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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  January 18, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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response. >> that himwill be critical the gop response. >> i want to hear some praise to president sisi for calling for a reform. >> that will do it. have a great week, everybody. on the buzz beater this sunday, as "charlie hebdo" sells millions of copies with its first issue of a h. after the massacre, why won't many run this cover in which a series mu says all is for given.the massacre, why won't many run this cover in which a series muhammad says all is for given. >> which is treat h.sis completely crazy that in the uk you cannot show that. >> we've chosen not to show that cover. we apologize for any who may have been offended by that. >> some media outlets also
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ignoring or down playing the fewer error over the obama white house blowing off that huge march in paris for free speech.error over the obama white house blowing off that huge march in paris for free speech. cbs evening news giving it all 17 seconds despite stinking criticism even from jon stewart. >> how could obama not be there? look how many world leaders he could have bowed down to and apologized. >> was this a blind spot for mistakes by the president? mitt romney moving toward a third presidential campaign gets barbshed by the media. what, him again? >> i feel like i'm taking crazy pills. it's a terrible idea. >> we'll canexplore laura ingraham oig. and boston radio guy howie
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carr weighs in. and al sharpton and others ripping the oscar nom thagss sinations for being too white. i'm howard kurtz and this is media buzz oig. nothing sort of inspiring the demand for "charlie hebdo" was so great that it had to be poos boosted to 3 million. it was a great moment for free when well over a million people showed up to last sunday's march for free expression in paris, including many world leaders. but everyone as the media n chlt furor erupted over whether president obama or his vice president or secretary of state wasn't there, there was no story on the subject in the next day's "new york times" or "washington post" and even after josh earnest acknowledged the know sho was a mistake, world you news tonight gave the story 42 seconds, cbs evening news just
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17 seconds. >> today the obama administration said it made a mistake by not accepteding a high ranking official to yesterday's historic march in paris. >> but brian williams led nbc nightly news with the controversy and there were voices on cnn and msnbc that sharply criticized the white house for not accepteding a high ranking official to paris. >> it was the largest crowd in the modern history of paris. missing from the picture was the machine so often referred to as the leader of the free world no sign of him, vice president biden or john often referred to as the leader of the free world, no sign of him, vice president biden or john kerry. >> certainly you'll grant the point that there is something one when this season's "the good wife" has higher obama administration representation with a cameo from valerie jarrett than this very important rally perhaps the most important rally in europe in a generation. >> joining us how toen a liz the coverage of these issues
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surrounding terrorism and "charlie hebdo," nina easton fortune magazine amy holmes oig, the hot list, and charles lane, "washington post" editorial writer. nina, when all these world leaders show up in paris including at the timebenjamin netanyahu, mahmoud abbas, is big story small story? >> it's a massive story and it feeds into the narrative that there is this president who seems kind of bothered that the war on terror is something that he has to tip dealcontinue dealing with. in terms of the coverage, i think jake tapper of cnn actually almost gave the press particularly cable stations permission early on in the week by saying i'm ashamed. he's at this march. he's there seeing these 44 world leaders as you know, the prime minister of israel, president of the palestinian authority,
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putting hairput their differences aside and locking arms and the president not here and jake tapper noting eric holder was in france and still couldn't bother to come. >> did some news organizations do you think play this down because of perhaps a reluctance to criticize president obama? >> well, i think they played it down possibly because they didn't realize what a huge story it was that the leader of the free world skipped out on the biggest demonstration in france's history and one of the biggest shows of solidarity in the world since 9/11. but i think it shows actually also the power of the blogosphere and of the cable networks that the white house was forced to respond. initially the white house had no comment as to why there was no administration representation and then there was the excuse about security. and then finally an expression of regret. but not the because of any coverage in the "new york times" or cbs. >> or did -- this was big on fox news. did some overplay this when the march was basically symbolic? is. >> it's a funny kind of a story
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because it's a nonhappening that we're covering. we're covering something that did not happen. we don't know what the impact would have been if the president actually had showed up. and i have a slight disagreement amy that i think the security thing is not a total nonissue. every time the president moves anywhere, it's like moving an army division. >> there was no john scary, no joe biden. >> there could have been high level representation. i agree with that. especially if holder was already in up to. and you asked does the media overplay it. i sort of think the media's general setting on everything is go nuts. i don't think this is overplayed. i think actually there was a kind of a breakthrough in a way that jake tapper jumped on that early on and then he stimulated other people. >> some of the earlier anti-islam cartoons were insulting not just to islam. a lot of organizations it didn't shoi it. this one was shown by fox news
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and "washington post" and "wall street journal" and many other organizations. but for all those who declined if you're selling 5 million copies, isn't that news? >> it's already out there. and i have to say i stand with charles lane' boss and my former boss saying we should run it. and then the "new york times" saying is this a pointed image ever muhammad, he was afraid of offending the editor in the norg sometimes was afraid of offending the sensibilities of part of their audience. so that says to me are you setting the standards of what you run or are you letting a portion of your readership set those standards. >> and the "new york times" and other outlets that have shied away from this, and i understand there are concerns about the safety of their employees. this is not a black and white issue. but they didn't seem to exercise the same reticence when it came to showing the pictures of the
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crews crews fist in urine. >> there were almost a dozen instapss where other religious sensibilities could be potentially offended by these himmages. images. we won't allow the sensibilities of a small group censor what we put in the press. it's a part of advancing the story of understanding what this is all about. you called the cover conciliatory. i can see some racial cartooning going on. but what dref 5 million copies to be sold and what is the part of the controversy in the first place. >> interestingly, there have been demonstrations around the world against this cover. so it's not like there is no risk here at all. a press frfer was shot at a protest in pakistan. >> part of what is special about there is that the sense different is not to a car
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tonight or disrespectful depiction of the prophet muhammad but any depiction. and i think the western media sort of being put on the spot here and has no choice in my view but to draw a very clear line that they will not allow even legitimate sensitivity curb the coverage of news. not go out of their way to insult anybody gratuitously as you say. but when it's clearly news worthy -- >> and does that also feed into a sensitivity not the to link two word islamic and terrorism. it's part of the same story. >> and is the american media going to be operating under sharia law. the answer ought to be no. >> this came up on "meet the press" this morning. chuck todd asking the new editor of "charlie hebdo" what he thinks of so many news organizes refusing to run the cover.
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let's take a look. >> when they refused to publish this cartoon when they blur it out, when they decline to publish it they blur out democracy, secularism, freedom of religion and they insult citizenship. >> i think that's exactly right. and again, missing the point of what the demonstration for free speech and freedom of expression was all about, which is this magazine cover is not gratuitous, it's not shall we say pornographic, so there is really no reason why it ought to be blurred out and it advances the story to show the audience what we're discussing. >> the dilemma is absolutely right, there is a risk of violent blow back that the reporters who work for these publications might be victimized overseas. >> not theoretical. >> but that only raises the stakes for free expression. you have to find a way to resist the threat of violence. because once the precedent is
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laid that violent threats, however real, can cause you to curb your coverage at all, then you're on a slippery slope. >> and you can also argue there are safety in numbers. in everybody is publishing it nobody stands out. >> another question for you, a stunning letter from jaems comb any james comey about the news coverage. let's put it up on the screen. decision to grant anonymity so he could clarify the role of his group in assassinating innocents, including a wounded police officer and distinguish it from the assassinations of other innocents in paris is both mystifying and disgusting. i fear you have lost your way. on the other hand, the argument would be you're trying to get insight into the way the trusts think. p. >> absolutely should be ferreting out any information into how they think and what they're thinking and the level of responsibility they may or may not be taking. but you should also identify this guy.
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and i think they were wrong not to. i agree. >> and then as we sack i'mvacuum up the reaction you have joe walsh, the guy who yelled you lied during a president obama speech, thousand a radio host. and he said in response to all this, let's hope that when the islamists next strike, they firsta radio host. and he said in response to all this, let's hope that when the islamists next strike, they first behead the cowards who refused to show the cartoons. how candid therhetoric reach this point? >> and that's just a sample that people say all the time. there is a breakdown in civility. and that is just a sample of it. fortunately no one will come do what he says. >> and i don't think he really means it. >> i just thought it was guess pickable. all right. ahead on "#mediabuzz," don't forget to tweet at me howard kurtz. we enjoy getting the feedback.
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i made a dumb mistake before the break. it was joe wilson who made the comments, not joe walsh. state of the union is on for tuesday. after the big speech, president obama will chat with three youtube personalities.
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>> party favors treats and also this photo booth i made. >> one of the oldest words in the english language and just one of the 14 facts for us today. >> so i have a phrase, how to do the countdown! >> so barack obama prefers these people to the white house press corps? >> i think the white house press corps knows what it needs to do to get a one-on-one with president obama. i guess you could say it's his presidency and he'll talk to who he wants to. i just like that woman's hair, i must say. but we know that the white house feels more comfortable on talk show couches and with youtubers than actual journalists. >> they're treating this like they go to the hollywood after party. >> is it a serious policy speech? i thought it was the state of the union address. this is sort of the historical
8:18 am
trajectory of the state of the union has gone from being a piece of paper that thomas jefferson would hand into congress all the way over to this. i guess the people who warned about the cheapening of the event that would begin when the president actually delivered it in person has been rendered prophetic. >> but here is a more serious point which is the president has been going around basically telling everyone what will be in the speech, material housing aid, free community college. and then front page in the "new york times" and "washington post" this morning, big tax increase on the wealthiest to finance a middle class tax break. so isn't that stealing the news value of the speech? >> it's part of the dance that we see every year over the state of the union message, w is incredibly increasingly irrelevant. so the president puts out these proposals. nothing ever happens with most before 89% of them i would venture to guess. >> you don't think they would go for a tax on big financial firms? >> no one is going to ask the
8:19 am
hard questions about whether this stuff will really get done. but the press dutifully puts it on page one fast it's worth it. but he will get a good audience and a further audience with the -- go zmpt ezelle green i think it is because she's famous because she put cinnamon in her mouth and wretched and gagged. and she also sat it in a bathtub with cereal and milk and professed to eat it all. that's who he's talking to. >> and it's who they choose to talk to or where they choz not to go. sending james taylor to paris to apologize to -- i like james
8:20 am
taylor. >> what is sad is that these youtube chats will get a lot more hits than a lot of what major media put on the air. all right. thanks very much for joining us. this is a fox news alert. fox news has confirmed shots were fired last night near vice president joe biden's house in delaware. they were fired outside the security perimeter. so we'll check more -- find out more about whether that house was targeted whether it was something nearby. fox will keep an eye on this story throughout the day. we'll be right back. does a freshly printed presentation fill you with optimism? then you might be gearcentric. right now, get this case
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one more clarification. i was right the first time, it was joe walsh who made the inflammatory comments about beheading journalists.
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all right. an ohio bar tender named hike and he will hoyt threatened to kill john byner by either shooting him or poisoning his drink, a serious story but not to a web site reporter said stories about boehner's drinking had circulated for years. had he been poisoned as planneds raps his pickled liver could have filtered out the toss in-s. the website has since apologized. joining me is howie carr. >> hi, how are you doing. >> why would the think it's a good idea to make some fun of a plot to kill the speaker of the house? >> well it's obviously an absurd question to even have to ask, howie, especially when you're the boston globe. this is a newspaper who that hasthat
8:25 am
acted for many years as basically a house organ with the kennedy family. have any of the kennedy family had problems with pickled livers? they ran a story that john boehner was known to get hammered from time to time. was john kennedy known to get hammered? the globe would never report that news. i think it goes back to the larger problem of the globe is that this is a newspaper where political correctness is treasured above all else. >> what you're suggesting goes beyond political correctness. you're saying is this a media organization that doesn't very much like republicans and would make this -- poke this fun at boehner, but never against democrats. >> there's no question about it. i sent you a tweet friday night by another writer at
8:26 am
and he said that the only people that were angry about the traffic disruptions by a group of occupy riffraff on thursday that would shut down the city during morning drive rush hour, he said the only people who were angry were white bostonians. i mean it's not true for starters. number two, why would you be putting out something like that publicly? there is a member of a purported news organization. >> right. all right. you're obviously enjoying this a little too much because you write for the rival paper. >> i am enjoying it. >> we have to point out that did apologize after speaker boehner's office objected. and fired the associate editor who admitted that what he wrote was mean and, you know, insulting and mocking. and the guy who wrote this garbage is gone on. so belatedly the website did the right thing. >> well, i think there is
8:27 am
another problem here howie which is that this website and the globe editors and management have even admitted this it's run by nonjournalists. it's just run by people who understand the internet. and they want to get more control of it. they had a problem last month, they had a great story about a harvard business school professor who had jumped ugly with the owner of a chinese restaurant over a $4 overcharge. >> everybody loved that story. >> yeah. and it ended with -- probably the best story the globe had run in a number of years. but it ended, the globe was pranked. somebody sent in an e-mail from a different web address than the earlier e-mails from the professor and it was full of racist comments about the chinese bartender. you looked at it online and you said i think the globe had been
8:28 am
pranked and it turned out they had. >> into the to be careful websites that look like they are full of news and run by november journalists. howie carrs thanks very much for stopping by. coming up, mitt romney moves to get into therd shal race and pun sdits on the right and left are holding their noses. laura i think laura ingraham joins our discussion. and later, do we really need al sharpton using this to stir up trouble? ♪ health can change in a minute. so cvs health is changing healthcare. making it more accessible and affordable with over 900 locations for walk-in medical care. and more on the way. minuteclinic. another innovation from cvs health. because health is everything.
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this is a fox news alert. fox news confirming gunshots were fired last night near the home of vice president joe biden in delaware. p secret service agents posted near the home say they heard the shots and an agent saw a vehicle speeding away from the scene at a high rate of speed. a local police officer stopped the car near the peoplerimeter and
8:32 am
arrested that driver. we'll have a live report at the top of the hour. p. so-called modern day bonnie and clyde now behind bars. authorities say they have arrested the teenage fugitives in panama city. they were asleep in a stolen pickup truck. dalton hayes and his girlfriend accused of going on a crime spree across the south stealing checks and vehicles. they face extradition back home to their home state of kentucky. we'll see you at the top of the hour with the latest on the situation with those shots allegedly fired at the vice president's house. forget those years of denial toefr reporter who asked. mitt romney thousand seems on the verge of plunging into his third presidential campaign. the media reaction has been overwhelmingly negative on the right as well as the left. >> romney is like a loafer, a casual sweater. i want somebody who -- a
8:33 am
character riz matt tick persuasive republican who wants to win. >> can you believe it mitt romney the man caught telling the 1% how much he thought the 47% were just takers, the guy who said corporations are just regular folks can he run for president a third time? >> i sat down with laura ingraham syndicated radio host. welcome. >> great to see you. >> you had an off the record lunch with mitt romney. while he's making up his mind whether to get serious about 2016, is he courting you? >> i hope if nip is interested in running for president, they are thinking of building a bridge to the conservative movement. i've been in the conservative movement since i was 18 a long time. a bridge maybe to my listeners and people in talk radio people who have been a little bit disappointed with the way the establishment has handled things like common core immigration and now of course the perhaps
8:34 am
the nonrepeal of obama care owing p. it's smart for people who might be thinking about running for president to actually recognize that really important segment of the voting population. about he was doing that, and i think -- he's an order friend so i haven't seen him really one-on-one for froeblprobably a couple years. >> kiffin >> given the prominent role you played help an unknown -- >> he's hardly unknown. mitt romney didn't need my help. >> i think it made you more of a player and he wants to get your advice. >> maybe a little bit. and i didn't think of it that way when i saw him. i really thought of it more as i'm in town, he has a place in utah. his family was there. i have little kids and he's just very gracious and a wonderful host. but as i sat and spoke with him and it was off the record, i won't go into great detail, but as i sat and spoke with him, he seemed really engaged on all the topics. he seemed on it.
8:35 am
like he knew everything going on with russia, he understand stood what was going on in the 2016 field. he saw the jockeying that was taking place. he and i went through a number in of points and it was a great time. >> friendship aside romney seems a bit moderate for your tastes. and i've really been truck by how many conservative commentators during this period test the waters have been either hammering him or expressing anywhere from skepticism to hostility that he might run. >> they should know this. the more they ham someone like a mitt romney, they basically help you out. the more they hammer any other candidate, they're helping the establishment at least current favorite and i would argue is probably going to be the favorite establishment candidate. he has been hop scotching the country meeting with high profile donors and basically saying don't commit to anyone else. >> by the way when did the constitution get rewritten so that the donors decide who is a
8:36 am
viable candidate? >> that's why i like to tell everybody relax a little bit about this. the idea that mitt romney may be thinking about it i don't know how seriously he's thinking about it. i think people run to the conclusion that he's running. he may be running he may not be. >> but here's what happened. romney said again and again and again to every reporter that asked, i'm not rubbing. and then suddenly he tells a room full of donors the big money men -- >> i haven't heard it from him. >> but a lot of authorized leaks. >> i think there are a lot of former consultants for a lot of these candidates who are set to make a lot of money if these guys run. i think they want to be back in the game. sometimes the consultants want to be back in the game more than the candidate or potential candidate. and so i think a lot of this is consultancy driven and frankly that drives people nuts about american politics. but back to the jeb point people have to realize what is going on here. >> do you think media are missing the story? >> they are missing the narrative here which is we are on the vergean field of having the donor class
8:37 am
secretary the gop nominee. now, i know people p think the more the mayor krer. if i hear that one more time -- you about the more the may haveor year, we need all those people in. money still talks and is itt talks loudly. if you don't have $100 million lined up to be xrcompetitive, you'll give it a go go, but you'll have to drop out. jeb or someone like him will the donor class and they will clear cut right through florida to ohio and michigan. >> to the extent romney is seriously thinking about running, could all the negative press dissuade him? >> i don't think so. i think romney -- he's not
8:38 am
conservative for me on a lot of issues, but i think for him, he believes -- i think jeb believes the same thing. they believe the country is this real trouble. romney as been through that mill. i get the sentiment. i'm not telling romney to run. >> but you don't think he'll be dissuaded by -- >> i don't think he will be dissuaded by the pundit to being accuracy. i think he will be dws waded if donor after donor says we love you, but you had your chance. >> lawyer are a,ura, thank you. romney did tell the rnc he's considering seriously running. seemed like the press really wanted romney to run and as soon as he indicates that he probably will, he's get, trashed everywhere. >> i think the most exciting thing about a romney run part three is the lead up to it. because otherwise what else is there to write or say about a mitt romney candidacy at this point. we went through it.
8:39 am
it seems like yesterday, but it really -- this is a rerun that has never really stopped. he hasn't gone and done something else and then come back. he has been running or helping other candidates the last three years. >> you co-authored a piece mitt '16 not totally insane. he called him the tallest midget in the room. were you pushing back. >> >> it spts isn't insane that he would run again. you can raise $1 billion. he is someone that has been again. you can raise $1 billion. he is someone that has been tested. he's been vetted. >> not totally insane. >> that's about as far as i'll go on that. because there are a lot of reasons why it's a bad idea. he didn't just lose. he lost big to president obama. >> i talked with laura ingraham about conservatives not being excited. liberal pundits are loving it
8:40 am
because you have 47%, self-deportation, owns a couple cadillacs. they are digging into the archives. >> i think decreases are the happiest people to hear about a third mitt romney run. someone's piece said he wishes he could run against mitt romney again and again forever because the book is already written of how they brought him down the last time. so democrats are overjoyed by this. >> but it seems he didn't even get a honeymoon of like two days before everybody started focusing on his liabilities. and do you think the negative chatter, you said it seems like it was yesterday 2012 is due in part to the testy relations romney had with the press or the challenges the press base in covering mitt romney last time? >> that's a part of it, but not like covering the hillary clinton campaign will be a walk in the park either. assuming she runs. so i don't think it's colored by the fact that dealing with his recent shot was sometimes
8:41 am
difficult. >> but is there a sense of deja vu in that reporters saying to themselves another two years on the road with mitt and do you think any of this is personal? >> i don't think so. i don't think it's personal. i think it's more that part of covering a presidential campaign, it's exciting to get to know this person. we know this guy already. and would he have covere've covered that campaign. hillary clinton went off as secretary of state and went back and a lot more fodder than mitt romney romney. >> great to see you. ahead a cnn correspondent bows out after an ugly feud on twitter. and up next, zero nominations for black actresses and actors in the upcoming oscars. some of the speed i can't areya media are pretty ticked off.
8:42 am
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[ male announcer ] huntsman cancer institute is the only cancer hospital in the world designed by a patient, with the vital understanding that cancer moves fast. and we have to move faster. to learn more or support the cause, go to ♪ ♪ oscar season always generates controversy, but this week there has been high december bell criticism from al sharpton and others that the nominations are too white even though "selma" got a nod for best picture, but they ignored every black actor and actress. joe concha joining us. is this debate being driven in part by the likes of refrpverend al? >> he had a great quote saying
8:46 am
hollywood is like the rocky mountains. the higher you go, the more white it gets. he failed to mention that the academy awards president is annen african-american woman. but to your point, yes the huffington "post" says this will be the white e. oscars since 1998. "chicago tribune" said the subtlest racism is the big headline. i think statement the osometimes the oscar voters get it wrong. you can go to alfred hitchcock wasn't nominated. why, because he's british? how about jaws. why wasn't spielberg nominated for best director, because he's jewish? we start cat xwregorizes thing this is boxes and we run into real problems. >> we have to say voters are 93%
8:47 am
white. but at the same time i'm thinking it's supposed to be their judgment. flawed as it might be. and is it now going to be done on a diversity scale like the president filling out his cabinet where you have to worry about everybody getting a slice of the pie? >> i'm afraid in 2015, that may very well be the case. remember, and bill weir said, yeah 93% of voters are white average age 63. therefore they're like the old farts in the muppets that sit up in the balcony. even though these are the same voters who nominated and selected 12 years a slave as best picture and two other oscars just last year alone. for whatever ropeeason, that is getting ignored. >> so your take briefly is that yes, the academy sometimes blows it there's a long history of that, but if your view, it's not necessarily racial?
8:48 am
>> it's not raracial. ever since 1991 when dancers with wolves was selected over good fellas i really haven't taken it all that seriously. it's opinion. >> let's move on to amazon announcing woody allen will direct and online streaming tv series. the company getting some heat because of the child molestation accusations involving his adopted daughter. it all stems from a custody bhalgts battle. will this hurt amazon? >> i don't think it will. he's always gotten a free pass. he's never been criminally charged with anything, but on a creepy scale dating your adopted daughter who is 19 and you're 54 every hollywood actor and actress clamored to work with mr. allen ever since he's been directing movies way back
8:49 am
when. so unlike bill comes city who has been found guilty in the court of public opinion, woody allen has allege gotways gotten a free pass and johni don't know why. >> joe concha, thanks very much for stopping by. after the break, what happens when a terror expert gets called out by the british prime minister. this is the equivalent of the sugar in one regular can of soda. and this is a soda a day for a year. over an average adult lifetime that's 221,314 cubes of sugar. but you can help change that with a simple choice. drink more water. filtered by brita. ♪
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if you're an expert who appears on tv, it's not a good sign when british prime minister
8:53 am
david cameron says you are clearly an idiot and he choked on his porridge. emerson really stepped in it during an appearance on fox's justice with jeanine pirro. emerson expanded the growing of no go zones. >> in britain, it's not just no go zones. there are cities like birmingham that are totally muslim and nomuslims simply don't go in. >> getting all kinds of abuse on twitter, emerson to his credit offered a fuel throated apology. i am clearly in error for which i am sorry. i am issuing this correction about the city of birmingham. i do not intend to justify or mitigate my mistake by stating that i had relied on other sources because i should have been more careful. >> and judge janine said she
8:54 am
should not have let it go unchallenged. speaking of mistakes by the way, several news outlet wrongly identified emerson with the huffington post calling him a fox news contributor, fox news expert and fox news idiot rather than just a guest. and a wapo reporter has been detained for months. he's not a spy, a reporter who hasn't even been given access to a lawyer. john kerry has pressed tehran about his continued detention an international outrage i hope ends very soon. still to come, your top tweets of veteran cnn correspondent apparently tweets his way out of a job and a sports site that fell for an olympic sized hoax. buzz worthy is straight ahead. tis last 8 hours but aleve can last 12 hours. and aleve is proven to work better on pain than tylenol arthritis.
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sul sul
8:58 am
jim clancy resigned as a cnn correspondent friday after 34 years with the network after he got in a nasty spat on twitter over the charlie hebdo cartoons. he said they never mocked moed he said they never mocked moed mohamed muhammad. the coward ss. and he said get a grip, you need to pick on a cripple outside the herd. >> it's a shame a reporter covering war zones around the world is ending on such a sour note. are pundits being fair about mitt romney exploreing a presidential race. are they ever? he got 21% of gop poll. and his own party has been pretty vocal. not sure you can pin it on the pundits. >> compare media coverage of mitt the punching bag to saint
8:59 am
elizabeth warren. dana says, probably not but message to pundits, i don't want to hear about 2016 everyday. >> what because we're only two or three week into 2015? ouch. this media fail. pretty interesting piece on the media site dead spain on three on three basketball. i played a lot of that in the jungle as an official sport for the 2016 games in rio and it was taken from a website called the pit pitato advocate. it should have been a warning. i wrote a post based on a satire website which is just about the dumbest way to blank up. sorry blank me. would have been cooler not to get faked out like that. that's it for this edition of media buzz. i'm howard kurtz. we put your questions into videos where i respond and send
9:00 am
us an e-mail. media we'll respond to those as well. we're back here next sunday morning, 11:00 and 5:00 eastern for the latest buzz. fox news alert. the secret service saying shots were fired last night near the home of vice president joe biden in delaware. officials say the vice president and his wife were not home at the time. hello, welcome to america's news headquarters. >> hello, everyone. it happened just past 8:25 last night. a driver speeding away from the scene was located by police near the security perimeter. it is not yet at this moment clear what the motive if any, actually was. peter duesy is following the story live. hi peter. >> that's right. there were two suspicious and potentia


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