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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 25, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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the way they choose no matter what anybody does to try to stop them. oo tonight for the hour we will be examining the hottest movie of the country and how some hollywood liberals are trying to take town a hero. "american sniper" patriotism under fire is next. >> military aged male on a cell phone watching the convoy, over. >> you think he is reporting troop movement you have the green light. your call. over. >> it is the blockbuster movie that everybody is talking about. >> american sniper was amazing. phenomenal. >> i don't usually watch bhov sris like that but i love it. the ending was perfect. >> the oscar nominated film has pulled in over $105 million in
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just the first week. >> american sniper shattering box office records. >> but some hollywood liberals are hell bent on disrespecting the most lethal sniper in u.s. military history. >> wasted behind you seth when you did your movie. give them the same respect. >> michael moore -- >> i know your name. they feel invincible but you are not. >> they will hear chris kyle's widow and their emotional interviews you will only see here. >> he wanted to do this. i knew he was doing something he loved to do. >> chris is really good about little bit by little bit telling me more and more about his service and what he did. >> i am ready. >> baby? >> i am ready to come home. >> a hannity special "american sniper patriotism under attack." it starts right here right now.
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>> the numbers prove it audiences love american sniper. reaction from members of the media that's mixed. >> i was disturbed by the movie. i sat there in the movie theater with my wife over the weekend and thought this just under scores how many lives we have ruined because of doing something that was terribly wrong. >> we stood behind you seth when you did your movie and we said you had the right to make the movie you wanted to make. give them the same respect. if you have never been to war, it's a lot you can call people names. you can call all kinds of names. but until the bombs are exploding around you and the people are dying around you you need to be a little more sensitive, dudes. i get that you are creative types but so are they. back up. >> what i saw on that screen was a film that tore my guts apart because of the way it depicted iraqi people. >> a lot of good guys and friends died for his right to freedom of speech. >> for somebody who has spent their entire career on freedom
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of speech and freedom of expression to be criticizing an individual like chris kyle who typifies the very best that's like biting the hand that feeds you. >> it was about a movie about an american seal who risked his life overseas four times. >> reaction to two of chris kyle's friends retired u.s. army ranger shawn parnell and retired seal redmond. >> you came under fire for defending chris and the movie and defending the job that snipers do what happened? >> sean, absolutely. any time you take a stance on anything controversial you are always going to have people come after you which is fine with me. i find it humorous with some of the statements people make everything from i was getting texts what would jesus do, thou shall not kill. the atheist wrote on there to all muss rims it is the
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christian yous want not us. i'm an atheist. stuff like that are almost entertaining. the reality is i fought for freedom. chris fought for freedom. shawn fought for freedom. every veteran out there fought for the freedom for people to say whatever they want to say. here's the deal. it's not freedom from opinion. it's not freedom from people who are going to stand up and disagree with what you said. both michael moore and health rouge began made inflammatory comments that disrespected the service of a great american, a great sniper, a great father. everything that chris ever did in turn it directly reflected upon the american military. that's why i am adamant about stepping up and saying hey you can say what up want but i will be there to counter ak it. >> you knew chris and shawn you new terrorist. the first thing that comes to my mind they are ignorant and unappreciative. you give them the right to say whatever they want. freedom is defended by guys like
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chris and guys like you guys. i think i would be angry if i did four tours like chris did. shawn? >> there's a bright side to this coin that's the fact that "american sniper" in the first four-days $105 million at the box office. seth rogen michael moore, rolling stone, america doesn't give a damn about what you think. most of the time these people miss the mark with their criticisms of the movie. american "american sniper" is not a political commentary on the iraq war it is not an exploratory view of weapons of mass destruction in iraq. it is not an exploration or in-depth study of the atrocities americans committed. it is an instraw respective look at the effects of the war on the american hero and warrior and their family. american sniper is not a pro war film. it is a pro warrior quillfilm. >> every time the journalists or
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coddled hollywood types come out and criticize the film or criticize chris or warriors's journey home it makes it more difficult for guys to serve to come home and live a normal life. it makes it more difficult for them to talk about their experience without being criticized for it. 24 percent of the nation served 13 years. every time these hollywood liberals or journalist made comments criticize our warriors in the battlefield it makes that gap even further apart. it becomes very hard to reconcile here when you come home. >> it would be angry as a warrior put my life on the line for as long as he did or you guys did only to get this treatment when you get back. you were both friends with chris. i asked you did he ever talk about these experiences? is this what he described to you that the decisions he had to
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make? >> i think all lawyers sit around and talk about things that happened on the battlefield. i don't think i ever sat around with the guys and said i wish i had done this and done that. we follow the law of conflict and rules of the geneva convention. >> they follow the most strict guidelines related to war than probably any other nation out there. when we go in and do something we do it to the utmost of our ability. when chris did that he did it so he could say i did what was right to take care of my men and preserve the freedom of the american people. >> michael moore we were taught that snipers were cowards. i didn't p specifically mention american sniper but he does it on the day that it was released. in that senses a coward. he thinks he is being cute saying i didn't really need it
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about that and he tries to back off the controversy because he's getting slammed. reaction? >> the key part of michael moore's tweet was that he said -- he mentioned a direct flight at the 9-11 generation who raised their right hand to serve something greater than theirselves during a time of war. these people are the best of us. whenever they are criticized we defended their right to say whatever they want. we are sick and tired of the hollywood elites. shaping the way our society and culture views veterans. >> i am always reminded the hemingway quote watching the battle unfold for the ground and
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shoot the survivors. >> guys, you did fantastic. appreciate it. interesting michael moore doesn't come on tv and go head to head with one of you guys and defend his side. >> i would be happy to do it. >> anybody that knew chris knew he loved to practice his choke out skills. all of the people who know chris is going to laugh at this. >> i guarantee if chris was walking around today he was with michael moore he would be glad to put michael poor to sleep. >> nine seconds it wouldn't take that long. >> if he could get his arm around his neck. >> coming up next tonight on the special edition of "hannity." oo the truth for what goes on abroad american people are free to think about. we have to endure while they are out there.
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>> american sniper was amazing. phenomenonnal. >> very engaging movie. very powerful. it is the truth tore what goes on abroad american people are afraid to think about. you have to they have to endure it. >> this is how much of a sniper he was and hero he was. >> i don't usually watch movies like that but i loved it. >> i am mind boggleed by the
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ending. >> great director, too. >> american sniper is crushing it at the box office. the hollywood reporter crunched the numbers on the top grossing theaters for the film during the opening weekend. p san antonio texas was at the top. can you believe it even new york city made the top ten list why are some in hollywood giving the movie a hard time. they pumped michael moore for his documentary "fahrenheit 9/11" take a look at tra trailhat trailer. >> you could make people do anything if they are afraid. >> follow the airports to the united states. >> all commercial and airline traffic was grounded. >> some airplanes authorized at the highest levels of our
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government. >> congressman. >> turn the kids to the army go over to iraq. >> the usa patriot act allows searchs for medical and financial records. >> hollywood friends to the dictator hugo chavez. you know director oliver stone makes comments bike these. >> there has been no success in iraq. the so-called surge has been hyped by the media. iraq was crashed from almost the beginning to the end. >> nanny weeping widows out there and it has not worked. >> pretty unbelievable. here to explain that and more senior editor of us weekly retired navy she'llsonnian gill lamb and wnyw of the voice is
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with us. i don't want to drag you into politics, kim. i know you are in entertainment lifestyle. this movie americans love it. except these air kwant jars cystic la elites out there. they are the ones making comments snipers are cowards. what is it america sees that they don't see? >> i think across the board people love this movie. even in that lineup piece that you showed you have women coming out of this move he of a. a lot of times these war movies are not targeted for a female audience. that's what he is touching the nerve with a lot of people. it shows obviously the war tied but also talking the family side of that, too. chris kyle coming home with being a husband being a father. you see bradley cooper talking about that as well. this is the human side of a warrior. he wants people to take from this movie not a debate about the iraq war but about the human side. about whether you are walking in an airport you pass a service
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member saying thank you to them thank you for giving us our liberty and freedom. that's what so many people are relating to in this movie. >> people know you from the show people come up to you and it's got to anger you. it angers me. here chris kyle spent all of this time his life at risk saving lives and protecting the free speech rights of people like michael moore and seth rogen. >> free speech never angers me but what angers me is disrespect. >> and ignorance. >> seth rogen he's on a rocket ship up. i don't understand in hollywood and entertainment industry you have to understand when you come out and say these things and disrespect people it will tarnish your career. that is an anomaly. this movie we were talking about
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earlier is that it inspires a lot of people and i am fine with it. i have my problems with the technical part of it it kind of demonstrates hollywood needs to get more in touch. >> the tactics and movements the the way we dress and act. >> marcus latrell no loan -- lone survivor. >> it was done correctly and tactically tactically. there are certain aspects you didn't like. >> he made sure he was very focused on that. >> mark wahlburg the whole time. what did you think simone? >> of the film? >> yeah. >> i would say it's a b movie led by an a plus performance by bradley cooper. it was his best performance yet. he was completely transformed. i was amazed his texas accent. oo poo b movie? that is an a movie.
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if you can keep my attention you have got me and really every time people go to movie theaters you can't hear a pin drop by the end of the movie. >> it was dispensesuspenseful but the way they go about it it was con contrived contrived. >> in what way? >> i don't think a navy seal would be on the phone with his wife in the middle of combat and bullets flying around. >> i was there i was in iraq. i got to tell you that's reality. they are making phone calls they go through their daily life. it's not world war ii any more. they have cell phones and cell towers. there are communications. people get on the internet and send e-mails to their loved ones. >> perhaps it was some of the supporting kasper form man'ses. i thought bradley cooper was amazing? >> you didn't like sienna? >> i thought some of her scenes were not believable.
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>> the bigger picture if you can hold my attention and portray a hero this way the american people respond this way i think they are scored. >> the numbers you mentioned the box office numbers just all of these sorts of records breaking january records, weekend records. president it becomes the second highest grossing rate ever. >> that's number one? >> i don't know what number one is. i don't know. who knows at the end of this maybe it will be the first time. >> super life heros. people relate to it in many ways. they are oscar naomi nations and big noms we are seeing helps chances of it winning an oscar and helps bradley cooper's
7:20 pm
chances. this is his third oscar nomination in a row. he worked closely with chris's family and his friends. >> all right, kim, why do i believe hollywood will try to snub in the end. >> to say hollywood would snub this that would have to apply together that it is superior to the other nominees. >> i think bird man is a superior film, "the imitation game." >> i saw "immigrationitation game" i p didn't think it was close. michael moore is a hero on the left for attacking heros like this. >> you may be right in there. i think the movie has touched people and i think the fact that wouldn't be pee gold burg came
7:21 pm
out and said what she did my hat goes off to her. >> absolutely. i totally agree. >> do you have any regrets at all about anything you did? >> yes i do. it's the people i couldn't save. >> the americans you couldn't save or allied forces. >> the americans, local iraqis any one who i witnessed violence coming down on them and i could not save them. >> chris kyle back in 2012 more of that interview coming up next. >> what life is like in the front lines. michael moore will help educate you in the segment ahead. irin. i'm not having a heart attack, it's my back. i mean bayer back & body. it works great for pain. bayer back & body provides effective relief for your tough pain. better? yeah...thanks for the tip! ♪ music ♪ ...the getaway vehicle!
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7:24 pm
you liked that job and the book that comes -- your wife didn't want you to do it. she wanted you to stay home. how many times did you go back? >> four times. >> you liked killing these guys. did you ever figure that out? >> well i mean, it is not a problem taking out someone who wants your people dead. that's not a problem at all. >> do you have any regrets now at anything you did? >> yes, i do. it's the people i couldn't save. >> it's the americans you couldn't save the allied fors? >> americans the iraqi citizens any one i saw violence coming down and i couldn't save them. >> detailing what life is like as a sniper. the author of "the reaper" autobiography of one of the most deadly armed rangers snipers.
7:25 pm
appreciate you goingbeing with us. did you think this movie accurately portrayed the job that you did? oo yes, do i. as far as the other scenes where people are talking about the inconsistencies or things that didn't make sense. i don't think the movie was about that. the movie was about the job as a sniper and the troubles that guys like us go through daily. >> did you second-guess yourself maybe the people you took out? >> oh, definitely. as far as people i took out no i never second-guessed that. i have had issues as soon as i got out of the military i became pretty much an alcoholic. i think a lot of guys to that. that's why we have 22 vets today that commit suicide. the only regrets i have is i couldn't save core prap benjamin
7:26 pm
cobbs who saved me and recoulding zahns theme. if i could have taken him out before he died. >> your job is protecting troops you have got somebody in your sight what goes through your head at that moment. >> at that moment pretty much showed how is the wind blowing is it correct that's pretty much it. >> i wanted to be a sniper since in elementary school. >> people forget you are saving american lives that are in jeopardy. >> giving the breath trahat come
7:27 pm
out of my body. he doesn't deserve that. his opinion about me or chris kyle it's disgraceful but i would like to see michael moore in a room with me or a few of chris kyle's brothers. >> anothered say it to your face that is sniper is a coward? >> i vant had anybody say it to me personally. >> he even tried to occur away from his own comments even though it is clear what he meant. didn't mention american sniper. can you try to explain maybe you can think of a couple real life instances that you went through and explain for our audience what it is that you have to do and why you do it. why it is an act of courage. why it is important that you do what you do. >> pretty much the day in the life typical op i would go on
7:28 pm
early that night i am watching the movement at any point in time i see a target pop up or a target that presents a threat or takes one of our guys out it is my duty to take that target out to protect the guys on the ground. railed i would rather shoot a guy than present a flag to a mom. >> chris you are a hero. an honor to meet you. >> thank you, sean. >> we hope michael moore is watching because next modal of honor recipient dakota meyer is going to explain the difference between cowards and heros and give michael moore an education. >> career the like ours are still going strong.
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2 to 3 feet of snow expected in those areas. philadelphia could get willell over a foot. bill deblasio saying it could be one of the worst storms the city has ever seen. >> my message to all new yorkers is prepare for something worse than we have seen before. prepare to be safe. >> disrupting air travel around 1200 flights scheduled for monday are expected to get canceled. most major airlines allow customers to have new flights about paying a penal. i am kelly wright now back to hannity's special log on to >> they don't get the training we do. half of you guys are civilian. >> they need you on over watch. >> this is the dead list job
7:35 pm
here. you have some sort of savior complex? >> they feel invincible with you up there. >> they are not. >> they think they are. >> keep banging on the long begun. >> that was another clip from "american sniper" which shows the true courage men and women display when they fight for our freedoms. that's why so many people are angry and outraged over the comments made by michael moore. i recently is the down with monday another recipient meyer to talk about this and more. >> nern sniper is a very accurate depiction of life as a sniper. you did this for three years? >> for three years. >> you say the movie is true to form, true to life. >> it kind of per trade us as what we do. it's a watch position trying to
7:36 pm
in support of combat operations. >> it tried to show that piece of it. it shows the effectiveness and psychological effect that snipers have on the enemy as well as the enemy can have on us. >> they get home he talked about and went into his own personal life chris kyle you go home and there's no switch in your brain i am not in a war zone any more after 10 years. >> how hard is that? >> the decompression coming back it is a tough transition back. it is one of the greatest things i see in the movie that chris had said in it we are sitting over here and everyone is going on with their every day life and
7:37 pm
worried about what's going on with him. >> you feel guilty about not going over being over there. you feel guilty about the people you couldn't save. you feel guilty about the brothers and sisters that you love. >> you went through the very things that they depicted in the movie. you felt ylt gli you didn't do enough even though you were there for three years doing that? >> i deployed twice but i tell you sean if it was up to me i would go back as many times as possible. >> we talked last night about michael moore then you have seth rogen another unappreciative narcissistic over paid hollywood brat and his comments comparing it to a nazi propaganda film. they are trying to wiggle out of it. michael moore said i didn't mention american sniper but i was taught snipers are cowards.
7:38 pm
i don't know what to say i find them delusional and unappreciative of the life you live it's hard to express the anger that i feel and i have got to believe as someone who did this you feel even worse. >> i don't feel any anger any more over it. what is funny a man who is so quick to call other people cowards whether they are german snipers, whether they are snipers of the u.s. military whoever it is a man that is so quick to call someone a coward is backtracking trying to change his word. >> if he really meant it stand by it. >> stand by it. don't be a coward. >> that's a really good point. i don't think people really appreciate what goes through your mind? you are tasked with a job that you have to protect these other brave men and women. you probably have a relationship
7:39 pm
with them. you see potential threats coming your way. you have an enemy in your scope you have to make that decision maybe on your own to take sha shot. >> i don't think people can really identify with that because it's such a different life most of us live. we live in the comfort of a home in america that is safe and secure. i don't think people can identify with that. >> you are in someone else's life. you think about this. i have thought about it many times. is that person you are fighting is believing in what they are cause is we are willing to give their life for the cause they believe in. i don't want to portray this a
7:40 pm
long way. you have to stop. you have to process all of that. >> you have to clear your mooned you have to focus the task on hand. it is not exactly an easy task. >> that is just a job. it is just like coming on the news you doing your job. we train so much. we have some of the finest training some of the best minute and women in our country out there fighting. you just do it effectively. >> what is the furthest if you took a scope when you were in the wordar zone. how far could you hit a target in the exact location? oo far enough.
7:41 pm
>> thousands yards? oo yeah, 800 to 1,000 depending what weapon system you are using. >> unbelievable. >> one thing that stuck in the movie is bradley cooper chris kyle saying i go before god and defend every shot i took. that's a pretty powerful moment in the film. somebody that having lived that life you feel the same way. >> absolutely. absolutely. there's not one day that i lay awake in bed at night worried about the enemies or the targets that were eliminated. the only thing that keeps me awake at night is the guys i couldn't save and the targets that got away. >> you truly are an american hero. code of meyer medal of honor recipient. thank you for being back with us. appreciate it. >> thank you so much for having me. >> coming up next tonight right here on "hannity." >> he volunteered. he p wanted to do this. and i knew he was doing something that he loved to do.
7:42 pm
>> part of the deal with chris is he wouldn't say those things to me like honey i am saving lives over there. >> my emotional interview with the father and wife of chris kyle. that's coming up next straight ahead.
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you did your part.
7:47 pm
you sacrificed enough. you let somebody else go. >> let somebody else >> you let somebody else go. >> let somebody elts go? >> you find a way. you have to. okay, i need you to be human again. i need you here. i need you here. >> an emotional clip from american sniper. recently i sat down with chris kyle's wife and she spent a lot of time with bradley cooper and sienna miller to help them prepare for their rolls in this movie. i spoke to her about this and much more. >> thank you for being with us. i guess brad de cooper is pretty good sienna miller is pretty good, too. how real do you think they were? you think they captured your relationship? was that a real clip? >> yeah, you know i think they did a phenomenal job honestly.
7:48 pm
taking a person's life and putting it into two hours you have to consciencedense some things and portray some things with the right sentiment maybe not the exact verbiage. honestly even the words are probably accurate over a long period of time if you condensed it. it gets the sentiment right. they did a phenomenal job as far as mannerismsnd art and soul. >> i know chris as dad wasn't as happy as you are. he had more confirmed kills than any other u.s. soldier. it is a pretty amazing accomplishment. each one of those say people's lives. when he came home did he talk about what happened. did he say i had to make this choice killing a kid, killing a woman? is did he ever tell you about it? >> he told me about his experiences but they were in
7:49 pm
clips and it was during certain times it could be a drive down a freeway or when we were with friends. he would wlet his guard down. as much as i would tell him that my imagination is pretty powerful and he watched the news and coverage and i am not naive who what would happen over there he melt strongly there was a time and place to let me in on mother. that happened as the days went by. after we got out he talked about more. his protective nature is not something that he can really pull back. that's part of it. him not wanting to scare me. >> that was a rlt clip in as much as after he had four deployments after those deployments he wants to go back. in his mind he is thinking i have another guys i want to save. he knows he saved their lives.
7:50 pm
was that real? >> yeah, absolutely. >> he wouldn't say i am saving lives over there i am making a difference. i would hear that from other people. i knew that's what he was doing. i would learn more over time. when it got to the point where it was time, it wasn't just me saying it's time because i need you, yes, that was absolutely a big part of it. the other part of it was i was watching his blood pressure go through the roof. his body take a beating. his soul taking a hit. really they don't typically deploy people back-to-back to back for ten years like they did with chris. usually you would have a shore duty in between some time to decompress or to have the family get some time together. with him i think the exact words i heard were needs of the navy. that's not the people he served directly with in his platoon or
7:51 pm
his team but there were people right outside of that like a master chief who hasn't seen combat who is making those decisions. he felt like they needed chris there. i don't want to drag this on too long but i will tell you chris did even after he got out there was always a bitter sweet part of that the part that he always felt like he let his country down not being on the battlefield regardless of the cost. >> i sat down and spoke with wayne about his son's legacy. wayne, nice to see you. i had the chance to speak with you on the phone. thank you for being on the program, sir. >> thank you, sean. i appreciate it. >> first thing i said to you i saw the movie "american sniper" i would urge everybody to see it. i knew the story of chris ahead of time. i send my condolences my thoughts how many american soldiers lives were saved because of your son. it is probably incalculable,
7:52 pm
right? >> i think so. that was one of the things that bothered chris he wanted to -- he would like to know how many tiefs lives he saved rather than how many lives he took. >> it was amazing what i really liked about the movie is that it literally brings you into a situation. the movie opens up. i won't give away the plot in any way, where your son and this was a true story. there is a muslim woman and there's a young child. the woman takes something out of her clothing hands it to the son and your son is way far away has to determine whether or not that is a bomb they are about to use on american soldiers. i won't tell the outcome of it but that's a true story isn't it? >> yes, sir, it sure is. >> you have grand kids. he had his own kids, right? >> yes he has a son and a daughter.
7:53 pm
he had both of them. he may have only had his son at that time. >> and that was the time of decision of courses that was what he was asked to do every day. how did you react as a dad knowing the situation and the moral quandaries you hade had to deal with. how would you react to that? >> things like that didn't bter bother me because i knew chris was doing his job. he volunteered. that's one thing about our military today. it is all voluntary. he volunteered. he wanted to do this. and i knew he was doing something that he loved to do. he would put his fellow warriors ahead of everything else and save their lives and not worry about the lives that he had to
7:54 pm
take. >> you know, you met with clint eastwood and bradley cooper before the making of this movie. i got a chuckle. you actually told them if they dishonored your son -- i will let you say it in your own words. >> well i told them i looked both of them in the eye and i said, if you do anything to dishonor my son i will unleash hell on you. >> coming up my final thoughts right after the break. stay with us. i have bayer aspirin. i'm not having a heart attack, it's my back. i mean bayer back & body. it works great for pain. bayer back & body provides effective relief for your tough pain. better? yeah...thanks for the tip! ♪ ben... well, that was close. you ain't lyin'. let quicken loans help you save your money.
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8:00 pm
that shows how pathetic they are. let us know what you think. the thank you for being with us. see you back here tomorrow night. ier. see you saturday. >> today the united states of america is changing its relationship with the people of cuba. 50 years as cold war enemies ended just like. that >> cuba is just one more example of saving dictators who are on their knees. our shift in the cuba policy stops it is legend of destrust. >> that is cold comfort for those who suffer as a result of castro. every time you complain about the living conditions in the prison you are assaulted and punished. >> there is


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