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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  January 21, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PST

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him. bill writes more of the same. raise taxes, free this and that. no change. he made those promises two years ago. be glad when these next two past hopefully very quickly. "fox & friends" starts right now. good morning. it is wednesday january 21. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. president obama attempts to unify the nation but not without taking a jab at republicans. >> i have no more campaigns to run. my only agenda -- [applause] >> i know because i won both of them. >> what two words did the president leave out that had been in every state of the union since 2001? can you guess? >> i'm sorry? fire in the sky above texas. a massive explosion lights up the texas horizon. what caused that blast that
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shook an entire town down in texas. straight ahead. >> deflate gate gets serious. the nfl confirms the patriots deflated 11 footballs in sunday's championship game. the only one fully inflated the one used as a kicker. is this all hot air? dan marino is in the makeup chair. these thinking about it and promises an answer out loud. mornings are better with friends. watch us. >> you're watching "fox & friends." and if you ain't why not? >> larry's got a good point. i can't believe you just revealed dan marino is in a makeup chair. >> he's a big tough football player. he's getting his eyes black for the big lights out here. >> what better person to talk to right now about if you're a quarterback and you can take a little air out of a football and maybe there's no difference during a rainy game and a
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consequential game, does it matter? >> and i need to lose five pounds quick so he's the perfect guy to talk to. >> nutri system. >> he's the ambassador. >> he personally delivers food to your house. hey steve, it's dan. [buzzer sounds] >> this morning the state of the union is our strong but what about all of our union? the president of the united states last night laying out his agenda for the year in his sixth state of the union address from the halls of congress. >> a defiant tone being struck in the prime time speech even after december's decisive midterms giving republicans control of congress. >> we're live in washington with the details. leeland, what do you have? >> good morning. a very late night for most of those here in washington and those looking for surprises for the president's speech were about as disappointed as those looking for peace offerings to the republicans. although his claiming credit for the economic recovery and all the but
quote quote quote quote
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declaring victory in the war on terror is raising eyebrows. for the first time in his presidency mr. obama faces a house and senate controlled by the other side. last night it highlighted the white house is doubling down on efforts on taxes for the wealthy to pay for expenses in the middle class. >> middle-class economics means helping working families feel more secure in a world of constant change. it means helping folks afford child care college health care a home retirement. my budget will address each of these issues. send me a bill that gives every worker in america the opportunity to earn seven days of paid sick leave! that's the right thing to do. everyone in this congress who still refuses to raise the minimum wage, i say this: if you truly believe you can work full time and support a family on less
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than $15,000 a year try it! >> americans have been hurting but when we demanded solutions too often, washington responded with the same stale mind-set that led to failed policies like obamacare. it's a mind-set that gave us political talking points, not serious solutions. >> in a few hours the president hit the road from washington to sell his proposals around the country. first stop today, boise, idaho. republicans continue on capitol hill where they might get not so much the last word but the first vote as leadership there promises to all but ignore the president's wish list and send them bills that they want to to his desk. what he does with them is another story, brian. >> it's going to be an interesting final two years. anyone who thought everyone is coming together it is probably not going to happen. >> it was brilliant that the republicans would have
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joni ernst talk after the president of the united states talked about the, particularly the class warfare thing. he said you've got to increase minimum wage. she's somebody who we learned last night grew up poor and knew all about the minimum wage. she worked the breakfast line at hardee's. nonetheless, the president if you were just joining this planet and you had no idea of what happened in november, you would have thought his party won in november the way he was sounding last night. >> he turned the page and apparently it sounded like more of a state of denial. there were two words that were missing from the state of the union two words that have been said since 2001 and he left them out. do you know what they were? al qaeda. someone had a problem with that. you probably did at home. watch this. >> never been a time when there has been such a striking contrast between the world the president described and the world as it is right now.
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as you mentioned, there was no mention at all of al qaeda and he suggests we're going to be in a limited narrow war against isil. that is the extent of the war on terror these days. he suggested the u.s. congress was more of a threat to peace than the iranian regime. it is as if the president painted the picture of a world where the only threat to u.s. security is climate change. >> he also did he brought up russia has been neutralized and full of bluster, now they've gotten their comeuppance basically their comeuppance has been the drop in oil which has nothing to do with us. but they still are extremely aggressive in the ukraine and they sent a spy ship over to cuba. when you talk about what's happening with the war on terror 2,000 slaughtered with an al qaeda affiliate in nigeria. iraq at home iraq is being riddled by isis as well as a third of syria with that civil war raging. by the way, that battle is
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still raging inside iraq and the only improvement we've seen is because iran is on the ground fighting for the iraqi government which we support. >> he didn't mention al qaeda or yemen because he toted that as a point of success in his last state of the union here as a great partner. you see what happened in paris and france and you have al qaeda using that as a jumping point to kill people. >> his deputy c.i.a. director said on sunday that a paris-style attack is likely here. >> talking about civil war to civil tongue, keep in mind what the american voters did in november was they voted for divided government and we want to see the republicans who run the congress get along with the president of the united states. so this was the first time they were-face all in the room together. and how did that turn out? well, great for the president. although he was poking a stick in the eye of the republicans. listen to this. >> better politics is one where we appeal to each
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other's basic decency. better politics is one where we debate without demonizing each other. i have no more campaigns to run. [applause] >> my only agenda -- i know because i won both of them. [applause] >> that was a great line. the republicans clapped when he said he's not coming back and he had a great line right back. his delivery was fantastic. i thought he was very comfortable. if this was 2008, i would say i cannot wait for him to go to the white house. >> but where is the compromise? that is reminiscent of remember when they were all in the room and they were trying to figure out some big thing down in washington, d.c. and he essentially said look, i won to john mccain and elections have consequences. brit hume was watching last night. he thinks given what the president said last night, the president is not a
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uniter. what is he? mr. human? >> this president has not been a healer. he's not been a uniter. the country is as divided as it has ever been certainly in recent history. and he has no real relationship with republicans in the congress. >> if you look back too, elections do have consequences. the midterms, there are 11 fewer democratic senators right there and 59 fewer democratic congressmen listen to the president's state of the union than there were the last time he spoke. one of the newly elected senators, joni ernst, she i thought gave a perfect picture of an american out there who didn't always have it easy. she talked about walking on the bus with bags on her feet -- >> she only had one pair of good shoes. >> and she painted the picture of americans out there in a really kind way. this is something that she had to say. >> she does have some really nice shoes now,
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though. >> the shoes might have been my highlight of the night. >> i know you love shoes. >> here's what i like. she took a couple shots this week, people sort of digging into her farming background and i thought here she's walking in the shoes that she grew up having one good pair in and that's who she is. i love hearing that. she said rather than give a reaction speech she's going to talk about america's priorities. >> here's somebody whose shoes stand out so i know you could appreciate that. she tweeted them out. it is not like people were mocking them. >> that's one of the hardest things you can do, coming back after the president. we saw marco rubio and bobby jindal struggle to a degree. she delivered her own speech on her own and delivered it perfectly. she seemed happy to be there, unbelievably composed. >> the reaction i read this morning is fresh regarding joni ernst. although if you were
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watching it did look like justice ruth bader ginsburg did fall asleep but then again it was at a point in the state of the union address when a lot of us were falling asleep. there she goes right there. don't blame her. question of the day: what did you think of the state of the union address? e-mail us, tweet us. heather has got the headlines. >> did elisabeth get a ribbing this morning. we're talking about the patriots. bombshell new findings by the nfl. espn is now reporting that 11 of the 12 footballs used by the patriots during their a.f.c. championship win over the colts were deflated by two pounds of air each, considered well below the standard. it was discovered when a colts linebacker intercepted a tom brady pass. a member of the colts equipment staff noticed it seemed to be underinflated. the league issuing this
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statement, quote the investigation is underway. we are still awaiting findings. it is expected to wrap up in the next few days. depending on what the nfl finds the patriots could be fined and docked draft picks. overnight a military helicopter in california smashing to the ground during a hard landing. it was a blackhawk assigned to the california national guard on a training mission. emergency vehicles seen crowding the tarmac at ra mona airport. the two people inside suffering minor injuries but the chopper ended up on its side. the cause of that crash is not yet known and the military will take over this investigation. overnight, it's liftoff at cape canaveral. >> we have liftoff of the united launch alliance. >> the airport is using a heavy rocket using five boost toars carry a u.s. navy satellite into orbit. it is designed to improve ground communications for u.s. forces on the move.
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>> thank you heather. coming up on this wednesday, he was locked up for helping this self-proclaimed mastermind behind 9/11 but now this terrorist is free. why did we let this guy go? we got details. >> great question there. we just told you the president didn't mention the word al qaeda in last night's state of the union at all, the first time that happened since 9/11. captain pete hegseth here with the dangerous message we are sending to the enemy up next. ♪
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meanwhile, the president began his state of the union address by saying the shadow of the crisis has passed and had this to say about the war on terror. >> in iraq in syria american leadership, including our military power, is stopping isil's advance. pearls supporting a moderate -- we're also supporting a moderate opposition in syria that can help us in this effort and assisting people everywhere standing up to the bankrupt ideology of violent extremism. this effort will take time it will require focus but we will succeed. >> how can we succeed when the president will not use
3:18 am
the words islamic extremism like other world leaders or first the first time in his state of the union since 9/11 not say al qaeda? joining us with his reaction from concerned veterans of america phil atkins and pete hegseth. did you like the president's tone last night? >> it seemed like he was living in an alternate universe. in afghanistan he mentioned it briefly the taliban is on the advance. we saw al qaeda and yemen, didn't merit a mention in that particular conflict. our enemies don't feel like they're on the run and this president's policies have enabled that. as difficult as the wars have been as frustrating as they have been because we've pulled the plug and more interested in ending them, our enemies exploited that vacuum and we're more vulnerable because of it. >> in isis, are you happy with the way we're
3:19 am
approaching it? it will take time but we're going to wear them down essentially. >> of course but it couldn't be a more confused strategy. we're focused only on iraq. our enemies don't see those borders. they're making gains in syria. are we supporting assad? are we not? so much confusion our boots on the ground right now are not quite sure what they'll be able to do and when they'll be able to do it. >> in afghanistan he says we're bringing our troops home, that war is over. >> far from over. ask anybody there right now. the taliban has had the most deadly year last year than any year. there is an open question whether they can maintain the gains we've given them and there are reports of isis moving into afghanistan trying to exploit that vacuum. an alternate universe from what guys are telling me is happening. >> the president got a big applause when he said hire a vet. that makes you and your company, your fund feel
3:20 am
great because that's what you're doing all the time. but what did he say about the v.a.? >> remember when he did the drive-by of the phoenix v.a. in his presidential limo? last night was the rhetorical equivalent of the phoenix v.a. drive-by. he mentioned four times only once in the context of veterans health care this is after a year when the v.a. saw a dramatic wait list scandal secret list. he could have said we're going to bring accountability to leaders, give veterans more choice. he just mentioned it offhand. not a priority for him. >> major pete hegseth thank you. ten minutes before the bottom of the hour. so much for patient confidentiality. sharing personal details of your life. the deflate gate claims against the new england patriots. what difference air pressure can make when throwing a football, dan marino would know.
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controversy brewing ahead of super bowl. the nfl now confirming 11 out of the 12 footballs used by the new england patriots in their win against the colts on sunday were underinflated and this isn't the first time that the team has fallen under scrutiny. >> joining us is hall of fame quarterback dan marino, one of the best ever, one of our best all-time guests who did a coffee run today. >> thanks for the coffee. >> no problem. dan, this isn't a controversy the media made
3:25 am
up. this is something that in the middle of the game, they make an interception, they hand them a ball. they say the ball is deflated and they investigate. don't let everyone say this doesn't matter. it mattered to the colts in the middle of the game. as a quarterback does it matter if you have two pounds less pressure in a ball especially in the rain? >> you know, i think it can help you throw a little bit if it's deflated some. for me i mean, i could throw it either way. it doesn't matter for me. >> you're dan marino! >> it could help. >> could it help in this weather? >> officials actually approve them before the game. that's how they did it when i played. pick 12 balls and the other team picks their balls in the locker room two hours before the game or something like that. you put it in, the officials prove it and after that you throw th out there and play the game with them. when the officials saw the
3:26 am
balls, they okayed them. it may have changed after that. >> we're not talking one or two. the number is 11 out of 12. what do you feel about that? the consequence is what? they might lose a couple of draft picks? >> it is not my job to say what the consequences are. as a quarterback, tom brady probably put in the best he felt they could throw that day and they were officially approved. >> let's see how you do this. you go over here. if we can throw two balls. >> you can stand -- >> what ball is this? >> this seems to be a little -- >> you could actually make a dent in that ball. >> yeah, a little bit. >> but this is -- >> spike the ball keith. >> they're almost the same. it's hard to tell. >> one more time. >> here we go. >> he actually throws it pretty good. >> he's got great hands.
3:27 am
>> more deflated actually. >> you've got to tuck it away. tuck it away. come on man. tuck it away. >> there you go. [applause] >> i lift my fingers. it's a habit every time. >> steve does the same thing too before he picks up a pen. dan, if i told dan marino in a championship game you could have a fully inflated ball in the rain or a slightly deflated ball in the rain, what would you choose? >> i wouldn't be thinking about it that way. whatever the ball was that's what i'm using. you know what i'm saying? so it seems like you could throw it a little better maybe if it's deflated a little. >> we can't go back in time. let's talk picks for the super bowl. what do you think? >> okay. >> seattle? patriots? >> i think the way seattle runs the football, and if they -- because they got
3:28 am
through what they got through. it was an incredible game and how they were able to win that game at the end, i think that momentum is going to help them win the game. >> you'd say at the end everybody is going to be celebrating seattle won. the day after the super bowl, as it turns out, is the biggest diet day for guys -- >> for men decisions diet day for men nutri system a company i worked with for years and lost 22 pounds a few years back and kind of kept the weight off. that's the biggest day the day after the super bowl. >> the day after thanksgiving i thought was. >> it's a big snack day. >> new year's is another big day. for men the day after the super bowl is the biggest. >> what's the key? you've got to want to lose the weight. >> want to lose the weight. for men, it comes in the mail, makes it easy. if you make that decision, want to do it, for me -- plus also they have the fast five where you're losing the quick five pounds and it comes off
3:29 am
pretty easily if you're working at it. >> you know why you're a good spokesperson for this? if you see "the biggest loser" hundreds of pounds thankfully that isn't a lot of people. when you see dan marino i never thought you were heavy until you lost the 25 pounds. >> 22, 25, same thing. you know what? it changes people's lives. if you look at some of the people affected over the years, more healthy feeling better. everything about it, it's a good thing. like i said, it is the biggest decision day for men, the day after the super bowl. >> you want to go outside and play? >> dan, thank you very much. all right. you're loving it. >> coming up, he's accused of being a sleeper terrorist and has admitted to helping the 9/11 mastermind, so why did we just free this guy from an
3:30 am
american prison? >> what about joni ernst? the woodhouse brothers watched it. their mom didn't yell at them. they're on both sides of the aisle. they'll explain. >> first happy birthday. ♪ the world is filled with air. but for people with copd sometimes breathing air can be difficult. if you have copd, ask your doctor about once-daily anoro ellipta. it helps people with copd breathe better for a full 24hours. anoro ellipta is the first fda-approved product containing two long-acting bronchodilators in one inhaler. anoro is not for asthma. anoro contains a type of medicine that increases risk of death in people with asthma.
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>> very nice. thank you very much. now we go over to elisabeth. it's time for family feud. >> that's right. thanks guys. vastly different views of a nation coming from the president and senator joni ernst who was tasked with delivering the g.o.p. response to last night's state of the union. >> we have picked ourselves up dusted ourselves off and begun again the work of remaking america. we have laid a new foundation. a brighter future is ours to write. >> americans have been hurting, but when we demanded solutions, too often washington responded with the same stale mind-set that led to failed policies. >> how did each of them do here? with reaction are the brothers from both sides of the aisle democratic strategists woodhouse brothers. let's walk it through here. what did the president do
3:35 am
well? >> go ahead brad. this is your president. i'll let you go first. i'll let you get the lies out there. >> i think the president did a lot well. if i had to pick one line that i thought was particularly effective, i think it's when he challenged republicans on the minimum wage. he said if you think that you or your family could live on $15,000 a year, try it. i think what was important about that and why it was powerful is you've had some republicans in recent weeks and months give some lip service to wages and to the middle class and trying to do things to help people get upward mobility. and i think that was a really really powerful challenge. >> what did he not do as well then? >> well i thought his speech was spectacular. i would say this because -- >> come on, brad! really? really? >> congressional republicans tend to be -- >> shut up, dallas.
3:36 am
congressional republicans tend to be a fairly sensitive lot of people. i thought the shot the president made about having one-vote elections in response to them cheering he's not going to run again, he probably should have bit his tongue there. >> that segment didn't make either one of them look good. this whole thing is an exercise in futility. the president himself knows his speech doesn't have a lot of lasting power. there are going to be a lot more drunken wedding posts this weekend that will have more staying power than this speech. the president knows that. that's why he's been previewing it a couple of weeks. i'm disappointed he didn't look for there to be agreements with republicans on anything. but i want republicans to reach out to the president. he put some horrible ideas out there when it comes to tax increases, and i don't think his own democrats will stand with him. and i think the republicans should give him a vote.
3:37 am
mitch mcconnell should go to the floor of the senate. john boehner should go to the floor of the house. they should put bills out there. they shall give him a vote on these horrible tax increases that will roll back any recovery we're having to see how democrats will stand with the president, because it won't be many. >> briefly what did you think of the reaction with joni ernst getting in there, a newly seated senator, who wanted to give the priorities of the american people a shoutout. >> i thought she did a great job because i think that is the worst job in government. who he i heard she's going to do it i thought please don't do it joni because i love her. it is a horrible job. you tape it in the studio. you don't have the live audience like the president does. if you can just not mess it up -- we've seen some people have a hard time with it. governor jindal had a hard time with it. she did a good job. she did not hurt her rising star in the republican party and that is the most important thing.
3:38 am
>> as the standard is she didn't mess it up, then she succeeded. she didn't mess it up. i thought some of her personal story was compelling but the rest of it was trite. any republican could have delivered those remarks. >> i'm not sure any republican could have worn camo shoes. >> combat veteran i'm sure she took it in stride in those camo shoes i mentioned. keep it real here on "fox & friends." we'll talk to you next time. and get along. they won't. in the meantime i'm going to turn to heather nauert. >> good morning. the obama administration setting a convicted terrorist free, a lot of people are talking about this one. ali saleh kahlah al marri is an admitted al qaeda operative. he was released from a federal prison and many this morning are won drg why. al marri was sent to the united states as a sleeper because he had a family and wouldn't appear suspicious
3:39 am
to authorities. but after being arrested for a traffic violation feds connected him to the 9/11 mastermind khalid sheikh muhammad. president bush had this warning about him back in 2007. listen to this. >> he was training in poisons in an al qaeda camp in afghanistan and had been sent to the united states before september 11 to serve as a sleeper agent ready for follow-on attacks. k.s.m. brought al sali to meet osama bin laden where he pledged his loyalty to the al qaeda leader and offered himself up as a marytr. >> al marri was sentenced to eight years in prison in 2009 and president obama just released him for time served. he's now back in qatar, a country that's notorious for supporting jihadists but has worked with the united states on issues recently. huge fireballs erupting into the sky after natural gas pipeline explodes in texas. flames could be seen and gas could be smelled for
3:40 am
miles around the area. emergency crews turned off all the pipelines funneling gas to the plant allowing that fire to burn out on its own. amazingly no one was injured. plant workers think a valve malfunctioned. a heart surgeon shot dead. dr. michael davidson dying nearly 12 hours after a man walked into brigham and women's hospital asked to speak to the doctor and fired two shots. that man 55-year-old stephen pasceri dead himself from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. investigators think he may have been getting revenge. his mother died after surgery by dr. davidson in november. your cyber security and your personal information may be at risk. it is now in the hands of advertisers that thanks to the obamacare website there is a new report that found
3:41 am
your private details including your age your income and even your smoking habits are now being shared with outside companies. the white house has yet to explain how it ensures those companies are following all the government's privacy policies. and those are your headlines. can you imagine how much information people have gotten with the hack attacks. that is a real concern. >> chilling. >> personal info being out there. thanks heather. >> thanks, federal government. >> if you see my personal information, please don't tell anybody. keep it to yourself. 19 minutes before the top of the hour. here's what's coming up. do muslim inmates in american prisons have the right to grow beards? a huge supreme court decision just came down that could change everything. >> critics on the left attacking american sniper chris kyle but maybe they should listen to what he had to say when he was alive. >> i'm killing them to protect my fellow americans. >> wow. the latest on "the american
3:42 am
sniper" controversy coming up next. ♪
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a a a
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we have got some quick wednesday morning headlines for you. the united states readying three war ships off the coast of yemen in case the u.s. embassy needs to be evacuated. recent days tribal fighters moved into the capital city and surrounded government buildings including the presidential palace. let it grow. the u.s. supreme court unanimously ruling to allow this inmate, muslim inmate in arkansas the right to grow a beard. the high court saying a ban on beards violates religious freedom. so he's going to let it grow. a muslim hero in the paris grocery store attacks getting rewarded with
3:46 am
citizenship. the store clerk was in the basement when a terrorist burst in killing four people. he hid a group of shoppers inside one of the freezers before sneaking out through a fire escape and helping police save the hostages. that's some of the news. >> 14 minutes before the top of the hour. we switch gears. as the left slams "american sniper" we looked to chris kyle's last interview on fox to silence his critics. >> also this morning more celebrities speaking out, throwing their support behind the movie and the late hero. anna kooiman is here joining us with the latest. good morning, anna. >> good morning. country music singer and army veteran craig morgan and actor dean cane super man, the latest stars attending "american sniper." they blasted setting rogan after he compared the movie to nazi propaganda. morgan wrote i'm sick and tired of people like you running your mouth when you
3:47 am
have no idea what it takes for this country to maintain our freedom. cane tweeted chris is an american hero. period. go to war, then we'll talk. before his death kyle sat down with bill o'reilly and spoke about the war iraqi enemies and protecting his fellow americans. >> so you were committed to killing these people because you in your heart believe that they deserve to die? >> i wasn't so much committed to killing them as i was i'm committed to making sure every service member that was over there whether american or allied came home. but as a sniper your job is to kill them. not wound them, not arrest them. you have to have a certain mentality to be a sniper? you're killing them. >> i'm killing them to protect my fellow americans. >> kyle died almost two years ago trying to help a fellow veteran with ptsd. elisabeth, brian, and steve, i saw this movie. as the credits were rolling and even after everybody was completely silent.
3:48 am
i think the last time that happened for me was when i saw "passion of the christ." >> the difference with that and lone survivor is when the movie was done and the script was written originally chris kyle was alive. they had to go back and rewrite it sadly. it is so jarring that you watch this movie, you see what he went through see how far he came and then he gets taken down trying to help another soldier. >> the wealth of support for those trying to serve this great nation much >> president obama trying to call for unity in his state of the union last night. does this sound like unity to you? >> if a bill comes to my desk that tries to do any of these things, i will veto it. >> democratic congressman steve israel here next. ♪ ♪
3:49 am
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3:52 am
president clinton spoke at one nation working together in his infamous 1996 state of the union address. last night president obama made it clear to republicans that he plans to play on offense for the remainder of his presidency. >> so did he make the case? he's just no lame duck sitting in the white house waiting for retirement? joining us with reaction is the
3:53 am
chairman of the democratic congressional campaign committee and the author of the book called "the global war on morris," which you should check out. mr. chairman, thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me on. good morning. >> good morning to you. let's start with your fair and balanced assessment of how the president did. tell me one thing you liked and one thing you didn't like. >> well, i'll tell what you i didn't like. fundamentally disagree with the president on sanctions on iran. i lean to the right on national security foreign policy. i will not vote -- i will vote for additional sanks on iran because i believe that's the only pressure point that they will respond to. there are three things i did like about his speech. middle class, middle class middle class. i think the middle class deserves a break. i think most people in my district see the rich -- the government helped out the rich. it helps out the poor. but if you're in between, you get nothing. they need a tax cut. i like the idea of a middle class tax cut. i hope democrats and republicans can find common ground on that.
3:54 am
>> given the fact that you have a security background you're concerned about security obviously as we all are. what did you make of the fact that the president of the united states did not mention al-qaeda one time? it's the first time we haven't heard it going back to 2001. >> well, look, he specifically mentioned islamic state. he talked about the fact -- >> he didn't talk islamic ickes streamism, though. >> well, he talked about the fact that we need to pass an authorization for force. we need to commit our military. not necessarily troops on the ground. but the force to create and deteriorate this threat and what the president -- the words he uses in a state of the union less important than the power and the thrust and the greatness of the american military which we need to deploy to keep us safe. and i believe that everybody agrees on that. >> absolutely. one thing the president continued last night, we've heard him for a long time caulking about -- talking about
3:55 am
wealth redistribution. he was talking about soaking the rich. here he is. listen to this. >> let's close the loopholes that lead to inequality by allowing the top 1% to pay taxes on their accumulated wealth. we can use that to help more families pay for child care and send their kids to college. >> was the message to the middle class and there are a lot more middle class than the 1%ers is i've got your back, although mr. chairman, you look at the record and during barak obama's presidency, the wealth gap between the rich and the poor has actually gotten bigger. >> you know, i really worry about the growth of the middle class in this country. if you're in the middle class this is what you're hearing. the economy has grown 12% since the recovery began. corporate profits have grown 46% since the recovery began. the stock market 90%. you look in your pay stub and saying, wait a minute. i'm not catching up. in fact household median income has declined 3%. i believe it's time for the middle class, that great middle class in this country to get
3:56 am
some attention, to get some support, to get a break. and that we have to do it responsible low, which means we can't go further into debt in order to provide that support. money's got to come from somewhere. the rich did do very well during this recovery. it's time for them to make sure that the middle class does just as well. >> what did you think of the president saying to both house republican run try anything i don't like and i'm going to veto? >> i disagreed with his threat to -- on a veto on iran sanctions. but if we're going to start rolling back the progress made, then he should veto those bills >> sir, thank you very much. four minutes before the top of the hour. coming up, the man known as the cannibal cop released from prison for plotting to cook and eat his wife now has an online dating profile and guess what his favorite hobby is. oh boy. hungry for love. then. last night president obama said the economy is healthy, but stuart varney says not so fast,
3:57 am
mr. president. he's here with the real state of our union. ♪ ♪
3:58 am
3:59 am
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and stay ready for everything that is still to come. good morning. today is wednesday, january 21. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. president obama says come and get it. paid sick leave paid maternity leave, paid child care and community college, all free. but wait until you hear the true cost of his proposal. gog leave a mark. and he was sent here as a sleeper agent and arrested after the september 11 attacks. but not even his ties to osama bin laden could keep this guy behind bars. why president obama just let him go. details straight ahead. deflategate no longer a joke. 11 of the 12 footballs in sunday's game were compromised. they were all the patriots' football. what that means for the super bowl-bound team, the new england
4:01 am
patriots. by the way, on a happy note, mornings are better with friends. >> this is dan marino and you're watching "fox & friends." it's kind of a news system. >> dan marino determined to get that plug in. >> we are kind of a news trasystem. we have the news. we do it every morning, 365 days a year. so it's a good system. it's about the news. and today it's about what happened last night at 9:00 o'clock eastern time. >> we were all up late watching president obama laying out his agenda for the year, this year in his sixth state of the union. >> and at the same time, touting an economy that he says has come back from the brink thanks to his policies. >> that's great. leeland vittert is live with all the details. >> reporter: good morning. those looking for surprise from the president's speech were about as disappointed as those looking for peace offerings to
quote quote quote
4:02 am
republicans. >> america, for all that we have endured, for all the grit and hard work required to come back for all the tasks that lie ahead, know this, the shadow of crisis has passed and the state of the union is strong. >> but declaring victory in the war on terror, certainly raising some eyebrows. for the first time in his presidency mr. obama faces a house and senate controlled by the other side. still the past week has shown in last night highlighted that the white house is doubling down on the idea of raising taxes on the wealthy to pay for massive spending programs and tax credits for the middle class. >> at this moment with a growing economy, shrinking deficits, bustling industry, booming energy production, we have risen from recession freer to write our own future than any other
quote quote
4:03 am
nation on earth. the verdict is clear. middle class economics works. expanding opportunity works. these policies will continue to work as long as politics don't get in the way. >> reporter: republicans are howling saying the president is ignoring voters who sent a powerful message last november. >> americans have been hurting, but when we demanded solutions, too often washington responded with the same stale mindset that led to failed policies like obamacare. it's a mindset that gave us political talking points, not solutions. >> reporter: a few hours the president hits the road from washington to sell his proposals around the country. first stop today is in boise idaho. republicans continue work on capitol hill where they may not get so much the last word as the first vote as leadership on the
4:04 am
hill promises to all but ignore the president's wish list and send the bills they want to his desk. of course, what he does with those bills is another story. >> that's right. he's got a pen. he doesn't have to sign them if he doesn't want to. thank you very much. stuart varney joins us. if you listened to the first five minutes of the president's state of the union address last night, his sounded like happy days are here again. >> well, i think we should correct the record. what is the true state of middle america? it's not the way the president portrayed it last night. it's very different state of the union for middle america. for a start, median income is down. middle america is not earning as much as it did seven years ago. >> that's what his policies to help the middle class. >> he's doubling down on them, which have not helped middle class. wages are flat. taxes at are at all-time high. the debt exploded. that's the true state of america's middle class. it was ignored last night. >> he was in his state of give away. when you hear of all of --
quote quote quote quote quote quote
4:05 am
>> monty hall. >> chicken in every pot looked like nothing. watch. >> middle class economics means helping working families feel more secure in a world of constant change. it means helping folks afford child care, college healthcare a home retirement. my budget will address each of these issues. we need affordable child care more than ever. it's not a nice to have. it's a must have. send me a bill that gives every worker in america the opportunity to earn seven days of paid sick leave. that's the right thing to do. and everyone in this congress who still refuses to raise the minimum wage i say this if you truly believe you can work full time and support a family on less than $15,000 a year, try it. >> what do you think? >> i think that the president is ignore -- he's cementing his legacy as a government guy. this president believes that government is the way to help
4:06 am
middle america. the opposition the republicans believe in growth. grow the economy grow the number of jobs grow wages, that's how you help middle class. >> sure. eled it would help homeownership for the middle class. stock ownership rates down, right? >> yep. >> and then we have pension ownership down 17%. that's not great for the middle class. what's he talking about? >> he's ignoring the best thing that's happened to middle america and that is the collapse in gas prices. that's got nothing to do with president obama's policies. >> but he did take credit for it. he said we have more domestic oil produced in this country than any time in decades. he does come out and say, look, we added 3 million jobs. unemployment is less than any time since 1999. is he not right? >> they're not good jobs. the kind of jobs that propel middle america. they're not high paid jobs. they're just not. a lot of them are part-time jobs
4:07 am
because of obamacare. >> and if you look at the u 6 number, that's not the number that the white house uses but economists look at the number of people who are actually participating. it's terrible. i think it's at 11%. >> 11.4% right now. >> look, we have begun a recovery. the economy is growing. and yes, there are more jobs. but the brightest spot is lower gas price. the biggest shot in the arm for middle america. >> which is not a shot in the arm for the shale boom and it's going to hurt texas. >> down 1.23 in a year. that's fantastic. >> it is. >> you did throw the challenge out there. try to live like this, he said. there are republicans sort of biting on that. one of them who has his eyes set on the white house is democrat jim webb said this, he tweeted this, not a fan of the middle class lingophiting hard for working americans and small business isn't about class. and he had his tashtags,
4:08 am
economic fairness. taking a shot at the president's aim at class warfare. >> i think this is the class warfare president and i, born and raised in england know everything about class warfare. we invented it. >> fair share. everyone has an equal opportunity. that is code for we're going to tax the rich more because we don't have an equal opportunity. >> it's a double down. i'm going to do more of what i've done for the last six years even though it hasn't worked. >> we'll watch stuart varney on the "fox business" network at 11:00 o'clock. to find it, go to foxbusiness >> meanwhile, after the november election, and if you watched last night, you would have thought that the president's party actually won big in november, which is pretty funny. just given the tone about how triumphant the president was. and yet, there he is sitting in front of congress which is controlled by republicans when out of nowhere he takes this jab at them. >> i have no more campaigns to
4:09 am
run. my only agenda -- i know, 'cause i won both of them. >> zing. >> right. the republicans zinged him by clapping when he said no more elections. that was a great line. >> looking at a field of far fewer democrats than he had this last state of the union address. >> less democrats than any time since 1920. >> you look at the twitter use and online things, people reacted to that across the board. pro and con. joni ernst, the freshman senator from iowa provided the republican response and we learned last night that she was wearing camo high heels an homage to her military service. >> that's right. combat veteran there. i thought her response was excellent. she really touched the heart of americans, speaking her story. >> so let's talk about what you're you were talk being on
4:10 am
social media. gloria writes this, it was the same old same old. he says the right things, but all rings hollow. brian tweet -- >> this is not brian kilmeade. the state of the union address tells me he didn't pay attention to the midterm election. >> exactly. all right. keep the comments coming. we'll read more later on. in the meantime at ten minutes after 7:00 o'clock in new york city let's talk about one of the teams that's going to the super bowl heather. >> also a lot of comments about this next story. bombshell new findings, deflategate scandal. espn reporting 11 of the 12 footballs used by the new england patriots during their afc championship win over the colts were deflated by two pounds of air each. that is considered well below the nfl standard. that discovery made after a colts linebacker intercepted a pass from tom brady in the second quarter. nfl hall of fame quarterback dan marino joined us earlier on "fox & friends" saying at game time, he wouldn't be worried about the air pressure.
4:11 am
listen. >> i wouldn't be thinking about it that way. whatever the ball was, that's what i'm throwing. so it seems like you could throw it a little better maybe if it's deflated a little bit. >> if it's true, they could be fined and docked draft picks. an investigation is underway. happening overnight a blackhawk military helicopter in california smashing to the ground during a hard landing east of san diego. it was assigned to the california national guard and out on a training mission. emergency vehicles seen crowding the tarmac. the two people inside that army aircraft suffering only minor injuries. but the chopper ended up on its side. the cause of that crash is not yet known as the military will take over that investigation. then three u.s. warships are ready right now, standing by for a possible evacuation of our u.s. embassy in yemen. over the past few days tribal fighters have moved into the capital and surrounded government buildings there, including the presidential palace. the yemeni government is a key
4:12 am
ally of ours in the fight against al-qaeda. this former new york city police officer was found guilty of plotting to cook and eat his ex-wife. but now he's hungry for a new love. oh my. known as the cannibal cop, he just made a dating profile on the profile says he's looking for someone who enjoys cooking and also dining out. oh my. the profile fails to mention he's on supervised release. a judge tossed his conviction saying his cannibalism was just a fantasy. wow. a girl can dream right? those are your headlines. >> that's a weird fantasy to have. >> thank you very much. firefighters tried to extinguish a car fire until something goes horribly wrong. you have to see how this -- >> look at that. and what did the american people really think of the president's state of the union address last night? the dials are in and so is pollster frank luntz. he is next to explain as he
4:13 am
brings the penally into the studio. >> someone arrest him. that's ours. ♪ ♪
4:14 am
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hey! guess what day it is?? >>hump day! hummmp daaay! it's hump day! >>yeah! >>hey mike! mike mike mike mike mike! >>mike mike mike mike mike. hey! he knows! hey! guess what day it is! hey! camel! guess what day it is! >>it's not even wednesday. let it go, phil. if you're a camel, you put up with this all the time. it's what you do. (sigh) if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. ok... well, you heard it here first yesterday. frank luntz predicted that there would be one word president obama would favor above all the
quote quote quote quote quote
4:17 am
rest in the state of the union address and that word frank said would be fair. he was right. >> as americans, we don't mind paying our fair share of taxes as long as everybody else does too. encourage fair competition and make sure everyone gets a fair shot. to give working families a fair shot is not fair to them and sure not smart for our future. aren't just free but are also fair. >> so if you played the i'll have a shot every time he says fair, you're waking up with a headache today frank. >> the problem is, i was on fox last night and that's exactly what i did with my focus group and by the time we were done, i didn't know there were underage people there. but the problem is it should not be that predictable. what we're looking for in the last two years of this administration is someone who understands not ideology, but practical politics and knows how to get things done. and what we heard last night was that a number -- a number of dials showed, ideological politics not practical get it done policy. >> your people said when you
quote quote
4:18 am
brought up the term fair share. was it resonating? let's listen. >> that's what middle class economics is. the idea that this country does best when everyone gets their fair shot. everyone does their fair share. everyone plays by the same set of rules. we don't just want everyone to share in america's success. we want everyone to contribute to our success. >> what do they tell you? >> that's one -- republicans tend to dial him down. no surprise. but that was one of the most positive reactions that anybody had. the reason why is because they do equate hard work with american success. that's exactly what weigh -- we saw. but then you also equate higher taxes to hard work and that's something that people don't agree with here. >> we want to look at a second dial. equal pay for equal work. how did people respond to that? take a look.
quote quote
4:19 am
>> of course nothing helps families make ends meet like higher wages. that's why this congress still needs to pass a law that makes sure a woman is paid the same as a man for doing the same work. >> okay. >> absolutely. and the point that she made was the point someone in the focus group made. as the speech is happening, they yell out, what about the white house? why isn't there equal pay there? but the point for the republicans is that they've got to be careful that if they are seen as being hostile to equal wages for equal pay they'll have a problem. >> are they in danger with wages? >> but if they talk about welfare reform that talks about a requirement, not only does that danger go away but that's what americans want. >> one thing the president did not mention since 2001, we never heard about al-qaeda. here he is talking about terrorism. watch the dials. >> first, we stand united with people around the world who have been targeted by terrorists from a school in pakistan to the
4:20 am
streets of paris. we will continue to hunt down terrorists and dismantle their networks and we reserve the right to act unilaterally as we have done relentlessly since i took office to take out terrorists who pose a direct threat. >> does that mean we're pro taking out terrorists or his policies? >> we believe that's something has to get done. we have to get aggressive. but we're willing to identify it as islamic terrorists and that's something the president will not do. we're doing this on megyn kelly tonight. we're going to run the clip oneirism and the people come apart. they're so angry at this president for not calling it what it is. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> take a nap in between. it's long gap. straight ahead, he was sent here as a sleeper agent and arrested after the 9-11 attacks. and not even his ties to osama bin laden and khalid sheikh mohammed could keep him behind bars. why the president just let him go. lieutenant colonel allen west live next.
4:21 am
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24 minutes to the top of the hour. time for news by the numbers. first, 6,000 feet per minute. that's how fast air asia flight 850 is climbed before stalling out and crashing into the java sea, killing 162 people. flight experts say only a fighter jet could climb that fast. they thought the pilots may have been trying to avoid a storm. $22 million in bonuses. that's how much of your hard-earned tax dollars went to v.a. executives who were in charge of projects that went overbudget and years behind in schedule.
4:25 am
finally, two. that's how many new planets astronomers believe are lurking on the end of the solar system. scientists say it's the only way to explain why some objects are behaving the way that they are. in parts of space beyond neptune. look out for that, brian. >> absolutely. 25 minutes after the hour. admitted al-qaeda operative released from a u.s. prison for time served. he was arrested as an enemy combatant while a student at university of illinois in the wake of the 9-11 attacks, but he didn't go to gitmo. he went to a federal prison despite this warning from president george w. bush. >> he was training in poison at an al-qaeda camp and had been sent to the united states before september 11 to serve as a sleeper agent ready for follow on attacks. ksm brought him to meet osama bin laden where he pledged his loyalty to the al-qaeda leader and offered himself up as a
4:26 am
martyr. >> that martyr is safe at home in qatar and could probably cut a good book deal. joining us now is retired army lieutenant colonel allen west. he's also the ceo and president for the national center for policy analysis and a former florida congressman. colonel, your reaction to his freedom? >> well, it is absolutely unable" that we still have an environment where the ensee continuing to fight us, but we are releasing the enemy back to join the ranks. when you look at several u.s. statutes, it seems that the obama administration continues to provide aid and comfort, material support to the enemy, as well as aiding and abetting their efforts. look, we can not continue to look at this war against islamic totalitarianism and jihaddism as some law enforcement operation. we can not look at this as we have to have evidence that has to be presented. in this case, it was someone that was kind of like the advance man that was going out
4:27 am
and scouting different locations to use cyanide gas and dams and other water supply sources and why would we release him back to qatar knowing that qatar is the country where they are housing the leader of hamas and their relationship with islamic terrorism? >> this isn't even part of president's odd quest to close gitmo. he's in a super max prison. he's in our country. there was no pressure to get rid of him. what is the upside of getting rid of him? so he could put a pick pocket in his cell? what's the issue here? how is that acceptable? >> well, it's not acceptable and once again, we have to ask what is the deal that is being cut between the obama administration and some of these other countries that are known sponsors of islamic terrorism? qatar is the exact same country where we released the five senior members of the taliban who were supposed to be monitoring those five senior members of the taliban. but in this year 2015, they are
4:28 am
free to return back to afghanistan while we still have troops in afghanistan that potentially they could go back on the battlefield and lead attacks against them. so it makes no sense whatsoever other than the fact the president is trying to convince himself that holding these terrorists means that it's a recruiting tool. >> what too they have in common? the five they released in urugay the four in oman, the five in afghanistan. those given back to qatar in the bergdahl deal what, do they have in common? they are all free. they're going from life in prison and possible death to freedom. what have they done to earn their freedom? >> they have not done anything to earn their freedom. and furthermore, the real thing they all have in common is that they're still the enemy. they are still islamic terrorists. they are still jihaddists and now we have released them to go right back and continue to do what they have been doing since they pledged allegiance to al-qaeda isis or whomever.
4:29 am
>> all right. lieutenant colonel thanks. appreciate it. >> thank you so much. two minutes before the bottom of the hour. president obama attempts to unify the nation, but not without taking a jab at republicans. >> i have no more campaigns to run. my only agenda -- i know, 'cause i won both of them. >> the president strike the right tone? a panel of presidential speech writers here to analyze it all next. that wasn't in the copy. and a neighborhood in shock when a man demolishes his entire house with a bulldozer. the bigger problem? he never told his wife and all her stuff was on the inside. communication is key. ♪ ♪
4:30 am
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state of the union with his highest approval rating in almost a few years. according to a new poll, his approval rating is now at 50%. this is interesting, nearly six in ten americans think the country is headed in the wrong direction. the president has a 50% approval rating but 60% of us think we're headed in the wrong direction, which i guess there is 10% who like that we're heading in the wrong direction? >> will they please stand up and raise hair hand. in last night's state of the union address, you saw here on fox, president obama made it clear he thinks america is still on top. >> tonight we turn the page. our economy is growing and creating jobs at the fastest pace since 1999. for the first time since 9-11, our combat mission in afghanistan is over. for all that we have endured
4:34 am
for all the grit and hard work required to come back, for all the tasks that lie ahead know this, the shadow of crisis has passed and the state of the union is strong. >> but did the president strike the right tone considering all that's going on in the world? here to weigh in we've got great panel. the former speech writer under president george w. bush, michael gerson is a former speech writer under president bush and matthew litman is a former speech writer for joe biden. he joins us from l.a good morning to all you guys. >> good morning. >> mark, let's start with you. last night the president said tonight we turn the page. we just played a little clip. why is now the time to turn the page? >> well, it's a really interesting theme for your sixth state of the union address. it works for the first one when you're turning the page on the previous administration. but six years in you're kind of
4:35 am
turning the page on yourself. so it's an unusual theme. but also, the president has been trying to turn the page on the war on terror for six years and terrorism isn't cooperating. the headline in the "washington post" today is, the shadow of crisis has passed and right next to it is a story that basically says yemen is on fire. so i don't know how the shadow of crisis has passed when yemeni government is about to fall which he held up in his last state of the union address as a model, and isis is in charge of half of iraq and syria, and beheading americans and crucifying people. but yet we're celebrating as if the war is over and the mission is complete. >> you make a good point. michael, he did at one point talk about he had under his belt smart leadership and yet we are it looks like everything is going off the rails in yemen the jv in isis is slaughtering kids because they're watching soccer and things like that. what did you think of his
4:36 am
laundry list of free stuff that he was offering up to the american public? >> the domestic part of the speech was pretty clintonian. middle sized programs to please the middle class and the cumulative effect was probably effective. but i could not agree more with mark. there was a huge disconnect on foreign policy here. the president is living in alternative universe that only he can see. rise of isis in the last year has been a strategic disaster. the situation in syria is a moral and humanitarian disaster. 200,000 dead. 10,000 children dead. and to say that the shadow of crisis is passed weeks after thousands were killed in attacks by al-qaeda and boca haram is really not connected to reality. that part of his speech i thought was not effective at all. >> and in fact, he did not mention the term al-qaeda one time in his speech.
quote quote
4:37 am
matthew, i want you to listen to this sound bite of the president and then i want your reaction. >> we have good news, people. i have no more campaigns to run. my only agenda -- i know 'cause i won both of them. >> all right, matthew. what did you think about that jab right there the republicans clapped. oh, he's not going to run another campaign and then he turns around and essentially says look, i beat you twice? >> and i think what's interesting about it is the fact that he seems to be unleashed a little bit since the republicans took over the senate and won the house again in the last election. cuba policy the environment and now the way the economy is going, if i were the two gentlemen that i'm on with i might say unemployment is down 05.5 from almost 10%. it's taken a long time to get out from the mess of one of the
4:38 am
worst presidencies of all time. now the economy is starting to do really well. i'd come on and be pretty happy about that. we're all americans. economy, unemployment rate is getting much better. gas prices down. obama's poll numbers going up. i'd be pretty positive about that if i were the president and be positive p that as an american citizen regardless of who the president is. >> yeah. mark, what do you make of that? the president did show a lot of hootspa when he was taking credit for the shale revolution that's happening on private and state lands and not any federal lands or waters as well. >> yeah. thank goodness we're turning the page on the obama presidency which is the worst presidency we've ever had. the idea that 5% unemployment, when a lot of that is caused by the fact that people have given much that they've dropped out of the work force. i mean if the "washington post" polled this week, 58% of americans think the economy is in very poor shape. 68% are worried that their
4:39 am
situation is going to collapse. one of the problems you have is with the president is when you go out and boast about economic progress, but people on the ground aren't feeling it, you seem disconnected. i think one of the problems with the speech yesterday is he was so eager to jump on his successes, most -- when he goes out and says the stock market is booming, that's all at the top. the people on the bottom are not feeling that progress. so income inequality has expanded under barak obama. this is when you say one thing and cuts off from reality, you have a disconnect. >> yet michael -- >> steve, give me one second here. i assume you know that obama's poll numbers have been going up lately. the employment rate is going down. i can't figure out why. george bush, when he was in the last two years of his presidency, his popular iterating was about 34, 35%. i can't understand why you wouldn't come on and say, wow, we are actually making some progress. you're right, mark. it did take a long time to get out from under the bush years. yes, it has taken a long time.
4:40 am
i think americans absolutely see that that's happening and obama is kind of riding high right now. >> i think the price of gas has a lot to do with the economy and the turn around right now. we thank you all for joining us with your opinions. great to have you today. >> thank you. it's exactly 20 minutes before the top of the hour. heather nauert has the headlines. >> good morning. a prominent heart surgeon is dead this morning at a prestigious boston hospital. dr. michael davidson dying nearly 12 hours after a man walked into the hospital, asked to speak to the doctor and fired two shots. that man 55-year-old steven piseri, is dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. police now saying that he may have been seeking revenge. his mother had been a patient of that doctor, but she died in november. watch what happens when putting out a car fire goes from bad to worse.
4:41 am
car on fire as it runs down the hill if a residential neighborhood. the car was on fire! that run away car flew down the hill still on fire. luckily it was stopped by that guardrail. fire crews in norway eventually put that thing out. wow. what really happened to pro golfer robert allen? a lot of us were asking that. the homeless woman ho apparently helped him in hawaii after he was reportedly kidnapped is now contradicting the story that he has been telling. charade king says she found him on a street corner just steps from a wine bar, not six miles away in a park like he told reporters. she also says that he wasn't dumped from a car but was rather sitting on a planter arguing with two men.
4:42 am
allenby says she's getting paid to spread fake stories about him. he has since pulled out of the pga tournament in california next week. what a story. imagine coming home to find your house in a pile of rubble. that is exactly what happened to diane aroundershack. her husband bulldozed their home in new york with everything inside of it and worse off, he didn't even tell her she was going to do it. listen to this. >> unnone of my belongings were taken out. so everything was in the house. everything was in the house. >> they were doing renovations on their home. he apparently thought the home was unsalvageable, so he took matters upon himself. he has since been charged with criminal mischief. he went out and rented an excavator and knocked the whole thing down. the wife said they weren't fighting or nothing. there is more to this story. >> no. i think that's it. i don't see any follow-up. >> that's crazy. >> by the way, if we want to find out about allenby, we've
4:43 am
full time australian golf correspondent on staff. greg norman. please pursue that. 18 minutes before the top of the hour. coming up, the president laid out his plan to offer free community college to students. but is it really a good idea to reward students for being underachievers in some cases? that is straight ahead. >> then a bombshell from the nfl. 11 of the 12 patriot footballs were underinflated. yes, underinflated and the afc championship game. dan marino just spoke to us on "fox & friends" exclusively. he'll explain
4:44 am
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in my world, wall isn't a street... return on investment isn't the only return i'm looking forward to. for some every dollar is earned with sweat, sacrifice, courage. which is why usaa is honored to help our members with everything from investing for retirement to saving for college. our commitment to current and former military members and their families is without equal. start investing with as little as fifty dollars. time for some quick headlines on this wednesday. the parents edition. a sky high miracle. a mother giving birth to a baby girl on a transatlantic royal jordannian airlines jet while heading into new york city's jfk airport. the pair, mom and baby, doing fine. a dad driving his wife who
4:47 am
was in labor to the hospital but hit icy roads jumped the curb and popped a tire right near that. then he had to help deliver the baby in the car. they're doing fine. and dad looking for the coolest stroller ever. how about the bat mobile? yep. josh earl and his two-year-old son, collin, getting this incredible stroller courtesy of hollywood prop master tim baker and super fan builds. how cool is that? >> wow. i would love to push that stroller. >> to the bat stroller! >> there is another big story outside the state of the union. bombshell findings by the national football league about the new england patriots. >> that's right. sources now revealing 11 out of the 12 footballs used by the new england patriots during the afc championship win over the colts were in fact deflated. >> wfxt reporter elizabeth hopkins is live outside jill let stadium in foxboro massachusetts, with the lit real estatest on -- latest on
4:48 am
ballgate. good morning to you. >> good morning. you could call it deflate gate if you wanted to. a little show and tell. we brought ou two footballs. one is fully inflated and it's just fine. the other one is a little bit more deflated and as we've been out here this morning, the cold weather has had some impact on it. now, this kind of level of inflation is something that the nfl fears could give one team a competitive advantage over the other. on to this report it's coming out of espn and as you mentioned, they are saying that the nfl is saying that 11 out of 12 of the footballs used by the new england patriots on sunday did not have enough air in them. now, the afc championship apparently the envelope inform was saying in that afc championship, those balls were underinflated by two pounds per square inch. they have not commented on the details. but for their part the patriots say they will continue to cooperate with the investigation. we're told the game balls have to be between 12.5 and
4:49 am
13.5 pounds per square inch of air pressure and deflating them can change the way the ball moves and how easily it's held by players. they are inspected by refs two hours before kickoff. so exactly how when and by by whom they were deflated is under investigation. this morning, i can tell you that we have came across a couple of fans and they've said that this, to them is no big deal. they're onto the super bowl. in the meantime the patriots could face a fine or even a loss of draft picks pending this investigation. guys? >> all right. live outside talking about the deflate patriots. >> espn is reporting that the nfl is saying they are angry, disappointed and distraught. anyone who thinks this is making a big deal out of nothing the nfl doesn't feel that way. >> i'll tell you who should be distraught is the colts if they were found to be deflated. 11 out of 12, wow. >> i want to know who did it. somebody did it. coming up on this wednesday, the
4:50 am
president laid out his plan to offer up free community college to students, including mediocre students. but is it really a good idea to reward students for being underachievers in some cases? how about teaching them to be smarter? that's coming up next. first on this day in 1992 the song "all for love" by color me bad was number one on the charts. ♪ ♪ the lightest or nothing. the smartest
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reliably fast internet starts at $69.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. well, the state of the union last night the president repeated his promise to make higher education free for all. >> by the end of this decade two in three job openings will require some higher education. two in three. yet, we still live in a country where too many bright striving americans are priced out of the education they need. it's not fair to them and it's sure not smart for our future. that's why i'm sending this congress a bold new plan to lower the cost of community college to zero. >> here is the thing that really bothers me about this i made my final two college tuition
4:54 am
payments about two weeks ago. >> speaking like from the heart of the moms and dads feeling the same way. wait a second, now we're paying for somebody else to the tune of $60 billion? >> what a great deal. but who is going to pay for that? >> you're talking about your family did not choose junior college. so you would not -- >> had it been free, they might have. >> community college is average $3,260. and according to our brain room, 72% of people who choose junior college, which is a great way to start on a four-year degree or get your associate's 72% are already getting aid and i imagine if you want to go to college, you can get a part-time job and make that tuition payment even without a loan which is available to you. and even without grants that you might be eligible for. >> and in college the best choice -- there are two new reports revealing americans actually are not as prepared as we think they are coming out of school.
4:55 am
so four in ten graduate without the complex reasoning skills to manage white collar work. another one is nine out of ten employers are saying that recent college graduates are poorly prepared for the work force. instead of fixing the problem they're just bringing more students into it some opine. >> yeah. so maybe one thing that we should think about doing is since in many cases the students are not prepared for college maybe we need to do a better job in high school and before to get them ready for college so they graduate and go get the good jobs. >> or technical trains also a feesable option. a higher level university the best fit for all students? i think there is more expansesive discussion here. but the bill is going to end up on somebody's plate. it's the american people. you just got a new kid and you're paying for his college tuition. >> by the way i just don't your honor the word free. nothing is free. >> then you weren't watching last night 'cause he had all sorts of free stuff.
4:56 am
>> shortly we'll be talking to valerie jarrett about that. a lot of people think it was a home r. others have a problem with the content. we'll find out what the story is inside the white house. >> and then this is the story every kid should hear this morning. wait 'til you hear how this guy went from sleeping on his friend's couch to being the winner on "the voice." can you say hard work? he knows the meaning of that
4:57 am
4:58 am
4:59 am
good morning. today is wednesday, january 21. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. president obama says come and get it. paid sick leave paid maternity leave and paid child care and community college. it's all free. valerie jarrett joining us live to defend the president straight ahead for you. then he was sent here as a sleeper agent and then arrested after the september 11 attacks. not even his ties to osama bin
5:00 am
laden could keep this terrorist hyped bars. why the president has let him go. >> all right. deflate gate no longer a joke. 11 of the 12 footballs in sunday's games were compromised. what this means for the super bowl-bound new england patriots. everyone is scrambling this morning. i'll tell you one thing i know for sure mornings are better with friends. >> this is senator joe lieberman. you're watching "fox & friends". >> thank you very much, senator. joining us right now from the white house, we have senior advisor to the president of the united states, valerie jarrett. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. >> it's from to have you today. so can we ask you this, we know that we have a divided government. the republicans are running congress these days. yet last night the president brought up a laundry list of things that he would like but they have absolutely zero chance
5:01 am
of passing. why did he do that? >> well, first of all, i think you have prematurely reached the conclusion that they have zero chance of passing. many of the provisions and ideas that he put forward are ones that have been embraced by the republican party chairman camp, for example, in his package approved on banks. we've had many other examples of where specific provisions have been passed by the house, a provision that would strengthen and expand the tax cut for children passed the house. the secondary income earner, that was supported by republicans. so as you go through the list many of the proposals of the president put forth are ones that have been embraced. so let's not just say they're dead on arrival because they came out of the president's mouth. let's engage and he's the president of the united states. he has an opportunity and a forum to put forth what he thinks is going to move our country forward, grow the middle
5:02 am
class, build ladders of opportunity, provide equal opportunity for everyone, and he said at the end of the speech he looks forward to working with the republicans and the house and the senate. let's hear their ideas if they're different. >> and i think everyone holds out some optimism that that can happen that there will be an effort to reach across the aisle. thanks for being here. i want to ask you this. for the first time since 9-11, the words al-qaeda were not used in a state of the union address. why is it, in fact, because i think the american people deserve accurate terminology here, why won't the president say islamic extremism or radical islam? why? >> first of all, there is nothing more important to the president than the safety and the security of the american people. that's his focus. that's his first priority. that's what he's dedicated to doing. and many of the countries who are helping us fight terrorism are islamic majority countries. let's look right here at home where there is sikh temple in
5:03 am
wisconsin or the holocaust museum here in washington d.c those were terrorists. those were extremists, but they weren't of any particular faith. so before we start throwing around labels, let's look more broadly at terrorism. let's not limit it. let's look broadly at it and let's attack it together and that's what the president is absolutely -- >> there are other nations leaders that have come out with specifics in terms of saying radical islam. does the president find it more offensive that radical islam exists or the term radical islam? which is more offensive to the president? >> i think his philosophy is let's keep america safe and let's focus on that. let's put the american people's safety first. let's use both our diplomatic and our military power for the strongest military power in the world. but he also believes in diplomacy. let's focus on that and let's keep our perspective and let's look wherever we can across the world, working with our allies and partners on seeing what we can do to end terrorism of all forms. >> i understand the president is
5:04 am
hell bent on closing gitmo and even president bush said we should close that place. but i don't think the american people really want these terrorists running wild. they are not under lock and key in u, ruguay or oman. they are able to do what they want in afghanistan and the prisoner swap for bowe bergdahl are also free. what did they do to deserve freedom? >> the p the believes, as you said and the american people believe that gitmo its presence, its mere presence and we've heard this from president bush and from national security experts from around the world is a recruiting tool for terrorists. so let's close it, but let's do it in a responsible way. >> i appreciate you saying that. i understand that that was one of his campaign promises. but do you think it's responsible to take a known al-qaeda members who have been locked up for a good reason. no one is he had they were locked up unjustly, and give them their freedom in these
5:05 am
countries and we're not even watching them? >> well, as i said we with every single release, we negotiate and we look at the conditions and i defer to the details of how those transactions are closed to the justice department. but again keep in mind, we are doing everything possible to keep america safe. and that's his focus and his priority and that's what he's going to do for the remaining two years of his term in office. >> do you support the former al-qaeda operative released from the united states to qatar? you believe that that keeps us more safe? and the president believes that that keeps us more safe? >> people who served their sentence are then released. again, i will defer to the justice department on the details of every single case that you're bringing up. the overall picture is to do everything within our power, the strongest force in the world to keep america safe. and he focused on that. that's his priority. >> let me go back to one of the themes last night where the president and we've heard him
5:06 am
for years talk about fairness. last night he was talking about everybody should get a fair shot, which is okay. but then he talks about everybody should pay their fair share. when it comes to the top rate -- and the president did make some suggestions that he would love to see congress enact some tax increases. what would a fair tax rate be for some of the most successful americans, people when are in that 1% that you're taking a shot at? right now it's at about 40% federal. what would be a fair rate for those people to pay? >> what the president has proposed is to increase the capital gains rate to 28%. a rate that has existed under prior republican administrations. so that he believes is a fair rate. the idea is to try to give the middle class a break and so how are we going to pay for that? the woman that was in the box last night from minnesota, terrific story. but a woman who wanted to work went back to city colleges to get additional training, but had a hard time affording child care. again, a republican proposal is to expand the child care credit.
5:07 am
how do you pay for that? so the president's believe is those at the top pay more, it's going to help us expand opportunity for the middle class and we want rebecca to be able to work and self-sufficient. more and more women are entering the work force and as we change those demographics, we need to be looking at what does it take to support a 21st century worker in this workplace and employers who understand the importance of raising the minimum wage, paycheck fairness making sure women are paid the same as men workplace flexibility, paid sick leave. 43 million americans don't get a single day of sick time when employers recognize the importance of that and they invest in their employees, they are more productive and the companies are more profitable. that's what the president is really trying to drive. >> when you talk about fairness and you talk about the administration very concerned about the middle class, and yet on president obama's watch, the gap between the rich and the
5:08 am
poor has grown way more than you want and yet, it speaks to the fact that maybe the president's policies simply have not worked and you're doubling down on that. >> contrary. come on. in the last six years, we have had now 58 straight months of private sector job growth. 11.2 million jobs. our economy is strong. you talk to any company around this country and they will say that things are getting better. but what hasn't happened is wages have not kept up. that's why the president is looking for programs that will help encourage the private sector -- >> black unemployment is twice what white unemployment is right now under this administration. is that fair? >> well, black unemployment was high long before this administration came in and what the president has been doing is taking very important steps to try to grow the economy. what he said last night is yes, the economy is now strong, but what he wants to make sure is the aggregate economy is also benefitting individual families.
5:09 am
and that's why so many of the programs that he's outlined both last night and over the course of his time that republicans have not put into place would have helped close that income gap. >> and also history was made last night, that's the first time i saw a president sign somebody's tie. >> there you go. i think it was a hopeful night and i really hope that the republicans do work with the administration and remember who elected them and who we're here to serve. >> we also remember that you joined us and you're very busy. valerie jarrett, thanks so much for being here. >> you're welcome. thank you for having me on. >> thank you. in addition to her on, we have heather nauert on. >> good morning. we've got big news out of yemen, which is a key ally with the united states in the overall war on terror. this just in, the presidential compound there in yemen is now under attack. look at that explosion right there.
5:10 am
the a.p. is reporting the yemeni presidential aiding are saying shia rebels are holding the president of that country captive in his house. over the past few days, tribal fighters surrounded government buildings. the u.s. is now on alert with two warships standing by for possible evacuation of our u.s. embassy staff in yemen. chaos there. we'll keep you posted. the final moments of air asia flight 8501 finally revealed. officials say that the plane climbed way too fast and then stalled before crashing in the java sea, killing 162 people. that plane climbing at 6,000 feet per minute. something that flight experts say that only a fighter jet could do. all signs point to the pilots trying to avoid a storm. but officials are still going through the data from the cockpit voice recorder. huge fire balls erupting into the sky after natural gas plant explodes in texas. flames could be seen and gas could be smelled for miles
5:11 am
around that area. workers inside the building were briefly trapped inside, but amazingly, everyone escaped unharmed. all the pipelines that funnel gas to that plant were then turned off and that allowed the fire to burn out on its own. a faulty valve may be to blame for that fire. bombshell new findings in deflate gate scandal. espn citing nfl sources who say 11 of the 12 footballs used by the new england patriots during the afc championship win over the colts were deflated by two pounds of air each. and that's considered well below the nfl standard. that discovery was made after the colts' linebacker intercepted a pass from tom brady and brought it to the attention of officials. we just spoke exclusively to hall of fame quarterback dan marino about the controversy. here is what he said. >> i don't know what -- that's not my job to say, but really as a quarterback, i think tom brady probably put in there the best way he felt that he could throw
5:12 am
that day whatever the balls were and they were officially approved. >> if the reports are true, the patriots could be fined and docked draft picks. and those are your headlines. a lot of people following that story. >> he also went on to say that he said it seemed would help. it would help a quarterback grip the ball if they were down and the nfl says they are down. this is significant. >> it sure is. moving into the super bowl wow. thanks. you just heard valerie jarrett, senior advisor to the president, defend the release of an al-qaeda sleeper agent caught after the 9-11 attacks. but wait until you hear what we found out about his past and now he's loose. that's next. and the video awesome. iconic scene from "rocky was was was recreated by these fans. got a hollywood surprise they never saw coming. but i always dreamed of. >> me, too. >> go to philly
5:13 am
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5:17 am
determination to shut it down. >> let people out one at a time. there is the president last night vowing to shut down the prison at guantanamo bay. hours earlier we learned that a former al-qaeda sleeper agent with a direct connection to the september 11 attacks was freed from a federal prison. he was sent home to qatar where he was greeted as a hero. but why did we let him go? joining us retama is fox news legal analyst, peter johnson, jr. we just had valerie jarrett on. we asked her about his case. she said his time was up. >> well, valerie jarrett is not speaking the truth with regard to that. i think she's speaking inaccurately. his time was not up. he had a couple years left on his sentence and he's got an insidious history as an al-qaeda sleeper. sent here on september 11 -- actually september 10, 2001, one day before the attacks to get ready to prepare attacks in the united states, from 1998 to 2001
5:18 am
he trained in al-qaeda camps and had contact with ksm. he investigated the use of cyanide poison and took photos of u.s. transportation. then on september 10, 2001, he came to the u.s., the day before 9-11 arrested while attending grad school in illinois and held without a charge for nearly six years in the u.s. navy brig in south carolina. in 2003, president bush declared him an enemy combatant and then in 2009, he pled guilty to providing aid to a foreign terrorist organization al-qaeda, got an eight-year sentence, went to super max in colorado, and now on january 17 arrived in qatar released by the president of the united states without explanation without rationale without understanding or statement to the american people why the terrorist, who the president proclaimed he's going after, is now being let go. >> but ultimately is this what
5:19 am
happens when you try these guys in federal court rather than putting them in gitmo? >> it is. but you should understand also that the federal government, under president obama, said through a psychologist at his sentencing that this man was likely to commit hostile acts against the united states again. here we have a sleeper aged involved with cyanide, involved with looking at mass destruction in the united states brought his entire family here under false pretenses, and then in the middle of the night without notice to anyone, he is released by the federal government back to qatar. who is over in qatar? a bunch of other terrorists that we've released and the bergdahl swap. other troys we've sent there. it's the home of hamas. he has links through hamas. but no explanation whatsoever while we're claiming we're tough on terror in this country. this is a bad combination. we know he's a bad guy. and there is no explanation why we're releasing a tangibly
5:20 am
proven bad guy back to the middle east as the terror war in the world ramps up. really disturbing. >> it is disturbing, especially the part that says he's probably going to go back in the terror business. >> well, american government said it. why do they ignore it? did someone bring that to the president's attention? if they did, why did he release him? >> good question. many of them unanswered. peter johnson, jr., thank you very much. there is a plan to lower the age for criminal responsibility, meaning if you commit a crime at the age of 17 you don't have to pay the price as an adult. are we giving the criminals a get out of jail free card? we're going to talk about that coming up nexium® 24hr. it's the purple pill the #1 prescribed acid blocking brand available without a prescription for frequent heartburn.
5:21 am
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quick headlines now. let it grow. the supreme court unanimously
5:24 am
rule to go allow this muslim inmate in arkansas to grow a beard. saying a ban on beards violates religious freedom. next stop the yankees. see if they'll loosen their rules. the muslim hero in the paris grocery attack getting rewarded with french citizenship. store clerk was in the basement when a terrorist burst in. he hid a group of shoppers inside the freezer before sneaking out through a fire escape and able to help police save the hostages. the 24-year-old is originally from mali. elizabeth? >> thanks. new york is set to raise the age of criminal responsibility from 16 to 18. the move would shift nonviolent cases to family court and keep a majority of young offenders out of adult prison. but critics say this does little to discourage crime and adds up to giving criminals a get out of jail free card. is it the right move? we're going to ask our legal panel that question. heather hanson and rebecca rose wood land are criminal defense attorneys. they join us for a fair and balanced debate on this.
5:25 am
heather, i'll start with you. what do you think of this proposal of changing the age of criminality? >> it makes perfect sense. new york and north carolina are the only two states that have 16 as the age. if you're not going to do it for compassionate reasons because kids brains aren't fully formed because they're more likely to be abused in jail. if you're not going to do it for practical reasons that kids should be able to talk to their parents when they're arrested as opposed to being treated as adults, you have to do it for financial reasons. if a kid goes to prison they're 80% more likely to get back into the system and commit more crimes. and then we're dealing with them in the future. the other problem is that most of these crimes are misdemeanors. if kids have fines they can't pay, it affects their credit. they can't get jobs and they're hurting our economy. there is no good reason not to do this. >> there might be one. >> there are a couple. first of all, most states now have the age at 17, not 18. and there is an argument that there is a deterrent to having to face adult charges if you're handling yourself as an adult, if you're acting as an adult, if
5:26 am
you're violent if there are criminal charges. some of the things you call -- rape is a violent crime. and i know there is a recidivism rate, but there is also an adult prison. so i don't know that we can just take those statistics out and keep them in a bubble. crime increase examines crime recreases and -- the adult criminals also return to jail. i think we have an issue with the jails. we have an issue with the educational system rather than the age. i think we should keep the age younger because there is a deterrent. >> is there anything to do here psychologically in terms of reform in the mind emotionally of a criminal if you do put them in jail at 16 or at least they're subject to adult charges or if you hold off and that age does move to 18? >> it moves better in favor of my argument because science shows that kids' brains aren't fully formed until age 25. i'm not saying push it back to 25. but what it does show is they're
5:27 am
more likely to be rehabilitated in a juvenile system and if their brains are plastic enough for it to happen, then we should let it happen in a juvenile system. but we're not talking about stealing. three quarters of the arrests between 2011 and 2013 in new york city were misdemeanors. we're talk being driving without a license or insurance. we're talking about underage drinking. all of these things that all kinds of kids can get caught up in and rather than going to an adult prison or they're going to be treated with adults in risk of being abused, we put them in a system to help them. >> for some of those crimes they can be moved to a juvenile detention center. that's up to the judge. so there is the ability to move to a juvenile center. but it's for the violent crimes and the felonies that we really have to say, wait a second. if these kids are adult enough to have a gun. if these kids are adult enough to conduct themselves in a manner that is so aggressive and violent, even if -- but they're
5:28 am
getting rehabilitation. >> they're not old enough to drink or vote but they're going to -- >> they're old enough to drive. are they being rehabilitated differently in the juvenile system than the adult system? >> for sure. >> then maybe we need to reform the prison system and reform the educational system, but changing the age so dramatically from 16 to 18, i mean it leaves so many more people -- >> it's going to be happening in new york. >> they may not be old enough to face jail time. i want to thank you both for a great debate. >> thank you. coming up next you just heard valerie jarrett say the president could grow the economy more if republicans weren't getting in his way. really? republican senate majority whip john cornyn will respond next. and you also heard from michael moore. he called middle american snipers cowards. one of chris kyle's last interviews with bill o'reilly straight ahead. >> i'm committed to making sure
5:29 am
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moments ago, president obama's senior advisor doubled down on his state of the union speech saying the economy is doing just fine. watch. >> we have had now 58 straight months of private sector job growth, 11.2 million jobs. our economy is strong. you talk to any company around this country and they will say that things are getting better. but what hasn't happened is wages have not kept up. what he said last night is yes, the economy is now strong, but what he wants to make sure is that the aggregate economy is also benefitting individual families. and that's why so many
5:33 am
programs that he's outlined both last night and over the course of his time, that republicans have not put into place would have helped close that income gap. >> is she telling the whole story? here with reaction senate majority whip john cornyn. joins us from capitol hill. senator, it's interesting to hear her spin the story where it's happy days are here again. but when asked, why would the president of the united states stand in front of a republican-controlled congress and have a whole list of things that conventional wisdom is are dead on arrival republicans would never go for that. why would they have made such a pitch for that last night? >> it seems divorce from reality, steve. it's just a couple of months ago when the president said his policies were on the ballot and they were resoundingly rejected. the american people know better and this kind of spin and cheerleading is really ignores the fact that wages have been flat primarily because the economy has not grown in large
5:34 am
part because of the policies of the president. and it seems like he's doubling down now trying to take us more in the direction of europe than back to one of economic growth and prosperity for all. >> right. so the president also ended his speech by saying, listen, don't get caught in your base and the rhetoric. don't talk at each other. talk to each other and let's get beyond it. but was the president's message really the same elsewhere in the speech? listen. >> the question for those of us here tonight is how we, all of us can better reflect america's hopes. so let's set our sights higher than a single oil pipeline. let's pass a bipartisan infrastructure plan. we can't slow down businesses or put our economy at risk with government shutdowns or fiscal showdowns. we can't put the security of families at risk by taking away their health insurance. if a bill comes to my desk that tries to do any of these things, i will veto it.
quote quote
5:35 am
>> four vetoes. what message do you get from this? >> well, the president seems defiant that he seems like he's not paying attention to what the voters told us on november 4 when his party lost nine senate seats. that gave us the opportunity. we can't take the bait though brian. we need to do what we were elected to do, listen to the american people and try to find areas where we can work with the president. he's mentioned things like tax reform trade, criminal justice reform, among others. but otherwise to tell us he's gog veto legislation that hasn't even been introduced yet much less voted out of the senate just seems to be divorced from reality. >> he won twice. i don't know if you heard that. >> i did hear that. >> duly noted. >> 82% of the american people want congress and the administration to get along. it's frustrating when you see that and they obviously want something to happen.
5:36 am
how is that going to be? >> we have to do our job. the job we got elected to do. but we can't be distracted by the president changing the subject every time we talk about the things that the american people want to see get done. but you're right dysfunction is out. we need to find a way to be responsive to what the american people want. primarily they want to see the american dream restored, the economy growing again along with good well-paying job. >> let's start with a budget. that would be a good start and something new. >> last night the president said tonight we turn the page. now it's up to you guys to get something done. senator cornyn, thank you very much for joining us today from capitol hill. >> thanks, steve. >> thanks. 23 minutes before the top of the hour. heather nauert, i could go left or right, i choose right. >> good morning. i've got an update on a tragic story that we've been following out of maryland. brand-new details with that suspicious fire that ripped through a tech tycoon's $9 million mansion in annapolis leaving six people dead -- miss
5:37 am
examining presumed dead. officials are looking into the possibility that an accelerant was used to spread that fire. later today, dogs are set to search for traces of chemicals in the rubble there. the bodies of don pile his wife and their four grandchildren have not been found yet. you heard the president call for better cyber security in his state of the union address last night. but this morning there is new report that raises questions about the administration's own web site, including the obamacare site. it turns out your personal privacy is now at risk. dozens of tracking sites and advertisers are able to obtain personal details including your age, your income, and your smoking habits just by visiting the obamacare site. what do you think of that. haunt this? three rockies fan goes to philadelphia to reenact the famous scene. ♪
5:38 am
♪ >> a group did that. but after running up the stairs in the philadelphia museum of art, they ran into rocky balboa himself. how cool is that? sylvester stallone telling the guys to look tough. filming "creed." the latest installment in the rocky series. amaze. think of all those people who have gone there to do that. >> what are the odds? >> how fun. >> the thing is, he mentioned that the last time question the interview. i'm not sure it's part of the rocky series because creed died in the series. he died in rocky 4 against the russian. >> maybe it's apostles creed. >> oh, creed's son perhaps. that would be a twist. imagine that. >> a twist. thank you very much heather. the left continued assault against "american sniper." this morning more celebrities speaking out in defense of the
5:39 am
movie and it's hero chris kyle. anna kooiman has proof. >> hi. good morning. country music singer and army veteran craig morgan and actor dean cane, the latest stars defending "american sniper" and the late navy seal, chris kyle. they blasted seth rogen after he compared the movie to nazi propaganda. morgan writing, i'm sick and tired of people like you running your mouth when you have no idea what it takes for this country to maintain our freedom. cane tweeted this, chris is an american hero, period. go to war. then we'll talk. before his death, kyle sat down with our bill o'reilly and spoke about the war, the iraqi enemies and protecting his fellow americans. >> so you were committed to killing these people because you and in your heart believed they deserved to die? >> i wasn't so much committed to killing them as i was -- i'm committed to making sure every service member that was over there, whether american or ally,
5:40 am
came home. >> but as a sniper, your job is to kill them. not wound them not arrest them. you have to have a certain mentality to be a sniper. you're killing them. >> oh, i'm killing them, tit -- to protect my fellow americans. >> he said his only regrets are those he wasn't able to save. he was shot and killed two years ago by a fellow marine veteran with ptsd. that veteran, 27-year-old eddie routh is scheduled to go to trial next month in texas. his lawyer wants the trial moved out of erath county in light of the movie's box office success. he confessed to killing kyle and another friend at a shooting range in february of 2013. back to you. >> thank you very much. coming up on this wednesday the president hits the road today to sell his plan for free community college education. guess who he's selling that plan t. college students. aren't we the ones who would pay that tab? he should be selling us, right?
5:41 am
>> then it's a story every kid should hear this. >> no how this guy went from sleeping on his friend's couch to being a winner on "the voice." can you say hard work and god ♪ go! go! go! he's challenging the
5:42 am
very fabric of society. in a post cannonball world! was it grilled cheese? guilty! the aquatic delinquency is a larger issue to this ♪ you did it again, didn't you? yup. ♪
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5:44 am
welcome back. headlines, caught on camera ed ickes, watch these firefighters take on the unexpected. nearly unbelievable. the run away car flying down the hill still on fire.
5:45 am
but luckily was stopped by the guardrail. fire crews in norway eventually putting out those flames for good. and not so refreshing. taking a spill into the stands during last night's game and gets beer spilled all over him. to add insult to injury they lost to the spurs. ouch. hope it was lite beer. president obama wasting no time in getting his economic plan out on the road. >> where will he draw up some support for his free college for all plan? boise state, of course, to a bunch of college kids who won't have to foot the bill themselves >> kevin cork is live on the boise campus with the details and the preview. hey, kevin. >> reporter: good morning to you folks. let me just say it this way, it's always best practice if you can go to a college campus and talk about ways of expanding education. which is what the president will be doing here today at boise state university. he'll also talk a lot about the middle class. you heard him say a lot about
5:46 am
that during his state of the union address. if you were keeping count, you heard it over and over and with good reason. as the president once again tries to make the argument that he has the best prescription for the best way forward for the economy, which is improving, but is obviously still rocky in some corners. let me show you some of the tax cuts that the president is going to be highlighting we're expecting in his talk today. he's going to talk about increasing that child care credit for families who earn up to $120,000. also talk about increasing college aid by $2,500. that should get a lot of people talking here at boise state. and a $500 tax credit for two earner families. again, those are aimed at the middle class. how he framed it last night is getting a lot of critics talking. they're saying it's an us versus them class warfare. listen carefully to how the president frames his argument and the gop response from joni ernst. >> we don't just want everyone to share in america's success we want everyone to contribute to our success.
5:47 am
>> that's why the new republican majority you elected started by reforming congress to make it function again. and now we're working hard to pass the kind of serious job creation ideas you deserve. >> make sure everyone contributes to our success. we'll be talk being it more later today. back to you. >> kevin cork at boise state, thank you very much. >> thanks. and now this coming up, have you heard his voice? let's just say it's incredible. ♪ ♪ >> we think his voice is great. the story behind the man even greater. how our next guest went from sleeping on his friend's couch to country music superstar. he is inspiring, to say the least. meanwhile, time for a new superstar. i'm talking about martha mccallum. she joins us right now.
5:48 am
>> thank you very much. we've got a great line-up to talk about the state of the union and ha is next on the hill from the newly minted republican congress. the p the didn't mention al-qaeda or the taliban despite the scores that have been killed by them in recent months, leaving some to ask if the commander in chief is looking at the state of things with rose-colored glasses. chris wallace chairman mike mccall and many others weigh in on this today. and the big talk around the water cooler, of course deflated footballs. new info from the nfl when bill and i see you at the top of the hour ecadent, fruit topped pastry... ...with indulgent streusel crumble, be from... fiber one. fiber one streusel.
5:49 am
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5:51 am
one year ago he was homeless, considering giving up on his dream, but then this
5:52 am
happened. >> the winner of "the voice" is greg! >> yes! >> you get chills watching that. he had a single that debuted at number one on the country billboard chart. he joins us now. congratulations to you. >> thank you. >> your story involved a lot of grit right? so paint the picture of where you were before "the voice." >> i had gotten to the point where i felt like i was at the end of my rope and nothing was adding up. then the opportunity come up for "the voice" and i took it and look what happened. >> you were broke. you lost your truck. you were sleeping on a couch of the you were a homeless guy. >> absolutely. it had gotten to that point in life. luckily enough i got this e-mail. >> lucky enough you were good enough when given the opportunity, you were able to run through that door of opportunity. >> absolutely. >> what are you going to play
5:53 am
for sinus. >> the new single that we had come out. >> fantastic. >> your other one is number one or is this one? n this one right here. "baby's got a smile on her face." had. >> here is why. ♪ she rolls out of bed ♪ ♪ wipes the sleep out of her eye s ♪ ♪ i know she's bound to be tired ♪ ♪ but she looks so satisfied ♪ ♪ we stayed up a little late last night ♪ ♪ i guess we must be doing something right ♪ ♪ 'cause my baby's got a smile along her face ♪
5:54 am
♪ my baby's got a smile along her face ♪ ♪ as soon as i get to work ♪ ♪ i call her on the phone ♪ ♪ oh tell her that i love her ♪ ♪ i can't wait 'til i get home ♪ ♪ she doesn't say a word when i walk in ♪ ♪ looks like she might not get much sleep again ♪ ♪ 'cause my baby's got a smile along her face ♪ ♪ all right ♪ ♪ my baby's got a smile along
5:55 am
her face ♪ ♪ been working around 'cause my baby's got a smile along her face ♪ ♪ every time a little secret ♪ ♪ my baby's got a smile along her face ♪ ♪ my baby's got a smile along her ♪ ♪ take a look at her ♪ ♪ just look at it ♪ ♪ take a look at that smile on her face ♪ ♪
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craig wayne boyd won the 7th season of "the voice." without this show, are you convinced talent in your business rises to the top without "american idol"? >> with the attention span, i think this show is something that catapulted my career to where it is now. >> do you think you would have made it without it? >> might have taken a few more years. i'm not sure. >> have you made it with blake shelton in your corner? >> absolutely. >> that's great. >> we're going to continue in the after the show show. by the way who is that guy? >> this guy here josh. >> thank you sir. bill: a terror attack in israel. the aftermath after police take down a palestinian man in tel aviv who went on a rampage. the man pulled out a knife and
6:00 am
started slashing passengers. four of them seriously injured. it's breaking news and it's where we start this morning. martha: i'm martha maccallum. the bus went out of control when the man stabbed the bus driver. now learning the man shouldn't have been in the city at all. bill: what else do we know about the a


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