i'm looking forward to jenna's baby pictures first of all. welcome back. the new congress going to be seated tomorrow. besides a battle over the speakership and speaker boehner likely to have the votes to get over that hurdle but there will be a challenge. as mike mentioned, keystone x.l. pipelinene will lead the way and republicans believe they have some bipartisan push there. the question is whether the president will sign that to
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finally move forward with that pipeline. >> i read one writer describe a coup as a disastrous beginning for republicans. why would it be such? the people who watch the ins and outs of politics such as yourself, explain that to the folks at home. >> well listen. they're painting a picture of a fractured republican congress that's falling apart and they won't be able to get anything done. you know, last time two years ago, speaker boehner lost 12 votes for his speakership and that was seen as an embarrassment but he still moved forward with a lot of support. i think you'll see that this time if you just count heads. if it is a big challenge and the number is greater than we think it is right now heading into this vote, yeah it could be an embarrassment. it could be an indication of how tough it would be to get through
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some of these big pieces of legislation that he may want to get through. >> republicans are talking about making some changes to the obamacare laws. one of them the medical device tax that was talked about earlier. also the proposal to make 40 hours a full work week as opposed to 30 hours under the legislation. 30 hours being, well the reason that many say employers have cut jobs, cut hours cut working hours for americans. is the president likely to go along with any of that? >> that is an interesting question. both of those things have bipartisan support. you just heard the senator. others have spoken out about the medical device tax and then the 40-hour work week is a big deal for companies. and how the law is structured. president has previously said that he's ready to congress fix some of the things in obamacare that he concedes are not perfect in that law.
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whether those two meet the task, i think, is the question. and there will be a repeal effort that will probably fail in the senate unless it is pushed through in reconciliation with only 51 votes anyway. the president would never sign any effort to repeal. >> people on both sides of the aisle are saying this is republicans' opportunity to prove that they can govern. but as long as the president is in the oval office and promises to use his veto pen, there really isn't much republicans can do short of legislation that has overwhelming support that's veto proof, right? >> right. i think the white house is signalling that there are things that they believe that can get through congress and make it work with republicans. trade deals, for example. i'll bet you'll see infrastructure projects that move forward but the big things the big controversial things, immigration, tax reform overall. that's going to be interesting to see how it plays out.
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one thing that was really interesting was senate majority leader incoming mitch mcconnell said that he wants republicans to not appear scary, his words, because he wants to set the table for a republican nominee in 2016 that america could accept a republican president, a republican senate and republican house. >> for those who didn't hear harry reid involved in an accident at his home while exercising. brock some bones in his face broke some ribs. he's expected back? >> he is. good news is that he's expected back and he's doing fine. but yeah, it was an interesting moment to get that alert over the iphone. >> that sounded painful. bret, six years at the helm of special report to you. congratulations. >> thank you. it's been a great run great team down here and obviouslying taking over for brit hume was a
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big job. >> capable hands. congratulations and looking forward to watching you in 2015. >> thanks, jon. >> moving on to another big story today fox weather alert and a dangerous arctic blast is working down from canada bringing bitter temperatures well below normal. some areas could see as much as six inches of snow. maria is in the fox extreme weather center. >> hi. welcome back from your maternity leave. i've been watching your twitter account and looking at pictures of your baby. adorable. >> thank you. >> you're back from maternity leave and apparently winter is back from its break as well because we've been looking at relatively warm temperatures across parts of the east and now a storm system moves through and behind it we're looking at a significant temperature drop across portions of the great lakes and also in the midwest in the city of pittsburgh they've observed a temperature change of more than 40 degrees so they're 40 degrees colder now than they were 24 hours ago. and take a look at some current wind chill temps.
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this is what it feels like as people head out the door. currently feels like 21 degrees below zero in chicago. feels like 26 below zero in minneapolis. we are looking at dangerous amounts of cold the risk for hypothermia so there are a number of wind chill advisories that have been issued across the areas and as the cold air goes over the relatively warmer great lakes, we do have lake-effect snow and that has already set up out here off lake ontario. that's where we're looking at some snowfall totals that potentially could exceed a foot of snow. meanwhile, across the pacific northwest, we do have a powerful storm system with very strong winds, several feet of snow possible in some of the higher elevations out there and a little piece of energy from that system is going to be breaking off, swinging through portions of the midwest and brings in snow. this is the area that could locally see six inches of snow but it's such a quick mover, limited moisture with it as well that accumulations will be rather limited. we do have advisories out here and also several warnings that have been issued for some areas from parts of ohio and also
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farther west across iowa. cold air is here to stay. take a look at chicago at least through the weekend. temperatures remain below average and that's an actual temperature. we could be looking at a temperature of 14 degrees below zero. that's not the wind chill. over the next several days that cold air keeps spreading eastward and southward and take a look at thursday morning. new york city we could look at a temperature of nine degrees to be 14 below zero in chicago like we mentioned. single digits in louisville kentucky. >> i just ordered one of the suits that zip all the way up for the baby that totally encloses him. >> we have pictures for that right? >> i'm going to need to. looks likely that come in handy. >> jury selection begins today in the trial of accused boston marathon bomber dzkokhar tsarnaev. he's charged with using a weapon of mass destruction and faces the death penalty if convicted in the attack that killed three people and injured more than 250
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others. molly is live in boston with more on that. >> jon as the process gets underway inside the courtroom, there is a multitude of security outside at the courtroom. i'm standing just a few feet from one of the many homeland security vehicles here. we also know that the coast guard is flanking the back of the building. this building is on the boston harbor but inside the federal courthouse dzkokhar tsarnaev accused boston marathon bomber is present today. he was seated with his attorneys this morning. the judge gave his initial instructions to the first group of jurors. 12 jurors will ultimately be selected. six alternates selected from about 1200 people. the judge gave those jurors this advice saying that you don't need a special education to serve on a jury. what you do need is a commitment to justice. he also made it clear that this case differs from other criminal cases because generally at the conclusion of a case in the case where there is a verdict rendered and the verdict is difficultiy of the
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responsibility of the judge to hand out a verdict. he will be sentenced to death or life in prison. death penalty is banned under massachusetts law but tsarnaev as a reminder here is facing federal charges. today two groups of jurors will be seen by the judge. one this morning when he gave the initial instructions another group will be coming in later this afternoon. they're filling out questionnaires and then in the coming days they'll get further word as to whether or not they'll continue with the process. they've been ordered to stay away from the media and to avoid reading or watching stories about this case not to talk to friends about it. no online research googling that sort of thing and the trial proceedings are expected to actually begin later on this month. january 26 is the date when the jury will be seated and ultimately the trial will get underway. jon? >> keeping an eye on that trial for us molly, thank you. >> a trial begins today for the man accused in the disappearance
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of a little boy more than 30 years ago. that case sparked a national movement for missing children putting missing children on the side of milk cartons. just one precedent this case sets. we'll have the latest developments on this still ongoing affair coming up plus a little girl injured and alone walked through the dark to get help for her family after a plane crash. we have her incredible story. and we want to hear from you. will the new g.o.p. led house and senate work with the white house? join the conversation. go to fox now.
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>> right now, new info and crime stories we're keeping an eye on. jury selection begins today for a man accused in the murder of a 6-year-old who disappeared in 1979. that sparked a national missing children's movement. police say pedro hernandez confessed to killing ethan 16789d -- ethan petz.
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hedge fund founder was shot dead in his manhattan apartment. he was killed yesterday, no charges have been filed as of yet. and real housewives of new jersey former star reported to prison today in connecticut. she begins serving a 15-month sentence after pleading guilty to tax fraud. >> you watch those shows don't you, jon? >> never. but i do know she has a couple of different names. >> we'll continue to watch that story as it begins its next chapter. in the meantime a 7-year-old girl survives a plane crash, then walks nearly a mile through the cold dark woods to get help for her family. her parents, sister and cousin
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all died when the small plane went down in kentucky friday night. laura picks up the story from there with her remarkable tale. >> it really is. this is indeed a story of endurance and pure will to survive. all coming in the small package of a little girl who with a broken wrist, managed to escape from a plane that had crashed upside down in the middle of nowhere and then went for help. federal investigators will be inspecting the wreckage of the piper plane this week to try to sdirn what went so terribly wrong friday night. a mangled mess of metal was all that was left of the plane that was carrying her family, returning home to nashville, illinois from their vacation in florida. a spokesperson from the national transportation safety board says they still don't have a time set to interview the 7-year-old but believe she will play a crucial role in the investigation to determine what exactly happened. her father was behind the controls. the 48-year-old was reportedly a
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commercial pilot and a flight instructor and was killed along with his wife kimberly the 9-year-old sister and 14-year-old cousin. he reported engine trouble and then last contact with traffic controllers around 5:55 friday. reporters tried to direct him to an airport just a few miles way from the crash scene. she made it through nearly a mile of thick brush in the dark wearing light clothing before she found a house with a porch light on knocked on the door. she was bloody and in tears, asking for help. >> she told me that her parents were dead. i asked her how she knew that and she said i've tried to wake them up and i couldn't wake them up. >> she was checked at a local hospital and released to extended family members over the weekend. one investigator called her one remarkable young lady and a fund has been set up on her behalf. the website to make donations,
8:20 am >> larry answered the door and we'll hear more from him. >> what a story. a massive wildfire threatening lives and property after already destroying more than two dozen homes. crews are racing to get these flames under control. we are live at the breaking news desk. she negotiated a plea agreement with prosecutors for her client. the problem is she's not a lawyer. so now what happens to her and the plea deals she made? our authentic legal panel will bring their diplomas and show us. they're going to weigh in on the case of the fake attorney.
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>> right now they're battling a raging wildfire in the southern australia. the wind whipped flames already
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destroying dozens of homes and sparking evacuations as >> that massive wildfire continues to wreak havoc in south australia. 26 homes have been either destroyed or badly damaged and others threatened. 29 people have been injured. many with breathing problems. some families are beingal will youed to return to their homes to assess the damage. but in other areas the fire continues to rage out of control. >> there are a number of flareups, close to five grand and trees might fall. fires, of course, by the flareups can travel quickly. direction can be erratic. we need communities to remain prepared and to stay informed. >> the fire is moving south as winds pick up. the town of perricone is under threat and families are being
8:25 am
evacuated. you n see they're dropping flame retard ant from planes and knocking out hot spots and removing trees in danger of falling. 31,000 acres have been destroyed since the fire started on friday. >> scary stuff. thank you. >> thanks. >> she's accused of posing as a defense attorney and now she needs a real lawyer. charges expected this week against carla who reportedly stole the identity of a utah lawyer and then impersonated this lawyer at least three times, including in cases where she negotiated real plea deals for her clients. joining us is heather, a trial attorney and a criminal defense attorney. i feel like i do need to check your licenses. do you carry that on you? like a driver's license? >> nobody checks. >> no one ever checks. how does this happen? >> the more i think about it the easier something like this actually could happen because if nobody knows your name and she at least had some legal background in that she was a para legal you can walk the walk and since nobody asked for your bar card when you walk in
8:26 am
the courthouse, it could happen. >> what does it say that she was actually able to secure these plea deals? >> the truth is, i said this before. it doesn't take passing the bar or law school to be a lawyer. so many of my para legals are really so smart and just as smart and just as good as any lawyers of my firm. so it does show that perhaps we don't need to go through all of this training to be able to be effective clinically. this happens more than you might think. people who don't have licenses are lawyers. >> if the clients knew that she wasn't a real lawyer or were also fooled what about them? >> here is what i think. the d.a. is really the one who calls the shot when you're negotiating a criminal plea agreement. if the d.a. thinks that the clients were also duped, they're going to get the do-over and they might actually get a better deal from a sympathetic d.a. >> you think they might benefit from it. >> this might benefit from it in a roundabout way but if the d.a.
8:27 am
thinks they were in on it and then they might get the books thrown at them so we'll have to wait and see on that. >> do you agree? >> i think that's the case. negotiating a plea deal isn't always the most difficult thing and the client has to stand up and say they're okay with t. ultimately they may be held to the deals that they agree to but they're going to have some wiggle room now that they -- you know wind fall. >> now that we have a little anxiety anxiety, do you ask a lawyer for their license? when you walk into court today are you asked to show anything at all? >> no. but when you walk in my office i have a whole wall of credentials credentials. you could fake them but you know -- >> but yours are real. >> mine are real. >> who needs a law license? >> the truth is that now, the more you see this happens, the more you think that you may want to look at their bar card. >> it makes me worry about going
8:28 am
to a doctor. you know it's one thing to negotiate a plea agreement. it's another thing to be poking at people. >> may pause at the new year maybe new practices. just check on people's credentials just to be sure. you both are legit and both back next hour to talk about the boston bombing case. thank you both. >> here's a guy who is going to need a real lawyer and a good one. man police say ambushed a state trooper barracks killed one officer and then led authorities on a six week manhunt. he's going to be making a court appearance today. we're live with an update on his case. freshman new york congressman calling out the mainstream media saying they never miss a chance to quote tear down republicans. our media panel will debate his claim.
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>> quick look what's to come this hour, the latest on the search for victims and the wreckage of air asia flight 8501 and the java sea and how the indonesian government is working to improve air safety in that region. plus a dramatic crash all caught on video. a flatbed truck that manages to block one half of the very busy highway. new information in the shooting death of a detroit teen gunned down by a man wearing camoflauge and body armor. also in pennsylvania man accused of ambushing a barracks and killing one officer is in court
8:33 am
today. massive man lunt lasted six weeks. here is more. >> this preliminary hearing is like a mini trial and there were gasps from victims' family members in court when the first witness showed surveillance video in court of the moments when those two troopers were shot outside of the blooming grove state police barracks september 12. the suspect, who is allegedly confessed to the crime was brought here this morning to the pike county courthouse. he sat at the defense table in a blue prison jump suit shackled at the hands and feet staring they scene. also in court, mother and widow of corporal dixon who was shot and killed outside the barracks door and trooper douglas, critically wounded in the attack is not here. he's still in rehab. after the shooting frein disappeared in the mountain terrain where he hid for 48 days eluding a massive manhunt. he was caught by a special
8:34 am
response team of u.s. marshals in an abandoned airstrip roughly 30 miles from the scene of the shooting. authorities say he had his weapons and supplies close by in an abandoned hangar where investigators found a number of incriminating evidence and other materials, including journald that detailed frein's time on the run and how he felt when he pulled the trigger. he faces the death penalty. this preliminary hearing could end today or it could run into tomorrow. >> that story we'll continue to watch. thank you. >> turning to washington now as congress prepares to get to work tomorrow, one new republican elected to the house is taking a shot at the mainstream media for what he calls a liberal bias. listen. >> there are many in the mainstream media who look for any opportunity to try to tear down republicans, to help back up the president of the united states and the democrats in
8:35 am
congress. >> alan combs and tammy bruce so congressman is newly elected to the house. i'm sure you agree with what he has to say. >> you know, i don't know a that i buy the phrase mainstream media. i don't think it means the first thing it meant five years ago, two years ago. newspapers are going out of business. is fox news mainstream media? we have the biggest audience in cable news. is that mainstream enough? i don't think we're guilty of going after republicans too much or anybody. i think we're fair and balanced obviously. so to say what does the mainstream media mean? i don't know what that phrase means anymore. is it michael grimm's fault he had to resign because of a felony? it's the media covering the story. >> it's not clear that scalise did speak.
8:36 am
the organizers say there were two different events. he may have gone to the first one. it's not clear. tammy, what do you think about what the congressman had to say? >> look. this is not new. if this had been a problem for several presidential administrations, reagan was famous for having to go over the heads of the media to be able to get his point across. you know there's a bad coverage and then there's also the pass aggressiveness of not covering something at all to protect someone. we see that happening all the time. at the same time it could help republicans because it makes them have to refine their message. obama has been a victim of being handled with kid gloves because he's never been challenged. but let me tell you about legacy media. broadcast networks and the major newspapers with the exception of one or two, the "new york times" sets a standard about what to cover and what not to cover and that is usually to go after the republicans and to ignore what the democrats may be doing.
8:37 am
>> i think it's a great phrase legacy media. the fact is that there are a number of media outlets, legacy media is losing viewers and readers. >> for this reason, because americans want -- they might not like everything they hear but they want to know they're getting the truth as opposed to an agenda and i think when you're dealing with what the deal with scalise or someone else, there's always suddenly a scandal about a republican and i think that republicans have to stop giving them a place -- the media to hang their hat in the meantime. >> how many times do we hear robert kkk bird, about something that he did 60 years prior? >> all the coverage now it's oh he's a great guy. >> he spent decades doing it. we still heard from republicans that he was once a kkk gi. >> you heard from the republicans. you don't hear from the media, do you? >> republicans from the media and conservative media.
8:38 am
>> what you leave out is as important as what you put in. we talked about this before. when republicans were on a role ahead of the november elections the legacy media were hardly covering that. legacy media covered how well they did in the midterm elections. you know republicans' problems are leadership. 60% when someone beside john boehner as their speaker, 48% want someone besides mitch mcconnell. they have a problem with leadership. i'm talking about republican voters. they're not happy with the leaders of their party. >> for us in media? look. we have a job. for people who are journalists, we're opinion makers right? we have opinions and we comment on these things. for people that are journalists, they have a job to question authority. the other major problem is this mix of family spouses, siblings, working in the white house and having spouses and siblings running legacy media, that also shows you the mix of this dynamic.
8:39 am
you didn't see so much of the spouses and siblings working for republicans when it came to -- >> i don't think that's specific to one political party. >> it is. >> also worth noting when you're talking about polls and leadership, something like 43% of the country wished we had another occupant in the -- i'm sorry. it's actually higher than that. approval rating is going up. >> his approval ratings are rising as he takes assertive action as the economy gets better. his approval rating has gone up right now. >> thank you both. >> truck smashes through a median on an expressway and it's all caught on video. what caused this accident. background coming up. it's an effort to protect credit card fraud. new cards will have chips in them. new cards are coming. we're learning that banks are not doing everything they can to protect you. what they've decided against next.
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>> let's check out what's ahead on "outnumbered." >> welcome back. good to see you. >> thank you. >> all right. republicans take control of congress tomorrow so is it a gridlock alert or will president obama work with them? >> and then there's this. have you heard about it? married high school teacher, mother of two charged with having sex with a student. but why her attorney says it is not a crime. >> and new jersey governor chris christie under fire for being a dallas cowboys fan. you saw it last night. could this hurt his 2016 chances? and do sports really matter in politics? >> he was hugging it out. >> man hug. >> all that plus our hashtag one lucky guy. >> you're wearing dallas colors. >> yeah. my whole family hailed. you know that, jenna >> that hug was a little -- i don't know. thanks, guys. >> a truck causing a scary scene and a major traffic headache as
8:44 am
well blocking an expressway in china. take a look. dangerous situation captured on surveillance video. you can see the tractor trailer flying down the road when it hits the median apparently after sliding on ice. truck ended up blocking lanes in both directions. police scrambled. the truck driver didn't know how to take a curve in that road in the slippery conditions. >> weather is coming up. in the meantime fox news alert and big news here. the price of crude oil is trading below $50 a barrel for the first time in five years. this is a huge story for 2015. it's impacting our market as you can see today. the dow trading lower than more than 230 points. mcdowell has more on what's causing this. >> great news for anybody who has to fill up their automobile. i don't mean to cheer too cloudily because the people in the middle part of this country,
8:45 am
particularly in texas and the midwest who work for energy firms, run energy firms, this is very hard on them. they're cutting back spending plans and it could lead to layoffs, less hiring. upside is that gasoline prices are going to keep falling. $2.19 a gallon is your national average today. you have 37 states where you can find gasoline at service stations under $2 a gallon. three more states will join that list. by the end of the week. what's going on? production of oil and fuel in this country is going through the roof because of all the new technologies and the shell formations we've tapped. at the same time opec has not cutback production. they're basically in a price war with us a production war and then demand worldwide is falling because the world economy is looking weak. so you have a glut of oil and that's what's going on in the
8:46 am
prices. >> several ways to look at, it really s. there any indication how low it could go? that's always the question that folks ask when you see a headline like that. >> when the momentum starts heading in one direction, it takes something pretty significant to stop it. >> so it will be interesting to watch that. just a headline just crossing now. you did point out that for many of us that means more money in our pockets because we're not spending so much on gas and what we're all going to be receiving this year from banks are some new credit cards or debit cards with a little chip in them instead of the swipe technology but the "wall street journal" had an article today that said that apparently the banks aren't going all the way as far as making us more secure. what is that about? what do we need to know? >> chip technology replaces the magnetic stripe that you see on the back of your credit cards so the chip in and of itself is combrufed security in the car. but overseas particularly in europe, you have to put a pin number in when you use your credit card. and along with this chip.
8:47 am
the banks here are not going to make us use a four digit pin because i guess it's too difficult for us to adopt that. do we think we're stupid or lazy or a little bit of both? instead, it's what is called the chip and signature technology. so the chip makes it more secure but you still have to sign it. could the technology be better? yes. by the way, when you get the cards, it will probably still have a magnetic stripe on the back because a lot of your merchants haven't adopted the new point of sale technology that's needed to use the chip cards. >> do you think they're right? bank executive was quoted as saying that. we were worried that our consumers would -- it would add a burden to them to remember another code and that's why we decided not to go all the way as far as security. >> i think they're the ones who are lazy because they don't want to deal with some of the complaints. i'm talking about the banks, what they'll get from the consumer.
8:48 am
would it be that much of a stretch? no. i think we're adaptable. i think we can remember a four digit code. we do it already with our debit card. but again if somebody steals your credit card they could still use it online. it should be easier. like people use with the magnetic stripes, you know, all these reaches we've had, they use skimmers to steal the information off the magnetic stripe which will basically with the chip be impossible to do. >> you should get these carpedsds from your bank but if you want it sooner, you can request it sooner. you might actually get it. >> that's something i would do. i'm a nerd. >> why not, right? you might as well. great to see you. >> it's good to see you. glad to see you back on tv. >> you can see dagen on the fox business network. you can find it on your tv. >> new evidence emerges in the deadly shooting of a high school
8:49 am
honor student. what it is and will it help police catch whoever killed her? plus indonesia takes action in the wake of that deadly plane crash. the latest in that country. what indonesia is doing in the search for more victims in the wreckage of air asia flight 8501.
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>> right now police have a video from the night a gunman hot and killed a high school honor student and wounded other teens in detroit. it's surveillance tape from a business near the crime scene that captures what happened as the shots rang out. >> it was december 22 just before 9:00 p.m. when five teens sitting in a car in a detroit suburb were shot at. one, 16-year-old from gross point was killed. three others were hit and one remains in critical condition. and now a video has been released showing the moments of the shooting from two blocks away. surveillance video shows a group of people outside of a bar
8:53 am
clearly turning their heads in the direction of the crime scene. one later interviewed by fox detroit confirms they were reacting to the sound of gunshots. then a car sped by which witnesses say was the victim fleeing the scene headed for the hospital. >> we heard multiple shots fired. it was at least 20 off the top of my head >> how confident are you that what you saw was the actual car that -- >> 100% confident. >> he said he saw a girl driving with shoulder length dark hair and more in the back seat. the tape does not appear to show the suspect's car. shooter a male in his 20's light colored or beige sedan. there's a $1000 reward for information leading to his arrest. >> what a story. thank you. >> indonesia is beginning to crack down on the aviation sector after the deadly air asia crash. the transportation ministry announcing harsh measures for
8:54 am
everyone that allowed that flight to take off with no permit that day as crews recover more bodies and search continues for the wreckage. >> the weather improved a bit allowing them to ramp up the search operation but they still haven't been able to confirm that five large objects they've located on the ocean floor are actually from that missing air asia plane. now, indonesian officials are confident the objects found by sonar about 100 feet down are major parts of the aircraft. sonar equipment has been deployed again today but the rough weather still hasn't allowed divers to go down to inspect the objects. three more bodies were recovered today. 37 have so far been brought to land. ships including the u.s.s. u.s.s. sampson are continuing to search for bodies in the sea.
8:55 am
it's been revealed the pne wasn't registered to fly on sundays but instead, on four other days of the week. air asia has been banned from flying the route while an investigation is carried out. the airport's operator and control tower officials have also been suspended and there's been another incident involving an air asia plane. a flight parting where the lost plane also originated had to abort a takeoff when the engine failed. the plane was taxiing when the engine died, making a horrible sound and terrifying passengers. 120 passengers got off so the engine could be fixed. but when it was fixed 90% of the passengers decided not to fly. back to you. >> david, thank you. >> here now a preview of some stories we're working on to bring you in the second hour of "happening now." we'll speak with the man who helped that brave 7-year-old girl after she survived the
8:56 am
plane crash that killed her entire family. she walked nearly a mile through the woods. a cargo ship sinks off the coast of scotland. the latest on the search for eight missing crew members. over an average adult lifetime. but there's a better choice. drink more brita water. clean, refreshing, brita.
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hello... i'm an idaho potato farmer and our big idaho potato truck is still missing. so my buddy here is going to help me find it. here we go. woo who, woah, woah, woah. it's out there somewhere spreading the word about america's favorite potatoes: heart healthy idaho potatoes and the american heart association's go red for women campaign. if you see it i hope you'll let us know. always look for the grown in idaho seal.
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>> it's just like riding a bicycle, right? >> it's not the same thing z. first day back to work is tough. >> i feel like i'm lapsing into the runaway bunny. i'm reading, trying to focus and reading on things and trying to get updated and -- >> can you recite the velveteen rabbit by heart? >> not yet. >> motherhood changes everything. >> it's true. >> see you back here in an hour. >> this issis "outnumbered." here with us today -- for the first time on the couch shannon
9:00 am
right here from d.c., she covers the supreme court and anchors america's news headquarters. also host of blue dog tonight on our sister network, lou. you're outnumberedtoday. second lucky guy of 2015. >> seems just about right. i don't know why you call it outnumbered. >> when we start to talk we're sometimes outnumbered. we'll see what happens. >> great to be with you all and happy new year. >> good to be back with you, too, harris. i missed you. we were gone last week. the band is back together. >> i know. >> still no baby from our sandra smith but we'll keep the viewers posted.


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