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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  January 18, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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. >> that will do it. have a great week, everybody. >>on t >> on the buzz beater, at "charlie hebdo" sells millions of copies the first issue after the massacre why are news agencies refusing to show this cover, where a teary mohammed says "all is forgiven." that is the policy of msnbc cnn,npr, "new york times" and britain's sky news. >> it is crazy. you cannot show mohammed in this cover. >> we appreciate not showing that. i apologize for our viewers who were offended by that. >> the media outlets ignoring or
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down playing the furor over the obama white house blowing off the huge march in paris for free speech. the cbs evening news giving it all of 17 seconds despite stinging criticism even from jon stewart. >> how can he not thereby? look how many world leaders he have bowed down to and apologized? >> this was a blind spot by the president? >> mitt romney moving to a third presidential campaign is bashed bit media by commentators on the right and the left with this message: what him again? >> i feel like i am taking crazy pills at 9 idea of mitt romney running again. i think it is a terrible idea. >> we will explore the negative reaction with the radio host who just had lunch with him, laura ingraham. >> a plot to assassinate speaker boehner and he is called a
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"drunk." >> al sharpton and others ripping the oscar mom nations for being too white. is this a ginned up controversy? >> nothing short of inspiring that man for the issue of "charlie hebdo" was so great that the 50,000 press release was printed five mill. a million showed up for the sunday march for free expression in paris including many world leaders. even as the media furor erupted why president obama or his vice president or his secretary of state wasn't there there was no story on the subject in the "new york times" or the "washington post" and even after white house spokesman agencied that the no show was a mistake world news tonight gave the story 42 seconds. and school peoplery -- and scott
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pelley, 17 seconds. >> the obama administration said it made a mistake by not sending a high ranking official to the historic march in paris. >> but nbc was let with the controversy and voices sharply criticized the house for not sending a high ranking official to paris. >> it was the largest crowd in the modern history of paris. missing from the picture was the man so often referred to as the leader of the free world: president obama. no sign of him, vice president biden or secretary of state john kerry. you will grant the point that there is nothing wrong when this season's "good wife," had higher obama administration representation with a cameo from valerie area debt -- jarre to t than the most important rally in a generation. >> joining us to analyze this,
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is a fox news contributor, anyone that, and amy holmes and charles. when the world leaders show up in paris including netanyahu and abbas, no biden obama or john kerry. is it a big story? small? medium? >> massive story and it feeds into the narrative that a lot of journalists have there is a president who seems kind of bothered that the war on terror is something he has to continue to deal with. there is that narrative out there. in terms of the coverage, jake tapper gave the press particularly cable stations, permission early on in the week by saying "i'm ashamed." he is at the march seeing the 44 leaders, the president of israel
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p.l.o. putting their differences together and locking arms and jake tapper noting that holder was in france and could not better to --. >> i have not figured that out. amy? did news organizations play this down because of reluctance to criticize president obama? >> necessity played it down because they realize what a huge story it was the leader of the free world skipped out on the biggest demonstration in france's history and one of the biggest shows of some daughter in the world since 9/11 but it shows the power of the blog and of the cable networks that the white house was forced to respond. initially the white house had "no comment," why there was no administration representation and there was the excuse about security and then finally, an expression of regret but not because of any coverage in the "new york times" or cbs. >> this was big on fox, chuck did someone overplay it with the march was symbolic? >> it is a funny story because
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it is a nonhappening we are covering. we are covering something that did not happen. we don't know what the impact would have been if the president actually had showed up. i have a slight disagreement that i think the security thing is not a total nonissue. when the president moves anywhere, it is like moving an army division. >> there was no john kerry and biden. >> there could have been high level representation, i agree, especially if holder is already in town. you asked did the media everplay it? i think the media's general setting on everything is "go notes." i don't think this was everplayed. there was a breakthrough, in a way, that jake tapper jumped on that early on and then he stimulated other people. >> with the op-ed saying he was ashamed. >> the cover of "charlie hebdo" the earlyant islam cartoons that were insulting to islam and antichristian cartoons, a lot of organizations did not show. this was shown by fox news and
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the "washington post" and "wall street journal" but for all of those who deline to she it, you are selling five million companies, isn't that news? >> it is out there. i have to say i -- my former boss said run it but "new york times" is saying well, a poignant image of mohammed, not offensive, he was afraid of offending the editor of "new york times" afraid of offending the sensibilities of the audience. so that says, are you setting the standards? or are you letting a portion of your readership set the standards? >> "new york times" and other whose shied away from this and i understand there are concerns over the safety of employees, they did not seem to exercise the same holding back as far as showing back pictures of the first of christ or crude --
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crucifix in urine. >> there were a dozen instances where other religious pictures could have been offensive, and this is the whole point. we are not going to allow the sensitivity of a small group censor what we put in the police. it wasn't gratuitous but it is part of advancing the story of what this is all about. i can see some racial cartoons going on and understand this but what drove five million copies to be sold? >> interestingly, chuck, there have been demonstrations around the world against this cover so it is fought like there is no risk. and a photographer was shot at a roast in pakistan. >> part of what is special about this, the sensitivity here is not to a cartoon or offensive or
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disrespectful depiction of the prophet mohammed but any depiction of the prophet. that is part of the problem. the western media being put on-the-spot here and has no choice but to draw a very clear line they will not allow even legitimate sensitivity curb the coverage of news. not go out of their way to insult everyone, gratuitously but when it is newsworthy you have to publish. >> does that feed into a sensitivity not to link two words, islamic and terrorism? it is part of the same story. >> is the american media going to operate under sharia law? the answer ought to be know. >> but there is the question of offender readers and views. >> on "meet the press," the new editor of collar char -- of "charlie hebdo" what he makes of so many refusing to publish the
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cover. >> when they blur this out and refuse to publish and decline to publish they pleasure out freedom of religious and democracy. >> that is exactly right. again, missing the point of what the demonstration for free speech and freedom of expression was all about that the magazine cover is not gratuitous or, shall we say, pornographic. there is no reason it should be blurred out. it advances the story. to show the audience what we are discussing. >> the dilemma is absolutely right: there is a risk of violent blow back. the reporters who work for the publications could be victimized overseas. >> not theoretical. >> but that only raises the stakes for free expression because you have to find a way to resist the threat of violence once the precedent is laid that violent threats however real,
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can cause you to curb your coverage at all, you are on a slippery slope. >> you can argue there is safety in numbers. if everyone is publishing and no one standpoints out. if there are millions of the images out there... >> another question, a stunning less from the f.b.i. director to the "new york times" about a news story on the coverage of terrorism. he writes "your decision to grant anonymity to a spokesman of al-qaeda so he could clarify the role of his group in assassinating innocence including a wounded police officer and distinguishing it from the assassination of other innocents in paris in the name of another group of terrorists is mystifying and disgusting. i feel you have lost your way," but the argument is are trying to get insight into how the terrorists think. >> it should be ferreted out, the information, on how and what they think and the level of responsibility they may or may fault be taking. you should also identify this gay. they were wrong. i agree.
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they were wrong not to. >> then as we vacuum up the reaction, you have the former congressman joe walsh who yelled "you lie," during a speech of president obama said in response to all of this let's home when the islamists next strike they first behead the appeasing cowards at cnn, msnbc, and others would refuseed to publish the cartoons. how did the rhetoric reach that point? >> wow, that is a sample of the kind of stuff that people say on tv and radio all the time. they have a breakdown in civility and polarization. no one is going to do what he says. >> i don't think he really means it. >> it is just getting attention. >> i thought it was despicable. >> ahead, do not forget to tweet at me we also enjoy the feed back and we will read messages
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later. we have laura ingraham on her private lunch with mitt romney and so many don't want him to run again. president obama giving his "state of the union" address on thursday but hasn't he already spilled all the beans?
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i madeu mi >> the former congressman who made the comments is joe wilson about beheading people. >> president obama will chat with on tuesday with three youtube personalities after the state of the union speech. >> party favors. treats. also, this cool photobooth.
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>> this is one of the oldest worlds in the english language. that is just one of the 14 facts that i will tell you about today. >> wait, wait, wait, wait. >>barabama >> so president obama prefers these people to the white house press corps? >> now i think the white house press corps knows what it needs to do to get a one-on-one with president obama. you could say it and his presidency and he will talk to would he wants to. i liked that woman's hair at the end but we know the white house feels more comfortable on talk show couches. >> a serious policy speech is being treated like going to the hollywood after party. ais it serious? i thought it was the "state of the union" address. this is the his forkal trajection of the state of the
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union has gone from being a piece of paper that tom jefferson who hand to congress all the way over to this. i guess the people who warned about the cheapening of the event that begins when the president delivered it in person have been rendered prophetic. >> and the president has been telling everyone what is in the speech including housing aid and free community college and the big tax increase on the wealthiest to finance a middle-class tax break so isn't this stealing the news value. ait is part of the dance we see each year over the state of the union which is increasingly irrelevant. president puts out the proposals. nothing ever happens with most of the proposals, i would guess 89 percent. >> request think there will be a big tax on financial firms. and no one will ask the hard
2:19 pm
questions, whether this stuff is going to get done. the press puts it on page one as if it is worth it. he will get a good audience and the further audience with -- i want to point out that grand is famous for putting cinnamon in her mouth and gagging. and another point she sat in a bathtub with cereal and make and was said to eat it all. that is who he is talking to. >> it gets to the white house and who committee choose to talk to or places they choose not to do and the trivialization of the white house communication efforts. sending james taylor to paris and apologizes --. >> you have something against james taylor. >> i like james taylor.
2:20 pm
>> the youtube chats are going to get a lot more hits than what the main stream media put on the air. >> thank you all very much, chuck, amy, and nina. >> fox news has confirmed that shots were fired last night near vice president biden's house in delaware. according to the secret service they much fired outside the security perimeter. we are going to check on that and find out if the house was targeted or it was something near. fox will keep an eye on this throughout the day.
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>> i was right, it is joe walsh, a firm congressman who made the comments about beheading journalists. not the famous guitarist.
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a bar tender threatened to kill speaker boehner by shooting or poisoning. a dead serious story but not by a website that said stories of his drinking have circulated for years. if he was poisoned, perhaps the pickled liver could have pickled out the toss ins. he has been fired. we are joined by a boston howard -- boston columnist. hello, howie, why would someone make fun at a plot to kill the speak we of the house of representatives? >> it is an absurd question is to have to ask especially when you are the "boston globe." this is a newspaper that has acted for many years as a house
2:25 pm
organ of the kennedy family. have any member of the kennedy family ever had problems with pick cold liveers? they read a cut line under the story saying that speaker boehner has been then to get hammered from time to time. was ted kennedy ever known for that? "the boston globe," would never report that kind of news. it goes back to the larger problem of "the globe," that this is a newspaper where political correctness is treasured above all else and --. >> but you are suggesting this goes beyond political correctness and that this is a media organization and run by separate editors but a media organization that does not like republicans and would poke this fun at boehner but never indug in that against democrats? >> there is no question about it. i saint you a tweet from friday night by another writer at and he said that only
2:26 pm
people that were angry about the traffic disruptions by a group of occupy people on thursday that would shut down the city during morning drive rush hour, the only people angry were white bostonians. it is not true for starters. number two, why would you put out something like that publicly this is a purported news organization. >> right. you are obviously enjoying this too much because you write for the rival paper. >> i am enjoying it. >> did apologize after the office objected and fired the associate editor, who admitted what he wrote was mean and insulting and mocking. the guy who wrote this is gone so belatedly the website did the right thing. >> there is another problem
2:27 pm
here howie this website and "globe," 4th and editors have admits, it is run by maureen journalists people who understand the internet. they want to get more control of it. they had a problem last month a great story about a harvard business school professor who jumped ugly with the owner of a chinese restaurant over a $4 overcharge --. >> everyone loves that story. >> right. it ended with "the globe," the best store they ran in a number of years but it ended and they were pranked the someone sent in an e-mail from a different when address than early e-mails and it was full of racist comments about the chinese bartender. you looked at it and you would know the "globe," was pranked
2:28 pm
and they were. >> you have to be careful with websites look like they are full of news and they are run by non-journalists. >> coming up, mitt romney moves to get into the presidential race and pundits on the right and left are holding their notes. >> critics say the oscar nominations could be whitest ever but do we need al sharpton to stir up trouble?
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>> this is a fox news alert. the f.b.i. is investigating a drive-by shooting near the delaware home of vice president joe biden. multiple shots were fired outside the security perimeter that is set up by the secret service from a car that was racing along a public road. no evidence has been found yet on the vice president's property. we know that he and his wife were not home at time. 30 minutes later a man tried to
2:32 pm
drive past the security check point and was arrested for resisting but he was not involved in the shooting. >> israel is carrying out an airstrike against one of the most bitter enemies hezbollah. at least six of the fighters were killed including the son of a late military commander. the strikes take place in the syrian-controlled area of the golan heights a vital area that borders israel and has been a major battle ground for decades in the conflict. >> see you at 7:00 p.m. at the fox report. et those >> forget the years of denial to all reporters, mitt romney seem on the verge of the third presidential campaign. media action has been overwhelmingly negative and he has drawn comments from the right and the left. >> romney is like a loafer a casual sweater. i want someone who is persuasive republican who wants to win.
2:33 pm
>> can you believe it in the man telling the 1 percent how much he thought the 47 percent were takers, the guy who said corporations are just regular folks? can he run for president a third time? >> i sat down with laura ingraham fox news contributor. >> you had an off the record lunch with mitt romney while he is making up his mind. is he courting you? >> if anyone is interested in running for president i hope they are building a bridge to the conservative movement, which i have been involved in since i was 18a long time. a bridge maybe to my listeners and people in talk radio people would have been disappointed with the way the establishment has handled things like common corporation, immigration and now, of course perhaps the non-repeal of obamacare, it is smart for people who might be
2:34 pm
thinking of running for president to recognize that important segment of the voting population. if he was doing that and i think he is an old friend so i have not seen him really one-on-one for probably a couple of years. >> timing. given the role you layed in helping an unknown eric cantor. >> he is hardly unknown. >> unknown when --. >> mitt romney doesn't need my help. >> has made you a player republicans want your advice. >> i didn't think of it that bay i thought of it as, i'm in town, he has a place in utah, his family was there i have little kids and he is very gracious and a wonderful host but as i sat and spoke with him and it was off the record, i will not go into great detail but he seemed engaged on the all the topics like he knew what was happening with russia, he knows my special
2:35 pm
interest in russia and understood what was going on in the 2016 field. he saw joking taking place and he and i went through a number of issues and a number of points and it was a great time. >> friendship aside he seems moderate for your tastes and i have been struck by how many conservative commentators during the period of testing the waters have been hammering him or expressing anywhere from skepticism to hostility he might run. >> they should know the more they hammer someone like a mitt romney, they help jeb. the more they hammer any other candidate, they are helping the establishment current favorite which probably is the favorite establishment candidate. he has been hopscotching the country, meeting with high-profile donors and saying don't commit to anyone else were he did this in chicago --. >> when did the discussion get rewritten so the donors decide who is viable? >> now is what i like to say.
2:36 pm
relax. the idea that mitt romney could be thinking about it, i don't know how seriously he is thing. >> wait, wait wait a second. >> people run to the conclusion he is running. he may. he may not. >> he said again and again and again, he said he had no plans to run and then he tell as room of donors --. >> i have not heard that from him. >> you would think the authorized leaks --. >> there are a lot of former consultants who are set to make a lot of money if they run. they want to be back in the game. sometimes the consultants want to be back in the game more than the candidate. >> i notice that. >> a lot of this is consultant-drive and that drives people notes. pack to jeb for a moment, what is really going on here, i think the media are missing the narrative which is, we are on the verge in the republican field of having the donor class
2:37 pm
select the g.o.p. nominee. i know people think laura, it is so early, the more the merrier, if i hear that one more time...the more the merrier, we need these people in. we know that money talks. it talks really loudly in politics. if you don't have $100 million lined up in the next 12 months to be competitive in the primaries, you will be like the next herman cain or the next mike huckabee in 28. you could possibly win a straight but you will have to drop out because jeb or someone like him is going to have the one and the donor class and they will cut right through florida to ohio and michigan. >> or maybe you get a tv talk show. >> or book deal. >> could all the negative press and the pundits dissuade him from getting in? >> i don't think so. romney is not conservative for me on a lot of issues, but for
2:38 pm
him, he believes and i think jeb does, that the country is in real country and romney has been through that a few times and people say he is year's news, i get sentiment. people are thinking i am telling romney to run. that is not what i am saying. >> you do not thing he will be disswayed by the pundits. >> i think he would be dissuaded if donor after donor after dough far said we love you but you had your chance. >> thank you laura. >> great to see you. >> romney toll the rnc he is seriously considering running and we have senior politics editor at the daily beast, jackie kucinich. >> most exciting is the leadup. what else is there to write or say about a mitt romney candidacy? we went through it, it seemed like yesterday, it was three
2:39 pm
years ago, but really this is a re-run that has never stopped. he hasn't again and done something also and then come back, he has been running or helping other candidates for the last three years. >> you co-offered mid-16 is not totally insane were you pushing back against the perception it is the same. >> it isn't totally insane that mitt romney would run again. he can raise $1 billion. he is someone that has been tested. he has been vetted. >> "not totally insane." >> for the nominee. that is arrest nasa as it goes. there are a lot of reasons it is a bad idea. he didn't just lose but big to president obama. >> i talked with laura ingraham about conservative commentators not being enthusiastic about a third run but liberals are loving it because you have 47
2:40 pm
percent, deportation and owns a couple of cadillacs. >> democrat are the happiest people to hear about a third mitt romney run. someone said in a piece they wish people could run against romney again and again because the backs are already written how they brought him down. >> it seemed he did not get a honeymoon of two days before everyone started to focus on his liabilities and do you think the negative chatter you said it seems like yesterday 2012 is that part of the testy recommendations he had with the press? >> that is pat of it. but it is fought like covering the hillary clinton campaign is a walk in the park. i am assuming she runs. i don't think it is colored by the fact that dealing with the press is difficult because that is the nature of a campaign. >> is there a sense of of deja
2:41 pm
vu another two years on the road with mitt romney, is any of this personal? >> i don't think so. i don't think it is personal. i think it is more that part of covering a presidential campaign is exciting you get to know this person. we know this guy. we know mitt romney already and we covered that campaign. >> but not a fresh face. and neither is hillary clinton. >> true but she went off and secretary of state and came back so this is a lot more fodder than mitt romney. >> a cnn bows out avenue an ugly feud about muslim on twitter. >> zero nominations for black actors and actresses and some in the media are pretty ticked off. [ narrator ] mama sherman and the legion of super fans. wow! [ narrator ] on a mission to get richard to his campbell's chunky soup. it's new chunky beer-n-cheese with beef and bacon soup. i love it. and mama
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>>car ason oscar season always generates controversy but this week has been criticism from al sharpton and others that nominations are too white although the civil rights film "selma," got nod for best picture the asked my ignored every black actor and actress. is this a legitimate debate or is it driven in part by the likes of reverend al? >> reverend al said that hollywood is like the rocky
2:46 pm
mountains, the high are you go 9 whiter it gets but he failed to mention that president is a woman who happens to be an african-american woman. to your pound around the media yes, it will be the whitest oscar since 1998 and "chicago tribune" says the subtle headline is race. the oscar voters simply get it wrong. can you go back to 1960 in "vertigo," not nominated because hick congress -- hickock is british. >> we categorize in boxes and we run into real boxes. >> we have to take note that the academy voters are 93 percent white and only one black actress
2:47 pm
hall won for african-american actress but it is supposed to be their judgment about best actor and best actress and best picture is it now done on a special scale of diversity. >> i am afraid in 2015 that could very well be the case. remember, and this was tweeted by cnn, 93 percent of oscar voters are white and 70 percent are male the average age is 63 so they are like the old farts they have no idea what a good black movie looks like although they nominated and selected "12 years a slave," as best picture and twoors just last year alone. for whatever reason that is getting ignored in the debate. >> your take because i want to move on yes the academy sometimes blows it and there a long history of that but in your view it is not necessarily racial? >> it is not racial and since
2:48 pm
1990 when oscar voters selected "dances with wolves," over "good fellows," i do not take it seriously. it is opinion. sometimes you get it wrong. >> you are still kicked off about that. >> and now am done said that woody allen will direct an online streaming tv series first time he has done this and the company is getting heat because of those child molestation accusations involving his adopted daughter and this all steps from a custody battle from 1992 with mia. will this hurt amazon? i don't think so. you go back in history with woody allen he always get as free charge. these has never been charges but on the creepy scale dating your adopted daughter who is 19 and you are 54 every hollywood actor and actress clamored to work with him since he was directing back in the 1960's so unlike
2:49 pm
bill cosby who was absolutely already found guilty in the court of public opinion netflix pulls his show, he has gotten a free pass for whatever reason. i can't answer the question as to why. >> we will have to wait to see what he z i think you are right because people still go to his movies and it is one set of allegations opposed to bill cosby. >> what happens when a terror expert mangles the facts and is called out by the british prime minister? my name is karen and i have diabetic nerve pain. it's progressive pain. first that feeling of numbness. then hot pins. almost like lightning bolts, hot strikes into my feet. so my doctor prescribed lyrica. the pain has been reduced and i feel better than i did before. [ male announcer ] it's known that diabetes damages nerves. lyrica is fda-approved to treat diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is not for everyone. it may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions.
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if you're an expert who appears on tv, it's not a good sign when british prime minister
2:53 pm
david cameron says you are clearly an idiot and he choked on his porridge. emerson really stepped in it during an appearance on fox's justice with jeanine pirro. emerson expanded the growing of no go zones. >> in britain, it's not just no go zones. there are cities like birmingham that are totally muslim and non-muslims simply don't go in. >> getting all kinds of abuse on twitter, emerson to his credit offered a fuel throated apology. i am clearly in error for which i am sorry. i am issuing this correction about the city of birmingham. i do not intend to justify or mitigate my mistake by stating that i had relied on other sources because i should have been more careful. >> and judge janine said she
2:54 pm
should not have let it go unchallenged. speaking of mistakes by the way, several news outlet wrongly identified emerson with the huffington post calling him a fox news contributor, fox news expert and fox news idiot rather than just a guest. and a wapo reporter has been detained for months. he's not a spy, a reporter who hasn't even been given access to a lawyer. john kerry has pressed tehran about his continued detention an international outrage i hope ends very soon. still to come, your top tweets of veteran cnn correspondent apparently tweets his way out of a job and a sports site that fell for an olympic sized hoax. buzz worthy is straight ahead.
2:55 pm
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jim clancy resigned as a cnn correspondent friday after 34 years with the network after he got in a nasty spat on twitter over the charlie hebdo cartoons. he said they never >> jim ed he said they never mocked moed mohamed muhammad. the coward ss. and he said get a grip, you need to pick on a cripple outside the herd. >> it's ashamepor is ending the career on such a sour note and it is a shame. >> now, are pundits fair of mitt romney exploring another race? are they ever? he is a big bow and expected the blow back but he got 21 percent of g.o.p. and his own party has been vocal i am not sure you can pin it on the pundits. >> compare mitt romney to
2:59 pm
st. elizabeth warren. >> message to pundits: why want did hear about 2016 every day. why? because we are only two or three weeks into 2015? ouch. finally, in our picks this media failed interesting piece that the olympic committee has approved three on three basketball and i played a lot of that on the asphalt jungle in rio and taken from a website which might have been a tip-off by the name before they said i wrote a post based on a satire website which is the dumbest way to blank up. sorry, blank me would have been cool though, but cooler not to get faked out like that. >> that is it for this "media buzz." we hope you like our facebook. we post a last original content there including your buzz and put your questions to videos where i respond. san us an e-mail and we will
3:00 pm
respond to those as well. back here next sunday morning 11 o'clock and 5:00 eastern with the latest buzz. filling in for chris wallace. k ab fig >> president obama pushes his domestic agenda ahead of the tuesday state of the union address but threats abroad mount. the president draw as line in the sand over iran. >> we have a chance to resolve the nuclear issue. my message to congress at this point, hold your fire. ron johnson and ben card an member of the foreign relations committee are here. the supreme court takes up same-sex marriage. >> right here. right now the. >> we debate the issue with two leading advocates


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